February 9, 2014

BH90210 7.11, If I Had a Hammer: Who Cares If You’re in Trouble? I’M in Trouble!

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Nice sweatpants, David

Nice sweatpants, David

Summary: There are people dressed as bears in CU’s student union. Weird. Donna checks in on David, who’s still acting a little strangely after what happened in Vegas. He picks a fight with her, telling her that he can’t live up to her standards. As she leaves, he yells that he doesn’t need her or his father. Then he breaks a glass, cutting his hand and bringing a lot of attention to himself. Another student offers help but David just snaps at her.

Thanksgiving is approaching, and Brandon wants to host dinner at the Walshes’ for the whole gang. Valerie reminds him that he’ll have to invite Mark. Tracy, however, will be home with her family. Nat tells them that Willie the cook has been offered a house from Habitat for Humanity, but he and his niece and nephew need to do a lot of the work to build it. He’d like the gang to help out. Brandon and Valerie quickly agree.

Donna and Mel take David to the hospital, where Mel tells Donna that he saw David’s behavior years ago in Sheila. The doctor who took care of David’s hand calls in a psychiatrist to address his frantic manner. David tries to make excuses for his behavior, then uses the old “this is just how I am” story. The psychiatrist, Dr. Tate, isn’t buying that.

At CU, Steve appears before some sort of disciplinary board to address the fact that he recently turned in a paper very much like one Brandon once wrote. Steve not only plagiarized, but he did it for Professor Randall, AKA Lucinda’s ex-husband, AKA the professor who hates Brandon. Oops! Steve will be allowed to appear before a committee next week, but he’s facing expulsion.

Brandon reminds Kelly about Thanksgiving at his place, but she and Mark have plans to spend the weekend in Montecito. They spot Randall, who comes over to pretend to talk nice with Brandon. Even though he left CU, he’s been doing advisory stuff like reviewing term papers. He mentions that Brandon was always a really good writer.

Dr. Tate asks Mel and Donna if David has a family history of psychiatric problems. Mel names Sheila’s bipolar disorder. Dr. Tate wants to admit him to the psychiatric ward for 72 hours so he can be evaluated and diagnosed. Mel gives consent. He has to leave to see patients, so Donna offers to stay.

Steve goes to the beach apartment to tell Clare about his academic problems. Clare’s like, “How did I choose you over Dick and Prince Carl? Also, way to go, doing this just months before you were supposed to graduate.” She advises him to tell Brandon what happened. Steve wants to talk to Chancellor Arnold instead and try to get some sort of clemency. Clare orders him to tell Brandon before the dean does.

Brandon, Valerie, Mark, Nat, and Willie are first to the building site, followed by Clare and Steve. Steve confesses to Brandon that he took his paper and Randall caught him. Brandon quickly figures out that Randall knows he wrote the paper. That means he’s going to be gunning for Brandon. David is understandably annoyed about having to stay at the hospital, and he refuses to take his prescribed sedative. He also doesn’t want to talk to his psychiatrist about his recent behavior.

Dr. Tate chats with Donna instead; she tells him about when she and David went looking for Sheila in Portland. She thinks David’s trying to run away from himself. Dr. Tate tells her that David’s lucky to have her in his life. Kelly and Mark head to Montecito, learning on the way that their hotel reservation has been misplaced. She’s not optimistic that they’ll be able to find another place to stay on a holiday weekend. Mark’s fine with thinking of this as an adventure.

Brandon learns that he’s going to be charged with collusion for helping Steve plagiarize. Clare worries that she’s following in her mother’s footsteps, since she always considered Chancellor Arnold a project to work on. Speaking of the chancellor, Steve’s meeting with him right now. It’s not going to do any good, though, since Chancellor Arnold doesn’t get involved in disciplinary matters. Steve doesn’t get immunity just because of whose daughter he’s dating. He begs for the chance to make up for his plagiarism, regretting that he ever copied the paper. Chancellor Arnold says that he should have copied Brandon’s behavior instead.

