April 5, 2014

Party of Five 4.13, Parent Trap: Deal With the Consequences

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The Salingers need to look at this polar bear cub and chill out for a while

The Salingers need to look at this polar bear cub and chill out for a while

Summary: We open with Bailey and Annie’s bedroom talk, so…great. Fortunately, Natalie interrupts and tries to get into bed with her mother. Annie hasn’t told her about seeing Bailey, so she doesn’t want Natalie in the bedroom. Bailey has to hide under the bed while Annie reads her daughter a story. Julia runs the house some more, again, assigning Griffin to pick Owen up from daycare. Griffin objects since he’ll have to close the shop. Everyone notices that Claudia is dressed up.

Charlie goes to the doctor to get medication for a rash, but the doctor isn’t very sympathetic. Bailey tries to take care of stuff at the restaurant while talking to Annie on the phone about how they can have a sleepover that night. He can’t, though, since he has to work. She’s annoyed that he works so much and goes to class during the day. Way to be understanding about his situation, Annie.

Claudia takes her new look to the coffeehouse to apologize to Reed for their fight***. He tells her to let it go, then notices her weird hair (which is supposed to be curled, but isn’t really). Griffin has to take Owen to the garage because Claudia wasn’t at the house to look after him. Griffin has money problems, which is totally brand new and not a boring storyline at all. He also can’t get much done with Owen around.

Kirsten takes Charlie to an herbalist to get treatment for his rash. The herbalist immediately diagnoses both his rash and his Hodgkin’s. He offers some remedies (but only for the rash, not the cancer, unfortunately). Annie shows up at the restaurant during the dinner rush, hoping to spend some time with Bailey when he has a minute. Bailey doesn’t have a minute. He also wants them to sit Natalie down and tell her about their relationship. Annie refuses, not wanting to introduce Natalie to someone who might not stay in her life.

Owen comes home with a new vocabulary thanks to things he’s overheard at the garage (“you owe me money” and “damn”). Charlie makes tea with his new herbs, stinking up the house. His sisters think he’s being messed with. Bailey’s finally ready to spend some alone time with Annie in the morning, but she has stuff to do. He convinces her to rearrange her schedule to spend some more time with him.

At school, Claudia slips a note into Reed’s locker. At the house, Julia catches Griffin leaving for work without saying goodbye; he came home late and they didn’t get to talk. He tells her that he wants to talk to her at the end of each day, but Julia has so much to deal with. Clearly, the honeymoon’s over. Julia wants to make sure they never go to bed angry.

A couple of girls find Claudia’s note and giggle over it. It turns out one of the girls swapped lockers with Reed. Reed catches them and tells the girls to leave Claudia alone. Kirsten visits Charlie, who tells her that the herbs haven’t helped his rash. He’s frustrated that he has to put up with something he has no control over. He’s starting to wonder if the radiation treatment is as useless as the herbs.

Julia goes to the garage to help out with some administrative work and stumbles across Griffin’s ledgers, seeing how much he owes. Griffin wants to use the money Howie’s stashing with him to pay off some debts without Howie knowing. Julia knows that’s a horrible idea. Griffin tells her to support him or “just stay home.” Yeah, the honeymoon’s definitely over.

Bailey learns that the thing Annie rescheduled to spend time with him was a job interview. He thinks that was a horrible idea and tells her not to do that again. Annie snaps at him for getting mad at her for trying to make time to be with him. Obviously she’s also mad that he won’t do the same for her, but whatever, shut up Annie.

At the coffeehouse, Claudia thanks Reed for coming to her rescue. He’s read her note and wants to make it clear that the two of them aren’t going to be anything more than friends. Claudia thinks that eventually they will be. After all, Jane Eyre and Rochester made it work. Reed’s like, “Sweetie, that didn’t really happen.” She wonders if he asked to trade lockers to get away from her.

Julia, Griffin, Claudia, and Owen have a silent, awkward dinner at the house. Claudia leaves the table early so Griffin turns on the TV. The next morning, Claudia refuses to go to school, but Julia’s so busy that she doesn’t do anything about it. Charlie reads a book. (No, really, that was apparently significant enough to devote five seconds to.)

Annie decides that it’s time to tell Natalie about her relationship with Bailey. She feels like sneaking around with him is too similar to how she snuck around when she was drinking. Bailey worries that she’s doing this for him, but Annie wants to do what AA taught her: take responsibility for her choices and deal with the consequences.

Kirsten drops by the house again and finds Charlie meditating. Both of them are surprised at this new behavior. He read an article about a plant in Mexico that cures cancer in mice, and he’s so desperate that he’s considered finding out if it works for humans. Kirsten notes that at least he’s distracted enough not to scratch.

Howie visits the garage and asks for a check for the bulk of what’s in his and Griffin’s account. He’s not too pleased with Griffin’s attempts to say no. It’s time for Annie and Bailey’s big talk with Natalie. Annie starts by saying that Bailey’s going to be spending more time with them; he already eats dinner with them a lot, and now he’ll be sleeping over. “You’re not my daddy,” Natalie tells Bailey.

Griffin answers the phone at the Salingers’ and learns that Claudia skipped school. He tells her she can’t avoid her responsibilities because of a fight with a boy. Charlie’s sick and Julia’s working hard to keep things under control. Julia overhears and yells at Griffin for yelling at Claudia. She tells him he’s like his father. Charlie shouts for everyone to shut up because he’s meditating. Claudia tries to talk to him, but he’s too busy.

In the morning, Bailey takes donuts to Annie and Natalie, but Annie doesn’t think it’s a good time for him to be around her daughter. Charlie’s rash is gone, and he thinks meditating is what cured him. Julia wonders if it was the detergent she’d briefly been using. Womp womp! Now that Howie has taken back his money, Griffin has to give up all his fancy garage equipment.

At school, Claudia tells Reed that she’s okay just being his friend. He notes that she takes everything wrong – anything nice that he says is interpreted as more than just a gesture of friendship. Charlie tells Kirsten that he really thought his meditation had cured him; it made him feel better about going to radiation today. He finally felt in control of something, and capable of beating cancer. Kirsten doesn’t think the details matter.

Griffin wants to discuss Julia’s accusations, but he’s still mad about how Claudia skipped school, so I don’t think this is going to go well. Julia remembers how Griffin acted one time when he came over after a fight with his father. He complained that his father made others feel bad because he had a bad day. Griffin says the situations are different, somehow. Then he reveals that Howie took his money back and Griffin lost his equipment.

Griffin continues that Julia doesn’t get how hard things are for him. But Julia does, because she completely understands being 19 and having real adult responsibilities. She knows they both want the other to fix things. Julia has to go back to the house to tend to Owen, and she asks Griffin to come with her, but he wants to go to bed.

