August 6, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.23, Swan Song: She Got Off the Plane! Oh, Wait

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I know it looks like I have the wrong show here, but just go with me on this

Summary: Dawson’s at the airport (where there are awesome giant hot-air balloons as decorations), about to fly to L.A. Joey’s also there, but they haven’t seen each other for five years, so obviously this is a dream/fantasy/something like that. Dawson says he thinks about Joey a lot and would like to spend some time with her before he flies out. Too bad she’s engaged to someone else.

They make awkward small talk before she starts to leave. Joey says that they had their shot, but Dawson blew it, so she moved on. He needs to do the same because “this is getting sad and ridiculous.” Yep, it’s Dawson’s nightmare. If only he’d stayed asleep longer so we could see Joey rip out his heart a few more times.

Joey and Audrey hang out by the water in Capeside; Audrey wants Joey to come to L.A. with her, but Joey plans to spend the summer in Capeside. Pacey shows up, wearing a security uniform, and Audrey takes off. Joey encourages him to talk to her, but Pacey doesn’t want to revisit his recent humiliations.

Dawson’s trying to get Lily to talk, worried that she’ll say her first word while he’s in L.A. Gail asks if he’s said goodbye to Joey yet. He’s made plans to get together with her, and Gail wonders if this social meeting is really a date. He won’t tell her, claiming he and Joey have nothing to say to each other anyway. She finds that hard to believe.

Jack got his grades back: four C’s and a D. Now he can focus on their summer in Costa Rica, though he’s not sure Jen is still on board. He’s gotten her a copy of Moby Dick to read on the plane so she won’t talk and keep him from sleeping. Joey, Audrey, and Dawson finish up dinner at the Leerys’ restaurant, and Audrey decides to give the other two some time alone to talk. Dawson asks Joey to promise she’ll never marry a lawyer.

Joey reminisces about the last time she and Dawson said goodbye, just before he left for L.A. the first time. They thought it was all epic and dramatic, and then he showed up in Boston just a few months later. She’s not sorry at all about the way things turned out. Finally Joey asks Dawson why he came to Florida. She promises that there will never be a time she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say. He announces that he went to tell her he loves her.

Joey asks why he didn’t say something sooner. Dawson reminds her that she’d moved on by the time he got there; it wouldn’t have been fair to ask her to drop Charlie for him. She wonders when things changed. Dawson names Lily’s birthday party, when he saw Joey’s sketches. He realized that he hates it when Joey isn’t around. She’s worried that he just keeps coming back to her when things are uncertain. Dawson moves in for a kiss, but she rejects him.

The next morning, Dawson takes a cab to the B&B to pick up Audrey. Audrey doesn’t know about the near-kiss the night before, since Joey refuses to talk about it. Audrey drops it, telling Joey that this was the best year of her life. Joey and Dawson only wish each other a good summer, and Joey’s left behind in Capeside.

Patrolling the marina, Pacey runs into Danny, who’s been dumped by his wife. He’s surprised to see Pacey as a security guard but isn’t sympathetic about him losing his job at the restaurant. They’re both screw-ups, but it’s okay because they never have to grow up or conform. Danny says Pacey has a great future ahead of him. Somehow, Pacey isn’t comforted.

Jen and Jack rush to make their flight to Costa Rica, but it’s delayed. Fortunately, they have Dawson and Audrey to hang out with. Also coincidentally in the same gate area: Eric, who went home to tell his parents he’s gay but couldn’t do it. He offers to wait with Jack until his flight leaves. Jack rejects the offer.

Joey’s supposed to start work at the yacht club again for the summer, and she’s not that happy about going back instead of moving forward. Dawson runs into Grams at a newsstand, and she admits that she and Clifton are taking a trip together that Jen doesn’t know about. She doesn’t want Dawson to tell Jen she’s there, partly because she doesn’t want Jen to think she’s going to pressure her into spending the summer with her parents.

Bessie drops by the yacht club with Joey’s passport, reminding her that she’d thought about spending the summer in France. She has something special that came in the mail for Joey. Dawson bugs Jen about her parents, telling her it’s time for her to grow up. She tells him that not everyone is as strong as him; they don’t always do the right thing. He gets her to lie and say she’ll think about it.

Jen asks Jack about Eric, saying he’s a nice person for trying to help a person who wasn’t nice to him. He doesn’t see the big deal in being a friend to someone who needs one. She wants him to stay in Boston to help Eric, and he wants her to go to the Hamptons. Jen says that she needs to help herself for once.

In case Dawson hasn’t run into enough people he knows, next he encounters Todd, who recognizes him but can’t remember from where. He thinks Dawson’s opinionated but gutsy, and he’d like him to keep in touch. Back in Capeside, Joey reads her mail at the marina and confides in Pacey that she feels trapped. She thinks he might be the most adult person she knows – he never looks back. She encourages him to believe in himself more.

Joey brings up Audrey, asking if Pacey misses her. He won’t answer the question. She says Audrey changed her life, and she misses her. Pacey suggests that she might have changed on her own. He thinks that whatever she’s thinking about, she wishes she could change it. Joey says no, then announces that she and Pacey are going after Audrey, and possibly another person, to say what they need to say.

Cue the typical movie/TV rush to the airport. Joey goes off to buy a ticket and stop Audrey, but Pacey has another idea. Jen’s trying to get on a plane to New York but can only get a first-class ticket. (Oh, you poor girl.) She runs into Joey, telling her Dawson changed her mind about her summer plans. She’s sure he’s the reason Joey’s there, too.

Pacey has Audrey paged so he can tell her over the phone that he’s sorry. He knows that might not be enough, but they’ll never know if she gets on the plane. He tells her to meet him downstairs so they can talk. “That is your pitch?” she exclaims. “You are a lazy romantic, Pacey!” She hangs up on him, so he runs to a security office to try to use the intercom.

For some reason, the security officer lets Pacey make a big speech about how he didn’t have the best year, but it got better when he met Audrey. Joey’s energized by the gesture and eagerly tries to get a ticket so she can go to Dawson’s gate. She has to pick a destination, so she randomly picks Milwaukee. “That’s boring,” the ticket agent says. Heh. Joey picks Paris, because apparently money is no object here.

Audrey finds Pacey, who suggests that their next move is to drive to California, “stopping for only food and sex.” (Audrey makes a plea for a visit to the world’s largest ball of yarn.) She tells him he’s lucky because she “kind of” loves him. He thanks her for giving him a second chance. As they leave, he asks if she has any money for gas.

Dawson’s just about to get on the plane when Joey arrives, asking why he didn’t say goodbye. He replies that it was when he tried to kiss her and she turned her head. She admits that she was scared of going backwards and never growing up. At the beginning of the year, she thought they would have to say goodbye, but she was wrong. He’s in her past, her present, and her future. He makes her life better, not worse.

He asks her to go to California, but Joey says she can’t. Dawson’s journey is to California, but Joey’s isn’t. They don’t need to worry if they say everything they need to say to each other. She thinks she knows what the kiss meant, then smooches him. Once again, Dawson doesn’t want to get on the plane, but Joey tells him he has to since it’s his dream to go make movies. If he gets lost, he just needs to remember that she loves him, too.

After some more kissing, Dawson gets on the plane. On her way to New York, Jen enjoys the benefits of first class and chats with her highly improbable seatmate, Todd. Elsewhere, Eric and Jack hang out. Lily says her first word: “Dada.” Audrey and Pacey happily drive to California. Dawson’s seatmate is a woman who hates flying, and he assures her she’ll be okay. Joey goes to refund her ticket to Paris, debating actually using it.

Thoughts: Five seasons down, one to go! I can’t believe I’m in the homestretch already. It seems like just yesterday I was cringing in embarrassment at the pilot.

Pacey’s a security guard and we didn’t get to see Doug make fun of him? I feel cheated.

I don’t think I’ve ever run into someone I knew at the airport, let alone everyone I knew all on the same day.

No way are Joey and Jen close enough to say they love each other. Maybe Joey was just thinking about what she was going to say to Dawson, and it slipped out?

Why the urgency to stop Audrey? She’ll be back in Boston at the end of the summer, right? I always hate those cliché scenes where someone runs through the airport to stop/say goodbye to someone else. You can’t pick up the phone and call the person once the plane lands?

I shouldn’t have laughed at Pacey ending his intercom speech with “free the West Memphis Three,” and yet…

May 30, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.12, Sleeping Arrangements: Again With the Boats?

