August 2, 2014

Party of Five 5.4, A Mid-Semester’s Night Dream: “Normal Future Freak-Out”

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Everyone's so angsty. Calm down with a seal pup

Everyone’s so angsty. Calm down with a seal pup

Summary: Daphne’s in the hospital after having contractions, but she’s going to be sent home for bed rest. She’s not happy with the idea of having to stay in the house all the time. Her doctor doesn’t care: The baby still has eight weeks to go, and her lungs aren’t developed yet, so if she’s born early, she’ll be in a lot of trouble.

Maggie leaves Julia and Ned alone in their room, not realizing that’s a bad idea. They both regret their kiss, since Julia has now betrayed her new best friend and Ned has cheated on his high school sweetheart. Will shows up in San Francisco for a surprise visit but won’t tell Bailey why he’s there. Charlie and Kirsten tend to a grumpy Daphne, and Kirsten suggests that they throw a baby shower. Daphne doesn’t care what they do.

Claudia also gets a surprise visitor, in the form of Jamie. Parker and Hallie are surprised, too, since they didn’t know Claudia had a boyfriend. Jamie’s hurt that she hasn’t been talking about him. Will has dinner with Bailey and Sarah, telling them he doesn’t like studying accounting. In fact, he doesn’t like school at all. He asks if he can stay with them for a while. Someone named Hannah calls for him, but Will tells Sarah to pretend he’s not there. She’s just a psycho with a crush on him.

Maggie tells Julia that something’s going on with Ned, who’s been moody lately. Josh pops in to ask a question just as Julia gets a message from a secret admirer. Charlie plans the shower, and Daphne complains that he’s not letting her give any input. He reminds her that she didn’t show any interest in the planning before. Daphne’s upset that everything’s about the baby and no one takes her into account.

Julia and Maggie discuss her possible admirers, though Julia thinks that if the guy isn’t brave enough to approach her, he’s not someone she wants to date. She discovers that someone managed to access a paper she’s writing and format her bibliography. Ned’s like, “The guy must be a genius!” Maggie thinks it’s Josh, which Ned finds ridiculous.

Hannah manages to find Will at the restaurant, so Bailey offers to call her and scare her off. Will decides it’s better if he handles it. Jamie wants to go to a haunted house with Claudia (they’re the only people so far to mention that Halloween is coming up), but she clearly doesn’t want him there. She claims it’s because she’s helping to run it and wouldn’t have time to hang out with him.

Julia confronts Ned about her bibliography, having figured out that he formatted it for her. Apparently he’s madly in love with her now and is having trouble keeping it secret. Julia is adamant that they not let Maggie know that there’s something between them. Her solution is for them to stay away from each other.

Will’s awake in the middle of the night, and when Sarah wakes up, she asks him what’s going on with him. He tells her he’s just been thinking a lot about school and his future – a “normal future freak-out.” Charlie has to check Daphne’s vitals every six hours, which means getting up in the middle of the night. She’s very appreciative, and blames herself for her condition – she thinks her previous wishes for the baby to disappear have turned into something real.

Charlie and Kirsten go shopping for baby things, taking pictures for Daphne to look at later. Charlie saw a different side of Daphne the previous night, when she was panicking. He gets a 911 page from her. Will is now working at the restaurant but is proving to be less than trustworthy; he forgot to deposit some money, which led to a bounced check.

Julia and Maggie go shopping for Halloween costumes so they can have a girls’ night out. Apparently Ned broke plans he and Maggie had made. The costume store is mostly sold out and only has Gorbachev masks left. Daphne’s panicking because the baby isn’t moving; Owen suggests that she’s in a coma. Charlie uses candy to wake her up. Then he decides he can’t take Owen trick-or-treating, and suggests that he ask Griffin to go with him.

Maggie and Julia go to a Halloween party, and Maggie tries to play matchmaker for Julia and Josh. Julia’s pretending that she thinks Josh is her secret admirer. Ned’s also at the party, but Julia avoids him. Charlie tries to cheer Daphne up by going on bed rest with her. Will packs to leave Sarah and Bailey’s, telling them he feels horrible for making so many mistakes, including running away from school. Sarah points out that he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Jamie shows up at Claudia’s haunted house after all, thinking she’s been cheating on him. He doesn’t know why else she would be acting like she is. She admits that she doesn’t know either. Ned finds who he thinks is Julia and declares his love for her; he doesn’t realize that she and Maggie are wearing the same mask. Maggie, however, doesn’t realize that he didn’t know it was her. Julia publicly tells Josh to stop bugging her and get over her.

Claudia tells Jamie that she’s so in love with her new school that she has trouble thinking about people and things from back home. She doesn’t want to miss him, so she needs to break up with him. “I’m being dumped for a campus?” he asks. Charlie presents a slide show of baby things so Daphne can pick one. There are also childhood pictures of him, which Daphne loves. The two of them share a moment and kiss.

Will’s still out at 1 in the morning, and Sarah presses Bailey to confront him when he comes home and find out what’s going on with him. Bailey thinks they should keep their distance and let him talk when he’s ready. Maggie’s also late getting home, having stayed at the party while Julia left. She tells Julia that she’s too controlling because she’s afraid of getting into another relationship. Julia needs to just kiss someone (read: Josh) and loosen up.

