July 3, 2021

Felicity 4.16, Ben Don’t Leave: There Are Always Consequences

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Someone has her priorities right

Summary: Javier warns Felicity that her “archest enemy” (Lauren) just walked into Dean & DeLuca. Lauren is there to give Ben a message via Felicity – her plans have changed, and she’s leaving for Arizona now. She’s annoyed that Ben hasn’t been around as much as he said he would be. She’s also annoyed that Felicity’s seemingly pretending to care about their problems. Lauren says that Ben and Felicity are both really selfish. Well, she would know about selfishness. Felicity and Javier agree that Lauren is a jerk, and Javier hopes she gets bad stretch marks.

At home later, Felicity’s still complaining about Lauren, this time to Meghan. She still has the stolen book, and she’s going to take it to Professor Carnes and come clean about copying her paper. Meghan thinks she should just let it to, since the deed is done. The person who wrote the original paper will probably never find out. Felicity disagrees with Meghan’s ideas, so Meghan asks how she’ll feel if she confesses and gets expelled. Felicity thinks she might get pity and/or leniency for being honest.

At the loft, Sean praises Noel for having a late night out with Zoe. He misses the fun of the beginning of a relationship, especially the part where the couple has tons of sex. Noel is very clearly not having sex, which Sean says is a problem. There must be something wrong in the relationship. Noel says it’s too difficult to find a time for intimacy; it’s about logistics. “Logistics? It’s not a moon landing,” Sean replies.

Noel reminds him that there are a bunch of get-togethers and meetings with clients, so he and Zoe haven’t had time to be alone. Sean offers to cover for him so he and Zoe can get it on. They’ve been dating for a few weeks now, and this is the best part of the relationship. After this, it’s all downhill. (He whispers in case Meghan is listening in. Sad.)

Richard goes to the dorm apartment to ask Elena to go to a fundraiser with him. He has a crush on a woman who will be there, and he wants to make her jealous. Yeah, Elena doesn’t want to play that game. Richard says she should be flattered – he wouldn’t ask her to participate in this if she were ugly. He reminds her that they’re about to graduate, and he knows that when he gets out into the real world, where he’s not surrounded by eligible hotties, he’ll never find love. He needs to take advantage of this. Elena gives in, making it clear that this is a pity date.

Felicity goes to see Carnes, who’s in the middle of a rough divorce and is about to go meet with her lawyer. She assures Felicity that her grades are great and this investigation into her paper has nothing to do with her. She thinks someone on the editorial board is using it as an excuse to get back at Carnes for getting a grant he wanted. It’s all about politics. She asks Felicity to bring her sources to her tomorrow, rather than next week, so they can get this out of the way.

Felicity runs into Lauren outside the loft building, waiting for Ben. Lauren doesn’t want to make small talk. Upstairs, Ben tells Felicity that he’s going to help her move some boxes, and then they’ll be rid of her and they can go do something to distract Felicity from her problems. Zoe wants to hang out with Noel that night, but they have some client get-together. He suggests that they take Sean up on his offer to handle it. Zoe manages to resists Noel’s…sex appeal? Sure. She resists so they can be professional.

Ben is late getting back from helping Lauren, and Felicity’s worried. She’s right to be, as it turns out Ben and Lauren were in a car accident. When Felicity gets to the hospital, she learns that Ben is in surgery. Lauren, who’s fine (as is the baby), tells Felicity that she got blindsided by another car. Her doctor dismisses Felicity, who’s still able to hear their conversation – Lauren’s blood-alcohol level is over the legal limit.

Webb Graphics shells out the big bucks to wine and dine their clients at Epstein Bar. Sure. Sean has heard some gossip from co-worker Pauline and thinks Zoe is hesitant to sleep with Noel because she’s still hung up on her ex, Dwayne. Noel’s surprised, since they’ve been courting Dwayne as a client for weeks. Sean informs him that he’s been “courting the enemy.”

Richard and Elena go to the fundraiser, where he hopes his crush will be impressed with him for showing up with a Black woman. His crush is really PC, and this makes him look “culturally diverse.” He’s “a man of the people, like Bono.” Elena decks him. Hit him again! Let everyone take a turn! Make Richard a piñata!

Felicity calls Meghan from the hospital to update her on the Ben/Lauren situation. Meghan tries to assure her that Ben will be okay. Also, Meghan called Carnes and rescheduled their meeting about her sources for her paper. She offers to come be with Felicity, but Felicity thinks she should wait for news on Ben by herself.

Zoe flirts with Noel, who wants to know why she left some details out of their discussions about Dwayne. She clarifies that she and Dwayne aren’t exes. She met him when Noel introduced them last week. Looks like Sean’s intel was incorrect. When Sean asks Pauline to repeat what she told him, it becomes clear that a) Pauline isn’t 100% sober and b) she mistook Dwayne for someone else.

After dozing off in the waiting room, Felicity wakes up as Lauren leaves, having spoken to the police. She’s headed to the impound lot to get her car and all her stuff. Ben is still in surgery, and Felicity lays into Lauren for being selfish – she clearly doesn’t care what happens to him. Felicity says she feels sorry for Lauren’s baby, because of who his mother is.

While Felicity goes to see Ben after he’s out of surgery, Noel and Sean leave the party, talking about how Noel and Zoe definitely have a problem. They should be much more eager to sleep together. Sean asks if Zoe has ever said she’s not in the mood. If a woman ever says that, it means the problem is fundamental, i.e., something out of the guy’s control (like his odor, his height, is voice, or how he kisses). Or…maybe she’s not in the mood. Sean urges Noel to surprise Zoe with some flowers and show that he’s romantic and spontaneous.

Lauren returns to the hospital, where Ben is still unconscious. She admits to Felicity that she woke up this morning feeling like she couldn’t continue living the AA one-day-at-a-time life. She’s been trying to find someone to blame for everything that’s gone wrong in her life, but she knows she’s the one to blame. Felicity was right to say she’s selfish.

Richard goes to the dorm apartment to yell at Elena for ruining his plan. He wound up spinning what happened into another lie about how PC he is – he told the crush that he was assaulted by the police while chained to a tree for a protest. I don’t think Richard knows what “PC” means. Elena calls him racist, but Richard still thinks she should be flattered. Besides, she’s not “really Black.” She’s dating a white guy, she doesn’t have any Black friends, and she doesn’t like Spike Lee movies. Richard, begone.

Noel takes Sean’s advice and takes flowers, wine, and ice cream to Zoe’s apartment. Eating and chatting turns to kissing, but Zoe’s still hesitant to go any further. Noel says he doesn’t want to pressure her, but he’d like to return to the physicality they had together when they first started dating. She notes that they’ve really only been together for three weeks (not five – the first two don’t count). She doesn’t want to feel like they’re on a time table. She asks him to leave, saying she’s not in the mood. Ruh-roh!

As Sean calls to let Noel know that Ben is in the hospital, Lauren – who’s suddenly turned into a person with actual admirable qualities – brings Felicity some tea and encourages her to go home for the night. Felicity wants to stay, and she offers to let Lauren crash at the dorm apartment instead of finding a hotel for the night.

