December 16, 2012

BH90210 4.29, Truth and Consequences: Chemical Imbalances

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Yeah, that's a good place to let her put her hands

Yeah, that’s a good place to let her put her hands

Summary: Donna and Kelly have breakfast at the Peach Pit, planning a “sorority meeting” at Andrea’s place since she’s on bed rest. They’re not sure if Brenda will make it. Brandon, Dylan, Suzanne, and Erica are also at the diner, talking about Kevin’s chemistry lab. Brenda arrives and announces that she got the lead in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She tells Kelly and Donna that she went to Roy’s house and he gave her a second chance.

Steve’s more upset about Laura not being cast than she is. She’s resigned herself to being the understudy. He thinks she deserves a straight answer from Roy. Laura says he won’t get one – clearly Brenda slept with Roy to get the part, and it’s not the first time he’s been swayed in such a manner. At home, Jesse nags Andrea about not sticking to her prescribed bed rest, reminding her that she just has to do it for a couple of months.

Brandon visits Chancellor Arnold, who tells him that some of his remarks about education in the country have been included in a keynote speech at the upcoming summit in Washington. Brandon’s been invited to Berkeley, and Chancellor Arnold wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy like he did when he kept Clare out so late on her prom night. (He has no idea what actually happened. He also thinks Clare is awesome, so….)

Roy holds his first rehearsal, and Laura mopes through it. David and Donna take Rocky II to the beach, because they don’t have another storyline right now. Steve comes to ask Kelly why Laura might have been overlooked for the role of Maggie. He thinks Laura’s accusations about Roy and Brenda were accurate. Donna’s shocked by the possibility, but Kelly notes that Roy came on to her, so it could be true.

Kelly takes the discussion to Dylan, who thinks Steve’s “thinking with his zipper” and making false accusations. She replies that Roy could be thinking with his own zipper. Erica, Suzanne, and Kevin show up to announce that Kevin and Suzanne are engaged. Kelly makes a dig about how quickly their relationship has progressed. (Apparently they’ve only known each other for a few weeks.) Dylan asks why she’s so negative.

Steve goes by Laura’s dorm room and confirms that Brenda did go to Roy’s house, so it’s entirely possible that they slept together. Laura wishes she’d thought of it first. Clare surprises Brandon with her own ticket to Berkeley, claiming she wants to go tour the campus. Jim and Cindy are nice to her, and Jim doesn’t get why Brandon doesn’t like her. He says she’s a serial killer and hasn’t been able to convince Chancellor Arnold that she’s crazy. (Maybe because he hasn’t told him anything?) Laura leaves a message with Cindy telling Brenda that her rehearsal time has changed from 1 to 4.

Erica and Dylan visit Kevin’s lab for some sort of chemistry…thing. (I’m not a science person.) He’s come up with some sort of process to purify water. Dylan thinks the microorganism he’s developed can clean up the bay. Kevin tells him he can’t get funding since he’s not one of his company’s stars. At CU, Steve (still mopey) tells Brandon the rumor that Brenda slept with Roy to get the part. Brandon orders him to stop the rumor, but he can’t disagree that it might have happened.

The “sorority” meets at Andrea’s house, and everyone’s awkward because they think Brenda’s a whore. She denies the rumor and demands to know who started it. Since Kelly doesn’t seem to completely believe Brenda, Brenda storms out. She runs into Dylan on campus and he tells her he knows her well enough to be sure she didn’t sleep with Roy. Brenda thinks he might be her only true friend.

Brenda arrives just as rehearsal is ending and is told that Roy doesn’t want to speak to her. Eddie the stage manager warns that if this were a professional job, she would be fired for not showing up to rehearsal. He agrees to smooth things over with Roy this time if Brenda makes sure this never happens again. Brenda’s suspicious of Laura, who brags to Steve that Roy loved the ideas she brought to the table during rehearsal.

Brenda confronts both of them, but Steve tells her he never said anything that wasn’t true. He adds that he’s Brandon’s friend, not hers. “That’s a relief,” she replies. He tells her she can choke on the part. Brenda reminds Laura that she’s still the star and Laura still has nothing, except Steve, “which is kind of the same thing.” (Ouch.) Steve and Laura head to Laura’s room, where Steve fumes but Laura’s happy. She suggests that Steve kidnap or injure Brenda so Laura can get to shine in a few more rehearsals. He slowly realizes that she’s not kidding.

At home, Brandon tells Brenda that he heard the rumor and says he knows how she must be feeling. She’s upset that Kelly and Donna haven’t called after their fight the day before. She doesn’t get why her friends think she’s suddenly a slut when she’s only ever slept with Dylan and Stuart. Brandon doesn’t want to judge since his affair with Lucinda didn’t make him look great, but he doesn’t specifically say that he doesn’t believe the rumor.

Steve calls to summon Brandon to the campus quad to assure him, Kelly, and Donna that he knows Brenda didn’t sleep with Roy. He tells them that Laura asked him to “pull a Tonya Harding,” and her “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street.” They all feel bad about the way they treated Brenda. Brenda herself is at Roy’s house to apologize for missing rehearsal and thank him for casting her. He says he didn’t have a choice since she was the best (and no, there was no sex).

Brandon finally tells Chancellor Arnold all about Clare’s wacky behavior, but he thinks she must have been under the influence of something, because his precious daughter would never act like that. He also doesn’t know why Clare would want Brandon to help her with her problems since she doesn’t have any problems. On the way out, Brandon tells Clare that her father knows everything, but she thinks it’ll backfire on him.

