August 10, 2013

Party of Five 2.22, Spring Breaks, Part 2: Starring Charlie Salinger as Dustin Hoffman

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The first six pleas didn't wear her down, but the seventh one did

The first six pleas didn’t wear her down, but the seventh one did

Summary: Charlie’s stalking Kirsten now, which is definitely the next logical step in their non-relationship, now that she’s marrying someone else. Julia and Justin’s relationship is majorly strained, but they still have to present a scene together for English class. He tells her to pick something for them to do. She says they’ll rehearse during school, even though they don’t have much filling up their spare time.

Charlie, Bailey, and Joe pack up the restaurant as Claudia mopes around. Kathleen shows up to start redesigning, and Bailey stands up to her, pointing out that the Salingers still own the restaurant. Kathleen replies that she’ll lose money if she delays: “I don’t want to feel like a chump for not calling in unpaid loans.” (Burn on you, Charlie.) Bailey goes looking for Sarah but instead finds Matt, who’s ticked at him for the way he’s been treating Sarah. He reveals that he wants them to work things out, though it sounds like it’s mostly because he pities Bailey.

Claudia hangs out at the coffeehouse with Jody and her new boyfriend, who are that typical middle school disgustingly sweet couple. At home, Bailey slams Charlie for not standing up to Kathleen. Charlie says he didn’t want to make a scene, but Bailey thinks he should have demonstrated to Claudia that he doesn’t want to lose the restaurant. He’s sick of worrying about so many people all at once. If he were Charlie, he’d try harder to fix things.

Julia hangs out with Ian, saying she wishes she knew what her future held, though she’s fine not knowing what might happen with Ian. She liked their kiss, but she’s not sure if it’s because it was different or because of who she was kissing. Ian gives her another chance to figure it out, then a third.

Sarah goes to the Salingers’ to complain that Bailey didn’t wait for her when she went to see him. (What? Shut up, Sarah.) He’s mad that she told Matt about his life; she made it sound like she just puts up with him. He’s not sure he still makes her happy. Sarah thinks he means that she doesn’t make him happy anymore. Bailey admits that not much in his life still makes him happy. Sarah wants to fix that, but he recognizes that their relationship is more bad than good now, so they need to end it.

Charlie summons Jake to the restaurant to tell him how bad things have gotten. Jake’s surprised, but Charlie wants his input since he’s a businessman. He has one night to solve things before the sale goes through. Speaking of doing things at the last minute, Julia and Justin get together to go over the scene they’re supposed to perform for class. She spots a hickey under his turtleneck and gets mad, because it’s okay when she makes out with someone else, but not when he does.

Ross stops by the Salingers’ and finds Claudia playing her violin in the basement, where it’s been since “Hold on Tight.” She claims that she hasn’t been playing it regularly. The Salingers go to the restaurant for their last family dinner there, but no one wants to stay. They’ll be continuing their tradition elsewhere, and with Joe. They all leave so they don’t have to be around when the restaurant closes at the end of the night.

Bailey tells Will about his breakup, saying “it wasn’t fun anymore.” Will thinks he’s crazy. Bailey repeats what he said to Charlie about being sick of worrying about people whose problems aren’t his. Plus, this will make it easier for him to leave for college on the East Coast in September. Julia runs into Justin at the coffeehouse and finally admits that he’s not the only person who’s been kissing someone else. They’re not sure why things are broken between them, which…really? It’s pretty obvious. And also, Griffin. So anyway, they’re done, too.

Kirsten goes to the house to yell at Charlie for sending her roses just two days before her wedding to someone else. He tells her she’s making a mistake. She points out that he doesn’t get a vote in the matter, and he needs to consider what she wants. Charlie thinks she’s moving too fast (fair enough), but Kirsten accuses him of only wanting her back because he can’t have her. He admits that that’s partly true. He loves her and is ready to make a commitment. She says he’s the one who’s kidding himself, and he only wants her because the rest of his life is so bad.

At school, Bailey runs into Sarah, who wants to talk about their relationship. He refuses, since that’ll just make things harder. Julia sees them, finds out from Will what’s going on, and tries to talk to Bailey about the breakup. She tells him she and Justin are also over. She loves him, but it wasn’t enough. Their split makes sense because something happened, but Bailey looked for problems and a reason to break up. Julia tells him not to look for more issues when things are already bad.

Jody slams Claudia for ditching her and her boyfriend, but Claudia doesn’t really care. She announces that she’s not ready for a boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to do the sort of things Jody and her guy do. Jody won’t slow down just because Claudia isn’t ready, and she doesn’t appreciate Claudia being ticked off all the time about it. Claudia says she misses Jody, but Jody doesn’t miss her because she has someone else. So there’s the third breakup of the episode. Justin and Julia do their scene in class, and of course it’s about breaking up.

Jake goes to the Salingers’ house and tells Bailey that Charlie talked to him about the restaurant. Bailey thinks that was a mistake; Charlie needs to clean up his own mess. Jake tells Bailey he has a proposal. Charlie stalks Kirsten again, this time to her FREAKING REHEARSAL DINNER, and declares his love again. Kirsten’s fiancé and his ridiculous mustache want to beat Charlie up. Charlie remarks that he’s taller. SHUT UP, STALKER. He tells Kirsten he can’t really prove himself to her or guarantee anything. Kirsten suddenly says, “Yes,” but Charlie keeps talking, saying she should marry Michael and be happy. Kirsten slaps him.