When they go over there, Felicity checks her messages and gets one from Carnes, who says she couldn’t reschedule the meeting about Felicity’s sources. Oh, come on! Her boyfriend’s in the hospital! Lauren remembers how Felicity sympathized with her for going through something rough; now Lauren can sympathize right back. Felicity says she wishes she’d done things differently. Lauren does, too. She thanks Felicity for her kindness.

Felicity spends the night at Ben’s side, and in the morning, he finally wakes up. Their friends show up wanting to see him, but Meghan and Elena can’t talk a nurse into letting them in before visiting hours start. Felicity’s touched to see them all in the waiting room. She tells them that Ben lost a lot of blood but is going to be fine. And now she has to go to her meeting and determine her academic fate.

Carnes is pleased to tell Felicity that Lipschitz, the guy who has a vendetta against her, is already backing down from investigating the paper. He can’t remember the name of the student whose thesis Felicity is being accused of copying. Felicity provides it, then gives Carnes the book and confesses to copying the paper. As punishment, she’ll fail the course, and Carnes will have to think about whether or not she can graduate.

Richard has decided that Elena was right, so he goes to the dorm apartment to apologize for being racist. Also, he wants her to look at the black eye she gave him. He laments not having enough friends to be able to afford to lose one. Since when are Richard and Elena really friends, though? It’s not like they hang out a bunch.

Anyway, Elena forgives him, and what he said made her think. Maybe she has a bunch of white friends so she can prove that she fits in. She doesn’t want people to see her as different. Richard, however, would love to be different. He feels special when he goes to Star Wars conventions, since his nerdiness makes him unique. They make him feel like he’s a part of something. Richard offers to go hang out with Black students with Elena; he’s “funky fresh” and can “hang with the brothers.” Richard, shush.

At work, Noel tells Zoe that he doesn’t think things are going to work out for them. She promises that she’s attracted to him, but he notes that she tries to pull away every time they get physically close. She tells him that she was taking medication for her depression, but she felt so good when they started dating that she stopped taking it. Now she realizes that was a bad idea. Zoe hasn’t been in the mood because she’s been depressed, not because of Noel. Now she’s back on her meds, so in a couple weeks, she’ll be ready to rock. Noel completely understands and promises not to rush her.

When Felicity gets home, she finds a note from Lauren thanking her again. She feels inspired by Felicity’s ability to face her problems. She’s going somewhere unknown to do…something, and she’ll call Ben when she gets settled. Should she be leaving the state when she’s probably facing criminal charges for driving drunk? Instead of being mad, Felicity just goes back to the hospital to be with Ben.

Thoughts: This baby deserves better parents than Ben and Lauren. Give him to Javier and Elena. They’ll raise him right.

Gotta love the irony of Richard using Elena to look PC when the show obviously only wrote her in so they wouldn’t have an all-white cast.

Sean finally had a good idea and it didn’t work out. That guy just can’t catch a break.

June 19, 2021

Felicity 4.14, Raising Arizona: What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?

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I’m sure they’ve worked everything out and will never have any problems again!

Summary: Noel is doing some work at the loft when Felicity comes by to talk about Adam. She’s worried that working with him again will be weird after he tried to kiss her. Noel tells her that Adam’s an adult, so if she talks to him about the situation, he’ll be reasonable. Felicity invites him to an architectural walking tour, but Noel already has plans with Zoe. He agrees to do the tour with her that night instead.

Ben comes home wanting to talk to Felicity about the Lauren/baby situation. He’s decided he needs to be there for his child, in some way. Felicity must have anticipated this, because she quickly tells him that’s fine. Ben still thinks they’ll be able to get through this and have a normal relationship, even while he’s raising a child with another woman.

The next day, Ben encounters a guy with a crying baby in the hallway of Lauren’s building. Here is your future, Ben Covington! He tells Lauren he’s changed his mind about the baby and wants to be involved. Lauren’s happy to hear that, but it’s going to be more complicated than Ben thought: She’s about to move to Arizona.

Her parents live in Phoenix and there are a lot of job opportunities there. Ben, meanwhile, is 21, is still in college, and wants to go to med school. Lauren will get more support from her retired parents. Ben argues that his child needs a father, which Lauren agrees with. She suggests that he move to Arizona. Ben says his life is in New York. Lauren tells him she’s doing what’s best for the baby, which is difficult to argue with.

Felicity goes to Adam’s office to try to talk to him about how not to be awkward around each other. Adam’s eagerly waiting to hear if he’s gotten a project he wants, so he’s barely paying attention to her. He lands the project and asks Felicity if she can stick around next year to help with it. Felicity says she’ll be in the city anyway – Ben’s going to take a fifth year after all – so why not? Adam asks what Felicity wanted to discuss with him. She mentions their near-kiss, which they both agree was a mistake. He’s totally fine with never talking about it again.

At Epstein Bar, Noel and Zoe are discussing going away together for the weekend. They’re at that point already? Wow. She spots a co-worker, Paulina, and makes Noel hide under the table with her. Paulina sees them anyway, so Zoe tells her that Noel got dizzy. After Paulina leaves, Zoe says that she doesn’t want Paulina to find out about their relationship. She’ll tell Dominic, and Zoe doesn’t want him to know about them yet.

Ben hangs around after one of Hodges’ classes, so Hodges thinks he has a question about some of the material. Instead, Ben asks about pre-med programs in Arizona. He’s probably going to stay in New York, but he needs to explore all his options. Hodges does know someone at the University of Arizona and can find out if it’s too late for Ben to transfer there.

Meghan and Javier do a scene from Oedipus Rex together in their drama class; once again, he’s fine but she’s not that great. Afterward, Javier asks Meghan to give a little more in their next scene so he has more to work with. Meghan doesn’t see the point, since she doesn’t care about acting. A man named Paul approaches and introduces himself as a casting director. He wants to cast Javier in a mattress commercial. “They’re looking for someone really…special,” he says. Uh-oh. Paul also wants Meghan; he likes her attitude. They’ll have to audition against each other, though.

Trevor thinks Noel is moving in on Felicity since he thinks Ben is going to move on to Lauren. Ben says Noel doesn’t know anything about the Lauren situation, and he’s not worried about Noel stealing Felicity from him (again). They’re just going on a walking tour together. They’re actually talking about Felicity possibly working with Adam next year, before Noel tells Felicity that someone left a message for Ben about a school in Arizona. So it looks like Noel’s getting in the middle of the relationship after all, purposely or not.

Felicity asks Ben about the message and why he’s looking at schools in Arizona. He tells her Lauren’s moving there, so he’s thinking about going with her. Felicity’s annoyed that he told Hodges before he told her. Ben again promises that things will be fine, but every time he says that, Felicity becomes less and less sure. She tells Ben that Adam wants her to work with him next year, which means she has to stay in New York. They need to talk about what they’ll do after graduation. Ben blows up at her, saying he’s still figuring it out. Well, yelling will definitely help.

Noel comes home after the walking tour and is immediately confronted by Ben for talking to Felicity about the message about Arizona. Sean notices that Ben is upset and asks what’s going on. Ben fills him in, telling him that Noel doesn’t know what’s going on. Sean says that Ben has legal options; fathers have rights, so he might be able to get a judge to rule that Lauren can’t take his child to Arizona. Ben doesn’t want to go that far. Sean tries to talk up Arizona by saying that Santa Fe’s supposed to be beautiful. Wrong state, Sean.