Roy confronts Laura in front of the whole cast, saying he knows what she did to Brenda, and she will no longer be the understudy. (Roy, don’t poke the crazy.) Laura tries to provoke Brenda, but Roy kicks her out of the auditorium. Steve follows her and tries to calm her down, but Laura blames him for her failure to get the part. He tells her that Brenda and Roy didn’t sleep together; she earned the part on her own. He thinks Laura needs some help. Laura says everyone in Beverly Hills is the same.

That night, Brenda meets with Kelly and Donna in the quad and they discuss Laura’s Tonya Hardinging. Donna assures Brenda that Steve is handling things, but Brenda doesn’t think she can rely on him right now. She confronts them for not believing her or following up with her after she stormed out of Andrea’s. Donna says she didn’t want her to feel like they were ganging up on her. Brenda admits that she overreacted and didn’t give her friends a chance to explain themselves.

At the Peach Pit, Kevin tells Dylan, Erica, and Suzanne that he quit his job. Dylan encourages him to try to get funding from another lab since his work is so important. Suzanne’s skeptical, but Kevin assures her that he knows what he’s doing. Steve tells Brandon he’s done with Laura, though his conscience won’t let him completely forget about her. He stops by her room and sees an envelope on her bed. He reads the letter inside and runs off. He encounters Brenda and tells her the letter was a suicide note – Laura’s going to kill herself in the auditorium.

The two of them rush to the theater and find Laura in her Maggie slip up in the control room. Steve tries to convince her that he cares about her. Brenda sends him to call security while she tries to talk Laura down. Laura starts making herself a noose. Brenda tells her there will be other plays, but Laura won’t get a chance to be in them if she hurts herself. Steve quietly climbs up to the control room and grabs Laura before she can jump and hang herself.

Later, as Laura’s taken away to get help, Steve tells Brenda that she probably would have died if Brenda hadn’t been there. Brenda can’t be mad at Laura anymore, just feel sorry for her. Steve hopes she can stop being angry at him, too, but Brenda isn’t ready for that.

Thoughts: How mad are the other auditioners that Roy cast a freshman as the lead?

I’m totally stealing Steve’s “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street” thing.

Brenda’s spaghetti-strap maxi dress over a white T-shirt is so perfectly ’90s.

Here’s a crazy (heh) suggestion: How about getting in touch with Laura’s family when she first starts showing signs of instability, instead of just talking the situation to death? They’re all, “Yeah, she really needs help…just not from us, I guess.”

December 9, 2012

BH90210 4.28, Acting Out: The Girls Must Be Crazy

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I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

Summary: Brenda mopes at the beach like she’s shooting an album cover while David and Donna give Kelly a book about acting. Kelly doesn’t think she’s going to get the role, though. Brenda stops by and Kelly congratulates her on her callback. Brenda confronts her about her audition for Maggie and getting coffee with Roy. She accuses Kelly of trying to steal the part from her. Kelly says she has a life of her own, and Brenda says she knows.

Brandon goes by Steve’s dorm room and finds him kissing Laura. Steve pretends they were just rehearsing. Okay, they were taking a break from rehearsing. He thinks he’s found his calling. They encounter Chancellor Arnold, who’s under the impression that Brandon will be taking Clare to her prom. Brandon doesn’t correct him.

Kelly has to miss a beach trip with Dylan and Erica because of callbacks. Dylan thinks Kelly should look at the situation from Brenda’s point of view. She notes that Dylan never takes her side. Clare’s at the Peach Pit, reading Nat’s palm, and she drapes herself over Brandon as soon as he and Steve arrive. Brandon’s not happy about the forced date.

Kelly heads to the theater for a coaching session with Roy (is that what the kids are calling it?), and Steve tells her to say hi to Laura. Kelly’s upset that Brenda has Roy, Steve has Laura, and Kelly has no support. Clare tries to use the other girls’ crazy behavior to convince Brandon that she’s a catch. On campus, Roy asks Kelly to share what Brick is thinking, since Kelly has experience with addicts. They do a scene together and Roy’s impressed.

Andrea’s still worried that something’s wrong with her pregnancy, but Jesse thinks she’s overreacting. He’s off to San Francisco for his clerkship, which I’m sure will make her less anxious. Kelly joins Dylan and Erica at the beach after all and meets Kevin. Then Dylan leaves her with Erica and Suzanne while he and Kevin go look at sludge. On campus, Brenda complains to Donna about how Kelly is Roy’s pet, then sees Laura with Roy and thinks Laura’s trying to get an in with him.

Dylan and Kevin discuss sludge and Suzanne, and finally Dylan and Kelly get some time alone. She’s upset that he brought guests with him, then left her with them. Dylan doesn’t want to hang out with her if she’s just going to complain more about Brenda or talk more about acting. Kelly points out that Dylan never had a problem with Brenda talking about acting.

Donna and Andrea hang out at the Peach Pit, hoping Kelly and Brenda work things out once callbacks are over. Donna’s worried about how much they’ve changed since high school. Andrea assures her that she’s the same, but Donna says Andrea’s changed the most – a year ago, she was a virgin on her way to Yale. Andrea takes this the wrong way and leaves.

Brandon has apparently lost his backbone, as he’s taking Clare to the prom. Chancellor Arnold is all for it. Brandon may be, too, since he thinks Clare looks hot all dressed up. He warns her that he won’t be dancing. She hints that the prom won’t be their only destination that night. They wind up at a party in a hotel room, where she teases him about being straight-laced.

At the beach apartment, Donna admits to Kelly that she said some things to Andrea that she didn’t mean to say. She has “feelings” about Andrea’s “sexual revolution.” (Donna, please stop talking.) Kelly turns the topic back to herself and the play; she’s worried about learning to cry on cue. She wonders if she wants to stick with it because Brenda doesn’t want her to. Donna encourages her to back off of the battle. She adds that Brenda’s still upset about losing Dylan to Kelly.

