April 13, 2021

ER 8.10, I’ll Be Home for Christmas: Does Santa Visit Perjurers in Jail?

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Benton, you have a child. Please learn how to hug

Summary: It’s December 13th and Carter is horrified that Susan rooted for the Suns while living in Phoenix. They appear to be dating, but they’re acting the way they always have, so it’s hard to tell. Susan makes Carter buy her breakfast at the Roach Coach as he takes a phone call from Jack. He reports to Susan that for the first time in nine years, his parents will be in Chicago for the holidays.

At County, Romano is in a good mood and wants to share some Christmas cheer with Benton by enlisting him for an operation on an alderman. Benton wants to discuss his schedule first, since he needs more flexible hours to spend time with Reese. Romano pressures him to accept his surgery offer instead.

An enthusiastic Santa is ringing a bell and asking for donations in the ER. She complains that no one will give a break to “a female Santa in a man’s world.” Weaver tells her she can’t ask for donations in the hospital. Ms. Santa says she works at the Salvation Army, but when Weaver asks to see her ID, Ms. Santa admits that she just eats there.

Luka arrives late for work and isn’t very apologetic about it. Abby asks Chuny when Weaver’s going on Christmas vacation. Chuny calls her Scrooge and says she’ll never leave. Abby tries to lighten the mood with Luka, but he’s mopey because no one knows where Nicole is. Apparently she stole from her last job, too, so she’s burned a lot of bridges in Chicago. No wonder she wanted to go to Canada. He finally admits that Abby was right about Nicole being a habitual liar.

Sandy brings in a couple of kids who are slightly injured, but not so badly that they can’t fight with each other. She reminds Weaver that they were supposed to make plans to get together, but Weaver never called. She’s clearly gun-shy about getting into a relationship, and she’s also clearly worried about her co-workers finding out she’s a lesbian.

Susan asks Benton to check out a cut a man (later ID’d as Stan) sustained while running from police at the airport. He didn’t have a ticket or any ID. Stan says he’s going to miss his flight, but if he doesn’t have ID, he’s not getting on a plane, so… He also doesn’t appear to know who he is. Benton notices Ms. Prager across the ER and ditches Susan and Stan.

In the lounge, Ms. Prager tells Benton that Judge Alter has denied some motion she filed, and now wants Reese to pick which father he wants to live with. Um, what? He’s four! No judge would ask a four-year-old to make that decision! Ms. Prager says he wants Reese’s opinion, which is totally reasonable, but…come on. If he says he wants to live with Mickey Mouse, will the judge send him to Disney World? Ms. Prager is annoyed that Benton keeps trying to fight Roger when Roger is willing to compromise on visitation. Benton refuses again, so Ms. Prager warns that he’s making Roger look like the better option.

Weaver chats with Sandy again, finally extending a lunch invitation. Sandy recognizes Stan, who’s serenading the ER, and tells Susan he’s homeless. Stan tells Susan that whatever Sandy told her isn’t true. He has amnesia and definitely isn’t this guy who sounds like a rough character. If he were smart, he’d clean up, get a suit, and go to the airport instead of spending the day on the street, alone, at Christmastime.

Benton has made at least a small compromise and has agreed to meet with Roger and Wharton before they’re supposed to see Judge Alter. They want Roger to get visitation with Reese every other weekend, plus two weeks in the summer (a common arrangement for divorced parents). Ms. Prager wants to renegotiate for a little less time, but Benton refuses the deal outright. He announces that he won’t negotiate his time with his own son. Roger notes that he’ll have to take his chances with the judge.

Carter visits Millicent in her no-doubt super-expensive medical facility, where Jack is already with her. He’s alone, since Eleanor won’t be in town until later in the week. Carter and Millicent are both happy to have Jack with them for Christmas, but Jack clearly doesn’t feel the same. Oh, go be WASP-y in Aspen or Aruba or wherever rich white people go for the holidays. No one wants you here anyway.

Back at the courthouse, Alter uses a sign-language interpreter to ask Reese about his two dads. He calls Benton “Daddy” and Roger his other daddy. Alter asks which dad gives him better care when he gets hurt. Reese says Roger, but it’s because his Band-Aids have cartoon characters on them. And that’s why you don’t ask a four-year-old which parent he wants to live with.

December 19th: The custody trial continues, and Roger talks about how much time he’s spent with Reese – more time than Benton has. He makes Reese a priority, which is what’s in his best interest. Carter meets Jack at Doc Magoo’s for lunch, which is just hilarious. Carter wants to know why Eleanor is still in Costa Rica, especially since her mother-in-law is in the hospital. Jack announces that 1) Eleanor isn’t coming after all, and 2) they’re getting divorced. Carter immediately guesses that someone had an affair, then that Eleanor got bored with her marriage. Jack reveals that he’s the one who left.

Back in court, Benton testifies that he let Carla take on a lot of the parenting while he pursued his career, but it felt right because Reese was with his mother. Now that things have changed, Benton is going to adjust his hours so he can spend more time with Reese. He’ll work regular hours on weekdays and have all weekends off. The judge asks for proof of the new schedule by the end of the day.

As soon as court is adjourned, Benton tries to call Romano, who’s in surgery. He starts to head to County, but Roger pulls his car up behind Benton’s to confront him for lying about his schedule change. He thinks Benton is treating Reese like a prize to be won so he can give Jackie a son to replace Jesse. Benton moves toward him like a punch is going to be thrown, but Roger makes it clear that that action will send him straight to Alter. He tells Benton he can’t change who he is.

Weaver and Sandy meet up for their lunch date but can’t find the restaurant they were going to go to. They decide to go to Weaver’s place and order in instead. At County, Benton tries to talk to Romano about his schedule again. Romano is willing to listen this time, but he won’t give Benton nights and weekends off. They work in an urban trauma center; they can’t schedule when emergencies happen. Benton will work when Romano wants him to or not at all.

In response, Benton resigns. His bluff called, Romano agrees to give Benton weekends off. It’s not enough, so Benton says he’ll finish out the week, then be gone. Romano yells after him that he’s giving up a major career so he can play Mr. Mom. Um, that’s Dr. Mom, sir. Actually, it’s Dr. Dad, because the term “Mr. Mom” is ridiculous, but I don’t expect Romano to grasp that.

Abby takes a newborn to the OB floor after he was brought in by paramedics. The mom went into labor in a department store, and the baby was delivered by a shoe salesman. I hope he got a big Christmas bonus for that. And I hope the kid gets free shoes for life. As she’s leaving, Abby spots Nicole in a recovery room. She reads in Nicole’s chart that she really was pregnant, but she isn’t anymore. (It’s not clear if she miscarried or had an abortion. Your guess is as good as mine.)

Benton goes to the clinic where Cleo now works and tells her he quit his job. She told him there’s a position open there, so Benton asks to meet the person doing the hiring ASAP, so he can get proof of his new job and hours. Cleo reminds him that she just started working there, so she can’t ask her new colleagues for favors this quickly.

Abby waits until Nicole’s out of recovery and tells her that Luka’s been looking for her. She wants to know why Nicole told Luka she wasn’t pregnant. Nicole says it’s none of her business. Abby apologizes for accusing Nicole of lying, but Nicole doesn’t really care – Abby was right about Luka’s kindness not being love. She asks Abby not to tell Luka the truth about her pregnancy.

Benton waits impatiently to meet with his potential new boss. First thing the next morning, he gives Alter a letter showing he’s been offered a new job. Alter’s a little suspicious that Benton left County and got a new job in just 12 hours. Benton says it was always a possibility and he just needed to work out the details. Alter’s suspicious again, since Benton never mentioned he was looking for a different job.

Benton doesn’t think it matters, since he got the better schedule he said he would. Alter notes that Benton told a different story yesterday, and he doesn’t appreciate dishonesty. Benton says he’s doing what he needs to do for Reese. He heads to County, running into Elizabeth and telling her he’s done all he can in the custody case. He also lets her know he’s leaving County. She’s surprised that he’s making such a big change so he can keep custody of Reese.

Carter and Susan work on a 12-year-old boy named Ben who fell off a ladder while hanging Christmas lights. Benton comes to give a surgical consult and decides Ben should stay for observation in case he needs to have his spleen removed. Ben’s parents don’t quite get that a spleen isn’t a vital organ, and that they don’t need to get their large family tested to see if anyone’s a match for a donation. As Carter takes them to a waiting room, Ben’s mother, Amparo, faints.

Carter examines Amparo, who says she’s fine. Benton assures her that Ben doesn’t seem to be badly injured. Carter finds a node on Amparo’s neck, and she tells him he doesn’t need to run any tests. She’s already been diagnosed with lymphoma. She hasn’t told her family yet, since she didn’t want to ruin their Christmas. Benton assures her again that Ben will be fine.

Luka and Abby stitch up a man who cut his hand on an ice skate – part of a pair he was shoplifting for his kids. After he’s done, he’ll be arrested. He doesn’t have anyone to watch his kids, so Luka considers posting his bail. (The man has a job, but it pays minimum wage and he can’t afford a security deposit on an apartment, so the family has been living in a motel. God bless America, right?) Abby doesn’t want to tell Luka not to get personally involved with a patient’s family, but she also doesn’t want to tell him not to help out this nice family when he has to spend Christmas without his own.

At the courthouse, Alter asks to talk to Reese again, this time without his dads or their lawyers present. Sure, Benton and Roger will just hang out alone in the courtroom, not getting violent with each other or saying anything they can’t take back. No problem. Back at County, Ben’s family accompanies him up to the OR floor, since he needs exploratory surgery. Carter’s like, “So that’s what it’s like to have a big family of people who all like spending time together.”

Susan and Carter meet up in the lounge to exchange presents, though he forgot to bring hers. He tells her he’s distracted by news of his parents’ divorce and his mom’s absence. Susan thinks it’s a blessing in disguise. Her parents fight all the time and should be divorced. She’s relieved that Carter isn’t having difficulties because of something that has to do with her. He tells her she’s pretty much the only thing going right in his life right now.

Cleo and Jackie join the court proceedings as Alter and Reese come into the courtroom. Alter talks about how, in a typical custody case, each parent retains his or her role as mother or father no matter which way the decision goes. In this case, Alter basically has to void one father’s title as Daddy. Both Benton and Roger love Reese, and both have made sacrifices for him (though Benton’s was sketchy and Alter isn’t happy with him). Alter thinks Reese would do well in either household, but based on Benton’s new job and history as Reese’s father, he gets custody. Roger will get visitation every other Saturday.

Christmas Eve: Benton, Cleo, and Reese decorate her place for Christmas, and Benton invites Cleo to lie under the tree with him and look up at the lights. She notes that they need to get moving or he’ll be late for his last shift at County. “What are they going to do, fire me?” he asks. He remembers lying under the tree as a kid.

Since both of them are going to be working in Schaumburg, Benton suggests that they relocate (by which he means they should get a place together). He’s spent so long working hard, trying to get to the end zone, and now he’s realized that the end zone is his family, not his job. He and Cleo start kissing, but Reese interrupts so they can put the star on top of the tree.

Mark finally appears in the episode as paramedics bring in a six-year-old boy named Teddy who has a gunshot wound. His mother, Paula, states blankly that she shot him. Benton finds Roger waiting for him on the OR floor, curious about whether Benton really got a new job. He said he would change his hours, yet here he is working on Christmas Eve. Benton says it’s his last shift at County. Roger’s there to drop off Reese’s Christmas presents and remind Benton that he’ll get Reese in two weeks. Benton tells him he can come over tomorrow and give Reese the presents in person.

He heads to the ER, where Paula is telling Mark and Susan that she mistook Teddy for a burglar. She heard glass break and thought it was a window, but it was an ornament Teddy dropped. Mark pulls her out of the trauma room so she doesn’t have to watch Benton open her son’s chest. They take Teddy up to the OR, though Romano doesn’t think they can save him. Elizabeth joins him and Benton as Benton tries hard to help Teddy while Romano says over and over that it’s pointless. Benton finally kicks him out. Elizabeth is also skeptical about Teddy’s chances, but she stays to help anyway.

Mark tries to reassure Paula, both that Teddy has a chance to make it and that she shouldn’t beat herself up for shooting him. She says she just wanted to protect her home. Back in the OR, Benton is able to repair the damage in Teddy’s chest, stunning Elizabeth. Even Benton doesn’t know how he did it. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Elizabeth sends Benton to give Paula the good news, telling him that everyone at County will miss him. (Well, except Romano.) Benton doesn’t feel the same way, but he admits that the job has had its moments. He tells Paula that Teddy will recover, then watches Elizabeth wrap up the last surgery he’ll ever perform at County. Passing Romano without a word exchanged between them, he leaves.

Christmas Day: Carter waits for Benton on a bench on his normal jogging route. He learned of Benton’s departure from County in a message, and he knows there’s no way to change his mind. Carter gives him the El token Benton gave him during his second week as a surgical intern. They’d worked on a bunch of patients over the course of half a day, and Carter asked for a break because he was exhausted. Benton kicked him out of the OR.

Carter was so tired that he started crying in the hallway. Benton gave him the token and a choice: Use it to go home or commit to his job and use it to come back the next day. Benton jokes that he was expecting a Rolex. Carter tells him that if Benton gets tired of Schaumburg, he can use the token to come back to County. Or, since the El doesn’t use tokens anymore, he can call Carter and ask for a ride.

Getting a little teary, Carter tells Benton he owes him, then hugs him. Benton breaks it off as soon as he can, pretending he needs to keep jogging before he gets too cold. As he leaves, Carter says he’s a good doctor because of Benton. Benton replies that he isn’t, but he should keep trying.

Thoughts: Paula is played by Anne Dudek, because apparently everything I recap now has to include someone who’s been on The Magicians. Amparo is played by Lea Salonga, and it’s too bad Ming Na isn’t in this episode, because then we would get to see both Mulan’s voice actress and the actress who did her singing.

Roger’s visitation proposal is incredibly reasonable and Benton is a jerk for not accepting it. And it’s not like Roger is some horrible monster who’s a threat to Reese’s safety. He’s a good father and Reese loves him. I get Benton being territorial, but it’s gotten out of hand.

I love Carter and Benton’s scene together at the end. It’s perfect for their characters and their relationship.

This marks the end of Benton and Cleo’s time on the show – almost. They both appear at the end of the season, and Benton returns at the end of the series.

April 6, 2021

ER 8.9, Quo Vadis?: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

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I need you two to stop

Summary: Jackie has just dropped Reese off at County’s daycare after keeping him at her house for the night. Benton comes by to see his son, but he only gets to spend a minute with Reese before Shirley summons him to the ICU. Benton’s supposed to be off in five minutes, as if Romano cares. Then he gets paged to the ER. As they leave the daycare room, Jackie reminds Benton that Carla once said she wanted him to spend Father’s Day with Reese. He needs to tell the judge that at the custody hearing that morning.

Susan sent Millicent lilies, but she’s made a bad impression yet again, since Millicent is allergic to them. Carter notes that lilies are also for funerals, so that’s another mistake. Millicent is recovering from her broken hip and is more worried about Jill than herself (fortunately, Jill is also recovering, and Millicent gave her some money to head off a lawsuit). Benton comes to the ER, wondering why Elizabeth can’t do whatever it is he’s supposed to be there to do. Mark expositions that she’s been cleared to perform surgery again after all those patient deaths. Frank is skeptical that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Benton joins Luka and Gallant to try to save a woman who was shot. Elizabeth comes in to relieve Benton, who has to rush off to court. The patient is brain-dead, and Elizabeth tells her husband, Mr. Pruitt, that there’s nothing they can do for her. She mentions that Mrs. Pruitt has an organ-donor card. Mr. Pruitt says he guesses that’s what she wants.

