December 28, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 4.7, You Had Me at Goodbye: Ciao, Bella

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...I actually have nothing snarky to say about this photo. It's sweet

Summary: Joey is stressed out by the college-application process, though her admissions advisor tells her she’s ahead of the game. She just needs a peer recommendation from the person who knows her the best. She’s not looking forward to having to figure out who that is. The advisor tries to help her, and it’s obvious who Joey comes up with.

Pacey brings Andie her homework at home, since she’s not ready to go back to school yet after her experience at the rave. She notes that everyone’s been by to see her, but they’ve all come alone and aren’t speaking to each other. Andie’s upset that everyone’s blaming Jen. Pacey thinks the friendship may have run its course. Dawson finishes painting Mr. Brooks’ house, but Mr. Brooks doesn’t approve of the job he did. Dawson says he doesn’t have the time to do more work since he needs to work on his college applications.

At school, Jack avoids Jen, but Drue wants to bug her about how her friends won’t talk to her. He’s happy since that means he’s the only person left for her to talk to. He reminds her that he’s always been there for her, “not pretending to be and then judging [her] afterwards.” Jen tells him that no matter how many people stop talking to her, she’ll never be friends with Drue. “That which doesn’t kill me makes me more diabolical,” he replies.

Pacey heads home, where Joey’s waiting for him, and Gretchen sends him out to buy groceries. Joey asks Gretchen how she managed to survive the college-application process. Gretchen guesses that she’s avoiding something and gets her to admit that she needs a peer recommendation. Gretchen also guesses that the person who knows Joey the best is Dawson. Joey is nervous about hurting Pacey if she asks Dawson, and vice versa. Gretchen reminds her that the recommendation needs to be from the person who knows her best, not just the person she’s dating.

Mr. McPhee tells Andie that since she has all the credits she needs, she should take the rest of the semester off. He can’t remember the last time he saw her relax and not worry about responsibilities. It was in Florence when they visited her aunt. He wants her to spend the rest of the semester in Italy and take it easy before college.

Jack gets an email from Jen and Andie urges him to respond, saying he can’t avoid her forever. She mentions Mr. McPhee’s suggestion about Italy, and Jack says it sounds like she would be running away. Andie notes that there’s no point in spending time with her friends in Capeside since they’re not speaking. Jack doesn’t want her to miss the end of senior year.

At school, Jen’s called into Mitch’s office, where Grams, Mrs. Valentine, and Drue are gathered, along with a juvenile corrections officer. Drue has admitted to supplying the Ecstasy at the rave – and is dragging Jen down with him. Mrs. Valentine thinks Drue was reformed and Jen got him to return to his wicked ways. Jen is the only person who knows what Drue is pulling. Even Grams isn’t on Jen’s side. The kids get 100 hours of community service as punishment.

Jen chases after Grams, who doesn’t want to talk to her. She thought they’d improved their relationship and were being honest with each other. “I have never in all my life been so deeply disappointed in anything or anyone,” Grams says. Jen then heads to the McPhees’, having received an email from Jack (which Andie actually sent). She apologizes again for her part in the Ecstasy situation; she did something dumb but doesn’t deserve to be abandoned for it. Jen would never do what Jack’s doing to anyone. Jack just closes the door.

Joey goes to the Leerys’, then chickens out at starts to leave. She runs into Dawson, who’s getting supplies together to work on Mr. Brooks’ house; he notes good-naturedly that he’s working off their debt by himself. Joey gives him the form for the peer recommendation and he’s a little floored that she would ask him. He’s also not sure if he’s the right person for the job. Dawson wonders if Pacey knows, but Joey isn’t going to tell him unless he agrees to write it. If he decides to, he’s the right person.

Dawson paints Mr. Brooks’ fence and finally gets some kindness in return when Mr. Brooks offers him some food. It doesn’t take long before they get into a fight and Dawson confronts Mr. Brooks over having pictures in the place of people. Mr. Brooks explains that 30 years ago his brothers came to him asking for money. They invested it all and he lost it. He tells Dawson that sometimes you don’t lose people from your life by choice, but when you make the wrong decisions.

Pacey brings Andie more homework and she tells him about possibly going to Italy. She thought Jack would be supportive, but instead he’s trying to convince her to stay. She points out that he left once; Pacey points out that he only moved across town. He guesses that Andie wants a tiebreaker to make the decision for her. He asks what Andie would be running from if she went to Italy. Maybe she needs to take off the training wheels and ride by herself. Andie worries what others will think, but Pacey reminds her it’s her life and she gets to live it. She’s the tiebreaker.

Drue bugs Jen some more, telling her he’s looking forward to doing community service with her. She knows he’s protecting his “inner Iago,” but people will make up their minds about them and not change. He tells her the people of Capeside aren’t her people: “I am your people.” Capeside will only ever be her past.

Andie talks to Mr. McPhee about how he and Jack have worked things out, and how that means the rest of her friends should be able to do the same. He says it takes realizing what you’re risking if you let someone go. Dawson takes Joey’s peer-recommendation form back to her blank and tells her he’s not the right person to write it. Joey’s disappointed but thanks him for thinking about it.

As Dawson leaves, he sees Pacey waiting nearby. Joey tells Pacey about the recommendation and tries to brush it off like it’s nothing. Pacey knows it isn’t since she didn’t tell him about it. Joey doesn’t want to talk about it, and Pacey complains that she always gets to decide what they air out and what they ignore. She argues that she was trying to avoid a conflict. Dawson has always been there for her, and Joey doesn’t think Pacey can be angry with her for asking him to write the recommendation. Pacey just wonders when he gets to be the person who knows Joey the best.

Joey and Dawson run into each other outside Leery’s Fresh Fish, where they’re each supposed to have dinner with Andie. She’s summoned Jack and all their friends for a surprise dinner. Jack wants to leave once Jen arrives, but Andie announces that she’s actually the one leaving: She’s going to Italy. Jack and Jen agree to stay to hear what she has to say to everyone.

Andie says it shouldn’t have taken a ploy to get all her friends together. When Mr. McPhee brought up taking the rest of the year off, Andie made a pro/con list, and the first con was leaving her friends. She takes full responsibility for taking the Ecstasy. Pacey, Joey, and Dawson are lucky for having lifelong friends because they can go back to the beginning together. The main thing keeping Andie in Capeside was the idea of Jack not having a sister if she left, but she realized that he would have Jen.

