February 24, 2013

BH90210 5.11, Hate Is Just a Four Letter Word: Black, White, and Mad All Over

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Yay for not actually accomplishing anything!

Yay for not actually accomplishing anything!

Summary: Steve urges Kelly to get a manager now that she’s going to be modeling for Seventeen. They’re surprised to see Rush on campus; Rush is there for yet another flag-football game. Brandon heads to a student senate meeting, even though no one ever attends them. This one, though, is full of students, including Alex Diaz and Janice the student senator. Andrea drops off Hannah with her grandmother (who is NOT played by Lainie Kazan this time – I feel cheated) and learns for the first time that one of her family members died in the Holocaust.

At the student senate meeting, everyone watches a video of an African-American man ranting about the Jews on Wall Street running everything and needing to apologize for charging the poor too much. He also wants the Jews to apologize for the deaths of slaves on their ships in the Middle Passage. Janice (who’s black, remember) objects because the speaker, Roland Turner, made the comments five years ago, and they were taken out of context. Jewish student Noah wants the senate to rule that Turner can’t speak on campus Friday night.

Janice wonders why the Maccabee Center gets to decide who the Black Student Union can invite on campus; the other students don’t provide the funds. She thinks it’s a First Amendment matter. Brandon starts to say something neutral, but Alex calls for a vote. Brandon adjourns the meeting, calling for everyone to come back at two. For the first time, both groups of students agree on one thing: Brandon’s annoying. Alex is sure he’s going to check with Chancellor Arnold before doing anything else.

Dylan’s still in the hospital and Iris is still with him. He tells her he doesn’t want to see anyone, especially Valerie. Jamie’s there, and is apparently doing research on patients who’ve had dreams while unconscious. Dylan claims he doesn’t remember anything. Brandon can’t talk to Chancellor Arnold, who’s about to go on a retreat, but Dean Whitmore will bring everyone together for a discussion. However, Brandon doesn’t like that idea since the student government is supposed to run itself. He also knows that Alex will use Brandon’s lack of support when he goes before the review board to determine whether Brandon’s really in charge of the student body.

Brandon hurries to the flag-football tournament, where the KEG guys have just lost. Brandon then goes to the student union and runs into Janice, noting the significance of her bringing an issue to him after skipping meetings for two months. She says this is the Black Student Union’s 25th anniversary, and Turner’s appearance is just one of the events they have planned for a celebration. Janice wanted Anita Hill, but everyone else wanted Turner.

Brandon notes that Turner’s views are extreme, and Janice replies that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s views were seen the same way. Brandon suggests letting the university pay for Turner’s appearance, but holding it off campus. Janice thinks this is a horrible idea. He asks how she would respond if Nazis wanted to hold an event. Janice still thinks it’s a First Amendment issue, and Brandon needs to support that.

Donna learns that Ray’s birthday is Friday and decides to throw him a party. He declines because he thinks he’s old. (For the record, he’s turning 25.) Donna tells Clare they’ll throw him a surprise party. I’m sure that will go over well. Noah runs into Andrea in the library, remembering her from her relationship with Dan. She clearly doesn’t want to talk to him, and he clearly doesn’t get the hint. Noah asks her to use her influence with Brandon to keep Turner from speaking on campus. He gives her a copy of the tape of Turner’s anti-Semitic speech.

That night, Andrea goes to the Walshes’ and blasts Brandon for defending Turner. Apparently the tape includes Turner saying that Jews faked their deaths at Auschwitz so the UN would vote to create Israel. Brandon says that Turner apologized for that speech. Andrea argues that he only did so because ABC News saw the tape. Brandon tells her the students will probably vote 10 to 5 in favor of Turner speaking on campus. He plans to abstain since his vote doesn’t matter. Andrea thinks that if that happens, Janice and Alex will drop their challenge to Brandon’s presidency. Brandon chastises her for lobbying him for his vote, but Andrea has a better argument here.

In the gym the next day, Brandon runs into D’Shawn, so of course they talk about Turner. D’Shawn thinks Turner’s shady since he charges $10,000 for appearances and tells poor people what they want to hear. (D’Shawn should work for CNN.) Valerie goes by the hospital, but Iris tells her Dylan’s too ashamed to see any of his friends. Valerie thinks he just let things get out of control, so there’s nothing for him to be ashamed of. Iris sends her to Dylan’s house to get some toiletries for him.

Kelly gets made up for her photo shoot, the theme of which I think is mom haircuts. Donna and Steve show up for moral support. The shoot is supposed to take place on the quad, but the Maccabee Center has taken it over to protest Turner’s appearance. David shows up for the first time in this episode to remind us that he’s Jewish. Andrea wants him to show his support, but David wants to stay out of it. He thinks the other students make too big of a deal out of their Jewishness. Andrea shames him with that “first they came for the Jews” story.

Valerie tears up Dylan’s house, looking for the rest of his drugs, which she flushes. His dealer shows up, claiming to be an old surfing buddy, and Valerie agrees to put them in touch. Back on campus, some black students are standing up to the Maccabees, and since Andrea’s involved, Alex just has to gloat that Brandon can’t even control his friends. If Brandon had taken a vote the day before, “like a real president would have,” there wouldn’t be any demonstrating.

Kelly’s photo shoot is officially canceled because of the demonstrating. The makeup artist, who’s black, tells Kelly and Brandon that she’s worked all over the world, but America is the only place where she’s reminded that everything’s always about skin color. Brandon calls the student-government meeting to order, but they immediately have to evacuate the building: Someone called in a bomb threat.

