August 22, 2020

Felicity 2.11, Help for the Lovelorn: Hearts of Glass

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Felicity’s outfit is kind of cute, and her hair looks a lot better in this episode

Summary: To let us know that this episode is different from all the others – in a twilight-y kind of zone, if you will – we’re in black and white. Though we would know something’s different without that, since Meghan’s hair is styled like a ’50s housewife again and she’s wearing a very un-Meghan-like nightgown. She’s also opening her box and willingly making conversation with Felicity. Felicity, also dressed in ’50s-ish clothes, asks what’s in the box, and Meghan says she’ll find out soon enough.

At a diner that appears to be standing in for Dean & DeLuca, Noel and Felicity talk about how both have strange feelings today. Noel thinks his is because he’s realized he only has three semesters left before he graduates. Time is moving quickly, and college will be over soon. Then what will they do? He asks Felicity about her weird feeling, but she says it’s probably nothing. She watches as Noel sits down to study, and Ben cleans around him.

A woman approaches Felicity at the counter and remarks that she must be lovesick over Noel. Felicity confides that Ben and Noel are both her exes. The woman says she can give her “help for the lovelorn.” She offers Felicity a card for a place called the Clinic. She owes it to herself to call, since she’s “romantically frustrated.” They’ll give her a treatment. “For the incurable romantic, the Clinic is the cure,” she tells Felicity. Felicity puts the card away, not wanting to use it, but after another glance at her guys, she makes a call. The narrator, who is Sally instead of Rod Serling, tells us it will change her life forever.

After credits redone in the style of The Twilight Zone, Felicity waits impatiently in the waiting room of the Clinic. A nurse named Janice takes her to an exam room and asks her questions about previous surgical procedures and how long she’s been experiencing heartache. Felicity says it’s been a little over a year, since she came to New York. She put too much importance on romance and sex, and now love matters to her. She’s sick of caring so much about wanting a soulmate. She wants that feeling to go away.

Janice asks Felicity to sign a form, though Felicity still doesn’t know what kind of treatment she’ll be receiving. She figures it’s a form of therapy, though I don’t think they ask you about previous surgical procedures when you go to see a therapist. Janice leaves, and Felicity starts looking around the room, which contains a case of knives.

The doctor comes in and gives her a physical exam. Felicity says she’s just there for a consultation, but he tells her not everyone who comes in qualifies for treatment. He offers her a cup of water, drinking some himself. He tells Felicity they need to run some tests. There are treatments for every kind of physical affliction; why can’t there also be a treatment for the brokenhearted? When the doctor starts to draw some blood, Felicity decides she’s had enough and leaves. The doctor tells her there’s no need to be afraid. Felicity replies that she never said she was afraid.

Back in her room, Felicity opens a package. Inside is a heart-shaped dish, like a candy dish, with a note from the Clinic inside. Janice calls and leaves a message on the answering machine asking Felicity to schedule a second visit. Felicity picks up and tells her she’s not interested in the treatment. Janice coolly says that she understands, then hangs up.

At the library, Felicity tells Elena about her experience, wondering when the Clinic could have sent the glass heart, since she only went in yesterday. Felicity asks Elena not to tell anyone about the visit, since it makes her sound desperate. Elena notes that she is desperate. Felicity jokes that the Clinic seems like a place for vampires, since they tried to draw her blood. Weird things seem to happen there.

Elena starts to tell Felicity about a time when she was walking by a church and someone offered her a happiness test. Felicity spots a man outside the library and stops Elena, saying the man is looking at her. Elena asks if he’s cute. Priorities, Elena! Felicity says he looks dead. He also looks insistent that Felicity talk to him. When Elena turns around, she doesn’t see anyone. She asks Felicity if she took anything at the clinic. Felicity says she didn’t take anything, then remembers drinking water.

Felicity goes looking for the man in the stacks. He tells her she needs to find a way out so what happened to him doesn’t happen to her. He warns her to “stay away from the snow.” Felicity tells him she turned down the procedure at the Clinic, but he tells her the procedure is already underway. Then he disappears.

At the diner, Elena tries to puzzle out what happened and what the man meant about snow. She opens a newspaper, which carries the headline “RUSSIA FIRES ROCKET TOWARD MOON,” to see when it’s going to snow next. The woman who gave Felicity the card from the Clinic returns and asks Felicity how things went. She already knows that Felicity left her appointment. She relays a message from the Clinic telling Felicity to go back, then gives her another card. Felicity calls the Clinic and threatens to report them for harassment. Janice says she’ll take care of things.

That night, Felicity has trouble sleeping. He hears a man’s voice whispering her name. She thinks it’s coming from her tape recorder, which is on, but there’s no tape inside. “Open 67,” the voice tells her. (If he’d said 47, <i>Alias </i>fans watching this in reruns would have freaked out.) Meghan wakes up and asks Felicity if she’s ever going to stop making her stupid tapes.

Julie finds Felicity in the library and invites her to talk. Felicity knows that Julie will think she’s crazy, so she doesn’t want to tell her what’s going on. But Julie already knows – the Clinic called her to get her to convince Felicity to go back. Felicity tells her that weird stuff is happening, like the message from the recorder. Julie thinks she’s just experiencing stress from all her emotional turmoil.

She continues that she went to the Clinic herself over the summer and had the procedure. That was the only way she could get over Ben and forgive Felicity. The Clinic may seem cult-like, but anything that works well will have its fanatics. Felicity asks about the treatment, but Julie can’t give her details, since she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Only the Clinic can tell her what she wants to know.

Felicity goes to a new job in what looks like a biology lab, though there are also tables like you’d find in a morgue, where bodies are examined. Or maybe they’re more like morgue drawers, just not in a wall where you can pull them out. Anyway, a guy working there offers to let her see a dead body. Felicity decides this isn’t a good time. (Is there ever a good time to see a dead body?) The guy thinks she’s in for a spooky experience, working alone in a creepy place.

Felicity does her work, doing her best not to let the dead bodies get to her. Then she realizes that one of the drawers is labeled 67. She tries to go back to her cleaning, but she sees a man’s reflection in a mirror. She looks around, but there’s no one else in the room. She slowly approaches drawer 67 opens it, then closes it again when she sees there’s just a normal dead body inside. Before she can get it closed, the body moves and says her name.

The body tells Felicity that if she wants to see what the Clinic does to people, she should unzip his body bag. She does – and inside is the man who warned her away from the Clinic. He has a half-moon of stitches in his chest from where his broken heart was ripped out. He warns that that’s what the Clinic is going to do to her.

For some reason, Felicity goes back to the Clinic instead of moving to another country and changing her name. She asks Janice what was in the water she drank, then demands to know what the doctor did to her. The doctor tells her she needs help. There was nothing in the water. After all, she watched him drink it, too. Felicity says that must be part of the scheme. The doctor tells her she sounds crazy.

Felicity tells him about her experience with the dead guy and her newfound knowledge that the Clinic removes people’s hearts. The doctor asks what the hearts are replaced with. She guesses they must put in computers or some other object that doesn’t have emotions. She pulls out the glass heart, which was postmarked the day before she ever heard of the Clinic. How did they know to send it? How did they even know where she lived?

The doctor asks how Felicity knows she’s not imagining things, even the glass heart. “How do you know where truth ends and fantasy begins?” he says. Felicity knows the heart is real because she can feel it, just like she can feel pain in her arm. As Janice approaches with a huge needle, the doctor tells Felicity that she should let them treat her arm. Felicity orders the doctor and Janice to stay away from her arm and her heart. The doctor tries to convince Felicity to stay, but she throws the heart against the wall and runs off.

She ends up at Noel’s place, wondering if she’s losing her mind. Maybe she never saw the man in the library, and he never told her about snow. Maybe Julie’s right about stress – though maybe Felicity didn’t talk to her about this at all. Noel doesn’t think Felicity’s crazy; there has to be an explanation for everything. Felicity says she was desperate to heal her heart, and now she feels stupid.

Noel tells her that everyone’s different and has different weakness. For some it’s alcohol or drugs. For Felicity, it’s love. Felicity says everything she’s been through has felt real. Noel tells her they must have been real, then. He always believes her. Now they need to figure out what to do next. Felicity wants to go to the police, even if it turns out she’s imagining everything. She’d rather look foolish than let anyone else go through what she’s going through.

Noel offers to go to the police station with Felicity, then goes into the bathroom to wash up and change his clothes. He asks Felicity what else the man said in the library. Felicity says he was just scared. As Noel asks more questions about the man, Felicity spots something familiar in the living room: a glass heart. She takes it to the bathroom, where a shirtless Noel turns toward the mirror, allowing Felicity to see his half-moon scar from where his heart was removed.

He explains that Julie told him about the clinic a few weeks ago. The only way they’ll all survive this whole mess – everyone in love with and/or sleeping with each other – is to have their hearts removed. Felicity says they’re just looking for love. He tells her it’s not worth it. Felicity didn’t want to have heartache ever again, and the Clinic can help her with that, so why not have her heart removed?

Felicity says she doesn’t want that anymore, if getting rid of heartache means not feeling anything. She’ll take the pain if it means she also gets the happy parts of love. Noel tells her to take a deep breath…because that’s how anesthesia works. Felicity’s really on a table in the Clinic, having her heart removed.

She wakes up post-procedure, and the doctor tells her she must have had an interesting dream because she talked in her sleep. Felicity tells him that she dreamed that the doctor removes hearts. But that’s crazy! For the first time, Felicity learns the doctor’s name: Snow. The procedure was a success, and Felicity no longer has a heart.

Felicity ends up in a bare room. Noel comes in and she blasts him for not telling her the truth about the Clinic. Noel says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She demands to see his chest, which is normal – no scar. Felicity laughs with relief, saying it must have been a dream. Noel says it’s not over, since he has no idea how they got to the room or how to get out. He asks Felicity how she got there, but she just remembers waking up there. Somehow, there are no windows or doors.

Ben joins them, followed by Julie. They tell Felicity they’ve been there for months. Felicity says that’s impossible; they just got back to New York after Christmas break. Elena is also there, and says it was just the four of them in there until Felicity arrived. Felicity says there must be a rational explanation, but Ben says normal logic won’t work there.

Noel anticipates Felicity’s next question: How are they getting food? He says they’re not. Felicity thinks she’s still dreaming, but Julie notes that they couldn’t all be having the same dream. Everyone tells Felicity that there’s no point in trying to solve the puzzle of how they got there and how they can get out. Julie remarks that Felicity could be the one to crack the code. Noel tells her he’s sick of her optimism. Elena defends her, saying hope isn’t a bad thing to have.

Felicity wonders if they’re all dead and in Hell. Julie doesn’t see how it could be Hell if there are cute guys there. They all come up with crazy explanations; maybe they were abducted by aliens, or they drank spiked punch at a party. Elena suggests that they were never really people to begin with. Felicity says that of course they are.

Noel asks what they really know about each other. Julie doesn’t remember what her parents look like. Noel notes that he’s been in college for three years and has pretty much no friends. (Hey, good point!) Elena says they can’t remember anything before getting to college. Noel says Felicity will soon join the rest of them in questioning who they all are. Felicity wonders if their normal life from before was really the dream, and this is what’s real.

She pounds on the walls, trying to find a way out. Julie wishes she had her guitar. “Thank God you don’t have your guitar,” Noel replies. They all wonder how they’ll get to accomplish their goals while they’re stuck there, going nowhere. They don’t know what’s outside the walls of the room, but Elena says it has to be better than what’s in there.

Felicity thinks they can climb on each other’s shoulders and get over the walls. She offers to find a way out and come back for the others. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Felicity gets to the top of a wall. The others fall down and yell up to Felicity, asking what’s out there. She doesn’t respond…because she’s just a doll. A doll Meghan’s playing with, along with four other dolls, which she keeps inside her mystery box. Sally tells us the box is more than just a box. It’s a gray area where you continuously question who you are and who you’ll become. It’s a box…called college. Oh, come on!

Thoughts: Do you think there’s a lot of overlap between Twilight Zone fans and Felicity fans? Do you think a lot of viewers were excited to see this episode? I doubt it.

Elena’s story about the happiness test makes me think she was being recruited by Scientology.

For the rest of the series, whenever something ridiculous happens, I’ll just tell myself it’s Meghan’s doing.

June 27, 2020

Felicity 2.3, Ancient History: The Power of Change

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Summary: Meghan is the first person to get to take in Felicity’s new haircut. She and I agree that it’s bad. Burky thinks she looks hot, because of course he does. Felicity makes a tape for Sally, announcing that she did something distract: She dropped pre-med. Then she backs up to talk about her new haircut, which led to a lot of huge reactions from people. Even people she didn’t know commented. Felicity has been thinking about the next step now that she’s made this big change.

