September 13, 2014

Party of Five 5.10, One Christmas, to Go: They’re All Grinches. All of Them!

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Still not as depressing as Christmas with the Salingers

Still not as depressing as Christmas with the Salingers

Summary: Claudia’s still in San Francisco and has taken over the household responsibilities. Charlie thinks she’s only making herself useful so he’ll let her leave her boarding school. He meets Daphne’s mom, Doreen, and her boyfriend, Lester, who apparently didn’t know Diana was born until just recently. Daphne doesn’t want them to stay at the house, but Charlie’s happy to have a house full of people.

Ned plans to stay at school over Christmas break, and he’s not exactly thrilled that Julia’s going to call him a bunch so he doesn’t get lonely. At the Salingers’, Charlie encourages Daphne to spend time with Doreen, which is the last thing Daphne wants to do. Griffin thinks Charlie needs to ease up on Claudia, but Charlie’s still mad at him for taking her out of school. The school is threatening not to release her transcript, which means she might have to repeat the year.

Julia goes to say goodbye to Ned, who’s struggling with a paper he has to write quickly. She didn’t realize his grade in the class was in such jeopardy. She announces that she’ll help him write, and the next day they’ll both be able to go home and spend Christmas with their families. Owen’s still staying with Bailey and Sarah, and still upset that his place as youngest child has been usurped.

Daphne complains to Charlie that Doreen’s pretending she wants to be a family when she hasn’t called in a year and a half. Charlie wants Daphne to give her a chance since she’s the only grandparent who’s been around in years. If Doreen wants to be there, they should let her, because the holidays are supposed to be about families.

Bailey and Sarah find some broken ornaments and know that Owen must have used them to lash out. Sarah urges Bailey to talk to his brother, but Bailey doesn’t want to make him mad on Christmas Eve. Julia and Ned work in a hotel room, since the heat’s been turned off in the dorms; I’m surprised they’re getting anything done. Also, I’m pretty sure Julia’s doing more work than Ned is.

Daphne’s mom asks Charlie if he loves Daphne; when he says yes, she asks why they’re not married. She gets her answer when Kirsten the perpetual babysitter makes an appearance. Griffin tells Claudia he’s looking for an apartment since Charlie hates him now. He’s living with a family that isn’t his.

Bailey and Sarah take Owen to a rehearsal for a Christmas pageant, which he doesn’t want to participate in. Bailey’s clueless about Owen’s behavior, and Sarah has to point out that he doesn’t want to take part in a play celebrating the birth of a super-special baby. Julia finishes Ned’s paper and they start to make out, but she realizes she needs to get home to her family. He unplugs his computer and pretends he can’t print his paper so Julia will stay and help him some more.

The doll playing baby Jesus at the pageant disappears, and Bailey quickly realizes that Owen was probably responsible. Daphne’s upset that Doreen sent Kirsten home, thinking Kirsten’s after Charlie. Daphne argues that they’re just best friends, and Kirsten’s the only reason she’s surviving with a newborn. She thinks Doreen’s still stuck in her own mindset of keeping other women away from her man.

Julia and Ned rush to a print shop, arriving just as it closes. Ned thinks they should just spend the night relaxing. Julia demands peace on earth and good will towards men (and women) from the guy working at the print shop, who eventually lets them in. At the Salingers’, Claudia complains to Griffin that no one’s there for Christmas Eve dinner. Griffin had a worse family situation, though, so Claudia’s not going to win this one.

Owen denies taking the doll, so everyone searches the church. Sarah tells Bailey to confront his brother, but Bailey wants to believe Owen, or at least pretend to, so he doesn’t get more upset. Doreen and Lester decide to leave, but now Daphne wants her mother to stay for Christmas Day. She needs Doreen to do the same things for Diana that she did for Daphne as a baby. Doreen points out that Daphne got pregnant, so she gets to take care of her own child.

Bailey, Sarah, and Owen arrive at the house for Christmas Eve dinner, but the only person Owen wants to talk to is Griffin. Julia’s still an hour away, and Claudia’s tired of waiting for everyone to arrive, but Bailey doesn’t think it’s right to start without her. Claudia blasts everyone for pretending that they’re going to be one big, happy family.

Sarah suggests that they each open a present, and when Bailey goes to get the gifts, he finds the doll. The present exchange begins, but Daphne’s MIA, and no one bothered to wait for her. Nice, guys. The only present under the tree for Charlie is for Griffin. Again, nice, guys. These people should all be on Santa’s naughty list.

Ned leaves his paper outside his professor’s office, where Julia spots a sign granting a grace period for late papers over the holidays. So Ned didn’t have to rush to get his paper done after all. She’s mad that he manipulated her to stay with him, and probably didn’t want to finish the paper in the first place. Julia could have been home with her family, but Ned made her lie to them.

Bailey finally sits Owen down for a talk about the doll. He lectures that even if the doll (but he really means Diana) doesn’t matter to Owen, he needs to respect that it (she) matters to other people. He makes it clear that Owen’s not allowed to act out just because there’s another child in the family. Bailey will be like Santa, keeping an eye on everything Owen does.

Daphne asks Doreen what it was like for her when Daphne was a baby – did she miss her daughter when they weren’t together? Daphne admits that it’s easy for her to be away from Diana, and she would even be okay if Diana were taken away from her. She thinks she has trouble loving Diana because Doreen had trouble loving Daphne. She doesn’t want to continue that cycle.

Bailey tells Sarah that Owen won’t talk to him, like, you just yelled at him on Christmas Eve, when everyone was opening presents. What do you expect? Bailey wishes he’d postponed the confrontation, since Owen was doing better. Sarah wants to help, but since she’s not a mother, she doesn’t know how.

Charlie stops Doreen and Lester before they leave, telling Doreen that he wants to try again for everyone to be a family – that’s what Diana needs. Doreen won’t budge. Claudia’s annoyed that dinner hasn’t turned out as planned, but she refuses to give up on having a perfect Christmas Eve. Bailey and Sarah start to leave, and Owen asks to come with them – he’d rather be with the brother who yelled than the brother who ignores him.

Charlie takes Diana out to the “guest cottage” to see Griffin, so no one’s in the house when Julia finally arrives. She finds Griffin’s present to Charlie, a scrapbook full of pictures of the Salingers. Charlie’s currently thanking Griffin for it, having been reminded of his feelings about life after he was told his cancer was in remission. He realized that Griffin doesn’t have the same kind of family Charlie does. Griffin and Claudia are the only people who want to be there, and Charlie keeps pushing them away. “If you’re not family, I don’t know who is,” he says.

Daphne takes Doreen and Lester to the bus station and considers buying a ticket away from her own life. Julia returns to school, still mad at Ned but kind of appreciative of how hard he worked to keep her around. Charlie, Claudia, and Griffin eat Chinese food by their Christmas tree while Daphne watches them from outside the house.

Thoughts: I love how Charlie’s all, “The holidays are about spending time together! But not if Claudia’s here. Also, go away, Owen. And I haven’t noticed that Julia’s not around.” Charlie’s cluelessness and inability to multitask continue to astonish me.

Why did only Bailey and Sarah go to Owen’s pageant? No wonder he’s so upset. No one in his family pays any attention to him.

Was Claudia only cooking a turkey? There were no side dishes? There was nothing else to eat? I don’t get it.

’90s music alert: Natalie Merchant’s “My Skin” (which I thought was called “Untouchable”)

September 6, 2014

Party of Five 5.9, Gifts: Take Care. Or Not

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This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else's

This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else’s

Summary: Did you know babies cry a lot? Party of Five is here to remind you. The Salingers have hired a baby nurse, for some reason, and she thinks Charlie and Daphne need to let Diana start soothing herself. Charlie disagrees, but Daphne thinks the nurse, Nora, should take care of everything so they can sleep. Get used to Daphne doing nothing with Diana throughout this episode.

Julia makes up with Ned, telling him it’s hard for her to see a family not getting along after she’s spent five years keeping hers together. She tries to invite herself along to spend the day with Richie, but Ned declines. At the restaurant, Bailey learns that he’s earned a big tax refund because the restaurant is doing so well. In fact, the place is more profitable than it was when his father ran it.