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“You guys are my best friends / Through thick and thin, we’ve always been together…”

Summary: Pacey’s summer girlfriend Melanie visits him at his boat (which is owned by her uncle) and tells him that the boat has been sold. However, her uncle bought a bigger boat and wants Pacey to sail around the Greek Islands with him. He has three days to decide. Melanie’s surprised that Pacey doesn’t immediately jump at the chance. Jen and Dawson try to find time to spend together, plus navigate the horrors of sharing a bathroom. She used his toothbrush as a mascara wand and won’t let him use hers to brush his teeth.

Professor Wilder asks to speak to Joey after his class, which is also attended by a kind of creepy guy who keeps staring at Joey. Wilder asks Joey if there’s anyone in the class she’d like to get to know better. He means the creepy guy, Elliot, who’s still hanging around. He calls Elliot out for trying to flirt with Joey, then pushes him to talk to her. Elliot reminds Joey that they met at the party at the beginning of the year, but she doesn’t seem to remember him. He tries to walk her to class, not picking up on her signals that she’s really, really not interested.

Jen decides to take requests on her radio station but instead starts talking to a listener about her problems. Dawson helps Jack move into the frat house as Jack laments that he and Jen aren’t as Will and Grace as they used to be. Jack has landed a single at the house formerly occupied by an upperclassman named Blossom (seriously) who agreed to live with a freshman, Eric. Jack finds that strange. At the restaurant, Pacey tries to talk to Danny about the boat offer, but Danny wants to train him as a breadmaker. He makes it clear that Pacey is valuable to the restaurant.

At Grams’, Dawson catches her trying to play a handheld videogame Jack left behind. He’s nervous about going to the new film school, but Grams thinks he’ll do fine. Dawson tells her that he knows it’s probably strange for her to see him and Jen together. He assures her that he really likes her. Grams agrees that it’s weird, but she feels like she’s come a long way over the years. Dawson promises to follow any ground rules she wants to set. Grams tells him he’s one of the nicest boys she knows; she just wants him to be kind to Jen.

Dawson turns on the radio to discover that Jen has turned her time on the radio into an advice show. It sounds like she’s good at it, though she seems pessimistic when it comes to relationships. Grams thinks she doesn’t really believe what she’s saying. Wilder runs into Joey at the campus bookstore, where she’s just found a book he wrote. He tells her it’s based on his life when he was 20, which sounds a lot like her life when she was in high school.

Pacey mopes at the restaurant and Audrey bugs him to tell her what’s wrong. He tells her about the boat and admits that he likes the idea of going back out on the water. He’s just having trouble talking to Danny about it. Audrey’s sure the restaurant can handle losing Pacey. Pacey notes that Danny has spent a lot of time training him, so even though he wants to take the new job, he thinks he should stay. Audrey tells him to take the new job if it’s an opportunity he really wants.

Jack asks Blossom if there’s a reason he moved out. He’s worried that he’s being given special treatment. Blossom assures him that no one thinks of him as any different. He admits that Jack was originally assigned a roommate, but the roommate wasn’t comfortable living with him. Blossom offered to give up his single to keep the peace. Jack guesses that the offended roommate is Eric.

Pacey tells Danny about his job offer, and Danny easily lets him go. Later Pacey admits to Audrey that he’s surprised Danny wasn’t more disappointed. They start flirting, then teasing each other – she calls him boring and he says she’s not his type. Audrey denies that guys have types, saying that he would sleep with her simply because she has girl parts. As Pacey offers her a ride home, Melanie arrives, so Audrey takes a rain check.

Jen meets up with Dawson and tells him her producers want her to do a call-in show about relationships. She thinks he has something to say about the topics she discussed on the show. Dawson tells her he doesn’t want to fight, he just wants to see a movie. And even if she starts to push him away, he’s going to stick around. Jack approaches Eric at the frat house and blasts him for believing in gay stereotypes. Eric admits that he doesn’t want people thinking he’s gay and might actually be a homophobe.

Joey tells Audrey she was asked out but turned the guy down. She denies that it was because of her fixation on Dawson, but because Elliot was one of Audrey’s “conquests.” Audrey denies that she slept with him; he walked her home from the party but kept talking about how awesome Joey is. Pacey and Melanie hang out on the boat, where she says she noticed how sad he was when they came back from sailing around. She’s happy he’ll be going back out on the water. She’ll be staying in Boston since she has a life there now.

The next morning, as Melanie says goodbye to Pacey, Dawson sees that Jen has bought him a new toothbrush. She tells him that she wears makeup because she learned at a young age that it would help her hide and protect herself. He replies that he likes what he sees when she doesn’t wear makeup. Then they brush their teeth together, which I guess is what couples do, or something.

Joey goes to Elliot’s room and blathers something about being willing to become friends. He confirms that he never slept with Audrey. She asks him out for coffee, and he lies that he has a class, just wanting to see if she would be disappointed. Jack gives Blossom his room key, announcing that he doesn’t feel right living in the frat house. But Eric is suddenly okay with rooming with Jack and asks him to stay.

Pacey’s friends drop by his boat, having been told by Audrey that he’s leaving town. They don’t want to try to talk him into staying; they just want to wish him well. Pacey announces that he’s not leaving after all. He likes Boston, he doesn’t need to run from anything, and he’s good at the restaurant. Audrey jokes that he’s staying because of her, which might actually be partly true. Now Pacey just needs a place to live.

Thoughts: Who uses a toothbrush as a mascara wand? How do you lose the original wand in the first place? I think you would notice if you put away a tube of mascara and the want wasn’t there. Also, Jen says she used the toothbrush because she thought it was old. How does that make it appropriate as a wand substitute? It’s still a used toothbrush!

If I turned on the radio wanting to hear music and got relationship advice instead, I’d be ticked.

I must know how Blossom got his name. Are there other brothers named Bubbles and Buttercup? (Please, please tell me there are.)

Pacey, it concerns me that you would rather hang out with Melanie than Audrey. I really hope Melanie wasn’t in any way part of your decision to stay in Boston.

Hey, Joey, you don’t have to like a guy just because he likes you. Also, Elliot is weird and creepy and kind of stalkerish, so if I were you, I would try not to be alone with him.

So Jack magically cured Eric of his homophobia? I don’t get it.

May 26, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.11, Something Wild: Where the Lame Things Are

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Joey’s sweater looks super comfy

Summary: Joey’s home in Capeside for winter break, waiting impatiently for her grades to come in. Bessie can tell that something’s bothering her, but Joey doesn’t want to talk about it. (Hint: It’s Jen and Dawson’s relationship.) Bessie encourages her to do “something wild.” Hey, just like the episode title! Pacey shows up, saying he’s in town to pick something up, and Joey pretends she’s having a very relaxing vacation. But when he offers her a ride back to Boston, she jumps on it.

As the two of them leave Capeside for Boston, Dawson and Jen make the opposite journey, on their way to visit Gail. He notes that this is the first time he’s brought a girl home, and she replies that it’s the first time she’s been brought home. Usually guys take her to a hotel, which she and Dawson have already covered.

Joey tells Pacey that she thinks it make sense for Dawson and Jen to be together. Not that she thinks about them a lot or anything. Pacey tells her there’s an opening for a waitress at the restaurant, and he thinks Danny would love her. Joey doesn’t think Mrs. Valentine would give her a good recommendation. Pacey asks if her grades have come in, and Joey pretends she doesn’t care about them. He doesn’t believe she’s changed as much as she leads on.

Dawson and Jen arrive in Capeside, and she’s really nervous about interacting with Gail as Dawson’s girlfriend instead of just his friend. It’s no less awkward when Gail notices that Jen’s shirt is inside out. Pacey drops Joey off at her dorm, where she plans to enjoy being alone for a few days, but Audrey is also back from break early. She fought with her parents about money and lost her job giving campus tours, so now she needs a place to work. Joey can think of one.

Audrey thinks she’s perfect to wait tables at Pacey’s restaurant, since it’s all fancy and she has a great personality. Danny finds her amusing. Pacey and Audrey flirt, and Danny even thinks they’re dating. He hires Audrey immediately since he loves the way she talks to Pacey and puts him in his place.

Jen and Gail make awkward small talk, and Dawson gets all man-of-the-house about Lily and a leak at the restaurant. He leaves to meet the plumber and Jen confirms for Gail that she and Dawson are dating, which apparently she didn’t know. At Worthington, Joey looks up her grades, all of which are good and all of which are posted except for the one for Professor Wilder’s class. He comes along to post his, and of course Joey got an A. She hugs Wilder, who tells her she deserved it.

