March 30, 2013

BH90210 5.18, Hazardous to Your Health: Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

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My new desktop wallpaper

My new desktop wallpaper

Summary: Dylan packs for his Erica-rescue mission but gets slowed down when Valerie shows up to hang out. She asks to come with him, but he won’t even tell her where he’s going. He remarks that he’s probably not the only guy she plans to visit this morning. When Dylan arrives in Mexico, he tries to call Jonesy, who’s sick in bed and doesn’t answer. He takes a cab to Jonesy’s hotel and learns that Jonesy isn’t so much sick as hungover and heartbroken.

Despite having a sick newborn through finals, Andrea made the dean’s list. She mentions Hannah’s doctor, and Brandon and Steve tease her for having feelings for someone who’s not her husband. David and Clare bicker over his desire to turn the Peach Pit After Dark into a hip-hop club. He thinks her affection for alt rock is awful.

At the beach apartment, Donna and Ray watch a video of Ray’s performance at the After Dark. Brandon finds Kelly meditating while listening to tapes of Professor Finley saying new-agey things. She tells Brandon he was denied tenure despite being popular with his students. He won’t give any more tutorials until he’s granted an appeal, which Brandon is willing to lobby for.

In Mexico, Dylan and Jonesy ride horses down a beach (of course) until they can get a look at the beachfront property Kevin and Suzanne have purchased. They’re now calling themselves Carl and Kitty Cavendish, and are possibly smuggling drugs. Jonesy plans to track down and flush down their secret bank account. His tap on their phone has let him know that Carl likes pirate collectibles and Kitty isn’t sleeping with him.

Jonesy has a plan, but it will only work if he has a female accomplice, and his just ditched him. Dylan gets distracted when he finally catches a glimpse of Erica. Jonesy needs another accomplice who can lie and be seductive. Dylan knows just the person. He calls Valerie, but she’s mad because he blew her off earlier and still won’t tell her what he’s up to. He manages to talk her into going to Mexico, and she gives the Walshes a cover story they don’t believe.

The next day, Dylan and Jonesy go to the airport, where Jonesy has Dylan pose as a valet and pick up Valerie. Dylan still questions Jonesy, who promises that he’s done this sort of thing before. In turn, Dylan promises that Valerie can do whatever they need her do. Jonesy pretends to be Valerie’s boyfriend, and she immediately plays along.

Brandon asks the dean about Finley’s appeal, wondering why he isn’t getting tenure. The dean tells him Finley was supposed to write a book, but he’s doing tutorials instead. The other professors think he’s trying to win “converts.” Parents have also complained about Finley’s conduct during a weekend retreat. The dean is willing to work with Brandon, though.

Dylan, Valerie, and Jonesy go to a retreat near where Suzanne and Kevin are staying. Val and Jonesy will be posing as a super-rich couple on vacation, and Dylan will be their “manservant.” Jonesy has even arranged a double date with Kevin and Suzanne. He tells Valerie to flirt with Kevin, then spills a drink on Suzanne so he can get her out of the picture. They talk pirate stuff, and Jonesy tells Kevin he has Blackbeard’s log. He invites Kevin to join them on their yacht.

Meanwhile, Dylan follows Erica and her nanny (I guess) around town, which would be totally creepy if we didn’t know what was going on. He catches up to her at a market stall and tells her not to look at him while they’re talking. She begs him to take her away from Mexico and gives him her favorite piece from her sea glass collection. A guard from the villa sees him, but Dylan acts casual.

Jonesy finds out about Dylan’s encounter with Erica and blasts him for letting the guard see him. Dylan doesn’t care what he thinks since he hasn’t come through on his promises yet. Valerie assures Dylan that she’ll do whatever he needs to get Erica back.

In Beverly Hills, Brandon meets with Finley, who asks him to lead the charge for his tenure. Brandon thinks he needs to address his critics head-on. Finley thinks the dean has already turned Brandon against him, and Brandon’s only there to find out if Finley’s as bad as everyone thinks. He promises a showdown if it comes to that, and he plans to win.

Jonesy, Valerie, Kevin, and Suzanne spend the day on a yacht, bringing a big marlin back with them. Dylan listens in on a surveillance device as Valerie and Suzanne talk about Erica. Meanwhile, Jonesy tells Kevin that he’s a smuggler (he stuffs his wares inside fish – heh) and wants a partner.

Suzanne and Jonesy head to villa while Valerie goes to the “Cavendishes'” house with Kevin. Kevin uses the Interwebs to access his bank account in the Caymans, and Jonesy hacks into the account to get all the information he needs. He immediately transfers what’s left of Dylan’s $8 million into an FBI account. Jonesy’s ready to go back to the States, but Dylan wants to get Erica. Jonesy has no experience taking kids, so he won’t be helping.

When Valerie finds out that Jonesy’s gone, she blasts Dylan for letting him go; Kevin and Suzanne will soon be coming over to have dinner with the couple. Dylan says that’s perfect, since that means Erica will be alone in the house. Kelly gets herself hired as Finley’s research assistant and chastises Brandon for stabbing Finley in the back. She calls him an extern, which is Finley’s word for a non-believer.

Valerie goes to Kevin and Suzanne’s house, pretending she was on the beach and was going to be late for dinner. She gives Erica back the piece of sea glass she gave Dylan. As soon as the others leave, Dylan sneaks into the house to get Erica. Suzanne calls and hears Erica shout a warning to Dylan as he’s spotted by a member of the house staff. Suzanne quickly figures out that Valerie and Dylan are working together and pulls a gun on her.

Kevin and Suzanne take Valerie back to their house, having easily gotten the truth out of her. Suzanne asks Dylan where Jonesy is. Just then Dylan looks outside to see his supposedly former partner. Gunfighting ensues, and Dylan knocks Kevin out while Valerie takes Suzanne’s gun. Suzanne offers her money, but Valerie tells her it’s already theirs.

Once the bad guys have been taken away, Jonesy tells Dylan and Valerie that he got some help from the FBI after he told them Kevin and Suzanne were plotting to kidnap Erik Estrada. Dylan lets Erica know that he’s okay, and she says she knew he’d find her.

Thoughts: My recap title comes from Veggie Tales, and it’s way better than the actual title of the episode, which has nothing to do with anything.

When Dylan is done playing Jonesy and Valerie’s manservant, can he come be mine? Oh, I’ve said too much.

I was thinking that brenda would have been a better choice for Valerie’s part of Jonesy’s plan, but I think she’s met Suzanne, so that wouldn’t work.

Hotter: Dylan with his shirt open or Dylan in a nice, crisp white shirt? Don’t make me choose!

February 18, 2013

BH90210 5.10, The Dreams of Dylan McKay: Spirits in the Material World

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Kelly's into psychology - she needs to psychoanalyze these dreams

Kelly’s into psychology – she needs to psychoanalyze these dreams

Summary: Paramedics tend to an unconscious Dylan after his car accident. A firefighter finds drugs in the car. Once Dylan’s admitted to a hospital, a doctor tries to present his case to other doctors, but they don’t really care about him because he’s a junkie. His doctor tells a nurse that according to shamans, when a person’s unconscious, he’s experiencing a battle for his soul. In his “battle,” Dylan dreams that his doctors are Ms. Teasley, Suzanne, and Kevin. He can hear Erica calling for help. Dream Dylan runs off to save Erica, who’s kneeling on a subway track. His drug dealer winks at him.

Over at CU, David and Clare make a video about a frat flag-football tournament Steve and Brandon are playing in. The tournament lasts for four days, so I guess the students don’t have anything else to do right now. Clare wants the video to highlight how jocks are competitive and girls cheer them on, or something. Shut up, Clare. She doesn’t even know why they’re wearing flags. Rush arrives and asks to take over coaching duties, even though KEG is doing fine.

Jim and Cindy disagree about whether or not Valerie should be allowed to smoke in the house. (Cindy is okay with it, since Valerie is such a poor, delicate flower, but Jim is against it.) Valerie overhears and offers to quit. Suddenly they get a call from Iris. After their football game, Brandon, Steve, and Kelly go to the Peach Pit to kill the 90 minutes before the playoffs. Steve’s annoyed that Rush got involved, but Kelly says he’s just trying to recapture his own glory days of being the big man on campus. Inside, Nat and Andrea tell them about Dylan’s accident.

The Walshes and Valerie head to the hospital, where the doctor tells them Dylan’s in a coma. She doesn’t think it’ll last more than 24 hours. Oh, wait, she’s not a doctor, just a med student. Okay, who cares? Dylan dreams that he and Valerie go to the Walshes’ for Thanksgiving (Dylan calls Cindy “Mom” – aww). Suzanne and Kevin are there, and Kevin is friends with Jacques Cousteau. Dylan goes to answer the door and sees a snake slithering around the turkey Jim’s carving. Dylan thinks he’s letting Erica in, but his dealer’s at the door.

