May 22, 2021

Felicity 4.10, Fire: Undiscovered Contents

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This looks like a scene from an action movie

Summary: Ben and Felicity run into each other on the street and make small talk. She asks if he got her message, and he says he did but has been too busy studying for organic chemistry to call her back. Noel has started taking anti-depressants, and he tells Auerbach that things are clearer – like he was looking through a dirty window before, but now it’s clean. He knows his priority now is finding a job, which is just a stepping stone to eventually starting his own business. Auerbach questions why he hasn’t gotten on that yet. Apparently Noel spent the whole summer mooning over Felicity instead of focusing on his life. Auerbach advises him to cut down on his time with Felicity for a while.

At Dean & DeLuca, Felicity tells Javier that Ben is doing great because he’s found something he’s interested in and is pursuing it. Now Felicity wants to follow in his footsteps. She wanted to get into Cavallo’s program, but she dropped that dream. Now she’s working with him and hasn’t made any efforts to achieve her goals. Javier compares that to his own experiences with Tito Puente. No, he didn’t work with Tito – Javier just lived below him and never got up the nerve to introduce himself. Felicity decides to take another shot at getting into Cavallo’s program.

Meghan’s teenage sister Lila is coming to visit, and Meghan is thrilled. Seems like Lila is the only person in the universe Meghan thinks is cool. She’s also pregnant, though she won’t admit it. Felicity shows Cavallo her portfolio, hoping the work she’s done since she last tried to get into his program will show that she’s made enough progress. Cavallo just tells her to keep up the good work. Felicity tells him she wants to try to get into the program again, so she wants brutal honesty from him. He tells her she has great ideas and energy, but her work needs a cohesive theme. He agrees to review the portfolio again once she’s figured that out.

Hodges is preparing his students for a big exam, and it sounds like he’s learned his lesson and is being a) more forthcoming about what’s on the test and b) more available to his students if they have questions. Ben wants to study with Trevor alone, no Elena, since Trevor and Elena just mess around when they’re all together.

Noel is jumping right into starting his own business, creatively called Noel Crane Graphics. He runs into Felicity, who tells him she’s applying for Cavallo’s program again. Noel starts to offer his help, then hesitates, remember what Auerbach advised. He finishes his offer anyway. Later, in a session with Auerbach, he admits that he’s more focused on making Felicity happy than on worrying about his own life. He should stop doing that.

At the loft, Meghan thinks Lila’s been smoking pot, though Lila claims she’s only around pot smoke because her roommate lights up. (She’s still in high school, so I guess she goes to boarding school.) Lila says Meghan sounds like their mom. Meghan invites Lila to open up about her issues, and Lila finally acknowledges that she’s pregnant. She makes Meghan promise not to tell their parents.

At the dorm apartment, Felicity consults her Magic 8 Ball and is pleased with whatever answer it gives her. She goes to Noel’s office, where, instead of telling her he’s busy and can’t talk right now, he tells her to come in. She tells him she was looking through the dictionary for inspiration and seized on the word piñata. That’s how the year has felt for her – she’s been shaken up and is waiting for the prize to come out. She thinks that would make a great theme for her portfolio.

Noel tells Felicity that there’s some emotional stuff going on. She thinks he means in her portfolio, because they’re talking about her right now, so every single piece of this conversation needs to be about her. Noel clarifies that he’s talking about himself. He’s trying to get his life on track. Felicity figures out that he’s trying to say that they need to spend less time together.

Trevor broke his promise to exclude Elena from his and Ben’s next study session, so Ben decides to go to the library. Trevor tells him to relax – it’s just a test. Ben’s spending too much time studying. Ben says this is more important to him than “just a test.” Felicity passes Noel’s office and pauses to look at him, but he’s focused on whatever he’s doing and doesn’t notice her. She gets to work on her piñata project.

Meghan helps Lila look for an OB/GYN, not realizing that Lila wants to have an abortion. Meghan has to tell her that she’s way too far along for that. She suggests that they tell their parents. Lila refuses, though Meghan notes that since Lila’s on their insurance, they’ll have some questions when they see the OB/GYN bill. Lila asks Meghan to pay the bill for her, but Meghan doesn’t have that kind of money. Lila’s upset that Meghan promised to help but can’t actually help her.

Ben and Trevor take their big test, and while it looks like Trevor isn’t prepared, Ben seems to know the answers. On the other hand, Trevor has a girlfriend to either congratulate or comfort him after the test, while Ben doesn’t, so maybe academics aren’t the most important thing. Felicity has gotten a lot of work done, and she tells Cavallo her theme is “undiscovered contents – the surprises that come after life’s hit you around a little bit.” Again, he just tells her to keep working.

