June 6, 2020

Felicity 1.22, Felicity Was Here: Unanswered Questions

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I feel bad for the person who has to go through life with the name Bette Gross

Summary: Why is Felicity wearing a coat in May? Whatever. She voices over a tape to Sally while working at Dean & DeLuca, having decided to pretend that she didn’t have a close moment with Ben while doing inventory. Danny calls her out for staring off into space instead of working. He doubts how well he’s performing his job, but Felicity promises that he’s doing great. Danny tells her he hopes she works there again next year.

Ben is also at work, and he and Felicity keep looking at each other. Felicity voices over that the moment she and Ben shared couldn’t have been because Meghan’s spell worked. It had to have been nothing. But it did remind her of why she came to New York in the first place – because of her feelings for Ben. She knows how complicated her life would get if the moment had been meaningful.

Ben wants to talk about the moment, asking Felicity if they really almost kissed. Danny interrupts to apologetically tell him to go meet with someone in the stockroom. Also, he likes Ben’s haircut. Ben notes that things with him and Felicity could get really complicated. You think?

In her room, Felicity continues her tape, talking about how quickly the year went. She gets up earlier every day, possibly because the year ending is so exciting. She’s started packing to leave school, and she found a list in her closet of all the people who have lived in her room. It made her wonder where those people are now, and how much they remember about their freshman year. Are they even all still alive?

Felicity and Julie hang out in Julie’s room, where Julie’s been moping about her and Ben’s breakup. Felicity hesitantly says that she might not go on the road trip with Ben after all. Julie says Felicity needs to, because she needs Felicity to find out if Ben wanted a break because he’s interested in someone else.

Later, Julie gets some of her things from the loft, though Ben can’t find a computer disk she’s missing. He tells her to come back whenever she wants. He even tells her to keep her key to the loft. He’ll be living there again in the fall. The two realize this might be the last time they see each other before she goes home. Ben promises to call Julie, but she tells him not to. She doesn’t want to have to think about having another awkward conversation with him.

Elena wakes up in bed with McGrath, so…that’s happening. Her hair is in braids now, because apparently everyone’s getting new hairstyles before summer break. She looks through a pile of student papers and sees that he gave her a B-. Noel finds Felicity in the mailroom and invites her to skip the road trip with Ben and come to Berlin with him instead. He knows that’s a big move for them, but he’s sure it’s the right decision. Felicity agrees to think about it.

Felicity tells Sally that her first instinct was to say yes to Berlin, so now she has to tell Ben that she’s not going on the road trip. Not only does she want to be with Noel, but she also doesn’t feel comfortable hanging out with Ben after his breakup with Julie. In addition, there’s obviously something between them. Ben doesn’t get why their near kiss in the storeroom is a good reason not to do a road trip together. Oh, honey. He notes that since they didn’t kiss, there’s an unanswered question. Then he answers it by kissing her. He tells her he’s wanted to do that for a long time. Felicity engages her flight reflex and runs away.

She goes to Noel’s room, where he’s put together a slide show to convince her to go to Berlin. He doesn’t need it, though, since she accepts his invitation. Now she just needs to tell her parents about her plans. She’s sure they’ll freak out, but she’ll just ignore them. Later, Felicity tells Elena that Ben kissed her. Elena thinks she should go on the road trip instead of Berlin. They’re in their last class with McGrath, and Felicity’s nervous about her grade on her final paper. Elena’s seen her grade and assures her that it’s fine. She’s shocked to see that her own grade has changed – it’s now an A.

Felicity thinks over her options as she and Meghan finish packing up their stuff. They exchange awkward goodbyes, and Felicity tells Meghan to have fun at Wicca camp. Meghan leaves, then comes back to give Felicity a note she wrote the second week of school, then sealed in an envelope. It says, “There’s no chance in Hell Felicity’s going to make it through the whole year.” Meghan planned to give it to her as an “I told you so” when Felicity quit school, but Felicity exceeded Meghan’s expectations. Both of them hope to be RAs next year.

Ben comes by to try to convince Felicity to come on the road trip. He gets her reservations because of Noel and Julie, but he’s sure Felicity wants to come. Felicity doesn’t want to be the devil who goes off with Ben, not caring what Noel and Julie think. She knows she and Ben wouldn’t be able to keep things platonic. Ben promises that he would keep things platonic, but Felicity doesn’t think it’ll work.

Ben sits on the bed and asks Felicity to sit next to him so they can act like they’re in the car. There’s nothing to worry about! It’s all innocent! Felicity asks what happens when they stay in a motel room with only one bed. Then someone writes a fanfic about you, I think. Ben lies down and tells Felicity to lie next to him so they can try that out, too. Suddenly things don’t feel so platonic.

Felicity is done with the conversation, adamant that she’s going to Berlin. Ben notes that Felicity’s wearing the necklace he got her again, which has to mean something. She walks him out, and Noel runs up to jump in the elevator with Ben. He asks if Felicity’s gotten her passport yet, telling Ben that they’re both going to Berlin.

Felicity goes to get her passport, chatting with the photographer about her summer plans. She asks if he’s ever taken a cross-country road trip. He has, and he loved it. He thought it was romantic. She heads to class with Julie, who announces that she knows who Ben likes: Nicole. She heard it from Lynn (who, fortunately, has broken up with Nicole and won’t be going on a cruise with someone who likes someone else).

Felicity admits that she knew about Nicole, which upsets Julie. Felicity continues that she doesn’t think Nicole is the person Ben likes. But she can’t bring herself to tell the truth, because she knows Julie would ask her how she feels about Ben. Now she’s thinking about what would really be wrong with going on the road trip.

Ben watches as Felicity chats with Noel at Dean & DeLuca when he brings her a plane ticket. She looks very happy with her decisions, at least at this moment. That night, she waits for Ben outside his building so they can discuss the road trip again. What would it mean if they went together? Ben says he’s never met someone who thinks so much about what things mean. Felicity calls herself the devil again, and Ben says she’s not the devil. Even if she were, he would still want her to come on the trip.

Felicity reminds him that other people will be affected if they go together. Ben can only think about how smart she is, and what a good friend she is, and how much he likes her. He doesn’t want to pass up this chance. Felicity says she doesn’t, either. Just then, they hear footsteps coming down the stairs into the living room. It’s Julie, who came over to get her lost computer disk. She heard everything.

Felicity goes to Julie’s room later to apologize for not telling her about her plans. Julie accuses Felicity of trying to steal Ben, and of being the other woman all along. Felicity says she didn’t plan this and never meant for Julie to get hurt. Julie doesn’t care, since it happened. Whatever her intentions were, Felicity’s a lying b&%#$. Felicity says she’s going to Berlin, but Julie doubts that…since she told Noel everything. Ooooh! Julie’s going for a scorched-earth strategy!

Like Julie, Noel doesn’t want to talk to Felicity. He just asks for her ticket back. Good thing it’s refundable! Maybe he should invite Guy instead. Felicity goes to see John, that counselor she saw a couple times at the beginning of the season, and tells him how coming to New York has put her in relationships with people who have become important to her. She figures a lot of people come crying to John about the way things have turned out. John asks if she’s still thinking about being an RA. Felicity isn’t, figuring she’s not the best person to give advice. John thinks she is, since she’s been through tough times herself.

