August 27, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.5, Indian Summer: The Two Faces of Eve

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Looks like Pacey's more turned on by Eve undressing than Dawson is

Summary: Dawson watches a movie (not sure which, but Orson Welles is in it, so possibly The Third Man) while Pacey plays around with a fan, all hot (in more than one way) and sweaty. Pacey laments that they no longer have girlfriends to hang out with. He can’t believe Dawson’s watching this film, since it’s so different from Spielberg’s movies. Dawson wonders how Welles can’t see he’s being set up by a woman. Pacey notes that most men get really dumb when sex is a possibility. After Pacey leaves, Dawson looks out his window and sees someone going through Jen and Grams’ house with a flashlight. He calls the police, then goes over to the house, where he finds Eve.

Dawson takes Eve back to his place and she tells him she and Jen are having a hot lesbian affair. He threatens to tell the police she was robbing the house unless she tells him the truth. She blackmails him with the PSAT scandal, reminding him that she likes making trouble for him and “the rest of the Sweet Valley High extras” he hangs out with. (Ha and HA!) Doug (not seen since “Hurricane”) comes by, responding to Dawson’s 911 call, and Dawson tells him he mistook Jen for an intruder. When he goes back up to his room, Eve’s gone.

Jen and Jack lie on a blanket outside somewhere, looking at the stars. He can’t believe she’s happy enough to be with him when she could be with a hot straight guy. He brings up Henry and his $500 kiss, but Jen says the sweet ones are the most dangerous. She talks about Dawson and Joey’s friendship, comparing it to hers and Jack’s, except without the possibility of a relationship. Then the sprinklers come on.

Joey’s creepy boss Rob checks her out while she works, then takes his shirt off, but it doesn’t have the intended effect. He asks her out and she reminds him that she’s jailbait. Clearly unable to take any kind of hint, Rob tries to lighten things up by spraying her with a hose. Dawson goes to Capeside High and the strip club looking for information on Eve, learning that she was never enrolled at the school.

Jack tries to get Henry to chill out where Jen’s concerned. It doesn’t help that she comes by and offers Henry a bite of her popsicle. Jack offers to set up a “chance” meeting for the two of them so Henry can go on a date with Jen without having to ask her out. Dawson pretends he’s working on a film noir piece so he can ask Doug for tips on tracking someone down. Doug suggests checking out the landromat, since everyone has to do laundry. (Apparently Doug has never heard of having one’s own laundry machine. Or maybe he just wants Dawson to waste his time on a stakeout.)

Pacey joins Dawson outside the landromat and tells him there are some women who he’ll never be able to completely understand. Pacey suggests renting some old movies, though his idea of film noir is Wild Things. Leaving the stakeout, the guys spot Eve, and Pacey says his dad’s tips on tailing suspects are better than Doug’s landromat theory. Rob brings a date to the marina, bragging to Joey about landing a high school girl. It’s a clueless Andie. Rob pays Joey for gassing up his boat, telling her to buy herself something nice. “Save it for bail money,” she shoots back.

Jack’s meet-up spot for Jen and Henry is the same place where he and Jen looked at the stars the night before. Henry has advice written on his hand, but he still has trouble speaking when Jen shows up. He babbles that everything about her is awesome. Jen thinks Jack is meeting her, but Henry says Jack sent him in his place. Jen quickly figures out what’s going on. Henry confirms that Jack set them up, and Jen notes that dating is a consensual activity. Next time, he needs to ask her out.

Dawson and Pacey tail Eve to the marina, where she changes clothes on a boat. Pacey wants to follow her when she leaves, but Dawson wants to check out the boat. On it he finds Eve’s clothes, some food containers, and a picture. Oh, and Doug trying to arrest him for trespassing. Dawson says his friend lives there, but Doug knows the boat belongs to a couple in their 80s who only live in Capeside during the summer. He continues that someone stole a speedboat a couple of weeks ago and took it for a joyride. Pacey returns, which of course means more gay jokes about Doug. After he leaves, Pacey tells Dawson that he lost track of Eve.

Joey follows Rob and Andie to the movies and tells Andie what a creep Rob is. Andie doesn’t mind being treated like a sexual object, so she doesn’t really care. She thinks Joey’s so closed off that even guys who are trying to be nice freak her out. Joey thinks Andie’s trying to rebound from Pacey. Andie says she’s just trying to move on with her life. Joey lets her go back into the theater to meet Rob, then goes in to sit with them.