Joey and Audrey go out and party, and Joey tells Audrey about the hug, joking that it led to sex. Audrey wants them both to celebrate by kissing boys. She grabs someone random to make out with Joey, who isn’t interested. At the restaurant, Danny tells Pacey that he’s learned enough to earn a promotion and raise.

Audrey spots another cute guy for Joey, but it’s Charlie. He starts eye-flirting with Joey, who tries to ignore him. Pacey joins the girls at the club, and he and Joey watch Audrey sing with the band. Jen helps Gail put up a baby gate as they talk about Dawson. Jen wonders if he’s holding back from moving forward with his life. She and Gail both want Dawson to be happy. Jen brings up the idea of Dawson moving into Grams’ attic and attending film school in Boston. Gail’s on board and tells Jen to push him to do it.

The random guy from earlier, Tom, tries to chat with Joey, who blows him off. Charlie approaches next and doesn’t appear to know that Joey’s friends with Jen. She lets him flirt and asks why he’s interested in her. He says he likes the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and how she listened when the band played. He adds that he’s not like the other guys there (the same thing he said to Jen) and has never done this before. Joey lets him know that she’s on to him.

Dawson returns from the restaurant wanting sex, which is totally appropriate in your mother’s house. Jen says she and Gail talked about Dawson moving to Boston, living in the attic, and studying at film school. Dawson doesn’t think it’s the right time, though Jen and Gail do. Jen tells him he doesn’t have to be the man of the house. He doesn’t think she’s qualified to give advice about his mother when she doesn’t even talk about her own. Jen decides not to talk to him either.

Pacey and Audrey play pool as Pacey teases Joey about how he knows she ran to check her grades as soon as she got back to school. He knows she’s capable of letting loose; she just doesn’t let herself. He reminds her that she once got on stage and sang at a beauty pageant. Basically, Pacey wants Joey to prove that Jen and Dawson’s relationship really doesn’t bother her.

Pacey gives Joey money for drinks, but Charlie already has one for Joey. He wants a second chance – not with Jen, with Joey. She blasts Charlie for being a jerk, though he says his compliments toward her were all true. At least he’s not afraid to take a chance. Joey doesn’t want to talk about her own past risk-taking (or lack thereof).

Gail joins a mopey Dawson by the water and tells him he needs to start thinking about himself. Otherwise he’ll never be in a relationship or have the life he needs to have. She’s liked having him around, but it’s not fair to him. He needs to go to Boston and be with Jen. Gail’s proud of Dawson and knows Mitch would be, too.

Audrey and Pacey go looking for Joey, who’s on stage with the band, singing “I Want You to Want Me.” Apparently this passes for “something wild.” For some reason, everyone finds this really impressive. Charlie meets Joey backstage and she kisses him, then runs back out for some more applause.

Back in Capeside, Dawson begins to apologize to Jen, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. She admits that she doesn’t have any idea what he’s going through, so she can’t pretend she does. He tells her he’s moving into the attic. Jen notes that it’s weird how things work out – they used to live next door to each other, but they didn’t get together until they moved away.

Audrey and Pacey lose Joey again, but Audrey spots her waiting around the stage for Charlie. She tells Pacey that Joey left early to study (despite not having any classes). Charlie offers Joey a ride home on his motorcycle. Dawson and Jen hang out naked in the living room and talk about how they don’t know where their relationship is going, but they’re interested to see.

Pacey drives Audrey back to her dorm, and she tells him she’d rather hang out with him than a hot guy she’d like to date. He calls her bluff about only being back from break for a day, guessing that she never went home. Audrey confirms that she and her parents did fight about money, but it was a bigger argument than she let on. She doesn’t want Joey to know, so Pacey promises to keep quiet.

Pacey admits that the car he’s been driving came from Capeside’s impound lot, and his father gave it to him, telling Pacey he’s proud of him. He’s just not sure how long that will last. Audrey promises to keep his secret. She kisses his cheek, saying it’s just because she and Joey made a pact to kiss guys that night.

Charlie follows Joey on his motorcycle as she walks home, bugging her to take a ride. He thinks a part of her is dying to take him up on the offer. Joey admits that she might have another side who wants to be wild every once in a while. However, if Charlie mentions that side of her or what she did tonight, Joey will deny it.

Thoughts: Hi, Bessie! ‘Bye, Bessie!

Who hires a waitress with no experience and no references? Oh, right – the kind of guy who uses an employee’s boat to cheat on his wife with another employee.

Lily was born in April and takes her first steps in January? No. Not likely.

Dawson and Jen have been dating for, like, a month, right? Yeah, they should totally live in the same house. Which her grandmother also lives in. That won’t be awkward at all.

If singing with a band is wild, then I’m an animal.

Jen appears to have Dick and Jane pajamas. Are those supposed to be sexy?

Freaking A, who has sex and lies around naked in his mother’s living room? Especially when he has a bedroom?

I still like Joey and Pacey as a couple, but Pacey and Audrey are pretty cute together.

May 5, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.8, Hotel New Hampshire: It Took Five Years, But Dawson’s Finally Gotten Some

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I know, weird, right?!

Summary: Dawson visits Pacey on his boat and confides that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with his life. The only thing he’s sure about is not going back to USC. Pacey tells him to take his time. He also notes that he’s never known what to do with his life, and now he’s found a job he likes. He tells Dawson about his attraction to Karen but doesn’t want to bother him with details. Dawson knows Pacey will help her even if there’s drama.

Joey and Jen study at Grams’, taking a break to discuss Jack and the upcoming frat formal. Jen doesn’t want to go, so Joey figures she’ll wind up as Jack’s date. She asks Jen how Dawson is, which surprises Jen. She says he’s better and is seeing a therapist. Joey’s having a hard time not helping him, but she’s happy Jen is there in her place. Jack’s frat has a meeting about the formal, which is mostly an excuse for the guys to hook up with hot girls. One of the brothers encourages Jack to bring some Worthington girls for them. He agrees, and a guy named Eric calls dibs on one.

Pacey goes back to Karen’s and asks her out, calling their potential date a “trial run” for a drama-free relationship. She doesn’t really want to accept, but he wears her down with his charm. Dawson has a session with Dr. Weir, telling her about the chat he had with Pacey. He feels like his friends are seeing him as someone breakable instead of the person they knew before. Dr. Weir brings up the film festival he unknowingly won and encourages him to take a friend and go to it.

Jen gets a visit from Nora and tells her she thinks she’s finally over Charlie. Nora admits that she feels herself giving in to his efforts to get her back. She doesn’t realize that Jen hasn’t also been getting love letters and pleas for forgiveness. Jen claims she doesn’t care, but she winds up crying to Dawson that she wants the same treatment Nora’s getting from Charlie. Dawson invites her to take a break from her life by accompanying him to New Hampshire.

Jack has also convinced Audrey to go to the formal, and she’s more excited about it than Joey is. As the guys pick them up, Dawson checks in at the film festival and gets gushing praise for his movie. His screening is sold out, which is ticking off a guy named Oliver Chirchick. Jen is mistaken for Dawson’s girlfriend, and she decides to have some fun with that, even if it means sharing a love-themed hotel room.

The Sigma brothers approve of Jack’s female offerings, though Jack wants to keep that quiet. He tells Joey that Jen won’t be there since she and Dawson went away for the weekend. Joey’s surprised but not worried. Pacey takes Karen out to dinner and they seem to have a good time. He tells her she deserves better than to be Danny’s mistress.

Dawson and Jen see Oliver’s movie (Smoke Crack and Worship Satan), which is so good that Dawson doesn’t get how he won the top prize. Jen and her ridiculous hat think he’s undermining himself. Oliver warns Dawson that his movie better be good; the winning movie usually has a unique vision, and he doesn’t want to lose to a “Hollywood slickster.” Then he sees Jen and tells her she’s pretty.

Pacey walks Karen home and notes that she isn’t smoking. She says she only smokes when she’s nervous or annoyed. He’s pleased that she’s neither right now; in fact, she was pleasant all night. He gives her flirty compliments and she tells him she had a great time, which makes him happy. Pacey goes to kiss her on the cheek, but she turns it into a makeout session, which they take into her apartment.

Dawson’s movie gets lots of applause. The head of the festival reveals that Mitch sent him a letter praising the film and asking him not to keep it out of the festival even though it was submitted late. Dawson reaches for Jen’s hand. He accepts his prize but finds it hard to say anything. He winds up talking about Mitch’s love of movies, which rubbed off on Dawson. He dedicates the movie to Mitch, saying he’ll think of him every time he looks at the prize. He adds a special thank-you to Jen.