Griffin looks for a job, considering one as a courier, which will let him travel a bit. Daphne continues to let Nora take care of her child. Griffin asks after Claudia; everyone’s still ignoring her pleas to come home. Bailey wants to spend some of his money on an expensive suit but isn’t sure it’s a practical purchase. A salesman reminds him that one day, he’ll be dead. Thanks, salesman! He really means that Bailey should want to be remembered as a fashionable dresser, not a practical money-saver.

Charlie butts heads with Nora over whether Diana should be eating anything other than breast milk. Nora decides she can’t work with a parent who’s so controlling, and she quits. Daphne begs Charlie to hire a new nurse so she can get some sleep. I’m not sure why Daphne isn’t sleeping, since she’s not actually doing anything to take care of Diana, but whatever. Julia crashes Ned’s day with Richie, upsetting both brothers.

Despite telling Daphne he wouldn’t, Charlie asks Kirsten to come take care of Diana for a few hours. She assures him that Paul won’t care. She’s happy to help, saying there’s no one she’d rather spend the evening with than Diana. Sorry, Paul! Bailey asks Charlie to build a wine cellar for the restaurant; he’s thinking of doing a big renovation. He’d also like to take Charlie and Daphne out for a nice dinner.

Claudia’s friends are worried because she’s been isolating herself from them. Griffin shows up, having taken a detour while in Boston on his courier job, and makes plans to hang out with Claudia that night. Bailey buys Sarah a dress and looks at new furniture for their apartment. He wants Sarah to go to dinner with him, Charlie, and Daphne, but she has work to do for a professor. Bailey suggests that they hire someone else to do the work.

Julia and Ned go to his parents’ house to take care of some plants; this time her presence doesn’t upset Richie because he’s ignoring her. She recognizes his allegedly nonsense ramblings from before as a poem, and she recites it with him. At their super-fancy dinner, Bailey encourages everyone to get expensive food, but Charlie just wants to speed things up so he and Daphne can go home. Bailey and Sarah realize that friends with kids can be a little annoying.

Paul goes to the Salingers’ to complain that Kirsten is once again helping the family. He wants them to do something the next night; “the Salingers will just have to do without you for one day.” Claudia confides to Griffin that she feels like she’s in the wrong place, which he can relate to. She reminisces about how her mom taught her to take care of Owen, which helped her not be so jealous of him. She asks Griffin to teach Owen to take care of Diana.

Bailey takes Owen to his place for the night, and Owen’s surprised by the amount of attention he’ll be getting. Bailey takes a call from the bursar’s office at Sarah’s school and learns that her tuition’s due in 20 minutes. Claudia accompanies Griffin as he makes his delivery (a ferret), but they run off with it when they learn that it’s supposed to be buried with its deceased owner.

Sarah learns that Bailey paid her tuition and blasts him for taking care of her. “When you pay for something, you own it,” she says. Bailey reminds her that she taught him to share, and he wants to share their success. Sarah denies that she’s had anything to do with how well the restaurant is doing. Bailey disagrees, telling her this is his way of saying thank you. He’d appreciate some gratitude from her.

Kirsten is back at the Salingers’ to take care of Diana while Daphne sleeps. Okay, it’s time for Daphne to see a psychiatrist. Charlie finally asks Daphne why she keeps calling people to look after Diana. Daphne claims that Kirsten came over on her own. Griffin takes Claudia back to school, feeling bad about having to leave her in a place she doesn’t want to be. At the last minute, he tells her to go pack her things.

Julia wants to use more poetry to connect with Richie, but Ned denies that Richie can have any kind of meaningful communication with anyone. When he was younger, he tried to analyze what Richie said, but he never found anything he could understand. He thinks Julia’s “looking for something that could make him worthy of love,” when they should just love Richie for himself.

Griffin takes Claudia home to San Francisco, angering Charlie. Griffin’s upset that no one listened when Claudia told them she was miserable. Charlie thinks she should stay in her prestigious school that will open up doors for her. Claudia would rather help take care of Owen and Diana, since Charlie sucks at it.

Kirsten doesn’t make it home in time for the plans Paul made for them, so he asks her straight out who she would rather be with, him or the Salingers. Kirsten tells him that since she doesn’t have a job, taking care of Diana makes her feel useful and comfortable. Bailey and Sarah discuss how uncomfortable the restaurant’s success has made them – she because she feels like a kept woman now, and he because he feels like he needs to figure out who he should be. Sarah likes her new dress, so the perks of being rich aren’t all bad.

Julia tries to explain to Ned that she thought she could understand him better by spending time with his family. He tells her that he’s always been overshadowed by Richie; he wants Julia all to himself. Daphne wants to hire another baby nurse, even if it’s one who’s not compatible or competent. Charlie thinks something’s wrong with her, whether it’s postpartum depression or something else – Daphne isn’t connecting with Diana. Daphne already knows it but doesn’t know how to fix it.

Thoughts: Everyone should check out Vulture’s oral history of the first season of Party of Five. Everyone is very cheerful.

Charlie and Daphne need a nurse for Diana because…? And they’re paying her…how? Also, Nora is played by Ms. Teasley from Beverly Hills, 90210.

Julia, stop trying to fix everyone’s problems. You’re not Brandon Walsh.

When Griffin is the most compassionate person on the show, something’s wrong.

Is the Salingers’ house magical or something? Why does everyone want to be there all the time?

Charlie shouldn’t be so surprised that Daphne’s distant with Diana. She didn’t want a baby in the first place. I’m glad she reminds him of that, because it’s a little weird of him not to think about it.

August 30, 2014

Party of Five 5.8, Love and War: No Rest for the Wicked

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"Despite five years of practice, I'm still horrible at this parenting thing, so we're going to release you into the wild. Good luck, buddy!"

“Despite five years of practice, I’m still horrible at this parenting thing, so we’re going to release you into the wild. Good luck, buddy!”

Summary: Charlie’s trying to get Diana to sleep by singing “Hush, Little Baby,” but he can’t remember the words. (“If that mockingbird don’t mock…”) He and Daphne are tired but happy. Then Owen ruins it by loudly reminding Charlie that they’re supposed to go fishing. Claudia calls to talk to Charlie, but he blows her off for the fishing trip. Griffin’s like, “I have no life, so if you ever want to talk, just call me. I’m sure no one will think it’s weird if you call your family and ask to talk to your sister’s ex.”

Owen thinks Charlie’s bored because he keeps yawning. They actually catch a fish, so I’m impressed. Joe’s coming to town, so Julia tells Ned she’s heading home for a family dinner, which means she won’t be meeting his family on parents’ weekend. Ned tells her they’re not coming anyway, so he’s made some plans for a weekend on his own, seeing John Woo movies and writing a paper.

At the restaurant, Bailey has to turn down an employee’s cousin for a job because his immigration documents aren’t in order yet. Then he gets a visit from Sean Sullivan, a successful restaurateur who’s thinking of opening a place right across the street. Charlie and Owen come home with a bunch of fish, which they’ll be having for dinner. While Charlie’s out of the room for a few seconds, Owen attempts to clean the fish with dish soap, so there goes dinner. Bailey brings home food instead, telling Julia and Sarah about his possible competition.

Joe thinks Diana looks just like the woman she was named after. He invites Griffin to join everyone for dinner, not realizing how awkward that is for him and Julia. Griffin inadvertently reveals that Ned was lying about his movie plans, since the retrospective isn’t for another week. Bailey decides he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Sullivan and shut him down. He’s seriously the only person there who thinks this is a big deal, since no one else will shut up about it.

Julia goes back to school to confront Ned for lying to her. It turns out his family’s in town after all, and they know all about Julia. Julia’s surprised to hear that Ned has a brother named Richie, and that Richie usually has an attendant. He appears to have autism. Claudia calls Charlie to tell him she doesn’t think boarding school is going to work out. He tells her to suck it up and stay put. Claudia then learns that due to some immature behavior by the boys at her school (a panty raid? Really?), everyone’s now under an 8 p.m. curfew and can’t leave campus. The girls are warned not to retaliate.