The meeting is held anyway (off-screen), and the students vote to allow Turner to speak. Dean Whitmore assures Brandon that he’ll bring in more security. Brandon thinks he might as well work on a resignation speech; he doesn’t want to be remembered as the president who had to deal with this “Civil War.” Whitmore tells Brandon that he was one of the first black students at the University of Georgia. He was also a Freedom Rider and present at King’s “I have a dream” speech. He’s sad that Jewish people supported blacks during those times, but now they’re against them.

Kelly’s shoot has been rescheduled, but it won’t take place on campus anymore. Oh, and they might put her on the cover. The only problem is that the shoot will take place Friday night, so Kelly can’t go to Ray’s party. Donna and Clare tell her Steve isn’t coming either, out of loyalty to Griffin. Donna wonders if she should invite Valerie. Clare suggests that the two of them, Ray, and David just have a small dinner party instead.

Kelly randomly calls Donna “Bubbe,” which leads David to ask Clare what she thinks about him being Jewish. She says she doesn’t think of him that way, or in any way at all. (Um…thanks?) David isn’t sure if it means anything to him. At home, Jesse teases Andrea for thriving on controversy. He thinks there’s a big difference between free speech and hate speech, and people are allowed to have different opinions – people like Brandon. Andrea argues that Brandon abstained to avoid offending anyone but wound up alienating people. Jesse tells Andrea she’s great, but she’s not very tolerant.

Andrea somehow makes it onto the news, ranting that the Maccabees’ lives feel threatened, and Turner’s presence will just further the racial tension on campus. Brandon complains to Jim that he tried to come up with a compromise, but now Andrea’s on the news, making him feel like an idiot. Jim reminds him that he’s a white dude in a world where non-white non-dudes are gaining power. Dylan’s dealer visits him at the hospital and offers him some medicine that’s definitely not covered by his insurance. Dylan has a bunch of flashbacks to his dreams. The dealer orders him to pretend they’ve never met when the cops eventually come to question him.

Brandon and Andrea are both on campus early the next morning, and she apologizes for her comments. She’s now on the board at the Maccabee Center and has tried to convince Noah not to interrupt Turner’s speech so the Jewish students don’t lose any sympathy. Brandon suggests that Andrea and Janice meet to come up with an agreement. Andrea declines, thinking Janice wouldn’t agree to it, but he tells her it was Janice’s idea. They approach the campus Interfaith Center and see that it’s been defaced with swastikas.

Dean Whitmore wants the swastikas to be painted over immediately, but the Maccabees want to keep them there until after Turner’s speech. Whitmore doesn’t get the statement they’re trying to make. “That it could happen again,” Brandon replies. David sees the swastikas and all the Maccabees protesting Turner again.

Janice tries to talk to Andrea, saying the tape isn’t a true reflection of Turner’s organization. Andrea counters that she has her own video for Turner – it’s of her grandmother describing her experiences at Buchenwald. Dylan’s worried about delving into his dreams and possibly facing jail time. Iris promises to find him some kind of treatment. Donna’s all ready for Ray’s party, but David has decided to bail to go support the Maccabees’. Clare’s going with him, so it’s just Ray and Donna.

Andrea, Jesse, and Andrea’s grandmother have Shabbos dinner together before Turner’s speech; Andrea assures Rose that she won’t cross any police barriers. Andrea knows that her grandmother hates that discrimination still exists at the end of the 20th century. Rose is also disturbed that Andrea has been fighting with Jesse and Brandon. Andrea wants to speak out against someone who’s dangerous; they can’t let themselves be intimidated.

Rose advises her to know the right time to speak and the right time to listen. She quotes the Talmud, which says that an anti-Semite must be spurned because he can’t listen to reason. But if a man wants to seek good from the community, others need to reach out to him in hopes that he’ll understand what he’s done wrong. Andrea doesn’t think Turner is that second kind of man. Rose advises her to be in the auditorium instead of outside protesting when Turner speaks.

Ray arrives for his surprise party, which is now a party of two. He doesn’t care since he doesn’t even like Clare and David. Donna gives him a really nice guitar. The Maccabees stand outside the Black Student Union holding candles, having promised not to do anything violent. Rose has come with Andrea, and both will be inside for the speech. Noah thinks Andrea’s just taking her grandmother inside because that way the black students won’t do anything to her. Janice welcomes them, inviting them to sit with her. Then Brandon stands around looking like a doofus, possibly because he’s realized that no problems have actually been solved.

Thoughts: I could go into this whole thing about free speech and First Amendment rights, and how hate speech is a whole different animal, and how we should stand up for injustice and right wrongs, and how even Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” but this show is not worth my energy.

I’m interested to know what Janice thinks Turner really meant by his supposedly out-of-context remarks.

I wish they’d said something about why Alex sides with the Black Student Union, because he doesn’t serve any other purpose in this episode. Why didn’t they just say the Latino Student Union was supporting them?

I like Jesse, and I get what he means about tolerance, but tolerating hate speech only allows it to spread. There’s tolerating other people’s beliefs because we all have the right to believe what we want, and then there’s not standing up for what you believe when people use racial slurs or degrade your religion.

Can we trade David for D’Shawn? David is boring and never does anything. D’Shawn rules all. And I still think he’s cute with Donna.

The administration should have gotten involved after the bomb threat and definitely after the swastikas. Chancellor Arnold sucks. The situation was two seconds away from turning violent. Brandon was clearly not getting anywhere. I’m all for letting students engage in a meaningful dialogue, but when they’re resorting to hate graffiti, it’s time to step in. Run your school, Chancellor. If your students can’t behave civilly, someone needs to be a grown-up.