Charlie and Daphne make out, then call her doctor to make sure they’re allowed to be doing things that might elevate her heart rate. Hannah shows up at Bailey and Sarah’s, and Bailey tries to get rid of her. Will attempts to keep up his story about her stalking him, but Hannah busts him by revealing that she’s pregnant with his baby. Even though it’s the middle of the night, Julia goes to Ned’s room to make out with him. Oh, Julia

Thoughts: How mad do you think Kirsten is that people keep getting pregnant without trying?

60 books in a bibliography? Shut up, Julia.

Charlie’s so sweet in this episode. He deserves better than Daphne.

July 12, 2014

Party of Five 5.1, Moving On: Growing Up Is Hard, You Guys

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This is Josh. How could Julia be mean to him? He's like a puppy!

This is Josh. How could Julia be mean to him? He’s like a puppy!

Summary: It’s been a few months since “Fools Rush Out,” judging by the size of Daphne’s stomach, and everything is going well with her pregnancy. She’s annoyed that Charlie’s so overprotective. Bailey and Sarah look at a new apartment, which he offers to pay for; apparently the restaurant is doing well. Owen helps Julia and her horrible new haircut pack up to leave for college. Owen has been recast and now speaks in full sentences. Griffin shows up and notices that Julia’s still wearing her wedding ring. They say an awkward goodbye.

At Stanford, Julia quickly becomes everyone’s object of affection. Her roommate Maggie and Maggie’s boyfriend Ned aren’t very concerned with modesty. Bailey calls Charlie to the restaurant to talk about light fixtures that need to be fixed. Charlie laughs at him for being such an adult, then tells him he’s starting to lose his hair. Back at his new apartment, Bailey freaks out about his hair while Sarah tells him he’s in his sexual prime, which I guess means they should do it a lot before his upcoming birthday.

Julia gets a call from a guy who saw her picture in the freshman facebook and wants to show her his lizard collection (apparently not a euphemism). She and Maggie meet a delivery guy named Josh, and though he’s cute, Julia doesn’t seem interested. Maggie wonders why she’s not attracted to any guys at Stanford. Kirsten helps Claudia pack for boarding school while Charlie continues to be overprotective of Daphne. She’s disappointed with the way their new living arrangements are working out, and how their relationship has changed.

Julia admits to Maggie that Stanford is different from the way she pictured – basically, she imagined dating someone. Her future isn’t clear. Charlie wants to go back to being the guy Daphne was first attracted to, so he tells her to pick out something for them to do today. It’s a nice gesture, but she already has plans. She didn’t see the point in keeping their original plans, a tour of the hospital where she’ll be having the baby.

Bailey has a check-up with his pediatrician, like, if you’re old enough to be convicted of drunk driving, you’re old enough to see a grown-up doctor. His pediatrician agrees. “What if I don’t wanna?” Bailey whines. Somewhere downtown, Kirsten comes across Daphne with some of her friends, being loud and drinking wine. The Salingers (plus Jamie and Kirsten) have a goodbye dinner for Claudia at the restaurant, and Jamie gives her the address of his webpage. Awww, so ’90s.

Julia’s in town for the goodbye party and agrees to cancel her plans to spend Claudia’s last night with her in their old room. Daphne arrives an hour and a half late and Charlie yells at her for drinking. They have a fight and Daphne storms out. Sarah tries to lighten the mood with a limerick. You’re weird, Sarah. In bed that night, Claudia tells Julia that in her 16 years of life, she’s only had three rooms. She’s mostly only ever slept in their house. She’s not sure she’ll be happy in a new place. Julia reminds her that the family will always be there for her.

Daphne spends the night with a friend, and Charlie stays behind to talk to her instead of going with Bailey to take Claudia to Boston. (Nice brother, there.) Charlie wants to give Daphne what she needs, even if she needs him to shut up and leave her alone. In her first ten minutes at school, Claudia meets people she has things in common with, so she’s more than ready for Bailey and Sarah to leave. They head to a parents’ mixer, where Bailey is reminded yet again that he’s a grown-up now.

Josh runs into Julia again, but she’s not interested in being hit on. She’d like all the guys at Stanford to leave her alone and let her get an education, since that’s why she’s there. Jetlagged from the trip to Boston, Bailey falls asleep watching football in his and Sarah’s hotel room, then tries to prove his youth with sex. Claudia interrupts and Bailey goes on a rant about getting old. You’re 20, Bailey. Sit down. Charlie and Daphne go on their hospital tour, but it freaks her out and makes her announce that she can’t keep doing what they’ve been doing. She’s moving out.

Julia learns that she got into a writing class she didn’t think she’d get into. Oh, and Josh is in it, too. Just sleep together already. Bailey’s goodbye presents to Claudia are a credit card and a diary. He recognizes that the diary is something kind of young, but he doesn’t want her to feel like she’s getting old fast like he does. He gives a sweet, emotional speech about how much he’ll miss her. “Promise not to change without telling me,” he says.