Owen tries to interest Charlie in another brother/brother activity, but he’s on Diana duty, so she has to come along. Bailey visits another restaurant to try to get the owner to hire a chef Sullivan is interested in. The owner is impressed with how proactive Bailey’s being. Owen wants to see a movie, but Charlie doesn’t think they’d be very popular if they brought an infant into a movie theater. Owen complains that Diana’s stupid and nothing’s fair anymore.

Sullivan goes by the restaurant to tell Bailey that he knows Bailey’s trying to make him lose his chef and the space across the street. Bailey tries very hard not to seem intimidated. Ned apologizes to Julia for lying about his weekend plans and not letting her meet his family. She thinks he’s ashamed of Richie. Ned says he’s not; he didn’t want Julia to meet his parents because they don’t get along. Julia convinces him to let her spend time with them.

Claudia and one of her friends set off a smoke bomb in the boys’ dorm, because the show has run out of interesting plots for Claudia to have. Owen tells Charlie that he didn’t mean the things he said about Diana. Charlie assures him that he understands how Owen’s feeling, but Diana needs things done quickly, while Owen’s old enough to wait. He asks Owen to help him out.

Bailey gets a surprise visit from someone at the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. He never should have told Sullivan he was only 20, because now he’s in trouble for serving alcohol while he’s underage. Claudia left evidence of her identity behind when she set off the smoke bomb, so now she expects to be expelled. Obviously, she would welcome it. Unfortunately for her, the person who busted her is Mr. Kroop, who has a soft spot for her.

Julia has dinner with the Graysons, who tell her they like her a lot more than they liked Maggie. Things quickly disintegrate – Dr. Grayson is disappointed that Ned doesn’t want to be a surgeon like everyone else in his family. It’s very Griffin and his father. Bailey goes by one of Sullivan’s restaurants to call a truce, then changes his mind when he spots the illegal employee he wouldn’t hire. At the house, Charlie and Daphne fight over whose turn it is to soothe Diana, but Owen beats them to it.

Ned complains to Julia about his father, thinking Dr. Grayson is hard on him because he’s the only child who’s capable of living up to the doctor’s high expectations. He seems to admit that one of the reasons he stayed with Maggie so long is because his parents didn’t like her. Ned managed to get into Stanford, but he’s not doing as well as his father would have liked. Julia wonders what he gets out of not succeeding. Ned’s jealous that his parents love Richie unconditionally.

Charlie tries to make plans with Owen, who’s bitter that Charlie always has other things to do. Julia meets up with the Graysons before they leave; they love her and are happy Ned’s dating her. Bailey tells Joe that Sullivan can’t get the space across the street from Salinger’s because he’s being investigated by Immigration. Joe knows Bailey engineered the situation and blasts him for ruining other people’s lives. He and Mr. Salinger would have never pulled this sort of trick. Bailey doesn’t feel guilty at all, since he didn’t do anything illegal, and he’s benefiting.

Claudia calls Griffin and tells him she doesn’t feel like her school is the right place for her. All she thinks about is her family. Charlie talks to Daphne about how his parents managed to spend time with all five of their kids. He wants to go talk to Owen about his feelings, but Charlie’s more interested in sleeping right now. Julia thinks Ned’s going to break up with her to protest how much his family likes her. He thinks she wants to save him, but she’s not sure he’s worth it. He asks her not to give up on him.

Thoughts: This episode’s guest stars are all of the ’90s-sitcom variety. Sullivan is played by Anthony Tyler Quinn (Boy Meets World). Dr. Grayson is played by Daniel von Burgen (Seinfeld, Malcolm in the Middle). Mrs. Grayson is played by Christina Pickles (Friends).

Panty raids? At school? Aren’t those a camp thing?

Charlie, Claudia warned you about Owen’s sibling rivalry. You need to start listening to her.

Was Lacey Chabert doing something else during this part of the season? So far, the kid who plays Owen has gotten more screentime.

I hope Charlie feels good about that nap when Owen starts biting people and shoplifting.

August 23, 2014

Party of Five 5.7, Tender Age: Thanks for the Heart Attack

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Still not enough food for everyone at the Salingers'

Still not enough food for everyone at the Salingers’

Summary: Bailey tries to convince Sarah to spend Thanksgiving with the Salingers, but she’s still mopey because of their relationship issues. Charlie and Owen stop by a toy store while out running errands, then take a break so Owen can ride on a carousel. Charlie calls Daphne at home, where she’s trying to take care of Diana and deal with Thanksgiving stuff. When the carousel stops, Owen isn’t on it. Charlie starts wandering the mall but can’t find his brother.

Julia invites Ned to her family’s Thanksgiving, promising that her brothers won’t ask about his intentions with her. Charlie goes back to the toy store, but Owen hasn’t returned there. Kirsten wants to spend Thanksgiving with the Salingers, but Paul thinks it’s time to set some boundaries. (Seriously. Thank you, Paul.) Kirsten points out that their only other Thanksgiving option is with boring people who don’t even eat Thanksgiving food. Paul gives in.

Charlie finally goes to mall security, where no one’s helpful, including Charlie, who can’t remember what Owen was wearing. Claudia calls home, but Daphne’s the only one there. I guess Claudia isn’t going home for Thanksgiving since she was just there; her teacher, Mr. Kroop, invited her to his house. Daphne then takes a call from Charlie letting her know that Owen’s missing. She and Bailey can’t remember what he was wearing either. Bailey and Griffin head off to the mall to help with the search.

The security guard continues to be unhelpful, not even helping Charlie look at the security screens. Charlie finally orders him to call the police. Julia and Ned bring home groceries, because these people are dumb enough to leave Thanksgiving shopping until the last minute. Enjoy your radishes and jelly beans, everyone. Only one police officer arrives to look for Owen, which doesn’t make Charlie feel any better. The officer says Owen’s considered of a “tender age” because he’s under ten. Thanks for the episode title; you’re still not helpful.

Bailey and Griffin arrive in time to learn that since Owen’s been gone more than an hour and a quarter, he might have been kidnapped. Happy Thanksgiving, Salingers! Julia, Ned, Paul, and Kirsten come to the mall next, and everyone splits up to pass out pictures of Owen and question people. Bailey yells at Santa, apparently thinking that a guy who sees hundreds of kids a day will remember what each of them looks like. Bailey also yells at Charlie for losing their brother.

Julia, Griffin, and Ned team up with another cop, then split up when Griffin suggests that he and Julia look in an airplane store. Kirsten takes a minute to deliver an emotional monologue to Paul. A cop tries to assure Charlie that they’ll probably find Owen, then shares that he has kids the same age as Owen and Daphne. Charlie beats himself up for being on the phone with Daphne instead of paying attention to Owen. The cop tells him that when his shift ends (which is soon), Missing Persons will take over, and they won’t be able to devote a lot of time or manpower to finding Owen.

Bailey leaves a message for Sarah asking her to come join the search. Claudia calls home again, and Daphne pretends everything’s fine – they just needed something from the store, and nine people decided to go together. Daphne has decided to cook dinner by herself, which is insane. Bailey and a cop finally encounter someone who might be helpful, except she doesn’t speak English, so her daughter has to translate. The woman saw a boy being dragged out of the mall (and…didn’t tell anyone?? Nice).

Everyone regroups in the security office, where the police have decided to expand the search to the neighborhoods around the mall. Griffin and Ned end up going to a construction site, where things start to get tense. Ned’s annoyed that Griffin knows the Salingers so well. Claudia calls home yet again, and this time Daphne can’t keep up the lie, so she tells Claudia that Owen’s missing. Claudia then calls Bailey and tells him she’s coming home. He tells her to stay put.

Kirsten picks a fight with Paul over a rude shopper, then snaps at him when he tells her to calm down. Happy Thanksgiving, Paul! This is totally what you’re in for the rest of your life, because Kirsten is an honorary Salinger! Bailey yells at Charlie because Daphne told Claudia about Owen, because I guess Bailey thinks Charlie controls Daphne? Charlie knows Bailey’s really mad at him for losing Owen in the first place.

