November 22, 2014

Party of Five 5.20, The Wish: Lights Out

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My birthday wish would have been for a cake this awesome

My birthday wish would have been for a cake this awesome

Summary: Julia helps Bailey continue moving Owen’s things out of the Salingers’ house a few weeks after he received custody. Bailey and Charlie are still on shaky terms, but Charlie’s trying to act like everything’s okay. Bailey invites him to visit Owen at his place any time he wants. Claudia joins her siblings, obviously looking for some acknowledgment, but no one catches her hints. Then she opens the fridge and finds a sign wishing her a happy 16th birthday. She’s excited that her friends and family will be getting together that night at Bailey and Sarah’s to celebrate.

Apparently parenting only one child hasn’t made things all that much easier for Charlie, as he accidentally leaves Diana’s diaper bag in his vice principal’s car. Claudia asks Griffin to come to her birthday party, but he resists since he’s still trying to separate himself from them. She offers to bring him a piece of cake instead. A waitress at the restaurant complains to Bailey about some new rules at work, which have been implemented by a manager named Lauren. She makes Bailey hang around to go over more issues.

Sarah gets things ready for Claudia’s party, which is going to get crashed by the high school’s ice hockey team. Sarah thinks that’s awesome since Claudia could use some time with boys. Lauren bugs Bailey some more about work stuff, like running tabs for longtime customers and never asking them to pay. He tells her she can implement new policies, but she needs to be a little nicer. Griffin decides to go to Claudia’s party after all, and he and Julia take an elevator up to the loft together.

Bailey’s about to leave the restaurant when the power goes out. Over at his apartment building, the power outage traps Julia and Griffin in the elevator. Elsewhere in the city, Charlie and Diana get stuck in a traffic jam. The hockey team manages to make it to the party, though. Owen notices that the power’s out all over the city. The mayor quickly declares a state of emergency and a 9:00 curfew. Charlie ditches his car in an alley while Bailey and Lauren bicker over whether they should still give their customers their bills.

Julia decides to take advantage of the situation to get Griffin to talk things out. She admits that she’s upset with him for the way he treated her when she was with Ned. She was in a bad situation, but Griffin didn’t let her handle it on her own. However, she’s grateful because he ultimately helped her. On a hunt for diapers and formula, Charlie encounters a police officer, who suggests that he stop by a hospital. The hockey team hangs out with Owen while Claudia awkwardly avoids them. Sarah tries to get her to loosen up – it shouldn’t matter if she’s a virgin and the guys aren’t.

Charlie gets what he needs at the hospital, where he also runs into Paul. He asks Charlie to donate blood since there’s a shortage. Griffin asks Julia why she didn’t call him after everything with Ned. She says she was embarrassed that he saw her in such a bad place. Griffin’s surprised that she cared about what he thought – she rarely cared about his opinion before. “I’m just a nuisance to you,” he says. Julia’s surprised that he did so much for her after claiming not to love her. She has more than just basic respect for him now.

Claudia’s still jumpy, so Sarah tells her to stop acting like the guys are enemies. They’re just paying attention to her and being nice. Claudia denies that she’s afraid, then says that she has every right to be, since she’s never had sex and so many bad things can result. Sarah’s like, “Been there, and it’s so much more awesome than you think.” She decides it’s time to give Claudia a version of the talk (and I don’t buy that Julia never did, but whatever). Bailey and Lauren fight some more – each is mad that the other is so controlling. She quits, leaving him alone to close up.

Sarah tells Claudia that she waited a long time to have sex, which for some people is part of being safe. Claudia clearly isn’t at the right place yet, but when she is, she won’t be scared anymore. Until then, she shouldn’t be nervous around the hockey players. Bailey’s hesitant to leave the restaurant until the power comes back on, since the alarm won’t work, but Sarah convinces him to stay. Lauren returns, admitting that she has trouble forming positive relationships with people, and often drives people away. They accept that they’re both control freaks and decide to have dinner together.

Charlie and Paul note how weird it is to be back in the hospital where Charlie’s life changed so much. He appreciates that Paul has always been so kind to him. Paul finds it strange that Charlie would worry about how he’s handling the split with Kirsten. Julia and Griffin consider an escape through the elevator shaft, but it’s not feasible. Instead, they’ll just bring in some sexual tension and make out a little.

Claudia tries to help a hockey player decide what to give his girlfriend for her upcoming birthday. She advises him to give her something that means a lot to him but that he never wanted to give away. (She totally means virginity, you guys.) Bailey and Lauren discuss their control issues, and Bailey wonders if that’s what was in play during the custody battle. Was he really looking out for Owen, or did he just think he was the only one who could do things right? Lauren tries to hide her disappointment when Bailey confirms that he has a girlfriend.

Griffin tries to stop things before he and Julia can go too far, but she wants him to stop worrying about making a mistake. Somehow, all the way in another part of town, Bailey and Lauren catch Griffin and Julia’s sexual tension and look like they might kiss. Just then, the power comes back on, which they should totally take as a sign. He agrees to forget about her quitting her job. Griffin and Julia finally make it out of the elevator, but he decides not to stay for the party. Julia gets him to change his mind.

Paul catches Charlie on his way out of the hospital so he can announce that Charlie and Kirsten belong together. Charlie laughs, but Paul thinks it was obvious the entire time he was with Kirsten. She told him that she hated letting Charlie go, but was able to move on because of Paul. He told himself that he was helping her move on, but she was always on a path back to Charlie. Paul wants him to realize that he’s protesting too much.

Bailey makes it to the party, which has turned out to be a big success. Claudia’s happy that Griffin showed up after all. Charlie and Diana arrive last, and since Kirsten’s there, Charlie has some thinking to do. So does Julia, who kind of wishes she were 16 again, and Griffin, who is much more practical. She asks him to pretend that things are carefree again, just for the night. Charlie tells Bailey that he can see how happy Owen is with him.

Sarah asks Claudia if she feels any older. Claudia does, since a boy asked her to “park” with him, but she asked to postpone the date for a couple years. Her birthday ends on a good note, with everyone singing “Happy Birthday.” She makes a wish as she blows out her candles, not worried that it won’t come true.

Thoughts: Lauren is played by Julie Warner (Doc Hollywood, Tommy Boy).

Charlie, don’t put a baby in the front seat! Come on!

Ahh, elevators, The go-to contrivance to trap characters together. What would TV shows do without them?

Sarah: “Offer them some nachos.” Claudia: “What if they ask me a follow-up question?” Hee.

’90s music alert: Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.”

October 11, 2014

Party of Five 5.14, Stand by Me: Please Stop Making Bad Decisions, Everyone

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"You two look like nice kids. You would certainly never let a criminal into the building. Well, one of you wouldn't"

“You two look like nice kids. You would certainly never let a criminal into the building. Well, one of you wouldn’t”

Summary: Julia and Ned go skinny-dipping in Stanford’s pool, because apparently she said she wanted to take more risks. She tells him they can’t hang out the next night because she’s going to Justin’s parents’ anniversary party. Of course, Ned doesn’t like that she’ll be hanging out with another ex. She promises that he has no reason to worry, especially since Justin has a girlfriend, but Ned invites himself along anyway.

Charlie and Kirsten take Diana to the park, in an inevitable step toward the three of them becoming their own little family. Kirsten says that finding out Paul doesn’t want to adopt makes her feel like she’s learning she can’t have kids all over again. Charlie encourages her to work things out with her husband.

Sarah tells Bailey that she promised to help Albert find a job. She’s officially gone farther than Joey Potter ever did. Bailey’s understandably upset – she’s helping the man who robbed her at knifepoint. A neighbor, Mr. Belmont, asks after Owen, thinking he was Bailey and Sarah’s son. Sarah’s like, “You know who does have a son? Albert.” Sarah, get it together.

She tells Bailey that her victim support group encouraged her to take control, so she’s letting Albert come over to search for a job. Bailey decides to stay home to be there, too, but Sarah doesn’t want him around, making Albert feel like criminal. Bailey’s like, “Uh, that’s what he is.” Sarah asks him to back off so she can face her fears. He gets her to agree to at least meet Albert somewhere public.