Charlie tries to stop Daphne from moving out, saying he has a right to know what’s going on. She tells him that if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, they would have grown apart and broken up. Having a baby together has put pressure on them to work things out even though they’re not in love. She thinks they should break up now instead of continuing to drag things out. Charlie reminds her that the baby is his, too, but he can’t exactly make her stay.

Julia apologizes to Josh for picking a fight with him; she gets now that he was trying to connect with her as a fellow writer. He says she can make things up to him by going out with him. Charlie worries to Kirsten that Daphne won’t let him see their baby. He wishes he hadn’t tried to make things work with someone he didn’t love.

Bailey has to spend his birthday working late at the restaurant, so Sarah comes by to keep him company. She falls asleep while he’s cleaning up, but he enjoys dancing around to “Young at Heart” by himself. Julia visits Griffin, mentioning that she still has a line on her finger from where her wedding ring used to be. He assures her that it’ll go away. The Salinger house is now strangely quiet, since Charlie and Owen are the only ones who still live there. Charlie’s so sad and alone, waaaah.

Thoughts: Josh is played by Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott. Maggie is played by Heather McComb, the ex-Mrs. James Van Der Beek.

Me: “Hmmm…Scott Bairstow is playing Ned. His name sounds familiar. Did I see him in something else? What else was he in? Did he do anything after the ’90s?” (Googling) “‘Scott Bairstow Sentenced’? Aaaaaaaaand no more questions.”

Did anyone else see Scott Wolf on Hollywood Game Night this week? The man hasn’t aged since this series. He was also delightful and came across as someone you’d want to chat with at a party.

Why, exactly, does Claudia want to go to boarding school? Before, it was because everything in the house was so crazy, but that’s not really the case anymore.

I can see why all the guys like Julia. I mean, she’s just so pleasant.

Normally that “you can apologize by having dinner with me” thing is annoying, but Josh is pretty charming and nice, so I’ll give him a pass.

July 5, 2014

Party of Five 4.24, Fools Rush Out: Make It Work

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There's a lot of smiling in this episode. It's so unnatural

There’s a lot of smiling in this episode. It’s so unnatural

Summary: We pick up where the last episode left off, with Charlie learning that Daphne’s pregnant. He wants to talk about it right there, but she’s still working at a child’s birthday party. At Annie’s apartment, Bailey asks her if she wants to be married to Jay or to him. This is his way of proposing. Annie’s confused, since five minutes ago, he wasn’t sure about them living together. This “crisis” has made him realize that he doesn’t want to lose her.

Julia talks to Claudia from L.A. and learns that she got in…somewhere. Both of them are excited. Julia tells Griffin that she was accepted at Stanford. Unlike before, he’s supportive and tells her she has to go back to school. Claudia freaks out about Jamie’s prom, telling Charlie she doesn’t want to have to deal with any surprises. Charlie agrees and tries to talk to her about sex. Claudia promises that nothing’s going to happen tonight.

At the airport, Griffin and Julia notice a vending machine that sells wedding rings. He figures it must be for couples who can’t stand to leave each other. While he’s distracted by chips, Julia buys one. Charlie tells Kirsten about Daphne’s pregnancy, trying to figure out what he wants. Kirsten’s upset since she can’t have children, and Charlie’s managed to casually impregnate a woman he barely knows. “You really need to find someone else to lean on,” she says. FINALLY!

Jay tracks down Bailey to yell at him for proposing to Annie, since that just makes the whole situation more difficult. He thinks it’s suspicious that Bailey chose now to decide he wants to be with Annie. He himself has recently realized how badly he wants her back, and he doesn’t think Bailey loves Annie as much as he does. If he doesn’t, he’ll be taking Jay’s wife and daughter away from him.

While Julia and Griffin fly home, Charlie looks through Owen’s baby things with a smile. Bailey goes to see Annie and discovers that she and Natalie are packing up their apartment. Annie’s chosen Jay. Bailey realizes that she was never going to accept his proposal. Annie tells him she’s been considering her options nonstop for days, so she didn’t make the decision lightly.

In the same vein, Daphne has been thinking about her situation, and she tells Charlie she can’t figure out how to make having a baby work. Charlie’s willing to work with her, but Daphne knows their futures are both uncertain, so they can’t make that kind of commitment. “This is not a picture of a good mom,” she says tearfully. She thinks she’ll be okay with having an abortion, and she needs Charlie to help her pay for it.

Julia goes over her course options for the fall, trying to work them around Griffin’s schedule so they’ll be able to spend time together. Griffin doesn’t want her to have to compromise anymore. He thinks they should separate. Julia insists that they can make their marriage work; after all, they were happy on vacation.

Griffin reminds her that they were pretending to be people they’re not. Now they’re back to reality, which means trying too hard not to hurt each other. That’s not what marriage should be about. Griffin spent the time in L.A. wondering what he could do to make Julia stay happy. All he can think of is letting her go. They spend one last night together, not wanting to let go.