A cop makes things worse by revealing that a boy was just brought into a hospital in a coma, having been beaten. Sarah shows up just in time to go over there with Bailey. It’s not Owen, but some other family is going to have a horrible Thanksgiving. Everywhere searchable has now been searched, and the mall is closing in 15 minutes, but Charlie refuses to go anywhere until those 15 minutes are up.

Bailey tells Sarah that if they had a baby together, no matter when, he would love and protect it at any cost. Griffin and Ned return to the mall, and Ned comforts Julia, who’s panicking for the first time. After 15 minutes, the cops make Charlie leave. Charlie plans to drive around until he finds Owen, and the cop he’s been talking to says he’ll do the same. Just then, they learn that a child turned up at a homeless shelter. It’s Owen – oh, and Bailey was right about what he was wearing, just for the record.

Charlie confronts the homeless man who brought Owen to the shelter, but the man says he was trying to get Owen to stop bugging him. He’s offended that anyone thinks he might have harmed a child. Owen approached him at the construction site, and the guy couldn’t get a name or address out of him, so he took him to the shelter for turkey. Charlie lectures Owen for leaving the carousel and not telling the homeless man his name, but Owen isn’t apologetic. He’s mad that everything’s about Diana right now, and he wanted to do something on his own.

Now that the big crisis is over, everyone gathers to have Thanksgiving together, except Griffin. He doesn’t want to spend any more time with Ned. He tells Julia that despite Ned’s helpfulness, he doesn’t like the guy. Paul apologizes to Kirsten for being hard on her, and she thanks him for joining the search. Paul reveals that Owen’s disappearance has made him realize that he couldn’t handle being a father. Bailey thanks Sarah for showing up during the search, which helped him feel better. I guess their problems are solved?

This time when Claudia calls the house, she gets to talk to Owen. Too bad she has to spend Thanksgiving with her teacher instead of her family. So apparently Daphne cooked everything by herself while also taking care of an infant? Huh?

Thoughts: What a horrible Thanksgiving episode. Unless the message is “be thankful that your children aren’t missing.”

I’m sure mothers everywhere would love to know how Daphne prepared the entire meal by herself while taking care of a baby.

Hey, Ned, maybe be helpful before you complain about Griffin being close to the family. And then sit at the kiddie table with Paul.

’90s music alert: Alanis Morissette’s “Thank You” (how appropriate).

August 16, 2014

Party of Five 5.6, Forgive and/or Forget: Everyone Wants Everyone Else to Go Away

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There are never any pictures from this show. These otters say, "We're sorry"

There are never any pictures from this show. These otters say, “We’re sorry”

Summary: The Salingers, Daphne, Kirsten, and Sarah are all at the hospital to see Diana, who remains in an incubator but is doing better. Everyone fusses over Daphne, who’s overwhelmed. Sarah talks to Bailey again about what he would do if she had a surprise pregnancy. He tells her he’d like to have kids someday, and he wouldn’t walk away if she got pregnant, but right now he doesn’t have room in his life for a child.

Julia returns to school, where she and Maggie are stuck sharing a room until one of them can transfer out. That must be fun. They decide to try to avoid each other as much as possible. Diana’s gained enough weight to be released from her incubator, and though Charlie, Claudia, and Owen are thrilled, Daphne’s nervous about holding her. Bailey’s surprised that Claudia hasn’t gone back to school yet. She lies that she’ll call her school and let them know where she is.

Julia spends her exile in Ned’s room; they both feel bad about hurting Maggie, but that doesn’t stop them from making out. Ned’s virginal Christian roommate would prefer if they would keep their godless sex out of his room. Speaking of godless sex, Sarah’s not in the mood for it with Bailey. In fact, she’s not in the mood to spend time with Bailey at all. Daphne’s woken up in the middle of the night to nurse Diana; she’s the only person (of the four in the room) who thinks this is weird. Someone’s not taking to motherhood very well.

Sarah tries to get Bailey to leave her alone when they wake up in the morning. Julia works on a group project with Maggie, who questions some of her work. Daphne declines to nurse Diana, thinking the baby likes Charlie more anyway. Julia asks her professor if she can change groups; he thinks she’s being ridiculous. She heads home, where Claudia and Griffin are putting together Diana’s nursery. She reveals to Griffin that she’s going to drop the course so she doesn’t have to work with Maggie.

Daphne’s released from the hospital and decides to go home, not wanting to spend 24 hours a day with Diana, like Charlie does. Claudia finds a window open in the nursery, and a bunch of Diana’s things on the lawn. Sarah rejects Bailey again when he wants to have sex, though at least this time she tells him that it’s because she’s worried about getting pregnant. He reminds her that he’d support her if she did, but Sarah knows that she’d still be parenting alone.

One of the nurses at the hospital is shocked – SHOCKED! – that Daphne would go home when her baby’s still there. Charlie defends her and basically tells the nurse to shut up. Ned finds Julia in the library, where she’s trying to avoid Maggie without spending time with the other person who made Maggie mad. He thinks she’s doubting her decision to have a relationship that started with cheating after she left Griffin for cheating.

Charlie takes Diana home, where he, Claudia, Kirsten, and even Owen rush to help him with the baby while Daphne just looks on. Owen is definitely feeling like he’s Jan Brady now. Sarah’s still trying to avoid Bailey, staying away from the apartment until just before he leaves for work. Claudia tells Charlie that Owen’s displaying signs of sibling rivalry (well, uncle/niece rivalry), but Charlie isn’t concerned, since that’s normal.

Julia spends the night in Ned’s bed, which I’m sure his roommate is thrilled about. She’s happy that she took another step in moving on from her marriage. Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night to find Bailey sitting by the bed; she inadvertently aroused him, and he got up so he wouldn’t pursue sex. He’s frustrated that they shared so much intimacy (beyond sex), and now she wants it to stop. He thinks they should take some time apart.

Charlie wakes Daphne up to nurse, because that’s been going so well. Daphne admits that she doesn’t feel like she’s a mother. Diana should be everything to her, but Daphne’s first instinct was to run away. Charlie thinks she’s just tired and experiencing postpartum depression. She points out that he named the baby after his mother not just because they were related genetically, but because of how Diana cared for him. Daphne doesn’t feel that same connection to this Diana.

In the morning, Daphne asks Charlie to take another day off of work to take care of Diana, but he can’t. He also wants her to dive into being a parent without a safety net. (That’s probably not a good idea, Charlie.) He decides to call Kirsten to come over and serve as backup. Bailey moves out of his and Sarah’s apartment for their time apart as she slams him for not being able to be a grown-up about their problems. Um, excuse me? You’re the one rejecting him every other minute; he’s giving you a chance to figure your crap out. I think that’s very grown-up. Shut up, Sarah.

Claudia’s still in San Francisco, having never called her school to ask for more time off. She claims it’s because Charlie needs her help, though Charlie seems to be doing just fine on his own. Bailey tells her to stop trying to be an adult and go back to school. Julia goes to her room to get some things for another sleepover with Ned. Maggie’s there and mocks that Julia’s just trying to convince herself that she made a good decision. But Julia and Ned don’t have the same intimacy that Maggie and Ned had – sex is all they have.

Kirsten goes to the Salingers’ and finds Daphne trying her best to calm Diana. She finally picks up the baby and sings to soothe her. Kirsten leaves without letting Daphne know she was there. Griffin takes Claudia to the airport so she can reluctantly leave Owen and Diana. Bailey crashes on the Salingers’ couch; he and Owen commiserate over feeling like there’s no room for them in their respective homes. Charlie comes home to see that his throw-Daphne-into-the-deep-end plan worked. She even nursed successfully. Yay, Daphne’s cured! Yay, Charlie! You did it!

Thoughts: How weird that I recapped the Beverly Hills, 90210 episode “Forgive and Forget” just before this episode with a similar name. Except this episode has very little to do with forgiving or forgetting.

Sarah, unless you’re pregnant right now, chill out. You’re upset that Bailey won’t stay with you through a hypothetical situation that, if you’re using birth control, is likely not to ever happen. Go take some deep breaths, eat some ice cream, and stop talking for two minutes.