Javier practices for his audition, getting positive feedback from…who’s that? Oh, right, Felicity and Meghan’s roommate. The one who used to get to do stuff on this show. Meghan is more critical about Javier’s performance. He accuses her of playing mind games and trying to steal his dream. Why is she trying out for a commercial when she doesn’t care about acting? Meghan says she’s just in it for the $3,000 payment. Elena likes the sound of that and considers auditioning herself. Javier says that if Meghan were a real friend, she’d drop out. Meghan replies that if he were a real actor, he wouldn’t care about his competition.

Felicity tells Adam that she won’t be able to work with him after all, since she doesn’t know where she’ll be next year. She gives him a little overview of the situation, and Adam asks why Ben gets priority in determining where the two of them live. Zoe tells Noel that she thinks she’s convinced Paulina that they were just hanging out as friends at Epstein Bar. Noel thinks they should just tell Dominic they’re dating. Zoe admits that she doesn’t want anyone to know about them. She doesn’t think they’re going to work out. Yeah, no kidding.

Hodges tells Ben that he missed the deadline to transfer to the University of Arizona for the fall semester, but his contact in admissions is willing to give Ben’s application special consideration. The catch is that he’ll have to complete everything by tomorrow. The contact is about to go on a lecture tour, so this is the only time she has to review everything. Ben will have to decide immediately if he really wants to go to Arizona.

He meets with Lauren, asking her to put off her move for a little while. He can take night classes to complete his pre-med requirements sooner. Lauren has already lined up her new life in Arizona, and she doesn’t want to wait. Again, she’s doing what’s best for the baby. Ben notes that what’s best is for the baby’s parents to live in the same state. Lauren won’t budge.

Felicity goes to the loft, where Noel is moping. She asks to mope with him. He tells her he and Zoe broke up, but Felicity isn’t about to comfort him when she can cry about her own situation. She blurts out that Ben got Lauren pregnant and now might move to Arizona with her. Noel gives her a comforting hug, so of course that’s when Ben walks in. And of course he thinks Noel is making a move instead of just being a good friend.

Felicity goes to talk to Ben, who complains that she always goes running to Noel when something’s wrong. He guesses that she was talking to Noel about Ben and Lauren. Felicity says she just needs someone to talk to. Ben replies that if she hadn’t slept with Noel, none of this would have happened. Yeah, it’s Felicity and Noel’s fault you slept with Lauren and didn’t use protection. Felicity thinks that’s bull, too. She guesses that Ben will never be able to get past the fact that she slept with Noel. Ben says she’s right, and they’re through.

Looking for a distraction, Felicity goes to Adam’s studio, now wanting to keep working with him. He gets her to open up to him about everything she’s been dealing with. She tells him she and Ben broke up, but she doesn’t really want to talk about it. Adam’s pleased that Felicity’s now going to focus on her life instead of tagging along with Ben to Arizona. Yeah, because Felicity never focuses on herself.

Noel doesn’t want to be in the office with Zoe, so he tells Sean he’s going home. This, friends, is why you don’t date a co-worker. (I say this as someone whose brothers all met their wives at work.) Sean is surprised about Noel and Zoe’s breakup, since he thought they were going to work out. Meghan decides that she and Javier are making too big a deal out of the audition and are letting it ruin their friendship. She offers to drop out. Javier presents a deal: They’ll both try out, and whoever gets the part has to treat the other to dinner. But what if neither gets the part?

Zoe asks Sean why Noel disappeared before a meeting. Sean says he just had some stuff to take care of. He tells her that Noel’s awesome, so he doesn’t get why Zoe wanted to end things with him. Zoe doesn’t want to discuss this with Sean. He leaves her with one last thought: If she lets Noel go, she’ll regret it.

Felicity goes to the loft to get some of her things while Ben is out. Noel can’t believe that Ben really thinks there’s something going on between them. Felicity says she just doesn’t think he’ll ever get past what happened. Ben comes home, and Noel decides he needs to intervene here. He announces that there’s nothing going on between him and Felicity. Felicity loves Ben, not Noel. Noel has enough relationship issues of his own and doesn’t want to be involved in theirs. Ben and Felicity need to work things out and be together.

He leaves them alone so they can talk, but Ben takes a while to decide to handle this maturely. He takes back what he said about Felicity being to blame for what happened with him and Lauren. Felicity promises that there’s nothing going on with her and Noel. She made a mistake sleeping with him, but it’ll never happen again. Ben knows that, but things are so crazy that it’s hard to remember that. He feels like he’s drowning and pulling Felicity down with him. He should see Dr. Auerbach, who won’t let him drown.

Ben continues that sometimes he feels like Felicity should be with someone else. She tells him firmly that she wants to be with him, and he says the same. Okay, then stop acting like a maniac! Ben asks Felicity to come to Arizona with him. She tells him she can’t – she needs to find her own direction in life. But she wants to find that with him.

At work, Zoe asks Noel to talk. She tells him that Dominic doesn’t really hate him; he’s just protective. He’s not the real reason Zoe didn’t want to be with Noel. A few years ago, she fell in love with someone who was in love with someone else. The past three years have been difficult for her. Hey, this sounds familiar! Like something out of a TV show I’ve been watching. What a coincidence! Dominic is overprotective because he’s worried about Zoe. She worried that Noel would dump her if he knew, but obviously Noel can relate. Zoe decides they should tell Dominic about the relationship.

Javier and Meghan meet up at the dorm apartment to find out which of them got the part in the commercial. Neither of them did, but each expected the other to. They both screwed up on purpose to give the other the part. Javier’s happy that Meghan finally learned how to give to her acting partner. They may not have gotten the commercial, but they got a real relationship.

Ben goes back to Lauren’s apartment to ask her one last time to rethink moving to Arizona. He’s trying to be reasonable, but he does have some rights. Legally, he could keep her in New York. Dude, don’t do that. Ben points out that Lauren has made a bunch of decisions without him, and she can’t do that anymore. She tells him she’ll think about staying. Back at the loft, Ben invites Noel to join him and Felicity at Epstein Bar. Aww, look at Ben making adult decisions! Felicity happily observes the two of them chatting at a table.

Thoughts: “And then Javier and Meghan have to compete with each other for a mattress commercial” is an idea someone actually pitched for this episode. I’d say the series ended at the right time if this is the kind of plot the writers were coming up with.

So it never crosses Felicity’s mind for a second that she can stay in New York, date Ben long-distance for a year, then join him in Arizona? Freaking A. Use your entire brain, girl.

The better ending to Meghan and Javier’s plot would have been Elena getting the role. She needs the money more than they do anyway; she has to pay for med school.