At the formal, Audrey’s incredibly bored by a drunk Eric, who tells Jack she’s “all tease and no please.” Joey overhears Jack assuring Eric that Audrey’s easy and will definitely hook up with him. She gives Jack a disgusted look and walks away. Karen’s smoking now and tells Pacey that having sex with him doesn’t change anything: “This was a mistake. You’re not worth what I’m risking.” He asks her why she risked it, then figures out that it was to get back at Danny.

Dawson and Jen attend a post-festival party, where Oliver admits that Dawson’s movie was great. He learns that Dawson dropped out of USC and encourages him to visit his own college in Boston. Jen approaches, and it looks like Dawson is seeing her in a different way now. She tells Oliver his movie was great and he replies that she’s still really pretty. He adds that Jen and Dawson make a great couple.

Joey confronts Jack about his comments, which he points out are no different than from what she used to say about Audrey. Joey notes that she knows Audrey better now. She hates the jerk Jack has turned into. It’s like he was just waiting to come to Boston so he could dump his high school friends and make new ones. Jack says he feels at home there. He no longer has to worry about anyone else.

Joey accuses him of hiding and pushing his real friends away in favor of “wannabe pimps.” He mocks her for saying he doesn’t live up to her “standards of righteousness.” She corrects that she’s talking about common decency. Jack points out that everyone at the formal is having a good time; no one’s forcing anyone else to be there. Joey realizes that she has no reason not to leave.

Dawson’s feeling good about the evening; tonight was the first time in a while that he hasn’t felt guilty about Mitch. He thanks Jen for helping him. Jen thanks him back for restoring her faith in men. They discuss their past dramas, and Dawson says he thinks the two of them didn’t work out because Jen was never attracted to him. She just thought he was safe. Jen calls his bluff by kissing him. And then they do the same thing Pacey and Karen just did.

The next morning, Dawson tells Jen he’s pleased with the way his first sexual experience went. Pacey goes to work early to tell Danny he quits. He confirms that it’s about Karen, blasting Danny for putting him in the middle of his relationship issues. Danny announces that Karen already quit. He apologizes for the position he put Pacey in and says he can take his job back if he wants.

Jack comes by Joey and Audrey’s room to apologize, and Audrey easily forgives him. Jack is having a hard time bringing two groups of friends together. Joey feels bad for judging. She always thought she had an open mind, but now that she’s living in a big city, she has more to learn than she expected. Jack needs his frat, and his friends need to learn to accept that. Jack says he has to be less extreme.

Pacey meets up with Karen outside the restaurant, and she tells him she doesn’t regret what happened with them. He forced her to make a decision she should have made a long time ago. Pacey encourages her to give herself a chance, but Karen wants to do something new. Despite his best efforts, Pacey couldn’t save her from herself. Karen advises him to stick with Danny since he’s good at what he does.

Jen and Dawson pack to go home, but she thinks they need to have a talk. She feels awkward and doesn’t want to risk their friendship. Dawson clearly doesn’t see this as a big deal. Though he doesn’t know what will happen next, he’s ready for whatever comes, even if things have to change. Jen agrees that she’s ready, too. She doesn’t want to leave just yet, so Dawson says they don’t have to.

Thoughts: I think they only set this episode in New Hampshire so they could use the title. I mean, who cares about a film festival in New Hampshire? There were barely 50 people there.

The Jen/Dawson hook-up is so random. Yeah, yeah, emotional distress, gratitude, blah blah blah, but come on.

Eric is played by Ryan Bittle, who was Todd on the Sweet Valley High TV show. He’s definitely not as hot as Todd is supposed to be.

Audrey, we need to have a talk about your crimped hair.

Don’t most film festivals award prizes after all the screenings, instead of before the whole festival? I guess I’m thinking of the big ones like Cannes, but that’s probably because people vote, so of course they have to watch the films first.

Dawson talking about Mitch and sharing his love of movies is really sweet. It’s nice to find out where Dawson’s movie appreciation came from.

April 29, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.7, Text, Lies and Videotape: Blue I.V.

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Hey, Karen, you know you're crazy for wanting Danny over Pacey, right?

Summary: Dawson and Jen are in downtown Boston, where he’s about to meet with the therapist he previously skipped out on seeing. Jen tells him therapy isn’t that bad. Dawson thinks he’ll feel weird talking to a stranger. Jen points out that she talks to strangers all the time on the radio (so apparently she’s been doing that).

Audrey has borrowed a video camera so she can film an audition tape for The Real World: Ibiza. She hasn’t decided who to be: “vamp, vixen, or all-out slut?” Joey’s getting ready for a meeting with Professor Wilder and the other students working on his estate project. She feels self-conscious because the other students are upperclassmen. Audrey thinks Wilder chose her for the project because she’s hot.

Danny works with Pacey on crepes for a big party at the restaurant the next night. Pacey listens while Danny and Karen chat, then asks if Danny’s wife will be at the party. Dawson meets his therapist, Dr. Rachel Weir, who quickly puts him at ease. She wonders whether his panic attacks are really the result of Mitch’s death.

Dawson admits that his life is completely different from how he thought it would be six months ago. He’s also not sure he wants to continue studying film. Dr. Weir tells him that the human brain isn’t set up to deal with trauma. If he’s lying to himself about his life, that’s okay. He just has to keep himself from believing those lies.

Wilder and his students discuss the letters written by Rose Lazar, the woman whose estate they’re dealing with. The letters are to someone named I.V., but no one knows who that is. Rose obviously cared about this person and was at her most honest when writing to him or her. Wilder asks the students to brainstorm ideas of who I.V. is.

Karen asks Pacey if he wants her to set him up with one of her friends. Pacey’s not in the mood for their usual banter and flirting now that he knows about Danny and Karen’s affair. He asks if Karen’s boyfriend’s coming to the party, noting that they’ve worked together for months and Pacey has never met him. He asks if the boyfriend ever takes her to a sailboat in the harbor.

Karen’s surprised that Pacey knows about the affair, since she didn’t know they were using his boat. She tells him it’s none of his business. Pacey disagrees, since he had to lie to Danny’s wife for Karen. Karen shoots back that in the real world, some people have to do things they don’t want to, and if Pacey isn’t mature enough to deal with it, he should stay out of it.

Back in Capeside, Gail asks Dawson about his therapy session, telling him that sooner or later, things will have to start going back to normal. He wonders what normal is. They meet with a lawyer about Mitch’s will, which he didn’t rewrite to include Lily after her birth. He suggests that Gail and Dawson look around the house for anything Mitch might have written down.

Wilder thinks Joey’s bored with the Lazar project, and she tells him she thinks the letters are boring. She’s in disagreement with a classmate who suspects they were to a secret lesbian lover. Joey says that if they were love letters, they wouldn’t be as honest as they are. People are more open with their friends. Wilder guesses that this means she doesn’t think people can be both friends and lovers. He helps Joey get to the idea that I.V. was a friend from Worthington.

Dawson searches the Leerys’ house, despite having told Gail that he was done. She’s starting to worry about his obsession. Also, she found an updated will, but Mitch never signed it. Joey goes to the Worthington library to look at Lazar’s yearbook, which her classmate, Cassandra, is already studying. She jokes that she’s only part of the project to be near Wilder.

Karen goes by Pacey’s boat and apologizes for putting him in the middle of her relationship with Danny, then being mean when he called her on it. Pacey reminds her of Danny. She excuses their affair by saying that Emily had left Danny when he and Karen first got together. He went back to Emily because he thought they could work things out. His optimism is the similarity she sees between Danny and Pacey.

Dr. Weir wants to see Dawson three times a week, which Jen thinks is a good idea, especially since it means she’ll get to see him more often, too. He tells her about the will and what Gail sees as a technicality that excludes Lily. Jen agrees that it was a mistake that Dawson shouldn’t read too much into. She’s worried that he’ll let Mitch’s error change him.

Audrey shows Joey some possible clips for her audition video, including one where she talks about having to forgive her mother before she can become the person she needs to be. She thinks she’s turning into her mother in some ways, and though she might not like her, she knows who that person is. If Audrey tried to change, she wouldn’t know who she might be. Joey has an epiphany and praises Audrey for being herself and not being afraid to look bad.

