December 29, 2012

BH90210 4.32, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 2: And Ms. Walsh Goes Away for Good

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So long, farewell, get outta here

So long, farewell, get outta here

Summary: The carnival is still going strong, and it’s Steve’s turn in the dunk tank. Erica thinks the kid trying to dunk him is cute. Brenda knows the kid is Alpha sister Leslie’s brother, so she hooks them up, then takes Dylan on the Ferris wheel. She tells him she’s going to London, which he thinks she’ll love. Brandon’s awkward dinner with Clare, Lucinda, and Chancellor Arnold is finally over, but now both women want some alone time with him, telling him to leave his hotel door unlocked. He quickly gets his room changed.

Everyone dances at the carnival, including Erica and her potential new boyfriend. Steve’s still in the dunk tank, at the mercy of Sears and his terrific aim. Celeste finally pulls him away, even though Steve warns her that Sears is a bad guy. The next morning, Brandon dreams that Clare and Lucinda are both in his bed, trying to wake him up. When he wakes up for real, he’s surprised to get a visit from Kelly.

Brandon’s plan worked, as Clare and Lucinda can’t find him. They see him with Kelly and follow the two of them to breakfast. Back in Beverly Hills, Suzanne and Kevin pick Erica up from Dylan’s after their first night together as a married couple. Dylan has come around to Kevin’s way of thinking and wants to keep other investors out of their deal. Now he just has to explain things to Jim.

The carnival kicks off its second day, this time with special guest Babyface. Donna isn’t sure what to call him: “Mr. Baby? Mr. Face?” One of the keyboardists is MIA, so Ariel asks David to take his place for the sound check. Cue the White Boy Pelvic-Thrusting Rhythms of David Silver. Babyface is so impressed that he asks David to play for that night’s show. Ariel hugs David, and Donna’s annoyed again.

Brandon and Kelly sightsee in D.C., discussing Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Brandon’s love of government. She wonders if she was crazy to come after Brandon so soon after her breakup with Dylan. She’s not sure they should risk their friendship for something more. They talk about kissing but don’t actually do it.

Andrea bugs Jesse to study for his finals, but he’s still more concerned about the baby. They’re about to visit her when a baby stops breathing and a code is called. At first they think it’s Hannah, then feel guilty for being relieved that it’s not her. Andrea notes that Jesse’s finally said her name for the first time. Cindy laments that Brenda has traveled more than she ever has. She’s a much bigger risk-taker than her mother is. Brenda says going away for the summer isn’t a big deal, but Cindy disagrees.

Dylan comes by to break the news to Jim that he’s going to provide Kevin’s funding on his own. Jim calls the decision a “professional embarrassment,” warning that Dylan doesn’t have the experience or connections to make it work. Dylan reminds him that it’s his money. Jim is tired of hearing that and announces that as of 9 the next morning, Dylan is no longer his client. He can go to the bank, withdraw all his money, and do whatever he wants with it. Dylan thinks it’s about time.

Steve’s back at the gladiator-battle thing, so of course Sears wants to face off against him. Steve accuses him of using Celeste to get back of him. Sears corrects that he’s really with Celeste because she’s good in bed. Steve wants a bet: If he wins the battle, Sears stays away from Celeste. If Sears wins, Steve resigns from KEG. Brenda and Donna question Celeste about her relationship with Sears, deciding she needs to know who he really is.

The guys battle with those big Q-tip-looking things over a mud pit, looking to be evenly matched. Celeste gets Brenda and Donna to try to distract Sears by showing him their bras. It works and Steve wins. That night, Donna and Ariel both admire David as he plays with Babyface. Steve thanks Celeste for the flashing, and she tells him that Brenda and Donna filled her in on Sears. She admits that part of her reason for dating him was to get back to Steve. He asks what she’s doing over the summer, and she says she’ll be around.

Brandon and Kelly end up in bed together in D.C., and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want this to just be a one-time thing. He calls Chancellor Arnold to get her admission to all the taskforce’s activities. At the carnival, Donna goes looking for David, who’s rumored to be with Ariel. In fact, they’re in a limo, and their clothes aren’t on. It takes poor Donna way too long to figure out why David’s shirtless in a limo and won’t open the door.

Donna goes to the Walshes’ to mope, telling Brenda she doesn’t want to be lonely. Brenda assures her that she’ll find another great guy – maybe even a virgin. Andrea and Jesse visit Hannah again and start decorating her incubator. Cindy, Jim, and Brenda watch on TV as President Clinton speaks to the taskforce. Dylan, Steve, and Nat are watching at the Peach Pit, because everyone loves Brandon. Steve spots Kelly in the audience, though Dylan doesn’t know why she would be there. Brandon shakes Clinton’s hand, and it’s certainly not a stand-in.

Dylan and Kevin sign off on their money transfer, then say goodbye so Kevin can go to Orange County. Except he isn’t really – he’s meeting Suzanne to tell her things have gone according to plan. Now they just have to withdraw Dylan’s money and figure out what to do with Erica. Donna kicks David out of the beach apartment, unwilling to listen to his apologies about his fling with Ariel. She also makes him admit that Ariel wasn’t the first person he had sex with. (I guess that confirms exactly what he and Nikki did.)

Kevin and Suzanne rush Erica to the airport, telling her she can’t say goodbye to Dylan because he’s studying for finals. They’re off to South America after all, as Kevin claims it’s cheaper to run a lab in Brazil than in the U.S. Suzanne says they won’t necessarily be living there. Erica goes off to the bathroom as Suzanne exposits that she’s spent the last eight months setting up this scam. Erica writes a note, sticks it to a stall door with gum, and asks the person who finds it to deliver it to Dylan. But the gum doesn’t hold and the note falls on the floor.

That night, Nat calls Dylan to ask if he knows why Suzanne didn’t come to work. Before Dylan can investigate further, Brenda shows up to lament that her parents were more proud of Brandon for shaking Clinton’s hand than they’ve ever been of her. She’s going to London to make them happy. Then she announces that she loves Dylan and always will. He tells her he’ll applaud her from afar. That’s not enough – she wants him to give her something to come back to. Then they make out and we’re done with season 4.

Thoughts: I don’t know why Celeste doesn’t want you back, Steve. Could it be the long underwear you’re wearing in the dunk tank? Or maybe the big green feather thing on your helmet during the gladiator battle?

David, an XXL plaid vest without a shirt is not a good look for you. Or anyone, actually.

Once again, I want a sister like Erica. She’s brilliant.

December 27, 2012

BH90210 4.31, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 1: Ladies Love Cool Brandon

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Crazy to the left of me, crazy to the right

Crazy to the left of me, crazy to the right

Summary: David does a really long mic check for CU’s Mardi Gras until Donna and Kelly pull him and Steve away from the setup. They’re off to the hospital, where Andrea is about to have a C-section. Dylan’s already there but will soon be off to discuss business with Kevin. Kelly isn’t pleased but no longer has to worry about his actions. Brandon’s delayed his trip to Washington until the baby’s born. It happens quickly enough, and Jesse tells the gang that the baby’s a girl. Steve gives the first gift, a stuffed kangaroo.

Jesse takes Brandon to see Andrea, revealing that the baby’s only two pounds, eight ounces. Andrea also hasn’t seen her yet. Jim heads up a business meeting with Kevin, Dylan, and some potential investors, but Kevin’s preoccupied by his wedding, which is the next day. Dylan notes that if the deal goes through, he’s going to make a lot of money. David and Donna head back to Mardi Gras (which is actually a carnival, so I don’t know why they’re calling it Mardi Gras), and Ariel’s presence annoys Donna.

The KEGs are running a gladiator-fighting thing, and Steve winds up having to battle John Sears. Sears wins and Steve lands in mud. Brandon packs for D.C. as Jim wonders if his meeting Bill Clinton could lead to him becoming president someday. Brenda says an early goodbye before going off to meet Roy, who encourages her to spend the summer at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London. He offers to pulls some strings to help her out. Brenda wants to think it over, but she’ll need to make a decision quickly.

Andrea wants to name the baby Hannah, but Jesse thinks they should wait to give her a name. He also thinks she should hold off on seeing the baby, who’s having trouble breathing and needs a blood transfusion. Andrea overrules him. Meanwhile, Brandon arrives in D.C. and meets up with Chancellor Arnold and Clare. Oh, and Lucinda’s there, too, wearing a completely inappropriate jacket that exposes both her navel and her chest. Someone takes their picture together.

Jim and Cindy talk about Kevin’s deal, which hasn’t yet been finalized even though Kevin’s now moved on to marriage stuff. Brenda tells her parents that she’s thinking about going to London for the summer. They’re supportive, and probably not just because they won’t have to put up with her all summer. D’Shawn takes a turn in a dunking booth at the carnival, and Donna and her uncharacteristic pink polo and cardigan dunk him. Ariel flirts with David, who’s either clueless or ignores it.

