June 6, 2015

Party of Five 6.23, All’s Well…: Everything Good Is on the East Coast, I Guess

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One episode left! One episode left! This frog is pumped!

One episode left! One episode left! This frog is pumped!

Summary: Bailey’s planning to spend some quality time with Owen, which must mean he’s feeling guilty about something. He confesses to Victor that he got into a summer college program that could lead to a spot in a business school. The only problem is that the college is in Pennsylvania. And we all know how Salingers feel about leaving San Francisco. Victor urges Bailey to ask Owen for his opinion, since he would have to go to Pennsylvania, too.

Julia’s weighing her own options for the summer: school, more conferences, or counseling abuse victims. She also has an interview with the National Organization for Women. Griffin gets bored and wishes Justin were having to listen to this instead. Over at Todd’s, he and Claudia have fallen into that part of the relationship where they keep having sex and losing track of time. She suggests that they live together next year, since they both plan to be in San Francisco. Todd thinks they should wait until they have a “practical reason” to move in together.

Daphne and Luke are in town so Luke can mansplain that Charlie’s selling off pieces of the factory so all the employees can have a stake. Daphne tells Charlie that they keep looking at apartments but she doesn’t like any of them. She misses Diana, and she knows Luke’s fed up with her being so grumpy about it. Julia interviews for an internship with NOW that sounds like a combination of her three other options – she’d be writing, counseling, and doing public speaking. The catch is that she’d have to move to D.C.

Bailey tells Owen about the possible move to Pennsylvania, though Owen questions whether he actually gets a vote. He announces that he wants to stay in San Francisco. Typical Salinger! Bailey still wants to go, though. Owen doesn’t like that idea either. Claudia tells Julia that she and Todd are having sex, assuring her sister that they’re being safe and everything is good. However, that increased intimacy in their relationship has made other parts of her life more complicated.

Charlie comes home to find Daphne upset. She loves Luke, but everyone else she loves is in San Francisco. Since she could never ask him to give up his job, and he could never ask her to give up Diana, she feels like she needs to break up with Luke. Bailey discusses Pennsylvania with Joe, who tells him about the dreams he gave up to help with the restaurant when he was younger. He doesn’t want Bailey to give up his own dreams. Joe reminds him that other people can take care of Owen.

Claudia has a lesson with Ross, but she’s too distracted to play well. She confides that she got into Juilliard but isn’t going to attend because of Todd and expenses. Ross tells her that money and a boy aren’t good reasons to give up something so huge. He thinks Todd would understand. Julia tells Justin about the internship offer and how perfect it would be for her. He notes that she would be closer to him, but he gets that it would be tough for her to be away from her family. Julia thinks that the rest of them will still have each other, so it’ll be okay. She’s going to D.C.

Bailey brings up Pennsylvania to Charlie, who’s annoyed that Bailey let him believe they might become business partners. Bailey can’t decide what to do since getting what he wants would mean Owen’s unhappy. Charlie reminds him that they had that big custody battle, so Bailey better not expect to be able to just pass Owen back to him. Parenting means sacrificing, and Owen deserves the best, so Bailey better give him that.

Justin’s not so sure about Julia living in D.C., because it can be dangerous, and humid, and also he won’t be there. Bailey looks into colleges he could attend closer to home. The guy who helped him get where he is now is like, “You want to go somewhere that’s not Wharton? Are you crazy?” Todd confronts Claudia for not telling him that she’s thinking about going to Juilliard. He found out from Ross when he asked their boss for a signature on an aid application. But Todd’s not mad that she wants to go – he’s mad that she’s hesitating. If it were him, he’d definitely go.

Julia’s annoyed that Justin seems to be trying to prepare her for the big, bad world. He actually wants her to ask him to leave Yale and come to D.C. with her. Apparently she’s on board with that, which I just don’t get. Charlie berates Bailey for having his head somewhere other than their business. Bailey whines that he’s finally close to getting what he wants, but he can’t have it because what Charlie wants is in the way. Basically, he wants Charlie to let him back out of the promise Bailey made to take Owen.

Charlie talks to Owen about the possibility of him coming to live with him and Kirsten. Owen likes the idea of being a kind of big brother to Diana, like Charlie was to the other Salingers. Claudia admits to Todd that she asked him to live with her partly because she wanted a reason to stay in San Francisco. She didn’t want to hurt him by leaving. Todd thinks he hurt her, though, because he let her feel guilty when she should have been excited. He points out that they don’t have to break up, and they still have the whole summer to spend together before she leaves for New York.

Julia laments to Justin that she and her siblings will grow apart if they don’t see each other every day. I CAN’T HANDLE THESE PEOPLE’S CO-DEPENDENCE ANYMORE. Charlie tells Bailey that he’s made the decision for him about Wharton: He’s going. Charlie has given Bailey’s job to Luke, which allows Daphne to move back to San Francisco. Charlie will take Owen, and possibly move back into the Salingers’ house. He tells Bailey that he’s earned the chance to do something for himself. Bailey’s touched by his brother’s generosity.

Thoughts: Dear Salingers: You are ADULTS. You do not have to live within five miles of each other forever. Go live your own lives!

Julia, don’t laugh at Justin for cautioning you about finding an apartment in a safe neighborhood in D.C. Some parts of the city are flipping scary.

Julia was at Stanford. Claudia got into Juilliard. Bailey could go to Wharton. Why so many overachievers in one family? How did that happen?

Part of me thinks Owen deserves a vote in where he lives. But part of me is like, “Bailey gets to make the decisions. Suck it up and go to PA.” And then there’s the rest of me, which stopped caring two seasons ago.

There’s just one! Episode! Left! I’ll probably post the recap during the week instead of waiting for next weekend. That way I can get started on my next show sooner (and be rid of this one already). I’m too excited to wait!

April 18, 2015

Party of Five 6.16, Blast from the Past: Better Call Bailey

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Imagine being married by this guy

Imagine being married by this guy

Summary: Bailey’s at group therapy in rehab, being heckled by a guy named Oliver. Bailey says he’s not scared about relapsing because he feels like he can switch it on and off now. Oliver doesn’t think he should be in rehab, since he only had one slip. He doesn’t believe Bailey really has a problem with alcohol. He should go home and live his wonderful, fantastic life.

Adam catches Julia reading an email from Justin announcing that he and Laura are eloping in Vegas. Adam wonders if Julia’s going to go to the wedding. Julia doesn’t know if Justin wants her there – is he inviting her or asking her to stop it? Adam encourages her to go. Kirsten tries to sympathize with the distraught mother of a girl in a depression-drug study, but the mother doesn’t think Kirsten can really understand how she feels. Little does she know that Kirsten can.

Bailey’s discharged from rehab but sticks around to try to talk to a counselor. The counselor urges him to talk to his family instead. Claudia and Todd find it awkward to spend time alone together. Julia’s decided to go to Vegas, but she’s stalling her departure for Vegas, telling Claudia that she’s not sure what to say to Justin. She sees two options: Ask Justin to get back together, or encourage him to move on. Claudia invites herself and Todd along on a road trip.

In Bailey’s absence, Charlie’s putting in some time at the restaurant. He clearly feels uncomfortable working with Joe the thief. Joe’s hurt that Charlie doesn’t trust him, but…come on. Will’s the only person home when Bailey arrives, so Bailey faces his first night home alone. Kirsten tells Charlie how difficult it is to see the kids in the drug trial, struggling with depression. Charlie thinks she’s having a relapse of her own depression because she went off her meds to get pregnant.

Will brings Holly over to see how much progress Bailey has made. Bailey confides that he’s sick of people telling him how great he looks. He feels like quitting drinking was easy, but he feels worse than he did before. He may look fine, but he’s not. In Vegas, Todd gets distracted by showgirls. I think we’re supposed to think that he’s sexually frustrated. I don’t care. Justin’s happy to see Julia but scampers off right after just a minute of chatting.