Andie continues that when she met her friends, she didn’t know much about friendship or love, but they taught her a lot. By leaving, she hopes to return the favor. She doesn’t want everything to end the way things are right now; she doesn’t want to remember them like this. Later that evening, Pacey apologizes to Joey for his reaction to the peer-recommendation issue. She tells him that in ten years, he’ll be the person who knows her best. Dawson knows her past the best, but her future is with Pacey.

Jack finds Jen crying outside and asks if she’s the same girl who used to tell him everything. She asks if he’s the boy who used to listen. He says he didn’t stop listening, he just didn’t always like what he heard. Jen assures him that she’s the same person. Jack apologizes, but Jen just wants him to stand by her. He asks if she’s willing to keep standing. Dawson and Joey wind up by the water and he tells her he never doubted how well he knew her. He was just worried about putting it all on paper. He’d like to write the recommendation after all.

Andie tries to say goodbye to Pacey, but he’s sure she’ll be back for prom and graduation. She tells him she’s going to Italy because of what he said to her. He gave her strength to do things she’s always needed to do but was too scared to do. Pacey tells her she can no longer use the word “afraid,” only “brave” and “stalwart.” He adds that he’ll miss her optimism and asks her to leave a little behind when she goes.

Jack tells Andie that the only reason he didn’t want her to leave was because he would miss her. She reminds him that since they’re siblings, they’ll never have to say goodbye. The six friends start to take a picture together, but Andie, who’s standing between Pacey and Dawson, moves down the line so the two friends have to stand next to each other.

Thoughts: Other than in “Coming Home,” I never really felt like Andie was part of the group. I think it’s because we saw Jack spend more time with the others, especially Jen, and Andie felt more like a tagalong.

How many applications are these people filling out? How long is each application? I only filled out one (I applied early decision and got in, so I didn’t have to do any more), and I don’t remember it being that long or intense, so I really have no frame of reference. I also don’t remember my friends getting this stressed about applications.

Grams believes Drue over Jen? That SUCKS. And also makes no sense.

Mr. Brooks is who Gregory House will grow up to be.

Best way to turn what’s supposed to be a sweet, sad scene into a laugh-fest: play Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” over it.

December 26, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 4.6, Great Xpectations: The Agony of Ecstasy

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If you ask me, Dawson looks like the one on drugs here

Summary: Andie wants to guide Jen through the college-application process, suggesting that they start with schools in New York, thinking Jen wants to go back there. Jen thinks Drue has been talking to her. Andie confirms that Drue told her about he and Jen would go out partying a lot. Jack brings Andie a letter from Harvard, but she thinks it’s bad news since it’s small. Fortunately, she got accepted early.

Gretchen runs into Dawson at a music store, where they learn about an upcoming rave. She thinks it would be nice to “let loose” and have fun. Dawson is cynical, of course, knowing it’s not something he would enjoy. Gretchen tells him she wants to expose him to new experiences as part of their friendship. He asks for a rain check. Meanwhile, Pacey complains to Joey about how boring Capeside is; she suggests they rob some banks. She sees Dawson and Gretchen together and is totally not jealous at all.

Mr. McPhee gives Andie his old Harvard sweater as Jack teases him about the school’s snootiness. The three family members are finally getting along well. Jack tells his sister not to freak herself out, but Andie is disturbed by the fact that she doesn’t feel freaked out – or anything, really. She thinks her medication is keeping her from feeling anything intense. Jack tells her about the rave that night and suggests that they go out to celebrate.

In the school computer lab, Jen receives an email invitation from Drue, who reminds her that she used to love partying. He thinks she’s been in Capeside so long that she’s deprived herself from anything fun. Drue continues that he went back for the Ecstasy he gave her, but it was gone. Jen tells him that if he wants to screw up her life, he’ll have to try harder. Drue thinks she wants to feel good again. He encourages her to take the drugs and go to the rave.

At home, Dawson finds Gail and Mitch dancing in the kitchen with a celebratory dinner nearby. They’ve decided to keep the baby. Dawson’s thrilled for them. Joey and Gretchen get ready for the rave together, Gretchen encouraging Joey to give it a chance. Pacey thinks it’ll just be a longer version of a high school dance. Dawson arrives to get Gretchen, so now everything’s awkward. Jen tells Andie that they first have to go to a “map point” (and possibly exchange an egg). Andie catches her bringing Drue’s Ecstasy with her.

On the way to the rave, Joey notices that Dawson and Gretchen are getting along well. Jen tells Andie about the times she took Ecstasy before going to raves in New York. It made her happy and gave her a vacation from her problems. Andie doesn’t see the downside. Jen tells her the high lasts for six hours and leaves you more depressed afterward. She stopped taking it because she no longer knew who she was.

Andie looks at the pills, admitting that getting into Harvard hasn’t made her as happy as she thought it would. She’s tired of talking about her feelings – tonight she just wants to have fun. She’s sure she’ll feel happy soon. Jack meets up with the girls, and Andie is unable to give the pills back to Jen without him seeing. Dawson and Gretchen go to the map point to get directions to the rave as Joey and Pacey discuss their friendship. Pacey’s suspicious of it.

Dawson and Gretchen get passes to the rave and are told to “follow the Yellow Brick Road.” Gretchen asks if he’s really okay with being with Joey and Pacey. He tells her Mitch and Gail are having the baby after all, so he’s in a good mood. He’s happy he got to share the news with Gretchen. She tells him about the benefits of having a younger sibling. Dawson thanks her for sharing her own experiences and putting things into perspective.

Jack, Andie, and Jen reach the rave, and Jack runs off to have fun. Andie assures Jen that she’s feeling better…and she “sort of” took a pill. She thinks she deserves to have a great night. She asks Jen not to say anything to Jack. Drue is surprised to see Dawson, Joey, and Pacey at the rave. The gang meets up and everyone congratulates Andie on getting into Harvard. Drue teases Joey as Pacey hugs Andie. Gretchen asks who Drue is; Dawson asks if she ever met Abby Morgan.

Andie’s already tripping when the kids enter the rave. “Petting Joey – not a good way to maintain a low profile,” Jen warns her. She tells Andie to stick by her side so Jen can keep an eye on her. But moments later, Drue takes Andie away to dance, so that didn’t last long. Gretchen tells Joey she’s sorry Dawson’s arrival was a blindside, since he originally said he wouldn’t come. Joey’s okay with it. She asks if there’s something more than friendship between Gretchen and Dawson. Gretchen’s oblivious to Dawson’s feelings, thinking he’d rather have Joey back.

Drue can tell Andie’s high, and he assures her that he’s a better babysitter than Jen. Pacey goes outside to get away from the music and crowd, asking Joey why they even came. She reminds him that they wanted to try something new. He says it just makes him appreciate the old. Joey also thinks something’s bugging him. Pacey admits that he misses True Love.