Brenda shares her London news with Kelly and Donna, but Donna has a hard time being happy for her since Ariel is still bugging her. She thinks Ariel wants David, but Brenda thinks she’s being overprotective. She and Kelly remind Donna that she can’t hold onto a guy because of sex. Post-wedding, Dylan and Kevin talk about the possible investment deal; Kevin didn’t realize until the meeting the day before how big this could be. Dylan thinks he now wants to cut the investors out.

At the carnival, Steve runs into Celeste, who’s dating another CU student. She has nothing but good things to say about him. Of course, it’s Sears. In D.C., Brandon finds Clare in his shower and tries to kick her out, then allows her to wash her hair first, because he sucks at putting his foot down. She wants him to come back to the room and deflower her after he gives a speech. Brandon decides to stop fighting her and lets her kiss him, because he really, really sucks at putting his foot down.

Kelly and Steve go back to the hospital, though Steve is worried about what to say to Andrea and Jesse about the baby. He and Kelly accidentally interrupt the two of them while they’re bickering. Dylan takes Erica to the carnival, where they meet up with Jim, Cindy, and Brenda. Jim asks Dylan if Kevin’s said anything about the meeting, since his word will decide whether or not it goes through. Dylan says the decision might not come until after the honeymoon.

Andrea takes Kelly to see the baby, and Kelly notes that all the other incubators are decorated. Andrea says Jesse’s so scared they’ll lose their daughter that he won’t even put her name on her birth certificate, let alone decorate. Jesse and Steve go to a café and talk about how quickly Jesse’s life has gone from dating to married with a child. Steve reminds him how great Andrea is, mentioning that he once kissed her. Jesse finally calls the baby his daughter, which makes it feel more real.

Andrea wants a distraction, so she asks Kelly about Dylan. Kelly reveals that they broke up but she’s not that upset over it. Andrea thinks it’s because there’s another guy in the picture. Kelly admits that she and Brandon connected on the taskforce retreat. She’s thinking about going to see him in D.C. Back at the carnival, Donna blasts David for avoiding her all day, though he claims Ariel’s been gone for hours, so he wasn’t with her.

After his speech, Brandon avoids telling Chancellor Arnold where Clare might be; the chancellor thinks she’s been out touring colleges all day. Brandon and Lucinda end up in an elevator together, and she tries to get him to have sex with her there. She follows him to his room, asking to be “friends” (uh-huh).

Brandon knocks on his own door, and when Clare answers it in her robe, Lucinda thinks something’s going on between them. Then Clare ruins things by inviting Lucinda to dinner with her, Brandon, and the chancellor. Brandon sits between Lucinda and Clare at dinner, and both of them grope him under the table and make innuendos that no one else at the table notices. Brandon continues to regret many of his life choices.

Thoughts: I just started rewatching Angel, and guess who the damsel in distress is in the first episode? Crazy Laura!

Neither Andrea nor Jesse’s family was there for the birth – what’s up with that?

It’s okay, Donna – Ariel bugs me, too. It’s the crimped hair.

That baby ain’t no two pounds, eight ounces. I mean, obviously they couldn’t get a real baby that small, but if you can’t get a baby tiny enough to appear that small, don’t show one at all.

If I had a little sister, I’d want her to be like Erica. She’s awesome.

November 11, 2012

BH90210 4.24, Cuffs and Links: Inconsequential Consequences

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Perp-walk Brenda’s hair still looks better than mine

Summary: Brenda is booked, fingerprinted, and photographed at the police station, then placed in a holding cell with a bunch of other women. Later, Dylan and Kelly arrive to see her but have to post bail ($50,000) to talk to her. Dylan had promised to come down without telling Jim or Cindy, but now he thinks he has to. Kelly hates that Brenda always calls Dylan when she needs help. (Seriously.)

The other Walshes are blissfully unaware of Brenda’s problems; Brandon and Jim are about to play in a golf tournament with Steve and his father Rush. Rush is really good at golf and Jim is not. I know you’re fascinated. Steve keeps snarking about his father’s boasts about his accomplishments and car. Rush annoys him further by letting Brandon drive his car. Before they leave, Dylan and Kelly arrive to tell Jim and Cindy about Brenda’s arrest.

CU’s lab techs try to put their labs back together, noting that 150 mice were released. Andrea finds a cute puppy and is told that it will be given away if someone doesn’t agree to adopt it. Jim posts bail for Brenda, but since the lab she helped break into was doing government research, the crime is a federal offense.

The animal activists all wind up together, and the sleazy one, John, really wants to make sure Brenda hasn’t told anyone about their activities. (It’s a little late now, isn’t it?) Rush is upset that the Walshes backed out of the tournament, but some other teams get reshuffled, and the Sanderses end up with a baseball player named Barry Larson. Rush isn’t happy since they’re old rivals.

Brenda is arraigned for conspiracy to commit burglary, conspiracy to commit theft, and breaking and entering with intent to destroy federal property. Her lawyer asks for bond reduction but is denied. She’ll be back in court in three weeks. At the beach apartment, Donna wonders what could have happened if she’d gone along with the animal activists. David tells her she might have had the guts, but she has better judgment than Brenda.

Jim and Cindy lecture their daughter about her recent horrible decisions, not accepting her arguments that she was doing something good and that they protested against the Vietnam War. Jim points out that they participated in nonviolent protests and didn’t destroy property. He continues that Brenda needs to start realizing that actions have consequences. If she’s convicted, she’ll have a record for the rest of her life.

After Brenda leaves the room, Jim tells Cindy that he’s not just worried about the money involved in Brenda’s situation: If she’s found guilty, she’ll go to prison. Upstairs, Brandon tries to joke around with Brenda, because he’s tone-deaf to situations that don’t involve him. She remembers that they broke into Andrea’s lab and wants to be the one to tell her what happened.

Josh shows up to ask Brandon about his affair with Lucinda. Brandon continues to deny the accusations, but Josh still questions Kelly’s presence at taskforce events. Brandon thinks Josh has made things personal. Josh finally tells Brandon what he wants: If Brandon backs him for student-body president next year, he won’t publish the story. Brandon won’t submit to his blackmail.

Steve sucks at golf but Rush doesn’t, so it’s okay. Brandon finds Lucinda at the gym and asks how news of their affair got out. She tells him she didn’t say anything, swearing that she still has feelings for him. She wants to start things over, but Brandon isn’t on board. Lucinda asks for one last kiss. Yeah, that’s not happening.

Donna goes with Brenda to apologize to Andrea for the lab break-in. Andrea’s angry, and Donna using Rocky as an excuse doesn’t help. Brenda says she didn’t know which lab they were going to until it was too late. Jesse interrupts, telling Andrea that if they talk to Brenda, they can be made accessories after the fact. Donna lets Brenda know that she still wants to be friends. As Brenda heads home, John spies on her.

Jim wonders how his two kids turned out so different. Brandon doesn’t think the differences are that big. Jim heaps on the praise about Brandon’s work with the taskforce. Brandon decides this is a good time to tell him that Josh is digging up dirt on him. Also, that dirt is a 26-year-old faculty member who only recently got divorced. Brandon thinks his political career is about to end. Jim thanks him for the distraction.

Steve suspects that Rush is up to something, and Rush admits that he did something to his golf balls so they travel farther. He says that he wouldn’t have had to if Steve were better at golf. Dylan and Kelly are about to fool around at his place when they’re interrupted by Brenda (of course). Kelly warns Dylan that Jesse said not to talk to her, but Dylan can’t resist a damsel in distress. Kelly has no sympathy for Brenda, repeating that she’s sick of Dylan rescuing her. Brenda says it’s clear that they aren’t friends anymore.

Back at the golf tournament, Steve misses an easy putt, and Rush accuses him of doing it on purpose. Steve says he’s not going to help his father win by cheating. After all, it’s just a club tournament. Rush calls him a loser, which Steve denies. He promises to sink the next putt if Rush agrees to play fair the rest of the game. Rush angrily agrees, and Steve puts the tournament into sudden death. Meanwhile, Brenda returns home to learn that the FBI wants to meet with her.

Steve complains to Rush that he’s always been hard on him, but Rush says that’s how you get by in business. He swears that he’s never cheated before. He just wanted to feel victorious one more time. Steve says he’ll win the tournament for his father, and Rush says Steve’s a better golfer than he is anyway. Steve does, indeed, win, so now Rush is proud of him. (Enjoy it while it lasts, Steve.)

Brenda tells her parents and lawyer that she knows she committed a crime, but she doesn’t want to apologize for standing up for animal rights. (This is known as the “sorry, not sorry” apology.) John enters wearing a suit and reveals that he’s a federal agent who infiltrated the group of activists. He knows Brenda’s real role in the break-in and can offer her immunity if she testifies against the others.

