September 22, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 6.10, Merry Mayhem: Would You Please Pass the Bitterness?

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Who sat the cop next to the ex-con?

Summary: Joey voices over some lame story about how happy she is while she and Eddie wander around downtown and talk about their likes and dislikes. She notes that they have nothing in common. He doesn’t care since the sex is awesome. Joey asks him to come to Capeside with her for Christmas, immediately realizing she’s jumped over a few relationship steps. But she still wants him to come and help her convince Bessie to get a real tree. Eddie also thinks they might be moving too quickly.

Later, as Joey packs for break, Audrey returns to the room, having missed her flight home. Joey knocks her for drinking in the airport lounge, commenting that Audrey could spend next semester in rehab. Audrey can’t get another flight until the next day (which happens to be Christmas), so Joey invites her to come to Capeside. Everyone will be at the Leerys’, which Joey predicts will be disastrous. Audrey doesn’t want to be a charity case or go back to boring Capeside. Joey won’t take no for an answer, winning Audrey over with the offer of getting to meet her father.

Pacey makes a surprise visit to Doug’s house and presents him with both gifts and gay jokes. Todd and Natasha are at Gail’s with Dawson, and Gail is very curious as to where Dawson and Natasha’s relationship is going. Dawson himself doesn’t know, noting that this is the first relationship he’s been in that he couldn’t define or predict. In other news, Todd wants to sleep with Gail. Also, Lily is suddenly blonde, but no one else is concerned, so I won’t be either.

Everyone does Christmas Eve things, and then Alexander wakes Joey up early on Christmas morning. Before they can open presents, Mike tells Joey that she has a visitor – it’s Eddie, and he’s brought a tree. Later, a tipsy Audrey tells Mike that Eddie is a combination of Dawson and Pacey’s best qualities, making him “the T-1000 of love interests.” Then she asks for stories about Mike’s time in prison.

Joey teases Eddie about changing his mind about coming to Capeside, then goes in to help Bessie in the kitchen. This is mostly so Mike can have a man-to-man talk with his daughter’s boyfriend. Eddie has to admit that he’s uneducated and unemployed, so maybe he has more than just Pacey and Dawson’s good qualities.

Speaking of Dawson, he’s wistful about Joey but stuck with Natasha, who wants to have sex in his childhood bedroom. He’d rather talk about Max Winter. Specifically, he wants to talk about how she told him she’d spend the evening alone, but wound up entertaining Max instead. Dawson wants to know where their relationship is going. Natasha says they’re just having fun.

Dawson notes that she was pretty jealous of Joey, which doesn’t fit with “just having fun.” She accuses him of bringing her home for Christmas to show her off. She warns that one day he’ll regret not having sex with her in his childhood room when he had the chance. But that’s what he gets for thinking with his brain instead of parts more southern.

Eddie and the Potters head to the Leerys’, Eddie trying to assure Joey that he won’t be getting into anything with Dawson. They agree to get through dinner and then go spend time with Eddie’s family. He promises that his family is less intimidating than hers, leading Joey to ask if Mike was rude. (She should probably be more concerned over whether he tried to recruit Eddie to sell drugs with him, knowing Mike’s past.)

Pacey and Doug arrive next, discussing the expensive presents Pacey got for their family. Doug’s worried that his brother’s new job isn’t completely legit. Pacey says Doug could just be proud of him for once. He thinks Doug’s jealous of his new wealth. Doug says he’s just worried. Before dinner, Audrey takes some pills from the medicine cabinet and shows up blitzed as Jen and Grams arrive (Jack’s in Europe with Andie and Mr. McPhee).

Todd (also drunk) says grace, refining his British accent to make a good impression on his fellow dinner guests. He finds Jen familiar and she reminds him that they met on a plane. (She assures everyone that they didn’t sleep together.) “Where was I?” he wonders. “Oh, yes, the birth of Christ.” He thanks God for Gail, then sings Dawson’s praises, declaring his love for him.

Todd continues that Dawson’s gotten himself involved in a sexual relationship with Natasha; this reminds Todd of his first movie, when he slept with an underage girl. Dawson finally gets Todd to shut up. Mike also praises Dawson, then asks Todd if he could find Eddie a job. Joey tells her father to shut up. Audrey asks Mike why he doesn’t think Eddie’s good enough for Joey. “This isn’t going to end well,” Pacey remarks.

Audrey isn’t happy about Pacey butting in, and Jen gets yelled at as well when she tries to get Audrey to quiet down. Jen says she thinks Audrey has a problem. Audrey asks if Jen’s still upset that she slept with C.J. She admits to being high, so Gail tries to get her to go lie down. Audrey would rather stay and blast everyone for being hypocrites.

For starters, Dawson and Pacey still hate each other and should stop trying to pretend they’ll ever fix things. Joey and Dawson keep acting like they’re okay with the other’s new relationships, but the truth is that they finally slept together but never dealt with it. They need to deal with everything before they can really move on. Audrey blasts Pacey for never being able to commit because Joey (“Audrey Hepburn”) broke his heart, telling him to grow up.

Audrey wishes the “scumsuckers” a Merry Christmas, grabs some keys, and leaves. Despite the fact that she’s clearly under the influence, no one even attempts to stop her as she gets in Pacey’s new BMW and promptly crashes it into the house. (And I mean she drives it right into the living room.) “I kind of think I zagged when I should have zigged,” she says.

Outside Pacey begs Doug not to arrest Audrey; he wants to try to help her on his own. Doug thinks it would be better for Audrey to get in trouble. Pacey pleads with him to “make it go away” and blame Pacey for what happened. Doug remarks that Pacey has made himself over but is still the same person, looking for a quick fix. He warns that Audrey’s now free to drink and drive again. Doug continues that he was proud of Pacey when he was a chef because there was something honest and noble about it. “Guess it didn’t suit you, did it?” he asks.

Jen offers to call Audrey’s parents, but Audrey is adamantly against that idea. Jen asks why she’s so angry. Audrey taunts that Jen can stop trying to impress C.J. “Pretend that I’m too far gone,” she says. She’s tired of people saying they want to help because it took them until tonight to realize how far gone she is.