David meets with Dr. Tate, and though he tells him a little about his life, he won’t talk about his feelings. Dr. Tate wants to discuss Sheila’s bipolar disorder. David denies that he’s like her, but Dr. Tate points out that he’s genetically predisposed to have what she has. David blah blahs about having a bad day, not having control, wanting to let off steam, etc. Dr. Tate tells him that those are the lows, and he’s been self-medicating with all his drinking. He adds that David has Mel and Donna, so he’s not alone.

Kelly and Mark scramble to get a hotel room anywhere in Montecito. They can’t, but Mark does manage to get them dinner reservations in a four-star restaurant in Lake Tahoe. (He told them it was for Ronald Reagan.) Brandon pleads innocent to collusion, then tells Professor Randall that he had nothing to do with Steve’s plagiarism. Randall won’t drop the charges. Brandon accuses him of making things personal, which, of course, Randall denies.

Back at the work site, Valerie proves to know a lot about construction. She tells Clare that her father was a contractor and she used to work with him on houses. She adds that just before she moved to Beverly Hills, her father committed suicide. Clare is able to empathize with her over losing a parent. Valerie admits that she doesn’t have a lot of happy memories of her father.

While Mark and Kelly eat fancy food at the four-star restaurant, David has a dream about looking for Sheila among homeless people in Portland. When he finds her, she turns into him. Well, it doesn’t take Freud to figure that out! David’s finally ready to talk to Dr. Tate. Sheila arrives in Beverly Hills and meets up with Donna at the hospital. She feels guilty for passing her bipolar disorder on to David. Donna says that David will just be happy to have her support.

At the Walshes’ house, Brandon yells at Steve for being an idiot and dragging Brandon into his antics. No more computer for Steve! Kelly and Mark manage to get a hotel room somewhere, but now she’s sick. Mark thinks she has the flu, but then he gets sick himself. Apparently you can get food poisoning at a four-star restaurant. So much for a romantic weekend. In the morning, they debate going back to Beverly Hills for Thanksgiving with the gang, but decide to stay put.

David’s very happy to see Sheila, who tells him she’s repaying him for the times he was there for her. She wants to talk about their similar behavior, but he still doesn’t think they should be compared. He has, however, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sheila knows that David likes his highs, but she cautions that he needs to stop drinking or he’ll have to face the lows, too. If he takes care of himself, he won’t need medication.

The members of the gang who’ve been working on the house gather with Willie and his niece and nephew for Thanksgiving dinner. Valerie and Clare ask Brandon and Steve to call a truce for the holiday. David shows up in time for the meal and asks Donna why she stuck around to help him. She reminds him that he was her first love. They exchange “I love you”s and kiss. So they’re…back together?

Thoughts: They keep showing the people dressed as bears throughout the episode, but no one ever mentions them or explains why they’re there. I’m starting to wonder if I just imagined them. Paging Dr. Tate!

“Hey, Steve, I know you’re in a jam, but can we make this about me?” Sure thing, Brandon!

Kelly can’t get a hotel clerk to help her over the phone, so she has Mark deal with him, saying that the guy must hate women. Mark doesn’t get anywhere either, so he tells Kelly, “He hates men, too.” For some reason, that cracked me up.

Kelly’s never had caviar? I find that hard to believe.

August 5, 2013

BH90210 6.12, Breast Side Up: Happy Sexgiving

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Why is Brandon kissing "You've Got Mail"-era Meg Ryan?

Why is Brandon kissing “You’ve Got Mail”-era Meg Ryan?

Summary: Colin and Susan are both getting ready to go see their families for Thanksgiving. Colin is a little concerned that Kelly will be spending the holiday with Brandon. She tells him to let it go. Susan is also concerned, saying straight out that she wishes Kelly and Brandon weren’t going to be seeing each other. The rest of the gang (plus Joe and Sheila) goes to the grocery store to shop for their big communal dinner. Valerie’s getting along really well with her boyfriend’s mother.