David and Andrea bring Donna a present: the puppy from the lab. They’ve already named him Rocky II. On campus, Josh tells Brandon that he’s decided they’re the same: “We’re in a snake pit and we’re all snakes.” Brandon must be an honest guy if he stood up to Josh the way he did. Brandon says he may back Josh’s bid for presidency after all.

Kelly and Dylan bicker about how she’s not a priority as they head to the Peach Pit. David and Donna are letting Rocky II drink from a bowl on a table, so clearly the Health Department doesn’t visit the Peach Pit very often. Brenda arrives to tell everyone that the charges against her are being dropped, so they don’t have to worry about talking to her. She apologizes for putting them in a tough position but isn’t happy with how they made her feel isolated.

Donna starts to go after Brenda, but Kelly goes instead to assure her they’re still friends. She admits to being jealous, and she doesn’t think she and Dylan will be together forever. In fact, she thinks Dylan will later think of Brenda as the great love of his life. The girls make up, and the friends all toast to Brenda’s freedom.

Thoughts: Barry Larson is played by Barry Bonds. The guy playing his father looks like but is not Bill Cosby.

I know I shouldn’t laugh at 150 mice being set free, but it would be funny if, for the rest of the season, mice started turning up in random scenes.

I get the other charges, but did the activists actually destroy anything? I thought they just freed the animals.

Congrats, Jim and Cindy – both of your children are awful.

Speaking of awful people, no wonder Steve’s so screwed up. His father is insane.

Lucky Brenda with the John deus ex machina. I guess sometimes actions don’t have consequences after all.

Josh, you were so close! Why are you wimping out now?

November 4, 2012

BH90210 4.23, A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog: Dog Gone

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Get your tissues ready…

Summary: Donna and David go for a run with Rocky, who tires out and gets no sympathy from David. At the Walshes’, Brenda wonders how Brandon and Kelly are getting along, and it’s totally not because she wants Kelly and Dylan to break up. She knows Brandon’s seeing someone, so he tells her he’s been sleeping with Lucinda. He warns Brenda to keep quiet so Josh doesn’t find out. (And also the school administration, of course.)

Dylan sees a picture of Kelly and Brandon in the Condor and tries to keep the ensuing conversation about it light. Things get much less light when he brings up Lucinda’s views on monogamy (sleeping with one person at a time) and Kelly defends her. She wants him to give funding her documentary a second thought, so she asks him to have dinner with the two of them. Josh watches them together, then remarks to Kelly that the last time he saw her with a guy, it was Brandon.

Steve and Brandon play golf, for some reason, and Steve complains about his father. Brandon notes that they’ve entered a father/son golf tournament, so Steve’s complaints don’t really hold water. Back at CU, Brenda and Donna go to a meeting held by the animal-rights activists. They want to hold a rally while the board of trustees convenes, possibly to agree to ban all animal testing. One of the activists asks after Rocky, warning that sometimes animals from labs end up getting really sick.

Brenda goes home for dinner but announces she’s not eating red meat anymore. Brandon reminds her that her boots are leather. “Why can’t she ever do anything halfway?” Jim wonders. Kelly shows up and tells Brandon that Dylan’s willing to have dinner with Lucinda and might agree to fund her film after all. She wants Brandon to come so Dylan will see how comfortable he is with Lucinda. Kelly also thinks Dylan’s bothered by her and Brandon spending so much time together.

Rocky doesn’t seem to be feeling well, so we can all see where this is going. (Hint: It ends with a dead dog.) Brandon tells Lucinda that he’s told Kelly and Brenda about their relationship; she’s not happy. He thinks getting Dylan to fund the film will make things work out for them because Lucinda will be able to stop teaching, and then their relationship won’t have to be a secret. Josh shows up and Brandon hides while Josh makes arrangements to talk to Lucinda about him.

The next day, Kelly and Lucinda discuss the dinner party and Brandon. Lucinda appreciates how happy he’s been since he came back from the retreat. David takes Rocky to the vet and tells Brenda, but not Donna, that the dog has cancer. She advises him to wait to tell her. Then the girls bug Andrea about not standing up for a good cause (animal rights) like she usually does. Andrea takes them to the lab and tells them their animal testing is helping researchers study SIDS. Brenda’s still anti-lab.

Kelly makes Dylan’s house all pretty for the dinner party, telling Dylan that Lucinda’s boyfriend will be coming to dinner. Oh, did she mention that said boyfriend is Brandon? Dylan glowers his best glower at the news and isn’t all that nice to Brandon when he arrives. Donna tries to give Rocky medicine, but he seems to be getting worse. David has a hard time telling her that Rocky won’t be getting better, and the vet thinks he should be put to sleep. Donna’s in denial.

Over at the world’s most awkward dinner party, Dylan makes it clear that he doesn’t dislike Lucinda’s film, but he doesn’t plan to back it. He thinks she needs a woman to produce and distribute it. Brandon thinks they should call it an evening. After he and Lucinda leave, Kelly blasts Dylan for being rude and not taking part in something that could be great. He tells her that Lucinda tried to seduce him the last time they got together. Kelly doesn’t believe him.

Donna’s denial/magical thinking may have made Rocky a little better, and she and Brenda turn their focus to the animal-rights rally and trying to get Andrea on their side. They skip Lucinda’s class, where Kelly questions her instructor about cultures in which women go after other women’s mates. Lucinda tells her that Eskimos are so close that they have bonds with each other’s lovers. Kelly reminds her that they’re not Eskimos. Lucinda thinks relationships are healthier if people are honest with each other about their sexual impulses.

The animal-rights rally is well-attended but unsuccessful: The board of trustees votes to postpone making a decision on animal testing. Brenda leads a chant about animal rights, and it’s no “Donna Martin graduates.” Then the students yell at the head trustee until someone reminds them that they’re supposed to be anti-violence.

Andrea, Jesse, Brandon, and Steve have a boring conversation at the Peach Pit about baby names. Kelly interrupts to talk to Brandon, and Andrea mentions that Kelly and Lucinda had a weird, subtext-laden conversation during class. Kelly thinks she needs to tell Dylan about her and Brandon’s kiss at the retreat. Brandon says he should be the one to break the news. Now Rocky’s sick again, and Brenda thinks Donna should stop trying to fight his inevitable death. It’s too late – he’s already gone. Brenda vows to get revenge on the lab researchers.

Before he goes to see Dylan, Brandon visits Lucinda and confronts her about Dylan’s accusations. She tries to make it sound like there was mutual flirting. She also knows from Josh that Brandon and Kelly were overly close on the retreat. Brandon admits that he feels bad about that because Dylan’s his friend. Lucinda thinks he’s making a big deal out of nothing; her flirtation with Dylan doesn’t change her feelings for Brandon. But Brandon isn’t interested in her anymore.

Kelly comforts Donna, who wants to have a memorial for Rocky. Kelly’s also had a bad night, as she just told Dylan what happened with Brandon on the retreat. Dylan heads straight to the Walshes’, where Steve is as clueless as ever about what’s going on. When he finds out that Brandon made a move on Kelly, he’s a little proud. He also wants to hear more about the “sex freak,” as Dylan refers to Lucinda. Brandon encourages Dylan to hit him, but Dylan accidentally punches Steve in the nose. “Do you know how much this nose cost?” Steve yells.

Brandon announces that everything’s his fault. “Hey, nothing’s your fault until I say it’s your fault,” Dylan replies. “It’s your fault.” Brandon thinks Lucinda would love to see them at each other’s throats. He tells Steve and Dylan that the relationship’s over. Then Cindy calls everyone inside for brownies, so everything’s good now.

Brenda tracks down the animal-rights activists, who are plotting something, and asks to be a part of whatever they decide to do. One of the activists is hesitant to let her join them since they don’t know anything about her, but the others agree to let her be their lookout when they break into the lab. Meanwhile, Dylan and Kelly literally kiss and make up, because she’s actually flattered that the guys fought over her.

The activists break into Andrea’s lab, though they tell Brenda they’re only going through that one to get to the ones that aren’t trying to help babies. The activists free a bunch of animals and throw papers everywhere. Suddenly the FBI storms the lab and Brenda’s arrested, despite the fact that she’s just standing in the hallway and isn’t necessarily involved in the raid. But whatever. It’s a cliffhanger!

Thoughts: Andrea, you can stop carrying things in front of your stomach. We all know you’re pregnant.

Mopey Dylan is no fun. Turn that frown upside-down already.

Lucinda just has a plate of fruit and pastries lying around, I guess in case she has an unexpected visitor. What a weird woman.

Why do they keep bringing Jesse in for one scene a week? Though I guess it’s not all bad, since any time this episode airs, Mark Damon Espinoza gets, like, 20 cents.

There’s a little message at the end of the episode in which Tori Spelling tells us that a) this was the 100th episode and b) the dog that played Rocky was named Poundcake. That is an adorable name for a dog.