Gretchen confronts Dawson about his possible feelings for her, but he denies that there’s anything there other than friendship. He doesn’t think either of them is ready for anything else to happen. He notes that when Joey and Pacey left last summer, he lost two good friends, so he’s just trying to make some new ones. Andie tells Pacey and Joey that they’re great together, and that Joey’s really nice, except for the time when she dumped Dawson for Pacey. She adds that Pacey is the love of her life, but Joey doesn’t need to worry because Pacey’s over her.

Jen goes looking for Andie, and Jack is no help in the search since he’s too busy having fun. Andie and Drue join Dawson and Gretchen in a bouncy house, where the drugs finally catch up to Andie and she collapses. Jack and Jen show up in time to find her unconscious. When the paramedics arrive, Jen has to confess that Andie took Ecstasy. Jack’s mad at her for giving Andie the drugs and tells her she should be the one in the ambulance.

As the rest of the gang heads to the hospital, Drue takes Jen home. She’s mad at herself for letting Andie take drugs. Drue doesn’t think she should feel responsible because Andie made her own choice. Her friends want her to be the bad girl because it makes them feel better about their “pathetic, plastic, Mayberry existence.” Jen tells him that they may have come from the same place, but now they live far apart, and she’s going to keep it that way.

At the hospital, Andie is stabilized and Jack tells their friends that the Ecstasy reacted badly with her medication. Pacey’s shaken up and wishes he’d realized something was going on. Dawson notes that he couldn’t have done anything. Pacey wants to spend the night at the hospital, sending Joey, Dawson, and Gretchen home. Dawson drops Gretchen off at her place, where she thanks him for his friendship.

Mr. McPhee tells Andie he’s not mad at her, but Jack is – their family has already been through enough disasters. Andie cries and says she just wanted to feel something. Mr. McPhee is sure they can get through this as long as they communicate. Pacey brings the guys some coffee and Andie apologizes for the things she said at the rave.

Dawson and Joey watch the sunrise together, shaken by what happened to Andie and how easily something horrible can happen. Dawson misses the simplicity of the fun they had as kids. Joey notes that they’ll all be in college in less than a year. After 18 years of living nearby, they’ll be in different places. Dawson suggests that Joey give her boat to Alexander, because he plans to give his to his younger brother or sister.

Joey’s happy to hear about the new baby, but it makes her feel old. Dawson feels the same way. She says that no matter where she goes next, it’s hard for her to think about a life without Dawson. He notes that they did all right being apart for three months. She asks if he knows what she really means, and he says he does.

Thoughts: There’s a band in the ad for the rave called Burkittsville 3. I wonder if that’s a reference to The Blair Witch Project.

Did Jack grow a personality between seasons? He’s just so much more laidback and likable now.

Drue: “We haven’t met.” Gretchen: “I don’t have a problem with that.” Ha!

Please, Dawson – Abby wishes she were as witty and evil as Drue.

I’m surprised Pacey didn’t notice that something weird was going on with Andie. Old Pacey would have gotten her out of there in two seconds. New Pacey is too distracted by Joey’s tongue down his throat.

November 25, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.23, True Love: “You Got What You Wanted”

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Yes, it's the episode where he makes this face

Summary: Dawson and Mitch run into Gail and Joey downtown as they get ready for Mitch and Gail’s second wedding. Joey will be the maid of honor, and Dawson’s happy that she’s agreed to be part of the ceremony. She heads off to find something blue, and Dawson notes that there’s a lot of that going around. Pacey is getting ready for his summer sailing trip, but Doug thinks he should tell Joey how he feels about her before he leaves.

Jen tries to get Jack back in their Bitter Club now that both of their boyfriends have left or are leaving. Henry shows up and he and Jen try to get Jack to do their talking for them. Jack tries to translate their comments as apologies. Henry finally tries to apologize to Jen himself, but she wishes they’d never met.

Andie stops by Dawson’s house to get him to sign her yearbook, specifically on a photo of him and Pacey. She tells him about Pacey’s sailing trip and a send-off they’re having for him the next night. Dawson tells her it’s the same time as the rehearsal dinner. Andie points out that one of them will have to make the first move. She admits that she’s not past what happened yet either, and “letting go isn’t a one-time thing,” but something that has to be done every day.

Doug pulls Joey over for driving too slowly, telling her he’ll let her off with a warning, but not about driving. He tells her that Pacey’s leaving for the summer in a couple of days, in case she wants to see him before he goes.

Joey tracks Pacey down and blasts him for skipping town because things have gotten difficult. Pacey argues that he’s not going to sit around and watch Joey and Dawson try to revive their friendship. He figured a “goodbye scene” wouldn’t work either since he wouldn’t get what he wanted – her asking him to stay. Joey tells Pacey that at least she’s not giving up. He turns her around to look at her wall, which she never painted. He notes that it’s unfinished, just like they are. He may not like the ending they’ve wound up with, but at least it’s an ending.

At the wedding rehearsal, Dawson notices that Joey doesn’t seem completely present. He tells her that if she wants to go see Pacey, she should go. She says she’s doing the best she can and asks him to cut her some slack. Dawson points out that she’s acting like she’s stuck with him, which he doesn’t deserve. He tells her again to go, but Joey is determined to stay.

Pacey, Jen, Andie, Jack, and Grams give Pacey his going-away party, and the kids all complain about how bad their summers will be. Grams tells them about spending a day with a man who was about to leave for Korea. He asked her to wait for him, but she was too scared to do anything, including kiss him. The next day, Grams flew to San Diego and kissed the man in front of his whole crew. He wound up dying in Korea. She had one perfect kiss with him, 46 years with her husband, and no regrets.

Dawson tells Joey he doesn’t want to fight anymore. She tells him that if they’re going to have an honest relationship, he needs to know that part of the reason she broke things off with Pacey was so she wouldn’t lose Dawson. He’s been part of her entire life, but if she’d thought he would forgive her, she might have made a different decision. On their way home with Jack and Andie, Grams decides that Jen needs to see Henry and tell him how she feels before he leaves.

Joey goes downtown to run an errand for Bessie and sees that someone has painted on her wall, “Ask me to stay.” Pacey shows up and admits that he got Bessie to get her to come downtown. He’s realized that leaving would be giving up, and he’s not ready to do that. But he also wants to know that Joey’s not ready to give up either. Pacey spent an hour and a half staring at the wall the previous night, and now he wants Joey to spend some time staring at it.

