October 30, 2021

Buffy 1.11, Out of Mind, Out of Sight: I’m Looking Through You

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Hmm, this kind of foreshadows “Homecoming” from season 3

Summary: It’s a beautiful spring day, and Cordelia is looking forward to the end-of-school dance. Harmony predicts that she’ll be elected May Queen. They run into Buffy, who drops all the weapons she’s carrying. She lies that they’re for history class. Harmony and Cordelia already think she’s weird, so they don’t seem that surprised to see her doing something…well, weird.

In English class, the kids are studying The Merchant of Venice. Their teacher, Mrs. Miller, asks about how the “if you prick us, do we not bleed?” speech relates to their discussion about society’s outcasts being angry. Cordelia thinks Shylock is self-involved and whiny. His desire to get revenge isn’t justice. He needs to get over himself. Cordelia has no sympathy for people who think their problems are more important than other people’s. Mrs. Miller’s just happy she did the reading. Cordelia has even started thinking about the paper she has to write on the play.

Her latest love interest, Mitch, takes a shower in the school locker room, then chats with some friends about how he’s totally going to nail Cordelia after the dance. After the friends leave, he hears a girl laughing nearby but doesn’t see anyone. Suddenly the baseball bat on top of his locker floats into the air, then swings and hits him.

Cordelia’s passing out candy with the letter C on it in hopes that people will associate her with something sweet and vote her May Queen. Willow and Xander laugh about something that happened with her in sixth grade. Buffy wishes she were in on the joke. Xander doesn’t get why anyone would want to be May Queen anyway. Buffy admits that she was the equivalent at her old school. He tells her she doesn’t need that sort of stuff anymore – she has the Scoobies.

A guy reports that Mitch was beaten up, and Snyder rushes to assure all the students that he’s alive. “There are no dead students here…this week,” he declares. As Mitch is taken off by paramedics, Buffy asks him what happened. He says a bat hit him all on its own. Buffy heads to the locker room to take a look around, but Snyder tells her to stop nosing into situations that don’t involve her. Willow and Xander distract Snyder by loudly talking about how Mitch claimed he was going to sue the school.

Buffy finds the bat in the locker room, as well as the word “look” spray-painted on some lockers. In the cafeteria, she shares the news with the Scoobies, noting that most monsters don’t leave messages. Giles thinks they could be dealing with someone who has telekinesis, an invisible monster, or a ghost. Willow says a ghost means a dead student, so Buffy asks her to make a list of people who might fit the bill. Xander gets assigned to help Giles with research, which Xander considers homework. The alternative is talking to Mitch’s friends, like Cordelia, so research it is.

Cordelia has visited Mitch already, and he’s not badly hurt, but she’s concerned: How is he going to look in their prom pictures? We cut to a flashback of Cordelia telling Harmony that Mitch has just become single, so now Cordelia has a shot with them. A girl approaches and tries to chat with them, but Cordelia is snotty to her. In the present, as Buffy asks Cordelia if they can talk, Harmony suddenly falls down the stairs. She insists that she was pushed.

Buffy hears the same laughter Mitch heard in the locker room and sees the door to the band room closing. She goes in after the laugher, who bumps into her, but she doesn’t see anyone. Later, as two men in black suits hang out on campus, the Scoobies talk about ghosts. Giles has encountered one, and it wasn’t a great experience. It passed right through him and felt really cold. Buffy says she bumped into someone but they didn’t pass through her, which means they’re probably dealing with someone who’s invisible.

Xander thinks that’s cool, though if he had the same ability, he’d use it for good instead of evil (“good” meaning spying on girls in the locker room). Giles thinks it’s probably a difficult thing to leave with. Willow wonders if the invisible girl is a witch; that would be nice, since they know how to fight a witch. Xander mentions that in Greek myths, usually only gods had the power to become invisible. Everyone’s impressed that he’s remembered something from his research. Buffy and Willow doubt this is a god, since she’s petty and vengeful.

Since the girl’s two victims were Mitch and Harmony, who both have Cordelia in common, that’s where they should start. Willow will bring in the list of missing students tomorrow. As she and Xander head off, Giles says he’ll look into ways someone can become invisible. Buffy will try to find this invisible girl without being able to see her. That will most likely involve listening, something Buffy doesn’t always do.