Kirsten allows the distraught mother to pull her daughter out of the drug trial, which her boss is upset about. Kirsten thinks she did the responsible thing, since the kids on the drug aren’t improving and the kids not on the drug are miserable. Her boss argues that the kids are in the study so thousands can get help. He’s noticed that she’s been acting strange lately.

Bailey goes back to the rehab center to see the counselor, and while he’s there, Oliver steals a bottle of pills. Bailey stops him with a tackle, reminding us all how he was a wrestler in high school. Adam shows up in Vegas to give Julia a very When Harry Met Sally-like speech listing what he loves about her. He wishes she would let Justin go and pair up with him instead. Justin shows up, sees them together, and runs off again.

Julia catches up with Justin, who tells her that marrying Laura is a leap of faith. He wants to go through with it, even though he still loves Julia. He’s not sure he’s supposed to take the leap with her or Laura. Julia says she’s not sure what she wants. Joe calls Charlie on his attitude toward him, like…you stole from his business. You’re lucky you still have a job there, dude. Joe thinks he should be forgiven because they have 20 years of history. Charlie won’t budge, so Joe considers quitting.

Bailey goes back to the rehab center yet again, and Oliver tells him that taking the pills wouldn’t have killed him, so Bailey stopping him was a waste of time. Bailey just wants to know what’s wrong with Oliver. Oliver recognizes that he and Bailey are both fans of crises. In Oliver’s case, he likes being rescued. In Bailey’s case, he likes being the rescuer.

Claudia catches Todd watching porn and asks him to start noticing her instead of other women. Todd says he’s been trying not to come across as a dog because he knows what happened with Claudia and Derek. Claudia kisses him, assuring him that they don’t need to move quite that slowly. Julia goes to Justin and Laura’s wedding but stays out of sight and leaves before it’s over.

Charlie tries to catch Bailey up to speed on the restaurant, but Bailey stops him. He admits that he hates working there even though he’s good at it. The only time he feels useful is when someone calls him needing to be rescued. If their parents hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have a reason to live. Bailey continues that the high point of his life was when Charlie got sick – Bailey was able to take charge and prove his worth. He hates that he needs people to suffer so he can feel successful.

After Bailey’s meltdown, Charlie goes home to deal with his wife’s ongoing struggle. Kirsten confides that she felt like her depression had come back, but a trip to the doctor told her otherwise: She’s pregnant. Her mood swings have been hormonal, not related to a mood disorder. Charlie manages to be happy, despite the fact that they’re throwing a baby into the mess the family has become.

Julia leaves Vegas to tell Adam that she wants him in her life. She’s happy he came to tell her how he feels. Charlie asks Bailey to help Owen with his homework, but Bailey recognizes that Charlie’s trying to keep him busy. Owen shows Bailey a letter he wrote while Bailey was in rehab, and the effort he put into it makes Bailey emotional.

That night, Charlie invites Joe to join the family (and Will) for dinner at the house. He wants Joe to stay on at the restaurant until they figure out what will happen with Bailey. Bailey learns that the family has been having dinner together once a week, a new old tradition. And then I assume Charlie and Kirsten announce their pregnancy, but we don’t get to see it.

Thoughts: We only see him for a few seconds, but the minister at Justin and Laura’s wedding is played by Doug Jones. He’s been in tons of stuff, but is usually unrecognizable because he plays a lot of creatures in heavy makeup. If you’ve seen anything by Guillermo del Toro, you’ve seen Doug Jones.

How are all these people paying for this Vegas trip? And don’t they have school?

’90s music alert: Filter’s “Take a Picture.” Ugh, that song.

March 28, 2015

Party of Five 6.13, The Declaration of Co-Dependence: Say It Ain’t So, Joe

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Me, preparing for the rest of this endless season

Me, preparing for the rest of this endless season

Summary: The restaurant’s profits have dropped, so Bailey takes a look at all the finances and learns that some purchases have been entered twice. Joe admits that he’s responsible – he needed money and took it from the restaurant. Bailey tells Joe not to say anything to the family; they already have enough financial problems since they’re paying Griffin’s hospital bills. He also blames himself for letting this happen. At the house, Bailey gives his sisters what he claims is their share of money from the restaurant, but it’s actually from his personal account.

Charlie has a big group ready to put together his furniture, and they’re thrilled to hear that this means their jobs are safe. Bailey goes to a party at his AA friend John’s house, claiming that he’s been going to meetings at a different location. He meets a woman named Evvie who jokes that AA is like a cult. She’s annoying. Charlie, Kirsten, Daphne, and Luke have dinner together and discuss childcare. Thrilling.

Julia complains to Adam that everyone she knows has a stable life and a plan for the future. When she mentions Justin, Adam tries to find out how close they are. He convinces her to crash a bar mitzvah with him to get free food. Joe tries to come up with ways to pay back the money he stole, but Bailey warns him not to do anything stupid. He thinks he can use his own money to keep the restaurant afloat. Joe leaves, then comes back for his keys and catches Bailey drinking beer. Bailey admits that he’s been drinking again but only moderately.

Charlie tells his boss, Gus, that a recent lumber delivery was incorrect. Gus reveals that he changed the type of wood to cut costs. Charlie reminds him that the customers paid for a different kind. They’re trying to appeal to a clientele who wants something better than they provide. Gus takes offense and tells Charlie to keep doing what they’ve always done. Evvie tracks down Bailey at the restaurant and asks him to be her sponsor, since she doesn’t feel like she can talk to hers. Bailey resists, and when she keeps pushing him, he snaps at her to knock it off.

Taking care of Diana means Kirsten can’t do all the work she wanted to. (Get used to it, wannabe mommy.) Adam cooks dinner for Julia and she starts to think that he’s interested in her romantically. He starts to express his feelings, but she tells him they don’t need to talk about it. Joe calls Bailey out on lying to Evvie about going to AA meetings, which he can’t do while he’s drinking. He asks if the other Salingers know. Bailey downplays the situation again, basically saying that he’ll keep quiet about Joe’s theft if Joe keeps his mouth shut about the drinking.

Bailey meets up with Evvie and babbles about having people around who understand what you’re going through. One of Charlie’s co-workers, Warren, has concerns about the materials they’re using on the furniture. Some customers have come by to see their chairs and weren’t impressed. Charlie tells him they need to defer to Gus. Warren points out that Gus hasn’t exactly steered the factory to a good place, but Charlie has made things better for everyone.

Bailey and Evvie go to the Salingers’ to talk about her problems with AA. All she wants is to feel good, which he can understand. Julia ambushes Adam at his apartment, since he’s been avoiding her, and tells him that she likes him…as a friend. She’s afraid to lose his friendship when she really needs it, and when she’s trying to figure out who she is as a single person. Adam pretends he only likes her as a friend, too: “Not every boy wants to marry you.”

Charlie checks with the customers, a bunch of who say they’d pull their orders if the factory switched types of wood. Gus says that he recently answered a question for some employees who then asked to talk to Charlie. He loves the furniture and thinks it would be better for Charlie to take the lead in the business. Charlie resists, but Gus promises that he trusts him.

Bailey comes home to a mini-intervention comprised of Joe, Claudia, and Julia. He’s relieved to learn that Joe only told Claudia and Julia about the restaurant, not his drinking. Bailey insists that everything’s taken care of, so Charlie doesn’t need to know anything. His sisters are annoyed that he’s been saying for months that they just need to be patient and wait for profits to improve. They’ve set up a meeting with Bailey’s accountant. Bailey’s furious and leaves the conversation.

Charlie gives Kirsten the news about his job, admitting that he’s not sure about being the person who makes all the decisions for the company. Kirsten thinks he should focus on the positives, like being able to employ his creativity. Charlie points out that running the company would take up even more of his time, so Kirsten will have to cut back at work to look after Diana. She’s willing to make sacrifices so Charlie can have a job he really wants.

