August 1, 2020

Felicity 2.8, Family Affairs: Not Talking Turkey

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It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a big fight in Elena’s bedroom

Summary: David surprises Felicity in her dorm room as she’s leaving a message for her parents. She told them previously that she has too much work to come home for Thanksgiving, but she thinks they don’t believe her. David suggests having a casual Thanksgiving together. They start making out on her bed (with the door open), so she puts a Post-It on the door. It doesn’t do its intended job, and Meghan comes in anyway. Felicity snaps at her, and Meghan says she was doing her a favor, but since Felicity’s being a jerk, she won’t do it. The favor was going to be to warn Felicity that her parents are in the building.

Felicity tells Sally via tape that she wants her parents to leave. She loves them, of course, but there are a lot of things she hasn’t told them about her life. The Porters meet David, then get reintroduced to Meghan, who pretends she’s really into helping the kids in the dorm and is starting a recycling campaign. She’s also wearing what looks to be lingerie as a shirt, but no one comments on that. Anyway, the Porters want to have Thanksgiving with Felicity, then do their own thing while she studies. Felicity says she and David have plans, so Barbara invites him to hang out with the family.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier offers Ben an opportunity to make some extra money over Thanksgiving. Javier’s hosting a charity event and is so desperate for help that he’ll pay Ben and any friend he can bring along twice what he usually makes. Ben agrees and says he’ll ask Julie and Sean if they want to come along. “Do you know why I like you?” Javier replies. Ben asks why, and Javier tells him, “No, I’m asking.” They both laugh.

Felicity confides in Elena that she hasn’t told her parents that she’s dropped pre-med. She’s afraid of how he’ll react. Noel tells them that Ruby isn’t going to make it back from her movie set for the holiday, so Noel and Elena will be spending the day together. Elena invites Felicity, her parents, and David over, suggesting that it’ll take the pressure off of them. They’ll just have a party.

Julie and Sean are up for Javier’s event; they’ll just have dinner together at the loft afterward. Javier has them all sign contracts, since the last time he got servers to help him, they all took silverware home with them. Sean asks for an exclusivity clause so he can serve Smoothaise. Ben describes it as “not so bad.” It’s then that he learns that the charity event is being organized by Maggie.

Felicity takes her parents to Epstein Bar, trying to pass it off as a café instead of the pub it is. Barbara claims to like Felicity’s hair. She and Edward ask questions about David, curious about why she hasn’t mentioned this guy she’s been seeing for a month and was going to spend Thanksgiving with. Then Edward asks about Felicity’s pre-med courses. She finally comes clean about dropping the major and switching to art classes.

Edward asks about all the changes Felicity has made in her life – her hair, her courses, her older boyfriend. She tells her parents there are a lot of things they don’t know about her life. She feels judged, so she ditches them. Back at the dorm, Meghan is trying to fill community service hours by getting food for everyone who’s staying in the dorm over break. Burky asks for stuffing without raisins. David’s there again, but Felicity has to leave for work. She tells him they’re having Thanksgiving at Noel and Elena’s. David asks to bring another guest – his mother. She wants to meet Felicity’s parents.

Ben goes to Maggie’s catering space and tells her to move her event somewhere else. She says it was her husband’s decision to have it there. Ben tells her he met her husband when he came in to order a cake for their anniversary. He can’t be the other man anymore. Maggie says she never meant to keep anything from Ben, but her relationship with her husband is complicated. She knows the party will be weird, but she misses Ben and would like him to be there.

Barbara goes to Dean & DeLuca, where Javier is thrilled to meet her for the first time. She tells Felicity that David seems great, and she shouldn’t have implied that they’re moving too fast. She’s looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with him and getting to know him better. Barbara has even bought him a gift from a museum gift shop, knowing he likes photography. It seems Edward isn’t as happy about David, though.

Noel objects to Professor Sherman coming to his apartment, as well as to his assignment to call her and tell her what to bring. Elena shuts him down and sends him on an errand so she can ask Felicity about her love life. Felicity thinks it’s sweet that David came by her room twice in one day, then walked her to work. Elena wonders if Felicity thinks David is getting more serious than she is. She says Felicity’s right to be freaked out about their Thanksgiving plans, and it’s weird that David isn’t, too. She’ll be able to see if they’re on the same page by watching how he reacts to Barbara’s gift.

Speaking of freaking out, Ben is trying to convince himself that the party won’t be weird, what with his secret lover and her husband both there. He tells Julie and Sean everything will be okay. They don’t care – they just want to take home the leftovers. Also, Julie didn’t know Maggie was married, and Sean didn’t know her husband would be there. The husband, Charlie, officially introduces himself to the three of them, recognizing Ben as the guy who sold him the cake. He says he wife loved it.

Felicity and David make pumpkin pie together at his apartment, and she gives him Barbara’s present. David reveals that he got the Porters a guide book to New York. She tells him he’s allowed to be honest about not liking the situation, but David is happy to get to know the people who brought Felicity into the world – the person he’s falling in love with.

Felicity tells Elena about this the next day, as they’re shopping at a convenience store. Felicity is surprised that David doesn’t see their relationship as casual, the way she does. Elena agrees that he’s moving too fast. Felicity realizes she’s the Ben of the situation – David has strong feelings, and Felicity has led him on. Elena tells her to talk to him about it, but not now. Thanksgiving comes first.

Professor Sherman is the first guest to arrive at Noel and Elena’s, followed closely by Felicity’s parents. Noel will have to entertain them all by himself. Sean tries to push Smoothaise on guests at the charity event, but it’s not going over well. Charlie greets the guests and thanks them for their donations for a homeless shelter. Holy cow, Maggie is cheating on the nicest guy on the planet.

