February 16, 2014

BH90210 7.12, Judgment Day: California University vs. Brandon Walsh

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How is Steve still in school? I mean...17%!

How is Steve still in school? I mean…17%!

Summary: Steve and Brandon meet with Chancellor Arnold to discuss the trouble Steve’s facing over stealing Brandon’s paper. They’ll next have to go before a tribunal to get Steve’s verdict and punishment, which could be expulsion. The chancellor notes that if Steve pled guilty, he would only face punishment from the chancellor, and it could be as minor as academic probation. Steve’s smart enough to opt for that. Brandon, however, wants to prove that he didn’t give Steve the paper, so he’ll have to attend a hearing with the student conduct committee.

Steve doesn’t get why Brandon doesn’t accept the same deal he did. Professor Randall is going to be gunning for him. Brandon doesn’t care to hear Steve’s opinions right now. Steve reminds him that they’re best friends, but Brandon disagrees. David and Donna go for a bike ride, since they’re all happy and back together. He wants to take her to see the Goo Goo Dolls that night. Donna’s having dinner with her parents, so she invites him to come along before they go to the concert. They give exposition that the gang is throwing a surprise birthday party for Mark.

This is too bad, because Mark is currently telling Kelly that he doesn’t want to do anything for his birthday. Brandon joins them, telling them that his hearing is the next day. Kelly wishes him luck, kissing him on the cheek, and Mark wonders what that’s all about. Steve talks things over with Clare, telling her that Brandon doesn’t want him to testify on his behalf. Unfortunately, this means that Professor Randall can call Steve to testify against Brandon.

I guess David never actually gave Valerie the money to help her keep the After Dark afloat, because she’s still having money problems. Donna intercepts a phone call from Valerie and tells David that she doesn’t think he should invest in the club. David hasn’t made up his mind yet. Brandon meets with Tracy to go over CUTV stuff, but she wants details on his hearing. She doesn’t get why Professor Randall won’t drop the charges now that Steve’s pleading guilty. Brandon declines to tell her about the whole Lucinda thing.

Professor Randall encounters Brandon at the student union and mocks him for studying since he’s just going to get expelled. Brandon doesn’t want to engage in childish banter, which disappoints Professor Randall. Brandon swears that he didn’t sleep with Lucinda while she and Randall were married. Randall advises him to mention that at the hearing. David meets the Martins for dinner; as is typical of them, Felice is critical while Dr. Martin is friendly and supportive. Also, Felice doesn’t know that Donna and David are back together. She doesn’t take the news well, so Donna storms out.

The next day, Brandon’s hearing convenes, and Steve is the first witness called to testify. He unsuccessfully tries to plead illness to be excused. Randall thinks that Brandon gave Steve his paper to bail him out of trouble, since Brandon has a history of helping Steve out. Steve says he stole the paper, and now the guys’ friendship is in trouble. He thinks that should make it clear that Brandon wasn’t involved in the plagiarism.

Donna goes to see Dr. Martin, asking for his advice about getting back together with David. He thinks that since David’s doing well, there’s no reason for them to keep their distance from each other. In fact, Donna’s relationship with him might be the reason he’s doing so well. Donna worries that they’ll stay together, get married, and have children with David’s problems. Dr. Martin tries to ease her fears, adding that she’s old enough not to worry about what Felice thinks.

Valerie visits David to see where he stands on their business deal. David hedges, and Valerie guesses that Donna’s trying to influence his decision. She tells him they’re alike (eh?), and he should go after what he wants. He replies that things have changed; he wasn’t stable when he made the offer, and now he’s thinking about it more clearly. Valerie says that if he’s going to back out of the deal, he needs to say so now. Kelly makes plans with Mark for his birthday, though of course none of that stuff is going to happen.

Randall calls Brandon to the stand, and though Chancellor Arnold says that Brandon’s allowed to decline, he wants to testify. Randall asks if this is the first time Brandon and Steve have cheated. Brandon uses the old “when did you stop beating your wife?” response, mostly to rub it in that Randall and Lucinda are divorced. Randall calls out Brandon and Steve for passing a test (dubbed the Columbus Day Massacre) that everyone else in the class failed. Steve had failed the previous few quizzes, so it looks suspicious.

Brandon sticks to his assertion that he never gave Steve permission to cheat off of him. He wonders why Randall didn’t bring this issue up years ago. Randall says that he wasn’t aware then that Brandon and Steve were close. Brandon accuses him of doctoring his ledger to make it look like he and Steve cheated in the past. This only makes him look bad to the chancellor.

Everyone else gathers at Mark and David’s house to wait for Mark to show up for his surprise party. Donna asks David if he talked to Valerie, and he tells her that “she was pretty understanding.” Before he can elaborate, Mark and Kelly arrive. She’s pretending she left their concert tickets there. When everyone surprises him, Mark pretends to be happy. After the hearing, Brandon fills Nat in on the details at the Peach Pit. Nat thinks he should go to Mark’s party and delay moping until he has something to mope over.

Donna sees David and Valerie talking and complains to Kelly that Val keeps bugging David. Then she overhears Valerie calling David her partner. David says that he still hasn’t made up his mind. Kelly declares it time for presents, though Mark doesn’t want any attention. Brandon shows up and Kelly hurries over to find out what happened at the hearing. Valerie comments to Mark that Kelly should be paying more attention to him.

Brandon tells his friends what happened at the hearing just as Steve and Clare arrive. Steve decides not to bother suffering through the evening with his ex-best friend. Also suffering: Mark, who just wants to watch kung-fu movies. He complains to Kelly that everyone would rather hang out with Brandon than him. He hates surprise parties, and this one is especially bad. He also thinks Brandon’s the reason he and Kelly haven’t had sex yet. Apparently Mark’s hatred of birthdays stems from his parents always throwing him huge parties, but I’m not sure what the problem is here.

Clare pulls Brandon aside to tell him to work things out with Steve. She thinks he should cut Steve some slack since he stood up for him at the hearing. Brandon points out that Steve got him into this mess in the first place. After Brandon leaves, Donna informs Clare that Randall proved that this isn’t the first time Steve has cheated off of Brandon. Clare rushes home to confront Steve, who claimed that this was the first instance of cheating. Steve tells her that Randall’s wrong – he failed all the quizzes AND the Columbus Day Massacre.

