May 12, 2012

SVH Magna Edition, Return of the Evil Twin: The Girl With the Gemini Tattoo

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Insert evil laughter here

Summary: It’s Christmas! But first we have to be reminded of the events of “last year,” when Margo terrorized the twins and supposedly died. “Supposedly” because she somehow survived a huge piece of glass to the jugular, overpowered the paramedics in the ambulance carting her off, killed them, and escaped. Oh, and it turns out she has her own identical twin, Nora. Margo was evil even as a child, and the twins’ stepmother made their father give Margo away. Now their father is dead, and the stepmother is kicking Nora out. Nora finds out about Margo and sets off to reunite with her. And yes, Nora is also crazy (girl can see smells).

In Sweet Valley, school’s out, and the twins and their friends are having a caroling party at Secca Lake. Todd and Jessica are both late, and Todd winds up crashing his car, which almost falls off a cliff. Jessica saves him and goes to the hospital with him. He’s not badly injured, but he’s definitely enough in shock to suddenly consider Jessica the greatest person on the planet, since she saved his life. Elizabeth isn’t happy about it, especially when the newspaper does an article on the story and calls Jessica Todd’s girlfriend.

Elizabeth is already on edge from dreams she’s having that are similar to the ones she had last year, about seeing a girl who looks like the twins but seems to want to kill them. Also, New Year’s Eve is approaching, which means the anniversary of Margo’s attempts on Liz’s life are, too. Todd keeps fawning all over Jessica, which just gets Elizabeth more and more frustrated. However, she doesn’t want to be fighting with Jessica on Christmas like she was last year, so the girls make up on Christmas Eve.

Nora traces Margo’s journey to Sweet Valley, learning about the twins along the way. She decides to finish what Margo started and take them out. On Christmas Eve, she visits Margo’s grave but instead finds Margo herself. The girls decide to kill both twins and take their place. It would be easier if they get Liz and Jess mad at each other first, so they can’t tell each other about any suspicions they might have, so Nora poses as Jessica posing as Elizabeth (got that?), goes on a date with Todd to a movie Liz is seeing with Enid, and makes sure Elizabeth sees them making out. It works, and Liz is furious with Jessica, who’s incredibly confused, since she was with Ken the whole time.

Elizabeth is mad at Jessica all week, but on New Year’s Eve, the twins are helping put on a fundraising carnival, so they have to be at the same place. Jessica winds up going to the House of Mirrors by herself and isn’t seen for a little while. Nora and Margo have been fighting over which of them gets to be Jessica once the twins are dead, with Margo showing herself to be alpha twin. She was Elizabeth last year, and now she wants to be Jessica. Plus, Nora has a tattoo on her arm of the Gemini sign, which Ned and Alice would be more likely to buy as something Jessica would get.

Nora is growing crazier and crazier, now hearing Margo talking to her in her head. She decides to make a move herself. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, she sneaks into the Wakefields’ house to stab Jessica, remove her body, and take her place. But Elizabeth wakes up and catches Nora going out the window, then sees Jessica dead in the bed.

Liz is traumatized, understandably (and it’s actually genuinely sad, sort of), and keeps telling people that Margo killed Jessica. Of course, everyone thinks Margo is dead, even though her body was never recovered, so they write off Elizabeth’s accusations as crazy talk. She has dreams about Jessica telling her she’s still alive and Liz has to save her, which doesn’t help her try to convince people she’s sane. Speaking of insanity, Margo has disappeared, and Nora is paranoid that she’s going to get revenge for Nora’s botched plan. She decides to kill Margo, then Elizabeth, and live out the rest of her life as Liz.

The Wakefields hold a memorial service for Jessica at the school, and Elizabeth thinks she can feel Jessica’s presence there. She figures out that Todd wasn’t with Jessica at the movies, but Margo (close, but no cigar), which just adds to her theory that Margo isn’t dead. Then Elizabeth has a dream about two Margos and starts to think Margo had her own twin. She’s pretty sure Jessica is still alive. When the police come by to ask her more about the night of Jessica’s murder, Elizabeth excuses herself, steals a cop’s gun, and heads to the school.