Then we get a black-and-white flashback of Dylan and Jack singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” then their final scenes before the car bombing. Dylan keeps seeing the car exploding and burning. Brandon and Kelly go to the hospital, though she thinks he should still go to the playoff game. She doesn’t want them to act like Dylan’s already died. Valerie worries that her presence is making Dylan feel worse. She blames herself for the accident. Kelly reminds her that they did everything they could to help Dylan, but he checked himself out of rehab. It’s not like Valerie knew he was getting wasted and didn’t try to stop him. Val asks if Kelly still loves him. Kelly doesn’t get a chance to answer.

As Kelly says mean things to him, Dylan dreams about their swim in the pool, then imagines them getting married. (Jim walks her down the aisle, so that’s weird.) Suzanne appears to be the maid of honor. Then Dylan realizes Brandon is the groom. Jim asks Dylan, the best man, if he brought the rings. Valerie, in her own wedding gown, says she brought one. Except she’s not Valerie – she’s supposed to be Brenda. Dylan goes back to the subway to get Erica, and his dealer tells him to save her. He just needs to “follow the light.”

Dylan wakes up and rings for a nurse, but instead gets Ms. Teasley, Suzanne, and Kevin again. Suzanne apologizes for stealing his money, then says that since they’ve already come this far, they might as well keep going. The dealer gives him an injection. In reality, the med student (Jamie) asks for more medication for Dylan, but the nurse tells her to fill out the proper paperwork. Over at the Peach Pit, Steve and Nat worry about Dylan’s addiction. Steve wants Dylan’s share of the After Dark, angering Andrea, since they’re discussing business while Dylan’s in the hospital. Nat gives Steve 12 hours to make things work or he’s walking away.

Dylan dreams again about going to Jack’s car, but this time he’s the one who gets in, and it doesn’t blow up. His dealer is there and takes him to the pool hall, which is full of girls Dylan’s slept with. Dylan’s all proud of himself. Kelly makes out with him while the dealer plays electric guitar. Then Valerie intercepts Dylan, offering to do whatever he wants. Next, Donna shows up in her underwear, saying they’re “fixing it.” Suzanne’s next, but then the dealer shoots Dylan up and sends him back to the subway.

Rush helps the KEG guys get ready for the playoffs, annoying Steve. Brandon tells Steve to suck it up so they can win the tournament. Steve doesn’t want to have to put up with his father turning everything into a competition and showing him up. Brandon threatens to quit, since he’s not in KEG anyway and has more important things to do, like check on his possibly dying friend. They decide to pretend it’s still that morning, before they knew about Dylan and before Rush made Steve mad.

Dylan dreams of Kevin and Suzanne urging Ms. Teasley to shoot him. Ms. Teasley realizes that she has nothing against him; Suzanne and Kevin are the ones who ripped him off and “destroyed his faith in mankind.” The dealer offers to pull the trigger. Instead, he sends Dylan back to the subway, but this time Dylan says he won’t follow the light. He gives money to a homeless man and approaches the train. Clare and David wander through, saying the tunnel would be a great place for a music video. (They’re actually in Dylan’s hospital room, and Clare is being a shrew.)

Dream Dylan goes to the pool hall, where Kevin and the dealer, dressed as bikers, scrutinize him. Suzanne tells him he just needs to make the next shot – not with a pool cue but with a syringe. Kevin and Suzanne hold Dylan down while the dealer gets ready to shoot him up. Meanwhile, Donna smokes and dances on the bar. Clare tries to make out with Dylan, then fights with Suzanne over who he belongs to. Clare sits Dylan up and lets him see that Erica’s in the bar. Erica screams and the real Dylan has a seizure. Dream Dylan drives his car down the cliff again and flatlines. Kevin and Suzanne are with him. The dealer turns off his heart monitor.

Football is played, and Jim arrives toward the end of the scoreless game. He chats with Rush, who’s kept himself away from the action so he won’t bother Steve. They talk about Dylan, and Jim says his condition doesn’t look good. Rush is surprised since Steve didn’t mention anything. Steve decides to use one of Rush’s plays to win the game. So now he has a game victory AND his father’s approval! What a great day for Steve!

Jamie and Dylan’s actual doctor bicker, standing close enough to each other to kiss. The doctor doesn’t get why Dylan isn’t getting better. The nurse mentions Jamie’s remark about Dylan undergoing a battle for his soul. Dream Dylan goes to Jack’s car again, and it blows up. Then he’s back in the subway tunnel, giving the homeless man money again. The dealer promises not to shoot him up again if he saves Erica. Dylan reaches out for her, but she screams again and disappears. The homeless man turns Dylan around, but this time it’s Jack. He tells Dylan to keep trying and trust himself.

The real Dylan is calm and stable now, though Jamie and the doctor didn’t have anything to do with the change. Steve toasts the KEG guys’ entrance into the finals and thanks Rush for the game-winning play. Then he hints that Rush will be paying for his shares in the After Dark. That night, Dylan wakes up for real with Iris next to him. He imagines Jack sitting in the room, smiling at him. Then Dylan makes out with Jamie. Okay, not really, but wouldn’t that have made sense?

Thoughts: The mention of Jacques Cousteau made me think of the Friends episode where Phoebe dreams about him. Hey, that took place at Thanksgiving, too!

Dude, Dylan wants Donna! I wouldn’t have expected that.

Hey, Brandon, the emerald green shirt with the kelly green shorts are really working for you.

Very appropriate music in the background of the last pool hall dream: the Police’s “Spirits in the Material World” (hence the name for the recap).

December 29, 2012

BH90210 4.32, Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, Part 2: And Ms. Walsh Goes Away for Good

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So long, farewell, get outta here

So long, farewell, get outta here

Summary: The carnival is still going strong, and it’s Steve’s turn in the dunk tank. Erica thinks the kid trying to dunk him is cute. Brenda knows the kid is Alpha sister Leslie’s brother, so she hooks them up, then takes Dylan on the Ferris wheel. She tells him she’s going to London, which he thinks she’ll love. Brandon’s awkward dinner with Clare, Lucinda, and Chancellor Arnold is finally over, but now both women want some alone time with him, telling him to leave his hotel door unlocked. He quickly gets his room changed.

Everyone dances at the carnival, including Erica and her potential new boyfriend. Steve’s still in the dunk tank, at the mercy of Sears and his terrific aim. Celeste finally pulls him away, even though Steve warns her that Sears is a bad guy. The next morning, Brandon dreams that Clare and Lucinda are both in his bed, trying to wake him up. When he wakes up for real, he’s surprised to get a visit from Kelly.

Brandon’s plan worked, as Clare and Lucinda can’t find him. They see him with Kelly and follow the two of them to breakfast. Back in Beverly Hills, Suzanne and Kevin pick Erica up from Dylan’s after their first night together as a married couple. Dylan has come around to Kevin’s way of thinking and wants to keep other investors out of their deal. Now he just has to explain things to Jim.

The carnival kicks off its second day, this time with special guest Babyface. Donna isn’t sure what to call him: “Mr. Baby? Mr. Face?” One of the keyboardists is MIA, so Ariel asks David to take his place for the sound check. Cue the White Boy Pelvic-Thrusting Rhythms of David Silver. Babyface is so impressed that he asks David to play for that night’s show. Ariel hugs David, and Donna’s annoyed again.

Brandon and Kelly sightsee in D.C., discussing Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Brandon’s love of government. She wonders if she was crazy to come after Brandon so soon after her breakup with Dylan. She’s not sure they should risk their friendship for something more. They talk about kissing but don’t actually do it.

Andrea bugs Jesse to study for his finals, but he’s still more concerned about the baby. They’re about to visit her when a baby stops breathing and a code is called. At first they think it’s Hannah, then feel guilty for being relieved that it’s not her. Andrea notes that Jesse’s finally said her name for the first time. Cindy laments that Brenda has traveled more than she ever has. She’s a much bigger risk-taker than her mother is. Brenda says going away for the summer isn’t a big deal, but Cindy disagrees.

Dylan comes by to break the news to Jim that he’s going to provide Kevin’s funding on his own. Jim calls the decision a “professional embarrassment,” warning that Dylan doesn’t have the experience or connections to make it work. Dylan reminds him that it’s his money. Jim is tired of hearing that and announces that as of 9 the next morning, Dylan is no longer his client. He can go to the bank, withdraw all his money, and do whatever he wants with it. Dylan thinks it’s about time.

