March 13, 2021

Felicity 3.17, The Last Summer Ever: The Grieving Process

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This is kind of cool

Summary: Felicity hasn’t made a tape for a while, but Noel is making one for Felicity. While he tries on his gown for graduation, we hear him telling her goodbye. Felicity is currently meeting with Pavone to talk about how hard it is to say goodbye. You get used to making connections with people and becoming friendly, but then you graduate and it all changes. If you’re having hard times with a friend who then moves away, you don’t have college to keep you together anymore. Pavone points out that life outside of college ends, too. Felicity gets that, but she thought she and Noel would stay friends.

At the loft, Felicity presents her idea for the summer to Ben: Camping. Ben easily agrees. Noel comes in and thinks get awkward. They make brief small talk about Ruby, who’s coming to visit for Noel’s graduation. Felicity tells Pavone that she hasn’t said anything to Ben about Noel kissing her. Pavone thinks that’s interesting. Felicity claims the kiss didn’t mean anything, so there’s no point. Plus, she doesn’t want to make things worse between Ben and Noel. Pavone asks what it matters if Felicity and Noel are about to end their friendship. Felicity admits she’s not ready to accept that the friendship is over.

Ruby arrives in New York with her baby, Eva. She and Noel kiss, so…that doesn’t seem to be completely over. She has no regrets about deciding to keep the baby. Things didn’t work out with Wade (clearly, since she kissed Noel), but Ruby isn’t too broken up about that. Felicity joins them before the two can start talking about anything too intense.

Elena and DeForrest return to the dorm apartment after a trip to an amusement park and find Tracy leaving Elena a letter. Molly shows up for two seconds to tell Elena that Tracy’s actions remind her of James – just when things seemed to be over, James would show up and they’d get back together. Elena says she can’t trust Tracy anymore, so that won’t happen. She’s not going to meet up with him tomorrow, as he’d requested.

Ben turns down some opportunity, pretending he has to stay with a sick aunt. Felicity bugs him about what he just backed out of. He’s reluctant to tell her, since he thinks it’s embarrassing. Finally he admits that watching the paramedics save Avery made him think about becoming an EMT. He applied to a summer program in Kansas City (just as a joke), and he got in. Felicity thinks he should consider doing it, even though this would be their last summer together without job obligations.

Sean is back to his old money-seeking ways, this time offering scalped graduation tickets. Meghan’s parents are richer than we thought, since, in addition to their house in Tuscany, they also have a house in Geneva. They’ve offered to let Meghan and Sean spend the summer there. He reminds her that they talked to Dr. Zwick about Meghan making him feel emasculated, and this fits into that category. He’d rather work for his own money than accept a nice offer from Meghan’s parents. Sean suggests that they come up with an idea together for what to do over the summer.

Felicity and Noel meet up at Epstein Bar so she can give him a graduation present. It’s an out-of-print book he wanted a couple years ago. Noel tries to turn it down, but Felicity insists that he take it. He leaves immediately afterward. Later, Felicity and Ben set up a tent at the loft, talking more about the EMT program. She still thinks he should give it a shot. Sean disagrees, since Ben can’t even take his own temperature. Ben tells Felicity they’re spending the summer together and the discussion is over. She suggests that they skip Noel’s graduation and leave tomorrow.

Elena ends up meeting with Tracy after all so she can tell him in person that she’s moved on to DeForrest. Tracy and Rose have ended things, so clearly he wants Elena back. She’s mad that he wanted to be celibate, then dumped her for someone he then slept with. Tracy denies that he’s ever slept with anyone other than Elena. Elena reveals that she found that condom in his wallet, but Tracy’s just kept it there since he dated Elena.

He went to Africa to get some distance from Elena and be with people who share his beliefs. He and Rose didn’t make sense, but he and Elena do. He’s not giving up on the possibility of them getting back together. Elena tells him that she didn’t think she would be able to get over him, but she did, and she’s not going to go back to him.

Sean and Meghan present their summer ideas to each other, though she’s still stuck on going to Switzerland. He wants to go to Atlantic City, which isn’t far enough away for Meghan’s tastes. She suggests Hawaii, but Sean doesn’t have the money for that. They start fighting, of course. Meghan wants him to let her pay for a fun vacation because she can. Sean responds by clucking like a chicken, which Dr. Zwick told them was a good way to end an argument. I’m still not sure that woman was qualified for that job.

Noel and Ben are both packing up the loft, Ben for the summer and Noel forever. Noel announces that he’s sorry, not for anything in particular (like kissing Ben’s girlfriend), but in general. He wants the two of them to part on good terms. I think Ben just wants to part. He asks Noel what it’s like knowing what he wants to do with his life. Noel feels lucky, but he also feels like he just fell into something good. It just took one graphic design class his freshman year to give him direction in life. Ben tells him that he thinks Noel and Ruby were great together, in case Noel wants any relationship advice from the guy dating the woman he’s in love with.

The next day (I guess), Noel hangs out with Ruby and Eva, inviting them to dinner with him and his parents. He notices that Ruby is still wearing a bracelet he gave her. She says she likes it because it reminds her of him and makes her feel closer to him. She admits that she misses him. Noel goes home, blatantly ignoring Felicity, then deciding to speak to her after all. He tells her he can’t keep the book she gave him because it’ll remind him of her, which he doesn’t want.

Felicity leaves, then comes back to yell at Noel for dumping his friends because he’s afraid of what comes next. He tells her what really scares him is her following him through his life. She thinks he’s ending their friendship because she won’t be with him, which is selfish. She gives him back the book. Noel says he’s not selfish just because he wants her out of his life. As she leaves for real, Ruby shows up, having heard the end of the fight.

Back to Noel’s tape and getting ready for graduation. He wonders which memories of Felicity will stick with him. The only thing he remembers about high school biology is a question he missed on a test. Is the only thing he’s going to remember about Felicity their fight, after all those years of right answers?

Felicity asks Pavone if she’s the one being selfish. Pavone notes that she’s just trying to move on, and anger is one of the stages of the grieving process. Felicity doesn’t think this is about grief, but Pavone says losing a friend is a loss. First was denial, when Felicity bought Noel a book because she couldn’t accept the end of the friendship. Then was anger. Now she’s bargaining, believing that going to graduation will help ease the pain.

Felicity says she just doesn’t want the fight to be the last interaction she has with Noel. She’ll just apologize to him. Pavone doubts she can leave it at that. Felicity spills everything she really wants to say: She cares about Noel, and she wishes he had more faith in their friendship after everything they’ve survived. As Noel graduates, Felicity tells Pavone that she doesn’t know what her future holds, but she always thought Noel would be part of it. She counted on their friendship and wants it back. Then she’d invite him to go get ice cream.

Javier makes his only appearance of the episode when he catches up to Noel after the ceremony. He offers to let Noel work at Dean & DeLuca if the job in Seattle doesn’t work out. Ruby comes up to Noel next, and he asks if she came back to New York for graduation or… She finishes for him, admitting that she came to see if there’s still a chance for them. Now she knows there isn’t, because Noel is clearly still in love with Felicity.

Ben and Felicity have made it to the ceremony after all, and Noel pulls Felicity outside for a chat. He apologizes for their fight, and she tells him she understands where he’s coming from and she wishes things were different. She was being selfish. We meet Noel’s mother for the first time as she meets Felicity for the first time. She’s heard all about Felicity, of course. She insists on taking a picture of Felicity and Noel together. Once they’re done, the two of them just wish each other luck.

Felicity packs up her room in the apartment, feeling like that makes things final. Ben joins her and says that going to graduation make him think even more about his future. He now wants to do the EMT program after all. Felicity is supportive but doesn’t want to spend the summer in Kansas City. Plus, he’ll be too busy to see her anyway. Yes, she’d love to go camping, but she’d spend the whole summer feeling guilty that Ben wasn’t doing something amazing for himself. Ben says he doesn’t have to go, but Felicity thinks he does.

Elena goes to DeForrest’s place to have a big talk, but he already knows what she’s going to say: She’s getting back together with Tracy. He’s been through this before, and he doesn’t want Elena to have to break up with him, so they’ll just end things like this. Elena feels horrible, and she knows what it’s like to be in DeForrest’s position. She really did like him and doesn’t want him to think she just saw him as a safe choice. DeForrest says he hopes Tracy makes Elena happy. She asks him to say something mean so she doesn’t feel so bad walking away from him.

Now that Ben and Felicity aren’t going camping, Sean has taken all their stuff so he and Meghan can go instead. Yeah, Meghan seems like a big fan of camping. She tries to be nice and not shut down her beloved boyfriend’s great idea, but it’s obvious this is a bad idea. Sean gets it – they could have all their meals made by a personal chef in Switzerland. Looks like he’s changed his mind about spending the summer in luxury. Felicity, meanwhile, will spend the summer in the loft, alone. How fun!

Felicity sees Ben off to the airport as we see Noel making his tape to her. He leaves her a time capsule with a gun from the Assassins game, a magic 8-Ball, and Boggle. He thinks their time apart is important. He’s sure they’ll get through this and continue to be in each other’s lives. Tracy goes to the dorm apartment, where Elena tells him she broke up with DeForrest, but that doesn’t meant she wants Tracy as her boyfriend again. Tracy doesn’t want that, either…because he wants to be Elena’s husband. Instead of responding to his proposal, she passes out.

Felicity is moving into the loft when Noel shows up. “The Internet’s dead,” he announces. His project was canceled, so he no longer has a job in Seattle. Look which two people have no summer plans and a whole loft to themselves? Felicity asks Noel if he wants to get some ice cream.

Thoughts: No one’s getting a summer job? Really?

Obviously Elena and Tracy can’t work out. This was 2001, and Donald Faison was about to start on Scrubs. Though Greg Grunberg was pulling double duty here and on Alias, so what do I know?

Want to feel old? Eva would now be the same age Ruby was when Ruby had her.

Season 3 is short, so we’re already done! Just one season left…

November 7, 2020

Felicity 2.22, Final Answer: Meghan Whips Up Some Cookies…and Some Trouble

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Get a life, pervs

Summary: Richard, Meghan, and Sean are listening at a bedroom door in the loft, trying to hear Felicity and Ben, who spent the night together. Richard wishes they had a camera in there. Ew, Richard. Ruby and Julie join the group, and Sean tries to use a spy camera to look under the door. Ben and Felicity notice, and Ben moons the camera while Felicity flashes it. Meghan is proud.

We go back to the previous night, when Ben and Felicity watched a movie on the roof and kissed. Felicity tells Sally all about it, calling it the most romantic night of her life. The two of them had a long conversation and made out some more, feeling relived to be together again. Ben admitted that his mother can’t pay his tuition, but he can get a job in California for the summer, which means the two of them can spend the summer together.

In the morning, the two discuss trips they can take together over the summer. Before that, though, they have to take finals. Felicity’s having trouble concentrating, though some other students are, too – mainly, the two who are making out in the library. They inspire Felicity and Ben to find someplace quiet to be alone together.

Sean helps Julie shop for supplies she’ll need to get her through finals. He reminds her that in two days, it’ll all be over and she’ll feel great. That’s how he felt after he declared his feelings for her. She agrees to go out with him after all her exams are done. Noel and Ruby are studying together at the apartment, and he invites her to hang out that night, but she has plans with Wade. She reveals that he asked her to marry him. Noel thinks she would be crazy to marry someone she doesn’t love, no matter what it means for the baby or her financial situation.

During a study break, Julie, Meghan, and Elena try to get Felicity to tell them if she slept with Ben. She says no, which Elena thinks is crazy – why not have sex with someone who’s willing to have sex with you? Julie mentions that she’s going out with Sean, though she clearly doesn’t have romantic feelings for him yet. Meghan says she thinks he’s cute.

At the loft, she starts baking cookies with the smart powder she touted last year. She leaves to get eggs, and Ben and Felicity immediately start making out. At the apartment, Tracy decides he’s ready to have sex. Then he says he has to leave for a final. Elena reminds him that he wanted to wait until he was married to have sex. Tracy’s like, “Screw that – test, then sex.”

Felicity realizes that she and Ben can’t keep making out when they’re supposed to be focused on schoolwork. They need to stay away from each other for the next three days. Yes, they’ll have to see each other at work, and they’re both living in the loft right now, but this will totally work. After three days, they get the whole summer to be together.