Ben comes to Felicity’s room, having left on the road trip, then returned to the city. He came back for her. He wanted to think of some great reason to get her to change her mind, and though he couldn’t, he thinks the reason he does have is enough: He likes her. Ben never wanted to hurt Julie, and he hates how screwed up everything is, but he also can’t help how he feels. This is Felicity’s final chance to change her mind about the trip. Ben knows it’ll be better if they go together. He’ll go back to the loft and wait until 10:00. If Felicity doesn’t show up, then he’ll go alone. She can’t believe he came back for her.

After Ben leaves and Felicity goes back to packing, she finds an envelope with her name on it. Noel left her a letter saying she means more to him than anyone else on the planet. No matter what happens with her and Ben, or her and anyone else, his feelings won’t change. He’s left her the plane ticket and wants her to consider using it to join him in Berlin.

Felicity finishes up her letter to Sally, talking about an ant farm she had as a kid. She let the ants go after a few months, and she looked at all the empty tunnels they left behind, like the empty spaces left behind on campus now that the year is over. Felicity saw one ant still there, still working. It’s an analogy, you see, since Felicity’s the last one left in her dorm. The ant had a decision to make about where he wanted to go, and now Felicity has a decision to make.

She tells Sally that she won’t be flying home by herself. She didn’t have to choose between Noel and Ben, but she did. Noel waits for Felicity at the airport as she gets in a cab. The driver asks her where he should take her. Felicity tells Sally she’ll be home in a few weeks, but she doesn’t say where she’ll be spending the time before then. And yes, she added her name to the list of her room’s inhabitants.

Thoughts: Felicity and Meghan have that huge room AND at least one closet? I’m so mad. I had to live in a double with two other people the first semester of my freshman year! Our room was bigger than most but it still wasn’t big enough! Gah!

What’s worse – a B- you don’t think you deserve or an A you definitely didn’t earn the right way?

Claudia Kishi would love Meghan’s playing card earrings and necklace of giant fake strawberries.

Imagine Meghan as an RA. I can’t think of anyone less likely to enforce rules.

Amazingly, I’m already done with season 1. Time for us to steel ourselves for the famous (infamous?) haircut.

May 30, 2020

Felicity 1.21, The Force: You Must Do What You Feel Is Right

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Summary: Felicity wakes up to find Meghan doing something witchy. This must not be the first time, since Felicity just asks her to keep her voice down, since it’s 2:00 in the morning. Meghan pulls out one of Felicity’s hairs, then burns it and casts some sort of spell. She warns that it’ll make Felicity clumsy. Felicity doubts this, but it looks like Meghan was successful.

We see a tarot card, the World, and a section title, “Voyage.” Felicity makes a tape for Sally about her love of math and science, possibly because she’s usually a rational person. She’s never really believed in magic, but the past few days have made her think about it more. At Dean & DeLuca, Ben tells Felicity that his mom sent him some money for a plane ticket home for the summer, but he’ll use it to pay off Barry instead. Danny is hesitant to give the two of them any orders, even though he’s the assistant manager now. He tells the two of them that they need to do inventory on Friday night. Then Felicity breaks something.

Back at the dorm, Felicity finds a note on a bulletin board from someone named Stuart, who needs someone to drive his car to San Francisco. She connects him with Ben, giving him a way to get home to Palo Alto. He happily tells Lynn and Nicole that he’ll get $500 just for driving a car. After Lynn leaves, Nicole tells Ben she’ll miss him over the summer. She confides that she’s had feelings for someone other than Lynn recently. Ben is completely clueless as to the obvious fact that she likes him. When she clues him in, he reminds her that he’s dating Julie. Nicole kisses him anyway.

Felicity tells Sally that she had no clue about any of this. The next thing she learned about the situation was that Ben invited Julie to drive to Palo Alto with him. Julie in turn invites Felicity, who asks Noel to tag along. Wow, this is the worst idea ever. Noel, by the way, will be taking the internship in Berlin. Guy comes in and tells him that they need to work on a group project together while in line for Episode 1. He admits to being one of those super-mega-Star Wars fans who camps out for premieres. Felicity thinks it sounds fun. Then she falls over and starts getting worried.

Tarot card: Strength. Title: “Action.” Felicity tells Meghan to stop doing spells, but Meghan has an idea for a new one. It requires one of Felicity’s fingernail clippings. Felicity tells Sally that she should have taken her roommate more seriously.

She invited Elena on the road trip, but Elena wants to stay in the city and work at a hospital (and keep seeing McGrath). After one of their classes, Elena asks McGrath when he wants to go out, since they never set a date. They make plans to meet at a hotel bar. At Epstein Bar, the road trippers plan their route. Felicity tells Sally that things soon got complicated. Felicity breaks a glass, and as Ben is cleaning it up, he sees Nicole watching him.

Tarot card: the Tower. Title: “Adversity.” Meghan tries to get hairs off of Felicity’s pillow, confirming that her clumsiness spell worked. She offers to teach Felicity how to “harness the force.” Felicity declines. Meghan says she’s busy anyway, working on a new spell for forgetfulness. It works in the middle of McGrath’s class. Elena asks to complete the answer Felicity’s trying to give, but McGrath tells her to let someone else answer for a change. Looks like someone’s overcorrecting so he doesn’t look like he’s giving her special treatment.

In the library, Lynn tells Ben that he’s tempted every day by hot women in the city. If he weren’t so loyal to Nicole, he’d be sleeping with women all over the place. Nicole joins them, and when Lynn leaves to find some candy (because gum is not candy, Nicole), things get awkward between Nicole and Ben. She brings up the kiss, and he tells her he wants to forget about it. Nicole tells him she wants to kiss him every time she looks at him.

The road trippers (minus Noel) pick up the car from Stuart, promising that they’re all good drivers and very responsible. Julie almost got a ticket once but she cried her way out of it. Stuart asks them to take their time and take good care of his baby. Ben gets snippy with Julie over her ticket comment, then her desire to go to Graceland. Stuart asks to see the road trippers’ driver’s licenses, but Felicity forgot hers. She also forgot her number. Who knows their driver’s license number anyway?

Noel’s not with the others because he’s outside the movie theater with Guy and a bunch of Star Wars fans. He tells Guy he might not go to Berlin after all – he got the start date wrong and realized it starts during the road trip. Guy can’t believe Noel might skip this great opportunity because he wants to hang out with Felicity (and possibly also make sure she doesn’t hook up with someone else). Noel says this is just a good time to solidify their relationship. Guy tells him the internship is the better idea.

Tarot card: the Empress. Title: “Tempted.” Nicole surprises Ben at the loft with hot chocolate. He tells her to give it to her boyfriend. She says they haven’t been clicking lately, which Ben thinks is something for the two of them to work out. Nicole thinks she can get over her crush on Ben by acting on it. Ben tells her to leave, not because he’s not attracted to her. Nicole starts unzipping her dress, asking if he wants her to stop. Ben says yes, but instead, she strips. As they’re about to kiss, Sean walks in. He runs off as soon as he realizes this isn’t something he should be seeing.

Tarot card: the Moon. Title: “Danger.” Meghan does a spell that involves tearing up a picture of Felicity and her friends. Felicity asks Meghan not to tell her what the spell is. Meghan says she’ll know when it works. At Dean & DeLuca, Ben rushes into the back room, telling Felicity, “Just say I’m not working.” Felicity’s confused until Nicole comes in looking for Ben. Ben tells Felicity what’s been going on with her, then admits that he hasn’t said anything to Julie. Felicity thinks he’s second-guessing his relationship with Julie. She wonders if one of Meghan’s spells made her able to read minds.