Cordelia and her friends stay at school late, getting her ready for her possible election as May Queen. Buffy feels a pang of regret that that part of her life is behind her. She hears a flute playing, which Giles can also hear from the library. When a door squeaks, Giles suspects that the invisible girl has come to pay him a visit. Nope – it’s Angel. He promises he’s not there to eat Giles. He’s also not there to see Buffy; it’s too hard for him to be around her. “A vampire in love with a Slayer – it’s rather poetic, in a maudlin sort of way,” Giles says.

Angel wants to talk about the Master. He knows something big is in motion, though he doesn’t know just what. Giles has been trying to research whatever Buffy might face, but the relevant books are unavailable, including something called the Codex. Angel says he can get it. He can’t help with the invisible girl, though. Giles says that’s not part of his expertise, but he’s fascinated by the idea of going around unseen. Angel (who, as a vampire, has no reflection) says that not being able to see yourself in the mirror isn’t as great as he might think.

Another flashback: A girl named Marcie tries to win over Cordelia and her friends by joining their conversation in the bathroom. They ignore her. In the present, Cordelia is crowned May Queen and thanks the voters for making the right choice and showing how much they love her. Nearby, Willow notices the two men in suits as Buffy looks over the list of missing students. She singles out Marcie, whom Willow and Xander don’t remember. She played the flute, and Buffy heard flute music, so she figures this is the lead to follow.

She goes back to the music room, where she finds a shoe print on the floor under a vent. She climbs up into the ceiling and finds signs that someone’s been living up there, as well as a flute, sheet music, and a teddy bear. She opens a yearbook and confirms that the person who’s been living there is Marcie. Unfortunately, her Slayer/spidey sense doesn’t alert her to the fact that there’s a knife floating near her head.

Buffy leaves with the yearbook as invisible Marcie goes to Mrs. Miller’s classroom for some more mischief. She puts a plastic bag over the teacher’s head and tries to suffocate her. Fortunately, Cordelia arrives moments later and saves her. An invisible hand picks up a piece of chalk and writes “listen” on the chalkboard.

Buffy shows Marcie’s yearbook to the Scoobies; it’s full of generic “have a nice summer” messages, indicating that Marcie wasn’t close enough friends with anyone for anything else. Willow and Xander both still claim not to have known Marcie, but Buffy points out that they both signed her yearbook. Willow realizes that they also had a bunch of classes with her last year. The Scoobies decide that Marcie must have become invisible because no one noticed her.

Giles regrets not thinking about the physics of the situation. There’s a concept that reality is shaped by how people perceive it. People saw Marcie as invisible, so she turned invisible. Flashback: Mrs. Miller doesn’t call on Marcie in class, so she starts to literally disappear. In the present, Buffy feels bad that Marcie’s condition is out of her control. The Scoobies can understand why she’s mad.

Just as Buffy figures out that Cordelia is Marcie’s biggest target, Cordelia shows up in the library, looking for Buffy. Despite Buffy being a loser who hangs out with losers, Cordelia knows she can help. She’s also figured out that everything that’s happened in the past few days has to do with her. “This is all about me! Me, me, me!” she exclaims. “Wow. For once, she’s right,” Xander quips.

Buffy’s always around when weird stuff happens, and she’s strong and has weapons, so Cordelia was hoping she’s in a gang and can protect her. She has no one else to turn to. Giles invites her to sit and work with the Scoobies. He notes that he’s never seen her in the library before. “Oh, no. I have a life,” Cordelia replies brightly. She asks the Scoobies to get rid of whatever or whoever is after her. Buffy shows her a picture of Marcie, but Cordelia doesn’t recognize her.

Up in the ceiling, Marcie rants about Cordelia and how everyone needs to be taught a lesson. Back in the library, Buffy suggests that Marcie is going to do something to try to stop Cordelia’s coronation and celebration at the Bronze that night. Cordelia refuses to stay away – that will let Marcie win. Buffy’s surprised to find herself agreeing. Plus, they can use Cordelia as bait to draw Marcie out. Of course, the problem with dealing with an invisible enemy is that that enemy can listen in on your plans without you knowing, which is exactly what’s happening.

As self-centered as she usually is, Cordelia actually feels bad for Marcie. She tells Buffy that it’s awful to feel so lonely. Her own popularity and cuteness don’t make her happy all the time. Even though she’s constantly surrounded by people, Cordelia doesn’t know for sure that they’re really her friends or if they even like her. People just like being around popular people. Sometimes when Cordelia talks, everyone is so eager to agree with her that she doesn’t think they’re really listening. Buffy asks why she works so hard to be popular, then. “Well, it beats being alone all by yourself,” Cordelia replies.