Shopping montage! Clare buys some booze for the cocktail party her father is hosting, but isn’t she under 21? Kelly gets flowers for a centerpiece, and Brandon compliments her on her ability to make things pretty. She can tell he misses his family and isn’t as happy as he lets on about having his first Thanksgiving on his own. After the shopping trip, Donna and Joe have to go to a deposition, but Donna hopes not to discuss the case any more for the rest of the week. Kelly’s upset that Donna’s relationship with Ray has to come out in court.

Valerie appears to be in charge of the meal, and she’s determined to have dinner at the dining room table, not in front of the TV. Brandon and Kelly go to the Peach Pit to pick up pies, leading Steve to comment to Valerie that they’re pretty chummy again. Kelly and Brandon tell each other that they told their significant others that nothing was going to happen between them. Sheila helps Valerie in the kitchen with tips about cooking the turkey (you’re supposed to cook it breast side down). Val pulls David aside to whine that she wants to cook by herself, so he needs to get Sheila away from her.

Kelly and Brandon return with pies and Nat’s tip to cook the turkey breast side up. Valerie complains to them about Sheila trying to take over. They don’t care. Colin calls, and while Kelly’s out of the room, Val asks Brandon if he’s going to take advantage of Susan and Colin being away. Donna and Joe go to her deposition, after which she has to run a secret errand for his birthday. Donna goes through the world’s shortest deposition, and her testimony makes it sound like Joe attacked Ray without being provoked. Joe’s lawyer sucks and doesn’t clarify anything.

Steve and Clare go to Chancellor Arnold’s cocktail party, where Steve is nervous to run his advisor, the guy who found out he’d cheated on his math placement test. He’s also annoyed when his advisor remarks that opposites attract when he learns that Steve and Clare are dating. Clare doesn’t get why he cares what all the party guests think about him. I don’t get why the writers think this is interesting in any way.

Donna tries to meet up with NFL player Steve Young, whose agent’s father was a patient of her father’s. She wants Steve to come by the Walshes’ the next day to wish Joe a happy birthday. Steve drinks and mopes in the corner at the party until Clare makes him meet faculty members. He bonds with them after they learn who his mother is. I punch myself in the face to try to stay awake. Donna returns home without securing a visit from Steve Young, but she tells Kelly she has a plan B for a present: her V-card.

On Thanksgiving morning, Valerie wakes up late and freaks out because she’s lost valuable cooking time. Luckily, Sheila’s already on it. And she’s cooking it breast side down, because apparently this is an episode-long theme we’re supposed to care about. Val thanks her for her help, and Sheila lets her know she likes her with David. At the beach apartment, Kelly tries to talk Donna out of sleeping with Joe this early in their relationship. Clare tells them that the way Steve acted at the party the night before made her like him even more.

The turkey is served, and Valerie relaxes her rule about not letting anyone eat in front of the TV. Joe says grace and everyone wishes him a happy birthday. Sheila learns that the gang plans to go to the Peach Pit later to serve dinner to the homeless. She gets nervous about it but tells David she’ll go – if it weren’t for him, she’d still be homeless herself. Donna’s also nervous since Steve Young is late. Susan calls, and Valerie pretends to be sympathetic toward Kelly.

Joe has to leave to have dinner with the football team, and he doesn’t plan on coming back later, so he won’t be getting either present Donna planned to give him. Just as he’s about to go, Steve Young arrives with a signed football and plays a pickup game with the gang. Later, he encourages Joe to figure out what he wants to do in life, since he won’t be able to play football forever. That evening, the gang helps Nat at the Peach Pit, and Donna tells Kelly that she’s 100 percent sure she wants to have sex with Joe that night. Kelly supports her now.

Brandon invites Kelly back to the house to watch horror movies. David has seen them eyeing each other, and he tells Valerie that he doesn’t think Brandon’s going to be alone in the house. The exes briefly discuss their breakup, Dylan, and their new relationships, agreeing that they’re too honorable to cheat. (Though they weren’t too honorable to sleep with their best friend’s boyfriend or a married professor.) Elsewhere, Steve and Clare are boring.