Noel’s working so hard in his office that he doesn’t know there’s an emergency down the hall – a fire has broken out. (For some reason, no alarms have gone off.) Felicity’s listening to music and has no idea that the wing of the building has filled with smoke, or that Noel’s now evacuating people. She doesn’t know anything’s going on until the lights go out. The student who alerted Noel to the fire tells him it started in the art department, so Noel heads over there to make sure no one’s trapped. Of course, Felicity is.

Felicity tries to block the flames from coming under the door to her studio, then struggles to open a window so she can get out. It’s stuck, so she tries to use a paint scraper to wedge it open. Noel arrives in time to tell her that’s a bad idea, since she’ll just let in oxygen and make the fire worse. He tells her to get on the floor and cover her mouth. Then he tells her to stay calm (a phrase that always works) while he leaves.

Noel stumbles down the hall to a fire extinguisher while Felicity tries to move anything flammable away from the door. He manages to use the extinguisher to break the doorknob and rescue her. At Epstein Bar, Ben and Trevor smooth over their issues. Trevor urges Ben to just call Felicity and work things out. Ben uses the big test as an excuse to ignore his personal relationships until now. Trevor suggests that they go check to see if their grades have been posted early, so they can stop worrying about how they did.

Noel speaks with firefighters, then tells Felicity that the damage was contained to their floor and he doesn’t think anyone was hurt. As they decide to leave, it starts snowing. It looks pink, and Felicity gushes over the beautiful surprise. Ben and Trevor ask Hodges about their grades and learn that Trevor got a 79. Thrilled, Trevor credits Hodges for being a good teacher. Ben got a 95, which Trevor is even happier about.

Meghan has gone behind Lila’s back and gotten in touch with their mother. Mrs. Rotundi is more concerned with how people will react to her having a pregnant daughter than she is with what this means for Lila. Meghan tells her that Lila’s terrified of her, which should break Mrs. Rotundi’s heart. Noel takes Felicity home but declines her offer to hang out for a while. He’s much better at resisting temptation than I expected.

Outside the loft, Meghan tells Lila that Mrs. Rotundi is there and knows everything. Lila went to a clinic and confirmed that her only option now is to have the baby. Meghan offers to keep supporting her, though Lila should turn to their mother instead. Lila would rather come live with Meghan, because there aren’t enough people in and out of that loft already. Sean entertains Mrs. Rotundi by showing her some of Shmeghan’s inventory until Meghan and Lila come up. Lila starts crying when eh enters, and Mrs. Rotundi comforts her and promises that everything will be fine.

Felicity tells Javier about the fire and how heroic Noel was. She wants to keep the clothes she was wearing, even though they smell like smoke. At the loft, Ben celebrates his good grade by cooking. Noel comes home and tells them about the fire, mentioning that Felicity was involved but is fine. The look on Ben’s face says that he realizes he could have lost her without working through their issues. Ben calls Felicity immediately to make sure she’s really okay. She heard about his 95 from Elena and congratulates him. She appreciates his call to make sure she’s safe and not alone.

The next day, she goes to the studio and sees that all her work has been damaged. Cavallo tells her he liked what she was doing – it’s similar to what the students in his program produce. He’s ready to bring her onboard. “Your piñata took another hit,” he says. “Let’s see what spills out.”

Felicity takes a piñata down the hall to Noel’s office and tells him she’s in the honors program. She’s worried that she and Noel aren’t friends anymore. He says he just needs to chance some things about himself. Felicity doesn’t want him to change too much, since she likes him the way he is, but she gets that he needs to get things back on track. In his next session with Auerbach, Noel tells him that he took a step back from Felicity, and it was weird letting go of something so important to him, but it doesn’t feel right to just wait around for her anymore.

Thoughts: I’m sorry but piñatas are a dumb theme for an honors-level college thesis program, especially one taught by a revered professor you want to take you seriously. I mean, add some unicorns and rainbows while you’re at it. And make sure to mention that you consulted a Magic 8 Ball.

No fire alarm and, apparently, no training on fire safety at this school. They’re going to get hit with a lot of lawsuits.

“So that was some test, huh? A lot of questions, a lot of chemistry.” Trevor O’Donnell, ladies and gentlemen.

April 24, 2021

Felicity 4.6, Oops… Noel Did It Again: It’s a Good Thing Felicity Can Legally Drink Now, Because She’s Going to Need a Strong One

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Does this woman ever age?

Summary: It’s the day before Felicity’s birthday, but Ben wants to give her a present a day early: a sled. He suggests taking a weekend trip to Vermont to test it out. Felicity has to run a critique for Cavallo, but they can leave in the afternoon. Sean brings Ben the phone, then tells Felicity that he and Meghan were up late trying to come up with a name for their shirt company. Oh, so they’re doing that. Sean likes Seanshirts, while Meghan prefers Meghanlomania, which Sean thinks is too hard to say.