Steve’s back at the gladiator-battle thing, so of course Sears wants to face off against him. Steve accuses him of using Celeste to get back of him. Sears corrects that he’s really with Celeste because she’s good in bed. Steve wants a bet: If he wins the battle, Sears stays away from Celeste. If Sears wins, Steve resigns from KEG. Brenda and Donna question Celeste about her relationship with Sears, deciding she needs to know who he really is.

The guys battle with those big Q-tip-looking things over a mud pit, looking to be evenly matched. Celeste gets Brenda and Donna to try to distract Sears by showing him their bras. It works and Steve wins. That night, Donna and Ariel both admire David as he plays with Babyface. Steve thanks Celeste for the flashing, and she tells him that Brenda and Donna filled her in on Sears. She admits that part of her reason for dating him was to get back to Steve. He asks what she’s doing over the summer, and she says she’ll be around.

Brandon and Kelly end up in bed together in D.C., and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want this to just be a one-time thing. He calls Chancellor Arnold to get her admission to all the taskforce’s activities. At the carnival, Donna goes looking for David, who’s rumored to be with Ariel. In fact, they’re in a limo, and their clothes aren’t on. It takes poor Donna way too long to figure out why David’s shirtless in a limo and won’t open the door.

Donna goes to the Walshes’ to mope, telling Brenda she doesn’t want to be lonely. Brenda assures her that she’ll find another great guy – maybe even a virgin. Andrea and Jesse visit Hannah again and start decorating her incubator. Cindy, Jim, and Brenda watch on TV as President Clinton speaks to the taskforce. Dylan, Steve, and Nat are watching at the Peach Pit, because everyone loves Brandon. Steve spots Kelly in the audience, though Dylan doesn’t know why she would be there. Brandon shakes Clinton’s hand, and it’s certainly not a stand-in.

Dylan and Kevin sign off on their money transfer, then say goodbye so Kevin can go to Orange County. Except he isn’t really – he’s meeting Suzanne to tell her things have gone according to plan. Now they just have to withdraw Dylan’s money and figure out what to do with Erica. Donna kicks David out of the beach apartment, unwilling to listen to his apologies about his fling with Ariel. She also makes him admit that Ariel wasn’t the first person he had sex with. (I guess that confirms exactly what he and Nikki did.)

Kevin and Suzanne rush Erica to the airport, telling her she can’t say goodbye to Dylan because he’s studying for finals. They’re off to South America after all, as Kevin claims it’s cheaper to run a lab in Brazil than in the U.S. Suzanne says they won’t necessarily be living there. Erica goes off to the bathroom as Suzanne exposits that she’s spent the last eight months setting up this scam. Erica writes a note, sticks it to a stall door with gum, and asks the person who finds it to deliver it to Dylan. But the gum doesn’t hold and the note falls on the floor.

That night, Nat calls Dylan to ask if he knows why Suzanne didn’t come to work. Before Dylan can investigate further, Brenda shows up to lament that her parents were more proud of Brandon for shaking Clinton’s hand than they’ve ever been of her. She’s going to London to make them happy. Then she announces that she loves Dylan and always will. He tells her he’ll applaud her from afar. That’s not enough – she wants him to give her something to come back to. Then they make out and we’re done with season 4.

Thoughts: I don’t know why Celeste doesn’t want you back, Steve. Could it be the long underwear you’re wearing in the dunk tank? Or maybe the big green feather thing on your helmet during the gladiator battle?

David, an XXL plaid vest without a shirt is not a good look for you. Or anyone, actually.

Once again, I want a sister like Erica. She’s brilliant.

December 22, 2012

BH90210 4.30, Vital Signs: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

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If law school doesn't work out, Jesse has a future as a carpenter

If law school doesn’t work out, Jesse has a future as a carpenter

Summary: There’s a baby crying in a forest, and Andrea’s looking for it while wearing a hideous Victorian blouse. Oh, wait, it’s just a dream. Andrea’s alarm clock goes off at 3 a.m., for some reason, and she finds Jesse in the living room, taking a study break to sand a cradle. She tells him she had the same nightmare she’s been having. However, she doesn’t want to let the nightmare get to her since she’s already dealing with bed rest and having to take pills every four hours (which is why she’s up at 3 a.m.).

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is opening the next night, and Cindy is nervous for Brenda. Brenda, however, is confident. She tells her parents that Steve never picked up the free tickets she offered him. Erica wakes Dylan up, not realizing Kelly’s in bed with him. She announces that she, Suzanne, and Kevin are moving to South America, though the adults want to keep it quiet. Erica begs Dylan to go talk to them. Kelly’s upset that they’re in the house and that Erica could have walked in on the two of them having sex. Dylan doesn’t seem to care.

Suzanne thinks Erica wanted to come see Dylan for his opinion on the new shoes she’s about to buy. Dylan reveals that he knows they’re moving. Suzanne says they’re not moving to South America, they’re just considering moving to the southwest, namely Arizona. Kevin says no one wants to start up a new business in L.A. Kelly emerges, pretending she didn’t spend the night (who cares? They’re not his parents), and Erica says that Dylan should be with Brenda.

David and Donna try to pick out music for CU’s Mardi Gras; Donna’s the entertainment chair. David sees that Babyface is a potential performer and encourages Donna to book him. Brandon task force handbooks blah blah blah, no one cares. He sees that his name isn’t on the list of delegates going to Europe, but Chancellor Arnold’s secretary won’t let Brandon go in to see him. Andrea and Jesse learn that Andrea’s preterm-labor condition hasn’t improved, and she’ll most likely need to deliver early. Her doctor advises her to check into the hospital that night.

Steve packs up Laura’s dorm room, as the girl in question is now under psychiatric care back home. He tells Brandon that her parents said this isn’t the first time she’s tried to kill herself. Brandon wants Steve and Brenda to work things out, but Steve doesn’t think Brenda’s up for it. He notes that Brandon also has a girl in his life who’s nuts. Brandon even thinks Clare had something to do with his name being left off the list of delegates. He notes the irony of being punished for not taking advantage of Clare.

Brenda gets ready for opening night, receiving a St. Genesius (the patron saint of actors) medal from Dylan. Roy thinks Dylan must be pretty special. Shut up, Roy. Andrea and Jesse pack for the hospital, and Andrea’s anxious because she thinks she’s responsible for the baby’s condition. She’s worried that her nightmares are coming true and she’s going to lose the baby. Jesse shows her the finished cradle and says everything will be okay because he didn’t do all that work for nothing.

After her first performance, Brenda gets a standing ovation and a bouquet of flowers from Roy. Brandon spots the chancellor and tries to talk to him about the task force, but the chancellor blows him off. Brenda’s friends congratulate her, and she thanks Kelly for her help. Dylan chats with Jim about Kevin’s company and sets up a meeting with him to talk about investing. Kelly disapproves but doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s further annoyed when Dylan says that Brenda is like a big sister to Erica. Andrea checks into the hospital and shoos Jesse away so he can study.

Brandon and Kelly run into each other early the next morning; he’s staking out the chancellor’s office to confront him about the trip to Washington. Kelly accuses him of engaging in a self-fulfilling prophecy. The chancellor’s secretary again turns Brandon away. Donna meets with Babyface’s management team while David chats with a junior rep named Ariel about music. (He tells her about his “pretty kickin’ rap single.”) She invites him to jam with a band she’s putting together. (Yes, she says “jam.”)

At the Walshes’ house, Jim looks over the prospectus for Kevin’s company and asks to meet him. Dylan can only arrange a meeting over Sunday brunch because Kevin will be in Arizona on Monday. Brenda thanks Dylan for the medal, as well as for sticking by her through the madness of the audition process. She kisses him on the cheek but totally wants to kiss him somewhere else. Dylan starts to say something but settles for telling her to have a good show.

Donna visits Andrea and gives her an Etch a Sketch to play with while she’s in the hospital. She’s read a book about color therapy for pregnant women and thinks it could help. For example, pink is a positive color. They compliment each other on their significant others while Jesse confides in Brandon that he’s scared about having a premature baby. The doctor tells Andrea and Jesse he wants to perform an amnio to make sure the baby doesn’t have any birth defects.

David meets the band, and one of the members, P.K., recognizes him from CU. They “jam.” At the Peach Pit, Kelly picks a fight with Dylan over whether or not she’s invited to the brunch with Jim and Kevin. Brenda arrives with Roy after their second performance, and he says she could be a great actress if she got some classical training. Brenda teases Steve about not coming to the show and encourages him to come to the final performance the next afternoon. The others tell him he should go.