June 5, 2021

Felicity 4.12, Future Shock: Get Your Ducks in a Row

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Obviously Meghan needs to work on the physical aspects of acting, but trust me that her line delivery is really good

Summary: Ben, Noel, Felicity, and Sean are all at the loft, and the guys are encouraging Noel to ask out one of their neighbors. He’s not interested, and he excuses himself to do some work. The guys tell him he works too much. Noel says he can’t date right now, since he’s getting his ducks in a row. Lauren shows up and asks Ben to talk in the hallway. She has big news: She’s pregnant, and she’s pretty sure the baby’s his. Strike that – she’s sure it’s his. Lauren isn’t going to ask Ben to be involved if he doesn’t want to; she just wanted to let him know.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally, her first in a while (at least that we’ve heard). It’s the last semester of her last year of college, and she’s feeling pressure about deciding what to do after college. She agreed to go to some galleries with Owen to show her work around. They start out in Chelsea, the most popular spot for young artists to hear they suck. Owen tries to stay optimistic, since it took Cezanne years for anyone to recognize his skills. I guess they’ll just have to wait.

Hodges wants to see Ben and Trevor after class, which really isn’t something Ben needs to be stressed about right now, on top of everything else. He’s told Trevor about Lauren’s pregnancy, and Trevor’s skeptical that Ben is the baby’s father. After class, Hodges tells the guys that he’d like them to be his research assistants on a study he’s working on for publication. Trevor notes that having a published study with their names on it, even as assistants, would look great on their med-school applications. Hodges warns the guys that they have to be serious and can’t make any mistakes.

Noel and Sean prepare to pitch an idea for some account, and discover that Zoe is there to do the same thing. She tells him his work is good, so she’s glad he started his own firm. Noel thinks Zoe will win the account, but Sean is more focused on the look he thinks Zoe’s giving Noel – a look that says she’s interested in him. Dominic is also there, and the look he gives Noel definitely says something different. Something more along the lines of “I want to strangle you with my bare hands.” Noel reminds Sean that he’s not dating because he’s getting his ducks in a row.

Meghan has been forced to take a theater class, and the professor won’t accept a $100 bribe to let her get out of it. I wonder if she’d accept a Shmeghan shirt instead. Probably not. Javier is in the class and is excited to spend some time with “Meggie.” He needs a new scene partner anyway; she’ll be playing Margo Channing in All About Eve. Meghan says that sounds like porn.

Felicity meets up with Ben after a long day of getting nowhere. She’s trying to cling to Owen’s anecdote about Cezanne. Ben hasn’t told her about Lauren’s pregnancy yet, but he does tell her that Hodges wants him as a research assistant. Ben doesn’t really get the research he’s doing; it just requires him to check on carbon nano-tubes every 12 hours. I’m sure nothing will go wrong there!

At the loft, Sean again encourages Noel to stop working so hard and try to have a social life. If he’s always hanging around the loft, he’ll never meet anyone. Noel starts to settle in for a night alone, then changes his mind and calls Zoe. Felicity has dinner with her mother, who sympathizes with Felicity’s struggle to get anyone to say anything encouraging about her art. Barbara lets it slip that Edward doesn’t think Felicity will be able to support herself as an artist.

Barbara herself is having some professional success: She’s about to get her real estate license. She previously wanted to be a writer, but she realized it wasn’t a realistic career path. Maybe Felicity should consider real estate, too. You know, in the completely unlikely event that a career as a successful artist doesn’t work out. Not that that’s what Barbara’s implying or anything.

Ben goes to see Lauren to ask if she’ll take a paternity test to confirm that he’s the baby’s father. Lauren’s fine with that. Javier makes Meghan watch All About Eve with him, but she objects to playing such a mean character. She adds that the actor playing Javier’s role is good – much better than Javier. Does he really think he’ll make it as an actor? Javier calls her Margo, saying she’s more Margo than Bette Davis is in what’s considered her signature role. Meghan says she’d rather be Margo than an unemployed actor working at Dean & DeLuca. Dude! Meghan really is mean!

Noel meets up with Zoe, who apologizes for…you know, making out with him at the office and getting caught by her dad. Even though Noel is her father’s competition for a job Dominic really wants, Zoe’s happy to spend time with him. Ben gets blood drawn for the paternity test, then goes to the lab to work with Trevor. He’s distracted and comes close to messing up an experiment. Trevor tries to reassure him that the baby isn’t his.

Felicity and Owen have another unsuccessful day pounding the pavement, and now she’s worried that she won’t be able to make a living as an artist. Owen is optimistic, saying that life always works out. She asks if he really isn’t worried about not having a stable career. Owen says most people with stable careers hate their jobs – especially real estate agents. Felicity is thinking about pursuing something with a clear, well-marked path, but she admits that she doesn’t know what she wants.

Javier shows Felicity a scene from All About Eve, trying to draw a connection between Margo and Meghan. Elena interrupts with a letter from Columbia Med School, too nervous to open it. Javier opens it for her, pretending he’s going to announce the winner of the Oscar for best picture. Elena got into Columbia, and though Felicity is initially happy for her, it just reminds her that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do next year. She contemplates calling someone about a career in real estate.

At the loft, Sean tells Noel that they got the account they were competing for. Even better, Dominic wants the job so badly that he wants to hire Noel and Sean as independent contractors. Sean thinks they should go for it – they could get access to a bunch of Webb Graphics’ clients. Noel is hesitant, knowing his budding relationship with Zoe will complicate things. He spend the past three-and-a-half years waiting for someone who wanted to be with someone else. Now Noel thinks he’s found someone who wants to be with him. Sean agrees that that’s more important, so if Noel doesn’t want to work for Dominic, that’s okay.

Felicity leaves a message with some real estate guy as Ben gets the paternity-test results. Congratulations, Dad! Felicity goes to another gallery, this time on her own, and when she gets rejected without even a glance at her portfolio, she kind of snaps. She’s frustrated that she’s gone to dozen of galleries and no one will look at her stuff. The woman she’s talking to gives in and looks at a couple of slides of Felicity’s work, then officially rejects her. Hey, at least this time it was because she didn’t like your work! Wait, that’s not encouraging.

Javier and Meghan do a scene for their class, and I have to say that she’s better than he is. Ben goes to Lauren’s apartment to yell at her for waiting so long to tell him she was pregnant. He doesn’t want to have a child, but he also doesn’t like the idea of having a child somewhere in the world whose life he’s not a part of. Lauren tells him he can decide whatever he wants, but she’s already made up her mind about what she’s going to do.

Noel meets Zoe at Dean & DeLuca, where she tells him she had fun on their date, but she’s already seeing someone. She’d like to be friends with Noel, though. Oh, poor Noel. He’s not about to let himself get friendzoned by another woman who likes someone else. When he gets home, he tells Sean he’s ready to work with Webb Graphics. Sean knows it’ll be weird for Noel to work with Zoe, but Noel would rather think about securing a future than worrying about some awkwardness with one of his co-workers.

Ben has inevitably screwed up Hodges’ research, and Trevor warns that Hodges is freaking out. He’s already started looking for a new research assistant. Ben has bigger things on his mind, so he doesn’t really care. At the dorm apartment, Felicity rushes to get ready to see a play with her mother. Barbara is happy that Felicity’s thinking about going into real estate, but now Felicity has changed her mind. Barbara admits that she’s worried about Felicity’s future. Felicity says she is, too, so she needs support from her parents. She thinks Barbara’s given up on her dreams, and Felicity doesn’t want to be that way.