Julia happily gives Adam the news she overheard from a friend in the admissions office that he passed his GED. This means he’ll be able to apply and get into the school. She hugs him, but Adam doesn’t want to have physical contact with someone who says they should just be friends. He’s worried that he’ll kiss her and decide it’s not a bad thing. Julia agrees that they’ll keep things platonic, though now it seems like she’s regretful.

Charlie, Julia, and Claudia gather for the meeting with the accountant, but Bailey is a no-show. He’s too busy stopping by an AA meeting just to say hi to Evvie, who decides to skip it with him. Daphne and Luke return from a trip to Texas with the news that Luke has been transferred there. Daphne’s agreed to go with him, and she wants to take Diana.

Thoughts: Evvie sucks at reading people, because Bailey couldn’t have been less interested in her when they met.

Adam took and passed the GED in the past two weeks? Aren’t there multiple parts? Wouldn’t he need to study?

Bailey, didn’t you learn anything about hooking up with fellow AA-goers from your experience with Annie?

Why doesn’t Charlie get Victor to watch both Owen and Diana?

February 14, 2015

Party of Five 6.7, We Gather Together: Regrets Only

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A lot of people on this show could use some time with this crew

A lot of people on this show could use some time with this crew

Summary: Charlie’s back in the principal’s office, eager to do something about Myra and her mother’s accusations. The principal, Mary Anne, tells him that they won’t file charges if Charlie resigns. Charlie refuses – quitting would be like saying he’s guilty. Mary Anne disagrees, arguing that it would be like saying it never happened. If charges are filed, all the other parents will immediately see Charlie as guilty, whether he is or not.

Julia spends the night at Evan’s, then wakes up to find his son, Brian, in the house. Brian is also a college student, and he’s not thrilled that his father’s dating someone so young. He’s been reading Julia’s manuscript and wonders how she could have so many life experiences in so few years. Evan is disappointed to learn that Brian dropped out of college, but Brian thinks it’s just because Evan can’t get his tuition back. Evan accuses him of ruining his college career out of spite. Brian shoots back that Evan cares more about other people’s children than his own.

Joe has no Thanksgiving plans, so he wants to have a meal at the restaurant. Bailey invites him to have dinner with the rest of the Salingers. Tracy stops by the restaurant to confront Bailey for avoiding her calls. He tells her he doesn’t want to get involved with someone who’s already married. Tracy thinks her husband’s already cheating, so why shouldn’t she have some fun, too? Bailey still resists, but he doesn’t look happy about it.

Claudia returns to school after playing sick for a while to avoid Derek. He admits that he had too much to drink and got “out of control,” but it was all in fun. Claudia clearly doesn’t agree. Victor tries to help Daphne look for a job, but she’s distracted at the sight of Griffin, who she suddenly has the hots for. Victor thinks she should go for it. Daphne resists, so Victor gets Griffin to give her a ride somewhere. It’s all very high school.

Julia questions Evan and Brian’s relationship, which has been bad for years. (Evan gives the exposition that he was 18 when Brian was born, so don’t go thinking he’s old or anything.) He wonders if the badness is his fault. Joe invites Victor to the Salingers’ Thanksgiving, which already various non-Salingers anyway.

Kirsten agrees with Charlie’s first instinct not to quit, but Charlie’s reconsidering – they could use the money he would get as severance. He also wants Kirsten to avoid stress; she’s already undergone IVF treatments and could be pregnant. Claudia confides in Julia that Derek tried to rape her. Julia comforts her, then urges her to report him. She thinks Derek has probably assaulted other girls, and if Claudia doesn’t say something, he could attack another girl. Claudia’s not ready to speak up.

Charlie and Mary Anne meet with Myra’s mother and a lawyer so Charlie can resign, but Myra’s mother also wants him to apologize. He wonders why she’s offering a deal if she thinks he’s guilty. Myra’s mother says it’s so Myra doesn’t have to face Charlie in a courtroom. Charlie blasts her for being a horrible mother. Mary Anne tries to negotiate wording that Charlie can agree with so he’ll just be saying he regrets how he handled things with Myra.

Claudia tells Alexa about Derek’s assault, now also thinking that she should report him. Alexa thinks Derek should get a pass – he was drunk, he regrets what happened, and an accusation like this could ruin his life. If there was no actual rape, then no one got hurt. Alexa adds that she believes Claudia, but other people won’t.

At Evan’s, Brian accuses Julia of playing house to make her family think everything’s great. Julia tells him to come out and tell her whatever his problem is with her. Brian doesn’t like that his father is dating someone so young, and that Julia’s acting like his mother when they barely know each other. Evan walks out during the argument, which is always mature. Kirsten tells Charlie that she got a false positive on a pregnancy test.

The next day, Charlie and Claudia go grocery shopping and discuss the Myra situation. He’s decided to fight back. Claudia warns that the whole school will find out about Myra’s accusations, and everyone will be talking about him. Charlie knows it’ll be tough for both him and Claudia, but he wants the truth to come out. When they get home, they’re impressed with how nicely Victor has decorated the house. Evan and Brian are both there, so this is going to be awkward.

Will wants Bailey to go on a double date with him; he’s caught the attention of two ring girls. He reminds Bailey that he wanted to be more spontaneous. Daphne and Griffin start drinking, which can’t end well. Brian blows up at Evan, then runs off. Evan doesn’t see the point in chasing after him since they always have the same conversation. Julia points out that Brian doesn’t have anyone else to chase after him. A drunk Daphne and Griffin head to the basement to look for more alcohol but only find balsamic vinegar. They console themselves by making out.

Myra shows up and promises Charlie that she never made any accusations; her mother made inferences and took things too far. Not that Myra denied them, of course. She’s upset that taking the case to court could lead to Charlie accusing Myra’s mother of being a bad parent, which might get Myra taken away from her. After Myra leaves, everyone else sits down to dinner, which kicks off with Victor singing grace.

After dinner, Bailey goes to Tracy’s to tell her he used to be fun. She kisses him and invites him inside. Charlie goes to Myra’s to tell her mother that Myra’s going to testify that the accusations are false. Both of them want to protect the people they love, so he would like Myra’s mother to do the right thing for her daughter.

Daphne and Griffin have an awkward conversation, avoiding discussing their hookup while agreeing to still be friends. Maybe friends who make out. Claudia tells Julia that she’s decided to keep her assault quiet so people won’t start talking about her. Julia thinks that’s a bad idea, not least because she’s going to have to keep going to school with Derek. Claudia just wants to pretend it never happened.

Will surprises Bailey at work, ready for their double date with the ring girls, and Bailey is suddenly so spontaneous that he cancels plans with Tracy to go out with them. Charlie’s ready to move on from the whole Myra mess, and he tells Kirsten that he’s optimistic that she’ll get pregnant. She thinks they should wait before trying again, but he notes that they fought through their struggles and things turned out all right.

Julia’s meddling worked, and Evan and Brian have patched things up. Plus, Brian has decided to go back to school (partly so he doesn’t have to pay his father back for his tuition). He knows Julia talked Evan into doing some actual parenting for once. Brian still thinks Julia’s too young for Evan, but he doesn’t mind her so much anymore. In fact, he minds her so little that he tries to kiss her. Now that’s awkward.

Thoughts: Brian is played by Eric Mabius from Ugly Betty. He looks so scrawny here.

I can’t remember ever seeing an assault plot on TV where the person who was attacked wants to keep it quiet. Usually the show wants to send the message that you shouldn’t let the attacker get away with it.

They really overloaded the cast this season. There are way too many people on the show. I wonder at what point they knew this would be the last season, and they decided to just do whatever they wanted.

“If you report this, you could, like, ruin his life.” Go away, Alexa. Juliet would have already beaten the crap out of this guy.

February 7, 2015

Party of Five 6.6, Too Close: Maybe Having Children Isn’t Worth It

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Still a better relationship than Evan and Julia's

Still a better relationship than Evan and Julia’s

Summary: Julia’s anxious for all of Evan’s co-workers to go home so the two of them can get it on. This is a completely normal, professional relationship, guys. She thinks it would be okay to tell everyone. Evan knows tells her how dumb that is, especially for her career. Bailey’s depressed over his breakup with Sarah, so Will tries to put a positive spin on things: He took control and got out of a bad situation.