Griffin asks Justin to visit him at work so they can discuss Julia’s relationship with Ned. Griffin announces that Ned’s abusive, and Justin wonders why he’s not currently a) with Julia or b) beating the crap out of Ned. Griffin explains that he has to keep his distance. Justin figures out that Griffin wants him to rescue Julia instead. He’s not interested in getting involved, but Griffin points out that it must be really bad if he was willing to turn to Justin.

Claudia goes to Cody’s record store, because for some reason, this plot is still a thing. They’re all, “Why does Griffin want us to stay away from each other? It’s not like we like each other. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” They decide that they’re allowed to do whatever they want. Kirsten suggests a vacation so she and Paul can work on their relationship, but he doesn’t think it can be salvaged. She agrees that they’re over.

Julia and Justin reunite at the anniversary party, and he reveals that his girlfriend cheated on him with her ethics professor. (That’s called irony, folks.) Ned warns Justin to keep his hands to himself. Mrs. Thompson asks Justin and Julia to dance with each other, “for old time’s sake,” so she’s probably on some list of Ned’s now. Ned cuts in before Justin can ask Julia anything about Griffin’s suspicions.

Albert doesn’t get Sarah’s message changing their meeting place, and he winds up at her and Bailey’s apartment after all. Now she’s not so eager to help the criminal. She helps him with some job applications, cautioning him not to put his arrest on one, since it only asks if he was ever convicted of a crime. It probably won’t matter anyway, since he has little education and no job experience.

Kirsten goes back to Charlie for another conversation about her marriage. He offers to let her stay at the house while she figures out what she’s going to do next. Justin and Julia hang out (sorry, Ned), and this time he asks her about how things are going in her relationship. He finds Ned “intense” and “possessive.” Julia doesn’t get the hint. She runs into Ned’s roommate and tells Justin she has to leave before the roommate tells Ned he saw her with another guy.

Griffin announces to the band that he’s booked them a gig. They finally have a lead singer: Cody’s friend Melanie. Cue jealousy from Claudia. Sarah admits to Bailey that Albert came to the apartment and asks him to be proud of her for helping him, or at least happy that she’s facing her fears and feels safe. Bailey’s like, “I’m still a little stuck on the fact that a robber was in our apartment, but okay.”

Ned yells at Julia for meeting with Justin, couching it in disliking that she’s discussing their relationship with other people. There’s some classic abuser language, and then he slaps her. “It’s my fault,” she says, apologizing for doing things with Justin that Ned didn’t like. The whole thing is disturbing.

Charlie goes with Kirsten to meet with the same lawyer he talked to when he thought Daphne might keep Diana from him. Kirsten blames herself for the marriage falling apart, and the lawyer wonders if Charlie had any bearing on things. The lawyer then sends Kirsten out of the room and asks Charlie if Daphne’s departure had anything to do with the information she gave him. Charlie says he never looked at it.

Justin calls Julia to try to get her to meet him, but she tells him she’s sick. Ned’s in her room the whole time. Kirsten takes the room in the Salingers’ attic and they laugh over memories of the early days of them knowing each other. Justin goes to Julia’s dorm but finds only Ned there. Justin fails to goad him into admitting that Julia makes him mad sometimes. They discuss what Griffin’s said about Ned, but Justin decides not to pursue it.

Sarah and Bailey are woken up by a gunshot and call the police. Griffin’s band does their gig. Melanie has a really annoying voice and Claudia tries to upstage her. A detective tells Bailey and Sarah that some apartments were robbed, and Mr. Belmont was shot when he walked in on the burglar. Of course, that burglar was Albert. Sarah blames herself for bringing him over, but that’s not the worst part: Bailey’s gun is missing.

Sarah’s mad that Bailey got a gun after she told him not to, but Bailey points out that that’s not really the issue here. Sarah’s like, “Albert couldn’t have shot anyone without a gun.” Bailey’s like, “Albert couldn’t have gotten the gun if you hadn’t let him in.” They’re at an impasse over who’s really to blame for what happened. Hey, how about we blame Albert?

Claudia and Cody make awkward small talk, and she learns that he and Melanie aren’t just friends – they’re dating. Claudia realizes that that’s the real reason Griffin wanted her to avoid Cody. She babbles until Cody kisses her, so I guess he and Melanie are over? I’m confused. Whatever, I don’t care enough.

After spending the night thinking about it, Charlie digs up the information on Daphne. He tells Kirsten that it’s full of things Daphne might not even know about her own life. If she’d known them, things might be different. He’s decided that he needs to find her. Bailey and Sarah visit Mr. Belmont, then discuss security measures in their apartment. Bailey offers to move, but Sarah wants to learn to feel safe no matter where she is. She assures him that he makes her feel safe, too.

Julia returns to her dorm and learns that Justin came by. Ned claims he’s not mad, but it’s probably only because Justin’s going back to school and won’t be around anymore. He sings “Stand by Me” so the episode can get a title, and they dance. Knowing what we know about him, it’s creepier than it’s meant to be.

Thoughts: The Kirsten/Paul stuff was especially interminable because I know how things end up for her. So thank goodness that’s over.

Didn’t Justin’s parents have another kid? Why is she never mentioned? She must be hanging out with Owen somewhere.

I guess we should be grateful that Sarah didn’t ask Bailey to give Albert a job at the restaurant. That would have been a disastrous conversation.

Melanie’s former band was the Julienne Fries. Ugh, no. It should be Julienne and the Fries.

’90s music alert: Griffin’s band plays Counting Crows’ “Rain King.”

October 4, 2014

Party of Five 5.13, Fillmore Street: There’s a Difference Between Forgiveness and Justice, Sarah

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This red panda is laughing at Julia and Sarah's horrible decisions

This red panda is laughing at Julia and Sarah’s horrible decisions

Summary: Albert has been arraigned, and the next step is for the prosecutor to help Bailey and Sarah get ready to testify. A woman corners Sarah at the courthouse, introducing herself as Albert’s sister, and tells Sarah that he only turned to robbery to provide for his child. Ned and Julia run into each other at the library, and he says he’s willing to give her some space. She makes excuses for his behavior, saying that just lashed out because he was scared. She’s happy that he cares so much.

Charlie meets with an insurance agent named Beth who totally wants to jump his bones. Bailey’s furious that Albert’s sister talked to Sarah, who thinks the sister wanted to make her feel guilty for pressing charges. She’ll still testify, but she’s confused about things. Kirsten sets up a meeting with an adoption agency while Paul gets depressed over news about orphans. She would rather adopt domestically, since it’s faster; Paul thinks they should go international and save a child.

Griffin surprises Julia at her dorm, wanting to check out her car, which she lied about dinging up. She chases him off, and he’s disappointed to learn that she’s still with Ned. Claudia goes to the music store where Griffin’s jerky ex-band mate Cody works and asks him to come back to the band. Cody doesn’t want to play with someone who’s not as into rock as he is. If she’s not planning to show up at a club on Fillmore Street the next night, off a rumor that Taj Mahal will do a surprise performance, she’s not cool enough for him.

Griffin and Ned run into each other and bicker over Julia. Amazingly, punches aren’t thrown. At his school, Charlie chats with his vice principal, Valerie, who wants him to come to a City Council meeting to show support for arts funding. And if he wants to hang out and have coffee and maybe make out before that, she wouldn’t say no. Charlie asks a student with a crush on him to babysit Diana. Bad move, Charlie.

Kirsten and Paul meet with someone at an adoption agency who tells them someone has already picked them as parents. They could have a baby as soon as next week. Sarah sees Albert at the DA’s office and feels bad for him. Okay, Joey Potter, don’t go there. Griffin tells Charlie that growing up with an abusive father gave him a sixth sense about violence, and he thinks Ned is hitting Julia. Charlie thinks Griffin’s just upset that Julia’s moving on. Julia wouldn’t be with someone who hurts her.

Claudia shows up at the Fillmore Street club, and Cody blathers about playing music and being soulful. If Claudia can learn to play like Taj Mahal, he’ll come back to the band. She asks him to help her. He tells her to close her eyes and focus on the groove. Ned confronts Julia for not telling him that Griffin was on campus; he’s worried that they’ll get back together. She assures him that Griffin isn’t a threat. Ned interprets that as Julia accusing him of being paranoid. He points out that she and Griffin haven’t actually divorced yet.