October 28, 2012

BH90210 4.22, Change Partners: Fatal Attraction

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Summary: A dog wanders around the CU campus, following Brenda and Donna into a building. Brandon and Kelly discuss their upcoming retreat with the dean, chancellor, and leadership group. Then she heads off to Lucinda’s class to discuss monogamy. Brandon hangs a Barbarella poster in Steve’s dorm room (formerly Andrea’s dorm room), which a couple of his brothers, Muntz and Artie, would like to borrow sometime. The RA, Kathy, complains about the noise and warns Steve not to turn the floor into “the KEG house annex.”

Dylan arrives during Lucinda’s class discussion about serial monogamy and hears Kelly talk about how it’s having a different sexual partner at different stages in your life. He’s looked over Lucinda’s grant proposal and wants to view the documentary. Lucinda agrees to screen it for him the next day, while Kelly and Brandon are away. The dog follows Brenda and Donna again as they discuss their relationship issues. Brenda wishes she hadn’t told Dylan she’s still in love with him. Donna spots the dog, who wants to go for a ride in Donna’s car.

At the Peach Pit, Andrea relays a message from Kathy repeating that Steve can’t turn her room into a new KEG house. He’s not allowed to let any more frat brothers visit. Andrea shares ultrasound pictures with Brenda and Donna, then tells them she’s gotten a weekend job at the campus’ research lab. Suddenly the dog shows up, and Brenda and Donna start fighting over who will keep him. Donna winds up with him. This is boring.

Brandon hangs out at Lucinda’s house, calling her “babe,” because he’s totally that guy. He’s not that happy to hear that she’ll be spending part of the weekend with Dylan. She points out that she doesn’t get jealous of him spending time with Kelly. Whatever, it’s a stupid fight and I hate them both. At the beach apartment, Donna decides to name the dog Rocky since he likes listening to David play Rachmaninoff. Kelly tells her not to get too attached. David notices weird shaved shots on his chest. (Rocky’s, not his own.)

Brandon packs for the retreat, telling Jim and Cindy about Kelly’s role as his “date.” Donna and Kelly have brought the dog over to see the Walshes, for some reason. Donna shows them the shaved spots, and Jim says Rocky might have had surgery. Muntz visits Steve, who tries to keep him quiet. Muntz would like to bring his girlfriend by to take advantage of the single room. (Apparently they’ve been dating for two years and she’s just now willing to sleep with him.) Steve doesn’t think they’ll be quiet enough.

The retreat takes place at some outdoorsy place; the boys and girls will be in separate cabins and there will be a square dance. Brandon and Kelly reunite with Chancellor Arnold and meet his daughter Clare, who will be in Kelly’s cabin and who is the complete opposite of happy to be there. Dylan watches Lucinda’s film and they have a boring conversation about happiness. She offers to cook him dinner.

Brandon learns that his cabinmate is snoopy Condor reporter Josh. He’s done interviewing Brandon’s friends and is ready to talk to Brandon himself. First Josh wants to know how he got Professor Randall to drop the breaking-and-entering charges against Steve. Brandon says Randall just cut Steve some slack because Brandon tutored D’Shawn. Josh asks about his relationship with Lucinda and whether he had anything to do with her divorce from Randall. Brandon won’t answer that.

Lucinda lights candles for earth, water, animals, and people, boring both Dylan and me. She’s glad Kelly introduced them and would like to express her gratitude by sleeping with Dylan. She kisses him, but he’s not really into it. Out in nature or whatever, Kelly reminds Brandon that he has nothing to hide, so he shouldn’t worry about Josh. Brandon admits that he’s dating Lucinda, in a sense. Kelly’s impressed, for some reason. Josh approaches them and they run off.

Donna and Brenda take Rocky to a vet and learn that he came from CU’s research lab. He was probably freed and could be sick. They’ll have to notify the lab that they have him. The girls decide to let Andrea know. Brandon actually participates in the retreat square dance, first dancing with Kelly, then Clare. Once he gets back to Kelly, she warns that Josh is still out for blood, and also can’t dance. Brandon says Clare’s okay but may have tried to grope him.

Kelly teases that Lucinda will be jealous, and she’s never had a reason to be before because there was no competition. She’s also surprised that he’s dancing. Brandon says this type of dancing is easy because it’s just following directions, like making macaroni and cheese. He recalls that the last time they danced was at the spring dance, when he told her they could never be together because she’s like a sister to him. Kelly notes that he also told her he’d be in love with her if they were strangers.

Andrea heads to her dorm room (even though she has an apartment – I still don’t get it) and catches Muntz and his girlfriend in bed. She barely keeps Kathy from seeing them. She starts to yell at Steve, who says Muntz stood up for him when Sears tried to get him kicked out of KEG. Andrea doesn’t care, and she wants Steve out of her room by the next morning. Kelly and Brandon take a walk, talking about how Brandon prefers dancing with Kelly to sneaking around with Lucinda. He assures her it’s not a pickup line and they kiss.

Dylan works at the Peach Pit, reluctantly talking to Lucinda, who wishes he would be nicer since they almost made out and all. He regrets spending time with her at all. He thinks she wants to sleep with him to get him to finance the film. Lucinda swears that she’s really attracted to him. Dylan acknowledges that his wealth is rather attractive. Andrea goes to her supposed-to-be-empty dorm room, but Steve won’t let her in. She yells that she won’t let Kathy take away her room. But Steve has solved their problems by sleeping with Kathy.

As everyone gets ready to leave the retreat, Clare tells Kelly that Brandon is hot, asking how he is in bed. When he joins them, she kisses him European-style and speaks French to him. Kelly tells Brandon that she’s not necessarily upset about their kissage, but it can’t happen again. He teases that she needs to make herself “less irresistible” next time.

As Donna and Brenda take Rocky to the lab, they encounter some animal-rights protestors who ask them to sign a petition. Andrea interrupts and the protestors chastise her for taking the dog back for more testing. Donna starts to get cold feet about giving Rocky up. Andrea makes her choose who to believe, and Donna chooses her. Then she and Brenda sign the petition.

Everyone gathers at the beach apartment and gives a PSA about animal rights. Then Andrea and Jesse show up with Rocky (and Donna and Brenda are happier to see him than they are to see their friends). David asks if that level of attention makes Brandon want to grow fur. Brandon genuinely makes me laugh by saying, “No.” Dylan tells Kelly that Lucinda didn’t convince him to give her any money, so Kelly decides she’ll have to change his mind. Brandon doesn’t want to see their PDAs, so he goes to Lucinda’s house.

Thoughts: Alternate title: “Keep It In Your Pants, Brandon.”

What’s with Brenda and stray dogs? And I don’t mean Dylan. (Hi-yo!)

Donna tries to feed the dog something from a plastic bag, but he can’t get his head into it, and she doesn’t just take anything out of the bag. So the poor dog thinks he’s getting something to eat, but Tori Spelling fakes him out.

You’d think Brandon and Lucinda’s relationship would be better since they totally deserve each other.

Thanks, Clare, for making me throw up.

I get Brandon not wanting to say anything to Dylan about what happened with Kelly, but I’m surprised Dylan doesn’t tell Brandon that Lucinda came on to him. Wouldn’t that be the honorable thing to do?

October 14, 2012

BH90210 4.21, Addicted to Love: Let’s All Feed Brandon’s Ego

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He deserves this

Summary: Brandon and Lucinda are practically living together, it seems, and I have to wonder where Cindy and Jim think their son keeps going. Anyway, Brandon has the first meeting of his super-special taskforce that night, and the dean bugs him about attending it alone, reminding him that he could have brought a date. Josh the student politico is there and tells Brandon he’s writing a feature story about him. He’ll be conducting interviews and digging to find out what Brandon might be hiding, since there’s no way he’s as perfect as he seems.

Over at the beach apartment, Donna’s making cookies, which David thinks is a good way to distract himself from drugs. He’s thinking of renting a piano so he can play in the apartment. Brandon goes home after the get-together and mentions to his parents that he might go to Steve’s later. And they shouldn’t be surprised if he comes home at 6 a.m. smelling like perfume. Brenda’s also going out, having reunited with Stuart. Brandon complains to her that appearances are important on the taskforce. She encourages him to take a date – and she knows he’s secretly dating someone.

In the morning, Cindy thinks Brandon went to class early, because she and Jim seriously have no idea what’s going on. Stuart stops by to take Brenda to class; they’ll be going to Palm Springs later so he can give a work presentation. “If you decide to get married, call us,” Jim says. (Heh.) In Lucinda’s class, the girls discuss love, desire, and how women shouldn’t be ashamed of sex. Afterward, Steve gets Andrea to agree to let him live in her old dorm room. (For some reason, she’s still keeping it, but I guess if room and board were covered by her scholarship, it doesn’t matter.)