Dear hospital: Unless Daphne checked in as Daphne Salinger, stop calling her Mrs. Salinger. Come on.

Okay, first of all, they wouldn’t send Diana home if she only weighed three pounds. Second of all, that baby definitely weighs more than three pounds. And she has no medical problems? None at all? Really, show?

August 9, 2014

Party of Five 5.5, The Baby: “Look What I Made”

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I'd like to know how Owen feels about having a new baby around

I’d like to know how Owen feels about having a new baby around

Summary: Julia and Ned study together in the library, or at least try to, since all they can think about is how they’re secretly involved. Julia thinks Maggie deserves to know. Ned’s like, “Can we have sex first?” Daphne’s having some health issues; her liver isn’t functioning properly, and the consequences could be serious. Sarah takes Hannah to a motel in a sketchy part of town, trying to help her determine what her options are for the baby. Hannah’s leaning toward keeping it, even if Will isn’t on board.

Ned and Julia prepare to tell Maggie about their affair, but she’s already crying – her dog died. They definitely can’t tell her about them tonight. Bailey slams Will for not telling him and Sarah why he was really back in town. Will claims that Hannah never told him about the pregnancy (he heard from a friend of a friend); he assumed she was going to have an abortion and never mention it. Bailey points out that she followed him across the country, so he needs to talk to her. Sarah returns with Hannah, announcing that the person staying in the sketchy motel should be Will, not Hannah.

Daphne wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but starts feeling sick. Charlie rushes her to the hospital, where Daphne’s doctor reports that her liver problems are getting worse. The news passes through the family, and Claudia decides to come home. Kirsten visits with Daphne while Charlie tells Bailey he’s having trouble being strong for her. Griffin offers to stay with Julia while she watches Owen at the house.

Will tries to offer Bailey support, but Bailey’s still mad at him for ditching Hannah. Will says that having a baby at this age would ruin his life. He’ll be stuck as the person he is right now – without a job or a college education. Bailey’s like, “Can you maybe shut up about your problems for two minutes?” Daphne’s doctor tells her and Charlie that there are risks with either delivering the baby early or not delivering early. Charlie realizes that it’s possible Daphne and the baby won’t both survive.

Having not heard from Julia after she went home, Ned shows up at the Salingers’ to find out what’s going on. Julia tells Griffin they’re just friends. Daphne’s doctor presses Charlie to make a decision, but Daphne’s too emotional to put in a vote, so Charlie doesn’t know what to do. He cries, saying he loves both Daphne and the baby, so he can’t pick which one of them to prioritize. The doctor has zero sympathy and asks again for a decision. This doctor is awful. Charlie ultimately chooses early delivery.

Julia asks Ned to distract her, so he tells her he’s in love with her. Thanks for playing, Ned. Julia tells him to call Maggie, who thinks he came to San Francisco to do research for a paper. The baby is delivered by C-section, but no one will give Charlie any news on her or Daphne. Charlie decides to go with his daughter, leaving Bailey to wait for news on Daphne. Sarah takes Hannah for a prenatal appointment at the same hospital, accidentally making her feel bad that her child won’t have as much love and support as Charlie and Daphne’s already does.

Claudia’s flight home is delayed because of fog. Griffin tries to avoid the house while Ned’s there; he’s figured out that Ned is more than just Julia’s friend, since he’s lying to Maggie about his whereabouts. Julia admits that he’s lying to his girlfriend. Hey, look, Julia’s involved with another cheater! Paul becomes the first doctor at the hospital to actually give helpful information, telling Bailey that Daphne’s still in surgery and has lost a lot of blood.

Griffin tells Julia that she’s making a big mistake getting involved with Ned. Julia points out that she was involved with Justin when she started developing feelings for Griffin. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t already attached. (No, Julia, it’s really not.) Griffin admits that he’s not dating someone; he wanted Julia to feel free to start dating again. You know, just not Ned. Sarah and Hannah meet back up with the Salingers, and Hannah tells Bailey that she’s decided not to have the baby. He gives her money for the abortion and offers to go with her.

Daphne gets out of surgery, and though she’s stable, she’s not out of the woods. Cue montage of everyone waiting for news, and Claudia waiting for her flight. Charlie prays in the hospital chapel until he’s allowed to see Daphne. He tells her the baby’s fine. The doctor reports that Daphne’s improving, then tells Charlie that the baby’s small and having trouble breathing. She thinks he made the right choice in having Daphne deliver early.

Sarah goes home, where she catches up with Hannah, who’s already had the abortion. Sarah pretends she’s not disappointed. Charlie’s also disappointed – it’s past midnight, so he didn’t get to see his daughter the day she was born. He tells Kirsten that the baby was the only thing in his life that felt right, and he might not get to keep her. Julia and Ned head to the hospital, where they run into Claudia, who’s finally made it to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Maggie shows up at the Salingers’ and meets Griffin.

Daphne’s upset that the baby was delivered early before she got a chance to give her opinion on what they should do. Charlie tells her that if they’d waited, Daphne might have died. She realizes that he chose her over the baby. She doesn’t understand why, after she was horrible to him and he went to such lengths to have the baby. But suddenly there’s good news – the baby is breathing on her own.

Charlie and Daphne finally get to see their daughter. Daphne has decided to go with Charlie’s name choice, Diana. Julia and Ned return home, thrilled with how things have turned out, and are immediately sobered by Maggie’s presence. She quickly realizes that they’ve been fooling around behind her back. At Bailey and Sarah’s, Hannah is totally fine with talk of someone else’s baby, which means she’s probably going to have a breakdown at some point in the future.

Sarah admits that she’s upset with Bailey for financing Hannah’s abortion. Bailey tells her that Hannah had already made up her mind, and giving her the money didn’t make a difference. Sarah promises that if she got pregnancy unexpectedly, she would have the baby, and she’d like to know that Bailey would support her. Charlie visits his parents’ graves with a picture of their first grandchild, telling them, “Look what I made.”

Thoughts: Doctor: “So…go ahead and pick who you would prefer to survive.” Me: “I pick a different doctor.” I mean…freaking A. At least pretend you have some bedside manner.

Then a ticket agent at the airport is condescending to Claudia, even after she tells him there’s an emergency. Why is everyone in this episode a jerk?

Sarah should have introduced Hannah to Kirsten. Kirsten might have talked her into having the baby, then letting Kirsten and Paul adopt it. Also, Kirsten served no other purpose in this episode, so it would have given her something to do.

So what happened to Will? He had two scenes with Bailey and then disappeared. We didn’t get to see his reaction to Hannah having the abortion.

August 2, 2014

Party of Five 5.4, A Mid-Semester’s Night Dream: “Normal Future Freak-Out”

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Everyone's so angsty. Calm down with a seal pup

Everyone’s so angsty. Calm down with a seal pup

Summary: Daphne’s in the hospital after having contractions, but she’s going to be sent home for bed rest. She’s not happy with the idea of having to stay in the house all the time. Her doctor doesn’t care: The baby still has eight weeks to go, and her lungs aren’t developed yet, so if she’s born early, she’ll be in a lot of trouble.

Maggie leaves Julia and Ned alone in their room, not realizing that’s a bad idea. They both regret their kiss, since Julia has now betrayed her new best friend and Ned has cheated on his high school sweetheart. Will shows up in San Francisco for a surprise visit but won’t tell Bailey why he’s there. Charlie and Kirsten tend to a grumpy Daphne, and Kirsten suggests that they throw a baby shower. Daphne doesn’t care what they do.

Claudia also gets a surprise visitor, in the form of Jamie. Parker and Hallie are surprised, too, since they didn’t know Claudia had a boyfriend. Jamie’s hurt that she hasn’t been talking about him. Will has dinner with Bailey and Sarah, telling them he doesn’t like studying accounting. In fact, he doesn’t like school at all. He asks if he can stay with them for a while. Someone named Hannah calls for him, but Will tells Sarah to pretend he’s not there. She’s just a psycho with a crush on him.