Nora’s also on her way there, thinking that’s where Margo’s lying in wait to finish her off. Also there? Jessica, who Margo kidnapped in the House of Mirrors. Nora tries to stab Jessica, who grabs the knife from her and fights her off. When Elizabeth arrives, she sees two girls who look exactly alike and can’t figure out which is the real Jessica. She decides which one is the fake, turns the gun on her, and gets her to spill that she’s Nora. That means she killed Margo, not Jessica, in Jess’ bed. So Nora is taken away and the Wakefields get Jessica back. She asks Liz how she decided which girl was which, and Elizabeth explains that, on top of her “twin’s intuition,” she knew Jessica didn’t have a Gemini tattoo.

Thoughts: So Margo was presumed dead and her body was never found, but someone made a headstone for her, dug a grave, and buried an empty coffin? Seems like overkill. Um, so to speak.

The twins have had some pretty terrible ideas, but renting out a carnival for a New Year’s Eve benefit is pretty awesome.

First he breaks his ankle, then he breaks his wrist. The ghostwriter must really hate Todd.

Trivia: Ned drives an LTD.

It’s pretty bad that Todd can’t tell the difference between Elizabeth and Nora when he kisses them.

If I were a cop investigating the murder of a girl who’d just had a huge fight with her sister, and that sister was trying to blame someone presumed to be dead, I’d probably suspect the sister. But when has anyone in Sweet Valley used logic?

September 16, 2011

SVH #100, The Evil Twin: Happy New Twin

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The creepiest cover yet

Summary: Margo’s plan is falling into place nicely: She’s fooled a number of people into thinking she’s Elizabeth, and she’s about to get Ned and Alice out of Sweet Valley. Things start to fall apart, though, when James grows a conscience and decides a) he’s really in love with Jessica and b) he doesn’t want to let Margo hurt her. He breaks up with Jessica so he can’t be used to do anything to her.

Margo ain’t playin’. She leaves James death threats, putting him so on edge that he decides to warn Jessica that she’s in danger. He calls and arranges to meet with her at a marina. Margo learns about the meeting and knows that James turned on her, so she decides to intercept him and kill him. But first she learns that Josh has tracked her down.

Margo figures out how to kill two birds with one stone (somewhat literally) and makes sure Josh knows she’s going to the marina. Jessica asks Elizabeth and Todd for a ride to the same place, and all three of them get there just as Margo kills James. Except they don’t see Margo, and they do see Josh, who they think is the real killer. Josh tells Todd that the twins are in danger from a girl who looks just like them, but Todd thinks he’s nuts. James is dead, Josh is taken to jail, and Margo is a happy camper again.

Through all of this, Ned and Alice are experiencing a comedy of errors in San Francisco, where Margo lured them with the idea of a job offer for Ned. Alice’s mother’s intuition is telling her that something’s wrong back home, but every time she calls home, Elizabeth tells her things are fine. This is because Margo is hanging around the house, pretending to be Elizabeth and intercepting all phone calls so the Wakefields never talk to each other.

Elizabeth has been having dreams about the prom, and is piecing together the things she’d forgotten. Just before a big New Year’s Eve party at Lila’s, she takes a nap and dreams about Jessica spiking her and Sam’s drinks. She’s furious that Jessica never took responsibility and made Elizabeth feel guilty over the accident.

Meanwhile, Margo’s master plan is coming together, and she’s arranged to wear the same dress as Elizabeth. She’ll kill her in the pool house and take her place on New Year’s Eve. Or at least she’ll try, unless Josh, who’s just escaped from jail, can stop her. Alice and Ned are also on their way back to Sweet Valley, with Alice more convinced than ever that something evil is brewing.

Todd learns that Josh has escaped from jail and worries that he’ll come after the twins. He tries to keep an eye on Elizabeth at the party, but he loses track of her, and when he thinks he’s found her again, he’s actually found Margo. He figures out that she’s not Liz or Jess, so she knocks him out. Margo then pretends to be Jessica and gets Elizabeth to meet her at the pool house, where she pulls out a butcher knife. Of course, she’s dumb enough to spill her whole plan, just like any other villain.

Jessica’s twin intuition (twintuition?) pulls an Alice and she starts looking around Fowler Crest for Elizabeth. She finally finds her in the pool house, and the three girls fight for control of the knife. Jessica is literally throwing herself in front of the blade to protect Elizabeth, so if Liz hadn’t already decided to forgive her for the whole prom fiasco, this should help. Steven and Billie have also learned about Josh’s escape, so they head to Fowler Crest to save the twins. (That part is kind of pointless.)

