May 25, 2013

BH90210 5.30, Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills: “I Choose Me”

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Proposing is definitely an acceptable response to feeling threatened by your girlfriend's ex

Proposing is definitely an acceptable response to feeling threatened by your girlfriend’s ex

Summary: Dylan’s at a travel agency, making plans for a trip around the world. It’s a trip for two, but he only needs one hotel room. He believes his travel companion will be Kelly. Remember how Jim was worried about his job? He’s now threatened to quit, and has received a call at home from his boss. Brandon can sympathize with Jim’s problems; he’s having trouble getting the chancellor to find time to meet with him. Jim informs them that his job isn’t in danger; in fact, he’s getting a promotion and a huge raise. The only problem is that he has to move to Hong Kong.

Kelly goes rollerblading by the beach and runs into Dylan, who takes the opportunity to kiss her again. He gives her a plane ticket and invites her on the trip, which will start right after she takes her finals. Kelly reminds him that she has a modeling contract, school, and family and friends. She may have been Dylan’s soulmate in a past life, but in this one, she’s dating Brandon. Also, they didn’t have a great time the last time they traveled together. Dylan thinks that they’re fated to be together. She isn’t sure how to respond, so he tells her to just be ready when he sends a car for her.

Andrea and Jesse pack for their move to Connecticut, and she bugs him about when her goodbye party is being held. He admits that her friends wouldn’t tell him because they knew she’d try to get it out of him. Steve stops by to get Andrea’s help on a paper, though he obviously wants her to do it for him. Valerie goes by the beach apartment to borrow some of Kelly’s notes and spots the plane tickets. She wonders what Brandon will be doing while Kelly’s gone all summer.

Ray bugs Donna while she tries to study at the Peach Pit. He’s annoyed that she didn’t get it out of the way earlier, but she also has Andrea’s goodbye party to handle. She reminds him that they have the whole summer to spend together. Ray doesn’t want to go to the party since he didn’t go to high school with the gang, and he doesn’t want to befriend them. He notes that he could ask Donna to choose between him and them, but he won’t. Though if he did, who would she choose?

Brandon and Valerie wonder what Cindy will do in Hong Kong if the Walshes move there. Valerie comments that they’re not the only people about to go on a trip. Oh, didn’t Kelly mention her trip with Dylan? Brandon goes to Dylan’s to confront him, and Dylan just says that he and Kelly are connected. Battle lines have been drawn, so Brandon tries to win Kelly over with new rollerblades. One of them contains a ring. Instead of proposing, Brandon asks Kelly how she feels about Dylan. She isn’t sure who she wants to be with. Brandon asks her to marry him.

Kelly can’t give an answer yet, so she and Brandon go for a walk on the beach. He asks her to move in after his parents move to Hong Kong. When/if Kelly puts on the ring, he’ll know she’s ready to make a commitment. Kelly wants time to think everything over. Brandon reminds her of everything they’ve gone through together, and everything they’ve overcome to stay together. At the After Dark, Ray tells Valerie that Clare and David have been bugging him about their hook-up. Val says that they’re just business associates. It’s not her fault if Donna hears something she doesn’t like.

Kelly shows Donna the ring and the tickets, telling her about the decision she needs to make. Donna thinks she should marry Brandon. Kelly slips on the ring and says she loves him, but Dylan will always have “a piece of [her] soul.” Speaking of Dylan, he’s there to see if she’s made up her mind. Kelly still wants time, though she only has four days before the trip begins. He notices the ring and asks if Kelly accepted his proposal (which is a weird question, because why would she wear the ring if she didn’t, but we know she didn’t, so whatever). Kelly says no, and she and Dylan kiss.

Donna and Clare discuss the choice; Clare would choose Brandon (obviously), but Donna’s not sure. She admits that she had a crush on Dylan in high school, though everyone did. Clare thinks she’s attracted to the melodrama and wants a guy who will take care of her. She tells Donna she can do a lot better than Ray. Donna insists that they’re happy. She also doesn’t want to have to defend Ray, especially to someone who’s dating her ex.

As Dylan and Kelly continue making out, Jim and Cindy tell Brandon and Valerie that they’ve decided to move to Hong Kong. Brandon can’t stand that the focus is off of him for more than ten seconds, so he reveals that he proposed to Kelly. He’s annoyed that his parents are selling the house and didn’t tell him. Jim and Brandon question each other’s decisions. Kelly looks over the trip itinerary, then puts the ring away.

Jesse blindfolds Andrea and drives her to her goodbye party. (At least I hope that’s where he’s taking her.) They end up at West Beverly. The rest of the gang (minus Brandon and Dylan, plus Clare) sets up the party, and someone recognizes Donna from the prom drinking incident and the “Donna Martin graduates” fiasco. The gang also meets up with Ms. Teasley, whose new haircut makes her look 15 years younger. Kelly tells Donna that she’s not sure if Brandon and Dylan are coming, which Donna finds ridiculous. I find it ridiculous that we have to put up with the return of Gil.

The gang gives Andrea and Hannah CU and West Beverly shirts. Then the reminiscing starts. David notices that Brandon isn’t there, and Kelly makes some excuse, though Andrea knows what’s going on. Ray shows up for the party, but only to hurry Donna along so they can go out. He doesn’t know that she already has plans with Kelly and Andrea. He storms off and Donna follows him as he complains that she keeps spending time with her friends. She apologizes, but he says it’s too late. He’s sick of her and her spoiled friends. Donna tells him not to call her.

Valerie wants to know if Kelly’s made her decision yet, calling her manipulative for making Brandon wait for her answer to his proposal. She tells Brandon that he deserves better, so she hopes Kelly chooses Dylan. (Also, remember, recently Val randomly decided that she wants Brandon for herself.)

At the beach apartment, Kelly and Donna lament their relationship issues, especially how they sometimes have to do what the guys want. Donna hesitantly asks Kelly if Dylan or Brandon has ever been mean to her, then admits that Ray was to her. She’s not sure what she wants to have happen next. Kelly tells her to follow her heart; she’ll try to do the same. It’s normal to let go of some of yourself to be with someone, but you can’t lose your own identity.

Before they hit the road for Connecticut, Jesse and Andrea stop by the Peach Pit, where the whole gang has gathered to say one last goodbye. Andrea hands over Steve’s paper, though he thought she wouldn’t finish it, so he wrote one himself. Nat gives Andrea a copy of his original menu. She says goodbye to each of her friends, reminiscing a little. She also tells Kelly to marry Brandon. (Stay out of it, Andrea!) Then there are flashbacks.

The gang disperses until only Kelly, Dylan, and Brandon are left. Kelly announces that she’s given the situation a ton of thought, and she loves both guys. She gives Brandon the ring and Dylan the tickets. “I’ve made my choice, and I choose me,” she says. She repeats that she’ll love both guys until the day she dies.

Thoughts: YEAH, you choose yourself, Kelly Taylor! Don’t let boys make you choose between them!

‘Bye, Andrea! I won’t miss you. I’ll miss Jesse, though.

Donna, Ray’s behavior raises more red flags than a game of Minesweeper (I’m not sure who to credit for that, but it’s brilliant). What are you doing?

Brandon is a huge jerk for skipping Andrea’s goodbye party. Oh, you don’t want to go because you might be uncomfortable? TOO BAD. Worst friend ever.

Andrea actually did Steve’s paper? Um, no.

July 8, 2012

BH90210 4.1, So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye: How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

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Okay, you can Mace me if it’s a prelude to a make-out session

Summary: Brandon’s working at the Peach Pit on a hot, AC-less day. Steve comes by to give him the good news that he got into California University. Brandon grumbles that Steve spent the summer complaining that he was the only one of their friends not going to college. Steve has also rented a beach house in Malibu for the next two weeks, and he wants Brandon to live there with him.

The two guys head to Malibu and first think their house is half-destroyed, but it turns out they have the wrong address. Steve tells Brandon that the house belongs to a producer named Guy Fleming who wants Samantha to work with him. Steve checks out some girls, ignoring Brandon when he warns that Celeste will be jealous. Brandon suggests that they have Brenda’s going-away party there.

The day of the party, Celeste, Andrea, Donna, and David arrive early. David laments that he hasn’t found a place to live yet. Brenda shows up and reminds everyone that it’s time for them to move on with their lives. Later, Cindy brings up Dylan and Kelly, and Jim reveals that Dylan contacted him from Europe to ask for more money. Brandon teases that he’s going to turn the second floor of the Walshes’ house into a suite.

David brings up the possibility of living with Steve, who won’t even consider it. Andrea gives Brenda a going-away present and they discuss the fact that Andrea won’t be going to Yale. (Her grandmother isn’t well and she doesn’t want to leave California.) Cindy tells Brenda it’s time to go home, but she wants to spend the night at the Malibu house. With the adults gone, the kids break out the beer.

Tony Miller is totally in love with Brenda but will never get together with her. David feels his pain about loving someone he’s never going to have sex with. Kelly calls and tells Donna she’s already back in Beverly Hills. She arrives moments later and tells her friends that Dylan’s still in Europe; he wanted to go to Greece, and Kelly spent some time in Barcelona with her father. She’s glad she got back to the States in time to say goodbye to Brenda.

People keep breaking stuff in the house, and the next morning, it’s pretty well trashed. Brandon finds Brenda alone on the deck and offers to take her home, with a Peach Pit detour first. Nat tells her that they’re going to start offering Laverne’s honey pie in her honor. Brandon’s also being honored by having his shirt displayed on the Wall of Fame.