Charlie tells Bailey about the baby as Claudia gets ready for Jamie’s prom. Bailey demands back all the hours Charlie lectured him about condoms. (Ha!) Charlie says that Daphne’s going to have an abortion, and then they’ll move on like nothing happened. Bailey can tell that that’s not what he really wants. Charlie admits that after his year fighting cancer, he wonders if a baby is his new beginning.

Griffin drives Julia to a meeting at Stanford, where she pretends that her year off after high school was super-duper awesome. Also pretending things are awesome: Bailey, who says goodbye to Annie and Natalie. He finally complains that Annie never gave him a chance – not a chance to be with her, but a chance to get used to not being with her. She made her decision quickly, and now he’s being thrown into a new life.

Claudia and Jamie head to prom, but the school is locked up. They have the wrong date. Womp womp! Julia and Griffin agree to stay in touch, because that worked out so well for Charlie and Kirsten. Claudia and Jamie have a fight through their limo driver, who finally tells them to just dance on the baseball field. Well, at least someone in this family is happy!

Sarah finds Bailey at the restaurant, where he’s trying to avoid going home since Annie won’t be there. He laments that he’s back where he was a year ago. Sarah disagrees: A year ago, he was on probation and had no job. Now he has the restaurant, where he gets to take care of people like he’s always wanted.

Charlie has told Daphne he wants to keep the baby, even though she’s ready to go through with the abortion. He tells her that it’s not about who she is right now, it’s about the person she’s willing to become. If they can commit to having the baby, they’ll make it work together. Daphne’s afraid of taking on more than she can handle. Charlie suggests that she wait until the baby’s born to decide what she wants. Either they’ll raise the baby together or Charlie will be a single parent. They don’t have to know right now how everything will work out.

As Bailey and Sarah repaint Annie’s apartment for the next tenants, he talks about how ready he was to fight to try to keep Annie. He doesn’t know why Sarah’s willing to stick by him after everything they’ve been through. She tells him nothing’s changed – she’s always loved him. Bailey seems to finally be starting to understand what she means by that.

Charlie tells Kirsten that Daphne’s agreed to have the baby, because that’s totally what she wants to hear. She promises she’s trying to be happy for him. He wants his best friend around while he goes through parenthood, and he wants Kirsten to love the baby. Kirsten apparently wants that, too. Julia discovers that Claudia applied to the boarding school Andover, and has now been accepted. Claudia forgot she’d applied, but now she’s thinking of going. Julia warns that being away from Jamie might make them realize they want different things.

Daphne comes over so she and Charlie can tell Julia and Claudia about the baby. She’s sick, so the girls quickly figure out what’s going on. Daphne assures them that even though the baby wasn’t planned, Charlie wants to be a father. They’re happy for him. Now that Bailey gets how Sarah feels about him, there’s all sorts of sexual tension in their apartment. After a minute of looking at each other longingly, they kiss.

Julia helps Griffin move out, wondering what they’ll tell people about their relationship. She gives him the ring she bought as an indication that someday they might work things out. Meanwhile…well, let’s just say Sarah’s no longer a virgin. She jokes that she’s underwhelmed by the experience she spent years waiting for. He’s impressed that she didn’t come across as inexperienced as she is. Charlie and Daphne have an ultrasound and get the first glimpse of their baby. In a rare moment for Charlie, he’s incredibly happy.

Thoughts: Four seasons down, two to go!

I love how everyone in the family experiences life-changing events at the same time.

I can’t believe two people want Annie. She’s so annoying! But whatever, she’s gone and I never have to think about her again.

Someone needs to tell Julia that she doesn’t always have to stay friends with her exes. Actually, someone should tell Charlie that, too.

’90s music alert: the Cranberries’ “Dreaming My Dreams.”

June 28, 2014

Party of Five 4.23, Fools Rush In: The In-Betweeners

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This is Natalie's father. I KNOW!

This is Natalie’s father. I KNOW!

Summary: Bailey’s moving forward with his plan to move in with Annie, while Sarah tries to find another roommate for the house she’s spending the summer in with her friends. A waiter at the Salingers’ restaurant does something nice for her, and Sarah asks Bailey for more information about him. She thinks he might like to stay at the beach house. Bailey’s like, “His name is Eric. He’s probably a jerk.” (No, seriously, this is his response.)

Daphne tries out a tear-away valet outfit on Charlie, who’s disappointed that she didn’t actually get a job as a valet. As Barney Stinson learned, it’s tough dating a stripper. Griffin’s stuck at the guest cottage, with his bum leg, and Julia’s tired of babysitting him but still feels obligated. Charlie and Daphne have dinner with Paul and Kirsten, because that’s not an awkward setup at all. Paul and Kirsten are a little intrigued, but Charlie’s embarrassed.

Claudia and Jamie study together, and he uses 200 words to try to ask her to prom. She thinks he’s asking her to have sex, which she’s definitely not ready for yet – she doesn’t even have her learner’s permit yet. When she realizes what he really wants, she accepts. Annie clears out some closet space for Bailey, though now he’s a little less excited about how many things are changing. To try to make himself more confident, he answers the phone “Annie and Bailey’s residence,” but the caller hangs up.