After one of her last art classes before the exam, the professor, Morton, tells Felicity that there’s an internship opportunity for her over the summer. She would be assisting Morton at the Met. That would be the Met in New York, not Palo Alto, where Ben will be spending the summer. If Felicity does really well on her final, Morton will make the offer official.

2 days until the art history final that determines Felicity’s future (at least for the summer). Felicity tells Ben about it at Dean & DeLuca, then asks if he can find a summer job in New York. He knows there won’t be anything in New York that pays as well as his job in Palo Alto. He urges Felicity to do well on her final and wait until the offer is official to make her decision.

Javier is thrilled to catch the two of them kissing. He asks Ben to be an usher (“we would like you to ush for us”) and gives him a motion-activated watch. You have to shake your arm around to wind it. Javier asks Felicity to be his best man, and she happily accepts. He tells the couple to go back to work and stop kissing while they’re on the clock.

Julie and Noel study together at Epstein Bar, and she invites him to open up, since something’s obviously bothering him. He tells her that Wade wants to marry Ruby, and Noel thinks it’s a bad idea. Julie guesses that Noel wants to marry Ruby instead. Noel says that if the baby was his, he would. Julie thinks that if he wants to be there for Ruby, he should tell her.

At the loft, Sean and Richard go over date possibilities for Sean and Julie while Meghan continues baking. Sean asks Ben where he and Julie should go, since Ben went out with her. Ben says the location doesn’t matter, if you’re with someone you really like. He brings up Felicity’s internship opportunity and what it could mean for their summer together. Sean and Richard tell him he needs to do something really romantic. They suggest that he get a hotel room. Meghan’s cookies are done, and Sean says they’re the best he’s ever had.

Felicity tells Sally that she and Ben were able to keep their distance until Ben’s finals were done. He was able to get a discounted hotel room, thanks to a friend of Sean’s, but Felicity is hesitant to break their agreement to keep their distance from each other. He easily talks her into taking a study break at the hotel.

Noel asks Ruby if she and Wade really care about each other enough to get married. She notes that they barely know each other. Noel doesn’t want her to get tied down to a guy she’s connected to because of the pregnancy. He thinks she should stay there…with him. If it’s important to her to have a husband, Noel is open to being that husband. Ruby’s been waiting to hear something like this from him, but her parents have asked her to move home so they can help out with the baby. She was leaning toward that option, but now she’s not sure that’s what she wants.

An hour and a half before Felicity’s art history final, she and Ben are enjoying their hotel room (clothes on). She double-checks the time on Ben’s new watch, then takes it off him while they make out. Back at the loft, Meghan cautions Elena not to jump into bed with Tracy so quickly. If she sleeps with a religious virgin, it’ll be like Tracy is breaking up with God for her. As Meghan has learned from personal experience, “you do not want to be the Yoko in a man’s relationship with the Lord.” Elena notes that Tracy made the decision, but Meghan knows this could lead to a crisis of faith and a breakdown. Elena should wait until Tracy’s slept with someone else.

50 minutes before the art history final, Ben and Felicity are on the verge of getting naked. She says she doesn’t want to feel rushed. Ben tells her they can wait until after her final. On the bedside table, Ben’s motion-activated watch stops. 13 minutes later, Ben checks the time and thinks it’s 4:10.

At the loft, Julie and Noel are eating Meghan’s cookies and starting to look like…more than friends. Sean and Richard are out making date plans, though Sean still hasn’t finalized things. He did make a reservation at a nice restaurant, though. Elena and Tracy have finished all their exams, which means now they can get busy at the apartment. She doesn’t seem hesitant about this anymore.

15 minutes before the art history final, Felicity and Ben are still making out, as are Tracy and Elena. Noel and Julie are having a nice conversation but look like if they move any closer together, they’ll be making out, too. Ben checks the time and says it’s still 4:10. It’s actually 5:00, and the final is beginning.

Elena stops Tracy before they can get naked and asks if anyone or anything else is on his mind, like “any all-powerful entities.” He’s confused. Julie finally closes the gap between her and Noel and they make out. Montage of kissing while Felicity’s classmates take their exam. Sean and Richard arrive at the loft just as Julie and Noel are getting horizontal on the couch. “You sluts!” Richard yells. Things stop over at the apartment, too, when Elena decides she can’t compete with God.

Ben checks the time once again – still 4:10. Felicity checks the clock in the room and realizes it’s actually after 6:00. Meghan comes home as Sean is confronting Julie, and reveals that the smart cookies contain beet powder. As we know, beet powder makes Noel hyper. Meghan is amused by his despair and urges him to have another cookie.

Elena tells Tracy that he just has spring fever and shouldn’t sacrifice his faith for her. She’s feeling a lot of pressure here. Felicity accuses Ben of trying to sabotage her final so she wouldn’t have a reason to stay in New York over the summer. She thinks he purposely didn’t wind the watch. Sean reminds Julie that they were supposed to go on a date. Noel thinks Sean is saying he had a date with Noel. Meghan wishes she had a video camera. Ruby arrives just as Sean is yelling that Noel kissed Julie. Everyone storms out of their various locations.

Later, Sean joins Ben at the hotel and raids the mini-bar while Ben complains that Felicity blames him for her time screw-up. She returns and reveals that she was too late to take the final. Sean tells her that Julie kissed Noel. Felicity apologizes to Ben for blaming him for the screw-up. She’ll pass the class even without taking the exam, and now her summer plans are clear. Sean says Ben is lucky to be dating someone who won’t turn around and kiss Noel. Well, probably not. While Felicity takes a shower, Ben calls the security guard he worked with during the docuventary and asks for Morton’s phone number.

At Epstein Bar, Julie and Elena commiserate over their romantic failures. Elena says she feels evil for wanting to have sex with a guy who wanted to wait until marriage. Julie tells her that’s not a crime. Ben tracks Morton down at a restaurant and explains why Felicity missed her final. They’re in the first stages of their relationship, where everything feels great and they’re only focused on each other, so Felicity was a little distracted. Ben wants to make sure this doesn’t ruin her chances at the internship. Morton gives him a note to give Felicity.

At the loft, Julie starts to explain things to Sean, but he gets that she doesn’t feel the same way about him as he feels about her. He also seems to get that dating someone you live with is probably a bad idea. Elena goes home, where Tracy’s still hanging out. He’s glad she stopped things before they went too far. Now he knows how much she cares.

Noel meets up with Ruby, who has made a decision about her future. She wants Noel to continue kissing people who aren’t her and having other normal college experiences. She doesn’t fit in that world anymore, so she’s going home to her parents. Noel and Ruby are sad to lose each other like this, but they plan to keep in touch. They kiss and say goodbye.

Back at the loft, Sean tells Meghan that he didn’t know she was such a good baker. She says there are a lot of things about her he doesn’t know. They look at each other meaningfully for a few moments, then kiss. Felicity is putting the hotel bathtub to good use, so she’s nice and relaxed when Ben tells her that Morton will let her take the final – sort of. She has to write an essay, due tomorrow, on an artist she knows nothing about.

The two go to the loft and Ben helps Felicity study up on the artist. She tells Sally that while it wasn’t a romantic night, it showed that the two of them can work together. Felicity can’t believe that she and Ben stayed up all night for a chance to spend the summer apart. Morton loves the paper and offers Felicity the internship, so now she has a big decision to make.

Thoughts: I assume that if Amy Jo Johnson had stayed on the show, Julie and Noel would have gotten together. It’s like my high school friend group, where everyone dated everyone else.

A motion-activated watch is a horrible idea exactly because of what happens here. And who in the year 2000 was still wearing a watch that needed to be wound?

Yeah, sorry, if I’m a professor and you miss my final because you’re making out with someone, I’m not going to have much sympathy for you. Set an alarm.

October 31, 2020

Felicity 2.21, The Aretha Theory: Women Don’t Need Men, But That Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Want Them

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Summary: Felicity and Greg are walking home from their disastrous date, Felicity ranting that she has to tell Ben to stay away from her. Greg kisses her, then says their relationship isn’t going to work. She’s not dating him because she likes him – she just wants to go out with someone who isn’t Ben. It’s obvious that they want each other, so they should just get together already.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben to help him with a surprise for Samuel. Ben is out of sorts and tells Javier what happened on Felicity and Greg’s date. Javier is sure that that won’t be the final chapter of the story. He wants to propose to Samuel, and he needs Ben to help him pick out a ring. “You getting punched in the face, me buying a ring – romance is really in the air, is it not?” Javier says.

Felicity, Elena, and Julie pump up air mattresses at the loft, silent until Elena urges Felicity to tell them about her breakup with Greg. (She heard about it from Meghan.) Felicity confirms that she was dumped, but she’s not really thinking about it. She mentions Ben, and Elena steels herself for another round of that drama. Felicity isn’t sure which guy is crazier here. Elena announces that Tracy’s a virgin and is waiting until marriage to have sex. Then Julie announces that Sean declared his feelings for her.

Ruby shows up too late for one of Noel’s classes, having overslept after spending the night out with Wade. Noel tells her to feel free to bring him to the loft that night. She’d rather have a quiet night in and invites Noel to join her. Tracy’s still working on the wallpaper at the apartment, and he tells Elena it’s going great. But she probably shouldn’t go in. And if she does go in, she shouldn’t get mad. It’s almost done, he swears. He runs away before she goes inside and sees that it’s worse than ever.

At the loft, Felicity apologizes to Ben for leaving with Greg the night before. Ben knows she was right that he likes the chase more than the relationship. This is all part of a pattern for him. Felicity wants a distraction, so she begs Meghan to take her somewhere. She knows Meghan goes out all the time, probably somewhere weird, and Felicity wants to experience it. Meghan reluctantly agrees, but Elena and Julie don’t want to tag along. Felicity has to talk them into dressing up and doing something fun.

Getting-ready montage! Javier arrives to get Ben and gushes over how awesome the loft is. When he learns that they’re going to the T-Bone Club, he doesn’t know how to respond. He warns Felicity to take a weapon with her. At the club (which is like a rave crossed with a Halloween party), the women meet up with a guy named Earl, who’s a regular there. Meghan tells the others to stay in one spot and not eat anything anyone gives them. Elena declares the rules for the night: No thinking about Ben, Sean, or Tracy. Meghan gets drinks for everyone, declining to tell Felicity what’s in them.

Ruby cries at the movie she and Noel are watching at the loft, in which the male half of a couple wants to stay with the woman, even though he has a good excuse to leave. They’re about to kiss when Sean comes home and ruins the mood. At Dean & DeLuca, Ben looks through a ring catalog with Javier, who thinks Ben should buy some jewelry for Felicity. Ben has decided he’s done with that whole mess. Javier thinks Felicity is just scared but wants to be with him. He reveals that Greg and Felicity broke up, so Ben has a shot with her.

Felicity, Julie, and Elena are having a great time at the club, and Felicity’s loosened up enough to want to dance with Earl on a table. Javier and Ben arrive outside, but the bouncer doesn’t want to let them in. The explains that every guy has to bring a date. So Javier kisses Ben and says Ben is his date. The bouncer lets them in.

Ben is dumbstruck by the sight of Felicity dancing. Javier takes them both outside so they can talk and try to work things out. Felicity starts by telling Ben she’s glad he apologized to Greg. He accepts that he deserved to be punched in the face for telling Richard about Greg’s past. If he knew Greg was going to dump Felicity, Ben would have hit him back.

Javier meets up with an old friend, a drag queen named Bizou, and tells Meghan that Felicity is outside talking to Ben. Meghan decides to go out there and break things up. Just as Ben is telling Felicity that it’s not really about the chase for him, Meghan interrupts and moves the party to Earl’s place. Ben and Felicity plan to talk more back at the loft.

First the group (all pretty drunk, except Meghan) makes a stop at a convenience store, where Earl has a debate with an ex about nanotechnology and other science-y stuff. Felicity thanks Meghan for dragging her away from Ben, since this was supposed to be a night of not thinking about him. She doesn’t think Meghan gets their relationship, since she hasn’t had feelings for someone for a really long time like Felicity does for Ben. Meghan says she has her own Ben: Greg.