Brandon takes Tracy home, telling her about his relationship with Lucinda. He thinks the trouble he’s in will affect the fellowship he applied for. Tracy tries to cheer him up, since lots of successful people failed before they took off. Felice visits Donna at the beach apartment to sort of apologize, though really she just wants her daughter to rethink a relationship where she’s taking care of someone who’s wounded. She needs to think more about relationships that will last. Donna says that’s exactly what she’s thinking about.

Brandon addresses the tribunal, announcing that he has no defense, but he doesn’t think Randall has proven anything. He challenges Randall to admit to his personal vendetta, revealing that he did have an affair with Lucinda. He swears that he had no involvement in what Steve did, but if the tribunal thinks otherwise, he’s ready to accept his punishment. Randall decides he has everything sewn up and waives his closing statement.

Steve and Clare arrive, and Chancellor Arnold allows Steve to add on to his previous testimony. Steve announces that he failed the Columbus Day Massacre, and in fact has a copy of the test. (He got a 17%. You suck, Steve.) He also has copies of his previous failed quizzes. Chancellor Arnold immediately dismisses the charges against Brandon and warns that Randall will have to face a hearing of his own for manufacturing evidence.

The gang (plus Tracy and Mark, minus Valerie) gathers at the Peach Pit to celebrate Brandon’s awesomeness, or whatever. Brandon apologizes for making Mark’s birthday kind of crappy, then thanks Steve for helping him out. The girls laugh over the fact that the guys just hug and eat together, and everything’s okay. Brandon wonders why Randall didn’t think that Steve might come forward with his grades. Steve points out that he probably didn’t think someone with grades that low would admit to them, but “Steve Sanders has no shame.”

David disappears, and Donna finds him over at the After Dark. She knows he wants to invest in the club, and that it could lead him back to his own music career. He doesn’t want to do it if it comes with a high price, meaning losing her. Donna admits that she doesn’t like the idea of David and Valerie working together. David promises that he only wants Donna, so there’s nothing for her to worry about. She gives him her blessing to invest in the club.

Thoughts: How is Chancellor Arnold “punishing” Steve not a conflict of interest? Steve’s sleeping with his daughter!

Trivia: Muntz’s first name is Morton. No wonder he goes by his last name.

I like the way Mark thinks. What else can we blame on Brandon? Global warming? My dry skin this whole winter? The near-death of that deer a few episodes ago?

February 9, 2014

BH90210 7.11, If I Had a Hammer: Who Cares If You’re in Trouble? I’M in Trouble!

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Nice sweatpants, David

Nice sweatpants, David

Summary: There are people dressed as bears in CU’s student union. Weird. Donna checks in on David, who’s still acting a little strangely after what happened in Vegas. He picks a fight with her, telling her that he can’t live up to her standards. As she leaves, he yells that he doesn’t need her or his father. Then he breaks a glass, cutting his hand and bringing a lot of attention to himself. Another student offers help but David just snaps at her.

Thanksgiving is approaching, and Brandon wants to host dinner at the Walshes’ for the whole gang. Valerie reminds him that he’ll have to invite Mark. Tracy, however, will be home with her family. Nat tells them that Willie the cook has been offered a house from Habitat for Humanity, but he and his niece and nephew need to do a lot of the work to build it. He’d like the gang to help out. Brandon and Valerie quickly agree.

Donna and Mel take David to the hospital, where Mel tells Donna that he saw David’s behavior years ago in Sheila. The doctor who took care of David’s hand calls in a psychiatrist to address his frantic manner. David tries to make excuses for his behavior, then uses the old “this is just how I am” story. The psychiatrist, Dr. Tate, isn’t buying that.

At CU, Steve appears before some sort of disciplinary board to address the fact that he recently turned in a paper very much like one Brandon once wrote. Steve not only plagiarized, but he did it for Professor Randall, AKA Lucinda’s ex-husband, AKA the professor who hates Brandon. Oops! Steve will be allowed to appear before a committee next week, but he’s facing expulsion.

Brandon reminds Kelly about Thanksgiving at his place, but she and Mark have plans to spend the weekend in Montecito. They spot Randall, who comes over to pretend to talk nice with Brandon. Even though he left CU, he’s been doing advisory stuff like reviewing term papers. He mentions that Brandon was always a really good writer.

Dr. Tate asks Mel and Donna if David has a family history of psychiatric problems. Mel names Sheila’s bipolar disorder. Dr. Tate wants to admit him to the psychiatric ward for 72 hours so he can be evaluated and diagnosed. Mel gives consent. He has to leave to see patients, so Donna offers to stay.

Steve goes to the beach apartment to tell Clare about his academic problems. Clare’s like, “How did I choose you over Dick and Prince Carl? Also, way to go, doing this just months before you were supposed to graduate.” She advises him to tell Brandon what happened. Steve wants to talk to Chancellor Arnold instead and try to get some sort of clemency. Clare orders him to tell Brandon before the dean does.

Brandon, Valerie, Mark, Nat, and Willie are first to the building site, followed by Clare and Steve. Steve confesses to Brandon that he took his paper and Randall caught him. Brandon quickly figures out that Randall knows he wrote the paper. That means he’s going to be gunning for Brandon. David is understandably annoyed about having to stay at the hospital, and he refuses to take his prescribed sedative. He also doesn’t want to talk to his psychiatrist about his recent behavior.

Dr. Tate chats with Donna instead; she tells him about when she and David went looking for Sheila in Portland. She thinks David’s trying to run away from himself. Dr. Tate tells her that David’s lucky to have her in his life. Kelly and Mark head to Montecito, learning on the way that their hotel reservation has been misplaced. She’s not optimistic that they’ll be able to find another place to stay on a holiday weekend. Mark’s fine with thinking of this as an adventure.

Brandon learns that he’s going to be charged with collusion for helping Steve plagiarize. Clare worries that she’s following in her mother’s footsteps, since she always considered Chancellor Arnold a project to work on. Speaking of the chancellor, Steve’s meeting with him right now. It’s not going to do any good, though, since Chancellor Arnold doesn’t get involved in disciplinary matters. Steve doesn’t get immunity just because of whose daughter he’s dating. He begs for the chance to make up for his plagiarism, regretting that he ever copied the paper. Chancellor Arnold says that he should have copied Brandon’s behavior instead.

David meets with Dr. Tate, and though he tells him a little about his life, he won’t talk about his feelings. Dr. Tate wants to discuss Sheila’s bipolar disorder. David denies that he’s like her, but Dr. Tate points out that he’s genetically predisposed to have what she has. David blah blahs about having a bad day, not having control, wanting to let off steam, etc. Dr. Tate tells him that those are the lows, and he’s been self-medicating with all his drinking. He adds that David has Mel and Donna, so he’s not alone.