Just as Grams is noting to Jack how happy he’s been making Jen, she comes home angry about Henry’s blindside. (Heh, football pun.) She’s upset that Jack didn’t listen all the times she told him she wasn’t interested in Henry. She says Jack took Henry’s side over hers. Dawson comes home to find Eve coming through his window to get her picture back. He confronts her over all her lies and secrets. She’ll only tell him that she went to Grams and Jen’s to get money for a bus ticket. He asks about the picture, and she tells him it’s of her mother, who she never met.

Eve explains that last Christmas, she found the photo while looking for wrapping paper. Her parents told her she was adopted, but she didn’t have much of a reaction at first. Later, she decided to look for her birth mother, and she came to Capeside because she knew her mother lived around there once. Since Eve hasn’t found any clues in Capeside, she’s planning to leave. Dawson believes the story and gives Eve back the picture. She admits that she played a role with him because she knew she wouldn’t be staying long. Dawson just wanted to know who she really was. After some more banter, Eve goes back out the window.

Jack meets up with Jen at their stargazing spot and tells her he tried to set her up with Henry to show her that she can have the things she wants. Jen’s upset that he brought someone else to their special place. She’s never been just friends with a guy. Jen also thinks Jack set her up because he’s the one who’s lonely. He points out that there are no other gay people in Capeside (Pacey would beg to differ). Jen tells him to have faith that something good will happen when he’s not expecting it. Like the sprinklers coming on again.

Andie visits Joey at work and tells her nothing happened between her and Rob after they left Joey the night before. Rob busts Joey for having left work early to go to the movies, firing her. She tells him to rot in Hell. Dawson takes an air-conditioner over to Grams and Jen’s house, spotting a picture on Grams’ bedside table that peaks his interest. Grams tells him it’s of her daughter Helen, Jen’s mom. It’s the same woman in Eve’s picture.

Thoughts: What was the point of having it be hot in this episode? It just means everyone was sweaty and unattractive.

Eve must be pretty dumb not to notice two not-at-all-stealthy guys following her all day. Wait, why did I say “must be”? She’s just dumb.

Joey’s behavior with Rob and Andie is very reminiscent of how she acted with Dawson and Jen in the pilot. Nice touch.

So who are you going to ogle now, Rob? You didn’t exactly think this through.

August 16, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.3, None of the Above: “We’re All Criminals”

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Whatever you're thinking of doing, it

Summary: Dawson and Eve are watching Felicity in his room, since she’d rather watch TV than movies. She argues that TV shows are the same as films, just shorter. Dawson complains that Felicity’s a horrible heroine because she’s indecisive and is stuck in her feelings of how relationships should be. Eve says he’s the same way. Dawson says that on TV, everything’s always perfect and people never make mistakes. Eve is still inexplicably hot for him.

Joey has a dream about being late for the PSAT, banging on the door to the classroom, and being ignored by Dawson. As Andie studies her vocabulary words and does sit-ups, Jen and Jack look through flashcards, and Pacey sleeps. At school, the kids all attend a study session with Principal Green. Dawson complains about standardized testing, and Principal Green notes that he’ll have to put up with it if he wants to go to college.

Still studying, Andie runs into Pacey and they shoot barbs at each other about how there’s no way they’re getting back together. He tells her not to get so concerned over a practice test. She tries to remind him that they did a lot of hard work together last year. Principal Green tells Joey that if she does well on the PSAT, she could get a National Merit scholarship. She confides that she’s worried about bombing the test and winding up a maid. He advises her to take the night off and try to relax. Joey asks Dawson for a mindless movie night, but he already has plans with Eve.

Henry gives Jack some pointers at football practice, but the other guys on the team aren’t as welcoming to their new teammate. Rob, Joey’s still-skeezy boss, agrees to give her the night off on Friday so she can study for the PSAT. He tells her he hired a kid to take the test for him and wound up with a scholarship. Rob wants to take Joey out to celebrate after the test, so she tells him she’s a lesbian to try to get him to leave her alone.

Eve comes to Dawson’s window with an apple and they talk about Joey. Eve mentions that she was an Army brat. She’s somehow stolen an advance copy of the PSAT. The next day, Dawson tells the rest of the gang about the stolen test, and Joey immediately guesses that Eve gave it to him. Pacey and Jen are the only ones who want to open it. Joey notes that no one’s required to take the PSAT, and Dawson reminds her of the scholarship opportunities she could get. He notes that each of them could benefit from the stolen test.