The next day, Mitch and Gail get remarried with Dawson and Joey as their best man and maid of honor. Their vows talk about loving each other forever and being best friends. Dawson’s happy but Joey’s a little distracted. At the end of the ceremony, they spot Pacey at the back of the crowd. Grams drives Jen, Jack, and Andie to wherever Henry’s bus is leaving from, and Jen goes looking for him. She tells him she’s had sex before but not with anyone she really loved. Then she kisses him in front of his whole crew team.

Back in Capeside, Joey tells Pacey that she can’t give him a reason to stay. She has too much to work through. He replies that she’s made her choice. It would have saved everyone a lot of time and energy if she’s just made it a few months ago. Dawson interrupts, leading Joey to make an excuse to leave. Pacey asks if she’s even going to say goodbye. She does, and Pacey tells Dawson that he won: “You got what you wanted.” He knows things won’t be the same between the two of them. Dawson agrees.

Jen sends Henry off and Jack tells her she has to leave the Bitter Club. Grams congratulates her granddaughter for showing so much courage. She’s pleased to see Jen so happy. Jen thinks they need to continue their “carpe diem road trip” in Boston so Jack can see Ethan. At the wedding, Dawson and Joey dance and she babbles about spending the summer together. She’s about two seconds from losing it.

The road-trip crew makes it to Boston, where Jack tells Ethan that he wants to show him he’s not afraid. He tries this by kissing him. He’s too late, though, as Ethan’s gotten back together with his ex. Dawson gives his best-man speech, talking about how happy he is to be part of what his parents have now, where everything is forgiven. Part of love is forgiving. Later, Joey asks Dawson if he meant what he said. He did, and he wants her to go to Pacey.

Dawson reminds Joey that she gave up going to Paris for him, and he should have made her go. He was selfish and wanted her to stay with him. He doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Joey says it might be her choice to stay, but she’s not fooling anyone. Dawson wants her to see for herself that this is the right decision. He can tell her that she’ll come back to him eventually, but they’re just words. Joey needs to find out.

“You want him like I want you,” Dawson says, the only difference being that Pacey wants her back. “You’re free. You can do whatever you want.” Joey tells him she wants them to be friends. Dawson repeats what he said about words just being words. He tells her again to walk away and go to Pacey. As she leaves, he cries and makes the iconic crying-Dawson face we’ve all come to know and love. Just then, the road-trip crew returns and Jen sees Dawson devastated.

Jack goes home and tells his father that he kissed Ethan, then found out he got back together with his ex. He tries to get Mr. McPhee to admit that the thought of two men kissing disgusts him. He spent a whole year working on his relationship, and now it, the entire year, and his life are a wash. Mr. McPhee says that’s not true – Jack had the guts to go out and work for what he wanted.

Jack says he has the same problems as other teens, but there’s another level. He had more anguish than most over one kiss. He didn’t ask to be gay. Mr. McPhee replies that he didn’t ask for a gay son, but he’s glad he got one. He holds Jack as he cries. Speaking of crying, Dawson goes home to mope, but finds Jen, Andie, and Jack in his bedroom. They want to cheer him up with a movie night, refusing to listen when he says he wants to be alone. Andie says their pain makes them real, but no one can handle it alone.

Joey runs to the waterfront, where Pacey is about to leave. He tells her it’s too late for him to ask her to go. She tells him she doesn’t want to stop him any more than she wants to be stopped. Pacey has challenged her all year, as well as been there for her. He tells her she has 30 seconds until the end of the episode he leaves. Joey hesitates, then announces that she thinks she’s in love with him. On second thought, she knows she is. And she doesn’t want to run from it anymore.

Pacey asks Joey what the next step is. She tells him she wants to go with him. She’s done standing still. Pacey points out that Bessie and the B&B need her, but Joey thinks Pacey needs her more. She starts to board the True Love, but Pacey makes her ask permission first. Then he helps her onboard and they make out. Moments later, they’re off on their summer adventure together.

Thoughts: How am I already halfway through the series? That’s just crazy!

Why does Joey go looking for Gail’s something blue? Her dress is blue!

Jack should have known Ethan was trouble when he saw his horrible hair.

The Jack/Mr. McPhee scene was sweet, but it felt really tacked-on and out of place in the episode. They should have stuck something into the episode earlier, maybe Jack calling his father from the road to say he was going to see Ethan.

I would totally want to be there when Bessie found out Joey had left for the summer without telling anyone.

October 30, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.18, Neverland: Loyal to a Fault

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This look says, "I am turned on." Or possibly, "Pacey has a nice butt"

Summary: Pacey and Joey are still making out by the side of the road. When they stop, she pushes him away and yells at him for taking advantage of her friendship. He says it was just an impulse. Joey says that impulse will have huge repercussions, and he knows why: Dawson. She accuses Pacey of having a “hormonal meltdown.” He notes that she let him kiss her. Pacey sarcastically says the universe will now start falling apart and tries to get Joey to get back in the car. He pretends to take the kiss back, but she still won’t get in. Pacey threatens to drive alongside her while she walks home, which finally gets Joey in the car, though now she won’t talk to him.

At home, Joey tells Bessie about her weekend – she broke up with A.J. and then Pacey kissed her. Pacey tells Doug the story as well. Bessie asks Joey how she could let Pacey kiss her, and Joey admits that she let him, though she still blames him. At the same time, Pacey blames her, since Joey told him he knows her so well. Both teens tell their siblings that Dawson is an obstacle. Doug says Joey’s the bus from Speed, Dawson’s the bomb on board, and Pacey is Keanu Reeves.

Bessie encourages Joey to discuss the situation with someone who can help her, since she doesn’t know what Joey wants to hear. Doug tells Pacey to defuse the bomb and tell Dawson about Joey. He advises Pacey to take Dawson to a place that reminds him of their friendship. Dawson might be upset, but he should also respect Pacey for telling him. Pacey’s impressed with this advice, though he points out that Joey wasn’t happy after the kiss. Doug notes that she wouldn’t have had such a strong reaction if she didn’t like Pacey.

Jack tells Andie that Ethan’s coming to visit for the weekend. He claims they’re just friends, but Andie doesn’t think his big grin is the result of a simple friendship. Jack plans to keep the news from their father, since he’ll be out of town. Except he won’t be. Jack says he’s old enough to have a friend visit if he wants, but he’s obviously too chicken to tell Mr. McPhee. At school, Jen tells Henry that she knows his birthday is the next day, and she’s planned a special date for them. He tells her he already has plans with his family. Jen soon learns that he’s actually having a party and didn’t invite him.