When Charlie gets home, Bailey gives him his acceptance letter to Hampshire State, the college he wanted to go to on the East Coast. He tells him that Jake agreed to pay his tuition. Now, though, Jake is willing to pay off the owners of the building that houses the restaurant so the sale won’t go through. But Jake will only either do that or pay for Bailey’s college, not both – and Bailey has to decide which. He cries and tells Charlie he hates him. Charlie tells him to pick college; their sisters will never have to know.

Because Charlie isn’t the only Salinger stalker, Julia sneaks into Justin’s bedroom and tells him she’s having a horrible time dealing with the breakup. She got used to hearing their names spoken together, and when she just hears her name, she feels like something’s missing. Justin comforts her, telling her it’ll get easier. Julia wonders if they made a mistake. He tells her they can’t stay together just because it’s too hard to be apart. She doesn’t want to think about him falling in love with someone else, but he reminds her that she’ll always be his first love.

Claudia laments to Ross about her life, admitting that she overheard Charlie and Bailey’s conversation and is worried about Bailey going away to school. She also admits that she’s been playing her violin again, but she hasn’t let anyone know because she doesn’t want the pressure she felt before. She feels like she needs to go back to her music. Ross agrees to work with her again. Kirsten’s wedding starts, but she panics and goes outside to get air. And guess who’s sitting outside the church in his truck?

Bailey goes to Sarah’s apartment and tells her he’s not going to Hampshire: He’s letting Jake use the money for the restaurant. Sarah’s confused, since she thought getting away was all Bailey wanted. He tells her that he’s spent two years fighting to keep the family together, so he can’t be the first one to leave. They’re supposed to be a family no matter what. Also, he doesn’t want to leave Sarah. “Being with you and taking care of all of them – it’s kind of who I am,” he says.

The Salingers meet up at the closed restaurant, and Bailey reveals that he and Sarah are back together. He starts to tell his sisters about Jake’s money, but Joe beats him to it, telling them the building isn’t going to be sold. Bailey and Charlie pretend that the seller just changed his mind. Charlie tells Bailey that he knows what he’s giving up, but Bailey doesn’t see it that way anymore.

Kirsten comes in, still in her wedding dress, and everyone thinks she and Charlie just got married. She tells everyone she changed her mind: “Always a bride, never a bride.” I’m sure her ditched fiancé will find that hilarious. The Salingers celebrate their saved restaurant with a family dinner, and I guess all their hostility toward each other is gone and everyone’s happy and sunny and la la la, whatever, season 2’s over.

Thoughts: Wait, season 2’s over? I feel like I just started it!

I kind of admire Bailey for the breakup. If it’s that bad, it’s time to call it quits. I mean, he did it for the wrong reasons, but still. Too bad Julia and Justin took so long to figure that out.

I think I noted before that the high school’s mascot is the possum, but I’m just now realizing what a dumb mascot that is. Do they play dead when the opposing team shows up?

I’ll say this about Kirsten: She has good taste in bridesmaids’ dresses.

July 29, 2013

Party of Five 2.20, Happily Ever After: Better Homes and Gardens

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Another depressing episode. Here's a super-fluffy puppy from Cutearoo

Another depressing episode. Here’s a super-fluffy puppy from Cutearoo

Summary: The Salingers have dinner together (at home, not at the restaurant) and discuss Jake, who’s been away on business two days longer than he said he would be. Bailey wonders if he’s run off again and they just haven’t figured it out yet. Claudia panics, thinking something bad happened. At some other point in time, Kathleen gets ready for a local news award ceremony, which Charlie can’t make it to. Apparently she’s recovered from her suicide attempt.

Jake comes home, and Bailey blasts him for being gone and not contacting them. Jake apologizes, saying he’s not used to having to tell people about his comings and goings. Julia has the option of writing a story instead of taking a test, and though Justin offers to work with her, she wants to take the test. Justin writes his own story about a couple drifting apart. Julia decides she’s sick of her bedroom décor, so in Justin’s story, he writes that his female protagonist blames her relationship problems on the house.

The other Salingers help Jake with some gardening, but they end up throwing dirt at each other. Jake ends things by spraying the others with a hose. Later, someone named Lauren calls the house looking for him. He lets the call go to the answering machine, then picks up and addresses the caller as “sweetheart.” Julia clears a bunch of things out of her room, and Justin continues narrating her story, lamenting that she’s getting rid of things he gave her. He kisses her, but it’s awkward.

At the restaurant, Charlie turns on the TV to watch Kathleen’s award ceremony. She wins and announces that she loves him. At home, Bailey checks the answering machine and hears Jake’s conversation with Lauren. Oh, and by the way, Lauren is Jake’s daughter. Claudia and Julia are happy about Kathleen’s win and recognition of Charlie, but Charlie isn’t excited. His day perks up when he reads a good review the restaurant got.

Justin takes Julia shopping at a thrift store so she can redecorate her room. They end up fighting, and he continues his story, which now involves a weed the couple is trying to destroy. Bailey stalks Jake as he meets with Lauren, then stalks Lauren to tell her they’re related. After he tells her how, she tells him she once found a picture of Bailey’s mother and suspected that they were sisters. Lauren confirms that Jake was in and out of her life, but he stayed in touch. Bailey’s surprised that even with their spotty relationship, she still wants him around.