Kelly and Mark scramble to get a hotel room anywhere in Montecito. They can’t, but Mark does manage to get them dinner reservations in a four-star restaurant in Lake Tahoe. (He told them it was for Ronald Reagan.) Brandon pleads innocent to collusion, then tells Professor Randall that he had nothing to do with Steve’s plagiarism. Randall won’t drop the charges. Brandon accuses him of making things personal, which, of course, Randall denies.

Back at the work site, Valerie proves to know a lot about construction. She tells Clare that her father was a contractor and she used to work with him on houses. She adds that just before she moved to Beverly Hills, her father committed suicide. Clare is able to empathize with her over losing a parent. Valerie admits that she doesn’t have a lot of happy memories of her father.

While Mark and Kelly eat fancy food at the four-star restaurant, David has a dream about looking for Sheila among homeless people in Portland. When he finds her, she turns into him. Well, it doesn’t take Freud to figure that out! David’s finally ready to talk to Dr. Tate. Sheila arrives in Beverly Hills and meets up with Donna at the hospital. She feels guilty for passing her bipolar disorder on to David. Donna says that David will just be happy to have her support.

At the Walshes’ house, Brandon yells at Steve for being an idiot and dragging Brandon into his antics. No more computer for Steve! Kelly and Mark manage to get a hotel room somewhere, but now she’s sick. Mark thinks she has the flu, but then he gets sick himself. Apparently you can get food poisoning at a four-star restaurant. So much for a romantic weekend. In the morning, they debate going back to Beverly Hills for Thanksgiving with the gang, but decide to stay put.

David’s very happy to see Sheila, who tells him she’s repaying him for the times he was there for her. She wants to talk about their similar behavior, but he still doesn’t think they should be compared. He has, however, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sheila knows that David likes his highs, but she cautions that he needs to stop drinking or he’ll have to face the lows, too. If he takes care of himself, he won’t need medication.

The members of the gang who’ve been working on the house gather with Willie and his niece and nephew for Thanksgiving dinner. Valerie and Clare ask Brandon and Steve to call a truce for the holiday. David shows up in time for the meal and asks Donna why she stuck around to help him. She reminds him that he was her first love. They exchange “I love you”s and kiss. So they’re…back together?

Thoughts: They keep showing the people dressed as bears throughout the episode, but no one ever mentions them or explains why they’re there. I’m starting to wonder if I just imagined them. Paging Dr. Tate!

“Hey, Steve, I know you’re in a jam, but can we make this about me?” Sure thing, Brandon!

Kelly can’t get a hotel clerk to help her over the phone, so she has Mark deal with him, saying that the guy must hate women. Mark doesn’t get anywhere either, so he tells Kelly, “He hates men, too.” For some reason, that cracked me up.

Kelly’s never had caviar? I find that hard to believe.

September 12, 2012

BH90210 4.16, Crunch Time: Testing 1, 2, 3

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Insert your own joke about Sears and balls

Summary: It’s finals time at CU, but Steve has other problems on his mind: He’s still on the outs with the KEG guys. Brandon encourages him to blow the whistle on Sears if he’s sure Sears was the one who set him up for the baseball theft. Steve doesn’t want to; his father told him not to make waves. Brandon’s annoyed that Steve isn’t studying, and that he has to keep tutoring D’Shawn, which was part of the agreement he made with Randall to keep Steve from getting in trouble.

The guys give exposition about things being tense at the beach apartment, since David and Donna are still living together post-breakup. This segues into David snapping at Donna at the apartment even though she’s trying to be helpful. Erica and Suzanne are still at Dylan’s, and the three of them are one big, happy family, so of course that can’t last.

Back on campus, Andrea’s neurotic because she and Jesse agreed not to talk during finals week, but she can’t handle not speaking to him. And there’s also the little problem of her still living in a dorm with Dan. Fortunately, that problem is no longer an issue – Dan has been transferred to another dorm, and Andrea’s new RA is a girl.

KEG plays in an intramural volleyball game, and their teeny green shorts make me laugh. Sears doesn’t want to put Steve in the game despite his self-proclaimed awesomeness at the sport. He puts the MoonPie-eating Muntz in instead. Steve realizes the next four years of his life aren’t looking so hot. D’Shawn welcomes Brandon’s tutoring, for once, since he needs distraction from an upcoming game. He’s even done his reading. (His sister made him.)

Dylan pays a visit to the Walshes and offers to help Brenda study the next day. She notes that it must be weird suddenly finding out he has family he didn’t know about. Dylan asks Jim for $10,000 to give Suzanne, which Jim thinks is a horrible idea. He points out that there’s no proof that Erica and Dylan are related. Dylan doesn’t think $10,000 is that big a deal. Jim suggests that he give Suzanne $5,000 in exchange for her social security number so he can do a background check.

David has to juggle studying with his radio show, so the program director, Howard, offers him crystal meth. It gets him through the night, and he’s still high when he gets home. Donna’s surprised that he’s speaking to her now, since he said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She wants them to figure out what they mean to each other. David would rather talk manically about his radio show. Donna tells Kelly she thinks things will work out.

Steve complains to Brandon about how Sears is treating him, confiding that he’s going to tell Mike that he thinks Sears tipped off the police. Their sociology final begins and Brandon sees that D’Shawn isn’t there. Kelly and Brenda hang out with Dylan and Erica, the latter of whom is already better at playing keyboards than David is. Suzanne comes home from an unsuccessful job interview and Dylan gives her the $5,000. She promises to pay him back as soon as possible.

Dylan reluctantly brings up Suzanne’s social security number, making it clear that he’s just obeying Jim’s wishes. Suzanne gets angry, telling him he’s just like Jack. “I am not for sale,” she tells him. Uh, he wasn’t trying to buy you, but whatever. David crashes at the apartment and Kelly has to wake up him for a final. She tells him he might be able to get away with being nasty to Donna, but she won’t stand for it.

Brandon apologizes to Randall for D’Shawn skipping the final, but Randall says D’Shawn is taking a take-home exam. Brandon’s upset that he’s getting special treatment because he’s an athlete. He asks what will happen if D’Shawn flunks out of school and doesn’t make it in the NBA. Randall tells him not to take any more of his classes. David asks Howard for meth and gets another freebie, with the warning that he’ll have to pay next time.