Kirsten and Charlie have a doctor’s appointment and learn that things are progressing well in their attempts to conceive. Charlie gets an emergency call from a pharmacist – Myra was caught shoplifting condoms and gave his number to the police since her mother wouldn’t answer the phone. Charlie gets her out of jail and makes it clear that her mother will hear about this. Claudia and Alexa work in the school’s darkroom, and Alexa tells Claudia that a guy named Derek likes her. She thinks they should double-date with Alexa and Cameron, who are back together.

Julia tries to get out of Evan’s place before her family starts getting suspicious about all her late hours at the library. She suggests again that they start telling people about their relationship. This time he’s okay with that, and even agrees to have dinner with the Salingers. Charlie goes to see Myra’s mother, showing sympathy for how hard it is to be a working single parent. Myra’s mother thinks things are fine; Myra’s always been able to take care of herself. Charlie disagrees.

At an AA meeting, Bailey talks to his friend John about how annoying his family and friends have been about trying to make him see the good side of his breakup. John’s on their side, though – he thinks Bailey was too dependent on Sarah for his sobriety. Bailey admits that she was a big reason he stayed sober. Now that he’s “free,” he wants to drink again. Claudia takes pictures of Derek at football project, and he invites her to a party he’s having.

Charlie gets Kirsten home from an egg extraction in time to get a call from Myra, who’s desperate to see him. He gently tells her that it’s not a good time. Bailey, Julia, Claudia, Owen, Joe, and Victor gather for dinner at the restaurant and discuss the age difference between Julia and Evan. Claudia thinks it’s weird; Joe doesn’t, which makes sense, since his wife was a lot younger than him. Claudia’s surprised to hear that Joe is now managing the restaurant. Evan never shows, and everyone has to leave.

Bailey goes to a bar and, after almost backing down, asks for a drink. A police officer brings a drunk Myra to Charlie and Kirsten’s place; she told the cop that Charlie was her father. Charlie and Kirsten deny it, but when the cop says he’ll take Myra back to the station, they let her spend the night. Bailey stares at his scotch but doesn’t drink it, instead letting someone else take it. In the morning, Kirsten is maternal toward a hungover Myra while Charlie tells her mother what happened. Kirsten hates that they’re trying so hard to have a baby while Myra’s mother neglects her own child.

Julia passive-aggressively talks to Evan about how he missed dinner the night before because of a meeting that went long. She asks him to pick out a night to reschedule. Evan’s like, “Oh, I’m soooooo busy…” Julia threatens to bring everyone to the office so he can’t get out of it. Evan claims that he just wants to make Julia happy and isn’t trying to get out of anything. Will and Griffin take Bailey to a strip club, and Griffin goes in alone while Bailey works up his courage. Griffin discovers that Daphne has gone back to stripping but promises to keep it quiet.

Outside, Will blasts Bailey for being so mopey when other people have problems. His parents have threatened to kick him out if he doesn’t quit his wrestling internship. He wanted to go to the strip club to get his mind off of his problems. Claudia goes to Derek’s party and gets a lot of attention from him, which bugs Cameron. Claudia notices and asks Derek to go somewhere private. Back at the strip club, Bailey tries to talk to Will about his issues, but Will’s too busy looking at boobs.

Kirsten’s egg extraction was fruitful, and she’ll be able to have some implanted the next day. She and Charlie try to celebrate, but they don’t have time before Myra shows up, upset that Charlie told the principal that she spent the night. He tells her that he was required to, and now he has to take a step back from helping her. Myra blasts him for acting like a friend, then abandoning her. Charlie tells her they can’t be friends outside of school, and she can’t keep coming over unannounced.

Julia addresses her and Evan’s problems again, telling him that she doesn’t care what other people think about their relationship. However, she doesn’t think he’s okay with their differences. She’s worried that he’s ashamed to be with her. Bailey calls up his bar buddy, Tracy, who he had a long conversation with the night before. It seems like he just wants to talk some more, but that quickly goes out the window and they start making out.

Claudia and Derek head to his sister’s bedroom and also start making out. But things move way too quickly for Claudia, and when Derek pulls out a condom, she decides she’s done. Despite her loud repetition of “I’m saying no,” Derek keeps going. Eventually Claudia fights him off and runs away. Also running away: Tracy, who doesn’t want to spend more time with Bailey after they’ve hooked up in a hotel room.

At school, Charlie is called into the principal’s office just as Myra and her mother are leaving. The principal, Mary Anne, asks if Myra ever showed him her diary or discussed her feelings for him. Charlie’s confused. Mary Anne then asks where Myra slept when she spent the night at his place. Did they discuss birth control? Did they talk about whether Charlie found Myra attractive? Mary Anne reveals that Myra’s mother has accused Charlie of having a sexual relationship with Myra, and Myra isn’t denying it. Charlie is understandably offended.

Claudia pleads illness to stay home from school, not even telling Julia what happened with Derek. Daphne goes to see Griffin to make excuses for why stripping is the only job she can keep right now. Griffin points out that he can’t judge since he was there for a show in the first place. Plus, she looked good, so why not strip? Bailey invites Will to move into the Salingers’ house but is disappointed that Will has to travel for work.

Evan finally mans up and makes a dinner date with Julia, in the process letting his office know that they’re dating. Elsewhere, Charlie misses Kirsten’s implantation. Bailey and Tracy meet at the bar again, and he’s shocked to learn that she’s married. She thinks he should have figured it out when they hooked up in a hotel room and she gave him her pager number instead of a home phone number. She invites him to tell her about his day.

Thoughts: Myra’s mother is played by Jenny O’Hara, who was also Scott Scanlon’s mom. So…her TV parenting history is pretty sketchy.

Dear people everywhere: If the person you’re dating doesn’t want people to know you’re dating, you are not in a good relationship.

On the other hand, Julia should have been more concerned with the publishing world finding out about her relationship with Evan. She’s definitely going to be accused of sleeping with him to get her book contract.

Who takes a girl to his sister’s room to have sex? Is the creepy doll collection a turn-on for Derek? I guess that’s the least of his problems, though.

January 10, 2015

Party of Five 6.2, Naked: Don’t Speak

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What's it like, having not aged in 15 years?

What’s it like, having not aged in 15 years?

Summary: Charlie and Kirsten are in Mexico on their honeymoon, but they’re not having a good time. He has a bad sunburn, she has food poisoning, and the people in the hotel room next to theirs are very loud when they have sex. Kirsten says she’s glad to be there anyway, even though she and Charlie have just been playing cards the whole trip. Back in San Francisco, Bailey and Sarah have been having lots of sex and are much happier than they were in the last episode.

Julia gets her book deal, which means now she’ll have to actually write the thing. She asks Claudia and Sarah to help her get all the details right. They’re more excited by the thought of her getting an advance and having her book turned into a movie. In Mexico, Charlie and Kirsten try to figure out who their neighbors are. They order the exact same food as a couple there for their 30th anniversary. The couple has also spend the whole trip playing cards, like Charlie and Kirsten have. The newlyweds rush to their room to have sex so they won’t seem old.

At school, Cody tries to get Claudia to go to a concert with him. She reminds him that they broke up, and she doesn’t want to be friends right now. Daphne takes Diana to daycare for the first time; she’s nervous but Diana’s completely fine with it. Sarah goes to pick up Bailey after an AA meeting, meeting one of his friends, John. She notes how strange it is that Bailey talks to strangers about her.

Julia goes to a writing class at her new college, but one of her classmates thinks it’s dumb that they’re focusing on a piece with a contract and deadline. Another classmate thinks she’s just getting published because she’ll look good on the book jacket. The professor points out that all writers face criticism, so they shouldn’t put it on each other. He tells the students to be on Julia’s side, rather than against her.