Speak of the devil, guess who comes into the store? Felicity wants Meghan to stay away from him, but Meghan has something to say. When she was in the first grade, she and Greg got married in a sandbox. Greg suddenly remembers her. Meghan asks if he wants to go find a sandbox. He politely turns her down, so she jokes that he’ll be hearing from her lawyer about alimony.

Meghan returns to Felicity and says it’s her turn to take Meghan out somewhere. Felicity knows about one party, another victory party Richard’s throwing at Epstein Bar, so the group heads over there. Meghan declares that the women can have a great time without guys. Felicity thinks they should be proud of themselves for all they’ve accomplished this year. Whatever happens to them, they survive. Meghan says they’re strong women like Aretha Franklin.

Back at the loft, Noel and Ruby are getting ready for bed when they suddenly start kissing. Javier practices his proposal on Ben, who asks if he and Samuel are really happy. Javier says they are, but they’ve had drama in the past. He even cheated once. Ben asks if Samuel forgave him right away. Javier had to prove himself, but he won’t tell Ben how he did it. “Every man has to find his own way – his own way of showing his true love,” he says.

Felicity wants to dance some more, but Julie reminds her that she was going to meet up with Ben and talk. Meghan and Elena yell at her not to; she doesn’t need him. Felicity agrees, so she calls the loft and leaves Ben a message letting him know she’s staying out. She doesn’t need him, and they can never be together, since she doesn’t trust him. She won’t let him screw up her life again. In fact, they shouldn’t even be friends until they’ve gotten past everything. Felicity will move out of the loft tomorrow so they can really avoid each other.

The next morning, everyone’s hungover, and Meghan has had the revelation that they should get together with men exactly when they decide they don’t need them. Felicity gets it. She’s been pushing Ben away and saying she can’t trust him, but in truth, she couldn’t trust herself. She thought she couldn’t handle being with him, but she can. After all, she got over her heartbreak at the beginning of the year. The women have the ability to be on their own; since Felicity knows she doesn’t need Ben to survive, that means she can be with him. She runs to erase her message, but Sean tells her that he already listened to it.

Wade calls for Ruby, who’s woken up in bed with Noel. (They didn’t do anything, or at least that’s what Noel tells Sean.) Sean tries to talk to Julie about his impromptu kiss the other night, asking what her “thank you” in response meant. She says it meant “maybe.” He’ll take it. Tracy has miraculously cleaned up the apartment, which finally looks livable again. Of course, Elena’s moving out in a few weeks, so it was kind of a waste, but still. She tells him some things are worth waiting for.

Felicity goes look for Ben at Dean & DeLuca, but he canceled his shift, probably so he wouldn’t have to work with Felicity. Javier tells her that Samuel accepted his proposal, so Javier gets to have a Martha Stewart wedding. Ben shows up after all and tells Felicity he spent the whole night trying to figure out how to convince her that she can trust him. First he had to figure out where he really blew it.

He thinks it was when he missed their date to see a movie in Bryant Park. He ran away like he’s always done. If he could take that moment back, he would. Ben found a reel of the movie they were supposed to see on that date. He says it’s a time machine. They set up a projector on the roof and watch the movie together. It leads to a makeout session. So…I guess that’s happening. Again.

Thoughts: Earl is played by Kevin Weisman. On Alias, he and Amanda Foreman (Meghan) played a couple – and Greg Grunberg (Sean) was the person who married them.

I’m underwhelmed by Meghan’s “secret” life. She just goes to a club a lot? So?

No wonder Amy Jo Johnson leaves next season. The show gives Julie absolutely nothing to do.

October 24, 2020

Felicity 2.20, Ben Was Here: Mission Accomplished?

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There’s always a love triangle on this show

Summary: Welcome to beautiful Rhinebeck, New York, where a college student can afford to rent a huge cabin for a weekend away with his girlfriend he hasn’t slept with yet. Moments after Felicity and Greg arrive, Ben follows after in a cab driven by a guy he’s told his whole story to. He hides behind the cab as the lovers come out of the cabin.

Back in the city, Sean is working at Dean & DeLuca, filling in for Ben and selling Javier on his latest idea: shream. It’s a combo of sugar and cream. Ben calls, using Sean’s cell phone, which Sean didn’t know he had. He warns Ben that the film channel interested in the docuventary is supposed to call, so Ben needs to answer the phone “Blumberg Productions.” No, no, answer it Vandelay Industries!

Meghan notices that one of the exposed pipes in her and Felicity’s dorm room is leaking. She fixes the leak with bubblegum. Over at Noel and Elena’s apartment, Elena and Julie discuss how much time Noel and Ruby have been spending together again. Elena thinks they would still be dating if Ruby hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Tracy shows up with a guy named Vince and some machinery to take down the rest of the wallpaper. Elena turns down the offer of help, but Tracy knows Elena won’t finish the job, which will mean she and Noel lose their deposit. Elena doesn’t want to let Tracy make decisions about what color to paint the walls. He gives her some options, promising that everything will turn out great. In three days, it’ll all be done.

Ben watches Felicity and Greg as they take a canoe for a spin on a lake. He tells Sean he’s made a mistake and is going to come home. Sean tells him to complete the mission (again with the spy stuff). Ben doesn’t think he can just barge in on the couple. Sean tells him the call is costing him a lot of money because of roaming charges. Guys, remember being worried about roaming charges?

Javier agrees with Sean that Ben needs to complete the mission – he has to “get his duck in a row.” Sean asks for a meeting with Mr. Dean or Mr. DeLuca, I guess to talk to them about shream. Javier confides that he might not be working there much longer. He’s applying to take college classes next semester.

Noel and Ruby go back to her dorm after a day together, and he mentions that she hasn’t said anything about Wade, the baby’s father, all day. She reveals that he’s coming to visit. Every time they talk on the phone, they avoid discussing the baby. They also haven’t figured out what their next step is. The gum doesn’t hold, and the leak in Meghan’s pipe becomes a steady stream. Noel and Ruby hear her cry out when the pipe finally bursts.

Greg and Felicity have dinner together, and it looks like things are moving toward their first time in bed together. He heads out to get firewood while she washes their dishes. Ben surprises her by appearing in the kitchen window. She lays into him for telling Richard about Greg’s addiction and arrest. She came to Rhinebeck to work things out with Greg, so Ben’s presence is less than welcome. He tries to get her to listen to him, but she yells that she doesn’t want him in her life anymore.

Ben’s phone rings, and he dutifully answers, “Blumberg Productions.” It’s just Sean, checking in. Greg returns with firewood, and Felicity tries to get back into the romantic mood. They start making out, but Felicity’s distracted. Greg promises that they don’t have to go any farther, thinking she’s nervous about having sex. Felicity announces that Ben was there.

Greg wants to call the police on the crazy guy stalking his girlfriend. Felicity says he’s not a threat, and she told him to leave her alone. Greg wonders why, then, she’s so distracted. She isn’t sure; she just can’t stop thinking about the conversation. Greg corrects that she can’t stop thinking about Ben. He wanted a weekend away so they could both stop focusing on college drama. Clearly, that didn’t work out. He decides they should go back to the city.

It looks like the project in Elena and Noel’s apartment is going to take longer than three days. Some chemicals have been introduced to the process, and now there’s a smell that definitely shouldn’t be there. Julie invites Noel and Elena to stay at the loft until Tracy and Vince finish the job. Meghan and Felicity may be joining them, as the dorm has now flooded. Felicity returns from Rhinebeck to learn that everyone in the dorm is moved to the cafeteria for two weeks. Meghan has found some guy to stay with instead. She’s pleased that Felicity and Greg haven’t progressed in their relationship.

At the loft, Sean makes everyone s’mores with his prototype marshmallow roaster. He wants to sell it for $40. Uh, no. Ben comes home tight-lipped about what happened in Rhinebeck, but everyone can guess where he went. Felicity has already called to let them know he’s an idiot. Elena tells Ben not to go to the cafeteria to see her, but it’s enough for him just to know that Felicity’s already back from her weekend away.

After Felicity and Greg get some dorm residents situated in the cafeteria, she apologizes for ruining their weekend. She wants to make it up to him with dinner the next night. She promises that Ben is in her past and won’t get in the way of their relationship. Uh-huh. We all believe you, Felicity.

Later, Ruby asks Felicity if she really followed Ben to New York (Noel told her). Felicity explains that she knew Ben from high school and always thought that if they knew each other, they would love each other. After he wrote in her yearbook, she just had to ditch her life plan to follow him.

Ruby notes that Felicity doesn’t seem like the sort of person to follow a guy. Felicity admits that she was running away from her life as much as she was running toward something. Ben was a fantasy, and though she got to date him, she realized that being with him wasn’t as wonderful as she’d imagined. Ruby says that whatever Ben wrote in the yearbook must have been great. Felicity has brought her yearbook with her, for some reason, so she looks over what Ben wrote in it about keeping in touch.

At Dean & DeLuca the next day, Javier invites Felicity to stay with him and Samuel for a while, but she declines. He can’t believe Felicity didn’t appreciate Ben’s gesture of showing up in Rhinebeck. Felicity says he was selfish, but Javier disagrees. Ben has changed since he and Felicity were together, and he knows Felicity has noticed. She’s just pretending she hasn’t. Maybe she’ll see him if she puts on Javier’s glasses. He tells her that Ben went to Rhinebeck to try to apologize for what he did to Greg.

Julie shows up, and Javier struggles to remember her name. She invites Felicity to stay with everyone else at the loft. Felicity isn’t sure, since Ben will be there, but Julie knows they’ll make up eventually. She also agrees to let Ruby crash at the loft, so she doesn’t have to sleep on a cot while she’s pregnant.

Now everyone’s at the loft – all the former couples and people with crushes on each other and people who aren’t really talking to each other right now. Sean wants to have a big game night, completely with Battleship and Boggle. No, please, not Boggle. Tracy invites himself to join. Dude, shouldn’t you be cleaning the apartment? Elena’s not going to be happy about this. Meghan completes the group, also inviting herself to stay at the loft.

Game night goes well, though Ben and Felicity keep looking at each other, and Sean can’t keep his eyes off of Julie. Things are a little uneasy at first, but eventually everyone starts having fun. The night gets even better when Sean gets a call telling him that the channel wants to buy the docuventary. He celebrates by kissing Julie. It’s basically a big ol’ record scratch, making everything else in the room stop.

Wade arrives to see Ruby, and Meghan greets him with, “So you’re the guy that knocked her up.” Never change, Meghan. Noel meets his ex-girlfriend’s baby daddy for the first time as Greg comes to the loft to pick Felicity up for dinner. (Sorry, Meghan, he’s not there to see you.) Now things are tense again, and they don’t get better when Ruby and Wade meet up. Meghan calls out that someone needs to leave already. Everyone goes off in different directions except Meghan and Sean, who decide to play Operation together.

Ben tries to calm himself down in his room, but he can’t, so he complains to Meghan and Sean that he doesn’t get what Felicity sees in Greg. Meghan tells him that if he wants Felicity, he needs to go after her. After living with Felicity for two years, Meghan has a lot of insight into her, and she knows Felicity still likes Ben. Her explanation? Sarah McLachlan.

When Felicity came to school, she was always listening to Sarah McLachlan CDs. She stopped for a while, then started again when Ben invited Felicity on the summer trip. The Sarah stopped again around the time Felicity got her hair cut, then returned after the pool break-in. If Ben ever wants to know how Felicity feels about him, he just has to check her boombox for a Sarah McLachlan CD. Ben thinks this is dumb, but Sean says it makes sense. Meghan knows that if Felicity spends too much time with Greg, Sarah will go back on the shelf. After Ben leaves, Sean asks if that story was true. Meghan shrugs and heads to the bathroom.

Over at Epstein Bar, Greg grumbles about Felicity staying at Ben’s loft. He reveals that Ben came by the health center earlier in the day to apologize. At the loft, Julie addresses the kiss with Sean, who tries to downplay it before declaring his love for her. Back at Epstein Bar, Ben crashes another Greg/Felicity date, this time to announce that he never should have ended things with Felicity. He should have realized how lucky he was and treated her with more respect. He was just scared.

Felicity tries to brush him off, but Ben continues: He’s in love with Felicity, and this time, she’s the one who’s afraid. He knows it’s because she doesn’t trust him anymore. Greg says that’s understandable. Felicity tells Ben that he’s doing the same thing he did last year, when he made “overtures” right when she was going to go away with Noel.