At the beach apartment, Donna tells Joe she’s ready to sleep with him. But there’s a twist – he doesn’t want to sleep with her! He’s also a virgin, and he doesn’t want to have sex before he’s married. She tells him she feels the same way. The next morning, Kelly and Brandon are all proud of themselves for not having sex, though they do share a kiss. Valerie sees them hugging and thinks they did exactly what they’re celebrating not doing.

Thoughts: The grocery store is pretty empty considering it’s the day before a major holiday.

Trivia: Donna’s middle name is Marie.

Joe, fire your lawyer. Unless you want to lose, in which case, keep doing what you’re doing.

So Donna’s birthday is Christmas and Joe’s falls on Thanksgiving this year. Weird.

Valerie’s hair looks better just after she’s woken up than mine does after ten minutes of styling.

July 6, 2013

BH90210 6.5, Lover’s Leap: Solve All Your Psychological Problems in Two Days

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This seems like a great idea

This seems like a great idea

Summary: Valerie’s having a black-and-white dream about running down a long hallway to a locked door. She screams, “Daddy!” and wakes up, in turn waking up Brandon and Steve. Dylan picks up Toni for class, bringing Bruno some donuts. Toni invites him in to give him a tour of the freaking gigantic house. (The dining room is the size of my apartment.) She wants Dylan and his friends to come to dinner the next night. In the study, Dylan spots a picture of Marchette and Jack together but pretends not to know who Jack is. Toni doesn’t know who he is either.

At the Peach Pit, Kelly, Donna, and Clare talk about Toni’s dinner invitation. Clare’s tutoring has paid off for Steve, and he’s very grateful. The gang discusses David and how depressed he’s been since his mother’s suicide attempt. David and Mel visit Sheila in the hospital, but she won’t talk to them. Mel presses David to keep going to class and maintain a normal routine. Sheila’s doctor tells them that she thinks Sheila should have electroconvulsive therapy since her medications aren’t working. David objects, but Mel’s considering it as an option.

On campus, Dylan tells Brandon about the picture he found in Marchette’s study. Brandon promises that he’s the only person who knows about Jack and Marchette’s connection. He heads off to meet with Susan, inviting her to the dinner party, but she refuses. She also doesn’t want to have a relationship as long as they’re working together. So either she can fire him and they can date, or they can keep things platonic and keep working together. She does admit to being attracted to him, but not enough to choose him over letting him write for the paper.

Kelly and Donna go to David’s dorm room to check on him, telling him the same thing Mel did about how he needs to get on with his life. He doesn’t listen to them any more than he listened to his father. Brandon goes to Susan’s room to tell her he’s quitting the paper so they can date. She’s totally fine with that, especially since it means she gets a free meal at Toni’s. She also announces that Brandon has called her bluff, so he doesn’t have to quit.

Valerie writes Cindy an email, and Brandon and Steve notice that she’s acting down. She asks Brandon if he remembers her father, then says she doesn’t have any good memories of him. She reveals that she was the person who found him the night he killed himself. Val’s emotional but feels like she needs to talk about it in order to get past it. Sheila’s suicide attempt has put her back into the depression she felt after her father’s death. Brandon urges her to talk to her mother, but Valerie says that her mother blames her for her father’s suicide. Her behavior led to a lot of fighting.

Kelly, Colin, Donna, Ray, and Clare go to a movie on campus (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, inappropriately enough), then hang out on the quad. They run into David, but he doesn’t want to join them. Valerie has her running dream again, but this time she gets into the locked room and finds her father bleeding on the floor. She wakes up crying and Brandon comforts her.

The next day, Toni gets ready for the party, which her father (who’s out of town) doesn’t know she’s hosting. Bruno warns her not to get too involved with Dylan. Marchette calls, I guess just to remind us that he and Toni have a good relationship. Bruno continues warning Toni, who tells him not to say anything to Marchette about them. Dylan stops by to make out with his girlfriend while Bruno watches disapprovingly.