Kelly learns that Lucinda’s working on a film and invites her to get coffee and discuss it. They wind up at the Peach Pit, which is doing well; Dylan credits Suzanne with the success. He joins Lucinda and Kelly for their conversation, expressing interest in her documentary. Dylan tells her he might be able to help her out. Of course, Brandon shows up and pretends he barely knows Lucinda. Nat tells him and Steve that he thinks she might be talking to Dylan about financing her film.

Andrea packs up her room while Josh interviews her about Brandon. She says so many nice things that Josh teases that he’s suspicious about Brandon being the baby’s father. Steve arrives and Andrea tells him that the RA, Kathy, is fine with him living there as long as he behaves. Steve talks up Brandon to Josh, mentioning how he helped with the hazing fiasco. Brenda and Stuart drive to Palm Springs, though he wants to take a detour and camp out in the desert. She’s reluctant but agrees to try it.

Josh interviews D’Shawn at the gym, asking about Brandon’s personal life. D’Shawn doesn’t want to say anything bad. Josh seems to have some kind of dirt anyway. After he leaves, D’Shawn warns Brandon to be careful about meeting Lucinda at the gym. Brandon tells him the relationship is over. Kelly meets David at a piano store, where he tells her he’s thinking of getting back into music. She senses that he asked her there for unmusical reasons. He thanks her for helping him with his problems and asks him to move back into the beach apartment. She isn’t sure yet.

Brandon visits Lucinda in her office, but she’s a little more interested in Josh’s snooping than she is in making out with her secret boyfriend. She suggests that Brandon get a beard to distract Josh. She brings up her chat with Kelly and Dylan, encouraging Brandon to take Kelly to a get-together at the chancellor’s house. Brandon thinks it’s a good idea. Of course, he also thinks getting it on with a professor in her office is a good idea, so…

Brenda and Stuart drive into the desert to watch the sunset, but she accidentally locks the keys in the car when she goes to get her sweater. He’s not pleased. They’re still there after dark, since Stuart won’t let Brenda break a window since it’ll ruin his pretty little Range Rover. Also, all their camping equipment is in the car, so they can’t really camp out. Brenda manages to get them a ride, but they have to ride in a truck full of chickens.

Brandon goes to Dylan’s house to ask him and Kelly if Josh has talked to them. Kelly says no, but he talked to Donna, who, of course, said nice things. Brandon then brings up Lucinda’s idea of him taking Kelly to the taskforce get-together. Everyone’s on board, though now Brandon thinks it might be weird. Steve has officially taken over Andrea’s room, and Kathy warns him to be a good boy so Andrea doesn’t lose the room. (But…she doesn’t need a room! I don’t get it.)

Stuart and Brenda end up at a motel, though she thinks he should call his father and get him to send a car. Stuart refuses because he wants to mope. He regrets not breaking a car window, saying he only agreed to come to the motel because Brenda was whining about being tired. Then he decides to sleep on a chair, for some reason.

The next morning, Brandon pays Lucinda a visit at home, where she’s working on a grant proposal. He thinks her work is groundbreaking and impressive. He also makes remarks about how Dylan has money, like, we get it, Brandon. Shut up. Lucinda teases him about being jealous, though Brandon says it’s only because Dylan can take his Kelly out on dates in public. Meanwhile, Stuart and Brenda return to the car, which has been stripped.

Kelly proves to be the perfect companion for Brandon, and her presence seems to tick Josh off. Brenda and Stuart finally make it to Palm Springs, where Mr. Carson slams his son for being late to a meeting he himself called. Stuart blames Brenda for the delay. His father tells him he should have been a gentleman and gone to get Brenda’s sweater from the car for her. Brenda yells at both of them for being jerks and throws her engagement ring in the swimming pool. She calls Kelly to come pick her up, but Dylan answers and offers to get her.

Kelly hits it off with Chancellor Arnold, and the dean tells Brandon she’s a real asset to his political…whatever. After the get-together, Kelly tells Brandon he’s awesome, because it’s been five minutes since someone talked about how perfect he is. Dylan drives Brenda back to Beverly Hills as she recalls how understanding he was when she forgot her passport on their trip to Mexico. Stuart, on the other hand, wasn’t able to let go of a mistake she made. Brenda regrets giving Dylan up (though that’s not really what happened, since he cheated, but whatever).

Everyone else goes to the beach apartment to celebrate David’s sobriety and Donna moving back in. Kelly announces that she’s decided to move back, too. Brenda and Dylan arrive, and Kelly doesn’t seem thrilled to learn where they were. She thinks Dylan’s been pushing her to move out of his place because of Brenda. Dylan tells Brandon to feel free to “borrow” Kelly any time he wants. It doesn’t look like Brandon or Kelly have any problem with that.

Thoughts: Finally, someone questions how Brandon can be so super-perfect and awesome all the time! Josh, you may be my new favorite character!

It looks like the two or three guys who started out in Lucinda’s class have dropped out. I’m not really surprised.

Who drives a truck full of chickens through the desert?

Was Stuart always this big of a jerk and I just never noticed? If I were Brenda, I wouldn’t have asked permission to break the window. I would’ve just done it. Let Stuart yell about it once you get to Palm Springs.

I know where this is going with Dylan, Kelly, and Brandon, and…I just…WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE BRANDON OVER DYLAN??

October 7, 2012

BH90210 4.20, Scared Very Straight: Drug Days Are Over

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Maybe they shouldn’t have flushed them all at the same time

Summary: Kelly and Donna wash their clothes in the sink and hang them on clotheslines around the house because Dylan doesn’t have a washer or dryer. (Um, why not?) They’re still staying there, though Donna thinks Kelly should make a move to work things out with David. She insists that he’s better. Kelly tells her she’s being fooled. Dylan agrees, saying David will have to realize himself that he has a problem, since no one’s been able to convince him.

David’s currently telling Mel that he’s not an addict, but Mel is skeptical and plans to keep a close eye on him. If he’s not showing signs of improvement by next week, Mel will send him to rehab. The girls convene at the Peach Pit and discuss Andrea’s upcoming wedding at City Hall. Kelly thinks they need to do something a little more special. Andrea doesn’t feel like making a big deal since her parents haven’t approved of the marriage. She’s not sure her grandmother will either when she finds out. Nat stops by and Brandon complains about his partnership with Dylan.

Andrea and Jesse meet with Andrea’s grandmother (a different actress from the one we saw before), who quickly determines that they’re getting married because Andrea’s pregnant. She thinks they should celebrate their blessings because of the Holocaust. (No, seriously. She connected that.) She even offers to throw Andrea a shower in her apartment. Donna goes by the beach apartment, and David tells her he’s totally fine and clean and sober and everything is happy and rainbows. She invites him to a Valentine’s dance the next night.

As Donna leaves, she runs into the landlord, who thinks Donna and Kelly have just been out of town. David gives him a rent check from Mel, noting that it’s made out for the wrong amount – he lied to Mel about how much his rent costs. The landlord gives him money back, and I’m sure we can all guess where that will go. At the Walshes’, Brenda reads Brandon a letter she wrote Stuart, who she hasn’t seen in weeks. Brandon complains more about Dylan and Nat’s partnership. He’s thinking of finding a “spicier” place to hang out.

That would be Lucinda’s house. She reminds Brandon that their attempt at a relationship (or whatever that was) didn’t work the first time, but he thinks he’s more mature some three or so months later. Despite Lucinda’s protests, she makes out with him. The next day, her class with the girls discusses romantic rituals. Donna doesn’t think Lucinda is the best person to talk about romance because she seems like the type to steal another woman’s boyfriend.

David goes to see his dealer as Cindy and Jim discuss Brenda and Stuart. Apparently they know something Brenda doesn’t about Stuart. She’s finished her angry letter, and Jim encourages her to send it. Brandon has dinner with Andrea and Jesse, who ask him to walk Andrea down the aisle. They also want to have a wedding reception at the Peach Pit. Brandon tells them he’ll have to talk to Dylan about that.

Donna brings David a ridiculous oversized T-shirt to wear to the Valentine’s dance. He’s invited a fellow addict, Jack, and doesn’t see the problem in taking him along to a dance. Dylan, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly are already there (it’s at KEG house), and Brandon brings up the reception to Dylan, getting in a complaint about the partnership. Shut up, Brandon. David, Donna, and Jack arrive, and David immediately goes to get beer, so Kelly definitely doesn’t think he’s sober.

Brandon sneaks out with cookies for Lucinda, who says she’s worried about creating a scandal but certainly isn’t acting like it. She mentions that she’s working on a documentary, and if it gets funded, she can stop teaching. Back at the dance, everyone’s happy until some KEG brothers catch Jack doing drugs and kick him out. David thinks they’re hypocrites for cracking down on drug use while providing beer. Donna realizes that David’s been lying to her.