While they head off to get ready for the coronation, the other Scoobies hear flute music in the library. They consider taking Marcie on themselves, since it’ll be three against one. Cordelia changes into her May Queen gown in a mop closet (Buffy promises to never tell anyone that) while the other Scoobies follow the flute music to the boiler room. They quickly realize that the music is coming from a boom box, and they were lured there. The door slams shut and they hear gas filling the room.

Through the closet door, Buffy tells Cordelia that she understands feeling lonely while being popular. She always felt like something was missing from her previous friendships. She hears something crashing in the closet and busts in to find Cordelia being pulled up through a hole in the ceiling. Buffy uses her gymnastics skills to flip up there and follow her.

As the other Scoobies try to escape the boiler room, Buffy finds Cordelia unconscious in Marcie’s ceiling hideout. Marcie throws Buffy down into a classroom and injects her with something from a medical bag. Buffy passes out and wakes up at the Bronze, where she and Cordelia have been tied to chairs. Cordelia’s worried because her face is numb. Also, “learn” is written on a nearby curtain.

The Scoobies haven’t found a way out of the boiler room or a way to shut off the gas. Giles guesses that Marcie’s loneliness has driven her crazy. At the Bronze, Buffy and Cordelia tell Marcie they’re ready to listen to whatever she wants them to hear. Marcie tells Cordelia that everyone wants what she has – to be seen. Marcie’s going to give her “a face no one will ever forget.”

Buffy protests, but Marcie hits her and says Buffy should have stayed out of her way. She thought Buffy would understand Marcie’s “vision,” but she’s just like Cordelia. Marcie prepares to start cutting up Cordelia’s face, telling her to be grateful because she’ll be memorable forever. In the boiler room, the other Scoobies are blacking out.

Cordelia tries to stall Marcie as Buffy stretches to reach a scalpel and cut the ropes tied around her. But Marcie doesn’t want to listen to Cordelia. “I see right through you,” Marcie says. Buffy manages to cut herself free, but before she can get Cordelia out of her ropes, Marcie attacks her. In the boiler room, the Scoobies are rescued by Angel, who smelled the gas when he came in through the basement to deliver the Codex to Giles. He can shut off the gas without putting himself in danger, since he can go without oxygen a lot longer than the Scoobies can.

Buffy continues fighting Marcie, quickly losing the sympathy she had for her. Marcie taunts that Buffy can’t fight something she can’t see. Buffy uses her Slayer powers to give her the upper hand. No, wait – she tells Cordelia to be quiet and then listens until she hears where Marcie is. She punches her into a curtain, which gives her form.

The two men in suits come in and announce that they’re FBI agents and will be taking care of things from here on out. Buffy wishes they’d come in a little sooner, before Marcie started trying to give Cordelia plastic surgery. She asks if they can cure Marcie. They say they can rehabilitate her and make her “a useful member of society.” Buffy guesses that this has happened before at other schools.

At school the next day, the Scoobies tell Buffy that a janitor saved them in the boiler room. Cordelia thanks them for their help, especially since they didn’t have to do anything for her. They invite her to get lunch with them, but Cordelia’s not about to hang out with them voluntarily when she can be with the popular crowd. Elsewhere, Marcie is taken to a new school full of students just like her. They’ll be studying assassination and infiltration, starting with cults. Marcie’s thrilled.

Thoughts: Marcie is played by Clea DuVall, who’s also in The Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Mrs. Miller is also Ms. Teasley from Beverly Hills, 90210.

Like Mrs. Miller, I’m impressed that Cordelia did the reading – Shakespeare, no less – and is thinking ahead about her paper. The girl has hidden depths!

I’ve never really thought about it before now but it’s interesting that Giles trusts Angel. As a Watcher, Giles has been raised and taught to believe that all vampires are demons. But Angel’s actions have proven that he’s different, and he’s willing to let Angel keep showing that he’s on the Scoobies’ side. You’d think it would be more likely that Buffy would have to convince Giles that they can trust Angel.