Mike tells Sears and two other KEG brothers about Steve’s accusations that he was set up. Sears says he probably called the police himself. Then he starts yelling at Mike for taking Steve’s word over his. He wants to “bring this to the test,” which Steve agrees to, even though he doesn’t know what it means. Sears tells him it’ll probably result in Steve getting kicked out of KEG.

David continues to be cold to Donna, who starts talking about being tired, apparently so they can cuddle or something. I don’t know. He yells at her not to sit on the bed, since that’s where his stash is. Suzanne apologizes to Dylan, who in turn says he’s sorry for asking for her social security number. He also still wants her to have the $5,000. Suzanne needs to go home to tie up some loose ends, so Dylan offers to let Erica stay with him while she’s gone.

David barely acknowledges Steve at the student union, ditching him to ask Howard for more meth. Howard can’t get anything until the next night, but he invites David to come with him to hang out with friends who might have something to calm him down. That night, Steve goes to the beach apartment wanting to ask David why he was so distant before. Kelly and Donna try to cheer him up with dinner.

Brandon and Jim listen to D’Shawn’s game on the radio, hearing about a knee injury he’s sustained. Steve tells Kelly about the “test” that will be happening the next night. Except it isn’t so much a “test” as a vote as to who gets to stay, Steve or Sears. Kelly thinks it might be for the best if Steve gets kicked out. Steve invites himself to move into David’s room. Donna keeps waiting for David to call or come home, but she’s losing hope. Steve comforts her sweetly.

The next day, Donna goes to Andrea’s room to study so she doesn’t have to deal with David in case he comes home. They’re surprised by Jesse, who’s snuck in to make Andrea happy and inadvertently make Donna sad. Erica and Dylan are all sibling-y, and she surprises him as well: She’s swiped Suzanne’s social security card for him.

Brandon visits the injured D’Shawn, who’s done for the season and might not play in the NBA. Brandon tells him to focus on his studies instead. D’Shawn says he did the take-home even though he was giving interviews. Brandon brings him his graded test – he got a C and maintains his eligibility. D’Shawn asks Brandon to keep tutoring him.

It’s time for the “test” at the KEG house, but before it even begins, Sears admits to Mike that he did call the police on Steve. He’s upset about Steve interfering in his potential relationship with Kelly and for what happened on Thanksgiving. The voting begins, and poor Steve has to sit there and watch each of his brothers drop a black ball in his bowl.

Finally one brother votes against Sears, saying that if Sears set Steve up, there’s nothing keeping him from setting up another brother. Muntz also votes against Sears, and probably not just because Steve gave him a MoonPie. The other brothers follow their lead, and the remaining votes are all cast against Sears. Steve can’t help but laugh.

Donna asks Kelly for David advice; she doesn’t think sex is even the real issue anymore. “Just tell me what I’m doing wrong,” she begs. Over the radio they hear David fumbling, though Donna thinks he’s just flustered because of finals. Kelly, however, thinks he’s using drugs. After all, she’s seen similar behavior with her mom. But she’s willing to let Donna think that David’s just hurting over their breakup.

David bugs Howard for drugs again, and Howard warns him not to treat him like a dealer, since that’s not what he is. (Um, you’re selling drugs. You’re a dealer.) David just wants to be able to get through the week so he can get on with his life. Howard orders him not to ask for more drugs – he doesn’t want to have to worry about David. David replies that he has no worries.

Thoughts: Ah, finals. Once again, I don’t miss college.

Dylan is adorable with Erica. I think my crush might be returning…

Howard graduating from giving David caffeine pills to handing out meth makes me think of this.

I don’t think you can call it a bed when it’s just a mattress on the floor, David.

I’d be a little wary about openly laughing at Sears. He’s obviously not above revenge.

September 2, 2012

BH90210 4.14, Windstruck: …In Bed

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I think this is in the dictionary under “awkward”

Summary: The Gin Blossoms play in a radio station filled with boxes labeled “sex.” Donna’s there doing an interview with Howard Stern, who’s really her landlord. He says his audience keeps asking him why Donna’s still a virgin. David wakes Donna from her weird dream with flowers – it’s their two-year anniversary. They give exposition about it being unseasonably warm outside and the Santa Ana winds coming around. David totally wants sex, and Donna wonders if she was talking in her sleep.

Brandon reunites with Nat after his trek to San Francisco, then learns about Steve’s bust. Brandon is less than sympathetic, telling him he’s an idiot in the middle of a bunch of other idiots. Steve defends the KEG house, then asks Brandon to talk to Professor Randall about letting Steve slide. Brandon tells him to rely on his frat brothers instead. They got him into the mess, so they should get him out of it.

Everyone but Andrea and Steve is going to Chinatown, where David and Donna will celebrate their anniversary. Donna tells Kelly about her dream and how it made her feel like “the last American virgin.” Dylan runs into Brandon, who’s surprised to see that Randall gave him an A+ for the semester. D’Shawn got a B+ despite never studying. Dylan tells Brandon about his fight with Kelly on Thanksgiving; he plans to be on his best behavior in Chinatown.

At home, Brenda becomes the tenth person in the episode to ask Brandon about Emily. Fortunately, he wants to talk about her about as much as I want him to talk about her. Also fortunately, Brenda laughs at him when he says he loves Emily. Steve begs his frat brothers to come to his rescue, but they can’t get involved because they’d get in trouble for hazing. Mike, the president, thinks he’ll get off easy anyway since this was his first offense. Steve promises to cover for his brothers, but Mike has to put him on probation for a few days.

In Chinatown, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan give Donna and David a poster of them as the American Gothic couple. They open their fortune cookies, playing the “in bed” game. David’s happy that Donna’s fortune comes out, “You will be starting on a new adventure in bed.” After dinner, David and Donna throw coins into a fountain, hitting bowls that read “luck” and “love,” respectively. Donna suggests that they all stop by West Beverly’s Christmas dance, but no one’s on board with the idea.

Dylan offers to drive Kelly home, but first they have to flirt, which leads to making out. David and Donna go home, and his hopes of a romantic evening alone are dashed by her allergies. Elsewhere, Jesse gets further with Andrea than David’s gotten all night. Too bad creepy Dan is watching them kiss. Donna has another dream, this one featuring Landlord Stern interrogating David in front of Donna’s parents. David says he loves Donna for her mind, and he’ll marry her if she sleeps with him. Stern offers to pay for the condoms. Felice tells Donna she has her blessing to have sex.