Instead of going to the play, Felicity goes to see Ben, who tells her he screwed up his chances of being Hodges’ research assistant. Felicity changes the subject to her fight with her mother. Felicity, can you be a good girlfriend for once? Not that Ben is being a great boyfriend, of course, since he hasn’t told Felicity that Lauren is having his baby.

Meghan gives Javier a best actor trophy to make up for their fight. She acknowledges that she’s a lot like Margo, though she doesn’t want to be. Javier notes that Margo was mean because she was sad, so maybe Meghan’s sad about something. He suggests that they have a big fight before every scene they do, since it really helped their performance. Meghan disagrees. After she leaves, Javier pretends he’s accepting the award at the Oscars.

Ben tells Lauren that he’s given it a lot of thought and he can’t be a parent right now. Lauren understands and tells him not to feel bad about that decision. Ben knows he’ll regret this choice for a long time. Felicity has channeled her frustration into her work, but she doesn’t want to do another gallery crawl with Owen. He tells her she’s really talented, and if she wants a career in art, it’ll happen. She shouldn’t listen to her parents. His parents want him to be an accountant, something he has no interest in.

Felicity says she wishes she didn’t care what Barbara and Edward thought. She always tells herself she won’t, but then they come visit and she can’t help it. She wonders if she’ll still feel that way in her 40s. They promise each other that no matter what happens, whether or not they stick with art, they’ll never go into real estate or become accountants.

Ben appeals to Hodges for another chance, promising that the thing that was distracting him from his work has been taken care of. He spent last semester proving how important pre-med is to him, so he wants another shot at showing it. Hodges gives in, as long as Ben promises he won’t screw up again. He invites Ben to open up to him, but Ben declines.

Noel and Sean report for work at Webb Graphics, where Zoe tells Noel that she broke up with the other guy she was seeing. Oh, freaking A. Ben finally tells Felicity that Lauren is pregnant with his baby. He promises that he only slept with her once, while he and Felicity were broken up. He doesn’t think this will change anything for him and Felicity. No, I’m sure it won’t, buddy! I’m sure everything will be awesome from here on out!

Thoughts: I’m rewatching Alias, and Amanda Foreman (Meghan) just showed up in a recurring role. It’s really fun to see her play someone who’s basically the exact opposite of Meghan. In her first episode, Carrie cries at a Joni Mitchell song and shows interest in a nerd. Meghan would be shocked.

Speaking of Meghan, what are her future plans? I believe she’s majoring in psychology, so does she want to be a therapist? That would be a horrible career for her.

Hi, Elena! ‘Bye, Elena! Stop by again soon!

May 15, 2021

Felicity 4.9, Moving On: Have You Guys Considered Being Single for a While?

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TFW your ex and your new guy show up together

Summary: Ben shows up for a shift at Dean & DeLuca with Felicity and steps in when a customer gets annoyed with her. He apologizes for not calling her after he said he would (the last time they were together, when they had sex and then he left). She suggests that he come over later for a talk. He agrees, then changes his mind and tells her they need to move on. Meaning move on from each other, alone, without talking about what happened.

Javier has temporarily moved into the dorm apartment, where Felicity and Elena are moping over Felicity’s breakup. Elena doesn’t want to keep tutoring Ben, out of solidarity with her roommate. Felicity decides to paint through the pain. Javier encourages her to hang out with him that night and help him avoid a woman from his drama class who has a crush on him. He needs Felicity to intervene if she asks him out. He can’t say no on his own, since the woman is as pathetic as a puppy wearing a cone. After Felicity leaves, Javier tells Elena that they need to do something about Ben and Felicity.

Ben and Lauren meet up in the hospital cafeteria, where she tells him she’s made arrangements to stay in New York a little longer. She feels like she’s making a fresh start, though she worries that Ben thinks she’s running away from her regular life. Ben doesn’t care, and he asks her if she wants to get dinner that night. Lauren is a little iffy about dating such a young guy, but he tells her he’s dated an older woman before. Yeah, that turned out great! Anyway, it’s a date.

At the loft, Sean presents his latest invention idea to Meghan: comfort cologne, in scents that men find enticing, like brisket and macaroni and cheese. Ehhhh. Try again, Sean. Meghan’s annoyed that Noel is still living with them. He also has insomnia, and he likes to watch TV at night, so Meghan hasn’t been able to sleep. She wants him to leave. Noel overhears and promises to be gone in a week.

Elena stops by the studio where Felicity’s painting something dark. A TA named Owen thinks it’s great, and Elena thinks he’s cute. Felicity isn’t interested, since Owen never cleans up in the studio. Elena urges Felicity to ask him out anyway. When Felicity hesitates, Elena tries to ask him out for her. Owen seems clueless.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tries to convince Ben to come see A Streetcar Named Desire with him and his drama class that night. Yes, that would be the same production he’s making Felicity come to. Ben tells him he already has a date. Javier tries to guilt him, saying he needs company since he’s struggling with his split from Samuel. Ben falls for it and agrees to try to break his date.

Noel is now in therapy with a doctor named Auerbach, and it looks like Ryan was right – he has depression. Noel doesn’t feel like himself anymore, and he’s uneasy with all the changes going on in his life. Auerbach agrees with me that he has depression. Hey, look, I’m as smart as a psychiatrist! Maybe I should try to squeeze all my pre-med requirements into two semesters like Ben! Noel is hesitant to start taking medication, but Auerbach won’t force him to try it.

Felicity goes back to the studio after having lunch with Elena, and Owen impresses her by cleaning her brushes and the studio floors. Felicity clarifies that she’s not looking for a relationship, no matter what impression Elena gave him. She heads off to the play, stunned when Ben shows up outside the theater. They both quickly realize that Javier is messing with them. But then Lauren shows up, and Felicity gives Lauren her ticket and leaves. Sorry, Javier. Better luck next time.

Felicity goes straight home to yell at Javier, who’s taking a bubble bath. He thought seeing Stanley and Stella together would inspire Felicity and Ben to rekindle their passion. Javier…no. Just no. Felicity complains that everyone is acting crazy in an attempt to meddle with her and Ben’s relationship. Javier and Elena say they just want the two of them to be happy. Felicity says Ben seems to be happy enough with Lauren.

After the play, Ben and Lauren go to her apartment and make out. They’re interrupted by a call from a guy who insists that he and Lauren have to talk right then. Ben decides to leave, making plans to see Lauren again the next night. In drama class, Javier and a classmate named Rita act out a scene from A Streetcar Named Desire. After class, Rita gushes over Javier’s talent. I think it’s safe to assume that she’s the one with a crush on him. She offers to go see the play with him, since he missed it, or watch the movie with him when he rents it. Javier lets her down gently.

Ben goes back to Lauren’s and learns that her ex wants to get back together. She wants some space to figure out what she’s going to do. Noel looks at apartment listings in his office, then runs into Felicity. He pretends everything in his life is great. She invites him to get coffee and catch up, since they haven’t seen each other in a while, but he’d obviously rather be alone.

Owen brings Felicity hot chocolate as she looks at her completely dark painting in the studio. He comments that she’s kind of intense. He reminds her that she’s in college, so she’s allowed to have fun. Felicity promises she does. She can also be spontaneous, as she demonstrates when she asks him out.