Andrea has the forest dream again, but this time she finds a cloud of pink mist and pulls a small baby out of it. A nurse thinks the nightmares are over. There’s more “jamming,” and P.K. finally places David as a DJ. The guys know that if David worked for CU’s radio station, he must know Howard. That means he’ll be happy to do drugs with them, right? Donna gets Ariel’s permission to book the band as Babyface’s opening act. Donna thinks David will fit in with the guys really well.

Brandon goes by the chancellor’s office again, this time ignoring the secretary to bust in. Brandon tells the chancellor that, yes, he was attracted to Clare, but he didn’t make any moves. He doesn’t think he should be left out of the Washington trip just because of his dealings with Clare. Chancellor Arnold tells him there was a printing error and he’s still going on the trip. He also admires the way Brandon dealt with Clare, because she needed someone to “put her in her place,” and I guess it was too much work for the chancellor.

Kevin and Jim hit it off at brunch, and Kelly’s the only one in attendance who isn’t in a good mood. David and Donna are at the hospital, and she’s happy that he’s gotten connected with a great band. David tells her he can’t play with them because they’re all drug users. He didn’t say anything to her because he was trying to rationalize how he could make it work. Donna thinks they should cancel both the band and Babyface, but David tells her to keep the latter.

Dylan drops Kelly off at the hospital, and she notes that their relationship isn’t doing too well. He suggests that they block out everything that’s happened over the past few weeks. They quickly get back on the right track, then just as quickly get off it when Dylan mentions Kevin. He thinks Kelly hates Kevin, Suzanne, and Erica because they pull his attention off of her. The two of them snipe at each other and say they should see other people.

After the final performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Steve visits Brenda in the dressing room and praises her acting. They make up. Brandon goes to see Andrea and Jesse before heading off to Washington, and suddenly Andrea’s water breaks. Brandon promises not to go anywhere until the baby’s born. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what Andrea’s concerned about right now.

Thoughts: If I’m ever in the hospital, I want Donna to visit me. She brings fun presents.

The dream with the baby is scarier than the ones without it. A baby small enough to hold in your hand shouldn’t make you happy, Andrea!

You know, Kelly, if you keep smirking, your face will freeze like that.

December 16, 2012

BH90210 4.29, Truth and Consequences: Chemical Imbalances

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Yeah, that's a good place to let her put her hands

Yeah, that’s a good place to let her put her hands

Summary: Donna and Kelly have breakfast at the Peach Pit, planning a “sorority meeting” at Andrea’s place since she’s on bed rest. They’re not sure if Brenda will make it. Brandon, Dylan, Suzanne, and Erica are also at the diner, talking about Kevin’s chemistry lab. Brenda arrives and announces that she got the lead in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She tells Kelly and Donna that she went to Roy’s house and he gave her a second chance.

Steve’s more upset about Laura not being cast than she is. She’s resigned herself to being the understudy. He thinks she deserves a straight answer from Roy. Laura says he won’t get one – clearly Brenda slept with Roy to get the part, and it’s not the first time he’s been swayed in such a manner. At home, Jesse nags Andrea about not sticking to her prescribed bed rest, reminding her that she just has to do it for a couple of months.

Brandon visits Chancellor Arnold, who tells him that some of his remarks about education in the country have been included in a keynote speech at the upcoming summit in Washington. Brandon’s been invited to Berkeley, and Chancellor Arnold wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy like he did when he kept Clare out so late on her prom night. (He has no idea what actually happened. He also thinks Clare is awesome, so….)

Roy holds his first rehearsal, and Laura mopes through it. David and Donna take Rocky II to the beach, because they don’t have another storyline right now. Steve comes to ask Kelly why Laura might have been overlooked for the role of Maggie. He thinks Laura’s accusations about Roy and Brenda were accurate. Donna’s shocked by the possibility, but Kelly notes that Roy came on to her, so it could be true.

Kelly takes the discussion to Dylan, who thinks Steve’s “thinking with his zipper” and making false accusations. She replies that Roy could be thinking with his own zipper. Erica, Suzanne, and Kevin show up to announce that Kevin and Suzanne are engaged. Kelly makes a dig about how quickly their relationship has progressed. (Apparently they’ve only known each other for a few weeks.) Dylan asks why she’s so negative.

Steve goes by Laura’s dorm room and confirms that Brenda did go to Roy’s house, so it’s entirely possible that they slept together. Laura wishes she’d thought of it first. Clare surprises Brandon with her own ticket to Berkeley, claiming she wants to go tour the campus. Jim and Cindy are nice to her, and Jim doesn’t get why Brandon doesn’t like her. He says she’s a serial killer and hasn’t been able to convince Chancellor Arnold that she’s crazy. (Maybe because he hasn’t told him anything?) Laura leaves a message with Cindy telling Brenda that her rehearsal time has changed from 1 to 4.

Erica and Dylan visit Kevin’s lab for some sort of chemistry…thing. (I’m not a science person.) He’s come up with some sort of process to purify water. Dylan thinks the microorganism he’s developed can clean up the bay. Kevin tells him he can’t get funding since he’s not one of his company’s stars. At CU, Steve (still mopey) tells Brandon the rumor that Brenda slept with Roy to get the part. Brandon orders him to stop the rumor, but he can’t disagree that it might have happened.

The “sorority” meets at Andrea’s house, and everyone’s awkward because they think Brenda’s a whore. She denies the rumor and demands to know who started it. Since Kelly doesn’t seem to completely believe Brenda, Brenda storms out. She runs into Dylan on campus and he tells her he knows her well enough to be sure she didn’t sleep with Roy. Brenda thinks he might be her only true friend.

Brenda arrives just as rehearsal is ending and is told that Roy doesn’t want to speak to her. Eddie the stage manager warns that if this were a professional job, she would be fired for not showing up to rehearsal. He agrees to smooth things over with Roy this time if Brenda makes sure this never happens again. Brenda’s suspicious of Laura, who brags to Steve that Roy loved the ideas she brought to the table during rehearsal.

Brenda confronts both of them, but Steve tells her he never said anything that wasn’t true. He adds that he’s Brandon’s friend, not hers. “That’s a relief,” she replies. He tells her she can choke on the part. Brenda reminds Laura that she’s still the star and Laura still has nothing, except Steve, “which is kind of the same thing.” (Ouch.) Steve and Laura head to Laura’s room, where Steve fumes but Laura’s happy. She suggests that Steve kidnap or injure Brenda so Laura can get to shine in a few more rehearsals. He slowly realizes that she’s not kidding.

At home, Brandon tells Brenda that he heard the rumor and says he knows how she must be feeling. She’s upset that Kelly and Donna haven’t called after their fight the day before. She doesn’t get why her friends think she’s suddenly a slut when she’s only ever slept with Dylan and Stuart. Brandon doesn’t want to judge since his affair with Lucinda didn’t make him look great, but he doesn’t specifically say that he doesn’t believe the rumor.

Steve calls to summon Brandon to the campus quad to assure him, Kelly, and Donna that he knows Brenda didn’t sleep with Roy. He tells them that Laura asked him to “pull a Tonya Harding,” and her “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street.” They all feel bad about the way they treated Brenda. Brenda herself is at Roy’s house to apologize for missing rehearsal and thank him for casting her. He says he didn’t have a choice since she was the best (and no, there was no sex).

Brandon finally tells Chancellor Arnold all about Clare’s wacky behavior, but he thinks she must have been under the influence of something, because his precious daughter would never act like that. He also doesn’t know why Clare would want Brandon to help her with her problems since she doesn’t have any problems. On the way out, Brandon tells Clare that her father knows everything, but she thinks it’ll backfire on him.

Roy confronts Laura in front of the whole cast, saying he knows what she did to Brenda, and she will no longer be the understudy. (Roy, don’t poke the crazy.) Laura tries to provoke Brenda, but Roy kicks her out of the auditorium. Steve follows her and tries to calm her down, but Laura blames him for her failure to get the part. He tells her that Brenda and Roy didn’t sleep together; she earned the part on her own. He thinks Laura needs some help. Laura says everyone in Beverly Hills is the same.

That night, Brenda meets with Kelly and Donna in the quad and they discuss Laura’s Tonya Hardinging. Donna assures Brenda that Steve is handling things, but Brenda doesn’t think she can rely on him right now. She confronts them for not believing her or following up with her after she stormed out of Andrea’s. Donna says she didn’t want her to feel like they were ganging up on her. Brenda admits that she overreacted and didn’t give her friends a chance to explain themselves.

At the Peach Pit, Kevin tells Dylan, Erica, and Suzanne that he quit his job. Dylan encourages him to try to get funding from another lab since his work is so important. Suzanne’s skeptical, but Kevin assures her that he knows what he’s doing. Steve tells Brandon he’s done with Laura, though his conscience won’t let him completely forget about her. He stops by her room and sees an envelope on her bed. He reads the letter inside and runs off. He encounters Brenda and tells her the letter was a suicide note – Laura’s going to kill herself in the auditorium.