Julia reads Justin’s story but doesn’t seem to get that it’s about their relationship. She doesn’t like that the characters use a magic potion to get rid of the weed. Justin has decorated her bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars so she can pretend she’s looking up at real ones. Julia says they’re “still just plastic on the ceiling.”

Now that Kathleen’s publicly declared her love for Charlie, her mother wants to meet him. He admits to Kathleen that he missed her speech because Kirsten came by the restaurant. Kathleen guesses that she wants to get back together with Charlie. Apparently this is Charlie’s way of breaking up with a mentally unstable woman.

At home, Bailey confronts Jake over Lauren and orders him to move out. Jake thinks he can explain himself, but Bailey doesn’t want to deal with a man who abandoned one family to go have another. He doesn’t think things will stay as great as they’ve been, and he can’t sit around and let the others love Jake while he waits for things to fall apart.

After Jake leaves, Bailey shares the news with the rest of the family. Julia remembers how she and Claudia found two wedding rings in Jake’s things. Bailey and Julia are in favor of making Jake leave, but Charlie and Claudia think that was going too far. Claudia thinks Bailey’s jealous because she has Jake to spend time with, so she doesn’t need her brother as much anymore. Charlie wants to give Jake the benefit of the doubt that his bad behavior is in the past. Claudia thinks his love is enough, but Bailey doesn’t want to risk him disappearing again.

Justin’s story continues with an Answer Hag telling the protagonists that there’s something that can fix things. They just have to figure out what it is. Charlie talks over his problems with Owen, because why not confess your lies to someone who never talks? Kathleen packs up the things Charlie’s left at her place and finds his little black book. She looks up Kirsten’s number and calls her, but Kirsten’s answering machine says she’s out of town.

Justin tells Julia that he keeps trying to fix things, but she’s not doing anything. He’s constantly been there for her and even ignored the fact that she went out of town. He knows that what happened was awful, but it’s completely changed their relationship. There’s a dance the next night, and Justin wants to go, but if Julia doesn’t, they’re not going to work out. Julia says she’ll go.

As Claudia tends to the new garden, Bailey tries to apologize for ruining her chance to have a good relationship with a grandparent. She tells him she’s never talking to him again, but he knows that’s not true. He says that when she’s ready, he’ll be there, unlike Jake. Claudia points out that she’s the one who’s losing out, not Bailey.

This makes Bailey go see Jake and tell him that having him in the house has been great, which makes him wonder if he’s wrong about Jake. He doesn’t want to be the person who makes a bad decision and hurts the family. Jake tells him that during his first marriage, he would go for long drives and try to talk himself into going home to try to fix things, but he never listened to himself. “That’s what happens,” he says. He confirms that Bailey’s assessment of him is correct. Bailey asks him to keep in touch.

As Justin’s protagonists try to find something to save their marriage, Justin finds pictures of himself and Julia that makes him think things will get better. In the story, the couple’s laughter gets rid of the weed. Claudia says goodbye to Jake, noting that she’s around the age her mother was when he left her. She wishes they had more time to talk to each other about her mom. They agree to keep in touch and keep sharing stories.

Justin and Julia meet up at the dance, but she quickly becomes uncomfortable with their closeness and leaves. Kathleen gives Charlie his things, then tells him she knows he lied about Kirsten. He gives her the old “it’s not you, it’s me.” He promises to pay back the money she put into the restaurant, but she has a different idea: She’s assembled an investment group, and they’re buying the building that houses the restaurant. Charlie has three months to get out. “This has nothing to do with you,” she says. “Huh. It sounded so true when you said it.”

Thoughts: Somewhere along the way, Justin became awesome, and now it’s totally wasted on Julia. Boo.

Owen status: alive.

Is Neve Campbell super-short or is Brenda Strong super-tall? In their one scene together in this episode, they stand next to each other and it looks weird.

Julia, you can wear your hair up or down, but not both at the same time.

There’s a scene where Claudia gives some very Julia-like body language, and I don’t know if Lacey Chabert did it on purpose, but it’s a nice touch.

The Salingers don’t seem to care that they have an aunt they never knew about.

July 27, 2013

Party of Five 2.19, Altered States: Look Before You Leap

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What's that you're eating, Charlie? Awkward Flakes?

What’s that you’re eating, Charlie? Awkward Flakes?

Summary: Bailey’s waxing poetic about Leap Day, which freaks him out because it doesn’t actually exist. (I don’t know.) Sarah tries on some new clothes, and Bailey appreciates the fact that she’s decided to start showing cleavage. Justin brings Julia some homework, since she’s been staying home from school since her miscarriage. He encourages her to get back into her old routine. He’d like their relationship to get back to where it used to be.

Claudia’s also worried about Julia, who’s been having trouble sleeping. Charlie wants her to go back to school, since staying home isn’t helping. He tells her he won’t write her any more notes for excused absences. Then he goes to Kathleen’s for some goodbye sex before she goes out of town. She suggests skipping her meeting and going to Hawaii with Charlie instead. She seems to have forgotten that Charlie has children to watch. He points out that, unlike her, he has people in his life he has to look out for.

Julia returns to school but feels like people are staring at her. Justin notes that it’s just because she was wearing the same shirt as another girl. No one knows she had an abortion; they just think she was sick. Julia decides to skip her last class, telling Justin it’s because her family’s going to Tahoe for the weekend. When she gets home, she tells Charlie she’s going to Tahoe with Justin’s family.