Bailey tells Sarah that the prosecutor helped him get a restraining order to keep Albert’s family away. He thinks Sarah was scared by the incident, but she’s moved on to feeling bad for the guy who robbed her at knifepoint. She argues that he never hurt anyone; he ran away instead of using the knife. Bailey doesn’t care – Albert should go to jail. He doesn’t care about Sarah’s sympathy for the guy.

Paul comes home at the end of a bad day, telling Kirsten that he performed surgery on a girl whose brain tumor went undetected for a long time because her parents couldn’t afford a doctor. He hates that those parents almost lost their daughter because they don’t have money, while he and Kirsten get to adopt because they do have money. Kirsten reminds him that they have to think in absolutes: There’s an actual child they’re supposed to bring home. Paul says he doesn’t want him this way.

Sarah makes the horrible move of telling the prosecutor that she no longer things Albert was the guy who robbed her. Then she says it’s him, but she doesn’t want to send him to jail. The DA reminds her that she’s the victim, not Albert. Sarah argues that he’s a human with a family. They should be working to fix whatever makes him steal, not punishing him for it. Bailey thinks his testimony will be enough, but the prosecutor thinks Albert will go free if Sarah backs down.

Charlie’s babysitter, Amanda, shows up at the Salingers’, where Beth is already waiting for Charlie (she was going to bring over paperwork). Valerie shows up next, and Claudia predicts a fight. Griffin returns to Julia’s dorm and asks her straight out if Ned’s abusing her. She tries to get him to leave, but he’s not gone before Ned shows up. The guys face off again, and this time punches are thrown. Julia continually tells Griffin to get out.

When Charlie comes home, Beth, Valerie, and Amanda yell at him for not thinking each of them was romantically interested in him. (Amanda, you’re 16. Your dad probably had to drive you over. Shut up.) Charlie tells them he’s too focused on Diana to date right now. Beth’s even more turned on now. Kirsten’s understandably upset about having to turn down the adoption, and she tells Paul that she doesn’t think he’s ever going to be on board. He basically admits it.

Cody’s back in the band, but Griffin doesn’t want Claudia to hang out with him. He thinks she should decide between Cody and the band. Bailey makes some jabs at Sarah for deciding not to testify against Albert, pointing out that people shouldn’t have to suffer because of other people’s bad decisions. Sarah wants to cling to her belief that people deserve second chances. Bailey doesn’t like that she thinks it’s okay to excuse people’s behavior and let them go unpunished.

Julia goes to see Griffin, telling him she’s not mad that he’s concerned. She informs him that she’s having a lawyer draw up divorce papers. She doesn’t want Griffin to keep trying to take care of her – she needs him out of her life. They need to stop worrying about each other. Charlie meets with Kirsten, who tells him that Paul backed out of the adoption. She’s not sure how to forgive him, or if she can keep fighting for their relationship. Julia goes back to school and prepares to move on with her life (with Ned, of course). Sarah tracks down Albert at his home and introduces herself.

Thoughts: Adoptive parents everywhere are laughing hysterically over Paul and Kirsten getting approved to adopt in, like, four episodes.

Ugh, Claudia, don’t fall for a music snob.

I think this episode is the first time in years that Griffin has mentioned Jill. I almost forgot she existed.

’90s music alert: Sheryl Crow’s “My Favorite Mistake” plays during Ned and Griffin’s fight, and if that doesn’t perfectly describe Julia and Griffin, I don’t know what does.

September 27, 2014

Party of Five 5.12, Witness for the Persecution: Every Superman Has His Kryptonite

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He's not a criminal! He's a cutie pie!

He’s not a criminal! He’s a cutie pie!

Summary: Ned has been trying to get in touch with Julia, and this time he’s apologizing, but only because they fought. She erases his answering-machine messages before Maggie can hear them, then tells her roommate she’s going home for a few days. Julia asks Maggie not to tell Ned where she is. Claudia takes care of Diana while Charlie reminisces about his sister’s birth – he was mad that he had to give up 49ers tickets to babysit Julia and Bailey. Claudia thinks Diana can sense that something’s wrong, since Daphne isn’t there.

Griffin’s leaving as Julia arrives at the house, telling him her shoulder hurts because she had a car accident. It’s not the best lie since her car’s right there and nothing’s wrong with it. Charlie has to take Diana to class with him because he hasn’t yet broken down and called Kirsten for help. The vice principal, Ms. Walsh (also a single mother), lets him know that the school has just started a faculty daycare. Charlie wants to keep the baby close, though, and Ms. Walsh says she’ll see if he can get permission to keep Diana in his classroom.

Claudia sets up her old tent for Owen, which gives Charlie and Bailey déjà vu, especially since Julia’s home. Bailey tells Charlie that Owen’s still mad about not having Charlie’s undivided attention. He offers to let Owen stay with him a few nights a week, but Charlie gets defensive. Bailey thinks he should be more upset about Daphne leaving.

Later, at the restaurant, Sarah tells Bailey that Charlie’s struggling with a Superman complex, thinking he should be able to handle everything. Bailey finds his office trashed, and when he goes back to the dining room to talk to Sarah, he discovers that an intruder is holding her at knifepoint. Bailey gives up all his money and his watch, begging the guy not to hurt Sarah. The robber makes Bailey get on the ground, then heads to the door, still holding on to Sarah. As he leaves, he steals her necklace and pushes her back inside, unhurt.

Bailey and Sarah call the police, and a kind detective named Danner takes their statements and gives Sarah the name of a trauma counselor. Bailey’s more angry than scared, and Danner thinks he could benefit from counseling, too. Bailey insists that he’s fine. Sarah, what was that you were saying about a Superman complex?

Charlie meets up with Kirsten at a diner, and she tells him she and Paul are starting the adoption process. She’s super-excited, saying that the baby’s already changing everything without even being there. Charlie’s like, “Wait till there’s actually a baby.” He doesn’t get why everyone expects him to fall apart and need help.

Sarah wakes Bailey up in the middle of the night, having heard something, and decides she needs counseling. Bailey thinks a security guard at the restaurant is the way to go. He offers to take Sarah to class in the morning, but she wants to be able to live her life normally. Claudia picks up her violin for the first time in a long time to play Diana a lullaby. She hears Griffin playing his guitar in the “guest cottage,” and they play together a little. He invites her to play with his new band.

Sarah confides in Julia that she’s having trouble getting past the robbery, so she wants to see a counselor. She hasn’t been able to have a helpful conversation with Bailey; he just wants to talk about getting revenge. Sarah hates that she feels like she did something wrong, when she’s the one who was the victim of a crime. She actually feels ashamed. Julia doesn’t respond, but she clearly can sympathize.

Ned arrives at the house and hangs out with Claudia and Diana. Julia pulls him away and announces that he will never hit her again. She’s upset that they’ve always been able to talk through their problems, but this time, he got physically violent. Ned denies that he struck her. Julia orders him out of the house and away from her sister and niece.

Ned admits that he did something wrong by getting so upset, but he still denies hitting her. He was just angry that Julia seemed to be rejecting him. He grabs her injured shoulder to keep her from leaving, saying that that’s all he did the other night – he tried to make her stay. He was just worried that she would leave him. Ned can’t believe that Julia would ever believe he would hurt her.

Claudia plays with Griffin’s band, but the other guitarist, Cody, isn’t very welcoming. (I think the drummer’s high and doesn’t actually know what’s going on.) Cody’s like, “Violins aren’t rock! Girls can’t play in bands!” Griffin kicks him out. Bailey meets with a security guy, Ray, at his and Sarah’s apartment, which Ray thinks isn’t safe despite being in a yuppie neighborhood. Sarah refuses to live in a fortress. She’s even more upset when she sees that Ray brought over some guns.

Kirsten’s gotten the ball rolling on the adoption process, but Paul is too busy to get completely on board. She thinks he’s trying to back out, when really he just has surgery the day she’s set up a meeting. Calm down, Kirsten. Claudia packs up Daphne’s things so Charlie doesn’t have to, though, of course, he says it’s not a big deal and he can handle it and would everyone just leave him alone because he’s totally fine?