Ben tells Felicity that someone named Lauren called to report that Mr. C. is in the hospital with liver failure. Looks like the Vermont trip is on hold. As Noel wraps up a meeting with two students named Tammy and Gaby who want to switch dorms, Ben goes to Mr. C.’s hospital and meets Lauren. Mr. C. isn’t available for visitors right now, but Ben is impatient to see him and leave so he can still go to Vermont. Guess the trip isn’t on hold after all.

Lauren tells him that Mr. C.’s condition is so bad that he’s not even on the transplant list, since doctors don’t think he would survive the operation. She continues that Mr. C. has something to tell Ben. Ben needs to stick around and talk to him, at the very least so he can get some closure. Ben doesn’t quite get it until Lauren spells it out for him: Mr. C. is dying.

Noel makes a call about Tammy and Gaby, telling someone in housing to put them wherever there’s space. Javier comes by with a complaint about toilet paper on campus. Noel can’t believe that his predecessor did this job for 14 years; Noel is already sick of it. Every day, he deals with stupid complaints from stupid people. He feels like he’s sinking in quicksand and needs to get out ASAP. From now on, he’s not helping anyone else. Javier retracts his complaint.

Felicity runs a critique of students’ sketches of a spoon. A student named Gretchen did a self-portrait instead, but Felicity defends her decision, since the result is so good. Elena gets home to find Richard helping Tammy and Gaby move into the dorm apartment. They’ve taken it upon themselves to move Elena to a different room. Richard is thrilled to have two new pretty people to hit on (and, of course, be rejected by).

Felicity asks Cavallo if he has any advice for her or instructions for something she needs to be doing. He needs to be somewhere, so he asks to have lunch with her the next day to talk. Felicity, aren’t you going to Vermont? Maybe not. At home, Felicity tells Elena about Cavallo, and Elena advises her not to go to lunch with him. After all, look what happened to her with McGrath.

Felicity says the situation is totally different, since she and Cavallo are keeping everything professional. Elena points out that he could have asked her to come back during office hours. Felicity shouldn’t put herself in a position where she needs to turn him down. Elena starts complaining about Tammy and Gaby, who lost one of her jackets while moving her things. Also, one of them is hogging the bathroom.

Ben is surprised that Lauren came to New York to see Mr. C. just because he’s her sponsor. She says she just wanted to offer him some support, since he’s been so helpful to her. Now Ben’s surprised that Mr. C. has been helpful to someone. Mr. C. comes back from having some tests done, and yeah, he looks pretty bad. He tells his doctor he doesn’t want any pain meds, since he’s been sober for 67 days.

Mr. C. tries to make small talk with Ben, who wants to cut to the chase. Mr. C. says that since his liver can’t clear toxins, his mental abilities may be affected. He needs someone to make medical decisions for him if he gets too sick to make them for himself. Ben thinks it’s ridiculous that Mr. C. would ask him. Mr. C. says this is the longest he’s ever been sober. He wants to stay that way, and he also doesn’t want to be kept alive by machines. If it gets to that point, Ben needs to approve of having him taken off life support. Ben reluctantly agrees.

At home that night, Ben tells Felicity that Mr. C. has been trying to kill himself for years, so Ben’s not going to try to stop him. Felicity thinks this is different since Mr. C. is sober. Ben notes that he was sober the last time he came to town. This is just like Mr. C., making a mess and expecting someone else to clean it up.

Felicity thinks he’s really changed this time, but Ben doesn’t want to give him any more chances. He changes the subject to the Vermont trip, but Felicity thought they weren’t going, so she agreed to meet with Cavallo. Ben really wants to make this a birthday trip, so he says they’ll go after Felicity and Cavallo get together.

Javier visits Noel again, hoping to change his mind about not helping anyone (AKA his job). Noel has already set up some interviews for job he hopes are better than this one. Javier wants to put together a photo album for Felicity’s birthday, and he needs Noel to give him some photos to fill it. A student stops by to ask if new job listings have come in yet, and Noel says they haven’t, and he doesn’t know when they will. “You’re not a very good guidance counselor,” the student says. Javier tells him to come to Dean & DeLuca the next day for a tryout. The student says Javier rocks.

Felicity and Cavallo go to lunch at what looks like a pretty nice restaurant. He thinks she’s doing a good job as his TA, and he’s trusting her to run things while he’s out of town next week. They start talking about Rodin, and how well he sculpted the human body. Cavallo touches Felicity’s hand pretty intimately during this conversation. He tells her that Rodin was rejected many times before he became famous, so Felicity shouldn’t feel too down about not getting into Cavallo’s honors program.

Elena gives Felicity gloves and a scarf for her Vermont trip. Felicity asks what she should do about Cavallo – just pretend nothing’s going on? Elena tells her she needs to confront him and get everything out in the open. Then she goes to yell at Tammy, Gaby, and Richard for blasting music. It looks like Tammy and Gaby have some plan in mind, since they’re excited by Richard’s connection to Noel.