Enid spots Josh at the pool house and tells Steven he’s there. Todd regains consciousness and tells Steven that Josh isn’t the killer, some girl who looks like the twins is. Josh, Steven, and Todd race to the pool house, where Josh shoves Margo through a window and she takes a piece of glass to the jugular. By the time Ned and Alice arrive, the twins have made up and Margo is dead.

…Or is she?

Thoughts: “Was murderous violence Margo’s answer to everything?” Um, yes. That’s why she’s fun. Try to keep up, Josh.

I’m thinking guys in Sweet Valley are going to be a little more careful about Jessica from now on. She’s now had two boyfriends in a row die on her. A.J.’s probably thinking he dodged a (possibly literal) bullet.

“I wish Steven would tuck ME into bed!” Ew, Margo – he’s about to be your fake brother!

AS IF Lila would eat at a Pancake House.

September 3, 2011

SVH #99, Beware the Baby-Sitter: Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter’s Winston

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Margo, if you want to be a Wakefield, you’re going to need to wear much more interesting clothes

Summary: Guess what? Margo’s still crazy! She’s working at a daycare center in Sweet Valley and puppeteering Jessica’s new boyfriend James. She learns that Olivia’s new boyfriend Harry is throwing a costume party that everyone in Sweet Valley will be going to (well, everyone in Sweet Valley who’s 18 and under), so she gets James to find out what Jessica’s wearing, then wears the same thing. Except Elizabeth is ALSO wearing the same thing, so there are three identical girls at the party.

Also at the party? Josh, the brother of Margo’s child victim in The Arrest. He attacks Jessica at the party, thinking she’s Margo, and gets himself kicked out. He’s also the only person to realize there are three “Wakefields” at the party, not two.

Winston’s parents are out of town for the week, so he’s looking forward to having a bachelor pad. That idea goes out the window right away when a new neighbor comes by looking for someone to watch her baby, Daisy. Her husband is being detained in a Central American country and she has to take something to him. Winston pretends his mom is home and will look after the baby, then ends up taking care of her himself (well, with tons of help from Maria and some female friends). Wacky hijinks ensue.

After missing a few days of school, Winston decides to take Daisy there with him and pass her around so various people can look after her while he goes to class. This leads to a genuinely funny scene where Lila loses track of Daisy, who crawls over to Bruce and unties his shoe while he’s obliviously rocking out to The Who. Lila doesn’t want news getting out about her sitting job, so she tries to get Daisy away from Bruce without him noticing. She does, and he trips over his shoelaces.

Anyway, after about a week, Winston’s friends convince him that he needs to take the baby to Social Services since her mother is still gone and hasn’t even called. Winston instead goes to the daycare for advice and ends up talking to Margo. She’s all, “Elizabeth’s involved? Me likey!” She stops by his house, offers to babysit, and runs into Elizabeth, who’s freaked out by their similar eye color.

Winston winds up taking Daisy to Margo, since Margo said she would take Daisy to Social Services. Minutes later, Daisy’s parents return. Fortunately, Daisy’s still at the daycare center, but now Margo’s gone. She’s working on the next step of her plan: getting Ned and Alice out of town for a couple days so she can kill Elizabeth and take her place.

During all this, the twins have decided to put the past behind them and start speaking again. But then Elizabeth finds Todd’s letter, realizes Jessica lied to her, and starts up the fight again. So I guess we’re supposed to think that when Margo comes after Elizabeth, Jessica…won’t do anything? This fight is pointless with regard to the Margo plotline. Oh, but Todd and Elizabeth do get back together. As if there were any doubt.

Oh, and there’s a small plot about Winston betting Amy that he’ll be able to diaper Daisy quickly by the party. Whoever wins the bet gets to choose the other person’s costume. Winston wins and makes Amy dress as a nun. Heh.

Thoughts: Hey, Enid? If you’re in love with Elizabeth, just tell her, okay? And if you’re not, stop checking her out.

Amy and Winston, just kiss already.

“Is it illegal to keep a baby in your house, even if the mother gives her to you?” Winston. Nerds are supposed to be smart.

Jessica wears white pantyhose with glittery stars on them. I didn’t realize she was still seven.

Interesting that Enid would dress up as Amelia Earhart when she herself was in a plane crash.