A student named Ruby comes to Felicity with a major crisis but gets distracted by Felicity’s haircut. She wonders if Felicity made the change because she just went through a breakup. She likes the new Felicity. Then Ruby announces that she’s thinking about dropping out. The only class she really wanted, Norwegian landscapes, was canceled. Her grandmother’s wallpaper inspired her to study art history, and I guess Norwegian landscapes was the only class open. Felicity helps her look at some art classes, which is really more about the classes Felicity would like to take. Ruby opts for one on costumes of czarist Russia.

Now Felicity is thinking about rearranging her schedule so she can take art classes, but her pre-med schedule doesn’t leave her any time for them. She realizes she’s backed herself into a corner. Felicity daydreams about art while in a chemistry class with Elena, though she says she’s not distracted because of Ben. She’s managed to avoid him so she doesn’t think about him. Felicity mentions taking art classes, and Elena tells her not to drop pre-med. Felicity swears she isn’t…then goes to the registrar and does exactly that.

Ben and Sean are moving a bed into the loft when Julie comes home. She’s found an apartment and will be moving out of the loft at the end of the month. Sean is disappointed. Over at Noel and Elena’s, Noel tells Richard that he’s in a class with Brigid, the woman whose number he tried to get. He’s thinking about asking her out. Richard tells him sarcastically that that’s a great idea and there’s no way he’ll get rejected twice.

Elena thinks Felicity is making big changes as a knee-jerk reaction to her breakup with Ben. She’s annoyed that with Felicity out of pre-med classes, their study system will be screwed up and Elena’s GPA will suffer. Wow, who thought Elena would make this about her? That’s weird. Noel joins them at Epstein Bar and doesn’t hide how horrible he thinks Felicity’s haircut is. He keeps mocking her, so she leaves. Elena calls him out for being a jerk.

Felicity tells Sally that she obviously feels bad for how things turned out with Noel, but she’s not going to let him beat up on her. Noel goes to the class he has with Brigid (an art class) and mentions that he tried to call her, but it turns out the number she gave him was for a pizza place. Ouch. He tells her he’s going to ask for her number again, and she should know that he’s in the mood for Chinese food. Noel has finally stopped being stiff and awkward, and Brigid might not be as turned off as she was before. Of course, Felicity ends up in their class, so…here comes the awkwardness again.

The professor, Annie Sherman, pairs up the students for an assignment, and Felicity winds up with Brigid. She warns everyone that they’ll be starting critiques at the end of the week, so newcomers need to thicken their skin now. After class, Noel complains that he and Felicity are in the same class. Brigid tells Felicity she’ll call her, and Noel tells Brigid he’ll call her. He and Felicity agree to keep their distance from each other.

Ruby asks Meghan’s advice on what kind of computer she should get. Felicity is much better at this sort of thing, so Meghan and Ruby are both happy when she gets home. Meghan suggests that Ruby consult Noel, since he knows computers. Felicity claims she lost his new number, but Meghan says he’s in the school directory. By the way, she’s shaving her armpits in the room.

At the loft, Sean and Ben interview a potential new roommate. Ben likes him but Sean isn’t impressed (because he’s not Julie, I’m guessing). He thinks the guy’s flippy hair means he won’t respect the loft. Ben reminds him that Julie isn’t staying, so they have to move on. Felicity and Brigid sketch each other in a park, and Brigid gives Felicity some encouragement about displaying her work for the first time. She brings up Noel, saying she’s happy to go to dinner with him, but she doesn’t want him to pursue a relationship that won’t go anywhere. Brigid’s already seeing someone – a woman.

Noel complains to Richard that Felicity and Brigid were paired up for the assignment. Richard says Felicity’s trying to sabotage any relationship Noel might develop with Brigid. I think he’s being sarcastic again, but Richard’s sarcastic voice and his regular voice are very similar. Ruby shows up to talk computers, and Richard thinks this is another move Felicity’s making to mess with Noel.

Felicity tells Elena that Noel asked Brigid out to the same restaurant where he took her on their first date. Elena accuses her of being jealous, which Felicity denies. Elena reminds Felicity that they’re ancient history, and she needs to move on. Also, she’s mad that Felicity left her without a lab partner, so now she has to do more work in chemistry.

Julie’s already packing for her move, even though it’s a week and a half away. Ben offers his help and they make some friendly small talk. She teases that she wrote some music over the summer, including a song called “When Ben Dies.” Heh. She asks how he’s doing, knowing that he’s struggling with his breakup. She knows he’ll get over it eventually.

Felicity tells Sally that she’s been single for a week, and sometimes she actually feels like she might get over Ben. Or maybe she’ll just learn to live with it. Brigid meets up with Noel before class and asks if they can get together to talk later. She mentions that she talked to Felicity about him, making him curious about what Felicity might have said. Felicity tells him to talk to Brigid instead of her. Noel asks about Felicity sending Ruby to him, then tells her they’re not friends, so she can’t discuss him with other people. They were going to avoid each other, but now Felicity’s everywhere.

Felicity offers to drop the class, and though it doesn’t seem like she’s serious, she actually goes back to the registrar to do it. But the class is a prerequisite and the other sections are full, so Felicity’s stuck. She wishes the registrar could be as supportive now as she was when Felicity dropped pre-med. The registrar is like, “I’m not your mom or your therapist. Take the class.”

Julie runs into her soon-to-be roommate, Susan, downtown and gets the news that Susan’s sister is going to move in with her. Looks like Julie’s staying in the loft, which will make Sean very happy. Felicity goes to Noel and Elena’s apartment to tell Noel that she didn’t drop the class they have together. She thinks they can find a way to get through the class without annoying each other. She offers to find a new partner, but Noel says he doesn’t care if she works with Brigid. The class isn’t the issue – just seeing her reminds him that she chose Ben over him.

Noel is tired of apologies and sympathetic looks from everyone who knows Felicity dumped him. He just wants an explanation. Why did Felicity make the choice she made? Felicity knows she can’t say anything that will make things between them okay. Would he feel better if she told him she chose wrong and shouldn’t have gone with Ben? Noel thinks she’s only considering that because Ben broke her heart.

Ben and Sean’s next potential roommate is in cooking school, so he makes the guys omelets to see how he likes their kitchen. Julie comes home but doesn’t tell the guys that she no longer has a new place to move into. Noel and Ruby are both at Epstein Bar, sitting separately, and he approaches her to apologize for the way he acted when she showed up at his apartment. They talk about computers and he learns that she’s a Mac person. Ugh, not this again.

Elena tells Felicity she’s been waiting for her to realize she made a mistake and come back to pre-med. Now she knows Felicity’s never coming back. Felicity promises that she’s not abandoning Elena and their friendship won’t change. Elena complains again about not having a lab partner, like, just get a new partner! Sheesh! Elena wonders why Felicity is turning her back on something she supposedly loved. Well, obviously, Felicity didn’t love it. Elena admires a drawing she’s working on and says she’s proud of Felicity for sticking to the tough decision she made.

On Friday, the art class starts critiques, kicking off with Felicity’s sketch of two hands. Professor Sherman says it doesn’t feel like a composition; it’s two distinct forms. There’s no sense of the subject. No one gives Felicity any positive feedback, and Noel feels bad for her. He tries to offer up some encouragement but Professor Sherman shoots him down.

After class, Felicity thanks Noel for trying to defend her. He says he was being honest. She thinks she made a mistake dropping pre-med; she’s not as good at drawing as she thought she was. She’s glad she hasn’t told her parents about her decisions yet. Noel promises that she’s not having a psychotic break, like Burky suggested. Felicity thinks that if she were, her friends would tell her she wasn’t. Noel tells her that Professor Sherman is hard on her students, so she shouldn’t take it personally. Also, her hair isn’t that bad.

Even though Noel said he doesn’t want any more apologizes, Felicity tells him how sorry she is for hurting him. He was one of the people she was closest to. She understands why he never wants to talk to her again. Noel tells her that Brigid’s a lesbian (which Felicity already knew), so that relationship isn’t going anywhere.

At the loft, the three residents go about their morning routines, moving around each other like they’ve gotten used to doing. Ben, who was most excited about bringing in a new roommate (especially one who cooks), realizes that he likes things the way they are. Julie should feel welcome to stay, if she wants. She casually says that would be great.

Felicity and Noel run into each other outside her room but don’t avoid each other. She tells him she likes drawing, no matter how bad she is at it, and she hopes that someday she’ll improve. She invites him to come in and chat, but Noel has plans…with Ruby. So things are okay between Felicity and Noel, and Noel is moving on, but that might not be a good thing after all. Sally sends back a tape, approving of Felicity’s courage in doing something she’s always wanted to do. Sally believes in the power of change and knows that the hardest part of moving forward is not looking back.

Thoughts: Ruby is played by Amy Smart.

I always thought people were upset that Keri Russell cuff off her curls, but now I think they were really upset that the results looked so bad. If I had that haircut, I would stay home until it grew out. I definitely wouldn’t display it on national TV.

I love when Meghan causes trouble just for the heck of it.

April 18, 2020

Felicity 1.15, Love and Marriage: 90-Hour Fiancé

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She could have been Mrs. Javier

Summary: Ben and Felicity are both working at Dean & DeLuca, where Felicity’s on the phone with Noel. He’s just been chosen to display his work for some special event at school. Ben continues to refuse to wear his hat, so Javier makes him put on a hairnet. Then he calls Felicity into his office to discuss two things: 1) She’s getting a raise. 2) Javier would like to marry her.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how this moment was nowhere near how she imagined marriage. She starts to tell Noel about the sort-of proposal, but Noel has big news, too – his brother, Ryan, is coming for a visit and may have just gotten engaged. Felicity admires fliers for Noel’s exhibit and says that maybe Ryan can come. Noel doesn’t think Ryan will be impressed by his art, since he’s a professional graphic designer. He admits that he’s never shown his brother his work. They’re supposedly close, but they haven’t spoken in about a year.

Felicity asks to change the subject so she can spill that Javier wants to marry her. His visa is about to run out, and if he doesn’t get married, he’ll have to go back to Spain. Felicity’s seriously considering saying yes. She thinks it would be “cool” to help someone like this. Noel’s like, “Volunteer at a soup kitchen, if you want to help people so badly.” The conversation ends when Ryan arrives and meets Felicity before she heads off to class.

Ben has been swimming a lot lately, making Julie think that something’s wrong. I think it’s just because Scott Speedman used to be a competitive swimmer and the show wanted to let him show off his skills (and abs). He learns that there are tryouts coming up for the school’s team. Ben observes a guy named Lynn who complains about how early the team’s practices start. His girlfriend remarks that he wouldn’t have so much trouble getting up early if he went to bed before 3 a.m. Ben notes that the crew team practices at 5 a.m. Lynn points out that they don’t have to get in the water when it’s ice-cold.

Felicity tells Sally that she decided to turn down Javier. The only real reason to get married is because you love each other. But when she goes to tell him, he’s crying because his boyfriend, Samuel, can’t get transferred to Spain. Javier will not only have to leave the country, but also his boyfriend.

Felicity realizes that if she marries him, it would be for love, just love between him and Samuel instead of him and Felicity. She tells him she’ll marry him. Javier tells Felicity about all the paperwork and waiting that accompanies this kind of thing. He’ll get a visa after six months, but he won’t get his green card for a year. Felicity starts to realize that this wasn’t a good idea after all.

Noel and Ryan go out for drinks, and when Noel gets carded, Ryan charms their waitress into believing he’s over 21. They reminisce about how Ryan once pretended to be a priest. Noel’s ready to celebrate Ryan’s engagement, but Ryan reveals that he and his girlfriend broke up a year ago. After some nervous hesitation, Ryan announces, “Turns out, I’m gay.” Noel isn’t sure how to react, and Ryan thinks he’s upset. Noel pretends he’s okay with it and realizes he doesn’t know his brother as well as he thought he did.

Back at the dorm, Noel tells Felicity that Ryan might just be going through a phase or experimenting. Felicity says it sounds like Ryan’s pretty sure about his own sexuality. Noel doesn’t think it makes sense that a guy who’s always been popular with girls would now like guys instead. He couldn’t have changed like this overnight.

Noel realizes that he didn’t tell Ryan about his exhibit, so Felicity suggests that the three of them discuss it at dinner tonight. Noel doesn’t think Ryan will want to spend any more time with him after how Noel reacted to his coming out. He remembers Felicity’s current situation and asks how Javier took her rejection. She announces that she actually accepted his proposal.

Javier goes looking for Felicity in her room, instead meeting Meghan and introducing himself as her fiancée. Meghan says he must have the wrong Felicity, then wonders if Felicity’s pregnant. “I think you’ve got the wrong Felicity,” he replies.

When Felicity comes in, Meghan asks how much Javier’s paying her to be his beard. She thinks Felicity’s awesome for doing this. A friend of hers was in a green-card marriage and got a car out of it. Javier can’t do that for Felicity, but he offers to buy her a bike. He also shows her a ring, doing that thing from Pretty Woman where he closes the box before she can take it. (I’m wondering if it’s an ad-lib, the way Keri Russell laughs in response.)