The next day, Ben and Owen both head to the dorm apartment at the same time. Felicity’s getting ready for a date with Owen, wondering what she’s doing. Elena thinks she’s smart to try to move on. Felicity’s already nervous enough, and when Ben and Owen come to the door together, things just get worse. Ben stays to study with Elena and watches his ex go off on a date with another guy.

Noel goes to another session with Auerbach with excuses for why he doesn’t have depression. He’s always been hopeful, and the person people come to for help. Auerbach asks who he goes to. When Noel names Ryan, Auerbach points out that Ryan has depression, so obviously Noel’s reasoning doesn’t hold up. If anything, depression makes you more empathetic.

Noel says that when he and Ryan were kids, Ryan would go through phases where he seemed distant from everyone, like he was at the bottom of a pool. Noel always thought he was boring his brother. Now he realizes that Ryan was drowning and no one noticed. Noel is ready to consider medication. “I’m not going to let you drown,” Auerbach promises.

On their date, Owen asks who Ben is. He’s okay being Felicity’s rebound, if that’s what’s happening. He determines that Felicity was in love with Ben and he broke her heart. Or maybe Felicity wasn’t getting what she needed from the relationship. Felicity takes the blame for the breakup. Owen decides they should move on (the theme of the episode; thanks, Owen!) and talk about other things, like hobbies.

Ben leaves someone a message, saying he just wanted to say hi. Owen walks Felicity home, both of them happy about how the evening went. But when he kisses her, she realizes she’s not quite ready to completely move on. He tells her she’ll find someone else eventually, even if it’s not him. They agree not to feel weird around each other the next time they’re both in the studio.

Felicity is the lucky recipient of Ben’s message, and Elena thinks it means he wants her back. She tells Felicity not to call him back – she needs to make him squirm. Lauren calls Ben instead, and since she’s moping and thinking about drinking, he invites her over. Rita gives Javier a lint brush, since he mentioned that his dryer is broken. He tells her he’s like Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire, but also like Tennessee Williams, in that he’s gay. Rita knows – she just wants a friend. They bond over having lost their husbands.

At the loft, Lauren tells Ben that she knows she shouldn’t get back together with her ex, but she’s tired of feeling like she has a hole in her heart. The two of them hold hands as Lauren says she just wants one night where she doesn’t think about her heartache. They make out again, then move toward something more. They ignore the ringing phone – it’s Felicity calling to tell Ben she’s available if he wants to talk.

Thoughts: If you had told me ahead of time that this episode includes Javier trying to Parent Trap Ben and Felicity back together, I would have said, “Of course it does.”

I know Pavone’s methods worked, but Auerbach is so much better at therapy than she is. I mean…”I’m not going to let you drown.” That’s so powerful. (And it helps that the actor playing Auerbach, Richard Masur, is so good.)

Meghan wears…this. What is this? She looks like a three-year-old flower girl.

May 8, 2021

Felicity 4.8, The Last Thanksgiving: Look at This Bunch of Turkeys

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Felicity is all of us

Summary: Felicity is painting at the dorm apartment when Meghan calls to tell her she’s working on a spell to get Felicity and Ben back together. It involves hair and unicorn root. Felicity is skeptical, but Meghan has confidence in the spell – it’s the same one she used to get the Spice Girls back together. They’re not currently back together, but Meghan’s sure they will be sometime. She’s been so busy with the spell that she forgot that Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Meghan invites Felicity, but Sean reminds her that Ben is coming, so Felicity shouldn’t be there. Meghan also remembers that their oven is broken (Sean melted some shoes in it) and asks if they can cook at the apartment. Felicity doesn’t want to hang out with Ben if it’ll make him uncomfortable, but the idea of having one last Thanksgiving with all her friends appeals to her, so she gives in.

Noel’s brother Ryan is in town for the holiday, and he bugs Noel about keeping in touch with their mother, who doesn’t know that he’s supposedly gotten his life together. Meghan invites Ben to Thanksgiving at Felicity’s without telling him it’ll be at Felicity’s. Ben was planning to spend the holiday at the hospital with his father anyway. As he leaves, Noel comes in with Ryan, and there’s a lot of awkwardness. Sean and Meghan invite them to the group dinner, which Noel wisely wants to avoid.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Felicity that he and Samuel have been fighting a lot. Javier has brought Mami with him so they can both get a break. Felicity invites him to Thanksgiving so the show can justify Javier being there instead of with his husband. Ben arrives for a shift and ignores Felicity (and also the fact that there’s a cat drinking from a mug). She urges him to come to Thanksgiving so he doesn’t have to spend it alone.

Ugh, do I have to deal with Elena and Trevor? I do? UGH. Trevor admits that he failed some low-level English course his freshman year, so he’s retaking it. Meghan arrives with food, happy to learn that Tammy and Gaby are away for the holiday. Elena and Trevor get invited to dinner, which Elena didn’t know was happening there, so…great job, Felicity. But after Trevor leaves, Elena admonishes Meghan for inviting Trevor, since she’s not sure she wants to date Trevor now that she knows he’s not that bright. Meghan offers to bring her some sort of test.

Lauren and Ben visit Mr. C., who’s doing a lot better, then try to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving dinner. He tells her he was invited to one but doesn’t want to go. Lauren talks him into going. Noel admits to Ryan that he got fired from his new job and screwed up all the dynamics in his friend group by sleeping with Felicity. Ryan knows about the whole Noel/Felicity saga and says his brother isn’t making very good decisions. Noel doesn’t like having his older brother question him. He should just be on Noel’s side.

Meghan gives Elena her intelligence test, noting that since people have to take a test before they get a driver’s license, people should also have to take a test before they date. Ben and Lauren arrive, making Meghan think her spell is working. She gives Javier a death glare for being nice to Lauren. Felicity tells Meghan and Javier that everything’s fine; Lauren is just friends with Ben, and even if she were more than a friend, Ben is allowed to see other people. Felicity’s nice to Ben, who’s cold to her. Where’s your spirit of giving thanks, Ben?

Noel mopes at Epstein Bar, where a woman named Dana shows interest in him. Javier tries to make Ben feel bad about bringing another woman to Thanksgiving at his ex’s place. Ben promises he’s not trying to hurt Felicity. Javier tells Mami he’s just trying to help. Meanwhile, Lauren chats with Felicity, and they’re both friendly with each other. The temperature drops about 30 degrees when Ben joins them.

Elena and Trevor take a break for a makeout session, but she gets turned off when he mentions using Cliff’s Notes for an assignment. She pretends she’s having trouble with a med-school application because she can’t remember which planets are between the sun and Earth. Trevor says they’re Mars and Venus, and why does Elena need to know that to get into med school?

Noel and Dana go to a hotel together as dinner starts at the dorm apartment. Javier’s sad that this is probably the gang’s last Thanksgiving together, but they all know that nothing lasts forever. He wants them all to put the group’s drama aside and be thankful that they’re together. Meghan asks Elena about the test, which Trevor is already failing. Meghan gets annoyed when Ben and Lauren start having a conversation between themselves. Elena quizzes Trevor on the capital of Washington. Trevor doesn’t know it, but Sean does. Javier’s just bored by the conversation at his end of the table.