Mark calls Elizabeth in to help him with a teenager named Rudy who was injured during a boxing match. They chat while working, and Mark asks Elizabeth to help Rachel with her math homework after work. (It’s that or the Revolutionary War, and it makes sense that Elizabeth, a Brit, would want to opt out of that subject.) Luka bugs Weaver about getting Nicole rehired, even though she was busted for stealing. Weaver reminds him that County has a zero-tolerance policy about theft. Plus, Luka didn’t screen her better before helping her get hired. Uh, I think that’s HR’s fault, but okay.

After spending a moment with Carter, doing their weird version of flirting, Susan joins Gallant to tend to a teen named Jorge. He’s Rudy’s brother, as well as Rudy’s boxing opponent. Their father, Mr. Escalona, lets Jorge know that Rudy will be okay. Jorge gets very stoic when his father comes in, sending up a red flag to Susan and Gallant that something strange is going on here.

Benton meets up with his lawyer, Ms. Prager, before the hearing, and she tells him to be as stoic as Jorge when people are testifying. Their judge, Alter, tends to favor the mother in custody cases, though that won’t be an issue here. Ms. Prager thinks Benton’s tie is showy, so her assistant gives Benton his own tie. Ms. Prager tells Benton not to get too emotional during his own testimony. Benton criticizes his new tie as the whitest one he’s ever seen. The assistant is like, “…It’s blue.” Ha, and also, that guy’s not white, but okay.

Carter and Abby tend to a woman who keeps having an allergic reaction for unknown reasons. (I don’t know her name, so I’ll call her Allegra.) She and her husband are in Chicago on their honeymoon. Abby and Chuny spot Nicole entering the ER, most likely to meet with HR and get officially fired. Abby suggests that Allegra has a latex allergy, but she hasn’t had any contact with latex recently. She and her new husband stopped using condoms when they got married. Meanwhile, Susan tells Jorge that Rudy’s unconscious but his vitals are good.

In court, Roger’s lawyer, Wharton, guides him through testimony about his closeness with Reese and his ability to maintain a flexible schedule. Unlike Peter, Roger has never needed or wanted to pass him off to someone else for childcare. Because…not having a flexible schedule makes you a bad parent who doesn’t want to spend time with his child? Having to rely on help makes Benton less of a father? Ugh. Roger also testifies that Reese has said Roger’s place is his home.

Elizabeth talks to Mr. Pruitt about donating Mrs. Pruitt’s organs, but he hasn’t quite accepted that they have to harvest the organs while her heart is still beating. He doesn’t get that brain death means death death, no matter which organs are still working. Elizabeth gives him some more time to sit with his wife and figure out what to do.

Abby mentions to Luka that she saw Nicole and is sure she’ll find another job. Luka says she might want to stop working now that she’s pregnant. Abby is surprised that Nicole wants to keep the baby. She’s even more surprised that Luka wants to help her raise the baby. She asks if Nicole actually took a pregnancy test, and if Luka saw the results. Luka gets defensive, which is fair, but also, Luka, you’re so dumb.

Mr. E. regrets letting Rudy get in the ring with Jorge, since some weak arteries in his head mean he could possibly hemorrhage. Mark tells Mr. E. that it’s actually a preexisting condition, and it’s fixable. Gallant thinks Jorge blames himself for his brother’s condition. Carter asks Susan and Abby if they’ve ever heard of someone being allergic to semen. He thinks that’s what’s going on with Allegra. A boy named Sean comes in with his foot stuck in a toilet. Well, that’s a new one. Sandy accompanies him in the ambulance and reunites with Weaver. Nicole’s back in the ER, and Abby manages to be nice to her for once, offering her some coffee.

Back in court, Cleo testifies that Benton is a wonderful father to Reese. Wharton asks about her relationship with Benton, which hasn’t been stable. In fact, they broke up a while ago and just got back together recently. What if Cleo and Benton break up again in the coming weeks, months, or years? I don’t know, Wharton – what if Benton dies, like Carla did? What if Roger dies? What if a giant asteroid hits Earth and we all die, except Reese? What then?? Have you thought about that??

Wharton asks about the incident where Reese got hurt while Cleo was watching him. He chastises Benton for letting Cleo take care of Reese when he was supposed to be in Benton’s care. Freaking A, are people not allowed to use babysitters in this guy’s world? Also, Benton’s lawyer sucks, because she’s not doing enough to object or mentioning that Wharton keeps interrupting Cleo when she tries to respond to his questions.

Abby gives Nicole regular coffee, probably trying to trick her into drinking caffeine to show she’s not really pregnant or doesn’t care about the baby. It doesn’t work. Abby offers to give Nicole an ultrasound, since she hasn’t had a prenatal exam yet or even confirmed that she’s really pregnant. She tells Nicole this isn’t the way to “get” Luka.

Abby has questions about Nicole’s father; at one point she said her father killed himself, but then she said he kicked her out when she was a teenager. Nicole clarifies that the father who kicked her out was really her stepfather. “I guess you have an answer for everything,” Abby remarks. “I guess everything is your business,” Nicole replies. Ooh, point to Nicole. Abby says she just doesn’t want Luka to get hurt. Nicole says she wants him to be happy. Abby tells her that a made-up life won’t accomplish that. If this is all real, great. If not, Luka’s smart enough to figure it out.

Weaver and Sandy chat a little about the night they met and how Sandy’s one of very few female firefighters in the city. Sandy says she’s like one of the guys. She hasn’t had her hand checked out, since she doesn’t like doctors. Oooh, Sandy, you’re about to like a doctor very soon. Rudy has stopped breathing, and Mark determines that the pressure in his brain has increased. As he’s trying to stabilize Rudy, Rachel calls to check in. Go away, Rachel. Mark and Gallant end up having to shock Rudy’s heart.

Luka thinks he has a solution to Elizabeth’s problem getting Mr. Pruitt to agree to donate his wife’s organs: Take her to the OR, turn off her ventilator, wait until her heart stops beating, and then get him to consent to the organ donation. After two minutes of cardiac arrest, they can remove her organs without any damage from lack of oxygen.

Elizabeth doesn’t see the point in rushing Mr. Pruitt. Luka tells her that this is the only circumstance under which Mr. Pruitt will agree to the organ harvesting. Elizabeth is annoyed that he gave Mr. Pruitt that option without consulting her. She’s the one who has to get consent, and she’s the one who has to do the actually harvesting.

Carter has a hypothesis he wants to test on Allegra and her husband. They just need an empty exam room (preferably one without a dead body in it). Mark and Gallant haven’t been able to revive Rudy, and Mark tells Mr. E. that they’re not going to be able to. He invites Mr. E. and Jorge to say goodbye before Rudy dies. Mr. E. praises his son for fighting hard and never giving up. Jorge gets distressed hearing Mr. E.’s goodbye message and yells at him to shut up.

Luka and Nicole take a walk by the water, and he tells her not to worry about working while she’s pregnant. Nicole doesn’t want to just lounge around and be a kept woman, even if it means Luka covers her rent. She has a friend who’s opening a café and needs help…but the café is in Montreal. She appreciates Luka’s generosity, but she’s ready to move on.

Luka asks to talk more after his shift, but Nicole says she’ll call him in a few days. He worries that she’s mad at him or thinks he’s mad at her. Nicole says that he talked himself into loving her, but this isn’t real. Luka tells her he made an OB appointment. Nicole says it’s not necessary – she’s not pregnant. She didn’t want to lose him, so she came up with a way to keep him around, but it was all a lie.

Susan and a patient hear some noises coming from an exam room, but Carter says they’re just from maintenance workers doing their job. Lies! The noises are Allegra and her husband banging. Carter tells Susan he’s “conducting a clinical trial.” She teases him for running a brothel. He argues that it’s not a brothel if they’re married. (Also, no money is changing hands. But still, I don’t think Weaver would care about the details if she found out what was going on.)

Mark gets Rudy’s labwork back and asks Mr. E. if he’s ever taken stimulants. Mr. E. says he’d never let Rudy take drugs. They found ephedra in his blood, and Jorge explains that it must have come from the power supplements Rudy was taking. Mark says the ephedra probably raised Rudy’s blood pressure and led to a blood vessel in his brain rupturing. Jorge tells Mr. E. that Rudy wanted to power up so he could make their father proud.

Mr. E. is upset that Jorge knew what Rudy was doing and didn’t stop him. Jorge notes that Mr. E. was always pushing Rudy, so he felt like he didn’t have a choice. Rudy was just a kid. Mr. E. says Rudy wanted to be a champ, but Jorge argues that that was what their father wanted. He’s done with boxing and letting Mr. E. press his children to excel. Mr. E. says Jorge was born with a gift, so Jorge ruins the gift by punching a wall and injuring his hand.

Jackie comes to the courthouse to give Benton some moral support. Benton tells her that Roger is making it sound like Benton calls him for help with Reese all the time, when he’s only asked for help a couple times. Jackie thinks they should bust Roger for perjury. She tells Roger to leave them alone and tell the truth. “Get your own family!” she yells.

Carter finds Susan in an exam room next to Allegra and her husband’s, and accuses her of listening to them have sex. Dude, if they’re loud enough to be heard in the ER, she didn’t need to get closer. Also, how long do they need to go at it for Carter’s hypothesis to be proven or disproven? I’m all for the scientific method, but this is overkill. Finally, the sex stops, and the two go check on the patient. Mark and Gallant walk by, and Mark asks what’s going on. Susan tells him to ask Carter. Gallant makes a face that says, “I know exactly what’s going on, and you two are very naughty.”

Mark and Gallant tell Jorge he’ll be in a cast for a few weeks. As Mark leaves to treat someone else, Gallant tries to assure Jorge that everyone has daddy issues. Jorge says it’s different for him, since Mr. E. is so old-school. He’s from Cuba and immigrated to the U.S. before his kids were born. He was a great boxer in Cuba, and when he tried to leave, his hands were broken. He pushed his kids to have what was taken from him. Gallant urges Jorge to talk to Mr. E. about his feelings on the situation.

Allegra and her husband weren’t able to…fully test Carter’s hypothesis. What, you mean they weren’t able to finish while in an exam room in a busy hospital where anyone could walk in at any time? Preposterous! Carter tells them to use condoms until they can test the hypothesis under medical supervision. Allegra wonders why she would suddenly develop an allergy to semen. Carter and Susan say it could be the result of having multiple sex partners. Allegra’s like, “Okay, yeah, that makes sense.” Her husband isn’t happy to hear that.

Paramedics bring in a 16-year-old who fell off a lamppost. A cop tells Mark and Carter that he and a girl were stealing street signs. Mark recognizes the patient as Andrew, then easily (and correctly) guesses that the girl is Rachel. The teens aren’t under arrest, but a cop wants to take Rachel to the police station to scare her a little. Mark approves. Meanwhile, Sandy returns to the hospital, having decided she wants a wound check after all.

Wharton questions Benton about his work hours and childcare arrangements. He notes that Jackie had trouble taking care of Reese right after Carla died, then brings up Jesse. Is Jackie stable enough to take care of a child when she’s still grieving the death of her own child? Is she taking psychiatric medication with side effects that could hamper her ability to take care of a child? Getting angry, Benton tells Wharton to start asking questions about his parenting abilities and how he’s taken care of Reese for years. There’s nothing more important to him than his son.

At the end of the day, Ms. Prager chastises Benton for blowing up on the stand. He doesn’t regret it, since he said what he had to say. The judge seems to be leaning toward Roger, so Ms. Prager tells Benton they need to do something to tip the scales toward him. Right now, his work hours are hurting him the most, so he needs to make some sacrifices to put Reese first.

The cop who busted Andrew and Rachel returns Rachel to the hospital after her little field trip of fear at the police station. Mark tells her that Andrew tested positive for marijuana, so he has some questions about whether Rachel has used pot, too. She’ll need to provide the answers in a cup. Rachel complains that Mark doesn’t trust her, as if she’s given him even one reason to trust her over the past five episodes.

Luka tells Abby that Nicole’s leaving town and there’s no baby. Abby very graciously doesn’t say, “I told you so.” Allegra’s back in the ER, having finished Carter’s research in a pickup truck. Looks like his hypothesis was right. Benton’s also back and being sent to the OR. Gallant talks to Mr. E. about arrangements for Rudy’s body, and Mr. E. expresses regret over his fight with Jorge. He doesn’t think Jorge understands his reasons for pushing his sons so much. Gallant says Jorge might surprise him. Mr. E. joins Jorge in the room where Rudy’s body is still lying, and the two hug each other and cry.

Elizabeth hands Mrs. Pruitt off to Benton; her husband finally consented to the organ harvest, but he still needs some hand-holding. Benton doesn’t want to hold anyone’s hand, and since Elizabeth has been dealing with Mr. Pruitt all day, he tells her to deal with it. Elizabeth says he just wants to talk to the surgeon who will be doing the harvesting. Benton sucks it up and acts human, learning that the Pruitts have a young daughter, and Mr. Pruitt will now be parenting her alone. Benton blankly tells him he’ll have to do the best he can. Wow, that was almost like compassion! Good job, Benton!

Weaver tends to Sandy’s hand and makes small talk about her co-workers. Then Weaver takes a huge leap and asks Sandy if she’d like to go out sometime. We don’t find out Sandy’s response, but she does confirms that Weaver has read her right as a fellow lady lover. Rachel tested negative for pot, and Mark tells her he had to test her because he has to make sure she’s safe – that’s more important than not making her angry. Rachel, a typical teen, doesn’t want to hear it.

Benton starts Mrs. Pruitt’s organ harvest, turning off her ventilator and waiting for her heart to stop. Carter and Susan chat about Allegra and her husband – apparently there’s a way for them to have a baby that involves washing the husband’s sperm and then doing artificial insemination. Susan thinks it’s weird that they had sex in a truck, but it’s not as weird as when she once had sex on a Ferris wheel. Carter asks for more tales of Susan’s strangest sexual encounters. Guys, just kiss already. Oh, hey, they listened to me! Ew, no, stop. It’s weird.

Mrs. Pruitt’s heart is still beating after almost an hour, and she’s breathing on her own, so Benton can’t harvest her organs yet. He tells Shirley they’ll have to keep waiting. I guess there’s a metaphor here for how Benton also has to be patient and can’t rush the custody fight. But also, he could be stuck there all night, which means he has to spend more time away from Reese. So much for making sacrifices.

Thoughts: Sean is played by future Two and a Half Men half man Angus T. Jones. IMDb says Keegan-Michael Key is also in this episode, but I didn’t see him. And chances are you’ve seen Tom Wright, who plays Wharton, in something, but Magicians fans will know him as Santa. (For those who aren’t familiar with The Magicians, yes, I mean Santa Claus.)

“Quo vadis?” means “where are you going?” Not sure why the show thought the Latin was necessary.

The Nicole plot is so pointless. The show was able to land Julie Delpy as a guest star and this is the crap they give her?

Ah, yes, teens stealing street signs. I live near an exit 69, and that sign had to be replaced quite a few times when I was younger because people kept taking it.

March 30, 2021

ER 8.8, Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain: Power Struggle

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The set people did a good job of making this look like a real disaster

Summary: It’s raining in Chicago. A lot. County’s staff is supposed to gather for a surprise goodbye party for Cleo, but no one seems particularly excited about it. Most of them are busy, and Lily’s annoyed that she can’t find some money she was sure was in her purse. Frank and Haleh try to keep everyone at the admit desk for the party, but they all have stuff to do (and obviously don’t care much about Cleo).