Ben comes over to tell Felicity that Mr. C. is getting worse. The Vermont trip is officially off. Felicity offers to go to the hospital with Ben, but he says Lauren’s going to meet him. The music starts up again, which really kills the mood. Noel goes on a bunch of job interviews, practically begging for a job that isn’t counseling people he hates.

Later, Felicity finds him in his office, where he’s moping about not making any progress on his job search. He thinks she’s disappointed that she had to delay the Vermont trip; she should be doing something fun on her 21st birthday. Felicity says she’s going to go paint instead. Why doesn’t she go out and have fun with her friends? Because Elena definitely needs something else to do.

Instead, Elena is getting madder and madder at her new roommates and their loud dance party. She calls Noel to leave him a message complaining about them. Richard tells her that he’s figured out Tammy and Gaby’s plan: Use Richard to get to Noel so they can sleep with him. Once again, Noel gets all the ladies, just like he bedded Felicity. Elena tells him that the loft’s answering machine just recorded everything he said. That means Ben could hear the news that Felicity slept with Noel.

Ben meets up with Lauren on the street outside the loft after she buys Mr. C. some flowers. She says he’s been like a father to her. Oh, ouch. She says Mr. C. talks about his actual child all the time. Noel spots them talking from across the street where they’ve met up. Lauren hugs Ben, giving Noel a very wrong idea about what’s going on. In Noel’s world, people of opposite sexes don’t ever hug unless they’re romantically involved.

At the hospital, Mr. C.’s doctor tells Ben that Mr. C. is declining quickly. He needs to be put on life support. Lauren knows Mr. C. doesn’t want that, but Ben wants to consider all their options. The doctor says they should think about giving him pain medication, even though Mr. C. didn’t want that, either. There’s no need for Mr. C. to be in pain while he’s dying.

Cavallo finds Felicity painting in some studio space available to TAs. She awkwardly tells him that she felt uncomfortable when he touched her at lunch. Cavallo thinks she’s right to speak up if she thought he was making a move, which he wasn’t. He’s in a relationship and isn’t looking to be unfaithful, especially with a colleague. Felicity feels dumb for thinking otherwise, but Cavallo tells her not to. Gretchen arrives, supposedly to help Cavallo put up a show, but I think we know who Cavallo’s in a relationship with.

Elena and Richard rush to the loft, where Sean is working on a new product, a vest made out of playing cards. Yikes. Richard distracts Sean and Meghan while Elena deletes their message from the machine. They hear the notification that Elena’s deleted the messages, and she and Richard run off without explaining themselves. They do provide the couple with a new company name, though: Shmeghan. Ugh.

Ben gets overwhelmed by his father’s condition and tells Lauren that if Mr. C. doesn’t want to be saved, Ben won’t save him. He doesn’t want Mr. C.’s power of attorney anymore. He goes home, where Noel casually asks who he was hugging on the street. He told Felicity he was going to see his father, so why was he with someone who definitely wasn’t his father? Ben says Lauren is a friend of Mr. C.’s. Noel asks why Ben was with someone other than his girlfriend on her birthday.

The two start fighting, of course, and Ben says Noel can’t hide behind his “friendship” with Felicity anymore. He’s obviously hanging around to wait out Felicity’s relationship with Ben so he can try to get her back. “She was never yours; she never will be,” Ben says. He tells Noel to move on already because it’s been years since he and Felicity were together and he’s not going to get her back. Noel says he already did. Ben asks for an explanation, and though Noel won’t give one, it looks like Ben figures out what he means.

He goes back to the hospital to talk to Mr. C.’s doctor about putting Mr. C. on life support. That will give him a small chance of being eligible to go back on the transplant list. Ben wants to try. At the dorm apartment, Javier gives Felicity his photo album as Elena busts Tammy and Gaby for stealing her jacket. They say they’re just used to sharing clothes with their sisters, so they figured it was okay to borrow without asking.

Noel arrives, thrilling Tammy and Gaby, and asks to talk to Felicity in private. He has good news and bad news. The good: He got a job offer. The bad: He kind of, sort of told Ben that they hooked up. Happy birthday, Felicity! Ben tells Mr. C., who’s now on a respirator, that he went against his wishes in hopes of helping him get better. If Mr. C. does improve, he and Ben will have a little more time together.

Thoughts: Lauren is played by Lisa Edelstein. Gretchen is played by Bethany Joy Lenz. The student who asks Noel about job listings is Austin Sanders.

It’s really hard to watch John Ritter play a character who’s dying just a couple years before he actually died.

How did Mr. C. become Lauren’s sponsor if he’s unable to stay sober for more than two months at a time? Don’t you have to have years of sobriety to be a sponsor? Also, I think I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to have a sponsor of the opposite sex.

Please, Sean. Meghanlomania is a much better name than Seanshirts or Shmeghan.

April 17, 2021

Felicity 4.5, Boooz: Hello, Is It Lionel Richie Tickets You’re Looking For?