Brenda finishes packing as Brandon keeps teasing about what he’ll do with her room. She wishes he were coming to Minnesota with her, a feeling he doesn’t reciprocate. She says goodbye to Brandon and Jim, then heads to the airport with Cindy. Brandon heads back to the beach house, which no one has cleaned up and which Steve doesn’t feel pressed to do anything about. Andrea announces that she’s going to take a walk to a lagoon, which happens to be where Gil lives. (UG, GIL.)

David asks Kelly to help him look for an apartment; the only one he’s found is small and ugly. Andrea meets up with Gil and tells him she’s going to California University instead of Yale. Gil clearly thinks this is a bad decision and isn’t very good at hiding his feelings about it. Brenda and Cindy are in Minneapolis with Cindy’s mother, who’s just heard about global warming. Brenda’s younger cousin is really enthusiastic about her time in California. Brenda asks her to stop asking about it, but her roommate, an old friend named Darla, is also interested in the subject.

After a day out, Brandon returns to the beach house, which still hasn’t been cleaned. They also have a surprise guest, a woman with Mace. Celeste and Steve hear yelling from outside and run in. Steve recognizes the woman as Jill, the daughter of the house’s owner. She apologizes for overreacting. “Do you always walk around with a can of Mace? Are you related to Emily Valentine?” Brandon asks. (HA!)

Jill notes that seeing a trashed house is a good indication of a robbery, and since she’s from New York, she reacted like a New Yorker. She also didn’t know anyone would be at the house. Steve admits that they had a party the night before, and Brandon promises that they’ll clean up and leave. Jill tells them they don’t have to clear out. Celeste sense that Steve’s a little interested in Jill, and she’s not happy about it.

Brenda hangs out with Darla and their friends Katie and Jan, discussing their schedules. Katie finds it ironic that Brenda left L.A. to take acting classes in Minnesota. The girls want to know if she met any celebrities, then ask lots of questions about Steve. Brenda tells them their questions are stupid and making her self-conscious: “It’s not like I’m Brenda Walsh – I’m Brenda Beverly Hills.” She wants everyone to know that Beverly Hills isn’t that different from anywhere else in the country.

Kelly and Donna try to help David find a place to live, suggesting that he look for a place at the beach, despite the prices. Kelly jokes that she’ll move out of her and Donna’s dorm room and live at the beach. Donna thinks she could talk Dylan into living together. Kelly admits that they’re not speaking. While they were in Europe, Dylan found out he didn’t get into Berkeley, which put him in a bad mood. He wound up leaving Kelly in France without saying goodbye, so that’s it for them.

Celeste’s discomfort with Jill grows when she learns that Jill taught Steve to French kiss when they were younger. She calls him out for ignoring her while Jill’s been around, warning that he’d better change his behavior before she dumps him. David finds a really nice place on the beach, but it’s expensive and has two bedrooms. Kelly announces that he’ll take it, and she’ll live with him. The agent tells them there’s another apartment upstairs with three bedrooms, which means Donna can live with them, too. David notes that Felice won’t be happy to hear that.

Steve admits to Brandon that he’s wanted to hook up with Jill for a long time. He thinks she’s been dropping hints all day, but Brandon disagrees. He reminds Steve that he needs to pay more attention to Jill, who’s going to be around for more than a couple of days. They spot Andrea heading back to the lagoon, but she doesn’t hear Steve yelling for her.

Andrea meets up with Gil again to tell him that backing out of Yale was a tough decision for her to make, and she shouldn’t have to justify it. She realizes she’s going a little overboard and they start laughing. Gil notes that if she doesn’t like California University, she can always transfer or take some time off. “No one’s keeping score,” he tells her. He invites her to stay for lunch and meet his fiancée.

Brenda, Cindy, Cindy’s mother, and Brenda’s cousin visit the Walshes’ old house in Minnesota (which is freaking huge). Brenda wants to go in, but no one’s home. After reminiscing about her childhood with her cousin, she admits to Cindy that she’s not sure she made the right decision in coming back to Minnesota. Cindy thinks she’ll change her mind once she gets into a routine at school. Steve tries to tell Jill how he feels, but first she wants to know if Brandon’s single. Steve thinks they’d be perfect for each other.

Donna meets up with David and Kelly at the Peach Pit and gives them the news that her parents are moving to Houston. Felice is worried about Donna living in California alone, so she’s okay with her living with Kelly…and no one else. Donna just decided not to tell her David would be there, too. Brenda’s still mopey when she gets back to her dorm room, where Darla tells her she’s glad they’re going to be roommates. They head out to a party, missing a phone call from Dylan.

Thoughts: Jill is played by a pre-Buffy Robia LaMorte, AKA Jenny Calendar. Take that, Angelus!

Jan is played by Rachel True, who also turned up as a college student in an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Why doesn’t anyone want to live on campus? Dorms aren’t that bad. I think they’re one of the more important parts of the college experience. But whatever, Kelly’s too good for communal housing.

Steve, Brandon and Jill are nothing alike, so why would they be perfect together? Maybe you just want them to hook up so you won’t be tempted to go for Brandon’s sloppy seconds.


June 24, 2012

BH90210 3.28, Something in the Air: “Donna Martin Graduates!”

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In case you forgot, it’s still all about Brandon

Summary: The West Beverly seniors are trying on their graduation gowns while Brandon and Andrea have an awkward conversation. It seems she’s been avoiding him since their time in the hotel room on prom night. Donna shows up at school and apologizes to David since Felice is blaming Mel for her drunkenness. David thinks it’s good news that the school board hasn’t handed down a suspension yet. Brenda says the same to the rest of their friends.

Donna is summoned to Ms. Teasley’s office, where her parents are waiting. Felice is ticked but Donna’s father is more sympathetic. The superintendent is also present and reminds Donna of the announcement made the previous week about the consequences of any drunkenness at prom. Donna says she doesn’t know if she was drunk, since she doesn’t completely remember everything that happened. However, she admits to drinking, which gets her suspended and sent to a disciplinary hearing with the school board that night.

Toby and Howard, the undergrad Blaze writers, complain that Andrea and Brandon won’t write about Donna’s situation. Toby taunts that they only publish fluff for the senior addition. Donna’s situation is indicative of the entire class of 1993’s “dead spirit.” Jackie lectures Mel for serving the kids champagne and orders him to apologize to Donna’s parents. David and Kelly defend him, but Jackie has more important things on her mind: She’s sold the house, and they have ten days to move out.

Dr. Martin wants to take a lawyer to Donna’s hearing, but Felice thinks it would be embarrassing. Donna feels bad that Felice is upset, but she doesn’t know what else to say. Plus, she’s the one who might not graduate. Felice still has no sympathy for her. The rest of the gang waits at the Peach Pit, where Donna calls to tell Brenda that she’s suspended for five days and can’t graduate. She can attend summer school and graduate in August, but she also has to attend a substance-abuse program. Her parents won’t appeal, and Felice thinks she deserves the punishment.

Brenda shares the news with the others, who debate the pros and cons of admitting that they all drank, too. Most of them think there’s nothing they can do, but Brandon (of course) tries to get Andrea to agree that they should fight back. She declines. Dylan and Kelly head to his place for a study session/sleepover, discussing Dylan’s recent decision to try to get into Berkeley. Kelly isn’t completely on board since she doesn’t want to be apart from him.

Mel apologizes to Jim and Cindy for serving the kids champagne, telling them Felice and Dr. Martin are next on the list. Brandon notes that no one has tried to prove that Donna was really drunk – she could have been sick. Jim replies that if the Martins aren’t going to appeal the decision, it doesn’t matter. Mel and David go to see the Martins, but Felice won’t let them in. David begs her to appeal the decision. Felice tells him that Donna broke the rules, so she has to face the consequences.

Donna agrees with Mel, telling Felice she just wants to graduate with her friends. Felice claims that she’s already tried to use her influence with the school board. She doesn’t want Donna to humiliate her any more than she already has. Donna complains that Felice isn’t fighting back because she’s ashamed. She brings up Felice’s affair, saying it’s similar to her situation. Donna and her father forgave Felice, so why can’t she forgive Donna?

The gang gets called to Ms. Teasley’s office, thinking Donna sold them out. Steve orders everyone to keep quiet. Dylan thinks the school board wants to use their statements to build a case against Donna. Ms. Teasley informs them that instead, the Martins have decided to appeal, and they want Donna’s friends to write letters on her behalf. They all feel bad for thinking Donna ratted them out. Dylan doesn’t think the letters will help, because he’s incapable of being optimistic about anything.

Gil tells Brandon that he’s right about feeling like Donna’s being railroaded. When the Supreme Court hears a case, thousands of people gather in Washington to give their opinions. Maybe the West Beverly students should do the same. Brandon doesn’t think the students will march to support anything but a sale. Gil tells him they just need a leader, and once upon a time, he would have pegged Brandon to be that person.

Brandon visits Jim at his office to ask for advice on leading a ’60s-style protest. He also wants to warn Jim in case he gets himself in trouble. Back at school, Brandon tells Andrea that finals are the key to the protest: If the seniors walk out of the exams, none can graduate, and the school board will have to listen to them. Andrea admits that it could work, but she’s worried about what she’ll be risking. If she doesn’t take her finals, she can’t be valedictorian. Brandon reminds her that she always wants to do something memorable.

Steve is also anti-protest, thinking he’ll wind up getting expelled, since he’s still on probation. Brandon points out to him and the rest of the gang that Donna would do this for any of them. Dylan is on Steve’s side; Donna will still graduate, just not with them. Brandon argues that this is about making a statement and being heard. David’s willing to risk early graduation to help Donna. Andrea’s also on board, and Steve comes around. Dylan tries to talk Kelly out of the protest, apologizing for not putting his future at risk. She says she’s not the one who needs the apology.