Ben promises that things are fine with Julie, but they’re serious and heavy. Felicity notes that the road trip is a chance for them to take it easy. They’re perfect for each other. Felicity adds that if Ben breaks up with Julie because Nicole stripped in front of him, Felicity will kill him. Ben promises that won’t happen.

At the movie theater, Guy has been working on Noel’s problems instead of their group project. Guy and a man dressed as Obi-Wan have decided that Noel’s dilemma is just like Luke’s when he had to decide whether to go to Alderaan. Noel must do what he feels is right. I don’t think Noel finds that helpful.

Tarot card: the High Priestess. Title: “Secrets.” At the loft, Lynn asks Ben if everything’s okay, since he seems tense. Lynn can’t concentrate because of Nicole. Ben thinks they broke up, but Lynn says they’ve planned a trip to the Bahamas. Ben finds Nicole in the cafeteria and tells her she’s great and all, but Lynn is a good friend, and Nicole’s flirtations make things difficult for Ben. If Nicole doesn’t cut it out, Ben will tell Lynn everything. Nicole gets the message.

Ben studies in the library while Julie looks through a travel book. He asks her if she ever thinks their relationship might be too serious. They’re only 18, but sometimes he feels like they’re older. Julie worries that she’s done something to turn him off, but Ben promises she hasn’t. She realizes he’s pretending to be confused when he just wants to end things. Ben assures her that he still wants her to come on the road trip. Julie suggests that they take a break instead, thinking Ben isn’t brave enough to actually say he wants to break up.

Tarot card: the Queen of Swords. Title: “Loss.” Julie tells Felicity what happened with Ben. Felicity thinks he’s overwhelmed by everything in his life and wants a break from it all, not Julie. She’s sure Julie and Ben will work things out. Julie notes that Ben has broken both of their hearts.

Elena goes to see McGrath and tells him a personal relationship between them won’t work. McGrath says he’s been overcompensating so no one will catch on. He likes spending time with her. He had a relationship with a student a long time ago, under different circumstances, so he’s rusty at this. He’s also a little intimidated. Elena says she is, too, which McGrath thinks could be the problem. Elena thinks it’s fine if they scare each other. Then they kiss. Oh, boy.

Tarot card: the Lovers. Title: “Love.” Noel tells Felicity about his conversation with Guy and the fake Obi-Wan about Luke’s decision. He reveals that he can’t do both the road trip and the internship. He admits that he worried about losing Felicity if he left, but he knows he needs to go to Berlin. Felicity promises that he won’t lose her. Noel knows it’ll be hard, and just being friends makes it harder. They can’t keep kissing each other if they’re “friends.” But they can purge their systems with one last kiss. Yeah, great idea, guys.

Meghan tapes Felicity’s picture back together and gives it back to her. She says her spell didn’t work anyway. It was a love spell, and Meghan couldn’t get it to work on herself, either. She was missing an ingredient, clove. Meghan doesn’t think any of her spells have been successful. Felicity tells her they may have. It would be amazing if you could make things happen or make them better with a spell. They’re close to bonding for the first time all year, but Meghan tells Felicity to get off her bed.

While doing inventory at work, Ben asks Felicity if she’s mad at him for talking to Julie. Felicity knows that he didn’t tell Julie about Nicole, which must be either because he didn’t want to upset her or because he’s interested in Nicole. Ben says Nicole isn’t the issue – he’s just figuring things out. He doesn’t want Felicity to be mad at him for the whole trip. Felicity announces that she’s not going. Ben asks her to change her mind, insisting that they’ll have fun.

Felicity finds a box dated June 1st, 1991. It contains clove. She drops the box, spilling clove everywhere. Ben asks her again to come on the trip with him. She asks if he thinks she should, and when he says he does, she agrees. Felicity tells Sally that this means she and Ben will be alone in the car for two weeks. She realized when she got home that when Meghan taped the picture back together, she put Felicity next to Ben instead of Noel. Could this be…magic?

Thoughts: It’s funny to watch this episode knowing that 16 years later, J.J. Abrams got involved in the Star Wars franchise.

I wouldn’t last one day on a cross-country drive, no matter who I was in the car with. That’s way too much closeness.

Now I’m dying to know who Meghan likes.

May 23, 2020

Felicity 1.20, Connections: Help Wanted

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Hello, we are respectable people who make good decisions, please give us money

Summary: Felicity makes a tape for Sally, telling her that her boss, Abby, has put Felicity in charge at work while she’s away for a few days. There’s a position open for an assistant manager, and Felicity sees this as a test to measure her capability. If she gets the job, she’ll get a raise in the fall. Felicity’s never been in charge before, so she’s nervous. She asks Noel to help her tie her tie, but he’s never tied one he wasn’t wearing, so he has her stand in front of the mirror while he puts his arms around her. You know, like you would with any of your friends, since they’re just friends now. Also, both of them hate just being friends.

Ben comes to Dean & DeLuca and asks Felicity if he can work, even though he’s not scheduled for today. He really needs the money. A meek employee named Danny tells Felicity he broke a plate and needs a Band-Aid. Judging by all the blood on the towel wrapped around his hand, he’ll probably need more than that. Felicity helps him out, then thanks Abby for trusting her enough to put her in charge. She thought Abby hated her. Abby says he does – Felicity’s young, perky, and has out-of-control hair. But she’s still eligible to be the assistant manager. P.S. Abby needs Felicity to fire Danny while she’s away.

Elena drops off something for McGrath and notices that he seems stressed. He tells her his assistant is away and he has a lot of paperwork to do. Elena offers to help, so McGrath tells her he could give her extra credit for assisting him. Ben goes to see Barry, Lynn’s bookie, who’s barely older than Ben, if not the same age or younger. Ben asks for an extension on what he owes, but Barry can’t grant one. However, he does have an opportunity for Ben to make some money: Help Barry collect from people who owe him.

Ben reluctantly goes to see the first debtor…Guy. Oh, no! Ben pretends he’s just being friendly and checking on Guy for Barry. He’s covering Guy because Guy can’t give him everything he owes, and Barry just wants to make sure he’s okay. Guy only has $30, which has to last him the week, but he feels bad that Barry’s covering him out of his own pocket, so he’s willing to hand it over. Ben can’t bring himself to take all of Guy’s money, so he leaves.

Later, Lynn tries to make conversation with Ben after swim practice. They haven’t talked since their big fight at the bar. Ben pretends everything’s going great for him, but Lynn knows that he still owes Barry money. Ben says he doesn’t need any help. The coach tells Ben that the bursar’s office has flagged him for a temporary suspension because he hasn’t paid his full tuition. Ben promises it’s a mistake and he’ll work everything out.

He goes to a bank to speak with a loan officer, but he has no credit history or assets. Ben suggests a short-term installment loan, which the officer agrees to, but Ben will need someone to co-sign. Since his parents aren’t an option for that, Ben thinks of Sean. Sean easily agrees. When Julie joins them, Ben lies to her about what he and Sean were talking about. Sean realizes that Ben hasn’t told Julie about his money issues.