At the Peach Pit, there’s a mouse. For some reason, people are still willing to eat there. Clare and Steve have another tutoring session tinged with flirting, so it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. They plan to go to the dinner party together. Then Clare thinks Steve’s playing footsy with her, but it’s the mouse. I start crying because it’s so dumb.

Mel tells David that he needs to get on board with the ECT and convince Sheila to do it. David laments that his mother won’t even look at him. Mel orders him to make an effort. Everyone else gets dressed up and goes to Toni’s party. Susan’s totally jealous of Kelly, and Clare probably should be, too, since Steve’s checking her out. Bruno catches Dylan snooping around in Marchette’s study, so Dylan tells him that Jack is his father. Bruno tells him that he and Marchette already know who he is, but Toni doesn’t. He warns Dylan to treat Toni well because she’s like a daughter to him.

Valerie checks on David, revealing to him that she’s had her own experiences with a suicidal parent. She invites him on a field trip, taking him to an overpass, where he warns her that she could fall and land in traffic. Val notes that things could fall apart at any moment. If David wants to jump, he should go ahead. David balks, and Valerie tells him that she comes here sometimes as a “gut check.” He tells her he doesn’t want to die.

After the dinner party, everyone goes to the Peach Pit, for some reason. Brandon tells Dylan he needs to tell Toni who he is, since she’s already in love with him. Nat and Willie can’t catch the mouse, so Donna steps in, calling it like a dog and picking it up. And that’s Donna’s plotline for the episode. Steve takes Clare home and they kiss, so I guess that’s that.

Valerie takes David to the hospital to see Sheila again. He’s grateful that she came to see him and got him out of his room. Sheila still won’t talk to or even look at David, but he tells her he wants her to live. He tells her all the things she has to look forward to, like him getting married and having kids. He thinks she needs to try the ECT. Sheila finally looks at him, asking if he’ll be there when she has the procedure.

Colin and Kelly are at his studio, blah blah, they’re happy. Valerie gets an email back from Cindy giving her encouragement. She’s in much better spirits now and isn’t worried about nightmares. That night she has the running dream a third time, but this time she opens the door to find David on the other side, telling her she doesn’t have to be afraid.

Thoughts: Susan’s early good will with me has already disappeared. Brandon isn’t worth it, Susan.

Sorry you’re not allowed to have a storyline, Nat.

All the dresses the girls wear to dinner party are surprisingly nice.

They should have just had an episode of David and Valerie because everything else was stupid and/or pointless. We didn’t even get to see the dinner party!

June 30, 2013

BH90210 6.4, Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Everyone Makes Out and Then Someone Almost Dies

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Summary: Dylan uses an electronic typewriter (no joke) to type a letter to the FBI in case he dies while investigating Marchette. Toni shows up unexpectedly, having skipped class to take him to the beach. Kelly and Donna go to a meeting about the Tournament of Roses Royal Court; Kelly thinks Donna only wants to participate because she’s a “sucker for tiaras.” Susan is also there, because of course she’s writing an editorial about why the court is stupid. Brandon teases her about it.

Later, Donna goes with Ray to meet with the record exec who’s supposed to be signing him, but the meeting gets rescheduled. The exec also doesn’t want to listen to Ray’s tape. Fortunately, his daughter (the one who drives all his decisions) is now in love with Ray. At the Walshes’, Steve chats with a girl on CU’s message boards, telling her he’s sensitive and gentle and all that crap. He encourages Brandon to try it out, but we all know Brandon’s already met his next conquest.

David hangs out with his mom, who really doesn’t want him to leave, even to go study. Dylan does his math homework at the Peach Pit, where Willie proves to be a math whiz. Clare’s tutoring sessions don’t seem to be working out. Clare sits with Kelly, Donna, and Valerie, who have all (except Val) decided to try out for the Rose Court. Kelly wants to go to the Rose Court ball with Colin, so Valerie offers to give him the night off. She ends up helping him with his mural, offering her services for the weekend.