Weaver meets Gallant, who asks about a warning letter he received for missing something called Journal Club. Sounds like something for preteen girls, but obviously it has to do with med school. Weaver doesn’t care about his excuse that he had another commitment until he explains that it was for his Army Reserve duty. She lets him off the hook and tells him to just review someone’s notes about what he missed.

Frank gives Benton a package from a genetics lab. Frank doesn’t know about Benton’s paternity test, so he wonders if Benton is having himself cloned. Benton heads to the lounge for some privacy and runs into Nicole, who seems to be doing something she doesn’t want anyone to see. As soon as she leaves, Benton tears into the test results. He’s not happy with what he reads.

Mark is fighting with a patient about whether the patient was completely forthcoming when Mark asked his history. Mark asked him about heart disease, but the patient apparently didn’t think his heart attack fell into that category. He only had one, and his angioplasty fixed him, so why mention it? Idiot. Also, when he had chest pain that morning, he went to work instead of seeing a doctor. Double idiot. Susan chastises Mark for his poor bedside manner and suggests that he get out of the ER.

Abby tells Mark that a medevac helicopter is bringing in a patient who nearly drowned. The storm kept them from going to a children’s hospital instead. Cleo finally makes it to the admit desk, where her ice cream cake has melted, thanks to the delay. Also, no one’s there for the party because they’re all working. It’s for the best, really, since the cake is mint chocolate, which Cleo hates. Susan advises her to stick around, even though her shift is over, since everyone wants to say goodbye to her.

Susan and Carter do their version of flirting, and we learn that they haven’t talked since they almost kissed. Weaver is waiting for a stabbing victim to be brought in, and she takes Gallant out to the ambulance bay with her to wait for the ambulance bringing in the patient. Gallant has known Weaver for all of ten seconds and already gets that this isn’t going to be a fun working relationship.

Mark and Abby go to the roof to meet the helicopter in the pouring rain. Abby distinctly remembers the weatherman saying that morning that the forecast was “partly cloudy, chance of rain.” Their patient is 12-year-old Daniel, who fell into the river with his younger brother, Joey. A rescue team is still looking for Joey.

Meanwhile, Weaver and Gallant wonder where their patient is. He gallantly (forgive me) offers to get her a jacket while they wait. She makes small talk, asking about his military experience. Since Gallant did a year of active duty, Weaver guesses he’s used to chaos. Gallant tells her that the ER is “a whole different kind of crazy.” (Also, this was 2001, so he probably didn’t see much action.)

Benton demands a meeting with his lawyer, who told him not to fight Roger’s custody suit. He tells Cleo that he’s not Reese’s biological father, and while he doesn’t care about that, he knows Roger is going to try to use that against him. Cleo wants to go with him to see the lawyer, party or no party. As they leave, Cleo tells Weaver she’ll call the staff later to say goodbye.

An ambulance finally arrives, but instead of Weaver and Gallant’s patient, it’s transporting a woman named Jill who was the victim of a hit-and-run. Weaver yells at Zadro for bringing in a patient without letting them know ahead of time, and for not keeping better tabs on the patient they thought was coming in. Poor Zadro – he’s just trying to save people’s lives.

Frank finally provides some answers: The other ambulance was in an accident, and it was bad enough that the people involved have to be cut out of their vehicles. Oh, and for some added drama, the stabbing victim is pregnant. Weaver decides it’s better to go to the scene and help the patient there instead of waiting for her to get to County. She enlists Gallant to go with her.

Mark and Abby treat Daniel, who has a chest wound that’s leading to breathing problems. He just wants to know if his brother is okay. Weaver and Gallant make it to the scene of the crash, which is chaotic enough even without the rain making everything more difficult. Firefighters have to cut through the ambulance door, where Doris is stuck with a leg injury that prevents her from helping the pregnant patient. A firefighter named Sandy Lopez tells Weaver to stay back, then cuts her hand while getting through the door. Great, another patient.

Once the door is off, Zadro gets Doris out of the ambulance, and Weaver starts asking the patient, Vicki, questions. Suddenly sparks fly out of a nearby utility pole. It comes down, and Sandy grabs Weaver to pull her out of the path of its power lines. One of the lines hits the ambulance, electrocuting a firefighter who’s holding the door. Ignoring Weaver’s warning not to touch the firefighter, Gallant runs across the street and tackles him to get him off the electrified door.

Weaver and Gallant tend to the firefighter, sending Sandy to check on Vicki. Weaver chastises Gallant for his actions, but he knew he would be okay as long as his feet didn’t touch the ground. Weaver reminds him that water conducts electricity, and it’s pouring, so his logic didn’t quite hold up. Sandy returns and tells Weaver that Vicki’s okay, but the wire on the ambulance is preventing anyone from getting in to actually take care of her. Since Vicki’s in labor, she needs help ASAP.

Once Weaver and Gallant have stabilized the firefighter, Weaver joins Sandy at the ambulance. Vicki didn’t feel a shock when the ambulance was electrified, so at least she doesn’t have a third medical issue on top of her pregnancy and stab wound. Weaver determines that the baby is probably in distress, so she decides she needs to get in the ambulance. Sandy refuses to let her, since she could become another victim the first responders have to take care of. But while Sandy’s talking to someone about turning off the power to the line on the ambulance, Weaver jumps in.

Back at County, Carter tends to Jill, who was just taking her dog for a walk when she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, the dog died. Next door, Daniel is doing okay but might need surgery. He’s sure that since Joey hasn’t been found, he must have drowned. Daniel feels horrible that he made Joey go to the river; Joey was scared, but Daniel called him a baby and forced him. He wishes he’d drowned instead.

Gallant sees the electrocuted firefighter off to the hospital, then joins Weaver to help Vicki. Another utility pole falls, creating more sparks. Gallant hopes the transformer will blow and the power will go out. Imagine hoping that the electricity goes out while you’re in the middle of a crisis. In the ambulance, Weaver realizes she can’t take care of Vicki on her own. She gets Gallant to jump in, then explains to Vicki that her placenta is detaching. They’ll need to deliver the baby surgically.

Sandy and Weaver yell at each other about the power while Weaver simultaneously comes up with a plan to help Vicki. She warns that she’s an ER doctor, so she’s only trained to deliver a baby after the mother has died. The only way to save both Vicki and the baby is to do a C-section, then deal with Vicki’s internal bleeding. Weaver asks if Vicki is willing to take that risk with her. I don’t think she has a choice. Gallant hasn’t done an OB rotation yet, so he’s never even observed a C-section. At least he knows how to take Vicki’s blood pressure. He asks Weaver the last time she did a C-section, like it’s not clear she’s never done one.

Benton’s lawyer, Ms. Prager, tells him and Cleo that Roger is allowed to contest Reese’s paternity. He’s already drafting a motion for visitation, so Benton needs to resume those visits now. If he doesn’t, he’ll look like the bad guy when they get in front of a judge. Benton can’t believe that he’ll be seen as the villain when Roger is trying to take his son away. Ms. Prager tells him he needs to make it look like he’s only concerned with Reese’s well-being.

Weaver tells Sandy that she and Gallant need more light, so Sandy tells a fellow firefighter to turn on the fire truck’s brights. Weaver calmly starts Vicki’s C-section and tells Gallant how to assist her. After sending Jill for some scans, Carter teases Susan for being so sympathetic about Jill’s dog when Jill could have serious injuries. That’s no reason not to care about the dog, Carter.

Frank can’t find his Palm Pilot (aw, remember Palm Pilots?), and he’s sure someone stole it. Alger brings in Millicent, telling Carter that he found her in the driveway in the rain. She may have broken her hip. She tells Carter that it started raining while she was out driving, so she went home, but she slipped in the driveway. She was in an accident and thinks she hit a dog. Carter and Susan quickly put things together. “It was supposed to be clear. It was supposed to be sunny,” Millicent says.

Sandy gives Weaver an update on the power situation (still not off) while Weaver continues the C-section. She accidentally cuts a uterine vein, which leads to bleeding, and since they’re out of blood, that’s…bad. She tells Sandy to call County and get them prepared to take care of Vicki and the baby. The electrocuted firefighter is now at County, as are Daniel’s parents, who aren’t happy with his actions, especially since Daniel’s blood tests came back positive for marijuana.

Vicki’s baby is now out, but it will still be ten minutes or so until the power’s off and they can safely move from the ambulance. Weaver tells Gallant that he needs to get the baby to the hospital right away. Vicki is now unconscious and bleeding out, so Weaver has to work hard to save her. Gallant decides he needs to jump out of the ambulance, holding the baby, and land in a place where he won’t be electrocuted. Sandy loudly objects, but Weaver tells Gallant to go, and he’s more scared of Weaver than Sandy, so he jumps. Seconds later, the transformer blows.

Mark’s bedside manner with Daniel is a lot better than with his heart patient earlier in the evening. Daniel tells him that his father is actually his stepfather; Joey is his and his wife’s “real” kid. Daniel’s mother, Mrs. Pendry, blasts him for taking his brother to the river and never using his head. Daniel tearfully says that he should have been the one who drowned. Mrs. Pendry agrees. Yikes, someone call Adele and get Daniel placed with a nicer family.

Mark pulls Mrs. Pendry out of the room and reminds her that even though her younger son is missing, her older son still needs her. Daniel already blames himself for what happened, and Mrs. Pendry isn’t going to help by feeding those feelings. Her husband, Chris, interrupts to announce that Joey’s been found.

Benton and Cleo are giving Reese a bath when Roger shows up. He tells Benton he just wants an arrangement that recognizes that Roger has been helping to take care of Reese for most of his life. Benton refuses – he’s not letting Roger take his son. Back at County, Nicole offers to buy coffee for anyone who wants it. Mark tells Luka about Weaver and Gallant’s adventures so he can take care of the baby when Gallant arrives.

Frank hears an alarm going off and recognizes it from his Palm Pilot. He realizes it’s in Nicole’s purse. Luka tries to stop him from digging into Nicole’s bag, but when the contents fall out, it’s clear that Nicole took the Palm Pilot. Luka gives Nicole a chance to explain herself, but instead, she runs off. You know, like any innocent person would. Luka starts to go after Nicole, but Abby makes him stay since Gallant has just brought in the baby.

Vicki’s finally out of the ambulance, but she’s declining fast. Sandy stays with Weaver to help however she can. Weaver tells her to find someone to take her place, since she has a hand injury, but Sandy says she needs to control the scene. She even stays behind while Weaver transports Vicki to County in another ambulance. Don’t worry, Weaver – you’ll see her again.

Mark and Abby head back to the roof, this time to get Joey. He’s in bad shape. Millicent regrets not listening to Carter when he told her she had to stop driving. Carter tells her that she may have done more than just kill a dog. Now Millicent feels even more horrible, and she’s upset with herself for leaving the scene of the accident. Jill is back in the ER, now declining, so Carter rushes to save her (and save his grandmother from a manslaughter charge).

Daniel peeks into the trauma room where Mark is trying to revive Joey. Chris yells at him to leave, and Mark tells Chris he has to go, too. Romano isn’t happy with Weaver’s heroics, since I guess it would have been better to just let her and the baby die. As soon as Vicki’s on her way to surgery, Weaver goes to check on the baby, who’s doing fine. Unlike Romano, Chuny and Gallant think Weaver did a great job.

As Carter and Susan successfully stabilize Jill, Mark has a harder time saving Joey. He tells Abby and the rest of their team that they’re not going to let him go. As Daniel watches from the next room, they get Joey’s heart started again. Mark gives Daniel a thumbs up through the window. Abby looks outside and sees that it’s finally stopped raining.

Carter studies Millicent’s scans as she undergoes them, but he has to pull her out of the machine when she starts panicking. She tells him to call her husband so he can take her home. Carter has to remind her that John I is dead. It takes Millicent a few moments to remember that she’s at the hospital, and that she was in a car accident. But she only remembers hitting the dog, not Jill.

Luka sends Nicole off in a cab, then tells Abby that she’s struggling. Abby’s on a high after watching Mark save Joey, but it comes crashing down when Luka tells her what’s going on with Nicole: She’s pregnant. The stealing was unrelated, since she doesn’t know how to trust people. Her father kicked her out when she was 16, so she’s been on her own since then. That sends up a red flag for Abby, who probably remembers Nicole telling her that her father committed suicide when she was little. Luka laments letting their relationship get this far. Abby asks if he’s sure the baby’s his, or if Nicole is even really pregnant. Luka denies that Nicole would lie to him.

Mark lets Daniel know that, despite being practically dead for a long time, Joey seems to be fine. He tells Daniel that parents don’t always know what they’re doing, and some adults are wrong a lot. Daniel needs to remember not to listen to his parents when they tell him he’s not as good or as smart or as special as his brother. It might take them a long time to realize that themselves, and when they do, Daniel needs to be able to say that he already knew.

Gallant tells Weaver that Romano had to perform a hysterectomy on Vicki, but she’s out of surgery and doing well. Romano also warned Gallant to stay away from Weaver if he wants to survive med school, but Gallant can already tell that Romano is the person he needs to avoid. He praises Weaver for her work, saying she didn’t let on that she’d never done an emergency C-section before.

Weaver tells Gallant he should take the baby up to Vicki. She’s really proud of work – he did exactly what an ER doctor should do. Gallant admits that he was scared, and Weaver confides that she was, too. He tells her the electrocuted firefighter will also be okay, which means they saved everyone. Their presence at the scene really made a difference. Weaver tells him that some days at County are good days, so he should enjoy them when they come. As she heads home, the rain starts back up.

Thoughts: Jill is played by Amy Jo Johnson, AKA Julie on Felicity.

I’ve always felt like this episode was just another disaster story for the series, but for some reason, this time around I saw more in it. It’s almost like a redemption episode for Weaver after she’s alienated herself from her co-workers. It shows a different side of her leadership – she doesn’t just yell and give orders. She makes quick decisions and does what she thinks is best for her patients, even if it means taking risks. But then she doesn’t let them go to her head. She just did what she thought needed to be done and moved on.

I love Sandy. She takes zero crap from Weaver and won’t let her bully her way into being in charge. I don’t think Weaver ever thought someone like that existed.

Daniel’s plot is huge foreshadowing for Mark and Elizabeth’s family later in the season. Interesting that Mark has more sympathy for Daniel here than…well, you’ll see.

I like that Chuny tells Weaver, “Nice save” about the baby. Chuny isn’t a Weaver fan (no one is at this point), so it’s really nice of her to speak up.

March 16, 2021

ER 8.6, Supplies and Demands: My Two Dads

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Seriously, guys, send Rachel back now

Summary: Benton is playing basketball with Reese at Jackie’s house before heading off to work. Jackie is surprised that Roger is going to be picking Reese up that afternoon for a family party. She says the cousin having the party isn’t Reese’s “real” cousin. Jackie, shush. Benton shuts her down, but Jackie argues that Reese must be confused to still have Roger in his life when they’re not really family anymore. Benton says he’s just giving Roger time to adjust to the changes – something Jackie should understand. She doesn’t appreciate that.

While driving to work, Elizabeth talks to someone on the phone in an attempt to help a patient she operated on. Rachel got her precious cell phone, and in exchange, she’ll be watching her baby sister that afternoon. Mark notices glitter on her cheek and asks if she’s starting a trend. Apparently it’s already a trend. Mark drops Elizabeth off before taking Rachel to school a little late. Rachel asks to be dropped off a few blocks away so no one sees her father’s minivan.