Sarah and Bailey discuss how shaken they’ve felt since the robbery. Sarah’s already had a session with the counselor, and she wishes Bailey would set up an appointment. Bailey wants to be more practical by finding ways for them to feel safer. She doesn’t want to stay away from her normal life even when she doesn’t feel safe. Bailey insists that buying a gun wouldn’t make him a different person. He points out that they could have had Owen with them at the restaurant.

Danner calls with the news that the robbery suspect has been arrested, so the next morning, Sarah and Bailey go to the police station to see a lineup. Sarah immediately recognizes the robber. Bailey’s mad at the guy, but Sarah’s just sad – the arrest doesn’t make her feel any better. Claudia tells Griffin that she doesn’t think playing with his band will work out. She thinks the guys are great together, and she doesn’t want to be their Yoko. Griffin tells her he kicked Cody out and kept her because he likes her playing, not because he felt sorry for her.

Julia hears noises in the basement and finds Charlie there, angrily packing up Daphne’s things. He complains about people leaving when you want them to stay. He admits for the first time how upset he is that Daphne left her own child. Julia points out that he couldn’t understand because he’s always stayed. Charlie’s emotional, realizing for the first time how alone he is. Julia urges him to focus on the important parts of his life. He’s not alone, and the family would have fallen apart if he hadn’t survived his cancer.

Julia goes back to school, silently watching Ned in the library. Maggie shows up and asks Julia to tell her what’s going on with them. Julia says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Bailey and Sarah have compromised with new locks in the apartment. He tries to comfort her by telling her that the robber, Albert, is off the streets and can’t hurt anyone anymore. They’re going to help put him away, which means they aren’t helpless. But Sarah’s seen a different part of the world now, and she’s not comforted.

Thoughts: Albert is played by Freddy Rodriguez, who’s probably best known from Six Feet Under. Danner is played by Disney actor Phill Lewis.

Griffin’s been on the show for years and we’re just now learning that he plays the guitar?

Sarah, take the whole family with you to counseling, please. Every last one of them.

September 20, 2014

Party of Five 5.11, Rings of Saturn: Make Like a Tree and Leave

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"And up there, you can just barely make out the last shred of Ned's likability"

“And up there, you can just barely make out the last shred of Ned’s likability”

Summary: Daphne’s at an empty playground with Diana, just staring at all the equipment. She starts to leave without the baby, running back when she hears Diana crying, but not picking her up. At some later point, Daphne’s out when Charlie needs to leave for work and Claudia has to go to school (the local high school, not her boarding school), so Charlie has to take Diana with him.

It’s Owen’s last day with Bailey and Sarah, and Bailey assures him that Charlie’s excited to have him back at home. However, with Daphne gone, Charlie doesn’t have anyone to look after Owen, so he needs to stay where he is. Julia and Maggie are still living together, which must be AWKWARD, though it might get a little less awkward now that Maggie’s starting to date again. Maggie’s even willing to possibly forgive Julia, maybe just a little. She asks Julia not to tell Ned that she’s seeing someone.

Paul asks Kirsten to do some volunteering with the kids at his hospital. She’s hesitant, not wanting him to feel like he needs to help her fill up her time. The current volunteer asks her to keep a troublemaker named Michael in line. Charlie promised to take Owen camping, so Bailey wants to fill in, even though he has no idea what he’s doing. Sarah thinks he’s nuts.

Daphne goes to see a priest for some counseling; she’s distressed about almost leaving Diana. The guy is pretty clueless and keeps pressing her to go to church. Julia and Ned head to her dorm room, but there’s a stuffed monkey on the doorknob, which means Maggie has a guy in the room. Ned’s surprised to hear that his ex has a new boyfriend. He pretends he’s not upset, but Julia’s not an idiot.

At the house, Daphne calls a bank about cashing in a savings bond to leave in Diana’s name. At Stanford, Ned admits to Julia that he’s upset after all – but with Julia, for not telling him that Maggie was dating someone. He’s sure that Maggie’s telling the guy stuff about Ned and Julia. Julia tells him that Maggie’s actually less angry now, and they might be able to repair their friendship. Unless he’s jealous, he needs to deal with it.

Kirsten has hit it off with Michael, and she goes back to the hospital to spend time with him. Bailey and Owen go camping, and since Bailey’s horrible at it, it’s fortunate that a mother (Theresa) and her daughter invite them to eat dinner with them. Charlie and Daphne fight over her leaving the house early that morning to go to the bank, without giving him any notice. She says she’s focusing on Diana’s future.

Bailey and Owen’s tent is too small. This storyline is dumb. Ned takes Julia to a single dorm room he wants them to use as a love nest. Julia thinks he’s being weird about Maggie, but he says he just wants them to have their own place to be alone. She doesn’t like that he’s making decisions without consulting her. Charlie and Claudia find a ton of diapers in the house – it looks like Daphne’s stockpiling them.

Bailey and Owen survive their night camping, and in the morning, Bailey chats with Theresa, who’s impressed with how he’s handling taking care of a kid on his own. Bailey confides that he feels like Owen hates him. Theresa invites them to spend that night with her and her daughter in their tent. Bailey wants to leave, Theresa woman says that’s not what Owen wants – he wants Bailey to turn things around.

Julia’s decided to move out of her and Maggie’s room, which actually disappoints Maggie. She thinks Julia’s giving up the college experience she wanted so she can shack up with her boyfriend. Michael’s discharged from the hospital, and Kirsten’s sad to see him go. Thanks to Theresa’s telescope, Bailey and Owen’s second night camping is much better than the first. Owen’s impressed that there’s so much cool stuff in the world. “When you find out about cool stuff, will you let me know, so we can see it together?” he asks Bailey.

Daphne tells Diana how great her future will be, and what she should and shouldn’t do. She’s clearly planning to leave. Charlie gets that, and the next day he tells Kirsten about it. She presses him to say something to make Daphne want to say, but Charlie isn’t sure he should. If Daphne wants to go, she should go.

Julia tells Ned she’s changed her mind about moving out, but he ignores her. He continues packing her things, even as she refuses to leave or let him control her. Things get so heated that Ned backhands Julia, then continues packing as she leaves the room. Julia cleans herself up in the bathroom, where another girl chatters excitedly about a date.

Bailey asks Owen not to tell Charlie about their camping trip, and definitely not to tell Sarah that they shared a tent with another woman (especially if he’s going to say, “Bailey slept with Theresa”). Paul decides to address the elephant in his and Kirsten’s lives: the fact that they don’t have kids. He knows that a child is the only thing that would make Kirsten feel like they’re a family. She reminds him that they agreed not to have kids since he doesn’t want them, but he doesn’t know how else to make her happy.

At the Salingers’, as Charlie tells Daphne that he knows she’s going to leave. He’s not going to try to stop her; he just wants to know when she’s going so he can have a little notice. Daphne tells him about walking away from Diana in the park and how she just stopped thinking about her. She’s afraid that she’ll always be the kind of mother who can and will leave, which isn’t what Diana and Charlie deserve. “I’ve already left,” Daphne says. She asks Charlie not to let Diana hate her.

Ned tries to call Julia, who’s avoiding him. He’s not apologetic about hitting her; he just wants to talk about the move. Bailey invites Sarah along the next time he and Owen go camping. She tells him that no matter what Bailey thinks he did wrong, Owen’s happy, so everything turned out all right. Bailey’s also pretty happy with the way things went. Julia goes back to her and Maggie’s room but doesn’t tell Maggie what happened. Daphne calls a cab and leaves the Salingers’ house, leaving Charlie alone with Diana.

Thoughts: Shouldn’t Owen be in school of some kind? Isn’t he kindergarten age by now?

If there’s anything that will make me laugh, it’s an eight-year-old who says, “Bring me the next human sacrifice.” Bravo, Michael.

With an abusive boyfriend, the show has now hit almost every big teen show storyline. I think the only one left is sexual assault. There’s still a season and a half left to fit that in!

September 6, 2014

Party of Five 5.9, Gifts: Take Care. Or Not

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This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else's

This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else’s

Summary: Did you know babies cry a lot? Party of Five is here to remind you. The Salingers have hired a baby nurse, for some reason, and she thinks Charlie and Daphne need to let Diana start soothing herself. Charlie disagrees, but Daphne thinks the nurse, Nora, should take care of everything so they can sleep. Get used to Daphne doing nothing with Diana throughout this episode.