As the restaurant staff prepares for the party, Danny dances playfully with Karen, stopping suddenly when Pacey lets him know that Emily’s there. She’s oblivious and takes Danny away to dance for real. Pacey asks how Karen is, and she lies that she’s fine; what does he care anyway? He tells her he wants to be her friend – obviously she doesn’t have any or they would have told her that her affair is a horrible idea. Karen already knows Danny won’t leave Emily for her.

Dawson tells Dr. Weir that he’s mad about Mitch’s will but won’t allow himself to be. She points out that Mitch was mad at him. He wanted Dawson to go back to California, but that could have been because of his own expectations and reasons. Dawson feels angry about the last night he and Mitch talked, and Dr. Weir tells him it’s okay for him to feel that way. He just needs to decide what to do with his own life. Dr. Weir thinks he already knows what’s right for him.

Pacey spots Karen moping at the party and tries to cheer her up. She asks if he’s ever wanted to be someone else. (Yes, he’d like to be Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark.) They pretend to be other people, then dance. Karen loses her cool and announces that she wants to talk to Danny, but Pacey won’t let her, asking what she would say anyway.

Wilder and his students meet again, and Cassandra says she thinks the letters were to another writer, since Lazar talks about writing so much. Joey shares her theories that Lazar wrote the letters to herself as a sort of journal. She was the only person she felt comfortable sharing her fears and insecurities with. Wilder and the other students agree. After the other students leave, Wilder and Joey talk about Kafka and his fiancée, Felice, who had a “will they/won’t they” relationship (as Wilder describes it). “Ultimately, nothing happened,” he foreshadows.

Joey asks if Wilder really thinks she’s right about I.V. being Lazar. He says that as a freshman, her mind is more open than the other students’. Joey’s slowing down to learn rather than racing to keep up and pretending to know things she doesn’t. If you’re comfortable not knowing, you can learn anything. Joey admits that she felt insecure for a while. She thanks Wilder for picking her for the project, and he thanks her for sticking with it.

Dawson gets in his car to head back to Capeside and hears Jen play a song for him. Joey tells Audrey that she figured out the mystery of the letters from Audrey’s tape. Audrey thinks something happened between Joey and Wilder after the others left. Joey claims not to care that she impressed Wilder or that he thinks she’s special.

Pacey visits Karen at her house, bringing food from the party. She thanks him for all of the advice he’s tried to give her. She’s upset that Danny was all loving with Emily, as if Karen wasn’t even there. She knows she needs to end the relationship. Pacey tells her to change her dating pattern, and she asks if that means the two of them should get together. Just then, Danny leaves a message on her answering machine apologizing for putting her in the middle of his complicated life. Pacey leaves.

Back at home, Dawson gets a letter informing him that he won a film festival in New Hampshire, even though he never entered one. Gail tells him that Mitch entered him. Dawson announces that he’s not going back to USC, and his mother says that fine – she doesn’t want him to do something he doesn’t want to because he feels an obligation to Mitch. She assures him that Mitch always knew the decision was up to Dawson. They start sharing memories about Mitch and admit how much they miss him.

Thoughts: In the Strange But True category: Dr. Weir is played by Pauley Perrette from NCIS.

Audrey to Joey: “How come your film geek looks like Tom Cruise?” Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Also, if Audrey thinks that’s what Dawson looks like, she needs glasses.

Danny’s not that awesome. How did he get two women?

I’d rather watch the rest of Audrey’s tape than anything involving Joey and Wilder.

Joey says “Derrida” and I have ‘Nam-like flashbacks to my college lit-theory course. I have to go lie down now.

April 24, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.6, High Anxiety: In Vino Veritas

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Drunk Dawson is fun. Well, except for the blaming-Joey-for-Mitch's-death part

Summary: Dawson sees his doctor in Capeside, telling him about his recent anxiety attacks. They’re obviously tied to Mitch’s death. The doctor refers him to a psychiatrist in Boston, as apparently there are no psychiatrists closer to Capeside. At Worthington, Audrey cleans up her and Joey’s room in preparation from a visit from her mother. She’s really not looking forward to it. Joey’s surprised to hear that Audrey’s mom has ruined her self-esteem and hit on her boyfriends.

On Pacey’s boat, Jen tells Pacey about catching Charlie making out with another girl outside his room. She finds a necklace that most likely belongs to Danny’s mistress. Pacey thinks Jen should discuss this with Jack, but he’s too busy hanging out with his new frat brothers. He tells Jen that she can either get mad or she can get even. Back in Capeside, Dawson walks around the house and…stares at stuff. (Seriously, that scene had no point.)

Even though it’s his day off, Pacey swings by the restaurant for chowder and some flirting with Karen. He also returns the necklace to Danny, who’s still pretending he was there with his wife. He asks to use it again that night, but Pacey turns him down, claiming he’s throwing a party. Karen overhears and tells all of their co-workers. Dawson calls Joey and tells her he might be in Boston that weekend. They make awkward conversation about nothing.

Dawson goes to meet with the psychiatrist but gets annoyed having to wait so long and leaves. Audrey’s mother arrives at Worthington and immediately starts harping on Audrey about her weight. She asks if she looks more like Audrey’s mother or her sister. Audrey asks for someone to kill her. Mrs. Liddell invites Joey to have dinner with them, but before she can answer, Audrey pulls her into the bathroom and begs her to come.

Dawson heads over to Grams’ house, having not told anyone that he was going to be in town or that he wants to spend the night there. Jen’s dressed up but won’t tell Dawson or Jack where she’s going. Jack invites Dawson to come to the frat house with him, which Dawson thinks sounds like fun. Jen goes to Charlie’s dorm for a surprise sex romp, which he doesn’t want right then. She pretends she left a sweater in the closet, but he won’t let her open it. Of course, there’s a girl inside, and she claims to be Charlie’s girlfriend.

At the Sigma house, there’s some sort of drinking relay, and Dawson finds himself having a good time. Not having a good time: Joey or Audrey, since Mrs. Liddell is really, really annoying and criticizes everything Audrey says and does. Joey slips off to call Dawson, but when he sees who’s calling, he doesn’t answer his phone. Charlie points out to his two girlfriends that they never made any commitments to each other. He met them both on the same night and things just happened. So how about a threeway?

Mrs. Liddell brings up Audrey’s childhood acting and the fact that she was a model herself. She was up for a Scorsese movie when she found out she was pregnant. Mrs. Liddell thinks Audrey was more talented than she was, but she wasn’t focused enough to stick to acting. She tells Joey that Audrey went to six schools in four years; every enrollment ended in scandal. She reveals that she had to give a large donation to Worthington so they would admit her.

Joey finally speaks up, telling Mrs. Liddell that whether she’s disappointed or jealous, Audrey doesn’t deserve her anger. She’s interested, well-rounded, and disciplined, as evidenced by the fact that she keeps putting up with her mother’s insults. Then she tells Audrey they’re leaving for a party. Jen and Charlie’s other girlfriend, Nora, agree to the threeway, making Charlie strip before they’ll do anything. Once he’s naked, they make him close his eyes, then shove him into the hallway and lock his door.

The girls congratulate each other on a successful plan, revealing that they also stole a signed CD, class notes, and Charlie’s favorite shirt. They admit that they’re mad at themselves for thinking they finally found a guy who’s both cute and honest. Jen invites Nora to Pacey’s party, but Nora feels like moping by herself. Already at the party, Audrey and Pacey hit it off. No one’s heard from Dawson, who shows up just then with Jack and some other Sigmas. Dawson’s definitely drunk.

Pacey chastises Jack for letting Dawson drink, but Jack is just happy that Dawson’s feeling better. Dawson and Audrey reunite, and then he remembers that he was supposed to call Joey. He calls her right there, leaving her a message while she stands there and listens. It starts out jokey, but then Dawson says that if Joey hadn’t left him a message, he probably would have gone back to L.A. instead of Capeside. In that case, Mitch might still be alive. All Joey can do is stare at him.

Pacey wakes Dawson up on the boat the next morning and gives him a disgusting hangover remedy. Dawson can’t quite remember what happened the previous night, but he knows it was bad. Pacey thinks Joey will forgive Dawson before he forgives himself. Mrs. Liddell hugs Audrey goodbye, saying that she criticizes Audrey out of love. Audrey calls her out for not apologizing. However, she knows Mrs. Liddell is the only mother she has, and she’s the only daughter her mother has. This leads Mrs. Liddell to apologize.