Susan has dragged Carter to a yoga class in hopes of helping him deal with the pain in his back. They talk through the whole thing, which I think is a no-no. He tells her that Millicent’s lab work has all come back fine, so aside from her fainting spell, she seems to be healthy. Susan asks about Carter and Abby, noting that there seems to be something going on there. He says they’re just friends. Susan thinks he doesn’t want to be Abby’s rebound after her breakup with Luka. Carter tries to hold a pose but ultimately falls over, taking Susan down with him.

The two head to County after the class, arriving just as a call comes in about an apartment fire. Supplies are moving around slowly since the person delivering them around the hospital is new. That person turns out to be Nicole, who of course got the job thanks to Luka. Abby is less than thrilled to have to see both her ex and his crush all day.

The patient Elizabeth was trying to help over the phone is Mrs. Wilson, the woman Elizabeth operated on in the previous episode. Elizabeth has to spend the day being shadowed by Carmen from County’s infection-control department. Mrs. Wilson’s daughter, April, doesn’t want her mother to keep suffering if it’s her time to go. Elizabeth promises to keep working on Mrs. Wilson, but a nurse notes that she has a DNR. April knows that her mother wouldn’t want to be placed on a machine, so she resists Elizabeth’s plans to help her. Elizabeth wants to proceed anyway.

Victims of the apartment fire start coming in, along with a firefighter who hurt his ankle. Luka and Abby tend to him as he semi-flirts with Abby. Mark examines a little girl while Carter treats her mother next door. Elizabeth comes to see if she needs surgery, and Carmen calls her out for starting to use her stethoscope without cleaning it after using it on another patient.

Once they’ve finished with the patient, Mark asks Elizabeth how Mrs. Wilson is. Elizabeth tells Carmen she wants some privacy while she talks to her husband, but Carmen has to watch Elizabeth at all times. Despite her annoyance with Carmen, Elizabeth is taking the situation very seriously and is desperate not to lose another patient. Mark reminds her that she can’t save everyone. Elizabeth would settle for just not killing everyone.

Abby tries to examine a man who insists on seeing a doctor. Abby promises she won’t be shocked by whatever he did to himself with scissors. She is, though. I’m going to go with…home circumcision. Susan examines a college student named Laura who first thought she had a bad hangover but now thinks it’s something else. Susan guesses she has the flu, which matches Stanley the med student’s diagnosis. Susan goes to talk to Stanley but instead tries to ease Carter’s back pain. She tells Stanley she agrees with his diagnosis for Laura, but he needs to sign up for patients so they don’t get seen twice.

Luka tries to explain the Nicole situation to Abby, who says it’s none of her business. Then she makes it her business anyway, commenting that Luka seems to be going out on a limb for her. Luka says he just got a friend a job; they’re not dating. Abby guesses that he’s also let her move in with him. He says he’s just trying to help her, but Abby notes that he doesn’t have to help everyone. Hmm, maybe Mark should repeat what he said about doctors not being able to save everyone.

Carter has overheard part of the conversation and asks Abby what her problem is with the situation. She tells him Luka has a new project. And no, she doesn’t care. Not at all. The percentage that Abby cares about this is 0.00. Mrs. Wilson is still declining, and when Elizabeth tries again to stabilize her, Benton reminds her that Mrs. Wilson has a DNR. Elizabeth just wants to use machines to support Mrs. Wilson until she can figure out what’s wrong with her. Benton tells the nurses to stop treating her. When Elizabeth grabs paddles to shock Mrs. Wilson, Benton tells her to look at April, who’s watching.

Abby checks on the flirty firefighter, who’s definitely interested in her, then goes with Benton to deal with the scissors guy, Rick. Indeed, he tried to circumcise himself. Since he got halfway through, Benton offers to either finish the job or just sew him up. Rick wants to ask his girlfriend her opinion first – she’s the reason he wanted this in the first place. She said she was a neat freak and didn’t want to date a guy with foreskin. As they leave the room, Abby asks Benton if she should call for a psych consult. “Nah, I just think he’s stupid,” Benton replies.

Luka tends to a guy named Wes who has a protein deficiency that keeps him from clotting. He’s supposed to get regular treatment, but he hasn’t been able to get to a hospital for it recently. He asks about food at the hospital, so Nicole offers to get him a sandwich. Susan tries to make small talk with Abby, admitting that Carter said she and Luka just broke up. Abby doesn’t really want to talk about her personal life, but at least she’s stopped resenting Susan for asking her to do tasks that are, you know, her job.

Mrs. Wilson has died, and Elizabeth asks a pathologist, Dr. Upton, to check her body for signs of infection. Dr. Upton tells Elizabeth that she disagrees with what others are saying about her. Implying that becoming a mother has affected Elizabeth’s work is “sexist crap.” Elizabeth notes that they live in a man’s world, so they have to put up with that. “Not until they perfect cloning,” Dr. Upton replies. That’s the spirit!

Rick’s girlfriend, Sara, has arrived, and she, like Benton, thinks he’s an idiot for trying to circumcise himself. She doesn’t care if he finishes the procedure or just gets sewn up. She pulls Abby out of the room and confides that she pretended she didn’t want to date a guy with foreskin because she needed an excuse to dump him. Oh, honey. Rick is going to send you his medical bills.

Paramedics bring in a college student named Andy who was unresponsive when his roommate tried to wake up him. The roommate tells Susan they went to a party the night before, and when they went to bed, Andy said he felt sick and had a stiff neck. Abby notices spots on Andy’s hands, leading Susan to realize that he has meningococcemia. Since it’s contagious, everyone will need to wear masks and gowns while treating him. They’ll also need to inform his college in case other students have been exposed.

Abby grabs Carter to help Susan out with the sudden emergency. Carter has finally given in to Stanley’s offers and let him try acupuncture on Carter’s back, so he’ll have to get the needles removed first. Susan realizes that Laura goes to the same school as Andy, so she may have meningococcemia, too. Laura was already discharged, so someone will have to find her and bring her back to the hospital for testing. Susan goes on the hunt, learning from Frank that Laura was looking for orange juice, so he sent her to the cafeteria.

Thanks to Nicole’s incompetence, Abby can’t find the supplies she needs. Carter gets impatient since Nicole can’t identify the tools he needs, but Luka tells him to go easy on her, since it’s her first day. Carter’s like, “I have a dying college student here, but yeah, we’ll wait a few minutes while Nicole digs through a box of supplies.” Laura’s not in the cafeteria, so Susan has to run around the hospital for a little while. She finally spots Laura leaving through the ambulance bay. Susan’s able to call outside to her and get her to stay put.

On his way to the OR, Benton takes a phone call from Roger, who’s complaining about Jackie. Benton tells Elizabeth that Roger is his new shadow. Elizabeth suggests that they introduce him to her shadow, Carmen. She apologizes for continuing to try to save Mrs. Wilson even after Benton told her she shouldn’t. He lets it go, knowing she’s stressed about becoming a mother. Elizabeth takes a little offense to that, but Benton adds that having Carmen watching her every move can’t help. Elizabeth asks if he’s ever seen her screw up. Benton thinks she’s just in a slump right now and shouldn’t doubt her skills. If he or Reese ever needed surgery, he’d come to Elizabeth.

Carter and Abby struggle to stabilize Andy, who must have a fast-moving strain of meningococcemia. Susan performs a spinal tap on Laura, who reveals that she kissed Andy at the party the night before, so…no contact tracing needed there. Next door, Andy flatlines, and Carter shakes his head to let Susan know through the window that he’s not going to make it. Stanley notices spots on Laura’s feet, which means she’s getting worse.

Luka goes back to Wes, who tested positive for opiates. He blames the pain from his condition, but Luka guesses he uses heroin, which isn’t exactly prescribed for pain. He thinks Wes uses the permanent catheter port in his chest to shoot drugs (also not exactly prescribed behavior). Luka tries to talk to Wes about rehab, but Wes isn’t interested and wants to leave. Luka still has to finish treating the cut on Wes’ hand, and Nicole is just now bringing his sandwich, so Wes decides to stay a little longer. Nicole points out to Luka that removing Wes’ port won’t stop him from using drugs.

Susan tries to reach Laura’s parents as Carter joins her to put her on a ventilator. Susan can’t believe she misdiagnosed Laura, but Carter thinks it was reasonable of her to think Laura just had the flu. They’ve already contacted Laura and Andy’s college, and all the students in their dorm will get antibiotics to try to head off any infections. County staff who worked on either patient will also need preventive meds.

The firefighter flirts with Abby again, then asks her out for coffee. She tells him she’s not available. He guesses she’s seeing someone, but Abby says she’s not sure. Hey, Abby? Yeah, hi. You’re not. You broke up with Luka, and Carter is totally interested in Susan now, so you’re single. Go out with the firefighter.

In case Elizabeth’s day wasn’t already bad enough, she has to operate with Dale. Ugh, this guy. Carmen is overly vigilant, and Elizabeth finally tells her to get out, since she’s driving everyone crazy. Carmen won’t leave, since she’s just doing her job, so Elizabeth threatens to call security. “Catfight pending,” Dale says. SHUT UP, DALE. Elizabeth gets summoned to Romano’s office, and she tells Carmen not to follow her.

Frank has two messages for Benton from Jackie and Roger. He thinks they’re feuding. Benton says to let them, refusing to take the messages. Abby urges Sara to break up with Rick directly, since her indirect method obviously didn’t work. Benton tells them that Rick will be fine, and when he learns of Sara’s failed breakup attempt, he tells her to go finish the task right now. Abby argues that she should wait a few weeks. She once accidentally killed a boyfriend’s cat, then stayed with him for two more weeks. This should be worth at least three.

Romano has brought in a new investigator, Dr. Bain from the county health department. Nothing turned up in Elizabeth’s cultures, and Carmen doesn’t have a problem with her practices, but there has to be something going on that has led to so many of Elizabeth’s patients dying. Bain invites Elizabeth to come clean about anything she might need to come clean about, because she could be facing a criminal investigation.

Bain continues that all of Elizabeth’s patients were elderly and in marginal health. All of them died of post-op sepsis while under Elizabeth’s care. One’s family specifically asked Elizabeth to euthanize her. In a nutshell, Bain thinks Elizabeth might see herself as an angel of mercy, ending sick people’s lives so they don’t have to suffer. Romano immediately comes to Elizabeth’s defense and tells Bain the discussion is over.

Nicole is done with her shift and waiting for Luka. She tells Abby that she always wanted to be a nurse. The nurses were very kind to her at the hospital where her mother died. Luka can’t find Wes, and Nicole guesses that he left so Luka wouldn’t remove his port. Luka asks if she told Wes he was going to remove it, either purposely or accidentally letting Wes know he should take off.

At home, Elizabeth is greeted by loud music and a crying baby. Rachel’s on the phone and ignoring her sister. Elizabeth asks her to be more responsible and less self-centered. Rachel says that if Elizabeth is so worried about Ella, she should quit her job and stay home with her. The two fight over who gets to give orders and who has to obey rules in the house until Rachel storms out. Listen, Elizabeth, send her back to St. Louis now. Save yourself a lot of pain in the future.

Back at County, Susan is staying late, since she wants to be nearby when they determine Laura’s condition. Roger shows up to pick a fight with Benton – he was late picking Reese up, so Jackie wouldn’t let Roger take him. Benton says they need to rethink Roger’s visitation. Roger blames Jackie, and Benton reminds him that Jackie is Reese’s aunt. Roger replies that he’s Reese’s father.

Benton doesn’t like that, and he tells Roger it’s time for him to let go of his stepson. Reese only has one father, Benton. Roger announces that they both know that’s not true: Carla told him that Benton isn’t Reese’s biological father. Benton warns him to shut up. Roger accuses Benton of thinking he’s more important to Reese than Roger is. Benton tells him to stay away from him, Reese, and Jackie.

Carter and Abby go for a walk by the water, and she mentions that the firefighter asked her out. Carter seems supportive of any decisions she makes to date guys other than him. Abby has learned a lesson from Sara about not being direct and admits that she turned down the firefighter because she was waiting to see if things developed with her and Carter. Carter notes that she didn’t do much to move things forward between them.

She reminds him that he gave her an ultimatum. It wasn’t really an ultimatum, though – he just said he couldn’t keep being her friend if she was only going to talk about her relationship problems. Abby thinks that breaking up with Luka was a good indication that she was ready to be with Carter. He asks why she cares so much about what Luka thinks if they’re really over. Abby says they have a history after a year together. If Carter wants someone without a history, he’ll have to find a virgin. Carter replies that he can just settle for a girlfriend who isn’t so hung up on someone else. She tells him he doesn’t have to settle for anything.

Mark didn’t seem to deal with a lot of traumas at work today, but at home, he’s putting out fires left and right. He’s letting Rachel spend some time at Andrew’s so she and Elizabeth can cool off. Now he’s trying to reassure Elizabeth that she has nothing to worry about in any investigation that might take place. She admits that she feels guilty for her patients’ deaths and for taking it out on Rachel.

Mark thinks she was justified in being mad at Rachel for not doing what she said she would do. Elizabeth is worried that she can’t balance motherhood and work. Mark comforts her, promising that they’ll get through everything they’re facing. They have each other and their kids – that’s a lot. At County, Laura regains consciousness, making Susan hopeful that she’ll be okay.

Thoughts: Benton’s attitude while examining Rick is so funny. He stays completely professional, but when he first looks at the damage, he glances at Abby like he’s thinking, “Did you see this? Is he serious with this?” You can see he’s deducting points from Rick’s IQ through the whole scene.

I looked up Wes’ deficiency, which it turns out is a form of hemophilia. I don’t know why the show didn’t just say that. Anyway, it’s also called Christmas disease, after the first person diagnosed with it. What a horribly misnamed disease. “Ooh, Christmas disease – does that mean I get extra presents?” No, it means you’re at increased risk of bleeding to death. Fa la la la la la la I’m so sorry.

I want a spin-off starring Dr. Upton.

Rejoice with me, friends, because we’re almost done with Dale. He’s only in one more episode after this.

Brace yourself: I’m going to say something nice about Romano. He’s definitely a judgmental jerk, and it’s clear he thinks he’s better than all of his colleagues, but when Elizabeth’s ethics are called into question, he has her back. He knows she’s good at her job and that she has integrity. As annoying as he is, he recognizes his colleagues’ accomplishments and talents.

March 9, 2021

ER 8.5, Start All Over Again: Everyone’s Having a Horrible Day (Well, Maybe Not Rachel)

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Things between these two are about to get really weird

Summary: Susan is reporting for her first shift back at County since moving back to Chicago. Weaver is coolly professional with her, but Malik and Haleh are happy to work with her again. Cleo hands over some patients from her night shift and watches closely as Benton and Susan catch up. Classic Cleo. She’s on her way out of County, though – she’s taken a job running a pediatric urgent care 40 minutes away.

The morning is a little chaotic at Mark and Elizabeth’s house, and Rachel’s presence doesn’t help. She rushes off to school with a boy named Andrew, who Mark knows nothing about. Susan jumps right back into things at County, trying to treat a guy named Mr. Ashman who accuses her of being a pervert just because she wants him to change into a gown. Mark’s a little amused.

Carter brings a couple of med students through the ER, “babysitting” them as part of his new position as chief resident. Susan tries to get Abby’s attention by calling her Nurse, since she doesn’t know Abby’s name. Carter introduces them, and Susan asks Abby to do some nurse-like things for her. Paramedics bring in a man named Howard who passed out unexpectedly. Carter takes the lead, even though Susan outranks him.

One of the med students, Mooney, tends to a patient with chest pain, giving him three sprays of nitroglycerin. He’s not supposed to get that much at once, and his heart protests the medicine. Luckily, Abby’s there to fix things. Susan tells Carter that the last time she saw him, he could barely start an IV, and now here he is, running traumas. Abby lets him know that Mooney gave the three nitro sprays all at once instead of over the course of five minutes. She cleaned up the mess, but Carter needs to keep a better eye on his students. You’d think he would have learned that lesson with Lucy.