Donna and Felice get manicures, and Donna shares that she’s trying out for the Rose Court. Felice doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Donna sees this as criticism, and Felice’s way of saying she’s not good enough to make it. Dylan invites Toni out for a motorcycle ride, so she ditches her schoolwork for him again. They’re followed by her bodyguard, Bruno. Val goes to the Rose Court tryouts anyway, lying to Kelly that she tried to get Colin to take the night off for the ball, but he said no.

Susan snarks about the process while Brandon tells her she likes being critical too much, and she comes across as elitist. Dylan and Toni go for a ride, trying to lose Bruno. Either the bike is faster than Bruno’s car or Bruno sucks at his job. The Rose Court hopefuls tour some house and see the tiaras worn by previous Rose Queens. (Donna used to make her own for her Barbies.) Val notes that there are only seven slots on the Rose Court, so Donna has little chance of making it. Valerie decides she’s had enough of the process and leaves.

Donna goes before the judges, one of whom calls her “lovely.” Having successfully ditched Bruno, Toni announces that she wants to drive Dylan’s bike. For some reason, he lets her, even though she doesn’t know where anything is. Except she’s lying, because she does know how to drive a motorcycle. This is the dumbest scene ever. They make out for, like, an hour while Bruno watches them.

Kelly asks Colin about the ball, but he doesn’t want to go. She turns to David, who decides this is a great excuse to get out of hanging out with Sheila again. Clare struggles through another tutoring session with Steve, then asks him to go to the ball with her. Brandon bugs Dylan about Toni, having predicted that he would fall in love with her. Dylan gives him the key to a safety deposit box in case something happens to him.

Brandon and Dylan get a look at the message Steve is writing his new cyber-girlfriend. Awesomely, it starts with “Dear Cuddles.” He plans to meet her after the ball. Also going to the ball: Susan, who agrees to accompany Brandon. Donna makes the Rose Court, but she’s upset that Felice isn’t happy about it. Kelly tells her it doesn’t matter what her mother thinks, and that their friends support her. Ray makes things worse by telling Donna he can’t go to the ball; he has to play at the record exec’s daughter’s birthday party if he wants a deal.

Valerie “helps” Colin with the mural, though I don’t think she actually does anything useful. They’re done faster than expected, so he suggests another activity they can do. Donna mopes at the birthday party while Ray accompanies a game of musical chairs. At the ball, Brandon suggests that he and Susan get their picture taken (this thing is basically like a prom) and run it with their editorial about the Rose Court. The photographer thinks they’re dating. At least they’re having fun, unlike Steve and Clare.

David and Kelly dance, but fortunately, the band is playing swing music, so David isn’t as dorky as usual. Susan accuses Brandon of staring at his ex. Colin and Valerie arrive, and how did they get tickets? Val notes that Kelly doesn’t seem too upset to be at the ball without her boyfriend. She is upset, however, at seeing Valerie there with Colin. Val swears that she didn’t intend to make Kelly mad; she and Colin thought Kelly would be happy to have Colin come. Colin backs this up but asks Kelly to apologize to Valerie. But first, making out!

Steve and Clare both ditch the ball early, followed by Brandon and Susan, who have to go work on their story. (Not a euphemism.) David offers Valerie a ride home if she’s okay with stopping by his mother’s place first. Toni goes back to Dylan’s for more making out. Susan, Brandon, and their sexual tension work on the story, and he tells her she’s a good editor. He tries to fish for a compliment in return, but she can’t think of one. Then she tells him he has good lips, and they make out.

Donna and Ray make it to the ball just in time for the last dance of the evening. He thinks she’ll be crowned Rose Princess, and she thinks he’ll become a rock star. Steve goes to the Peach Pit to meet his cyber-girlfriend, who turns out to be Clare. Neither of them is happy, but Nat thinks it’s hilarious. They decide to have coffee anyway. On their way home, David and Valerie stop by Sheila’s apartment and see ambulances and police cars outside. Sheila’s taken away by paramedics, having attempted suicide.