The two of them rush to the theater and find Laura in her Maggie slip up in the control room. Steve tries to convince her that he cares about her. Brenda sends him to call security while she tries to talk Laura down. Laura starts making herself a noose. Brenda tells her there will be other plays, but Laura won’t get a chance to be in them if she hurts herself. Steve quietly climbs up to the control room and grabs Laura before she can jump and hang herself.

Later, as Laura’s taken away to get help, Steve tells Brenda that she probably would have died if Brenda hadn’t been there. Brenda can’t be mad at Laura anymore, just feel sorry for her. Steve hopes she can stop being angry at him, too, but Brenda isn’t ready for that.

Thoughts: How mad are the other auditioners that Roy cast a freshman as the lead?

I’m totally stealing Steve’s “driveway doesn’t go all the way to the street” thing.

Brenda’s spaghetti-strap maxi dress over a white T-shirt is so perfectly ’90s.

Here’s a crazy (heh) suggestion: How about getting in touch with Laura’s family when she first starts showing signs of instability, instead of just talking the situation to death? They’re all, “Yeah, she really needs help…just not from us, I guess.”

December 9, 2012

BH90210 4.28, Acting Out: The Girls Must Be Crazy

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I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

I would caution against looking directly into her eyes

Summary: Brenda mopes at the beach like she’s shooting an album cover while David and Donna give Kelly a book about acting. Kelly doesn’t think she’s going to get the role, though. Brenda stops by and Kelly congratulates her on her callback. Brenda confronts her about her audition for Maggie and getting coffee with Roy. She accuses Kelly of trying to steal the part from her. Kelly says she has a life of her own, and Brenda says she knows.

Brandon goes by Steve’s dorm room and finds him kissing Laura. Steve pretends they were just rehearsing. Okay, they were taking a break from rehearsing. He thinks he’s found his calling. They encounter Chancellor Arnold, who’s under the impression that Brandon will be taking Clare to her prom. Brandon doesn’t correct him.

Kelly has to miss a beach trip with Dylan and Erica because of callbacks. Dylan thinks Kelly should look at the situation from Brenda’s point of view. She notes that Dylan never takes her side. Clare’s at the Peach Pit, reading Nat’s palm, and she drapes herself over Brandon as soon as he and Steve arrive. Brandon’s not happy about the forced date.

Kelly heads to the theater for a coaching session with Roy (is that what the kids are calling it?), and Steve tells her to say hi to Laura. Kelly’s upset that Brenda has Roy, Steve has Laura, and Kelly has no support. Clare tries to use the other girls’ crazy behavior to convince Brandon that she’s a catch. On campus, Roy asks Kelly to share what Brick is thinking, since Kelly has experience with addicts. They do a scene together and Roy’s impressed.

Andrea’s still worried that something’s wrong with her pregnancy, but Jesse thinks she’s overreacting. He’s off to San Francisco for his clerkship, which I’m sure will make her less anxious. Kelly joins Dylan and Erica at the beach after all and meets Kevin. Then Dylan leaves her with Erica and Suzanne while he and Kevin go look at sludge. On campus, Brenda complains to Donna about how Kelly is Roy’s pet, then sees Laura with Roy and thinks Laura’s trying to get an in with him.

Dylan and Kevin discuss sludge and Suzanne, and finally Dylan and Kelly get some time alone. She’s upset that he brought guests with him, then left her with them. Dylan doesn’t want to hang out with her if she’s just going to complain more about Brenda or talk more about acting. Kelly points out that Dylan never had a problem with Brenda talking about acting.

Donna and Andrea hang out at the Peach Pit, hoping Kelly and Brenda work things out once callbacks are over. Donna’s worried about how much they’ve changed since high school. Andrea assures her that she’s the same, but Donna says Andrea’s changed the most – a year ago, she was a virgin on her way to Yale. Andrea takes this the wrong way and leaves.

Brandon has apparently lost his backbone, as he’s taking Clare to the prom. Chancellor Arnold is all for it. Brandon may be, too, since he thinks Clare looks hot all dressed up. He warns her that he won’t be dancing. She hints that the prom won’t be their only destination that night. They wind up at a party in a hotel room, where she teases him about being straight-laced.

At the beach apartment, Donna admits to Kelly that she said some things to Andrea that she didn’t mean to say. She has “feelings” about Andrea’s “sexual revolution.” (Donna, please stop talking.) Kelly turns the topic back to herself and the play; she’s worried about learning to cry on cue. She wonders if she wants to stick with it because Brenda doesn’t want her to. Donna encourages her to back off of the battle. She adds that Brenda’s still upset about losing Dylan to Kelly.

The party moves to the roof, and Claire and her friend get a little wild, flashing some guys on the street and pouring champagne on them. The guys come up but Brandon won’t let them into the apartment. They break the door down and start fighting with Brandon. Hotel security guards break it up and kick the guys out, followed by the partiers, who have trashed the room. Clare doesn’t care since now she and Brandon can be alone.

Donna goes to Andrea’s to apologize, but Andrea winds up apologizing for not keeping her emotions more in control. Because all pregnant women do is eat and act hormonal, obviously. Then Andrea thinks she’s going into labor, so Donna calmly helps her get to the hospital. Steve works with Laura in the auditorium, giving her a silky nightgown so she can truly become Maggie. He thinks it’ll help her win the role if she wears it to her callback.

Brandon’s upset with Clare, who whines about how much her life sucks and how she just wants him to care about her. As soon as he assures her that he does, she tries to convince him to put the hotel room to good use. Andrea gets medication to stop her labor and is basically told to chill out. Donna promises to help her out until the baby’s born.

Kelly goes to the Walshes’ to tell Brenda she’s dropping out of the audition process. Brenda’s just worried that Roy will think she pressured Kelly into making the decision. Kelly promises that she doesn’t want to be an actress; she just has a hard time when good things happen to Brenda. (This is a healthy friendship, isn’t it?) She offers to help Brenda rehearse.

Jesse comes home the next morning, and Donna admits that she fears she caused Andrea’s medical problems because she said mean things. (Which…weren’t mean. Whatever.) Andrea says that she knew something was wrong days ago. Callbacks commence and Kelly tells Roy she’s not continuing. He still thinks he can turn her into an actress and doesn’t care why she wanted to drop out.

Brandon and Steve arrive and sit with Kelly while Brenda and Laura do their scenes. Laura looks totally crazy, but Brenda seems to think it’s a good look. She misses some lines and asks to start over, which is never a good sign. She tells Brandon this was her “one chance to turn [her] life around,” which is so overdramatic that only Brenda could say it.

Clare finds Brandon (totally not stalking him, no, sir) and he finally tells her to just stay away already. She doesn’t think he means it. Kelly ends up at Dylan’s and tells him she dropped out of the callbacks because she hates acting. Dylan knows that Brenda’s more fragile than she lets on, but she’ll land on her feet, like a cat. Actually, Brenda lands on Roy’s doorstep in a very low-cut dress, asking for a second chance.

Thoughts: One of the fighters at the party is Eric Bruskotter, who also played Coach Beiste’s abusive husband on Glee. So I think it’s safe to say he sometimes gets typecast.

Dylan makes a big deal about taking Erica to the beach, like, the beach is right there. It’s not like it requires a road trip.

’90s music alert: “The Sign” by Ace of Base. Which I totally loved and kind of still love.

Seriously, Chancellor. Therapy for your daughter. Look into it.

Hold up – Andrea’s only six months pregnant? Is she having triplets? Or does she just have really horrible maternity clothes? Wait, I know the answer to that.

I would warn Steve to watch out for Laura’s crazy eyes, but I doubt he’s looking at her eyes.

December 2, 2012

BH90210 4.27, Divas: Clare and Present Danger

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There could not be a more accurate sign behind Clare

There could not be a more accurate sign behind Clare

Summary: Brenda uses microfiche (remember that?) to look up articles on a theater director named Roy Randolph. He’ll be coming to CU to direct the campus production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Brenda wants to play the lead, Maggie. Dylan runs into Brenda on the way out of the library; he’s there to pick up some books for Erica. Donna, Kelly, and Andrea are already at the Peach Pit, Brenda’s next stop, and Andrea’s grumpy not to have any nice maternity clothes. Kelly offers to give her some of Jackie’s.

Suzanne and Erica are at the Peach Pit with some guy the girls don’t know and who Erica clearly doesn’t like. The girls invite Erica to “pledge” their “sorority.” She tells them the guy is Suzanne’s new boyfriend. Brandon gets a surprise in the form of Clare, who is totally not stalking him. She lets Brandon know that she just turned 18, so now there’s no reason for him not to go out with her. You know, other than the fact that he can’t stand her and doesn’t make any secret of that fact. Brandon pretends he just doesn’t want to date the chancellor’s daughter.