Mark and Chuny rush a gurney out to a car in the ambulance bay, where a man named Alan is unconscious. Chuny finds bruising on the man’s body. Susan goes over the now-comatose Howard’s lab work with his brother while a maintenance worker does something loud to a light in the ceiling above them. This…couldn’t wait? Howard’s lab work doesn’t show what’s wrong with him, so Susan asks his brother if Howard has ever seen a psychiatrist. They narrowly miss being hit by something falling from the ceiling. Susan tells Howard’s brother that Howard seems to be faking his coma. She also promises to move him to a quieter room.

Benton and Weaver join Mark to take care of Alan, who apparently was hit by a car. His daughter, Tracy, says she didn’t see exactly what happened. Alan regains consciousness and murmurs something about her not seeing him. Tracy cries and apologizes, then runs out of the trauma room. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out that Tracy must have accidentally hit her father with her car.

Elizabeth chats with a patient named Mrs. Wilson and her daughter April while determining that Mrs. Wilson needs surgery. April asks if the operation can wait a few days, since her mother’s so weak right now. Elizabeth says that’s not a good idea. Mrs. Wilson asks if Elizabeth would recommend the operation for her own mother. That’s probably not a good question, considering Elizabeth’s tense relationship with her mother, but we won’t tell Mrs. Wilson that.

Susan grabs Elizabeth to talk about Mr. Ashman, since he’s insisting on speaking to her. Elizabeth thinks he’s a drug-seeking hypochondriac, and she doesn’t want to deal with him until Susan’s examined him. Susan is sure that Mr. Ashman will complain of post-op pain so he can go up the chain and talk to Elizabeth. She then asks Abby to do some more nurse-like things, which Abby doesn’t seem interested in, even though it’s, you know, her job.

Good news: Howard is awake. Bad news: His brother is beating him with the metal pole of an IV stand. Worse news: His brother isn’t his brother. He’s an enforcer for a loan shark. Weaver tells Tracy that Alan may need surgery for a pelvic injury. It had to have been sustained when the car hit him and crushed him against something. Tracy admits that she thought she was in reverse but instead drove forward and pressed him into a wall.

Abby asks Carter if Susan has always been so high-maintenance. Carter denies that she is. He totally has a crush on Susan, by the way. Elizabeth finally comes to the ER check on Mr. Ashman, but before she can start, she gets called to the ICU. Susan’s next patient is Amal, a teen with abdominal pain. She insists that she has to be home in two hours, no matter what.

Mark sends Alan to surgery with Benton, then talks to a cop who wants to find out if Tracy had been drinking before she hit her father. She hasn’t been arrested yet, so Mark is hesitant. He thinks she deserves a break since her father’s in bad condition. The cop is like, “Yeah, she put him in that condition.” Mark won’t draw Tracy’s blood, so the cop says he’ll find someone else to do it. Weaver compromises, saying they’ll draw Tracy’s blood once Alan is out of surgery.

Amal is pregnant, and though she wants to have an abortion, Susan thinks she should take some time and consider her options. Amal says that she has to be a virgin on her wedding day. If her parents find out she’s had sex, they’ll send her to their home country. Susan discovers that Amal has an ectopic pregnancy, which means she’ll need surgery immediately. Amal thinks her mandatory family dinner is more important, so she’ll risk a ruptured fallopian tube and possibly bleeding to death. Susan gets her to agree to stay while Susan handles another situation.

Luka meets Susan when they team up to tend to a woman named Mrs. Gadasco who’s having seizures. Susan is unfamiliar with the anti-seizure medications County stocks, so Luka tells her they have to come up with a plan B for what Susan wanted to do. Elizabeth is unable to revive the ICU patient she was summoned to help, and Romano notes that this is her third post-op death in a week. Not that he’s keeping track.

Back in the ER, Susan speaks to Mr. Gadasco about medications his wife might be taking. The couple only speaks Spanish, but Susan knows enough to communicate with Mr. G. She realizes that Mrs. G. accidentally overdosed on her medication because the label is in English. She was supposed to take a pill once a day, but “once” in Spanish is 11, so she took 11 times the prescribed amount.

Carter’s other med student, Stanley, grabs him and Abby to help with the patient Mooney almost killed. Carter lets Stanley shock the man, but Stanley forgets to say “clear” to make sure no one’s touching the patient during the shock. The patient’s arm shoots out and smacks Carter in a very painful, unfortunate part of his anatomy. Man down! Man down! The good news is that the patient’s okay.

Mrs. G. is still seizing, but Susan and Luka have used up all the medicine they have available to stop the seizures. Susan tells Yosh to call around to other hospitals to try to get more. Benton and Romano are scrubbing in for Alan’s surgery when Roger calls to talk to Benton. Alan starts crashing, so Benton has to keep Roger on hold. In the ER, Susan and Luka realize that they won’t be able to save Mrs. G. Susan volunteers to give her husband the news. Luka compliments Susan on figuring out what was wrong, not that it did any good.

Carter’s still in some pain, but he’s doing better than his patient who keeps throwing up. Stanley, who studied alternative medicine in Hong Kong, offers to try a muscle energy technique on Carter, but Carter would like to keep his distance from Stanley. Roger shows up in the OR while Benton’s operating, frantic because he doesn’t know where Reese is. Roger was supposed to pick him up from school; when he wasn’t there, Roger thought Benton must have gotten him. Did he…not ask the teacher who picked Reese up? Benton tells him to call Carla’s mother.

Mr. Ashman is feeling better, thanks to some water he drank. It was water provided by the woman who keeps throwing up, so that probably won’t last. Susan is upset to learn that Amal left and no on mentioned her departure to Susan. Abby points out that she didn’t say anything about Amal needing to stay. As Susan is trying to track her down, Millicent reluctantly comes to the ER. Her driver reports that she fainted. Susan doesn’t know who Millicent is and tries to send her to the waiting area. She’s embarrassed when she realizes she just blew off Carter’s grandmother.

As Elizabeth finishes Mrs. Wilson’s surgery and sends her to post-op observation, a woman named Carmen comes to speak to her from the hospital’s infection-control department. Elizabeth’s third patient death of the week has triggered an investigation, and Elizabeth needs to have cultures taken to see if she’s carrying an infection that she’s passing to her patients. Elizabeth says she doesn’t have time, since she has another patient to tend to. Carmen warns that Elizabeth’s surgical privileges could be revoked if she doesn’t cooperate. Plus, Romano and Anspaugh have approved the investigation.

Susan doesn’t know how to convince Amal to come back to the hospital, so Mark tells her to lie to Amal’s parents and say she needs surgery for an ovarian cyst. Susan hopes that Amal will just come back on her own. Weaver tries to show some sympathy toward Susan after Mrs. G.’s death, but her robotic nature makes it difficult. Frank interrupts the conversation to report that Tracy’s blood work is back, and she was just over the legal limit when she hit Alan with her car. Weaver asks Susan to do some of the nurse-like jobs on her own, since they’re short-staffed.

Mark asks Susan to cover the last hour of his shift; Elizabeth is stuck in surgery and someone needs to relieve the nanny. Roger returns to the OR, having been unable to figure out where Reese is. Benton tells him to call the police. He wants to leave the OR to look for his son, but Alan is unstable and Romano thinks he’ll die if Benton doesn’t keep his hands exactly where they are.

Millicent insists she’s fine and she just got dizzy because she didn’t eat lunch. Carter thinks she might be depressed in the wake of her husband’s death. Millicent says she just misses him; she doesn’t need therapy or anything like that. She has a lot of things to do. Carter wants to keep her overnight so they can monitor her heart, but Millicent doesn’t want to put off her responsibilities.

Susan calls Amal’s house, pretending to be a school friend with a homework question. Her parents won’t let her come to the phone while they’re having dinner. Yosh reminds her that she still hasn’t told Mr. G. about his wife’s death. In a scene totally in Spanish, with no subtitles, Susan tells Mr. G. that his wife had a heart attack, and they tried for two hours to save her, but she died. Mr. G. is furious about the label miscommunication; his wife thought she was following her doctor’s directions. All Susan can say is that she’s sorry.

Elizabeth gets a bunch of body parts swabbed, sarcastically asking if Carmen wants a sample of her breast milk, too. Actually, Carmen does. As soon as Benton’s done with Alan, he brushes off Tracy and takes over the search for Reese. Weaver realizes that Amal left the hospital without Susan’s knowledge, and that Susan hasn’t been able to get her to return. Susan says she’s trying to protect Amal from her parents, so she can’t do much. She asks Weaver to trust her judgment. Yeah, not going to happen.

Benton makes some calls, trying to find anyone who might have gotten Reese from school. Roger complains that he has too many people on his list of approved caregivers. Better too many than too few, right? Anyway, Reese is fine, and it turns out he’s been with Jackie. Apparently Reese bit a girl at school (Reese, no!), and when the school couldn’t reach Benton, they called Jackie. She left Benton a message he didn’t get. So why didn’t someone tell Roger that Jackie had already gotten Reese when Roger went to the school?

Jackie’s surprised that it was Roger’s day to pick up Reese. They’ve been hanging out two days a week. Jackie says that Reese’s teacher wants to know if he’s having problems at home. Uh, yeah, his mom just died. Roger thinks Jackie is making a dig at him for not providing more stability. Reese wasn’t getting in fights when he lived with Carla and Roger. Benton suggests that Reese just stay with him for a little while.

Millicent has decided she’s given County enough of her time, so she’s leaving. Carter begs her to stay so they can make sure she’s not at risk for a heart attack or stroke. She refuses, so Carter asks her driver to check in on her later in the evening. Susan feels bad about not being nicer to Millicent, but Carter promises it’s okay. He complains that his grandmother never takes him seriously. Susan still hasn’t talked to Amal, and is going to give her a little longer to come back on her own. She’s starting to regret coming back to County.

The two of them work together to deliver a baby. The mother’s bed suddenly starts rising, so Abby thinks Susan accidentally stepped on a pedal that raises the frame. Instead, the mother’s amniotic fluid has leaked onto the switch and shorted out the electronics. The bed continues going up until it’s too high for the doctors to reach, so Susan grabs a ladder from the maintenance guy who was working on the lights in the trauma room. She and Abby joke that Carter used to be in the circus, so he’s very qualified to deliver a baby high up. Other than that, everything goes fine with the delivery.

Alan didn’t survive surgery, and Tracy is distraught at the thought that she accidentally killed her father. The cop adds insult to injury by trying to arrest her. Weaver asks him to let Tracy see her father’s body first, I guess so she can take that memory with her to jail. Rachel hasn’t called for a ride home from the party she went to after school, and Mark is starting to get that parenting a teenager takes work. When she gets home, she complains that her father wants to know things like where she is and who she’s with. She says it would be easier to keep in touch if she had a cell phone.

Amal finally comes back to County, having had to wait until her parents weren’t paying attention so she could sneak out of the house. Susan has to get Amal’s chart from Weaver, who’s on the phone in the lounge. Susan thinks Weaver is calling Amal’s house, so she hangs up the phone. Weaver was actually making a personal call in an attempt to find her birth mother. The lead she got from her PI is wrong yet again. Freaking A, Weaver, stop listening to that guy. He sucks.

Thoughts: Vondie Curtis-Hall (Roger) directed this episode.

They’re setting up Abby and Susan to be rivals, so I’m happy that that’s not what ends up happening. Other than Weaver’s relationships with her co-workers, the show is very good at establishing female friendships instead of perpetrating the stereotype that women are always competitive with each other.

I’ve always liked that Susan’s scene with Mr. G. is all in Spanish with no subtitles. The actors make the situation clear even if you don’t understand them. (Credit my high school Spanish classes for my ability to translate.)

March 2, 2021

ER 8.4, Never Say Never: Just When You Think You’re Out of the ER, They Pull You Back In

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Susan’s back and I’m excited!

Summary: When we last saw Susan Lewis, she was leaving Chicago on a train. It’s only fitting that when we see her again for the first time in five years, she’s getting off a train. She arrives at County on a busy day, and there’s been so much turnover since she left that no one on call recognizes her. Frank even thinks she’s a patient. Luka barely acknowledges her, instead complaining to Abby that her “aquatic mischief” killed his angel fish.

Finally, someone recognizes Susan – a former patient named Ralph. She treated him after he was electrocuted while working on something in the hospital. While he’s made a full recovery, he now has trouble with static cling and says it’s ruining his life. Another patient tries to get some attention by flashing Susan, but she’s unimpressed. She looks down at his junk and sighs, “Is that all?”

After a while, the nurses recognize Susan and catch up with her. They also catch us up on some things that have been happening off-screen. Apparently Carol never came back to Chicago after she went to see Doug. She sent for the girls and they all live in Seattle now. You mean someone on this show got a happy ending? Amazing! Susan is surprised to see that Weaver’s still at County. Haleh tells her Weaver’s in charge now.

Weaver thinks Susan’s in town for a conference, but she’s actually interviewing for a job in the area and has stopped by to have lunch with Mark. Mark is currently trying to save a patient with Elizabeth, who knows he and Susan have kept in touch but didn’t know they were going to have lunch. Dude, Mark, you have to tell your wife that you’re having lunch with a female friend you once had feelings for. You especially have to tell your wife when that wife is Elizabeth.

Carter is examining a woman who has a lot of medical complaints and needs Carter to take care of all of them (and touch her in inappropriate places). Abby is still pressing him to sort out his future, and she thinks he should accept Weaver’s offer of shift work. Carter is instead eyeing a tenure-track position at Northwestern. Abby doubts that he wants to vault from that into teaching, even if it comes with job security. She thinks he would have already accepted the job if he really wanted it.

Chen asks Weaver if there’s anything she should know about an upcoming meeting with Romano and risk management. She guesses it’s about Paul’s death. Weaver says it’s normal procedure for the in-house legal team, and Paul’s family hasn’t filed a wrongful-death suit (yet), so she doesn’t need to worry. Chen is understandably concerned that, since Dave was fired, her job is also at risk. Weaver tells her Dave was fired for other reasons.

Carter and Abby treat a man who thinks he was bitten by a spider, which he helpfully brought with him. They think he was actually bitten by a flea. Nicole shows up, needing stitches in her finger, and really, really wants to see Luka. Carter guesses that Nicole is a sore spot for Abby and is amused by the situation.

He’s less amused when his patient releases the spider he brought in, since it’s apparently not dangerous. Carter goes looking for it at the admit desk and is under it when Susan sees him. He realizes she’s interviewing for the same job at Northwestern that he wants. She’s surprised that he’s not chief resident at County.

Weaver confronts Romano for not telling her ahead of time that Chen’s going to be interviewed by risk management. She wants to be present, but Romano says she needs to keep her distance. If Chen has nothing to hide, then Weaver has nothing to worry about. Weaver wears him down, though I think it’s more that Romano says she can come so she’ll stop bugging him.

Mark and Elizabeth are still working on their patient, so he ducks out to tell Susan they need a little more time before lunch. But Haleh needs him for another patient, so Susan decides to come back and hang out after her interview. Mark goes to treat a six-year-old named Kenny, who has a genetic disorder that patients normally succumb to as babies. He has a bowel obstruction, so Elizabeth determines that he needs surgery. His parents can’t handle watching him suffer anymore, and they ask Elizabeth to give him medication that will end his life.