Charlie meditates again, and Julia tells him it’s helping. Natalie won’t come out of her room while Bailey’s in the apartment, but Annie’s sure that she’ll eventually adjust. She and Bailey find it ironic that they went through all this to spend more time together. They try to figure out when they can spend more time together, but they still have busy schedules. Meanwhile, Julia’s lost time with her partner, too.

Thoughts: If your relationship has advanced to where your boyfriend is spending the night, yeah, you need to tell your kid. You should probably tell your kid before your boyfriend starts spending the night.

Bailey: “What am I supposed to do with 25 pounds of salmon?” Serve it to your customers? I mean, I’m no restaurant manager, but I imagine your chef might have some ideas of what to do with fish.

One of the giggly girls is soap actress Tamara Braun. Her teeny ’90s pigtail buns are scary.

“Will you guys shut up? I’m meditating!” made me laugh.

March 29, 2014

Party of Five 4.12, Empty Shoes: “Grow Up and Do Your Jobs”

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Maybe Owen would eat Bananas Foster?

Maybe Owen would eat Bananas Foster?

Summary: At the restaurant, Charlie meets with a man named Bancroft who’s tasting food for a big anniversary party. Julia’s gotten a job as a server and is interfering more than Charlie would like. While Charlie’s berating her for acting like she knows how to manage things better than he does, he gets sick. He winds up in bed, though he tells his siblings that he’s having a normal reaction to his treatments.

Julia worries that Charlie won’t be able to work at the restaurant while he’s in treatment, because the smell of food makes him sick. Julia offers to run things for him, but Charlie needs her to run things at the house. She’s also the only person other than Charlie who has a driver’s license. Julia notes that she and Griffin need money, but Charlie wants Bailey at the restaurant. Bailey accepts his assignment. Claudia’s sad that she can’t help out more.

Julia tries to deal with Owen, who’s being picky about what he wants for breakfast. The only thing he wants is oatmeal, which they don’t have. At the restaurant, Bailey immediately has issues: He’s short on waiters, they’re out of fish, and the place is booked. He’s also trying to juggle schoolwork with his new responsibilities.

At home, Julia brings a bunch of problems to Charlie, who quickly gives her solutions. Later, Bailey does the same, disagreeing with Charlie’s negotiations with Bancroft. He also wants to change the restaurant’s policy on specials, since the waiters have trouble memorizing them. Charlie’s done with him and tells him to do whatever he wants, which is a horrible, horrible idea.

Claudia and Reed hang out at the coffeehouse, where she helps him with a paper and he encourages her to eat better. She appreciates the break from her family issues. Then she takes things a step farther, telling Reed that she loves him. He manages to not run screaming from the coffeehouse, so points to him. He just goes back to working on his paper.

Julia and Bailey both sneak into Charlie’s room, looking for various things, and accidentally wake him up. It’s a good thing, since he’s able to direct them to what they need. They try to offer him movies and CDs and a ride with Griffin, but Charlie just wants to sleep. Bailey questions Julia’s decision to let Owen have popcorn for breakfast.

At school, Claudia unloads her concerns on Reed, telling him that he’s the one thing she has that distracts her from all of them. He decides not to tell her whatever he was going to tell her (probably that he doesn’t want to be more than friends). Sarah stops by the house to ask to borrow something for Charlie for a theater-production class. Charlie thinks Bailey sent her over to “entertain” him. Sarah really does have a design project, though, and just wants to use his drafting table.

Bailey’s restaurant problems continue, partly because Julia’s been out running errands. She’s missed the beginning of her shift and snaps at Bailey for replacing her. She reminds him that she has extra responsibilities right now and needs some slack. Then the waitress who replaced her gets mad that she’s going to be moved. Guys, I’m getting the impression that Bailey is bad at this.

Claudia and Reed play video games at his place, and he asks how things are going at home. He decides to let her stay for another game. Things at the restaurant have calmed down a little, but Julia hasn’t mastered Bailey’s new system for the specials, so she’s screwing up her orders. She yells at him for trying to change things because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. She reminds him that it’s still Charlie’s restaurant.

At home, Charlie takes a look at what Sarah’s been working on for her class and decides to help her out. Claudia falls asleep on Reed’s couch while watching a movie. Bailey also falls asleep working at the restaurant after hours. Julia comes home late and rejects Griffin’s attempts to have sex. (Way to read the room, Griff.) Julia complains that she keeps getting told to do things but is never consulted for her opinion.

In the morning, Charlie’s in a better mood than he has been, still looking at Sarah’s project. His mood changes when Claudia admits that she spent the night at Reed’s. Sarah chastises Bailey for neglecting his responsibilities at the apartment building. Then he gets an earful from Julia, who’s upset that she’s been taken off the anniversary party.

At the house, Julia complains to Charlie about Bailey, who then comes in to unload his problems on his brother. Charlie tells them to shut up and stop dragging him into their issues. “Grow up and do your jobs,” he tells them. Bailey’s the manager, so if he wants to do something, he should do it. Julia needs to shut up about her tables and worry about Claudia’s behavior.

Charlie then goes to the basement, where Sarah’s seen the changes he made to her project. He’s changed the entire design, actually, and tells her it wasn’t working. If someone tried to build a set based on the design, it would actually kill the audience. Sarah appreciates the adjustments and asks for more advice.

Julia calmly approaches Claudia to ask her to help out more at home, and especially not spend the night at Reed’s again. Claudia already has plans with him that night, which means she can’t watch Owen, so now Julia’s in a bind. Bailey works the anniversary party while Julia deals with rude customers (though she’s not exactly polite herself). Claudia waits for Reed at the coffeehouse, but he doesn’t show.

The restaurant’s running low on bananas for Bananas Foster, which means Bancroft is probably going to be upset. Bailey gets a flash of inspiration and tells Bancroft that everyone’s eating the Bananas Foster, implying that it’s safe and boring. He just got a shipment of exotic fruit and recommends serving that instead. Bancroft falls for the ploy.

Julia makes a fuss over a poor tip from her rude customers, and if she weren’t working for her brother’s restaurant, I guarantee she’d be fired on the spot. At the end of the night, Bancroft comes to the kitchen to praise Bailey’s success as Charlie’s substitute. He gives him a generous tip for his troubles, then says he’ll be back next year.

Instead of taking a moment to celebrate, Bailey fires Julia, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to her. He points out that she hates the job, and it’s obvious to the customers. Julia says it shouldn’t matter whether she likes the job or not – she needs it. At home, Griffin’s upset over Bailey’s treatment of Julia, especially since she’s done so much for the family, but Julia doesn’t want her job back anyway. She admits that Bailey was right.