The kids spend the evening calling their classmates, all of whom are willing to support Donna. In the morning, Toby notes that Brandon wouldn’t support the possible dress code last week because it didn’t affect him, but now he’s organized a protest for a friend. She’s actually on his side and tells him that if he adds dropping the dress code to the seniors’ demands, they’ll get hundreds more to march with them. The other kids agree.

Jim, Cindy, Mel, and Jackie all show up for Donna’s hearing. Jackie tells Felice that she would be against Donna if she thought her punishment would deter kids from drinking, but she knows that wouldn’t work. Felice says she just wants to see Donna graduate. At school, Gil notices everyone watching the clock, including Dylan. At the planned time, everyone gets up and walks out of the room. Gil’s pleased. Dylan stays back, but after a minute he decides to join the others.

The students gather outside for their march, chanting, “Donna Martin graduates!” Meanwhile, the disciplinary hearing begins with Donna being given the opportunity to tell her side of the story. She admits that she’s scared, but both of her parents tell her things will be okay. Donna tells the board that she’s sorry she got drunk, but she was just celebrating with her friends. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with Mel’s champagne toast. She’s enjoyed high school and just wants to graduate with her friends.

The march takes everyone to the building where the hearing is being held. The superintendent isn’t happy that the students are there instead of taking their finals. Andrea comes in to announce that they’re there to show support to Donna. She reads a statement from the juniors and seniors telling the board that they won’t take finals unless Donna can graduate. The superintendent thinks Andrea’s ridiculous.

Felice goes outside and yells at the crowd that they’re not helping. Donna spent the morning apologizing, and the protest has probably undone all of that. “You all are the last thing I need here right now!” she tells Brandon. Brandon fails to respond that this isn’t about her. The superintendent threatens to call the police, but Ms. Teasley and a school-board member urge him to drop the case. The member asks if anyone bothered to consider the students’ reactions to the board’s recent decisions. The superintendent threatens to get the protestors’ college admissions revoked.

Ms. Teasley delivers a message to Brandon, which he shares with the other protestors: If they don’t drop the march, they’ll all be flunked. Dylan responds on everyone’s behalf that they’ll all just go to summer school with Donna. Even Jim thinks things have gone too far. Brandon tells him he sounds like Spiro Agnew. The students take the protest into the hearing and make it clear that they won’t back down.

Brandon makes a speech about how the school board made the alcohol rule because they thought they could enforce on someone who isn’t squeaky clean. Donna doesn’t deserve to be punished, so the students aren’t going to let that happen. Brandon adds that the juniors won’t be happy if the dress code isn’t dropped. A board member proposes that they drop the dress code and let Donna graduate as long as she attends a substance-abuse program. The vote is three to two in Donna’s favor. That evening, the gang celebrates at the Peach Pit and Donna gets her cap and gown.

Thoughts: Wouldn’t the school rather let Donna graduate so they don’t have to deal with her anymore? I mean, either make an example of her or don’t, but you might as well let her go so the whole ordeal goes away.

I guess Gil is supposed to be the cool, with-it teacher everyone likes. I just find him smarmy and annoying.

Speaking of annoying, shut up, Felice. Shut up forever.

June 19, 2012

BH90210 3.27, A Night to Remember: Hands In the Air If You Cats Drunk as Me

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Oh, early ’90s prom fashion. The gift that keeps on giving

Summary: Donna and Brenda are putting up ads for West Beverly’s senior prom, which Donna finds bittersweet. Brenda isn’t sure she’s going to go, but Donna tells her she can’t miss it. Cathy Dennis is going to be there! (I have no idea who that is.) Brandon also isn’t that interested in going. Steve tells him all their friends should be there together, but even that doesn’t change Brandon’s mind. Steve tells him to just ask Andrea already.

Andrea tries to make peace between two Blaze writers, Howard and Toby (a girl), who Gil says remind him of her and Brandon. Brandon takes one last assignment reporting on a school board meeting. David invites Brenda to a pre-prom party at his dad’s, but she doesn’t want to go to it any more than she wants to go to the actual prom. David and Donna don’t get why she hasn’t been asked. He tells Donna he’s reserving them a room at the Bel Age so they can get it on, but she’s not as excited about it as he is.

Kelly and Dylan hang out at his place, not worrying too much about being on time for school. She suggests getting a room at the hotel after prom, but he wants to be more original. He suggests a weekend in San Francisco instead. Cindy looks through one of her high school yearbooks and Jim and Brandon tease her about the prom stories she’s told them through the years. Jim reveals that a guy he hung out with at his prom got high on pot and hallucinated all night. Cindy thinks Brandon should go to the prom on his own. He tells her he’s decided to ask Andrea after all.

Andrea winds up at the school board meeting with Brandon, noting that this is the last time they’ll be covering a story together. She’s upset that there’s an item discussed that wasn’t put on the agenda so there wouldn’t be any dissent. Someone wants a dress code, and unsurprisingly, Felice is on board. Andrea can’t keep her mouth shut and asks why the topic wasn’t on the agenda. No one cares what she thinks.

The next topic on the agenda is about the prom: Anyone found with liquor or drugs, or who is found intoxicated, will be suspended and not allowed to graduate. This is the one Brandon objects to. He shares the news with his friends at the Peach Pit, and Steve says that anyone who’s dumb enough to get caught drunk deserves whatever happens. David worries that sex will be outlawed next. Donna reveals that Felice wants to run for mayor. Brandon asks Andrea to the prom, but she’s already going with Jordan.

At home, Donna brings up Felice’s comments at the meeting and says she’s being too extreme. Felice decides not to get into it, instead just saying how proud she is of Donna. Donna says she’ll be spending the night at Kelly’s after prom, which Felice thinks is just an attempt to get out of missing curfew. She has no idea what Donna really has planned.

Brandon tries to get in on a prom-night poker game, but it’s off since Tony Miller wants to go to the dance after all. In fact, he wants to go with Brenda. Brenda is skeptical about the idea but accepts. Donna tells David she’s on board for his post-prom plans. Gil, who has convinced Dylan to visit Berkeley, tells his students about the alcohol/drug policy set out for prom. Andrea wonders who will be enforcing the policy.

Brenda buys her dress the day of the prom, but her parents are just glad she’s going. Jackie’s approved of Kelly’s weekend away with Dylan, noting that Kelly’s 18 so she can kind of do what she wants. Felice loans Donna (who hasn’t eaten all day) a cross necklace to wear to the dance. Mel brings out some champagne for a pre-prom toast as Brandon finds himself bored at the Peach Pit. Nat tells him he skipped his own prom since his date got sick. Brandon replies that at least Nat had a date. Just then Andrea calls – Jordan’s sick and she wants to go to the prom with Brandon.

Steve shows up at Mel’s with Celeste, who tells Kelly that Steve talks about her a lot. Everyone else arrives with their dates and badly curled hair, and champagne is drunk (except by Andrea and Dylan). Donna’s had a little too much, but no one notices. After Mel takes a picture, Steve grabs another bottle for the road. David and Donna are worried about the prom policy, but it doesn’t stop them from having some more.

The kids go to the Bel Age, where party favors include quarters (to call cabs in case of drunkenness) and condoms (for…you know). Cathy Dennis, whoever she is, sings. Brenda’s a little upset watching Dylan and Kelly together, but Tony wants to make sure she has a good time. As the night progresses, Donna is unable to hide her tipsiness, Kelly and Dylan can’t keep their hands off each other, and Tony shows that he shouldn’t dance in public.

Donna’s ready to make use of her and David’s room, but he’s noticed that she’s had too much to drink. She heads off to find a bathroom. Celeste tells Steve to dance with Kelly so they can make a nice memory together. Steve admits to Kelly that he always pictured the two of them together at their senior prom, but if she’s happy with Dylan, he’s happy for her. Kelly also approves of Celeste and thinks Steve deserves her. Steve asks her to name her first son after him.

Brenda winds up dancing with Dylan and tells him that she hopes the horrible year he’s had is “the worst [he’ll] ever know.” They announce that they’re almost over each other. Kelly finds Donna in the bathroom and tells Brenda that she’s really drunk. Brandon decides to break his no-dancing rule with Andrea, though he only does it for about 20 seconds. Brenda and Kelly try to figure out how to get Donna out of the Bel Age without any chaperones realizing she’s been drinking.

Brandon shows Andrea a key Tony gave him and asks if she wants to see the room it goes to. Kelly asks David to collect Donna’s purse and Dylan so they can get Donna out of the hotel. Andrea notes the irony of her and Brandon winding up in a hotel room even though they’re the two people least likely to use it. She suggests that they take advantage of the surroundings, but the idea just makes them both laugh. Everyone else is in or around the bathroom, including Gil. The kids start to lead Donna out, but she collapses in front of Ms. Teasley, who can immediately tell that she’s drunk.

Thoughts: Howard is played by Shawn Levy, who’s better known as a director. He did the two Night at the Museum movies, Date Night, the upcoming The Watch, and, awesomely, a few episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Silly kids. You don’t drink before the prom, you drink afterwards. (Said by someone who didn’t do either.)

Felice giving Donna a cross as a prom accessory is awesome. I’m definitely doing that if I ever have a daughter.

Drunk Donna makes me happy.

Why, why, why would you give a hotel key to the brother of the girl you were obviously hoping to score with? Why not just wear a shirt that says, “Please beat me up”?

When Andrea and Brandon get to the hotel room, she opens what I guess is a piece of candy, but I swear I thought it was a condom.

This site has more pictures of the awesome prom fashions.