Griffin races an old woman to the cashier at a grocery store, but loses. He’s rewarded, though, when he’s revealed to be the thousandth customer of the month and gets a trip to L.A. After dinner, Daphne tells Charlie she’s upset that Kirsten and Paul were so fascinated with her life. Charlie points out that if she’s not okay with her job, she can quit. She shoots back that he’s the one who’s ashamed to be dating a stripper. She wishes he’d defended her.

Bailey learns from Eric that Sarah invited him to be her new roommate. Bailey tries to scare him into backing out by telling him that Sarah’s tough to live with. Charlie and Paul go play racquetball together, and seriously, they spend too much time together for people who have been with the same woman. Paul talks about his bachelor party, which featured a stripper; Charlie’s never been to one. Paul assures him that most are tamer than he thinks, and the guys leave the stripper alone.

Bailey picks up Natalie from school, making sure that she’s okay with him moving in. She just wants to make sure he’ll always kiss her good night even though he’ll be staying in the apartment. Nearby, a man watches them from his car. That’s not creepy at all! Griffin tells Julia about his L.A. trip, which will have to take place this weekend if he doesn’t want to have to wait another three months. He’s excited that something good is finally happening. Julia can’t go, though, and doesn’t think Griffin should travel with his injured leg. He’s mad, so she says she’ll try to change her schedule.

Charlie tracks Daphne down at a bachelor party in a bar, where she’s trying to keep a guy’s hands off her. Things get tense, and Charlie steps in to be Daphne’s white knight. The guy’s a jerk and Charlie ends up hitting him, then rushing Daphne out. As Bailey, Annie, and Natalie are being domestic, they get a surprise visit from the man at Natalie’s school. He’s Natalie’s father, Jay.

Daphne blasts Charlie for ruining the bachelor party, which might get her fired. He can’t believe she’s not grateful to him for saving her. He basically orders her to quit stripping. Bailey listens uncomfortably as Sarah gives Eric a tour of their apartment, so apparently Bailey didn’t scare him off. Sarah’s more interested in Jay’s sudden arrival anyway. Griffin and Julia head to L.A., trying to ignore the amorous couple behind them on the plane and the loving gay couple seated next to them.

Claudia’s currently the only happy Salinger, as she looks at prom dresses. Charlie warns her not to let her expectations get too high. At his first prom, his date had an allergic reaction to her corsage and wound up at the hospital. Then he was vomited on and had to pay for his rented tux. Now Claudia isn’t so happy anymore. In L.A., a guy tries to flirt with Julia, but Griffin scares him off. However, the guy’s cheesy lines inspire Julia and Griffin to have some fun mocking him.

Daphne storms into the Salingers’ house to tell Charlie that she’s still mad about him crashing the party, but she’s a little grateful for the way he tried to protect her. However, he needs to back off and let her live in the moment like she always does. Julia and Griffin keep goofing off, pretending to be foreigners who have just met. They even end up kissing.

Bailey sits around all day waiting for Annie to come back from spending time with Jay and Natalie. He can’t believe that she wants to hang out with Jay after she tried so hard to keep him away from their daughter. Annie, however, thinks that since Jay has moved to be closer, has gotten a job, and has been in AA for eight months, he’s a new person.

Bailey thinks Annie will eventually get back together with Jay. He also thinks Jay is just putting on appearances, and reminds Annie of the bad things he’s done in the past. He’s worried that he’ll lose Annie and Natalie. Annie promises that Natalie will stay in Bailey’s life, but she needs to make sure her daughter has what she wants.

Sarah tries to comfort Bailey, but she also needs to know when he’s moving out so Eric can move in. Bailey admits that he’s dealing with things he’s never had to deal with before – divorced exes with custody and child support issues. All he wanted was to move in with Annie, but now he’s on the outside. He’s decided to stay put for now until the Motts sort out their issues.

Kirsten tries to gauge the seriousness of Charlie and Daphne’s relationship, promising that she’s not going to express her opinion about them being together. Charlie tells her that he knows it’s weird, but it works for them. They’re both in between things right now, but they’re both okay with it. In L.A., Julia and Griffin are the closest they’ve been in months to the way their relationship was when they first got married. They don’t want to go home the next day.

Jay shows up at the restaurant to thank Bailey for everything he’s done for Annie and Natalie. But now he wants his family back, so he’d like it if Bailey would go away. He reveals that he never signed the divorce papers. He’s going to ask Annie to take him back. Charlie tracks Daphne down at another party, though this one is a kid’s birthday party, and this time Charlie just wants to know why she hasn’t been in touch. He’s confused as to why she wants space. He bugs her until she reveals that she’s pregnant. Kirsten is going to be so ticked.

Thoughts: As you can see from the picture, Jay is played by John Slattery from Mad Men. That’s right, Roger Sterling was on Party of Five.

Daphne can unsnap her bra with her teeth? I’m pretty sure that’s physically impossible.

Sarah, you don’t want to live with Eric. He has no personality.

’90s music alert: Fastball’s “The Way.”