Bailey handles some apartment issues, then has breakfast with Annie, catching up on what she’s been doing while he’s been so busy. She enjoys hearing how he’s been dealing with problems at the restaurant. She’s proud that he was in charge on the restaurant’s highest-grossing night ever. Bailey admits that he hasn’t given Charlie the good news, but Annie thinks he should, since Charlie will be able to relax knowing that Bailey can run things without him.

Charlie works on Sarah’s project some more, putting on some finishing touches he’s always wanted to add to a project. He tells her about how much he enjoyed his classes before he had to drop them to help Joe at the restaurant. At school, Claudia tracks down Reed, who says he didn’t think they had definite plans the night before. He tells her, a little harshly, that he likes her and wants to help her, but he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend.

Bailey chats with Charlie, purposely not telling him anything about the restaurant. Charlie asks for news, so Bailey tells him that the anniversary party went horribly. They definitely need Charlie at the restaurant. Charlie reveals that he heard from Bancroft, who praised Bailey’s work. Bailey again makes it clear that it’s still Charlie’s restaurant, but Charlie tells him that until he can come back, it’s Bailey’s.

Claudia tries to talk to Reed, but he ignores her. He finally tells her that things are too intense for him to spend time with her. Bailey does his thing at the restaurant, proving that he’s learned a lot and can be a success. Julia tries to get Owen to eat something, but he’s being picky again. She also can’t get Claudia to talk to her. Finished with Sarah’s project, Charlie pulls out one of his old designs and gets to work on it.

Thoughts: Owen has developed a bit of an attitude, and I love it.

’90s music alert: Cake’s “The Distance.”

You know who should be in charge? Of, like, everything? Ross. Ross is the only person on this show I would trust to take Charlie’s place.

Oh, Reed. You’re trying, but you’re a jerk. Claudia deserves so much better.

March 15, 2014

Party of Five 4.10, Adjustments: Everyone’s Life is Awful Now

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Quokkas are nature's happiest animals because they don't have to deal with things like bills and radiation and having their cars towed

Quokkas are nature’s happiest animals because they don’t have to deal with things like bills and radiation and having their cars towed

Summary: Charlie’s at the hospital for his first radiation treatment. It doesn’t look fun, to say the least. At home, the other Salingers (and Griffin) try to pitch in, but Charlie wants things to stay as normal as possible. He promises to move stuff out of the shed since Griffin and Julia are going to move in there. Claudia reminds him that he’s supposed to be conserving his energy, but Charlie feels fine, so he doesn’t want to act like he’s sick. He promises Bailey that he’ll speak up when he needs help.

Julia’s annoyed that Charlie keeps acting like he doesn’t need help, but also annoyed that she and Griffin have to stay in the attic until they get the shed ready. She wants to apply for a job at an art magazine, but she doesn’t think they’ll hire her without a college education. Bailey visits Annie, complaining about how Charlie’s working so hard to make things normal. Annie complains back about her jerky boss, who makes her work too many hours on stuff he’s supposed to do. Bailey wants to fix her problems like he wants to fix everyone else’s.

Julia interviews for the job at the magazine and is surprised to be immediately hired. Unfortunately, it’s for an internship, and it pays less than minimum wage. It’s around half of what she expected, so she doesn’t want to take the job, but Griffin thinks they can survive on it if he cuts back on some things. Now they’re all happy again. Bailey collects information for Annie on becoming an insurance adjuster (which is what her boss does), since she’s pretty much almost there already. Annie’s hesitant, but Bailey points out how much better her life would be with a job upgrade.

Charlie has to wait for his next appointment; he’s impatient because he’s so busy and might miss opening the restaurant that night. He chats with another patient who’s surprised that Charlie’s able to work around food while he’s sick. He realizes it’s because Charlie’s only in his second week of treatment, so he hasn’t started experiencing nausea or exhaustion or mouth sores yet. Charlie’s like, “Oh, great, fun stuff to look forward to.”

Bailey quizzes Annie so she can practice being an insurance adjuster. She proves to know her stuff pretty well. He encourages her to take the test right now. In the shed, Julia finds a sink she’d forgotten was there. That means there’s water, which means they might be able to put a shower in the shed. She and Griffin are getting more excited about making a life for themselves in a tiny little living space with no money and surprise visits from Claudia. Speaking of Claudia, she’s mad that one of Griffin’s cutting-back measures at work was firing Reed.

Charlie makes it to work at the restaurant, telling Bailey that he hasn’t felt any side effects from his treatments yet. He thinks he’s going to be in the ten percent of patients who have no reaction. Julia has to walk home from work because she didn’t feed the parking meter enough and her car was towed. She’ll have to spend her whole paycheck getting it back. Also, Claudia’s in the bathroom so Julia can’t take a shower. (Again, I ask: That house only has one bathroom?)

Sarah had a bad day, too, and comes home to find Bailey looking at all of Annie’s paperwork for her potential new career. She wonders why he’s putting forth so much effort, especially when he never puts forth that much effort for himself. It’s also a moot point, since Annie doesn’t show up to take the test. At the house, Charlie starts going through stuff in the shed, and that’s when the side effects of the treatments finally catch up to him.

Bailey tracks Annie down at home and she tells him she couldn’t get away from work to take the test (which he paid for her to take, by the way). Annie’s apologetic but doesn’t seem that sorry to have missed the test. She also pays Bailey back. Julia, Claudia, and Griffin make transportation arrangements to take some things off of Charlie’s plate, but he thinks he’ll still be able to keep up his schedule.

Sarah takes Julia to get her car back, shocked to hear how little Julia gets paid in a week. She needs to get a job that’s less fun so she can make more. Julia says that she always planned to spend the year doing new, fun things. Sarah reminds her that reality isn’t going to allow that: She got evicted, she’s in debt, and she needs to be a grown-up. At school, Reed tells Claudia that he’s had trouble finding a new job and might have to work far away. Claudia offers to pay him to drive her around while she does errands.

Charlie has another treatment, and this time when the tech runs down the list of possible side effects, he can’t say that he hasn’t had any. Annie discovers that Bailey got her test rescheduled by telling the proctor that she had a family emergency. She yells at him and admits that she doesn’t want to take the test – she never did. She doesn’t get why it’s so important to Bailey. Annie’s fine with “getting by” and thinks Bailey is embarrassed that she’s just a secretary.

Bailey goes to the house to distract himself, and helps Griffin move stuff out of the shed. Charlie finds them and snaps at them for messing with his stuff. Julia blasts him for getting mad at the guys for doing what he kept saying he would do, then kept putting off. They know he’s sick, but he needs to let them help him out. Charlie tells her not to lecture him on reality. Bailey heads back home and tells Sarah he’s not helping anyone ever again. Sarah wonders why he’s making Charlie’s illness and Annie’s crappy job about him.