Julia makes up with Ned, telling him it’s hard for her to see a family not getting along after she’s spent five years keeping hers together. She tries to invite herself along to spend the day with Richie, but Ned declines. At the restaurant, Bailey learns that he’s earned a big tax refund because the restaurant is doing so well. In fact, the place is more profitable than it was when his father ran it.

Griffin looks for a job, considering one as a courier, which will let him travel a bit. Daphne continues to let Nora take care of her child. Griffin asks after Claudia; everyone’s still ignoring her pleas to come home. Bailey wants to spend some of his money on an expensive suit but isn’t sure it’s a practical purchase. A salesman reminds him that one day, he’ll be dead. Thanks, salesman! He really means that Bailey should want to be remembered as a fashionable dresser, not a practical money-saver.

Charlie butts heads with Nora over whether Diana should be eating anything other than breast milk. Nora decides she can’t work with a parent who’s so controlling, and she quits. Daphne begs Charlie to hire a new nurse so she can get some sleep. I’m not sure why Daphne isn’t sleeping, since she’s not actually doing anything to take care of Diana, but whatever. Julia crashes Ned’s day with Richie, upsetting both brothers.

Despite telling Daphne he wouldn’t, Charlie asks Kirsten to come take care of Diana for a few hours. She assures him that Paul won’t care. She’s happy to help, saying there’s no one she’d rather spend the evening with than Diana. Sorry, Paul! Bailey asks Charlie to build a wine cellar for the restaurant; he’s thinking of doing a big renovation. He’d also like to take Charlie and Daphne out for a nice dinner.

Claudia’s friends are worried because she’s been isolating herself from them. Griffin shows up, having taken a detour while in Boston on his courier job, and makes plans to hang out with Claudia that night. Bailey buys Sarah a dress and looks at new furniture for their apartment. He wants Sarah to go to dinner with him, Charlie, and Daphne, but she has work to do for a professor. Bailey suggests that they hire someone else to do the work.

Julia and Ned go to his parents’ house to take care of some plants; this time her presence doesn’t upset Richie because he’s ignoring her. She recognizes his allegedly nonsense ramblings from before as a poem, and she recites it with him. At their super-fancy dinner, Bailey encourages everyone to get expensive food, but Charlie just wants to speed things up so he and Daphne can go home. Bailey and Sarah realize that friends with kids can be a little annoying.

Paul goes to the Salingers’ to complain that Kirsten is once again helping the family. He wants them to do something the next night; “the Salingers will just have to do without you for one day.” Claudia confides to Griffin that she feels like she’s in the wrong place, which he can relate to. She reminisces about how her mom taught her to take care of Owen, which helped her not be so jealous of him. She asks Griffin to teach Owen to take care of Diana.

Bailey takes Owen to his place for the night, and Owen’s surprised by the amount of attention he’ll be getting. Bailey takes a call from the bursar’s office at Sarah’s school and learns that her tuition’s due in 20 minutes. Claudia accompanies Griffin as he makes his delivery (a ferret), but they run off with it when they learn that it’s supposed to be buried with its deceased owner.

Sarah learns that Bailey paid her tuition and blasts him for taking care of her. “When you pay for something, you own it,” she says. Bailey reminds her that she taught him to share, and he wants to share their success. Sarah denies that she’s had anything to do with how well the restaurant is doing. Bailey disagrees, telling her this is his way of saying thank you. He’d appreciate some gratitude from her.

Kirsten is back at the Salingers’ to take care of Diana while Daphne sleeps. Okay, it’s time for Daphne to see a psychiatrist. Charlie finally asks Daphne why she keeps calling people to look after Diana. Daphne claims that Kirsten came over on her own. Griffin takes Claudia back to school, feeling bad about having to leave her in a place she doesn’t want to be. At the last minute, he tells her to go pack her things.

Julia wants to use more poetry to connect with Richie, but Ned denies that Richie can have any kind of meaningful communication with anyone. When he was younger, he tried to analyze what Richie said, but he never found anything he could understand. He thinks Julia’s “looking for something that could make him worthy of love,” when they should just love Richie for himself.

Griffin takes Claudia home to San Francisco, angering Charlie. Griffin’s upset that no one listened when Claudia told them she was miserable. Charlie thinks she should stay in her prestigious school that will open up doors for her. Claudia would rather help take care of Owen and Diana, since Charlie sucks at it.

Kirsten doesn’t make it home in time for the plans Paul made for them, so he asks her straight out who she would rather be with, him or the Salingers. Kirsten tells him that since she doesn’t have a job, taking care of Diana makes her feel useful and comfortable. Bailey and Sarah discuss how uncomfortable the restaurant’s success has made them – she because she feels like a kept woman now, and he because he feels like he needs to figure out who he should be. Sarah likes her new dress, so the perks of being rich aren’t all bad.

Julia tries to explain to Ned that she thought she could understand him better by spending time with his family. He tells her that he’s always been overshadowed by Richie; he wants Julia all to himself. Daphne wants to hire another baby nurse, even if it’s one who’s not compatible or competent. Charlie thinks something’s wrong with her, whether it’s postpartum depression or something else – Daphne isn’t connecting with Diana. Daphne already knows it but doesn’t know how to fix it.

Thoughts: Everyone should check out Vulture’s oral history of the first season of Party of Five. Everyone is very cheerful.

Charlie and Daphne need a nurse for Diana because…? And they’re paying her…how? Also, Nora is played by Ms. Teasley from Beverly Hills, 90210.

Julia, stop trying to fix everyone’s problems. You’re not Brandon Walsh.

When Griffin is the most compassionate person on the show, something’s wrong.

Is the Salingers’ house magical or something? Why does everyone want to be there all the time?

Charlie shouldn’t be so surprised that Daphne’s distant with Diana. She didn’t want a baby in the first place. I’m glad she reminds him of that, because it’s a little weird of him not to think about it.

August 23, 2014

Party of Five 5.7, Tender Age: Thanks for the Heart Attack

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Still not enough food for everyone at the Salingers'

Still not enough food for everyone at the Salingers’

Summary: Bailey tries to convince Sarah to spend Thanksgiving with the Salingers, but she’s still mopey because of their relationship issues. Charlie and Owen stop by a toy store while out running errands, then take a break so Owen can ride on a carousel. Charlie calls Daphne at home, where she’s trying to take care of Diana and deal with Thanksgiving stuff. When the carousel stops, Owen isn’t on it. Charlie starts wandering the mall but can’t find his brother.

Julia invites Ned to her family’s Thanksgiving, promising that her brothers won’t ask about his intentions with her. Charlie goes back to the toy store, but Owen hasn’t returned there. Kirsten wants to spend Thanksgiving with the Salingers, but Paul thinks it’s time to set some boundaries. (Seriously. Thank you, Paul.) Kirsten points out that their only other Thanksgiving option is with boring people who don’t even eat Thanksgiving food. Paul gives in.

Charlie finally goes to mall security, where no one’s helpful, including Charlie, who can’t remember what Owen was wearing. Claudia calls home, but Daphne’s the only one there. I guess Claudia isn’t going home for Thanksgiving since she was just there; her teacher, Mr. Kroop, invited her to his house. Daphne then takes a call from Charlie letting her know that Owen’s missing. She and Bailey can’t remember what he was wearing either. Bailey and Griffin head off to the mall to help with the search.

The security guard continues to be unhelpful, not even helping Charlie look at the security screens. Charlie finally orders him to call the police. Julia and Ned bring home groceries, because these people are dumb enough to leave Thanksgiving shopping until the last minute. Enjoy your radishes and jelly beans, everyone. Only one police officer arrives to look for Owen, which doesn’t make Charlie feel any better. The officer says Owen’s considered of a “tender age” because he’s under ten. Thanks for the episode title; you’re still not helpful.

Bailey and Griffin arrive in time to learn that since Owen’s been gone more than an hour and a quarter, he might have been kidnapped. Happy Thanksgiving, Salingers! Julia, Ned, Paul, and Kirsten come to the mall next, and everyone splits up to pass out pictures of Owen and question people. Bailey yells at Santa, apparently thinking that a guy who sees hundreds of kids a day will remember what each of them looks like. Bailey also yells at Charlie for losing their brother.