August 22, 2011

SVH #98, The Wedding: Margo at the Wedding

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Lila would NEVER wear that dress. For shame, cover artist

Summary: Lila decides that the only way to get Grace to stay in California is to Parent Trap her parents back together. This means getting rid of Grace’s obnoxious French boyfriend, Pierre. He unknowingly helps her out by groping Amy, who confides in Lila. Lila gets Pierre drunk and goes to dinner alone with her parents, where George takes advantage of Pierre’s absence to propose to Grace. When Pierre arrives, Lila tells him she knows what he did to Amy, but she’ll keep quiet if he goes back to France. He agrees, and George and Grace get engaged without even knowing what was going on with Pierre.

Jessica and Todd’s “relationship,” or whatever, fizzles out, so Jessica’s down one dead boyfriend and one boyfriend she was dating just to stick it to Elizabeth. She visits Sam’s grave and realizes that she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something. She comes up with the idea to hold a fundraising bike rally in Sam’s honor. Jessica and Elizabeth are still not talking, though they come close to a breakthrough when Jessica comforts Liz after a nightmare and almost tell she spiked her and Sam’s drinks at Jungle Prom.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she’s getting back into the swing of things but still hasn’t reconnected with Todd. She’s ticked because he was with Jessica, and because he hasn’t made an effort to talk to her since the prom (she still doesn’t know about the letter he wrote her in The Verdict, which Jessica stole). At the wedding, Todd asks Liz to dance, but they don’t talk, and when the dance is over, she simply thanks him and walks away.

Margo meets a dirt biker named James and hires him to a) enter Jessica’s rally and b) go out with her so he can get information on the Wakefields for Margo. She also gets a job as a caterer so she can gain access to George and Grace’s wedding and stalk the twins. (How does she do this? By killing someone. Seriously, this chick is twisted.) Margo’s getting closer and closer to fulfilling her plan to kill Elizabeth and take her place, but she doesn’t know that Josh, the brother of the boy she killed in The Arrest (and who she previously ran into in The Verdict), has figured out where she is.

Thoughts: Grace is the president of a multimillion-dollar stationery company. That is the least plausible part of this book.

I’m surprised Elizabeth went to a dirt-bike rally to memorialize someone she killed and organized by someone she’s not speaking to.

Winston brings a cowbell to the rally. Of course he does. If you asked me which SVH character would be most likely to bring a cowbell to a sporting event, I would definitely say Winston.

George and Grace’s wedding cake has 50 tiers. Aaaaaaand they’ve officially gone overboard.

August 8, 2011

SVH #97, The Verdict: Deus Ex Machina

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Elizabeth makes my soul feel cold

Summary: So, yeah, Elizabeth’s still on the hook for Sam’s death. The Wakefields are basically falling apart, with the twins not speaking to each other, Ned trying to come up with a defense, and Alice slowly losing it. Jessica is still trying to stick it to Liz by dating Todd, who’s only with her out of pity and wants to get back together with Elizabeth. Todd writes Liz a letter, but Jessica intercepts it and tells him Elizabeth tore it up after she read it.

Elizabeth still can’t remember what happened the night of Sam’s death, so things aren’t looking so good for her. Until she gets a deus ex machina in the form of a guy who was driving drunk on the same road at the same time. He confesses to running Elizabeth’s car off the road and killing Sam. Suddenly, Elizabeth’s hopeless defense is moot, and she’s free. Jessica is only pleased because she still hasn’t been busted for spiking Elizabeth’s drink. Now she’s jealous that everyone’s happy about Elizabeth but doesn’t seem to care that Sam’s still dead.

Lila’s mom is still in town, and Lila thinks her parents are finding their way back to each other. Grace wants to stay in Sweet Valley, but she admits to Lila that things with her and George are complicated. She was very young (19) when she married George, and they’d only been together for a couple of months. He was poor when they got together, while her family was rich, and he felt threatened by her wealth. Eventually Grace left, taking Lila with her, but George, now rich, threatened her with a custody battle if she didn’t leave Lila with him. Grace felt her hands were tied, so she gave in, then went to Europe to get away from the situation. Now Lila wants to reunite her parents.

Pamela’s at SVH but everyone thinks she’s a slut, especially Bruce, so she has no friends. Amy realizes that they haven’t treated Pamela fairly, so she and Lila befriend her. Amy then goes to Bruce and gets him to see that people’s reputations aren’t always accurate. He finds Pamela basically being kidnapped by some Big Mesa jerk, saves her, and gets the girl.