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Who thought there was a big overlap of “Felicity” viewers and Lionel Richie fans?

Summary: Felicity interviews for the TA position Noel told her about, but the professor she’s talking to, May, is more interested in Felicity’s opinion on her scarf than her teaching skills. She even gives the scarf to Felicity, since she has a bunch of them. She has Felicity critique a painting, which, of course, is one of May’s. But Felicity gives a satisfactory critique and gets the job.

At home, Felicity and Elena decorate for a Halloween party at the dorm apartment. Richard brings them a keg and tells them his costume is a surprise. Javier arrives next and asks to stay for a few days so he can teach Samuel a lesson. Samuel keeps taking him for granted – plus, he forgot what Javier wore for Halloween last year. Javier thinks Samuel will fall apart without Javier taking care of him.

Ben tells his Al-Anon group that he’s changed his major to pre-med. At first people didn’t think he could do it (and he didn’t, either), and last week something happened that made him reconsider things. That thing was Hodges putting benzene compounds on the midterm after telling the students he wouldn’t. Ben and Trevor agree again that Hodges is a jerk.

In bed that night, Ben tells Felicity that it feels like Hodges wants his students to fail. Felicity tries to reassure him that he only missed a few questions, then says Ben may have misunderstood Hodges. Ben doesn’t like that implication. He knows organic chemistry is where professors weed out the weaker students, so this may be the end of the road for him in pre-med already.

Sean and Meghan return bath towels a relative got them as a wedding gift, since they’re monogrammed with the wrong initials for Meghan. She’s not changing her name, and Sean is trying not to be offended. A woman named Barb suddenly takes their picture on the street, then introduces herself as a photographer for a magazine. She wants to feature Meghan as a trendsetter because of her unique shirt, which has socks for sleeves. Meghan declines, but Sean is interested in helping his wife establish a big new trend.

Professor May doesn’t arrive for her next class, and Felicity tries to get the students to stick around. A guy named Max recognizes her from the beauty pageant, where he worked the sets. Felicity lies that that wasn’t her, but he doesn’t believe her. A woman from administration arrives and tells Felicity that May was arrested for shoplifting. Oooh, you should return that scarf right away, Felicity.

Anyway, they need Felicity to take over her next few classes, until they can find a replacement professor. Felicity is hesitant, thinking the students won’t listen to her. Well, then you shouldn’t be a TA in the first place. The woman tells her she just needs to keep them busy for a few days. Show them a movie like a sub would do! They’ll love you, Felicity!

Javier hangs out at the dorm apartment, waiting for Samuel to call and beg him to come home. Noel suggests that they go see a movie, but movies remind Javier of Samuel. They can’t go to a bar for the same reason. Samuel spots a newspaper ad about a Lionel Richie concert in Atlantic City and decides it would be the perfect distraction. His first summer in America, he saw Lionel in Central Park and enjoyed every minute of the concert. He wants to feel that way again. Noel was hoping to go to the Halloween party, but Javier thinks he should avoid Felicity. He convinces Noel to go on a road trip with him.

Ben and Trevor both failed their midterm and complain to Hodges about benzene compounds being on the test. Hodges says he never said they wouldn’t be on the test. Ben asks if they can retake the test. Ha ha ha, of course not! Hodges tells them that most of the class passed, and some even got A’s, so the test wasn’t the problem. They won’t get do-overs when they become doctors.

Hodges warns that both guys are in danger of failing the class. Ben says he’s being unfair, and when Hodges tries to end the conversation, Ben calls him a [slang term for male anatomy that this show loves to use]. Unsurprisingly, Hodges kicks both Ben and Trevor out of the class.

The two go to Epstein Bar to drink away their problems. Trevor knows his dad, a surgeon, will be furious. Felicity and Trevor should talk; they have a lot in common. Ben feels bad for getting Trevor kicked out, but Trevor blames Hodges. Sean and Meghan (dressed as JFK and Jackie Kennedy) get ready for the Halloween party, talking about the shirt Meghan was wearing when they met the photographer. Sean has found someone who will manufacture them so they can sell them. Meghan doesn’t want to make money off of her unique look.

Javier and Noel arrive in Atlantic City only to find that the Lionel Richie concert is sold out. A scalper offers them tickets, but they’re $400 each. Javier’s like, “We’re in a casino – let’s just win the money ourselves.” Yes, yes, an ingenious plan! Back in New York, Felicity (dressed as a witch) complains to Elena (also a witch) that her students won’t take her seriously because she was in the pageant. Richard shows up in a homemade Darth Vader costume, hoping to win the party’s costume contest. He sets his sights on a partygoer dressed as Princess Leia.

Sean makes up with Meghan, assuring her that he knows how important it is to her to be an individual. He just feels like he needs some success while her parents hate him. Meghan says selling shirts isn’t going to help that relationship. Ben and Trevor show up drunk and ready to drink some more. Ben doesn’t want to talk about getting kicked out of class.