Greg decides the conversation is over and tries to throw Ben out. They scuffle, and Greg punches Ben in the face. He asks if Ben is going to show up every time Greg and Felicity go out. Greg wants to leave, and Felicity decides to go with him instead of staying with Ben. Looks like she made her choice about who she wants to be with.

Thoughts: It’s fitting that I watched an episode where Ben is a stalker right after the announcement that Scott Speedman is going to be in season 3 of You.

Don’t these people have any studying to do? They have a full, free weekend to paint and play games and go away to cabins?

I’m going to say it: Shream is a good idea.

Also, now I want s’mores.

October 17, 2020

Felicity 2.19, Running Mates: None of These People Is Mature Enough to Hold Any Position of Authority

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God help me, I laughed

Summary: Javier has become a vocal advocate for Felicity as student council president and is on campus handing out fliers with coupons for Dean & DeLuca. Felicity finds him and tells him it’s against the rules. She voices over a tape to Sally, saying that running for president is harder than she expected. That’s even before she sees that one of her posters has been defaced. Someone called her Chia Head.

Richard tells her that someone keeps burning his Free Pizza Fridays fliers. Felicity thinks people are making too big a deal out of a college election. Richard says there’s only one difference between college elections and national ones. It’s easier to impeach a college president? No, it’s soft money. Richard admits that he doesn’t know what that means. Ben joins them and tells Felicity that he saw someone defacing one of her posters. He thinks it was one of Greg’s friends. Felicity says there’s no way Greg would put someone up to that.

She goes to the health center and casually says that one of her friends saw one of Greg’s friends defacing her poster. Greg IDs the guy, Andre, but says he wouldn’t do something like that. Then he asks Felicity if they can go out again. He also wants to spent a weekend away together right after the elections. He realizes it might be too soon for that. A guy named Keith joins them and asked if one of them hacking into his campaign website. They tell him they’re getting sabotaged, too.

Felicity tells Sally about an election from her childhood that saw someone intimidating a candidate to drop out of the race. In college, Felicity feels like she’s surrounded by intimidaters. She tells Ben and Noel that Greg defended Andre, so they may need to look elsewhere for the real vandal. Noel notes that Andre could have defaced the poster without Greg’s knowledge. But Felicity thinks Greg was being honest when he said Andre isn’t the kind of person to do that. The guys doubt that Felicity can trust Greg’s word. Ben’s suggestion is that Felicity leak Greg’s drug arrest from years ago to the school paper. She refuses to go dirty.

It’s hard to stick to that, though, when everyone else is playing dirty. Keith takes down a couple of his opponents’ campaign posters and replaces them with his own. They’re immediately covered by other candidates’ posters. Richard even defaces an opponent’s poster. Felicity puts one up over that poster, and Ben defaces Richard’s, writing “Dick” on it. (Hey, it could be his nickname! The other students wouldn’t know.) Felicity at least tries to cross that out.

Then Greg and Andre replace and deface everyone’s posters. Richard counter-attacks by stapling a bunch of smaller fliers all over a bulletin board so it’s nearly impossible to cover them all. In response, Felicity and Ben tear them down and put up her poster. All of these people are horrible. Write in Leila for president!

Over at Noel and Elena’s, where the wallpaper/painting project is still ongoing, Julie tells Elena she’s heard that campaign-related pranks are so common that security doesn’t respond to them anymore. Elena is distracted, thinking about taking a trip to the top of the Empire State Building with Tracy. Julie thinks Elena should cook him dinner instead. The new couple is really happy, and it’s adorable. But now Elena’s overthinking things, since they haven’t slept together yet. She realizes she’s turning into Felicity. Julie agrees to take Noel somewhere to keep him out of the apartment.

Ben trashes one of Felicity’s vandalized posters, then finds Greg and Andre working on campaign stuff together. He confronts Andre, who claims not to remember that Ben chased him after seeing him deface Felicity’s poster. Greg denies that Andre is helping him play dirty – why would he have someone vandalize his girlfriend’s posters? Ben gets stuck on the word “girlfriend.” Then he goes straight to Richard’s room with the offer of dirt on Greg.

Ruby’s back from Colorado, having told her parents that she’s pregnant. Her mom shut down and her dad started drinking, which was very different from what she expected. Noel asks if she’s told the father, noting that she’s never even told him the father’s name. She says it’s Wade, though I maintain that it could be Tom Cruise. Ruby announces that she’s not going to tell him about the baby. Girl. Child support from a movie producer. Get on that.

Felicity, Julie, and Leila discover that all of her campaign posters have disappeared from her room. A tip from Meghan sends Felicity to Greg for another round of Andre Is the Saboteur and You Need to Admit It Already. Greg thinks she should get over it and move on, though he tries to be a little nicer about it. He told Greg to leave Felicity’s stuff alone, and Andre said he has been, so Greg thinks someone else is responsible. If Felicity can trust Ben over Greg, then Greg can trust Andre over Felicity. Felicity determines that it’s her candidate for him- or herself.

Felicity tells Sally that since Andre clearly broke into her room, she and Ben decided to break into his. They just need Sean’s help. For some reason, Sean has spy gear (maybe prepping for his role on Alias?). Noel thinks this is going to go too far, but Felicity thinks it’s all fair. They’re not making personal attacks. It’s just a game. Sean finds his lock-picking set, and Noel reminds Ben and Felicity that they don’t have a great track record breaking into places.

Ben tells Richard that he shouldn’t do anything with the dirt he gave him on Greg. Too late – Richard is already having fliers posted around campus revealing that Greg was arrested for drug possession. Oops! Elena and Tracy are having a great date at the apartment, but just as they’re getting to the point where their clothes might start coming off, Tracy announces that he has to leave. He has to get up early to help a candidate named Carol with her posters. He thanks Elena for dinner and promises to call her tomorrow.

Noel and Julie check out a…flower market? Okay. They’re talking about snack preferences. He tells her about Ruby’s trip home and her decision not to tell the baby’s father that he’s going to be a dad. Julie thinks the baby will grow up curious about his or her father. Then he or she will have to decide whether or not to tell his or her father that he’s a dad. Julie thinks Ruby should tell the father right now.

Tracy wants to have a discussion with Elena, but she thinks he’s going to break up with her. She even accuses him of sleeping with Carol. Ben and Felicity break into Andre’s room, telling themselves this is fair play. They find a bunch of candidates’ buttons and posters in the closet. Andre comes in to get something and the two hide under the bed, very close together.

At the health center, Felicity confesses to Greg that she broke into Andre’s room and discovered that he stole stuff from a bunch of candidates. Greg doesn’t really care, since he’s seen Richard’s posters about his drug arrest. Felicity promises that she didn’t tell anyone, and Greg believes her. He’s already guessed that Ben is responsible. Felicity says he would never go that far. You know, the same thing Greg said about Andre. Greg says that he had to face the truth about Andre. Eventually, Felicity will have to face the truth about Ben.

Tracy tells Elena that he had to leave the other night before something happened. He’s a virgin and doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married. Even though his parents had him before they were married, they’re very religious and raised him to wait. Elena doesn’t know anyone else who’s waiting until marriage, so this is a new concept for her. Tracy knows she needs some time to figure out if she wants to keep dating him.

At the loft, Ben beats himself up for not telling Felicity that he gave Richard info on Greg. Sean thinks he was right to keep quiet, since his relationship with Felicity “is like a delicate flower.” Ew, Sean. Ben says he can’t take Sean seriously while he’s wearing night-vision goggles attached to a helmet. When Sean takes them off, Ben tells him to put them back on. I think this is supposed to be funny. Anyway, Sean tells Ben that if he says nothing to Felicity, she probably won’t find out he said anything. He needs to try not to kill the flower.

Noel tries to talk Ruby into telling Wade about the baby; she’s being selfish by hiding her pregnancy and making decisions on her own. She did the same thing when she thought Noel was the father. He tells her they’re still friends, but that doesn’t mean he’ll always tell her what she wants to hear. Ben lies straight to Felicity’s face about Richard’s posters, saying that he didn’t tell anyone about Greg’s arrest.

The candidates take part in a debate, answering questions from the student body. Javier is in attendance, happy to be there to see Felicity speak in person. A student asks Greg if the fliers about his arrest are true. Greg admits that they are, and Meghan tries to defend him, asking who there hasn’t been addicted to drugs and arrested. Hal asks what else he’s hiding – did he also sell drugs? Was the cocaine he was arrested for possessing the only drug he used?

Felicity jumps to Greg’s defense, saying that everyone there has done something they’re not proud of. Richard says he hasn’t. Felicity wants the negative campaigning to end, and she thinks the fliers about Greg crossed the line. The students can’t just judge Greg on his past. They have to examine what he’s done since then. They should vote for who would make the best president.

Felicity tells Sally that if she were in Greg’s shoes, she would leave school, but Greg has been able to put it behind him. After Election Day, the outgoing president addresses the candidates at Epstein Bar, announcing that there’s a tie. The new co-presidents are Carol and Richard. Richard is too upset about the tie to be happy that he won.

Greg and Felicity agree to stop playing tricks and go back to their normal lives. He still wants to go away for the weekend, but she wants to move more slowly. Noel tells Julie that Ruby called Wade, and he’s coming to visit next week. Julie praises Noel for being such a good friend to Ruby. He credits Julie with helping him figure out how to convince Ruby to call Wade. Felicity’s grateful to both of them, even though their help with her campaign didn’t get her to the presidency.

Elena’s ready to talk to Tracy about what his abstinence means for their relationship. Right now, she just wants to be friends. Since she’s clearly thought about this a lot, Tracy won’t fight her on that. But seconds later, they start making out. Friends, huh? I don’t do that with my friends. Richard tells Felicity that Ben was a huge help to his campaign – he provided the dirt on Greg, which most likely cost Greg the race. Felicity immediately tells Greg that she wants to go away for the weekend after all. She needs an escape. Greg wonders what happened to change her mind, but she just says they both need a vacation.

The next day, Ben goes to Felicity’s room, most likely to make a full confession. Meghan tells him that Greg and Felicity went upstate for the weekend, to a B&B in Rhinebeck. She can’t believe Felicity snagged Greg after all Meghan did for him during the campaign. In the car on the way to Rhinebeck, Felicity tells Greg that he was right about Ben revealing his drug arrest. Greg is ready to move on, but this is clearly something Felicity won’t get past so easily. Meanwhile, Ben goes to a train station and buys a ticket to Rhinebeck.

Thoughts: How nice to watch this just weeks before a huge U.S. election. If only defaced posters and dug-up arrest records were all we were dealing with.

Meghan should have been Felicity’s no. 1 suspect for defacing her posters. She hates Felicity and loves Greg. It makes perfect sense.

UNY’s administration really doesn’t get involved in anything, huh? This campaign immaturity never would have happened at my college, and if it had, the administration would have shut it down right away.

Do I want to know why Sean has night-vision goggles? Probably not.

October 3, 2020

Felicity 2.17, Docuventary II: Sean and Richard Clearly Ship Felicity and Ben

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The school’s security team seems…not great

Summary: Richard films Sean as he introduces himself for the follow-up to his first docuventary. Someone’s interested in it and wants Sean to add some scope and depth and stuff. Ben doesn’t want to participate, but Richard says it’ll be okay, since he’s involved this time. Ben claim he’s too busy to take part; he’s working a bunch of different jobs to try to finish up his community service. Sean says they’ll just come film him while he’s volunteering. Then he asks Ben to help them convince Felicity to participate. Ben refuses. Richard and Sean ignore him, and Richard celebrates by pretending he’s on Star Trek.

At first Javier is pleased to be asked for an interview, but he backs out when he remembers that the camera adds 50 pounds. Sean tells him it’s only 10, so Javier says he’ll do it. Felicity, however, doesn’t want Sean delving into her personal life again. That’s the whole show, girl! Sean says he has to use the same participants as the first docuventary, since it’s an ongoing piece. Felicity says she doesn’t have a love life anyway. The guys tell her that Ben has already agreed to take part, so Felicity might as well do it, too.