Steven and his roommate, Billie, are falling in loooooooove. When people start talking about how Alice is losing it, Steven thinks Billie spilled what he confided to her. They get into a big fight and she moves out. Then Steven finds out Jessica was the blabbermouth, and he and Billie make up. Yes, that’s really it.

And then there’s Margo. She’s about to get to Sweet Valley when she encounters the brother of the kid she killed in The Arrest. He tells her the police are looking for her, so she makes a brief detour to San Diego. Sometime later, she does make it to Sweet Valley, where she learns that Elizabeth has been cleared of killing Sam, and that she has a twin sister. Margo buys a blond wig and decides she’s going to take Elizabeth’s place.

Thoughts: All right, Alice finally cracked! I knew it was only a matter of time.

“Maybe a guy should be there for his girlfriend instead of turning around and dating her twin sister.” That Todd, he’s a sharp one.

“Even at Big Mesa, everyone knew that Elizabeth Wakefield was one of the nicest kids at Sweet Valley High.” Are you freaking kidding me?

Phew, Maria’s last name is back intact.

Why do the cheerleaders cheer at soccer games? Is that normal?

I can’t believe Elizabeth doesn’t get a big celebration when she goes back to school after being exonerated. No slow clap or anything!

July 25, 2011

SVH #96, The Arrest: It Sucks to Be a Wakefield

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Jessica is pretty much perfect here – look at that body language

Summary: Elizabeth is officially in trouble. She’s been arrested for involuntary manslaughter, and her reward is a night in lockup. Her defense attorney is kind of a jerk, so Ned fires him and plans to take on her case himself, with help from Steven. (Yes, Steven is exactly the person I would want working to keep me out of prison.) Though Liz still can’t remember most of the night of the accident that killed Sam, Steven gets her to focus enough to remember seeing lights, which makes them think there was another car on the road.

Elizabeth is also dealing with everyone at school shunning her, except Enid. Todd wants to reconnect with her, but she avoids him, and he winds up spending time with Jessica. Jessica’s decided that she needs to get revenge on Elizabeth for killing Sam, and stealing Todd is the best idea she can come up with. She uses Sam’s death a bit to get his sympathy (though part of her emotions are sincere), and by the end of the book, Jess and Todd are making out, though Todd is thinking of the other twin the whole time.

Margo continues her cross-country tour of horror by killing the kid she was babysitting, stealing from his parents, and taking a bus to Texas. She only gets off there because the voice in her head, which she thinks is too tired to speak to her directly, sends her a sign in the form of the song “Money.” Margo sees a photo in a newspaper and thinks it’s of her, but it’s really of Elizabeth. And then, for some reason, she kills the old woman who’d bought the paper.

Lila’s mom Grace is coming to visit from Paris, and Lila will NOT shut up about it. Grace brings her annoying boyfriend along with her, so Lila isn’t able to get the one-on-one time she’d hoped for with the mother she hasn’t seen in 14 years. She’s understandably ticked, but also doesn’t make much of an effort to reconnect with her mom. She comes home one day and finds Grace crying in the house, which makes her realize that she’s not the only one dealing with a difficult situation.

Olivia gets Nicholas cast on a reality dating show called Hunks, where a guy goes out with three girls and the girls get to talk about the experience on TV. The first date is with a biker chick and the second is with a girl who won’t stop giggling. The third is with a very nice girl named Ann, but the events of the date don’t go smoothly, so Nicholas thinks he’s 0 for 3. When they go back on the show, the first two girls trash Nicholas while Ann gushes over how romantic their evening was and agrees to go out with him again.

Pamela tries to tell Bruce that her reputation is all a rumor: She went out with a guy named Jake and would only kiss him, but he told everyone at Big Mesa that they had sex. Every subsequent guy she went out with told the same lie, and eventually everyone started to believe that Pamela was giving the milk away for free. Too bad Bruce and Pamela are harassed by some Big Mesa before she can explain everything, so he never finds this out. Pamela also decides to transfer to SVH but doesn’t get a chance to tell Bruce before it happens, so he’s surprised to see her at school one day.

Steven’s been hanging around the house a lot, despite his parents’ insistence that he stay at school, and Jessica’s mad that he’s paying more attention to Elizabeth than to her. Whatever. Steven needs a roommate, and someone named Billie is interested, but since Steven’s at home, there’s no time for them to meet. Eventually Steven gets a message to Billie saying to just move in whenever. He doesn’t learn until the move-in is already underway that Billie’s a girl.