Cody hijacks the school’s PA system to play Claudia a song. Her classmates are impressed, though surprised that she merits this kind of behavior. Claudia’s hugely embarrassed. Sarah wonders how Bailey talks about their relationship at AA meetings – does he tell people that things are good? After all, they never talked about their recent problems; they just solved everything in bed. Bailey’s like, “Yes, but that’s working, so…?”

Unlike those two lovebirds, Charlie and Kirsten aren’t having much fun in bed. She’s not that concerned – they’re married now, so they don’t have to have a magical time every night. She doesn’t expect surprises anymore. She assures Charlie that there’s no pressure now. He’s not as happy to hear that as she expected. At school, a popular girl named Alexa tries to get Claudia to talk about Cody’s song, but Claudia won’t discuss it. She guesses that they broke up because of cheating.

Julia tries to talk to Evan about her book, but he’s more interested in the publishing angle than the writing part of the process. He also doesn’t think he’s the best person to ask, since he’s an editor more than he is a writer (despite having written a book). Bailey asks Joe to run the restaurant that night so he can spend time with Sarah. Joe offers to run it for a week to give them more time together. He admits that he doesn’t want to go back to L.A. because he and Franny have separated. He didn’t want to bring it up because the Salingers are all so happy.

Daphne continues to be on the show for no reason. Motherhood is hard, you guys. Alexa wants to talk to Claudia about boyfriends who cheat, and how sometimes they’re better boyfriends after that. Claudia realizes that Alexa’s boyfriend Cameron cheated on her. Alexa wants to know if Claudia gave Cody another chance. Claudia wants to know why Alexa cares so much about how Claudia handled her relationship problems.

Charlie and Kirsten discuss how their noisy neighbors are able to keep up their passion. There’s a discussion of tying someone to a bedpost, and Charlie teases that Kirsten would be into that. She admits that she tried that with a guy and enjoyed it. Bailey and Sarah try out that relationship thing where you talk instead of just having sex. Sarah’s realized that all of her life plans have involved Bailey, and she’s not sure how to make decisions about her life on her own. He doesn’t like to hear that she feels lost. He reminds her that he can help her feel found.

Cody goes to the Salingers’, where, fortunately, Bailey tries to get him to back off. Cody says that when things got rough, they didn’t discuss them, so they just got worse. Now that he wants to fix them, Claudia won’t talk to him. Bailey totally gets it. In Mexico, Charlie’s stuck on Kirsten’s bed-tying affection; she once asked him about it and said she’d never done it. Charlie’s insecure because Kirsten has had better sex than him. She insists that she’s happy, but he notes that things could be better in bed if she wants them to do something different.

Cody bugs Claudia once again about working things out, but this time Alexa comes to the rescue, telling Cody to respect Claudia’s wishes not to talk to him. Alexa also tells Cameron to shut up, so rock on, Alexa. Claudia feeds off of her confidence, telling Cody to leave. Daphne takes a break at work to go visit Diana (apparently the daycare center is in her building). Her boss disapproves and fires her. By the way, I don’t think that’s legal, but whatever.

Julia’s up late, crying while trying to write. Claudia doesn’t get why she’s stuck, since she’s just writing what happened to her. Julia corrects that she also has to write what it all means to her. She doesn’t think she should need help – a real writer should know what to say. She feels like she’s not a real writer after all. Claudia can’t believe that that’s the only thing she can think of that she learned from her whole experience with Ned.

Joe’s surprised to see Bailey at the restaurant rather than with Sarah. Bailey admits that their relationship isn’t as super as it seems. Joe points out that talking to him isn’t going to help if it means he’s not talking to Sarah. Bailey doesn’t want to be mad at Sarah for not knowing what she wants from them. However, he doesn’t want to tell Sarah how he feels because it’ll upset her. Joe tells him that this attitude isn’t going to fix anything.

As Charlie’s packing up to head home, Kirsten lets him know that she bought some scarves. If he’d like to use them to tie anything to anything else, she wouldn’t say no. Or they could just keep playing cards. At school, Alexa introduces Claudia to her popular friends. Daphne continues to exist. Why is she still on this show?

Julia goes to Evan’s office again, basically demanding that he help her. He wanted a book that would help him understand why she stayed in an abusive relationship. She doesn’t have an answer yet, but she thinks Evan can help her figure it out. Charlie and Kirsten are super-okay now. She offers to tell him more about things she experienced before they got together, but he’d rather wait and be surprised. Bailey and Sarah continue to have sex without talking about their issues.

Thoughts: Alexa is played by Maggie Lawson, Juliet from Psych. John (who only had one scene in this episode but is supposed to pop up again) is played by Jen Lindley’s father.

Claudia, wondering who should play Julia in the movie version of her life: “How about Sarah Michelle?” Sarah: “She’s way over-exposed.” I know that was supposed to be a joke, since Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt both did movies with her, but it just sounds mean. Also, of the three of them, Sarah Michelle Gellar is still the most famous 15 years later, so nyah.

Diana’s walking! I can’t believe she’s already that old.

January 3, 2015

Party of Five 6.1, Don’t Let Go: Decisions, Decisions

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Aren't they cute?

Look at these cuties

Summary: Though Charlie asked Bailey to be his best man, Bailey has basically made himself the wedding planner, and has gone a little overboard. (There are doves.) The wedding is four days away, but the theater it was supposed to be held in is suddenly closed, declared unsafe for people to go inside. The Salingers and Kirsten are fine with just getting married in the backyard, but Bailey wants them to have something special. (Also, the backyard is bad luck.)

Charlie and Kirsten go to the airport to pick up Ellie and Gene. Ellie is polite to Charlie, but Gene has major problems with him after his and Kirsten’s previous relationship issues. Joe is also back in town for the wedding. Bailey assigns Claudia to find music for the wedding, so she immediately picks Cody’s band. Sarah wants to help out, but Bailey’s keeping her at a distance.

Julia gets a letter from Stillman Press inviting her to meet with Stillman himself, Evan. He wants to discuss a story she submitted about domestic abuse – it’s not original enough. He gets tons of submissions from abused women, but none of them reveal why the women don’t leave. Evan has an imprint for nonfiction paperback books and thinks Julia should submit a proposal.

Claudia gets Cody and his horrible haircut to agree to play Charlie and Kirsten’s wedding. Claudia’s been spending some time away from Cody because she’s not quite ready to take the next step with him. Also, because his haircut is awful. Kirsten’s parents meet Daphne and Diana; Daphne’s getting ready to take care of the baby on her own while Charlie and Kirsten are on their honeymoon. Gene hates that Kirsten voluntarily spends time with these people.

Bailey manages to book a church for the wedding, though it’ll have to take place at 8 a.m. The priest there thinks he and Sarah are getting married. Sarah says they might someday. (Spoiler: They won’t.) Bailey’s mad that she isn’t sure when he is. Back at the house, Owen wonders if he should be mad, too. Sarah thinks it’s reasonable – if Bailey loved her enough to propose, he’s allowed to be upset that she said no.

Claudia goes to see Cody and catches him kissing another girl. Meanwhile, Kirsten learns that she’ll be getting married at 8 a.m. Charlie still thinks that the backyard is a better option. He and Kirsten try to tactfully tell Bailey that they appreciate all his planning but would prefer things that fit them better. Bailey’s like, “Then plan your own wedding yourselves,” like that’s a novel concept.

Julia goes back to Evan to tell him she doesn’t think she can balance schoolwork with writing. He suggests that she transfer to a college more focused on writing. He’s on the board of the College of Fine Arts and might be able to pull strings to get her a transfer, even though it’s October. Julia isn’t sure about the singular focus. Evan points out that he hasn’t even accepted her book proposal yet. She needs to figure out what makes sense to her.

Bailey whines to Sarah about Kirsten and Charlie disagreeing with his decisions, but she’s not that sympathetic. She thinks he was trying to turn it into his own event. She continues that she had the right to respond the way she did to his proposal, and she still has the right to not be sure about what she wants in the future. Sarah’s sick of Bailey being mad at her and treating her like an enemy.