Speaking of sex, that seems to be what Kelly and Dylan did, as they wake up in his bed. He wants to go to Joshua Tree, but she has to participate in a charity carwash. Now Dylan’s mopey, because how dare his girlfriend do something good for the less fortunate when she could be making out with him? Brandon runs into D’Shawn, who tries to pretend that they’re friends and he really appreciates Brandon’s help. Brandon brings up D’Shawn’s unearned grade, saying D’Shawn would have liked the class if he’d actually paid attention.

Dylan makes a surprise appearance at the carwash to flirt with Kelly in front of Sears. Sears sprays them with a hose, ticking off Dylan, but Kelly just has fun with it. Steve shows up and gets involved, but Mike tells him his probation prevents him from taking part. Donna and David record PSAs at the radio station, and she thanks him for putting up with her. She’s considering lifting her celibacy pledge for him. Tonight, she won’t be taking her antihistamine. (Sexy.)

Andrea hangs out with Jesse, who recites poetry to her in Spanish. He introduces her to his family, who run a catering truck, then asks her back to his apartment. Brandon goes looking for Randall but instead finds Lucinda, who promises that her husband still doesn’t know anything about what happened between them. She mentions that they had a big fight earlier in the week that was worse than the near-theft of the baseball. Also, the campus police were tipped off to the break-in by an anonymous phone call.

Brandon finds Steve moping at the Peach Pit and apologizes for being so hard on him the day before. He informs Steve that he was set up, probably by one of his frat brothers. Brandon’s going to go to bat for him, since not doing so was probably making him go through good-guy withdrawal. At the beach apartment, David and Donna get ready to do their thing, though she’d probably be a little more into him if he didn’t wear a necklace. Their evening plans are interrupted by a surprise visit from Dr. and Mrs. Martin.

David pretends he’s at the apartment alone, which Felice and Dr. Martin don’t buy. Donna tries to keep the lie going by telling her parents that David’s air-conditioning is out, so he’s been sleeping on her and Kelly’s couch. Her parents still don’t buy it, so Donna tells them David lives with the girls. Felice is furious that she’s been lying for months.

The next morning, Jim tries to be parental with Brandon, who’s headed to campus to talk to Randall. David spent the night at Mel’s, and Donna has to go to church with her parents, who are at least a little less upset with her. Donna notes that if she’d told them the truth about the living arrangements, Felice never would have approved. Dr. Martin agrees, adding that Donna’s an adult and lives thousands of miles away from them. She needs to make her own decisions and live her own life. Felice believes Donna’s still a virgin but isn’t sure she can trust her.

Steve goes to the KEG house to find out who tipped the police off about him. He notes that only Sears and Mike knew he was going to Randall’s office. Mike says Steve was the only pledge dumb enough to get caught. Kelly tells Dylan that she liked seeing him at the carwash, but they don’t have to spend every waking minute together. Dan hassles Andrea about Jesse, proving to be, among other things, racist. She somehow manages not to punch him in the face.

Brandon tries to reason with Randall, telling him Steve was playing a prank. But Randall won’t let Steve off the hook since he knows what Brandon’s been doing with Lucinda. Brandon swears that he bailed as soon as he found out she was married to Randall. Randall doesn’t want to listen, so Brandon threatens to reveal that he gave D’Shawn a good grade so he can stay on the basketball team. Randall gives in. Donna tells David that their living arrangements don’t have to change, but she’s off the intercourse bandwagon. He’s upset but wants to keep dating.

Thoughts: I watched this episode while wearing my brand-new Peach Pit shirt from Old Navy. (They also had one with Luke Perry on it, but the picture of him wasn’t that great. And it felt a little too fan-girly for me.)

Remember the Gin Blossoms? I loved them.

Ew, brandon, don’t add “in bed” to your sister’s fortune.

Nice fanny pack, Steve. I think that’s the real reason for your probation.

For what it’s worth, Tori Spelling looks really pretty in the I’m-about-to-swipe-my-V-card scenes.

I guess blackmail isn’t a no-no in Brandon’s Big Book of Good Behavior?

August 16, 2012

BH90210 4.10, And Did It…My Way: Waking Up (to What a Horrible Idea This Engagement Was) in Vegas

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Wait!… Is there cake?

Summary: Brenda and Stuart have been making the most of their hotel room and are looking forward to getting married. Meanwhile, Jim is angry, comparing their living situation to Pretty Woman. Brandon notes that his parents are reacting to this relationship the same way they reacted when Brenda was with Dylan. Stuart’s parents want to have lunch with Jim and Cindy, who think the four of them will be able to come up with a plan to divert a crisis.

Kelly stops by the beach apartment to get some of her things, since she doesn’t want to have anything to do with David. Donna tells them to stop fighting already. Kelly’s worried that Erin will be hurt by the custody battle. David is less concerned about her and more worried about Jackie taking out her anger on Mel. At the KEG house, Steve gets a call from Laura but gets Sears to pretend he’s not there. Sears lets him know this isn’t the first time she’s called.

On campus, Brandon fills Dylan in on the Brenda situation. They joke that she’ll wind up with another trip to Paris. Brandon asks what Dylan knows about Stuart, but Dylan wants to stay out of it. Laura asks Andrea if she knows Steve, then if she knows how to get in touch with him. (She totally just wants to borrow his notes.) Andrea gives her Steve’s home phone number.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall that D’Shawn is a less-than-willing student, so maybe he needs a different tutor who can get through to him. Randall invites them over for dinner with him and Lucinda. Speaking of Lucinda, she interrupts and pretends she didn’t almost see Brandon naked the other night.

The Carsons and Walshes meet to talk about their children’s engagement and are joined by the children in question. Jim almost barfs when Stuart jokingly asks if he can call him and Cindy “Mom” and “Dad.” It quickly becomes clear that the Carsons are not at all opposed to the marriage. Mr. Carson even wants to pay for the wedding (and it’s going to be huge). Jim tries to be diplomatic by saying that he thinks the kids should wait to get married. Mrs. Carson agrees, suggesting a June wedding.

Brenda’s upset about Stuart’s parents taking control of everything, so Stuart suggests that they go to Las Vegas and elope. He wants to keep it quiet, but Brenda tells Brandon, who thinks she’s crazy but reluctantly gives his blessing. (Hey, Brandon, at least you’ll get to take over her room again.) She tells him not to tell Jim and Cindy, which I’m sure will work out.

Sears and Dylan encounter each other at the Peach Pit and jab at each other a little. Sears thinks Dylan has a hold over Kelly, and Dylan can’t figure out what she sees in the other guy. (Nat can’t either.) Cindy and Jim angrily wash dishes and complain about the Carsons. They think Mrs. Carson just wants an excuse to throw another party. They also think they still might be able to get through to Brenda. After all, they have six months to try.