June 21, 2014

Party of Five 4.22, Opposites Distract: We Belong Together (But You Don’t)

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Why are they still sharing a bed if they hate each other?

Why are they still sharing a bed if they hate each other?

Summary: Claudia and Jamie are officially dating, and Charlie thinks it’s cute. Claudia’s less enthusiastic since Jamie’s already at the “I love you” stage. Daphne arrives to tells Claudia that she’s directing and starring in a charity production of the musical version of Pygmalion (which is not, as Claudia thinks, My Fair Lady, since they couldn’t afford the rights). Daphne and a friend wrote all the songs, and the proceeds go to strippers who need health insurance. (Kids, this is what we did in the ’90s, before Kickstarter.)

Bailey takes Natalie with him to get Annie from rehab. Things are immediately awkward for the sort-of-still-together couple. Julia meets up with Justin and fills him in on everything that’s happened in her life while he was at school. Justin wonders why she’s bothering to give Griffin a second chance. He suggests that he and Julia have sex to even the score. She thinks he’s joking, but he’s probably partly serious.

There’s more awkwardness for Bailey and Annie. This is fun TV. She says she wants to take things slowly, but once they start making out, that seems to be out the window. Daphne’s lead drops out to play Papa Smurf in Smurfs on Ice (awesome), so she begs Charlie to take his place. He tells her he’s too busy trying to find a job. Daphne guilts him by reminding him that it’s for charity.

Sarah starts to make plans for the summer, which would take her away from Bailey for months. She notes that he probably won’t even notice, since he’s so busy with Annie, but he admits that he’s not sure where things stand between them. She’d rather have sex than talk. That’s not really what Sarah wants to hear.

Over at the guest cottage, Griffin tells Julia he’s going to a friend’s cabin for a few days so he can avoid her family for a little while. She suggests that they go away together, but he wants time apart. Claudia and Jamie help Charlie with his lines while he gets ready for a job interview. Claudia can’t believe he’s doing a musical with a “lunatic.” (You watch your mouth, Claudia!) Jamie says that sometimes you meet someone who changes your life.

Justin suggests a weekend full of activities for him and Julia, such as kidnapping squirrels and training them to be pets. Griffin shows up and is angry that Julia didn’t tell him Justin was back. Oh, yeah? Because you didn’t tell Julia that you slept with Rosalie. Shut up, Griffin. He decides to stay in town. Bailey and Annie: still awkward. She admits to Sarah that they’re both afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. Then she starts talking about sex with Bailey. Poor Sarah.

Julia asks Justin not to talk badly about Griffin since she’s trying to fix things with him. She doesn’t like the idea of being divorced at 19. Justin notes that that’s just like her: She never wanted to fail anything in school either. He assures her that no one will love her less if she admits she made a mistake. (And by “no one,” I’m pretty sure he means himself.) If they’re going to stay together, Justin wants it to be for a good reason, not because leaving would look bad.

Julia’s clearly still adjusting to Daphne’s personality, and could be a little nicer. After Daphne leaves, Charlie asks Julia to be honest about what she thinks. Julia thinks Daphne isn’t being realistic about what Charlie needs (namely, a job). Bailey sides with Charlie, noting that sometimes people who don’t seem like they fit together actually do. He does agree that Daphne’s wacky, though. Julia obviously has issues with people judging other people’s relationships when they’re trying to make them work.

Bailey and Annie are awkward some more after sex, though he’s just happy they’re talking to each other. They’re trying to be honest with each other, even if that means they criticize. Annie confesses that she wasn’t sure Bailey would be there for her after rehab; after all, he ditched her before. He reminds her that he only left because she wouldn’t get help before. Annie thinks he wanted to rescue her.

Griffin tells Julia he’s skipping their next counseling session, so she finally asks him if he really wants to fix their marriage. He makes snarky comments about Justin and how Julia’s confiding in him. She asks him why all their conversations lead to fights. “Why don’t you go ask Justin?” Griffin asks. Shut up, cheater.

At a rehearsal, Charlie questions a song where Henry Higgins can hear Eliza but not vice versa. Daphne thinks he’s just nervous. She explains that he’s singing about a man who’s such a jerk that when he’s with the woman he loves, he thinks she hates her. Charlie snarks that they’ll never end up together. Annie asks Sarah if Bailey said anything about their relationship after he left her place the night before. This leads to more sex talk and more discomfort on Sarah’s part.

Griffin finds Justin at the coffeehouse and orders him to stay out of his and Julia’s lives. He doesn’t have a vote on what happens. Griffin thinks Justin loves that they’re having problems, but Justin points out that those problems are Griffin’s fault. He wonders whether Julia has any reason to stay in the marriage. He encourages Griffin to go on his trip and stay gone.

Claudia visits Daphne backstage on opening night of the musical, saying that Daphne and Charlie don’t seem like a good match, but Claudia likes them together. Daphne doesn’t really appreciate being called “not exactly the girl next door.” The show goes well, though Daphne won’t talk to Charlie backstage, Jamie keeps trying to kiss Claudia in the audience, and Bailey thinks the story is sad.