Meghan decides to help the Felicity/Ben thing along but offering to set Lauren up with someone. She talks about how hard it is for women to find guys. Trevor says it’s hard for guys, too, though Javier says he’s never had any trouble getting dates. Lauren says she’s not ready to date again after a bad breakup with a guy she’s been in love with since high school.

Sean and Ben try to get Meghan to back off. Meghan plays innocent about intending to sir up trouble. She and Sean disagree about whether Ben did anything wrong. Javier tries to defuse the tension by suggesting a game of Yahtzee. Ben says the only thing he did was waste the last year and a half of his life. OUCH. Felicity just gets up and leaves the table. As Ben follows her, Meghan criticizes Javier for suggesting Yahtzee. Felicity tells Ben she doesn’t know how many times she can apologize. If it’s so hard for Ben to be around her, why did he come to dinner? He tells her it was a mistake, and he and Lauren leave.

Ryan is the only person at the loft when Noel calls looking for help. Dana robbed him and left him handcuffed to a bed, naked. Gee, Noel, I don’t know why Ryan thinks you’re making bad decisions. He’s also upset that Noel ditched him for Thanksgiving. Ryan in turn ditches Noel, leaving him to be rescued by a locksmith.

Ben feels bad that he took Lauren to a disastrous dinner, but she’s used to it, since her family is kind of crazy. She can see that Ben and Felicity still have some things to work out, and she thinks he should call Felicity. Back at the apartment, Elena tells Trevor that Meghan is Wiccan, then asks if he knows when the winter solstice is. Sean knows this one, too. He figures out that Elena is giving Trevor Meghan’s intelligence test.

Felicity apologizes to her friends for the horrible evening, as if it’s her fault. Javier decides to go home to his husband, and Trevor decides to distance himself from a woman who thinks he’s dumb. Elena says she just wanted to figure out if they’re right for each other. Clearly, they’re not. Trevor leaves as Ben returns, making Meghan think her spell is going to be successful.

Ben tells Felicity he’s sorry for bringing Lauren. Not the problem, dude. He admits that he wanted to hurt Felicity because she hurt him. Every time he looks at her, he wants the pain to stop. He’s ready to leave, but she asks him to stay a few more minutes. He sits next to her on the bed and slowly takes her hand. They kiss, then get horizontal. So…that’s it?

Elena’s now regretting giving Trevor the intelligence test, since maybe it doesn’t matter how smart he is. Javier returns, announcing that he’s leaving Samuel. Mami’s sick and Samuel doesn’t care, so Javier doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Noel finds Ryan outside the loft and promises to call their mother and tell her that his life is kind of a disaster right now. Ryan mentions that their father had depressive episodes when they were kids; Ryan has had them, too, and thinks Noel might be in the same boat. It helps to talk to someone when he’s down.

Elena finds Trevor at Epstein Bar and shows him one of her med-school applications, which is blank in the section where she’s supposed to list extracurricular activities. She’s spent so much time studying in college that she doesn’t have anything to put there. Maybe education and intelligence aren’t everything. Trevor thinks she should write that she tutored people, because she’s really good at it. Also, he doesn’t feel dumb with her, so he’s okay with their imbalance of intelligence. He offers to tutor her in playing darts.

After moping for a while at the loft, Noel calls Pavone to ask for a referral for a therapist. At the dorm apartment, Ben follows up sex with the desire to flee, thinking he made a mistake. A year ago, he would have felt like he deserved to be cheated on, but now he knows he doesn’t. He says he’ll call Felicity later, then leaves.

Thoughts: Why would Meghan care about getting the Spice Girls back together? Sounds like a waste of unicorn root.

Elena giving Trevor an intelligence test makes her look like the dumb one.

Do you think anyone invited Richard to the group dinner? Do you think he was upset that Mami got to come and he didn’t?

April 24, 2021

Felicity 4.6, Oops… Noel Did It Again: It’s a Good Thing Felicity Can Legally Drink Now, Because She’s Going to Need a Strong One

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Does this woman ever age?

Summary: It’s the day before Felicity’s birthday, but Ben wants to give her a present a day early: a sled. He suggests taking a weekend trip to Vermont to test it out. Felicity has to run a critique for Cavallo, but they can leave in the afternoon. Sean brings Ben the phone, then tells Felicity that he and Meghan were up late trying to come up with a name for their shirt company. Oh, so they’re doing that. Sean likes Seanshirts, while Meghan prefers Meghanlomania, which Sean thinks is too hard to say.

Ben tells Felicity that someone named Lauren called to report that Mr. C. is in the hospital with liver failure. Looks like the Vermont trip is on hold. As Noel wraps up a meeting with two students named Tammy and Gaby who want to switch dorms, Ben goes to Mr. C.’s hospital and meets Lauren. Mr. C. isn’t available for visitors right now, but Ben is impatient to see him and leave so he can still go to Vermont. Guess the trip isn’t on hold after all.

Lauren tells him that Mr. C.’s condition is so bad that he’s not even on the transplant list, since doctors don’t think he would survive the operation. She continues that Mr. C. has something to tell Ben. Ben needs to stick around and talk to him, at the very least so he can get some closure. Ben doesn’t quite get it until Lauren spells it out for him: Mr. C. is dying.

Noel makes a call about Tammy and Gaby, telling someone in housing to put them wherever there’s space. Javier comes by with a complaint about toilet paper on campus. Noel can’t believe that his predecessor did this job for 14 years; Noel is already sick of it. Every day, he deals with stupid complaints from stupid people. He feels like he’s sinking in quicksand and needs to get out ASAP. From now on, he’s not helping anyone else. Javier retracts his complaint.

Felicity runs a critique of students’ sketches of a spoon. A student named Gretchen did a self-portrait instead, but Felicity defends her decision, since the result is so good. Elena gets home to find Richard helping Tammy and Gaby move into the dorm apartment. They’ve taken it upon themselves to move Elena to a different room. Richard is thrilled to have two new pretty people to hit on (and, of course, be rejected by).

Felicity asks Cavallo if he has any advice for her or instructions for something she needs to be doing. He needs to be somewhere, so he asks to have lunch with her the next day to talk. Felicity, aren’t you going to Vermont? Maybe not. At home, Felicity tells Elena about Cavallo, and Elena advises her not to go to lunch with him. After all, look what happened to her with McGrath.

Felicity says the situation is totally different, since she and Cavallo are keeping everything professional. Elena points out that he could have asked her to come back during office hours. Felicity shouldn’t put herself in a position where she needs to turn him down. Elena starts complaining about Tammy and Gaby, who lost one of her jackets while moving her things. Also, one of them is hogging the bathroom.

Ben is surprised that Lauren came to New York to see Mr. C. just because he’s her sponsor. She says she just wanted to offer him some support, since he’s been so helpful to her. Now Ben’s surprised that Mr. C. has been helpful to someone. Mr. C. comes back from having some tests done, and yeah, he looks pretty bad. He tells his doctor he doesn’t want any pain meds, since he’s been sober for 67 days.

