July 6, 2020

Netflix’s BSC 1.7, Boy-Crazy Stacey: Other Fish in the Sea (City)

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Sigh. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

It’s time to meet the Pikes! They’re even wilder than the books portray them – basically a step above feral. No wonder Mr. and Mrs. Pike want to bring two sitters with them to Sea City (just for a week, over spring break). They’re probably counting the days until these troublemakers go to college.

The plot mostly plays out the same way it does in the book. Stacey develops a crush on lifeguard Scott, who’s way too old for her, and starts neglecting her sitting duties. The normally mature, cool Stacey has no idea how to act around him. The words “holla at moi” are spoken. Stacey really should leave, put on a disguise, and come back to try again.

Mary Anne befriends Alex and Toby, who are very nice, age-appropriate guys for the girls to hang out with. In fact, when Scott accidentally humiliates Stacey and she realizes he’s way too old for her, it’s Toby who tries to salvage her feelings. He even gives Stacey her first kiss. Of course, now Stacey has a new crush to obsess over, but at least he’s her age.

Mary Anne used to think Stacey was mature and sophisticated, but after Stacey’s embarrassing crush, Mary Anne admits that that’s changed. Now she knows Stacey’s just as dorky as Mary Anne is. Their friendship is stronger because Stacey embarrassed herself. Yay?

The details:

  • Claudia calls Mary Anne and Stacey’s out-of-town sitting job a “business trip.” I love it.
  • Sharon gets back into the dating game with Tinder. Yikes.
  • Dawn wants to Parent Trap Richard and Sharon back together, but she doesn’t try very hard, and Richard’s too smart to fall for it. The parents work things out themselves when Richard, remembering that Sharon used to call him her turtle, sends her a real turtle with a note that says, “Sorry I went back into my shell.” SO CUTE.
  • Mallory barely gets any screentime. She’s very earnest and excited to hang out with Stacey and Mary Anne. You just know the actress playing her is praying for a second season so she can have a bigger role.
  • Byron has a huge crush on Stacey, which helps her understand the situation with Scott. She tells Byron she values his friendship, but there’s no potential for a relationship. Byron decides he can live with that, though he wants a little space.
  • Vanessa’s in her poetry phase, but she seems a little darker than in the books. She and Karen would get along well.
  • Mary Anne’s suddenly more comfortable around boys, so I guess her room makeover did the trick.
  • Watson describes Karen as “a lot.” No kidding.

The differences/changes:

  • Book Scott definitely used Stacey and led her on, but here I interpreted the situation differently. I think he thought her crush on him was cute, and he just paid attention to her to be nice. He didn’t think it would cause any harm. He’s just a clueless teenager.
  • Karen and Andrew do their steel-wool carwash here, and Kristy can’t stop them because she’s accidentally locked herself in a storage area where she was snooping into Watson’s stuff. She tries to get it fixed secretly, after contemplating just pushing it into the street and lying that a car hit it, which is very un-Kristy of her. She finally tells Watson the truth, and he’s not mad. Probably because he’s rich enough to just replace the car.
  • The Pike triplets aren’t identical, which is fine. It couldn’t be easy to cast identical red-haired triplets.

January 10, 2011

BSC Super Special #10, Sea City, Here We Come!: They Had to Leave Stoneybrook to Be This Boring

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Seriously, who invited Logan?

Summary: The Pikes and Barretts head to Sea City for two weeks, with the Pikes hiring Mallory (sort of) and Jessi as mother’s helpers, and Mrs. Barrett hiring Stacey. Then, for some reason, the Pikes invite the other BSC girls for the second week of vacation. Logan comes for the weekend, for no apparent reason.

Mallory lands herself a date with Toby, the guy who kind of hooked up with Stacey the last two times she and Mary Anne were in Sea City. Except right before they’re supposed to go out, Mallory talks to Ben on the phone and realizes she doesn’t want to go out with anyone else. She tells Toby nothing’s going to happen between them, and he asks if she can hook him up with another cute girl the next time they come to Sea City. Then he writes her a postcard and asks if Jessi’s single. Wow, that one’s a charmer.

Stacey‘s totally jealous of Mallory and does a very poor job of hiding it. She also has trouble dealing with Mrs. Barrett, who’s kind of annoying.

Mary Anne runs into Alex, her guy from her previous trips to Sea City, and Logan gets jealous, even though Mary Anne obviously has no feelings for the guy.

Before the trip, Kristy struggles to find substitute Krushers for a game against the Bashers, since she refuses to just postpone it and let Bart gloat, or something. She gathers some kids from her neighborhood who have no experience playing softball (and some of them don’t exactly want to do it), and they play the weirdest game of softball ever. Sadly, it’s the most interesting part of the book.

In the nothing-happens category, Claudia goes to summer school before going to Sea City, Jessi babysits a lot while they’re there, and Dawn and Mary Anne run a mini day camp.

There’s a hurricane while everyone’s in Sea City, but nothing happens. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE WHOLE BOOK.

Thoughts: For some reason, I love Claudia having the BSC girls (and logan) taste-test Heath and Skor bars.

Setting aside the fact that there’s no way Logan could get a job in a restaurant, why would he need to? With three of the BSC girls out of town, wouldn’t he have his pick of sitting jobs? Also, what do BSC clients do when everyone in the club is out of town? Do they have to – gasp! – actually spend time with their children?

Dawn tells little kids a ghost story involving murder. Way to go, Dawn.