As soon as the show is over, Daphne picks a fight with Charlie over him not thinking Henry and Eliza should be together. She knows he’s really talking about the two of them. They bicker in between curtain calls until she storms off. Bailey asks Sarah if Eliza reminds her of Annie, but Sarah’s finally done letting them talk to her about each other. She drags Bailey to Annie’s apartment and tells them to talk to each other. “If that doesn’t work, try again. If that doesn’t work, get over it,” she huffs.

When Julia gets home after the musical, she sees that Griffin has moved out. “I have to leave him, don’t I?” she asks Justin. Justin’s like, “That’s only what I’ve been saying for the last 40 minutes.” Julia can’t believe that they’re just six months beyond their vow renewal. She’s not sure how to just stop being married. Justin promises to help her through it and not think badly of her for not keeping her marriage together.

Griffin gets drunk at an airport bar while waiting for his delayed flight. He’s joined by a couple who just returned from their honeymoon. Griffin talks badly about marriage, provoking a fight with the groom. He ends up with an injured leg and has to call Julia to get him from the police station. Sarah sees Bailey’s empty bed at the apartment, which means he spent the night at Annie’s place.

Claudia tries to hide the newspaper from Charlie so he can’t see the review of the musical. Daphne gets good feedback, but the reviewer doesn’t get what her Eliza would see in Charlie’s Henry. He begs Charlie to cling to his day job. Jamie comes over, and Claudia finally tells him that he needs to slow things down a little. They’ve only been together two weeks, and they’ve seen each other every day. Their relationship would be more fun if they were able to miss each other sometimes. “Go away so I can miss you,” she begs.

The actors gather before another performance, and Charlie says that he hopes people who read the review don’t talk themselves out of coming to the show. When people sway your opinion, you miss out on things that could make you happy. Daphne’s very touched to know how much he likes her. Stuck at the guest cottage again, Griffin tells Julia he’ll ask his father if he can move in while he recovers from his injury. Julia notes that that must mean she’s the last person he wants to live with.

Charlie tells Julia that the job he interviewed for wanted a two-year commitment, which he wasn’t ready to give. He knows he got a second chance after his cancer, so he wants to see what else – and who else – is out there. Julia gets that he means Daphne. Charlie asks Julia to give her a chance, or at least keep her opinion to herself if it’s negative.

Bailey and Annie are doing a lot better, which means now, instead of listening to them complain, Sarah has to watch them be happy together. She announces that she’s going away with friends for the summer. Bailey reveals that he may move in with Annie and Natalie, so he and Sarah should ditch their apartment and Sarah can find another place to live in the fall. Oh, yay, just what she wanted!

Thoughts: A charity musical for health insurance for strippers. How can you not like Daphne?

Sarah takes care of Natalie for a month. Annie gives her a mug and talks about sex with Sarah’s ex. That’s totally a fair trade.

The musical scenes make me wish Matthew Fox got to do more comedy. Not more singing, though. Please, no more singing.

’90s music alert: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” because ’90s TV shows were unaware that she had any other songs.

June 14, 2014

Party of Five 4.21, Free and Clear: The Possibilities Are Endless

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Claudia's new boy

Claudia’s new boy

Summary: Daphne wants to help Charlie celebrate his recovery by doing his hair. She also does a tarot reading, telling him that the cards said she would meet him. Unfortunately, she’s new to reading, so she’s not sure what his cards say. She thinks they mean that something new is coming his way, and he’ll have to pick a path. Whichever one he chooses will affect his soul forever. “Or not,” she adds. Yes, those would be the options.

Bailey asks for a new challenge with his community-service speaking, but it turns out he’s completed all his hours. He’s also been approved to get his driver’s license back early. Now he doesn’t need it as badly as he did before, so he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Charlie and his horrible new tips meet with Joe, who tells him he’s gotten an offer to sell the restaurant. He thinks it would be a good idea to sell, since the Salingers could use the money. He sees it as a fork in the road, echoing what Daphne said earlier.

Julia and Griffin see a marriage counselor, trying to figure out when their marriage started falling apart. (I’d say it was right around the time they said “I do,” but what do I know?) Julia thinks Griffin’s mad at her for moving them into the “guest cottage,” since he believes they would have wound up there even if Charlie hadn’t gotten sick. Julia notes that it doesn’t matter – he cheated, and there’s nothing she could have done to deserve that.

Claudia’s about to take part in a debate tournament at school, and her friend thinks one of their prep-school opponents is checking her out. Whether he is or not, he destroys her in their debate. Bailey’s on a high from having his license back, and he tries to get Sarah to go for a ride with him, but she’s busy. Claudia’s debate opponent, Jamie, tells her he became more aggressive than usual because he was taken aback by her intelligence and cuteness. He invites her to a school dance the next night.

At the house, Charlie tells his siblings about the offer on the restaurant. They think they should buy Joe out and run it by themselves. This would be risky, though, and require them taking out a second mortgage on the house. Everyone but Charlie is willing to give up the money in order to keep their family’s restaurant. Bailey points out that while Charlie was sick, he was working toward getting the business back. The vote is three against one, so Charlie gives in and makes it unanimous.