Charlie finds Julia in the house during the day; she tells him she quit her internship because she needs a better-paying job. Reed chauffeurs Claudia around, inviting her to open up to him if she wants to talk about Charlie. Claudia’s trying to stay optimistic. When she tries to pay Reed, he won’t take her money. Charlie takes Owen somewhere but has to pull the car over when he feels sick. Meanwhile, Julia gets a job as a gift-wrapper. At the house, Charlie talks to Griffin about wood, because the writers suddenly remembered that he builds stuff. He allows Griffin to move a bunch of stuff out of the shed.

Bailey runs into Annie in the laundry room and explains why he’s been so involved in her life: He can’t do anything for Charlie, so he found a way to try to help someone else. Annie admits to being worried about failing the test, but Bailey points out how successful she is in other aspects of her life, and how unimportant failing would be. Griffin shows Julia the new, improved shed and they have their first dinner in their new home. As Bailey takes Annie to her test, Charlie goes to treatment and ticks off all the side effects he’s been feeling.

Thoughts: The woman who hires Julia for the internship is played by Moon Zappa.

Julia, ALWAYS ask about salary. Silly girl.

I think they only made Annie work for an insurance adjuster to fit with the episode title.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for Julia not to have a car, especially with all the public-transportation options in San Francisco?

Claudia’s going to pay Reed to be her chauffeur, which means he makes money and she gets to spend time with him. She might be a genius.

Annie sure complains a lot for someone who’s “fine” with “getting by.”

Remember how Julia used to be a waitress and got a ton of tips? Why not go back to that?

February 15, 2014

Party of Five 4.6, Immediate Family: “I’m Married”

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"This water glass sparkles like the diamond ring I gave you, but I'm totally over WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMOOOOOOORE?"

“This water glass sparkles like the diamond ring I gave you, but I’m totally over WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMOOOOOOORE?”

Summary: Bailey puts up a swing set at the apartment building, apparently just for Natalie. Annie thanks him with a kiss. Natalie informs Bailey that she’s having a sleepover at someone else’s house the next night so Annie can cook him dinner. So I guess they’re dating now. There’s more kissing. Sarah’s not happy about it (but really, Sarah isn’t happy about much right now).

Nina helps Charlie do some cleaning at the restaurant and mentions that her grandparents brought her there when she was a kid. She wonders if their paths crossed before they actually met. They get stuck in a storeroom together and decide to take advantage of the situation with some kissing. The Salinger men are making out (heh) like bandits today.

At school, Claudia and Reed start to talk about literature, something they apparently do after school every day, but he has to cut the conversation short to go to a job interview. Since the restaurant is currently closed for renovations, the Salingers’ family dinner (which now includes Griffin and Nina) takes place at a sushi restaurant. Claudia realizes that Reed can work at the Salingers’ restaurant. Bailey wants to bring a date to the reopening – and not Sarah.

Griffin thinks Charlie hates him, so he addresses that with Julia after dinner. Julia’s either oblivious or trying to avoid the topic. She thinks the guys have a lot in common and would get along really well if they spent more time together. Elsewhere, Charlie complains to Nina that Griffin’s a loser. She tells him to lighten up. They’re outside a hotel, and as they’re kissing, Charlie thinks he sees Kirsten coming outside.

Sarah questions Bailey’s plans for the next night, and he says he has to do schoolwork. She’s on her way out, also for schoolwork, though she’s pretty dressed up to go study. Charlie’s possible sighting of Kirsten has him flustered, so he talks to Claudia about it, prefacing it with assurances that things with Nina are super-awesome. He wonders if this means he’s not completely ready to move on with another woman.

Bailey and Annie go to an AA meeting together, then split up so she can go get Natalie and he can talk to his sponsor, John. Bailey tells John that he’s doing great as he approaches six months sober. He mentions that he’s dating someone, and she’s giving him a new reason to want to stay sober. John tells him that AA cautions against people dating in their first year of sobriety. Relationship problems are wonderful excuses for slipping. Bailey’s sure that won’t happen to him.

On the street outside the Salingers’ house, Charlie spots Kirsten again, and it turns out she’s real. She’s moving back to San Francisco. Charlie asks her to have dinner so they can catch up. Bailey and Annie meet up at their building and he tells her that John doesn’t think they should be dating right now. Bailey wants them to just be friends for now. They can still have dinner together, though.

Speaking of having dinner with “just friends,” Charlie tells Nina about meeting up with Kirsten. Nina’s hesitant to give her blessing for them to dine together since Kirsten is his one who got away. He says he just wants closure. Griffin shows up to hang out with his brother-in-law, which isn’t going to make Charlie’s life any easier right now. He notices an old jukebox and offers to fix it. Doesn’t Griffin have a job with actual paying customers?

Yes, he does, and Claudia’s gotten Reed a job working at the garage. Reed asks about a hypothetical situation where a guy wants to ask out a girl his friends think he’s nuts for liking. Of course, Claudia thinks he’s the guy and she’s the girl. Methinks she’s wrong about one of those things. Julia and Griffin are also at the garage, and Julia thinks Claudia’s going to get hurt. Methinks she’s right about that.

Bailey and Annie have dinner together, then clean up in awkward silence. He suggests that they hang out a little longer, but she decides to take advantage of her night alone without Natalie by spending time on her own. Charlie and Kirsten also have dinner together, and there’s also awkwardness there. In the middle of a conversation about apartment hunting, she blurts out that she got married two months ago. Charlie’s life, “Don’t worry, everything’s awesome here.”

Claudia buys a present for Reed, which Julia thinks is really pathetic. She reminds her sister that Reed’s a senior and will never go for a freshman. Claudia points out that Sam was a lot older than Julia and they dated. Also, she really thinks Reed likes her. Bailey and Annie leave AA during a rainstorm, so she offers him a ride home. But her windshield wipers don’t work, so they have to wait for the rain to stop. By the way, Bailey’s turned on by wet skin.

Charlie talks to Julia about Kirsten’s marriage, admitting that he’s not sure how he feels about the fact that she’s moved on so far. She tells him to get over it since he doesn’t have her as a fallback option. Claudia takes Reed his present, but he’s down because he tried to ask out the girl he likes, and she rejected him. Claudia’s like, “Did I black out and forget that happened?” Then she realizes that he was talking about another girl.