Javier hasn’t had any luck with slot machines, and he thinks it’s a metaphor for love – you put in your whole heart and you lose. With Lionel, however, you end up happy and dancing on the ceiling. Javier puts in more money, then tries to wrestle his phone away from Noel so he can call Samuel. While they’re fighting, Javier hits the jackpot.

Leia is surprisingly charmed by Darth Vader, but less impressed when he can’t get his helmet off. He goes to Elena for help. Trevor continues drinking while Ben mopes alone in Felicity’s room. Felicity joins him and he tells her that Hodges’ refusal to admit what he did reminded Ben of his father. Richard is desperate to get out of his helmet, but he won’t let Elena cut it off. This is dumb.

Tired of moping, Ben joins the party, where Trevor has passed out. Some guys are making a pyramid of beer cans on his body. Ben realizes that Trevor’s in really bad shape and tells someone to call 911. He ends up in a coma at the hospital with alcohol poisoning and a blood-alcohol level of .38. His doctor praises Ben for getting him help – if Ben hadn’t, Trevor would have died.

Back at the apartment, Richard tries to shrink his head in the freezer so the helmet will come off. Leia feels bad because she drank shots with Trevor. Richard feels worse because he can’t take off his helmet and kiss Leia. I guess Javier gambled away all the money he won, because he and Noel are in a bathroom, lamenting that they’re down to just a few pennies. Plus, Samuel still hasn’t called, so Javier’s sad. Noel reminds him that if he doesn’t play, he can’t win, but Javier knows the house always wins.

Suddenly, some luck: Lionel Richie comes in! Javier introduces himself and tells him how they came all the way from New York for a concert they don’t have tickets for. He asks Lionel to autograph his chest. Lionel would prefer paper. Javier asks for relationship advice, and Lionel tells him that, no matter what, he should always admit that his partner is right. So Javier leaves with advice and an autograph, but no tickets.

Sean has gotten a bunch of shirts, which he ordered before he told Meghan he wouldn’t pursue the sales. He doesn’t think she’s as trendsetting as she thinks she is. Meghan says he’s not exactly fashionable, so he doesn’t get to have an opinion on her look. Felicity starts a critique session in class, but Max wants to keep mocking her for being in the pageant. He thinks she was participating in the objectification of women. He also thinks she got her TA position as a prize. Another student tells Felicity that since artists have to fight the pressures of commercialism, she should be ashamed of herself for selling out. They shouldn’t have to hear her opinions.

Ben approaches Hodges to let him know that Trevor’s in the hospital. They came to Hodges for help, but he didn’t give it. Ben doesn’t care about the class anymore, but he thinks Hodges should have just admitted he screwed up. At Epstein Bar, Noel urges Javier to call Samuel and work things out. Javier doesn’t know how Noel can live without the person he loves. Just as he’s about to make the call, Samuel calls first and apologizes. Javier tells him about his trip, but Samuel thinks he’s lying. Noel reminds Javier to use Lionel’s advice. Okay, maybe not in this situation, though.

Felicity complains to Elena about her class – the students have been singing the Miss America theme song when she walks in the room. Elena tells her to stop apologizing for who she is and what she’s done. Plenty of people screw up on their way to figuring out who they are. Felicity should own her mistakes and get strength from them instead.

So Felicity wears her evening gown to class, leaning into her win for best evening wear. She invites her students to ask questions (in other words, daring them to comment). As she’s about to start class, Cavallo shows up – he’s taking over the class. He asks if she always dresses like this for class or if she’s just celebrating his first day. Heh. Meghan goes to class and is annoyed to be sitting between students wearing her look. I guess Sean was right and she’s not as unique as she thinks she is. Back at the loft, she puts her Jackie Kennedy costume back on and tells Sean it’s her new look (but he’d better not steal it).

Ben goes to see Trevor and runs into Hodges, who’s also visiting. He appreciates how Ben handled the medical emergency and admits that he could have been more helpful to his students. And yes, he might have said that benzenes wouldn’t be on the test. Ben is no longer kicked out of organic chemistry. As Hodges leaves, he says he has a son Ben’s age. I bet that son hates Hodges, too.

Ben tells his Al-Anon group that when he was a kid, his dad would disappear for days, then pretend nothing had happened. Kids always want to help, so maybe that’s why Ben wants to be a doctor – to help people. In this situation, something good is coming out of something bad. He visits Trevor, who’s now awake, and tells him that Hodges is letting them back in the class. When Ben leaves, Felicity is waiting for him. Ben tells the group that now he feels like he can succeed. Maybe it’s not about who does the best academically, but who cares the most.

Thoughts: Anel Lopez Gorham, who plays Leia, is married to Christopher Gorham (Trevor).