Ben runs into Lynn’s girlfriend, Nicole, who asks if he’s trying out for the team. Lynn shows up and remembers meeting Ben, but not where. He and Nicole tell Ben about his theory that everyone does three things better than anyone else. His three: He never forgets a face, he’s awesome at parallel parking, and he makes the best Harvey Wallbangers. Lynn invites Ben to have one that night at a bar where he’ll be hanging out. Ben makes a parallel-parking joke that falls flat, but A for effort.

Felicity and Javier get dressed up at Dean & DeLuca before meeting with his lawyer. They need to convince her that they’re in love so she’ll file the paperwork they need. Felicity cautions Javier to act straight. Samuel calls and Felicity eavesdrops as he and Javier make plans to stay in for the evening. Javier adorably gushes that his boyfriend is a dreamboat.

Ryan finds Noel in the cafeteria after trying to call him all day. Noel apologizes for his reaction to Ryan’s coming out, but Ryan says it’s okay. Noel invites his brother to his exhibit, and Ryan happily accepts. Noel says part of his negative reaction came from how much he liked Ryan’s ex. Ryan says he loved her, and it was hard to break up with her. Now, though, he’s seeing a guy named Alex, who’s just arrived in New York. Ryan wants to bring him to dinner so Noel can meet him.

Felicity and Javier meet with the no-nonsense lawyer, who just wants to get on with it. Ben thinks she’s a health inspector, so he makes sure she knows that he wears a hairnet every day. The lawyer asks the fake couple how their relationship started. They lie about suddenly becoming attracted to each other, but the lawyer doesn’t buy it, because she clearly knows Javier is gay. He tries to throw her off by talking about football.

The lawyer makes sure the two of them know what they’re getting into. As the petitioner, Felicity’s responsible for anything that happens to Javier. She also has to be able to support him if he loses his job. Javier isn’t worried, since, you know, he’s her boss. The lawyer warns that if the INS discovers that the marriage is a sham, Felicity could be fined and sent to prison.

After the meeting, Javier sneaks some tequila in a storage room and tries to assure Felicity that everything went great. The fact that he’s drinking doesn’t make her feel better. She’s still willing to move forward, since Javier doesn’t have any other options. He tells her to sleep on it before making any commitments. If she ends up having to support him, he doesn’t want her spending her money on therapy.

Ben swims, then goes out with Julie to the bar Lynn invited him to. He claims he doesn’t want to be on the swim team and have to rearrange his schedule and listen to a coach. Lynn and Nicole join them, and Lynn says he remembers where he saw Ben before. He was there the day Ben tried out for the track team. He suggests that Ben try intramural sports, but Ben blurts that he’s trying out for the swim team.

Things are awkward at Felicity, Noel, Ryan, and Alex’s dinner. Ryan mentions that his and Alex’s first anniversary is coming up in April, and they’re going to have a commitment ceremony. Noel can’t believe that, in the past three days, Ryan has come to visit, come out, and announced he’s getting married. He was with Amy for four years and never committed to her, but after just ten months with Alex, he’s ready to make things permanent.

Ryan apologizes for not telling Noel more about his life. Noel says Ryan didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. Alex tries to tell him it’s not about trust, but Noel shushes him. Ryan tells him not to talk to Alex like that. Noel asks how their parents are going to react to all this news. Ryan says he was hoping that Noel would support him while he got ready to tell them, but Noel supporting him would be a first. The brothers both storm off, leaving Felicity and Alex behind. Felicity tries to redeem the evening by saying, “I’m going to marry a gay guy, too.” Ha!

The next day, Felicity tells Javier that she’s thought it all over, and what’s most important is making sure Javier can be with Samuel. He agrees…and that’s why he’s not going to marry Felicity. Samuel doesn’t want Javier to marry someone else, no matter what. He gave his boss an ultimatum and is now going to be allowed to transfer to Spain. Felicity and Javier both think it’s really romantic.

Julie brings up Lynn’s chatting at the bar as Ben gets ready to go to the pool. She never knew that Ben didn’t make the track team. Ben says that everyone he knows has something they’re good at, and he wanted track to be his. Julie says he’s good at a lot of things. Now Ben wants to be good at swimming, so she hopes he makes the team.

Javier has a huge basket of muffins for Felicity, but she’s not in her room, so he asks to leave it with Noel. He’s super-grateful to Felicity for being so generous and selfless, as well as for being a romantic. She really got how hard it was going to be for Javier and Samuel to be separated. A lot of people disapprove of their relationship, but Felicity believes in love. Javier also appreciates that Noel was supportive of Felicity’s decision to marry him. Noel admits that he hasn’t been so supportive of the people he loves. In that case, Javier says he can’t have any muffins.

Julie slips in as Ben starts his swim-team tryout. Lynn is first to finish but Ben is right behind him, and both make the team. Ben’s happy to see that Julie came to support him. Felicity goes to Noel’s exhibit, and he tells her he talked to Javier. She tells Noel he was right that she shouldn’t have agreed to marry Javier. But Noel thinks it was sweet of her to want to help him.

Noel wants to call Ryan before he goes home, so they don’t leave things like this, but as he’s about to make the call, he spots Ryan in the hallway. Ryan calls him out for how he treated Alex, and Noel apologizes. Ryan’s news has thrown him, and he’s having trouble accepting it all. Ryan says that he’s never had to worry before that honesty might cost him his family. Noel promises that Ryan will never lose him.

Felicity and Noel attend a goodbye party for Javier, and Felicity tries to give him back her ring. He tells her to keep it, since it won’t fit Samuel. Sally’s tape back to Felicity says that she also would have offered to marry Javier. Felicity’s tape reminded her that love is complicated and requires compromise and sacrifice. That might be the best part, though. You want to do everything you can for someone in love because you want to be them.

Thoughts: Imagine if Elena worked at Dean & DeLuca and Javier asked her to marry him instead of Felicity. Just…imagine what a Javier/Elena marriage would look like.

How do you call yourself close with someone you haven’t spoken to in a year?

The bar Lynn invites Ben to is called Epstein Bar. I love it! I hope doctors hang out there.

Hey, Noel, if you like Ryan’s ex so much, why don’t YOU go out with her?

April 11, 2020

Felicity 1.14, Todd Mulcahy, Part 2: Making Big Decisions Is Future Felicity’s Problem

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Yes, Todd was the one hit by a bus, but let’s not forget who this is really all about

Summary: Remember how Todd got hit by a bus? (As if you could forget.) He’s still alive, and is now at the hospital. He tells Felicity to take something out of his pocket, a note she gave him when she was 12. She unfolds it as he’s taken off for treatment. Later, she reads the note to Sally, surrounded by the package of stuff he sent her. The note says that she likes talking to Todd, and admits that he’s right that she could become an artist if she wants, but she’ll wait until she’s older to decide between art and medicine.

Felicity and Elena both get high enough grades on McGrath’s test to qualify for his seminar. Now they just have to impress him in their interviews. Elena’s pumped and says they’re smart and capable enough to ace them. Noel finds Felicity in her room, crying over Dead Poets Society. She shows Noel her note and says she wishes she’d listened to Todd instead of behind defensive. She blames herself for his accident. Felicity lets Noel look at some of her artwork and laments following in her father’s footsteps. She feels like she’s lost track of herself. Todd may have been right when he criticized how she’s living her life.

Felicity goes to her interview with McGrath, who only asks one question: Why should she be considered for the seminar? Shaken by Todd’s accident and her reevaluation of her life’s goals, Felicity has trouble answering. She admits that she’s thinking about being an artist. She did want to be a doctor at one point, but she doesn’t remember why now. McGrath is like, “I’m not a shrink; go figure out your life on your own time.” She’s no longer in consideration for the seminar.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Ben if he looks fat. Someone please give Javier some positive affirmation so he’ll stop asking people this. Ben answers honestly, saying Javier could afford to lose some weight. Javier hugs him, happy that Ben didn’t lie to him. Ben offers to help him with his diet based on how Ben ate when he ran track. Julie comes in and tells Ben that she sent her tape to Carol. She immediately regretted it and tried to get it back, but no mail carriers would let her get it. Ben tries to reassure her that everything will be okay.

Felicity breaks it to Elena that she blew her interview with McGrath. Elena blasts her for making the biggest mistake of her life. The two of them, Julie, Ben, and Noel go to the hospital, where Todd’s still in critical care. Julie says she hates hospital, but Elena feels comfortable in them, having spent so much time in one when her mother was dying.

Noel spent a week in a hospital as a kid after his brother threw a baseball at him and knocked him out of a tree. Ben cracks up at the image. Sean is surprised to come across the group; he was in the maternity ward, refilling his vending machine that dispenses disposable cameras. He takes a picture of Todd, thinking Todd will want to see it when (if) he gets better. The others aren’t sure he’ll get better.

Noel returns to the dorm, where a bunch of girls are sitting around wearing white gloves. One of them says she’s waiting for Richard. Noel’s like, “Yeah, of course you are.” Richard is interviewing “potential clients” for a hand-modeling agency. Noel tells him it’s against school policy to run a business out of his dorm room. Richard, of course, says he can, because he still has blackmail material on Noel.

Felicity goes to an art studio and watches a guy named Eli paint. He guesses she’s a freshman because she has the same wide-eyed look he had as a freshman. The studio classes are all full, but Felicity can apply for the fall semester. She doesn’t want to have to wait that long. Eli tells her the studio is always open; he’ll keep quiet if she wants to use some of the materials.

Noel goes looking for Felicity at her room, but Meghan hasn’t seen her. She asks if Todd has died yet, the mocks Noel for not knowing where his girlfriend is when they’re supposed to be going on a date. Carol tells Julie that she mentioned Julie to her husband, telling him how she plays the guitar. Her husband brought out her old guitar and Carol spent some time trying to remember how to play it. Carol drops some of the things she’s carrying, including Julie’s letter containing her tape. Julie finds an excuse to leave.

Felicity works in the studio as Eli looks on admiringly. She falls asleep at her table and is woken up by that student played by Taraji P. Henson. She thinks Felicity stayed all night because she’s an art student and was having trouble with her work. Felicity’s pleased to be mistaken for the real deal.

Back in the dorm, Noel wants to know where Felicity was all night. She shows him her drawings, then leaves to take Todd some things. Noel notes that they’ve switched places – he’s the one leaving messages while Todd is the guy Felicity wants to spend time with. She apologizes for being distant, saying she was just drawing. Noel thinks there’s something bigger going on. Felicity says she can’t run to him for every problem. There are some things he can’t help her with. Richard pops up and asks if Noel and Felicity are breaking up. That would really screw up his life.

Todd is happy to see Felicity and her care package of Goldfish, Whoppers, and comic books. She tells him that his visit made her think about things she hasn’t thought about for a long time. He still wants to kiss her, though he knows it might not spark anything and he’ll go home feeling “decimated.” She kisses him anyway and he immediately crashes. Well, that can’t be good for her ego. Just after Todd is taken back to surgery, a woman named Rebecca shows up looking for him. She’s his fiancée.

Ben struggles with the mocha machine at Dean & DeLuca; Javier says he doesn’t respect it. “Turn the knob the way you would want to be turned, if you were to be a knob,” Javier advises. He adds that Ben needs to put his hat on before Javier kills him. Noel comes by and asks Ben what Felicity was like in high school. Ben doesn’t really know, since they weren’t friends.

Noel thinks she’s going through a crisis because Todd has reminded her how she used to be. Ben says Julie’s going through something similar. She told Ben that Carol got the tape, then said nothing happened and changed the subject. The guys are all, “Women! What’s up with that?” Ben serves Noel a mocha, which Noel says is excellent. Someone learned how to be a knob! Or something like that.

Rebecca knows all about Felicity and thought Todd was coming to New York to resolve everything with her. He was depressed for months, but seeing Felicity over Christmas break brought him back to life. Rebecca was mad at first, knowing her fiancé was going to see another woman, but she realized that she needed to let him go. He could have lied about his plans, or just left without telling her what he was doing, but instead he told Rebecca all about Felicity.

She asks Felicity if she loves Todd. Felicity says no – she likes him and is grateful to him, but she’s no threat to his and Rebecca’s relationship. Rebecca says he’s eccentric but has a huge heart. She’s called in to talk to Todd’s surgeon and worries that there will be bad news. Felicity offers to accompany her, but Rebecca thinks she can handle hearing the news alone. Felicity watches through a window as Rebecca cries, then hugs the surgeon. Todd’s still alive.

Felicity goes to see McGrath so she can tell him why she wants to be in his seminar. He asks if that means she’s committed to becoming a doctor. She’s surprised that that’s a qualification for joining the seminar. She finds it ridiculous. Yeah, why would a doctor insist on only teaching future doctors? Why wouldn’t he want to teach a woman who’s not going to use anything she learns in his class? Why not give a coveted spot in the class to someone who wants to do something else? Come on, Felicity.

She tells McGrath that medicine is about more than research and grades and making your parents happy. Being a doctor is about helping people. She promises she’ll commit to the seminar, but she’ll also pursue art. She just won’t let it interfere with her classwork. Felicity knows she still has that artist-or-doctor decision in her future. She’s once again happy to not have to make the choice today.