Elena visits Felicity at Dean & DeLuca and they talk about Elena assisting McGrath. She asks if Felicity will start giving her free coffee when she’s assistant manager. Felicity hasn’t fired Danny yet, and he’s not going to make it easy on her, what with mentioning that he’s late for work because he spends his morning volunteering at an orphanage. Elena thinks he’s lying.

Richard’s heat is still malfunctioning, and his room is full of steam. Noel tells him to stay with friends until the heater is fixed. Richard doesn’t have any friends, so Noel reluctantly invites him to move in temporarily. Sean accompanies Ben to the bank to co-sign his loan. Sean gets inspired by the loan officer’s nameplate, wanting to make something more creative. The officer tells the guys that Sean has a large debt to a dough company, so he can’t co-sign. Ben is out of options.

Danny’s late coming back to work from his lunch break, and he thinks the cut on his hand is infected. Also, he can’t work on Saturday since he has a doctor’s appointment. Felicity decides to bite the bullet and fire him. She does it gently (definitely more gently than Abby would have), and Danny realizes he should have seen this coming. It all goes much more smoothly than most firings do.

Richard has fully made himself at home in Noel’s room, sitting around shirtless and opening Noel’s mail. He informs Noel that he’s been offered a summer internship in Berlin. Richard wonders what Felicity will think. Noel says they’re starting their relationship over, though Richard thought they were just friends. He thinks this is a great opportunity for Noel to find out how she really feels. He just needs to tell her about the internship. If Felicity looks happy, she’s done with him. If she looks upset, she’s not.

Ben talks with his mom on the phone, lying that his life is going great. Elena impresses McGrath with her organizational skills and her maturity. She explains the latter as a consequence of her mother dying when she was young. McGrath confides that he was stressed the day before because he just found out that his ex-wife has cancer.

Julie catches Ben being squirrelly in Sean’s office, returning a watch he admits he was going to pawn. Julie suggests that he ask his parents for money. Ben says he would never give his father that satisfaction. Didn’t his parents split up? His dad doesn’t have to know. Sean arrives and Ben tells him to tell Julie about his money problems.

Richard wakes Noel up early the next morning to ask if he’s told Felicity about the internship yet. Noel hasn’t since he’s scared that she won’t care. Richard says he should find out sooner rather than later. He also thinks he and Noel should think about living together next year. Noel goes to Dean & DeLuca and tells her about the internship. Felicity’s immediate response is disappointment – which is just what Noel wants. She gets distracted when Danny shows up for work. He’s decided that since Felicity isn’t really in charge, she can’t fire him.

Elena is working in McGrath’s office again when he gets a call from someone he calls “sweetheart.” She starts to leave, wanting to give him privacy, but he gestures for her to stay. He tells her the caller was his 13-year-old daughter who was checking to make sure he’d sent her a birthday present. McGrath thanks Elena for all her help, but Elena isn’t done spending time with him. She asks if he’d like to go out to dinner sometime. Elena, no! Fortunately, he turns her down.

At Epstein Bar, Lynn tells Ben that Barry’s been calling him all day. He’s been in Ben’s situation before and doesn’t want him to do anything stupid. Barry arrives and picks a fight with Ben. Lynn tries to keep the peace, but they brush him off. Barry won’t let Ben leave, so Ben shoves him. Lynn pleads with Barry to leave Ben alone, since he doesn’t have any money, but that’s not going to happen.

Felicity has let Danny keep working, even though he can’t really clean up well, what with the giant bandage on his hand. Julie calls from the bar, looking for Ben – Lynn heard Barry call his frat buddies, probably to go beat up Ben. Felicity offers to meet Julie so they can go look for Ben together. This means Felicity has to ask Danny to close for her. Danny’s nervous about the responsibility, instead of realizing that if he does everything really well, he could keep his job.

Barry’s friends find Ben and pound on him on a dark street. Felicity and Julie enlisted Noel to help them find Ben, but they didn’t have any luck, so Noel and Felicity go back to the dorm. He gives her a good-night kiss on the cheek, but both clearly want more. They know that moving beyond friendship right now could be risky, but they figure friends can do a little making out. Richard interrupts and acts like Noel’s disapproving spouse, wondering where his partner has been all night.

The next morning, Felicity tells Sally that no one’s heard from Ben, who’s been missing all night. Julie was worried enough to call the police, but she can’t report Ben missing for 48 hours. Felicity heads to work, where Danny has transformed into a model employee. Abby came back early and was so impressed that she gave him Felicity’s promotion. In fact, Abby wanted to fire Felicity, but Danny talked her out of it. Also, Danny was telling the truth about volunteering at an orphanage, because a nun comes in with a thank-you card. Abby gushes that he’s like an angel.

McGrath tells Elena that he changed his mind and does want to have dinner with her. Oh, this isn’t going to end well. Ben’s been missing for almost 24 hours when he shows up at Felicity’s room in the middle of the night. He hasn’t contacted Julie or Sean, figuring they don’t want to talk to him. Felicity tells him he’s wrong. Ben tells her that he’s started noticing that he’s turning into his dead. Whenever he gets mad, he gets in a fight. His father hasn’t called him in months, and his mom has been calling a lot, but Ben doesn’t tell her what’s going on with him.

Felicity doesn’t get why Ben can’t ask his mother for money. He explains that she has a chance to be happy for the first time in her life, and if she knew Ben was in trouble, she’d worry. Ben feels like he’s already screwed up her life enough. Felicity thinks Ben should let her worry – it might not be a bad thing. After all, she’s his mom; taking care of him is her job. Ben goes to the loft, where Julie and Sean have fallen asleep by the phone, waiting for news about him. Lynn has also spent the night. After a lot of thought, Ben finally calls his mom and tells her what’s really been going on with him.

Thoughts: Danny is played by Curtis Armstrong, who also worked with Rob Benedict (Richard) on Supernatural.

I don’t buy Elena thinking it’s appropriate to date her professor. She would know the risks, and she would worry about getting special treatment she hadn’t worked for or earned.

Working in a bursar’s office would suck. Imagine spending your day asking college students for money. Ha! They don’t have any money! They have beer and sleep deprivation! You can’t pay tuition with those!

I am intrigued by Sean’s bagel knobs idea (like donut holes, but bagels you can inject with flavors) and would like to invest.

May 16, 2020

Felicity 1.19, Docuventary: Lessons Learned

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I’m sorry, Sean, but no one’s going to want to watch your movie

Summary: Sean is filming Ben, trying to get him to talk about his experiences in college. Ben doesn’t know what to say and tries to leave. Sean agrees to let him skip paying rent next month if he gets back on camera. Ben gives in but still isn’t sure why Sean is filming. Sean says he’s just making a documentary about people in college. Ben says he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Sean argues that a guy who recently sold his documentary about a steel mill didn’t know what he was doing, either, and he made a ton of money. He promises this will be a professional movie. If only his camera would work.

Time for a tape for Sally! Felicity didn’t send one last week because she had too much homework. She knew the week would be crazy because the cafeteria served lasagna on Monday, and she has a theory that her workload is directly related to whatever’s served on Mondays. Pasta means lots of work. Felicity tells Sally that Noel decided not to move out of the dorm, but they still haven’t talked about things. She misses him. Fortunately, she has all her homework, especially in McGrath’s class, to keep her busy.