Thoughts: Why did Steven get a two-bedroom apartment if he doesn’t have a roommate yet?

Nicholas considers himself “business-like, but with an edge of flamboyance and originality.” Since when?

Maria Santini? Shut up, ghostwriter.

Lila says she’s pretty sure Grace doesn’t like purple, but when she goes to meet her, she wears purple. Ghostwriter, it’s like you’re not even trying.

There’s a weird section where all of the characters interact in some way (Todd almost hits Pamela with his car, Lila and Nicholas almost get into an accident) that seems like a lot of work for nothing. Maybe the ghostwriter was spending too much time on this section to get other important details right, like Maria’s last name.

Nicholas wears green slacks. Dear Nicholas: why?

Nicholas: “I’m swearing off women forever after this.” Oh, yeah? I hear Tom McKay is single….

I know I’m talking a lot about Nicholas, but when did he become friends with so many people at SVH? He never went there. And why do they all call him Nick?

July 16, 2011

SVH #95, The Morning After: Here Comes the Crazy

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I didn't realize Pamela's ex was an escapee from Grease

Summary: Despite the title, it’s been a few days since the ending of A Night to Remember. Sam’s dead, Elizabeth survived the crash, the twins aren’t speaking, and everyone’s depressed. Elizabeth also hasn’t spoken to Todd, as she’s embarrassed about how she acted with Sam at the prom. She doesn’t remember the events surrounding the crash and has no idea that Jessica spiked her drink. Jessica’s furious with Elizabeth for killing Sam, but she also feels bad about the alcohol and her role in the accident.

Three weeks after Sam’s death, the police come to the Wakefields’ house to question Elizabeth. (Way to do your job, cops.) Jessica’s worried at first that they found out she spiked the drinks, but they’re clueless. The cops press Elizabeth to tell them what happened before the crash, but she can’t remember any of it. She insists that she wasn’t drinking, despite how high her blood alcohol level was at the time of the accident. Without any answers and unsure whether Elizabeth is telling the truth, the police arrest her for involuntary manslaughter. Jessica says nothing about what she did.

Lila’s also depressed because of what happened with Nathan at the prom – or, more accurately, what she thinks happened with him. A meeting with him, Mr. Cooper, and her father makes her realize that the encounter was completely innocent, but that just makes her more depressed, since now she thinks something’s wrong with her. She keeps blowing off her friends and skipping school while her father tries to figure out what to do to get her back to her normal self. Finally George decides there’s only one person who can help her: her mother, Grace. He calls her and asks her to come back to Sweet Valley. When Lila finds out, she’s thrilled.

Bruce stakes out Big Mesa High to find out who the girl was who saved him the night of the prom. He learns that her name is Pamela Robertson, but she doesn’t seem to be very popular at her school. He takes her out and they discover that they have a ton in common with each other. Everything’s going great for Bruce until Amy tells him Pamela has a reputation as a slut. He decides he still wants to be with her, but when he takes her some flowers, he sees her getting out of a car and kissing a guy she appears to have spent the night with. Pamela insists that nothing happened and that she loves Bruce (after one day? Uh-huh), but he won’t listen.

Olivia and Nicholas have become friends. She’s offered $1,000 for one of her paintings; in exchange, she has to speak at a fundraiser. When she arrives for the fundraiser, she learns that a) there isn’t one, and b) the guy who wants to buy her painting is Harry, some rich 18-year-old she’s seen hanging around her art class. Olivia’s first response should be fear over a guy who lied to get her to come to his house, but she thinks he’s cute, so she’s going to get to know him better. She also agrees to help Nicholas find a girlfriend, most likely with the help of a TV dating show called Hunks.

Oh, and there’s a crazy chick named Margo who’s making her way across the country, lying about her name and killing children. Fun!

Thoughts: The cops wait three weeks to question Elizabeth? They didn’t arrest her at the scene, after finding out how drunk she was? To paraphrase Principal Snyder, “The police of [Sweet Valley] are deeply stupid.”

I wish they hadn’t skipped over Sam’s funeral, especially since Elizabeth went to it. They already cram enough into these books; they couldn’t spare a few pages for that?

“Artists don’t carry umbrellas.” Olivia, you make no sense. I guess artists don’t use logic either.

If Harry’s parents are so rich, why do they have wicker furniture?