Carol summons Julie to her office, hopefully for a discussion about her red and purple outfit. No, wait, it’s about the tape. Carol says she’s not Julie’s mother. She never placed a baby for adoption. Julie’s like, “But…I think you’re my mother, so you must be!” Carol doesn’t know what to tell her. Someone needs to have a long talk with the PI she hired. Julie admits that she took the job because of Carol, so now she needs to leave it. Carol wishes her good luck in her life.

Todd is released from the hospital, and Felicity helps Rebecca get him ready to go to the airport and fly home. He tells Felicity that this may have been the push he needed to get his life back on track. He asks if she got into the seminar. Felicity says it didn’t work out, but it’s okay. Todd tells her their kiss was great. Felicity doesn’t want to talk about it and sends him off.

She goes back to McGrath, who is probably ready to call campus security and have her thrown out. She apologizes for ambushing him the other day, but she’d just seen a doctor save a life and got carried away. He already has her letter of acceptance to or rejection from the seminar and offers to give it to her instead of making her wait for it to arrive in the mail. It’s an acceptance letter. I hope whoever’s slot she took never finds out that she clearly doesn’t want to be a doctor.

Thinking Noel and Felicity are breaking up, Richard dismantles his satellite and calls off the modeling-agency idea. He knows he needs to behave himself because he’s about to lose the leverage he had to let him do whatever he wants. Felicity interrupts to ask to talk to Noel, and Richard encourages them to work things out.

Noel tells Felicity he scanned one of her sketches into his computer, and thanks to Todd’s help setting up Photoshop, he’s set things up for her to use his computer to draw. He makes sure Richard’s watching, then tells Felicity he’s going to yell at her. He fake breaks up with her, and when Felicity tells him that Richard left, he kisses her.

Sally sends a tape back to Felicity as Elena happily reads her acceptance letter from McGrath. Sally’s glad they both got in, but she’s also happy that Felicity remembered she’s an artist. Felicity will one day have to figure out what she wants to do and who she wants to be, but Sally, at 34, is still working on that. The search will continue beyond college and for the rest of our lives.

Thoughts: Rebecca is played by Maggie Lawson. Eli is played by Simon Rex. (Guys, remember Simon Rex?)

Why doesn’t Todd’s family come see him in the hospital?

Sean is nutty but putting the disposable-camera vending machine in a maternity ward was brilliant. And if he had to refill it, it was a success. Good job, Sean!

THANK GOD Elena got into the seminar, too. I was worried that she would be rejected over Felicity, who wouldn’t have appreciated her acceptance as much as Elena would have.

March 28, 2020

Felicity 1.12, Friends: Sensa and Sensibility

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I’d say Elena needs a hug, but she doesn’t seem like much of a hugger

Summary: Felicity’s in the library, frustrated because she can’t find the book she’s looking for. She asks a guy named Eddie for help, but he brushes her off, thinking she’s just looking for a place to make out with Noel. She’s surprised he remembers her from that makeout session, as if that wouldn’t have been the talk of the whole campus. Then Felicity gets distracted by a different makeout session – Blair’s kissing someone who isn’t Elena.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how college lets you see other people’s lives, and get in the middle of them whether you want to or not. At Dean & DeLuca, she asks Noel a hypothetical: What if one of his friends saw her kissing another guy? Noel says he wouldn’t want to know. She explains that she saw Blair kissing someone other than Elena. Noel thinks she should keep quiet, though Felicity says she would want to know if she were in Elena’s place. Noel cautions her not to get in the middle of a messy situation.

In the cafeteria, Felicity tries to act normal while getting food with Elena. That lasts for about five seconds, before Elena notes that Felicity’s quiet, which she never is. Felicity is just starting to tell her about her library sighting when Blair’s kissing partner joins them. Her name is Tara, and she’s an old friend of Elena’s who just transferred to their school. Felicity goes quiet again.

Julie gets a letter, then goes to Ben’s place with some big news: She found her birth mother. She hired a PI who tracked the woman down in just four days. Her name is Carol Anderson and she owns an architectural firm. She was 18 and in college when she had Julie. Ben asks if she has proof that Carol is her mother. Julie doesn’t care about the details; she’s sure the information is correct. She plans to just show up at Carol’s door to meet her. Ben tries to delicately asks what will happen if Carol doesn’t want to see Julie. Julie says that she didn’t have a choice in being given up – why should Carol get a choice about meeting her biological daughter?

Noel catches Richard and another guy shaking a vending machine in an attempt to retrieve an Almond Joy that didn’t drop. The machine is supposedly new, but it’s really just refurbished. Richard tells Noel he’s unfit to be an RA. He’s eager to get to fill out an evaluation about Noel. Sensa is nearby and announces that she can get new machines through her cousin Yuri. Noel resists, but Sensa tells him he’ll get a cut of all the sales. He’ll need to go to a warehouse to meet with Yuri; that’s just how the family does business. (Or is that Family, like the mob?)

Felicity runs into Blair and comes up with a reason to rush off. He wants to know if everything’s okay between them. She tells him she saw him kissing Tara. Blair denies that he was even in the library at the time. He accuses her of confusing him with another black guy. Oh, cool, so he’s a cheater, a liar, AND a gaslighter. Elena really lucked out with him.

Felicity tells Noel everything, and he says he’s glad she didn’t tell Elena anything, since that could only lead to a fight. Felicity says that if she’d never seen Tara with Blair, she would have probably become friends with Tara. “And she’d be kissing me now,” Noel says, because this is a good time for jokes. They run into Sensa, who tells Felicity she could make a lot of money selling her hair. Sensa knows some people. Noel heads off with her to Brighton Beach.

Julie plans her trek to Carol’s place, trying to turn down the money Ben offers her to take a cab. She thinks this will be like meeting some aunt or cousin she’s never met before. She asks Ben to come with her, and he agrees. He holds up a toaster so she can use it as a mirror while she fixes the butterfly clips in her hair. (Aw, 1999.) Ben jokes that this is how Sean gets ready every morning. Blair gives Elena a bag of M&Ms while they’re studying together, as if that will make up for kissing someone else. Felicity sees them and seems to think things will be okay.

In Brighton Beach, Sensa tells Noel that she told her family they’re dating so they won’t worry about her so much at school. It’s win-win, since it’ll get him a great deal on the vending machines. Noel asks about his dignity. She tells him he’ll get it back in an hour. Noel meets Sensa’s father, who’s heard a lot about him. For instance, Sensa said that Noel carried her out of the dorm when the tree caught on fire. She takes a phone call while the rest of her family bonds with Noel through arm-wrestling.

Julie and Ben go to Carol’s brownstone, and she nervously tries to prepare herself for the meeting. Ben suggests that they call her first, but Julie doesn’t know what she would say. Carol hasn’t even been looking for her. She knows because the adoption agency wouldn’t let Julie look at her records; they would have if Carol had been searching for her. Julie decides to call off the meeting and go home.

Noel tells Sensa’s family a tall tale about saving Sensa from the fire. They want a demonstration of how he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Noel’s a few shots of vodka and a few sausages in, and he’d like to move things along with Yuri. But Yuri’s stuck in New Jersey, and he can’t meet with Noel until tomorrow. Noel’s spent two hours with Sensa’s family and won’t be getting anything out of it, except maybe a hangover.

Tara bursts in while Felicity and Elena are studying because there’s a song on the radio that Tara and Elena like. Felicity tells Sally that she can’t be 100 percent sure that Blair is the guy she saw with Tara in the library. Besides, the truth will most likely come out on its own, so she’s going to stay out of it. Noel comes to see her, still drunk, and tells her about having to pretend to be Sensa’s boyfriend. Felicity finds the whole thing kind of sad.

Elena interrupts and pulls Felicity away for a talk, making Felicity feel like she’s being called to the principal’s office. (That’s only happened to her once, in the fourth grade, when she put a bunch of salt in a kid’s orange juice because he called her Fellatio Porter.) Tara and Blair are also in Elena’s room, so it’s time for a Big Talk.

Elena plays prosecutor, asking if Felicity really saw Blair and Tara kissing. Blair claims that he was just kissing her on the cheek to make her feel better about a breakup. She turned, and they accidentally kissed on the lips, but it was a mistake. Elena tells them to show her how a “mistake” like that could happen. Blair and Tara demonstrate, and Elena asks Felicity if that’s what she saw. Felicity stammers that she’s trying to remember. She allows that that could have been what happened. Blair gives Elena a look like, “I told you.”

Noel and Ben run into each other at the dorm’s vending machines. Ben makes a successful purchase but Noel loses his money. Ben goes to see Julie, who spent the previous night hanging out alone. He thinks she should take some time away from the situation with Carol. Julie’s been trying to write her a letter, but she still doesn’t know what to say.

She tells Ben she’s thought about this stuff a lot, and she doesn’t need his advice. Ben asks if Julie will be able to handle the rejection if Carol doesn’t want to see her. Julie tells him that he was amazing when she needed help getting past her rape, but this is different. He leaves, but he’s not happy about it.

Blair tries to appease Elena with tickets to a jazz concert, but she doesn’t want to spend time with him until she can stop thinking about him with Tara. Julie visits Felicity and asks why she makes tapes for Sally instead of writing her letters. Felicity finds it easier to express her feelings through speech. She doesn’t censor herself. Julie asks to borrow her tape recorder, promising to explain why at breakfast the next morning.

Noel finally meets with Yuri, who offers him a great vending machine. Noel can use his cut of the profits to pay for it, though that will take about a year. He should probably ask what happens if he can’t pay. The guys seal their deal with a Pepsi toast. One of Sensa’s brothers tells Noel that he’s a good guy, but he knows Noel isn’t really dating Sensa. The brother is happy to know that Sensa has a friend at school (and Noel must be a good friend to go through all of this). Now they have to arm-wrestle, though the brother will let Noel win.

Julie makes a tape for Carol, telling her about her life. She feels like she’s always had a hole in her history, a question she needs to answer. When she looks in the mirror, she wonders where she got her features. Julie doesn’t want anything from Carol other than the opportunity to meet, even if it’s just once. She wants to see herself reflected in someone else. It would also be nice to know that Carol thinks about her sometimes. “Thank you for my life,” she finishes up.

Speaking of thank-yous, Elena thanks Felicity for being with her through this whole Blair/Tara mess, and especially for not saying anything about it. She appreciates that Blair was the one to confess first. She’s forgiven him, but she’s going to let him stew for a few more days. Elena has also forgiven Tara, who apologized, and they’re going to move on. If she can’t trust her friends, who can she trust? Felicity gives that some thought, then gets up to use the bathroom. Elena tells her to use a paper towel on the door handle when she leaves. Thanks, Elena!

Felicity heads through the library stacks, passing Eddie and getting an idea. He seems to have a photographic memory, or at least a good memory for what people look like and wear. Felicity asks if he’s ever seen Blair and Tara making out in the library before. He certainly has – three times. Felicity returns to Elena and says that she doesn’t think Blair and Tara’s kiss was a mistake. She reminds Elena that she needs to trust her friends. Elena questions how close they are; it’s nowhere near as close as she is to Tara. Believing Felicity means accepting that Tara’s lying.

Elena tries to study with Tara and Blair, but Felicity’s accusations are eating at her. She heads off, leaving Blair and Tara alone, which can’t be a good idea. Felicity bugs Noel while he tries to read the instruction manual for the new vending machine. Thrilling. Felicity feels bad for ruining her friendship (or whatever it is) with Elena, but Noel thinks she should give herself a break, since she was just being honest.

Julie takes her tape to Carol’s firm and is chatting with a receptionist when Carol passes by. Julie gets a good first look at her biological mother. The receptionist thinks she’s there about an internship, so Julie takes an application. Noel tries to buy M&Ms from the new machine, but the bag gets stuck. Womp womp.

Elena calls Blair to tell him she can’t go to the concert with him. He thinks she’s mad at him, but she says she’ll be studying with Felicity all night. Julie goes to Ben’s and apologizes for pushing him away. Elena asks Felicity to go somewhere with her since she doesn’t want to be alone. They stake out the concert venue and see Blair leaving. Elena’s pleased that he’s alone…until Tara catches up to him and they kiss.

Sally’s tape to Felicity is a confession that she once cheated on her late fiancé. She kept it quiet but felt so guilty that she admitted it to John a few months later. After that, she never lied to him again. Sometimes a relationship can survive a disaster and even turn out stronger. Maybe the same is true for friendships. Well, probably not Tara and Elena’s, but maybe Felicity and Elena’s.

Thoughts: Carol is played by Jane Kaczmarek. Eddie is played by Donal Logue.

Between the music and the adoption, Julie is Sarah from Party of Five.

If you’re going to make out with someone who isn’t your girlfriend, a busy library is one of the worst places to do it. Blair was practically begging to get caught.

As if Sensa wouldn’t have picked Noel up and thrown him over HER shoulder to escape a fire.