Sarah’s new sexy wardrobe has spilled over into her performances with her band. Bailey can barely hold a conversation with Will while she’s on stage. Kathleen goes to the Salingers’ and tells Charlie she wants to be more of a part of his life, as glamorless as it may be. Julia goes to the airport and buys a ticket to New Orleans. She’s going to see Griffin.

Bailey asks Charlie if he can throw a Leap Day party at the house, but Charlie doesn’t like the idea. Kathleen sides with Bailey, shocking him and Claudia by appearing in their kitchen in a bathrobe. They have no idea who she is or that Charlie was dating her. Kathleen tells Bailey to throw a sexy party outside with candles. Later, he discusses her with Sarah, then tries to talk Sarah into wearing something sexy for the party. Griffin and Julia meet up in New Orleans, and she dodges telling him what happened, only saying that she did something stupid.

Back in San Francisco, the Leap Day party is underway, and Bailey’s mad that Sarah invited a bandmate named Matt. Kathleen folds Charlie’s laundry, telling Claudia that love makes people do weird things. Claudia tells her about her Mexican boyfriend. She encourages Charlie to go to Hawaii, and again he says he has too much to take care of. Kathleen suggests bringing the rest of the family along. Charlie yells at her for basically inviting herself into the family. He’s confused as to when their relationship went from casual to serious. Kathleen says she loves him.

Griffin has guessed that Julia got pregnant, so she confides that she had a miscarriage but was going to have an abortion. He asks why she came to see him, but she’s not completely sure. She thought he would understand since he’s also done things he wishes he could take back. Julia feels like she can’t recognize herself anymore. The person she used to be would never get pregnant or schedule an abortion. Griffin can relate, since he never saw himself going to military school. But he lives the life he has to live now. He doesn’t judge her; he still loves her.

Bailey pulls Sarah aside at the party and tells her that someone stole Charlie’s coat. He thinks it was one of the guys in the band. Sarah refuses to confront them. Bailey says they’re not her friends if they make her dress differently to get the audience’s attention. Claudia pops up to say the coat wasn’t stolen; it was in Charlie’s car. Griffin takes Julia back to her hotel room and offers to spend the night (not like that). She’s worried that he’ll get in trouble for missing his curfew. Griffin doesn’t mind; he wants her to feel better so she’ll sleep.

In San Francisco, Bailey does what he always has to do: make things up with Sarah. He makes dumb excuses for why he was a jerk. Then he tells her that her band can perform at the restaurant that night. Sarah gives in, because that’s what she always does. Charlie goes to Kathleen’s to tell her that he only wants a casual relationship right now. Since she wants something more, he’s basically dumping her.

Griffin takes Julia out in New Orleans, though she feels strange for trying to have fun. She got herself into a situation that she couldn’t fix, which is unusual for her. Bailey suddenly dislikes Sarah’s sexy clothing, since it makes her look different from the sweet person she really is. She gets upset with him for being controlling, especially when she learns that he’s censored the band’s playlist. She tells him she’s not performing.

Kathleen calls the restaurant, and Claudia makes Charlie talk to her even though he tells her to say he’s not there. It’s a good move, since Kathleen has taken a bottle of pills. Griffin takes Julia to a church, telling her he likes being there because it makes him feel like all his mistakes don’t matter. He’s always loved there, no matter what. His parents have never said they loved him, and he notes that Julia’s parents can no longer tell her that.

Charlie rushes to Kathleen’s place and makes her throw up the pills. Back in New Orleans, Griffin makes a joke that makes Julia smile, so now they’re both feeling better. She talks about staying, but he reminds her that she has a lot to go home to in San Francisco. Julia says she feels far away from her life there, and she’s not sure she’ll keep feeling like she does now. Griffin tells her that each horrible day she has passes, and the next one might not be as bad. She just has to do her time like he’s doing his.

Now recovered from her emergency, Kathleen tells Charlie that she was just confused and accidentally took too many sleeping pills. She thinks he panicked too much over her declaration that she wanted something serious. She doesn’t get why he’ll let her help with the restaurant, then have sex with her, but she’s not allowed in the rest of his life. Kathleen is risking a lot by giving up control and putting up with someone else’s problems. Charlie asks people to care about him, but when they ask the same in return, he bails.

Griffin sees Julia off in New Orleans, assuring her that things mostly get better each day. He kisses her and says that some days are “amazing.” Sarah’s still annoyed with Bailey, who tells her he’s trying to figure out who she is. She acts differently now that she’s in a band. Sarah points out that she’s a teenager and hasn’t figured out who she is yet. Bailey tells her she’s not the person he fell in love with. She thinks changing should be good, so if he has a problem, there’s something wrong with him, not her.

As Charlie takes flowers to Kathleen’s place, Julia gives Justin a souvenir from her trip to “Tahoe.” Claudia accidentally busts her by telling her that Charlie wants her to leave a number the next time she goes out of town. Julia admits that she got Justin’s souvenir at the airport. He doesn’t ask where she went, since he’s just happy that she’s feeling better.

Thoughts: Matt is played by Danny Masterson from That ’70s Show and that unfunny-looking TBS show I can’t remember the name of.

I don’t know if Jennifer Love Hewitt has ever admitted to having work done, but let’s just say that her cleavage in this episode is one-tenth the size of her cleavage now.