The party moves to the roof, and Claire and her friend get a little wild, flashing some guys on the street and pouring champagne on them. The guys come up but Brandon won’t let them into the apartment. They break the door down and start fighting with Brandon. Hotel security guards break it up and kick the guys out, followed by the partiers, who have trashed the room. Clare doesn’t care since now she and Brandon can be alone.

Donna goes to Andrea’s to apologize, but Andrea winds up apologizing for not keeping her emotions more in control. Because all pregnant women do is eat and act hormonal, obviously. Then Andrea thinks she’s going into labor, so Donna calmly helps her get to the hospital. Steve works with Laura in the auditorium, giving her a silky nightgown so she can truly become Maggie. He thinks it’ll help her win the role if she wears it to her callback.

Brandon’s upset with Clare, who whines about how much her life sucks and how she just wants him to care about her. As soon as he assures her that he does, she tries to convince him to put the hotel room to good use. Andrea gets medication to stop her labor and is basically told to chill out. Donna promises to help her out until the baby’s born.

Kelly goes to the Walshes’ to tell Brenda she’s dropping out of the audition process. Brenda’s just worried that Roy will think she pressured Kelly into making the decision. Kelly promises that she doesn’t want to be an actress; she just has a hard time when good things happen to Brenda. (This is a healthy friendship, isn’t it?) She offers to help Brenda rehearse.

Jesse comes home the next morning, and Donna admits that she fears she caused Andrea’s medical problems because she said mean things. (Which…weren’t mean. Whatever.) Andrea says that she knew something was wrong days ago. Callbacks commence and Kelly tells Roy she’s not continuing. He still thinks he can turn her into an actress and doesn’t care why she wanted to drop out.

Brandon and Steve arrive and sit with Kelly while Brenda and Laura do their scenes. Laura looks totally crazy, but Brenda seems to think it’s a good look. She misses some lines and asks to start over, which is never a good sign. She tells Brandon this was her “one chance to turn [her] life around,” which is so overdramatic that only Brenda could say it.

Clare finds Brandon (totally not stalking him, no, sir) and he finally tells her to just stay away already. She doesn’t think he means it. Kelly ends up at Dylan’s and tells him she dropped out of the callbacks because she hates acting. Dylan knows that Brenda’s more fragile than she lets on, but she’ll land on her feet, like a cat. Actually, Brenda lands on Roy’s doorstep in a very low-cut dress, asking for a second chance.

Thoughts: One of the fighters at the party is Eric Bruskotter, who also played Coach Beiste’s abusive husband on Glee. So I think it’s safe to say he sometimes gets typecast.

Dylan makes a big deal about taking Erica to the beach, like, the beach is right there. It’s not like it requires a road trip.

’90s music alert: “The Sign” by Ace of Base. Which I totally loved and kind of still love.

Seriously, Chancellor. Therapy for your daughter. Look into it.

Hold up – Andrea’s only six months pregnant? Is she having triplets? Or does she just have really horrible maternity clothes? Wait, I know the answer to that.

I would warn Steve to watch out for Laura’s crazy eyes, but I doubt he’s looking at her eyes.

December 2, 2012

BH90210 4.27, Divas: Clare and Present Danger

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There could not be a more accurate sign behind Clare

There could not be a more accurate sign behind Clare

Summary: Brenda uses microfiche (remember that?) to look up articles on a theater director named Roy Randolph. He’ll be coming to CU to direct the campus production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Brenda wants to play the lead, Maggie. Dylan runs into Brenda on the way out of the library; he’s there to pick up some books for Erica. Donna, Kelly, and Andrea are already at the Peach Pit, Brenda’s next stop, and Andrea’s grumpy not to have any nice maternity clothes. Kelly offers to give her some of Jackie’s.

Suzanne and Erica are at the Peach Pit with some guy the girls don’t know and who Erica clearly doesn’t like. The girls invite Erica to “pledge” their “sorority.” She tells them the guy is Suzanne’s new boyfriend. Brandon gets a surprise in the form of Clare, who is totally not stalking him. She lets Brandon know that she just turned 18, so now there’s no reason for him not to go out with her. You know, other than the fact that he can’t stand her and doesn’t make any secret of that fact. Brandon pretends he just doesn’t want to date the chancellor’s daughter.

Dylan interrupts their conversation and Clare kisses Brandon goodbye. Dylan remarks that he thought Brandon would be done with women for a while after the whole Lucinda debacle. Brandon asks him to keep quiet about Clare. Then Dylan meets Suzanne’s boyfriend, whose name is Kevin Weaver. At the Walshes’, Jim and Cindy discuss their upcoming trip out of town while Brenda practices her southern accent. Cindy wishes she wouldn’t get her hopes up too much for the lead in case it doesn’t work out.

In his dorm (formerly Andrea’s dorm), Steve hears someone shouting for help in a southern accent. It’s Laura, and she’s just getting ready for her audition for the play. They have an awkward conversation in which he says he’s sorry for what she went through and she says she hasn’t had a great year. Steve sees that the play is Cat in a Hot Tin Roof and shares that his mother once appeared in it. Laura reminds him that he offered to stay friends, and he takes the bait and offers to help her with her audition.

The next day, David complains to Brandon that Rocky II is poorly trained but David keeps getting blamed for his destructive behavior. (David, this is what your role on the show has come to. Get help.) Brenda literally runs into Roy, who wants a Maggie who’s “fetching, love-starved, and dangerous.” Then he totally hits on her and she totally enjoys it. Suzanne visits Dylan at home for no apparent reason, and they discuss Erica’s hostility toward Kevin. Suzanne’s afraid Erica will scare him off. Dylan offers to have a talk with her.