August 28, 2021

Buffy 1.2, The Harvest: The Fun Is Just Beginning

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Don’t mess with this girl

Summary: Luke is just about to bite Buffy when he gets a shock. Well, a burn. She’s wearing the cross necklace Angel gave her, and it burns his hand. Buffy takes the opportunity to escape into the cemetery. She saves Willow from a vampire, then goes after one trying to take Xander away. He tells Buffy that Darla ran off with Jesse.

In the library the next day, Giles tells the three teens that demons walked the Earth for ages and made it their own version of Hell. Over time, mortals took over, and there are only a few versions left of the “old ones.” Xander is having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that vampires are real. Buffy tells him she was in denial when she first saw vampires. Well, after she stopped screaming. Willow says she needs to sit down, but she already is.

Giles tells the teens that before the last demon left reality, he mixed his blood with a human, creating the first vampire. That vampire passed along his kind of demon possession to others by biting people. Now, vampires wait for humans to die out so the old ones can come back.

Underground, Darla and Luke take Jesse to the Master. They think he’s a “good one,” since he has pure blood. The Master isn’t happy that Darla has already had a taste and is now bringing him her leftovers. The Master has waited underground for decades until he can ascend and live in the world again. Darla should show more respect. She and Luke tell the Master that they ran into trouble in the form of a teen girl. The Master guesses that she’s a Slayer.

Giles explains that to Xander and Willow: The Slayer has existed as long as vampires has; she’s the one girl in the whole world with the power to kill vampires. They need to keep Buffy’s secret identity…well, secret. Xander wants to help save Jesse, but Buffy says that’s her job. She feels like she failed in her responsibility to keep Jesse safe. Willow notes that Buffy saved her and Xander, so she hasn’t failed as much as she might feel she has.

Buffy tells Giles that Luke mentioned the Master. Jesse might still be alive, if the Master hasn’t fed on him yet. Willow suggests that they call the police, but Buffy tells her they wouldn’t be able to help. Their guns won’t take down a vampire. The group decides the vampires must be underground, since they disappeared from the cemetery and didn’t seem to have transportation. Buffy notes that vampires use sewer systems to travel during the day. Xander tells her there are tunnels that run under the whole town. They don’t have time to get blueprints, but Willow has an idea.

The Master asks for confirmation that Buffy is a Slayer. Luke’s only proof is that she fought him and he didn’t kill her, which doesn’t happen often. The Master insists that Buffy can’t interfere with the harvest. He hopes Jesse will work well as bait to draw Buffy to them. At least that means they won’t eat him yet.

Willow is a tech whiz, and she’s able to hack into the city council’s security system and find city plans. Buffy’s impatient and frustrated because she wasn’t able to stay a step ahead of Luke. But as she remembers what happened, she realizes that he came up behind her. The entrance to the tunnels must be in the crypt where they fought.

Xander still wants to tag along to save Jesse, but Buffy says it’s too dangerous. The Slayer has to work alone. Xander takes it personally, as if she’s saying he’s incompetent. Willow also wants to help, though she’s not as eager to ride into battle. Giles asks her to use the computer to find out more details on the harvest (since Giles is technologically challenged). Buffy promises to bring Jesse back if he’s still alive. And no, Giles doesn’t need to tell her to be careful.

As Buffy heads off to find Jesse, Mr. Flutie catches her trying to leave school grounds. That certainly wouldn’t be a good idea on her second day at a new school, especially since she was kicked out of her last school for delinquency. Buffy lies that Giles asked her to get a book for him from the store. She has a free period and is a big reader. Mr. Flutie doesn’t buy that excuse and closes a tall gate to keep her from leaving. He’s happy that she’s a “sensible girl with her feet on the ground.” As soon as he’s gone, she jumps the gate.

Willow and Xander make a list of natural disasters that could lead them to vampires. Xander still feels useless, even though staying out of things means he won’t get hurt. Yesterday, Xander’s biggest problem was the possibility of a pop quiz. Today, he could be facing death and destruction. It’s hard to have this big secret that no one else knows. Willow promises that Buffy will be okay. She seems like she’s able to handle anything.

Buffy returns to the crypt, where Angel has been waiting for her. He expected her to find the entrance to the tunnels a little sooner. Buffy asks his name, since she suspects that he’ll be showing up again. He warns her not to go into the tunnels right before the harvest. If she can’t prevent it, the Master will ascend. Buffy asks why Angel doesn’t stop it, then. He admits that he’s afraid. Buffy isn’t, so she makes it clear she’s going into the tunnels. She has a potential friend to save. Accepting that Buffy’s really going to do this, Angel tells her to head toward the school when she gets underground.

