April 13, 2014

BH90210 7.20, With This Ring: Isn’t Anyone On This Show Happy?

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Apparently the jeweler is Jason Priestley in makeup. Freaky

Apparently the jeweler is Jason Priestley in makeup. Freaky

Summary: Valerie has a dream that’s a mixture of her father and being in bed with Tom. She wakes up when Tom starts bleeding on top of her. Real Tom tells her that they’ll have to “face it all” when Abby returns from her business trip. Kelly writes in her journal on the beach, admitting to feeling alone. She chose herself instead of deciding between Brandon and Dylan; now they’re seeing other people and she’s single.

Brandon runs a production meeting at CUTV, but Tracy’s not paying attention. She’s not happy that he held on to the engagement ring he wanted to give Kelly. Brandon wants the conversation to wait until after the show. Donna talks to Clare about her David/Cliff issues; she wants to date Cliff but doesn’t want to take him places David might show up. She’s tired of people seeing her and David as always together, and would like to live her own life.

Ryan asks Steve for advice about taking a girl out. Steve suggests a double date with him and Clare at a pier carnival. Abby returns from her trip, and Valerie admits that she’s surprised to see her. She still won’t sign the papers for the second mortgage on the house. Abby decides to go back to Buffalo the next day.

That night, there’s a special CUTV program, where Chancellor Arnold presents Brandon with a plaque commemorating the station’s 100th broadcast. It’s followed by a party, which Clare, Steve, Donna, and Cliff ditch to go out. Tom urges Valerie to talk to her mother about her issues, but Val resists. Kelly and Brandon make awkward small talk, which Tracy sees, and she blasts Brandon for talking to his ex when they’d planned to have their big conversation.

The party ditchers go to the carnival, and Donna enjoys her time with Cliff. Steve wonders where David fits into things. Clare points out that David hangs out with Chloe all the time. Ryan’s date is going well, and he asks Steve for a condom. The girl’s parents are going out of town, and he wants to be ready for some alone time the next night.

Tracy and Brandon finally have it out, with her accusing him of cheating with Kelly. He assures her he’s not, but when she asks if he still loves Kelly, he doesn’t know what to say. Tracy’s done with him. Cliff tries to turn things romantic with Donna, but she resists since she’s kind of still with David. She doesn’t think she should be playing around with Cliff. Cliff replies that he’s not playing.

David’s hanging out with Chloe, who thinks Donna’s cheating and tells David to get out before he gets hurt. David’s sure that nothing like that is going on since Donna’s a virgin. He wants to respect her decision to send time with someone else. Valerie has another nightmare, this one about her father coming to tell her a story to help her fall asleep: “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved her daddy very much. She made her father do all kinds of terrible things.”

Valerie immediately goes to Abby’s hotel for the talk she’s been putting off having with her. She can’t believe Abby was always able to sleep through everything Mr. Malone did to Valerie: She was molested. Abby doesn’t believe her; she and her husband were married for 20 years, so she would have known if he was a molester. Valerie says that Abby could have stopped him. Abby slaps her and tells her to go to Hell, but Val says she’s been there since she was 11.

Kelly wonders why she and Brandon aren’t together if there were truly meant to be. Donna tells her that she still loves David, but she has feelings for Cliff and thinks thing are easier with him. Kelly brings up what I did about how Brandon was with Emily when Kelly was in the fire, and how David was with Chloe when Donna was being held hostage. Donna urges Kelly to tell Brandon how she feels. Kelly points out that they’ve dated other people since they broke up, so they seem to have moved on. If she has to talk to Brandon, Donna has to talk to David.

Clare wants Steve to talk to Ryan about sex instead of just handing over a condom. Steve doesn’t think Clare is the best source for sex education, considering how she handcuffed herself to Brandon’s bed as a teen. Clare decides to initiate the sex talk herself. Brandon talks to Nat about Kelly, saying that she knows how he feels, since he proposed. If she wants to be with him, she knows where to find him.

Abby goes by the After Dark to talk to Tom, and he reveals that he knew Valerie was being molested. Now Abby gets that the accusations are true. Valerie shows up and explains why she never told anyone about the molestation: She thought she’d get into trouble. Plus, Mr. Malone told her that Abby wanted it to happen. Valerie reveals that she only said something because Tom threatened to go to the police. She confronted her father, and he responded by killing himself. Now she feels responsible for her father’s death.

Tracy goes to the beach apartment to tell Kelly that she and Brandon broke up because she found the ring. Tracy wanted to tell Kelly that she’s backing down, and Kelly and Brandon can be together again, but she wants him back. Kelly admits that she still loves him. Tracy’s upset that Kelly gave up her chance and now wants Brandon again. Steve approaches the sex talk with Ryan, but it turns out he doesn’t really need it. He’s relieved to hear that it’s okay if he wants to wait a little while. Kelly comes by to see Brandon, but Steve tells her he left to return the ring.

Chloe gets invited to New York to meet with Luther Vandross’ manager, and she asks David to come along. David doesn’t want to leave Donna back in Beverly Hills, and he definitely doesn’t want to hook up with Chloe and her top that is definitely just a bra. Donna shows up for a talk, and David sends Chloe out of the room but she doesn’t stay out of sight. She comes in with her jacket undone, looking like she was just getting dressed.

As Abby’s packing to return to Buffalo, Valerie arrives to tell her she’ll sign the papers. Now, though, Abby wants to sell the house, knowing what was going on without her knowledge. She feels horrible that she didn’t know what Valerie was going through. The jeweler Brandon bought the ring from two years ago remembers him (whatever) and asks if he wants cash or an exchange. Brandon considers swapping it for a bracelet, but he wants to make sure he and Kelly are really over first.

Outside the store, Brandon runs into Kelly and tells her about returning the ring. She claims to be happy about that decision. She doesn’t think they should get back together. Brandon pretends to agree. At the After Dark, Valerie tells Tom that she wants to leave the past in the past, but looking at him makes her think of her father. She loves him, but she can’t be with him right now. Brandon gives Tracy the bracelet, having returned the ring after all. He has no idea that Kelly bought it.