Brandon learns that Steve has plans to hang out with Laura and warns him to be careful. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly run lines, and Brenda’s so impressed with Kelly’s reading that she encourages her to audition for a small role. Dylan doesn’t care either way; he’s just glad the girls are getting along. Chancellor Arnold summons Brandon to his office to share some report, but it’s just an excuse for Clare to interrupt and be annoying again. She also overhears him say that he has his house to himself for a few days.

Steve works with Laura, who gets so into their rehearsal that she almost kisses him. Donna and David take Rocky II to Andrea and Jesse’s place, then bicker in front of them about the dog. Andrea tries on one of Jackie’s maternity dresses, but it’s too small. For some reason, this calls for sad, dramatic music. Steve wishes Brenda luck outside the auditions, but Laura isn’t so friendly. Roy promises no politics in the process. Kelly arrives late and catches Roy’s eye, which might be bad, since Brenda says he has a thing for hooking up with actresses.

In a totally unexpected development, Clare stops by Brandon’s house, inviting herself to spend the night while her father’s out of town. Brandon has actual work to do and no time to entertain her craziness. He wants to take her to the friend’s house where she’s supposed to be, but she says they’re not there. Brandon tells her they’re not going to do anything because of her father. He’ll let her stay until that night, when her friend will supposedly be back. Clare puts on music and does what she seems to think is a sexy dance.

Erica is apparently interested in Lincoln’s assassination, so she’s clearly a well-adjusted kid. Dylan finds her at the Peach Pit and encourages her to give Kevin a chance. She admits that he hasn’t done anything mean to her, but she doesn’t like him because he reminds her of John Wilkes Booth’s getaway driver. She’s also worried that if Kevin and Suzanne get married, they’ll move to Orange County. Dylan promises that they’ll always keep in touch.

Brenda reads for Maggie, and she’s pretty over-the-top, but Roy thinks she brings good fire to the role. Laura’s worried. Roy’s stage manager, Eddie, is also worried since Roy obviously wants to get in Brenda’s pants. Steve and Brandon talk on the phone and realize that Clare’s listening in. Brandon says she “has the body of a centerfold and the personality of a volcano.” She also has the wardrobe of a stripper/hip-hop video star. She tells Brandon she can’t stay with her friend after all, and she has nowhere else to go.

Brenda comes home and Brandon tries to pretend there isn’t a girl in a teddy upstairs. Brenda had to leave before Kelly’s audition so she could feed the neighbor’s cats. Brandon rushes her out, then goes back upstairs to find Clare on his bed. She’s handcuffed herself to a lamp and hidden the key somewhere on her body. Brandon turns out the light and leaves her there for the night. Kelly decides not to audition after all and leaves, but Roy follows her, telling her he’s waited all day for her reading. He’d like to work with someone inexperienced and scared. (Uh….)

The next day, David and Donna fight again over how slowly she’s training Rocky II. Brenda calls Kelly, who only says that her audition was “interesting.” She’s not even interested in going to campus to check the callback list. It turns out Kelly auditioned for the lead but doesn’t want Brenda to know. Brandon spent the night on the living room couch, and in the morning Clare heads off to school. (High school, remember.) He reiterates that nothing is going to happen between them. She kisses him anyway, because she’s insane.

Andrea and Jesse go to a doctor’s appointment and have an ultrasound even though their insurance won’t cover many more. Andrea thinks something’s really wrong, though. (Hey, at least that would make their plotline more interesting.) At the Peach Pit, Suzanne and Kevin thank Dylan for talking some sense into Erica. He suggests that they encourage her to read Baby-Sitters Club books instead of ones about Lincoln. Kevin gets Dylan on his side even more by inviting him to go surfing. Outside, Kevin starts to cross the street without looking, and Dylan saves him from getting hit by a bus.

Laura checks the callback sheet before Brenda and shares the news that both of them made the cut for Maggie. Oh, and so did Kelly. Brenda’s shocked. Laura adds that one of the stage techs said Kelly was a natural and is the frontrunner. And she apparently went out for coffee with Roy after the audition. Ruh-roh!

Thoughts: Kevin looks like Geraldo Rivera. Maybe that’s Erica’s problem.

Speaking of Erica, I love that kid. I would love her even more if someone would get her some defrizzing shampoo.

Strangely, Steve has the best southern accent of everyone in this episode.

Brandon, please tell Chancellor Arnold that his daughter needs psychological help and possibly strong medication.

August 19, 2012

BH90210 4.11, Take Back the Night: Steve May Be Bad, But He’s Not That Bad

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This is the only time you’ll see Steve surrounded by women and unhappy about it

Thoughts: David does his radio show from the student union, where CU students are being educated on animal mating rituals, which is somehow connected to the campus Take Back the Night program. Lucinda tells the students that they’ll be looking at the differences between men and women to get to the heart of the battle of the sexes. Brandon stands in the back with Professor Randall, who reminds him about dinner with him, Lucinda, and D’Shawn that night.

Sears gives Steve a bunch of phone messages from Laura, who Steve is still trying to avoid. She calls again while they’re talking about her, and Steve has to talk to her. Brenda worries about a poetry exam since she doesn’t know anything about romantic poetry. Dylan offers to help her study. Steve reluctantly meets Laura at the Peach Pit and tells her he has a girlfriend. Laura immediately gets the crazy eyes. She’s upset that he pressured her into having sex with him, then dumped her.

Dylan has dinner with the Walshes before he and Brenda get down to studying. Brandon passes through on his way to Randall’s, making it clear he doesn’t want to go. Brenda says that she heard Lucinda gave a great talk for Take Back the Night. Brandon remarks that courtship rituals are one of her specialties. (Heh.) Dylan grumbles that men weren’t allowed to take part in Take Back the Night activities until just last year. Brandon encourages him to go to the next one since there will be a lot of hot women there.