February 18, 2013

BH90210 5.10, The Dreams of Dylan McKay: Spirits in the Material World

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Kelly's into psychology - she needs to psychoanalyze these dreams

Kelly’s into psychology – she needs to psychoanalyze these dreams

Summary: Paramedics tend to an unconscious Dylan after his car accident. A firefighter finds drugs in the car. Once Dylan’s admitted to a hospital, a doctor tries to present his case to other doctors, but they don’t really care about him because he’s a junkie. His doctor tells a nurse that according to shamans, when a person’s unconscious, he’s experiencing a battle for his soul. In his “battle,” Dylan dreams that his doctors are Ms. Teasley, Suzanne, and Kevin. He can hear Erica calling for help. Dream Dylan runs off to save Erica, who’s kneeling on a subway track. His drug dealer winks at him.

Over at CU, David and Clare make a video about a frat flag-football tournament Steve and Brandon are playing in. The tournament lasts for four days, so I guess the students don’t have anything else to do right now. Clare wants the video to highlight how jocks are competitive and girls cheer them on, or something. Shut up, Clare. She doesn’t even know why they’re wearing flags. Rush arrives and asks to take over coaching duties, even though KEG is doing fine.

Jim and Cindy disagree about whether or not Valerie should be allowed to smoke in the house. (Cindy is okay with it, since Valerie is such a poor, delicate flower, but Jim is against it.) Valerie overhears and offers to quit. Suddenly they get a call from Iris. After their football game, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly go to the Peach Pit to kill the 90 minutes before the playoffs. Steve’s annoyed that Rush got involved, but Kelly says he’s just trying to recapture his own glory days of being the big man on campus. Inside, Nat and Andrea tell them about Dylan’s accident.

The Walshes and Valerie head to the hospital, where the doctor tells them Dylan’s in a coma. She doesn’t think it’ll last more than 24 hours. Oh, wait, she’s not a doctor, just a med student. Okay, who cares? Dylan dreams that he and Valerie go to the Walshes’ for Thanksgiving (Dylan calls Cindy “Mom” – aww). Suzanne and Kevin are there, and Kevin is friends with Jacques Cousteau. Dylan goes to answer the door and sees a snake slithering around the turkey Jim’s carving. Dylan thinks he’s letting Erica in, but his dealer’s at the door.

Then we get a black-and-white flashback of Dylan and Jack singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” then their final scenes before the car bombing. Dylan keeps seeing the car exploding and burning. Brandon and Kelly go to the hospital, though she thinks he should still go to the playoff game. She doesn’t want them to act like Dylan’s already died. Valerie worries that her presence is making Dylan feel worse. She blames herself for the accident. Kelly reminds her that they did everything they could to help Dylan, but he checked himself out of rehab. It’s not like Valerie knew he was getting wasted and didn’t try to stop him. Val asks if Kelly still loves him. Kelly doesn’t get a chance to answer.

As Kelly says mean things to him, Dylan dreams about their swim in the pool, then imagines them getting married. (Jim walks her down the aisle, so that’s weird.) Suzanne appears to be the maid of honor. Then Dylan realizes Brandon is the groom. Jim asks Dylan, the best man, if he brought the rings. Valerie, in her own wedding gown, says she brought one. Except she’s not Valerie – she’s supposed to be Brenda. Dylan goes back to the subway to get Erica, and his dealer tells him to save her. He just needs to “follow the light.”

Dylan wakes up and rings for a nurse, but instead gets Ms. Teasley, Suzanne, and Kevin again. Suzanne apologizes for stealing his money, then says that since they’ve already come this far, they might as well keep going. The dealer gives him an injection. In reality, the med student (Jamie) asks for more medication for Dylan, but the nurse tells her to fill out the proper paperwork. Over at the Peach Pit, Steve and Nat worry about Dylan’s addiction. Steve wants Dylan’s share of the After Dark, angering Andrea, since they’re discussing business while Dylan’s in the hospital. Nat gives Steve 12 hours to make things work or he’s walking away.

Dylan dreams again about going to Jack’s car, but this time he’s the one who gets in, and it doesn’t blow up. His dealer is there and takes him to the pool hall, which is full of girls Dylan’s slept with. Dylan’s all proud of himself. Kelly makes out with him while the dealer plays electric guitar. Then Valerie intercepts Dylan, offering to do whatever he wants. Next, Donna shows up in her underwear, saying they’re “fixing it.” Suzanne’s next, but then the dealer shoots Dylan up and sends him back to the subway.

Rush helps the KEG guys get ready for the playoffs, annoying Steve. Brandon tells Steve to suck it up so they can win the tournament. Steve doesn’t want to have to put up with his father turning everything into a competition and showing him up. Brandon threatens to quit, since he’s not in KEG anyway and has more important things to do, like check on his possibly dying friend. They decide to pretend it’s still that morning, before they knew about Dylan and before Rush made Steve mad.

Dylan dreams of Kevin and Suzanne urging Ms. Teasley to shoot him. Ms. Teasley realizes that she has nothing against him; Suzanne and Kevin are the ones who ripped him off and “destroyed his faith in mankind.” The dealer offers to pull the trigger. Instead, he sends Dylan back to the subway, but this time Dylan says he won’t follow the light. He gives money to a homeless man and approaches the train. Clare and David wander through, saying the tunnel would be a great place for a music video. (They’re actually in Dylan’s hospital room, and Clare is being a shrew.)

Dream Dylan goes to the pool hall, where Kevin and the dealer, dressed as bikers, scrutinize him. Suzanne tells him he just needs to make the next shot – not with a pool cue but with a syringe. Kevin and Suzanne hold Dylan down while the dealer gets ready to shoot him up. Meanwhile, Donna smokes and dances on the bar. Clare tries to make out with Dylan, then fights with Suzanne over who he belongs to. Clare sits Dylan up and lets him see that Erica’s in the bar. Erica screams and the real Dylan has a seizure. Dream Dylan drives his car down the cliff again and flatlines. Kevin and Suzanne are with him. The dealer turns off his heart monitor.