Felicity and Elena discuss whether McGrath hates Felicity. Felicity thinks he hates everyone except Elena – she’s the only student he calls by her first name. Elena tells her to stop taking everything personally. Guy celebrates getting tickets to Late Night With Conan O’Brien. He didn’t think he would ever get them. He asks the girls if they know what two tickets means. “You’re going to be rejected by a whole series of girls,” Elena predicts. “Exactly!” Guy says happily.

Sean films the outside of Felicity’s dorm, then does an interview with Julie. She talks about how you start out the year thinking you’ll never make friends, and then you make tons of them. Noel comes in to inform her of a dorm meeting that night, then quips that Julie has finally given in and become a porn star. Sean explains that he’s doing a documentary where students vent about college. Noel suggests that he call it a docuventary.

Sean invites him to make a graphic for the film, which he’s sure he’ll be able to sell. Noel agrees. He asks where Felicity is, and Julie says she went out with Elena before their McGrath seminar. After Noel leaves, Sean comments that he’s nice. Julie says he is, “generally.” Sean gets her to talk on camera about how kissing one of your friends or dealing with a friend’s ex makes things complicated.

Next Sean talks to Richard, who loves being away from home and only having one roommate. He’s the fourth of seven kids, so college is a nice break for him. Lynn tells Sean about how college has no boundaries or limitations. You can study anything, including brain surgery or cosmetology. My guess is that Lynn isn’t studying either of those things.

Ben learns that his parents didn’t pay his complete tuition fee, and his father told the school to talk to him. Ben knows his father is trying to teach him a lesson, though he’s not sure what it is. He needs to pay $3,200 to stay in school. Hmm, I wonder how Ben, who has recently entered the world of sports betting, will be able to afford that?

Felicity and Elena come back to the dorm to find Noel waiting to talk to Felicity. They head to Epstein Bar and talk about how Felicity was right that Noel shouldn’t run away from their problems. What happened between them was horrible and they both made bad decisions and hurt each other, but they may be able to try again. Felicity wonders what was wrong with them that made them want to be with other people. Whatever happens with them, they need to try to be friends again, then possibly pursue a relationship after that. Sean pops in and starts filming, but Felicity and Noel send him away.

The conversation with Noel makes Felicity miss McGrath’s seminar, in which he assigns a big project. Everyone gets paired up, but Felicity isn’t there to get a partner. She asks McGrath if she can work with Elena, who was placed with two other people. McGrath reminds her that he warned her weeks ago that she had to be committed to the class. Felicity asks if that means she’s punished by doing twice as much work as everyone else. Yep, sounds like it!

Sean interviews Elena about how she came to college planning to hide a lot of things about herself. When she realized that everyone else was just as scared as she was, she loosened up. Guy tells Sean that he didn’t really have a social group in high school, and though he still doesn’t have much of a group in college, he still likes it better. It’s hard to find good pizza in Buffalo. Lynn docuvents that people probably see him as a cliché and stereotype him. But he’s smart – he knows all about Ayn Rand and the bell curve. He has friends in France.

Sean interviews Chloe, who compares working in a library to working in a graveyard, “except everyone who’s buried can still talk to you.” Sean comes in front of the camera to kiss her, promising to cut that out of the final film. Sean asks Ben how coming to college has affected his family. Ben confides that his parents have split up. From what we’ve heard about his father, that’s a good thing. Ben certainly feels that way.

Noel tells Sean that he became an RA to help people (and also because he needed money). His own RA his freshman year was a jerk who ignored every guy and slept with every girl. Sean notes that Noel slept with Felicity. When Noel says he didn’t, Sean asks why not. Noel puts an end to the interview, but off-camera he tells Sean the details of the Noel/Felicity/Hanna/Eli mess. He wishes he hadn’t questioned his relationship with Felicity. Sean wishes he’d kept filming, because the docuventary should be about Noel and Felicity.

He asks if the problem is that Noel can’t forgive her. Noel says he can’t stop picturing Felicity with Eli. He thought about going to see a counselor or seeing a hypnotist for help. Sean is in favor of a hypnotist, since one helped his uncle stop smoking. He’s sure that one can get Noel past his feelings about Felicity being with Eli.

Lynn goes by Dean & DeLuca and talks up Ben to a customer. He invites Ben to go bowling, but Ben has to close up at work. He hands over some of his paycheck and asks Lynn to place a bet on him. Lynn says his bookie won’t take such a small bet. Ben tells him to double it and he’ll pay the rest of the money later. He agrees to go bowling when Lynn says he’ll pay.

Sean tries to interview Felicity, but she doesn’t want to participate in the docuventary. Sean decides to make her an “unknowing co-star.” He interviews Guy again, this time about how he hasn’t yet had any luck with the ladies but predicts that he will in the future. Sean asks Julie about Hanna; she thinks Hanna was just lonely. Elena talks about her friendship with Felicity and how sympathetic she is to Felicity’s struggles.

Felicity goes to Noel’s room for the first time in a long time. She reminds him of her pasta theory, which has again been proven correct – there was linguini on Monday, and now Felicity has all this work to do for McGrath’s seminar. It requires graphs and charts and other stuff Noel is really good at. He agrees to let her use Photoshop on his computer. He stays in the room to read, but he just winds up watching her. He admits that he’s been trying to pretend that nothing happened between Felicity and Eli. He can’t start over and just be friends again.

Sean catches Felicity leaving and tries to get her to talk to him, but she tells him to go away. Sean’s sure she’ll change her mind tomorrow. Or she’ll break your camera. One of the two. He interviews Daryl, who says that if he were Noel, he could never forgive Felicity. Yes, Noel went off with Hanna first, but they didn’t sleep together. Sean asks Ben how it feels to be replaced by Eli. Things went from Noel vs. Ben to Noel vs. Eli. Ben insists he’s not jealous.

Guy offers Noel a ticket to see Conan with him. He admits that he asked a dozen girls, who all rejected him, but Noel is the first guy he’s asked. Noel says he’s on his way to see a hypnotist and will tell Guy the full story when they go to Conan’s show together. Guy says they need to wear something cool in case they get on TV.

Felicity presents McGrath with her project idea, the theory that love is a genetic condition. Maybe we’re all preprogrammed to connected with someone who’s programmed in a compatible way. Felicity’s interested in why some couples stay together and some break up. She tries again to ask if she can work with Elena, but McGrath shuts her down. He knows she thinks he’s being unfair by making her learn her lesson about missing class, but he’s within his rights to present that lesson.

Sean tags along and films as Noel visits the hypnotist, who was under the impression that Noel is trying to recover from an addiction. (Thanks, Sean.) Noel explains that he just wants the image of Felicity and Eli together gone from his head. The hypnotist thinks he can help. He hypnotizes Noel to feel peaceful when the image comes to him. Then he tells Sean that Noel has so much anger that he’s only seeing the symptom, not the problem. Sean asks if he can make Noel think water is lemon juice. The hypnotist can and does.

Sean finally gets Felicity to sit down with him for an interview. He tells her the docuventary is about college relationships. Felicity doesn’t think she can offer him anything valuable. He asks her the biggest lesson she’s learned. Meghan comes in but doesn’t want to participate. Felicity tells Sean that the biggest lesson she’s learned is that relationships are hard. You do the best you can, but then something comes out of nowhere and destroys everything. Sometimes you’re wrong about the person you thought you would be with for a long time.