Cut to Ben threatening to shove Sean’s camera in a place no one should ever put a camera. He finally gives in and tells Sean to get it over with already. Ben is washing dishes somewhere (maybe the campus cafeteria), still complaining about being punished for breaking into the pool. He asks when the guys are interviewing Felicity. Sean says they’re going to talk to her and Greg together. Now Ben has something else to complain about. He finds someone’s retainer on a tray and decides this is enough to keep him from breaking any more rules.

Felicity and Greg are up next, feeling awkward about being interviewed in his office, where they kissed after the sit-in ended. He tells her he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it. Richard unplugs the computer to plug in a light, and Greg tries to stop him but can’t. Then he acts like nothing’s wrong. I don’t know.

Back in the kitchen, Ben tells Sean that he needs to express his feelings for Julie already. He doesn’t think Sean ever will. Sean asks Javier about Felicity and her friends, and Javier says she’s his favorite. She’s optimistic and friendly and an autumn, just like Javier. It’s like they’re sisters. Noel is sweet and cute, and Javier would date him if Noel liked men.

Sean films one of Noel’s classes, where he’s administering a test. Richard wishes Ben luck. Noel tells Sean that he never expected to become a teacher, but he likes it. Sean notes that he went from an RA to a TA. At the health center, a co-worker named Jim tells Felicity that one of the workers quit. Felicity tells Sean (back on camera) that she wants the newly available job. Sean reminds her that last year, she was moving away from medicine toward art.

In his interview, Javier says that Ben is confused. He’s a “sweet, dumb guy” who isn’t actually dumb. Ben, now in the admissions office, pretends he’s having a great time. He gets to file classified student info. Sean asks what he wants to do with his life, but Ben doesn’t answer. He asks how Greg and Felicity’s interview went. Richard notes that Ben really hates Greg. Ben says that once Felicity’s finished her volunteer hours, Ben will never have to think about Greg again. Sean jokes that Ben can access Greg’s grades and change his GPA. Don’t give him any ideas, Sean!

Felicity tells Greg that she’d like a permanent job at the health center. Greg thought she might want to stay on after her community service was over. Felicity says she only wants the job if she’s right for it; she doesn’t want any favorable treatment. He promises to consider her for the position. And also for the position of his girlfriend, I assume.

Ben peeks at Greg’s file, then goes to Noel’s class. Noel and Ruby are at least on speaking terms now, as she asks him to call her later. Ben asks Noel how much he knows about Greg, and whether Greg and Felicity are getting together. Noel’s out of the loop about that. Ben reveals that Greg was arrested for cocaine possession a couple years ago. Should Ben tell Felicity? Noel thinks they should keep it quiet until they know whether Felicity is actually getting together with Greg. After all, Felicity’s an adult and can handle her own relationship.

Sean films Felicity as she starts to make a tape for Sally, but Felicity finds the situation weird. Meghan arrives, so Felicity tells the guys to film her instead, then runs off. Meghan isn’t happy to be left to give the guys a tour of the dorm, but she manages to get them to give her $90 for it. Then she kicks them out.

Back to Javier talking about Felicity and her friends. He loves Elena and her sassiness. The guys interview Elena and Tracy, asking them about their goals of becoming doctors. Elena mentions that she was McGrath’s assistant last year. Tracy hates the guy, whom he calls the prince of darkness (then asks the guys to edit that out). Noel runs in, frantic because he lost the blue books from his class’ test. If he can’t find them, his life is over.

At the health center, Greg invites Felicity to get dinner with him the next night. She reminds him that he said he had a messed-up past and shouldn’t be in a relationship again. He’s decided to risk it, so she says yes. Then he informs her that she got the job at the health center. He claims she would have gotten it even if she’d turned him down for a date. Why not tell her she got the job, then invite her to dinner to celebrate?

Speaking of celebrating, Felicity takes Julie and Elena out to Epstein Bar since her new job means she has money to treat them. Ben joins them, followed by Sean and Richard with their camera. Ben is less than thrilled to learn that Felicity will now be assisting Greg at work. Sean and Richard film her at work, and we learn that Richard messed up some files by turning off Greg’s computer. He thinks they should spy on Felicity to learn more about her new relationship.

Ben has moved on to the campus security office, where his ability to answer the phone properly is scrutinized. Sean and Richard film Felicity and Greg from afar as they have what looks like a great first date. Sean worries that he’ll kiss her after walking her home; Ben would hate that. Before any kissing can happen, Felicity spots the guys, who take off running. Richard says it’s like they’re in The Blair Witch Project.

Next the guys film Ruby, who tells them about her love of art. She plans to be a museum curator some day. She doesn’t want to talk about her pregnancy; she still hasn’t told her parents. Noel convinced her to go see them next week and break the news. Ruby never thought she would choose this path, but being pregnant has changed something in her. Sean asks Noel if he and Ruby are still together. He thinks Ruby misses Noel. If she hadn’t decided to keep the baby, would they still be together? Noel doesn’t know.

At the health center, Jim is having a bad day – because of Felicity. He wanted Felicity’s job, and clearly thinks she got it because Greg likes her. Jim is being pushed out of his own position now. Felicity asks Greg if he got her the job because he likes her. He admits that he did. He blames Jim’s job loss on the elimination of a work-study position.

Felicity says that Jim should have gotten her position; he’s more qualified and has been there longer. She pulls Jim into Greg’s office and tells Greg to hire him instead. Greg tells Felicity not to put him on the spot like that. If she doesn’t take the job, she has to leave – there’s a cap on volunteers. Greg stuck his neck out for her, so if she doesn’t want it, she needs to quit. Felicity says she will.

Sean interviews Tracy and Elena about how much pressure they face in college. Elena can deal with it, but Tracy has a harder time. Sometimes he carries a stuffed rabbit around with him as a piece of security. Elena admits that she had a name tag made for herself that says Dr. Elena Tyler, and she rubs it to motivate herself to reach her goal. Tracy says he was joking about the rabbit. P.S. Noel still can’t find his blue books.

Sean and Richard do some editing at the loft, but Richard is annoyed that Sean is being controlling. It’s his movie, dude. Ben comes home in a better mood than expected; he got to know the security guard he was working with and thinks the guy is cool. Richard tells him that Felicity and Greg have become a subplot in the film. The camera was running before their first interview, and the guys captured them talking about their kiss. “She digs this fella,” Richard tells Ben.

Ben goes to the health center and asks to see Felicity, who it looks like has officially been replaced by Jim. Greg shortly tells Ben that she’s not there. Ben starts to leave, then tells Greg that he knows about his arrest. Felicity’s too good for Greg, and if he hurts her in any way, Ben will kill him.

Pavone doesn’t see why Felicity’s so annoyed with everything that happened at the health center. She thinks Felicity sabotaged a job she was too afraid to commit to. Felicity says she got the job because she didn’t deserve it. Pavone asks why she questions every accomplishment. She did deserve the job. If Jim came to her complaining about losing the job to Felicity, Pavone would tell him to grow up. In the course of Felicity’s life, she’ll come across 2,000 Jims. Most of the time, they’ll get the job she wants because they’re guys. She should take what she can. In this case, she should take the paperwork that confirms that she’s finished her community service.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Felicity that he’s pleased with how he comes across in the docuventary. He doesn’t look as fat as he’d feared, and his English is great. Greg comes by and asks Felicity if Ben has talked to her yet. He admits that he had a drug problem for a while and eventually got arrested for possession. He’s been clean for years. Ben found out about the arrest, and Greg wanted to tell Felicity before Ben could.

Greg works a tough job at the health center, trying to make up for all the resources they don’t have, and having Felicity there has made him happy to be there. He knows he’s good at running the place, but Felicity being there makes him better. He thinks he’s figured out how to hire both her and Jim. Felicity guesses that he’s going to volunteer to take a pay cut. She says she’ll just volunteer, but he reminds her that the slots are full.

So Felicity spooks the newest volunteer by telling him that he’ll have to see a lot of blood. Like, for example, a guy came in last week with an almost-severed hand. Look at Felicity, channeling her inner Meghan! She realizes this is the wrong way to go about this, so she just tells the guy she really wants the position. Turns out the guy thought he’d taken a paying job, not a volunteer position, so I think the slot is now open for Felicity. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Sean and Richard that he didn’t care much about having a social life before he met Elena. She wants to prove herself to everyone, but Tracy says she never has to prove herself to him.

The guys want something more emotional in the film, something that will invoke tears. Ben announces that he’s done with his community service hours…and he found Noel’s blue books in the lost and found. This is exactly what the guys need for a tear-invoking scene. Before they give Noel the news, he steels himself to tell the professor that he lost the tests. Richard presents him with them on camera, saying he and Sean are Noel’s guardian angels. Noel thinks they had them all along. Instead of crying, Noel punches the camera.

Javier tells the guys that Julie’s great. If he weren’t gay…well, he wouldn’t want to be with her, but she’s cute. Julie tells them that she wants a guy who understands her and loves her in spite of all her problems. She’s not sure she’ll ever find that guy. Sean thinks she will.

Felicity finds Ben at Epstein Bar and asks how he found out about Greg’s arrest. Ben starts in on a rant about how he’s trouble, but Felicity doesn’t want his opinion. He admits that he looked in Greg’s student file. Felicity slams him for investigating Greg, which Ben points out is exactly what he did to her. Felicity says that was irrational and she only did it because she was in love with Ben. But of course the situation here isn’t the same!

At the health center, Jim gives Felicity a flower as a peace offering. Greg kisses her and tells her they’re even. The volunteer Felicity edged out of the health center is now working at Dean & DeLuca, but he’s not good at it. Sean films a greeting for the film channel that wants his docuventary, continuing to film even as Ben storms through the loft.

The guys interview Meghan about why she decided to become an RA. Ooh, a question I had is finally answered! Meghan made a bet with someone and lost, so being an RA is her punishment. Back in Javier’s interview, Sean asks what he thinks about Meghan. Javier, who has only said good things about everyone else, says that Meghan scares him to death.

Thoughts: Jim is played by the late Alexis Arquette.

I need everyone to change their names. Scott Foley played Sean on Scrubs, so I keep wanting to call him Sean instead of Noel, but there’s already a Sean. Now we have a Greg, which is what I always want to call Greg Grunberg. If I start calling Julie “Pink Ranger,” just ignore me.

Why would you ever give student volunteers access to other students’ private files? Maybe if they were being paid and had signed a confidentiality agreement or something, but not someone completing community service hours for showing bad judgment.

September 26, 2020

Felicity 2.16, Revolutions: Get in Good Trouble

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Felicity the activist

Summary: Ben is trying to study for Noel’s class while working at Dean & DeLuca. Felicity suggests that he ask Noel if he needs help, but Ben doesn’t like that idea. Javier alerts the two of them to the fact that his ex has just entered the restaurant. Javier had a “crunch” on the ex, who fell too in love with Javier. Javier wants Ben to pretend they’re dating. Ben says no, but Javier ignores him and starts acting like they’re together. Then he realizes the ex is someone else. Felicity cracks up.

Back in her dorm, Felicity annoys Meghan by using a squeaky highlighter while studying. Burky drops by with a book full of business cards from the restaurants he’d like Felicity to pick from for their first date together. Felicity starts to turn him down gently, but Burky stops her, warning that he’ll jump out the window if she uses the word “flattered.” “Flattered,” Meghan says dryly. Fortunately, Felicity’s saved when Julie comes by to invite her to get donuts. Burky leaves as well, telling Meghan that, for the record, she scares him. Mission accomplished, I assume.

Donuts having been acquired, Julie asks Felicity if she ever has nightmares. Felicity says she had one recently about Megan’s box. Julie confides that she’s been having trouble sleeping lately because she keeps having nightmares about Zach. Felicity suggests that she see a counselor at the health center. Julie has already tried that, but she doesn’t feel ready to go back yet.

The health center is busy, so when a student named Leila comes in for an appointment, there’s only one available. She tells Felicity she needs a morning-after pill. Felicity offers to try to get her an earlier appointment so she doesn’t have to spend the whole day anxious.

But Greg, who’s studying for the MCAT, tells Felicity that the health center’s policy has changed and they can’t administer the morning-after pill anymore. Greg personally hates the change, but he has to go along with it to keep the health center up and running. Felicity gives Leila the bad news and offers her a list of local doctors who can help her. Leila doesn’t have insurance, which is why she’s there. She complains that the school is supposed to provide women’s services but is instead limiting their options.