Thoughts: I’m not really a girly girl, but I completely support Donna’s love of tiaras.

Steve: “You get more honey with flies.” Brandon: “Can’t argue with logic like that.” Hee.

I’m still not seeing any appeal with Colin, and especially not so much that two girls would want him. He’s beyond dull.

If you didn’t see it coming that Clare was Steve’s cyber-girlfriend, congratulations on being born yesterday.

May 5, 2013

BH90210 5.26, A Song for My Mother: Portlandia

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Oh, David, those flowers aren't for you, silly

Oh, David, those flowers aren’t for you, silly

Summary: Ray meets Donna at the airport in Portland, and poor David has to watch them kiss hello. Ray didn’t know he was tagging along to visit his mother. Back in Beverly Hills, Dylan accompanies Valerie to a tattoo parlor, complaining the whole time. She knows he’s cranky because his and Charlie’s screenplay isn’t going well. Dylan’s planning to visit Charlie’s former hypnotherapist so he can learn more to apply to their protagonist. Valerie chickens out on the tattoo.

In Portland, David goes to visit his mother at work, but learns that Sheila was fired a while ago for not showing up on time (and in some cases, at all). Next he heads to her apartment, but someone else is living there. The building manager says she left two months ago after failing to pay her rent for four months.

Dylan meets the hypnotherapist, Dr. Campbell, who has a really nice house despite living in the middle of an area destroyed by fires and mudslides. She tells Dylan the house is still standing because of luck and fate – and this isn’t the first time she’s survived a fire. Dylan thinks she’s talking about a previous lifetime. Dr. Campbell tells him that she used to be in advertising, but one day she was hypnotized and started on a new journey. Or an old one, really, because she’s been “channeling travelers” for hundreds of years.

Donna and Ray’s reunion makeout session is interrupted by David, who’s distressed about not being able to find Sheila. She left a bunch of mail behind in her apartment, including alimony checks from Mel. Donna’s surprised that Mel didn’t say anything about his checks not being cashed. Ray has little sympathy, I guess because his relationship with his mom is good. Also, because he’s a jerk. Donna asks if they can borrow his truck, but Ray refuses. Because he’s a jerk.

Ray goes off to his club while Donna stays behind with David to follow a lead. He found a flier for a Valentine’s Day gathering at a bar Sheila used to frequent. The bartender hasn’t seen her for a while, but another patron reports that he recently saw her at a hotel, “setting up shop.” David and Donna go to the hotel and learn that Sheila was arrested for disorderly conduct. David doesn’t understand what’s happened to his formerly posh mom. Donna advises him to call Mel.

David makes the call from a police station, then reports to Donna that Mel didn’t sound surprise. A police officer tells them that no one pressed charges against Sheila, so they let her go. It’s been six weeks and no one’s seen her since. The police can’t do anything until 48 hours after Sheila was reported missing. The officer suggests that they check homeless shelters. David tries to send Donna off to Ray’s club to see him perform, but she wants to keep helping him look for Sheila. You can guess how that goes over with Ray.

Donna and David head to a shelter but have no luck. Next they make missing-person posters, and David berates himself for not being more involved in his mother’s life. Donna wonders why she moved to Portland when she doesn’t know anyone there. David tells her that Sheila used to say she was tired of pretending to be happy in California; she preferred the rainy weather in Portland. In bed in Beverly Hills, Dylan teases Valerie about her still-yet-uninked tattoo, and she teases him back about wanting to be hypnotized.

Ray and Donna fight about her spending so much time with David, but Donna is unapologetic about trying to help her friend, not to mention the guy who saved her from Garrett. Ray snaps at her to go sleep with him, then, mockingly saying that he forgot that she won’t sleep with anyone. Donna starts to leave but he pushes her back onto the bed. She tries again, and this time he knocks her into the door. He apologizes (not sounding sincere), saying it was an accident, but Donna leaves anyway.