Dawson catches Natasha trying to sneak out, and she admits that she slept with Max. Again, she thought she and Dawson were just having sex and having fun. She didn’t think they would make it long after the movie wrapped anyway. Dawson realizes he doesn’t love her either, which Natasha already knew. She thinks they’re both too young for such a serious relationship. She heads back to L.A., advising Dawson to check on Todd, who’s passed out in the bathroom.

Eddie’s also on his way out, but he doesn’t want Joey to come with him anymore. He thinks she needs to stay in Capeside and deal with everything that happened at dinner. He knows Mike has a point in not thinking Eddie’s the best guy for Joey. Eddie wants to stay in the present, not deal with issues from past relationships. Joey promises that they’ll do that from now on. He says that if she met his family, they’d wonder why she’s with him, too. They’d think she’ll wind up breaking his heart.

Joey and Dawson end up together by the water, much more lighthearted about the evening’s events than they should be. She admits that she keeps trying to forget that they were ever close. They both think the evening put things into perspective. Joey knows that Dawson will always be there for her if she needs him, but she can’t figure out why they keep hurting each other.

Dawson notes that they’re not hurting each other right now. Joey says it’s just a truce – an illusion. But she’ll take it, if it means she can temporarily forget what happened to get them where they are. They can go back to hating each other in the morning. Dawson agrees, but both of them admit that they don’t really hate each other.

Thoughts: Alexander is adorable. And he calls Joey “Auntie Joey,” which makes him even cuter.

So suddenly the Potters are all one big, happy family? Why didn’t we get to see Joey and Mike work through their issues? I feel cheated.

Who invited Doug to the Leerys’? It’s not like he’s friends with Gail or anything. And I’m sure he and Mike were thrilled to have to hang out together.

In Todd’s defense, Gail does look very pretty in this episode.

So Audrey’s drunk and high, but when she leaves, no one goes after her or at least makes sure she doesn’t drive. Scumsuckers indeed.

How disappointing that Bessie, Grams, and Bodie are all in this episode but don’t get to say or do anything.

July 26, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.22, Parental Discretion Advised: “We Won’t Survive This”

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Go cry, emo boy

Summary: This week’s movie-night offering, The Age of Innocence, is interrupted when Dawson decides he’s sick of sad love stories. He and Joey talk about love stories, happy endings, blah blah blah. She thinks sad love stories are more powerful than happy ones. She notes that the characters in the movie continue loving each other despite the negative circumstances around them.

The next day, Dawson asks Gail for advice on how to handle a situation in which someone has done something bad (obviously talking about Mike possibly getting drugs). She tells him she’s going to go to Philadelphia and accept the job she was offered there. Dawson goes to the Potters’ house to pick Joey up for school, and Mike tells them they can use the closed-for-renovations Icehouse to study for their finals.

Jen tells Jack that she’s been researching teen suicide for a class, and has learned how many teens consider it. Grams shows up and asks Jen to come home. Jen declines, saying that she’s going to learn from Jack how to take care of herself. Pacey’s father drops him off at school in his cruiser; Pacey overhears something on the radio about cops staking out the Icehouse. He asks his father to leave Joey alone since her life is good right now. Sheriff Witter complains about how Pacey’s been acting since Andie left, telling him that no girl is worth screwing up his life over.

Dawson goes to the Icehouse after school and admits that he saw Mike with his friend who seemingly gave him drugs. He’s mad that Mike would use his family’s business to traffic drugs after talking about how much he wants to change. Dawson calls him selfish, and when Mike says he’s “stuck,” Dawson tells him to get himself unstuck without hurting his family.

Gail and Mitch discuss Dawson’s living arrangements after she goes to Philadelphia; she knows Dawson’s happy in Capeside. Mitch complains that she’s doing what’s best for her, not their son. He seems shaken to hear that she’s leaving the next day. Sheriff Witter shows up at the Icehouse looking for Mike while Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, and Jack are there studying. The sheriff asks Mike about his drug-dealing friend, and Mike claims that his recent visit was just social.

Joey asks Mike if everything’s okay; she’s upset that the police are harassing him. Mike conceals himself in the office with a bagful of drugs while Jack bugs Jen about their living arrangements. She takes this to mean that he wants her to move out of his house. Jack just wants her to consider Grams’ view. He adds that Mr. McPhee is going to have to sell the house soon and they’ll have to find somewhere else to live. Jen flippantly replies that she’ll just have to kill herself then.

As something fiery flies through a window of the Icehouse, Sheriff Witter confronts Pacey about a call he got from his guidance counselor reporting that Pacey’s not completing his finals. He tells Pacey he shouldn’t be hanging out at the Icehouse with a known felon. The sheriff orders his son to get his things to go home, and when Pacey says no, his father hits him. Inside, the other kids realize the Icehouse is on fire.

Pacey runs inside as Joey goes looking for Mike, who yells for her to get out. Jen freezes and Jack grabs her, getting her out of the building. Dawson gets a fire extinguisher, but instead of using it on the flames, which are too big to combat, he breaks the window to the office and frees Mike. Everyone gets out all right, but the Icehouse is in bad shape. Dawson suspects that Mike is somehow to blame and urges him to tell the police what’s going on.

Joey calls Dawson a hero, but he says the situation is “too tragic to have a hero.” Sheriff Witter tells Pacey that Mike has to be lying to him. There’s no way someone would randomly commit arson in Capeside. Sheriff Witter tries to send Pacey home, ribbing him in front of some colleagues and saying he’s upset because Andie left. Pacey hits him, telling him never to touch him again and warning him to shut up about Andie. He adds that Mike is ten times the father Sheriff Witter ever was.

Mike and Bessie discuss insurance until Joey asks why the fire is being investigated as arson. She tries to get Mike to promise that he had nothing to do with what happened. He looks her straight in the eye and tells her has no idea who started the fire. Dawson tells his parents about Mike and they urge him to tell the police. Gail argues that Joey’s in danger and needs Dawson’s strength.

Jack asks Jen why she didn’t move when she saw the fire. She tells him that she doesn’t remember what happened. She assures him that she’s not the sort of person who would kill herself, but when she saw the fire, she didn’t care enough to get out. Jack encourages her not to push away the people who love her.