Maggie tells Julia that something’s going on with Ned, who’s been moody lately. Josh pops in to ask a question just as Julia gets a message from a secret admirer. Charlie plans the shower, and Daphne complains that he’s not letting her give any input. He reminds her that she didn’t show any interest in the planning before. Daphne’s upset that everything’s about the baby and no one takes her into account.

Julia and Maggie discuss her possible admirers, though Julia thinks that if the guy isn’t brave enough to approach her, he’s not someone she wants to date. She discovers that someone managed to access a paper she’s writing and format her bibliography. Ned’s like, “The guy must be a genius!” Maggie thinks it’s Josh, which Ned finds ridiculous.

Hannah manages to find Will at the restaurant, so Bailey offers to call her and scare her off. Will decides it’s better if he handles it. Jamie wants to go to a haunted house with Claudia (they’re the only people so far to mention that Halloween is coming up), but she clearly doesn’t want him there. She claims it’s because she’s helping to run it and wouldn’t have time to hang out with him.

Julia confronts Ned about her bibliography, having figured out that he formatted it for her. Apparently he’s madly in love with her now and is having trouble keeping it secret. Julia is adamant that they not let Maggie know that there’s something between them. Her solution is for them to stay away from each other.

Will’s awake in the middle of the night, and when Sarah wakes up, she asks him what’s going on with him. He tells her he’s just been thinking a lot about school and his future – a “normal future freak-out.” Charlie has to check Daphne’s vitals every six hours, which means getting up in the middle of the night. She’s very appreciative, and blames herself for her condition – she thinks her previous wishes for the baby to disappear have turned into something real.

Charlie and Kirsten go shopping for baby things, taking pictures for Daphne to look at later. Charlie saw a different side of Daphne the previous night, when she was panicking. He gets a 911 page from her. Will is now working at the restaurant but is proving to be less than trustworthy; he forgot to deposit some money, which led to a bounced check.

Julia and Maggie go shopping for Halloween costumes so they can have a girls’ night out. Apparently Ned broke plans he and Maggie had made. The costume store is mostly sold out and only has Gorbachev masks left. Daphne’s panicking because the baby isn’t moving; Owen suggests that she’s in a coma. Charlie uses candy to wake her up. Then he decides he can’t take Owen trick-or-treating, and suggests that he ask Griffin to go with him.

Maggie and Julia go to a Halloween party, and Maggie tries to play matchmaker for Julia and Josh. Julia’s pretending that she thinks Josh is her secret admirer. Ned’s also at the party, but Julia avoids him. Charlie tries to cheer Daphne up by going on bed rest with her. Will packs to leave Sarah and Bailey’s, telling them he feels horrible for making so many mistakes, including running away from school. Sarah points out that he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Jamie shows up at Claudia’s haunted house after all, thinking she’s been cheating on him. He doesn’t know why else she would be acting like she is. She admits that she doesn’t know either. Ned finds who he thinks is Julia and declares his love for her; he doesn’t realize that she and Maggie are wearing the same mask. Maggie, however, doesn’t realize that he didn’t know it was her. Julia publicly tells Josh to stop bugging her and get over her.

Claudia tells Jamie that she’s so in love with her new school that she has trouble thinking about people and things from back home. She doesn’t want to miss him, so she needs to break up with him. “I’m being dumped for a campus?” he asks. Charlie presents a slide show of baby things so Daphne can pick one. There are also childhood pictures of him, which Daphne loves. The two of them share a moment and kiss.

Will’s still out at 1 in the morning, and Sarah presses Bailey to confront him when he comes home and find out what’s going on with him. Bailey thinks they should keep their distance and let him talk when he’s ready. Maggie’s also late getting home, having stayed at the party while Julia left. She tells Julia that she’s too controlling because she’s afraid of getting into another relationship. Julia needs to just kiss someone (read: Josh) and loosen up.

Charlie and Daphne make out, then call her doctor to make sure they’re allowed to be doing things that might elevate her heart rate. Hannah shows up at Bailey and Sarah’s, and Bailey tries to get rid of her. Will attempts to keep up his story about her stalking him, but Hannah busts him by revealing that she’s pregnant with his baby. Even though it’s the middle of the night, Julia goes to Ned’s room to make out with him. Oh, Julia

Thoughts: How mad do you think Kirsten is that people keep getting pregnant without trying?

60 books in a bibliography? Shut up, Julia.

Charlie’s so sweet in this episode. He deserves better than Daphne.

July 26, 2014

Party of Five 5.3, Naming Names: Mother and Child Disunion

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Is Kirsten going to take care of this one, to?

Is Kirsten going to take care of this one, to?

Summary: Apparently Charlie didn’t tell his lawyer that Daphne moved back in, because she shows up at the house ready to move on his case. The lawyer has already investigated Daphne and gives Charlie her findings, advising him to take a look. He puts the findings in a drawer without reading them. Ned runs into Julia at a movie and starts chatting with her, not realizing she’s there on a date with Josh. The guys are still uneasy around each other.

Claudia does homework with some new friends, who then consider sneaking out that night. They’re not sure how to do it without getting caught, but Claudia knows the exact route they could take. Now that Mr. and Mrs. Reeves are divorcing, they’re moving out of their apartment, which means Sarah has to figure out what to do with her things. She winds up taking it all to her and Bailey’s place, lamenting that she feels like she no longer has a home.

Charlie and Daphne attend a birthing class but clearly don’t have the same emotional connection to each other or the baby that the other parents have. After seeing a horror movie, Julia tells Josh that she didn’t find any of it affecting, since she knows it’s all special effects. (I hope this is an inside joke about Neve Campbell doing the Scream movies.) He tries to kiss her, but she’s not ready for that step yet.

Claudia and her friends successfully sneak out, but get caught sneaking back in. One of the girls, Hallie, pretends she’s going to the infirmary with a nosebleed, and their dorm supervisor buys it. Charlie and Daphne go to a doctor’s appointment and are offered the chance to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. Daphne wants to wait, but Charlie wants to know, so he talks to the doctor privately.

Sarah tries to track down Robin, but she seems to have vanished. They stayed in touch for a while after Robin left town, but in the past few months their communication died off. Bailey suggests that Sarah contact her theater company. Julia meets up with Griffin to give him some mail and learns that Charlie offered to let him move back into the “guest cottage” while he looks for a place to live. Julia babbles about finding it hard to move on from marriage, but Griffin’s already dating again.

Sarah meets with Robin’s theater director (I guess), while backstage, Bailey finds a memorial plaque with Robin’s name on it. At the house, Charlie shares the baby’s sex with Kirsten, warning her not to tell Daphne. Kirsten thinks Daphne wants to be surprised, but Charlie knows it’s because she hasn’t connected with becoming a mother yet.

Bailey points out to a grieving Sarah that at least she got the chance to meet her birth mother. Sarah wishes she’d been more appreciative of what she had. Daphne’s home sick, which means Kirsten has to deal with her while she watches Owen (so…is she Owen’s nanny again or what?). Kirsten accidentally lets slip that the baby’s a girl.

Sarah gets Robin’s parents’ address and decides to pay them a visit, though Bailey thinks that’s a bad idea. Sarah wants to know who her father is, and Bailey says that they won’t tell her, since Robin never did. He knows she wants her grandparents’ love, but if they never looked for her before, she might be disappointed. Sarah snaps at him for not supporting her.

Claudia’s friend Parker wants to sneak out again, but Claudia’s more interested in finishing Sense and Sensibility. Sarah meets her grandfather (her grandmother’s dead), who wants nothing to do with her, and can’t even be sure she’s telling the truth about being Robin’s daughter. He definitely isn’t going to offer up any hints as to who her father is. Sarah will have to star in her own failed spin-off to find that out for herself! She asks for something of Robin’s that she can have.

Griffin helps Charlie move his stuff out of the “guest cottage” so Griffin can move back in. Charlie’s worried that Julia will stop by and see Griffin with another girl, but Griffin promises he won’t have any guests over. I certainly hope Charlie’s charging him rent, because this living arrangement is beyond ridiculous, and he should at least get some money out of it.