Back at his apartment, Bailey tells Sarah that Charlie was moved that they all wanted to keep the family restaurant. Charlie confirms this to Daphne, happy that his siblings were so supportive. Bailey wishes he had a job like Charlie’s – one he could be proud of and know he could do as long as he wanted. Charlie admits to Daphne that he’s not sure he wants to keep the same job forever. He doesn’t remember things the way Bailey does. Daphne thinks he should say something before he signs any paperwork.

Julia takes Claudia shopping for a dress for the dance, and Claudia makes herself nervous about her big date. Julia wishes she had a romance like her sister’s. Bailey winds up at some random diner, chatting with the guy who runs the place. Bailey encourages him to try a special promotion, then gives him marketing advice. Julia and Griffin have another counseling session, and she remembers how he used to reach for her when they were leaving somewhere, so they could hold hands. She knew back then for sure that she was in love with him. She wants them to get back to that place.

Charlie tries to talk to Claudia about the restaurant sale, like, way to upset her right before her big date. Bailey joins the discussion and tells Charlie that he’s not the only one who gets to make the decision. After all, he’s the one who ran things while Charlie was sick. When Julia arrives, everyone jumps on Charlie, asking what their father would think if he knew Charlie wanted to sell. Charlie says that he can’t spend his whole life keeping the restaurant going just because it was their dad’s. He’d always feel stuck.

Joe comes over while Claudia cries because Jamie’s running late and wouldn’t tell her why. Joe cheers her up with a Godfather impersonation. Then he recognizes Jamie’s name – his parents run a restaurant and were Mr. Salinger’s rivals. The Burkes allegedly reported Salinger’s to the Health Department and bribed a food critic for a good review. Mr. Salinger retaliated by stealing their best manager. Claudia thinks Jamie’s jerkiness is in his blood.

Bailey asks Sarah what she’s seen that’s made him the happiest over the past year. They both know it’s when he was running the restaurant. He wishes Charlie would see the same thing. Bailey wasn’t just a substitute caretaker – he built up the business. Sarah confirms that he wants them to buy the restaurant so he can run it himself. Hey, Bailey, maybe you should SAY SOMETHING, if that’s what you want?

Julia tells Griffin about the sale, and how they’ll have some money. She’s considering using her share to go back to school. Griffin balks, since he’ll be the only one making money again. Julia makes it clear that she’s not going to let him stop her. He shoots back that this isn’t exactly her trying to get them back to the place they used to be. Jamie finds Claudia at school and apologizes for standing her up; his parents made him when they found out she was a Salinger. Then they start fighting about who’s responsible for the families’ rivalry.

Back to counseling for Julia and Griffin, who argue about her college plans. He’s mad that she keeps punishing him for cheating. She notes that she has a hard time making plans for the future that involve him because she can’t trust him. Griffin feels like Julia thinks she spend the last year “slumming around” with him. He can’t make plans for the future because he doesn’t have any options. He had to give up his garage because things were too hard. He’s made more sacrifices than Julia has.

Charlie disagrees with Bailey’s desire to run the restaurant on his own. He points out that Bailey’s only 19, and hardly any people his age can commit to something they want to do the rest of their lives. If they sell the restaurant and Bailey doesn’t succeed, they’re all in trouble. Bailey thinks that Charlie can’t admit that Bailey did a better job running the restaurant than he’s done. He really loved the job, and he deserves a chance to go back to it.

Ross goes to the Salingers’ to tell Claudia that he did some digging and knows that the history of their families’ rivalry isn’t all accurate. Either way, he really likes her, and he doesn’t care if their parents hated each other. Then he kisses her. Charlie and Joe summon Bailey to the restaurant to sign paperwork; he thinks it’s for the sale, but it’s to put the restaurant under his charge. Charlie finds it strange that this is something Bailey actually wants, but he’s supportive.

Charlie gets rid of his horrible hair dye, telling Daphne that he has no idea what he’s going to do with his life. But since he doesn’t have to go work at the restaurant right now, they might as well hook up. Right before their next session, Julia admits to Griffin that she was trying to punish him when she made her decision about college without consulting him. She knows he’s not the only person to blame for their problems. Maybe they should clean the slate and start over. But Griffin is upset that Julia’s making the rules and invalidating his feelings.

Bailey takes Sarah to the restaurant to talk through some of his plans. He also wants to celebrate with her, since she got him to ask for what he wanted. Now that he has the security of a job and a future, he feels better about working things out with Annie. That’s not what Sarah wants to hear. Charlie and Daphne chat in bed, and he’s definitely happier than he’s been in a long time. He notes that this is the first time he’s had sex since he got sick. The song playing in the background is “The Weight,” which is ironic, since that’s what Daphne will be gaining very soon…

Thoughts: Jamie is played by ’90s kid actor Ross Malinger, who’s probably best known as Tom Hanks’ son in Sleepless in Seattle.

You know your love life sucks when you’re jealous of a 15-year-old.

Thank you, Charlie, for fixing your hair. I couldn’t take you seriously with those streaks.

Shut up, Griffin. Shut up a million times.