Football is played, and Jim arrives toward the end of the scoreless game. He chats with Rush, who’s kept himself away from the action so he won’t bother Steve. They talk about Dylan, and Jim says his condition doesn’t look good. Rush is surprised since Steve didn’t mention anything. Steve decides to use one of Rush’s plays to win the game. So now he has a game victory AND his father’s approval! What a great day for Steve!

Jamie and Dylan’s actual doctor bicker, standing close enough to each other to kiss. The doctor doesn’t get why Dylan isn’t getting better. The nurse mentions Jamie’s remark about Dylan undergoing a battle for his soul. Dream Dylan goes to Jack’s car again, and it blows up. Then he’s back in the subway tunnel, giving the homeless man money again. The dealer promises not to shoot him up again if he saves Erica. Dylan reaches out for her, but she screams again and disappears. The homeless man turns Dylan around, but this time it’s Jack. He tells Dylan to keep trying and trust himself.

The real Dylan is calm and stable now, though Jamie and the doctor didn’t have anything to do with the change. Steve toasts the KEG guys’ entrance into the finals and thanks Rush for the game-winning play. Then he hints that Rush will be paying for his shares in the After Dark. That night, Dylan wakes up for real with Iris next to him. He imagines Jack sitting in the room, smiling at him. Then Dylan makes out with Jamie. Okay, not really, but wouldn’t that have made sense?

Thoughts: The mention of Jacques Cousteau made me think of the Friends episode where Phoebe dreams about him. Hey, that took place at Thanksgiving, too!

Dude, Dylan wants Donna! I wouldn’t have expected that.

Hey, Brandon, the emerald green shirt with the kelly green shorts are really working for you.

Very appropriate music in the background of the last pool hall dream: the Police’s “Spirits in the Material World” (hence the name for the recap).

July 4, 2012

BH90210 3.29/30, Commencement: Unnecessary Clip Show

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David, please stop being a dork

Summary: Steve has taken his friends up to the Hollywood sign to discuss a once-in-a-lifetime experience that they all think is a little nuts. He wants them to leave some sort of mark on West Beverly. Brenda’s the first to give in, and the others come around. Next the kids head to school for a graduation rehearsal, which Kelly thinks is pointless. Donna’s fine with it since she almost had to miss the ceremony. Dylan and Brandon are there, but soon split.

Meanwhile, Andrea’s nervous about giving her valedictorian speech, and David’s losing it from having to take six finals in three days. Steve’s still serving detention, which Brandon notes he’ll never have to attend again since it’s the last day of school. He’s been summoned to Ms. Teasley’s office and thinks something bad is about to happen. Dylan has lunch with Jim and discusses possibly going to Berkeley. First he has to get his SAT scores back. Jim tells him that Iris is worried about what he’ll do with his trust fund, as it’s now officially his.

School’s over, but David thinks he flunked his last final. He’s also a little on edge about being replaced at the radio. Steve goes to see Ms. Teasley, thinking she’s going to tell him he’s not allowed to graduate. She tells him she originally thought he was irredeemable, but his grades have improved over the second part of the year. Also, she knows he donated his prize from the Lakers game to the day camp. After the meeting, Steve happily tells Brandon that Ms. Teasley is going to write him a letter of recommendation, and now he can go to California University with Brandon.

While Brandon offers to let Andrea practice her speech on him, the others celebrate at the Peach Pit. (Except David, who’s asleep.) They want their senior wills, but Brandon won’t give them advance copies. Nat wishes he had a senior will, saying he’d leave Jim’s karaoke machine to him, Color Me Badd to Donna, and Laverne to Brenda. Cue flashback! Jordan shows up looking for Andrea and tells Brandon that she’s having second thoughts about going to Yale. He seems to think those second thoughts are because of Brandon.

At home, Brenda receives an envelope from the University of Minnesota. Kelly, David, and Jackie pack up the house and discuss future living arrangements; David hasn’t been accepted to college yet, and Kelly doesn’t really want to live in a dorm. Kelly’s proud of how David has become cooler. Flashback to dorky David in the early days of Jackie and Mel’s relationship. The Walshes eat ice cream and discuss the pros and cons of Brenda going back to Minnesota. Brandon emphasizes the cons. Cindy hopes Brenda isn’t running away because of Dylan.

Andrea shows up to practice her speech with Brandon. It’s full of big words and would put any audience to sleep. Brandon encourages her to say what she wants, not what she thinks is expected of her. She wonders how she’ll get through college without him. They discuss the early days of their friendship and how they almost hooked up when he thought he was going back to Minnesota. Andrea realizes that she’s trying to live up to the image of a Yalie when she thinks she should stay in California. Brandon freaks out and she tells him to calm down.

Kelly goes over to Dylan’s, where he’s been reading up on California University. Kelly isn’t thrilled with the idea of four more years of school. Flashback to their romp in the pool (which I can’t find, and don’t care that much about anyway), where he clarified that he wanted her, not Brenda. They’re interrupted when Iris makes a surprise appearance – she’s in town to attend graduation. She’s stunned to learn that Dylan and Kelly are still together. Dylan blasts her for not getting in touch after Jack died. Iris decides to stay in a hotel, which Dylan will use his trust fund to pay for. Iris warns Kelly that money will change Dylan.

The next morning, the seniors have a special breakfast and finally see the senior wills. Andrea’s still working on her speech, but Steve makes her take a break to look at his will, in which he leaves her an egg. (HA!) Brenda leaves Kelly their horrible double date. Donna leaves Brenda their awful dinner from their first night in Paris. Brenda admits to Brandon that she loved being in Paris, but she can’t help wondering how things would have turned out if she hadn’t gone. He realizes that she hasn’t told anyone she might go to Minnesota.