Weaver gets Chen for the meeting, trying again to reassure her that there’s nothing to worry about. Elizabeth tells Kenny’s parents that he’s been given something for the pain, but not what they requested. They guess that Elizabeth thinks they’re horrible people. They’re just exhausted from having a child who needs around-the-clock care.

Abby assists Luka as he treats Nicole’s injury. She goes to get something from the next exam room and shares a quiet laugh with Chuny over Luka’s clear attraction to his patient. Nicole tells him that her boss fired her and threatened to create problems over her immigration status. Abby and Chuny silently mock her with fake tears. Very mature, ladies.

Price asks Chen questions about Paul’s care, and Weaver basically acts as her attorney. Price is curious about how Chen got involved in the case, since she wasn’t an attending at the time, just a resident (she’s been made an attending since then). Weaver says that she was given the authority of an attending while she finished up the last days of her residency. I’m not sure how that works, since Chen barely qualified to be chief resident, but okay.

Price says that if Chen wasn’t board-eligible to be an attending, she wasn’t technically authorized to approve the treatment Paul was given. That decision should have been made by Weaver. Weaver thinks the five days remaining in Chen’s residency aren’t enough to disqualify her from knowing the best course of treatment for the patient. Price asks where Weaver was, and Chen reports that Weaver wasn’t in the hospital. She paged Weaver three times and didn’t receive a response.

Weaver says she never got a page, and besides, Chen could have come to get her. Chen didn’t know where she was, but Carter did (though how was Chen supposed to know that?). Either way, Weaver blames the hospital – the cafeteria is closed in the middle of the night, so she had to leave to get a meal. Romano decides Chen’s part of the meeting is over and lets her go but asks Weaver to stay behind. Chen’s future is now in the hands of a woman who’s trying to cover up her own mistake.

Luka calls a lawyer friend to help Nicole with her visa situation. Abby silently judges him. Chen tells Carter that she thought Weaver was going to protect her in the meeting, but instead she protected herself. Carter thinks Weaver’s trying to protect both of them. He has a maintenance worker looking for the spider, which is definitely not that guy’s job. Make the patient look for the spider. Carter tells Chen that Weaver will have to defend Chen, since she was Weaver’s choice for chief resident.

Paramedics bring in a man named Mr. Warshaw who was impaled on a branch or piece of fence when he fell off his roof while trying to get free cable. Wow, instant karma, huh? Elizabeth sends Kenny to surgery, and his parents say they’ll wait in the cafeteria until there’s news. She has a brief chat with Benton, commiserating over how tired they both are because of their parenting responsibilities. Benton then goes to the ER to tend to Mr. Warshaw. For some reason, his wife has brought their young daughter into the exam room. Congratulations, you’ve just scarred your child for life!

Romano discusses Chen’s work history with Weaver and Price; Price thinks she shows a pattern of making poor decisions and needs to be fired before she kills anyone else. Weaver disagrees, then asks how big a deal it is that Chen wasn’t an attending when she treated Paul. Romano thinks she’s going to pin everything on Chen so her own errors don’t have to be brought up. Weaver asks how much support she’ll get from higher-ups if she doesn’t let the buck stop here. Romano says Paul’s family probably won’t be satisfied if she blames everything on Dave and pretends that’s why he was fired.

Mr. Warshaw is stable and ready for surgery, but he doesn’t want it. He wants to die, and he wants it to look like an accident. As Benton tries to convince him that his family needs him more than they need his life-insurance payout, Mr. W. jerks the thing he’s impaled on around to try to cause more damage. Dude, that’s not going to make it look like an accident. Benton has to pull some fancy move right there in the pre-op room to stabilize him before they can move him to an OR.

Romano brings in a photographer to take pictures of Kenny while Elizabeth operates on him. She’s annoyed that they’re turning him into a sideshow. Romano thinks Kenny’s parents are monsters for keeping him alive this long. What are they supposed to do, stop taking care of him? I think that’s called murder. Benton operates on Mr. W. while simultaneously trying to find someone to pick up Reese, since Joanie is having car trouble and can’t do it. He calls Jackie and leaves a message asking her to get Reese. She hears the message but doesn’t pick up the phone.

Elizabeth goes looking for Kenny’s parents after his operation, but they haven’t come to the surgical floor. Susan returns from her interview, which didn’t go well, not least because the interviewer asked her out. Susan, sue the hospital for harassment and retire like a queen! Mark tells her County is looking for an attending, so she should apply there. Susan notes that Weaver didn’t say anything when they talked that morning.

She notices Mark’s scar from his brain surgery, which he never told her about. He thinks he’s justified, since she never told him about her engagement. (She says it wasn’t really an engagement, and it’s over anyway.) Susan wants to move back to Chicago since Chloe and her family moved away from Arizona, and Susan saw no reason to stay. Elizabeth comes in looking for Kenny’s parents, but they’re not there. She shortly declines Susan’s offer of coffee, since she’s breastfeeding.

Benton is still trying to arrange child care for Reese while he operates on Mr. W. Without any other options, Benton has a nurse call Roger, who agrees to pick up Reese. Luka and Abby work together to treat a combative little boy named John Thomas who got hurt playing on his dad’s boat. His mother tries to bribe him into being good, but John Thomas won’t accept her offers. Finally she threatens to tell his father he was playing on his boat without permission. “I’ll tell Grandma you were playing with Daddy’s penis!” John Thomas yells. Luka’s amused and Abby almost loses it. The ice between them has finally been broken.

Elizabeth is still looking for Kenny’s parents and the maintenance worker is still looking for the spider. Weaver tells Chen that despite her efforts to oppose the decision, Chen is being put on probation for a year and might be suspended without pay for a month. Chen can’t believe her guide-wire mistake as an intern is being brought up all these years later. In addition, Chen has to step down as chief resident.

Chen asks if Weaver has to give up anything as punishment. Weaver says her actions aren’t being scrutinized here. This is just a temporary setback, and Chen will be able to keep moving forward. Chen asks straight out if Weaver had her pager on her the night Paul died. She knows Weaver isn’t sorry about the consequences Chen is facing – she’s relieved she’s not the one facing them. Chen tells her to go to Hell and announces that she quits.

Weaver gives the news to Mark, who’s annoyed that Weaver keeps firing/driving away employees. Weaver says she’s as angry about the situation as Mark is, but unlike him, she doesn’t have anyone to complain to. Mark tells her he wants to rehire Susan to take Chen’s place. Kenny’s parents have disappeared, and Elizabeth thinks the paperwork they filled out was all fake. They always planned to dump Kenny there and take off. Elizabeth is sympathetic, but Romano argues that being a parent means accepting all challenges that come your way.

Mr. W. didn’t survive, but all his wife can think about is why he wanted to get them cable so badly. Nicole returns to the hospital with homemade cookies for Luka to thank him for contacting a lawyer for her. She offers one to Carter, who says he would never touch Luka’s cookies. Carter is having more fun than anyone in this entire episode, and it only gets better for him: With Chen gone, he’s now the best candidate for chief resident. Weaver wishes she’d chosen him in the first place, and she admires how he’s handled his addiction and recovery. The spider interrupts the conversation, and Weaver kills it with her crutch.

Mark finds Susan’s old lab coat in a closet and gives it back to her. She’s hesitant to come back to work there, but Mark has basically already accepted the job on her behalf. Benton goes to Roger’s to get Reese, but he’s already in bed and wants to stay there for the night. Roger is happy to have him stay. Back at County, Dave makes his final appearance of the series as he cleans out his locker in the lounge. Weaver comes in but they don’t say anything to each other.

On the roof, Chen complains to Carter that she always knew Weaver was capable of this sort of thing, but Chen never expected to be one of her victims. She encourages Carter to take the chief-residency position; better him than someone else. Carter tells her she can take the open position at Northwestern. Chen asks him to promise that any sacrifice he makes for County is worth it. Elsewhere, Weaver goes to a lesbian bar but doesn’t interact with anyone except the bartender. It’s so lonely being a cold, robotic taskmaster!

Thoughts: Ralph has a sock stuck to the back of his uniform when he talks to Susan. He looks like the monster in Monsters Inc. who triggers a lockdown.

Dear writers: You’ve done the escaped-animal plot before. Cut it out.

This is also your third character named Kenny or Kenneth who’s a child with a genetic disorder. Maybe all Kenneths in Chicago are cursed. (Don’t forget Kenny Law.)

’00s music alert: “Everybody Got Their Something” by Nikka Costa

February 16, 2021

ER 8.2, The Longer You Stay: The ER Vortex

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Pictured: Weaver not admitting she screwed up

Summary: Carter is wrapping up a busy shift where he saw 140 patients, possibly a shift record. Haleh is wrestling beer away from Pablo and asks Abby for help, but Abby clocks out before she can be forced to stick around. Elizabeth arrives with Ella, looking for Mark, and Abby says that she thinks he quit. Chen asks Weaver for help with a patient, but Weaver reminds her that she’s chief resident now, so she needs to make decisions on her own.

Elizabeth finally finds Mark, who was supposed to meet her in the parking lot to take Ella so Elizabeth could start her shift. She thinks they need a weekend nanny so they don’t have to do childcare hand-offs like this. Mark already objected to a weekday nanny, so he won’t go for that. Elizabeth tells him they’re not bad parents for hiring nannies. If Mark wants them to raise Ella on their own, he needs to be done with work when he said he would be.

Abby leaves at the same time as Carter, telling him he’s stubborn for not asking Weaver about an attending position. Instead, he’s still looking around for other jobs. Chuny tries to get Abby to come back in and find a vein in a patient they’re having trouble sticking. Abby refuses, telling Carter she has to be back at work at 7 a.m., so she needs to go home. She repeats that he needs to talk to Weaver.

Instead of going home himself, Carter goes back to the ER and asks Weaver how her search for a new attending. When he mentions that he’s thinking about applying, she seems surprised but not opposed to the idea. Chen asks Carter to finish up with a patient, since everyone’s swamped, but Carter has dinner plans with his parents. She manages to wear him down. As a reward, Pablo pees on him. Womp womp.

Carter’s patient is a heavy-metal roadie who had a mishap with a special effect. Carter realizes this will take longer than expected. The roadie’s buddy passes out when Carter injects the roadie with a big needle, and Chuny realizes he’s not breathing. Now Carter has two patients. Elizabeth is also struggling, since she has to talk to a patient’s mother while dealing with a crying Ella. Mark finally relieves her, and Elizabeth declares that they’re not taking weekend shifts anymore.

Carter blames drugs for the roadie’s buddy’s condition, and the roadie confesses that they took GHB. Carter tries to hand them off to Cleo, but she tells him there’s a mass trauma coming in – a stampede. The roadie realizes it happened at the concert where the band he roadies for was opening for Metallica. Chuny warns Weaver that the roadies may have mixed alcohol with GHB, so they’ll need to keep an eye out for that in other patients.

One of the stampede victims is a seven-year-old named Kevin, because seven-year-olds just love Metallica. As Benton is helping Cleo with him, a police officer tells him that Reese may have been brought into another hospital in the city. Benton wonders where Carla is, since Reese was supposed to be with her.

Abby goes to Luka’s new place, where he’s playing a video game on his new Playstation. He got that and a huge aquarium, but hasn’t bought furniture yet. Abby was hoping to go out to dinner instead of spending the night alone while her boyfriend kills zombies in a game. When did Luka turn into such an American?

Carter keeps trying to hand off his patients, but no one will let him go. Kevin’s babysitter finally finds him, and Elizabeth chastises her for taking a seven-year-old to a heavy-metal concert. She says her boyfriend brought the tickets over, and they were going to be home before Kevin’s parents returned. Somewhere, Kristy Thomas is seething.

Remember Sam, the PI Weaver hired to find her birth mother? He claims he’s found her. If Weaver wants more info, she can call him later. Luka and Abby go to a bar he goes to a lot – so much that a waitress named Nicole knows his name and his regular order. Abby was hoping for food, but the bar stopped serving two minutes earlier. Luka talks Nicole into getting her something anyway.

Harmony, the girlfriend of one of the concert victims (the guitarist, I believe), comes in, anxious about how he is. Her friend, Dianna, thinks a big reddish stain on the ceiling is blood. Harmony starts wheezing from her asthma, and when Carter listens to her chest, he detects a possible heart problem. He asks Haleh to find someone to give her a workup, and Haleh’s like, “Hey, you just volunteered yourself! Congratulations!”

Benton finds Reese at the other hospital; he was in a car accident but only has minor injuries. A nurse insists that Benton talk to a doctor to get more details. A doctor named Skoft confirms that Carla was driving the car Reese was in, but she won’t tell Benton where or how Carla is, since he’s not related to her.

Harmony tells Carter she’s been having some trouble with a new piercing. Carter guesses that’s what’s causing the problem with her heart. The piercing happens to be…down south, so Carter and Yosh get a nice sight. When Carter says they’ll have to drain the infection, Dianna takes offense, for some reason, and jumps on his back. Carter throws her off and she slams into a window. Yosh says he’ll make up a new chart for Carter’s newest patient.

While Luka plays pool at the bar, Abby chats with another patron, who would love to get a medical professional to look at whatever he has that’s making pus. Carter cancels his dinner plans while his original patient yells for treatment. Chen has disappeared, and Carter demands that someone find her and make her do some work. Malik has a question about one of Abby’s patients, and since Carter doesn’t know the treatment details, he tells Malik to call her. Then he decides to do it himself so he can yell at Abby.

Abby’s smoking outside the bar when Carter calls to ask if she’s having a good time. No, Carter, she’s not. He blames Abby for talking him into going back in to talk to Weaver, which got him “sucked back into the ER vortex.” Luka comes outside and chastises Abby for smoking after she said she was going to quit. Weaver tells Carter she’s going to Doc Magoo’s for a little while, since things are dying down. He says they’re definitely not, and he’s juggling five patients when he’s not even supposed to be working. She tells him he can leave. Meanwhile, Luka’s annoyed that Abby isn’t enjoying herself, or something.

Benton finally learns why no one would tell him how Carla is: She’s dead. Roger arrives and Benton gives him some details about her condition before the doctors realized they couldn’t save her. For someone who supposedly told Carla he never loved her, Roger is pretty shaken up. While he’s saying goodbye to his wife, Benton goes back to Reese and tries to explain to him that Carla’s gone. Reese is too young to understand and keeps asking for his mom. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

A man named Paul is brought into County after having chest pain all day. His brother (he never gets a name, but my closed captioning calls him Glenn, so we’ll go with that) says he thought it was from something he ate. Dave takes the lead on the case, asking Glenn if Paul does drugs. Glenn doesn’t think so, but they haven’t seen each other in a while, and Paul was pushing himself to put together an art show, so it’s possible. Dave determines that Paul is having a heart attack, even though he’s only 27. He needs Chen or Weaver to approve of the treatment he recommends.

Romano checks in on Elizabeth as she operates on Kevin. She starts leaking breast milk during the procedure, and since that’s not sterile, Romano kicks her out of the OR. A bunch of groupies have swarmed the ER, because security just lets anyone in the building. Carter finally gets back to his first patient, who complains that there aren’t enough doctors on staff. Yeah, no kidding. Carter takes a break to tell another patient’s mother that he’s on a ventilator after he stopped breathing. The mother’s nose starts bleeding. Another patient for Carter!

Chen finally reappears and joins Dave to treat Paul. His tox screen hasn’t come back yet, but Dave is pretty sure he OD’d on cocaine, and they can’t wait too long to start treating him. Chen asks for Weaver, but she’s not responding to pages, so Chen approves of Dave’s ideas for Paul’s treatment. As they’re about to start, Paul’s tox screen comes back negative for drugs. Moments later, his heart starts failing.