Brandon calls Steve to invite him on a road trip to Vegas. (Sorry, Steve, it’s not that kind of road trip.) They’ll have to drive to Burbank to get a flight. Steve’s next call is from Laura, whose voice he doesn’t even recognize. He gets rid of her, then calls Kelly. Soon the news about Vegas makes its way through the group. On his way out the door, Brandon tells his parents what’s going on but tries to get them to stay out of it. Jim’s willing to stay behind as long as Brandon has a plan. (He doesn’t.)

Steve and Brandon barely make their flight, which Kelly, Donna, Andrea, and David just happen to be on as well. Donna asks Kelly and David to stop fighting while they deal with Brenda. They reluctantly call a temporary truce, which is good news for Donna, since she has to sit between them on the plane. The truce turns into actual apologies. Just as the plane is about to leave, Dylan arrives.

Brenda and Stuart are already in Vegas, celebrating their stealthy escape from their families. On the plane, Steve teaches Andrea how to play Blackjack as she rambles about relationships. Brandon asks Dylan again what he knows about Stuart, pointing out that now that Dylan’s on the plane, he’s officially involved. Dylan tells him that Stuart used to deal drugs at a club. He hopes Brenda knows what she’s doing.

Fast-forward to everyone getting to Vegas. Andrea wants to try to stop the wedding, but Dylan and Brandon know that will just make Brenda more determined to go through with it. Brandon suggests that they all pretend they support her decision but drop hints about what a mistake it is. Dylan promises to “take care of Stuart.”

Stuart and Brenda discuss married life, which he thinks will have her turning into a housewife. The gang shows up and Brenda tells them they’re getting married at midnight. The guys want to throw Stuart a bachelor party while the girls give Brenda a shower. Stuart’s a little nervous to learn from the guys that the gang is a family, so the girls will always be around and Brenda will tell them everything.

Brenda admits to the girls that she signed a prenup but Stuart will tear it up after six months. She’s happy they’re there to be her maids of honor, not stop the wedding. Everyone goes to a casino, where Andrea worries that they’ll get in trouble since they’re all under 21. She then proceeds to win a bunch of money at a slot machine. She has to give $500 to a security guard and leave the casino.

Stuart wants to take the guys to a strip club, though he assures Dylan that he’s a much better guy than he used to be. Dylan and Brandon admit to each other that they’re starting to like him. Back in Beverly Hills, Cindy finds humor in the elopement since it means Mrs. Carson won’t get to have the big wedding she wanted. Then she and Jim decide to go to Vegas after all.

It’s 11 p.m. and Brenda has picked out her wedding gown. The girls give her her something old, something new, etc. Meanwhile, the guys hit a strip club and are a little too happy to be there. Dylan makes a last-ditch effort to rattle Stuart, telling him about Brenda’s past near-infidelities. They might mean she’s too young to settle down. Elsewhere in Vegas, Cindy tries to call Brenda and Stuart’s room, but they’re obviously not there. She starts calling wedding chapels to try to find them.

The kids all gather at a chapel for Brenda and Stuart’s $215 ceremony. David suggests that he and Donna also get married (then get an annulment the next day). Dylan offers to hold on to the ring for Stuart. Cindy finally finds the chapel she’s looking for, and she and Jim run off as the ceremony begins. Brandon reminds Brenda that marriage is for life, so eventually their father will have to accept his son-in-law.

The officiant rants about how difficult marriage can be, cracking up Steve and David. When he asks if anyone objects, Brenda says, “I do.” The officiant thinks she’s jumping the gun. Brenda tells Stuart that she’s enjoyed their relationship, but she thinks she’s really in love with love. Stuart has already realized that they hardly know each other, so it’s too soon for them to get married. Jim and Cindy arrive in time to learn that the wedding has already been stopped. Everyone winds up at a restaurant, where Brenda and Stuart assure each other that they’re still in love.

Thoughts: How ironic that I watched an episode that takes place in Vegas on the anniversary of Elvis’ death.

Brandon, I thought I told you to stop calling your parents by their first names.

If I wanted to stop my sister from getting married, the last person I would call is Steve.

Andrea has no money, right? So how did she pay for a plane ticket? Maybe Donna bought it for her?

The girls packed a lot of clothes for a trip that shouldn’t take that much time. Though two of them are Kelly and Donna, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Andrea, you of all people don’t have to worry about being carded.

August 12, 2012

BH90210 4.9, Otherwise Engaged: If You Ain’t No Punk, Holla, “We Want Prenup!”

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The perfect encapsulation of this mess: Brandon’s worried, Lucinda’s thrilled, the whole thing’s a disaster

Summary: In what I guess is a reference to Back to the Future, “The Power of Love” plays as Brandon races across campus to get to the gym. It’s 7 but Lucinda isn’t there. Womp womp! She arrives a little while later and they start flirting. Meanwhile, Brenda’s just waking up and admiring her new engagement ring. Stuart calls and basically makes sure she still wants to marry him. They arrange to have lunch together that afternoon.

Jim and Cindy discuss the engagement, wondering if Brenda’s pregnant. Jim even asks her straight out when she comes downstairs. Cindy reminds her that marriage is a big step, especially for two people who barely know each other. She doesn’t think Brenda sees Stuart for who he really is yet. Jim notes that they could still have a great relationship six months from now, so they can wait until then. Brenda makes it clear that she’s not listening to anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

On their way to class, Lucinda invites Brandon over for dinner that night. Then she practically gropes him in the middle of campus. At the Peach Pit, Brenda shows off her ring to the girls. They start talking about Kelly and Sears, who Kelly thinks respects her wishes for a slow start to their relationship.

At the KEG house, Steve learns that Sears hasn’t been all that patient in waiting for Kelly; he’s been hooking up with another girl. Another brother asks Steve to go on a double date with him and two girls. Steve doesn’t want to go behind Celeste’s back, but the brother says she’ll never find out. Sears pressures him not to let down his frat brother.

Dylan and Jim meet to go over paperwork, and Jim admits that he sort of wishes Brenda and Dylan were still together. Dylan reveals that he knows a little about Stuart and that he’s not the great guy he appears to be, but he won’t elaborate. He thinks Brenda’s crazy for getting engaged to him, but he knows his opinion doesn’t matter. Jim asks him to talk to Brenda since he and Cindy aren’t getting through to her.