Dawson goes over to Joey’s and tells her that a) Mike is dealing drugs again and b) the fire is at least partly his fault. Joey insists that her father told her the truth when he said he wasn’t responsible for the fire. Dawson tries to convince her to go to the police and work out a deal for Mike. She blasts him for getting involved and begs him to stay out of the situation, not just for her family but for their relationship. “We won’t survive this,” she warns. Dawson tells her that if she won’t be responsible, he will.

Dawson, Joey, Gail, and Mitch all go to Sheriff Witter, who wants Joey and Mike’s help getting the arsonist. He notes that Mike’s putting the Potters in danger, but Joey just wants the family to be together. She still trusts her father. Once they’re alone, Joey tells Dawson that she doesn’t appreciate being backed into a corner. He argues that there’s no other option. Joey says he feels that way because he sees the world as black and white, while she sees the gray.

Mitch and Gail talk about how successful they’ve been in raising Dawson. Mitch is happy that Dawson felt he was able to count on them. He asks Gail to stay in Capeside and put the family back together. Gail says she prayed for Mitch to come back, and when it didn’t happen, she started thinking that going to Philadelphia was the right choice. She tells Mitch that he wants what they used to have, and they’ll never have that again. She thinks Philadelphia is right for both of them. She’s moving in the hopes that whatever they lost will be found again.

Jen goes back to Grams’ house, telling her grandmother that her return is conditional. First, she wants to discuss the reasons they had their falling-out in the first place. She never felt comfortable or that she was good enough. Jen also wants Grams to support her rather than judge her. Grams agrees to this. Jen says she doesn’t need a legal guardian, but she wants a family. She wants the two of them to take care of each other. “I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she says. Grams feels the same. Jen has one more condition: that Jack come live with them as well. Grams has no problem with that either.

Sheriff Witter finds Pacey on a pier and expresses a little pride over his son hitting him. Andie called and Sheriff Witter talked to her; he thought she was sweet and admits that he knows nothing about her. However, he feels like he knows even less about Pacey. Andie told him a little about what the two of them have been through and called Pacey her hero. Sheriff Witter called the school and got Pacey permission to make up his finals. He apologizes for not being the kind of father Pacey felt he could talk to. Then, on Andie’s urging, he hugs his son. Pacey cries over missing Andie, and his father comforts him.

Joey tells Mike that she met with the police, then asks if he’s dealing drugs again. He starts crying and admits that he is. Joey just wants to know why. Mike says he wanted to provide for the family rather than just help them get by. She argues that he served his time and was supposed to get a new start. Mike feels like a failure and was too weak to admit it to his daughters. Joey’s angry that he ruined what she and Bessie worked for, adding that she could have died in the fire. Mike’s sorry but doesn’t know how to fix things. “I’m sorry, too,” Joey says, pulling up her shirt to reveal that she’s wearing a wire for the police.

Mike goes outside to find Sheriff Witter waiting for him. Bessie’s there as well but won’t speak to him or Joey. Dawson’s also hanging around, and he tells Joey that she did the right thing. She disagrees, saying he did the right thing. Joey hopes that one day she can forgive Mike, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to forgive herself, but she knows she won’t be able to forgive Dawson. “There are certain circumstances that love cannot overcome,” she tells him, “and from now on, I don’t want to know you.”

Thoughts: This was actually a really good episode! I’m sad that I’m so surprised!

I don’t think I buy Joey wearing a wire, though. Admittedly, I’m torn – I know she felt like she didn’t have a choice, and that she was mad at Mike for what he did, especially for lying about it, but this was a pretty harsh move. On the other hand, I also thought she forgave him fairly quickly when he came back. The whole story arc was kind of inconsistent.

Can we stop with the opening scenes where Dawson watches a movie that fits the theme of the episode?

With all the daddy issues on this show, you’d think it was created by Joss Whedon.

Hey, I’m done with the second season! That went fast.

July 23, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.21, Ch…ch…ch…changes: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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I wouldn't want to leave him either, Andie

Summary: Dawson watches Casablanca and works on an assignment for his film class on character changes. Joey doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal out of something that should be easy for him. She suggests that he interview someone. Dawson decides to do his final on-camera, which would be appropriate for a film class. Joey won’t help him out, though.

Andie’s surprised to see her father in the house, having been summoned back to Capeside by Jack. He wants to take her back home to Providence. Andie notes that she’s about to take finals, telling him she won’t leave. Mr. McPhee makes it clear that she doesn’t have a choice. Jack promises Andie that he didn’t know about this turn of events.

Dawson asks Jen to talk about her year for his video final. At first she thinks it’s a bad idea, but then she decides that it could be good for her. However, she’ll only talk about her haircut. Dawson also can’t get Jack to do a video interview, since he’s busy with actual problems right now. After another failed attempt with Joey, Dawson convinces Pacey to talk about how his year has gone. Pacey doesn’t see anything special about the 180 he did this year, though he went from pariah to hero in just a few months. He admits that he’s waiting for someone to expose him as a fraud. Dawson turns off the camera, and Pacey tells him that despite Andie’s best efforts and his own behavioral change, he’s failing.

Andie tells Pacey that Mr. McPhee is taking her and Jack back to Providence. She’s upset that he wants to help her and reunite the family, but he’s been absent and now wants to take her away from her life. However, she’s resigned to doing what he wants her to do. Pacey urges her to fight, but she doesn’t have much time, since Mr. McPhee wants to leave the next day.

Jen runs into Jack on a pier and he tells her about Mr. McPhee’s return. She encourages him to look on the bright side, since the family reunion could make things better. Jack replies that she should do the same with her own family, since she’s not the same girl who was sent to live with Grams. Dawson visits the Icehouse, which the Potters are renovating, and sees how happy Joey is. Dawson asks Mike if he can interview him for his film project.

Pacey drops by the McPhees’ and asks Jack why they have to leave so soon. Jack tells him there’s pretty much no way to stop their departure. Pacey meets Mr. McPhee, who says Andie’s doctors are the ones pressing them to come back to Providence. Pacey argues that Andie’s built a family and support system in Capeside. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie’s his responsibility.

Pacey notes that Mr. McPhee knew about her condition when he sent her to Capeside and basically abandoned her. Mr. McPhee says he’s being selfish by wanting her to stay. Pacey tells him he’s asking him to let Andie stay for both of them. Mr. McPhee won’t budge. Meanwhile, Jen calls her mom in New York and asks how her parents would feel about her going home.