David and Donna do a Wayne’s World skit, then tease Steve about the legacy key. There are flashbacks of the gang’s camping trip, leading Dylan to remember Brandon’s near-death experience. Brenda, Kelly, and their pantsuits are called to the stage so we can remember their skydiving adventure and their vocal performance with Emily. This leads to Brandon’s own personal flashback to meeting Emily.

The girls sing a song that’s basically about how Brandon will date anyone who moves. (If I linked to all of those, I would break the Internet.) Dylan asks who his favorite was, and for some reason Brandon thinks of Tricia. (Sorry, Andrea.) Steve surprises David with footage of his horrible dance moves. The kids recognize the footage as being from the spring dance, which makes Brenda remember what else happened that night.

David’s bummed after the breakfast, telling Donna he feels burned out. He somewhat regrets pushing to graduate early since he doesn’t even know what he wants to do. He’s upset that their group of friends is breaking up. Donna assures him that he still has her. Later, everyone but David and Andrea gathers at the Walshes’ for their special project. Brandon spills that Andrea’s considering not going to Yale since it’s so expensive. Kelly makes a money-related joke that makes things between her and Dylan a little tense.

Cindy tells Jim that Brenda doesn’t want them to say anything about Minnesota in front of her friends. She doesn’t think Brenda has decided what to do yet. They reminisce about their boring weekend away and the twins’ disastrous party. The elder Walshes try to sneak a peek at the kids’ project, but the kids won’t let them see. Jim remembers first meeting Dylan, but the flashback we get is actually of Brenda seeing Dylan in the shower. Iris calls, but she wants to talk to Jim, not Dylan.

The kids start abandoning their project, so Brandon and Steve start playing basketball. Flashback from their night out which resulted in grand theft auto. Steve admits that he thinks Ms. Teasley is only writing him a recommendation because of the money he donated. The donation was supposed to be anonymous, but it was traceable to him. Brandon doesn’t think it was necessarily a scam since the money’s going to a good cause.

At the soon-to-be-ex-Taylor/Silver house, David tells Kelly he might not go to graduation. She urges him to think about everything he’s accomplished in high school. But every time he thinks of his freshman year, he thinks of Scott. Kelly calls Dylan to apologize for her earlier comments, which he seems to be over. Also over: Brenda, who’s told Dylan about wanting to go to Minnesota but being scared to tell everyone. He advises her to flip a coin. They wonder if they would still be together if Kelly hadn’t come into the picture, but Dylan doesn’t know. Cue flashbacks of the whole mess.

Brenda asks why Dylan didn’t tell Kelly that she was there. He says she didn’t ask. He wonders why Brenda came over; she says she guesses it was to say goodbye. Iris shows up and tells Dylan to choose whether he wants her to go to his graduation or back to Hawaii. He does neither, letting her (since graduation doesn’t start for a while anyway). Kelly chats with Jackie, noting that if she hadn’t stayed in Beverly Hills instead of going to Paris, she and Dylan wouldn’t have gotten together. She adds that she and Dylan won’t be living together. Jackie’s upset that Kelly’s father isn’t coming to graduation. Kelly quips that she’ll major in psychology in college.

Brandon and Brenda get ready for graduation and flashback to not being sure about living in Beverly Hills. Then it’s on to graduation, where Dylan gets defensive when Steve asks where he got his boots. (They’re probably from that ranch chick. I don’t wanna link to her.) David’s happy again, since he actually got the second-highest grade in the class on the exam he thought he failed. Dylan’s either drunk or has a brain tumor, since he hallucinates Jack telling him that he doesn’t have to go to college if he doesn’t think it’s right for him.

The ceremony begins, and only Andrea is unhappy – she’s lost her speech. Brandon tells her to calm down. She tries to wing it but winds up reciting her first version, with all the big words. She starts talking about how they don’t know what they’re doing, but their years at West Beverly have given then a foundation to face an unknown future. Also, friendships are awesome. While the students’ names are read, Kelly thinks about how much her father has disappointed her over the years.

Donna is the first of the gang to get her diploma, and for some reason the flashback we get is of her telling David she’s not having sex until she’s married. Next is Dylan, and Brandon remembers hanging out with him early on in their friendship. Kelly keeps looking out at the crowd, and as she gets her diploma and sits down, she starts crying. Steve and David think she’s just being sentimental, but she’s happy because her father came after all. Once Andrea gets her diploma, the ceremony’s over and hats are tossed.

Cindy takes pictures of the gang, and Kelly’s father comes over to congratulate her. Steve is obviously happy for her. Dylan tells Iris that he’s felt all day that Jack was around and even talking to him. Iris doesn’t think that’s out of the realm of possibilities. She takes a picture of him with Cindy and Jim. Kelly’s pleased that her parents are in the same place and the three of them will be having dinner together.

That night, Dylan calls from his “cellular phone” (hee) to tell the Walshes he’s coming over. He wants to talk to Jim about how money can make people act. He vows not to lose touch with who he is or the people in his life. He wants to put the money back in the trust. All he wants is money for living expenses each month. Oh, and some cash so he can spend the summer traveling in Europe. Dylan still hasn’t made up his mind about college, but he thinks Jack would understand. Jim’s happy with his decisions and agrees to make the arrangements.

The kids all head back to the Hollywood sign in the middle of the night. Andrea announces that she’s going to Yale after all; she’s resigned herself to taking out a loan. Dylan tells everyone he’s spending the summer in Europe and will make a decision about college when he gets back. Brenda comes clean about her choice to go to the University of Minnesota. Andrea’s speech made her feel sure – she knows that their friendships will hold up even if they’re not all in the same place. Dylan talks about his travel plans, asking Kelly to come along.

The kids fall asleep, and in the morning they go to Dylan’s house to get a look at their project: They’ve repainted the Hollywood sign so it says W BEV HI ’93. And yay, I made it through the third season!