Thoughts: Why are we suddenly back to Brandon and Kelly? Where did that come from?

I like Tracy, but she needs to calm down. And not just because Brandon’s nowhere near worth it.

They sure waited a long time for the Valerie reveal. I wonder if the molestation storyline was planned all along?

Girl with Ryan, what’s wrong with you?

Chloe doesn’t see what Donna sees in Cliff. Poor girl – she’s blind.

Clare, I’m 99 percent sure Ryan doesn’t want to have the sex talk with his brother’s girlfriend.

April 6, 2014

BH90210 7.19, My Funny Valentine: Love the One You’re Not With

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I wonder if Valerie has a reflection...

I wonder if Valerie has a reflection…

Summary: Kelly wants to start her and Tom’s first Valentine’s Day together with a jog. He’s not as peppy as she is. Valerie calls, so now Kelly isn’t very peppy either. Val tells Tom that she needs him to meet her at the After Dark right away – her mother’s coming in today. Kelly warns Tom that he’s being used, but he considers this enough of an emergency that he needs to ditch her for Valerie. Val then asks Brandon and Tracy to pick her mother up at the airport so she doesn’t have to be alone with her.

Tracy reminds Brandon that it’s Valentine’s Day and asks what he’s getting her. Apparently a Luther Vandross concert at the After Dark isn’t enough. Donna’s been skipping classes since her trauma with Evan, so Clare tries to cheer her up with a trip to the salon. David arrives with Valentine’s Day goodies, and Donna tries to act cheerful. Dick offers Steve some pot before they play golf together, which is the weirdest combination I’ve ever heard of.

At the After Dark, Valerie complains about her mother visiting. She thinks Abby blames her for her father’s death. As Brandon drives Abby home from the airport, she says that she knows Valerie believes Abby blames her. At the After Dark, David and Chloe meet Luther Vandross (Chloe’s opening for him), who’s giving the concert because he owes Mel a favor.

At the beat apartment, Clare again tries to convince Donna to go to the concert. Suddenly there’s something to make Donna want to put some clothes on and fix herself up a little: Cliff has returned! He wants to spend Valentine’s Day with her. Donna and Cliff go for a walk, and she tells him she has a boyfriend. He says that as long as they’re not on the road to marriage, he still has a shot to win her back.

Brandon takes Abby to the After Dark, which Valerie isn’t happy about. (But when is she happy about anything?) She thinks her mother has an ulterior motive. “Like mother, like daughter,” Brandon says. She calls her mother tough and manipulative, which is exactly how people see Val. Valerie says that’s because of Abby. At the beach apartment, Kelly complains to Clare about Valerie summoning Tom away. She still insists she’s not using him.

David stops by to see Donna, who’s out with Cliff. Kelly and Clare cover for her, but Donna and Cliff arrive as he’s leaving. David’s mad that after days of trying to cheer Donna up, she’s suddenly all better now that Cliff’s there. Cliff promises that he didn’t know Donna had a boyfriend. After he leaves, Donna tells David that she hasn’t been in touch with Cliff for months. David chooses to leave in a snit instead of be happy that she’s better.

At the Walshes’, Abby asks for a fresh start with Valerie, then immediately asks her to sign so she can take out a second mortgage on the family house (which Val owns half off). Valerie’s mad that she just came to town for money. She tells Abby to sell it, but Abby wants to keep it. Valerie would rather see the house burned to the ground – she hates it and she hates her mother for not stopping whatever happened there.

Everyone gathers at the After Dark for the concert. Steve offers Clare some pot, but she wonders why he would think she would be interested. She gives it back to Dick in front of his date, who was under the impression that he’d quit smoking. Clare doesn’t want to hang out with anyone who’s high. Kelly meets up with Tom, who promises that they’ll spend Valentine’s Day together. David and Donna smooth things over.

Brandon and Tracy take Abby to the concert, assuring her that she and Valerie will work things out. Steve goes outside to chat with Dick while he smokes, and gives in to peer pressure. Chloe gives a boring performance, and Donna complains to Kelly about all the time David’s been spending with her. Kelly teases that they should call Cliff to join them tonight.

Valerie picks another fight with Abby, who doesn’t understand why there’s so much animosity. She’s leaving the next morning for a convention, but when she returns in a week, she wants to sit down with Val and work things out. Valerie refuses, saying Abby won’t win her over. Luther performs and all the couples share a moment, except Clare and Steve, since she can tell he’s been smoking.

In the bathroom, Kelly runs into Valerie and notices that she’s not having a very good night. Val says she hopes Kelly and Tom are happy together, but Kelly needs to know something. Tom is the only person who’s ever really loved Valerie. If Kelly really wants to be with him, fine, but if not, she should let him go so he and Valerie can be together, since she really needs him right now. Kelly can tell that Val is being sincere.

Luther sings more. Clare’s mad at Steve. David tells Donna that he’s glad she’s doing better, but he wonders if she tried to get him to leave that morning because she knew Cliff was coming by. Donna assures him again that she hasn’t spoken to Cliff in months. When Chloe pops up, Donna storms off. This is clearly a healthy relationship.

Kelly tells Tom that she’s changed her mind about spending Valentine’s Day with him. She’s not in love with him, but Valerie is. Kelly says she went out with Tom to make Valerie jealous, and though she did eventually develop feelings for him, things didn’t start out right, so she doesn’t think they should stay together.

Donny, Kelly, and Clare go to the Peach Pit for pie and griping about guys. Cliff’s there and asks Donna to go out with him the next night. Donna accepts, so in your face, David. Tom tells Valerie that he and Kelly broke up, then dances with her. He tells her that over the years, he’s tried to get over her, but it’s never worked. There’s kissing.

Brandon tells Tracy that he has a present for her, then leaves to get a drink of water, telling to grab a shirt since it’s cold. She pulls a shirt out of his dresser and finds a ring. Brandon returns with champagne, and that combined with the ring gives Tracy the understandable thought that he’s proposing. Little does she know that the ring is the one he offered to Kelly. Tracy quickly figures that out, so…that’s awkward.