At lunch, Joey avoids Dawson as he and Pacey lament the upcoming bulldozing of the woods they played in as kids. Pacey suggests a camping trip as a last hurrah. Jen tells Joey and Andie about Henry’s behavior, saying she shouldn’t be surprised considering her romantic experiences in the past. Andie says that other girls don’t have the problems they do because they actually spend time together. She invites Jen and Joey to a girls’ night out, pointing out that the two of them only hang out with guys. They reluctantly give in.

Ethan arrives at the McPhees’ the same time Mr. McPhee does. Mr. McPhee tells Jack to send Ethan home, chastising him for not asking permission to have him stay over. Jack thinks he’s being homophobic. He says he moved back home because he thought he would be allowed to live his life the way he wants, adding that he only came home for Andie. Jack declares that Ethan’s staying no matter what. Pacey takes Buzz home after some more work on his boat, telling him about his camping trip with Dawson. Buzz wants to come, too, but Pacey says that will have to wait until another time.

Andie tries to get Jen and Joey pumped up about facials and pedicures. You can imagine how well that goes over. Jen offers to listen if Joey wants to talk, leading Joey to figure out that she knows what’s going on. She wonders how Pacey’s supposed impulse became public knowledge. Mr. McPhee tries to hang out with Jack and Ethan while they play chess, but Jack makes him leave. Ethan assures Jack that he’s not scared off since he already dealt with his father when he came out.

Dawson and Pacey head out for their camping trip, finding their childhood fort, which Dawson sees as smaller than he remembered it. It makes him a little existential. Pacey says he has something to talk about, but before he can bring it up, Buzz and some of his friends arrive. The girls give themselves their pedicures and facials, talking about how simple things were when they were kids. Joey complains about boys, and Jen says the worst thing is when guys pretend they don’t have feelings for you. Joey changes the subject by suggesting a trip to the roller rink.

Ethan invites Mr. McPhee to dinner with him and Jack as Pacey gets permission from the kids’ parents to let them camp out. Dawson tries to tell the kids a story, but all his stories are based on Spielberg movies and the kids all know them. They want one of Dawson’s own stories. Dawson tells them about a guy named Max who lived in the fort and hates everyone, especially nine-year-olds. The girls get glammed up and skate, still talking about boys. Jen realizes that Henry’s birthday party is at the rink and crashes it.

Mr. McPhee and Ethan hit it off at dinner, but Jack is still mopey. As the kids sleep, Pacey finds a box he and Dawson buried as kids. It contains ticket stubs, Doug’s pocketknife, a picture of Dawson and Joey, and a loyalty oath the guys wrote when they became blood brothers. Jen and Henry skate and she promises that she didn’t crash his party on purpose. He says he’s embarrassed, but she notes that she’s the one who should be embarrassed, considering her clothes. Henry tells her he hates how childish the party is; he told his parents this was the last time he’d be doing it. Jen tells him she likes his innocence and he doesn’t have to hide his true self from her.

Jack, Ethan, and Mr. McPhee go see some classic cars, but Jack has had it. He yells at Ethan for making him hang out with someone who hates him. Mr. McPhee decides to go home and give them some time alone. But first he tells Jack that he canceled his business trip that weekend to spend time with him. Dawson tells Pacey that the only thing in his life that hasn’t gone bad is his friendships with him and Joey. Pacey’s always been loyal, and Joey is still his conscience, inspiration, and soulmate. Pacey says he’s only loyal because Dawson, as a storyteller, puts him in that role.

Ethan wants to talk to Jack about what happened that night, but Jack wants to keep sulking. He feels like Mr. McPhee made himself look like the victim and Jack the villain. Ethan says they’re both victims, and nothing will get better unless Jack stops being so angry. Jack blames his father for making him that mad. Mr. McPhee spent a year being cold, then canceled his trip to throw it in Jack’s face, and now he thinks things will magically work out. Ethan predicts that Jack and his father will lose another year together, then even more.

While Andie gets ready for bed, Joey tells Jen that Pacey kissed her. She claims the kiss came out of nowhere, but Jen says she’s not surprised, so that can’t be true. She asks why Joey’s so upset and confused if the kiss was really nothing. Jack asks his father why he’s all of a sudden trying to reach out. Mr. McPhee has a co-worker with a son who keeps screwing up, and it finally hit him that his own son is a good kid and he doesn’t know him. Now he wants to get to know Jack better. Mr. McPhee notes that someone had to make the first move, and Jack replies that he didn’t think it would be him.

In the morning, Pacey takes Buzz to a convenience store, where they run into Joey. He apologizes for the kiss, saying the impulse is now out of his body. She tells him she overreacted over something that obviously meant nothing. They agree that they’re still just friends. After they leave, Buzz asks Pacey if Joey’s the girl he’s in love with. He says no. Joey watches them go, and she totally doesn’t want to just be friends.

Thoughts: Henry, you really thought you could throw a big party without Jen finding out? Also, if you were embarrassed by the childishness of the party, why invite your fellow jocks?

I can’t believe Dawson didn’t have Pacey run out and scare the kids during his story. Why else would you tell a scary story to a bunch of kids?

Why is Ethan on this show? He’s annoying and doesn’t add anything that, say, Andie couldn’t.

If Joey didn’t like Pacey before, I’m sure seeing him with a kid helped tip the scales in his favor.

August 13, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.2, Homecoming: Welcome Home, Cheater

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Your pigtails are ugly, cheater

Summary: Pacey’s nervous to see Andie after school for the first time in months. He tells Dawson that Joey’s going to come with him to get her. He asks Dawson what happened to Eve, and Dawson tells him she disappeared. She doesn’t even work at the strip club anymore; she was only a temp. Pacey’s disappointed since Eve was “the ultimate transitional woman.” Dawson needs to hook up with someone but not get emotionally involved. As Pacey’s going on about this, Eve grabs Dawson and pulls him into a closet for a makeout session. He’s surprised to see her at school, since she seems too old for high school.

Mitch and Principal Green ask Dawson to meet them after school to help them come up with a way to put the pep back in pep rally. Mr. McPhee has moved his business to Capeside so Andie and Jack can stay there, but he thinks Jack should stay with Grams and Jen instead of moving home. Jack says he’s scared to have a gay son and kicks him out. Pacey goes to the facility where Andie’s been staying and tries to get in to see her early. It’s after hours, so he can’t talk to her and get permission to take her home. Joey helps by trying to get herself a session with a therapist, then telling the receptionist all of her issues to distract her so Pacey can sneak in.