Josh brings Julia flowers, and she rants about how he’s the first person to ever buy her any. When she calms down, they almost kiss. She gives him the old “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse, then complains that Griffin’s already moved on. Josh thinks she’s talking about Ned. Julia tells him she lied about having a relationship with Ned, and that that means she’s horrible and he shouldn’t want to be with her. Josh is fine with whatever she’s done as long as she’s not lying about her gender.

Daphne’s mad at Charlie for telling Kirsten they’re having a girl, but he argues that he wanted to tell someone who would be happy. He tries to use the opportunity to talk about their future daughter. He’d liked to name the baby Diana, after his mother. Daphne has bad associations with the name, and Charlie asks her to get over it. Daphne refuses, asking if she gets a vote. Charlie says that it actually matters to him; “the person who cares the most should win.” Ouch.

Later, Charlie shares the baby news with Bailey, who teases that he’s going to have to deal with dolls and pierced ears and hickeys. Charlie brings up the name; Bailey likes the idea of there being another Diana Salinger in the world. When he gets home, Sarah tells him that he was right to be wary about how her grandfather would react to her finding him. She came away from their meeting with nothing.

Parker and Hallie are cold to Claudia, and she tells them that she doesn’t see boarding school the same way they do. They’re all enjoying their freedom and being away from their parents. Claudia, however, never had rules, and her parents weren’t around to be strict with her, so she has nothing to rebel against. She’s fine with having fun, but they don’t have to break rules all the time. Parker and Hallie understand.

At the house, Charlie tries to get Daphne to realize that despite her lack of connection to the baby so far, she’s going to be a mother in nine weeks. He extends an olive branch, and she attempts to compromise. Bailey and Sarah go to city hall (I guess) and she changes her name to Sarah Reeves Merrin. Now she has something of her mother’s to hold onto.

Hallie and Parker bring Claudia a treat from their latest sneak-out, then talk about the guys they met. At Stanford, Julia complains to Ned about how Josh reacted when she came clean about her lies. He advises her to kiss someone so she’ll start to acknowledge that things are over with Griffin. Also, Ned volunteers as tribute. “Now it all gets easier,” he tells her as they start making out. Yes, hooking up with your roommate’s boyfriend will definitely make Julia’s life better.

Charlie and Daphne attend another birthing class, which means it’s ironic when she starts having contractions. “This isn’t supposed to happen,” the teacher says. Thanks for your help, teach. I’m sure that baby will keep that in mind.

Thoughts: Hallie is played by Joanna Garcia. Sarah’s grandfather is played by character actor Eddie Jones; I took a break in the middle of this episode and watched some of A League of Their Own, which he’s also in.

Why is Charlie letting the guy who cheated on his sister stay on his property?

Sarah to Bailey: “Maybe it’s because you have nobody and I have the possibility of somebody.” WHAT? Is what you’re saying, “Maybe you’re jealous because your parents are dead and I might still have a grandfather”? Shut up, Sarah.

I’m kind of on Daphne’s side about the baby’s name. I understand it’s important to Charlie, but if Daphne doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to use it. It’s her child, too. How about Mrs. Salinger’s middle name, or a character from a book she liked?

Bailey’s idea of a nightmare boyfriend for his future niece: “A guy named Meat – and that’s not even his nickname.” Hee!

Claudia’s so cute and ’90s with her men’s shirt and mini-skirt and Steve Maddens.

July 19, 2014

Party of Five 5.2, Separation Anxiety: I Don’t Want to Be Here

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"Mind if I punch you in the face even though we don't have anything to fight about? Cool, cool"

“Mind if I punch you in the face even though we don’t have anything to fight about? Cool, cool”

Summary: Kirsten’s putting together a care package for Claudia at her new school, but Charlie’s no help, since he’s preoccupied with Daphne having moved out. Apparently he keeps calling her, and when he tries to do it again, he learns that she’s disconnected her phone. He’s worried that she’s going to run off and he won’t be able to have contact with the baby.

Julia gets a job working in Stanford’s cafeteria, and surprise, surprise, Josh works there, too. She thinks she got the job because her family has a restaurant, but Josh confesses that he pushed things along for her so they could spend more time together. So that’s two guys acting somewhat stalker-ish in the episode so far.

Bailey and Sarah’s new apartment is gigantic. Sarah’s concerned because she hasn’t heard from her mom in two months, though Bailey points out that even when she gets a letter from Mrs. Reeves, she ignores it. Sarah frets that something could be wrong and she wouldn’t know. She feels weird worrying about her parents, but Bailey notes that that’s normal.

Charlie meets with a lawyer to talk about the situation with Daphne. The lawyer’s confused because Charlie’s health insurance is through Bailey, since Charlie’s still unemployed. She won’t take his case since she knows they won’t win custody of the baby while he’s unmarried and doesn’t have a job. Meanwhile, Daphne hangs out with a friend; he’s nice and all, but not very responsible.

Bailey visits Julia at her dorm, telling her she shouldn’t be working if it takes time away from studying and socializing. She admits that she kind of enjoys it. He writes her a check anyway. Claudia tries to make friends, which doesn’t go well, then plays dumb in her chemistry class to make herself seem more approachable. Ultimately she has to admit she knows stuff.

Charlie’s offered an architecture internship but doesn’t want it if it doesn’t pay. Bailey goes with Sarah to see her parents, but no one’s home. Sarah makes Bailey go inside to look around and make sure everything’s okay. He hears a man leaving a message on the answering machine, talking about how he and Sarah’s mom are hooking up. Sarah’s understandably upset.

Charlie goes to one of Daphne’s prenatal appointments, but she doesn’t show up. She’s hanging out with her old hard-partying friends, and starting to see Charlie’s point about how spending time with them might not be great for her. Charlie calls the lawyer and asks if the fact that Daphne apparently isn’t taking care of the baby works in his favor. He promises to have a job by the end of the day.

Speaking of jobs, Julia quits hers, then has to assure Josh that it’s not because of him. He calls her mean and manipulative for acting cold to him one day and nice the next. He spots Ned in her room, and Julia tells Josh that he’s her boyfriend. Claudia asks her chemistry teacher not to call on her in class so she doesn’t have to talk in front of everyone. Obviously, that’s not going to happen.

Sarah finally connects with her mother, who tells her she’s not having an affair – she and Mr. Reeves are divorcing. Sarah’s mad that no one told her, but Mrs. Reeves tells her it was in her letters. Josh calls Julia out for not just telling him she had a boyfriend, which would have made him back off. Julia says they’re technically over, and she’s interested in Josh, but it makes her feel guilty about ditching Ned.

Charlie goes to Bailey to announce that he got an emergency teaching credential and will be a shop teacher at a middle school. Bailey agrees to pay his lawyer bills until Charlie can afford them. Charlie sees this as a commitment to something that will make him look like a capable parent. Bailey wonders why Charlie’s giving up his dream of becoming an architect. Charlie says that will take a long time and cost money for school; he needs to be able to support a baby right now. He’s willing to put off his dreams if it means he can keep his child.

Julia studies while Maggie and Ned discuss Jewel, because this is the ’90s and people actually talked about Jewel back then. After Julia goes to class, Josh sees Maggie and Ned kissing. Sarah finally reads her mother’s letters, which talk about her life for a while, then turn into pleas for Sarah to come home. She feels like her parents had nothing to talk about after Sarah left. Bailey reminds her that her parents pushed her away.

Claudia’s chemistry teacher has to step out of class for a few minutes, and he asks Claudia to walk the class through something while he’s gone. One of the girls Claudia was trying to impress asks her a question about alcohol, trying to embarrass herself, but Claudia turns it around and gets a laugh. She ends up endearing herself to everyone.

Daphne finally realizes she missed her appointment, but she can’t call the doctor because the friend she’s staying with didn’t pay his phone bill. He’s not sympathetic toward her – she asked if she could stay with him, not if he could, like, care about things. Sarah meets up with her father, who tells her he’s better off single. She begs him to find a way to make things work with Mrs. Reeves. He tells her she’s being selfish – people change, and everyone loses something or someone.