Julia, Griffin, and Ned team up with another cop, then split up when Griffin suggests that he and Julia look in an airplane store. Kirsten takes a minute to deliver an emotional monologue to Paul. A cop tries to assure Charlie that they’ll probably find Owen, then shares that he has kids the same age as Owen and Daphne. Charlie beats himself up for being on the phone with Daphne instead of paying attention to Owen. The cop tells him that when his shift ends (which is soon), Missing Persons will take over, and they won’t be able to devote a lot of time or manpower to finding Owen.

Bailey leaves a message for Sarah asking her to come join the search. Claudia calls home again, and Daphne pretends everything’s fine – they just needed something from the store, and nine people decided to go together. Daphne has decided to cook dinner by herself, which is insane. Bailey and a cop finally encounter someone who might be helpful, except she doesn’t speak English, so her daughter has to translate. The woman saw a boy being dragged out of the mall (and…didn’t tell anyone?? Nice).

Everyone regroups in the security office, where the police have decided to expand the search to the neighborhoods around the mall. Griffin and Ned end up going to a construction site, where things start to get tense. Ned’s annoyed that Griffin knows the Salingers so well. Claudia calls home yet again, and this time Daphne can’t keep up the lie, so she tells Claudia that Owen’s missing. Claudia then calls Bailey and tells him she’s coming home. He tells her to stay put.

Kirsten picks a fight with Paul over a rude shopper, then snaps at him when he tells her to calm down. Happy Thanksgiving, Paul! This is totally what you’re in for the rest of your life, because Kirsten is an honorary Salinger! Bailey yells at Charlie because Daphne told Claudia about Owen, because I guess Bailey thinks Charlie controls Daphne? Charlie knows Bailey’s really mad at him for losing Owen in the first place.

A cop makes things worse by revealing that a boy was just brought into a hospital in a coma, having been beaten. Sarah shows up just in time to go over there with Bailey. It’s not Owen, but some other family is going to have a horrible Thanksgiving. Everywhere searchable has now been searched, and the mall is closing in 15 minutes, but Charlie refuses to go anywhere until those 15 minutes are up.

Bailey tells Sarah that if they had a baby together, no matter when, he would love and protect it at any cost. Griffin and Ned return to the mall, and Ned comforts Julia, who’s panicking for the first time. After 15 minutes, the cops make Charlie leave. Charlie plans to drive around until he finds Owen, and the cop he’s been talking to says he’ll do the same. Just then, they learn that a child turned up at a homeless shelter. It’s Owen – oh, and Bailey was right about what he was wearing, just for the record.

Charlie confronts the homeless man who brought Owen to the shelter, but the man says he was trying to get Owen to stop bugging him. He’s offended that anyone thinks he might have harmed a child. Owen approached him at the construction site, and the guy couldn’t get a name or address out of him, so he took him to the shelter for turkey. Charlie lectures Owen for leaving the carousel and not telling the homeless man his name, but Owen isn’t apologetic. He’s mad that everything’s about Diana right now, and he wanted to do something on his own.

Now that the big crisis is over, everyone gathers to have Thanksgiving together, except Griffin. He doesn’t want to spend any more time with Ned. He tells Julia that despite Ned’s helpfulness, he doesn’t like the guy. Paul apologizes to Kirsten for being hard on her, and she thanks him for joining the search. Paul reveals that Owen’s disappearance has made him realize that he couldn’t handle being a father. Bailey thanks Sarah for showing up during the search, which helped him feel better. I guess their problems are solved?

This time when Claudia calls the house, she gets to talk to Owen. Too bad she has to spend Thanksgiving with her teacher instead of her family. So apparently Daphne cooked everything by herself while also taking care of an infant? Huh?

Thoughts: What a horrible Thanksgiving episode. Unless the message is “be thankful that your children aren’t missing.”

I’m sure mothers everywhere would love to know how Daphne prepared the entire meal by herself while taking care of a baby.

Hey, Ned, maybe be helpful before you complain about Griffin being close to the family. And then sit at the kiddie table with Paul.

’90s music alert: Alanis Morissette’s “Thank You” (how appropriate).

August 9, 2014

Party of Five 5.5, The Baby: “Look What I Made”

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I'd like to know how Owen feels about having a new baby around

I’d like to know how Owen feels about having a new baby around

Summary: Julia and Ned study together in the library, or at least try to, since all they can think about is how they’re secretly involved. Julia thinks Maggie deserves to know. Ned’s like, “Can we have sex first?” Daphne’s having some health issues; her liver isn’t functioning properly, and the consequences could be serious. Sarah takes Hannah to a motel in a sketchy part of town, trying to help her determine what her options are for the baby. Hannah’s leaning toward keeping it, even if Will isn’t on board.

Ned and Julia prepare to tell Maggie about their affair, but she’s already crying – her dog died. They definitely can’t tell her about them tonight. Bailey slams Will for not telling him and Sarah why he was really back in town. Will claims that Hannah never told him about the pregnancy (he heard from a friend of a friend); he assumed she was going to have an abortion and never mention it. Bailey points out that she followed him across the country, so he needs to talk to her. Sarah returns with Hannah, announcing that the person staying in the sketchy motel should be Will, not Hannah.

Daphne wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but starts feeling sick. Charlie rushes her to the hospital, where Daphne’s doctor reports that her liver problems are getting worse. The news passes through the family, and Claudia decides to come home. Kirsten visits with Daphne while Charlie tells Bailey he’s having trouble being strong for her. Griffin offers to stay with Julia while she watches Owen at the house.

Will tries to offer Bailey support, but Bailey’s still mad at him for ditching Hannah. Will says that having a baby at this age would ruin his life. He’ll be stuck as the person he is right now – without a job or a college education. Bailey’s like, “Can you maybe shut up about your problems for two minutes?” Daphne’s doctor tells her and Charlie that there are risks with either delivering the baby early or not delivering early. Charlie realizes that it’s possible Daphne and the baby won’t both survive.

Having not heard from Julia after she went home, Ned shows up at the Salingers’ to find out what’s going on. Julia tells Griffin they’re just friends. Daphne’s doctor presses Charlie to make a decision, but Daphne’s too emotional to put in a vote, so Charlie doesn’t know what to do. He cries, saying he loves both Daphne and the baby, so he can’t pick which one of them to prioritize. The doctor has zero sympathy and asks again for a decision. This doctor is awful. Charlie ultimately chooses early delivery.

Julia asks Ned to distract her, so he tells her he’s in love with her. Thanks for playing, Ned. Julia tells him to call Maggie, who thinks he came to San Francisco to do research for a paper. The baby is delivered by C-section, but no one will give Charlie any news on her or Daphne. Charlie decides to go with his daughter, leaving Bailey to wait for news on Daphne. Sarah takes Hannah for a prenatal appointment at the same hospital, accidentally making her feel bad that her child won’t have as much love and support as Charlie and Daphne’s already does.

Claudia’s flight home is delayed because of fog. Griffin tries to avoid the house while Ned’s there; he’s figured out that Ned is more than just Julia’s friend, since he’s lying to Maggie about his whereabouts. Julia admits that he’s lying to his girlfriend. Hey, look, Julia’s involved with another cheater! Paul becomes the first doctor at the hospital to actually give helpful information, telling Bailey that Daphne’s still in surgery and has lost a lot of blood.

Griffin tells Julia that she’s making a big mistake getting involved with Ned. Julia points out that she was involved with Justin when she started developing feelings for Griffin. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t already attached. (No, Julia, it’s really not.) Griffin admits that he’s not dating someone; he wanted Julia to feel free to start dating again. You know, just not Ned. Sarah and Hannah meet back up with the Salingers, and Hannah tells Bailey that she’s decided not to have the baby. He gives her money for the abortion and offers to go with her.

Daphne gets out of surgery, and though she’s stable, she’s not out of the woods. Cue montage of everyone waiting for news, and Claudia waiting for her flight. Charlie prays in the hospital chapel until he’s allowed to see Daphne. He tells her the baby’s fine. The doctor reports that Daphne’s improving, then tells Charlie that the baby’s small and having trouble breathing. She thinks he made the right choice in having Daphne deliver early.