Even though they’re supposedly just friends, Bailey still wants Annie to go to the restaurant reopening with him. She says it’ll feel like a date, even though he invited Natalie, too. Annie berates herself for being 26 and unable to sleep because she keeps thinking about Bailey. She wants them to have a relationship. Bailey admits that he does, too, just not now. Annie says it’s worse for her not to be with him than it is for her to avoid alcohol.

Griffin is still attempting to be helpful at the restaurant. Charlie tells him that he accidentally got rid of the jukebox. Griffin blows up at him for not caring about anyone else. If Julia’s happy with him, Charlie needs to be happy for her. But Charlie’s always so miserable that he can’t be happy for anyone else. And that’s how Griffin got banned from the Salingers’ Christmas celebration.

Annie avoids Bailey, who asks Sarah to the restaurant reopening. (Wow, at the last minute? She should feel really special.) She thinks the reopening is just for family and close friends. Bailey tries to convince her that they’re close friends, which she thinks is ridiculous. Charlie goes to see Kirsten so they can get closure for their closure. He’s truly happy for her, which must mean that he’s happy with Nina. They exchange “I love you”s, but TOTALLY NOT LIKE THAT.

Claudia mopes in her room, lighting candles and listening to “Crying.” Yep, she’s a teenager, all right. Julia’s nice enough not to say she told her so. She says Claudia will get over it, but Claudia doesn’t want to get over Reed. She admires how deeply he feels things, as evidenced by how sad he was when his crush rejected him.

At the restaurant, Charlie takes Nina back to their storeroom of loooooove so he can tell her how happy he is with her. And it’s definitely not a coincidence that he only realized that after Kirsten became unavailable. There’s another exchange of “I love you”s. Griffin’s not happy to have to go to the restaurant, but now Charlie’s in a good mood and wants to make nice. In fact, he wants to throw Julia and Griffin a real wedding.

Everyone toasts to the wedding and the reopening and happiness and blah. Now they’re a party of seven instead of a party of five. Claudia notices that the restaurant is now called Salingers’ instead of Salinger’s, which is actually a mistake, since Charlie wanted the name to indicate that it’s his, not the whole family’s. But whatever, he’s happy, so we shouldn’t rock the boat.

Thoughts: Annie worries me. Shouldn’t she have recognized earlier that she and Bailey shouldn’t be dating right now? I question her judgment and ability to control herself.

What’s with Kirsten and quick, short engagements?

Kirsten: “My husband’s a pediatric neurosurgeon.” Charlie: “My girlfriend works with birds.” Aw, nice try, Charlie.

Sarah’s just “cruising the chatrooms.” She also teaches Bailey what LOL and ROFL mean. Sarah’s a trailblazer.

Griffin should have taken the jukebox to the garage. The restaurant isn’t a jukebox kind of place.

Charlie just renovated the restaurant – how can he afford a wedding? Also…ahem…spoiler…he’s going to want to keep that money for medical expenses…

February 1, 2014


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This, but with Ross' hair

This, but with Ross’ hair

Summary: Charlie loses Owen in a grocery store and finds him with a woman he thinks Charlie should marry. The woman isn’t complete against the idea. She tells the guys how she works at a wildlife sanctuary. Owen insists that Charlie marry her. At the museum where she works, Julia approaches a curator named Daniel to ask if she can help him with a new exhibit. They talk about art and Europe and blah blah blah, clearly this isn’t going anywhere good.

Sarah and Bailey have moved into their new apartment and are managing to stick to their tiny budget by getting Griffin to help out (Sarah) and getting a school fee waived (Bailey). Griffin advises them to do some of the repairs in the building by themselves instead of calling in people. Then they can charge less and collect the money from the landlord themselves. A woman named Annie calls them to complain about a leak, which Bailey figures they can handle themselves.

Charlie takes Owen to the wildlife sanctuary, where they “happen” to run into the woman from the grocery store. Charlie bribes his brother with a new firetruck to pretend he’s been talking about owls a lot. The woman, Nina, finds him charming anyway. At school, Claudia manages not to embarrass herself too much with Reed. One of the cheerleaders tells her that she’s “not possum material” and will have to quit as mascot. She doesn’t have enough verve. Claudia insists that she does, immediately doing cartwheels and a little dance.

Bailey tries to fix Annie’s leaky pipes, but she’s upset that he’s been there for hours. She hasn’t been able to cook her daughter dinner because Bailey turned off the water. She’s also not happy that he’s in school and is using a book to fix the leak. Charlie, Nina, and Owen have lunch together, and the adults hit it off well. Charlie isn’t that hungry, but I’m sure it’s not because he has a DEADLY DISEASE. (Uh, spoiler.)

Sarah and Bailey continue their domestic bliss while she ignores calls from her mother. She calls it their “season of self-reliance” (I hope it’s more than a season, since they’re adults now and will need to be self-reliant for the rest of their lives). Annie ruins the mood by coming by to complain about how Bailey fixed her leak with tape. Daniel notices that Julia hasn’t applied to assist him with his exhibit yet. He checks with her to make sure she hasn’t changed her mind. When she learns that he needs help with spreadsheets, she volunteers.

Charlie still isn’t feeling well. I’M SURE HE’S FINE. Griffin’s mad at Julia for working late the night before; it’s the tenth time in a few weeks. (Dang, she’s not even getting paid!) He also notices that she’s not wearing her wedding ring. She says she’s just trying to be careful with it since it almost went down the drain when she was washing dishes. After Griffin leaves, Julia takes the ring off before going to work.

Bailey calls in an actual plumber for Annie, who’s rushing to get her daughter ready for school. She expects Bailey to stay and let the plumber in, but he has class. Annie wins the argument. At football practice, Claudia’s so distracted by watching Reed that she doesn’t see the rest of the team rushing toward her. She gets knocked over, but Reed’s there to make sure she gets medical attention. At the museum, Daniel does that make-a-wish-on-an-eyelash thing with Julia. Ick.

Charlie and Nina go out, and though his stomach feels better, now he’s sweating. NOT A PROBLEM. NO PROBLEMS HERE. They learn that they have more in common than they thought, since Nina’s parents are both dead. (They were struck by lightning on a mountaintop in Kathmandu while they were meditating.) They both laugh, and Charlie gets lightheaded. HE’S FINE, EVERYONE. He decides to cut the date short.

Griffin and Julia are supposed to have dinner with Sarah and Bailey, but Julia’s working late again. Annie shows up to tell Bailey that half of her electricity is out because the plumber screwed up something with an outlet. She’s frustrated that she can’t take care of her daughter without something going wrong. Bailey blames the building’s wiring and pipes, but Annie thinks his maintenance is the real problem. She threatens to call the landlord.