A fire alarm interrupts a practice test session, and Dawson has to leave the test behind while everyone leaves the building. When he returns, the test is gone. Jen says that she took it, then hilariously admits she’s joking. Andie accuses Pacey of taking it. No one comes clean and the test remains missing. At work, Joey’s distracted and overfills a boat’s gas tank, losing herself some money and her night off. She thinks Rob’s punishing her because she refused to go out with him.

Jen tends to Jack’s injured ribs and he tells her he’s quitting the team. She tells him he could be destined to become a well-known gay athlete, or he might meet someone else in a similar situation and connect with him. That night, Dawson and Eve sneak into the school to look for the stolen test. Well, he’s looking for it; she’s doing nothing, since she’s sure there’s no hope in finding it. Eve notes that one of Dawson’s friends had to have taken the test, since it was in an unmarked envelope and no one else knew what it is.

Joey dreams about the gang being called to Principal’s Green office about the stolen test, then trying to save them by pulling the fire alarm. Dawson wants to know who took the test, while Joey and Jack say it doesn’t matter. Joey tells Dawson that he’s acting weird because of Eve. She’s frustrated that he’s putting them through a “morality play,” while he was the one who accepted the stolen test to begin with. Dawson says that whoever stole the test needs to return it to his locker.

Andie gives Pacey back a box of the things he gave her. She doesn’t want to drag out their breakup, since she has more important things to focus on, like getting into Harvard. Jack and Henry work out together, with Henry offering his new friend a lot of encouragement. He suggests that Jack come up with a mantra to help him. Jack wonders why Henry’s helping him out, and Henry admits that part of it is because he wants Jack’s help to get with Jen. Jack points out that Henry’s a freshman and has no chance with Jen.

A drunken Pacey visits Joey at work and tells her about Andie’s box o’ returns, which he accidentally drops in the water. He decides he can’t go home drunk and asks Joey to call his dad and make an excuse for him. Dawson goes to the school with Eve, expecting to find the test in his locker. He tells her he believes in happy endings. Eve calls him naïve. He definitely is, since the test isn’t there. Eve implies that she knows who the culprit is, asking Dawson to first tell her who he thinks it is. He says the most obvious answer usually isn’t right, but she disagrees. “Welcome to the real world, Dawson,” she says, “where the first person to stab you in the back is your best friend.”

Dawson finds Pacey at Joey’s work; Pacey calls him Inspector Get-a-Clouseau. He’s offended that Dawson won’t believe his insistence that he didn’t take the test. Dawson says that he didn’t think anyone would be weak enough to actually take it. Pacey calls him self-righteous and Dawson replies that Pacey’s cold-hearted, bringing up his treatment of Andie. They hit each other, but when Joey comes out, Pacey tells her it was his fault.

Later, Pacey tells Joey that he thought Dawson was the one person who respected him. When people tell you enough that you’re a loser, you start to believe it. Joey jokes that she’s called him a loser for years but he never believed her. Pacey asks her to tell Dawson that he’s innocent. Joey admits that she doesn’t want to know what happened to the test, as there are some things in life you don’t need to know.

Eve finds Dawson, who tells him her test started the whole mess with his friends. He accuses her of knowing exactly what kind of trouble she was causing. She tells him she’s fine with him casting her as the villain, but the truth is that “we’re all criminals…. It’s just the stupid ones who get caught.” Dawson starts to leave, and Eve notes that he can’t handle the truth about human nature. He says he was spending time with her to get to know her better, and now that he knows her better, he doesn’t like her very much.

At their next football practice, Jack tells Henry his mantra: “Fug.” It’s the only word he can think of. Somehow, it works. It also inspires Henry to run toward Jen…then run off the field. Just before the PSAT begins, Dawson hands Principal Green his test, says, “It’s a long story” by way of explanation, and walks out. Pacey does the same, shooting Joey a small smile. Outside, he asks Dawson why they just did that. “Because if we’re going to beat the crap out of each other, it should at least be over a chick,” Dawson replies. The other students take the test, with Andie speeding through the first few questions without even needing to open her test booklet.

Thoughts: It would have been more fun if the supposedly stolen test was a fake.

The PSAT is, in some ways, more important than the SAT. If you get a National Merit scholarship (if your score is 1200 or higher, I believe), some schools (like mine) will give you a full ride. I actually had no idea about that until after I got my score.