March 21, 2020

Felicity 1.11, Gimme an O!: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

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Just how every girl imagines her first time

Summary: Guess what time it is! That’s right, it’s time for Felicity to make a tape for Sally! She’s back from winter break and telling Sally that her first two weeks back at home in California were great. Then she felt homesick for New York, since her life is there now. And also because Noel’s there. When she returns to the dorm, he’s bickering with Richard and his roommate about their dead Christmas tree. The roommate thinks it’s good luck to keep it until February, but Richard wants it out. Noel sides with him and risks a hex on the roommate’s family by getting rid of it.

Once that’s sorted, Noel and Felicity can get to making out. She notices that he got a new iMac. Someone pays the bills with a product-endorsement check. Felicity says she has a topic for discussion, and Noel guesses that she’s going to say she doesn’t want to have sex yet. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite: She wants it. Noel’s so surprised that he drops his brand-new computer.

Felicity tells Sally that it may sound like it came out of the blue, but she’s been thinking about having sex for a while. She’s felt disconnected since she got to college, and she thinks it’s because everyone except her is having sex. Maybe she should spend more time studying and less time thinking about strangers’ sex lives.

Julie reconnects with Felicity, reporting that her parents handled the news of her assault well. Felicity says her dad is still tense about her life in New York, but everything went well at home. Ben joins them and Felicity tells him she ran into his dad. She says he was nice, but Ben says he makes a good first impression. He tells her he spent the break in Vermont with a friend of Sean’s. He and Julie act like they haven’t seen each other in a while.

Noel visits Felicity at work and clarifies that she wants to sleep with him. She asks him to get an HIV test first. He’s fine with that, since it means getting to have sex. Blair brings Elena a present, which makes her think he has something bad to tell her. He gives her some sort of blue fabric that he says he thought was perfect for her. Elena clearly has no idea what it is. (Neither do I. It looks like a really small tube top.)

Ben and Noel catch up; Noel’s in a great mood since he just got good news from his doctor. A girl gives Ben an invitation for a party, ignoring Noel. Noel pretends it doesn’t bother him. Felicity voices over to Sally that she’s going to do this right and not feel embarrassed. She goes to a bookstore and asks a saleswoman where the sex books are. Felicity gets a little loud talking about wanting a book with pictures. The saleswoman recommends one called Gimme an “O.” She knows it’s good from personal experience.

Sean chastises Ben for letting Julie keep her toothbrush in their bathroom. There’s supposed to be a rule about girlfriends staying over. Ben denies that Julie’s his girlfriend; she just stayed there for a little while because she’s had a rough few months. So I guess she didn’t go home over break after all. Sean compares her to a real estate investment Ben’s waiting to build on. He’s investing in the future. Julie comes for her things and tells Ben she’s going to tell Felicity what happened between them. Ben asks if they’re not allowed to hang out because they might hurt her feelings. Julie just wants to be honest.

Noel’s computer is broken, but who cares? He gets to have sex! She pulls out her schedule book to plan a time. She’s pretty busy, so she has to rearrange her schedule. They make plans for Wednesday at 8:00. Sexy! Felicity seems excited, but when she leaves Noel’s room, she looks like she regrets making such a firm commitment.

She goes to get birth control, which means we all get a PSA. There’s a lot of talk about condoms, as if Noel doesn’t already have a huge supply. Felicity thinks the guy helping her must feel like she did when she worked at an ice cream parlor. He probably gets as sick of doing condom demonstrations as she did scooping ice cream.

On the way home, Felicity runs into Julie and announces that she and Noel are going to have sex. Julie thinks that’s great. Felicity admits to feeling awkward about bringing up the subject with Julie, since she was raped. Julie thinks her experiences shouldn’t affect Felicity, and they should talk about it if Felicity wants to. She gets what a big deal this is for Felicity.

Noel does sit-ups in his room while the guy I dubbed Brian packs up his computer so a friend can fix it. Brian says the only time he ever did sit-ups was when he thought he might have sex. Julie comes by as Brian leaves and says she needs to talk about Ben and Felicity. Noel hopes she’s joking. Julie clarifies that it’s about her, Ben, and Felicity. She and Ben have been hanging out a lot since a night last semester when she went over to talk because she couldn’t sleep. He made her feel safe. She’s been spending the night at his place ever since.

The problem is that Julie hasn’t told Felicity, and she worries that Felicity will see this as a kind of betrayal. Noel doubts that, since Felicity’s clearly moved on. Julie thinks Felicity will be mad that she didn’t say anything about sleeping in Ben’s bed or going to Vermont with him over break. She says nothing has actually happened, though. Noel thinks she’s worried about telling Felicity the truth because something’s about to happen. Julie decides to tell her tonight, but Noel wants her to keep quiet until after he and Felicity have had sex.

Felicity talks to Elena about sex, which Elena thinks she should have had a long time ago. “Be the ball,” is her advice. It’s a golf thing. Felicity needs to think of sex as being like a chemistry final – take control and only focus on that one thing. Felicity says Elena and Blair must have a great sex life. Elena asks her about the blue thing Blair gave her, but Felicity doesn’t know what it is, either. She advises Elena to just ask Blair. Elena worries that she’ll hurt his feelings, since she already said she loves it. She reminds Felicity to keep her eye on the ball, and maybe also get some sexy underwear.

Instead of just going to a store, Felicity starts to order from a catalog. She hangs up when Meghan comes home. She’s heard that Felicity and Noel are going to bang; apparently the news is everywhere. She’s thrilled to see Felicity’s copy of Gimme an “O,” her favorite book from the eighth grade. Meghan offers to give her some sex advice, but Felicity declines it.

Noel lights candles in his room, where the dead Christmas tree is still stashed, so…that’s romantic. Felicity comes in and, after taking a moment to keep her eye on the ball, starts making out with him. She’s pretty aggressive and declines his offer to make her more comfortable. Noel slams on the brakes as she’s pulling down his zipper and handing him a condom.

Brian chooses that moment to burst in with Noel’s computer and a couple friends. A candle gets knocked over and the dead Christmas tree goes up in blames. Noel yells for everyone to keep calm, then tells Felicity they can keep going. A guy who was a volunteer firefighter in high school puts out the tree, but the fire alarm is going off, which means everyone has to evacuate. So that went well!

Noel tries to debrief with Felicity later (…not that kind of debriefing), but she’s so embarrassed by her behavior that she can’t even look at him. Noel finds the whole thing kind of amusing and says they just need to be more romantic. He’s booked them a hotel room for that night. That means Felicity has to change her work schedule, which Javier won’t let her do. “You think it’s a national holiday every time you get lucky?” he asks. He guesses it’s her first time, so he’ll let her go, even though he doesn’t believe in premarital sex.

Ben and Julie read Walt Whitman in her room, so I guess they’re taking another poetry course? She tells him she enjoys hanging out with him. Felicity and Noel go to their hotel suite and she raids the minibar (for Cokes). They toast to having better luck this time. Ben invites Julie over to his place, but she thinks Sean hates her. They hug goodnight, and just as it looks like things might progress, she gets a phone call.

Felicity’s calling from the hotel bathroom, ready to have her big night with Noel. Julie tries to be enthusiastic for her but is distracted by thoughts of Ben. Felicity’s concerned that there’s something Julie wants to say, so now she’s distracted, too. She and Noel finally start going at it, this time much more gently, but Felicity can’t keep her eye on the ball. She admits that she called Julie and sensed that something’s wrong. Noel thinks she’ll be fine. Now Felicity thinks Noel knows something she doesn’t.

Noel says that Julie’s been hanging out with Ben. Felicity thinks that means they’re together, and Noel didn’t tell her. Noel wonders why it matters. Is she upset because they didn’t tell her, or because she still likes Ben? Felicity’s mad that she poured her heart out to Julie about Noel, and Julie didn’t say anything about Ben. Plus, if she were still into Ben, why is she at the hotel with Noel? Noel announces that their night together is off. He doesn’t want to be the rehearsal. He announces that Ben and Julie went to Vermont together over break, then wishes Felicity goodnight.

The next day, Julie goes to Ben’s and admits that she wanted to kiss him the night before. He admits that he wanted to kiss her back. Julie’s in counseling, and she’s told her counselor that she doesn’t want to be the kind of person who runs to a man when she feels bad. The counselor says she should do what feels right. Julie wants to move slowly with Ben, which he’s fine with. They kiss.

Elena (wearing the blue thing as a short skirt) goes to Noel and interrupts his moping to ask if her outfit looks okay. Like Noel would care. She tells him she’s obsessed with the idea that Felicity’s obsessed with Ben. Felicity told her everything that happened, and Elena thinks Noel is happy to tell himself that Felicity prefers Ben, because this way he can fixate on the two of them instead of himself and her. She adds that his wallowing is unattractive and unnecessary.

When Elena meets up with Blair, he clarifies that the blue thing is a headband. He laughs and says she’s pulling off the look. Felicity and Julie meet up in class and discuss the whole Julie/Ben thing. Felicity promises that she’s not going to freak out. She’s been holding on to her crush for so long that she was scared to let go of it. If she admitted that she and Ben would never be together, it might put her whole life into question. Now she needs to start enjoying everything she has. “Liking someone’s supposed to make your life better, not worse,” she notes.

Ben joins them, and Felicity leaves the two of them alone, saying she has something else she needs to do. She finds Noel at her door, wanting to apologize for calling things off at the hotel. He just wants to make sure they’re having sex for the right reasons, since it’s such a big deal. If Felicity has sex with him, it should be because she wants to, not because everyone else is having sex.

Felicity agrees, admitting that she just wanted to get it over with and feel like part of humanity. Noel can’t believe he talked himself out of having sex with her. She still wants to date him, but sex will be put on hold for a while. Noel says that he gets her crush on Ben; it’s like a bad habit that she’ll eventually get over. Felicity notes that Noel is her first boyfriend.

Sally’s tape back to Felicity is about anticipation and uncertainty. Felicity and Noel get food together in the cafeteria, then sit with Julie and Ben. Sally says that her first time having sex was her freshman year in college. She now knows that we make our best decisions when we listen to ourselves. Elena and Blair join the other four, probably making things less awkward between the other two couples. Sally admires Felicity for making good decisions and tells her to feel proud of herself no matter what happens.

Thoughts: The Internet definitely reduced the number of awkward conversations between bookstore employees and sex-book-seeking customers.

Call me crazy for suggesting it, but Felicity should have asked Meghan about sexy underwear.

Noel, who’s in school on scholarship and just bought a new computer, can also afford a hotel suite? Maybe credit card companies shouldn’t give cards to college students.

’90s music alert: REM’s “Everybody Hurts”

March 14, 2020

Felicity 1.10, Finally: Felicity Is Definitely Not the One Who Needs to Lighten Up

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You guys okay? Getting a lot of studying done?

Summary: Felicity makes a tape for Sally to tell her that she and Noel kissed. Now they need to figure out what it means. After Hannah leaves, they sit down to discuss everything, but his mom calls to tell him that his uncle was in an accident. There’s some wackiness with a chicken truck and Noel confusing necrophilia with narcolepsy. Anyway, Noel has to leave to do family stuff. He kisses Felicity goodbye and asks her not to hook up with Ben while he’s gone.

A week and a half later, Felicity is handling the separation calmly, though Julie thinks she should be freaking out more. Does the kiss mean Noel and Felicity are dating? Is she okay being his rebound? Noel arrives, ready to make up for the long separation. He tells Felicity that his uncle will be fine, makes out with her, then says he should be studying. They agree to avoid each other for the next three days. On Friday, when finals are over, they can discuss their whole situation before heading home for Christmas break.

Sean’s latest idea: sell fruit to college students who don’t have time to take a study break. If he’s going to charge $2 per apple, he might face some resistance. On campus, Felicity studies with Elena, who’s using a stopwatch and M&Ms as part of a memorization system. Felicity’s annoyed by a guy nearby who’s just reading a magazine and listening to music instead of stressing out like everyone else. She approaches him to ask him the secret to his serenity. The answer: anti-depressants.

The guy, Steve, continues that he’s seen Felicity around and noticed that she really likes sweaters. I’ve noticed that, too, Steve. He wants her to consider a doctor who saved his life. He might be able to help Felicity lighten up. Felicity says she’d love that, but college is hard. Steve offers her a pill, but Felicity would rather stay as intense as Steve recognizes she is.

Noel starts to unpack his bag, which I’m guessing isn’t really his, since it contains a feather boa and a stuffed Elmo. A student named Pauline comes to him to ask to drop a class. I don’t think you can drop a class right before finals. Noel smells smoke, which Pauline explains is coming from another dorm room. A guy named Richard is having a barbecue. Well, of course he is. He thinks it’s safe because he opened a window. Noel announces that he’s reporting Richard to the Student Council, then yells at him for a little while. Maybe Steve should offer him a pill.