Ray follows her to David’s hotel room, but Donna’s locked herself in the bathroom and won’t talk to him. David doesn’t know what’s going on. Ray gives him the keys to his truck to use the next morning. David assures him that he didn’t come to Portland to drive a wedge between Donna and Ray. Donna emerges from the bathroom and goes back to her and Ray’s hotel room. Ray apologizes to Donna again, promising he would never do anything to hurt her. He just loves her so much and was scared he was going to lose her.

The next day, David and Donna meet Mel at the airport, and he tries to ease David’s anxieties about Sheila. David says that the police think she’s crazy. Mel informs him that Sheila was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has been on lithium since David was a kid. David’s upset that no one told him (and they should have, since there’s a history of mental illness in Sheila’s family). Sheila never wanted him to know because she didn’t want him to see her fall apart.

Mel continues that Sheila was stable for years, but stopped taking her medication while David was at camp one summer. She went on a shopping spree, then smashed all the china when Mel confronted her. When David came home, she acted like nothing was wrong. David asks why Mel didn’t think anything was wrong when Sheila stopped cashing his checks. Mel admits that he didn’t want to get sucked back into her problems, and he’d hoped she was being cared for by someone else.

Dr. Campbell hypnotizes Dylan by telling him to imagine he’s in an elevator. Instead, he sees himself running on train tracks, similar to the dreams he had when he was in a coma. He admits to Dr. Campbell that he’s never been able to shake the dreams. She tells him that she’s not 100 percent sure that reincarnation and past lives are real, but if Dylan can regress, he can gain understanding and move forward with his life. He just needs to commit. She decides that they should have their next session at his house, though he isn’t sold on trying again.

David, Donna, and Mel return to the hotel, where Ray tells them that someone saw their flier and has information. A homeless woman takes David and Mel to the street where Sheila (also homeless) has been living, and after a minute of being unable to get through to her, Sheila becomes lucid. David and Mel take her to the hospital and discuss other family members who have been mentally ill. Mel admits that he was relieved to learn that David had a drug problem last year, rather than a chemical imbalance.

David wonders what to do next, and Mel says that the doctors want her to stay in Portland for a while. Then they can bring her to Beverly Hills and help her get a job and a place to live. David thanks Mel for doing so much for his ex, but Mel doesn’t think he’s doing anything unordinary. Sheila is the reason he has a son, so he’ll always be grateful to her.

Ray tries to explain away his behavior with Donna the night before, saying that being on the road is hard. He also feels bad that he wasn’t there to save Donna from Garrett. Donna’s totally over it. David and Mel play a cute tape for Sheila that she and David made when she taught him to play the piano as a child. She says that she never wanted to be a burden; she thought she could take care of herself. David tells her she doesn’t have to do that anymore.

Valerie visits Dylan to show off her new tattoo: She got his name inked on her breast. He flips, but she tells him it’s fake. Then she shows him her real tattoo, a daisy on her back. David meets up with Donna at Ray’s club and tells her that listening to the tape made him want to get back into music. He admits that he stopped playing because he thought the music was making him crazy. Donna notes that the drugs were doing that. He thanks her for all her help.

Ray dedicates his next song to Donna, and David realizes while watching them look at each other that they’re happy together. He goes outside and looks up at the moon. In Beverly Hills, Dylan is also looking up at the moon instead of sleeping next to Valerie. She thinks he should blow off Dr. Campbell if he doesn’t really want to be hypnotized. Her father used to say that we’re only alive for a short time, so it should be a good time. Dylan replies that he’s not sure we’re only alive for a short time.

Thoughts: I think this episode was to make up for earlier episodes where Brian Austin Green didn’t get to do anything.

Donna and Ray, please learn how to kiss more quietly. You’re grossing me out.

Dylan wears a suit during the day and jeans in bed. Okay, then.

Danger, Donna Martin, danger!