David leaves, but Dylan follows him to give him his patented “you’re screwing things up” speech. David points out that he’s an alcoholic, so he doesn’t have much room to talk. Dylan says he owes David one – David’s words to him after Jack’s death made him pull himself together. He tells David to call when he finds himself about to jump from a ledge someday.

The girls have Andrea’s shower, which isn’t well-attended because Andrea only has three friends. Donna’s mopey and angry because of David, but Kelly thinks that’s good, since she was in denial for so long. Jesse crashes to ask Andrea’s grandmother if she’s been able to get through to Andrea’s parents. She still hasn’t had any luck convincing them to come to the wedding.

Steve’s hungover at the KEG house and tells Brandon he needs to get out of there because he can’t handle all the drinking. They even have a drinking game involving Samantha – they drink whenever she says “Chuckie.” He also doesn’t like having to share a room. David visits his dealer again (for music-related reasons, not drug-related ones) and learns that word has spread that the dorm is about to be busted for drugs. The dealer gives him a bunch of drugs to stash at the beach apartment.

Brandon takes Steve to Andrea’s dorm room; she gave him access to her computer and thinks she’d be okay with Steve sleeping there. They spot David running through the halls, and a minute later the police walk through. Andrea and Jesse join them in time to see David’s dealer get perp-walked out of the dorm. David watches from the bushes with his backpack full of drugs. He quickly calls Dylan to ask for his favor repayment.

Dylan heads to the beach apartment and encourages David to flush the drugs down the toilet. He notes that someone could be watching the apartment. David worries what the dealer will do when he’s released and comes to retrieve the drugs. Dylan guesses that the dealer has already turned on David, giving him about 15 minutes to get rid of the drugs. He also thinks David would rather use the drugs than keep himself out of legal trouble. He tells him not to jump off the ledge.

Down the toilet go the drugs, including David’s own stash. Minutes later, the police arrive. They arrest the guys and search the apartment, but there’s nothing to find. Later, Donna and Kelly hear the whole story, plus David’s claims that he’s done with drugs. The girls both offer their support. Brandon and Lucinda ring in Valentine’s Day together and she asks him to spend the night. He jokes that he’ll have to ask his mom, which isn’t really that funny since he still lives at home.

Everyone gathers at City Hall, and we finally get to meet Andrea’s parents, who arrive at the last minute. Brandon loses his role as giver-awayer of the bride, but Jesse enlists him as best man, because he apparently doesn’t have any friends. Afterward, everyone parties at the Peach Pit, where David thanks Dylan for his help with the drugs.

Brenda gets a Valentine’s Day surprise in the form of a visit from Stuart. (He was in South America, and Jim knew he was coming back but didn’t say anything.) She asks him to burn her letter without reading it. Then Nat puts “Hava Nagila” on the jukebox and everyone dances, except Brandon, who I guess can’t be happy for his friend’s happiness if he himself isn’t happy.

Thoughts: Heh, episode 4.20 is about drugs.

That huge beachfront apartment costs less than half my rent. I wish I lived in Beverly Hills 20 years ago.

“Hey, guy I was once in love with and almost lost my virginity to, will you give me away at my wedding?” Yeah, that’s totally normal.

KEG house’s Samantha drinking game reminds me of the college kids on How I Met Your Mother playing their Robin drinking game.

Yes, Dylan, the cigarette smoking is the worst of David’s behaviors right now.

I imagine that David had to call a plumber, because that was a LOT of drugs.

September 30, 2012

BH90210 4.19, The Labors of Love: If I Were a Rich Man

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This is Dylan’s “I’m going to save the day” face

Summary: Kelly drives Andrea to a clinic for her abortion, asking her if she’s sure she’s made up her mind. Andrea’s surprised to find herself in this position since she usually does everything by the book. She tells the doctor she speaks to that she’s already settled on having an abortion and wants it ASAP. The doctor tells her she has to wait. She asks if the baby’s father knows, and Andrea says he only knows about the pregnancy, not the abortion.

Brandon, Dylan, and Nat’s cousin Joey are all at the hospital as Nat’s about to have surgery. Brandon’s in his Peach Pit uniform, so we know what he’s been doing. David’s supposed to be working there, but he overslept. Kelly gets him some clothes and finds drugs in his dresser. David gives the “I was just holding it for someone else” story. Kelly’s too smart to fall for it. The two of them fight, but Donna feels the need to apologize. Kelly threatens to move out and make Donna go with her.

Andrea goes to Jesse’s to tell him she’s decided to have an abortion. He wants to be part of the decision, though it’s less about making a decision and more about him planning for them to get married and have the baby. Andrea points out that she’s not even 20. She thinks the pregnancy is just a mistake. Jesse doesn’t see it that way, telling her that if she has the abortion, she should just stay away from him. So this is clearly a stable, healthy relationship.

Kelly leaves Dylan a message telling him she needs to stay with him for a while. Donna will be living at Alpha house. She doesn’t get Kelly’s idea of tough love, since she thinks leaving David alone will just make things worse. Kelly argues that they’ve been enabling him and need to leave him to fend for himself. Donna says making him pay rent on his own isn’t fair. “And bringing drugs into the house is fair?” Kelly asks.

Brenda’s taking a class with Lucinda, who lets her know that she’s now divorced from Professor Randall. Kelly and Donna arrive a little late, but Andrea skips the class. Brenda brings Brandon dinner at the hospital, relaying the message that Lucinda says hello. She adds that Lucinda’s now single.

Dylan helps Kelly move her things into his house, then welcomes Donna as an additional guest since there’s no room for her at Alpha. She wants to go back to the beach apartment and give David the benefit of the doubt about the drugs. She also isn’t sure how David could have a drug problem when he just started using. Kelly and Dylan try to convince her that he has a real addiction. Speaking of which, David visits Howard in search of drugs. Instead, he gets fired from his show.

Brandon falls asleep at the hospital, dreaming that he’s a patient there because he’s exhausted himself. Fortunately, Nurse Lucinda is there to tend to him. Joey wakes him up to tell him Nat’s surgery went fine. Over at the Walsh house, Jim offers to cook dinner since Cindy will be too busy working on a paper. Cindy declines the offer. Jim ribs Brandon about actually going to class, and Brandon reminds him that he promised to help at the Peach Pit until Nat’s back at work. Jim points out that that might never happen.

Suzanne’s also working at the diner now, discussing ownership with Joey and Dylan. She knows the kids can’t run the place on their own while going to school and trying to have social lives. Joey agrees, noting that the diner is in bad financial condition even without Nat being gone. He’s still considering selling it. Of course, he just needs a buyer. Gee, I wonder who has a lot of money and a vested interest in the diner, and also happens to be sitting right next to Joey?

On campus, Brandon chats with the dean, who hopes he works out his schedule so he can spend more time with the new taskforce. They run into Lucinda, and she and Brandon pretend they’ve never met. She heads to class with quilts to teach her students that quilting was how women used to share history. Andrea rushes out of class with morning sickness and Kelly tends to her.

Dylan goes to Jim’s office to announce that he wants to buy the Peach Pit. (Wow, I am SHOCKED!) Jim doesn’t think it’s a good investment. Dylan disagrees, adding that Suzanne’s experience will help keep the diner going. He also doesn’t care if things go south since he can afford the risk. Jim doesn’t get the diner’s appeal to all the kids. He can’t really say no, though, so Dylan’s getting his money.

David tries to buy drugs from some student with a check. No dice. At the hospital, Brandon learns that Dylan bought out Joey and is now Nat’s business partner. Brandon doesn’t seem as happy as he should be. Later, Dylan, Steve, Kelly, and Donna celebrate at the diner, and Dylan puts Suzanne in charge of hiring new staff. David stops by to ask his former roommates about rent. Kelly tells him it’s his problem now. Donna reluctantly sides with her, then follows David out to secretly give him money (which he’s totally going to spend on drugs).

Brenda correctly guesses that Brandon feels left out about the Peach Pit sale. He says it’s like he was trying to win a football game, but Dylan came out of nowhere to score the touchdown. Brenda points out that they’re all on the same team. Kelly and Andrea hang out in Andrea’s room, discussing Jesse’s lack of communication since Andrea last saw him. She feels guilty for wanting a family someday, but not now. Kelly encourages her to do what’s best for herself.

As Kelly’s leaving, she runs into David, whose dealer lives in Andrea’s dorm. Andrea tries to explain to her unborn child (and herself) that the baby isn’t unwanted; she just doesn’t want to be a mother right now. Just as she’s breaking down, Jesse shows up and apologizes for his reaction to her news. He thinks she’s already had the abortion but wants her back anyway. Andrea tells him she thinks she’s changed her mind.

At the Walshes’, Jim tells Brandon he’s proud of how he stepped up at the diner, but Brandon’s too bitter to care. He knows Jim had to have had a part in Dylan buying out Joey. He also wonders if Jim thinks Brandon will be “rich and powerful” someday. Jim says he could be, and the taskforce might be the way for him to get there. Brandon’s mad that no matter what Dylan does, he’ll always have money.