Dylan interrupts their conversation and Clare kisses Brandon goodbye. Dylan remarks that he thought Brandon would be done with women for a while after the whole Lucinda debacle. Brandon asks him to keep quiet about Clare. Then Dylan meets Suzanne’s boyfriend, whose name is Kevin Weaver. At the Walshes’, Jim and Cindy discuss their upcoming trip out of town while Brenda practices her southern accent. Cindy wishes she wouldn’t get her hopes up too much for the lead in case it doesn’t work out.

In his dorm (formerly Andrea’s dorm), Steve hears someone shouting for help in a southern accent. It’s Laura, and she’s just getting ready for her audition for the play. They have an awkward conversation in which he says he’s sorry for what she went through and she says she hasn’t had a great year. Steve sees that the play is Cat in a Hot Tin Roof and shares that his mother once appeared in it. Laura reminds him that he offered to stay friends, and he takes the bait and offers to help her with her audition.

The next day, David complains to Brandon that Rocky II is poorly trained but David keeps getting blamed for his destructive behavior. (David, this is what your role on the show has come to. Get help.) Brenda literally runs into Roy, who wants a Maggie who’s “fetching, love-starved, and dangerous.” Then he totally hits on her and she totally enjoys it. Suzanne visits Dylan at home for no apparent reason, and they discuss Erica’s hostility toward Kevin. Suzanne’s afraid Erica will scare him off. Dylan offers to have a talk with her.

Brandon learns that Steve has plans to hang out with Laura and warns him to be careful. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly run lines, and Brenda’s so impressed with Kelly’s reading that she encourages her to audition for a small role. Dylan doesn’t care either way; he’s just glad the girls are getting along. Chancellor Arnold summons Brandon to his office to share some report, but it’s just an excuse for Clare to interrupt and be annoying again. She also overhears him say that he has his house to himself for a few days.

Steve works with Laura, who gets so into their rehearsal that she almost kisses him. Donna and David take Rocky II to Andrea and Jesse’s place, then bicker in front of them about the dog. Andrea tries on one of Jackie’s maternity dresses, but it’s too small. For some reason, this calls for sad, dramatic music. Steve wishes Brenda luck outside the auditions, but Laura isn’t so friendly. Roy promises no politics in the process. Kelly arrives late and catches Roy’s eye, which might be bad, since Brenda says he has a thing for hooking up with actresses.

In a totally unexpected development, Clare stops by Brandon’s house, inviting herself to spend the night while her father’s out of town. Brandon has actual work to do and no time to entertain her craziness. He wants to take her to the friend’s house where she’s supposed to be, but she says they’re not there. Brandon tells her they’re not going to do anything because of her father. He’ll let her stay until that night, when her friend will supposedly be back. Clare puts on music and does what she seems to think is a sexy dance.

Erica is apparently interested in Lincoln’s assassination, so she’s clearly a well-adjusted kid. Dylan finds her at the Peach Pit and encourages her to give Kevin a chance. She admits that he hasn’t done anything mean to her, but she doesn’t like him because he reminds her of John Wilkes Booth’s getaway driver. She’s also worried that if Kevin and Suzanne get married, they’ll move to Orange County. Dylan promises that they’ll always keep in touch.

Brenda reads for Maggie, and she’s pretty over-the-top, but Roy thinks she brings good fire to the role. Laura’s worried. Roy’s stage manager, Eddie, is also worried since Roy obviously wants to get in Brenda’s pants. Steve and Brandon talk on the phone and realize that Clare’s listening in. Brandon says she “has the body of a centerfold and the personality of a volcano.” She also has the wardrobe of a stripper/hip-hop video star. She tells Brandon she can’t stay with her friend after all, and she has nowhere else to go.

Brenda comes home and Brandon tries to pretend there isn’t a girl in a teddy upstairs. Brenda had to leave before Kelly’s audition so she could feed the neighbor’s cats. Brandon rushes her out, then goes back upstairs to find Clare on his bed. She’s handcuffed herself to a lamp and hidden the key somewhere on her body. Brandon turns out the light and leaves her there for the night. Kelly decides not to audition after all and leaves, but Roy follows her, telling her he’s waited all day for her reading. He’d like to work with someone inexperienced and scared. (Uh….)

The next day, David and Donna fight again over how slowly she’s training Rocky II. Brenda calls Kelly, who only says that her audition was “interesting.” She’s not even interested in going to campus to check the callback list. It turns out Kelly auditioned for the lead but doesn’t want Brenda to know. Brandon spent the night on the living room couch, and in the morning Clare heads off to school. (High school, remember.) He reiterates that nothing is going to happen between them. She kisses him anyway, because she’s insane.

Andrea and Jesse go to a doctor’s appointment and have an ultrasound even though their insurance won’t cover many more. Andrea thinks something’s really wrong, though. (Hey, at least that would make their plotline more interesting.) At the Peach Pit, Suzanne and Kevin thank Dylan for talking some sense into Erica. He suggests that they encourage her to read Baby-Sitters Club books instead of ones about Lincoln. Kevin gets Dylan on his side even more by inviting him to go surfing. Outside, Kevin starts to cross the street without looking, and Dylan saves him from getting hit by a bus.

Laura checks the callback sheet before Brenda and shares the news that both of them made the cut for Maggie. Oh, and so did Kelly. Brenda’s shocked. Laura adds that one of the stage techs said Kelly was a natural and is the frontrunner. And she apparently went out for coffee with Roy after the audition. Ruh-roh!

Thoughts: Kevin looks like Geraldo Rivera. Maybe that’s Erica’s problem.

Speaking of Erica, I love that kid. I would love her even more if someone would get her some defrizzing shampoo.

Strangely, Steve has the best southern accent of everyone in this episode.

Brandon, please tell Chancellor Arnold that his daughter needs psychological help and possibly strong medication.

September 30, 2012

BH90210 4.19, The Labors of Love: If I Were a Rich Man

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This is Dylan’s “I’m going to save the day” face

Summary: Kelly drives Andrea to a clinic for her abortion, asking her if she’s sure she’s made up her mind. Andrea’s surprised to find herself in this position since she usually does everything by the book. She tells the doctor she speaks to that she’s already settled on having an abortion and wants it ASAP. The doctor tells her she has to wait. She asks if the baby’s father knows, and Andrea says he only knows about the pregnancy, not the abortion.

Brandon, Dylan, and Nat’s cousin Joey are all at the hospital as Nat’s about to have surgery. Brandon’s in his Peach Pit uniform, so we know what he’s been doing. David’s supposed to be working there, but he overslept. Kelly gets him some clothes and finds drugs in his dresser. David gives the “I was just holding it for someone else” story. Kelly’s too smart to fall for it. The two of them fight, but Donna feels the need to apologize. Kelly threatens to move out and make Donna go with her.

Andrea goes to Jesse’s to tell him she’s decided to have an abortion. He wants to be part of the decision, though it’s less about making a decision and more about him planning for them to get married and have the baby. Andrea points out that she’s not even 20. She thinks the pregnancy is just a mistake. Jesse doesn’t see it that way, telling her that if she has the abortion, she should just stay away from him. So this is clearly a stable, healthy relationship.

Kelly leaves Dylan a message telling him she needs to stay with him for a while. Donna will be living at Alpha house. She doesn’t get Kelly’s idea of tough love, since she thinks leaving David alone will just make things worse. Kelly argues that they’ve been enabling him and need to leave him to fend for himself. Donna says making him pay rent on his own isn’t fair. “And bringing drugs into the house is fair?” Kelly asks.

Brenda’s taking a class with Lucinda, who lets her know that she’s now divorced from Professor Randall. Kelly and Donna arrive a little late, but Andrea skips the class. Brenda brings Brandon dinner at the hospital, relaying the message that Lucinda says hello. She adds that Lucinda’s now single.

Dylan helps Kelly move her things into his house, then welcomes Donna as an additional guest since there’s no room for her at Alpha. She wants to go back to the beach apartment and give David the benefit of the doubt about the drugs. She also isn’t sure how David could have a drug problem when he just started using. Kelly and Dylan try to convince her that he has a real addiction. Speaking of which, David visits Howard in search of drugs. Instead, he gets fired from his show.

Brandon falls asleep at the hospital, dreaming that he’s a patient there because he’s exhausted himself. Fortunately, Nurse Lucinda is there to tend to him. Joey wakes him up to tell him Nat’s surgery went fine. Over at the Walsh house, Jim offers to cook dinner since Cindy will be too busy working on a paper. Cindy declines the offer. Jim ribs Brandon about actually going to class, and Brandon reminds him that he promised to help at the Peach Pit until Nat’s back at work. Jim points out that that might never happen.