Kathleen, DO NOT GET ON A PLANE TO HAWAII WITH CHARLIE. You’ll thank me later.

Stupid question: Where did Julia get a wad of cash for her plane ticket and hotel room? Does she still have all the money she made from that waitressing job?

Claudia to Charlie: “When was the last time you actually solved a problem?” Ha!

Charlie: “You put away my socks!” Kathleen: “I’m sorry, it was a terrible thing to do.” I love her delivery there, all, “Are you kidding me with this?”

Julia actually says “abortion.” I wonder why no one said it in the previous episode.

July 15, 2013

Party of Five 2.17, Valentine’s Day: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

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Summary: The teenaged Salingers and their significant others discuss Valentine’s Day, which Bailey hates. He plans to take Sarah to a monster-truck show with Will and Gina. Sarah is understandably annoyed, especially since this is her first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend. Bailey thinks he’s being perfectly romantic. Claudia makes her single appearance of the episode to announce that Griffin is there. Now Justin’s the one who’s annoyed. Griffin wants to talk to Julia, but she’s resistant to spend any time with him.

Kathleen thinks Charlie needs to work on getting more customers at the restaurant, though he thinks everything’s going fine. At school, Justin tells Julia that his parents are going to a beach house for Valentine’s Day, so he snagged the table they were going to take at a restaurant. Julia says that’s great, then announces that she wants to talk to Griffin. She wants to make it clear to him that they’re over and she’s moved on.

At her apartment building, Sarah runs into Sean, a college guy she used to know; she probably had a crush on him as a kid, and it’s still going strong. Kathleen offers Charlie a new chef for the restaurant so he can boost business. Charlie declines. She reminds him that he didn’t get married because he didn’t want that life, but he’s still not putting his name on anything and claiming it. Maybe if he makes the restaurant really great, he’ll feel proud. Charlie says he can’t afford someone like this chef, so Kathleen offers him money.

Sarah tells Bailey about Sean, and Bailey thinks she wants to invite him to the truck show. She actually wants to ditch the show to hang out with Sean. Bailey can’t come up with a good reason not to say no, since he didn’t exactly have something intimate planned. Julia tells Griffin that she and Justin are dating, and since they’ve had sex, they’re definitely together. Griffin confides that he hates his military school and may not go back. She reminds him that he has to, since it was part of the deal his father made with the judge. Griffin says he’s running away.

Griffin spends the night at the Salingers’, and when Justin comes by in the morning, he’s not happy to see him. Bailey meets Sean and learns that he and Sarah spent the previous evening looking at stars together on the roof. He’s unmoved by Sean’s story about being dumped by his girlfriend after joining her in the Peace Corps. Sarah’s smitten, though.

Charlie’s new chef wants to make a bunch of changes at the restaurant, and though Charlie can’t afford them yet, he plans to consider them if the chef brings in more customers. Now he’s grateful to Kathleen for the idea. Speaking of Kathleen, she shows up to cry to Charlie about being moved from the 6:00 to the 5:00 news. She doesn’t want anyone at her station to know that she’s this rattled.

Julia’s pulled out of class and questioned about Griffin’s whereabouts by a guy who I guess is a cop. She claims not to know where he is. Bailey finally wises up about his lame Valentine’s Day plans and tells Sarah that he’ll skip the truck show so they can do something romantic together. Sarah adapts his Valentine’s-Day-is-just-another-day attitude and tells him she’s fine just hanging out with Sean. Bailey: “YES THAT IS TOTALLY FINE I DO NOT WANT TO KILL SEAN AT ALL SMILEY FACE.”

Charlie surprises Kathleen at her office, though he’s surprised himself because he didn’t think she was going to come back. Kathleen – who’s now starting to sound manic – says she’s just going to work harder to prove herself. He throws her over his shoulder to force her to take a break. Yeah, that kind of scene will totally help her be taken more seriously at work.

Julia tells Justin that she’s worried about the police coming to the house to look for Griffin. She needs help getting his motorcycle to him. Justin is more than happy to help and – ha ha, yeah, right. Julia points out that if Justin helps her out, he’ll be helping Griffin leave. Justin gives in. Charlie takes away all of Kathleen’s work-related tech gadgets so she’ll stop working.

Bailey asks Julia for relationship advice, worrying that Sarah’s going to dump him for Sean. Julia thinks someone can love more than one person at a time. Justin’s annoyed that Griffin’s departure has been delayed – it’s Valentine’s Day, and he’d really like for Griffin to be gone by the time he meets Julia for their date. Griffin approves of the present Justin got her and says they’re lucky.

Things are going great for Charlie and Kathleen on their work vacation, at least until the phone rings. Charlie thinks she gave someone their room phone number, but the call is actually for him. Sarah and Sean go to an open mic night, where a guy literally reads from the phone book. Bailey arrives just in time to hear Sean read a poem that he probably wrote about Sarah. It gets sexual, and Bailey ends up punching Sean.

Julia, Justin, and Griffin go to get the motorcycle, eating into the date Julia and Justin were supposed to have. Griffin really wants to stay since – surprise, surprise – he’s in love with Julia. She gets mad, reminding him that he broke things off and didn’t want to keep in touch. Didn’t he expect that she might move on? Justin sees Griffin trying to touch his girlfriend and orders her into the car, then takes off with her.