In exchange for the interview with Mike, Dawson ineptly works at the Icehouse, which turns Joey on. (Eck.) Later, in the interview, Mike talks about how he lost everything he loved and was ashamed of the actions that put him in jail. He wondered if Joey and Bessie could forgive him for his crimes and for what he did to their mother. Joey listens in for a while, then leaves.

Jack asks Mr. McPhee to move into the family home in Capeside instead of moving them all back to Providence. He’s sure that Pacey can give Andie the help she needs. He notes that Mr. McPhee hasn’t given her a choice in the matter. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie and their mother need serious medical attention (nice of him to notice after all this time); he also seems to think Jack has problems since he’s gay. Jack tells him it would damage Andie to leave Pacey right now.

Pacey asks Andie to go out on a date for what will probably be their last night together. Andie resists since she has a lot to do to get ready for her move, but she decides they both need a night out.

Back at the Icehouse, Mike talks to Dawson about trafficking drugs, but Joey interrupts, telling Dawson he’s being intrusive. She doesn’t want her father to have to relive such a hard time in his life. Dawson says he’s focusing on the changes Mike has made. Joey tells Dawson that if he wants to do his project on something real, he should be his own subject. He admits that he can’t because he’s afraid he’ll prove he’s not enough for Joey.

Andie tells Jack that Mr. McPhee has relented and given her the choice between staying in Capeside and going to Providence. However, she’s thinking about not staying. She knows that seeing Tim was an indication of a major problem, and she hates being a burden to her family. Andie tells Jack that even if she goes to Providence, he should stay in Capeside. He’s always selfless and she wants him to think about himself for once.

Packed up to leave, Jen goes to Grams’ house to say goodbye, then stops herself from going inside. At the Icehouse, Dawson apologizes to Mike for making him talk about painful memories. Mike admits that he’s not sure how much he’s changed, but he’s trying. Joey tells Dawson that her life is perfect right now. (Way to just ask for something to ruin it, there, Joey.) All she needs is a white picket fence. He tells her he just wants to make her proud of him. She assures him that that’s already happened.

Jack informs his father that he’s staying in Capeside no matter what Andie decides to do. He knows he can’t live with Mr. McPhee the way things are. Mr. McPhee admits that he feels like he’s to blame for Jack being gay. Jack replies that he is the way he is and there’s nothing that can change it. Mr. McPhee encourages him to change his sexuality; he doesn’t know “how anyone could choose that kind of life.” Jack knows that if he goes back to Providence, he’ll sacrifice his happiness in an attempt to make his father proud of him.

Pacey and Andie go back to the spot where they first met. She starts crying, saying it’s because she’s happy to be with him. She knows she’s not getting better, and she’s made the decision to go to Providence. The two decide not to say goodbye.

Dawson goes to visit Joey bright and early the next morning, showing her the white picket fence he started making for her. Jack rushes to the bus station, where Jen’s about to head off…but not to New York. Her parents told her that they’re not ready to let her come home. They also thought she was trying to get more money out of them. Jen decided that she might as well just leave Capeside on her own.

Jack tells Jen that if his mom were capable of understanding what’s going on with him, he thinks she would be okay with him being gay. Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. “It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved,” he says. He crumples up Jen’s bus ticket and invites her to stay at his house.

Leaving the Icehouse, Dawson sees Mike with a coworker and a bag of drugs. He decides not to mention it to Joey. Jack says goodbye to Andie and Mr. McPhee, the latter of whom says he knows he’s not a good father but he does want Jack to be happy. Pacey arrives, not to say goodbye but to thank Andie for helping him change. He reminds her of their promise to one day be together again. Dawson shows Joey his film project, which talks about change and love and blah, blah, blah, she fell asleep. Good for her.

Thoughts: So Mr. McPhee will get Andie help after she has hallucinations, but when his wife had a full mental break, he left her and their teenagers to fend for themselves. Nice guy.

Who, exactly, is Andie’s family and support system in Capeside, beyond Jack and Pacey? Because Dawson, Joey, and Jen barely ever talk to her.

In the same vein, when did Jack and Jen become such good friends? Did I miss it?

I’m sure that bag just has flour in it, Dawson. You know, since they cook at the Icehouse. Anyone buying this?

July 12, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.19, Abby Morgan, Rest in Peace: I Hope They Serve Tequila in Hell

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You don't get Oscar nominations by crying prettily

Summary: Dawson takes Joey to his house after the wedding, both of them agreeing that talking about what they’re doing is a bad idea. When they get to his room, they find Jen there, crying. She tells them what happened to Abby. Dawson doesn’t seem to know what to do, but Joey tries to comfort Jen. On Monday, Joey looks through a photo album and tells Mike that Abby’s death has her thinking about her mother. He notes that they never really talked about her death, but Joey doesn’t want to start now.

Jen shows up at school, where everyone stares at her. A grief counselor is brought in to help the students, some of whom wear yellow armbands in Abby’s memory. Jen won’t open up to the counselor, while Andie says clichéd things and doesn’t show any sadness.

Joey tries to talk to Dawson about their makeout session(s) the other night, but he says there’s too much other stuff going on right now. Joey admits that she never liked Abby. She also doesn’t want to go to her funeral because it might bring up feelings about her mother. Dawson tells her she needs to deal with them sometime. Joey confides that she almost feels like her mother’s death was a joke and eventually she’ll get to come back, like Mike did. Dawson says it’s not strange for her to feel that way, but she’ll have to let go of her “child’s false hope.” Joey tells him he doesn’t know what it feels like. (Foreshadowing?)

Andie finds Jen crying in a bathroom, and Jen complains that everyone’s acting like they were close to Abby. She calls Andie out for not being honest about how she felt about Abby. “She was mean, and the least that we can do is acknowledge who she really was,” Jen says. She also hates that everyone seems to see her as a celebrity just because she was there when Abby died. Andie notes that she tried to reach out to Abby, but Abby always rejected her. Jen shoots back that they went to the docks because Andie kicked them out of the wedding.