Luka is still socializing at the bar, so Abby announces that she’s taking a cab home. He thought she was coming back in and didn’t realize that she hadn’t. Luka follows her out to the street, and Nicole comes out a little later to give Luka back his credit card. She tells him his drinks were on the house, since they want to make sure he comes back in the future. Abby rolls her eyes. She decides to walk home, and Luka follows, annoyed with her for being rude. She tells him to go back inside and keep having fun with his new friends.

Carter pops into the trauma room where Dave and Chen are trying to revive Paul and immediately offers a diagnosis neither of them considered: Marfan syndrome. It affects connective tissue, including around the heart. Paul’s supposed drug overdose was actually an aortic dissection, and the medications Dave and Chen gave him made it worse.

Luka and Abby keep bickering as they taken an El home. He tells her she has a bug up her anus (ooh, so close), and she tells him he’s immature. He points out that she doesn’t even know what she wants. She plays games like she’s a teenager who can have any boy she wants, but she treats them all badly. Abby challenges him to just call her a whore straight out. “You’re not that pretty! You’re not that special!” he says. Abby spits out that she’s pretty enough for him in the dark.

Luka continues that she’s never happy and doesn’t seem capable of it (the same conversation Abby had with Maggie). Abby says that didn’t matter to him six months ago. He says that if she’s not depressed or ashamed, she’s just angry. “And you’re married to a ghost,” she fires back. Luka says that at least he treats her with respect. Yeah, telling her she’s not pretty or special is really respectful.

Carter, Dave, and Chen struggle to save Paul, but he’s losing too much blood. The nurses have been paging Weaver for 15 minutes, but she’s still not responding. Carter remembers that she said she was going across the street. Abby and Luka are still fighting about all her issues and everything he’s had to put up with to be with her. He doesn’t know how to help her or be with her. Abby says she doesn’t want help. Luka eventually announces that he’s done, and Carter can have Abby.

Dave thinks the only way to save Paul is to cut open his chest. Chen refuses to do so without Weaver, so she sends Carter to Doc Magoo’s to get her. He runs across the street, slipping on a puddle and landing on his back. After he collects himself, he finds Weaver at Doc Magoo’s with Sam. By the time they get back to the trauma room, it’s clear that Paul can’t be saved. “You killed him,” Weaver tells the doctors.

Roger asks Benton to take Reese for the night, since he needs to make arrangements for Carla’s body. Benton’s like, “Take my son? To my house? You’re asking me to take my son to my house? Was this not the obvious thing that was going to happen now that his mother is dead?” Roger promises he’ll see Reese sometime in the next couple of days.

Weaver questions Dave and Chen’s treatment decisions, surprised that they didn’t diagnose Marfan’s. Chen also didn’t look at the x-rays before approving of Dave’s suggested treatment. Dave says they had to make a quick decision since Weaver wasn’t available. Weaver yells that that’s part of their job, but they didn’t look at the information the right way. Dave doesn’t think she should get a say here since she didn’t answer her pages. Weaver tells him that in a perfect world, he wouldn’t get to see patients. If Dave knew how do be a doctor and cared about his patients, Paul would still be alive.

Carter speaks up that Paul’s condition was so bad when he came in that he probably wouldn’t have survived surgery even if they’d diagnosed him in time. Weaver says they’ll never know, since Dave screwed up so badly. Dave notes that Paul’s family should be screened for Marfan’s, since it’s genetic. Weaver says she’ll handle that and orders the other three not to talk to anyone about the case.

Abby gets ready for bed alone in her own apartment while Elizabeth has to wake Mark up to clean up Ella after a diaper blow-out. Is he deaf? How could he not hear her crying right next to him? Anyway, Elizabeth is a jerk now, and it’s hard to feel sorry for her for all the stuff she’s been going through related to having a newborn and being a working mother. Carter finally finishes up with that one quick patient who was only supposed to take a few minutes to treat. Weaver returns to Doc Magoo’s, looking for her pager, which she’s lost. She finds it in a bathroom stall.

Edson (ugh, Edson) tells Carter that his nosebleed patient needs surgery thanks to a defect caused by excessive cocaine use. Carter has a shift at noon, so he’s going to catch a nap somewhere in the hospital instead of going home. Edson tells him that’s a bad idea, since the longer he stays there, the harder it will be for him to leave. Carter spots Chen in Paul’s trauma room, rethinking everything they did. Reese wakes up in the middle of the night after having a bad dream, and Benton lets him into his bed.

Thoughts: Roger has been recast with Vondie Curtis-Hall. Nicole is played by Julie Delpy. One of the doctors who tends to Reese is played by Kal Penn.

The reason for Carla’s death is that the show was sick of Lisa Nicole Carson (who was rumored to be having psychological issues), so they just got rid of Carla. The resulting plot was kind of ridiculous, when you think about it. But maybe it’s better than having to watch Benton and Carla keep fighting.

Pretty bold of Sam to charge Weaver for a search she didn’t authorize, after he screwed up so badly last time.

February 2, 2021

ER 7.22, Rampage: Gunning for You

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The scene of the crime

Summary: Elizabeth has fallen asleep on her couch while up with Ella in the middle of the night. She wants Mark to stick around, but he has to go to work. He dozes off on the train, waking up to find a homeless man staring at him through the window. He gets off the train and is buying a newspaper when some ambulances race by. He runs to County, knowing he’ll be greeted by a mass trauma.

What’s the trauma this time? Kids with gunshot wounds! Fun! Carter tells Mark that someone started shooting at a foster-care facility. Mark quickly wishes he’d listened to Elizabeth and called in sick. At least one patient is probably not going to survive, a little girl named Helen. A boy named Martin tells Chen that Helen was brought to the facility after her foster mother bailed on her. Enjoy Hell, Helen’s former foster mother. Martin also tells Weaver that the gunman was mad at a woman named Mrs. Buckley.

Chen asks Carter if he turned in her peer reference – she was able to convince Weaver to let her apply for chief resident after all. He promises to turn it in today. Weaver tells Benton to send some surgeons to the ER to help with all the shooting victims. A police officer named Napolitano finds Weaver and asks her to get him a bullet from one of the shooting victims so they can start collecting evidence.

One of the survivors of the shooting talks to Legaspi about what she experienced. Legaspi goes to talk to Weaver about her letter, but Frank interrupts to tell Legaspi that Romano wants to talk to her. Legaspi says she’ll call him back later, but Romano won’t take no for an answer. Weaver complains that Romano isn’t in the ER, helping with shooting victims, since they might have as many as eight people who need surgery. Chuny announces that there’s a ninth patient coming in with gunshot wounds, the victim of a carjacking. Legaspi tells Weaver she appreciates the letter, but they won’t be getting back together.

Mark and Cleo can’t save Helen, so Chuny pulls Cleo away to tend to the carjacking victim, Mr. Jeffries. He lets Cleo know that he has AIDS. He was getting out of the car to let the carjacker take it, but the man shot him anyway. Benton joins Cleo to tend to him, but he’s delayed when Roger suddenly arrives and punches Benton. He orders Benton to stay away from Carla. Benton’s very confused, but Roger’s convinced that something happened between him and Carla. Benton promises Cleo that he’s wrong.

Napolitano asks Mr. Jeffries if the carjacker was wearing a yellow windbreaker. The police are pretty sure he’s the same person who shot up the foster-care facility. As Luka and Abby treat the facility’s gardener (shot for no reason while the shooter was leaving), Luka tells Abby that he saw her med school reinstatement form on the counter and sent it in for her so she wouldn’t miss the deadline. Abby tells him she changed her mind about going back to school, so she wasn’t going to fill in the form. Now she’ll have to come up with the tuition money.

Two more gunshot victims are on their way in – the police tracked Mr. Jeffries’ car to a house and found a mother and son shot inside. The shooter still hasn’t been found. Weaver tells Romano to help out, but he’s busy yelling at Legaspi for not taking his phone call. Legaspi refuses to deal with post-op complications in the psychiatric ward (I guess because there’s no other place to put patients, with so many shooting victims coming in), so Romano tells her he’ll get someone else to finish her shift.

Abby recognizes one of the next shooting victims as Mrs. S., the woman who brought Ben into the ER the week before. Her son, Ted, seems to only have minor injuries, but Mrs. S. is hurt worse. She tells Mark that the shooter is Derek. He’s trying to find Ben, and he told Mrs. S. that since she took his son from him, he was going to take her son away from her.

Mark relays Mrs. S.’s information to Napolitano while he, Romano, and Abby try to save her. Next door, Benton determines that Mr. Jeffries needs surgery, but Mr. Jeffries doesn’t want it. He’s already dying of AIDS, so he doesn’t see the point in prolonging his life. He’d rather die from his injuries than the painful effects of his disease.

Romano doesn’t think they can save Mrs. S., and though Mark is willing to try harder, Romano tells him it’s a waste of time. Mark laments losing two patients before lunch. Carter tells Martin, who only has a gunshot wound to his arm, that they’ve found a mass inside him that might be cancer. Martin’s mother died of cancer, which is how he wound up in foster care. So Martin’s having a great day.

Carter tries to make small talk with Abby, who has discovered that he’s keeping a secret: He’s looking at a job opening at another hospital. He doesn’t think he can advance at County. Abby tells him to talk to Weaver about an eventual attending position. Carter thinks she would have brought it up if she thought it would be a good fit. Abby notes that she might not think he’s interested.

Luka interrupts, and after Carter leaves, Luka asks if Abby’s still mad at him for sending in her reinstatement form. She admits that she’s not sure she still wants to be a doctor. Med school is expensive and will take a long time to complete. Luka offers to help her with the money. He thinks she wouldn’t have started med school if she didn’t really want to be a doctor. Abby says nursing may be enough for her – is it not good enough for him?

Weaver treats Ted, who hasn’t been told that his mother died. Mark decides to put that off until they can reach Ted’s father. Napolitano confirms Derek’s identity with Mark; he has a record for domestic abuse. The police found Ben’s foster parents and are going to get him. Frank overhears and asks if Napolitano thinks Derek will come to County. After all, he’s going after the people who took his son from him, and that started with Mark. Mark doesn’t appreciate the idea. Weaver thinks Derek’s too smart to come to a hospital crawling with cops. Mark notes that he hasn’t been showing the best judgment, so they can’t know that.

Weaver asks about Derek’s weapon, a semiautomatic that Frank is sure he’s been reloading. He, Mark, and Weaver bicker over whether guns kill people or people kill people. Weaver remarks that you can’t commit mass murder with a Chinese throwing star, so obviously the gun plays a part. Haleh reports that a cop is being brought in after being dragged by a car. Frank guesses the driver was Derek, who has now committed assault with a deadly weapon. Weaver and Mark tell him in unison to shut up.

Benton and Cleo are in disagreement about whether to honor Mr. Jeffries’ wishes not to have surgery (Cleo is pro, Benton is con). Benton thinks they’re really at odds because Cleo still thinks something happened between him and Carla. He tells her that Carla was upset when he went by her apartment, but he didn’t do anything, and he didn’t want to do anything. Cleo asks why he didn’t tell her she made a pass at him. Benton knew they would just fight, but Cleo thinks he doesn’t trust her.

Mr. Jeffries is declining, so Benton tries to talk him into a blood transfusion, but he refuses. He doesn’t talk to his only remaining family, and he’s outlived the two people he loved, so he doesn’t see the point in staying alive. He’s ready to die, so Benton needs to let him. Mark chats with Ted, who just wants to see his mom. Mark lies that she’s in surgery. The injured cop is brought in, and he confirms that Derek was driving the car that dragged him. Another cop reports that the car Derek stole was found parked outside a house. A woman was found inside with gunshot wounds.

Weaver argues with Romano over his decision to end Legaspi’s shift early and fire her. She doesn’t think he has the authority to fire an employee, even though Romano says she has a history of violating hospital policies. Weaver accuses him of looking for a reason to get rid of her. Haleh interrupts the argument to reveal that the latest shooting victim has been brought in, and she’s someone they know: Adele.

They join Mark, who tells them that Adele appears to be paralyzed. She wonders how Derek was able to find out where she lives, since they only interacted at the hospital. Mark realizes that if Derek was able to get her address, he can get Mark’s, too, which means Elizabeth and Ella are in danger. He tells Napolitano to send cops to his house. As they arrive, Mark tries calling Elizabeth, but she doesn’t answer the phone.

Mark leaves a message, then goes back to helping Weaver and Romano with Adele. Napolitano tells Mark that no one came to the door when the police knocked, but Mark can authorize them to force entry. He does, and the police start searching the house. Weaver suggests that Elizabeth went out on an errand and isn’t home. Romano decides to have her paged.

Mr. Jeffries is now unconscious and unresponsive, so Benton wants to override his refusal of care. Cleo won’t sign the consent form to let him. Elizabeth left her pager at home, so only the cops hear it go off. Benton gets Romano to approve Mr. Jeffries’ surgery, then tries to convince Cleo that Mr. Jeffries is unable to make his own medical decisions because his AIDS has altered his brain function. As they’re bickering, Abby comes into the trauma room, accidentally slamming the door into Cleo. Cleo is holding one of Mr. Jeffries’ blood samples, and the vial breaks, cutting through her glove and into her hand. Benton immediately calls the pharmacy to get a rapid HIV test for her.

Adele is sent to surgery with the possibility that it will relieve her paralysis. Napolitano tells Mark that the cops didn’t find Elizabeth anywhere in the house or yard. Their van is still there. A call on the police scanner reports another shooting victim, a cab driver shot by his passenger. Meanwhile, Lydia thinks Ted is starting to catch on that his mother isn’t really in surgery.

Martin has a rare form of cancer, plus no parents, so…yeah, a really bad day for Martin. Mark decides it’s time to tell Ted that Mrs. S. was hurt too badly for the doctors to be able to save her. He promises that she wasn’t in any pain. Benton gives Cleo some preventive meds, trying to assure her that her chances of contracting HIV from Mr. Jeffries’ blood are low.

Weaver goes to the psychiatric ward to try to convince Legaspi that Romano can’t legally fire her. Legaspi is sure that Romano has been gunning for her (…maybe not the best choice of words for this episode, but I’ll ignore myself) for a long time and has just been building a case against her. She doesn’t see the point in fighting it. Weaver is willing to help her, which Legaspi finds ridiculous, since Weaver won’t even fight for their relationship.

Mark tries to call some neighbors to see if they’ve seen Elizabeth. Napolitano tells him they found Derek, who shot some people in Lincoln Park, then was taken down by a random citizen. Mark enlists Cleo to tend to the cab driver as Napolitano talks to another officer about the driver’s shooting. They’re pretty sure Derek was responsible, since the last address entered into the driver’s log was Mark’s. The police think the driver heard Derek’s description on the radio and realized who he was, so Derek shot him. Napolitano notes that that means Derek never got to Mark’s house.

As Haleh tells Mark that Derek is being brought in, Carter and Abby take a break outside and talk about Martin. They acknowledge that their own problems don’t really compare to his. Abby says that Luka offered to help her with tuition, and though she knows he means well, it frustrates her that she always has to explain her feelings for him. Carter tells her to stop – he’s not one of her female friends, and he doesn’t want her to talk to him about her relationship like he is. He doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines, waiting for Abby and Luka to break up. His friendship with Abby may be convenient for her, but it’s not enough for him. It’s not clear if Abby is being willfully ignorant or if she truly doesn’t get what he’s trying to say: He wants to date her.

Mark and Luka treat Derek, as if any hospital would let a man give medical attention to the guy who was on his way to murder him and his family. Carter tells Martin that, in a way, he was lucky that he was shot, because it led the doctors to find his cancer. Catching it this early gives him a better chance of survival. It’s still only 70%, so Martin isn’t that optimistic. Also, he has to deal with a gunshot wound and the related trauma, so…not the best attempt at cheering someone up, Carter.