Thoughts: I guess David’s allowed to hang out with Chloe all he wants but Donna’s not allowed to hang out with Cliff? Shut up, David.

Luther Vandross is way too high-class for this show.

Stoned Steve can’t be much different from regular Steve, right?

I would never advocate drug use, but if there’s anyone who could benefit from the mellowing effect of pot, it’s Clare.

March 30, 2014

BH90210 7.18, We Interrupt This Program: Anything Can Happen On Live TV

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If you say there's rain in the forecast one more time, I swear to God...

If you say there’s rain in the forecast one more time, I swear to God…

Summary: With Garrett out of the picture, Donna’s going back to her weather segment at CUTV. Evan suggests that they act like she never left. Vile Rusty arrives and blasts Brandon for getting the police on his case. He wants everyone at the station to be knocked down a peg: “I hope you and Donna rot in Hell.” Tracy wonders if they should take his anger as a threat.

Donna moves back into the beach apartment as Kelly and Tom make date plans. Donna thinks Kelly’s just trying to date Tom to make Valerie mad, but Kelly says she really likes him. Making Val jealous is just a side benefit. Chloe practices at the After Dark, and David tells her she’s going to be a big success. She appreciates the support since her parents don’t like that she dropped out of school to become a singer. He offers the use of his home recording studio so she can make a demo.

Steve, Clare, Chancellor Arnold, and Samantha go to a retreat together, though the younger couple isn’t thrilled with the older couple’s romance. Clare breaks the news to Steve that the room arrangements will be based on gender, not relationships. At the After Dark, Valerie is short with Tom, so Kelly’s plans are definitely working out the way she’d hoped. Val tells Tom that Kelly’s only using him for revenge. If he doesn’t dump her, he’s fired. Tom tells her he quits.

Samantha is a fan of Clare’s, though Clare wonders if some of her praise comes from trying to get Clare to like her. Samantha tells her that Chancellor Arnold is proud of her, promising that they won’t do anything Clare wouldn’t approve of. That doesn’t explain the black lingerie she brought with her. Donna calls David and Chloe answers the phone, telling her how great David is. Donna tries to make plans with him, but he’s busy with Chloe.

As someone loads a gun and grumbles about Donna, the retreaters have dinner together. Clare’s overly concerned with her father’s eating habits, trying to turn Samantha off. Steve calls her on it and she asks him to help her drive them apart. Steve, however, likes seeing his mom happy. Clare complains that Samantha’s taking Chancellor Arnold away from her. After a date, Tom asks Kelly if she’s using him to get back at Valerie. Kelly kisses him to let him know she really likes him. Tom tells her he quit when Valerie threatened to fire him.

Donna goes back to CUTV, where Rusty insults her even after she says she’s sorry that the police questioned him. Evan tells him to back off, but Rusty’s already on his way out, since he’s quit. Steve and Clare scheme, because they’re 12, then spot their parents kissing. Chancellor Arnold tells Samantha that he doesn’t think they should be together because their kids aren’t on board. Now Clare feels bad, as she should.

Evan tells Donna how awesome she is, then picks out lipstick for her to wear. She’s getting a little uncomfortable with his closeness. He kisses her on the cheek, which makes her pull away, and tells her he knows she likes the attention she got from his flowers and phone calls. Yes, boys and girls, Evan is Donna’s stalker. He wants them to be together and only put the rat in her bed and tried to run her down because she made him mad.

As Brandon and Tracy arrive, Donna runs to them and tells them Evan’s the stalker. Brandon starts to call campus security, but Evan pulls out his gun and takes control of the studio. He wants to say something on the air, and if he doesn’t get to say it, Donna will pay the price. Evan sends Brandon to the control room, then puts Donna behind the news desk for a very special broadcast.

While Evan assigns Tracy to run the camera, Brandon calls 911 from the control room. Evan notices that the phone is off the hook, but Brandon plays dumb, saying it must have gotten knocked out of its cradle. Evan doesn’t seem to be concerned that he might have made a phone call. The broadcast starts, and Evan holds his gun on Donna while he orders her to talk. At the Condor’s Nest, Kelly sees the broadcast on TV.

Evan makes Donna declare his love for him, then gets her to read entries from his journal. They’re about her and how he thinks she’s going to end up with him. Outside, a SWAT team gathers and a detective named Rendell calls Brandon to give him instructions. Evan makes Donna say she loves him again, yelling at her to say it like she means it. No matter how she says it, he doesn’t believe her.

Brandon announces that the police are on the phone and want to talk to Evan. Evan refuses to get on the phone. Brandon asks him to release the hostages, adding that since he hasn’t hurt anyone yet, he might not be in too much trouble. Evan makes him hang up. Back on the air, he accuses Donna of leading him on. Kelly calls David and leaves him a message telling him to turn on CUTV. Evan gets Donna to say how horrible she is, then tells everyone that the broadcast is far from over.

At the retreat, Clare tells Chancellor Arnold that she doesn’t want him and Samantha to break up. He promises that Clare will always be his first priority. Meanwhile, Steve tells Samantha that he only went along with Clare’s plan because she asked him to. However, he’s also a bit jealous of all the time Samantha spends with Chancellor Arnold.

The police turn up the heat in the TV studio, then offer to send drinks in. Evan lets Brandon get them, and while he’s distracted, a woman in the studio grabs the phone and begs the police for help. Evan waves his gun around but doesn’t shoot anyone. Rendell asks Evan to let the hostages go, since the police did him a favor. Donna agrees to stay since she’s the one Evan really wants. Evan gives in and sends everyone out except Donna, Brandon, and Tracy.

Rendell tries to negotiate with Evan, who wants a car, and for everyone to know what a liar Donna is. He tells Rendell that Donna agreed to stay, so she’s not a hostage. Rendell says he’ll have to prove that by putting his gun down. He starts to, then spots SWAT guys lurking in the control room. He sends them out and demands a car again, threatening to kill Donna if it doesn’t arrive within an hour.