Josh finds Julia, Maggie, and Ned together, and announces that he likes Julia. She says she likes him, too, but he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. He tells Julia that he saw her boyfriend kissing her roommate, which just confuses Ned and Maggie. Josh and Ned end up pounding on each other. Charlie goes back to the lawyer, who’s pleased that he’s gotten a stable, respectable job. He mentions that Daphne’s job history isn’t stellar, accidentally giving the lawyer ammo to use against Daphne.

Later, Charlie meets up with Kirsten and Owen, telling Kirsten that his case is looking better, but he regrets spilling some of Daphne’s secrets. Kirsten compares the situation to Jerry Springer – his show is fun to watch, but you don’t ever think you’re capable of trashing someone in public. Claudia tries again to befriend a classmate, saying she can’t change the fact that she’s smart. The girl asks for help with their classwork.

Charlie goes to see Daphne, but she’s moved out of her friend’s place. Julia explains to Ned that she told Josh they were dating because it was easier than, like, being honest and stuff. She confesses that she’s still married. She’s jealous of Maggie and Ned’s relationship, which he says isn’t as great as it seems. Because they’ve been together since high school, there are no surprises, which is both good and bad.

Sarah mopes, and she and Bailey both talk about having snapshots of happier times with their families. Charlie goes home to make calls to try to find Daphne, but she’s turned up at the house. She admits that she doesn’t want to be there, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She knows she can’t get through this on her own. I hope this means there’s no custody fight now, and Charlie doesn’t have to confess what he told the lawyer.

Thoughts: Claudia’s chemistry teacher is played by Willie Garson. It’s weird seeing him in a dramatic role.

There’s no way Bailey’s making enough money for everything he’s spending it on (like that apartment). And I’d love to kow how much he gave Julia to make her think she doesn’t have to work anymore.

Don’t students at Andover wear uniforms and, like, know things? Isn’t it pretty elite?

Dear Julia, try using these words with Josh: “Thank you for your interest. I will get back to you shortly. Now please back off.”

Is Kirsten working as Owen’s nanny again? Why is she always around?

July 12, 2014

Party of Five 5.1, Moving On: Growing Up Is Hard, You Guys

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This is Josh. How could Julia be mean to him? He's like a puppy!

This is Josh. How could Julia be mean to him? He’s like a puppy!

Summary: It’s been a few months since “Fools Rush Out,” judging by the size of Daphne’s stomach, and everything is going well with her pregnancy. She’s annoyed that Charlie’s so overprotective. Bailey and Sarah look at a new apartment, which he offers to pay for; apparently the restaurant is doing well. Owen helps Julia and her horrible new haircut pack up to leave for college. Owen has been recast and now speaks in full sentences. Griffin shows up and notices that Julia’s still wearing her wedding ring. They say an awkward goodbye.

At Stanford, Julia quickly becomes everyone’s object of affection. Her roommate Maggie and Maggie’s boyfriend Ned aren’t very concerned with modesty. Bailey calls Charlie to the restaurant to talk about light fixtures that need to be fixed. Charlie laughs at him for being such an adult, then tells him he’s starting to lose his hair. Back at his new apartment, Bailey freaks out about his hair while Sarah tells him he’s in his sexual prime, which I guess means they should do it a lot before his upcoming birthday.

Julia gets a call from a guy who saw her picture in the freshman facebook and wants to show her his lizard collection (apparently not a euphemism). She and Maggie meet a delivery guy named Josh, and though he’s cute, Julia doesn’t seem interested. Maggie wonders why she’s not attracted to any guys at Stanford. Kirsten helps Claudia pack for boarding school while Charlie continues to be overprotective of Daphne. She’s disappointed with the way their new living arrangements are working out, and how their relationship has changed.

Julia admits to Maggie that Stanford is different from the way she pictured – basically, she imagined dating someone. Her future isn’t clear. Charlie wants to go back to being the guy Daphne was first attracted to, so he tells her to pick out something for them to do today. It’s a nice gesture, but she already has plans. She didn’t see the point in keeping their original plans, a tour of the hospital where she’ll be having the baby.

Bailey has a check-up with his pediatrician, like, if you’re old enough to be convicted of drunk driving, you’re old enough to see a grown-up doctor. His pediatrician agrees. “What if I don’t wanna?” Bailey whines. Somewhere downtown, Kirsten comes across Daphne with some of her friends, being loud and drinking wine. The Salingers (plus Jamie and Kirsten) have a goodbye dinner for Claudia at the restaurant, and Jamie gives her the address of his webpage. Awww, so ’90s.

Julia’s in town for the goodbye party and agrees to cancel her plans to spend Claudia’s last night with her in their old room. Daphne arrives an hour and a half late and Charlie yells at her for drinking. They have a fight and Daphne storms out. Sarah tries to lighten the mood with a limerick. You’re weird, Sarah. In bed that night, Claudia tells Julia that in her 16 years of life, she’s only had three rooms. She’s mostly only ever slept in their house. She’s not sure she’ll be happy in a new place. Julia reminds her that the family will always be there for her.

Daphne spends the night with a friend, and Charlie stays behind to talk to her instead of going with Bailey to take Claudia to Boston. (Nice brother, there.) Charlie wants to give Daphne what she needs, even if she needs him to shut up and leave her alone. In her first ten minutes at school, Claudia meets people she has things in common with, so she’s more than ready for Bailey and Sarah to leave. They head to a parents’ mixer, where Bailey is reminded yet again that he’s a grown-up now.

Josh runs into Julia again, but she’s not interested in being hit on. She’d like all the guys at Stanford to leave her alone and let her get an education, since that’s why she’s there. Jetlagged from the trip to Boston, Bailey falls asleep watching football in his and Sarah’s hotel room, then tries to prove his youth with sex. Claudia interrupts and Bailey goes on a rant about getting old. You’re 20, Bailey. Sit down. Charlie and Daphne go on their hospital tour, but it freaks her out and makes her announce that she can’t keep doing what they’ve been doing. She’s moving out.

Julia learns that she got into a writing class she didn’t think she’d get into. Oh, and Josh is in it, too. Just sleep together already. Bailey’s goodbye presents to Claudia are a credit card and a diary. He recognizes that the diary is something kind of young, but he doesn’t want her to feel like she’s getting old fast like he does. He gives a sweet, emotional speech about how much he’ll miss her. “Promise not to change without telling me,” he says.

Charlie tries to stop Daphne from moving out, saying he has a right to know what’s going on. She tells him that if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, they would have grown apart and broken up. Having a baby together has put pressure on them to work things out even though they’re not in love. She thinks they should break up now instead of continuing to drag things out. Charlie reminds her that the baby is his, too, but he can’t exactly make her stay.

Julia apologizes to Josh for picking a fight with him; she gets now that he was trying to connect with her as a fellow writer. He says she can make things up to him by going out with him. Charlie worries to Kirsten that Daphne won’t let him see their baby. He wishes he hadn’t tried to make things work with someone he didn’t love.

Bailey has to spend his birthday working late at the restaurant, so Sarah comes by to keep him company. She falls asleep while he’s cleaning up, but he enjoys dancing around to “Young at Heart” by himself. Julia visits Griffin, mentioning that she still has a line on her finger from where her wedding ring used to be. He assures her that it’ll go away. The Salinger house is now strangely quiet, since Charlie and Owen are the only ones who still live there. Charlie’s so sad and alone, waaaah.

Thoughts: Josh is played by Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott. Maggie is played by Heather McComb, the ex-Mrs. James Van Der Beek.

Me: “Hmmm…Scott Bairstow is playing Ned. His name sounds familiar. Did I see him in something else? What else was he in? Did he do anything after the ’90s?” (Googling) “‘Scott Bairstow Sentenced’? Aaaaaaaaand no more questions.”

Did anyone else see Scott Wolf on Hollywood Game Night this week? The man hasn’t aged since this series. He was also delightful and came across as someone you’d want to chat with at a party.

Why, exactly, does Claudia want to go to boarding school? Before, it was because everything in the house was so crazy, but that’s not really the case anymore.

I can see why all the guys like Julia. I mean, she’s just so pleasant.

Normally that “you can apologize by having dinner with me” thing is annoying, but Josh is pretty charming and nice, so I’ll give him a pass.

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