Hodges was a jerk about the test, but not in kicking Ben out of the class. You don’t call a professor that word! Kicking Trevor out was too far, though. He didn’t say anything.

The witchy/goth look really works for Keri Russell.

’00s music alert: Nikka Costa’s “Everybody Got Their Something” (again)

March 20, 2021

Felicity 4.1, The Declaration: Grown-ish

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New York’s hottest new hangout is Tar Beach

Summary: Felicity’s making a tape for Sally, so you know something big must have happened. She’s officially a senior now, and she’s sure things will be awesome, even though they’re also complicated. She had a wonderful summer hanging out with Noel and absolutely not awkwardness. Felicity admits that she didn’t think at all about her future, though her father did.

Flashback to summer: Felicity, Noel, and Javier are tanning on the roof. Noel did the Saturday crossword puzzle in ink, so Felicity will be buying him dinner. Javier is coordinating Elena’s wedding, so now we know how she responded to Tracy’s proposal. After Noel leaves, Javier notes that Felicity hasn’t talked about Ben for a while. She promises that she still loves him, but Javier warns that this year won’t be as easy as she thinks.

Felicity tells Sally that Edward keeps sending her newspaper clippings about people her age who know exactly what they’re doing with their lives. They bother her, for some reason. So much so that she wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to Noel’s room. She had a nightmare about an alligator that killed Noel, then chased her.

She’s worried about what will happen to them this year. Felicity’s friends are doing grown-up things like getting married and getting jobs, and she knows everything will change. Noel tells her this is normal for senior year – people start panicking because they’re so close to their futures. He’s sure Felicity will get into a great art program this year. Felicity admits she hasn’t applied yet, because she’s intimidated by the person in charge Jeremy Cavallo. Noel promises that this will be the best year of Felicity’s life. She’s nervous anyway.

The next day, Sean and Meghan are back from Switzerland. They’re fighting. I know! I’m shocked, too! The ladies are back in the dorm apartment, by the way. Sean tells Felicity that on the flight back from Switzerland, he and Meghan played a game: If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be? These freaking idiots. Why would they play a game like that? Anyway, Sean said Elizabeth Hurley, and Meghan said Tracy. You know, her friend’s fiancé. FREAKING IDIOT.

Felicity goes to meet Cavallo, voicing over to Sally that as a senior, she shouldn’t be so worried about what someone thinks of her. He’s on the phone, and he crankily acknowledges her, which makes her chicken out and go to the loft instead. Noel urges her to go back tomorrow and try again, but she’s embarrassed. Noel is getting ready for a job interview, but Felicity is too focused on her own neuroses to be very encouraging.

Ben arrives a day ahead of schedule, and he and Felicity have a happy reunion. Noel says he’s going up to Tar Beach, their nickname for the roof. Elena takes her wedding dress to Dean & DeLuca, displeased with how it turned out. Javier promises that his cousin, who altered the dress for her, will do what Elena wants. Elena gives him a list of things to take care of for the wedding, and Javier tries to pretend it’s not too much.

In bed after a…more official reunion, Felicity tells Ben that she was relieved when he called over the summer to tell her he doesn’t want to be a paramedic after all. Then…why didn’t he come back sooner? Anyway, Ben announces that he wants to be a doctor instead. Their conversation is interrupted by news from Noel that Edward is on the phone, and also in town. Felicity and Edward start bickering, and she tells him she’s in the honors art program with Cavallo. Liar!

The next day, Felicity gathers her courage to actually talk to Cavallo. He apologizes for being cranky the day before and is in general much kinder than Felicity’s nervousness as led us to believe. Ben meets with…his advisor, I guess, a guy named Norman. He easily agrees to approve of Ben’s class changes so he can take pre-med classes. He thinks Ben is a natural for med school, which means he’s never met Ben before, as I’ve suspected in the past. Yep, he has Ben confused with someone else.

Ben wants to take 18 credits this semester, when 14 is normal. Norman thinks taking that many credits could actually kill Ben. Ben doesn’t know why Norman would care. Norman advises him to stay a fifth year and give himself more time to complete his requirements. Ben, however, now knows what he wants to do in life, and he’s eager to get everything done. Norman gives him a placement test to take – if Ben passes, Norman will approve his class changes.

Javier shows Elena her newly altered dress, but she still doesn’t like it. “Sweetheart, would you tell me if you were doing drugs?” Javier asks. Elena doesn’t think his cousin should be struggling so much with the dress. Javier yells that he’s been working hard to get Elena everything she wants, and she’s not grateful. Elena announces that she’ll do it herself. “It’s okay, she liked it,” Javier tells an eavesdropping customer.

Noel hasn’t had any success in job interviews, and he’s disappointed that he has nothing to show for all his work. Felicity’s like, “Stop thinking about yourself and feel bad for me, since I have to go spend time with my dad.” He advises her to think of Edward like a spider – spiders are more scared of people than people should be of them. I think you’re thinking of bears, Noel. Felicity asks him to come along to dinner with Edward for moral support. Noel tells her he’ll be there in spirit. She leans her head on his shoulder. Felicity…no.