Thoughts: Frigging clip show. FRIGGING 90-MINUTE CLIP SHOW. I’ve never done so many links my life.

We did something similar to senior wills – Senior Stockings. At Christmas we asked Santa to give our friends certain gifts. Then in the spring, just before graduation, we wrote our favorite memories from high school and our future plans.

How are these people still getting college-acceptance letters? There shouldn’t be any spots left!

Those sound-activated dancing flowers are on the tables at the senior breakfast. Remember those?

Really didn’t need the Emily cameo. Really, really didn’t need it.

There’s totally someone wearing a knit hat and gloves at graduation. Wha–?

Looks like Brandon and Brenda graduated with honors, so good for them.

I thought Dylan was going to offer to pay for Yale for Andrea, but then I remembered that this isn’t Dawson’s Creek.

April 28, 2012

BH90210 3.20, Parental Guidance Recommended: Changes of Heart

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Reason #168 Brian Austin Green won't let Megan Fox watch this show

Summary: Brenda mopes over the outcome of her love triangle with Dylan and Kelly, imagining taking an axe to his surfboard. Meanwhile, the other two lovebirds are making out on Dylan’s couch. Iris is due in town that afternoon, and Kelly wonders if she’s really psychic. Iris gets in early and shows up at the house just as clothes are about to be removed.

Kelly runs off to freshen up so she doesn’t have to meet her boyfriend’s mother for the first time looking like she’s just rolled around on the couch with her son. Iris is surprised by how messy the house is, thinking Brenda wouldn’t put up with it. Dylan takes his time telling his mother that a) he and Brenda broke up and b) he’s with Kelly now. Iris gets distracted asking for Kelly’s sign.

At the Peach Pit, Steve has set up a demo for David, but Donna objects since David already barely has time for the radio station. David wants to cut Steve out of the deal, and Steve warns that the record label will eat him alive. David gives in, knowing that Curtis Bray, the guy he’ll be meeting with, is a “shark.”

Andrea tells Brandon that she was invited to a get-together in San Marino for students who will be going to Yale. She’s worried since she’s not rich like the other students. Brandon worries that she’s having second thoughts about going to Yale. Kelly shows up to tell Donna about meeting Iris, who Kelly wasn’t too impressed with. She’s also not thrilled that Iris loves Brenda.

Later that night, Brandon checks on Brenda, telling her everyone was asking about her, including Iris. Brenda’s surprised since Jim never mentioned her coming to town. She confides that when she agreed to let Dylan choose between her and Kelly, she didn’t think she would lose. The next morning, Brandon looks at CD systems for his car, not telling his parents where he’s getting the money.

Brenda complains that people either ignore her or ask how she is too often. She would have liked to know that Iris was coming to town. Jim says he was just trying to keep her out of Dylan’s situation. Now Brenda wants him to keep his business confidential. Iris meets with Jim to draft a letter outlining her position on the trust fund. She thinks Jack is conning Dylan, preying on him for the first time. Dylan’s just hearing what he wants to hear from his father.

At the Bel Age, Jack warns Dylan that Iris is going to say a lot of nasty things about him the next day. Dylan admits that he isn’t sure if Jack is trying to rip him off or not. He notes that Jack made the money in the first place and gave it to Iris, who gave it to Dylan. Now Dylan wants to give some of it back.

Jack’s glad the money’s in Dylan’s name; otherwise he would have lost it when he went to jail, or Iris would have spent it. He starts talking business, saying that because of the recession, they need to move quickly on deals. Then he encourages Dylan to spend time with Iris, thinking part of her does want to open the trust. Dylan just needs to see where she stands and Jack will do the rest.

The next morning, Dylan does exactly what Jack wanted, inviting Iris on a drive to Ojai. She’s impressed that he’s so mellow now, compared to how he was the last time she saw him. He credits Kelly and Jack’s release for the change. Dylan wants his parents to spend some time together, which Iris reluctantly agrees to.

Steve, David, and Donna go to Icon Records to see Bray, the label’s president, but have to wait for a meeting. Andrea attends the Yale mixer and immediately feels out of place. She’s surprised to run into Jordan, who thinks Yale wants to turn him into the next Clarence Thomas. They bond over being scholarship students and disliking the snobs around them.

Bray finally graces David and Steve with his presence, telling them he gave David’s tape to a producer named Serge Menkin. He already wants to produce David’s music. Steve is skeptical since Serge is known to have a drug problem. David doesn’t seem to care. Bray sends Steve off to get Donna some free CDs, then tells Bray to “lose the yutz.” If he doesn’t fire Steve, they don’t have a deal.

Andrea learns that Jordan’s getting a full ride to Yale; she has some aid but still has to pay part of her tuition. The two of them laugh over a snob who’s mistaken Andrea for a much richer Zuckerman. Kelly stops by the Walshes’ to tell her that they were friends before Dylan came between them, and he’s not worth it if they can’t be friends now. Then Brenda starts cutting her hair, because it’s another fantasy.

Iris and Jack reunite at the Bel Age and discuss Iris’ idea to start some sort of spiritual school in Hawaii. Jack notes that Dylan could give her the money for it. Iris thinks Dylan planned the whole day with her to butter her up for Jack. She doesn’t want Jack to have access to the money she saved for Dylan. Jack accuses her of trying to be controlling. Iris announces that she’s leaving and Dylan can do whatever he wants.

Brenda’s still moping, and she finally breaks down and admits to Jim that she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t put on a brave face anymore. Iris wonders why Dylan is on Jack’s side, and Dylan notes that he’s spent more time with his father now than he has his whole life. He knows what it’s like to have people turn their backs on him, and he doesn’t want to turn his back on Jack.