Charlie asks Daphne if he and Kirsten can borrow a garter for the wedding. (Heh – of course she has more than one.) Gene’s like, “Yeah, no one’s surprised.” Ellie tells him to shut it, but Kirsten wants her father’s opinion. She calls him on acting like he’s superior to Daphne, who Kirsten thinks is awesome now. Ellie tries again to quiet Gene, blurting that Kirsten can’t handle his criticism.

Kirsten’s upset that her parents are questioning her decisions because of her past battle with depression. Ellie tells her that it doesn’t matter what they think. Kirsten disagrees – she wants her life choices to mean something to her parents. If they can’t support her, then after the wedding, they can phase themselves out of her life.

Cody, whose hair looks marginally better, tries to talk to Claudia, but she doesn’t want to hear about his girl on the side. She thinks he’s cheating because Claudia won’t sleep with him. Cody promises to cut the girl out of his life but doesn’t apologize for wanting to have sex. He understands why Claudia wants to wait, and he’d like her to understand why he doesn’t.

Julia talks to Griffin about her possible life changes, and the risks of making a commitment to writing. She compares it to Charlie and Kirsten getting married. Griffin points out that there are ways out of marriage, as they both know. He also doesn’t think he should be the one she asks for advice, since they’re not usually on the same wavelength. He’s taking a less chancy approach to life, knowing that he has plenty of time to take bigger steps.

Charlie assures Bailey that he’s still the best man, then reports that the wedding will take place at the house. Bailey’s opinion matters, so Charlie wants to make sure he’s not too upset about things. Bailey shares what Sarah said about him wanting the wedding to be his. He admits that he’s disappointed because Charlie’s leaving to start his own family. Bailey’s happy for him, but wants him to be less casual about everything. It’s a big deal for everyone, and their way of letting Charlie go.

The wedding day arrives, and Claudia and Julia help Kirsten get ready. The ceremony has been moved, but Kirsten isn’t sure where it will be. Charlie’s at the house, though he’s not supposed to be, and sees Kirsten in her dress. He doesn’t think they need to worry about bad luck. All their past luck has brought them here, where they belong.

Sarah and Bailey are awkward with each other, having realized how long it’s been since they had sex. They start making out. Julia, Claudia, and Kirsten follow directions to a little beach, which Charlie secured through an acquaintance of his father’s. Bailey barely makes it on time, and Kirsten’s parents don’t appear to be there at all, but everything else goes well. Bailey’s happy that the doves make it.

Kirsten spots Ellie at the reception and gets an earful from her mother about how difficult it was for her when Kirsten was sick. Kirsten assures Ellie that she’s happy. Julia tells Griffin that she’s going to transfer schools, and will move back into the Salingers’ while she looks for her own place. After Evan and Griffin gave her two different pieces of advice, she realized that she really did need to make her own decision. Griffin likes the part of Julia that’s confident about her choices.

Claudia tells Cody that they’re in different places in their lives, and she can’t be with him anymore. Bailey and Sarah are back on good terms, and can hardly keep it in their pants. When toast time comes, Charlie talks about making the right decisions, and holding on to things that are important to you. By the way, Gene’s there now. Charlie’s glad that his parents left him with the “secret to life,” which is to never let go. Fast-forward to the end of the reception, when the other Salingers see Charlie and Kirsten off on their honeymoon.

Thoughts: Evan is played by Kyle Secor. No matter what he does, he’ll always be Jake Kane to me.

Every single aspiring writer in the world just called BS on Julia’s plot. She goes in for a meeting with the head of the press (no way) about an article she submitted (he would probably never even see it), and he practically offers her a book deal (NO WAY). Next she’ll win the lottery just by looking at a ticket.

Claudia: “What if we missed the whole wedding? What if we’re too late?” Kirsten: “Claud.” Hee. Nice throwaway moment.

’90s music alert: Cody’s band plays Third Eye Blind’s “How’s It Going to Be.” When they break, they put on Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”

August 30, 2014

Party of Five 5.8, Love and War: No Rest for the Wicked

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"Despite five years of practice, I'm still horrible at this parenting thing, so we're going to release you into the wild. Good luck, buddy!"

“Despite five years of practice, I’m still horrible at this parenting thing, so we’re going to release you into the wild. Good luck, buddy!”

Summary: Charlie’s trying to get Diana to sleep by singing “Hush, Little Baby,” but he can’t remember the words. (“If that mockingbird don’t mock…”) He and Daphne are tired but happy. Then Owen ruins it by loudly reminding Charlie that they’re supposed to go fishing. Claudia calls to talk to Charlie, but he blows her off for the fishing trip. Griffin’s like, “I have no life, so if you ever want to talk, just call me. I’m sure no one will think it’s weird if you call your family and ask to talk to your sister’s ex.”

Owen thinks Charlie’s bored because he keeps yawning. They actually catch a fish, so I’m impressed. Joe’s coming to town, so Julia tells Ned she’s heading home for a family dinner, which means she won’t be meeting his family on parents’ weekend. Ned tells her they’re not coming anyway, so he’s made some plans for a weekend on his own, seeing John Woo movies and writing a paper.

At the restaurant, Bailey has to turn down an employee’s cousin for a job because his immigration documents aren’t in order yet. Then he gets a visit from Sean Sullivan, a successful restaurateur who’s thinking of opening a place right across the street. Charlie and Owen come home with a bunch of fish, which they’ll be having for dinner. While Charlie’s out of the room for a few seconds, Owen attempts to clean the fish with dish soap, so there goes dinner. Bailey brings home food instead, telling Julia and Sarah about his possible competition.

Joe thinks Diana looks just like the woman she was named after. He invites Griffin to join everyone for dinner, not realizing how awkward that is for him and Julia. Griffin inadvertently reveals that Ned was lying about his movie plans, since the retrospective isn’t for another week. Bailey decides he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Sullivan and shut him down. He’s seriously the only person there who thinks this is a big deal, since no one else will shut up about it.

Julia goes back to school to confront Ned for lying to her. It turns out his family’s in town after all, and they know all about Julia. Julia’s surprised to hear that Ned has a brother named Richie, and that Richie usually has an attendant. He appears to have autism. Claudia calls Charlie to tell him she doesn’t think boarding school is going to work out. He tells her to suck it up and stay put. Claudia then learns that due to some immature behavior by the boys at her school (a panty raid? Really?), everyone’s now under an 8 p.m. curfew and can’t leave campus. The girls are warned not to retaliate.

Owen tries to interest Charlie in another brother/brother activity, but he’s on Diana duty, so she has to come along. Bailey visits another restaurant to try to get the owner to hire a chef Sullivan is interested in. The owner is impressed with how proactive Bailey’s being. Owen wants to see a movie, but Charlie doesn’t think they’d be very popular if they brought an infant into a movie theater. Owen complains that Diana’s stupid and nothing’s fair anymore.

Sullivan goes by the restaurant to tell Bailey that he knows Bailey’s trying to make him lose his chef and the space across the street. Bailey tries very hard not to seem intimidated. Ned apologizes to Julia for lying about his weekend plans and not letting her meet his family. She thinks he’s ashamed of Richie. Ned says he’s not; he didn’t want Julia to meet his parents because they don’t get along. Julia convinces him to let her spend time with them.

Claudia and one of her friends set off a smoke bomb in the boys’ dorm, because the show has run out of interesting plots for Claudia to have. Owen tells Charlie that he didn’t mean the things he said about Diana. Charlie assures him that he understands how Owen’s feeling, but Diana needs things done quickly, while Owen’s old enough to wait. He asks Owen to help him out.

Bailey gets a surprise visit from someone at the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. He never should have told Sullivan he was only 20, because now he’s in trouble for serving alcohol while he’s underage. Claudia left evidence of her identity behind when she set off the smoke bomb, so now she expects to be expelled. Obviously, she would welcome it. Unfortunately for her, the person who busted her is Mr. Kroop, who has a soft spot for her.