June 11, 2012

BH90210 3.26, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window: Blah Blah Blah Ginger

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Hey, Burt, are those…evening shades? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha…ha ha. Ahem. Sorry

Summary: West Beverly’s senior ditch day will take place at an amusement park, but those who aren’t allowed to sign up have to attend a mandatory study hall. One of those students is Steve. Though if I were him, I’d rather not go to the amusement park, since Gil is a chaperone. Everyone talks up a roller coaster called the Viper to Andrea, who’s never been to the park. Dylan is also not going since he’s retaking the SAT the next day and wants to use ditch day to study. He and Steve spend, like, five minutes snarking at each other.

Steve complains to Brandon at the Peach Pit, but Brandon takes Dylan’s side. He also guesses that Steve’s really upset because Dylan’s with Kelly. A woman named Ginger comes in looking for Nat, who she thought had arranged to host breakfast for Burt Reynolds’ fan club. He agrees and Brandon offers to help out before he goes to Six Flags. Then Nat sneezes, so of course it’s not surprising when he calls Brandon early the next morning to say he’s sick and can’t get to the Peach Pit.

Everyone’s still all excited about the Viper, including Steve, who’s ditched detention for ditch day. He tries to get Kelly to drive to the amusement park with him instead of taking the bus, but she doesn’t want to. He tells her she was a lot more fun when he was her boyfriend. Dylan studies at the Peach Pit, where Steve joins him and Brandon, reporting that there was a substitute at detention, so he didn’t have a problem getting away.

Apparently the fan club never showed up, so Brandon isn’t doing anything. However, he can’t leave because his co-workers were in a fender bender and will be late to relieve him. Dylan complains to Brandon about Steve, who Brandon thinks is jealous. Steve starts to leave as Ginger arrives with the fan club, which is much bigger than she told Nat and Brandon. Dylan and Steve agree to help Brandon make breakfast for everyone.

The others arrive at the amusement park, where Andrea is clearly too nervous to ride a roller coaster. Back at the Peach Pit, Brandon finds Ginger crying in the bathroom; she just learned that the theater that was supposed to hold screenings for the fan club has never heard of Parnell, the owner of the tour company Ginger works for. She also can’t get in touch with Parnell. Oh, and she owes $300+ for breakfast, but she doesn’t have any money, since Parnell was supposed to be there to pay.

Brandon encourages Ginger to tell the fan club the truth, but it doesn’t turn out well. They refuse to leave until Parnell arrives and gives them what they came for: a meet-and-greet with Burt Reynolds. Steve offers them a meeting with Samantha instead. They do not accept the trade. Andrea finally admits that she’s never been on a roller coaster, so Donna, Kelly, and Brenda offer to stay with her while David goes on the rides.

Steve tells Ginger that Samantha met Burt once, so his offer wasn’t completely stupid. Dylan tells him to shut up. The two of them take it outside and yell at each other. Meanwhile, in the background, Ginger climbs out a window, steals Brandon’s car, and flees. Brandon goes inside to call the police while Steve and Dylan take off after Ginger in Steve’s car. They manage to stop her, but Ginger tells them that Brandon loaned her his car. Then she says she was going to Parnell to get money to pay the bill at the Peach Pit. They agree to go with her to get the money.

The girls get food at the park, but Kelly can’t find her wallet. It turns up at the lost and found, empty. Parnell’s office turns out to be a construction site, so Steve gets to work trying to get in touch with Burt Reynolds. David wants Kelly to stop worrying about being robbed and have fun at the park. She actually agrees and goes off with him and Brenda while Donna sits on a bench with Andrea. (Fun!)

Ginger admits to Dylan that her real name is Tina; she “got in a little trouble” back home in the Midwest and came out to L.A. to “start over.” Steve manages to track Burt Reynolds down at a studio where he’s filming a commercial. Donna tells Andrea how awesome the Viper is, and somehow the conversation turns to sex. Donna confides that she and David haven’t had sex yet. Andrea tells her that she’s also a virgin, though she and Brandon almost hooked up.

Steve is unsurprisingly unable to talk his way onto the commercial set, but he, Dylan, and Ginger get themselves cast as extras. They’re playing bacteria in a giant mouth. It’s also a lost cause, since Burt has already finished his scene. They wind up having fun, but as they’re leaving, the police arrive since no one ever told Brandon that Ginger wasn’t really a criminal. They call Brandon from the police station, where Ginger panics because her “trouble” back home included some criminal activity. Fortunately, Brandon clears everyone and they’re released.

Steve wants to keep trying to find Burt Reynolds, but he has to put in an appearance in detention so he doesn’t get expelled. Ginger turns on the flirty eyes to get him to change his mind. The new plan involves Dylan taking Steve’s place in detention. At the park, someone tries to steal Donna’s purse, but her training from that self-defense class she took with Brenda and Cindy comes in handy and she fights him off.

Steve’s final attempt to reach Burt Reynolds fails, so Ginger suggests that they go to Vegas for the weekend instead of coming clean to the fan club. He points out that they don’t have any money. Ginger reveals that she has $2,500 on her. She continues that her real name is Adrian and she’s from Salt Lake City. Steve makes her go back to the Peach Pit to apologize to everyone. As she’s about to give back everyone’s money, Burt Reynolds walks in. Now everyone’s happy.

Thanks to Donna, Kelly got all her stuff back, so now all the students at the park are happy, too. Andrea decides she needs to ride a roller coaster before they leave, so she does. Later, the friends (and Ginger) all reunite at the Peach Pit and share the day’s adventures. Ginger slips out just as a man comes in and tells Brandon that a woman named Marla stole $5,000 from him. He’s Parnell, and he does have a tour company. The guys go looking for Ginger/Tina/Adrian/Marla, but she’s gone out the window again. Oh, my sides! They ache!

Thoughts: Jason Priestley directed this episode. That’s probably why it’s so dumb.

I like the episode title – too bad it makes no sense. Ginger doesn’t come in through the window, she leaves through it.

I actually didn’t know that Six Flags and Magic Mountain were the same place until I saw this episode. So I learned something!

Hey, Andrea, I don’t like roller coasters either, but that’s why I don’t go to amusement parks. Why would you go if you’re just going to sit around and do nothing all day? At least ride the carousel.

What drugs were the writers on when they came up with Steve and Dylan’s plot? I mean, bacteria in a mouthwash commercial?

I love that the seemingly dumb storyline about the self-defense class came back into play. Also, Donna is awesome.

May 13, 2012

BH90210 3.23, Duke’s Bad Boy: You Bet Your Life

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What do you mean, that’s not what David’s song is about?

Summary: David’s late for school, so Donna complains about him on the radio. He’s been spending a lot of time out at Icon Records functions now that he’s signed with them. David doesn’t want Donna to hype him too much since he’s not sure Icon likes him that much yet. She just wants to show how proud she is. Donna asks to tag along to a recording session, promising to stay out of the way, like Yoko Ono.

Some guy named Jeff congratulates Brandon on his recent successes with sports betting, offering to help him with any action he wants. Brandon thinks Steve said something to the guy, but he didn’t. Brandon claims that once basketball season ends, he’ll be done gambling. Steve thinks he’ll continue into baseball season, then football season, “then turtle-racing.”

Brenda invites Kelly and Dylan over for dinner, and everything between the three of them is civil but super-awkward. Gil tries to help Andrea pick Blaze issues for some contest where she and Brandon could win a trip to D.C. Andrea doesn’t think they’ve published anything great this year, so the rest of their issues need to be great.

David works with Serge on a song David doesn’t particularly like. Serge asks Donna’s opinion, and she tries to push him to say he likes it. After Serge leaves the room, Donna questions why David’s going for something commercial over something he actually wants to do. Duke goes to the Peach Pit to remind Brandon that he owes some money. Brandon asks for a few days to get it, and Duke grants them while making sure that Brandon knows he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t come through.

Brenda and Cindy tell Dylan he’s welcome at the Walshes’ whenever he wants to come over. Kelly mentions that she’s on a diet since she’s been eating a lot of junk food recently. Brandon comes home, ignores his friends, and is short with his mother. Kelly says she needs to get home early, but she really just wants to spend time alone with Dylan. Dylan, however, isn’t in the mood.

When Jim gets home, Cindy tells him that Brandon seems distracted. Jim checks on him and finds him looking through baseball cards to sell. He doesn’t get why Brandon is suddenly looking to make money when he’s been able to afford nice things lately. Jim knows Brandon has been gambling and warns that it isn’t worth it since the house always wins. Brandon says it’s no big deal, and of course he’s not in any trouble and doesn’t have a problem.

At school the next morning, Donna asks Steve to help David with his problems with Serge. She says David didn’t want to cut Steve out, but Icon made him. He also isn’t actually cutting Steve out from anything since he hasn’t made any money. Donna convinces him to come to the studio and see what’s going on. Jeff takes some bets from athletes, then tells Brandon how his operation works. Brandon wants to bet on the Celtics for what’s apparently a large amount of money.

Brenda runs into Kelly in the bathroom and tries to make nice small talk, but Kelly jumps on her for being so welcoming to Dylan. Brenda points out that Dylan’s going through a tough time and can use as many friends as he can get. After Brenda leaves, Andrea comes out of a stall and points out to Kelly that there’s no competition anymore. Kelly admits that she feels like she can’t talk to him anymore. Andrea advises her to back off a little. Dylan winds up leaving for the day early.

Andrea wants to do a profile of Dylan for the Blaze, thinking that he’ll feel better if he talks about Jack’s death. Brandon accuses him of trying to use her friend’s pain to her advantage. Gil’s on Andrea’s side, but Brandon thinks she’s crazy. He notes that Dylan can’t even get through a school day right now. Andrea ignores Brandon and calls Dylan to offer to keep him company. He agrees to let her come over after school.