Mr. C. tries to make small talk with Ben, who wants to cut to the chase. Mr. C. says that since his liver can’t clear toxins, his mental abilities may be affected. He needs someone to make medical decisions for him if he gets too sick to make them for himself. Ben thinks it’s ridiculous that Mr. C. would ask him. Mr. C. says this is the longest he’s ever been sober. He wants to stay that way, and he also doesn’t want to be kept alive by machines. If it gets to that point, Ben needs to approve of having him taken off life support. Ben reluctantly agrees.

At home that night, Ben tells Felicity that Mr. C. has been trying to kill himself for years, so Ben’s not going to try to stop him. Felicity thinks this is different since Mr. C. is sober. Ben notes that he was sober the last time he came to town. This is just like Mr. C., making a mess and expecting someone else to clean it up.

Felicity thinks he’s really changed this time, but Ben doesn’t want to give him any more chances. He changes the subject to the Vermont trip, but Felicity thought they weren’t going, so she agreed to meet with Cavallo. Ben really wants to make this a birthday trip, so he says they’ll go after Felicity and Cavallo get together.

Javier visits Noel again, hoping to change his mind about not helping anyone (AKA his job). Noel has already set up some interviews for job he hopes are better than this one. Javier wants to put together a photo album for Felicity’s birthday, and he needs Noel to give him some photos to fill it. A student stops by to ask if new job listings have come in yet, and Noel says they haven’t, and he doesn’t know when they will. “You’re not a very good guidance counselor,” the student says. Javier tells him to come to Dean & DeLuca the next day for a tryout. The student says Javier rocks.

Felicity and Cavallo go to lunch at what looks like a pretty nice restaurant. He thinks she’s doing a good job as his TA, and he’s trusting her to run things while he’s out of town next week. They start talking about Rodin, and how well he sculpted the human body. Cavallo touches Felicity’s hand pretty intimately during this conversation. He tells her that Rodin was rejected many times before he became famous, so Felicity shouldn’t feel too down about not getting into Cavallo’s honors program.

Elena gives Felicity gloves and a scarf for her Vermont trip. Felicity asks what she should do about Cavallo – just pretend nothing’s going on? Elena tells her she needs to confront him and get everything out in the open. Then she goes to yell at Tammy, Gaby, and Richard for blasting music. It looks like Tammy and Gaby have some plan in mind, since they’re excited by Richard’s connection to Noel.

Ben comes over to tell Felicity that Mr. C. is getting worse. The Vermont trip is officially off. Felicity offers to go to the hospital with Ben, but he says Lauren’s going to meet him. The music starts up again, which really kills the mood. Noel goes on a bunch of job interviews, practically begging for a job that isn’t counseling people he hates.

Later, Felicity finds him in his office, where he’s moping about not making any progress on his job search. He thinks she’s disappointed that she had to delay the Vermont trip; she should be doing something fun on her 21st birthday. Felicity says she’s going to go paint instead. Why doesn’t she go out and have fun with her friends? Because Elena definitely needs something else to do.

Instead, Elena is getting madder and madder at her new roommates and their loud dance party. She calls Noel to leave him a message complaining about them. Richard tells her that he’s figured out Tammy and Gaby’s plan: Use Richard to get to Noel so they can sleep with him. Once again, Noel gets all the ladies, just like he bedded Felicity. Elena tells him that the loft’s answering machine just recorded everything he said. That means Ben could hear the news that Felicity slept with Noel.

Ben meets up with Lauren on the street outside the loft after she buys Mr. C. some flowers. She says he’s been like a father to her. Oh, ouch. She says Mr. C. talks about his actual child all the time. Noel spots them talking from across the street where they’ve met up. Lauren hugs Ben, giving Noel a very wrong idea about what’s going on. In Noel’s world, people of opposite sexes don’t ever hug unless they’re romantically involved.

At the hospital, Mr. C.’s doctor tells Ben that Mr. C. is declining quickly. He needs to be put on life support. Lauren knows Mr. C. doesn’t want that, but Ben wants to consider all their options. The doctor says they should think about giving him pain medication, even though Mr. C. didn’t want that, either. There’s no need for Mr. C. to be in pain while he’s dying.

Cavallo finds Felicity painting in some studio space available to TAs. She awkwardly tells him that she felt uncomfortable when he touched her at lunch. Cavallo thinks she’s right to speak up if she thought he was making a move, which he wasn’t. He’s in a relationship and isn’t looking to be unfaithful, especially with a colleague. Felicity feels dumb for thinking otherwise, but Cavallo tells her not to. Gretchen arrives, supposedly to help Cavallo put up a show, but I think we know who Cavallo’s in a relationship with.

Elena and Richard rush to the loft, where Sean is working on a new product, a vest made out of playing cards. Yikes. Richard distracts Sean and Meghan while Elena deletes their message from the machine. They hear the notification that Elena’s deleted the messages, and she and Richard run off without explaining themselves. They do provide the couple with a new company name, though: Shmeghan. Ugh.

Ben gets overwhelmed by his father’s condition and tells Lauren that if Mr. C. doesn’t want to be saved, Ben won’t save him. He doesn’t want Mr. C.’s power of attorney anymore. He goes home, where Noel casually asks who he was hugging on the street. He told Felicity he was going to see his father, so why was he with someone who definitely wasn’t his father? Ben says Lauren is a friend of Mr. C.’s. Noel asks why Ben was with someone other than his girlfriend on her birthday.

The two start fighting, of course, and Ben says Noel can’t hide behind his “friendship” with Felicity anymore. He’s obviously hanging around to wait out Felicity’s relationship with Ben so he can try to get her back. “She was never yours; she never will be,” Ben says. He tells Noel to move on already because it’s been years since he and Felicity were together and he’s not going to get her back. Noel says he already did. Ben asks for an explanation, and though Noel won’t give one, it looks like Ben figures out what he means.

He goes back to the hospital to talk to Mr. C.’s doctor about putting Mr. C. on life support. That will give him a small chance of being eligible to go back on the transplant list. Ben wants to try. At the dorm apartment, Javier gives Felicity his photo album as Elena busts Tammy and Gaby for stealing her jacket. They say they’re just used to sharing clothes with their sisters, so they figured it was okay to borrow without asking.

Noel arrives, thrilling Tammy and Gaby, and asks to talk to Felicity in private. He has good news and bad news. The good: He got a job offer. The bad: He kind of, sort of told Ben that they hooked up. Happy birthday, Felicity! Ben tells Mr. C., who’s now on a respirator, that he went against his wishes in hopes of helping him get better. If Mr. C. does improve, he and Ben will have a little more time together.

Thoughts: Lauren is played by Lisa Edelstein. Gretchen is played by Bethany Joy Lenz. The student who asks Noel about job listings is Austin Sanders.

It’s really hard to watch John Ritter play a character who’s dying just a couple years before he actually died.

How did Mr. C. become Lauren’s sponsor if he’s unable to stay sober for more than two months at a time? Don’t you have to have years of sobriety to be a sponsor? Also, I think I’ve said this before, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to have a sponsor of the opposite sex.

Please, Sean. Meghanlomania is a much better name than Seanshirts or Shmeghan.