At practice yet again, Reed stops to tell Claudia he’s in love with her. Just as they’re about to kiss, she wakes up. Charlie’s sick again. I’M SURE IT’S JUST THE FLU, GUYS. DON’T WORRY. Sarah’s worried that Annie will get her and Bailey in trouble with the landlord; they could even get kicked out. Bailey isn’t concerned. Sarah thinks that if it comes down to it, they can wage psychological warfare against Annie to make her want to move. I thought she was kidding, but apparently she’s not.

Daniel invites Julia to accompany him to a gala with museum donors. She sees no reason why that would be a bad idea. Charlie goes to a lab to have bloodwork done, but they won’t even tell him what they’re testing for. Griffin meets Julia for lunch since he hasn’t been able to have dinner with her recently. He wants to go to a Foo Fighters concert the next night, but of course she has that gala with Daniel. Griffin tries to invite himself along. Julia says he’ll be bored and sends him to the concert alone. She promises that they’ll do something fun over the weekend.

At an AA meeting, Bailey’s surprised to see someone familiar: Annie. Even though he still feels sick, Charlie wants to go on a date with Nina. He’s worried that if he bails, she’ll think he isn’t serious. But when she arrives, he realizes he’s too sick to go out. SUCK IT UP, CHARLIE – NOTHING’S WRONG WITH YOU. Daniel tells Julia that she officially has the job as his assistant, then tries to congratulate her with a kiss. Julia’s shocked and yells that she’s married, like, how dare he not figure that out from her lack of wedding ring and the fact that she never mentions Griffin?

Bailey and Annie chat after the meeting, and she offers him a ride home. They’re both trying to excel at recovery, though for Bailey this means being self-reliant at everything. Annie understands because she put her daughter through a lot while she was drinking, and now she wants to make everything better. Bailey admits that he has trouble worrying about the apartment tenants while he’s trying to make himself look good. Annie says she got mad at him because she feels like anything that goes wrong is an attempt to screw up her recovery.

Back at the building, Sarah tells Bailey that Annie must be away because she hasn’t called to complain for five hours. She brainstorms ways to make Annie’s life miserable. Bailey tells Sarah to cut her a break, but Sarah doesn’t see why they should. She wonders if Bailey talked to Annie. Of course, he can’t tell her anything – they don’t call it Alcoholics Anonymous for anything. At their place, Julia asks Griffin to go to the gala with her after all.

Football practice again. Reed checks on Claudia after her accidental tackle, then tells her she’s too small to be on the sidelines. She’s offended, then touched when he tells her that he’ll get distracted if he has to worry about her getting hurt. Charlie calls to get his test results, but they’re negative. SEE? HE’S TOTALLY OKAY! Claudia can relate to his feelings of dizziness and not having an appetite because she feels the same when she’s around Reed. She thinks Charlie’s just experiencing the symptoms of loooooove.

Sarah wants to spend some time with Bailey, but he’s looking at flooring materials for Annie’s kitchen. Sarah’s figured out that Annie was at Bailey’s AA meeting, and he’s sympathetic to her now because he’s learned more about her. That doesn’t mean he should go easy on her. Her alcoholism shouldn’t earn her preferential treatment. Sarah’s mom calls yet again, finally deciding that if Sarah doesn’t want to talk to her family, they need to leave her alone.

Julia and Griffin go to the gala, where she tries to avoid Daniel. He approaches her while she’s alone and blasts her for not mentioning her marital status. (Though, to be fair, it shouldn’t matter, since it was in appropriate for him to try to kiss an employee.) The two men meet, and as Daniel rushes off right after, Griffin thinks he said something dumb. Charlie visits Nina at the wildlife sanctuary and assures her that he didn’t make up an illness to try to avoid her. He wants them to try again. She asks if what he had is contagious, and he says he hopes it is.

Thoughts: Daniel is played by Peter Krause (in case you couldn’t tell from the picture). His hair in this episode really makes him look like Ross.

Those perfect cartwheels Claudia did in the mascot costume were pretty impressive.

I haaaaaated Annie when I first watched the show. Now I’m undecided.

’90s music alert: “Push,” Matchbox Twenty.

How late does Julia have to work when she’s giving tours? Museums don’t stay open that late.

January 18, 2014

Party of Five 4.2, Past Imperfect: “I Did It”

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Michael Cudlitz has been on every show ever. Every. Show. Ever

Michael Cudlitz has been on every show ever. Every. Show. Ever

Summary: Griffin’s helping Julia get ready for an interview for a volunteer job at a museum. Apparently she knows a lot about art now. She stresses about her outfit, so he offers to drive her to the house to get different shoes. At the house, Bailey’s trying to keep himself busy by sorting the recycling. Sarah shows up with a subpoena – she has to testify against him in court. Bailey’s a lot calmer about it than she is, since he already knows what he’s facing. Sarah’s upset because she knows everything the prosecution needs to use against him, and if he goes to jail, it’s her fault.

Elsewhere in the house, Charlie and Claudia are trying to keep Owen from dropping the fishbowl he’s picked up. When Julia arrives, Charlie asks her to pick Owen up from daycare that afternoon. He’s mad when she says she can’t, and she points out that it’s unjustified anger. Then Charlie and Bailey meet with Bailey’s lawyer, who tells them that the case is going to come down to witnesses. So they just need to discredit the prosecution’s witnesses. Like Sarah. Uh-oh! The lawyer thinks they can paint Sarah as a liar trying to get revenge on the ex who cheated on her.

At school, Claudia tries to talk to Reed, presciently trying out Cady’s “I’m no good at math” ploy from Mean Girls. Reed’s friendly but clueless about her interest. Julia gets her docent job, but before she and Griffin can celebrate, she’s blindsided by a visit from Griffin’s Merchant Marine friend Schuyler. He’ll be staying with them for four days. Either Griffin didn’t mention it or Julia forgot about it. Claudia sneaks a peek into Reed’s locker to see what he’s interested in. One of his interests is D.H. Lawrence.

Despite bringing a friend into the apartment while he and Julia are still newlyweds, Griffin has turned into an ideal househusband. Schuyler teases him about it. When Charlie picks Owen up from daycare, he learns that the other parents are having a meeting about some possible abuse from the teacher, Jenny. Bailey warns Sarah that his lawyer is going to ask her about his affair with Callie and try to make Sarah look like a woman scorned. Sarah considers just answering all the questions about the accident with, “I can’t remember.” After all, she had a head injury.

Charlie takes Owen to a doctor to find out if he’s showing any signs of abuse. The doctor doesn’t see them, and tells Charlie that Owen seems to really like Jenny. Julia heads off to her new job while Griffin prepares to spend another day in househusband land. (I’m not sure he still works at the garage.) Schuyler teases him again, reminding him how their first mate on the boat would make them do all the work to keep them afloat. He compares Julia to Cleopatra and Griffin to one of her slaves.