Kelly and Jackie take Erin to a playground, where Jackie reveals that she’s planning to take Mel to court to get full custody. Kelly argues that it was just one weekend, asking if they can settle things out of court. Jackie wants Erin to have a stable childhood, since Kelly didn’t. She warns that Kelly and David’s relationship could get messy with their parents going to battle. Meanwhile, David gets a subpoena to give a deposition to Jackie’s lawyers.

Brenda goes by a construction site to meet Stuart and finds him fighting with the foreman. David meets with Mel and his lawyer to go over what he’ll say in his deposition. The lawyer’s pretty shady. Brandon heads to D’Shawn’s for a tutoring session, though schoolwork clearly isn’t as important to D’Shawn as cartoons and basketball are. He thinks Brandon’s stressing out too much.

Brandon complains to Professor Randall, who isn’t too helpful, as he’s headed out of town. He offers Brandon tickets to a hockey game, but Brandon already has his date with Lucinda. Randall urges him to score, which, ew. Steve finds a girl named Laura Kingman in a dance studio and introduces himself as her blind date. Dylan goes looking for Brenda, but Kelly tells him to mind his own business since you can’t always choose who you fall for.

Brenda and Stuart have lunch and he apologizes for the fight with the foreman. He feels bad for the guy since he’s poor. Brenda finds this mature and sensitive. For “dessert,” Stuart takes her to a hotel, telling her he’s gotten them a room for a month. Brenda looks for a pen so she can practice writing Brenda Carson, because she’s 11 years old. Instead, she finds a prenup. Stuart says it was his parents’ idea, but she notes that he’s not telling her she doesn’t need to sign it.

Brenda mopes home and tells Brandon about the prenup. She thinks Stuart doesn’t trust her, so they might need to break up. Brandon isn’t too upset about the news. He offers to cancel his date to hang out with his sister, but she’s thinking of going to a poetry reading at school. At the beach apartment, David picks a fight with Kelly about the lawsuit. Donna asks them to make a pact not to let their parents’ problems become their problems.

Lucinda and Brandon cook and flirt at her house, then make out a little. She mentions a husband, so Brandon thinks she’s divorced, but she’s actually still married. She doesn’t see any problem with dating someone else, since they have a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. Brandon also doesn’t have any problem with dating a married woman, since she’s pretty.

Brenda attends the poetry reading, which is not, as one would expect, where students read their own poems, but where they read published ones. Dylan’s there, being all Dylany. The double-daters wind up at the KEG house, where Steve learns that Sears has yet another girl over. Steve likes Laura but doesn’t plan to leave Celeste for her. The other brother tells him to keep his options open.

Dylan and Brenda get coffee and discuss Stuart. He thinks she’s having second thoughts about the engagement. He tells her that if she marries Stuart, she can never have another chance with Dylan. (That’s supposed to change her mind?) Brenda’s upset to hear that Dylan’s been talking to Jim about the engagement.

Brandon and Lucinda make out on her couch, and she’s ready for more. He accidentally spills some wine on a picture album, and when he opens it to clean it, he realizes that he knows Lucinda’s husband: It’s Professor Randall. Lucinda doesn’t see a problem with this, not like that’s any surprise. Brandon finally decides that the situation is a hugely bad idea, though it sounds like he’s more concerned about Randall flunking him than about sleeping with a married woman.

At home, Brenda confronts Jim about asking Dylan to throw himself at her. She feels like she can’t trust her parents anymore. She remarks that at least the Carsons are upfront about what they expect. The next morning, the Walshes learn that Stuart and Brenda (who took off the night before) had a fight. Brenda’s now at the hotel, looking for a notary public to witness her signing the prenup.

Sears asks Steve for details on his evening with Laura. Steve confronts him for saying he liked Kelly, then hooking up with other girls. Sears reminds him that he hooked up with Laura (or so it appears) while talking about how much he likes Celeste. David is deposed, and Jackie’s lawyer asks why he didn’t call Mel when he realized Erin was sick. She questions how he didn’t know his sister was sick.

The lawyer asks why Mel and Jackie divorced, then why Mel and David’s mother got divorced. David says he doesn’t remember the circumstances. The lawyer mentions that David’s mother had a nervous breakdown, which seems to have been brought on by Mel’s infidelity. Mel fires back that Jackie had a cocaine addiction, but it has nothing to do with Mel’s parenting. David just agrees with the lawyer that Mel was responsible for his mother’s breakdown.

Brandon tries but fails to avoid Randall at the student union. Randall knows that Lucinda and Brandon met at the gym, and he wants Brandon to come over for dinner sometime. Ruh-roh! Brenda meets Stuart at the construction site and makes it clear that she didn’t fall in love with him because of his money. She also wouldn’t want to depend on him because he’s better off than she is, and she wouldn’t want to take his money if they split up. Brenda thinks the prenup probably is a good idea; she just didn’t like being blindsided. She gives Stuart the signed prenup.

At the beach apartment, David tears into Kelly, telling her that Mel cried and accused David of selling him out. Kelly storms out, announcing that she’ll be staying with Jackie. Donna chastises David for getting mad at Kelly for something that wasn’t her fault. He tells her to leave, too, if she’s going to take Kelly’s side, but she wants to stay with him.

Thoughts: Bringing David into the custody battle is pretty mean.

If any of my professors told me to “score,” I’d run screaming from the room.

No woman Lucinda’s age would find Brandon’s cheesy flirting charming. At least not a woman with any dignity. But I guess that’s in short supply around here, huh?

Also, Mr. Morals is okay with adultery? The same guy who had a whole crisis about cheating on a test?

Why is David getting flack for how he reacted when Erin got sick? Jackie was right there. Why call Mel? Once David handed her off to her mother, his job was done.

August 5, 2012

BH90210 4.7, Moving Targets: Happiness is a Warm Gun

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Hee hee hee

Summary: The girls are having what they’re calling a sorority meeting at the Peach Pit, but Brenda’s late because she was getting ready for a date with Stuart. The others can’t believe she’s dating a guy named Stuart, and that they met through a set-up arranged by her parents. Donna tells the girls how a regular sorority meeting works (apparently it ends with pins and discussing who lost her virginity). Andrea decides not to volunteer any information about that last part.

Kelly moves on to talk about Dylan’s carjacking, and Brenda says that it looks like the car was found. Indeed, Dylan and Brandon are at an impound lot, having gotten a call about the Porsche, though a cop there doesn’t know anything about it. There was a screw-up, which just makes Dylan madder. Brenda and Stuart go to a club again and she teases him about possible nicknames. He tells her about his father’s disapproval of his various career attempts. She’s surprised, since he was perfectly nice when she met him.