Sarah’s furious with Bailey, who’s not apologetic at all. Sean tells him the poem was about his ex-girlfriend, not Sarah, who’s in love with Bailey. Bailey’s surprised to learn that Sarah writes poetry about him. She makes it clear that she doesn’t consider his act of violence romantic.

Griffin asks Julia if he can store his bike at the Salingers’ since he can’t take it home. He’s going back to school after all. He can’t bring himself to run away because it would mean never being able to come back, and therefore never being able to see Julia again. Griffin doesn’t want any statements of love or rejection from her either way; he just wants to know that there’s a chance they’ll wind up back together someday. She allows him to leave the bike.

Charlie goes back to the restaurant to deal with the chef, who’s being a diva. He points out that the restaurant is called Salinger’s, and that’s his name, so the restaurant is his. Kathleen: “Yay, you took me literally!” Happy to be Griffin-free, Justin decides to solidify his commitment to Julia in the worst way possible, considering their age and issues: He proposes. She doesn’t accept, but she’s okay with him thinking that way.

Bailey gives flowers to try to make up for his ridiculousness. But since Valentine’s Day is over, he couldn’t get any roses. And the card he got Sarah is in Spanish. But it’s the thought that counts, right? She falls for his I-only-acted-that-way-because-I-was-afraid-of-losing-you story. Charlie has to get up really early to do something for the restaurant, but now Kathleen wants him to ditch work. She thinks their relationship is really going somewhere, and that she could fall in love with him. Charlie basically says, “You’re awesome. TTYL.”

Julia goes to Justin’s house in the middle of the night, making him think she’s going to accept his proposal. Instead, she starts babbling about being late and finally realizing that she needed to check to see if everything was okay. It’s not, and she’s pregnant.

Thoughts: The woman running the open mic night is Ana Gasteyer. She has more screen time in this episode than Claudia does.

Griffin? Aw, man. I was enjoying not having him around.

Julia, you’re allowed to talk to your ex. You don’t have to run it by Justin.

Noooooo, Charlie, don’t take money from the woman you’ve only been sleeping with for two weeks!

First rule of Valentine’s Day: If your girlfriend wants to spend it with another guy, you’re doing something wrong.

July 13, 2013

Party of Five 2.16, Comings and Goings: I’ll Be There for You

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Summary: Bailey gives Sarah a recap of the events at the end of “Benefactors.” Sarah’s mad because she found out from a classmate that Bailey’s planning to go to college on the East Coast. Bailey tells her that he applied to the school before the two of them were dating, and he didn’t think he would get in anyway. He promises that leaving won’t change their relationship. Sarah doesn’t see it that way, and doesn’t think his behavior is any better than Jake’s.

By the next morning, Claudia is already BFFs with Jake. Charlie and Julia try to remind her that he’s not the most trustworthy person, so she shouldn’t expect him to stick around. Julia doesn’t think they need him around since they’re doing fine on their own. Claudia says that’s not the point. She has plans with Jake that afternoon and won’t listen when Julia protests. Charlie tells her to tag along if she has that much of a problem with it.

Bailey tries to make up with Sarah, who points out that he’s only ever talked about state schools. He tries to downplay the idea of a long-term relationship. Plus, he’s not leaving for six months, so they have plenty of time together before then. Sarah says that’ll make their separation hurt more. Charlie and Emily go shopping for…phones? Okay, phones. She complains that she can never get a hold of him. A salesman suggests that he get a beeper, the perfect piece of technology for juggling your two girlfriends.

Jake takes Claudia and Julia shopping at a flea market, which Julia uses as a metaphor for not being able to trust old things. Jake buys Claudia a little picture frame and gives her a picture of her mother to put in it. Julia says he’s just trying to buy her love. In other gift news, Kathleen has bought Charlie a new watch. He offers to fix a window in exchange, but she doesn’t need him for house chores (just sex). Charlie’s beeper goes off and he’s summoned to Emily’s to kill some bugs. And while he’s there, they might as well have sex.

Bailey goes to see Sarah’s band perform and realizes that there’s a surprise guest: Robin. Bailey introduces mother and daughter, and Sarah immediately knows who Robin is. The next day, Bailey asks about their reunion, but Sarah isn’t forthcoming. She plans to use her newfound connection with Robin to avoid having to spend time with Bailey.

Claudia wants Jake to move in with the Salingers, but her brothers object, saying it’s too soon. She wonders if they’ll just wake up one day and decide it’s time to invite him to move in. She’s worried that he’ll die before they can all make amends. Robin’s in a play, and after it closes in San Francisco, she’ll be going on tour. Sarah doesn’t get why Robin came looking for her right before she was going to leave town. Robin says this is just a start, and they can pick up their relationship when she gets back. She also reveals that Bailey found her a month ago.

Claudia’s guilted her brothers into agreeing to let Jake move in, but no one told Julia, who turns him away. Then she yells at Claudia for trying to get to know the man who abandoned their mother. “What gives you the right to forgive him for her?” she asks. Julia’s heard stories about how hard it was for their mother to be left, and she can’t understand Claudia’s selfishness in trying to befriend Jake.

Charlie and Kathleen go to a movie, where Charlie runs into Emily. He pretends they’re there for business purposes, seeing an Italian film because they’re planning a party with an Italian theme. Oh, did he mention that Kathleen’s engaged to a guy from Italy? After they leave, Charlie tells Kathleen that Emily’s an “old friend.” Claudia leaves a message for Jake at his hotel so she can cancel plans they had for the next day. She doesn’t want him to call back.