Dear Rob, have you ever heard the word “jailbait”?

I love drunk Pacey.

August 13, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.2, Homecoming: Welcome Home, Cheater

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Your pigtails are ugly, cheater

Summary: Pacey’s nervous to see Andie after school for the first time in months. He tells Dawson that Joey’s going to come with him to get her. He asks Dawson what happened to Eve, and Dawson tells him she disappeared. She doesn’t even work at the strip club anymore; she was only a temp. Pacey’s disappointed since Eve was “the ultimate transitional woman.” Dawson needs to hook up with someone but not get emotionally involved. As Pacey’s going on about this, Eve grabs Dawson and pulls him into a closet for a makeout session. He’s surprised to see her at school, since she seems too old for high school.

Mitch and Principal Green ask Dawson to meet them after school to help them come up with a way to put the pep back in pep rally. Mr. McPhee has moved his business to Capeside so Andie and Jack can stay there, but he thinks Jack should stay with Grams and Jen instead of moving home. Jack says he’s scared to have a gay son and kicks him out. Pacey goes to the facility where Andie’s been staying and tries to get in to see her early. It’s after hours, so he can’t talk to her and get permission to take her home. Joey helps by trying to get herself a session with a therapist, then telling the receptionist all of her issues to distract her so Pacey can sneak in.

Back at school, Principal Green asks Dawson to use footage that’s already been shot of the football team to create a promo video for the pep rally. Dawson notes that it’s propaganda since the football team hasn’t won in three years. Principal Green reminds him of all the positive ways film has affected people. Dawson spots Eve outside and agrees to do the video just so he can leave. Eve accuses Dawson of still being in love with Joey. He says he isn’t, but she doesn’t believe him. She only asked him because she wanted to see if he would lie. She still wants to do him, though.

Pacey finds Andie in her room, where she’s hanging out with a guy named Mark who is clearly more than just a friend. Joey arrives during their awkward reunion and Mark’s departure. Jen is having little luck getting the cheerleaders peppy for the pep rally, as they’re now following a pep-less head cheerleader. Stray football from the team’s practice keep flying towards her and Jack, and he keeps catching them. Meanwhile, some kid named Henry begs Mitch to let him play. Mitch is more impressed with Jack.

Dawson buys a bunch of random stuff at a drugstore, quietly trying to ask the cashier for condoms. The cashier notes that they no longer keep them behind the counter. Dawson goes to the condom aisle and proceeds to be traumatized by helpful customers. Pacey and Joey help Andie pack her things and Pacey asks about Mark. Andie thinks he’s jealous, which he admits he is. Mitch puts Henry in as second string, and the team keeps practicing, this time with Jack. The cheerleaders now have something to cheer about.

Andie tells Pacey she’s happy to be with him and be going home, but it’s obvious she’s distracted by something. She returns to school the next day, happily reuniting with Jack. Pacey wants to do something alone with her that night, but she wants to do something as a group, even if it means going to the pep rally. Mitch tells Jack he wants him to join the team. He loved the way Jack and Henry worked together. Jack thinks he can’t be a gay jock. Mitch says he took the coaching job because it couldn’t have been worse than the last year of his life. Now the team has a chance of winning, which he knows both they and Jack could use.

Jen finds Dawson’s condoms and asks who he’s planning to hook up with. She warns him that he’s facing certain expectations, then gives him advice on pacing, using an ice cream sundae as a metaphor. That night, Jen leads the cheerleaders in a less-than-enthusiastic cheer at the pep rally. Andie, Pacey, and Joey arrive (Pacey and Joey immediately want to leave) and soon learn that Jack is the new wide receiver. Mitch has also made Henry, a freshman, the starting QB. Henry trips in front of Jen and they have one of those TV love-at-first-sight moments.

Pacey tries to instigate a PDA with Andie, who wants to stay at the pep rally for a little while. As Dawson’s promo video airs, Eve comes to find him and pull him away for sex. Pacey also pulls Andie away, asking her why she’s acting so weird. She promises that she doesn’t want to break up. She tells him how she connected with Mark right away but she didn’t tell Pacey about him because she didn’t want him to think they were anything more than friends. As Andie tells him about how much she and Mark had in common, he figures out that she slept with him. She begs for his forgiveness, but he’s too disgusted to even talk to her anymore.