Dear ghostwriter, Franklin’s last name is not Harris, it’s DeWitt. Moron.

“Somehow, Kristy had devised a way to convince the grown-ups to take the kids for a half hour.” When a 13-year-old has to ask you to spend time with your children on a family vacation, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

Mallory writes a postcard to Stacey’s mom. I don’t get it.

Since when is Sea City on an island?

March 13, 2010

BSC #34, Mary Anne and Too Many Boys: How Does She Have Two Guys and Stacey Has None?

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Seriously, who wants the pale brunette over the blond in the bikini?

Summary: In what’s essentially part 2 of Boy-Crazy Stacey, Mary Anne and Stacey again serve as mother’s helpers when the Pikes go to Sea City. They meet up with Alex and Toby, their kind-of love interests from the end of Boy-Crazy Stacey, only this time Mary Anne’s dating Logan, so she feels kind of guilty for hanging out with another guy. It’s a lot of drama for a 13-year-old, but ultimately she finds out that Alex also has a girlfriend back home, so they decide to be friends. Because Mary Anne just knows she’s going to be with Logan forever and ever. Which I would totally make fun of, except I was 13 once, too. Oh, and Toby dumps Stacey, and she proves that hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Mallory and Vanessa also have guy issues – well, Vanessa more than Mallory. She develops a crush on a guy named Chris who works at an ice cream parlor, and she starts leaving him poems. However, he thinks they’re from Mallory, who has no idea what’s going on. Vanessa is very mature in her handling of the situation, leaving him one last poem (“from Mallory”) letting him down, knowing that their chances of seeing each other again are pretty slim. Why is the nine-year-old the most mature person in this bunch?

There are a couple of sitting jobs mentioned from the other sitters’ vacations, but the other girls aren’t in the book much. Dawn’s is one of the more important, only in that it introduces us to Carol, her dad’s girlfriend, who later has a bigger role in the series. Also, Jeff turns out to be really good with kids, which is kind of a surprise.

Thoughts: It’s weird to read a book about a beach trip right after reading one about a trip to the mountains.

Stacey wears khaki safari pants and a jungle-print blouse. No, sweetie. Just no.

I don’t think they let 12-year-olds work in ice cream parlors. Maybe child-labor laws are different in Sea City.

Mr. and Mrs. Pike want Mallory and either Stacey or Mary Anne around every night so they can go out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – why even bring the kids with you on vacation if you’re not going to spend any time with them? And why should Mallory have to sit while she’s on vacation? I hope she gets paid for that.

Is it bad that I consider Mary Anne a two-timer for setting up a date with Alex when she’s already dating Logan?

This book makes it clear that Stacey isn’t someone you want to mess with. You can take the girl out of New York….

November 6, 2009

BSC #8, Boy-Crazy Stacey: Stacey Luvs Scott Foley

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She looks 11 and he looks 30. It's a match made in Heaven

Summary: Stacey and Mary Anne go to Sea City, New Jersey, with the Pikes for two weeks to serve as mother’s helpers. Except they’re basically the kids’ parents for two weeks because apparently the Pikes’ idea of vacation is to take their kids to the beach and spend no time with them. (Though if I had eight kids, some of them as annoying as the Pike kids, that would be my idea of a vacation, too.) Stacey falls in “luv” with an 18-year-old lifeguard named Scott Foley (no joke), and her obsession distracts her from looking after the kids, which makes Mary Anne resent her.

Stacey doesn’t quite get that Scott is basically using her (for sodas and sandwiches, pervs), and that most 18-year-olds wouldn’t give a random 13-year-old the time of day if she couldn’t provide them with sodas and sandwiches, until she sees Scott kissing a girl (hopefully also at least 18 years old) and realizes that she’s just developed a silly crush and needs to let it go. She does, and she winds up falling for a 14-year-old instead.

There’s not much of a B plot, though I guess Mary Anne’s killer sunburn comes close. Claudia and Dawn barely make appearances in this book, but Kristy has a scene where she’s watching Karen and Andrew, leaves them alone to wash Watson’s car so she can take care of Louie the dog, and returns to find that they’ve scrubbed the car with steel wool.

Thoughts: Now that I really think about it, the idea of an 18-year-old flirting with a 13-year-old is really gross. Maybe Ann M. Martin or her ghostwriter should have thought that through a little better before writing that in.

Speaking of age, Stacey falls in luv with Scott literally seconds after first seeing him, which just goes to show that as mature as she is, she’s still 13. And his being so nice and flirting with her doesn’t help – of course a 13-year-old is going to fall in love with an older guy who seems to be in luv with her.

The Pike kids’ personalities really come out in this book. Mallory’s calm and level-headed, the triplets are pains, Vanessa talks in rhyme for the first time (crap, it’s catching), Nicky wants to be one of the guys and just get some attention, Margo is…just there, and Claire is silly. Er, a silly-billy-goo-goo. With her adding that to everyone’s names and calling her mom “Moozie” and her dad “Daggles,” I think she’d drive me crazy pretty quickly. That’s probably why she was the last child. It still doesn’t explain why Stacey puts her in time-out for ten minutes for name-calling, though. Sheesh, Stacey, she’s five and she teases everyone. Chill out.

As an adult, the most shocking part of the book for me – aside from the whole 18-year-old-flirting-with-jailbait thing, of course – is that Stacey claims there’s no miniature golf in New York City. Poor, deprived New Yorkers. (According to Google, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, so maybe someone read this book years ago and decided to do something about this travesty.)