The standoff lasts into the night, with Evan brainstorming places to flee with Donna. She tells him she’s not going anywhere with him – if he liked her, he should have just asked her out. Evan says that without the gun, he’s a nobody. Donna basically snaps, telling him that if he wants to shoot her, he should do it already. If he wants her, he’ll need to act like a man, not a stalker, and put the gun down.

It almost works, but then Evan catches Tracy staring and snaps at her. He tells her to leave, and she tries to get Brandon to go, too, but he wants to stay with Donna. Rendell praises Evan for letting Tracy go, then tries to negotiate some more, but Evan makes Brandon hang up the phone again. Evan cries and asks Donna not to hate him. Outside, the SWAT team prepares to use a flash grenade to get control of him.

Donna does what I call steering into the crazy, by pretending she wants to be with Evan and will leave the country with him. She and Brandon tell him that David means nothing to her. Brandon goes a step farther, saying that Donna told him she has a crush on Evan. Donna asks Evan to kiss her, getting him to put the gun down. Then she kicks the gun away and grabs it while Brandon tackles Evan. The SWAT team bursts in and arrests Evan. “You said you wouldn’t leave me,” he says. “I lied,” Donna replies.

Thoughts: Good job by Trevor Edmund (Evan), who hit all the notes in sweet, creepy, and crazed. That can’t be easy, especially all in one episode.

Clare, shut up. I put up with you for a long time, but now you’re bugging me again.

I wish Chancellor Arnold and Samantha had only fake broken up to teach Clare a lesson.

David hanging out with Chloe while Donna was a hostage is like Brandon making out with Emily while Kelly was trapped by a fire, yes?

I kind of feel bad for the actors in this episode who didn’t get to be part of the hostage storyline. They only got to do boring stuff.

March 23, 2014

BH90210 7.17, Face-Off: The Cold Never Bothered Brandon Anyway

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I don't think David could take this guy anyway

I don’t think David could take this guy anyway

Summary: As he’s leaving the After Dark one night, David meets Chloe, a backup singer who wants to become a star. He agrees to listen to her demo tape. Valerie has convinced Tom to play in a charity hockey game with Brandon so they can try to connect. Tom and Val’s relationship is still weird; they’re sleeping together but she doesn’t want to say they’re anything beyond friends. Donna’s nervous about staying at the beach apartment with Garrett out of jail. Kelly reminds her that she has a restraining order against him, but I don’t think paper is going to stop him.

Brandon has to get up at 5 in the morning to go practice for the charity hockey game. It’s Tracy’s first night staying over at the house, and she’s a little nervous about having to see Steve and Valerie in the morning. Brandon assures her that they like her. Later, Steve stops by the practice and Brandon asks about Tracy, who Steve says was shy. He notices Tom, and Brandon says he’s not sure the two of them will be able to play nice.

Donna talks to her parents on the phone, telling them that she’s going to court to get a permanent restraining order against Garrett. What she doesn’t tell them is that it’s not a sure thing, and the temporary one runs out today. David doesn’t think that Garrett will do anything that could send him back to jail. At the Walshes’ house, Valerie teases Tracy that she could hear her and Brandon through the wall. She notes that Tracy and Brandon are getting serious, and warns her not to say “I love you” first.

Steve meets up with Kelly and Clare at the Peach Pit, and Kelly expresses an interest in information about Tom. Apparently she has a little crush on him. Clare tells Steve that a professor asked her to house-sit for a few days; she wants him to tag along. Nat mentions that he has demo tape Chloe left for David, and Kelly jumps at the chance to deliver it, since she’ll get to see Tom. But on her way out, she runs into Valerie, who taunts her for being single. She adds that Brandon and Tracy are no longer just having a casual relationship.

Donna, David, Garrett, and their lawyers meet with a judge, who’s sympathetic to Donna’s situation but doesn’t have proof that Garrett’s been stalking her. He won’t grant another restraining order. But he does warn Garrett not to harass Donna in any way or he’ll be in a lot of trouble. Kelly goes to David and Tom’s house, where Tom invites her to go for a swim. She confirms that they’re both single; Tom says he and Valerie haven’t dated for a long time. Kelly invites him to a movie.

Steve and Clare have hit the jackpot with the house they’re house-sitting. They plan to take advantage of being away from the rest of the gang for a little while. Kelly and Tom head to the Peach Pit after the movie, agreeing to see another one together. Valerie spots them and makes up an excuse for Tom to come to the After Dark with her. She yells at him for going out with Kelly, even as she lies that she doesn’t see Kelly as a threat. She thinks Kelly’s using him. Tom’s mad that Val doesn’t consider him good enough for her or someone she hates.

Donna quits her weather segment to take herself out of the public eye. David admires her efforts to protect herself (like not walking anywhere alone). But after he takes her to her next class, Garrett ambushes her and tries to tell her that she has the wrong idea about him. Donna panics and runs off, finding David and telling him how upsetting it is that she can’t make Garrett stay away from her. Meanwhile, Tracy chats with Evan and vile Rusty, then does exactly what Valerie told her not to: She tells Brandon she loves him. He says he doesn’t know how to respond.

David and Tom go to Garrett’s house so David can warn him to stay away from Donna. Garrett tells him that he’s not the one stalking Donna, and he only approached her to warn her that she’s in danger. “A guy can get anybody he wants if he’s willing to risk anything to do it,” he tells David. “Willing to risk anything for her?” David attacks him but gets pulled off by a cop – the police have been keeping an eye on Garrett.

Steve and Clare enjoy playing house, and she announces that since the professor who owns it is leaving the country for a six-month sabbatical, they could turn the house-sitting gig into something long-term. Steve’s up for that. Brandon and Valerie talk hockey at the house; he and Tom have been placed on opposite teams, so they’ll be playing against each other. Valerie complains about Tom and Kelly’s date, which Brandon doesn’t think is a big deal – they’re just friends. Val says that Tom never stays “just friends” with a girl for long.