Noel runs a class discussion that Ben tries to participate in, but it’s clear that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ruby’s still in the class, and she and Noel are still on the outs. Noel thanks Ben for at least trying to contribute to the discussion, since hardly anyone else in the class does. He offers to give Ben any help he needs.

Felicity tells Greg that she feels horrible about having to turn down Leila’s request. She’s done some research and discovered that every other school health center in the city distributes the morning-after pill. Plus, that pill is basically a bigger dose of birth control, which the health center does distribute. So what’s the issue?

Greg says that some articles about the morning-after pill and RU-486 (the “abortion pill”) upset the trustees, so they’ve banned any form of post-sex contraceptive. Greg tried to fight them, but the trustees get final say. Felicity doesn’t like having to tell students that the administration is making decisions for them. Greg doesn’t, either, and he also doesn’t like the funding cuts and the fact that they can’t treat non-students. He has to pick his battles.

Felicity tells Pavone about the situation, complaining that Greg doesn’t seem to be taking her point of view seriously. She gets that he can’t fight every battle that comes along, but why not this one? Pavone tells her she’s presumptuous – just because she thinks something’s important doesn’t mean that everyone else does. Greg’s right, and he can’t fight this battle. Felicity’s not going to change anything but saying the same stuff over and over. Obviously, Pavone is implying that if Greg won’t fight the battle, Felicity should.

Felicity reads up on protests, including some successful sit-ins arranged by University of New York students. She goes to see Leila, who got her needs met by Planned Parenthood, and tells her about the sit-ins. One only took three days, so Felicity thinks she can arrange one on her own. She invites Leila to join, if she wants, and Leila immediately agrees.

The two of them and Elena start things off in the health-center lobby. They make some signs and wait for the participants they’ve recruited to join them. Burky comes by to pick up some medication (Elena teases that it’s Viagra) and scoffs at their low turnout. He tells them he’ll bring enough people to really make things happen.

Ben and Noel grab lunch together, talking about some topic from class. Well, Noel’s talking. Ben’s kind of listening. The sit-in slowly grows as Felicity and Leila make calls to try to get more participants. Leila manages to get in touch with someone from the New York Times. That was fast. There’s only, like, ten people protesting!

Greg calls Felicity away from the protest and tells her it’s starting to disrupt the health center’s operations. That’s kind of the point, buddy. He tells her that the head of Student Services is coming by that afternoon, and Greg needs to look good as the director of the health center. Felicity tells him she’ll completely understand if he wants to distance himself from the protest. But Greg wants a letter of recommendation for med school from this guy, and he needs to protest to end now. He warns that the participants could really harm their futures by continuing it.

Burky hands out fliers about the protest to students and random people on the street. Noel and Ben have taken their study session to Noel’s apartment, where Ben says this is more work than he ever did in high school. He basically coasted back then while he spent his time partying and doing sports and hanging out with girls. Noel’s high school experience was completely different. Wow, who would have guessed?

Felicity, Elena, and Leila hang up a banner in the health center that says “There’s got to be a morning after.” Creative. The movement has grown, and when Simmons, the head of Student Services, arrives to meet with Greg, he has to step over people sitting on the stairs and all over the lobby. Julie calls to find out what’s going on, and Felicity, concerned with what this all will do to Greg, tells her they might be done soon.

The other students have no plans of backing down. One guy (he’s only credited as Long-Haired Guy, despite not having long hair; I’ll call him Hal – explanation below) hands out a brochure he put together for a previous protest, telling students what to do in case they get arrested. Felicity thinks they should change tactics, maybe with a petition. If they continue the sit-in, they could be there for days, and they still might not get what they want. Leila and Elena refuse to call things off. Just then, Burky arrives with a ton of new protesters.

That night, some people chant outside the building: “There’s no laughter without the morning after! We’ll stay until we get that pill!” Julie and Ruby have both joined the protest, and Elena’s a little surprised, since Ruby’s having a baby. She doesn’t think Ruby realizes how much her life is going to change. Felicity tells the protesters that the administration won’t talk to them, so they’re going to have to keep going. The event continues with a cheer from Penny and Stacy and a singalong of “We Shall Not Be Moved,” led by Hal. Sean films everything.

Ben and Noel are either unaware of the protest or are staying out of it – they’re drinking and playing video games at Noel’s place. (I think they’re playing Mortal Kombat.) They’re pretty drunk, which is probably why Ben thinks it’s a good move to throw Noel’s next beer to him before he’s ready to catch it. He nails Noel in the head, then laughs. Noel accuses Ben of doing it on purpose. Ben offers to let Noel hit him back, and though Noel refuses at first, eventually he decks Ben. Soon it’s an all-out fight, mirrored by their video-game characters.

Greg is in trouble for not stopping the protest, so he’s most likely not going to get a letter of recommendation from Simmons. He knows the school won’t give in – they rely too much on money from the trustees, no matter what strings come attached. Felicity feels bad about the consequences Greg is facing for the protest, but she’s not shutting it down. He gets it.

Everyone settles in for the night, either sleeping or studying on the floor. Julie wakes up from a nightmare, and Felicity suggests again that she see a counselor. She feels better when she makes tapes to Sally; letting out what she’s feeling is enough to help. Julie wants to find a way to feel better, but something about the idea scares her.

Ben and Noel have fallen asleep/passed out at the apartment, and in the morning, they both have hangovers and bruises. Ben makes a hangover remedy from lime juice, tomato juice, eggs, and baking soda. They acknowledge that they fought the night before but don’t agree on who won.

Sean tries to document a new day at the protest, getting an establishing shot of the health-center building, but that requires standing in traffic, and he just gets honked at. Meghan takes her time in the bathroom, ignoring the huge line outside the door, as people play hacky sack and try to entertain themselves in various ways. There’s practically a record scratch when Ruby spots a new face in the crowd: Edward.

Sullivan, who’s with the school’s administration, has known Edward for a while and wants him to teach a course next semester. He gets Edward to sit down with Felicity and Greg to resolve the protest. Edward didn’t know anything about it until Sullivan called and told him to read about it in the paper. Felicity’s father reminds her that she’s working at the health center as a punishment; she can’t get out of trouble by getting in more trouble. Dude, she’s not trying to get out of trouble. Did you actually read what the protest is about?

Sullivan asks Felicity to shut everything down in exchange for the administration reviewing the policy on post-sex contraception. Edward says he talked to the dean, and this is the best the protesters can hope for. Worst-case scenario: Felicity loses her RA position, gets expelled, or gets arrested. Is this worth winding up with a police record? She needs to end things before they get out of control.

Felicity refuses. She knows the possible consequences and she’s willing to face them. She’s not the only person involved here, and Edward can’t make her stop this just because he wants her to. She’s not a kid anymore. Felicity thanks Sullivan for the offer of compromise, but she doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Sullivan turns to Greg, who’s now fully on Felicity’s side. He’s asked for a bunch of things at the health center that just get stalled at the review stage. The protest seems to be the only way to bring about change.

The press has arrived, so Leila pulls Felicity out of the meeting to talk to them. Felicity’s nervous about it and asks Leila to give an interview, but Leila doesn’t want her parents to find out she’s having sex. Julie reminds Felicity that she was okay talking to the protesters, so she can handle this.

Ben and Noel keep studying while drinking the hangover cure. Once they’ve covered everything, they agree to never study together again. They come across Felicity’s live interview on TV, where she talks about women having the right to choose how to handle their health needs. Felicity struggles to get her thoughts together, so Julie speaks up. She notes that one reason to take the morning-after pill is comfort. A woman who’s been raped might need it for peace of mind.

Julie reveals that she was raped, and one of the fears as a result was that she was pregnant. When the health center distributed the morning-after pill last year, Julie was able to take it and feel like it was one less thing to worry about. It’s peace of mind for women’s partners, too, so they don’t have to face an unplanned pregnancy. When the interview is over, Felicity praises Julie for her courage.

The sit-in continues, and Elena is even able to use her patented study method despite being surrounded by people. Felicity thanks Greg for siding with the protesters. He tells her he’s wanted to change a lot of things but has never actually done anything to try to make the changes. The dean calls, having seen Julie’s interview, and says that a trustee, who also saw the interview, is now pretending this was all a misunderstanding. Long story short, the protesters have won. Also, Greg may get his letter of recommendation after all. He and Felicity kiss, then get awkward about it.

Felicity tells the protesters that thanks to their efforts and Julie’s interview, the administration has caved. There’s an impromptu dance party and Sean hoists Felicity up in the air. Burky thinks Felicity kissed Greg and complains that it’s not fair, since Burky tried so hard to get her to like him. He tells Meghan, who’s mad that Felicity’s moving in on her “crunch.” Whatever, guys. Can’t you be happy for two seconds?

Thoughts: Leila is played by Keiko Agena. Hal is played by Hal Ozsan.

Until this episode, I’d completely forgotten that Burky existed. This show completely wasted Michael Peña’s talents. (Not that his career suffered or anything. I mean, he’s in a Marvel franchise. He’s fine.)

Ben’s right: Who DOES drink Mr. Pibb? Do they even still make it?

September 19, 2020

Felicity 2.15, Things Change: Left Asunder

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Javier’s giving Pavone a run for her money in the counseling department

Summary: Javier has a very important question for Felicity at Dean & DeLuca: What does she think about liposuction? A friend of his just had it, and she looks great now. He notices a customer arriving and tells Felicity that the woman seems to have a “crunch” on Ben. Ben says the woman, Pam, is just one of his classmates and they barely know each other.

Edward is the next customer to come in, so Javier asks for a doctor’s opinion on lipo. Edward says plastic surgery isn’t his specialty. Just tell him he’s beautiful the way he is, Edward. That’s all he wants to hear. Javier moves on to another employee, sending away the customer she’s talking to by exclaiming, “Guess what – it’s free!” This show needs more Javier. A lot more.

Edward invites Felicity to get dinner that night, but she’s volunteering at the health center. Their schedules have been crazy lately, so they haven’t spent much time together. Felicity’s distracted watching Ben and Pam, so she’s barely spending time with Edward right now. She sees Pam give Ben her number. Edward asks about Felicity and Ben’s…whatever, and Felicity says they’re just friends. Javier explains why he’s so focused on his appearance: His boyfriend, Samuel, has been making fun of him. Javier, you don’t need lipo – you need a new boyfriend.

The health center is busy that evening, thanks to only one doctor working. Greg’s concerned that they’ll get shut down after their upcoming review. Meghan comes by, complaining of a sore throat, though it’s an obvious excuse to try to spend more time with her new “crunch,” Greg. “He’s so my flavor,” she tells Felicity, warning her not to steal him away. Felicity’s too shocked to respond.

Back at Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben to pick up an extra shift on Wednesdays, but he has a class then. Felicity can’t take it, either, since that’s when she works at the health center. Ben complains to Javier about Greg, whom Javier has heard a lot about from Felicity. Specifically, he’s heard how fantastic Greg is. Ben doesn’t now how to react to that, and Javier accuses him of staring, probably because Javier looks fat. Ben immediately goes to the phone and calls Pam.

Tracy and Elena meet up in the library to study, and he notes that she’s wearing a perfume she’s worn before. Looks like he’s interested in her for more than just her lab-partner skills. Current Noel/Ruby status: awkward. She doesn’t appear to be talking to him. Noel tells Ben that Ruby’s waiting for him to give her some instructions. You mean instructions for what to do about her own life? Keep waiting, Ruby. On the other hand, the guys are now…friends? Sort of?

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how busy she’s been recently. It keeps her from thinking about her family falling apart. Of course, she can’t avoid that stuff forever, so she goes to her father’s apartment after getting off work early. The apartment is depressing, and Edward hasn’t decorated or unpacked all his stuff. Felicity notices pill bottles on a side table and can’t help herself from snooping. Later, she looks up the medications with Julie. One is a sleeping pill and the other is for anxiety and panic attacks. Felicity wishes she hadn’t distanced herself from Edward so much. Julie assures her that things will be okay; everyone goes through hard times.

The next day (?), Felicity asks Edward to volunteer for a few shifts at the health center. Not only would it help the center, but it would give them more time together. Edward is happy to accept. Ruby stops by to see Noel before class and asks him to approve her transfer to another section. Which should have happened as soon as they realized she was in his section, since they were dating, but whatever.