Sarah goes home, where she catches up with Hannah, who’s already had the abortion. Sarah pretends she’s not disappointed. Charlie’s also disappointed – it’s past midnight, so he didn’t get to see his daughter the day she was born. He tells Kirsten that the baby was the only thing in his life that felt right, and he might not get to keep her. Julia and Ned head to the hospital, where they run into Claudia, who’s finally made it to San Francisco. Meanwhile, Maggie shows up at the Salingers’ and meets Griffin.

Daphne’s upset that the baby was delivered early before she got a chance to give her opinion on what they should do. Charlie tells her that if they’d waited, Daphne might have died. She realizes that he chose her over the baby. She doesn’t understand why, after she was horrible to him and he went to such lengths to have the baby. But suddenly there’s good news – the baby is breathing on her own.

Charlie and Daphne finally get to see their daughter. Daphne has decided to go with Charlie’s name choice, Diana. Julia and Ned return home, thrilled with how things have turned out, and are immediately sobered by Maggie’s presence. She quickly realizes that they’ve been fooling around behind her back. At Bailey and Sarah’s, Hannah is totally fine with talk of someone else’s baby, which means she’s probably going to have a breakdown at some point in the future.

Sarah admits that she’s upset with Bailey for financing Hannah’s abortion. Bailey tells her that Hannah had already made up her mind, and giving her the money didn’t make a difference. Sarah promises that if she got pregnancy unexpectedly, she would have the baby, and she’d like to know that Bailey would support her. Charlie visits his parents’ graves with a picture of their first grandchild, telling them, “Look what I made.”

Thoughts: Doctor: “So…go ahead and pick who you would prefer to survive.” Me: “I pick a different doctor.” I mean…freaking A. At least pretend you have some bedside manner.

Then a ticket agent at the airport is condescending to Claudia, even after she tells him there’s an emergency. Why is everyone in this episode a jerk?

Sarah should have introduced Hannah to Kirsten. Kirsten might have talked her into having the baby, then letting Kirsten and Paul adopt it. Also, Kirsten served no other purpose in this episode, so it would have given her something to do.

So what happened to Will? He had two scenes with Bailey and then disappeared. We didn’t get to see his reaction to Hannah having the abortion.

June 28, 2014

Party of Five 4.23, Fools Rush In: The In-Betweeners

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This is Natalie's father. I KNOW!

This is Natalie’s father. I KNOW!

Summary: Bailey’s moving forward with his plan to move in with Annie, while Sarah tries to find another roommate for the house she’s spending the summer in with her friends. A waiter at the Salingers’ restaurant does something nice for her, and Sarah asks Bailey for more information about him. She thinks he might like to stay at the beach house. Bailey’s like, “His name is Eric. He’s probably a jerk.” (No, seriously, this is his response.)

Daphne tries out a tear-away valet outfit on Charlie, who’s disappointed that she didn’t actually get a job as a valet. As Barney Stinson learned, it’s tough dating a stripper. Griffin’s stuck at the guest cottage, with his bum leg, and Julia’s tired of babysitting him but still feels obligated. Charlie and Daphne have dinner with Paul and Kirsten, because that’s not an awkward setup at all. Paul and Kirsten are a little intrigued, but Charlie’s embarrassed.

Claudia and Jamie study together, and he uses 200 words to try to ask her to prom. She thinks he’s asking her to have sex, which she’s definitely not ready for yet – she doesn’t even have her learner’s permit yet. When she realizes what he really wants, she accepts. Annie clears out some closet space for Bailey, though now he’s a little less excited about how many things are changing. To try to make himself more confident, he answers the phone “Annie and Bailey’s residence,” but the caller hangs up.

Griffin races an old woman to the cashier at a grocery store, but loses. He’s rewarded, though, when he’s revealed to be the thousandth customer of the month and gets a trip to L.A. After dinner, Daphne tells Charlie she’s upset that Kirsten and Paul were so fascinated with her life. Charlie points out that if she’s not okay with her job, she can quit. She shoots back that he’s the one who’s ashamed to be dating a stripper. She wishes he’d defended her.

Bailey learns from Eric that Sarah invited him to be her new roommate. Bailey tries to scare him into backing out by telling him that Sarah’s tough to live with. Charlie and Paul go play racquetball together, and seriously, they spend too much time together for people who have been with the same woman. Paul talks about his bachelor party, which featured a stripper; Charlie’s never been to one. Paul assures him that most are tamer than he thinks, and the guys leave the stripper alone.

Bailey picks up Natalie from school, making sure that she’s okay with him moving in. She just wants to make sure he’ll always kiss her good night even though he’ll be staying in the apartment. Nearby, a man watches them from his car. That’s not creepy at all! Griffin tells Julia about his L.A. trip, which will have to take place this weekend if he doesn’t want to have to wait another three months. He’s excited that something good is finally happening. Julia can’t go, though, and doesn’t think Griffin should travel with his injured leg. He’s mad, so she says she’ll try to change her schedule.

Charlie tracks Daphne down at a bachelor party in a bar, where she’s trying to keep a guy’s hands off her. Things get tense, and Charlie steps in to be Daphne’s white knight. The guy’s a jerk and Charlie ends up hitting him, then rushing Daphne out. As Bailey, Annie, and Natalie are being domestic, they get a surprise visit from the man at Natalie’s school. He’s Natalie’s father, Jay.

Daphne blasts Charlie for ruining the bachelor party, which might get her fired. He can’t believe she’s not grateful to him for saving her. He basically orders her to quit stripping. Bailey listens uncomfortably as Sarah gives Eric a tour of their apartment, so apparently Bailey didn’t scare him off. Sarah’s more interested in Jay’s sudden arrival anyway. Griffin and Julia head to L.A., trying to ignore the amorous couple behind them on the plane and the loving gay couple seated next to them.

Claudia’s currently the only happy Salinger, as she looks at prom dresses. Charlie warns her not to let her expectations get too high. At his first prom, his date had an allergic reaction to her corsage and wound up at the hospital. Then he was vomited on and had to pay for his rented tux. Now Claudia isn’t so happy anymore. In L.A., a guy tries to flirt with Julia, but Griffin scares him off. However, the guy’s cheesy lines inspire Julia and Griffin to have some fun mocking him.

Daphne storms into the Salingers’ house to tell Charlie that she’s still mad about him crashing the party, but she’s a little grateful for the way he tried to protect her. However, he needs to back off and let her live in the moment like she always does. Julia and Griffin keep goofing off, pretending to be foreigners who have just met. They even end up kissing.

Bailey sits around all day waiting for Annie to come back from spending time with Jay and Natalie. He can’t believe that she wants to hang out with Jay after she tried so hard to keep him away from their daughter. Annie, however, thinks that since Jay has moved to be closer, has gotten a job, and has been in AA for eight months, he’s a new person.

Bailey thinks Annie will eventually get back together with Jay. He also thinks Jay is just putting on appearances, and reminds Annie of the bad things he’s done in the past. He’s worried that he’ll lose Annie and Natalie. Annie promises that Natalie will stay in Bailey’s life, but she needs to make sure her daughter has what she wants.

Sarah tries to comfort Bailey, but she also needs to know when he’s moving out so Eric can move in. Bailey admits that he’s dealing with things he’s never had to deal with before – divorced exes with custody and child support issues. All he wanted was to move in with Annie, but now he’s on the outside. He’s decided to stay put for now until the Motts sort out their issues.

Kirsten tries to gauge the seriousness of Charlie and Daphne’s relationship, promising that she’s not going to express her opinion about them being together. Charlie tells her that he knows it’s weird, but it works for them. They’re both in between things right now, but they’re both okay with it. In L.A., Julia and Griffin are the closest they’ve been in months to the way their relationship was when they first got married. They don’t want to go home the next day.

Jay shows up at the restaurant to thank Bailey for everything he’s done for Annie and Natalie. But now he wants his family back, so he’d like it if Bailey would go away. He reveals that he never signed the divorce papers. He’s going to ask Annie to take him back. Charlie tracks Daphne down at another party, though this one is a kid’s birthday party, and this time Charlie just wants to know why she hasn’t been in touch. He’s confused as to why she wants space. He bugs her until she reveals that she’s pregnant. Kirsten is going to be so ticked.