Gail tells Dawson that her news piece featuring Joey, Jen, Andie, and Abby has won her an award. She’s also been offered a great job in Philadelphia. She expects that if she took the job, Mitch would move back into the house with Dawson. Gail is frustrated that Mitch isn’t interested in working things out. If she passes up the job and still doesn’t have her marriage, she’s not sure what she will have. Dawson notes that she has him. (That’s not sweetening the deal, dude.)

Grams tells Jen that she never really liked Abby, who she always thought was mocking her, but she feels for Jen since they were friends. She assures Jen that God has a plan. This is, of course, not at all comforting to Jen. Pacey tells Andie that Abby’s death was no one’s fault, especially not Andie’s. Andie feels guilty for being mean to her, though Pacey points out that she tried to be nice. Andie says that she has the right to feel however she feels.

Abby’s mom shows up at the coffee shop where Pacey and Andie are hanging out and tells Andie that Abby talked a lot about her. Mrs. Morgan asks her to say something at the funeral, since Abby liked her so much. This is news to Andie, but she agrees. Later, Pacey tells Andie she can bow out, but Andie thinks the Morgans deserve to have someone say something nice about Abby. They go to Abby’s house to give Mrs. Morgan some flowers; Andie also wants to see where Abby lived. Meanwhile, Jen drinks on the pier Abby fell from.

Pacey and Andie sneak up to Abby’s bedroom and find her diary. Andie wants to read it to find out who Abby really was so she can use that part of her character in her eulogy. It turns out Abby wrote pretty much exactly what she would say. At school, Dawson tracks down Mitch, who gets all cherish-every-moment about Abby’s death. Dawson asks if his father is just going to let Gail take the new job and move away.

At the Icehouse, Jack asks Joey for dirt on her and Dawson, but she says they’re putting things on hold for now. He remembers kissing Abby at Dawson’s birthday party and says he was probably the last person she kissed. “She went out with a bang,” Joey notes. Pacey finds Dawson watching one of Abby’s scenes from Creek Daze and tells him that Andie’s supposed to give a eulogy. He hates that Andie accepted and that he can’t have control over what’s happening.

Jen comes home drunk, and Grams tells her not to mask her feelings. She needs to focus on the good times she had with Abby. Jen notes that Abby’s most likely in Hell, “doing tequila shooters and laughing at all of us.” Grams encourages her to believe that God has a special plan for everyone. Jen replies that God doesn’t exist; neither do peace or hope. The only thing she knows is pain. Grams says she’s trying to be understanding, but Jen keeps disobeying and spewing blasphemy. Jen spits out that Grams’ patience has finally run out. If she can’t speak her mind, maybe she should move out.

Joey finally talks to Mike about her mother, saying that she can’t get a clear picture of her, which scares her. Mike says that when he looks at Joey, he sees that her mother is still there, because Joey’s so much like her. Andie tells Pacey that she still has no idea what to say just hours before the funeral. He tells her to make up nice stuff. Then he says he’ll do the eulogy if it’ll keep Andie from having a nervous breakdown. She doesn’t want to be the burden to Pacey that her mother is to her. She also doesn’t want him to set his role as caretaker in stone.

Joey comes to the funeral after all, asking Dawson to hold her hand. Grams shows up to support Jen, saying she forgives her. Jen says she wants understanding, not forgiveness, but Grams has never been able to give her that. Jen tells everyone that Abby was a mean person; if God made people in His image, what does that say about Him? She doesn’t understand how He could create a world full of tragedy and suffering.

Jen continues that Abby taught her to do tequila shooters and live her life on her own terms, not worry about what other people think of her. Abby also taught her that God is sadistic. Jen appreciates that honesty in a world full of lies and phoniness. Grams walks out. Andie takes her turn, saying that she has people in her life who comfort her and support her, as well as people who challenge her and force her to be courageous. Abby was one of those people, and by telling the truth all the time, she gave Andie strength.

After the funeral, Dawson tells Joey that Abby’s death made him realize that he wants to live life without any regrets. He’s happy about what happened between them at the wedding. Joey kisses him and asks him to walk her somewhere. Pacey tells Andie that he’s been worried about her emotional state, but she’s handled things well. She says the experience has made her feel closer to Tim.

Jen apologizes to Andie for blaming her for Abby’s death; she blames herself since she invited Abby out and got her drunk. She thinks she could have saved Abby from drowning. Jen feels horrible for deflecting her guilt onto everyone else. Andie says that Abby put her truth above everything, just as Jen did at the funeral. Jen replies that sometimes it’s better to keep quiet. Andie tells her about the diary. Joey and Dawson go to her mother’s grave, where Joey says she hopes her mother is happy, wherever she is. Dawson assures her that she is.

Jen goes home to find Grams packing all of her things. She went to the funeral to support Jen and try to repair their relationship; what she got was disrespect. Jen says it wasn’t disrespect for Grams but for God. She apologizes, but Grams says Jen tried to hurt her and take all of her pain out on her. She wants Jen to have compassion for her. Since Jen can’t respect her, she has to live somewhere else. Andie returns to the Morgans’ house, letting herself in and going back up to Abby’s room. She picks up the diary and sees Abby in the mirror. When she turns around, Abby’s not there.

Thoughts: Wait, Joey waited two days to tell Mike that Abby died? Don’t they live in the same house? Did he not notice that she was upset all weekend?

I’m surprised Jen doesn’t do the clichéd TV funeral thing where a character refuses to wear black because the deceased wouldn’t want her to.

I find Grams kicking Jen out a little out of character for her. Wouldn’t she rather have Jen in the house so she can try to steer her in the right direction? This is like she’s completely giving up on her.

I’d totally forgotten about the ending. Bleh.

July 9, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.18, A Perfect Wedding: It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

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I know what you're both thinking, and I want you to stop

Summary: Dawson’s rewatching Creek Daze in his room, this time with Gail. She says the movie’s impressive and moving, but he thinks she’s just being nice because she’s his mom. He had such a clear vision for this movie and is worried that his future visions won’t work out well either. He decides to try some editing. Gail asks how Mitch likes substitute teaching, and Dawson says he thinks he likes it. He can tell that Gail misses him and tells her to take her own advice and go after what she wants.