At school, Steve encourages David to accept Bray’s deal at Icon. David hesitantly tells him that the label wants to make some changes. Steve says that since David’s the one with the talent, he gets to call the shots. Donna and Kelly are surprised that David would consider firing Steve, but David knows this is his chance to make his dream come true. Kelly advises him to come clean quickly.

Andrea tells Brandon about the Yale mixer and running into Jordan. Just then, Jordan sends Andrea a fax (hee) just to say hi. She clearly likes him. Dylan tells Kelly that Iris is going back to Hawaii, and the trust won’t be opened until he’s 21. Kelly tries to talk to Brenda, but Brenda points out that Kelly has Dylan now – what more does she want?

Iris comes by the Walshes’, but Brandon is so obsessed with watching basketball that he can’t be bothered to visit with her. Iris has brought Brenda a crystal to give her strength. She doesn’t think her relationship with Dylan is over; this is just a bump in the road. Brenda says she’s already getting rid of Dylan’s things. Iris has her picture the happiest time they had together, pointing out that her memories are more important than any of Dylan’s things.

David meets with Steve at the Peach Pit to break the news that he’ll no longer be David’s manager. Steve points out that David wouldn’t have gotten this far without him. David thinks he’s making the right choice for himself. Steve notes that he’s done some pretty horrible things, but David’s actions take the cake.

Before heading back to Hawaii the next morning, Iris tells Dylan she’s going to see Jim and sign some papers: She’s going to let him open the trust. She considers this a compromise with her “opponent.” Speaking of opponents, Brenda says a cool but civil hello to Kelly at school, letting her crystal give her strength (or something).

Jim is surprised by Iris’ change of heart, but she knows she can’t keep driving Dylan away or holding onto her contempt for Jack. She just wants her son to be happy. Even if things go poorly, it doesn’t matter since money can’t buy happiness. Brenda decides to store Dylan’s things in the garage instead of getting rid of them. However, she asks Cindy to burn it if she ever goes out to moon over it.

Brandon’s gotten his new sound system, as well as some skis and a couple things for Brenda and Cindy. Brenda’s confused about where he’s getting the money. Jim shares his frustration over Iris’s decision with Cindy, saying he thinks of Dylan as kind of a son and wouldn’t be able to throw his own child to the wolves. He plays to draw out the process as long as possible.

At dinner with Kelly (who’s not eating), Jack congratulates Dylan on helping him get Iris to change her mind, saying he hasn’t been this happy in a while. Then he goes into the bedroom to have one of his patented intense phone conversations: He lied to Dylan to get the money, and the person on the other end of the phone needs to hold up his end of the bargain.

Thoughts: Steve briefly talks to an assistant (I guess) at Icon, and despite her looking completely different from how I’ve ever seen her, I immediately recognized her as Sharon Lawrence.

Kelly, when Brenda pulls out the axe: “Where’d she get that?” Dylan: “I don’t know, it’s not my fantasy.” I laughed way too hard at that.

Every time someone says David is talented, I die a little inside.

Speaking of David, just look at the picture above. He’s wearing purple jeans. Purple! Jeans! Such a thing should not exist!

October 11, 2011

BH90210 2.10, Necessity Is a Mother: Sure I’m Sober, Sure I’m Sane

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Fair warning: My newfound crush on Luke Perry is probably going to mean a lot of Dylan pictures

Summary: Dylan plays pool at a hall then heads home to see his mother, Iris. At school the next day, Kelly encourages him to tell his mother how he feels, but Steve says it’s pointless since parents are oblivious. Kelly notes that none of the kids in their group has normal parents (except Brandon and Brenda). Brandon assures Dylan that he’ll get used to having his mother around all the time. After Dylan leaves, Brenda says she’s worried about him; he’s been moody and keeps ditching school.

Steve, Kelly, David, and Donna are taking an introductory economics class, and Donna happens to have the best portfolio. Steve suggests that they invest real money. David isn’t interested, since his dad lost a ton of money in the stock market a few years ago, and Kelly doesn’t want to take the risk. Donna decides that since she’s good at it in class, she’ll be good at it in reality. Brenda tries to get Dylan to talk about his mother, but he won’t. When he takes her home, he sees his mom’s car in the Walshes’ driveway.

Iris does something new-agey with Cindy, then tells Brenda that she read her astrological chart. Cindy thinks she and Iris have a lot in common since they both grew up in the ’60s. She tells Brenda that Dylan and Iris are staying for dinner, which is news to Dylan. Donna closes her bank account against Kelly’s advice. Kelly also makes the mistake of calling her stupid. Donna winds up withdrawing a little over $2,000, including 14 cents. Kelly asks for the 14 cents since that’s all Donna will have left when she’s done.

Dylan can’t hide his animosity toward Iris as she tells the Walshes about her life. She claims that Dylan was “mellowed” when he visited her in Hawaii; he says he was bored. He gets fed up with the conversation and leaves. Brenda follows and tells him Iris is just trying to be a mother. She reminds him that when they went camping, he complained that she didn’t care enough. Dylan says there’s nothing he can do about Iris being around.

After the McKays leave (Iris calling Brenda “a magical young lady”), the Walshes talk about how much they like Iris. Brenda’s the exception since she’s driving Dylan crazy. At the McKays’, Iris tells Dylan that Brenda has “an extremely negative aura.” She can’t believe Brenda and Cindy are related since they’re so different. Iris continues that Dylan and Brenda are wrong for each other since their astrological signs don’t match up. Dylan tells her that his relationship with Brenda is none of her business.

Dylan goes back to the pool hall and learns that a guy named Bobby is looking for him, wanting to play against him. He also gets a beer (the bartender knows his ID is fake and doesn’t care). At school the next day, Brenda tells Brandon and Andrea that Dylan’s not at school for the third time that week. Brandon tells her that Iris is his problem to deal with. (What a nice friend.) He thinks Iris is just flaky, but Brenda tells him that she took Cindy to a “mind gym.” Apparently this is a place for people to have acid trips without taking acid.