Julia has dinner with the Graysons, who tell her they like her a lot more than they liked Maggie. Things quickly disintegrate – Dr. Grayson is disappointed that Ned doesn’t want to be a surgeon like everyone else in his family. It’s very Griffin and his father. Bailey goes by one of Sullivan’s restaurants to call a truce, then changes his mind when he spots the illegal employee he wouldn’t hire. At the house, Charlie and Daphne fight over whose turn it is to soothe Diana, but Owen beats them to it.

Ned complains to Julia about his father, thinking Dr. Grayson is hard on him because he’s the only child who’s capable of living up to the doctor’s high expectations. He seems to admit that one of the reasons he stayed with Maggie so long is because his parents didn’t like her. Ned managed to get into Stanford, but he’s not doing as well as his father would have liked. Julia wonders what he gets out of not succeeding. Ned’s jealous that his parents love Richie unconditionally.

Charlie tries to make plans with Owen, who’s bitter that Charlie always has other things to do. Julia meets up with the Graysons before they leave; they love her and are happy Ned’s dating her. Bailey tells Joe that Sullivan can’t get the space across the street from Salinger’s because he’s being investigated by Immigration. Joe knows Bailey engineered the situation and blasts him for ruining other people’s lives. He and Mr. Salinger would have never pulled this sort of trick. Bailey doesn’t feel guilty at all, since he didn’t do anything illegal, and he’s benefiting.

Claudia calls Griffin and tells him she doesn’t feel like her school is the right place for her. All she thinks about is her family. Charlie talks to Daphne about how his parents managed to spend time with all five of their kids. He wants to go talk to Owen about his feelings, but Charlie’s more interested in sleeping right now. Julia thinks Ned’s going to break up with her to protest how much his family likes her. He thinks she wants to save him, but she’s not sure he’s worth it. He asks her not to give up on him.

Thoughts: This episode’s guest stars are all of the ’90s-sitcom variety. Sullivan is played by Anthony Tyler Quinn (Boy Meets World). Dr. Grayson is played by Daniel von Burgen (Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle). Mrs. Grayson is played by Christina Pickles (Friends).

Panty raids? At school? Aren’t those a camp thing?

Charlie, Claudia warned you about Owen’s sibling rivalry. You need to start listening to her.

Was Lacey Chabert doing something else during this part of the season? So far, the kid who plays Owen has gotten more screentime.

I hope Charlie feels good about that nap when Owen starts biting people and shoplifting.

June 14, 2014

Party of Five 4.21, Free and Clear: The Possibilities Are Endless

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Claudia's new boy

Claudia’s new boy

Summary: Daphne wants to help Charlie celebrate his recovery by doing his hair. She also does a tarot reading, telling him that the cards said she would meet him. Unfortunately, she’s new to reading, so she’s not sure what his cards say. She thinks they mean that something new is coming his way, and he’ll have to pick a path. Whichever one he chooses will affect his soul forever. “Or not,” she adds. Yes, those would be the options.

Bailey asks for a new challenge with his community-service speaking, but it turns out he’s completed all his hours. He’s also been approved to get his driver’s license back early. Now he doesn’t need it as badly as he did before, so he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Charlie and his horrible new tips meet with Joe, who tells him he’s gotten an offer to sell the restaurant. He thinks it would be a good idea to sell, since the Salingers could use the money. He sees it as a fork in the road, echoing what Daphne said earlier.

Julia and Griffin see a marriage counselor, trying to figure out when their marriage started falling apart. (I’d say it was right around the time they said “I do,” but what do I know?) Julia thinks Griffin’s mad at her for moving them into the “guest cottage,” since he believes they would have wound up there even if Charlie hadn’t gotten sick. Julia notes that it doesn’t matter – he cheated, and there’s nothing she could have done to deserve that.

Claudia’s about to take part in a debate tournament at school, and her friend thinks one of their prep-school opponents is checking her out. Whether he is or not, he destroys her in their debate. Bailey’s on a high from having his license back, and he tries to get Sarah to go for a ride with him, but she’s busy. Claudia’s debate opponent, Jamie, tells her he became more aggressive than usual because he was taken aback by her intelligence and cuteness. He invites her to a school dance the next night.

At the house, Charlie tells his siblings about the offer on the restaurant. They think they should buy Joe out and run it by themselves. This would be risky, though, and require them taking out a second mortgage on the house. Everyone but Charlie is willing to give up the money in order to keep their family’s restaurant. Bailey points out that while Charlie was sick, he was working toward getting the business back. The vote is three against one, so Charlie gives in and makes it unanimous.

Back at his apartment, Bailey tells Sarah that Charlie was moved that they all wanted to keep the family restaurant. Charlie confirms this to Daphne, happy that his siblings were so supportive. Bailey wishes he had a job like Charlie’s – one he could be proud of and know he could do as long as he wanted. Charlie admits to Daphne that he’s not sure he wants to keep the same job forever. He doesn’t remember things the way Bailey does. Daphne thinks he should say something before he signs any paperwork.

Julia takes Claudia shopping for a dress for the dance, and Claudia makes herself nervous about her big date. Julia wishes she had a romance like her sister’s. Bailey winds up at some random diner, chatting with the guy who runs the place. Bailey encourages him to try a special promotion, then gives him marketing advice. Julia and Griffin have another counseling session, and she remembers how he used to reach for her when they were leaving somewhere, so they could hold hands. She knew back then for sure that she was in love with him. She wants them to get back to that place.

Charlie tries to talk to Claudia about the restaurant sale, like, way to upset her right before her big date. Bailey joins the discussion and tells Charlie that he’s not the only one who gets to make the decision. After all, he’s the one who ran things while Charlie was sick. When Julia arrives, everyone jumps on Charlie, asking what their father would think if he knew Charlie wanted to sell. Charlie says that he can’t spend his whole life keeping the restaurant going just because it was their dad’s. He’d always feel stuck.

Joe comes over while Claudia cries because Jamie’s running late and wouldn’t tell her why. Joe cheers her up with a Godfather impersonation. Then he recognizes Jamie’s name – his parents run a restaurant and were Mr. Salinger’s rivals. The Burkes allegedly reported Salinger’s to the Health Department and bribed a food critic for a good review. Mr. Salinger retaliated by stealing their best manager. Claudia thinks Jamie’s jerkiness is in his blood.

Bailey asks Sarah what she’s seen that’s made him the happiest over the past year. They both know it’s when he was running the restaurant. He wishes Charlie would see the same thing. Bailey wasn’t just a substitute caretaker – he built up the business. Sarah confirms that he wants them to buy the restaurant so he can run it himself. Hey, Bailey, maybe you should SAY SOMETHING, if that’s what you want?

Julia tells Griffin about the sale, and how they’ll have some money. She’s considering using her share to go back to school. Griffin balks, since he’ll be the only one making money again. Julia makes it clear that she’s not going to let him stop her. He shoots back that this isn’t exactly her trying to get them back to the place they used to be. Jamie finds Claudia at school and apologizes for standing her up; his parents made him when they found out she was a Salinger. Then they start fighting about who’s responsible for the families’ rivalry.

Back to counseling for Julia and Griffin, who argue about her college plans. He’s mad that she keeps punishing him for cheating. She notes that she has a hard time making plans for the future that involve him because she can’t trust him. Griffin feels like Julia thinks she spend the last year “slumming around” with him. He can’t make plans for the future because he doesn’t have any options. He had to give up his garage because things were too hard. He’s made more sacrifices than Julia has.

Charlie disagrees with Bailey’s desire to run the restaurant on his own. He points out that Bailey’s only 19, and hardly any people his age can commit to something they want to do the rest of their lives. If they sell the restaurant and Bailey doesn’t succeed, they’re all in trouble. Bailey thinks that Charlie can’t admit that Bailey did a better job running the restaurant than he’s done. He really loved the job, and he deserves a chance to go back to it.