Donna and Steve hang out in the recording studio while David records Serge’s stupid, stupid song, “Precious.” Steve wonders what happened to the hip-hop David was supposed to be doing. He asks Serge why they’re doing a song that isn’t one of David’s best. The two men bicker and Serge kicks Steve out, which disappoints David. Brandon listens to the Celtics game on the radio at the Peach Pit, promising Nat that if he loses the bet, he’s done. Nat’s concerned about what will happen if he doesn’t lose.

At Dylan’s, he and Andrea get to talking about Jack. Dylan thought Jack was a hypocrite for wanting his son to be the man he never was. Dylan ultimately realized that that’s just how Jack was, but by the time he accepted that, Jack was dead. Andrea notes that he doesn’t have to change the terms now. She then asks if Dylan is willing to be the subject of a profile she wants to write. Dylan says no, preferring to keep their friendship just that.

The Celtics win, so now Brandon’s happy, but he still claims he’s done betting. He reveals to Steve that the bet he placed with Jeff was for $1,500. Steve notes that Jeff is going to have to come up with that money despite only taking double-digit bets from high schoolers. Brandon might not get his money after all.

The next day, Jeff promises to bring Brandon the money at the Peach Pit that afternoon. Andrea apologizes to Dylan for making things awkward, but now he thinks that telling his story will help. He just wants to write it himself. He may not wind up wanting it published, but he’d like Andrea to help him with it. Kelly complains to Donna about gaining two pounds, then takes a diet pill.

At Dylan’s, he and Andrea talk about writing and literature. She thinks he should stop fighting the way Jack always wanted him to be and do what he wants. This apparently includes taking AP English, despite the fact that there are only three months left in the year. Brandon takes Jeff out behind the Peach Pit to get his money, but Jeff doesn’t have it. He needs until the weekend. Brandon gets aggressive and demands the money within 24 hours. Steve has to pull him off of Jeff.

David’s song is still stupid (“you’re so precious to me. Am I precious to you?”). Serge is sure that Bray will love it, though isn’t sure. Steve learns of all of Brandon’s debts and advises him to go to Jim for help. Brandon acknowledges that he’s out of control and could have really hurt Jeff if Steve hadn’t shown up. He asks Steve to ask Samantha for money, which Steve refuses to do. The guys aren’t sure if Duke will really hurt Brandon over just $1,500.

At school, Jeff gives Brandon $200 and tells him to keep his distance. Andrea asks Gil to let Dylan into AP English so he can turn his life around. Gil agrees to talk to Ms. Teasley about it, but Dylan has to actually come to class, do the work, and think. Nat calls Brandon at home to warn him that Duke’s waiting for him at the Peach Pit. Brandon asks him not to tell Duke where he lives. Nat says Duke already knows.

David and Serge play the stupid, stupid song for Bray. David lies that it’s the best work he’s ever done and he loves how the song turned out. Bray says he’s always been able to spot talent, but sometimes he makes a bad pick. Like this time. He doesn’t like the song, and Serge now says that he doesn’t either. He blames David for bringing him bad material. David says he wanted to do hip-hop, but Serge says David never said anything. Bray tells him he won’t be signing with Icon.

Kelly bugs Dylan while he’s trying to write, getting annoyed when he won’t let her read what he’s already written. She decides to ditch him. Brandon meets Duke at the Peach Pit and gives him a third of the money he owes. Duke makes it clear that he’s only going to keep going easy on Brandon because he’s friends with Nat. Fortunately, Nat has paid the rest of Brandon’s debt, so he’s at least not going to get his legs broken. Nat threatens to call Jim if Brandon ever places another bet.

David meets Steve, Kelly, and Donna at the Peach Pit and breaks the news that he’s done with Icon. Steve thinks that’s better than David having to put his name on something he hates. He’s also willing to work with David again. Steve orders food for everyone, but Kelly just wants coffee. Donna’s concerned that she’s overdoing things with her diet. Kelly ignores her and goes to the bathroom to take more diet pills because she has A Problem.

Thoughts: Ug, Gil again? Go away, Gil.

So Dylan and Andrea are friends all of a sudden? I guess that’s like how Dylan and David are friends.

David’s song makes me want to stick forks in my ears. No one in the history of music would ever think making that song is a good idea.

Brandon is the living embodiment of the parable of the unmerciful servant.

Hey, do you guys think Kelly might have an eating disorder? It’s hard to tell. And also, I’ve never watched TV before, and I’ve never read a book, or lived in the world, or been alive for more than five minutes.

April 8, 2012

BH90210 3.16, It’s a Totally Happening Life: Hark! The Herald Angels Bore

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And then something really stupid happens

Summary: Up in the cosmos over the Walshes’ house, an angel named Miriam whines to an angel named Clarence that something horrible is going to happen and she needs his help. They look in on West Beverly High, where the madrigals are singing Christmas carols in the hall. The kids wrap presents for a party they’re throwing for underprivileged kids at another school. Clarence questions how any of them could have problems since they’re so good-looking.

Steve complains to Andrea about having to serve detention, though he should be glad that’s all he got. The girls need a Santa for the party with the underprivileged kids, and the job falls to Dylan. Miriam tells Clarence that all this actually happened two days ago. Now the kids are on a bus, and they’re not happy or talking to each other. Clarence doesn’t care.

Miriam takes them back two days, when Andrea (now healed) gets a call from her grandmother telling her she got a letter from Yale. Unfortunately, it’s a small envelope. Brandon and Gil try to cheer her up and decide to bet on the outcome. The three of them go to Andrea’s apartment to find out for sure what the letter says. It’s an acceptance letter. Andrea decides that Gil will have to shave because he lost the bet. She also has a letter from Jay, but it doesn’t have good news.

At the Walshes’, Brandon blasts Jay for dumping Andrea via letter, saying he never liked the guy anyone. His family guesses that he never said anything because he never wanted to sound jealous, petty, or bitter. Brandon says it doesn’t matter since he’s with Nikki now. Kelly and Dylan show up to help the Walshes trim the tree.

Back at school, Gil has to shave his beard, though Andrea tells him at the last minute that he doesn’t have to. David and Donna are there as well, and she notices that he seems upset. David’s sad that his friends are all going to graduate before him. (I thought he was working on graduating early?) Andrea asks Brandon to see a movie that night, but he has plans to see Nikki, who’s been in San Francisco.

Brandon and Nikki make out on his bed, getting interrupted by Cindy, who should really start making her children keep their doors open. It’s for the best anyway, since Nikki needs to tell Brandon something important: She’s moving back in with her parents in San Francisco. She only came back to L.A. to get her things and say goodbye to Brandon. Clarence says Brandon will be fine, but Miriam says he won’t if he gets on the bus.

Later that night, Brenda complains to Brandon about the Dylan/Kelly deception. Brandon tells her about his break-up with Nikki. Miriam takes Clarence to the Peach Pit a few nights earlier, when Brenda and Kelly had a come-to-Jesus meeting with Dylan about admitting their feelings and getting back to being friends. Basically, no one will be dating Dylan for the immediate future. Dylan thinks that’s for the best.

The arrangement works for a while, until Dylan and Kelly come over to decorate the tree and study Shakespeare. Kelly goes downstairs to get some sodas, passing the living room, where the other Walshes are watching It’s a Wonderful Life. (Clarence has never heard of it, har har.) Kelly thinks Jimmy Stewart is Cary Grant. Upstairs, Dylan and Brenda suddenly start making out, then stop just as suddenly, blaming old habits.

At the Peach Pit the next day, Kelly tells Brenda and Dylan that David’s mother has decided to move to Oregon. After she leaves, Brenda and Dylan discuss their “little accident” the day before, reaffirming that it won’t happen again. Brenda and Donna leave to finish planning the Christmas party, and Kelly winds up going to Dylan’s place. He doesn’t think he’ll make a convincing Santa. Kelly tells him her favorite visit to Santa at the mall happened to be to a Chinese one. The two start making out, and when Brenda comes by with Dylan’s Santa costume, she catches them.

Brenda confronts the two of them and brings up her own make-out session with Dylan the day before. Now both girls are mad at him. Kelly tries to excuse her behavior as trying to convince Dylan to play Santa. The girls realize they can’t all be friends. Dylan blames them for starting all the kissing.

At school the next day, Brenda tells Donna that Dylan and Kelly can’t be part of the party. Donna balks, so Brenda says she won’t go instead. Dylan also backs out, telling Donna that he doesn’t think the party will make a difference for the kids anyway. Kelly’s next to try to get out of the party, so Donna tells her Brenda isn’t going. David also drops out, saying he’s not a senior and has been “tagging along” with the others for too long.

Steve’s not supposed to go to the party – he’s been banned from school activities – so Donna tries to convince him to go in disguise, specifically as Santa. He won’t. Even Andrea isn’t up for the party, saying she does enough charity work anyway. Mostly she doesn’t want to be around Brandon. Donna wonders if all of this is some sort of message. Brandon tries to back out, saying that he’s not in a festive mood. He believes Gil, the party’s faculty sponsor, will support this.

Too bad Gil isn’t the sponsor – Ms. Teasley is, and she’s not going to let any of the volunteers drop out. Everyone has to go unless he or she has pneumonia – “and I want to see that chest x-ray.” This takes us back to the kids riding the bus, all upset with each other. Clarence interrupts to ask for more information on Brandon and Andrea. (Thanks a lot, Clarence.)

Miriam goes to the Peach Pit, where Brandon is complaining to Nat about his break-up with Nikki. Andrea shows up and Brandon asks her to see a movie, like she’d wanted to before. She has to babysit, so she invites him along. (Andrea, what would Kristy say?) After the sitting charge is in bed, Andrea and Brandon watch It’s a Wonderful Life. She brings up the time he tried to convince her to stay in Beverly Hills for the summer. Then they make out. Andrea stops the kissing to accuse Brandon of thinking of Nikki. He in turn accuses her of thinking of Jay.