Celeste brings Steve a new jacket at the KEG house, then goes off with Kelly to talk about their men. Sears brags to Steve and some other brothers that he’s pretty sure Kelly’s going to have sex with him really soon. Steve asks if Kelly knows about Sears’ other bed buddies. Then he blasts his brothers for making him mess with Laura’s feelings. He warns that their relationships aren’t a game and people can get hurt.

At the Randalls’, Brandon and Lucinda manage to flirt without Randall catching on. D’Shawn remarks that as a tutor, “Brandon is hard.” Lucinda replies, “So I’ve noticed.” (Dirty!) She and Brandon clear the table and have a whispered conversation in the kitchen about how she totally wasn’t flirting with him. He offers to make things up to her, so she asks if he’s ever had sex on a kitchen table. (This woman needs help, fast.)

Speaking of doing it, Kelly and Sears are about to, or at least he thinks they are. She tells him she’s not ready and starts to leave. Sears blasts her for her “Snow White act,” then makes it clear that he’s only with her because of her reputation as a slut. Kelly can’t believe she was falling for him. She winds up going to Dylan’s and telling him what happened, though she doesn’t want him to do anything to Sears. She thinks she’s stronger than she was three years ago, possibly because Dylan was the first guy to ever take her seriously. She regrets that they’ve drifted apart.

On campus the next day, Dylan finds Sears speaking French to a girl and calls him out for the way he treated Kelly. Sears thinks Kelly will change her mind about him, since girls always do. Dylan warns him to leave her alone. Steve tries to tell Kelly that Sears is a “state reptile,” but she assures him she already knows. She’s pleased that Steve’s becoming a better person, or something.

The girls, plus Laura, head to a seminar on date rape (led by Leslie and Angela). Angela asks who’s been burglarized, who’s been held up at gunpoint, and who’s been date-raped. Kelly admits to the last one. Angela notes that date rape is different from the other crimes because the victim isn’t always sure that’s what happened. Elsewhere, Lucinda and Brandon flirt while he lifts weights. She still wants them to get together, but he’s worried about Randall finding out. D’Shawn spots them together and proves to be smarter than Randall.

The girls at the Take Back the Night workshop split into groups, and Donna tells hers about David pressuring her to have sex. Kelly tells her group about her near-rape on Halloween. Andrea thinks people are painting women as passive in the situation. If she gets drunk and runs someone down, it’s her fault, but if she gets drunk and has sex with a guy, then regrets it, it might be considered the guy’s fault. She and Dan argue about her position on the issue.

Laura asks Kelly some questions about Halloween, and Kelly starts to suspect that she needs to talk about her own experience. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan’s class discusses “To His Coy Mistress”; she thinks it could be construed as date rape but Dylan thinks it’s just indicative of women who date awesome guys, then dump them for frat guys. (Um, hypothetically speaking, of course.) Laura tells Kelly she was raped but doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Kelly urges her to name the rapist at a rally that night so she can warn everyone to stay away from him.

Brandon studies with D’Shawn, who mentions that he saw him with Lucinda at the gym. He thinks the two of them are “doing the sweet thing.” Brandon tries to deny that anything’s going on, telling D’Shawn to focus on his midterm. D’Shawn isn’t worried – Brandon will pass it for him. Kelly takes Laura to talk to Angela and Leslie, and they get her to admit that her rapist is from KEG house. He gave her some vodka, they made out, and he started undressing her, then pushed her onto the bed. The others want Laura to call him out at the rally.

Kelly and Laura leave the meeting, and Kelly says that she knows Laura was talking about Sears. Laura says she doesn’t even know Sears – Steve was the one who raped her. Kelly thinks she’s confused since there’s no way Steve would do something like that. Laura says she’s as bad as anyone else who wouldn’t believe Laura.

The next day, Kelly confronts Steve about Laura’s accusations. His story is different: Laura came on to him and provided the condom. He’s adamant that “she was into it.” Kelly warns that Laura’s going to name him at the rally, and people will believe her. Steve is relieved that Kelly believes his side of the story, but he knows it’s not enough. He’ll probably get kicked out of KEG, and Celeste is going to leave him.

David wants Donna to broadcast from the rally by herself since he’s sick of hearing about rape. He’s already dealing with enough real-life issues thanks to Jackie and Mel’s custody battle. Also, Donna won’t sleep with him, so he’s cranky enough as it is. Steve finds Laura on campus and confronts her for accusing him of rape because he dumped her. He points out that if their night together was so horrific, she wouldn’t have agreed to meet him at the Peach Pit.

Brenda and Dylan chat before their poetry midterm, and she admits that he was right about his interpretation of “To His Coy Mistress.” Brenda learns that Kelly and Sears are over; she tells Dylan to take a chance and go after her again. She admits that if he’d come back to her after he left her for Kelly, she would’ve taken him back. At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Celeste everything, including his fling with Laura. She says he’s always made her feel like she wasn’t who he wanted to be with. They’re done.

Steve goes to the Walshes’ to get some sympathy from Brandon, who says he did the right thing by coming clean to Celeste. He plans to go to the rally, then start looking for another college. Brandon goes to D’Shawn’s room to announce that he won’t be taking his midterm for him. D’Shawn says straight out that if he doesn’t, he’ll tell Randall about Brandon and Lucinda. Both guys refuse to budge, even after D’Shawn makes more threats.