Suzanne’s also working at the diner now, discussing ownership with Joey and Dylan. She knows the kids can’t run the place on their own while going to school and trying to have social lives. Joey agrees, noting that the diner is in bad financial condition even without Nat being gone. He’s still considering selling it. Of course, he just needs a buyer. Gee, I wonder who has a lot of money and a vested interest in the diner, and also happens to be sitting right next to Joey?

On campus, Brandon chats with the dean, who hopes he works out his schedule so he can spend more time with the new taskforce. They run into Lucinda, and she and Brandon pretend they’ve never met. She heads to class with quilts to teach her students that quilting was how women used to share history. Andrea rushes out of class with morning sickness and Kelly tends to her.

Dylan goes to Jim’s office to announce that he wants to buy the Peach Pit. (Wow, I am SHOCKED!) Jim doesn’t think it’s a good investment. Dylan disagrees, adding that Suzanne’s experience will help keep the diner going. He also doesn’t care if things go south since he can afford the risk. Jim doesn’t get the diner’s appeal to all the kids. He can’t really say no, though, so Dylan’s getting his money.

David tries to buy drugs from some student with a check. No dice. At the hospital, Brandon learns that Dylan bought out Joey and is now Nat’s business partner. Brandon doesn’t seem as happy as he should be. Later, Dylan, Steve, Kelly, and Donna celebrate at the diner, and Dylan puts Suzanne in charge of hiring new staff. David stops by to ask his former roommates about rent. Kelly tells him it’s his problem now. Donna reluctantly sides with her, then follows David out to secretly give him money (which he’s totally going to spend on drugs).

Brenda correctly guesses that Brandon feels left out about the Peach Pit sale. He says it’s like he was trying to win a football game, but Dylan came out of nowhere to score the touchdown. Brenda points out that they’re all on the same team. Kelly and Andrea hang out in Andrea’s room, discussing Jesse’s lack of communication since Andrea last saw him. She feels guilty for wanting a family someday, but not now. Kelly encourages her to do what’s best for herself.

As Kelly’s leaving, she runs into David, whose dealer lives in Andrea’s dorm. Andrea tries to explain to her unborn child (and herself) that the baby isn’t unwanted; she just doesn’t want to be a mother right now. Just as she’s breaking down, Jesse shows up and apologizes for his reaction to her news. He thinks she’s already had the abortion but wants her back anyway. Andrea tells him she thinks she’s changed her mind.

At the Walshes’, Jim tells Brandon he’s proud of how he stepped up at the diner, but Brandon’s too bitter to care. He knows Jim had to have had a part in Dylan buying out Joey. He also wonders if Jim thinks Brandon will be “rich and powerful” someday. Jim says he could be, and the taskforce might be the way for him to get there. Brandon’s mad that no matter what Dylan does, he’ll always have money.

At the hospital, Brandon takes a shot at Dylan for having money, but Dylan says it’s not as great as it sounds, since he doesn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, that must be rough, Dylan. Are your diamond shoes too tight, too? Of course, the guys can’t stay mad at each other for too long, so they go to the Peach Pit to hang out with Kelly, Donna, and Brenda.

Andrea and Jesse arrive to officially announce her pregnancy…and their engagement. Kelly asks what made Andrea change her mind; she says the baby itself did. She and Jesse agree that they don’t care what they have, as long as it’s not twins. “What’s wrong with twins?” Brandon and Brenda ask simultaneously.

Donna calls David to give him the news, but David’s back at his dealer’s, where the drug of the night is heroin. As he debates whether or not to partake, Brandon goes to Lucinda’s house to make sure he wasn’t part of the reason she and Randall split up. She says she’d like them to be friends, but I don’t make out with my friends like the two of them do.

Thoughts: So was Andrea going to have the abortion, tell Jesse about it, and expect him to be okay with it? Like I said, nice relationship they have there.

The better solution for David’s issues would be for Kelly and Donna to kick him out. But this way they don’t have to pay rent.

I think there’s only one guy in Lucinda’s class. I had classes like that in college, like my women’s lit course. Things got a little personal in there, and I always felt bad for the two or three guys because I knew they had to be uncomfortable at times.

Whatever, Jim, diners are awesome.

Yes, Brandon, Dylan has money, but he also has an absentee mother and a dead father. And it’s not like you’re living on the street or anything. You have a house, a car (your own – not one you have to borrow from your parents), and college tuition. So shut it.

I like Kelly being such a good friend to Andrea. Though now Kelly’s taking over Dylan’s role of truth-speaker/moral compass/do-the-right-thing-encourager.

September 16, 2012

BH90210 4.17, Thicker Than Water: I Want a New Drug

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Dylan’s well on his way to having a mini-me

Summary: David complains about his crappy life on the radio, as if he didn’t bring it all on himself. Howard’s tired of all the whining, calling David self-indulgent. Also, his playlist is depressing. David asks for more drugs since he feels so horrible. Howard’s suggestion is to stop doing meth. At the beach apartment, Donna asks Kelly to keep an eye on David while she goes on a ski trip. Then she regrets not inviting him along. Kelly tells her she’s doing the right thing since David’s such a jerk.

David comes home and continues being a jerk, but Donna invites him skiing anyway. He tells her he already agreed to watch Erin that weekend. Donna tells him they need to be civil since they’re living together. David snaps that he’d be in a better mood if Donna could have a “mature relationship.” Basically, he wouldn’t be so mean if he could get laid. Donna tells him she’ll be having sex when she’s ready.

Cindy has packed a giant cooler for Brandon, Brenda, Steve to take on the ski trip. Brenda tells them that Andrea isn’t coming; she has the flu. Dylan also isn’t coming since he’s taking care of Erica. Donna calls to try to back out of the trip, telling Brenda that she and David had a fight. Brenda refuses to let her mope when she could be having fun. Once the kids are gone, Jim tries to arrange a meeting with Dylan to share what he’s learned about Suzanne.

Dylan’s surfing with a nervous Erica, whose only previous experience with the ocean is from reading The Old Man and the Sea. Kelly tries to calm Jackie down over letting Mel take Erin for the weekend. David complains again about his issues and Kelly asks him straight out if he’s using drugs. He says no, he just needs sleep. He also needs a hug, which she gives him. Dylan gives Erica a surfing lesson on the sand before she admits that she doesn’t know how to swim.

Kelly and David pick up Erin from Mel’s office so they can take her to the park. David pretends to go to the bathroom but instead sneaks back into an exam room to steal codeine. Up on whatever mountain the kids are skiing, a guy helps Donna with her boots, then asks her to lunch. Andrea goes to a doctor for her suspected flu, asking for an AIDS test just to be on the safe side.

Dylan takes Erica to a pool to teach her to swim, even though she’s afraid of the water. He uses The Old Man and the Sea to make her brave. In the park, some random old woman offers Erin a cookie and Kelly says no, though David almost accepts. I’m sure it’s because of the drugs. See, kids? Drugs make you take sweets from strangers! Erin runs off to the ice cream truck, and Kelly chastises David for offering her some since it would be rewarding bad behavior. Then she ditches them for an appointment, telling David to do whatever he wants.

Donna hits it off with her lunch date, Chad, who’s a ski instructor and offers her and Brenda lessons the next day. Donna’s happy that Brenda made her come since she’s having a great time. Kelly returns to the park and finds David asleep on a bench, with no Erin in sight. They end up at the police station, where they’re joined by Mel. A cop wonders if Jackie might have taken Erin because of the custody dispute. Mel isn’t sure but won’t let David blame himself.

Dylan waits for Erica outside the pool locker room, hearing from a couple of girls that she’s in there crying. He goes in to find out what’s wrong and almost has security called on him by a reasonably concerned woman. Erica tells Dylan she got her first period and doesn’t know what to do. Not that he knows what to do either, other than taking her to the Walshes’ so Cindy can help her out. Erica hopes this doesn’t mean she’ll suddenly be obsessed with boys.

The skiers meet up at the lodge and decide to go to dinner, but Donna wants to skip it in hopes of spending more time with Chad. Brenda warns her not to do anything stupid. (Like what, sleep with him? It’s Donna.) Jim finally meets with Dylan, asking what Suzanne told him about her financial situation. Dylan relays that she was wiped out when her home was flooded. Jim reveals that she actually has a bank account containing $25,000.