As Felicity gives Greg the great news that Edward will help out at the health center, Sean watches his docuventary, reviewing it before sending it to some TV channel that’s interested in airing it. Ben goes out with Pam, who tells him about spending a semester in Bosnia, volunteering with the Red Cross. She should work at the health center, too! He’s surprised to learn that she’s from Oregon, since she seems like a New Yorker. Pam thinks it’s because she was bold enough to give him her number, something she never does.

Edward works his first volunteer shift at the health center, but Greg disagrees with his medical decisions. Edward thinks a patient has potentially serious heart problems, but Greg thinks his palpitations are from taking pills to stay awake while he studies. Felicity sides with her father but apologizes to Greg. Greg notes that at least they’re lucky enough to have a doctor.

Ben and Pam have gone back to the loft, but he can’t focus on making out with her because he’s distracted. Gee, I wonder who he’s thinking about? Pam gracefully steps aside, telling him to call her again if things don’t work out with the other woman. Yeah, sorry, Pam. You’re a two-episode guest star and the other woman is the person the show is named after.

At Elena and Noel’s apartment, Elena and Tracy are also distracted, she by him and he by the wallpaper that was never completely removed at the painting party. It doesn’t seem like he needs to study anyway, since he knows the answers to every question she uses to quiz him. Elena eventually tells him to leave because she can’t handle his scraping or his snide attitude. Tracy teases her for being competitive and grins at her as he leaves.

It’s time for the health-center review, and Edward hasn’t arrived for his shift. Lloyd, the non-student patient who keeps trying to be seen there, comes in but it’s not clear what he wants, other than to show off his new haircut. Felicity calls her father’s office at the hospital and is told that he left his job, apparently telling the hospital he was moving back to California.

Tracy annoys his class by tapping his pen on his desk while taking a test. He’s the first one finished and doesn’t look the least bit concerned about how he did. He whispers a “good luck” to Elena as he leaves, then dances just outside the doorway until the professor closes the door. Elena tries very hard not to laugh, but she can’t hold it in. (Same here. Donald Faison is a treasure.)

At Dean & DeLuca, Ben tells Javier about his date with Pam, and how great it was, and how it still wasn’t what he really wants. Javier declares that it’s time for a man-to-man, heart-to-heart talk. They go to Epstein Bar together, and Javier tells Ben that he’s crumbling even though he has everything in his life that anyone could ever want. Javier tries to tell a story about dating a girl as a teenager, but it starts with, “Her name is Lola. She was a showgirl,” so Ben doesn’t buy it.

Javier really date a girl named Lola, even though he knew he liked guys, and long story short, he ended up like Ben, “let asunder by a woman.” Ben needs to stop moping around and sabotaging dates. He needs to get over her, because things between them are never going to work out. Ben asks why. Javier reminds him that she’s married. That’s right, Javier thinks Ben is moping over Maggie. Ben decides not to tell him who he’s really in love with. He leaves, and Javier tries in vain to get a bartender to serve him some snacks.

Edward finally shows up at the health center, lying that he got held up at the hospital. Felicity busts him, so he says he just slept through his alarm. She reveals that she saw his sleeping pills and anxiety medication. Edward tells her he can take care of himself. Felicity’s concerned that he quit his job and didn’t tell anyone. He reminds her that he’s accepted all her decisions, like dropping pre-med, so she needs to accept his.

Tracy and Elena both did well on their test, but he did slightly better with a 99. She agrees to go to dinner with him. Later, as Elena’s cleaning up at the apartment, Noel tells her that he misses Ruby. She tells him to stop with the self-pity and reminds him that he ditched Felicity for Hanna, so he’s not always the victim. “Thank you for your support,” Noel replies. She promises that she does support him.

Noel knows Ruby’s going through something huge and complicated, but part of him wishes that he could move on and stop thinking about her. Even though she slept with someone else and is having that guy’s baby, Noel still wishes they were together. Elena thinks he should forgive her – his ability to forgive sets him apart from other people. It makes him strong, not weak. Noel goes to Ruby’s room and gives her back her transfer slip, telling her she should stay in his class. He understands why she wants to keep the baby, but he can’t go down that road with her. Still, he’s there for her as a friend.

Felicity goes back to her dad’s apartment, where he apologizes for their argument. He didn’t tell her he quit his job because he didn’t want her to worry. He promises he’s okay. Felicity urges him to be honest with her and not just tell her that because he doesn’t want her to worry. Edward says that he felt like his time in New York would be temporary – he would work there until Barbara asked him to come home. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Edward says he misses Barbara, and Felicity asks if he’s told her that. He says he has.

At the loft, Ben mopes yet again when he learns from Sean that Felicity’s taking another shift at the health center. Sean wonders why he cares that Felicity’s spending so much time with Greg. Ben asks Sean why he hasn’t told Julie that he likes her. Sean knows that as soon as he does, Julie will say she just wants to be friends. He’d rather keep it quiet and keep hope alive than get rejected. Ben complains that Felicity obviously admires Greg, who has traits that Ben doesn’t have. He thinks Sean was wrong when he said that Ben isn’t ready to make a commitment to Felicity. In that case, Sean says he needs to go tell her how he feels.

At the health center, Greg tells Felicity that they passed their review and can stay open. They celebrate with some sparkling cider. Greg reveals that Edward was right about the diagnosis Greg disagreed with him on. Ben arrives to make his big, romantic declaration, but seeing how comfortable Greg and Felicity are together makes him decide he’s too late.

Thoughts: I’m saying “crunch” instead of “crush” from now on.

Assuming Tracy is pre-med, it’s funny that Donald Faison’s next role was playing a doctor.

So the clinic is completely staffed by volunteers? And they only have doctors? No nurses or med students? That’s a horrible way to run things.

Pam seems cool. Can we trade boring Julie for her?

God bless Forever Young Adult for this gif of Tracy dancing. Also, I’m going to have to read all their Felicity and Buffy rewatch posts.

September 12, 2020

Felicity 2.14, True Colors: I Might Regret This

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Plot twist in 3…2…1…

Summary: Felicity and Ben are both working a shift at Dean & DeLuca, and she’s in a bad mood. She complains about Greg, so Ben tells her to do her community service somewhere else. Felicity says that’s just what he wants. She asks where Ben’s doing his service, but he hasn’t found a new place yet – he’s avoiding it as long as he can. Pavone is bugging him about it and is making him take a philosophy class.

Ruby makes a prenatal appointment while Noel silently tries to figure out if he can pack up all his things and flee the country before she notices he’s gone. She knows he doesn’t want to go to the appointment with him, so she gives him permission to skip it. Noel admits that he’d like to disappear or trade lives with someone else. He wants to be supportive, but he can’t.

Elena wants to paint the apartment, so she’s trying to get her friends together for a painting party. Felicity doesn’t think it’s good timing for Noel and Ruby. Elena thinks they’ll be fine. She’s also inviting Tracy and is excited to get to know him outside of class. Felicity asks if Julie’s bringing Erik, and she explains that that’s over, as is the record. She pretends it’s not a big deal.

At the apartment, Elena tells Noel that everyone’s coming over on Friday to paint. He reminds her that they’re only living there for three more months. Elena thinks he’ll be happier with paint on the walls instead of their ugly wallpaper. Noel’s like, “Yeah, the color of our walls is my problem.” He tells her that Ruby’s pregnant and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

The philosophy class Pavone is making Ben take happens to be Noel’s. Aren’t they a few weeks or even months into the semester already? This is dumb. At the health center, Felicity tries to strike up a conversation with Greg about dwindling blood supplies in the city, but he’s not interested. He’s also a jerk. How long until they hook up?

Ruby leaves Noel’s class without talking to him, so Noel distracts himself by asking Ben for more information on the girl he mentioned previously (the one he knocked up in high school). Ben was supposed to take her to her appointment for an abortion, but Ben panicked and went snowboarding with friends instead.

He almost called her last year to apologize; he hates the thought of her sitting in the waiting room, thinking he was going to join her. Ben knows it’s easy to be a coward in this kind of situation, but he knows Noel will regret it. Noel wonders what would have happened if Ben’s girlfriend had decided to have the baby. Ben asks if he’s really wondering what Ben would have done or if he wants to figure out what he himself should do.

At the health center, Felicity chats with the young daughter of a doctor at the health center. She tries to listen to Felicity’s heart with a stethoscope, but she can’t hear anything. Greg pulls Felicity away to ask her what happened to some missing computer files. Felicity says she’s never even been in that folder. Also, she’s not quitting. Greg calls her incompetent, then sends her home. Felicity tells him he may be good with patients, but he’s rude to everyone else.

At the loft, Sean is making quiche, which he thinks contains potatoes. Julie tells Ben she’s not going to the painting party, so he leaves without her. Sean encourages Julie to talk to someone about the thing that’s obviously bothering her. She replies that she already has him to talk to. Sean clarifies that she should talk to a professional. Instead, Julie decides to distract herself with the painting party.

Felicity checks in on Ruby, who tells her that Noel is flaking on her. She knows everyone must think she’s crazy for wanting to keep the baby, but she thought Noel would be different. Amazingly, he is – when Ruby shows up for her prenatal appointment, Noel is already there. He acknowledges that he hasn’t been at his best, but he’s going to be there for Ruby from now on.

Ben goes to Felicity’s room and waits for her to get ready for the party. Meghan asks if he’s there to beg her to drive across the country again. He invites her to the party, where there will be plenty of paint for her to sniff. Noel and Ruby get to see the baby on an ultrasound, but when the doctor says that Ruby’s two months pregnant, Noel realizes something. She was in L.A. two months ago. Noel can’t be the baby’s father. Well, I didn’t see that coming!

After the appointment, Ruby admits that she spent the night with one guy, and they used protection. Well, clearly not correctly! For some reason, she never thought the baby could be his. Noel asks who the guy is, and Ruby says he’s no one, just a producer. She argues that they weren’t officially dating when she went to L.A. Noel reminds her that they’d slept together. She says she didn’t know if he really cared about her. By the time she did, she’d already slept with the other guy. Noel decides to leave before he really loses it.

Sean has brought his quiche to the painting party, which is also attended by Richard. Hey, Richard! Where have you been? Noel and Elena aren’t there, even though it’s their apartment. Felicity tells Richard that Noel and Ruby are going through a tough time. Richard says he warned Noel that she would turn out to be trouble. Meghan is using Felicity’s telescope to spy on someone when Greg comes by looking for Felicity. The second Meghan opens the door and sees Greg, something happens that we’ve never seen before: Meghan becomes speechless. She lies that she doesn’t know where Felicity is and invites Greg to come in and wait for her.

Felicity complains about Greg to Julie, who’s more interested in the services of the health center than she is in its jerky manager. Maybe she’ll take Sean’s advice and see a therapist after all. Elena arrives with Tracy, who recognizes Richard as the guy who once had a satellite dish in his dorm room. Sean tries to offer around his quiche, but no one wants it. Felicity thanks Tracy for helping out with the painting; he says it’s for selfish reasons – he can’t keep studying there with ugly wallpaper. He asks if Elena’s wearing perfume, and she flirtily says she might be.

Meghan is grilling Greg about his life story, in probably the longest conversation she’s ever had with anyone since coming to college. Greg decides he’s done waiting, so Meghan pretends she just remembered where Felicity is. In fact, she can take Greg there. Sean turns the party into an actual party, putting on music and dancing. Elena joins in, and after a little bit, Tracy takes Sean’s place so he can dance with her. Eventually everyone gets pulled onto the makeshift dance floor, and there’s a nice minute where everyone’s genuinely happy. Of course, that’s when Noel comes home and kills the mood.

After he goes off to hide in his room, everyone expresses sympathy for him. Richard still has no idea what’s going on. Meghan and Greg arrive, and Greg asks to talk to Felicity alone. In Elena’s room, Greg tells Felicity that another worker confessed to accidentally deleting the files he accused Felicity of screwing up. The health center is being reviewed next week, and Greg has been under a lot of pressure trying to make sure everything’s perfect. He apologizes for taking it out on her. Felicity offers to help him get the files restored in time for the review.