Ben listens to the game he bet on at Epstein Bar, ignoring Julie. His team loses, and Julie knows he placed a bet, but he won’t tell her how much money it was for. He leaves the table, so Sean sits down with Julie to ask her about Noel and Felicity. She’s distracted with watching Ben at the bar with Lynn, begging for a loan – he bet all the money he had. Lynn won’t give him more for another bet, and he won’t give Ben his bookie’s number so Ben can try to work out a deal. Ben says he’ll find another bookie to help him out. When Lynn tells him he’s worried, Ben shoves him and things get violent.

Meghan eventually agrees to be interviewed, though she won’t cooperate with Sean’s questions. Elena admits to him that if she were Felicity, she might have slept with Eli, too. Meghan tells Sean that living with Felicity is “like living with a TV that’s only playing Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters.” Richard liked Noel better when he was dating Felicity, “back in the old days.” He got away with a lot more back then.

Meghan tells Sean that no one cares less about Noel and Felicity than she does. Also, Noel needs to get over Felicity’s hook-up with Eli. Richard tells Sean about how the girl he liked at summer camp chose another guy. Remember the Minnow? Meghan says that if Noel asks her again if she’s seen Felicity, she’ll kill him. For the rest of his life, the answer is the same: Meghan hasn’t seen her.

Noel is sure that he can survive without Felicity; after all, he lived without her for 19 years. Sean tells him he needs a happy ending. Noel asks if Sean wants him to change his life so he can make a better ending. “Would you mind?” Sean asks. He tells Noel that he and Felicity mean more to each other than Noel thinks. They need to talk to each other and fight for the relationship (and also let Sean film them).

Noel says the relationship is over. Even if they forgave each other, Felicity never felt the same way about Noel as he did about her. Sean shows him the part of his interview with Felicity where she says that she thought she’d be with Noel for a long time. She adds that the cliché about not appreciating what you have until it’s gone is true. Felicity realizes now that it’s all over that she loves Noel.

That night, Noel skips the show with Guy after realizing that this is his only chance in life to live down the hall from Felicity. (Don’t worry, Guy met someone and invited her to the show.) If Noel and Felicity can’t work things out, that means he underestimated what they are. He tells her loves her and is sorry it took this chaos for him to admit it.

Richard tells Sean that he hopes Noel and Felicity get back together. If they don’t, he won’t be able to install the surround-sound system he wants. Julie also hopes they get back together. Guy thinks they’re a good couple and seem to really like each other. Daryl says that if Noel forgives Felicity, he’s either more of a man than Daryl is, or much less.

Sean interviews Felicity and Noel together, trying to get his happy ending. They tell him they’re going to see where things go. He urges them to kiss, wanting something steamy, but they refuse. Meghan tells Sean that if they get back together, she’ll throw up on her carpet and let Sean tape it. So…maybe not a happy ending for the docuventary after all.

Thoughts: There’s not a lot of venting in the docuventary. Everyone seems to like college too much for that.

Aw, Guy. I think you’re cool. I would hang out with you.

I wish Meghan had done an interview about her college experience. I’d love to know what she thinks of it. Also why she chose that school, what she wants to study, what she wants to do with her life, and what’s in the box.

April 11, 2020

Felicity 1.14, Todd Mulcahy, Part 2: Making Big Decisions Is Future Felicity’s Problem

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Yes, Todd was the one hit by a bus, but let’s not forget who this is really all about

Summary: Remember how Todd got hit by a bus? (As if you could forget.) He’s still alive, and is now at the hospital. He tells Felicity to take something out of his pocket, a note she gave him when she was 12. She unfolds it as he’s taken off for treatment. Later, she reads the note to Sally, surrounded by the package of stuff he sent her. The note says that she likes talking to Todd, and admits that he’s right that she could become an artist if she wants, but she’ll wait until she’s older to decide between art and medicine.

Felicity and Elena both get high enough grades on McGrath’s test to qualify for his seminar. Now they just have to impress him in their interviews. Elena’s pumped and says they’re smart and capable enough to ace them. Noel finds Felicity in her room, crying over Dead Poets Society. She shows Noel her note and says she wishes she’d listened to Todd instead of behind defensive. She blames herself for his accident. Felicity lets Noel look at some of her artwork and laments following in her father’s footsteps. She feels like she’s lost track of herself. Todd may have been right when he criticized how she’s living her life.

Felicity goes to her interview with McGrath, who only asks one question: Why should she be considered for the seminar? Shaken by Todd’s accident and her reevaluation of her life’s goals, Felicity has trouble answering. She admits that she’s thinking about being an artist. She did want to be a doctor at one point, but she doesn’t remember why now. McGrath is like, “I’m not a shrink; go figure out your life on your own time.” She’s no longer in consideration for the seminar.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben if he looks fat. Someone please give Javier some positive affirmation so he’ll stop asking people this. Ben answers honestly, saying Javier could afford to lose some weight. Javier hugs him, happy that Ben didn’t lie to him. Ben offers to help him with his diet based on how Ben ate when he ran track. Julie comes in and tells Ben that she sent her tape to Carol. She immediately regretted it and tried to get it back, but no mail carriers would let her get it. Ben tries to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Felicity breaks it to Elena that she blew her interview with McGrath. Elena blasts her for making the biggest mistake of her life. The two of them, Julie, Ben, and Noel go to the hospital, where Todd’s still in critical care. Julie says she hates hospital, but Elena feels comfortable in them, having spent so much time in one when her mother was dying.

Noel spent a week in a hospital as a kid after his brother threw a baseball at him and knocked him out of a tree. Ben cracks up at the image. Sean is surprised to come across the group; he was in the maternity ward, refilling his vending machine that dispenses disposable cameras. He takes a picture of Todd, thinking Todd will want to see it when (if) he gets better. The others aren’t sure he’ll get better.

Noel returns to the dorm, where a bunch of girls are sitting around wearing white gloves. One of them says she’s waiting for Richard. Noel’s like, “Yeah, of course you are.” Richard is interviewing “potential clients” for a hand-modeling agency. Noel tells him it’s against school policy to run a business out of his dorm room. Richard, of course, says he can, because he still has blackmail material on Noel.

Felicity goes to an art studio and watches a guy named Eli paint. He guesses she’s a freshman because she has the same wide-eyed look he had as a freshman. The studio classes are all full, but Felicity can apply for the fall semester. She doesn’t want to have to wait that long. Eli tells her the studio is always open; he’ll keep quiet if she wants to use some of the materials.

Noel goes looking for Felicity at her room, but Meghan hasn’t seen her. She asks if Todd has died yet, the mocks Noel for not knowing where his girlfriend is when they’re supposed to be going on a date. Carol tells Julie that she mentioned Julie to her husband, telling him how she plays the guitar. Her husband brought out her old guitar and Carol spent some time trying to remember how to play it. Carol drops some of the things she’s carrying, including Julie’s letter containing her tape. Julie finds an excuse to leave.

Felicity works in the studio as Eli looks on admiringly. She falls asleep at her table and is woken up by that student played by Taraji P. Henson. She thinks Felicity stayed all night because she’s an art student and was having trouble with her work. Felicity’s pleased to be mistaken for the real deal.

Back in the dorm, Noel wants to know where Felicity was all night. She shows him her drawings, then leaves to take Todd some things. Noel notes that they’ve switched places – he’s the one leaving messages while Todd is the guy Felicity wants to spend time with. She apologizes for being distant, saying she was just drawing. Noel thinks there’s something bigger going on. Felicity says she can’t run to him for every problem. There are some things he can’t help her with. Richard pops up and asks if Noel and Felicity are breaking up. That would really screw up his life.