The morning after his arrival at Bessie and Joey’s, Mike makes breakfast for his daughters, assuring Joey that he’s sticking around. She learns that he and Bessie are planning to expand the Icehouse’s business to include catering, starting with the wedding of one of Bessie’s friends. Bessie asks Joey to enlist some of her own friends to help out. She’s incredibly optimistic about the whole situation, while Joey is more realistic.

Joey discusses the catering job with Jack, who’s surprised to hear that Mike is back. She says she’s happy, which he doesn’t completely buy. She notes that she’s seen her father once in three years, and she knows their relationship is going to immediately be great. She’s also worried about him suddenly being around the rich people of Capeside. Jack urges her to work out her father’s return privately first. Joey says that she doesn’t want to ruin things for Bessie, since she’s so happy.

Dawson tells Pacey he’s going to re-edit the movie, then complains about Mitch and Ms. Kennedy being together. Jack tells the guys about the wedding, asking them to help out. Dawson hears about Mike’s parole for the first time, and Jack seems surprised that Joey didn’t tell him. Jen runs into Abby and her ridiculous feathered outfit, and though they haven’t talked in a long time, Jen starts to tell her about her current identity crisis. She’s realized that her best times over the past year have been with Abby. They make plans to hang out that weekend.

Pacey tries to get Andie excited about catering the wedding, telling her they can spend the money on a trip to New York. Andie hates weddings; they’re too sentimental and she hates “the institution of marriage.” Pacey promises that she can keep both their catering fees if she doesn’t have fun with him at this wedding. Dawson stops by the Icehouse to welcome Mike back and tell Joey he’s going to help cater the wedding. He also asks Joey how she’s handling her father’s return. She tells him she talked things over with Jack and is okay, at least until she hears someone trash-talking Mike.

On the day of the wedding, Joey organizes the servers and tries to avoid talking about Mike with Dawson. Gail shows up looking for Mitch and tells Dawson that she’s going to get him back. Too bad Mitch shows up with Ms. Kennedy as his date. Andie tells Pacey she’s not going to watch the wedding ceremony, despite his attempts to talk everything up. He likes the extravagance of a wedding for rich people, and Andie tells him it’s all a cover-up because nothing’s perfect. They get in a fight that destroys the cake.

Dawson finds the bride having a panic attack, and she tells him she’s not going through with the wedding. She’s worried that the marriage will be the biggest mistake of her life. Jen and Abby hang out in Jen’s room, trying to figure out what to do that night. Jen complains that her friends didn’t invite her to work at the wedding. Abby decides that they should crash and make it really memorable. Meanwhile, the wedding’s supposed to begin but the bride is still freaking out.

Jack finds Dawson in the bride’s room and offers to talk to her. But when Dawson’s out of the room, she takes off. Joey’s also freaking out since nothing’s happening on schedule and they’ve taken on too much. She tells Bessie that she was blinded by the possibility of getting out of debt and didn’t think about reality. Bessie’s still optimistic and tells Joey not to involve Mike in the damage control. Joey complains that Mike made their lives horrible in the first place and now thinks he can fix everything in a day. Mike overhears this.

Dawson and Jack track down the bride, who’s worried that her fiancé isn’t her soulmate. Jack notes that she could give everything up for her true love and still not be happy. (Wrong answer.) He also doesn’t believe in soulmates. Jack assures the bride that everything will be fine, predicting that when she walks down the aisle and sees her fiancé, her fears will disappear. This works, and the wedding gets back on track. Mitch and Gail give each other meaningful looks, as do Dawson and Joey.

After the ceremony, the bride thanks Jack for saving her marriage. Dawson can’t believe it only took him a few minutes to do what Dawson couldn’t do in a longer amount of time. He laments that Joey no longer comes to him to discuss things. Jack replies that he may be friends with Joey, but Dawson’s her soulmate. Dawson notes that he said he doesn’t believe in soulmates. Jack says they have a bond that can’t be broken, and their lives will always be intertwined. Joey might need Dawson to force a connection between them.

Pacey and Andie try to fix the cake and keep the bride from seeing what happened to it. The bride reminds them that the top layer is supposed to be kept until the first anniversary. Andie thinks it’s an omen, and she and Pacey have cursed the new marriage. Pacey reminds her that she doesn’t like empty symbolism, getting her to admit that she’s a “closet wedding romantic.”

Mike tells Joey that being in prison made him self-absorbed and he didn’t consider how his return would affect Joey. She apologizes for her comments, but he says she was right. He’s sorry that she’s made a good life for herself and he’s screwing it up. Mike also feels bad that Joey’s trying to protect him from how Capeside sees him. Dawson tells Gail that Mitch’s date is his film teacher, and when the two women meet, Gail won’t even talk to Ms. Kennedy.

Dawson pulls his father aside and blasts him for bringing a date when he knew Gail would be at the wedding. Mitch says he has to live his life and Gail has to deal with it. He doesn’t want to put Dawson in the middle. Dawson notes that that’s tough to avoid when Mitch is dating his teacher. Jen and Abby drink champagne and look for a hot guy for Jen to hook up with. Andie kicks them out, so Abby grabs a bottle of champagne and agrees to go to the boardwalk with Jen.

In the kitchen, Dawson sees that Joey’s been crying and tries to get her to talk to him. She finally admits that she’s scared Mike will hurt her again. He tells her that she and Mike both probably thought things would be perfect when he came back, but that’s not possible. It’s okay that Joey’s hurting. She’s been really strong over the past few years and needs to show that she has nothing to be ashamed of. She’ll be okay – she has her father back, and she’ll always have Dawson.

Later in the evening, Joey tells Mike about a friend’s reaction to his arrest. Joey cried over the friend’s taunts, but the next day, she acted like nothing had happened. She knows people will always talk, but she’ll always walk with her head held high. Despite his mistakes, Mike is her father and she’s proud of him. Joey asks him not to pretend with her, promising not to pretend with him. She says she loves him and they share an emotional hug. However, he wants to keep a low profile because he’s not ready to show his face to Capeside.

Andie and Pacey manage to salvage the cake, which the bride and groom love. Meanwhile, Jen and Abby drunkenly climb a pier and sit on the back of a bench. Abby admits that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be happy – wherever she ends up, she’ll always wish she were somewhere else. Abby takes a spill, hitting her head, then tumbles into the water. Jen jumps in after her.