At the hospital, Brandon takes a shot at Dylan for having money, but Dylan says it’s not as great as it sounds, since he doesn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, that must be rough, Dylan. Are your diamond shoes too tight, too? Of course, the guys can’t stay mad at each other for too long, so they go to the Peach Pit to hang out with Kelly, Donna, and Brenda.

Andrea and Jesse arrive to officially announce her pregnancy…and their engagement. Kelly asks what made Andrea change her mind; she says the baby itself did. She and Jesse agree that they don’t care what they have, as long as it’s not twins. “What’s wrong with twins?” Brandon and Brenda ask simultaneously.

Donna calls David to give him the news, but David’s back at his dealer’s, where the drug of the night is heroin. As he debates whether or not to partake, Brandon goes to Lucinda’s house to make sure he wasn’t part of the reason she and Randall split up. She says she’d like them to be friends, but I don’t make out with my friends like the two of them do.

Thoughts: So was Andrea going to have the abortion, tell Jesse about it, and expect him to be okay with it? Like I said, nice relationship they have there.

The better solution for David’s issues would be for Kelly and Donna to kick him out. But this way they don’t have to pay rent.

I think there’s only one guy in Lucinda’s class. I had classes like that in college, like my women’s lit course. Things got a little personal in there, and I always felt bad for the two or three guys because I knew they had to be uncomfortable at times.

Whatever, Jim, diners are awesome.

Yes, Brandon, Dylan has money, but he also has an absentee mother and a dead father. And it’s not like you’re living on the street or anything. You have a house, a car (your own – not one you have to borrow from your parents), and college tuition. So shut it.

I like Kelly being such a good friend to Andrea. Though now Kelly’s taking over Dylan’s role of truth-speaker/moral compass/do-the-right-thing-encourager.

September 2, 2012

BH90210 4.14, Windstruck: …In Bed

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I think this is in the dictionary under “awkward”

Summary: The Gin Blossoms play in a radio station filled with boxes labeled “sex.” Donna’s there doing an interview with Howard Stern, who’s really her landlord. He says his audience keeps asking him why Donna’s still a virgin. David wakes Donna from her weird dream with flowers – it’s their two-year anniversary. They give exposition about it being unseasonably warm outside and the Santa Ana winds coming around. David totally wants sex, and Donna wonders if she was talking in her sleep.

Brandon reunites with Nat after his trek to San Francisco, then learns about Steve’s bust. Brandon is less than sympathetic, telling him he’s an idiot in the middle of a bunch of other idiots. Steve defends the KEG house, then asks Brandon to talk to Professor Randall about letting Steve slide. Brandon tells him to rely on his frat brothers instead. They got him into the mess, so they should get him out of it.

Everyone but Andrea and Steve is going to Chinatown, where David and Donna will celebrate their anniversary. Donna tells Kelly about her dream and how it made her feel like “the last American virgin.” Dylan runs into Brandon, who’s surprised to see that Randall gave him an A+ for the semester. D’Shawn got a B+ despite never studying. Dylan tells Brandon about his fight with Kelly on Thanksgiving; he plans to be on his best behavior in Chinatown.

At home, Brenda becomes the tenth person in the episode to ask Brandon about Emily. Fortunately, he wants to talk about her about as much as I want him to talk about her. Also fortunately, Brenda laughs at him when he says he loves Emily. Steve begs his frat brothers to come to his rescue, but they can’t get involved because they’d get in trouble for hazing. Mike, the president, thinks he’ll get off easy anyway since this was his first offense. Steve promises to cover for his brothers, but Mike has to put him on probation for a few days.

In Chinatown, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan give Donna and David a poster of them as the American Gothic couple. They open their fortune cookies, playing the “in bed” game. David’s happy that Donna’s fortune comes out, “You will be starting on a new adventure in bed.” After dinner, David and Donna throw coins into a fountain, hitting bowls that read “luck” and “love,” respectively. Donna suggests that they all stop by West Beverly’s Christmas dance, but no one’s on board with the idea.

Dylan offers to drive Kelly home, but first they have to flirt, which leads to making out. David and Donna go home, and his hopes of a romantic evening alone are dashed by her allergies. Elsewhere, Jesse gets further with Andrea than David’s gotten all night. Too bad creepy Dan is watching them kiss. Donna has another dream, this one featuring Landlord Stern interrogating David in front of Donna’s parents. David says he loves Donna for her mind, and he’ll marry her if she sleeps with him. Stern offers to pay for the condoms. Felice tells Donna she has her blessing to have sex.

Speaking of sex, that seems to be what Kelly and Dylan did, as they wake up in his bed. He wants to go to Joshua Tree, but she has to participate in a charity carwash. Now Dylan’s mopey, because how dare his girlfriend do something good for the less fortunate when she could be making out with him? Brandon runs into D’Shawn, who tries to pretend that they’re friends and he really appreciates Brandon’s help. Brandon brings up D’Shawn’s unearned grade, saying D’Shawn would have liked the class if he’d actually paid attention.

Dylan makes a surprise appearance at the carwash to flirt with Kelly in front of Sears. Sears sprays them with a hose, ticking off Dylan, but Kelly just has fun with it. Steve shows up and gets involved, but Mike tells him his probation prevents him from taking part. Donna and David record PSAs at the radio station, and she thanks him for putting up with her. She’s considering lifting her celibacy pledge for him. Tonight, she won’t be taking her antihistamine. (Sexy.)

Andrea hangs out with Jesse, who recites poetry to her in Spanish. He introduces her to his family, who run a catering truck, then asks her back to his apartment. Brandon goes looking for Randall but instead finds Lucinda, who promises that her husband still doesn’t know anything about what happened between them. She mentions that they had a big fight earlier in the week that was worse than the near-theft of the baseball. Also, the campus police were tipped off to the break-in by an anonymous phone call.

Brandon finds Steve moping at the Peach Pit and apologizes for being so hard on him the day before. He informs Steve that he was set up, probably by one of his frat brothers. Brandon’s going to go to bat for him, since not doing so was probably making him go through good-guy withdrawal. At the beach apartment, David and Donna get ready to do their thing, though she’d probably be a little more into him if he didn’t wear a necklace. Their evening plans are interrupted by a surprise visit from Dr. and Mrs. Martin.

David pretends he’s at the apartment alone, which Felice and Dr. Martin don’t buy. Donna tries to keep the lie going by telling her parents that David’s air-conditioning is out, so he’s been sleeping on her and Kelly’s couch. Her parents still don’t buy it, so Donna tells them David lives with the girls. Felice is furious that she’s been lying for months.

The next morning, Jim tries to be parental with Brandon, who’s headed to campus to talk to Randall. David spent the night at Mel’s, and Donna has to go to church with her parents, who are at least a little less upset with her. Donna notes that if she’d told them the truth about the living arrangements, Felice never would have approved. Dr. Martin agrees, adding that Donna’s an adult and lives thousands of miles away from them. She needs to make her own decisions and live her own life. Felice believes Donna’s still a virgin but isn’t sure she can trust her.

Steve goes to the KEG house to find out who tipped the police off about him. He notes that only Sears and Mike knew he was going to Randall’s office. Mike says Steve was the only pledge dumb enough to get caught. Kelly tells Dylan that she liked seeing him at the carwash, but they don’t have to spend every waking minute together. Dan hassles Andrea about Jesse, proving to be, among other things, racist. She somehow manages not to punch him in the face.

Brandon tries to reason with Randall, telling him Steve was playing a prank. But Randall won’t let Steve off the hook since he knows what Brandon’s been doing with Lucinda. Brandon swears that he bailed as soon as he found out she was married to Randall. Randall doesn’t want to listen, so Brandon threatens to reveal that he gave D’Shawn a good grade so he can stay on the basketball team. Randall gives in. Donna tells David that their living arrangements don’t have to change, but she’s off the intercourse bandwagon. He’s upset but wants to keep dating.

Thoughts: I watched this episode while wearing my brand-new Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy. (They also had one with Luke Perry on it, but the picture of him wasn’t that great. And it felt a little too fan-girly for me.)

Remember the Gin Blossoms? I loved them.

Ew, brandon, don’t add “in bed” to your sister’s fortune.

Nice fanny pack, Steve. I think that’s the real reason for your probation.

For what it’s worth, Tori Spelling looks really pretty in the I’m-about-to-swipe-my-V-card scenes.

I guess blackmail isn’t a no-no in Brandon’s Big Book of Good Behavior?

August 19, 2012

BH90210 4.11, Take Back the Night: Steve May Be Bad, But He’s Not That Bad

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This is the only time you’ll see Steve surrounded by women and unhappy about it

Thoughts: David does his radio show from the student union, where CU students are being educated on animal mating rituals, which is somehow connected to the campus Take Back the Night program. Lucinda tells the students that they’ll be looking at the differences between men and women to get to the heart of the battle of the sexes. Brandon stands in the back with Professor Randall, who reminds him about dinner with him, Lucinda, and D’Shawn that night.