Todd is happy to see Felicity and her care package of Goldfish, Whoppers, and comic books. She tells him that his visit made her think about things she hasn’t thought about for a long time. He still wants to kiss her, though he knows it might not spark anything and he’ll go home feeling “decimated.” She kisses him anyway and he immediately crashes. Well, that can’t be good for her ego. Just after Todd is taken back to surgery, a woman named Rebecca shows up looking for him. She’s his fiancée.

Ben struggles with the mocha machine at Dean & DeLuca; Javier says he doesn’t respect it. “Turn the knob the way you would want to be turned, if you were to be a knob,” Javier advises. He adds that Ben needs to put his hat on before Javier kills him. Noel comes by and asks Ben what Felicity was like in high school. Ben doesn’t really know, since they weren’t friends.

Noel thinks she’s going through a crisis because Todd has reminded her how she used to be. Ben says Julie’s going through something similar. She told Ben that Carol got the tape, then said nothing happened and changed the subject. The guys are all, “Women! What’s up with that?” Ben serves Noel a mocha, which Noel says is excellent. Someone learned how to be a knob! Or something like that.

Rebecca knows all about Felicity and thought Todd was coming to New York to resolve everything with her. He was depressed for months, but seeing Felicity over Christmas break brought him back to life. Rebecca was mad at first, knowing her fiancé was going to see another woman, but she realized that she needed to let him go. He could have lied about his plans, or just left without telling her what he was doing, but instead he told Rebecca all about Felicity.

She asks Felicity if she loves Todd. Felicity says no – she likes him and is grateful to him, but she’s no threat to his and Rebecca’s relationship. Rebecca says he’s eccentric but has a huge heart. She’s called in to talk to Todd’s surgeon and worries that there will be bad news. Felicity offers to accompany her, but Rebecca thinks she can handle hearing the news alone. Felicity watches through a window as Rebecca cries, then hugs the surgeon. Todd’s still alive.

Felicity goes to see McGrath so she can tell him why she wants to be in his seminar. He asks if that means she’s committed to becoming a doctor. She’s surprised that that’s a qualification for joining the seminar. She finds it ridiculous. Yeah, why would a doctor insist on only teaching future doctors? Why wouldn’t he want to teach a woman who’s not going to use anything she learns in his class? Why not give a coveted spot in the class to someone who wants to do something else? Come on, Felicity.

She tells McGrath that medicine is about more than research and grades and making your parents happy. Being a doctor is about helping people. She promises she’ll commit to the seminar, but she’ll also pursue art. She just won’t let it interfere with her classwork. Felicity knows she still has that artist-or-doctor decision in her future. She’s once again happy to not have to make the choice today.

Carol summons Julie to her office, hopefully for a discussion about her red and purple outfit. No, wait, it’s about the tape. Carol says she’s not Julie’s mother. She never placed a baby for adoption. Julie’s like, “But…I think you’re my mother, so you must be!” Carol doesn’t know what to tell her. Someone needs to have a long talk with the PI she hired. Julie admits that she took the job because of Carol, so now she needs to leave it. Carol wishes her good luck in her life.

Todd is released from the hospital, and Felicity helps Rebecca get him ready to go to the airport and fly home. He tells Felicity that this may have been the push he needed to get his life back on track. He asks if she got into the seminar. Felicity says it didn’t work out, but it’s okay. Todd tells her their kiss was great. Felicity doesn’t want to talk about it and sends him off.

She goes back to McGrath, who is probably ready to call campus security and have her thrown out. She apologizes for ambushing him the other day, but she’d just seen a doctor save a life and got carried away. He already has her letter of acceptance to or rejection from the seminar and offers to give it to her instead of making her wait for it to arrive in the mail. It’s an acceptance letter. I hope whoever’s slot she took never finds out that she clearly doesn’t want to be a doctor.

Thinking Noel and Felicity are breaking up, Richard dismantles his satellite and calls off the modeling-agency idea. He knows he needs to behave himself because he’s about to lose the leverage he had to let him do whatever he wants. Felicity interrupts to ask to talk to Noel, and Richard encourages them to work things out.

Noel tells Felicity he scanned one of her sketches into his computer, and thanks to Todd’s help setting up Photoshop, he’s set things up for her to use his computer to draw. He makes sure Richard’s watching, then tells Felicity he’s going to yell at her. He fake breaks up with her, and when Felicity tells him that Richard left, he kisses her.

Sally sends a tape back to Felicity as Elena happily reads her acceptance letter from McGrath. Sally’s glad they both got in, but she’s also happy that Felicity remembered she’s an artist. Felicity will one day have to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to be, but Sally, at 34, is still working on that. The search will continue beyond college and for the rest of our lives.

Thoughts: Rebecca is played by Maggie Lawson. Eli is played by Simon Rex. (Guys, remember Simon Rex?)

Why doesn’t Todd’s family come see him in the hospital?

Sean is nutty but putting the disposable-camera vending machine in a maternity ward was brilliant. And if he had to refill it, it was a success. Good job, Sean!

THANK GOD Elena got into the seminar, too. I was worried that she would be rejected over Felicity, who wouldn’t have appreciated her acceptance as much as Elena would have.

April 4, 2020

Felicity 1.13, Todd Mulcahy, Part 1: The Stalker Becomes the Stalkee

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This guy is a Mess with a capital M

Summary: A guy comes to Felicity and Meghan’s room looking for Felicity, but instead gets roped into helping Meghan numb her nose so she can pierce it. Noel comes in next, and the guy introduces himself as Todd Mulcahy, a friend of Felicity’s. She was his first crush. They ran into each other back in California over Christmas break, and now he’s come to New York to kiss her. They almost kissed when they were younger but never did, and he needs to know what it feels like. Meghan says they would make a perfect couple. She means Todd and Noel, not Todd and Felicity.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally, talking about how she can get really superstitious when there’s something she wants. Currently, what she wants is to get into a seminar led by Dr. Peter McGrath, because it could lead to entrance into any medical school she wants. However, only ten out of 200 applicants get into the seminar. He only considers the top 20 students in the class, and they’ll have to submit to interviews with him before he chooses the final ten.

Noel finds Felicity studying and tells her that Todd was looking for her. He gives her a message from Todd asking her to call him. Felicity thinks that Todd’s desire to kiss her was just a joke, but Noel says he was serious. She’s still more concerned with the test that will determine her grade in McGrath’s class, which will then determine whether she’s eligible for the seminar. Noel suggests that she talk to someone who’s already taken the class for tips on the interview.

Felicity calls Todd as Richard asks Noel if he heard back about his request to install a satellite dish. Of course he can’t. Richard blasts Noel for just following the rules like he always does, even while he breaks the rules by dating Felicity. Felicity says hi and Richard replies, “You make me sick.” He tells Noel the dish goes up or Noel goes down.

Sean makes Ben taste something he’s mixed up in their kitchen for whatever his next big entrepreneurial idea is. Ben spits it out in Sean’s coffee and tells him not to pursue whatever it is he wanted to pursue. He finds the internship application Julie got at Carol’s office and tells her she’s an idiot for filling it out before telling Carol who she is. He apologizes, explaining that he’s in a bad mood because his father is going to cut him off. Ben cautions Julie not to do anything that will get her hurt.