Speaking of disgusting, Dawson and Eve start going at it behind the screen where his video’s airing. He accidentally leans on some controls and the screen starts to go up and down. Their clothes are halfway off when it goes up all the way and the entire pep rally, including Mitch and Joey, sees them together. Dawson’s embarrassed but finds the humor in the situation, at least until he sees how upset Joey is. After the rally, Eve (who still hasn’t put her shirt back on) asks Dawson if he wants to give it another shot. He’s reluctant, noting that he still doesn’t know her last name. He also wants to make sure his first time having sex is for the right reasons. Eve talks about how his eyes attracted him to her, then gives him her last name, Whitman.

Pacey drives Joey home and she tells him he has to hear Andie out. She knows they’re young and are going to screw up a lot in their lives. The only real thing they can give each other is forgiveness. She doesn’t want Pacey to let himself get so angry that he stops loving, then wakes up one day and realizes that the person he loves is gone. Mr. McPhee shows up after the rally, having been told by Grams that he should go. He apologizes to Jack for his previous assumptions; when he saw Jack in his football jersey, he saw himself in his son. Mr. McPhee wants Jack to come home. Jack says no, which his father expected. Jack tells him to ask again sometime.

Pacey finds Andie by the waterfront, even though he knows there’s nothing she can say to change his feelings. He doesn’t think she ever realized how powerful their relationship was. She changed his life and inspired him to be the person he’d only ever dreamed he could be. When Andie got sick, Pacey started to see that she might not see him as that person to her. He can’t go back to loving her the way he loved her before, knowing that it wasn’t enough. He might be able to forgive her, but he’ll never forget what she did. Andie says she still loves him, but Pacey pries his hand out of hers, says goodbye, and walks away.

On the pier outside the Leerys’, Joey tells Dawson she’s drawn to his house sometimes. He tells her they can’t go back, which she knows, bringing up the expression “you can’t go home again.” Dawson apologizes for what she had to see him doing at the pep rally. (Where’s my apology, Dawson?) Joey thinks she was meant to see it; in a weird way, it helped her. She realizes now how wrong it would be for them to get back together. They need to move on and have new relationships. They agree that they still love each other, but not the same way as before. Joey asks what they are now, since they’re not friends or a couple. “Dawson and Joey,” he says, giving her his necklace. She wonders if every Dawson has a Joey and every Joey has a Dawson. He hopes so.

Thoughts: Thank God I’ve never had to buy condoms. But I liked the episode’s twist on the usual condom-buying TV cliché.

I wonder if they put Meredith Monroe in pigtails and overalls to make her look younger than 31, the age she was at the time. Instead, it makes her look like a teenager with horrible fashion sense.

Thanks, Jen. I’m never eating ice cream again.

August 7, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.1, Like a Virgin: Frisky Business

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Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't want to hit that, right?

Summary: Dawson’s on a bus with a blonde girl who tells him he drooled while he was sleeping. They discuss the movie he’s watching, Risky Business, specifically the scene where Tom Cruise (ha!) loses his virginity on a train. The girl flirts with Dawson and asks about his girlfriend. In Capeside the next morning, Joey gets ready for school while Grams watches Jen and Jack maneuver in the kitchen like an old married couple.

Pacey comes to Dawson’s for breakfast and learns about the girl on the bus. He notes that Dawson and Joey haven’t seen each other all summer, but since it’s the first day of school, their separation is about to end. Pacey thinks the time apart will have been enough time for Joey to forgive her ex, who spent the summer in Philadelphia. Dawson is determined to stay strong and not get back together with her. Pacey then teases Mitch about his new position coaching Capeside High’s horrible football team.

Jen gets in a dig at an annoying girl at school named Belinda and is more gleeful than we’ve seen her in months. The juniors at Capeside all gather for an assembly led by Principal Green, who warns that he’s a step ahead of everyone and won’t let anyone get away with anything. He calls Pacey out for talking, partly to compliment him for acting his age, since most students at the school don’t, and partly to give him Saturday detention.

Jen and Jack jeer at some cheerleaders, and Jen decides to find out what being on the squad is all about. Dawson sees Joey for the first time in months and admits to Pacey that he’s going to break and needs to leave. Joey doesn’t see him until he’s leaving. At home, she complains to Bessie about her boss, then says that seeing Dawson was great. They immediately forgave each other and talked for a long time. Bessie buys it.