Carter finds Chen, who’s treating the man who shot Derek. He started carrying a gun after he was mugged in the park last year. Carter and Chen are judgmental about that, but the man argues that he stopped a mass shooter, so they should be grateful. Before leaving to tend to another victim, Carter tells Chen that he turned in her peer review. He jokes that he had to make up stuff so it would be glowing.

Mark and Luka keep treating Derek, telling Napolitano that he’ll probably recover, even though he was shot five times. Napolitano is disgusted that he gets to live after shooting 19 people and killing eight or nine of them. Elizabeth finally calls Mark; she was at the farmers’ market and had no idea that anything was going on. Mark just says it’s a long story and everything’s fine.

Weaver catches Romano between operations and tries to talk him into rescinding Legaspi’s termination. She accuses him of trying to fire her because she’s a lesbian. Romano says she’s just a pain. Weaver asks if she’s the same kind of pain Maggie Doyle (also a lesbian) was. She warns that if he doesn’t rethink his decision, he’ll be the one who’s fired.

Romano won’t back down, so Weaver follows him into the men’s room and threatens to quit if he doesn’t let Legaspi stay. Romano warns her not to give him an ultimatum. She’s the chief of emergency medicine, not the hospital’s lesbian advocate. “I am both – I am the chief of emergency medicine and I am a lesbian,” she replies. If necessary, Weaver will go to the county, the press, and the ACLU. Romano just stares at her as she leaves. It takes her until she gets on an elevator to realize that she just came out.

Derek is stable enough to go to the OR, and Mark makes eye contact with Ted as he takes Derek to an elevator. Haleh is with him, but she forgot something, so she leaves Mark alone with Derek. Derek’s heart goes into arrhythmia, and Mark acts on instinct, grabbing paddles to shock him. Then he pauses, remembering what his patient has done. Mark stops the elevator, then shocks the air instead of Derek. He does it again, making eye contact with Derek to drive home that Mark won’t save him. He shocks the air again, watching as the life drains out of Derek.

Thoughts: For an episode full of shooting and mass trauma, it doesn’t really get tense until halfway through, when it looks like Elizabeth could be in danger. The episode would have been better if Derek had just gone to County and demanded Ben’s location/taken hostages/started shooting for the fun of it.

Cleo, if you don’t trust Benton, BREAK UP WITH HIM.

Lily calls Benton “Peter.” It sounds weird.

I doubt they would take Derek to the hospital where one of his targets worked, and they DEFINITELY wouldn’t let Mark be his doctor.

I really think any other show (*cough* Grey’s Anatomy *cough*) would have tried to put Carter and Chen together romantically, but ER never does. I like that they’re just friends. I also like that they’re competitive with each other but they never take it too seriously. You can tell that even though each wants to be chief resident, they would still be proud of the other for getting the position.

That’s a wrap on season 7! Up next: Susan returns, Rachel ruins everything, Mark says goodbye, and we’re left with freaking Pratt.

August 13, 2019

ER 4.13, Carter’s Choice: There Will (Possibly) Be Blood

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Not seen: Doug trying to back out of the lounge

Summary: Carter’s driving to work behind a snowplow, which doesn’t help when he has to walk through snow to the ER. He’s working a night shift, which is where Jerry’s been stuck since the grenade incident. Things in the ER are quiet, so Lydia’s amusing herself by looking at possible new haircuts. Jerry wants to talk to Weaver about being moved back to day shifts, but he’s not sure how to approach her. Carter thinks Weaver has a sense of fairness and will agree that Jerry’s excellent work history is in his favor. Malik disagrees – Jerry should beg.

Anna’s napping in an exam room, so Carter doesn’t wake her to give her a donut. She wakes up anyway, and Carter offers to buy her breakfast at Doc Magoo’s while she gets a little more sleep. She asks after Chase, who’s doing better. Carter thanks her for her help with him, and she says she was happy to give it. Before he can go across the street to get breakfast, a trauma comes in.

The patient is a gunshot victim, but because of a lack of recent donations and the snow outside, the hospital is running low on blood. A paramedic tells the doctors that the patient, who was shot multiple times, is a security guard who interrupted a rape – and yes, the would-be victim was an elderly woman. Fortunately, the patient stopped the assault. He also may have shot the rapist.

The doctors start to take the guard to the OR, but they lose his pulse and have to take him back to the trauma room. Mark has arrived and joins the group to help. He soon realizes that the guard’s too injured to save, and though Carter wants to keep working, since the man is a hero, there’s nothing he can do. Once time of death has been called, Carter storms out of the trauma room.

Weaver runs into Anspaugh in the parking garage and asks how the board voted on the Synergix agreement. They voted to let Synergix run the ER, which disappoints Weaver. Anspaugh says she put him in an awkward position – she pushed him for the deal, then changed her mind. The hospital can’t back out now without looking foolish. Anspaugh invites Weaver to tell the board she was mistaken about her support for Synergix, which might help smooth things over.

Cynthia tells Mark that she either has to sign a six-month lease on her apartment or move. Mark either senses where this is heading or doesn’t want to talk, because he lets himself get distracted by other people. Cynthia notes that she spends most nights at Mark’s; why should she pay rent on her own place? He offers to help her pay her own rent instead of letting her move in. Cynthia finds a reason to run away.

Jerry approaches Weaver to employ Carter’s method of reasoning with her to get back on day shifts. Weaver doesn’t care – if he can work Randi’s shift, since she’s snowed in, he can move back to days. Carter finally gets breakfast from Doc Magoo’s, but he slips on the wet floor right by the doors and drops everything. Anna’s like, “Are you okay? And more importantly, is my toast okay?”

Paramedics bring in the elderly would-be rape victim, who was strangled, then pushed down a flight of stairs. Mark, Anna, and Carter are solemn as they work on her. Carter finds “WHORE” on her stomach, this time carved with a knife instead of written with marker. Anna has trouble moving on with the case. Also trouble: Greg is one of the paramedics who brought in the woman, and Carol is now at work, which could get awkward.

Benton has a hangover from his night out with Elizabeth, and she offers him a handshake to make sure there are no hard feelings. It’s really just a ploy, since she’s wearing a joy buzzer. She’s excited by the joke shop down the street from her apartment. Benton tells her that Carla wants to put Reese in daycare, but Benton thinks he’s too young. Elizabeth can’t relate – her mother went on a three-week vacation after her birth, then let her be raised by nannies and go to boarding school. She invites Benton to have lunch with her.

Doug comes in, though there are no pediatric patients yet. Jerry tells him that the cops have cornered the suspected rapist in a warehouse. Doug finds Cynthia crying in the lounge, and as much as he doesn’t want to talk to her about her personal problems, he asks her if she’s okay. She opens up about Mark’s dimness about her hints at moving in together, even though their relationship seems to be going great. Does he not think Cynthia’s good enough for him? Or is he scared because he cares so much? Doug’s face: “Can Jerry fire another grenade in here and give me an excuse to leave?”

The rape victim is taken for tests, and Greg asks Carol how she’s doing. Benton asks Connie where her children go while she’s at work. Connie tried a babysitter, but the sitter was a disaster and cost $8 an hour. Finally, Connie sent the kids upstairs to the hospital’s daycare; they love it. The only drawback is that being around other kids gets everyone sick, but Lydia says it builds up their immune systems. Benton notes that his mother raised him and his sister at home. Doug says he needs to join the modern world.

On his way down the hall, Doug spots Carol and Greg chatting and freezes. He’s happy to get an excuse to go up to OB. Carol corners him there and tries to talk, but when Doug guesses that Greg is the guy she kissed, he’s not interested in a conversation. He accuses her of humiliating him in front of his friends. Carol lists all the women Doug slept with at the hospital, which humiliated her. She would have to sleep with the entire Bulls line-up to match his number of conquests.

Carol says that this is about Doug not being happy that things aren’t going exactly as he’d hoped. It’s always been that way – Carol has spent years working around his schedule and insecurities and inability to commit. (Hmmm, is that where Mark got it from?) She cries as she says this isn’t about Doug. A relationship is supposed to be about two people being equals. She needs something, and Doug can either grow up and accept it, or he can continue being as self-centered as always.

Weaver tells Mark that because of the blood shortage, she’s going to ask the staff to donate. She adds that the board wants to let Synergix come onboard. Mark dryly congratulates her, knowing that was her pet project. Weaver admits that she has reservations now, and it would be great if all the ER attendings opposed the decision. Then no one looks like the bad guy. Mark asks to see the statistics before he makes any moves.

Jeanie reports that the cops have caught the rapist and he’s being brought to County for treatment. Everyone objects, but Mark tells them to do their jobs like they normally do. Anna confirms that the would-be rape victim wasn’t raped, which is one small piece of good news. She and Carter are disgusted that someone would do this.

Doug tells Mark that Cynthia’s upset, and Mark proves to know exactly what’s going on. He asks about Carol, making Doug wonder if she talked to Mark about their problems. Cynthia pops in to tell Mark in a subdued manner that the rapist has arrived and there was a big accident on the parkway. Doug notes that he and Mark should talk later.

The rapist, Jack, has a gunshot wound, a broken leg, and bites from the cops’ K-9s. He’s only 19. No one particularly wants to save him, especially Carter, but Mark isn’t about to deny medical treatment to someone in need. Anna’s the only person helping out without being prompted. Mark goes next door to take care of a victim of the car accident, leaving Carter and Anna to tend to Jack.

Carol and Jeanie examine a pregnant woman named Mary who isn’t feeling well. She and the baby’s father, Robert, both have developmental disabilities. Mary hilariously objects when Robert reveals that she ate a whole pint of Cherry Garcia the night before. Carol and Jeanie quickly determine that Mary’s in labor; they’re excited to get to help her out.

As Yosh pulls the police officers in the room away to talk to the victim, Carter and Anna start to insert a central line in Jack. Carter accidentally cuts him badly enough that Lydia says Jack needs a blood transfusion. He doesn’t want to use the hospital’s dwindling supply on Jack, so he decides they should auto-transfuse him with his own blood. Anna’s not happy with this, but Carter figures he’s still giving Jack the blood he needs.

Mark comes back over after Jack has stabilized. Anna excuses herself from the case as he’s taken to surgery. West addresses Weaver’s sudden insurrection against Synergix, telling her she should have brought any concerns she had to him. She shoots back that he should have been more honest about the organization’s strategies. He notes that the company is public, so Weaver could have looked all the info up herself. She says it was buried behind all the happy, flowery stuff. She’s willing to make hard choices, but not endanger patients.

Carol tries to interrupt and talk to Weaver, but Weaver brushes her off to emotionally yell at West. She accuses him of using her to get the deal. He underestimated her once, and was right to, but he’d better not do it again. Weaver then turns her attention to Mary, who’s refusing to go to OB because she’s afraid her baby will be taken away. Carol’s been treating her at the clinic and thinks she’ll stick around if they keep her where she is.

Weaver gently tells Mary that if she leaves, it could be bad for the baby, and she knows Mary doesn’t want that. Mary agrees to stay. Weaver gets Mary and Robert to admit that Mary’s sister Judy warned them that the baby would be taken away from them. Weaver tells them that babies aren’t taken away from nice parents like them, so they shouldn’t worry.

Benton never agreed to have lunch with Elizabeth, but she buys them sandwiches from a vending machine and joins him in a lounge. She starts in with some double entendres, then manages to be seductive while peeling and eating a hard-boiled egg. She thinks they should date, since they have few other ties in town, enjoy each other’s company, and work so hard that they wouldn’t be able to find anyone else. She promises not to disappoint. Benton’s amused but says he wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Elizabeth isn’t too disappointed.

Judy arrives while Mary’s in active labor. Weaver, Carol, and Jeanie are doing the delivery, and everything is fairly calm. Anna comes in at the tail end, and everyone’s happy as Madison is born and Robert cuts the cord. Later, Carol tells Judy that it’s too soon to know if Madison has her parents’ disabilities, but there’s no reason to think she won’t be neurotypical. Judy asks when the social workers will come. Carol tells her there’s no need – the parents are loving and capable. They live on their own, and Robert works. Judy asks if Carol’s qualified to make that assessment.

She tells Carol that Robert does maintenance at his uncle’s shop. Neither adult can drive because they don’t read well enough to take the test, and Judy has to do their bills. They’re both sweet and loving, but that doesn’t mean they can take care of a child. Carol coolly hits her back with the question about whether she’s qualified to make that assessment. Judy wishes she weren’t.

Mark agrees with Weaver that Synergix shouldn’t take over, or at least he’s going to let her make the decision because he doesn’t care enough to get involved. The phones are going crazy because Cynthia left work hours ago and Jerry’s taking a nap. Chuny takes a call he should have and announces that the blood bank has finally been restocked.

Carla shows up and asks for the forms Benton was supposed to sign to put Reese in daycare. He’s annoyed that she left Carla in her car with a “friend.” She gets equally annoyed when he doesn’t back her up on the decision to put Reese in daycare. He reminds her that he gets a vote, too. He heads out to the car to see Reese, ignoring Carla when she tries to stop him. The “friend” in the car with Reese is Roger McGrath, Carla’s new boyfriend.

Chase comes to the ER, doing much better now that he’s done with detox. He wants to take Carter and Anna to dinner, but Anna doesn’t want to spend time with Carter. Chase tells Carter that if he doesn’t go after Anna, Chase will. Mark tells Doug that he’s going to find Cynthia and talk to her about their issues. He promises he knows what he’s doing. He adds that they saved the rapist.

Carter chases Anna to an El station, where they fight about his decision to auto-transfuse Jack. He was willing to use extra blood on the guard; why didn’t Jack get the same treatment? Carter says he felt that auto-transfusion was the best option. She knows that’s not true. Carter notes that Jack lived, so it doesn’t matter. Anna calls it dumb luck. Carter’s usually aggressive; why wasn’t he today? She knows he didn’t care if Jack lived or died.

Carter says that since he was in charge of the case, it was his call. Anna asks if he would have made a different call if Jack hadn’t been a rapist. Carter says that every case is different. Anna asks if he withheld treatment. He says no, but she asks again. He repeats his answer, but it looks like he’s thinking about whether or not he’s being honest.

Elizabeth finds Benton moping in a hallway, and he invites her to play darts again. Just darts. Elizabeth jokes that she’ll play as long as she’s not being unappreciated. West tells Weaver that he’s going to tell Anspaugh that Synergix no longer wants to work with County. He only wanted the contract so he could work with Weaver anyway. He doesn’t want her to feel like he used her or underestimated her. She underestimates herself.

Doug spies on Carol as she teaches Mary and Robert how to swaddle their daughter. He tells her he didn’t mean to push; she should take as much time as she needs to figure out if she wants to commit. He’ll wait for her. And thus ends the big Doug/Carol blow-up of 1998.

A drunk Carter surprises Anna at her apartment and admits that he wanted Jack to die. The blood should have been saved for another patient. What if another patient had died because they’d wasted blood on Jack? Carter takes full responsibility for his decision, but he doesn’t necessarily regret it, and he still might not regret it if Jack had died. Carter asks if Anna’s sure that he made the wrong choice. She takes his hand and says she’s not.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: Smash Mouth’s “Walking on the Sun,” which is now stuck in my head for the rest of the month.

Who came up with, “And then Elizabeth flirts while peeling a hard-boiled egg”?

Sigh. Another “newborn” who’s clearly four months old. It’s especially funny when they say she’s only six pounds. She’s almost as big as Reese!