Dan wakes up Andrea in the middle of the night (they’re in his bed) since she thinks she’ll miss a class if she stays with him. She complains about not being able to tell her friends about her relationship. She’s looked at the guidelines about RAs and there’s no rule about them dating students. Dan still doesn’t want to go public since that sort of thing is frowned upon. He’d rather not find out the consequences.

Stuart takes Brenda home, asking him to invite her in. Of course, she won’t, since her parents are there. He wants to spend more time with her, but she doesn’t want to do anything to screw up what they’re getting started. Inside, Jim and Cindy are waiting up to tell Brenda that they don’t like how late she’s been staying out with Stuart. She replies that they should feel lucky that she came home at all.

The next day, Brandon bugs Brenda about Stuart; he seems to think she’s attracted to his money. She says that Stuart’s the first guy since Dylan who knows how to “woo.” After a class, Brandon invites Steve over to study, but he has access to old tests thanks to the KEG house, so he’s not worried about his grades. He teases Brandon about sucking up because he wants to talk to their professor. The two discuss Kelly and Dylan, and Steve says that everyone at the KEG house knows Kelly’s with Sears now.

Dylan meets with Jim about getting another new car. Dylan’s beating himself up for not getting away from the carjacker. He’s shaken by the fact that he just had a gun in his face. Jim suggests that he get counseling, but Dylan has another idea: visiting a shooting range. Jackie stops by the beach apartment to do David’s laundry (…seriously?) and order pizza for the kids. Erin has also come over to be adorable.

Brandon meets with his professor, Cory Randall, who likes sports metaphors. He assures Brandon that if he’s read the chapter, he’s fine. Dan and Andrea run into each other, but she’s upset that they can’t be a public couple. Brandon and Steve discuss their test, and it sounds like Steve’s non-studying has actually paid off. Kelly and Sears hang out, but she still doesn’t want to move their relationship past talking. He’s worried that she’s still interested in Dylan.

Speaking of Dylan, he’s nearby, and Kelly tells him she still wants to be part of his life. He doesn’t seem to care much about his life since he came so close to being killed. Brenda has another date with Stuart, which her parents aren’t too thrilled about. She points out that Jim and Cindy set them up, so they have no reason to object now. They just think things are moving too fast. Just then, Stuart’s father, Larry, calls to invite the Walshes to brunch with his family that weekend.

Steve got a B on Randall’s test, and Brandon got an A+ and a “see me.” Dan and Andrea try to plan a date at a movie theater where they won’t be spotted. Now Andrea wants more time to think about where they should make their public debut. They decide to stay in and play Scrabble instead. (That Andrea knows how to have a good time.) Kelly tells Jackie that Dylan has asked her to go to the gun range with him. She’s pretty sure he has PTSD.

Mel shows up to get Erin, but he’s not alone: He’s with a new girlfriend named Nina. Jackie and Kelly are both upset about that. David argues with Kelly that Jackie and Nina were going to have to meet sooner or later. She tells him he’s as bad as his father. He replies that she’s as neurotic as her mother. Neither will listen to Donna as she tries to make peace.

Kelly and Dylan wind up at the shooting range, but she’s not comfortable with firing a gun. He blasts her for not being prepared to fend off a criminal. Then he fires off a bunch of rounds at a target, because that’s healthy. Afterward, they fight and he tells her she needs to make sure she’s protected because the world isn’t safe for anyone.

The Walshes go to the Carsons’ house, which Jim accurately describes as “overwhelming.” Stuart’s swimming laps, and hello, wet David Gail. Jackie feels bad about her behavior with Mel, but Kelly assures her that everything will be okay. Brandon and Steve see Andrea at the Peach Pit and note that they haven’t seen her for a while. She tells them she’s seeing someone but they’re taking things slowly, like getting into a cold pool. They encourage her to cannonball in naked already.

Kelly tells the guys she’s worried about Dylan and thinks he might have bought of gun. Brandon doesn’t think it’s a big deal; lots of people in L.A. have bought guns since the riots. Kelly says it’s worse than that since Dylan’s troubled and thinks he’s a tough guy. She’s never seen him this angry. She asks Brandon and Steve to talk to him since he won’t listen to her. Brandon promises to do so after he meets with Randall.

Brunch goes well, though Stuart wants to leave when Larry tries to talk business with Jim. (He really just wants to go off and make out with Brenda.) Randall wanted to meet with Brandon to discuss a student named D’Shawn Hardell who needs tutoring. He thinks the two of them would get along well since D’Shawn’s a basketball player and Brandon was a sports editor. D’Shawn needs a C in the class to stay afloat. Brandon agrees to help him out.

Brenda and Stuart play pinball, and he tells her she’s made him feel better about being involved in his family business. Brandon meets D’Shawn in the gym, but D’Shawn will only agree to be tutored if Brandon plays two-on-two with him and some friends. Erin’s over at the beach apartment again, and Kelly’s mad that Mel left her there with David again. The former stepsiblings fight some more until Donna reminds them that the war is between their parents, not them. Kelly and David decide to make peace for their sister’s sake.

Andrea summons Dan to the student union for a date. She then cannonballs into the pool naked, in Brandon and Steve’s parlance, by kissing Dan in the middle of the room. The other students applaud. Jim and Cindy learn from the Carsons that Brenda and Stuart have another date planned for that night. The Carsons aren’t concerned about all the time they’re spending together. When Larry goes looking for Brenda, Stuart tells him that she’s showering. Larry asks him to be more discreet, since Brenda’s younger, and suggests that they cancel their date.

Steve and Brandon hang out with Dylan at his house, bringing up his recent shooting-range visits. Dylan thinks Kelly feels guilty because he was carjacked right after she broke up with him. Later, Dylan tries to buy a gun, but the seller won’t make a deal since Dylan isn’t 21. Unless Dylan wouldn’t mind coming back after hours…

Thoughts: D’Shawn is played by Cress Williams. I never understood why Television Without Pity’s ER recaps called him that. Now I do!

Brenda and Brandon keep saying “woo,” which reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. Then five seconds later, Randall talks about the Mendoza line, which ALSO reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. I was half expecting Neil Patrick Harris to show up next.

I just read The Art of Fielding, so all of Randall’s sports talk both annoyed me and felt fitting.

The Carsons have pinball machines. Now I want to date Stuart.