Once her mother is gone, Audrey thanks Joey for defending her and taking her to the party. Joey made her feel good about herself. Audrey wishes she could return the favor. Dawson goes back to Grams’, where Jen is a little mopey but not as down as he is. He admits that he’s lucky since he has some great friends. Karen shows up to work at the restaurant tired, having worked the night before without much notice. Pacey admires her necklace, which he finds very familiar.

Joey takes Dawson to the train station as he apologizes for what he said the night before. She forgives him easily. She points out a $2 movie theater and suggests going to it the next time he’s in town. Dawson doesn’t know when he’ll be up to seeing a movie again. He doesn’t know what to do with himself at all. Joey tells him he has every right to feel that way.

Dawson admits that he came to Boston to see a psychiatrist but didn’t keep the appointment. He’s not sure why he left. When he decided not to go back to L.A., all he could think about was kissing Joey. He kept looking forward to the day when they might be able to try again, and just when it seemed possible, Mitch died and Dawson was pulled out of his daydreams. Now he doesn’t know how to get back there. He’s scared that he never will. Joey kisses him, telling him he’ll find his way back. Until then, she’ll daydream for both of them.

Thoughts: Mrs. Liddell is played by Brenda Strong, who’s probably best known for playing Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives.

When Jen’s talking to Pacey about Charlie and says, “She was his sister?” I misheard it as “she was my sister” and thought someone had finally told her about Eve.

Do Joey and Audrey have their own bathroom? No dorm has rooms that huge plus private bathrooms. Well, okay, my college had some good-sized rooms with suite bathrooms, and I did spend a semester in a good-sized single with my own bathroom, but that bathroom was tiny. (Man, that semester was awesome, though.)

I’m surprised Joey didn’t give Audrey a speech about how she should just be glad she has a mother. Thank you, Joey, for being likable.

You know who Dawson should talk to about anxiety? Andie. Oh, wait, I forgot that Andie no longer exists.

April 21, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.5, Use Your Disillusion: Sleeping Dogs Lie

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"No, I will not wait to be seated! Coffee needs to be poured on laps NOW!"

Summary: Gail is straightening up Lily’s nursery while Dawson does other house-related chores to solidify his position as man of the family. His mother encourages him to spend some time with Joey instead. She assures him that he can leave Capeside for a couple of days; she can take care of Lily on her own. At Worthington, Joey and Audrey go for a jog and discuss Dawson’s visit. Joey’s overthinking everything, feeling a lot of pressure to comfort Dawson. They won’t be discussing anything deep.

Professor Wilder finds the girls and chats with Joey about how the school just received the estate of a famous writer. He’s been chosen to go through all of the writer’s works and see if there’s anything worth publishing. He wants Joey and some other students to help. Joey accepts but can’t attend the party Professor Wilder is throwing to celebrate because of Dawson. Wilder tells her to bring Dawson along.

Jen hangs out in Charlie’s room and asks him to see a play with her the next night. He’s working at the radio station but invites her to stop by afterward. Then there is making out. Danny helps Pacey with his quarter-playing skills at the restaurant; they’re interrupted by Karen, who taunts them for their form of male bonding. Danny asks to borrow Pacey’s boat the next night so he can take his wife, Emily, out for a date. In exchange, Pacey gets the night off.

Jack plays pool with some other Sigma Epsilon pledges, discussing the tasks they might have to undergo before they can join the frat. Tobey arrives for a surprise visit as a pledge gets a call to participate in a hazing task. Jack’s happy that Tobey’s there, but he’s worried that they won’t have much time to spend together.

Dawson’s now at Worthington, and Joey’s all awkward. She gives him a book called How to Deal With Your Parents [sic] Death. She suggests watching movies all day, and though Dawson seems like he wants to do something else, he agrees that that’s probably a good idea. Jen has convinced Pacey to go to the play with her, though he’s not that excited about Shakespeare. Tobey comes to Grams’ house, confused about where he was supposed to meet Jack. Jen thinks Jack ditched him for the frat brothers.

Joey and Dawson watch movies on her tiny TV, and Joey panics when a scene shows a car accident. She thinks she’s “robbing” him of his time to freak out by making it about her. Dawson assures her that he doesn’t feel that way. Joey thinks Audrey was right and they should have gone out. Dawson jumps on that idea, and Joey tells him they could go to the party at Wilder’s.

Downtown, Jen and Pacey chat about Karen, who he definitely has a crush on. He’s all excited to have Danny as a mentor. Jen finds it funny that Pacey thinks of Danny as an older version of himself. As they pass by a restaurant, they see Charlie inside with another girl. Pacey tries to rush Jen off, but she wants to go inside and confront him. Pacey tries to convince her to wait until the next day so she can calm down. Jen pretends to agree, then starts to run inside, so Pacey throws her over his shoulder and runs off with her.

Jack and Tobey are at another restaurant, and Tobey’s upset that Jack didn’t tell him he would be late. (Tobey doesn’t have a phone because he’s worried about brain tumors.) He also can’t tell Tobey what he was doing as it’s against the frat’s rules. Jack tells him not to act like a girl, which Tobey finds offensive. Just as they’re working things out, Jack gets summoned for another task. Tobey tells him to go do it.

Jen grumbles her way to the play, which is, appropriately enough, Othello. She storms out before it starts. Joey and Dawson go to Wilder’s, and Dawson makes it clear that he doesn’t need her to be with him every second. He’s clearly not ready for this, though. Jen takes Pacey back to the restaurant and pretends they’ve just stumbled upon Charlie and his lady friend. Then she spills coffee on him. Charlie introduces her to the other girl, his sister, as Pacey cracks up.

Jack and the other pledges are stuck waiting around for instructions; they think their initiation is the next day. Jack’s worried that he’s hurting his relationship with Tobey. The other guys are in the same situation with their girlfriends and encourage Jack to set boundaries. They think Tobey’s there to make sure Jack doesn’t get involved with any new people. They tell Jack to dump him and move on.

Dawson hides out in Wilder’s kitchen as Joey talks with her classmates. A girl comes in to talk to him, but he seems to be having a kind of anxiety attack. He pulls Joey out of the party and tells her about a similar experience he had days earlier at the grocery store. Dawson doesn’t like feeling out of control or where the feeling came from. He really did want to go out, but as soon as they went, he changed his mind. Joey tells him that’s allowed. She agrees to go back to her room, clearly concerned about him.

Jen and Charlie walk home together and he explained that he wasn’t working because his shift was switched. His sister called before Charlie could let Jen know. She offers to do his laundry for a month to make things up to him. He tells her he needs to learn to trust her. He points out that he didn’t jump to conclusions when he saw her with Pacey because he trusts her and knows they have something special.

Jack finally makes it home to Grams’ and apologizes to Tobey, who’s really angry. He asks Jack to admit that the frat is more important than Tobey is. Jack points out that he’s going to be in college for four years and needs to have a social life, especially when he and Tobey can’t see each other all the time. He wants to be himself with his friends, rather than compartmentalize his life.

When Jack first moved to Capeside, he was Andie’s brother, then Joey’s boyfriend. When he came out, he was Jack the gay guy. He came out to the frat so he wouldn’t have to hide who he really was, and they didn’t care about his sexuality. He figured Tobey would understand.

Jack says under his breath that the other guys were right. Tobey’s angry that Jack talked to someone else about their problems. Jack accuses him of being jealous. Tobey says that he wants to be Jack’s main priority. Jack comes first to him no matter how far apart they are or what he’s doing. He’s always thinking about Jack and how to make him happy. He can see that Jack doesn’t feel the same about him.

Pacey flirts with Karen at the restaurant and she wonders if he’s arranging his schedule so they always work at the same time. A woman comes in looking for Danny; she’s his wife, Emily, and she spent the last night home sick. Pacey realizes that that means Danny and Emily didn’t spend the night on his boat. Dawson packs to go back to Capeside, thanking Joey for helping him out. He leaves the book behind.

Tobey and Jen wait for Jack to come back and make up with Tobey before he leaves Boston. Jen says Jack will regret not trying to make things work. Tobey says everyone gets hurt in a breakup, encouraging her to stay with Charlie. Danny thanks Pacey for the use of his boat, saying Emily had a great time. Pacey says nothing.

Jack comes home in his new frat blazer, happy to have been inducted. Jen tells him he sucks and broke Tobey’s heart. He should think about what he gave up today. Jack already knows. Jen admits that she feels like she and Jack don’t know each other that well anymore. He blames that on her new relationship with Charlie, which Jen finds unfair.