Edward surprises Felicity at the dorm apartment, where he’s been chatting with Ben about his decision to go pre-med. He passed his placement test, so his new plan is a go. But now Felicity’s annoyed, because her father is super-proud of Ben for his newfound purpose in life, but worried about Felicity for having no plans for her future.

At dinner, Edward tells Felicity that she’s wasting her time. She’s been focused on guys more than her future, and now she has no plans. Art is great, and he likes that she likes it, but it’s not a life. Felicity should go back to the pre-med track, and keep art as a hobby. She excuses herself from the table and runs to call Noel. He tells her Edward is just being a typical parent; he’s not evil, just stupid. If Edward doesn’t get why Felicity has made the choices she had, it’s because he doesn’t understand her. Life is a challenge and obstacle course, so Felicity should tackle it on her own terms.

Feeling refreshed, Felicity returns to the table and tells Edward that she’s doing things that are important to her. She needs to make her own choices, even if they’re the wrong ones. She’s not facing a time schedule, after all. Edward thinks she should be, but Felicity doesn’t want to live that way. Edward accepts that, but adds that he and Barbara aren’t comfortable financing that life. Felicity has just a year to figure out what she wants to do. She’s on the edge of a cliff facing her future. She’s wasted the last three years. Felicity says she’ll pay for her senior year herself. She doesn’t want Edward’s help or need his criticism.

She goes to the loft, where Noel is lying around in his interview suit, trying to figure out why he’s not landing any jobs. They don’t know what to do with their lives, so they’re just going to eat candy. The next day, Felicity goes to the financial aid office to take over as her own financier. She tells Sally that there’s something amazing about declaring your independence. Felicity heads to Dean & DeLuca afterward, where Ben’s annoyed because she’s late and he has to get to class.

At the dorm apartment, Meghan is trying on a bridesmaid dress for Elena’s wedding. The dress is perfectly fine, but of course Meghan hates it. Sean thinks she just doesn’t want Tracy and Elena to get married since she wants Tracy for herself. Sean has helped himself to cake in the fridge, which happens to be the wedding cake. You’re telling me Sean didn’t realize that a big cake with a bride and groom on top was THE wedding cake? Come on.

Noel has finally had a successful interview, and he thinks his good luck will pass on to Felicity, and she’ll get into Cavallo’s program. But when Felicity arrives to meet with Cavallo, Edward is there. He wanted to see for himself what’s so special about this program. Cavallo asks Felicity to come back later and he’ll tell her whether she’s in the program. Felicity quickly asks Edward to sign the forms allowing her to be her own financier.

Ben is late for his first organic chemistry class with Professor Hodges, so Hodges won’t let him in. He’ll also be quizzed on the contents of that class’ lecture. If he misses another lecture, he’s out. Yeah, Ben isn’t cut out for this. Meanwhile, Cavallo tells Felicity he likes her work, but she’s not ready for his honors course.

She goes to the loft to talk to Ben about her bad day, but he’s also having a bad day, made worse by a malfunctioning printer. He tells her he missed his first organic chemistry lecture because he was late; Felicity puts the pieces together and realizes it was because she made him late. Ben reminds her how important this semester is, and how heavy his workload is.

Javier goes to the dorm apartment to give Elena back the picture she gave his cousin of what she wanted her dress to look like. He’s realized that Elena wants a replica of her late mother’s wedding dress. He’s also realized that Elena’s mother isn’t around to help her plan her big day, which is probably contributing to her crankiness. Javier promises to help her get the dress she wants.

Edward comes by to give Felicity the signed financial papers, making her officially in charge of her own tuition. She tells him she’s not a little girl anymore. She also lies that she got into Cavallo’s class, which is something that mature, grown people do. She voices over to Sally that she’s afraid of the future, which seems ridiculous – “it’s just time, isn’t it?”

Noel finds Felicity up on Tar Beach, where he reveals that his awesome job interview didn’t lead to an awesome job. He tries to pretend it isn’t a bad deal, but it is. Felicity tells him she didn’t get into the honors program, and now she thinks her dad’s right. She feels lost. They put their heads close together, which leads to kissing. Oh, no!

Thoughts: I love Rick Worthy, who plays Cavallo. I’ve never seem him play someone so…what’s the opposite of gruff?

It took two seasons but Felicity’s hair is finally back to a length that doesn’t make me want to avert my eyes. Ben, however, has shaved off most of his hair, and I don’t like it. And Elena has ditched her braids, while Meghan has kind of adopted them, putting her hair in dreds. Meghan, no!

Not that I want to listen to Sean and Meghan fight more, but it’s disappointing that their plot just ends. I need to know more about Meghan’s attraction to Tracy.