Jackie finally gets to the police station and learns that she’s a kidnapping suspect. She’s mad at Mel for leaving Erin with David again, though at least this time it’s not like he went to another country. David keeps apologizing, but no one blames him. Donna and Chad do a little kissing and he tries to invite himself to her place. She tells him that’s not going to happen – not because she doesn’t want to have sex but because she’s still in love with David.

The Taylors and Silvers spend the evening at the police station, but they’re finally reunited with Erin, who had run off to some random house. Suzanne comes home early and Dylan asks when she was going to tell him about the $25,000. She’s upset that he looked into her background. She tells him it’s the insurance money for her trailer, and it was just wired into her account a few days ago. She also admits that she can’t be sure Erica is Jack’s daughter, but Dylan doesn’t care.

At the beach apartment, David admits to Kelly that he’s being using meth, then stole codeine to help him sleep. He asks her to help him, and she promises she will. The next day, Andrea goes back to the doctor to get her AIDS test results. That test is negative, but another is positive: She’s pregnant.

Thoughts: I didn’t realize that Gabrielle Carteris was actually pregnant, so Andrea’s pregnancy didn’t completely come out of nowhere. It also explains some of her fashion choices over the past few episodes.

Oh, no – Kelly caught Calling Your Parents By Their First Names from Brandon. I hope there’s a cure!

Do dentists’ offices have drugs? They have novocaine, obviously, but painkillers in pill form? I thought they just wrote you a prescription and you had to go to a pharmacy to get it filled.

I feel bad for any teen actress who has to do a my-first-period storyline. It must be incredibly embarrassing. And I don’t think any viewer really wants to see that plotline. Oh, and considering this storyline, the episode title is kind of gross.

September 12, 2012

BH90210 4.16, Crunch Time: Testing 1, 2, 3

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Insert your own joke about Sears and balls

Summary: It’s finals time at CU, but Steve has other problems on his mind: He’s still on the outs with the KEG guys. Brandon encourages him to blow the whistle on Sears if he’s sure Sears was the one who set him up for the baseball theft. Steve doesn’t want to; his father told him not to make waves. Brandon’s annoyed that Steve isn’t studying, and that he has to keep tutoring D’Shawn, which was part of the agreement he made with Randall to keep Steve from getting in trouble.

The guys give exposition about things being tense at the beach apartment, since David and Donna are still living together post-breakup. This segues into David snapping at Donna at the apartment even though she’s trying to be helpful. Erica and Suzanne are still at Dylan’s, and the three of them are one big, happy family, so of course that can’t last.

Back on campus, Andrea’s neurotic because she and Jesse agreed not to talk during finals week, but she can’t handle not speaking to him. And there’s also the little problem of her still living in a dorm with Dan. Fortunately, that problem is no longer an issue – Dan has been transferred to another dorm, and Andrea’s new RA is a girl.

KEG plays in an intramural volleyball game, and their teeny green shorts make me laugh. Sears doesn’t want to put Steve in the game despite his self-proclaimed awesomeness at the sport. He puts the MoonPie-eating Muntz in instead. Steve realizes the next four years of his life aren’t looking so hot. D’Shawn welcomes Brandon’s tutoring, for once, since he needs distraction from an upcoming game. He’s even done his reading. (His sister made him.)

Dylan pays a visit to the Walshes and offers to help Brenda study the next day. She notes that it must be weird suddenly finding out he has family he didn’t know about. Dylan asks Jim for $10,000 to give Suzanne, which Jim thinks is a horrible idea. He points out that there’s no proof that Erica and Dylan are related. Dylan doesn’t think $10,000 is that big a deal. Jim suggests that he give Suzanne $5,000 in exchange for her social security number so he can do a background check.

David has to juggle studying with his radio show, so the program director, Howard, offers him crystal meth. It gets him through the night, and he’s still high when he gets home. Donna’s surprised that he’s speaking to her now, since he said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She wants them to figure out what they mean to each other. David would rather talk manically about his radio show. Donna tells Kelly she thinks things will work out.

Steve complains to Brandon about how Sears is treating him, confiding that he’s going to tell Mike that he thinks Sears tipped off the police. Their sociology final begins and Brandon sees that D’Shawn isn’t there. Kelly and Brenda hang out with Dylan and Erica, the latter of whom is already better at playing keyboards than David is. Suzanne comes home from an unsuccessful job interview and Dylan gives her the $5,000. She promises to pay him back as soon as possible.

Dylan reluctantly brings up Suzanne’s social security number, making it clear that he’s just obeying Jim’s wishes. Suzanne gets angry, telling him he’s just like Jack. “I am not for sale,” she tells him. Uh, he wasn’t trying to buy you, but whatever. David crashes at the apartment and Kelly has to wake up him for a final. She tells him he might be able to get away with being nasty to Donna, but she won’t stand for it.

Brandon apologizes to Randall for D’Shawn skipping the final, but Randall says D’Shawn is taking a take-home exam. Brandon’s upset that he’s getting special treatment because he’s an athlete. He asks what will happen if D’Shawn flunks out of school and doesn’t make it in the NBA. Randall tells him not to take any more of his classes. David asks Howard for meth and gets another freebie, with the warning that he’ll have to pay next time.

Mike tells Sears and two other KEG brothers about Steve’s accusations that he was set up. Sears says he probably called the police himself. Then he starts yelling at Mike for taking Steve’s word over his. He wants to “bring this to the test,” which Steve agrees to, even though he doesn’t know what it means. Sears tells him it’ll probably result in Steve getting kicked out of KEG.

David continues to be cold to Donna, who starts talking about being tired, apparently so they can cuddle or something. I don’t know. He yells at her not to sit on the bed, since that’s where his stash is. Suzanne apologizes to Dylan, who in turn says he’s sorry for asking for her social security number. He also still wants her to have the $5,000. Suzanne needs to go home to tie up some loose ends, so Dylan offers to let Erica stay with him while she’s gone.

David barely acknowledges Steve at the student union, ditching him to ask Howard for more meth. Howard can’t get anything until the next night, but he invites David to come with him to hang out with friends who might have something to calm him down. That night, Steve goes to the beach apartment wanting to ask David why he was so distant before. Kelly and Donna try to cheer him up with dinner.

Brandon and Jim listen to D’Shawn’s game on the radio, hearing about a knee injury he’s sustained. Steve tells Kelly about the “test” that will be happening the next night. Except it isn’t so much a “test” as a vote as to who gets to stay, Steve or Sears. Kelly thinks it might be for the best if Steve gets kicked out. Steve invites himself to move into David’s room. Donna keeps waiting for David to call or come home, but she’s losing hope. Steve comforts her sweetly.

The next day, Donna goes to Andrea’s room to study so she doesn’t have to deal with David in case he comes home. They’re surprised by Jesse, who’s snuck in to make Andrea happy and inadvertently make Donna sad. Erica and Dylan are all sibling-y, and she surprises him as well: She’s swiped Suzanne’s social security card for him.

Brandon visits the injured D’Shawn, who’s done for the season and might not play in the NBA. Brandon tells him to focus on his studies instead. D’Shawn says he did the take-home even though he was giving interviews. Brandon brings him his graded test – he got a C and maintains his eligibility. D’Shawn asks Brandon to keep tutoring him.

It’s time for the “test” at the KEG house, but before it even begins, Sears admits to Mike that he did call the police on Steve. He’s upset about Steve interfering in his potential relationship with Kelly and for what happened on Thanksgiving. The voting begins, and poor Steve has to sit there and watch each of his brothers drop a black ball in his bowl.

Finally one brother votes against Sears, saying that if Sears set Steve up, there’s nothing keeping him from setting up another brother. Muntz also votes against Sears, and probably not just because Steve gave him a MoonPie. The other brothers follow their lead, and the remaining votes are all cast against Sears. Steve can’t help but laugh.

Donna asks Kelly for David advice; she doesn’t think sex is even the real issue anymore. “Just tell me what I’m doing wrong,” she begs. Over the radio they hear David fumbling, though Donna thinks he’s just flustered because of finals. Kelly, however, thinks he’s using drugs. After all, she’s seen similar behavior with her mom. But she’s willing to let Donna think that David’s just hurting over their breakup.

David bugs Howard for drugs again, and Howard warns him not to treat him like a dealer, since that’s not what he is. (Um, you’re selling drugs. You’re a dealer.) David just wants to be able to get through the week so he can get on with his life. Howard orders him not to ask for more drugs – he doesn’t want to have to worry about David. David replies that he has no worries.

Thoughts: Ah, finals. Once again, I don’t miss college.

Dylan is adorable with Erica. I think my crush might be returning…

Howard graduating from giving David caffeine pills to handing out meth makes me think of this.

I don’t think you can call it a bed when it’s just a mattress on the floor, David.

I’d be a little wary about openly laughing at Sears. He’s obviously not above revenge.

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