The power’s out at the beach apartment in the middle of the night, and Donna thinks someone’s there to hurt her. It’s just the landlord coming by to tell them that an electrician has been called. Kelly sees that Donna picked up a knife to defend herself with, and she promises to stay by Donna’s side until she feels calm. Brandon calls Tracy to say good night, and also because he was apparently looking for some awkward conversation before bed. Back at the beach apartment, Donna gets another scare: a dead rat in her bed. (Ewwwwwww.)

It’s hockey time! Yay? Valerie and Tracy arrive for the game and talk about their relationship issues. Brandon and Tom have some good-natured banter, so it’s possible they’ll both leave the game with all their teeth. When Tom waves to Kelly, Brandon decides to do that guy thing where he tells him not to hurt her because she’s vulnerable. I’m sure Kelly would love hearing him say that about her. Tom basically ignores him, then goes over to flirt with Kelly and get a good-luck kiss from her.

Hockey is played. Brandon and Tom are jerks to each other. Way to behave yourselves for charity, guys. Clare’s not sure anymore that living with Steve is such a good idea. Steve admits that he’s hesitant, too. Clare also isn’t sure if they should keep dating if they’re not going to stay together. Steve tells her that they should slow things down a little; they don’t have to rush into a lifelong commitment just because someone offered them a place to live together.

Brandon lands in the penalty box for being a jerk to Tom, and Valerie blames Kelly’s kiss with Tom for his behavior. Kelly blasts Val for saying that in front of Tracy. Val tells her to leave Tom alone because he’s not available, but Kelly shoots back that he never gave her that he’s been very available to her. Brandon gets back in the game and scores a goal, because Brandon is awesome at everything.

David and Donna stop by the After Dark, where they hear part of Chloe’s demo tape. After David leaves the room, Garrett shows up, mentioning that this is where he and Donna first met. He’s mad that David got the cops on his case. He punches David, which is enough to allow Donna to get a restraining order against him.

After the game, Brandon and Tom make up, and Brandon promises to stay out of Tom and Kelly’s business. He also tells Tracy that the fight with Tom had nothing to do with Kelly. Brandon’s decided to stop being careful and worrying about people getting hurt. I guess that means he loves Tracy? I don’t really care.

Donna, David, and Garrett go back to the judge, and this time Donna gets a three-year restraining order keeping Garrett 100 yards away from her. Garrett says it doesn’t matter anyway, since he’s leaving town. “My problems are over – yours are just starting,” he warns Donna. At the beach apartment, the real stalker leaves Donna a message while he watches one of her weather segments. He promises that one day, she’ll be his.

Thoughts: No way did they do the hocket plot for any reason other than for Jason Priestley to show off.

Why didn’t any of my college professors invite me to live in their empty houses rent-free? Oh, right, because that never happens to anyone.

There are real NHL players in this episode, but I have no idea who they are.

March 16, 2014

BH90210 7.16, Unnecessary Roughness: Number One Fan

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This is just the best

This is just the best

Summary: Donna wants feedback from Kelly and Clare on her weather segment but is having trouble getting their VCR to work. (Guys, remember VCRs?) Someone leaves flowers for Donna outside their apartment, but they’re not from David – they’re from Donna’s “number one fan.” Clare and Kelly aren’t nearly concerned enough that these come a week after Donna changed her number because of those weird phone calls she was getting. This means the caller knows where she lives.

Brandon’s going home with Tracy for the weekend, and as soon as they get to her family’s ranch, they encounter a guy named Sam. Tracy isn’t happy to see him. He wants Tracy to come visit his parents, but she declines the invitation. Brandon quickly guesses that Sam and Tracy used to date. Back in Beverly Hills, Steve and Dick, apparently now friends, discuss their plans to sell imported football shirts for the Super Bowl. Clare’s impressed that they plan to donate their profits to charity.

At the After Dark, Valerie questions David and Tom’s decorations for their Super Bowl party. She’s afraid it’ll end up looking and feeling like a sports bar. The guys point out that they need to look like an appropriate place to watch a football game. They don’t want her input because she’s a girl. (No, seriously, David says that “it’s a guy thing.” Because girls aren’t allowed to like football or any other sports without music and pretty costumes.)

At the Condor’s nest, Donna chats with Evan (CUTV’s camera guy) and skeezy co-worker Rusty, who jokes about having a secret tape of Donna. Then Donna and Clare complain about how all the guys are acting over football, so everyone’s sexist in this episode. Donna suddenly spots Garrett and flashes back to the night he attacked her. Clare doesn’t see him and thinks Donna’s imagining things; after all, he’s in prison. Donna’s sure that he was there, and that he’s her stalker.

Brandon, Tracy, ranch, blah, I’m so bored. Sam comes to get Tracy because her horse is sick. Tracy admits to Brandon that Sam proposed just before she left for college, and she said no (obviously). She doesn’t regret that decision. At the beach apartment, Donna accidentally trips the alarm while checking out a noise she heard. Clare is still not nearly as concerned as she should be considering DONNA HAS A STALKER. On the porch, Donna finds a rose. She has another flashback to Garrett almost raping her.

Ranch. Boring. Sam is still hanging around to take care of chores. Brandon wants to pitch in, thinking the old westerns he used to watch on TV gave him all the knowledge he needs. David and Tom have taken over Valerie’s office and left it a mess because all boys are gross slobs. Valerie wants Tom to take a break and spend time with her, but he and David still have work to do. Val’s mad that he’s siding with David over her, like, why are there even sides? I don’t understand.

David, meanwhile, is at the beach apartment, accidentally scaring poor traumatized Donna. She tells him that she thinks Garrett got out of prison and has been stalking her. David reminds her that the prison is supposed to let her know if Garrett’s released. She’s still panicked, so he promises to check with the prison first thing Monday morning. He also advises her to go out with Kelly and Clare to try to keep herself distracted.

Dick is late picking up the shirts for his and Steve’s big sale, and when the guys open the box, they find shirts with soccer balls on them. After all, in France, football is what they call soccer. Oops! At the ranch, Brandon and Sam might as well get a ruler, because their competition couldn’t get any more transparent. Sam asks to spend some time alone with Tracy to see how she feels about him now, but Brandon says no.