Pacey and Andie dance, and she admits that weddings aren’t that bad. She wants to get married in Venice. Pacey is clearly uncomfortable with them discussing their own marriage. Dawson asks Gail to dance, encouraging her to stick to her desires and keep going after Mitch. Jack congratulates Joey for pulling off a successful wedding. Mike enters, now wearing a suit, and dances with his younger daughter before switching partners with Dawson.

Joey thanks Dawson for being an understanding friend and putting up with her their whole lives. They say they love each other, then make out. At the boardwalk, Jen, now alone, cries as Abby’s dead body is taken away in an ambulance.

Thoughts: ‘Bye, Abby. It’s fitting that your last words were, “You b&$#%.”

“Kiss Me” – yep, it’s certainly the ’90s.

There’s no way a bride would wait until a few days before the wedding to hire a caterer. And there’s no way she would hire the Icehouse as that caterer.

Speaking of the bride, if she’s a friend of Bessie’s, why don’t Jack and Dawson get Bessie to talk to her when she’s freaking out?

Drink every time someone says “soulmate.” But stay away from piers.

Joey doesn’t seem like the type to call her father “Daddy.”

I’m trying to remember how I felt about Joey and Dawson being together when I originally watched the show. I think I liked them together when they first started dating, but by this point, I was sick of them. I do remember liking Joey and Pacey together a lot more.

July 4, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.17, Psychic Friends: You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger

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I probably should have foreseen this career move...

Summary: Joey watches a rough cut of Dawson’s movie, Creek Daze, telling him it’s the most moving thing she’s ever seen. (This must be a dream.) She gushes some more, then says that Jack will be one of their generation’s best filmmakers. (Yep, it’s a dream.) Jack comes through the window and tells Joey that he ran into Steven Spielberg in the cafeteria and was offered a job. They make out and Jack proposes. “But you’re gay!” Dawson exclaims. “I guess not,” Jack replies. Joey heads back out the window with him, telling Dawson, “That’s show business,” adding that he was never her type. He wakes up screaming.

There’s a new film teacher, Ms. Kennedy, who shows the class It’s a Wonderful Life and talks about the risks great filmmakers take. Jen (since when is she in that class?) thinks Capra’s too saccharine and his characters are unrealistic. Dawson thinks Capra’s characters are often dark, yet hopeful. Ms. Kennedy agrees, saying the best movies are ambiguous. After class, Dawson tells Jen how awesome Ms. Kennedy is (she’s on sabbatical from writing a screenplay). She encourages him to show her Creek Daze.

Dawson runs into Mitch, who’s subbing at Capeside High, and asks him to pretend he doesn’t know him at school. Dawson confides that he keeps having nightmares about his movies turning out horribly. He’s also frustrated by the fact that he keeps trying to change things he has no control over. The only thing he knows for sure is that he wants to be a filmmaker. At lunch, Joey tries to bond with Jack by checking out guys together, admitting that she’s bored with everything in her life. They agree that it’s strange to be talking about guys together when they were just dating a month ago, but it doesn’t bother them.

Andie tries to get Pacey to run the safety booth for the police department at some fair. She thinks Captain Skippy the safety dog sends out a positive message. Pacey argues that they live in a democracy, so if a kid doesn’t want to sit in a safety seat, he doesn’t have to. (Heh.) Andie offers to do something intimate with Pacey if he plays the dog mascot, and it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Joey hangs up some art at an exhibit at the fair and tells Jack she’s been thinking about kissing. Specifically, that she misses being kissed guys, since she’s sworn off relationships. Dawson stops by and is awkward with Joey and Jack. She confides to Jack that she can’t get their friendship back on track. Jack’s sure it won’t take long for them to get back into each other’s lives. He suggests that they go visit a psychic with a tent at the fair. Andie encourages Pacey to do the same, but he’s not interested in being told how horrible his life will be.

Jack and Joey go see the psychic, Ms. Zenovich, who sees the letter C but can’t connect it to anything meaningful. Something clicks and Ms. Zenovich sees that Joey’s had a lot of pain in her past and cuts herself off from new adventures. She needs to say yes to new opportunities. Joey’s come to a fork in the row and needs to choose the right path. “You will be safe as long as you follow your heart,” Ms. Zenovich says. Also, a tall, dark man will come into her life.

Ms. Kennedy has heard about Dawson’s movie from Mitch and asks to see it. Dawson tells her it’s a romance. Her presence in Capeside gives him hope that he can become a big filmmaker. Ms. Kennedy isn’t surprised that the movie is a love story since Dawson has a romantic nature. Joey laughs off the psychic’s predictions, then immediately meets a cute guy named Colin who admires her art. Jack can’t believe she doesn’t get him to stick around, but Joey reminds him that she’s not looking for a guy. However, she remembers that she’s supposed to say yes to all new opportunities.

Jen helps Grams out at a booth with quilts, then tells her a man at another booth is checking her out. He’s Whit, and he knows Grams from 30 years ago. She resists his offer to have dinner, and Jen teases Grams that Whit was having impure thoughts about her. Joey finds Colin and introduces herself, making both her and Jack happy. Dawson finally asks Ms. Kennedy to watch his movie. Colin gushes over Joey, telling her she has “sensuous lips” and asking to photograph her.

Whit comes back over to Grams’ booth and asks her out again, this time with a rose. Grams finally accepts. She looks happy at first, but as soon as Whit leaves, she gets teary. Jen thinks she’s upset that she’ll be moving on from her late husband. Grams says that her life from 30 years ago is completely over. She’s also self-conscious about looking too old. Jen promises to give her a little makeover. Meanwhile, Pacey has a way with children that only Pacey can, and Andie visits Ms. Zenovich, who seems to see something disturbing.

Joey catches up to Jack and tells him about Colin. He’s concerned that she’s going to meet him alone in the media arts building when she barely knows anything about him. Joey thinks she’s in for a learning experience. Jack announces that he’s going with her. Dawson and Ms. Kennedy watch Creek Daze together as Jen talks to Grams about safe sex and colors her hair. She thinks Grams is in for some good, old-fashioned romance.