Buffy sneaks around for a little while until she gets surprised by Xander. Of course he didn’t listen when Buffy and Willow told him not to get involved. He’s determined to save his best friend. As they look for the vampires, Xander admits that he doesn’t have much in the way of weapons. He just brought a big cross with him. Buffy tells him stakes, fire, beheading, sunlight, and holy water will all do the trick. She knows beheading works because she killed a football player-turned-vampire with an X-acto knife.

In the library, Giles reads up on the harvest and realizes it’s happening tonight. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Willow are both in the computer lab. Cordelia tells her friend Harmony about her run-in with Buffy at the Bronze the night before and how weird Buffy is. They can’t figure out the computer program they’re working on, so Cordelia tells Harmony to look at Willow’s work, but Willow’s looking up natural disasters.

Cordelia lies that Buffy waved a stake around the night before and threatened to kill her. Willow eavesdrops while Harmony tells Cordelia and another student that Buffy was kicked out of her last school. Willow defends Buffy, saying she’s not a psycho like Cordelia says she is. Cordelia tears into Willow, calling her boring. As revenge, Willow tells her to save her computer program by hitting “DEL” for deliver. Instead, Cordelia deletes all her work.

In the tunnels, Buffy and Xander find Jesse, who’s alive but chained up. Fortunately, Buffy has super-strength and is easily able to free him. Jesse tells her that the vampires knew she was going to come. Indeed, they’re waiting for her, and they’re going to make it hard for the teens to escape the tunnels. Jesse thinks he knows the way out, but he instead leads Xander and Buffy to a dead end. It might be a literal dead end – Jesse is a vampire and he wants to kill them.

He tells Xander that things are awesome now. He’s strong and he feels connected to everything. He knows what the Master wants and is ready to serve his purpose. That means killing and feeding on Xander. Buffy reminds Xander that he has a cross, though it’s not much help when the person you’re facing off with is really strong. Also, more just like Jesse are coming, and Buffy and Xander are outnumbered. They manage to close a door to keep out more vampires, but they’ll still have to find a way out of the tunnels.

They find a hatch in the ceiling and are able to climb up before the vampires can get to where they are. They crawl through some ducts and surface through a manhole. Since it’s still light out, the vampires can’t follow them. The Master is unhappy to learn that the Slayer escaped, even though the vampires laid a trap for her. Still, he doesn’t think Buffy will stop the harvest. He’ll just get to eat her once he goes above ground. The Master makes the vampire who failed at trapping Buffy apologize for screwing up. Then the Master gouges out his eye.

Willow has been looking into a big earthquake back in 1937 and discovered that there were a bunch of murders right before it. Giles says things are coming together, though he wishes they weren’t. Back underground, the harvest is also coming together. Luke drinks some of the Master’s blood in a ritual that binds them together. Luke is the vessel, and whenever he eats someone, their soul and strength will go into the Master. After receiving enough souls, the Master will be able to ascend.

Buffy and Xander join Willow in the library and give her the bad news that they couldn’t save Jesse. Giles has even more bad news: They could be facing the end of the world. In 1937, the Master came to Sunnydale because it’s on top of a Hellmouth. It’s like a portal between Earth and Hell, and the Master wanted to open it. The earthquake buried him underground. Now the Master is trying again. Once Luke has fed him enough power, the Master will be able to open the Hellmouth.

Buffy thinks this will be easy to stop: The vessel sports a unique symbol, so Buffy just has to kill anyone with that symbol. Xander guesses the vampires will go to the Bronze, where everyone young and healthy will be hanging out. The four of them head off to stop the harvest, though Buffy says she needs to make a stop first so she can get some supplies.

Buffy changes clothes at home, where Joyce worries that she’s getting in trouble again. She seems to have been out all night, and Mr. Flutie called to tell Joyce that she skipped some classes. Buffy promises that things are different now, but she has to go out. Joyce thinks she places too much importance on her personal life. The world won’t end if Buffy stays home tonight. After Joyce leaves her room, Buffy digs out a trunk in her closet where she’s hidden her vampire-fighting supplies, then sneaks out her bedroom window.

The sun is down, so the vampires are free to go wherever they want. At the Bronze, Cordelia gushes to her friends about how she wants a senior boyfriend, not a child like Jesse. Speaking of Jesse, guess who’s at the Bronze? He watches Cordelia dance for a while, then confidently gets her to dance with him.