Brenda meets up with Dylan at the Peach Pit, where Nat asks Brandon what’s going on with him. Dylan assures Brenda that he’ll be at school the next day. She invites him over to study. Iris asks Cindy about having kids who actually talk to her, since Dylan’s so closed off. She notes that Cindy probably knows Dylan better than she does. She appreciates having Cindy as a friend, especially since she thought people would treat her as a pariah for leaving her son. Iris knows she can’t change the past, but she wants to do something about the future.

Donna and Steve’s investing is going well, and they tell Nat about the money they’ve made. She’s not that excited about it. Dylan goes back to the pool hall and finally meets up with Bobby for an expensive evening of pool. Cindy orders in spicy Pakistani food for the Walshes, having been inspired by Iris. Brenda complains that Iris is too hard on Dylan, but Cindy says she’s just trying to be a good mother. Brenda worries that Dylan will eventually snap if Iris doesn’t back off.

Dylan wipes the floor with Bobby at the pool hall, then goes to the Walshes’. Brenda can immediately tell that he’s been drinking. He tries to get more booze from the Walshes’ liquor cabinet but Brenda kicks him out. Dylan snarks that he thought he could count on her. Brenda tells Brandon what just happened, and he finally gets how bad things have gotten for Dylan. He spills that Dylan also had some drinks on the camping trip. Brenda blames Iris for Dylan’s relapse, but Brandon doesn’t think it’s that simple. He adds that Iris isn’t forcing Dylan to drink.

In their econ class, Donna tries to convince Steve that they need to sell their stocks. She thinks he’s being greedy. Steve notes that they could get out too soon and miss out on a big jump. Donna would rather take an honest profit. Steve says his broker advised him not to sell. Dylan actually comes to school and apologizes to Brenda for his actions the last night. She and Brandon can both tell that he’s drunk. Brenda says that a mean drunk is even worse than a drunk, but Dylan doesn’t care. Brenda asks Brandon to do something.

Kelly advises Brenda to stay out of it since Dylan’s going to do what he wants to do. She thinks he needs to hit bottom. The more she tried to help her mother, the worse things got, just because Kelly was there and Jackie knew she would fix things. She tells Brenda that she can love Dylan but she can’t save him. Brandon stops Dylan from driving, offering to take him wherever he wants to go. They wind up at the pool hall, where Bobby tells Brandon that Dylan won $500 off of him the night before. Bobby’s now won it back, but Dylan doesn’t care.

Iris goes to the Walshes’, unable to find Dylan, and confides in Cindy that she thinks he’s drinking. She’s especially worried because he didn’t come home at all the night before. Cindy pretends that everyone planned to go to the movies together. When Brenda shows up, Iris realizes that no one knows where Dylan is. Brenda admits that Dylan has been drinking but Brandon took him somewhere. She blasts Iris for never being there for his son. Cindy assures Cindy that Dylan’s fine since he’s with Brandon.

Bobby decides he’s done fleecing Dylan, but Dylan doesn’t have the money he just lost. Bobby beats him up and tells him to bring him the money the next day. When he finally takes Dylan home, everyone yells at Brandon, then notices that Dylan’s been beaten up. He and Iris start fighting and he says he has no respect for her since she walked out when he was six. The Walshes all head into the kitchen so the McKays can talk. Jim tells Brenda it’s time to stop feeling sorry for Dylan since there’s only so much people can do for him. She accuses him of abandoning Dylan. Jim tells her he doesn’t want her seeing him until he’s gotten a grip on his life.

Dylan asks his mother why he should start listening to her all of a sudden. She assures him that she loves him, but he doesn’t want to listen to it, so he leaves. Iris laments to Cindy that she doesn’t know how to be a mother. Cindy replies that she’s been a mother for 16 years and is still working on it. She knows that Dylan needs Iris whether he realizes it or not. Iris understands that Dylan has no reason to forgive her for leaving him. She doesn’t deserve to be a part of his life. Brenda tells Dylan that she’s not allowed to see him until he gets his life under control. He promises her that things will work out.

Steve confronts Donna at school, showing her that the company she chose for their investments is tanking. She literally says, “I told you so.” Oh, and she sold the day before, so she’s made money, and she doesn’t want Kelly or Steve to ever call her stupid again. They decide they should get her to pick another stock for them.

At the McKays’, Iris tells Dylan that she knows she can’t make up for the years they’ve missed together. She’s there for him, but she knows he doesn’t need a full-time mom, which is fine since she doesn’t know how to be one. Cindy told her that he takes pretty good care of himself. Dylan admits that he didn’t give her a chance. Iris announces that she’s going back to Hawaii. She admits that she gave up when he was a kid by taking the money Jack offered her to leave his life. She never spent any of the money, and now she wants to give it to Dylan. Dylan doesn’t want it, but Iris tells him Jim is putting it in a trust for him.

Iris says goodbye to the Walshes, asking them to look after Dylan. Brenda apologizes for her harshness, and the two agree that the one thing they have in common is their love for Dylan. Dylan tells Brandon he’s going to become emancipated, which is probably a very, very bad idea, but whatever. Then Brandon takes Dylan to an AA meeting, as Dylan did for him in “B.Y.O.B.”

Thoughts: The recap title comes from the Tracy Bonham song “Mother Mother.” So I used a ’90s song about someone’s mother with lyrics about being sober. I’m kind of weirdly proud of myself.

As naggy as Brenda comes off in this episode, at least she cares before someone tells her to, BRANDON.

Yes, Iris, give the messed-up teenager with no self-control a ton of money. That’s brilliant parenting.