Jack continues that they’re all growing apart, and he wanted to spare Tobey some pain. He wants to meet new people without having to worry about hurting someone else. Jen says he should have said something to Tobey, but Jack is telling her instead. Jen heads off to take Charlie a basket of fruit and flowers, but when she starts to turn the corner to his dorm room, she catches him making out with another girl.

Joey confides in Audrey that she feels relieved now that Dawson’s gone. She only got him the book because she wanted him to know how she felt but didn’t know how to say it. She wrote a message in the book but Dawson will never read it. Audrey tries to cheer her up with coffee and glitter lipstick. After Joey leaves the room, Audrey reads her message to Dawson, which talks about keeping loved ones close after losing someone. She loves him and is always here for him.

Thoughts: The Pacey/Jen scenes are awesome, especially their exchange when he tells her Danny’s like him. Jen: “When you grow up, you basically want to be yourself?” Pacey: “Yeah. I’m very well-adjusted.” Hee.

If I were Tobey, I’d be less annoyed by Jack telling me not to act like a girl and more by him calling me a “friend” when the frat brothers call.

The other girl was Charlie’s sister? What a shocking twist that has never, ever been used on TV before! It’s worth it for Pacey’s reaction, though.

Tobey’s upset that Jack talked about their problems with a neutral third party, but doesn’t everyone do that? It’s called venting, Tobey.

April 9, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.3, Capeside Revisited: Reunited and It Feels So KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!

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R.I.P., Mitch. I'm sorry you didn't get to finish your ice cream

Summary: Joey, Jen, and Audrey have dinner at the restaurant where Pacey now works; they’re even waited on by Karen. Charlie calls Jen, and the other two girls discuss the fact that she’s been very tight-lipped about him. But apparently Jen doesn’t know much about him either. Joey heads to the restroom, passing the kitchen on her way and spotting Pacey inside. Jen admits that she knew he was in Boston but was sworn to secrecy. Joey wants to see him but is sure he doesn’t want to see her.

Dawson crashes at Grams’ house, planning to take the bus to Capeside the next day to tell his parents he’s not going back to California. He’s not sure how to break the news to them. Grams says just to tell the truth. Jack hangs out at Sigma Epsilon, hitting it off with the frat brothers. One of them invites him to play golf on Sunday. However, Jack doesn’t want to pledge the frat. Or at least not until he sees how happy a guy is after accepting a bid.

Karen complains to Pacey about an annoying customer and he complains back about not being allowed to cook. She rags on him for not wearing a chef’s hat. Jen goes by Charlie’s, trying to claim that she’s not going to respond to booty calls all the time. She tries to find out more information on him, noting that they’ve “been whatever” for a week but are still basically strangers. Charlie seems to want to keep it that way. All he’ll say is that he’s from Illinois.

The next day, Dawson returns to Capeside for the first time in months. Oh, and he didn’t tell his parents he was coming. He wastes no time telling them that he’s spent the past week in Boston and won’t be going back to USC. Gail thinks he just needs more time to make friends in California. Dawson says he’s at “a profound crossroads,” and he’ll regret not going to Boston. He already has arrangements to live at Grams’ and enroll in school in Boston. Mitch firmly objects.

In their room, Audrey bugs Joey about the guy she saw at the restaurant the night before. Joey doesn’t want to talk about him, but she admits that she wants to see him. Audrey’s sure Pacey wants to see her, too – she’s “the kind of girl that guys don’t get over.” Joey doesn’t want to make Pacey uncomfortable. Audrey reminds her that no one’s going to grade her on whatever happens. Relationships are messy, so Joey needs to get used to messes.

Jack wakes up on the couch at the Sigma House, having been kept there so he wouldn’t drive drunk. The guys give him an invitation to join the frat, saying they’ll be his family. One says he needs to ask himself if he’s in or out. This prompts Jack to tell them he’s gay. They already figured it out and still think he’s right for Sigma. Then they tell him straight out (heh) that they want him in the frat because the dean wants them to diversify.

Jen’s still with Charlie and still bugging him about not knowing each other well. He assures her that the fact that they mostly just have sex isn’t a big deal. She challenges them to go 12 hours without having sex. Charlie predicts that she’ll crack first. At the restaurant, Pacey calls Karen on her grumpiness, asking her to bond with him over complaining about Danny. She tells him he needs to wear a chef’s hat so he looks good to the customers. Also, she’s mad that he was hired because he’s a guy.

At the Leerys’, Mitch confronts Dawson about making life decisions that revolve around Joey. He’s said for years that he wanted to go to USC, and he worked hard and accomplished his goal. Now he suddenly wants to throw everything away. He can stand at the crossroads, but he needs to choose his own path, not follow Joey down hers. Mitch reminds Dawson that in the real world, as opposed to high school, decisions have consequences.

Dawson knows he has a big choice to make and doesn’t want a lecture, or to live the life Mitch has chosen for him. Mitch gives him tickets to fly back to L.A. and tells him to seize this opportunity because soon it’ll be gone. Later, Gail and Mitch discuss their son and how they miss having him around. Mitch knows their relationship with him is rare. He’s never going to do something that changes the world, but Dawson might.

Jen and Charlie hang out, trying to find ways to distract themselves. They want to see a movie, but Charlie doesn’t like subtitles and Jen does, which is apparently a point of contention for her. Jack tells Grams that he got a big to join Sigma, but Tobey thinks he should turn it down since he’d be a “gay Uncle Tom.” Jack, however, thinks he would fit in there. Grams thinks the issue is bigger for him than it is for the brothers. She’s sure they want him for more than just a quota.

In Capeside, Gail asks Dawson if Joey asked him to stay in Boston. She’s not sure of the status of their relationship; he tells her they’re not together. He’s spent the last few years trying to accomplish goals, but now that he’s fulfilled them all, he’s not sure what to do. Gail reminds him that people change. Dawson needs to make sure staying in Boston will allow him and Joey to keep growing. Is she the person he’s willing to take such a big leap of faith for?

Charlie and Jen play gin and discuss their likes so Jen can find something they have in common. He thinks having sex is enough. He talks her into agreeing, at least for now, and they start to have sex again. He’s out of condoms, so Jen orders him to go find one. Meanwhile, Joey goes to the marina and reunites with Pacey. They make small talk, and then Joey invites Pacey to come to a Sunday dinner at Grams’ sometime. She wouldn’t want him to miss out because of her. She also thinks it might be possible to eventually forget all bad memories and only remember the good ones.

Dawson says goodbye to Gail and Lily, then gives Mitch back the plane tickets. He hopes Mitch doesn’t think he’s making a mistake; he’s trying to be the kind of person Mitch raised him to be. Mitch is still on the mistake side. He’s disappointed but makes sure Dawson knows he will always love him and be there for him.

In Boston, Jen and Charlie break into their college’s health center to steal condoms. Supposedly they’re a gift from a previous class. Jen realizes that Charlie can’t read the sign over the condoms and teases him for being nearsighted. That would explain why he doesn’t want to see a movie with subtitles. Jen’s pleased that she’s finally learned something about him.

Jack tells the Sigma brothers that he doesn’t want to join them just to fill a quota. One of the guys tells him they’re all filling quotas there. Jack may be gay, but he’s the gay guy they want to join them. Jack points out that Tobey will come visit, which could make people uncomfortable. The brother assures him that they’ll welcome Tobey as much as they’ll welcome Jack. Jack decides he’ll join them.

Danny checks on Pacey after he’s spent hours peeling and slicing potatoes for chips. He approves, then dumps them all out – he doesn’t serve chips. He just wants Pacey to learn so he can trust him to work with really expensive white truffles. Danny says Karen has more motivation and discipline than Pacey, and she wanted Pacey’s job. Danny would rather teach him than hire her.

Joey returns from her marina visit to find Dawson waiting for her. He’s still uncertain about the decisions he’s made. She tells him there’s no right or wrong, just consequences. (She heard this from a sociology professor.) They head out to get coffee, talking about Capeside. Joey comments that you can never go home again.

Back in Capeside, Mitch gets ice cream and sings along to “Drift Away” as he drives home. He drops the ice cream, and when he leans over to pick it up, he swerves into oncoming traffic. And that’s how Mitch died one of the most ridiculous deaths on TV.

Thoughts: When I first heard about this episode (I’d stopped watching when it first aired), all I could think was, “…What?” Killing Mitch off was just so random. And also depressing, since Dawson was the only character on the show who actually had a good relationship with his parents. Also, dying reaching for ice cream? Pathetic.

Just sleep together already, Pacey and Karen.