Sarah confronts Bailey over not telling her that he found Robin a month ago. He tells her that Robin said she didn’t want to meet her. Sarah admits to being angry over being surprised that Robin’s leaving, since people only ever leave. The next day, Bailey blasts Robin for meeting Sarah, then going away. He’s also mad that he’s being blamed for Robin’s actions. Robin is unsympathetic since she’s not the one who made Sarah any promises.

Charlie and Emily have a parent-teacher conference (not a euphemism), and she’s all business. She’s figured out that Kathleen isn’t just a business associate, so they’re done. (Do you think Charlie can get his money back for the beeper?) She advises him to be more careful with people. Bailey tells Julia what’s going on with Sarah and college, and she confirms that he’s not a horrible person for wanting to go to school on the East Coast. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he can’t be happy. Then he realizes that Sarah’s actually the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Claudia complains to Charlie that his breakup with Emily has brought out her mean side in class again. She knows Emily found out about “bachelorette #2.” She doesn’t want Charlie’s excuses, since “people never change.” She shouldn’t have expected him to do anything other than mess up his relationship. Claudia wishes that her brother would surprise her just once. Bailey tells Sarah that he’s decided not to go to school on the East Coast. Charlie spies on Kathleen as she comes home from a date with another guy.

Jake returns to the Salingers’ with a letter explaining why he’s leaving town. He doesn’t see a point in staying when no one wants a relationship with him. He gives Julia his pocket watch, which her mother loved as a child. Of course, Julia doesn’t want it. Jake reminds her that they don’t have a big family, so they need to stick together. He predicts that one day she’ll regret not knowing him, but it’ll be too late. Julia points out that he waited 30 years to reconnect. Jake wants to try to be there for the family because the kids are as close as he’ll get to reuniting with his daughter.

Charlie confronts Kathleen over her date, but she points out that he has no right to be upset since he was seeing someone else, too. Charlie tells her that’s over, but Kathleen knows it’s only because Emily busted him. He says it’s different because he feels bad about what happened, but Kathleen doesn’t.

Bailey and Julia let Jake play with Owen, and Claudia is surprised to see them all getting along after what Julia said to her. Now she’s the one caring about their mother’s feelings. Julia says that she thinks their mother would have told Jake it was too late for them, but not too late for him to connect with his grandchildren.

Robin asks Sarah to look after her cat while she’s on tour. Sarah’s still bitter about Robin leaving and wants assurance that Robin isn’t going to just disappear. Robin says they just have to let things happen. She’s okay with leaving because she knows she’ll be back, even if Sarah doesn’t. Sarah needs to have some faith.

Jake moves into the house, telling Claudia and Julia that he travels a lot on business, so he won’t be around all the time. He promises he’ll always come back. Julia notices that he has two wedding bands, and Jake explains that he thought he’d lost one once, so he bought a replacement. He gives them to the girls to wear as necklaces.

Kathleen goes to the restaurant to tell Charlie that she likes to keep her options open, i.e., date lots of guys all at once. But she doesn’t want to be the kind of person who doesn’t care. She suggests that she and Charlie trade little black books and become exclusive. Charlie agrees, making Kathleen laugh because he actually has a little black book.

Bailey fills out an application for a state school, trying to come up with a word that best describes him. Sarah tells him she’s taking care of Robin’s cat temporarily. She tears up his application and tells him to go to school on the East Coast. She knows he’ll be back.

Thoughts: Sarah, pretending to be okay with spending just the next six months with Bailey: “So we can spend pretty much every minute together?” Bailey, run!

Carroll O’Connor + flat cap = so cute.

I want to make fun of Emily for being girly about bugs, but…I’m girly about bugs. I mean, I’m not calling someone over to my place to kill them or anything, but I kind of wish I could.

Salingers, there is no room in your house for Jake. Claudia already SLEEPS IN A FREAKING TENT.

July 7, 2013

Party of Five 2.15, Benefactors: Kind and Generous

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"What am I doing on this show?"

“What am I doing on this show?”

Summary: Bailey is called to his guidance counselor’s office, and he freaks out that his college acceptance is in jeopardy. The counselor tells him that he’s been chosen for a huge scholarship. The person funding the scholarship wants to take Bailey to dinner, and when Sarah notes that they’ll probably go someplace fancy, Bailey freaks out again. Sarah also notes that $10,000 a year will be more than enough for a UC school. Bailey obviously hasn’t told her that he plans to go to school on the East Coast.

Charlie and Emily have breakfast together, since she’s busy that night. He takes a long time to get the hint that she doesn’t want to see him again after whatever she’s doing later. Julia struggles in a computer-programming class, but for some reason doesn’t want Justin to help her. She thinks he’s so competitive that he’ll brag about being better at something than she is. She plans to find a tutor, which sparks the interest of some nerdy guy.

Claudia doesn’t see the point of Charlie dating Emily if it doesn’t get her any advantages in class. She keeps bugging Charlie while he’s organizing a party at the restaurant for a TV producer. Julia agrees to let the nerdy guy, Miller, tutor her, but it soon becomes clear that he’s a bit of a stalker. (She really shouldn’t have given him her password, in that case.)