Miriam tells Clarence that the bus is about to crash with a truck driven by a drunk guy. Clarence has already taken care of it, or so he thinks. He’s actually diverted the wrong driver. While the kids are on the bus, Steve goes to the party anyway and meets up with Gil. Miriam begs Clarence to stop the truck, asking him to “call upstairs” if necessary. Clarence says they have to “let destiny run its course.” This involves everyone sniping at each other while the madrigals sing Christmas carols.

Donna finally puts the smackdown on everyone, asking if they plan to be grumpy when they get to the party. Kelly says they’ll pass out presents, but probably won’t enjoy themselves. Donna notes that this is a good time of year to stop thinking about themselves. If they can’t appreciate all the good things in their lives, they should just get off the bus right now. Miriam supports that idea. Now everyone wants to make up.

Steve and Gil are entertaining the kids at the party when they spot the bus and truck both approaching. There’s nothing Clarence or Miriam can do, which makes this whole thing pretty pointless. Steve sees the truck going the wrong way on a one-way street and tries to stop the driver. Instead, the truck heads for an intersection as the bus comes from another direction. But instead of crashing, they pass through each other.

Gil and Steve welcome everyone to the party, where Ms. Teasley punishes Steve by giving him the Santa costume. The kids all get presents, and Dylan shows a little girl how to play with a yo-yo, because he is wonderful and adorable. David tells Donna that if he takes extra courses (as he’d previously planned), he can graduate early. Another non-problem solved!

Ms. Teasley approves of Steve’s portrayal of Santa. Brenda and Kelly inform Dylan that he needs to pick which one of them he wants to be with on New Year’s Eve. Donna hears a bell ring, which means an angel got its wings. Yes, it was Miriam. Bleh.

Thoughts: You’d think that in an episode with a title playing off of It’s a Wonderful Life, the plot would be about how things would be if, say, the Walshes never came to Beverly Hills. Andrea even mentions that briefly. But no, we got this junk instead.

So…that’s it for Nikki? Good. Her presence meant nothing.

Donna calling in Ms. Teasley to yell at everyone was awesome.

For two girls who tend to be melodramatic, Brenda and Kelly deciding to let Dylan choose between them is really anticlimactic. I mean, are we really supposed to believe that the girl he doesn’t choose is just going to be okay with it?

March 13, 2012

BH90210 3.11, A Presumption of Innocence: A Girl Named Sue

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If Sue weren't traumatized, I would totally say something about her shirt (Donna's is cute, though)

Summary: It’s Dylan’s birthday, and his friends celebrate with him at the Peach Pit. Blowing out the candles sends him into a coughing fit. Nikki tries to get Brandon to dance, but fortunately for us, he declines. (We aren’t so lucky with regards to David.) Gil comes in and Andrea hassles him about giving her a B+. Sue shows up next with some skeezy guy and chats with Gil, asking if she has to take her clothes off to get a decent grade from him. He tells her to come to class once in a while.

At home, Sue tries to erase all traces of her inappropriate clothing, but her mother (who we met in “The Next 50 Years”) busts her for being late. She tells Sue that her uncle Henry is coming to visit the next day and will be the first person allowed to stay in Scott’s former bedroom, let alone touch any of his things. Sue isn’t happy about it.

In the school office the next day, Donna runs into Sue and confronts her about her behavior with David at the dance. Sue says she’ll stay away from him, but Donna doesn’t want her to feel like she has to. She just wants Sue to remember that there’s a difference between romantic love and affection from a friend who’s as close as a family member. Sue angrily says she knows all about that.

Nikki informs Steve, David, and Brenda that she’s taking Brandon to a dance club. They find that hilarious. Brandon tries to get Brenda and Dylan to tag along, but Dylan isn’t feeling well. Sue rants to Gil about her mother getting on her about her grades, then says that sometimes she feels like she’s the Scanlon who should have died. Instead of immediately taking her to a counselor, Gil tries to cheer her up, telling her she’s special and hugging her. Minutes later, Andrea sees Sue run out of the classroom crying.

The next day, Gil gets a note from the office that shakes him up. He leaves in the middle of class and skips a Blaze staff meeting. Brandon asks David for dance lessons (NOOOOOOO! BRANDON, DON’T DO IT!) as Brenda orders Dylan to see a doctor. His pediatrician tells him the water he’s been surfing in isn’t as clean as he thinks it is.

Gil is still MIA from school, so Brandon considers going to his house to see him. Brenda informs him and Dylan that Gil “has been relieved of his duties pending an investigation.” The charge is sexual misconduct with a female student. Brandon and Dylan drive to Gil’s place, and while Dylan hangs out near the water, Brandon urges Gil to fight the charges. Gil doesn’t want to, since keeping quiet will make his accuser’s mother drop the charges.

Andrea tells Sue she saw her leaving Gil’s classroom, then suggests that she see a peer counselor. Sue tells her no one can understand how she feels. Andrea says she once had a teacher she thought she was falling for. (I completely forgot about that guy until just this minute.) After promising to keep everything confidential, Andrea gets Sue to open up.

Later, Andrea goes to the Walshes’ to see Brandon, but he’s still gone. Brenda knows Sue’s involved in the accusations; it’s all over school. She fills Andrea in on the Scanlons’ issues. She also doesn’t think Sue is completely innocent in the situation. Brandon shows up and tells the girls that he thinks Sue’s charges are bogus; otherwise Mrs. Scanlon wouldn’t just let things go. Andrea argues that there have been no unfounded claims of sexual abuse at West Beverly. She slams Brandon for blaming the victim and thinking Gil’s innocent just because he’s a guy.

After Andrea leaves, Brenda tells Brandon that whether Sue is always truthful or not, she doesn’t seem capable of lying to screw up someone’s life. David arrives for David’s dance lessons, but Brandon doesn’t have time. He tries to use the Gil/Sue situation as an excuse not to go to the club the next night. Brenda promises to keep quiet about David coming over for dance lessons if Brandon agrees to go to the club. She wants him to loosen up and enjoy being with Nikki.

Gil goes to West Beverly to collect his things and runs into Andrea. She rips into him for taking advantage of Sue when she had a crush on him. Gil swears that he didn’t do anything wrong. Andrea doesn’t think kids make up things like sexual abuse. She also thinks he’s doing the wrong thing by running away. He’s protecting Sue even though his teaching career is on the line. Gil says he likes working with young people, and Andrea shoots back that he might like it a little too much. Gil replies that he wouldn’t be able to live with two suicides on his conscience.

Gil elaborates that at his first teaching job, one of his students fell in love with him, but he pushed her away and stayed professional. She killed herself and blamed him in her suicide note. Gil doesn’t want to call Sue a liar; he’s happy enough knowing the truth. Andrea wants Gil to help Sue, but he thinks he’s the last person who can.

Dylan and Gil run into each other on the beach and give us an environmental PSA. Dylan says that he would run away if he were accused of something he didn’t do, so he admires Gil for sticking around. Gil tells him that some things aren’t all black and white. He wonders if he’s to blame for giving Sue the wrong message.

The other kids go to a club (no eggs are exchanged this time), where Brandon lets Nikki dance with other guys because it means he doesn’t have to do anything. She has fun for a while but clearly would rather spend the time with Brandon. She asks Donna and Steve if he’s ever going to get over his dancing issues. Steve tells her to offer him an incentive, in the form of dancing with him to make Brandon jealous. It works.

At school, Sue invites Andrea to dinner at her house that night. Andrea’s confused but accepts. Steve tries to make up with Brandon, who knows Nikki’s really the one he’s mad at. Nikki tells Brandon that there are some differences she can deal with in a relationship, but there are some she can’t. She offers Brandon a private dance lesson (is that what the kids are calling it?), promising to shut up about it if he really doesn’t have any rhythm. Meanwhile, Dylan PSAs some more.

Andrea shows up at the Scanlons’ for dinner, but Sue won’t let her in and tries to disinvite her. Mrs. Scanlon invites her in, happy that her daughter has a visitor. Andrea chats with Mrs. Scanlon and Uncle Henry as Sue stands by uncomfortably. Over at the Walshes’, Brandon turns his dance lesson into a slow dance, and Jim and Cindy should really make him keep his bedroom door open when he has a girl over.

Dinner at the Scanlons’ gets really uncomfortable when Sue tells her mother she doesn’t want to watch home movies featuring Scott. Mrs. Scanlon tells Andrea that Sue hasn’t been the same since what happened with Gil. Henry wants to know exactly what happened and what Sue accused Gil of. He thinks she did something to make Gil think he could make a move. Andrea defends Sue, but Sue admits that she was the one who tried to seduce Gil.

Sometime later, Gil is reinstated at West Beverly and everyone’s happy. Andrea admits to Brandon that for once, she’s glad she was wrong. Kelly makes sure Dylan’s okay, because that sexual tension hasn’t been resolved yet. Andrea apologizes to Gil for jumping to conclusions, though he appreciates that she gave him some things to think about. He asks Andrea to help Sue in any way she can.

Andrea drops by the Scanlons’ but Mrs. Scanlon won’t let her in. Andrea turns to Brenda, who was Sue’s senior buddy, asking her to help get someone in the house. They ask Donna, who in turn asks David to come with her and get her invited in. Mrs. Scanlon invites Donna and David to stay for dinner, telling them that the family’s moving to be near her family in Oklahoma. Donna doesn’t get why everyone’s acting like things are awesome.

Donna pulls Sue aside and offers to listen if she wants to talk. Sue tells her everything’s fine since her family is so great. While they eat, David tells Donna that Henry was once Scott’s favorite uncle, but the last time Scott went to Oklahoma to visit him, something happened and Scott started hating him. Sue also seems to have a problem with Henry.