Felicity asks Elena how her memorization system works. Elena won’t tell her, since she mocked it. Felicity also isn’t allowed to take an M&M. Noel tells them that he lost his bag, which contained all his notes. Not only does he need to study, but he also has to write a paper on Great Expectations. Elena lets him take an M&M, since he’s so stressed. Felicity offers to help Noel with his paper, thinking she’ll have time to do that and study. They both believe they can hold off on kissing each other until after finals.

The library is full at 8:00 a.m. when Felicity and Noel work on his paper. Noel gets distracted by the way Felicity smells. Yeah, this is a great idea. He kisses her, shaking a cubicle wall and drawing everyone’s attention. They make even more of a scene when they fall out of their chairs. Noel casually asks if anyone has the time. Another student humors him by giving it to him.

At 10 that night, with 33 hours to go before finals start, Ben and Julie study in a silent reading room. They have a whispered conversation (completely with captions) about how he’s unable to understand the poems they’re studying. Julie has to leave for a study group, so she ditches Ben. He hisses at another student to relax. Sign Ben up for some pills, Steve!

Noel and Felicity are in a different reading room, still talking about Great Expectations. There’s a table between them now, so they can’t kiss. Noel uses the themes he’s learned from the book to convince Felicity that passion is good, so they should go make out. In the middle of their study break, Noel asks if they’re dating or friends or what. Not the time, Noel! Richard catches them and blasts Noel for kissing a student. He’s thrilled to have something to report Noel for.

Sean offers a cooler full of “nature’s candy” to some uninterested students. He runs into Elena, who declines to buy any fruit. “Do you know what happens to a body when it’s denied vitamin C?” he asks. “Do you know what happens to a man whose a&% I kick?” she replies. Felicity joins them, looking for Noel, and Sean tries to tell her about the connection between vitamin C and fertility. Because that’s what every college student wants – pregnancy.

After Sean leaves, Elena asks if Felicity’s looking for Noel because she wants sex. Ben arrives in need of help with his poetry, so now Felicity has someone else to help. He asks if Noel will mind if they study together. Probably, but oh, well. Elena can’t believe that Felicity has time to help Ben, and that Noel won’t mind.

Noel tracks down Richard, who hasn’t reported him yet. Noel argues that his make-out session with an advisee isn’t dangerous, like Richard’s barbecue was, so the two things aren’t comparable. Richard disagrees – a broken rule is a broken rule. Noel begs Richard not to report him, and Richard says he hasn’t decided yet if Noel is fit to be an RA.

Noel goes back to the library, where Elena’s tired of him and Felicity looking for each other. She tells him that Felicity’s studying with Ben, and Noel shouldn’t take it too hard. Noel pretends it doesn’t bother him. Elena tells him that Felicity’s going to leave him a message on his answering machine.

At 12:28 p.m., Ben and Felicity are in the library lounge, reading Keats. They get distracted by a guy who gets hiccups when he’s stressed out. Ben asks Felicity if she wants to share a ride to the airport on Saturday, since they’re both leaving the same day. He casually asks if Noel is going home with her. The hiccupper is still hiccuping, so Felicity tries to offer some advice: hold a penny between his toes and think of three bald men. Uh, okay.

Noel checks his messages, getting one from Felicity telling him she’s working with Ben for a while. Sean is still making the rounds with his fruit, but no one’s buying. He comes across Julie, who’s studying economics. He tells her he took a summer class at Harvard and learned all about the basics of economics. Julie tells him straight out that fruit is a dumb thing to sell. She thinks he’s charging too much, but when she offers a guy an orange for $1, he accepts.

Noel runs into Meghan, who really doesn’t care why he’s looking for Felicity. She tells him he needs smart powder. It’s herbs, minerals, and roots that have gotten her through college so far. She claims it’ll give Noel a photographic memory. Just after 2:00 in the morning, Julie is has joined Sean’s business enterprise in exchange for help with her studies. He sends her to make more money first.

As Noel downs some of the smart powder he bought from Meghan, Felicity finds herself studying Ben’s face while he reads poetry. They get shushed for whispering in a silent room. The smart powder has made Noel high and given him a rapid heartbeat. He asks Meghan if there were beets in the powder. As we learned from Hannah, beets make him hyper.

Whispering, since they’re still in the silent room, Ben tells Felicity that he saw her and Noel kissing on Thanksgiving. He’s curious about what that means. Felicity doesn’t really have an answer for him. Noel paces in the hallway as Felicity tells Ben how great he is. He’s cool and friendly and level-headed. Just then, Noel bursts into the room and yells at Felicity and Ben. He’s captioned despite his volume. Felicity decides to ditch both guys and focus on her own studies. Richard, also in the room, decides this is the final nail in Noel’s coffin.

Ben and Noel both end up in the cafeteria, where Ben makes Noel eat something and drink warm milk to come down. He tells Noel that Felicity likes him. Noel isn’t sure, since she clearly still has feelings for Ben. Ben reports that Felicity said Noel is her best friend. Of course, her feelings might have changed after Noel’s freakout.

Felicity tells Sally that Elena told her all about her memorization system, which really helped her out. She’s amazed by how hard everyone worked. Music montage! A guy gives Felicity a stern look as he puts up a sign reminding everyone to be quiet. Noel brings Richard a bag of charcoal for his barbecue. People take finals.

Noel comes by a classroom where Felicity’s taking a final, so she asks the TA if she can use the restroom. The TA tells her it’s against the rules, but he’ll make an exception since she’s cute. Felicity’s so grossed out that she says she doesn’t want to go anymore. The TA is joking, so she leaves. Noel tells her that his uncle died, so he has to leave. Also, he wants to apologize for his freakout.

Before heading off, Noel wants to define his and Felicity’s relationship. He wants to make sure it wasn’t just some fleeting thing. He’s decided that they don’t need to rush things just because they’re about to spend a month apart, and she’ll be in the same city as Ben. Felicity kisses him and asks him how his paper turned out. He says it was okay, even with his freakout.

Felicity calls Ben to ask if he still wants to share a cab to the airport. Ben is just waking up, and he tells her he’s going to stay in New York over the break instead. He wants to see how it looks in the snow. As Sally sends back a tape saying she’s decided to stop defining everything, we see that Ben has another reason for staying in New York: He and Julie slept together. Sally tells Felicity that she felt homesick her first visit home from college. She hopes everything works out with Felicity and Noel.

Thoughts: This is amazing: Steve Monroe, who plays Steve, is both an actor and a psychotherapist.

It’s so bizarre to see Rob Benedict (Richard) in this role after watching him play God on Supernatural (yes, that God).

Sean, you can’t sell apples to people in a quiet place. Everyone else will kill them.

March 7, 2020

Felicity 1.9, Thanksgiving: Outlook Not So Good

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If you squint, it’s just like a Rockwell painting

Summary: At Dean & DeLuca, Javier is telling Felicity that his mother agreed to kick someone named Nono out of the house for Thanksgiving, because otherwise Javier wouldn’t come. Felicity’s confused about who or what Nono is. She voices over a tape to Sally about her original plans for the holiday. She was going to go home and try to put up with her parents. Of course, things changed.

Julie comes in, doing well after everything she went through with Zach. She tells Felicity she’s staying in New York for Thanksgiving. Felicity worries that she’ll get lonely, but Noel’s also going to be in the dorm. Hannah is coming to visit. Felicity is very interested in that development, but Julie says she’s not coming until after Felicity leaves, so Felicity won’t get to meet her.

Lewis says goodbye to Noel before leaving for Thanksgiving break. He is super-creepy. I hope Larry is okay. Felicity has too much stuff for her suitcase, so Noel brings her a bigger bag. He’ll be taking care of her plant while she’s gone. Well, if you call an avocado pit a plant. Felicity tells him she’s been using his Magic 8 Ball to help her decide what to pack. Maybe that’s why she has too many things.

Felicity gets Noel to tell her that Hannah’s coming to visit. He doesn’t want to talk to her about his girlfriend, even though they’re friends. Well, it seems fair, since he doesn’t want to hear her talk about Ben. Speaking of Ben, he’s also packing for home. Sean’s going to a big family gathering on Long Island. Ben is disturbed to learn that Sean has been using his razor and deodorant for months. Boys are gross.

Felicity runs into Elena, who’s hoping to get a lot of studying done over the break. She’s not looking forward to spending all that time with her dad. Felicity finds Julie moping in her bed and dreading having to talk to her parents about Zach. She’s realized that she would get lonely staying in the dorm, even with Noel around. That makes Felicity decide to stay with her. Why doesn’t Felicity just take Julie home with her? Anyway, they plan to throw their own Thanksgiving, and Felicity promises not to keep asking Julie how she’s doing.

Noel shows up with Hannah and immediately gets awkward. The women are all comfortable with each other, or at least pretend to be. Hannah asks Noel if he ate beets, which make him act weird. Felicity’s annoyed that Noel just calls her a girl from his dorm. Hannah’s a pianist and is working on a composition but is having trouble finishing it. Noel freaks out a little when he hears that Felicity and Julie are sticking around over Thanksgiving.

As soon as they’re alone in Noel’s room, he and Hannah start making out, then more. Well, almost more. They both stop and decide to get something to eat. Ben is having trouble getting his plane ticket, so he’s still in the dorm. Felicity and Julie invite him to join them for dinner the next night if he doesn’t get back to California. At home, Elena tries to bond with her father, who doesn’t seem to know how to talk to her about her life. She was hoping to have Thanksgiving just with him, but he’s agreed to a group dinner somewhere.

Noel and Hannah go to a diner, where she announces that she was accepted into a conservatory in New York. She decided to apply after they had a conversation where he said things would be better if they were closer to each other. Noel tries not to panic. Hannah expected him to be happier about the possibility of her transferring to New York next semester. She tells him they don’t have to decide right now. He has RA stuff to deal with back at the dorm anyway.

Felicity angrily goes to Noel’s room, but he’s not there. She leaves a note on his door: “Give me back my pit.” Ben calls home to tell his mom he couldn’t get his plane ticket, but I guess there was some problem on her end and she didn’t do something (I don’t really know). Anyway, looks like he’s not going home. Sean tells him to eat a bunch before Thanksgiving to help his stomach expand so he’ll have more room for turkey. That sounds medically accurate. Ben tells him he heard about fun stuff going on in New York, so he’s staying.

Felicity can’t stop thinking about how weird Noel was acting earlier. Julie thinks he’s overwhelmed and readjusting. Felicity doesn’t like the feeling of not being able to go to his room and have him be there to help her with whatever she needs. Julie’s focused on obtaining a turkey, which must be next to impossible the day before Thanksgiving.

Hannah and Felicity run into each other in the bathroom and Hannah brings up Noel’s behavior. Felicity parrots what Julie said about him readjusting. She tells Hannah he talks about her a lot. That seems to make Hannah feel better, but not Felicity, since she can’t fall asleep. She starts to go to Noel’s room, then remembers it’s not the right time for that. He’s just now getting home anyway and sees her in the hallway. She goes back to her room, then wonders what that’s about and spies while he goes to his room. Noel gets in bed with Hannah and tells her it would be great if she moved to New York.

The next morning, the Thanksgiving preparations begin. Julie finds something she thinks is a turkey in Chinatown, but Felicity believes its “feathers” are really fur. Julie invites Noel and Hannah to dinner, but Hannah says they have surprise plans that Noel won’t tell her about. He got reservations somewhere and would rather have dinner alone with Hannah than with the floormate he kissed weeks ago.

Stuck without a turkey, Felicity and Julie turn to Javier. Nono’s been allowed back in the house, so he’s not going to his mother’s. He tells them how to prepare a turkey, cautioning them not to stuff it – just take out the “little gifts” inside. Of course, Julie and Felicity don’t have an oven, or even a turkey. They were hoping Javier, who’s in the food business, would know where they could get a bird. Javier says he got his months ago. Julie suggests that Javier bring his turkey to them, and they’ll prepare all the other dishes and then eat together. She’s joking, but Javier is open to the idea.

Elena tells her father she’s going back to the dorm. She came home to spend time with him, but he’s been avoiding her. Mr. Tyler points out that they only live half an hour from her school, and this is the first time she’s been home. If she wanted to see him so badly, she could have come at any time. Elena points out that the trains go both ways, so he could have visited her, too.

Noel gets annoyed when he learns that Hannah bought a PC instead of a Mac. How dare she! His father was killed by a PC! She’s looking up places to live if she moves to New York. The Magic 8 Ball says “outlook good” about Tribeca. Sean critiques Ben’s outfit for the dorm Thanksgiving get-together; he needs to wear something “contempo casual.”

Julie has trouble replicating her father’s sweet potato recipe, and when she gets upset over them, she admits to Felicity that she wants to see her parents. However, she knows that if they found out she was raped, they would look at her differently. Maybe she’ll tell them at Christmas. Yeah, Merry Christmas, Emricks. Felicity says she needs to wait until she’s ready to tell them.

Hannah comes through on her way to the store and tells Julie the sweet potatoes look great. Noel comes in next and starts blathering about Magic 8 Ball phrases. Felicity brushes him off and leaves to wash out a bowl. Julie tells her to do it in the men’s room, which has a bigger sink, though she’d rather not explain how she knows that. Julie chastises Noel for not being more friendly while Hannah’s around. Noel doesn’t seem to understand why he’s acting so weird.