At lunch, Julia meets up with Charlie and Bailey to discuss the upcoming pretrial hearing. She offers to use some of Griffin’s settlement money to pay the lawyer. Charlie suggests selling their mother’s piano instead. Bailey realizes how much his family is struggling to help him with his bills. Claudia has trouble paying attention during cheerleading practice because she only has eyes for Reed. He, however, still doesn’t see that she’s in love with him. She tries to talk to him about D.H. Lawrence, but he has no idea what she means.

Sarah testifies, using her “I don’t remember” strategy and earning her parents’ ire. Her father warns that she could be put in jail for perjury. When Julia gets home from work, Griffin has transitioned from dutiful husband to sports enthusiast hanging out with a friend. He didn’t go grocery shopping or pick up Julia’s dry cleaning, which means she has no food for her short dinner and no clothes to wear the next day. Griffin insists that she said she would pick up the dry cleaning. Julia decides to go to the house while Griffin realizes that he’s being a jerk, thanks to Schuyler.

Charlie attends the parents’ meeting about Jenny and learns that one of them has already contacted the police. Some of the parents balk, since many of the kids are fine and the accusations could destroy Jenny’s business. The father leading the charge reveals that Jenny has a record thanks to a shoplifting charge from 1979. A mother notes that that’s just the only time she was caught breaking the law. The head father is more upset that Jenny’s kept the charge secret.

Bailey goes to Sarah’s to beg her not to lie for him. She won’t discuss it with him. Back at home, Bailey tells Charlie that he’s going to plead guilty and make a deal to keep himself out of jail. He doesn’t want the family to go into debt over him, and he doesn’t want Sarah to perjure herself. He doesn’t feel right letting his lawyer get him acquitted of a crime he actually committed. Charlie points out that he’ll wind up with a record, but Bailey just says over and over, “I did it.”

Julia and Griffin make peace, talking about how they’re used to one person in the family doing a certain role. They think that’s why he didn’t think about the dry cleaning and she didn’t think about cooking. At school, Reed asks Claudia why she asked him about D.H. Lawrence. He’s figured out that she went into his locker, and he’s not happy about it.

Julia tries to cook dinner that night, but she clearly doesn’t take after her father in the kitchen. Schuyler makes a joke and Julia blows up at him, calling him “Popeye the Sailor Pig.” (Awesome.) They fight until Griffin tells Schuyler to let him and Julia figure out how things are going to work in their marriage. Schuyler can either shut up or ship out.

Jenny shows up at the house to ask Charlie if he’s deliberately kept Owen out of daycare for the past two days. She’s upset that he might not trust her. “You people are destroying my life,” she says. She wishes the parents would ask her about the children’s injuries instead of making accusations that can’t be taken back. Charlie asks her what happened, and Jenny admits that she doesn’t know, but she’s not being allowed the chance to defend herself. If Charlie hides, he should be ashamed.

Instead of his pretrial hearing, Bailey has his guilty plea accepted and learns his punishment: three years of probation, three years of incarceration suspended, one year without his license, and 300 hours of community service. The judge doesn’t like that Bailey’s getting off so easy, but he accepts the deal. He warns that if Bailey ever commits an alcohol-related crime again, he’ll be serving time.

Sarah’s parents try to make peace with her, but they’re still on opposite sides where Bailey’s concerned. They tell her they don’t trust Bailey, but Sarah realizes that she’s actually the one they don’t trust. She’s upset that they don’t think Bailey will ever change. She starts packing her things. At school, Reed is suddenly over Claudia’s snooping, and they start bonding over D.H. Lawrence. Sarah shows up at the Salingers’ and tells Bailey that she left home. He quickly offers her a place to sleep.

Later, Claudia asks Bailey about the situation, then notes that he can finally put his arrest behind him. Once he’s off probation, everything will be normal again. Bailey tells her that he had a high school classmate who moved to San Francisco after accidentally killing his brother. Once everyone found out, he was branded. Claudia doesn’t think the same thing will happen with Bailey. Bailey knows that the accident will always color people’s perceptions of him.

Having had his own perception of Jenny colored, Charlie decides to pull Owen out of her daycare. He notes that she doesn’t have any explanations for the kids’ injuries, and she never said anything about her shoplifting charge, so it’s hard to trust her. Jenny points out that the parents are afraid and aren’t acting rational. It’s not fair for them to punish her. Charlie says he doesn’t know what’s fair, but since he doesn’t have much experience being a parent, he can’t take chances.

Griffin and Julia consider cooking dinner together, but wind up ordering in instead. Eh, at least they’re happy. Owen’s upset with Charlie for pulling him out of Jenny’s daycare for no reason he can understand. Charlie tries to explain that he graduated, like Bailey when he went from high school to college. Doesn’t Owen want to be a big, brave boy like Bailey? Adorably, Owen thinks Charlie’s pretty brave, too. Meanwhile, Bailey goes to an AA meeting.

Thoughts: As indicated by the picture above, Schuyler is played by Michael Cudlitz.

Bailey’s lawyer is played by Mark Derwin, who’s also been in every show ever, most recently The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

’90s music alert: Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life.”

So I guess Sarah never gave a deposition? Because she should have been deposed before the trial. She also could have asked for her parents to be out of the room, and they wouldn’t have known that she was planning to perjure herself.

If Jenny was allowed to run a daycare with a shoplifting charge on her record, I guess it wasn’t a big deal. But, you know, if your kid doesn’t want to go to school, it must be because the teacher is abusing him. Stupid mob mentality.

January 11, 2014

Party of Five 4.1, What a Drag: You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

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This is where Charlie probably thinks Owen will end up

This is where Charlie probably thinks Owen will end up

Summary: Bailey and Sarah return to San Francisco from a weekend camping trip, and we see that Bailey’s still driving his unrepaired Jeep. Sarah rushes to get inside her building, telling Bailey she’ll see him at college registration the next day. It turns out she’s rushing so her parents don’t see Bailey – she didn’t tell them she was going on the camping trip. They blast her for getting in his car again.

Charlie takes Claudia and her semi-cute new haircut shopping for new clothes; she’s going into high school and wants a new look. She’s even considering trying out for the cheerleading squad, though it’s mostly because she wants to be popular. Owen keeps distracting Charlie by trying on women’s clothes. Claudia wants to get a wedding/housewarming present for Julia and Griffin, letting us know that Julia did wind up going to Europe with Justin, which is just…so weird. So got married and then went away with someone else!