Ross goes to the Salingers’ to tell Claudia that he did some digging and knows that the history of their families’ rivalry isn’t all accurate. Either way, he really likes her, and he doesn’t care if their parents hated each other. Then he kisses her. Charlie and Joe summon Bailey to the restaurant to sign paperwork; he thinks it’s for the sale, but it’s to put the restaurant under his charge. Charlie finds it strange that this is something Bailey actually wants, but he’s supportive.

Charlie gets rid of his horrible hair dye, telling Daphne that he has no idea what he’s going to do with his life. But since he doesn’t have to go work at the restaurant right now, they might as well hook up. Right before their next session, Julia admits to Griffin that she was trying to punish him when she made her decision about college without consulting him. She knows he’s not the only person to blame for their problems. Maybe they should clean the slate and start over. But Griffin is upset that Julia’s making the rules and invalidating his feelings.

Bailey takes Sarah to the restaurant to talk through some of his plans. He also wants to celebrate with her, since she got him to ask for what he wanted. Now that he has the security of a job and a future, he feels better about working things out with Annie. That’s not what Sarah wants to hear. Charlie and Daphne chat in bed, and he’s definitely happier than he’s been in a long time. He notes that this is the first time he’s had sex since he got sick. The song playing in the background is “The Weight,” which is ironic, since that’s what Daphne will be gaining very soon…

Thoughts: Jamie is played by ’90s kid actor Ross Malinger, who’s probably best known as Tom Hanks’ son in Sleepless in Seattle.

You know your love life sucks when you’re jealous of a 15-year-old.

Thank you, Charlie, for fixing your hair. I couldn’t take you seriously with those streaks.

Shut up, Griffin. Shut up a million times.

May 24, 2014

Party of Five 4.20, Square One: Take Me Back to the Start

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I'd buy cheese from her

I’d buy cheese from her

Summary: Charlie has just shared his good news with his family and Kirsten, and everyone’s incredibly happy. “You guys saved my life,” he tells them. They assure him that they would do it all again if they had to. Charlie’s excited to go back to his normal life, as if he was never sick. Julia tells him he can. They all decide to have a party the next night to celebrate.

Julia fills Griffin in, telling him that now that Charlie’s better, things will get better for the two of them as well. Since they moved in to take care of the family, now they can move out. Griffin points out that they still don’t have a lot of money, but Julia thinks that if he keeps working at the garage, they’ll be fine. He’s surprised that she’s okay with him staying there (remember, the liar told her there’s nothing going on between him and Rosalie).

Sarah has a rough adjustment to temporary caregiver, because as we know from past experience with Natalie, she’s not the easiest child to get along with. Bailey promises that he’ll help out. Sarah wants him to start now, since Natalie thinks Annie’s coming home early. Sarah doesn’t know how to explain to her that Annie has another ten days in rehab.

At the garage, Rosalie tries to talk to Griffin, but he tells her that he and Julia are going to try to work things out. Rosalie’s confused, since he previously told her that he and Julia were over. She wouldn’t have slept with him if she knew he and Julia were going to reconcile. She doesn’t think he ever wanted her in the first place. Griffin says he’s “kind of stuck here.” Rosalie confirms that Julia doesn’t know the whole story.

Bailey and Sarah suck as parents and are unable to enforce any rules. Natalie says she can’t fall asleep in their apartment, so they take her to her own bedroom. Later, Bailey heads to the restaurant to help Charlie plan his celebration. Joe calls to say he’ll have to miss the party since his flight was canceled. Bailey suggests postponing the party so Joe can be there, and since he’s busy with Natalie anyway.

Julia awkwardly asks Griffin if he wants to have sex. At first he accepts, but changes his mind. Charlie’s friend Kevin hired a stripper for Charlie’s party without telling him, and no one told her the party’s been postponed, so she shows up at the Salingers’ house. She’s perfectly willing to strip for an audience of one, or show off one of her other talents (which include pedicures and tarot card readings). Since Kevin paid, she wants to earn her fee.

Bailey, Sarah, and Natalie play cards while Natalie gives the other two makeovers. Bailey and Sarah start play-fighting, and if this were a romantic comedy, this is probably where they would kiss. Instead of taking off her clothes, the stripper, Daphne, chats with Charlie, surprised that he’s willing to take his normal life back after beating cancer, as opposed to going off and doing something adventurous. He says he likes routine.

Natalie still won’t sleep, but Bailey and Sarah have kind of stopped caring. Sarah shares a small moment with Bailey, disappointed that it’s interrupted by a call from Annie. While Griffin quits his job, Joe arrives in San Francisco, and the Salingers try to reschedule their party. Unfortunately, they’re all busy at various times and can’t make anything work. Joe isn’t sure why they’re making a big deal out of it anyway. Charlie says he wanted his normal life back for so long, and now that he has it, he also wants something special.

Griffin tells Julia he quit, and she wonders if it’s because he still has feelings for Rosalie. She can tell that there’s something he hasn’t said. He claims that he just doesn’t like being there. Later, Griffin goes to confession, feeling horrible that he did something to hurt Julia when she’s been hurt so many times before. He wishes he could make his affair go away. Even if Julia doesn’t know what happened, he does.

Sarah manages to get Natalie to sleep by a decent hour. She asks Bailey what he thinks will happen with him and Annie, but he’s not sure what Annie wants. Sarah is: She knows Annie will want things to go back to the way they were. Charlie tells Kirsten that he wants to travel and do exciting things; she can understand because she felt the same way when she started dealing with her depression. He invites her along. After all, they had fun on their road trip. Kirsten tells him she can’t justify it now, since he’s not sick anymore and she’s, you know, married.

Natalie enjoys family time with Bailey and Sarah, and now that it’s clear Sarah’s falling for her ex again, it’s no surprise – guys who are good with kids tend to become more attractive. Of course, that’s when Annie calls. Since Natalie fell asleep on top of her, Sarah has to sit there and listen to Bailey talk to his girlfriend.

Julia suggests that she and Griffin do what Bailey and Sarah do – they can manage an apartment building and get a place to live. Griffin decides it’s time to tell her that despite his earlier claims, he did, in fact, sleep with Rosalie. She doesn’t know how to respond. Sarah disagrees with Bailey getting Natalie’s hopes up about winning a big prize at a carnival. Sarah plans to skip the fair, but Natalie wants them all to do fun things together, since Bailey said that would help the time pass.

Charlie runs into Daphne at the mall, where the poor stripper has to dress in a cheese costume and hand out free samples. She’s disappointed that he didn’t end up doing anything exciting, and hasn’t even had his party. She decides to do something fun with him. Bailey and Natalie take Sarah to the carnival, and they have more happy family fun times together.

Julia gives Griffin the silent treatment, which is more than his butt deserves – shouldn’t she have barred him from the property? He insists that things will get better if they find their own place. She tells him she doesn’t know how she feels yet. Part of her wants to forgive him, and she might be able to do that someday, but right now she’d be crazy to keep living with him. “I’m scared of you,” Julia admits. She only feels safe with her family.

Daphne takes Charlie out to the woods, and he burns a bunch of things that remind him of his illness. He feels dumb, but she thinks this is the best way for him to feel like he’s moving on. He realizes that he was wearing the shoes he has on when he heard his diagnosis, so he burns those, too. More clothes come off, and Charlie asks Daphne for some tips on stripping. And then Social Services shows up and is like, “Why are you naked in the woods with a stripper?” Just kidding, but that would have been a nice twist.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: “Adia” by Sarah McLachlan. That’s two of her songs in two episodes. Also, “A Change Will Do You Good” by Sheryl Crow, which is so, so appropriate for this episode.

Bailey says he has a meeting with the tenants’ board to see if he’ll be fired for never being in the building, but he was never hired in the first place. Sarah was hired and he just works and shares her paycheck. The whole point was that he can’t get a job because he has a conviction on his record.

“Hi, Jennifer Aspen. We’d like you to play a stripper on Party of Five. You won’t have to actually take your clothes off but you’ll need to come in for a fitting anyway. It’s for a cheese costume. Wait, don’t hang up!”

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