Back at school, Principal Green asks Dawson to use footage that’s already been shot of the football team to create a promo video for the pep rally. Dawson notes that it’s propaganda since the football team hasn’t won in three years. Principal Green reminds him of all the positive ways film has affected people. Dawson spots Eve outside and agrees to do the video just so he can leave. Eve accuses Dawson of still being in love with Joey. He says he isn’t, but she doesn’t believe him. She only asked him because she wanted to see if he would lie. She still wants to do him, though.

Pacey finds Andie in her room, where she’s hanging out with a guy named Mark who is clearly more than just a friend. Joey arrives during their awkward reunion and Mark’s departure. Jen is having little luck getting the cheerleaders peppy for the pep rally, as they’re now following a pep-less head cheerleader. Stray football from the team’s practice keep flying towards her and Jack, and he keeps catching them. Meanwhile, some kid named Henry begs Mitch to let him play. Mitch is more impressed with Jack.

Dawson buys a bunch of random stuff at a drugstore, quietly trying to ask the cashier for condoms. The cashier notes that they no longer keep them behind the counter. Dawson goes to the condom aisle and proceeds to be traumatized by helpful customers. Pacey and Joey help Andie pack her things and Pacey asks about Mark. Andie thinks he’s jealous, which he admits he is. Mitch puts Henry in as second string, and the team keeps practicing, this time with Jack. The cheerleaders now have something to cheer about.

Andie tells Pacey she’s happy to be with him and be going home, but it’s obvious she’s distracted by something. She returns to school the next day, happily reuniting with Jack. Pacey wants to do something alone with her that night, but she wants to do something as a group, even if it means going to the pep rally. Mitch tells Jack he wants him to join the team. He loved the way Jack and Henry worked together. Jack thinks he can’t be a gay jock. Mitch says he took the coaching job because it couldn’t have been worse than the last year of his life. Now the team has a chance of winning, which he knows both they and Jack could use.

Jen finds Dawson’s condoms and asks who he’s planning to hook up with. She warns him that he’s facing certain expectations, then gives him advice on pacing, using an ice cream sundae as a metaphor. That night, Jen leads the cheerleaders in a less-than-enthusiastic cheer at the pep rally. Andie, Pacey, and Joey arrive (Pacey and Joey immediately want to leave) and soon learn that Jack is the new wide receiver. Mitch has also made Henry, a freshman, the starting QB. Henry trips in front of Jen and they have one of those TV love-at-first-sight moments.

Pacey tries to instigate a PDA with Andie, who wants to stay at the pep rally for a little while. As Dawson’s promo video airs, Eve comes to find him and pull him away for sex. Pacey also pulls Andie away, asking her why she’s acting so weird. She promises that she doesn’t want to break up. She tells him how she connected with Mark right away but she didn’t tell Pacey about him because she didn’t want him to think they were anything more than friends. As Andie tells him about how much she and Mark had in common, he figures out that she slept with him. She begs for his forgiveness, but he’s too disgusted to even talk to her anymore.

Speaking of disgusting, Dawson and Eve start going at it behind the screen where his video’s airing. He accidentally leans on some controls and the screen starts to go up and down. Their clothes are halfway off when it goes up all the way and the entire pep rally, including Mitch and Joey, sees them together. Dawson’s embarrassed but finds the humor in the situation, at least until he sees how upset Joey is. After the rally, Eve (who still hasn’t put her shirt back on) asks Dawson if he wants to give it another shot. He’s reluctant, noting that he still doesn’t know her last name. He also wants to make sure his first time having sex is for the right reasons. Eve talks about how his eyes attracted him to her, then gives him her last name, Whitman.

Pacey drives Joey home and she tells him he has to hear Andie out. She knows they’re young and are going to screw up a lot in their lives. The only real thing they can give each other is forgiveness. She doesn’t want Pacey to let himself get so angry that he stops loving, then wakes up one day and realizes that the person he loves is gone. Mr. McPhee shows up after the rally, having been told by Grams that he should go. He apologizes to Jack for his previous assumptions; when he saw Jack in his football jersey, he saw himself in his son. Mr. McPhee wants Jack to come home. Jack says no, which his father expected. Jack tells him to ask again sometime.

Pacey finds Andie by the waterfront, even though he knows there’s nothing she can say to change his feelings. He doesn’t think she ever realized how powerful their relationship was. She changed his life and inspired him to be the person he’d only ever dreamed he could be. When Andie got sick, Pacey started to see that she might not see him as that person to her. He can’t go back to loving her the way he loved her before, knowing that it wasn’t enough. He might be able to forgive her, but he’ll never forget what she did. Andie says she still loves him, but Pacey pries his hand out of hers, says goodbye, and walks away.

On the pier outside the Leerys’, Joey tells Dawson she’s drawn to his house sometimes. He tells her they can’t go back, which she knows, bringing up the expression “you can’t go home again.” Dawson apologizes for what she had to see him doing at the pep rally. (Where’s my apology, Dawson?) Joey thinks she was meant to see it; in a weird way, it helped her. She realizes now how wrong it would be for them to get back together. They need to move on and have new relationships. They agree that they still love each other, but not the same way as before. Joey asks what they are now, since they’re not friends or a couple. “Dawson and Joey,” he says, giving her his necklace. She wonders if every Dawson has a Joey and every Joey has a Dawson. He hopes so.

Thoughts: Thank God I’ve never had to buy condoms. But I liked the episode’s twist on the usual condom-buying TV cliché.

I wonder if they put Meredith Monroe in pigtails and overalls to make her look younger than 31, the age she was at the time. Instead, it makes her look like a teenager with horrible fashion sense.

Thanks, Jen. I’m never eating ice cream again.

July 23, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.21, Ch…ch…ch…changes: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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I wouldn't want to leave him either, Andie

Summary: Dawson watches Casablanca and works on an assignment for his film class on character changes. Joey doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal out of something that should be easy for him. She suggests that he interview someone. Dawson decides to do his final on-camera, which would be appropriate for a film class. Joey won’t help him out, though.

Andie’s surprised to see her father in the house, having been summoned back to Capeside by Jack. He wants to take her back home to Providence. Andie notes that she’s about to take finals, telling him she won’t leave. Mr. McPhee makes it clear that she doesn’t have a choice. Jack promises Andie that he didn’t know about this turn of events.

Dawson asks Jen to talk about her year for his video final. At first she thinks it’s a bad idea, but then she decides that it could be good for her. However, she’ll only talk about her haircut. Dawson also can’t get Jack to do a video interview, since he’s busy with actual problems right now. After another failed attempt with Joey, Dawson convinces Pacey to talk about how his year has gone. Pacey doesn’t see anything special about the 180 he did this year, though he went from pariah to hero in just a few months. He admits that he’s waiting for someone to expose him as a fraud. Dawson turns off the camera, and Pacey tells him that despite Andie’s best efforts and his own behavioral change, he’s failing.