At the Walshes’, Steve leads his frat brothers in a sewing circles, putting football patches over the soccer balls on the shirt. The After Dark Super Bowl party is underway, but David and Tom have to call Valerie for help because they need something locked in her office. Steve and Dick arrive with the shirts and distribute them without anyone realizing they used to have soccer balls on them. At the ranch, Sam interrupts Brandon and Tracy yet again for horse stuff.

Clare, Kelly, and Donna skip the Super Bowl festivities to visit a strip club. A couple of guys send them champagne and try to ask them out, but the girls reject them. As they’re leaving, a guy watches them from another car, then follows them. Valerie’s help is needed again, this time with a jammed cash register, so I guess the lesson is that David and Tom are good at throwing parties but not at running the club on their own. The girls stop by with their mystery follower.

Ranch, horse, boring. Go away, Sam. He wants Tracy back, she wants Brandon, Brandon’s all, “Oh, am I interrupting?” Clare wants to leave the After Dark, but Donna wants to spend more time with David, and Kelly wants to get to know a guy she’s just met. More boringness at the ranch. The girls finally leave the party, but Donna drops her purse. As she’s picking everything up, the mystery follower starts his car and almost runs her over, swerving at the last second. Donna tells Clare and Kelly that she said someone was after her but they didn’t listen.

Ranch. Snore. Sex was had. In a barn. How romantic. Donna overhears Kelly talking to Clare about Donna’s fixation on Garrett. She’s understandably upset that they’re not taking her seriously, and decides to stay at her parents’ house while they’re out of the country. David arrives at the After Dark to find new furniture being delivered for Valerie’s office. It’s a big desk for both of them, to signify that they’re partners. Tracy and Brandon say goodbye to Sam and head back to Beverly Hills.

At the Peach Pit, Steve sells Nat the last shirt, so he and Dick have had a successful weekend. Steve’s worried about Kelly and Clare staying at the beach apartment, but they remind him that they have a security system. Donna looks through her parents’ mail and finds a letter from the prison. Garrett was released two weeks ago, right when Donna’s stalker first started contacting her. Well, I think SOMEONE owes Donna an apology, Kelly and Clare.

Thoughts: Clare and Kelly have no instincts whatsoever. “Oh, I’m sure the guy making creepy phone calls isn’t going to do anything dangerous. I have no basis for this idea, I just really, really think so.”

Also, Donna, CALL THE POLICE if you think you’re in danger. Sheesh.

I’m actually impressed with Steve’s problem-solving. Or maybe it’s just his desire to make a lot of money.

Donna, not telling David about going to the strip club: “It was an exhibit. A dance recital.” Hee.

March 9, 2014

BH90210 7.15, Phantom of CU: CU Security is a Joke

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There's a 30 percent chance that it's already raining

There’s a 30 percent chance that it’s already raining

Summary: Kelly’s breakup with Mark has left her mopey, so she took the day off of school to hang out on the beach. Now she’s in a crafty mood (meaning she wants to do crafts, not plot and scheme). Clare offers to fix her up with someone, and Donna encourages Kelly to move on. She should try something new, like Donna is, as CU’s new weathergirl. Clare’s all, “It’s not like you’re going to get back together with Brandon…. Oops, was that out loud?”

Donna nervously gets ready for her weathergirl debut as Brandon and David try to help her calm down. Her segment is called Wardrobe Weather, and it’s about knowing the weather so you know what to wear. She does well, even if she advises guys to wear flannel. It’s a clever idea, and a cute twist on a typical weather report.

Steve’s been sentenced to work with CU’s maintenance department and security as punishment for his plagiarism scandal. That means working nights, then having to go to class during the day. Also, there are rats. The head of maintenance warns Steve that there’s a homeless guy hanging around campus, playing pranks. (This is the titular Phantom of CU.) If Steve can catch him, he might get his sentence commuted.

CUTV’s camera guy is a lech, but another crew guy, Evan, is nice to Donna. She’s considering fixing Kelly up with him. At the Walshes’, Tom does After Dark business, telling Brandon that he’s trying to book his old friend Donna Lewis. (Ooh, name-dropping! Aren’t you the big man?) Brandon doesn’t seem that thrilled to have a houseguest, and Tom’s trying to be sensitive to that, but he’s not exactly eager to find a new place to stay while he’s in town.

Kelly meets Neil, her blind date as arranged by Clare. He’s pre-med, on the debate team, and British. He also thinks Kelly is hot. His hair looks silly, so I’m going to picture Tom Hiddleston whenever he’s on screen. Steve dozes off during his night shift in the security shack, and the Phantom of CU swaps his book for a comic book (the Phantom, fittingly) and a note telling him who pulled the trade.

Neil is boring and pretentious at dinner, but Kelly’s too polite to think up an excuse to leave early. David is skeptical about Tom’s work at the After Dark, especially since the only person who’s been able to vouch for him is Valerie. If Donna Lewis doesn’t show, David’s out a lot of money. Donna points out that Tom’s trying to prove himself, so he won’t want to screw up. She gets a phone call from someone using a Scream-like voice changer and talking about kissing her. David decides to spend the night.

Steve meets up with Brandon and Tracy at the Peach Pit the next morning, struggling with the idea of staying awake all day for classes. He tells them about the Phantom and their encounter the night before. Clare arrives and gives Tracy a list of seniors’ names to read on the news (she’s in charge of getting all their senior pictures). Kelly tells Donna about her disastrous evening; it’s completely turned her off of blind dates. Donna tries to change her mind and agree to go out with Evan. They talk about the mystery caller, and Kelly warns that Donna might have a number of weird fans.

David and Tom argue at work, and Valerie tries to make peace, still sure that Tom can deliver Donna Lewis. If he doesn’t, David wants him gone. Valerie tells Tom that the gang isn’t sure about him because he’s her friend, and she doesn’t have a great history with introducing the gang to friendly people. Tom tries to kiss her, but Valerie reminds him that she doesn’t want a relationship (even though they’re sleeping together). Then she says he can kiss her. I don’t get it.