Sean recruits Greg to help paint, so Meghan offers to stay, too. Richard asks what’s going on with Noel and Ruby, then guesses that she’s pregnant. Suddenly everything makes sense to those in the room who also didn’t know what was going on. Elena admits that she’s mad that Ruby’s going to keep the baby when she’s still in college. Noel overhears all the conversations as the friends discuss Ruby’s options. Julie mentions adoption, of course. Tracy says his parents got married after his mother got pregnant with him at 17. They’re still together and have three kids.

Ben starts picking on Greg, then straight out says he doesn’t like him. Elena asks if Tracy thinks it would be wrong for Ruby not to have the baby. She thought Tracy was pro-choice. Tracy’s like, “Yeah, emphasis on choice.” Julie notes that she wouldn’t be there if her birth mother hadn’t decided to have her. Richard thinks Ruby has trapped Noel. Julie says he’s not a victim. Ruby’s the one who has to deal with the consequences here. Noel comes out of his room and reveals that he’s not the baby’s father. “Parties in this apartment are always so much fun,” Meghan says.

Ruby shows up, and Noel takes her to his room to talk. Tracy’s the first to decide that the party needs to end. They forget that Richard’s in the bathroom, and everyone leaves without him. Ruby tells Noel that when she found out the baby isn’t his, she questioned whether she should still have it, since he wouldn’t be with her to raise it. She does still want it, since it’s a part of her.

She’s sorry for sleeping with someone else and for not telling him. If their situations were reversed, she wouldn’t want him to tell her he’d slept with someone else. Ruby really thought that she and Noel were falling in love. She hopes they can still make things work. You know, even though she slept with someone else, got pregnant, and wants to raise the baby. I’m sure Noel is totally ready to forgive her and make a commitment to raise another person’s child.

At the loft, Julie tells Sean that she feels like she overreacted to the discussion about Ruby’s options. She tells Sean about Zach for the first time. She thought she was over it, but now she’s not sure. Sean tells her that his sister went through the same thing, and he wants to kill both her rapist and Zach. Julie thinks Sean is right about her needing to see a therapist.

At Dean & DeLuca, Ben urges Felicity not to forgive Greg, even if he apologized. He thinks Greg is a snob and his apology is just part of some big manipulation. Ben invites Felicity to see a movie, but she’s working at the health center. Ben thinks Greg apologized to get Felicity to help him ahead of the review. Felicity asks what bugs him so much about Greg. Ben just says it’s his hair. Noel comes in to see Ben, which surprises and confuses Felicity.

She and Greg work some long hours at the health center, and Greg asks if Felicity and Ben are dating. She says no, then asks if Greg is seeing anyone. He just broke up with someone last month, after an eight-month relationship. He blames himself, since he’s a mess and a screwed-up past. Felicity asks for more information. Girl, just ask Meghan.

Noel and Ben hang out at Ben’s new home, the basketball courts. Noel thinks he’d be justified in walking away from Ruby, since she cheated. Ben thinks they weren’t officially together when she slept with the producer. Noel admits that he’s relieved because all the pressure is off, but he still cares about Ruby. Ben tells him not to walk away too early, before he figures everything out. He’ll regret it. Of course, telling someone what not to do isn’t as helpful as telling them what to do, so that doesn’t get Noel anywhere.

Thoughts: Yeah, I’m sure Noel and Elena’s landlord is okay with college students taking down wallpaper and painting the walls when they only have a few months left on their lease.

If Ruby’s baby’s father is the producer of a Tom Cruise movie, I’d say she’s set for life in the money department. Also, hilariously, when J.J. Abrams started working on the Mission Impossible franchise, he became a producer of Tom Cruise movies.

Even people like Greg and Tracy, who know nothing about Sean, don’t want to try his quiche. I thought college students would eat any kind of free food.

September 5, 2020

Felicity 2.13, Truth or Consequences: Help Not Wanted

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A watched pregnancy test never boils

Summary: Ruby is about to take a pregnancy test and find out if Noel knocked her up. According to him, blue means no and pink is “not no.” Ruby tries to convince herself that she’s just late because of stress. He tells her they don’t need to take the test right now if she doesn’t want to. She thinks her period is about to start anyway. They’ll hold on to the test and use it later if necessary. Because, as everyone knows, if you don’t take a pregnancy test, you’re not actually pregnant.

Felicity and Ben meet with Pavone, who tells them they’re lucky. They each have to complete 50 hours of community service before the end of the semester. Ben protests, arguing that no one got hurt when they broke into the pool. Felicity is more willing to take the punishment, but Ben keeps whining. Pavone tells him she came up with the 50-hour requirement and she can always raise that if she feels like it.

At the loft, Sean catches Julie practicing meeting the head of Erik’s label, Pop Rocks. Sean invites her to practice on him instead. He doesn’t seem impressed. Ben and Felicity run into each other downtown as she’s on her way to meet Edward for dinner. She asks if Ben had a hard time seeing his parents after they split up. He says it was strange seeing them as separate people. Felicity and Ben have both chosen to do their community service at the health center, though she can’t imagine him working there. He’s actually excited about it and thinks he’ll do a good job.

Ruby still hasn’t gotten her period, so she decides it’s time to take the test. She can’t believe they get the results in just two minutes – it’s so little time to give them such important information. They urge it to turn out blue, thinking blue thoughts. They watch as the stick changes color…but it’s pink, not blue.

Ben and Felicity’s volunteering is off to a great start when their boss, Greg Stenson, tells them he doesn’t like that people serve their community service there. He doesn’t seem to believe them when they say they really want to help. He assigns them to answer phones, but Ben says he has experience using Excel and offers to do data entry instead.

Ruby is now debating whether or not to have the baby. Noel asks if they should leave school and get married. Ruby tells him he doesn’t need to do anything. He points out that she’s only 18; what kind of job can she get (without a college degree) that will pay enough to support a child on her own? Ruby just replies that she doesn’t want to be pregnant.

A guy named Lloyd comes to the health center to report that he had a nosebleed this morning and thinks he’s a hemophiliac. Greg reminds him that he’s not a student, so he can’t use the health center. He tells Felicity he likes attention and once came in with what he said was a shark bite.

Greg complains that Felicity isn’t doing things fast enough, like all the others who do community service there. Felicity tells him she’s not an idiot and doesn’t need to be grouped with the other community service servers. She checks in on Ben, who doesn’t actually know how to use Excel and is just messing around on a computer instead. He doesn’t care if he gets in trouble since he’s already there because he’s in trouble.

The Pop Rocks guy, Larry, tells Julie that her music is “nice,” but he doesn’t think they can do anything with that. Erik insists that she’s worth the effort (and money), and he thinks her music will touch people. Just this once, Larry should bet against his instincts and give her a chance. Larry gives in but tells Erik that if it goes badly, it’s all on him. There are no promises that Julie will be successful, but at least she gets to make a record.

Noel and Ruby come to the health center and talk with Greg, who’s a lot gentler with patients than he is with the volunteers. He tells Ruby that he knows this is scary, but lots of people go through it and she’ll be fine. Ruby asks if the abortion will hurt. Greg is honest with her, but still reassuring. He thinks making the decision and being sure about it is harder than undergoing the procedure itself. Ben spots Noel and Ruby as they’re leaving, and when Greg gives him Ruby’s paperwork, Ben learns why they’re there.

The next day, Greg tells Felicity that when Ben comes in, Greg needs to yell at him for not doing any work. He thinks Felicity really does want to help, but Ben is just doing his time. Greg doesn’t have a choice about accepting volunteers through community service, but Felicity can tell him to find a different place to serve. Felicity says she won’t do that, since Ben is her friend. If Greg has a problem with him, he can say it himself.

Ben meets Noel at Epstein Bar to tell him he knows Ruby is pregnant and going to have an abortion. If Noel wants to talk, Ben is there to listen – he’s been in Noel’s position. He got a high school girlfriend pregnant?? I bet Felicity doesn’t know that. Noel tells him angrily that what’s going on with him and Ruby is their business, not Ben’s. Erik takes Julie home after a label party and they start drunkenly kissing. They get horizontal, but Julie tries to put on the brakes before they get naked. Erik doesn’t listen, and Julie starts getting panicked. She calls him Zach and pushes him off. He leaves angrily as she cries.

Also crying: Ruby, who Felicity runs into in the dorm bathroom. Ruby confides that she’s pregnant and asks if Felicity’s ever been in that situation or known someone who was. Felicity, thinking of her mother (who confessed in the last episode that she married Edward because she was pregnant), says she knew someone who got pregnant at 19. She stayed with the father, but they recently split up. Ruby wonders if she’s doing the right thing. Felicity says that Ruby’s opinion is the only one that matters, since it’s her decision.

At the health center the next day, Felicity tells Ben that Greg’s mad at him for slacking. Thanks to some help from Sean, Ben thinks he can handle Excel, but Felicity tells him that Greg doesn’t want him there. She encourages him to prove to Greg that he should be there. Ben refuses – he’ll just find another service place. He doesn’t want to help anyone, and when he tries to, he fails.

It’s almost time for Ruby’s appointment, and Noel’s struggling to find something supportive to say. She tells him he doesn’t need to say anything. On the way to the health center, they pass a woman with a baby. Later, Felicity is about to approach Noel in the waiting room when Ruby comes in crying. She says she can’t go through with it.

Felicity brings up the situation in a session with Pavone. She calls Noel her friend and Ruby her advisee instead of mentioning that they’re her ex and his new girlfriend. She wanted to help Noel, but she didn’t know what to say to him. Then she mentions that they used to go out. When she looked at him, she saw her father and imagined him in this position when Barbara got pregnant in college. Maybe they made the wrong decision. Pavone notes that there are always tons of possibilities, and you can only choose one path to follow. Felicity should talk to Noel about his life and feelings without bringing her own baggage into it.

Noel tries to go about his normal life, teaching his class while pretending it’s not a big deal that Ruby skipped it. Felicity comes by and invites him to open up about his feelings. He hasn’t seen Ruby since she left the health center, and he doesn’t know what she’s thinking. Felicity apologizes for not coming to talk to him earlier. Noel admits that he’s scared. If Ruby wants to keep the baby, Noel knows he won’t able to handle it. Ruby will be fine, but Noel isn’t strong enough. Felicity disagrees – if Ruby’s strong, it’s because Noel is with her. He’s more capable than he knows, and he’s helped Felicity more than he thinks.

Ben has a session with Pavone and tells her he’s leaving the health center. He doesn’t know where he’ll do his service instead. Pavone asks his opinion on the music she’s playing, by Pachelbel. He says it’s elevator music and he doesn’t like it. She gives him the CD and tells him to listen to it a few times. Pavone tells him to figure out where he wants to do his service hours and not just follow Felicity around. Ben needs to get past the loss of the swim program and refocus his energy. His grades aren’t bad, but they’re average, and she doesn’t think Ben himself is average. Everyone has to figure out who they are at some point.

Erik is done with Julie, and I really hope she signed a contract because if he terminates it, she can sue him. Sean tries to get her to open up to him, but she says it just didn’t work out. He guesses that Erik made a move on her, as Sean predicted he would. Julie blames herself; she let him kiss her because he’d been so patient and helpful. Didn’t she owe him after everything he’d done for her? Sean says that if he did this to get close to Julie, he’s a fraud. If it was about her music, she doesn’t owe him anything.

Ben goes by Felicity’s room, and after Meghan gets five seconds of screen time, the other two go outside to talk. He admits that he volunteered at the health center because Felicity wanted to work there. He sees things in her that he wishes he had himself. Felicity admits that she doesn’t know what she wants, but Ben likes that she cares about things. Now he needs to find something he cares about. Felicity tells him that it was nice of him to try to help Noel, even though Noel didn’t want his help. Ben asks her if she likes Pachelbel – now Ben thinks he’s good.

At his apartment, Noel tells Ruby his father’s theory about three-year cycles. Every three years go by like a roller coaster, and then you dip and come up. Ruby says she’s been trying to figure out what she wants since she was 15. That’s part of the reason she did the movie. Now she thinks her purpose is to have the baby. Noel doesn’t respond, but I’m pretty confident he doesn’t feel like that’s his purpose.

Thoughts: Between classes and schoolwork, her job, her RA responsibilities, therapy, and now community service, how does Felicity have time for a life?

Greg’s hair is huge. Do you think it’s full of secrets?

I guess health center volunteers don’t learn about confidentiality?

Guys, Excel isn’t that hard. Read the Help section if you don’t understand something.

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