Joey and Jack meet up with Colin and do a photo shoot. Afterward, Joey subtly sends Jack packing. Jen finishes the makeover, making Grams look completely different. Pacey asks Ms. Zenovich why she can’t just tell her clients nice things. She says they come looking for the truth. She tells him he wears a mask, showing the world that he’s strong and confident when he’s really afraid of everything. He knows that his life is “a house of cards” that could fall at any moment.

Joey and Colin get closer, seemingly about to kiss…and then he asks if Jack is seeing anyone. Joey goes back to the fair, finds Jack, and tells him Colin’s gay. She adds that Jack needs better gaydar. He’s a little upset since people don’t see him as anything other than gay. Joey tells him to meet Colin for a date she’s fixed up, but Jack’s angry that she thinks they should get together just because they’re the only gay people in town.

Ms. Kennedy is less than enthusiastic about Creek Daze, and when Dawson asks for her honest opinion, she calls it “uninspired.” There’s no emotion or message for the audience. “It’s a preposterous soap opera about a bunch of teenagers who talk too much,” she says. (I love you, Ms. Kennedy.) Dawson’s hurt by the evaluation, and Ms. Kennedy points out that Hollywood isn’t going to worry about his feelings. It’ll eat him up, and she doesn’t want to see that happen to him.

Jack brings Joey a peace offering of hot chocolate and apologizes for overreacting. He admits that he’s not ready to embark on his own new adventure of being gay. Joey notes that they’re both young and have plenty of time for romance. Dawson wanders around the fairgrounds sadly, seeing Ms. Kennedy getting into Mitch’s car, then Joey selling a drawing and celebrating with Jack.

Andie tells Pacey that she went to the psychic to find out if things are going to get better. Instead, she was told that things are going to get worse. She’s not sure she can handle any more drama. Pacey assures her that her future will be wonderful. Andie can’t quite believe that, but he says he’ll believe it for her.

Joey meets Colin to tell him Jack isn’t coming and she shouldn’t have set up the date for him. Colin confides that he’s on the rebound after ending a relationship with someone he used to be friends with. He thinks he’s trying to fill the void left behind. Joey asks why they broke up, and Colin admits that he can’t really remember. He wishes he hadn’t felt such a rush to move forward because now he can’t go back.

Jen finds Grams sitting alone at the fairgrounds and learned that Whit had to cancel their dinner because his wife wasn’t feeling well. Jen can’t believe she misinterpreted the evening as a date. She’s sorry she set Grams up for disappointment, but Grams is actually happy: She’s realized that her life isn’t over just because her husband is dead. She needs to open herself up to new friends. Jen asks if she ever gets afraid of being alone, and Grams admits that she does.

Dawson tries to get a reading from Ms. Zenovich, but she’s done for the night. He says he knows what’s coming anyway, and she tells him not to mock the spirits. She gives him a reading anyway, telling him that there’s someone in his life who he’s known for lifetimes and who sees into his soul. Dawson asks why he keeps losing her. “That which is lost can be found again,” Ms. Zenovich tells him. When Dawson turns away to get money to pay her, she disappears. Back at home, Dawson trashes the model town Jack made for the movie, stares at Joey’s picture, and tries to call her. Joey seems to contemplate going to see him, but instead she goes home, where she finds her father at the front door.

Thoughts: Ms. Kennedy is played by Mädchen Amick, who has seriously never, ever aged past 25.

Dear guy playing Colin: You are a horrible actor. Just thought you should know. P.S. You are quite handsome, though. Maybe try modeling?

Joey looks really nice during the photo shoot. Partly because her hair is finally acceptable.

Maybe it’s giving him too much credit, but I wonder if Kerr Smith knew all along that Jack was gay and that’s why he had no chemistry with Joey. They have much better chemistry as friends.

May 1, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 1.13, Decisions: Daddy Issues

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Dawson's window is probably supposed to be a metaphor for something, but I don't care

Summary: Joey kicks off the episode telling Dawson that nothing changes, so of course, two big changes then come: Joey has the opportunity to study in Paris for a semester, and Jen’s grandfather seems to be doing better. The possibility of Joey leaving for a while makes Jen even happier because it means her chances of getting back together with Dawson just got even better. But then her grandfather gets worse, suffering another stroke, and Jen feels helpless. Grams is comforted by her prayer habits, but we all know Jen don’t play that game.

Joey has to visit her father on his birthday, so Dawson takes her out to his prison. They don’t get there in time for visiting hours and wind up spending the night in a hotel. You may be surprised to know that Joey still won’t talk about her feelings for Dawson. In the morning, Joey gets mad and won’t talk to her father, Mike, who wants Dawson to tell him about his daughter. Dawson says all sorts of nice things about Joey and realizes how much he’d miss her if she went to Paris.

Back at home, Dawson encourages Joey to talk about her father, and she admits that she hates him. He tells her to tell Mike how she feels. Joey asks if Dawson can give her a reason to stay in Capeside, but he doesn’t say anything. That evening, Joey talks to Pacey, who has an even jerkier dad, and encourages him to talk to his father about his own feelings. Then she decides she needs to go back to the prison and talk to Mike right away. Pacey drives her there and pays a guard to let her see Mike in the yard. Joey tells her father that she’s okay, even without him, and asks if he loves her. He assures her that he does, and so does Dawson, adding that she shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to tell him how she feels, which is what happened with her mother.

In the morning, Joey heads over to Dawson’s to tell him how she feels about him, but Jen’s there, having spent the night with him in his bed. Joey runs off and Jen asks Dawson if he’s in love with her. Instead of answering, he chases after Joey. Jen goes home and gets a phone call informing her that her grandfather has died. Dawson runs around looking for Joey, and she turns up in his closet. She goes into her “nothing ever changes” speech again, confirming that she’s going to Paris. Dawson assures her that he’s ready for them to be honest with each other. Joey’s not so sure, but before she can leave, he kisses her. And season 1 is over!

Thoughts: Joey wants to go to France for a semester but doesn’t speak French? That seems weird.

Even weirder: Bessie and the Leerys are all fine with Joey and Dawson sharing a hotel room and staying overnight near the prison.

They play Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” in this episode, and I totally remember that this episode originally aired the same night as the Buffy episode “Becoming, Part 2,” which featured Sarah McLachlan’s “Full of Grace,” and I was all excited because I loved both of those songs. And I’m a dork.