Steve and Brandon join the rally, which David admits is surprisingly moving. Sears and some other KEG members are there, and Dylan says he still wants to hit the guy. Brenda tells him that by the end of the night, he might not be the only one. Andrea and Dan make up, bringing their total screen time in this episode to a full 60 seconds. Steve looks for Kelly, who he thought would stand with hi. Instead, she’s with Laura and Leslie.

Angela tries to bring Laura up to the stage. Instead, Kelly goes up and talks about her own experience. She says that she knows no matter what she did or what she was wearing, it wasn’t her fault. Steve thinks she’s siding with Laura. Kelly continues that there have also been times when she slept with a guy and regretted it later, but if she didn’t stop the guy, it wasn’t rape. She praises Steve for saving her on Halloween, saying that if more guys were like them, they wouldn’t have to have Take Back the Night rallies.

Laura gets upset and leaves before Angela can call her to the stage again. Steve follows Laura outside, thanking her for not naming him. He apologizes for leading Laura on and dropping her the day after they slept together. Laura says she didn’t have a choice about not naming him – she didn’t say yes, but she also didn’t say no. After the rally, everyone eats pie, and Brenda and Dylan watch as Sears bugs Kelly about a second chance. Dylan grabs a cream pie and decks Sears with it.

Brandon finds Lucinda in the gym the next day and tells her that D’Shawn knows about them. She tells him to take the test. Brandon says no, so she calls him naïve. He needs to stop being childish and “start playing [his] part.” Lucinda tries to offer some advice, but Brandon doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, he’s going to go camping (or at least that’s what he wants Brenda to tell their parents). But first, he’s going to find a picture of Emily Valentine in his drawer and moon over it. Oh, joy.

Thoughts: I don’t get why Steve slept with Laura in the first place. That whole plot made no sense. The brothers wanted him to go on a date with her; Steve chose to sleep with her. Then he was an idiot for trying to keep it from Celeste. So yeah, he’s not as bad as a rapist, but he’s not that great either.

Also, Steve, maybe the time to tell Kelly that Sears is a jerk was before you thought she might sleep with him, not after.

Hey, David, you do’t get to agree to date someone who wants to practice abstinence, then whine that you’re not getting any.

Andrea makes an important point, so of course they don’t let her elaborate on it or talk about it for more than a minute.

I appreciate Kelly crediting Steve with saving her from the cowboy rapist, but Dylan saved her, too. Just saying.

August 16, 2012

BH90210 4.10, And Did It…My Way: Waking Up (to What a Horrible Idea This Engagement Was) in Vegas

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Wait!… Is there cake?

Summary: Brenda and Stuart have been making the most of their hotel room and are looking forward to getting married. Meanwhile, Jim is angry, comparing their living situation to Pretty Woman. Brandon notes that his parents are reacting to this relationship the same way they reacted when Brenda was with Dylan. Stuart’s parents want to have lunch with Jim and Cindy, who think the four of them will be able to come up with a plan to divert a crisis.

Kelly stops by the beach apartment to get some of her things, since she doesn’t want to have anything to do with David. Donna tells them to stop fighting already. Kelly’s worried that Erin will be hurt by the custody battle. David is less concerned about her and more worried about Jackie taking out her anger on Mel. At the KEG house, Steve gets a call from Laura but gets Sears to pretend he’s not there. Sears lets him know this isn’t the first time she’s called.

On campus, Brandon fills Dylan in on the Brenda situation. They joke that she’ll wind up with another trip to Paris. Brandon asks what Dylan knows about Stuart, but Dylan wants to stay out of it. Laura asks Andrea if she knows Steve, then if she knows how to get in touch with him. (She totally just wants to borrow his notes.) Andrea gives her Steve’s home phone number.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall that D’Shawn is a less-than-willing student, so maybe he needs a different tutor who can get through to him. Randall invites them over for dinner with him and Lucinda. Speaking of Lucinda, she interrupts and pretends she didn’t almost see Brandon naked the other night.

The Carsons and Walshes meet to talk about their children’s engagement and are joined by the children in question. Jim almost barfs when Stuart jokingly asks if he can call him and Cindy “Mom” and “Dad.” It quickly becomes clear that the Carsons are not at all opposed to the marriage. Mr. Carson even wants to pay for the wedding (and it’s going to be huge). Jim tries to be diplomatic by saying that he thinks the kids should wait to get married. Mrs. Carson agrees, suggesting a June wedding.

Brenda’s upset about Stuart’s parents taking control of everything, so Stuart suggests that they go to Las Vegas and elope. He wants to keep it quiet, but Brenda tells Brandon, who thinks she’s crazy but reluctantly gives his blessing. (Hey, Brandon, at least you’ll get to take over her room again.) She tells him not to tell Jim and Cindy, which I’m sure will work out.

Sears and Dylan encounter each other at the Peach Pit and jab at each other a little. Sears thinks Dylan has a hold over Kelly, and Dylan can’t figure out what she sees in the other guy. (Nat can’t either.) Cindy and Jim angrily wash dishes and complain about the Carsons. They think Mrs. Carson just wants an excuse to throw another party. They also think they still might be able to get through to Brenda. After all, they have six months to try.

Brandon calls Steve to invite him on a road trip to Vegas. (Sorry, Steve, it’s not that kind of road trip.) They’ll have to drive to Burbank to get a flight. Steve’s next call is from Laura, whose voice he doesn’t even recognize. He gets rid of her, then calls Kelly. Soon the news about Vegas makes its way through the group. On his way out the door, Brandon tells his parents what’s going on but tries to get them to stay out of it. Jim’s willing to stay behind as long as Brandon has a plan. (He doesn’t.)

Steve and Brandon barely make their flight, which Kelly, Donna, Andrea, and David just happen to be on as well. Donna asks Kelly and David to stop fighting while they deal with Brenda. They reluctantly call a temporary truce, which is good news for Donna, since she has to sit between them on the plane. The truce turns into actual apologies. Just as the plane is about to leave, Dylan arrives.