Andie tells Pacey that Mr. McPhee is taking her and Jack back to Providence. She’s upset that he wants to help her and reunite the family, but he’s been absent and now wants to take her away from her life. However, she’s resigned to doing what he wants her to do. Pacey urges her to fight, but she doesn’t have much time, since Mr. McPhee wants to leave the next day.

Jen runs into Jack on a pier and he tells her about Mr. McPhee’s return. She encourages him to look on the bright side, since the family reunion could make things better. Jack replies that she should do the same with her own family, since she’s not the same girl who was sent to live with Grams. Dawson visits the Icehouse, which the Potters are renovating, and sees how happy Joey is. Dawson asks Mike if he can interview him for his film project.

Pacey drops by the McPhees’ and asks Jack why they have to leave so soon. Jack tells him there’s pretty much no way to stop their departure. Pacey meets Mr. McPhee, who says Andie’s doctors are the ones pressing them to come back to Providence. Pacey argues that Andie’s built a family and support system in Capeside. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie’s his responsibility.

Pacey notes that Mr. McPhee knew about her condition when he sent her to Capeside and basically abandoned her. Mr. McPhee says he’s being selfish by wanting her to stay. Pacey tells him he’s asking him to let Andie stay for both of them. Mr. McPhee won’t budge. Meanwhile, Jen calls her mom in New York and asks how her parents would feel about her going home.

In exchange for the interview with Mike, Dawson ineptly works at the Icehouse, which turns Joey on. (Eck.) Later, in the interview, Mike talks about how he lost everything he loved and was ashamed of the actions that put him in jail. He wondered if Joey and Bessie could forgive him for his crimes and for what he did to their mother. Joey listens in for a while, then leaves.

Jack asks Mr. McPhee to move into the family home in Capeside instead of moving them all back to Providence. He’s sure that Pacey can give Andie the help she needs. He notes that Mr. McPhee hasn’t given her a choice in the matter. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie and their mother need serious medical attention (nice of him to notice after all this time); he also seems to think Jack has problems since he’s gay. Jack tells him it would damage Andie to leave Pacey right now.

Pacey asks Andie to go out on a date for what will probably be their last night together. Andie resists since she has a lot to do to get ready for her move, but she decides they both need a night out.

Back at the Icehouse, Mike talks to Dawson about trafficking drugs, but Joey interrupts, telling Dawson he’s being intrusive. She doesn’t want her father to have to relive such a hard time in his life. Dawson says he’s focusing on the changes Mike has made. Joey tells Dawson that if he wants to do his project on something real, he should be his own subject. He admits that he can’t because he’s afraid he’ll prove he’s not enough for Joey.

Andie tells Jack that Mr. McPhee has relented and given her the choice between staying in Capeside and going to Providence. However, she’s thinking about not staying. She knows that seeing Tim was an indication of a major problem, and she hates being a burden to her family. Andie tells Jack that even if she goes to Providence, he should stay in Capeside. He’s always selfless and she wants him to think about himself for once.

Packed up to leave, Jen goes to Grams’ house to say goodbye, then stops herself from going inside. At the Icehouse, Dawson apologizes to Mike for making him talk about painful memories. Mike admits that he’s not sure how much he’s changed, but he’s trying. Joey tells Dawson that her life is perfect right now. (Way to just ask for something to ruin it, there, Joey.) All she needs is a white picket fence. He tells her he just wants to make her proud of him. She assures him that that’s already happened.

Jack informs his father that he’s staying in Capeside no matter what Andie decides to do. He knows he can’t live with Mr. McPhee the way things are. Mr. McPhee admits that he feels like he’s to blame for Jack being gay. Jack replies that he is the way he is and there’s nothing that can change it. Mr. McPhee encourages him to change his sexuality; he doesn’t know “how anyone could choose that kind of life.” Jack knows that if he goes back to Providence, he’ll sacrifice his happiness in an attempt to make his father proud of him.

Pacey and Andie go back to the spot where they first met. She starts crying, saying it’s because she’s happy to be with him. She knows she’s not getting better, and she’s made the decision to go to Providence. The two decide not to say goodbye.

Dawson goes to visit Joey bright and early the next morning, showing her the white picket fence he started making for her. Jack rushes to the bus station, where Jen’s about to head off…but not to New York. Her parents told her that they’re not ready to let her come home. They also thought she was trying to get more money out of them. Jen decided that she might as well just leave Capeside on her own.

Jack tells Jen that if his mom were capable of understanding what’s going on with him, he thinks she would be okay with him being gay. Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. “It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved,” he says. He crumples up Jen’s bus ticket and invites her to stay at his house.

Leaving the Icehouse, Dawson sees Mike with a coworker and a bag of drugs. He decides not to mention it to Joey. Jack says goodbye to Andie and Mr. McPhee, the latter of whom says he knows he’s not a good father but he does want Jack to be happy. Pacey arrives, not to say goodbye but to thank Andie for helping him change. He reminds her of their promise to one day be together again. Dawson shows Joey his film project, which talks about change and love and blah, blah, blah, she fell asleep. Good for her.

Thoughts: So Mr. McPhee will get Andie help after she has hallucinations, but when his wife had a full mental break, he left her and their teenagers to fend for themselves. Nice guy.

Who, exactly, is Andie’s family and support system in Capeside, beyond Jack and Pacey? Because Dawson, Joey, and Jen barely ever talk to her.

In the same vein, when did Jack and Jen become such good friends? Did I miss it?

I’m sure that bag just has flour in it, Dawson. You know, since they cook at the Icehouse. Anyone buying this?

June 28, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.15, …That is the Question: You Don’t Know Jack

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Insert your own joke about flaming things

Summary: Pacey watches Jerry Maguire in Dawson’s room (sadly, Joey isn’t there); he’s been hiding out there during his suspension. He also hasn’t talked to Andie in a week. Dawson tells him that Jerry isn’t the best role model to have right now since he had to grovel to get what he wanted. At school, Dawson sees Jen and Ty kissing and notes that they’re progressing well. She invites him to hang out with them that night.

Jack is still the talk of the school, and Joey’s sick of it. He suggests having sex in front of everyone to really prove he’s straight. Dawson invites Joey to whatever club Jen and Ty are going to, but she and Jack are studying together. He suggests that they both come, then advises her to plan something romantic for the two of them.