Uh, whose boat is Pacey living on? Does that person know he’s living there?

How are Pacey and Joey totally okay now? They had this horrible break-up, didn’t talk forever, and now they’re suddenly fine. I wish break-ups were actually like that in real life.

If Danny’s restaurant is nice enough to serve truffles, how could the girls afford dinner there?

April 7, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.2, The Lost Weekend: More Like the Lost Hour of My Life I Can Never Get Back

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And then the plane crashes! I wish

Summary: It’s Sunday, and Dawson’s still at Joey’s college, but preparing to fly back to California. Joey realizes it’s the last day to drop a class she wants to get out of. Dawson checks his messages and gets the one she left him from the party, basically saying she’s done with him. She tells him she was drunk and doesn’t even remember what she said.

Dawson’s angry that she didn’t say anything about the message. Joey tells him she was mad that they haven’t resolved anything, though Dawson thought they did. Audrey interrupts and Joey tells her she was going to show Dawson around campus but can’t since she has to go drop her writing class. Audrey suggests that Dawson join a campus tour.

Elsewhere in Boston, Jen is freaking out because she didn’t give Charlie her phone number. She also feels bad about herself for throwing herself at him, as she sees it. Jack tries to calm her down by noting that she hasn’t slept with anyone since he’s known her; he’s even kissed more guys than Jen has. “This is the saddest competition ever,” she says. He tells her that in college, no one’s keeping track. They find themselves outside the campus radio station, where Charlie happens to be working.

Professor Wilder wants Joey to stay in his class, noting that most people are desperate to get in. He doesn’t usually take freshmen anyway. He guesses correctly that Joey didn’t rewrite her story about Dawson. She says something’s changed since Friday, and the class is too much work. Professor Wilder can’t really find a reason not to let her drop the class, so he does.

Audrey takes Dawson to the starting point of the campus tour, and of course they talk about Joey. Audrey reveals that she’s a tour guide, and she’ll be showing Dawson around. Jen invites herself to join Charlie’s show, objecting to a listener’s song request and talking to Charlie about music and regrets. She wonders if, hypothetically, someone might regret not getting a girl’s number. Charlie admits that he thought she was with Jack, so Jen assures him that Jack isn’t in the picture like that.

In the marina, Pacey listens to the same station and flirts with a girl named Melanie, who he’s apparently been dating. As she leaves, Doug arrives to ask his brother what he plans to do with his life. He’s been back in the States for a little under a month and has no permanent job. Doug gives Pacey a chef’s card, encouraging him to meet the guy. Pacey doesn’t want to but will if it means Doug will leave him alone.

Back at Worthington, Joey sees that the line to drop classes is about a mile long. Audrey asks Dawson about USC, wondering what he thinks of L.A. (she’s from there and hates it). It turns out they both know (and hate) a girl from Audrey’s high school. Dawson is less than enthusiastic about USC, and Audrey notes that he ditched it to fly across the country to see Joey. He kind of wishes his high school friends weren’t so awesome so he wouldn’t miss them so much.

Pacey drops by the chef’s restaurant and meets Danny Brecher, who immediately hires him as a dishwasher. Pacey objects that he only came by as a favor to Doug. Danny keeps offering, but says that if Pacey doesn’t think he needs to the job, he should just leave. Jen goes with Charlie to his room to settle a bet over whether or not he owns a Dolly Parton album. He wants to subvert her expectations, blah blah blah, he just wants in her pants. She makes it easier on him by making out with him.

Joey calls Dawson and learns that he’s been spending the day with Audrey. The two of them catch up to Joey, and while Audrey holds Joey’s place in line, she pulls Dawson aside and he tells Joey he likes Audrey. Joey says Audrey’s just flirting with him. She encourages him to hang out with Jen and Jack instead. Dawson wants to talk about their relationship instead. Joey points out that her message said the same thing he did in June about the two of them going their separate ways. He wonders if she’s really ready for that.

Joey finally gets to the front of the line, but the registrar shows her that Professor Wilder signed her drop slip “Oscar Wilde.” Melanie meets Pacey at the restaurant, and they exposition that she’s in law school but spent the summer on her uncle’s boat, which is how she and Pacey met. Melanie offers to pay for lunch since Pacey doesn’t have a job. She also teases that he’s a slacker, which he doesn’t find that funny.

Jen wakes up in Charlie’s bed, so that’s how they spent their Sunday. She freaks out and rushes off for dinner at Grams’. Charlie tells her it’s not that big a deal – they like each other and had sex, that’s all. He’d also like to spend more time with her. Jen decides they’ll spend more time together right now.

Joey confronts Professor Wilder about his trick, which cost her most of her day. He tells her he finds her promising, not least because she knows the difference between it’s and its. Joey’s still angry, and Professor Wilder says she needs to roll with the punches, since college is less structured than high school. He thinks she only likes to do things that she’s good at. Joey reveals that she’s upset about his time-waster because the boy in her story’s in town and she didn’t get to spend time with him. Professor Wilder tells her to write down her feelings and then he’ll let her go.

Audrey takes Dawson to the roof of a building where people go to either kill themselves or make out. She jokingly asks him to make out, but she knows it would tick Joey off. Audrey loves the way Worthington’s campus looks; USC could never look like this. She tries to confirm that Dawson’s going back to his internship. He admits that he was fired, which she notes is one less thing tying him to California.

Professor Wilder reads Joey’s work and tells her she seems to have figured out her biggest failing: overthinking things. She tells him she just knows her limits, and she doesn’t want to screw up the new life she’s made for herself. This is the first time she’s ever been on her own. If she’s afraid of getting bad grades, it’s because people have made a lot of sacrifices to get Joey where she is. Professor Wilder thinks she has a lot of interesting stories to tell. He also gives her an A-. Joey throws out her drop slip.

Pacey returns to the restaurant, telling Danny he’s sure his job isn’t that difficult. Danny lets him know that his wife’s parents live in Capeside, and when he visits, he often gets drunk and makes a ruckus, which is how he met Doug. Pacey thinks he can work in the kitchen rather than washing ditches. Danny tells him if he shows up on time and works well, he can have any job there, including Danny’s.

Outside, Pacey runs into a smoking waitress named Karen Torres who admits that she doesn’t like working there, though the people are nice. Pacey thinks Danny’s cool. Karen says everyone in the kitchen has an ego. They watch the sun set, and Pacey says he spent the summer watching this from a yacht, but now he’s working in a kitchen. Karen says that where you are doesn’t matter, it’s who you’re with. She gives Pacey her cigarettes and tells him not to give them back.

Joey meets up with Audrey, who tells her Dawson got tired of her playing him and left. Audrey says she spent the day defending Joey, but Dawson doesn’t want her back. Joey runs off to the airport to say goodbye, and fortunately, there’s no last-minute running-through-the-airport scene. Joey tells Dawson that she’s happy to have Grams, Jen, and Jack nearby, like a safety net. She’s able to separate what matters from what doesn’t.

Dawson gets up to board his plane, asking Joey what does matter. She says he does. She was upset that morning because she spent the weekend thinking he got her message and came to see her anyway, that he understood her. Dawson doesn’t understand her – she was so upset that he canceled their visit that she left him that message. Joey admits that things are confusing, but at the end of the day, she wanted to see him.

Dawson notes that he’s been there for two days, but this is the first time they’ve really talked. They’re both afraid of moving on and growing up. He has to leave, though, because otherwise he’ll never find out what will happen. If they don’t move on, they’ll become strangers to each other. Joey doesn’t want that, so Dawson stays behind for more talking.

Thoughts: Melanie is played by Jennifer Morrison (Emma on Once Upon a Time, Cameron on House, Zoey on How I Met Your Mother). I am…not a Jennifer Morrison fan.

If Joey thinks her relationship with Dawson is confusing, she should try to figure out what day it is. It’s supposedly Sunday, though I think at one point Charlie says it’s Monday. And Jen mentions dinner at Grams’, which they established in the previous episode was a Sunday thing. Either way, Dawson got to Worthington on Saturday morning, so he’s either had one full day or two full days to spend with Joey, but she never showed him around campus. So what did they do that whole time? And if it’s Sunday, why does Professor Wilder have a class? HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO ESTABLISH CONTINUITY FOR ONE EPISODE?

Ug, does Audrey have a crush on Dawson? What’s the appeal?

So who paid for Dawson’s flight to Boston? Mitch and Gail, I’m guessing. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to pay again when they find out he purposely missed his flight back to L.A.