Donna finds Sue crying in Scott’s room and again offers to listen. She keeps thinking about what Andrea said about kids not making up stories about sexual abuse; the stories have to come from somewhere. Sue tells her she doesn’t know who started it, but there was kissing and touching, and she tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her go. Donna asks why she took back her story if Gil wasn’t innocent. Sue tells her it wasn’t Gil – it was Henry.

Donna takes Sue outside to tell her mother the truth. Later, she, David, Brenda, and Andrea discuss the situation at the Peach Pit. Sue decided to come clean because she was afraid Henry would move on to her little sister. Dylan shows up for some more PSA-ing, and Brandon and Nikki briefly stop by before going to a club. David’s surprised, so Brandon tells him that now that he knows how dancing makes Nikki feel, he’s all for it.

Thoughts: I haven’t seen Nicholle Tom in much outside this show, so I don’t really have a frame of reference for her acting, but she’s really good in this episode.


Ug, of course Andrea’s one of those a-B+-is-not-good-enough girls. There were a bunch of them in my high school and they drove me crazy. Some of them would complain about getting an A- and ask if they could do something to get extra credit. People are weird.

They make a big deal about Dylan being 18 now, so why is he still seeing a pediatrician? Though I got to see Dylan hold a stuffed animal in a doctor’s office decorated for children, so maybe I should just shut up.

No way can a high school teacher afford a place on the beach. Does this show just think everyone’s rich (except Andrea)?

There’s never been an unfounded sexual-abuse claim at West Beverly? Um…how many claims have there been?

Dancing as a dealbreaker? I don’t get it.

Hey, let’s end an episode about incest with a stupid Brandon moment! I thought they’d handled the topic pretty well until then. Once again, Brandon ruins everything.

March 10, 2012

BH90210 3.10, Home and Away: “Brandon of Beverly Hills, You Don’t Know Squat”

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In case you need visual proof that this show is from the '90s

Summary: After some random football-game footage, Brandon attempts to write an editorial for the Blaze while he flashes back to a post-game party at the Peach Pit. (He narrates the episode, which is really annoying.) There’s some exposition that Brenda has agreed to head up a committee to organize a school dance (the Pigskin Prom) that will give proceeds to kids. Donna thinks Sue is coming on to David, but Kelly thinks he sees her as a little sister.

Brandon’s hanging out with some football players, including Tony and Kyle, talking about their future game against a tough school called Shaw. There was some violent incident at Shaw after the game, but Brandon doesn’t really think about it. The next morning, Jim tells Brandon that two spectators were shot and killed at Shaw the night before. He thinks the Shaw/West Beverly game will be canceled.

At school, Brandon, Tony, and Kyle discuss the incident with another player, who disagrees with Tony that the violence was related to race. Football practice is canceled so the coach can go to an emergency school board meeting. Brenda auditions bands for the dance, but she has no control over the situation. Donna tells her to just hire David to DJ. Kelly’s excited because her father called the night before and has promised to come to town that weekend. That means she has to leave the dance committee since she won’t be attending the dance.

Brandon follows Coach Chapman and Ms. Teasley to the school board meeting, but only learns that a decision to cancel the game won’t be made until Monday. Brandon meets a Shaw student named Jordan Bonner who thinks the game dramatics are ridiculous; the violence had nothing to do with West Beverly. He assures Brandon that the West Beverly students have nothing to worry about. He also calls Brandon out for pretending he knows anything about gang violence. Jordan predicts that the game will be canceled, and he’s right.

Andrea and Gil interrupt Brandon’s narration/writing to see how his editorial is coming. He asks for 45 more minutes, since that’s how much time is left in the episode. But after Gil leaves, Brandon admits to Andrea that he needs more time. Apparently 15 extra minutes are enough. David books the Pigskin Prom, but Sue’s tagging along, and Donna isn’t happy about it. She lets it slip that she influenced Brenda’s decision to allow him to DJ. David assures her that Sue isn’t a problem.

Andrea checks on Brandon again, and he tells her he’ll take his time and lay the paper out himself. She warns him not to sneak in any swear words. Brandon goes back to narrating as he calls Jordan to talk about some super-secret plan. Kelly’s still on a high from the news that her father’s coming to town. Brandon thinks Brenda should cancel the dance since the game was also canceled. Donna suggests that they move the game to West Beverly, but Brandon thinks that will bring the violence there. Nikki decides to stay in the neutral zone, which is the smartest decision she’s ever made.

The phrase “neutral zone” gives Brandon an idea, and he drives to another part of town while thinking of Henry, whose store was trashed during the L.A. riots. Brandon visits Shaw, where students have to walk through metal detectors, and meets up with Jordan. He wants to ask the school board to move the game to a neutral location. Jordan sarcastically suggests Switzerland. He says if the game is played anywhere but Shaw, the gangs will win. They need to take a stand and let everyone know that Shaw students aren’t afraid.

Jordan is also a writer and has written an editorial about the past few days’ events. This gives Brandon another idea. He goes with Jordan to the locker that belonged to one of the dead students, who was a friend of Jordan’s. Brandon asks if the student was in a gang, but Jordan says it doesn’t matter. He’s mad that Brandon is only focusing on the game when two people are dead. He thinks Brandon should write a eulogy for the game. Jordan has already written one for his friends, and he and Brandon will publish both articles in both schools’ papers.

Brandon heads back to West Beverly with Jordan’s editorial, which Gil and Andrea balk at. They think it’s racist and inflammatory, not least because Jordan basically calls Coach Chapman a Nazi. Brandon thinks this is the best article they’ll get on the two dead students. Andrea says it’s too long, as if that’s the only problem. Gil says Brandon can write his own editorial, but they can’t publish Jordan’s in the Blaze.

Brandon goes back to his article, slamming everyone for focusing on the game and dance rather than the dead students. He wants everyone to “join together to form one circle.” His editorial is a call to arms. Jordan stops by with his editorial, which Brandon has already planned to print behind Andrea and Gil’s backs. Jordan calls him naïve, saying the first editorial was just his way of getting through his anger: “This is me getting through.” The new version is only two paragraphs, but they’re well-written. Brandon gives his editorial to Jordan, who’s skeptical about the call to arms.

The next day, Brenda blasts Brandon for inviting the Shaw students to the Pigskin Prom. She thinks the dance is going to be canceled. Everyone else is also mad at Brandon, including Gil and Ms. Teasley. Andrea feels betrayed, but Brandon doesn’t care. Gil has covered for Brandon, having told Ms. Teasley that some copy “fell through the cracks.” Andrea’s mad since her name has been on the masthead longer than theirs.

Gil tells Brandon he knows how much of a concession he made to change Jordan’s editorial. Brandon says he didn’t change anything. He wants to break the West Beverly students out of their sheltered existence and make them care. Gil also has to meet with Ms. Teasley about the dance, as he’s the faculty advisor. Dylan’s on Brandon’s side, telling Brenda that he likes what Jordan wrote. Brenda thinks they should go to dinner with Kelly and her father if the dance is canceled, but Dylan doesn’t think Mr. Taylor is going to show.

Steve and Donna confront Brandon over the possibility of the dance being canceled and David not getting to show his stuff to some record-label guys. Brandon meets with Ms. Teasley, who thinks that the school has no choice but to cancel the dance. Brandon argues that the Shaw students aren’t that different from the West Beverly students. She says it’s about violence, not race. Brandon asks if Shaw students would have been allowed at West Beverly before the shootings (which is a pretty gutsy thing to imply toward a black woman).

Brenda, Kelly, and Donna go shopping as Brenda relays the information that the Shaw students have been okayed to come to the dance. Donna’s still upset about Sue hanging around David. Brenda asks Kelly if she’s sure her father’s going to show, but Kelly thinks she’s being judgmental. “If you don’t know anything about something, maybe you should just shut up,” she says. David and Kelly both get ready for their respective events that night, though Mr. Taylor is running late. They wish each other luck.

Jim and Cindy aren’t happy with Brandon’s recent behavior, especially visiting Shaw on his own. He notes that they can’t keep him locked up in the house. Brenda’s going to the dance alone, since Dylan won’t be attending. Jordan calls to tell Brandon that a bunch of Shaw students are heading to the dance, but they’ve been drinking. David does the world’s dorkiest mic check with his new band and gets a lot of screaming praise from Sue, who Steve calls “user-friendly.”

Brandon, Brenda, and Nikki run in to warn Gil about the drunk students. “Guess who’s coming to dinner,” Nikki tells Steve and Donna. Security is a little too observant and almost won’t let Jordan in. Jordan thinks they should get some metal detectors. David’s equally worried about the Shaw students crashing and about Sue, asking Steve to get rid of her. He should be more worried about Sue than Shaw, as she totally wants to do him. David finally tells her that hooking up would be “incestuous.” She tells him he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Tony and Kyle are ready to take on any crashers, though Brandon notes that security will handle them. Gil finally shows up and gets the scoop from Brandon. Meanwhile, Dylan decides to spend the evening alone at the Peach Pit, but Kelly’s there, having been ditched by her father. She admits that the last time this happened, she and some guy got high together, and her mother was so high herself that she didn’t know Kelly was gone. Dylan tells her that some people do change, then encourages her to go to the dance. She doesn’t know where to laugh or cry; he says no one does.

Security tries to keep the Shaw students out, even the ones who are there because of Brandon’s article, not to crash. However, those students warn Jordan that the West Beverly kids aren’t his friends. Everyone stays separated like it’s West Side Story, and Brandon tries to keep things calm. Then a fight breaks out, but it’s between Tony and one of the West Beverly players, who’s mistaken for a Shaw student since he’s black. They say they were just messing around as they always do.