Brenda and Stuart are already in Vegas, celebrating their stealthy escape from their families. On the plane, Steve teaches Andrea how to play Blackjack as she rambles about relationships. Brandon asks Dylan again what he knows about Stuart, pointing out that now that Dylan’s on the plane, he’s officially involved. Dylan tells him that Stuart used to deal drugs at a club. He hopes Brenda knows what she’s doing.

Fast-forward to everyone getting to Vegas. Andrea wants to try to stop the wedding, but Dylan and Brandon know that will just make Brenda more determined to go through with it. Brandon suggests that they all pretend they support her decision but drop hints about what a mistake it is. Dylan promises to “take care of Stuart.”

Stuart and Brenda discuss married life, which he thinks will have her turning into a housewife. The gang shows up and Brenda tells them they’re getting married at midnight. The guys want to throw Stuart a bachelor party while the girls give Brenda a shower. Stuart’s a little nervous to learn from the guys that the gang is a family, so the girls will always be around and Brenda will tell them everything.

Brenda admits to the girls that she signed a prenup but Stuart will tear it up after six months. She’s happy they’re there to be her maids of honor, not stop the wedding. Everyone goes to a casino, where Andrea worries that they’ll get in trouble since they’re all under 21. She then proceeds to win a bunch of money at a slot machine. She has to give $500 to a security guard and leave the casino.

Stuart wants to take the guys to a strip club, though he assures Dylan that he’s a much better guy than he used to be. Dylan and Brandon admit to each other that they’re starting to like him. Back in Beverly Hills, Cindy finds humor in the elopement since it means Mrs. Carson won’t get to have the big wedding she wanted. Then she and Jim decide to go to Vegas after all.

It’s 11 p.m. and Brenda has picked out her wedding gown. The girls give her her something old, something new, etc. Meanwhile, the guys hit a strip club and are a little too happy to be there. Dylan makes a last-ditch effort to rattle Stuart, telling him about Brenda’s past near-infidelities. They might mean she’s too young to settle down. Elsewhere in Vegas, Cindy tries to call Brenda and Stuart’s room, but they’re obviously not there. She starts calling wedding chapels to try to find them.

The kids all gather at a chapel for Brenda and Stuart’s $215 ceremony. David suggests that he and Donna also get married (then get an annulment the next day). Dylan offers to hold on to the ring for Stuart. Cindy finally finds the chapel she’s looking for, and she and Jim run off as the ceremony begins. Brandon reminds Brenda that marriage is for life, so eventually their father will have to accept his son-in-law.

The officiant rants about how difficult marriage can be, cracking up Steve and David. When he asks if anyone objects, Brenda says, “I do.” The officiant thinks she’s jumping the gun. Brenda tells Stuart that she’s enjoyed their relationship, but she thinks she’s really in love with love. Stuart has already realized that they hardly know each other, so it’s too soon for them to get married. Jim and Cindy arrive in time to learn that the wedding has already been stopped. Everyone winds up at a restaurant, where Brenda and Stuart assure each other that they’re still in love.

Thoughts: How ironic that I watched an episode that takes place in Vegas on the anniversary of Elvis’ death.

Brandon, I thought I told you to stop calling your parents by their first names.

If I wanted to stop my sister from getting married, the last person I would call is Steve.

Andrea has no money, right? So how did she pay for a plane ticket? Maybe Donna bought it for her?

The girls packed a lot of clothes for a trip that shouldn’t take that much time. Though two of them are Kelly and Donna, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Andrea, you of all people don’t have to worry about being carded.

August 12, 2012

BH90210 4.9, Otherwise Engaged: If You Ain’t No Punk, Holla, “We Want Prenup!”

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The perfect encapsulation of this mess: Brandon’s worried, Lucinda’s thrilled, the whole thing’s a disaster

Summary: In what I guess is a reference to Back to the Future, “The Power of Love” plays as Brandon races across campus to get to the gym. It’s 7 but Lucinda isn’t there. Womp womp! She arrives a little while later and they start flirting. Meanwhile, Brenda’s just waking up and admiring her new engagement ring. Stuart calls and basically makes sure she still wants to marry him. They arrange to have lunch together that afternoon.

Jim and Cindy discuss the engagement, wondering if Brenda’s pregnant. Jim even asks her straight out when she comes downstairs. Cindy reminds her that marriage is a big step, especially for two people who barely know each other. She doesn’t think Brenda sees Stuart for who he really is yet. Jim notes that they could still have a great relationship six months from now, so they can wait until then. Brenda makes it clear that she’s not listening to anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

On their way to class, Lucinda invites Brandon over for dinner that night. Then she practically gropes him in the middle of campus. At the Peach Pit, Brenda shows off her ring to the girls. They start talking about Kelly and Sears, who Kelly thinks respects her wishes for a slow start to their relationship.

At the KEG house, Steve learns that Sears hasn’t been all that patient in waiting for Kelly; he’s been hooking up with another girl. Another brother asks Steve to go on a double date with him and two girls. Steve doesn’t want to go behind Celeste’s back, but the brother says she’ll never find out. Sears pressures him not to let down his frat brother.

Dylan and Jim meet to go over paperwork, and Jim admits that he sort of wishes Brenda and Dylan were still together. Dylan reveals that he knows a little about Stuart and that he’s not the great guy he appears to be, but he won’t elaborate. He thinks Brenda’s crazy for getting engaged to him, but he knows his opinion doesn’t matter. Jim asks him to talk to Brenda since he and Cindy aren’t getting through to her.