Bailey has dinner with his benefactor, a Mr. Williams, and asks why he was chosen for the scholarship. Mr. Williams explains that he heard what happened to Bailey’s parents. He asks if Bailey wants to talk about them, and Bailey says he likes to, though most people assume he doesn’t. Mr. Williams wonders what Mrs. Salinger would think of him. He knows she was a musician, but claims it’s because it was in Bailey’s transcript.

Charlie chats with the birthday party’s guest of honor, Kathleen Isley, after the party at her house. She gives him one of her presents to thank him for bringing a cake even though she didn’t order one. She also invites him to stick around once he’s off the clock, but he declines. Kathleen’s a little surprised, since she’s “usually very hard to say no to.” The next morning, she sends him an Armani suit and invites him to a reception that night.

Bailey and Sarah go to the cemetery where his parents are buried; he realized at dinner the night before that he hasn’t been there for almost two years. He’s suspicious because of all the questions Mr. Williams was asking. At the gravestone, they find yellow roses that were recently left. Charlie and Emily go jogging together, and afterward he tries to get himself invited over to her place. She’s annoyed that he’s trying to move things along so quickly.

Bailey asks his siblings about the flowers at the cemetery, but none of them left them. Julia has another tutoring session with Miller, this time at the coffeehouse, which totally makes sense since there are so many computers there and everything. Whatever, she understands the work. Miller suddenly kisses her, and Julia realizes that it was for the benefit of some other nerds. She realizes that that’s the reason he volunteered to tutor her. Charlie puts on his new suit and goes to meet Kathleen. After the reception, they go back to her place for sex.

Bailey tracks down Mr. Williams at a hotel, having figured out that Mr. Williams is really Jake Gordon – his mother’s father. He doesn’t get why Jake concealed his identity. Jake says he thought Bailey would be better off not knowing who he was. Bailey bitterly says that that must be why he didn’t come see them before now. Jake admits that he didn’t even know Mrs. Salinger was dead. He’s surprised by how much pain he feels over losing someone he didn’t even know. Bailey brings up the idea of Jake meeting the other Salingers, but Jake objects – he came looking for an adult daughter, not grandkids. He can’t give the kids what they need, other than money.

Claudia thinks Charlie spent the night with Emily, and asks if he was “generous.” (She reads Cosmo.) She hopes the evening’s activities reflect favorably on her in class. Justin tries to help Julia in class, but he’s smarmy about getting good grades, and they start fighting. He tells her to do her work by herself, but, of course, she doesn’t know how to do that.

Bailey schemes to find a way to get Jake in the same room with the rest of the family. Sarah thinks it’s a bad idea – he might still not want to get to know them, and Claudia will be hurt if he walks away. Bailey thinks it’s worth taking the chance, since he’s family, and they’ve been waiting for him to come around for two years. Sarah can understand his desire to get to know his family.

Julia asks Miller for help again, despite her instincts. She offers him money, but he’d rather barter: tutoring in exchange for a date. Julia bargains him down to a date only if she gets an A on their next test. Charlie visits Emily at school and breaks up with her, but now she’s ready to move forward in the relationship and wants to keep seeing him. Julia aces her test but gets her teacher to subtract a few points so she can have an A- instead of an A.

Charlie goes to Kathleen’s to talk about their…whatever they have, but she’s busy and asks him to wait half an hour. Bailey tells Jake that he doesn’t want his money and doesn’t want to get to know him if he’s not willing to get to know the rest of the family. He doesn’t even know what to tell his siblings; he can’t really say that their grandfather only wants to know him and pay for him to go to school. Bailey plans to just forget that he ever met Jake. Mrs. Salinger used to say that Jake made things worse in her life, and now Bailey knows what she meant.

Miller argues that Julia’s A- is still an A, so she owes him a date. She doesn’t get it since they’re never going to have a relationship, and they don’t even like each other that much. He admits that he just wants a date, since he’s only ever had one. He also wants to show Julia that he’s a nice guy, so she can let her friends know, and eventually everyone in school will realize that he’s different from the way they think he is.

Emily gives Claudia some soup to take to Charlie, who apparently has a cold. And now we know what happened after Charlie gave Kathleen that half hour. Claudia confronts him over ditching Emily, but he doesn’t feel the need to explain himself. Of course, Claudia only cares about how this will affect her grade.

Bailey’s sad over his decision to avoid Jake and refuse his money, though he insists to Sarah that he’s fine with it. He talks about a crooked tooth that Jake and Charlie both have, and that Mrs. Salinger also had. Emily visits Charlie at the restaurant, arriving just before Kathleen, who’s booked him another party to cater. He doesn’t tell Emily about their personal relationship (or whatever you want to call it). Emily asks him to go on another date, then spend the night.

Julia and Miller have their date, and he successfully shows her that he’s not as dweeby as she thought. She even tells him he can kiss her, but he wants to save kissing for someone he has a romantic relationship with. The Salingers gather for family dinner, but this week they have a surprise guest: Jake.

Thoughts: Jake is played by Carroll O’Connor, who was waaaaaay too good for this kind of show.

Kathleen is played by Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives, Dallas, Seinfeld). She seems way older than Matthew Fox here, but they’re actually only six years apart.

Trivia: Julia’s middle name is Gordon.

I love when people on TV buy clothes for other people and they fit perfectly, even though the buyer would never know the other person’s measurements.

There’s a great reaction shot of Owen when Claudia confronts Charlie – it’s like he’s thinking, “Dude, what’d you do?”