Outside, Darla arrives with a group of vampires. They block the exit and shut off the lights. In his vamp face, Luke addresses the crowd from the stage, telling them there’s no reason to be afraid. Well, there is, but it won’t help. Cordelia is shocked to see that Jesse has the same vamp face as Luke. Luke requests his first course, the bouncer, and drinks his blood in front of everyone. Underground, the Master can feel his strength growing already.

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles (hereafter collectively known as the Scoobies) arrive but can’t get through the front door. Buffy tells the others to find a way in and get all the humans out; they shouldn’t try to fight any vampires. As they head off, Giles tells Xander and Willow that they need to remember that Jesse is dead. When they see him, they’ll be looking at the demon that killed him.

Luke continues feeding, and the Master continues to grow more powerful. He’s almost free. Jesse wants to eat Cordelia himself, but Darla tells him everyone there is for the Master. Buffy finds a way into the club and easily figures out that Luke is the vessel. Darla takes Cordelia to Luke, but before he can bite her, Buffy makes her presence known by throwing a vampire off the balcony. She does some gymnastics to jump down and land on a pool table. Then she uses a cue to stake a vampire.

Luke is more than willing to trade Cordelia for Buffy, even if it gets him kicked in the face. He fights the Slayer again, making her drop her stake. Elsewhere in the club, the other Scoobies find a way in and start sneaking people out. A vampire grabs Xander, but Buffy yanks a cymbal off of a nearby drum, throws it like a Frisbee, and decapitates the vampire. “Heads up,” Xander quips. Buffy’s amused. That doesn’t last, since her distraction allows Luke to grab her from behind again.

Jesse goes after Cordelia, so Xander threatens to stake him. As Luke revels in the chance to kill a Slayer, Darla tackles Giles. Jesse tells Xander that when he was human, he was a loser. Now he’s a new man. Luke guesses that Buffy is the last meal the Master needs, and then the Master will be free. Buffy isn’t about to let that happen.

Willow is armed with holy water, which she uses on Darla, getting her to leave Giles alone. Xander still has his stake, and he’s still ready to use it on Jesse. It turns out he doesn’t have to. As someone is running out of the club, she accidentally knocks Jesse forward, right into Xander’s stake. He’s dusted.

Buffy grabs a microphone stand as a weapon, though Luke says she forgot something: Metal won’t hurt him. She tells him he also forgot about something: Sunrise. She throws the stand like a javelin, breaking the window behind him…but there’s no sunlight. Sunrise isn’t for hours. Still, she’s able to get the better of Luke and stake him in the back. As he dies, his connection to the Master is cut.

Some vampires are ready to kill Xander, but when they see Buffy standing on the stage, having just killed a powerful vampire who’s never lost a fight, they decide they’d be smart to just leave. Angel has been watching, and he’s pleased that Buffy stopped the harvest. Buffy confirms to the Scoobies that they averted the apocalypse. Xander notes that nothing will be the same from now on.

At school the next day, Cordelia tells one of her friends about the craziness at the Bronze. The cover story everyone’s been fed is about a fight between rival gangs. Xander’s underwhelmed by how everyone’s carrying on like things are normal. People rose from the dead – they should at least have an assembly. Giles says that people try to rationalize anything they can’t understand.

Willow says she’ll never forget what they did and saw. Giles tells her that’s good – next time, they’ll all be prepared. The Master isn’t going to stop trying to free himself just because he failed this time. “I’d say the fun is just beginning,” Giles announces. Next time they could face something different. They might be what stands between Earth and its complete destruction. Buffy looks on the bright side: She could still be kicked out of school. Willow suggest that she blow something up, since the school wouldn’t appreciate that. “The Earth is doomed,” Giles says to himself as the teens head to class like today is just another day.

Thoughts: Season 1 Angel is so different from how he is in later episodes. He’s like a completely different character.

I wish Jesse had been mentioned more throughout the series. He’s obviously the reason Xander wants to take out vampires, but it seems strange for a teen to lose his best friend and barely talk about him ever again.

I’ve been immersed in the Vampire Diaries universe for a while, and sometimes it’s hard to keep the different vampire rules straight. For example, a cross won’t do anything to a vampire in The Vampire Diaries except make them laugh at you for trying to use it as a weapon.