Sarah explains to Bailey that her parents didn’t want her spending time with someone so “irresponsible and dangerous,” so she lied about who she was with. They don’t care that he’s in AA, and blame him for Sarah’s decision not to go to Brown. Bailey wonders how long he’ll be a “persona au gratin.” Go to class this semester, Bailey.

Griffin has rented a very nice new apartment for him and Julia, but since she’s been gone, she hasn’t seen it. He’s worried that his new wife will be too sophisticated, that she’ll come home speaking French and wanting to take him to a “mayonnaise exhibit” (meaning Manet – you should go to class, too, Griffin). He picks her and her definitely cute haircut up from the airport, and she’s happy to see him, so that’s a good sign. Justin isn’t present, which isn’t a good sign.

Owen brings his new affinity for women’s clothes home with him, dressing up in a dress and putting on lipstick. Charlie tells him he’s a boy, so he needs to dress like a boy. Owen refuses. Griffin takes Julia to their new home; she calls him “adorable” for decorating so well. Claudia’s still there, so the newlyweds have to make excuses to get her to leave. (They both have “headaches.” Claudia’s not that dumb.)

Bailey goes to Sarah’s father’s office to try to plead his case. He swears that he’s changed and apologizes for his behavior when he was drinking. Mr. Reeves reminds him that he committed a crime, and almost killed Sarah. Bailey says that he uses that as motivation to stay sober. He also needs Sarah’s support, which means he needs Mr. Reeves to give him another chance. Mr. Reeves gets him to admit that he still wants to drink, and he can’t promise that he never will again. Mr. Reeves can’t trust Bailey if he can’t trust himself. He orders Bailey to stay away from Sarah.

Julia can’t sleep, so she bugs Griffin about how they’re going to spend their first full day together. He reminds her that he has to work. She wonders why Claudia’s the only person in her family who’s visited. Griffin suggests that she go to the house and see everyone the next day. Sarah blasts Bailey for going to her father, but Bailey’s just as angry as Mr. Reeves is. Mr. Reeves has announced that he’s not going to pay Sarah’s housing at school; she has to live at home where he can keep an eye on her.

Claudia starts high school but worries that she’s too short to be a cheerleader. Charlie takes Owen to preschool and brings up his cross-dressing with the teacher, Jenny. Jenny assures him that a lot of boys go through a phase where they wear dresses. Charlie needs to let it go. That probably won’t happen, since Owen is now having tea parties with girls. Julia accepts a delivery at the apartment, getting called Mrs. Holbrook for the first time. She calls the house, but no one answers.

Charlie tries to play baseball with Owen, who wants to watch The Sound of Music. Claudia practices her cheerleading moves. Owen would rather do that, too. Charlie’s surprised that Claudia actually tried out for the squad and will be giving up orchestra if she makes it. Bailey comes home in the middle of the sports/cheerleading madness, followed shortly by two cops who announce that they have a warrant for his arrest. He’s finally facing charges for his DUI.

Charlie and a lawyer get Bailey out on $10,000 bail as they all wonder why the arrest is coming five months after the crime. The lawyer thinks that the DA didn’t have a witness statement or license plate number until now. For some reason, no one suspects that the Reeveses had him arrested. Anyway, Bailey could do jail time, and at the very least could lose his license. Julia goes to the house, but everyone’s out. Charlie and Bailey arrive, telling her they forgot she was back in town, then got distracted by Bailey’s arrest.

Claudia talks to the head cheerleader about pushing back her callback tryout, but she’s told that she’s already made the squad. It’s just not the way she expected: She’s the mascot. At Owen’s preschool, Jenny asks Charlie if Owen is close with any female role models, such as his sisters. Apparently he called some kids “bunnies,” which is what Jenny calls them. She thinks Owen’s dressing in women’s clothes because he wants to be like her, since he doesn’t have a mother to emulate.

Bailey’s lawyer goes over potential witnesses with Bailey, Charlie, and Julia; there’s the cab driver he almost hit, the nurse who admitted Sarah to the hospital, and Sarah herself. But the lawyer thinks that Bailey will get off easy since this was his first offense and he’s in AA. Julia notes that he also said that Bailey could be charged with a felony since he was 19 at the time. Not helping, Julia.

Julia tries to make small talk with Charlie, probably because she doesn’t get to have a lot of stimulating conversations at her new place. She notes that her brother didn’t comment on her new haircut. Get a hobby, Julia. She wants to be helpful with Bailey’s situation, telling Charlie that she’s still a part of the family despite being married and living somewhere else. She’s mad that her family didn’t meet her at the airport.

Sarah goes to the house to see Bailey, upset that he has to face charges for the accident. Bailey assures her that the lawyer is optimistic. Sarah tells him that her father had the police report pulled – he’s the one pursuing the charges. Bailey seems surprised that Mr. Reeves could be that mad about someone almost getting his daughter killed. He begs Sarah to tell her father that he’ll get out of her life, if it means he’ll have the charges dropped. Sarah says she tried that, but it’s too late.

Julia tells Griffin that she feels out of place in their new home, and is still easing into her new life. He tells her that everything’s rented, so it can all be returned or changed. Charlie tries to talk to the DA about Bailey’s case, asking to get some strings pulled to get the charges dropped. The DA quickly agrees that Bailey made a mistake and shouldn’t be punished for his crime. Ha ha, just kidding! Of course she’s going to prosecute him.

At school, Claudia meets Reed Isley, who thinks it’s cool that she gets to be the mascot. He even offers to switch lockers with her since the costume doesn’t fit in hers. It’s official: Claudia’s in luv. Charlie tries to talk to Owen about his cross-dressing, putting it in terms of both of them needing a woman in the house. He promises that he’ll find the right woman who will be good for both of them.

The older Salinger siblings get ready for Bailey’s court appearance. Bailey learns that he got into a class he wanted, which means he could bring up his grades, but he quickly realizes that that’s the least of his problems right now. Claudia advises him not to give up. Everyone heads to court, including Sarah, and Bailey prepares to learn his fate.

Thoughts: Jenny is played by Cristine Rose. She’s been in so many things that it’s easier for me to just link to her IMDB page than list any of her roles.

Reed is played by Andrew Keegan. Wasn’t Kathleen’s last name also Isley?

’90s music alert: Sister Hazel, “All for You”; Counting Crows, “Walkaways.”

I could have sworn that Claudia was already in high school. Maybe the school is only 10th through 12th grades?

Did I mention before that the school’s mascot is a possum. Because it’s a possum. Who wants to play for a sports team called the possums? They’re not exactly known for being intimidating.

I wondered before whether the police ever investigated the DUI. I can see Sarah not naming Bailey as the driver, but her parents knew it was him. Why did they wait five months to press charges?