Donna tells Tracy and Brandon about her caller, and Tracy assures her that the wacky calls she used to get never went past that stage. Brandon wants to tell campus security anyway. Tracy thinks the call was from a frat guy just playing a trick, and that Brandon’s overreacting. Brandon tells her that Donna was almost raped a couple years ago, so he wants to take precautions.

Donna tells Evan that Kelly doesn’t want to go out with him, and he’s disappointed but jokes that Donna’s the one he wants anyway. The lecherous camera guy from earlier teases that Evan really must be in love with Donna since he’s always doing things for her. I’m sure Evan is a totally nice guy and has nothing to do with Donna’s weird phone call…

That night, the Phantom shows up at the security shack again and tries to tie Steve’s shoelaces together, but Steve’s only pretending to be asleep. He chases the Phantom into a storage area that’s been serving as his home and discovers that he’s a student named Larry. He’s a senior and wants to be the first person in his family to graduate college. He begs Steve not to turn him in and ruin that. Steve agrees, admitting that Larry is a lot like him.

Donna gets a hang-up phone call the next morning, and even though she’s not sure it was from the same caller as before, she decides to change her phone number. She tries to guilt Kelly into changing her mind about going on a date with Evan. Donna gets her to agree to a double date with her and David. Clare has heard from all the seniors about their pictures, except one: Larry. She doesn’t know where he lives.

Maintenance does, though, and Steve goes to Larry’s hideout with the head of maintenance. He thinks they should leave Larry alone so he can finish up school; then he’ll be out of their hair. He covers up Larry’s computer so maintenance won’t take it. The double-daters are going to the Donna Lewis concert, so it looks like Tom came through. Evan is very gentlemanly, so he’s probably a serial killer or something.

Steve returns Larry’s computer to him, asking how he ended up in this situation. Larry explains that he grew up poor and ran out of money for school last semester. His part-time job didn’t pay enough, so he had to move out of his dorm. Steve gives him some money so he can find a place to stay for the rest of the year. Larry’s reluctant to accept charity but can’t say no. All Steve wants in return is for him to get his senior picture taken so Clare will have done her job.

At the After Dark, Donna Lewis sings that only song she ever sang in the ’90s. David still isn’t Team Tom, but Valerie orders him to apologize for not trusting Tom. If he doesn’t, she’ll drop him as her partner. (I would assume he’d take his money back in that case, so that’s a stupid threat on her part. But no one ever accused Valerie of thinking things through.)

Clare learns that Larry is the Phantom and tells Steve to talk him back out of having his picture taken. Steve praises Larry for helping him see how great he has it and how he needs to look after other people. David apologizes to Tom, probably because it’s better than hearing Valerie whine. Then Val and Tom ask David to let him move in (since Mark is moving out and leaving CU). David agrees, probably because, again, it’s better than hearing Valerie whine.

Kelly and Evan chat at the Condor’s Nest, and he asks her out on a second date that night. She turns him down, but only because she thinks it’s too much too soon. She does admire him for taking the risk. Steve and Clare take Larry’s picture; he’s dressed as the Phantom but won’t get in trouble since the yearbook doesn’t come out until the week of graduation.

Donna and Evan listen to a recording of one of her previous forecasts, but it’s been replaced with a message from the creepy caller. He promises that they’ll be together soon and he’ll make her happy…even if he has to kill her. Donna’s justifiably spooked, and Evan quickly cancels her forecast for the day so she doesn’t have to go on the air.

Thoughts: Donna as a weathergirl only makes me think of Karen in Mean Girls.

Remember Donna Lewis? …Oh, you don’t? Eh, don’t worry about it. P.S. She looks like J.K. Rowling.

I got so little of an impression from Tom in the last episode that when he showed up in this one, I thought, “What’s that guy in Brandon’s house?”

March 2, 2014

BH90210 7.14, Jobbed: You Will Never Be as Good as Brandon, So Don’t Even Try

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May the best man win. (Spoiler: Mark is not the best man)

May the best man win. (Spoiler: Mark is not the best man)

Summary: Someone stops by the After Dark looking for Valerie, but David gets suspicious when he won’t explain who he is or why he’s there. Fortunately, he’s not sketchy – he’s Tom, a friend of Valerie’s from Buffalo. On campus there’s a big job fair, which Tracy and Brandon are featuring on the news. They run into Kelly, who tells them she’s just browsing; she plans to get her master’s after graduation. Brandon reveals that he applied for a prestigious fellowship called the Dreyer. Kelly seems concerned. It turns out Mark has also applied for the Dreyer. Oh, no, conflict!

At the Peach Pit, Donna tries to talk to her father about her future after college, and also spend some time with him, since she hasn’t seen him since Christmas. She tells Dr. Martin and David that she’s trying to stay away from the job fair. David tells Donna that a friend of Valerie’s is visiting, probably surprised that she actually has friends. Dr. Martin learns that his receptionist has called in sick and asks Donna to fill in for her for the day.

Clare finds Steve working out at the beach, reminding him that she got him a job interview at a sportswear company. For once, the two of them aren’t fighting. Valerie tells Brandon that she’s invited Tom to stay at the house while he’s in town (but he’ll be staying on the couch). A man from Minnesota finds Brandon, wanting to talk to him about job opportunities. Tracy notes that Valerie considers Tom more than a friend; Val admits that he was her first. Speaking of Tom, when Val calls home to check on him, he tells her he has a surprise for her. It looks like a videotape.

Donna does the receptionist thing, offering some advice for a patient with stomach problems. Dr. Martin asks her to just take messages, not have conversations with the patients. Mark tells Brandon that he’s applying for the Dreyer, offering condolences since he doesn’t think they’ll give fellowships to two people from the same state. Now they’re competing. Later, Mark tells Kelly that he talked to Brandon, but she’s still not thrilled. She thinks Brandon’s at a disadvantage because he doesn’t know as much about the process as Mark, but Mark thinks he’s the underdog, I guess because Brandon’s so great.

