December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

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Santa, I specifically asked for Dylan

Santa, I specifically asked for Dylan

Merry Christmas, everyone! (For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the day off!) My present to you will be extra posts. Here’s the tentative schedule:

December 26th: Party of Five 3.23, “Promises, Promises”

December 27th: Beverly Hills, 90210 7.4, “Disappearing Act”

December 28th: Party of Five 3.24, “A Little Faith”

December 29th: Beverly Hills, 90210 7.5, “Pledging My Love”

December 30th: Sweet Valley University #10, No Means No

December 31st: A super-special year-end surprise (have I hyped that enough?)

If you still need more ’90s goodness, check out these links:

1. Vulture’s oral history of 90210‘s Donna losing her virginity

2. Vulture’s oral history of the Valley party scene in Clueless

3. Previously TV’s musical tribute to Jack McKay’s pants from “The Kindness of Strangers”

October 7, 2009

This is Probably a Bad Idea

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Everyone thinks adults should act like adults. Allow me to quote U2 in response: “The right to appear ridiculous is something I hold dear.” Now that I’m older, there are some things I’m able to appreciate even more than I did when I was a kid or a teenager. That leads me to this blog.

A few years ago I reread a bunch of the Baby-Sitters Club books (I was talking about them on a forum with a bunch of people who were also adults and rereading them), and now I’d like to do that again, this time blogging about them. I’d also like to revisit (or, in most cases, visit for the first time) the Sweet Valley High books, since I was never that into them when I was in their target demographic. Along the way I’m sure I’ll come up with other things to talk about; probably books for the most part, but maybe movies and TV shows I liked as a teenager or kid. Basically, I want to revisit what I enjoyed when I was younger and see if I still like it, if I have new insights now that I’m older, and how embarrassed I am that I liked it before.

If you think I’m crazy, I am. If you’re willing to come along for the ride anyway, I welcome you.

We’ll see how this goes.