Sears gives Steve a bunch of phone messages from Laura, who Steve is still trying to avoid. She calls again while they’re talking about her, and Steve has to talk to her. Brenda worries about a poetry exam since she doesn’t know anything about romantic poetry. Dylan offers to help her study. Steve reluctantly meets Laura at the Peach Pit and tells her he has a girlfriend. Laura immediately gets the crazy eyes. She’s upset that he pressured her into having sex with him, then dumped her.

Dylan has dinner with the Walshes before he and Brenda get down to studying. Brandon passes through on his way to Randall’s, making it clear he doesn’t want to go. Brenda says that she heard Lucinda gave a great talk for Take Back the Night. Brandon remarks that courtship rituals are one of her specialties. (Heh.) Dylan grumbles that men weren’t allowed to take part in Take Back the Night activities until just last year. Brandon encourages him to go to the next one since there will be a lot of hot women there.

Celeste brings Steve a new jacket at the KEG house, then goes off with Kelly to talk about their men. Sears brags to Steve and some other brothers that he’s pretty sure Kelly’s going to have sex with him really soon. Steve asks if Kelly knows about Sears’ other bed buddies. Then he blasts his brothers for making him mess with Laura’s feelings. He warns that their relationships aren’t a game and people can get hurt.

At the Randalls’, Brandon and Lucinda manage to flirt without Randall catching on. D’Shawn remarks that as a tutor, “Brandon is hard.” Lucinda replies, “So I’ve noticed.” (Dirty!) She and Brandon clear the table and have a whispered conversation in the kitchen about how she totally wasn’t flirting with him. He offers to make things up to her, so she asks if he’s ever had sex on a kitchen table. (This woman needs help, fast.)

Speaking of doing it, Kelly and Sears are about to, or at least he thinks they are. She tells him she’s not ready and starts to leave. Sears blasts her for her “Snow White act,” then makes it clear that he’s only with her because of her reputation as a slut. Kelly can’t believe she was falling for him. She winds up going to Dylan’s and telling him what happened, though she doesn’t want him to do anything to Sears. She thinks she’s stronger than she was three years ago, possibly because Dylan was the first guy to ever take her seriously. She regrets that they’ve drifted apart.

On campus the next day, Dylan finds Sears speaking French to a girl and calls him out for the way he treated Kelly. Sears thinks Kelly will change her mind about him, since girls always do. Dylan warns him to leave her alone. Steve tries to tell Kelly that Sears is a “state reptile,” but she assures him she already knows. She’s pleased that Steve’s becoming a better person, or something.

The girls, plus Laura, head to a seminar on date rape (led by Leslie and Angela). Angela asks who’s been burglarized, who’s been held up at gunpoint, and who’s been date-raped. Kelly admits to the last one. Angela notes that date rape is different from the other crimes because the victim isn’t always sure that’s what happened. Elsewhere, Lucinda and Brandon flirt while he lifts weights. She still wants them to get together, but he’s worried about Randall finding out. D’Shawn spots them together and proves to be smarter than Randall.

The girls at the Take Back the Night workshop split into groups, and Donna tells hers about David pressuring her to have sex. Kelly tells her group about her near-rape on Halloween. Andrea thinks people are painting women as passive in the situation. If she gets drunk and runs someone down, it’s her fault, but if she gets drunk and has sex with a guy, then regrets it, it might be considered the guy’s fault. She and Dan argue about her position on the issue.

Laura asks Kelly some questions about Halloween, and Kelly starts to suspect that she needs to talk about her own experience. Meanwhile, Brenda and Dylan’s class discusses “To His Coy Mistress”; she thinks it could be construed as date rape but Dylan thinks it’s just indicative of women who date awesome guys, then dump them for frat guys. (Um, hypothetically speaking, of course.) Laura tells Kelly she was raped but doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Kelly urges her to name the rapist at a rally that night so she can warn everyone to stay away from him.

Brandon studies with D’Shawn, who mentions that he saw him with Lucinda at the gym. He thinks the two of them are “doing the sweet thing.” Brandon tries to deny that anything’s going on, telling D’Shawn to focus on his midterm. D’Shawn isn’t worried – Brandon will pass it for him. Kelly takes Laura to talk to Angela and Leslie, and they get her to admit that her rapist is from KEG house. He gave her some vodka, they made out, and he started undressing her, then pushed her onto the bed. The others want Laura to call him out at the rally.

Kelly and Laura leave the meeting, and Kelly says that she knows Laura was talking about Sears. Laura says she doesn’t even know Sears – Steve was the one who raped her. Kelly thinks she’s confused since there’s no way Steve would do something like that. Laura says she’s as bad as anyone else who wouldn’t believe Laura.

The next day, Kelly confronts Steve about Laura’s accusations. His story is different: Laura came on to him and provided the condom. He’s adamant that “she was into it.” Kelly warns that Laura’s going to name him at the rally, and people will believe her. Steve is relieved that Kelly believes his side of the story, but he knows it’s not enough. He’ll probably get kicked out of KEG, and Celeste is going to leave him.

David wants Donna to broadcast from the rally by herself since he’s sick of hearing about rape. He’s already dealing with enough real-life issues thanks to Jackie and Mel’s custody battle. Also, Donna won’t sleep with him, so he’s cranky enough as it is. Steve finds Laura on campus and confronts her for accusing him of rape because he dumped her. He points out that if their night together was so horrific, she wouldn’t have agreed to meet him at the Peach Pit.

Brenda and Dylan chat before their poetry midterm, and she admits that he was right about his interpretation of “To His Coy Mistress.” Brenda learns that Kelly and Sears are over; she tells Dylan to take a chance and go after her again. She admits that if he’d come back to her after he left her for Kelly, she would’ve taken him back. At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Celeste everything, including his fling with Laura. She says he’s always made her feel like she wasn’t who he wanted to be with. They’re done.

Steve goes to the Walshes’ to get some sympathy from Brandon, who says he did the right thing by coming clean to Celeste. He plans to go to the rally, then start looking for another college. Brandon goes to D’Shawn’s room to announce that he won’t be taking his midterm for him. D’Shawn says straight out that if he doesn’t, he’ll tell Randall about Brandon and Lucinda. Both guys refuse to budge, even after D’Shawn makes more threats.

Steve and Brandon join the rally, which David admits is surprisingly moving. Sears and some other KEG members are there, and Dylan says he still wants to hit the guy. Brenda tells him that by the end of the night, he might not be the only one. Andrea and Dan make up, bringing their total screen time in this episode to a full 60 seconds. Steve looks for Kelly, who he thought would stand with hi. Instead, she’s with Laura and Leslie.

Angela tries to bring Laura up to the stage. Instead, Kelly goes up and talks about her own experience. She says that she knows no matter what she did or what she was wearing, it wasn’t her fault. Steve thinks she’s siding with Laura. Kelly continues that there have also been times when she slept with a guy and regretted it later, but if she didn’t stop the guy, it wasn’t rape. She praises Steve for saving her on Halloween, saying that if more guys were like them, they wouldn’t have to have Take Back the Night rallies.

Laura gets upset and leaves before Angela can call her to the stage again. Steve follows Laura outside, thanking her for not naming him. He apologizes for leading Laura on and dropping her the day after they slept together. Laura says she didn’t have a choice about not naming him – she didn’t say yes, but she also didn’t say no. After the rally, everyone eats pie, and Brenda and Dylan watch as Sears bugs Kelly about a second chance. Dylan grabs a cream pie and decks Sears with it.

Brandon finds Lucinda in the gym the next day and tells her that D’Shawn knows about them. She tells him to take the test. Brandon says no, so she calls him naïve. He needs to stop being childish and “start playing [his] part.” Lucinda tries to offer some advice, but Brandon doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, he’s going to go camping (or at least that’s what he wants Brenda to tell their parents). But first, he’s going to find a picture of Emily Valentine in his drawer and moon over it. Oh, joy.

Thoughts: I don’t get why Steve slept with Laura in the first place. That whole plot made no sense. The brothers wanted him to go on a date with her; Steve chose to sleep with her. Then he was an idiot for trying to keep it from Celeste. So yeah, he’s not as bad as a rapist, but he’s not that great either.

Also, Steve, maybe the time to tell Kelly that Sears is a jerk was before you thought she might sleep with him, not after.

Hey, David, you do’t get to agree to date someone who wants to practice abstinence, then whine that you’re not getting any.

Andrea makes an important point, so of course they don’t let her elaborate on it or talk about it for more than a minute.

I appreciate Kelly crediting Steve with saving her from the cowboy rapist, but Dylan saved her, too. Just saying.

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