Valerie and Tom catch up; he reveals that he got fired from his job and is picking up construction work whenever he can. Hey, it’s like the whole episode has a theme of people looking for jobs! They run into Kelly and Mark, and Val warns Tom not to be fooled by Kelly’s friendliness. Steve goes to his job interview with a woman named Dana who wants coffee and a cigarette while they talk. (So professional.)

Donna gives Dr. Martin a message from a patient, Mrs. Coatsley, mentioning that the woman thinks Dr. Martin’s mad at her. Dr. Martin still doesn’t seem to care about his patients’ personal lives, which is out of character for him. David calls and Donna laments that she’s getting chastised a lot by her father. Steve and Dana move the interview to a café, and when it’s over, she invites him to lounge since she’s done with interviews for the day. Really, though, she just wants to hang out with him. And by “hang out,” I mean “take to bed, which would definitely help him get the job.”

At a mixer for Dreyer applicants, Tracy notices that Brandon’s less confident about the fellowship now that he knows Mark is applying as well. She thinks Brandon should have a leg up on Mark since he was CU’s president. Kelly wishes she’d known earlier that both guys were applying. Brandon tells her to stay out of it. (In a nice way, though.) Mark knows the people in charge of making decisions, but he’s nice enough to make some introductions for Brandon’s benefit, saying he wants to keep the playing field level.

Donna apologizes to Dr. Martin for not being as helpful as he would have liked, but her father feels bad that he made her give up a whole day to work for him. He also didn’t want her to get in a long conversation with Mrs. Coatsley because she only talks about her cats. Donna says that Mrs. Coatsley thinks Dr. Martin is mad at her because she started smoking again. He doesn’t remember her telling him that.

Dr. Martin panics and tells Donna to get Mrs. Coatsley on the phone – the combination of smoking and the medication he just prescribed her could kill her. Dr. Martin wonders if Mrs. Coatsley mentioned taking up smoking again but he wasn’t paying enough attention to hear her. Fortunately, Donna gets the patient on the phone and confirms that she hasn’t taken the new medication yet, so everything’s fine.

After the mixer, Mark and Brandon talk civilly, and Mark even shares a secret to acing the interview. He says they could both get the fellowship. Kelly and Tracy are pleased that their boyfriends are getting along, and that they seem to be happy for their exes’ new relationships. David praises Donna for being so talkative; if she hadn’t chatted with Mrs. Coatsley, she wouldn’t have known about the possible medication disaster. Donna thinks her father should work fewer hours so he’s not as stressed and has more time to listen.

At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Clare that his interview went well – so well that Dana wants to nail him. When he said no, she told him she won’t recommend him for the job. Clare doesn’t believe him, accusing him of lying to cover up the fact that he had a bad interview. Steve shoots back that maybe he should sleep with Dana to get back at Clare.

Mark tells Kelly again that, despite what he said to Brandon earlier, he doesn’t think the Dreyer will go to two people from the same state. Kelly slams Mark for leading Brandon to believe differently, calling him arrogant. Mark complains that there’s a lot of pressure on him because he’s always been expected to get the Dreyer. If Brandon doesn’t get it, his life will still be fine, but Mark has a lot riding on it.

Tom’s surprise for Valerie is a video of them getting ready to go to prom together. They reminisce, but things take a sudden turn when Valerie sees her father on the tape. She has that flashback we’ve seen before of trying to get into the bathroom where her father killed himself. Val tells Tom that he’s the only person who knows what really happened. Tom promises not to tell anyone.

Brandon goes to his Dreyer interview, where he’s asked to talk about his essay topic, the 1987 Minnesota Twins. He explains that the team was his role model when he was a kid because they taught him how to overcome adversity and work as a team. Next Brandon thinks he’s going to get the question Mark told him to prepare for, but instead he’s tasked to compare and contrast John Calvin and Ezekiel the prophet.

Steve meets with Dana again, telling her he’s ready to take her up on her sex offer. First they’ll start at the Condor’s Nest. (Aha! That’s the name of the student union/coffee shop. Good to know.) At the beach apartment, Kelly waits impatiently for news from Mark or Brandon about the Dreyer fellowship. She’s worried that if one gets it and the other doesn’t, things won’t turn out well. Dr. Martin calls Donna to tell her he’s cutting back his hours, as she’d advised. He tells her not to worry about working after college – whoever hires her will be lucky to have her.

At the Condor’s Nest, Steve flirts with Dana, getting her to invite him to bed again. It turns out Clare and Dana’s boss have been sitting nearby, listening to the whole conversation. Dana’s in a lot of trouble. Steve, however, is out of the doghouse with Clare, and he forgives her for not believing him. The Dreyer candidates await their results; Brandon’s nervous but Mark is calm. One of the fellowships goes to a girl from Oregon, and the other goes to…Brandon. I mean, of course. Now Mark has a sad.

At the Peach Pit, the gang celebrates Brandon’s success with a cake. (It’s actually a birthday cake for someone named Bobby; Nat had to improvise. Sorry, Bobby, you’ll have to have pie for your birthday.) Kelly doesn’t know where Mark is. Valerie wants David to let Tom manage the After Dark, but David doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Kelly runs into Mark outside, and he blames her for his failure because she distracted him by getting him to think about Brandon. He wants to have sex, but Kelly refuses. She’s glad she hasn’t slept with him yet. She tells him he lost the scholarship because he got too arrogant. Mark replies that until she’s ready to sleep with him, she should keep her distance. Kelly’s totally fine with giving up the family money and prestige she could have gotten if she’d stuck with him. Adios, Mark.

Thoughts: Valerie has a cell phone! She’s so cutting edge.

As I think I’ve said before, Donna should definitely have a job where she works with people. She’s really good at making polite, friendly conversation.

Wow, Dana’s hair is really high. It must be full of secrets.

If my interviewer started hitting on me, I’d start looking for hidden cameras.

I hate to admit it, but Brandon’s Twins essay actually sounds good.

Dana: “I have to warn you, it might be an oral.” Steve: (double take). I can’t believe Aaron Spelling okayed that.

‘Bye, Mark! I never liked you!