Blair approaches Elena and acts like everything’s normal – he has no idea that Elena saw him out with Tara. She smacks him and tells him she saw them together, then warns him to stay away from her. Felicity studies at work, telling Sally it’s almost been fun juggling all her responsibilities. Of course, that doesn’t last. As Javier is asking Felicity to tell him if he looks thinner, Todd shows up at Dean & DeLuca. Javier tells her to ask him if he thinks Javier looks thinner.

Felicity is happy to see Todd, who thinks they’re soulmates. They’ve known each other since they were 12, when they were in summer school together. He just wants one kiss. Felicity politely tells him that she’s dating Noel, but Todd doesn’t care. He thinks he should be rewarded for taking such a huge risk. Felicity’s like, “Been there, done that, it won’t work out.” Todd lets her get back to work, but he won’t give up on getting his kiss.

Felicity and Elena meet with one of McGrath’s former students, who tells them that the seminar was one of the most profound experiences of her life. She also calls McGrath by his first name. She and Elena agree that he’s sexy. The student tells them a little about the exam they’ll be taking. Felicity spots Todd, who came to give her a present. He remembered she once said she could never find a souvenir license plate with her name on it, so he had one made for her. Felicity thinks it’s sweet, but she doesn’t have time to hang out with him right now. Todd gets that she’s brushing him off. But it’s not over, as Felicity tells Sally.

Julie has gotten an interview at Carol’s, but she still hasn’t spoken to her birth mother. She tells Felicity she wants to get to know her first. Felicity retrieves a package from the mailroom, a huge box with balloons attached to it. She guesses it’s from Todd, though I could also see it being from Noel in an attempt to assert his dominance.

Ben does some number-crunching, then tells Sean they need to talk. Sean is busy working on his new project, “the next generation of breakfast cereal.” Ben asks if he can skip a couple months of rent and pay them later. Sean would love to give him a pass but he pays the mortgage on the loft and relies on his roommates’ rent. He hates not living alone, even though Ben is the only roommate left. He’ll let Ben miss one month.

Julie got the internship, so a woman shows her around the office. Julie asks about Carol, and the woman says she’s awesome. Noel catches Richard welding something in his room; it’s for the satellite dish he insists will be installed on time. Noel can’t report him or Richard will expose his relationship with Felicity.

Todd’s package contains a bunch of snacks. He’s left Felicity a bunch of messages on her answering machine asking her to call him. When she doesn’t respond, he dares her to go out with him. Noel’s like, “This could be an issue.” Felicity reads a note from the package, calling it a time capsule that Todd hopes will help her regain her “childlike sense of wonder.”

Meghan comes home, her nose infected because Todd wasn’t careful enough when he helped her. Felicity doesn’t have time to deal with him; she has to study for McGrath’s test. Plus, she doesn’t want to be mean to Todd. He’s nuts, but he’s not a monster. She decides she needs to talk to an expert on being stalked.

That, of course, is Ben. Felicity tells him she’s in his situation, which he thinks means she’s stalking someone else. She tells him about Todd thinking they’re soulmates. “Imagine that,” Ben quips. He assures her that they’re past their whole stalking thing. Sean enters and Ben tells him that Felicity’s got a stalker. “Got or is?” Sean asks. He offers Felicity some of his milkless cereal (just add water!). It’s called Lact-O’s. Ben offers to go talk to Todd for Felicity. She tries the cereal but also spits it out.

Ben goes to Todd’s hotel room, but instead of confronting him or having a come-to-Jesus talk with him, they have a happy reunion. They somehow know each other. Julie brings Carol her lunch, and Carol invites her to share it and chat. They bond over being guitar players. Carol reveals that she’s married and has two kids.

Felicity and Elena study together for McGrath’s test, Elena using her stopwatch/M&M method. Felicity suddenly feels confident about it. Ben finds them and tells Felicity that he used to hang out with Todd a bunch; he didn’t realize it was the same Todd as Felicity’s stalker since Ben never knew his last name. He thinks Felicity should just let Todd kiss her. Then he asks if Dean & DeLuca needs any more employees. It was Todd’s idea for him to work there.

McGrath’s students take the big test as Todd spies on Felicity through a window. He holds up some signs asking if they can get together tonight. McGrath is facing away from the window and doesn’t notice. Javier interviews Ben, who has no experience in food service but thinks he would be good at it. Javier wants to hire him anyway.

Noel catches Richard hosting a party in his room; everyone’s watching a boxing match and smoking cigars. Already frustrated, Noel doesn’t get any happier when he finds Todd waiting for Felicity outside of her room. He tells Todd to stay away from her. Todd says he respects their relationship but can’t turn off his feelings. He adds that they’re supposed to have dinner tonight. He starts talking about Noel’s shirt, which he designed, and PhotoShop, which leads to Todd offering to help Noel with his computer.

Ben, Julie, and Elena hang out, and Julie talks about how great Carol is. Elena thinks she’s crazy for working for a woman who doesn’t know who she is. Blair joins them, so Ben and Julie take off. Blair asks for a chance to explain himself so he and Elena can work things out. He claims that he didn’t know if he and Elena were even still dating, since she’s been so busy. Elena’s like, “Well, good thing you could amuse yourself by making out with my best friend.”

Noel and Todd are having a great time together when Felicity finds them. She tells Todd she’ll meet him wherever they’re supposed to have dinner. She tries to make herself look “way below average” for the meal. Noel tells her that he feels for Todd and might even encourage them to be together if he weren’t already with Felicity. Felicity says she just wants him to go home.

Julie stops by and tells Felicity that Blair came by while she, Ben, and Elena were hanging out. She mentions that Ben is now working at Dean & DeLuca, off of Todd’s suggestion. Suddenly Noel hates Ben again. Julie likes him – she met him last night when he came to the loft to cook dinner and watch a movie. Todd thinks Julie should send Carol the tape she made. Noel makes sure Felicity won’t fall for Todd before she heads off to meet him.

At dinner, Todd tells Felicity that he ran into her in California because he forgot to get something for a dinner at his grandmother’s. She mentioned being stressed out about school, just like she always has been, and she said that nothing’s changed. Todd says he’s still the same person he’s always been, and since she’s also the same Felicity, that means something, I guess. He reminds her about a sunset they watched together. There was a moment when they almost kissed, and he missed the window of opportunity. It should be significant that they both still remember that sunset.

Felicity says it was a big deal at the time. Todd thinks they represented something to each other. Even though they had expectations on them, they always encouraged each other to do whatever they wanted. He gave her art supplies and encouraged her to pursue art, her secret passion. Felicity asks him to stop calling and sending her things, then starts to leave.

He follows her out and says again that he should have kissed her six years ago. Now he wants to do what most people don’t – reopen the window of opportunity. Felicity tells him he’s nuts, but Todd thinks they’ll know right away if there’s anything between them. If there is, they can run off together and do anything they want. Felicity says she’s doing that already. Todd isn’t sure. As he walks into the street, he says he accepts that he’s lost the battle, but he’s not giving up.

And then Todd gets hit by a bus!!!!!


Thoughts: McGrath is played by Chris Sarandon.

I’m just surprised Meghan doesn’t already have a nose piercing.

Lact-O’s. Heh.

Aw, I like that Ben, Julie, and Elena hang out together. It’s nice that Felicity’s friends who she met at different times also like each other.