Nikki and Donna try to break the tension by asking Shaw students to dance. Soon students from both schools are dancing together. And then David raps. A Shaw student joins him, though really the only appropriate response in this situation is to laugh and throw things at the white kid. There’s some Electric Sliding and general merriment, then slow dancing. David assures Donna that Sue isn’t going to be an issue.

Jordan tells Brandon that his friends who were killed would have liked being at the dance, though Brandon would have ticked them off. They watch the football players from their respective teams hang out, and Brandon suggests a friendly game in a park the next day. Jordan says no one could have predicted this outcome, but Brandon thinks anyone could have.

Thoughts: Jordan is Brandon if Brandon were successful. I think I love him.

Funny how Brandon thinks he and Jordan solved racism or whatever in this episode, when it’s really Nikki.

Andrea, I don’t think Brandon even knows any swear words.

Also, Nice Laura Ashley jumpsuit, Andrea. You’ve completely given up trying, haven’t you?

Steve: “I hooked him up with a band, didn’t I?” Donna: “I thought David found him.” Steve: “I was in the room when he called.” Don’t tell anyone, but Steve is secretly my favorite.

Donna: “I really wish someone would dance.” David: (dorky dances moves). Thanks a lot, Donna.

When David raps, I, like Kelly, don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

You know the recent revelation that Brian Austin Green won’t let Megan Fox watch this show? I think he had this episode in mind when he made that rule.

March 4, 2012

BH90210 3.9, Highwire: Tip on the Tightrope

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When did Andrea become a figure skater?

Summary: It’s morning in the Taylor/Silver household, and Kelly’s in the shower while David’s listening to his Walkman and dancing dorkily. He’s not paying attention and walks into the bathroom, seeing his stepsister naked. At school, Andrea’s stressing about college and tuition. She doesn’t think Brandon has to worry about the money side of things. Steve has trouble opening his locker and bugs an annoying custodian named Hutchins about opening it for him.

Kelly complains to Donna about having to live with David. Ms. Teasley bugs her about missing a college counseling session. David tries to do announcements on the radio but gets distracted when he sees Kelly and flashes back to seeing her that morning. Steve asks him what’s going on, reminding David that they’re business associates and friends. Elsewhere, Nikki and Brandon engage in some PDA, now that they’re apparently together.

Steve quizzes David to see if he’s telling the truth about having seen Kelly unclothed. She sees them leering at her and gets mad. She also can’t believe that Donna’s defending David, saying the walk-in was accidental. Donna thinks Kelly’s jealous that Donna has a boyfriend while she’s single. In the girls’ art class, they happen to be studying nudes, which is an oh-so-ironical irony.

That night Kelly and Dylan wind up at the Peach Pit together and he teases her about how much he would appreciate being the one to see her naked. Andrea arrives, saying she’s narrowed down her college choices, and admits that she’s too intimidated to apply to Yale. Later that night she has a dream about walking a tightrope that will take her to Yale. Dylan’s at the other end, and he asks why Gil is in her dream. Gil shakes the tightrope and makes her fall.

Ms. Teasley meets with both Brandon and Brenda, who are considering the same schools. Ms. Teasley notes that all of their choices are expensive. Brandon says the family isn’t exactly rich, and Brenda says they’re not exactly poor. At home, Jim and Cindy inform the twins that only one of them can go to an expensive, out-of-state college. Jim says they’ll make the decision fairly, but that quickly leads to a fight, so Jim says he and Cindy will pick.

At school the next morning, Brandon and Brenda are still bickering about the decision; he thinks it’ll go her way because things always do. He adds that Brenda ran away from home and got rewarded with a trip to Paris. (I KNOW!) Dylan tells Brenda to calm down, but she just snaps that he’s rich so it’s easy for him to say. Donna meets with Ms. Teasley, admitting that she doesn’t think she’s smart enough to get into a good college. She also thinks her father doesn’t believe she really has a learning disability.

David tells Steve he has Kelly-related PTSD that prevents him from doing anything other than picture her naked. Steve advises him to enjoy it. Apparently Brandon also knows about the incident and tells David that it’s normal for guys to picture girls naked. He suggests that David move on to Sue next, but that makes David even more uncomfortable since she was Scott’s sister. Andrea overhears and asks the guys if they’ve ever undressed her with their minds. “I’m doing it right now,” Steve assures her. She’s not as flattered as she’d expected to be.

Andrea asks Gil if he was ever in the circus, learning that he went to Yale. He wishes her luck, which she interprets as skepticism that she can get in. Gil just says she shouldn’t put all her eggs in one basket. Andrea complains about this to Brandon, who tells her he has his own problems. Steve tells Ms. Teasley he plans to go to USC like everyone else in his family. He’s confident he won’t have any problems getting in. She points out that he has a D+ average and might need a backup plan.

David asks Kelly for a ride home, but she doesn’t want him staring at her in the car. Brenda asks why Kelly’s so worked up over something seemingly innocent. Kelly blames her anxiety on her uncertainty about what to do in the future. Brenda tries to cheer her up by inviting her to hang out at Dylan’s, but of course Kelly doesn’t want to do that.

When Brenda tells Dylan about Kelly’s problems, he tells her that Kelly might not want to go to college. After all, he doesn’t either. Brenda thinks he’s trying to get revenge on his father. Dylan reminds her that he doesn’t do things to get back at people. She wonders what will happen if she goes to college out of state and he stays in Beverly Hills. Dylan tells her they’ll figure that out when the time comes.

Back at home, Brenda asks Jim to talk to Dylan about college, which Jim says will just make him more insistent about not going. He suggests that the two of them are moving in different directions. Brenda accuses him of trying to break them up. Jim asks what they were doing tonight instead of studying. When she says Dylan was fixing his motorcycle, Jim points out that Dylan has no motivation and lots of money, so of course he doesn’t think he needs college. Brenda needs to decide if she and Dylan want the same things.

Brandon comes home, learns that Brenda and Jim are talking, and complains to Cindy that Brenda’s going to get her way again. He announces that he’ll apply to California University to solve everyone’s problems. Cindy tells Jim about this, saying that Brandon’s just giving up whether or not he really wants to go to school in California. She thinks he might deserve the better college because he’s worked harder. Jim notes that Brandon worked for his car, and Brenda shouldn’t be punished for that. Cindy suggests taking out a second mortgage on the house, an idea Jim doesn’t like.

Andrea has her tightrope dream again, this time with Brandon at the other end. He notes that Gil isn’t in charge of admissions at Yale, so she shouldn’t let him rattle her. She needs to go for what she wants. Brandon announces that it’s showtime, and Gil starts sawing at the highwire. Steve has a clandestine meeting with B.J., asking for the alumni master key. B.J. reminds him that the legacy is now in his hands. Steve immediately heads to the school, but the key doesn’t work.

In the morning, Steve meets B.J. at the Peach Pit and accuses him of pulling a frat prank. B.J. promises that the key is the same one that’s been passed down for years. If it didn’t work, then maybe the school changed the locks. In art class, Donna’s work impresses her teacher, who suggests that she go to art school. This makes Donna’s day.

Brenda asks Kelly if she thinks Brenda and Dylan have anything in common. Kelly notes that they can have different interests and still date. Brenda’s concerned that Dylan doesn’t seem to have any ambitions. She hasn’t discussed this with Dylan yet because she’s worried Jim is right. Brandon and Nikki talk about his fight with Brandon, and she says she kind of misses not fighting with her siblings back in San Francisco. She also thinks Brandon shouldn’t consider California University a negative.

At home, Brenda tells Brandon that he can go to school out of state. He guesses that there’s something behind this decision. Brenda calls Dylan and admits to being scared about going to school away from him. She tells him she’s decided to stick around L.A. He warns her not to plan her life around him. She needs to do what she wants or she might end up resenting him. The call is interrupted when Kelly shows up at Dylan’s place.

Kelly’s there under the pretense of giving Dylan some wrenches, and she uses the opportunity to tell him she misses their friendship. She’s tired of moping around. She also thinks the two of them are the only people at school who aren’t obsessing over colleges. Kelly asks for a ride on the motorcycle sometime, then leaves. Dylan calls Brenda back and again encourages her not to base her college decisions on him.

Jim and Cindy call a family meeting to announce their decision, which is that there is no decision. The kids can look at any school they want, and Jim and Cindy will do whatever they can to send them there (even if it means a second mortgage). Brenda reveals that she’s been thinking about California University for a while, so she’ll be applying there. Brandon admits that he’s leaning that way, too. They ask for the money their parents won’t be spending on tuition as a graduation gift.

Andrea has the highwire dream a third time, with Gil climbing up to the rope to taunt her. She kicks him in the face and makes it to the other side. The next morning, she tells Gil she’s applying to Yale no matter how Gil feels about it. Of course, he never thought she shouldn’t apply. Steve uses a wad of gum to keep the door to the maintenance closet from locking, then sneaks into the school that night to get the legacy key. Hutchins catches him and reveals that he has the key on him. He threatens to turn Steve in, so Steve shuts him up with $100.

Kelly apologizes to David in their shared bathroom, saying she understands that everyone’s adjusting to living together. They agree to be more careful and set a schedule. Then Kelly turns on the shower and takes off her robe. David freaks out, but she’s wearing pajamas underneath.

Thoughts: Andrea still sleeps on her grandmother’s couch. Maybe they could get a place with two bedrooms?

Steve is skeezy all through this episode, but in a hilarious way.

Donna’s art looks more like fashion designs to me, which makes total sense for her character.

The wardrobe people put Dylan in a wifebeater just knowing that 20 years later, I would find it hot.

This makes no sense: Steve tried to use the legacy key to get into the school, but it didn’t work, so he tried to break into the maintenance closet. But how did he get back into the school to get to the closet?

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