Ben arrives as Noel joins Felicity in the men’s room, hoping she won’t be able to ignore him now. She calls him out for not telling Hannah that they’re more than just floormates. She hates not being able to talk to him. He shouldn’t be flattered, though. Felicity denies being jealous, but even if she were, it wouldn’t matter, because he and Hannah are…we’ll never know what she was going to say, because Noel kisses her. Ben walks in as they’re making out, then leaves before they notice him.

When Felicity finally exits the bathroom, her hair a mess, she tries to get right back into Thanksgiving prep. They don’t have enough plates, so Ben offers to get some from his place. Hannah returns and Felicity introduces her to Ben, who’s surprised to learn that Noel has a girlfriend. He leaves awkwardly while Felicity flashes Julie a big fake smile, pretending everything’s normal. Javier and Elena arrive at the same time, he with a turkey big enough to feed everyone. Felicity excuses herself to go hyperventilate. Julie tells Elena there’s plenty of food, so she’s welcome to join them. Javier asks about candles and sends Julie to put on nicer clothes.

Hannah asks Noel if they can skip their nice dinner out, since she’s tired. He suggests that they join the group instead. They talk about computers again. Okay, guys, time to break up. Wait, no, not right this second! Hannah admits that she’s been “spending time with” a guy at her school. Long story short, Hannah has her own Felicity.

She thought that when she saw Noel and they made plans for the future, everything would work itself out, but that’s not happening. Noel admits that he’s been in the same boat. Hannah asks if she’s met his new crush, then decides she doesn’t want to know. They know things are different now, no matter how they feel about each other.

Sean’s still at home when Ben gets there; he says he didn’t feel like going to his big family shindig. Ben thinks he lied about their being a shindig. Sean admits that he just wasn’t invited. Ben checks to make sure he’s okay, then, instead of inviting Sean to the dorm party, asks, “So are you gonna come with me or what?” He doesn’t even have to change into anything contempo casual first.

Felicity finds Hannah crying in the bathroom and they commiserate over things changing. Either Noel told Hannah that Felicity is his crush or she figured it out herself, because the way Hannah says Noel is a great guy sounds like she’s endorsing him for his next girlfriend. Everyone sits down to dinner together, finally happy for the first time in days. Well, maybe not the two people who just broke up.

Mr. Tyler makes a surprise appearance, and Julie tries not to be jealous that her friend gets to see her family when Julie doesn’t. Everyone happily welcomes him to join them. Sally’s tape back to Felicity says she planned to spend Thanksgiving alone, but some work friends brought over a bunch of food. She started out in a new city with just her suitcase, and now she’s surrounded by family.

Thoughts: Hannah is played by Jennifer Garner, the star of J.J. Abrams’ next show and Scott Foley’s future wife.

Where did Felicity and Julie plan to cook even the side dishes without an oven? I don’t think they thought this through.

Guys, Hannah’s new computer is cable modem-ready! She’s already in the 21st century!

I’m so disappointed that Meghan didn’t attend the group dinner. I bet she would have snarked through it until Elena told her to shut up.

February 29, 2020

Felicity 1.8, Drawing the Line, Part 2: The Rest of the Story

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Story wears a lot of barrettes in this episode

Summary: Noel is considering a big change and wants to share it with a friend: He’s thinking about growing a goatee. He rubs his face to show where it would be. “Yeah, I know where a goatee goes,” his friend replies. I love you, unnamed friend. Felicity interrupts the thrilling conversation to talk to Noel about something that’s actually important. As Unnamed Friend (who apparently is in a few episodes but never gets a name; I’ll call him Brian because that’s the actor’s name) leaves, he tells Noel not to grow a goatee. Thank you, Brian.

So anyway, Felicity tells Noel that he can’t tell anyone else what she’s about to reveal. She announces that Zach raped Julie. Noel asks if Julie’s okay, and Felicity says she’s fine physically, but not necessarily mentally. Felicity isn’t sure what she plans to do. Noel says that, according to his RA training, 95% of people who have been raped don’t report it. He can’t remember the official procedure for handling it. Felicity asks to borrow the book so she can get some guidance on what to do.

Next, she makes a tape for Sally, saying how amazing it is that she started caring about Julie after knowing her for such a short time. She’s convinced Julie to go to the hospital, which Julie finds silly, since she’s fine. Felicity offers to stay with her while she’s being examined. Julie declines. Her bed is still bare.

At the hospital, Julie calmly tells a doctor about her night with Zach. They had a few drinks after a recording session, and he walked her back to her room. After some making out, he started taking off his clothes. Julie said she didn’t want to rush things, and Zach said that was fine. Still, he took off her bra. She told him she wanted to wait to have sex, but he kept trying to touch her in ways she didn’t want. Julie said no, but when Zach got on top of her, she was unable to get him to stop.

Julie stays mostly emotionless through the conversation and tells the doctor she doesn’t want to get overly dramatic. Nothing violent happened, and Zach didn’t scream or anything. When he left in the morning, it was like nothing had happened. Julie’s not even sure this classifies as rape. The doctor tells her it does. Julie says Zach didn’t use a condom, so that’s a whole other mess to deal with.

As they’re leaving the hospital, Julie tells Felicity that she has to take some pills to prevent pregnancy. She’s grateful to Felicity for getting her new sheets. A detective named Dennis finds them and asks to take Julie’s statement. Julie hesitates, and though Felicity encourages her to talk to Dennis, Julie asks to hold off until later.

Felicity tells Sally that if she hadn’t come to New York, she and Julie never would have met, and Julie might not have told anyone what happened to her. As Julie takes a morning-after pill, a girl named Story shows up at Felicity’s door. She’s a prospective student Felicity forgot she signed up to host for a few days. Conscientious Felicity did not, amazingly, tell Meghan about this ahead of time.

Since Felicity is dealing with some stuff right now, she asks Meghan to look after Story for a little while. Meghan refuses to be responsible for an impressionable high school student. You know, that’s probably a good idea. Meghan says Story can sleep in the room, but if she touches Meghan’s box, she’s dead. Felicity goes to Elena to ask her to house Story instead (also a good idea), though she can’t give Elena any details on why she needs the change. Elena seems to get that something major is going on and agrees, though she regrets that when Story asks to go to a club.

Felicity tells Sally that Julie’s become withdrawn. Felicity gets her to come to lunch, where Zach approaches them and asks why Julie hasn’t been returning his calls. She acts like everything’s normal, while he doesn’t seem to get that anything bad happened. Somehow, Felicity doesn’t throw her tray at him and chase him out of the cafeteria while screaming horrible names at him, which is what I would have done. The two see Zach chatting with Ben, and Julie starts to cry a little, the first real emotion she’s shown since the assault.

Noel and Felicity meet with a counselor named Gina to discuss Julie. Gina tells them to keep listening to her and believe what she tells them. She also wants Julie to get help. Noel asks about the protocol for reporting the rape, if Julie decides she wants to. If she goes to the police, the DA probably won’t take the case; it’s too hard to prosecute cases of “acquaintance rape” where drugs or alcohol were involved.

If Julie reports it to the school, she’ll need to write a detailed description of the assault. The dean of students would gather evidence, including medical and police reports, and witness statements. The dean would also meet with Zach, and if there was enough evidence for investigation, the Student Conduct Committee would take over. Julie would have to testify. It’s not a great experience, but it would be worse to do nothing. Gina warns that Julie’s sense of trust and control will be compromised right now. Almost a third of people who have been raped contemplate suicide.

Julie’s distracted on a walk through the city and almost walks in front of a car. Felicity finds her and admits that she went to the counselor to talk about Julie’s options. Julie accepts the pamphlets Gina gave Felicity to give her, but she insists that she doesn’t need counseling. Felicity thinks she’s too close to the situation to really see everything. Julie blows her off and says she’ll call Felicity later.

Ben and Zach hang out at Ben’s place, talking about Julie and the movie. Sean’s new business idea: vending machines that sell disposable cameras. Okay, not the worst idea. I mean, until camera phones come out and Sean goes bankrupt. Zach’s RA, Darryl, comes by so Zach goes into the hall to talk to him. Darryl has heard something about Zach and Julie and wants to know if Zach raped her. If it’s true, Darryl will make Zach’s life miserable. But in case you thought it was because Darryl is a good guy, it’s really because this incident could threaten his job, which could threaten his tuition. Thanks anyway, Darryl.

A very confused Zach finds Julie in the laundry room and asks why Darryl might think Zach raped Julie. Julie pretends she didn’t say anything to anyone. She says she’s confused about what happened. Zach yells that he doesn’t get how she couldn’t know what happened. Their night together might not have been perfect, but he’s sure it wasn’t a crime. Plus, Julie started the makeout session, and they were both having a good time in her room. It’s not like Zach attacked her or ripped her clothes off.

Julie tries to leave, but he grabs her arm and keeps her there. He asks if she reported him, and Julie says no. She’s not sure if she’s going to, either. She says again that she’s confused. Zach tells her he’ll probably be expelled if she says he raped her. Julie asks him to let go of her arm. Zach insists that he didn’t rape her, but she ignores him and storms out.

Javier asks Felicity to work tomorrow, but Felicity’s trying to keep her schedule light. Julie interrupts the call to ask Felicity who she told about Zach. Felicity says she only told Noel because he might be able to help them deal with the situation. Julie says Felicity’s not the one who has to deal with it. Felicity says she was just trying to help. Julie tells her that pamphlets won’t help. She hates how condescending Felicity has been.

Felicity argues that Julie keeps saying she’s fine; she doesn’t think Julie would believe her if their situations were reversed. Julie says Felicity can’t understand what she’s going through. Felicity keeps saying that Julie should do the right thing, but she can’t know what that means. Plus, Felicity’s a virgin, so Julie doesn’t think she can understand the situation. Felicity says that, virgin or not, she can understand that someone was abused.

Julie says what happened was her fault. She gave out the same message to Zach that she gives to all guys. “I know what I am,” she says. Felicity thinks reporting the rape is easy, but it’s not that black and white. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Julie. She won’t be going to Gina or doing anything else that Felicity wants her to do. Felicity says she won’t sit there and watch Julie do nothing. Julie tells her she’s upset that Felicity told Noel what happened. Why did she ever think that Felicity would understand?

Noel has failed to listen to Brian and is working on his facial hair. Sigh. Felicity comes in and blasts him for telling Darryl about Julie and Zach. He wanted to warn Darryl that there was a possible rapist living on his floor. Felicity says that Julie thinks Felicity betrayed her, which…maybe she did. Noel tells her that, based on statistics, Julie probably won’t do anything, and Felicity can’t change that. She notices his new stubble and asks what “that thing” is. Maybe now he’ll shave.

Elena tries to study while Story makes a lot of noise with a magazine. Story blathers about nightclubs. Elena asks why she wants to go to college. Story wants to do something science-y, and college is the only way to do that. Elena says she’d go out if she didn’t have to study, but she does, so Story needs to be quiet. Story doesn’t listen. Make her sleep in the hall, Elena.

Ben approaches Felicity in a classroom the next day and asks what’s up with Julie. He’s heard rumors and hasn’t been able to reach her. Felicity tries to stay out of it, for once, just telling Ben to talk to Julie. Ben asks if Zach knows what’s going on. Felicity’s facial expressions help him grasp that Zach is the one who perpetrated the rumored rape.

Ben finds Zach in the cafeteria and asks what happened. Zach insists that it was all consensual, but Ben believes the rumors over him. He gets aggressive with Zach, who says that Ben should know what Julie’s like, since they kind of went out. Ben says they didn’t sleep together since Julie didn’t want to. Zach tells him that Julie felt differently about him. Ben tackles him and hits him a couple times. Zach tells him to stop, and Ben does, saying that that’s the difference between them.

Elena tells Felicity that Story tried to get her to go out at 2 a.m. the night before. Felicity thinks it sounds sweet, but Elena isn’t amused. She’s done with babysitting and is sending Story back to Felicity. To her credit, Felicity doesn’t object, and even thanks Elena for taking Story in at all. I think Felicity owes Elena a big favor. Like, free food at Dean & DeLuca for the rest of her life.

Ben visits Julie, who guesses that he’s heard the same stories everyone else has about her. Ben tells her that his father always let him down as a kid, never showing up at important events (including graduation, which is why we didn’t see him there). He’d also get angry and violent. Ben spent his life trying to figure out what he was doing wrong to set off his father. Now that he’s away from home, he can see that he didn’t do anything wrong. Julie seems to get what he means.

As Zach studies the fat lip Ben gave him, Julie steels herself and goes to see Gina. A woman goes to Zach’s classroom looking for him, and he doesn’t look surprised to be called out of the room. Felicity tells Noel that Julie went to see Gina; Noel already knows, as Julie credited Felicity with talking her into it. Story meets Noel and asks if he wants to go to a club. Go away, Story. I want Brian back. Felicity tells Noel to shave, but Story likes the facial hair. Seriously, go away, Story.