Kelly and Jackie take Erin to a playground, where Jackie reveals that she’s planning to take Mel to court to get full custody. Kelly argues that it was just one weekend, asking if they can settle things out of court. Jackie wants Erin to have a stable childhood, since Kelly didn’t. She warns that Kelly and David’s relationship could get messy with their parents going to battle. Meanwhile, David gets a subpoena to give a deposition to Jackie’s lawyers.

Brenda goes by a construction site to meet Stuart and finds him fighting with the foreman. David meets with Mel and his lawyer to go over what he’ll say in his deposition. The lawyer’s pretty shady. Brandon heads to D’Shawn’s for a tutoring session, though schoolwork clearly isn’t as important to D’Shawn as cartoons and basketball are. He thinks Brandon’s stressing out too much.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall, who isn’t too helpful, as he’s headed out of town. He offers Brandon tickets to a hockey game, but Brandon already has his date with Lucinda. Randall urges him to score, which, ew. Steve finds a girl named Laura Kingman in a dance studio and introduces himself as her blind date. Dylan goes looking for Brenda, but Kelly tells him to mind his own business since you can’t always choose who you fall for.

Brenda and Stuart have lunch and he apologizes for the fight with the foreman. He feels bad for the guy since he’s poor. Brenda finds this mature and sensitive. For “dessert,” Stuart takes her to a hotel, telling her he’s gotten them a room for a month. Brenda looks for a pen so she can practice writing Brenda Carson, because she’s 11 years old. Instead, she finds a prenup. Stuart says it was his parents’ idea, but she notes that he’s not telling her she doesn’t need to sign it.

Brenda mopes home and tells Brandon about the prenup. She thinks Stuart doesn’t trust her, so they might need to break up. Brandon isn’t too upset about the news. He offers to cancel his date to hang out with his sister, but she’s thinking of going to a poetry reading at school. At the beach apartment, David picks a fight with Kelly about the lawsuit. Donna asks them to make a pact not to let their parents’ problems become their problems.

Lucinda and Brandon cook and flirt at her house, then make out a little. She mentions a husband, so Brandon thinks she’s divorced, but she’s actually still married. She doesn’t see any problem with dating someone else, since they have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. Brandon also doesn’t have any problem with dating a married woman, since she’s pretty.

Brenda attends the poetry reading, which is not, as one would expect, where students read their own poems, but where they read published ones. Dylan’s there, being all Dylany. The double-daters wind up at the KEG house, where Steve learns that Sears has yet another girl over. Steve likes Laura but doesn’t plan to leave Celeste for her. The other brother tells him to keep his options open.

Dylan and Brenda get coffee and discuss Stuart. He thinks she’s having second thoughts about the engagement. He tells her that if she marries Stuart, she can never have another chance with Dylan. (That’s supposed to change her mind?) Brenda’s upset to hear that Dylan’s been talking to Jim about the engagement.

Brandon and Lucinda make out on her couch, and she’s ready for more. He accidentally spills some wine on a picture album, and when he opens it to clean it, he realizes that he knows Lucinda’s husband: It’s Professor Randall. Lucinda doesn’t see a problem with this, not like that’s any surprise. Brandon finally decides that the situation is a hugely bad idea, though it sounds like he’s more concerned about Randall flunking him than about sleeping with a married woman.

At home, Brenda confronts Jim about asking Dylan to throw himself at her. She feels like she can’t trust her parents anymore. She remarks that at least the Carsons are upfront about what they expect. The next morning, the Walshes learn that Stuart and Brenda (who took off the night before) had a fight. Brenda’s now at the hotel, looking for a notary public to witness her signing the prenup.

Sears asks Steve for details on his evening with Laura. Steve confronts him for saying he liked Kelly, then hooking up with other girls. Sears reminds him that he hooked up with Laura (or so it appears) while talking about how much he likes Celeste. David is deposed, and Jackie’s lawyer asks why he didn’t call Mel when he realized Erin was sick. She questions how he didn’t know his sister was sick.

The lawyer asks why Mel and Jackie divorced, then why Mel and David’s mother got divorced. David says he doesn’t remember the circumstances. The lawyer mentions that David’s mother had a nervous breakdown, which seems to have been brought on by Mel’s infidelity. Mel fires back that Jackie had a cocaine addiction, but it has nothing to do with Mel’s parenting. David just agrees with the lawyer that Mel was responsible for his mother’s breakdown.

Brandon tries but fails to avoid Randall at the student union. Randall knows that Lucinda and Brandon met at the gym, and he wants Brandon to come over for dinner sometime. Ruh-roh! Brenda meets Stuart at the construction site and makes it clear that she didn’t fall in love with him because of his money. She also wouldn’t want to depend on him because he’s better off than she is, and she wouldn’t want to take his money if they split up. Brenda thinks the prenup probably is a good idea; she just didn’t like being blindsided. She gives Stuart the signed prenup.

At the beach apartment, David tears into Kelly, telling her that Mel cried and accused David of selling him out. Kelly storms out, announcing that she’ll be staying with Jackie. Donna chastises David for getting mad at Kelly for something that wasn’t her fault. He tells her to leave, too, if she’s going to take Kelly’s side, but she wants to stay with him.

Thoughts: Bringing David into the custody battle is pretty mean.

If any of my professors told me to “score,” I’d run screaming from the room.

No woman Lucinda’s age would find Brandon’s cheesy flirting charming. At least not a woman with any dignity. But I guess that’s in short supply around here, huh?

Also, Mr. Morals is okay with adultery? The same guy who had a whole crisis about cheating on a test?

Why is David getting flack for how he reacted when Erin got sick? Jackie was right there. Why call Mel? Once David handed her off to her mother, his job was done.