June 26, 2011

BH90210 1.10, Isn’t It Romantic?: I Want Your Sex

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Yeah, Buffy and Angel were in this same position...right before she killed him

Summary: Brenda and Dylan flirt with each other while he’s over helping Brandon work on his car. Jim questions how Dylan got the money for his own car, a Porsche. Dylan goes in to take a shower, for some reason leaving the bathroom door open, so of course Brenda walks in on him. They start talking about movies, and he asks her to see one with him and Brandon that night. Afterward they go to Dylan’s house, where he’s been living since his dad closed the hotel suite.

At school Brenda tries to convince Kelly that she and Dylan didn’t go on a date. (I don’t think it’s considered a date when your brother’s there.) She argues that she isn’t even Dylan’s type. The two girls complain about health class; the sex-ed portion of the curriculum is coming up in a couple weeks. Brenda and Dylan end up going out alone since Brandon has a cold. Jim isn’t happy about this since Dylan’s father is known as unethical and he doesn’t think Dylan’s much different.

Brenda and Dylan plan to see another movie but go back to his place instead. They’re surprised to find Dylan’s father Jack there doing something business-related. He and Dylan have a big fight and Dylan storms out with Brenda. He’s so angry that she doesn’t want him to drive her home, but he refuses to let her take a cab. He smashes a flowerpot and Brenda runs off, but Dylan chases her and won’t let her leave. He starts crying and she comforts him. Then they make out.

After Dylan calms down, he drives Brenda home, asking her not to tell Brandon about his freak-out. Then they make out some more. Now Kelly has more evidence to support her theory that Brenda and Dylan are dating. In health class Scott tells David that his mom will never sign the consent form to let him take sex ed; she’ll think he’s getting the wrong message at school. David points out that she has six kids, so she might not be the best judge.

Brandon hears for the first time that Dylan and Brenda didn’t go to a movie, but they decline to tell him what they did instead. At home, Brenda and Brandon encourage their parents to go away for the weekend. Jim learns that Brenda has plans with Dylan and says he doesn’t want her getting involved with him. Brenda asks Brandon for some help, but he keeps quiet. She’s upset but says she’ll cancel her plans with Dylan. Cindy’s upset with Jim’s behavior since she likes Dylan. Jim tells Brandon to warn Dylan to “watch his step.”

Brenda gets Cindy to sign her consent form for sex ed, remarking that the textbook doesn’t cover how you feel when you’re ready to have sex. She thinks Cindy’s on Jim’s side about Dylan not being right for her. Cindy talks to her about commitment and respect being important in a relationship. Kelly tells Brenda to keep her date with Dylan and gives her some condoms. At school, Brandon uncomfortably watches Brenda and Dylan wrestle with each other. Scott is still consent-less.

Brandon asks Dylan to help him with his car again that weekend. Dylan says he can’t since Jack is back in town. Brandon warns him to treat Brenda right, especially since she’s a virgin. Kelly and Donna help Brenda get ready for her date with Dylan, then take her to the movie theater to meet him…only he doesn’t show up. The next day Brenda tells Brandon that she called Dylan’s house and someone told her he didn’t want to talk to her. She admits that she was ready to have sex with him. She’s determined to find out what happened.

Brandon confronts Dylan at school, saying that he knows Dylan moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address. Dylan tells him he was just obeying Brandon’s orders not to hurt Brenda. He says something came up but won’t tell Brandon what it was, only that it had nothing to do with Brenda. The health teacher, who was supposed to pick up the guest speaker for sex ed, has car trouble, so Steve offers to pick up the speaker, Stacy, for him. He pretends to be the teacher, Mr. Kravitz, and asks Stacy out. She declines.

Dylan stops by the Walshes’, where Brenda blasts him for standing her up. He tells her he had to help Jack pack because he had to “disappear.” He’s about to be indicted for securities fraud, and he decided to skip the country and go into hiding. Dylan assures Brenda that he still cares about her. He also reveals that he never heard that she called his house looking for him. Brenda asks what Dylan wants her to feel for him. He doesn’t answer, but he does make out with her on the couch.

When Jim comes home, Brenda rushes Dylan out, but Jim is sure they were up to something. He chastises Jack for skipping town and being a bad role model. Brenda complains that every guy out there just wants sex, so the nice guys Jim wants her to date aren’t that nice. She’s also upset that Jim only talked to Brandon about birth control, but with Brenda, he’s worried about her values. Brenda just wants to get to know Dylan. Jim admits that he’s not sure Brenda’s ready for sex, or if he’s ready for her to be ready. She asks him to trust her to know when the time is right.

David tries to convince Scott to skip study hall and sneak into the sex-ed assembly even though he didn’t get his consent form signed. Dylan apologizes to Brandon for everything that’s happened, and Brandon apologizes for interfering. Steve immediately gets busted for not being Mr. Kravitz, but he doesn’t seem to care. He tells Dylan and Brandon that he went to Stacy’s hotel room.

Stacy tells the students at the assembly that she turned down a cute guy recently because she has AIDS. Scotty, showing up late: “What’d I miss?” Stacy talks to the now-subdued students about the dangers of unprotected sex. She also reveals that the man who gave her AIDS died last year. She used to worry about petty things, but now her health is her main focus. Afterward Steve approaches her and says he’s sorry. Stacy just wants to make sure he heard what she had to say.

Dylan comes to pick Brenda up for a date and Jim is actually nice to him. Dylan says he’s never liked being Jack’s son, especially since they’ve never known each other very well. He thinks Brandon and Brenda are lucky to have such good parents. Dylan takes Brenda to an overlook with a nice view, but she’s unable to enjoy it because she’s worried that Dylan’s had unprotected sex. He admits that he has, but not lately. He agrees to get tested, not just for her but also for himself. Brenda tells him that she needs them to slow down because she’s scared. Dylan’s okay with that.

Thoughts: Aaaaaand Jim’s annoying again. That was quick.

Kelly is amazingly smart and mature about sex, telling Brenda, “Never rely on the guy,” and warning that when she’s in the moment, she won’t be using her brain very much. She’s not the airhead she was in the first couple of episodes.

Not to be gross, but how does Brandon know Brenda’s a virgin?


Steve is a moron for, among other things, not realizing that Stacy would bust him for lying as soon as she met the real Mr. Kravitz. And also for trying to get her to commit statutory rape.

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