Felicity, Ben, and Julie try to study together in Felicity’s room, but Julie’s not paying much attention. When Meghan comes in, Story starts talking to her about her I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Meghan asks if Story looked in her box. When Story says no, Meghan says, “Forget it.” She’s going out to a club, and Story is thrilled to finally find someone who wants to party with her. Felicity’s like, “What just happened?”

After they leave, Julie announces that she wants to go talk to Zach. He has no idea what’s going on, and she wants him to know that she’s pursuing punishment. She tells him she reported the rape and is going to testify. He may not think he raped her, but she knows he did. Zach quietly says he agrees. He admitted it to the dean and is going to leave school. He even wrote Julie an apology letter. It says that night must have been horrible for her and he wishes things had gone differently.

Julie says she didn’t want him to be expelled. She just wanted him to know what happened. Zach tells her that nothing that happened or that’s happening now is her fault. That night with her was his first time (both for sex and for rape), though he knows that’s not an excuse. He hopes that one day, Julie won’t hate him so much, because he’s truly sorry. Julie says she is, too.

Sally’s tape back to Felicity is about blaming ourselves when horrible things happen. She even blamed herself when her fiancé died. She thinks it’s human nature to try to make sense of things. While Ben plays video games alone and Story and Meghan go out together, Felicity holds a mirror so Noel can shave. Sally says that bad things sometimes just happen without a reason or purpose. Julie reads Zach’s letter as Sally says that life involves picking up the pieces of what’s happened to us.

Thoughts: Story is played by Riley Weston, who was a writer on the show. She was hyped as a 19-year-old phenom but was later discovered to really be 32. The truth cost her the writing job and a six-figure deal with Disney. So in this episode, they thought they’d cast a 19-year-old to play a 16-year-old, but she was actually playing a character half her age.

I liked the scene where Noel and Felicity went to see Gina. Not only was it informative for the audience, but it showed how much they wanted to help Julie.

Amanda Foreman (Meghan) must have had a lot of fun going to wardrobe and seeing what she got to wear each episode. I bet the wardrobe department loved getting to put together crazy outfits for her.

February 15, 2020

Felicity 1.6, Cheating: Julie’s Not the Only One Who Should Be Taking Ethics

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It was hard to find a picture for this episode because Googling “Felicity” and “cheating” gave me a lot of stuff about Felicity Huffman

Summary: Guess what Felicity’s doing? That’s right, she’s making a tape for Sally. It’s about some perfect evening she had with Ben. They’re studying together at his place, and he totally looks like he wants to kiss her. He moves in…closer…closer…and wipes something off her tooth. They start talking about papers they wrote about Robert Browning, and she offers to spellcheck his, since his computer is acting up. Ben walks her to the door (which now has three huge deadbolts on it, post-robbery) and she leaves happy.

Back at her dorm, Felicity and her late-’90s computer and even older-looking word-processing program spellcheck Ben’s paper. She reads some of it and decides to do some rewriting. What could possibly go wrong? She turns in both papers, pleased with herself. I’m sure this won’t come back to bite her in any way.

In the cafeteria, Felicity tells Julie about her night with Ben and how he touched her teeth. Julie thinks that’s significant. She asks a cafeteria worker’s opinion, and the worker says teeth are the body’s most sensual part. She starts to talk about a thing a friend and her husband do involving teeth, then realizes that’s probably not appropriate.

Zach joins them and confirms that he and Julie are still on for a date. She tells Felicity they’re going to see a movie together, Solaris (the original one from the ’70s, not the George Clooney remake, since that won’t be out for another four years). Felicity warns that it’s really long. Julie knows nothing about it, and when Felicity tells her a little about it (it’s slow, it made her pass out, etc.), Julie worries that she won’t like it. Felicity thinks that since she survived seeing The Exorcist, she’ll survive this, too.

Elena goes to Noel’s room to accuse him of violating a student/RA confidence, which has led to her being harassed. Someone who was in the bathroom with her started singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which Elena interpreted as a reference to her new relationship with Blair, since he dressed as the Tin Man for Halloween. She thinks Noel told people about their relationship. He notes that Blair could be the blabber. Blair arrives and asks if he can come by later to get Elena for dinner. She says okay, then rushes off. Noel confirms for Blair that she’s always like this.

In Felicity, Julie, and Ben’s English class, the professor, Regalsky, calls on Ben to answer a question, even though Ben didn’t have his hand raised. The question is about Hamlet in relation to a Browning poem, but Ben isn’t familiar with the play. Felicity answers the question for him, then tells Julie she doesn’t know why Regalsky singled out Ben.

After class, the students get their papers back. Julie slipped a Liz Phair reference into hers, and Regalsky got it. That’s enough, Julie. Ben doesn’t get his paper back because Regalsky wants to talk to him about it. Gee, I hope this has nothing to do with Felicity’s actions! Regalsky is suspicious because Ben’s paper was so good. Felicity voices over to Sally that she was just trying to help. She watches through a window as Ben argues with Regalsky. Ben comes out and tells her that there’s going to be an investigation. Regalsky thinks that Ben turned in someone else’s work. WOW, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Felicity, Ben, and Julie discuss the situation in the cafeteria. Ben can’t understand why he’s punished for improving. Julie wonders why she wasn’t dinged for turning in work that’s inconsistent with what he’s done previously. Ben says Regalsky was surprised that he turned in an A paper. He asks Felicity if she saw anything that stood out when she read the paper. Felicity hesitates, then says no. Julie, hilariously, has to leave for an ethics class.

Felicity follows Ben out and confesses that she rewrote his paper. He guesses that she put in something about Shakespeare, which is why Regalsky questioned him in class. He’s furious that she would rewrite his work and not say anything. Felicity offers to talk to Regalsky and work things out, but Ben seems to think she’s done enough.

Blair tries to make plans with Elena, but she brushes him off. Finally, he says that he’s going to a Chinese restaurant the next night, and if she doesn’t show up, he’ll stop bothering her. She agrees to be there. Felicity, of course, tells Noel what’s going on with Ben, adding that she’s going to talk to Regalsky about everything. He tells her that the RA handbook has a chapter about cheaters, and plagiarism is a big deal at the school. Ben and Felicity could both be in big trouble. Felicity needs to handle this the right way, which, for now, means doing nothing.

Ben worries by himself at home, then goes to Felicity to tell her not to talk to Regalsky yet. He asks for a copy of the paper Felicity turned in for him. His plan to take care of everything is to lie that he wrote it. He blames himself for all of this because he trusted Felicity to turn his paper in. Ben goes home and reads the paper, then worries some more.

Noel is still trying to help, so he meets with the dean. Noel understands how serious the situation is, and how you can get anything off the Internet. He even has his own web page, (Before you try it yourself, there’s nothing there.) Noel asks Dean Allison what the process is for how the school handles cheating. He’s just asking for a friend, though; no specifics here. Allison says cheating of any kind is unacceptable at the school. One of his goals is bringing down the high percentage of “academic impropriety” at the school.

Allison tries to dig into who Noel’s asking questions for. Noel says it’s just a friend who’s worried about another friend. Allison says that sometimes, the best option is to come forward and accept your punishment. Noel should tell his friend that if he or she is caught plagiarizing, Allison will make an example out of him or her.

Noel takes this warning back to Felicity, along with the information that there will be some sort of tribunal to discuss what’s going on. If Ben says he wrote the paper, he’ll be grilled on it, and the truth will come out. Noel thinks Felicity should talk Ben out of lying. Felicity knows that Ben hates her right now, so Noel suggests she get someone else to do the talking. But not Noel.

Julie goes to a video store to rent Solaris. A clerk tells her it’s playing tomorrow night, so she says she’s just renting it to watch afterward, in case she misses something. The clerk figures out what’s going on and assures her she’ll be fine. He tells her this is a “standard freshman courtship ritual.” She should remember that Zach is trying to impress her, not the other way around. Julie wishes there were Cliffs Notes for movies. Julie try the Internet.

Elena stops an elevator while she and Felicity are inside so she can ask advice about dating. She always thought that sex would be about fulfilling needs, and that she would be able to end a relationship in a straightforward manner. She admits that she doesn’t want to spend time with Blair, but she can’t bring herself to kill the relationship. Felicity suggests that she might not want to. Maybe Elena actually likes Blair’s company? Felicity adds that Elena doesn’t have to hold her hostage the next time she wants to talk.

Even though he said he didn’t want to, Noel goes to Ben’s to talk about the Regalsky fiasco. It…is…awkward. Sean tells Noel that his new business idea involves marzipan boxers (as in fighters, not shorts). Noel plays with a boxer while he tells Ben not to lie about the paper. Ben doesn’t need anyone’s input. Noel tells him what Allison said, warning that Ben could end up suspended for a year. At the very least, he’ll end up with a mark on his record.

Ben tells Noel to tell Felicity to stop trying to help. He wants her to leave him alone. Noel respectfully says that Ben is wrong – he can’t take care of this by himself. Ben insists that he can, mentioning that he’s studying the paper to learn everything in it so he can pretend the thoughts were his own. After Ben storms off, Sean tells Noel, “Bite his head off” (meaning the boxer, of course).

Julie watches Solaris, making the same face I make when I have to do math. Zach comes by and she tells him she’s studying. I mean, in a way, she is. Felicity waits in the lounge for news from Noel, who tells her Ben doesn’t want their help. She continues her tape for Sally, saying Ben is going to meet with Regalsky and two other professors tomorrow morning.

Felicity hangs out in the hallway outside the meeting room the next morning, wanting to talk to Ben before the meeting. She tells him she knows she did something horrible, so he should let her take the blame. Ben notes that she added a quote that I guess wasn’t in anything they’ve studied. She begs him not to go to the meeting, but he ignores her.

Ben gets interrogated while Felicity and Julie wait impatiently outside the room. Julie leaves to finish Solaris when Noel comes by to tell Felicity that Allison thinks he wrote the paper. The investigators are going to look into Ben’s entire academic record, including his application, which, as Felicity told Noel before, Ben lied on. If the investigators realize he made up his dead brother, he’ll get expelled.

Felicity’s only option now is to come forward and tell the truth. She’s not sure she can do that, but Noel thinks it’ll come out either way. Ben’s studying has paid off, and he’s able to fool the investigators for a while, but when Regalsky asks a question he can’t answer, Ben admits that he didn’t write the paper. He says he bought it from someone whose name he doesn’t know.

Felicity comes in and announces that she wrote (well, rewrote) the paper. She acted alone, without Ben’s approval or knowledge. She should be punished, not Ben. Regalsky asks why Felicity would do something like that. Ben blurts out that it’s obviously because he’s dumb. Felicity read the paper and didn’t think it was good enough.

That night, Ben mopes around the city in slow motion, running into Felicity. She assures him that the investigators know he didn’t have anything to do with her actions. Ben asks how bad the paper was. She says it wasn’t bad, but she wanted to make it a little better. Ben was super-popular and athletic in high school, while Felicity was a nerd. She shouldn’t have assumed that Ben needed help, since he didn’t. She never wanted to make him feel “anything less than amazing.”

Elena skipped her dinner date with Blair to get a book she needed, so he brings her takeout. Uh, I thought he was going to leave her alone if she didn’t show up at the restaurant. Even though Elena has been cold to him, Blair likes her. He knows she’s pushing him away because she’s afraid to admit that she likes him. He gives her the food and leaves. Julie tells Zach that she liked Solaris, even though she fell asleep in the theater. He’s not mad, since he knows it’s a long move. She admits that she already watched it, so she could understand it and not look like an idiot. Zach says it’s not a big deal – he likes movies, but he also likes Julie.

Felicity and Ben go to Regalsky to find out the outcome of the whole fiasco. Regalsky tells them that the other investigators wanted to treat this like any other case of cheating or plagiarism, but Regalsky wants to chalk it up to a bad decision. Neither student will be expelled or have to face the university board (which means Ben’s application lie will stay hidden). Regalsky adds that he read Ben’s original paper, and he would have gotten a B. Felicity follows Ben on his way home, wanting to apologize again. Ben tells her it’s okay, but he doesn’t want to talk any more than that.

Sally’s tape back to Felicity plays while Julie and Zach watch a movie together and Noel reads the RA handbook. Sally says that it’s okay to have high expectations for a love interest, but they need to remember that their guys aren’t perfect. As Ben bites the head off a boxer, Sally talks about a poem that asks if it’s harder to count on someone or be the person being counted on. It also says that if two people can’t be equal affectionate, the writer hopes to be the one who’s more loving.

Thoughts: I’ve never had a professor just put everyone’s papers in a big pile for everyone to fish out. Way to let everyone see their classmates’ grades, Regalsky.

Imagine being roommates with someone as intense as Elena. I would beg someone to move her into a single room, for both her sake and everyone else’s.

I need more detail about the marzipan boxers. For starters: huh?

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