Pacey takes Dawson to a strip club, where Dawson has what he thinks is a religious experience. Pacey decides that the goal of Dawson’s junior year should be to lose his virginity. (What is this, American Pie?) He mentions the girl from the bus, but Dawson doesn’t think he’ll be hearing from her, since he bored her by talking about Joey. To his surprise, he’s already seen the girl again: She’s their waitress.

The next day, Pacey chastises Dawson for not hooking up with “bus girl”; Dawson argues that she was working and points out that he gave her his number. They enter the Leerys’ house to find the girl waiting there for Dawson, wanting to take him up on his offer of a date. Pacey pulls Dawson aside and tells him to take a moment to remind himself he’s in complete control of the situation. He tells Dawson to take the girl out on Mitch’s boat.

After a meta joke slamming the show’s theme song, Jen takes the stage at cheerleading auditions. Belinda insults her again and Jen delivers a monologue predicting that Belinda’s adulthood will suck and encouraging everyone to stop worshiping her. Joey’s creepy boss ogles her as Dawson and his new love head out on Mitch’s boat. He notes that she’s pretty confident, then asks her name. She guesses that he’s a virgin, then makes out with him. Dawson asks her name again and she tells him to call her Eve.

The boat crashes into a dock, which happens to be right where Joey’s working. After spotting Eve, Joey guesses that she and Dawson were getting a little friendly when the crash occurred. The repairs will cost $3,000, but Eve notes that things could have been worse. Dawson’s mad at her for making him crash the boat. She tells him to stop being a prude. He tells her he hasn’t been acting like himself because of her; now he’s caused a disaster. Eve really doesn’t care.

At school, Jack finds Jen walking around in a daze, trying to avoid the cheerleaders. She tells him Belinda has been impeached by the other cheerleaders and Jen has been named head cheerleader. The position comes with gold pompoms. Joey admits to Bessie that she and Dawson never made up, and in fact have been avoiding each other. She feels like his evil twin was the one who came back from Philadelphia. She’s also jealous of Eve for being everything Joey isn’t. Bessie reminds her that things are different now.

Dawson tries to scrounge up $3,000 but falls way short. Eve shows up at his house with $400 she gathered from her fellow strippers. Dawson doesn’t want the money since the boat repairs aren’t Eve’s problem. As they talk, Pacey puts on some Risky Business-like sunglasses and gets an idea. He suggests that Dawson throw a party with the strippers and charge $20 a pop for guys to come over. (Mitch is obviously out of town.) The plan is a huge success.

Dawson takes refuge in his room, where it turns out Joey has been waiting for him. She apologizes for their fight and both say they regret how they handled things. Dawson assures her that he hasn’t done anything with Eve and says he missed Joey. She tells him it’s a new year and things don’t have to be the same anymore. “They can be different. They can be better,” she says, taking off her shirt. Dawson decides this isn’t the right time for them to get naughty.

Joey’s upset, telling him this wasn’t an attempt to get him back. It’s not her fault that he’s a virgin, as she never stopped him from being with anyone else. Dawson says that they’re both still virgins because they wanted things to be that way. Joey asks if something’s wrong with her. “It’s not you. It’s us,” he tells her. He doesn’t want to go through the drama and heartbreak with her again. “So you love me. You just don’t want me,” Joey summarizes before going out the window.

Downstairs the party is still going strong, and Jen and Jack have joined the festivities. Pacey counts up the money, which totals over $3,000. He decides to open the party to the public. Eve wants Dawson to leave with her, but first Dawson tells Pacey that Joey wants him back. He asks Pacey to look after her, which Pacey reluctantly agrees to do. Then Dawson heads off to bang Eve in her boss’ boat.

Mitch arrives home early and finds the party still in full swing. Eve encourages Dawson to leave with her on the boat instead of talking to his father. She points out that their confrontation can wait until the next morning. Dawson decides to be responsible and stay behind. Pacey rows over to Joey’s and tells her she did the right thing. He also knows how it feels to let someone go, and to know that even if you’re right for someone, the timing might not be right. Pacey notes that it’s a new year full of possibilities – he and Joey might even become friends.

Thoughts: Eve is played by Brittany Daniel, AKA Jessica from the SVH TV series. My worlds collide!

Dawson gave Eve his address and phone number before he even knew her name? Who does that?

Also, I love how, when she tells him to call her Eve, he notes that it’s a Biblical name. Very good, Dawson! You pass Sunday School 101!

Joey, sneaking in through Dawson’s window is no longer cute. It’s now weird and illegal.