Pacey’s suspension is over, so he returns to the scene of the crime, Mr. Peterson’s class. He turns in all the assignments given while he was gone. He also learns that Mr. Peterson gave him an F on his poem but won’t explain why. Pacey’s day gets worse when Andie ignores him at lunch. Joey plans a special dinner for Jack and implies that there will be a deflowering afterward. Pacey finally goes to talk to Andie, but all they do is fight. Andie and Jack are then called to the guidance office, where they find their father, Joseph.

Jack has to cancel his dinner with Joey to spend time with his father, so she will remain a virgin for at least one more day. She decides to go out with Dawson, Jen, and Ty instead. They go back to the jazz club Ty and Jen went to before, and Dawson and Joey opt for something nonalcoholic to drink. While Ty plays the piano, Jen, Dawson, and Joey laugh over their weird relationships. Pacey hangs out alone, researching teaching regulations.

Andie’s happy to be with Mr. McPhee again, but Jack would rather be anywhere than with him. Mr. McPhee complains that the guidance counselor called him down from Providence and disrupted his life because of the whole poem debacle. He asks if Jack is gay and Jack asks if it would matter. Mr. McPhee remarks that Jack’s the only living McPhee son, and people notice him now. If he’s gay, the “problem” needs to “be resolved immediately.” Jack and Andie are both stunned by his attitude.

Dawson and Joey dance at the club, both admitting that they’re having a better time than expected. Joey thinks Dawson believes Jack’s gay; he notes that she knows Jack better than he does. He also confirms that Joey doesn’t know Jack as well as she knows Dawson. Joey guesses correctly that Dawson’s comfortable with the two of them being there together as friends. Meanwhile, Ty wonders why Joey would want to be with a “fruit fly.” He’s sure Jack’s gay. Ty and Jen argue over whether or not sexuality is a choice (he says yes, she says no).

Andie lets Jack know that she’s not on Mr. McPhee’s side, but she does feel bad for him because he hasn’t had it easy. She also would welcome him coming home since they need help with their mother. Jack disagrees, reminding her that he abandoned the family. Andie says that if Jack keeps refusing to love Mr. McPhee, he’ll never love Jack back. Jack replies that he can’t be like Andie, constantly looking for their father’s approval. Andie wants Mr. McPhee to be proud of her, but Jack wonders if she’s ever thought about whether she’s proud of him.

Back at Jen’s, she brings up the choice/non-choice discussion again, and Ty brings Grams into it. Ty says he doesn’t judge Jack (uh-huh, I bet), but God will, and one day Jack will have to answer for his actions. He also thinks gay people are “damaging to the world at large.” This comment makes Grams tense up. Ty goes on about the topic until Grams steps in and tells him that if Jack is gay, he doesn’t need Ty’s judgment. Instead, he needs tolerance and love. Jen’s pretty gleeful about this development.

Dawson walks Joey home and she asks him if she’s “sexual.” She knows Jack isn’t gay, but she thinks he must have picked her because she’s “safe.” Dawson assures her that she’s definitely sexual. She points out that he fell for Jen the “sex machine.” He gives a monologue about how awesome Joey is, then wonders why she chose Jack over him. (Maybe because he’s able to have a conversation without giving a monologue?)

Pacey meets with the principal and lets her know that his research proves Mr. Peterson is in violation of a number of bylaws. He also got more than 20 testimonies from other students about Mr. Peterson’s behavior and plans to present them to the school board. The principal says she hopes Pacey knows what he’s doing.

Mr. McPhee tells Andie he’s going back to Providence and will be back in a few weeks, but Jack tells him not to bother coming back since he obviously doesn’t want to. He asks why Mr. McPhee bothers to support a family he doesn’t care about. Jack prevents his father from leaving, saying Mr. McPhee never talks about what their family’s going through, but they’re going to talk about Jack right now. He tells Mr. McPhee to ask him again if he’s gay. “You are not gay,” Mr. McPhee says firmly. “Yes, I am!” Jack replies.

Jack knows that Mr. McPhee preferred Tim because he was the “real son” while Jack was different. He’s tried harder than Mr. McPhee to ignore it and keep his secret from his family. Crying, Jack says he can’t try anymore. He apologizes to Mr. McPhee and Andie, saying he doesn’t want to be going through this. Andie starts crying as well and goes to comfort her brother, but Mr. McPhee tells them both to stop crying. He tells Andie that it’s between him and Jack, but Andie says it’s not anymore and kicks him out.

At school, Jack asks Joey if they can have their special dinner that night. Mr. Peterson’s class learns that he’s not in school, and Jack thanks Pacey for standing up for him. Pacey finds Mr. Peterson in his classroom and discovers that he’s leaving. Mr. Peterson says there’s no way he would have met with the school board to learn everything he’s done wrong in his career. He was going to retire at the end of the year anyway, so Pacey’s actions just gave him an excuse to leave early.

Pacey apologizes to Mr. Peterson, but the teacher replies that their confrontation was one of the most admirable moments of Pacey’s life, so he shouldn’t “ruin it with an apology.” He continues that Pacey came here to learn from him. Pacey replies that he learned that respect is best earned through compassion, not fear. “Should I respect you?” Mr. Peterson asks, noting that Pacey’s responsible for ending his career. “Where’s the compassion in that?” (Compassion for what, jerkwad? Making a student cry?)

Ty and Jen make peace, but he’s not sure why they’re not allowed to disagree. He asks Jen to show him a different view if she thinks his are wrong. He wants to be open-minded and hopes she does, too. Jen’s won over by his charm. Pacey finds Andie outside the school and they race to be the first to apologize. She says that she molded Pacey into who she wanted him to be, the same thing she did with her father. She really just wants to be with someone who loves her for who she is.

That night, Jack meets Joey for dinner and prepares to tell her the truth. They’re both a little confused, but when she asks again if he’s gay, he says he is. The poem he wrote made something inside of him click, and he realized that his feelings aren’t going to go away. He cares about Joey and doesn’t want to lose her, but he doesn’t want to hurt her. She thanks Jack for being honest, but she’s obviously not happy with the news. Jack goes home to Andie while Joey heads through Dawson’s window and cries on his shoulder.

Thoughts: How fitting that I watched this right after the gay-marriage vote in New York.

If Joey had walked in while Pacey was watching Jerry Maguire, I would have laughed until my stomach hurt.

I see we’ve completely moved on from the holier-than-thou Grams. Let’s forget she was ever racist, shall we?

What’s up with Pacey and English teachers, anyway?

I’m pretty sure that when Ty says, “Show me another way,” he really means, “I want to get in your pants.”