Thoughts: As you can see from the picture, Jay is played by John Slattery from Mad Men. That’s right, Roger Sterling was on Party of Five.

Daphne can unsnap her bra with her teeth? I’m pretty sure that’s physically impossible.

Sarah, you don’t want to live with Eric. He has no personality.

’90s music alert: Fastball’s “The Way.”

May 3, 2014

Party of Five 4.17, Of Sound Mind and Body: What Do You Mean, You Don’t Want to Raise Your Wife’s Ex-Fiancé’s Siblings?

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I'm sure she's not drawing graphic pictures at work. I'm sure that's not of her and Griffin, naked. Right?

I’m sure she’s not drawing graphic pictures at work. I’m sure that’s not of her and Griffin, naked. Right?

Summary: Charlie’s still in the hospital, and Kirsten’s still visiting him. He tells her he still plans to write out a will, and asks her to take in Claudia and Owen if he dies. He thinks Bailey and Julia would be too young to raise them. Plus, Kirsten wants kids, so she would get to be a parent. She agrees to talk to Paul about it. Meanwhile, an empty Salinger house gets a phone call from Claudia’s school about how she’s been skipping classes.

Claudia hears the answering machine message later and rushes to delete it before Julia can hear it, but she’s too late. Bailey and Julia confront Claudia for her truancy. They’re especially mad because they’ve been working so hard to keep things together while Charlie’s in the hospital. They’ll be meeting with her and guidance counselor that afternoon. After Claudia leaves the room, Julia and Bailey agree not to tell Charlie what’s going on with her. Griffin works at his old bike shop, totally flirting with Rosalie.

Bailey visits Charlie, telling him he thinks making out a will is morbid. When Julia arrives, Bailey jokingly calls dibs on Owen, telling Julia she can have Claudia if Charlie dies. This is all Charlie needs to bring up that exact topic, and how he wants Kirsten and Paul to take the kids. Bailey’s offended that Charlie thinks he was mature enough to head up the family but that Bailey and Julia aren’t. Charlie says that recent events have shown how stressful the responsibility is; it’s too much for Julia and Bailey.

Rosalie tells Griffin that she accepted an expired coupon from a customer, and the difference in the price will have to come out of her pocket. Griffin offers to complete the work under the table and keep quiet about it. Sarah, in her only appearance of the episode, goes to the restaurant to demand that Bailey fix a flooding issue at the apartment building. Bailey will have to skip the meeting at Claudia’s school to do so. But Julia might have to miss the meeting, too, since Owen’s babysitter has locked herself out of her car and can’t get to the house. Claudia actually shows up for the meeting, but she’s there alone.

Later, back at the house, Bailey and Julia learn that neither made the meeting. Julia notes the irony of insisting to Charlie that they’re responsible when they both proved exactly the opposite. Griffin gets home from work late, letting Julia believe he made overtime for his extra hours. When Claudia arrives, she blasts Julia for missing the meeting; she thinks they haven’t made her a priority. Kirsten makes dinner for Paul, who spent the day working on a child who was injured while not wearing a bike helmet. So this is the perfect time to bring up raising someone else’s kids!

Bailey and Julia meet with Claudia’s guidance counselor, who’s very concerned that they haven’t responded to her phone calls or letters. They cover for her truancy again, but prove that they’re not on the same page about her whereabouts. Bailey insists that Charlie will get everything under control when he’s out of the hospital. The guidance counselor wasn’t aware that he was hospitalized – or that he has cancer. Julia and Bailey promise to fix things.

Griffin and Rosalie have lunch together at work, and she talks about how sexy she thinks motorcycles are. She asks Griffin for a ride sometime. At the hospital, Kirsten tells Charlie that she had a dream about being on a boat with him. He went underwater and she saved him from drowning. From there, she reveals that Paul doesn’t want to be responsible for Claudia and Owen. In fact, he doesn’t want kids at all.

Claudia and Owen are the only people home that night when the Salingers get a visit from Child Protective Services. Julia’s temping, and Claudia doesn’t know where, which means she wouldn’t be able to reach her in an emergency. Claudia knows where Bailey is (the restaurant), but the CPS guy, Jimmy, doesn’t care since he doesn’t live there. He immediately takes Claudia and Owen to his office.

As soon as Bailey and Julia hear what happened, they rush to CPS. Kirsten also arrives, having gotten a call from Jimmy. Bailey tries to take Claudia and Owen, but Jimmy won’t let them go. Claudia’s school called to report her truancy and lack of supervision. He’s also concerned that Claudia seems to be the only one looking after Owen. Until CPS can work things out, the kids will be staying with Kirsten and Paul.

The next morning, Griffin offers to skip work and spend time with Charlie while Julia and Bailey deal with CPS. Julia declines, because how can she complain about Griffin’s lack of concern for her family if she doesn’t? Bailey and Julia give Charlie the news about CPS, trying to downplay the situation. Charlie decides to leave the hospital and go to CPS himself to sort everything out. His doctor refuses to let him go.

Claudia allegedly gets ready for school while Kirsten hangs out with Owen. Kirsten tries to get Claudia to open up, asking her where she goes when she skips. Claudia says she sometimes pretends she’s a tourist on a family vacation. She’s worried that her older siblings hate her. Kirsten assures her that they don’t.

Bailey and Julia meet with Jimmy, asking for a little slack considering their current circumstances. Jimmy’s like, “You have two children you’re neglecting. You don’t get slack.” He asks for their plan in case Charlie dies, but they don’t have one. He knows they’re in over their heads. Claudia’s been left in charge of Owen, but she can barely take care of herself. Jimmy wonders if anyone actually spends time with Owen other than driving him to and from daycare. He thinks the family is verging on “complete disaster,” and he wants to help prevent it.

Griffin and Rosalie flirt some more, so I’m sure Julia’s glad she told Griffin to go to work. Rosalie kisses him, not caring that he’s married: “I’m not perfect either.” Claudia goes to see Charlie for the first time since his hospitalization and apologizes for screwing up so much. Because Charlie’s a jerk now, he just yells at her for failing to stay under CPS’s radar. She tells him she skipped class because she couldn’t stand to pretend things were normal.

Julia and Bailey arrive to report that their meeting with Jimmy didn’t go well, and that they’re not sure what’s going to happen. It’s possible that Claudia and Owen will be removed from the house permanently. Later, as Julia takes Claudia back to Kirsten and Paul’s, Claudia says that she doesn’t have anyone. Julia has Griffin and Bailey has Annie, but Claudia’s alone. The next day, Julia visits Griffin at work, giving Rosalie her first glimpse of her crush’s wife.

Julia takes Griffin to CPS with her as she tells Jimmy that Claudia and Owen shouldn’t be punished for the adults’ mistakes. Jimmy points out that they’re not being punished; CPS wants to figure out what’s best for them. Julia says that they were thrown into a parenting position, but now that they know what to do and what not to do, she and Griffin should be allowed to take the kids if Charlie dies. She knows how to parent – she had a great mother.

Jimmy asks Julia if she’s thinking about college, since she’s 18. He notes that she and Griffin are also still living with the Salingers. Griffin promises that they’re not going anywhere – by which he means he isn’t. Julia returns to the hospital just as Charlie’s finally being released and gives her brothers the good news that CPS is backing off. Meanwhile, Griffin goes back to work and makes awkward conversation with Rosalie.

Julia asks Charlie to put her and Griffin in the will as Claudia and Owen’s guardians. Charlie wants her to understand how big a sacrifice they’d be making, but Julia doesn’t see it that way. She likes the rewards that come with taking care of someone. Charlie agrees, probably praying that he never dies, or that Paul changes his mind. The older Salingers pick up the younger ones and go home together, leaving Kirsten behind.

Thoughts: This is the first episode where I’ve noticed Neve Campbell’s Canadian accent. It comes out on “sorry” and “tomorrow.”

What’s that, Bailey and Julia? You want to raise Claudia and Owen? ON WHAT MONEY?

“What’s wrong with you – they cancel your soap?” DON’T EVER JOKE ABOUT THAT, GRIFFIN.

I like Jimmy. CPS workers are often portrayed as villians, but he really wants to help.

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