Ben and Maggie end up in a back room together, and he panics about the possibility of her wanting to make out while her husband is in the next room. Maggie says she just wanted to say hi, but that doesn’t last long before she wants to kiss. Julie interrupts and tells Maggie that Charlie’s looking for her.

Elena and Felicity finally make it to the apartment, to Noel’s relief. Meghan shows up next, having never mentioned that Barbara invited her. Meghan’s excited at the possibility of Barbara getting drunk. Professor Sherman tells Felicity that she likes them together; David’s happier than he’s been in a long time. Of course, now Felicity’s going to have to ruin it by telling him (later! After Thanksgiving! Don’t cross Elena!) they’re moving too fast.

Ben thinks Julie’s mad that she caught him and Maggie together, about to do something naughty. She tells him she doesn’t want to run interference for him again, then asks if Maggie’s worth it. Back at the apartment, Felicity tells Elena that she doesn’t feel right waiting until tomorrow to talk to David about their relationship. Elena tells her to have some of Professor Sherman’s boozy punch and stop thinking.

Noel and Meghan note that the Porters and Professor Sherman are getting along really well. Meghan’s disappointed that no one seems likely to fight. Felicity asks her about the dinner she was organizing at the dorm. “Oh, yeah,” Meghan says, remembering. Cut to the dorm, where Burky and three other students are waiting at a table, hungry.

David arrives for dinner, and Noel, who’s been drinking the punch, tells Meghan he likes David. In one of the bedrooms, David tells Felicity he hopes he didn’t overwhelm her the night before when he shared his feelings. “Are you guys fighting in there?” Meghan calls to them across the apartment. “If you are, talk louder!” Heh. David tells Felicity they’ll talk later. After Thanksgiving!

Maggie takes a break from the party to look at the snow out the window. Ben joins her and tells her they can get coffee together and talk sometime, but not now. After Thanksgiving! Charlie comes to bring Maggie back to the party, but she tells him she wants to introduce him to Ben, the person she’s been sleeping with. Charlie says she’s drunk, but Maggie seems pretty sober. She also knows that Charlie cheated on her, so she figures it’s only fair that she slept with someone else.

Off-screen, Felicity has learned that Edward wasn’t surprised to hear that she dropped pre-med. He knew she was wavering about it last year, and he’s not thrilled, but he likes that she’s happy. Plus, he really likes David, and they’ve discussed David visiting the family over Christmas. Noel asks Professor Sherman what’s in the punch, but she won’t tell him. He goes to his room to lie down. Edward turns to Elena to get his fill of science-related course talk.

Felicity needs a break from all the happiness and warmth, so she goes to Noel’s room, not realizing he’s there. He reminds her of last Thanksgiving, which feels like just a day ago to her but a million years ago to him. As they talk, their faces get close enough to kiss…which is exactly what happens. Of course, that’s right when someone walks in. Unfortunately, the person who walks in is Professor Sherman.

Noel rejoins the party first, and Felicity waits a few seconds before coming out of the bedroom. Other than Professor Sherman, Meghan seems to be the only one who notices. Felicity and Noel end up sitting next to each other, and they agree that they shouldn’t have kissed. They decide to talk about it once the punch has worn off “sometime in February.”

Everyone compliments the turkey, which Elena cooked. Meghan asks if she can keep the bones. Edward jokes that he hopes Felicity gets special treatment in Professor Sherman’s class, since she’s dating the professor’s son. Professor Sherman says no, and David quips that he’s working on it. Professor Sherman asks to speak to Felicity in another room, and Noel braces himself for a big fight. David remains clueless.

Professor Sherman tells Felicity that David had his heart broken by his last girlfriend, so Felicity needs to be honest and tell him about her and Noel. David has followed them to the bedroom and has some questions. Felicity blames the punch for a drunken kiss. Everyone else comes to the bedroom, where Meghan tries to start a big fight. David brushes off the kiss, saying his and Felicity’s relationship is casual. The parents turn on each other while Noel tries to take responsibility.

Felicity sends everyone away so she and David can discuss things on their own. She promises that she was going to tell him everything later. David thought she was over Noel, and Felicity says it’s not about him. David doesn’t believe that. He knows he freaked her out by saying he was falling in love with her. Felicity says she really likes him, but she thought they were on the same page. They were trying to keep the pressure off.

Felicity just broke up with Ben a few months ago, and she spent her whole year pursuing him and Noel. No matter how much she likes David, she can’t handle a serious relationship right now. David wishes she’d said something sooner so he didn’t make a fool of himself. I think Felicity made a bigger fool of herself, so you’re probably okay, buddy.

Ben, Julie, and Sean have dinner together at the loft, and Julie is introduced to tofurkey. Sean suggests adding Smoothaise if it’s not good, but Julie and Ben are fine with it as it is. Sean jokes that everything went really well at the party. Ben handles it well, saying he’s not heartbroken; he and Maggie just had a fling. Julie and Sean think he can learn something from the situation. They list some possible lessons, like “never date a caterer.”

Felicity walks her parents out of the party, inviting them to say something about what happened. Edward just says he wants the recipe for the punch. Barbara doesn’t think she should be embarrassed. Felicity invites them to have breakfast in the morning. Barbara appreciates being back in her life, even if it’s brief.

Thoughts: What a coincidence that no one from this friend group is going home for Thanksgiving! And for the second year in a row! It’s like how everyone on Friends always spent Thanksgiving together. Weren’t their families disappointed about that? I would think Meghan’s parents would be especially sad not to have her there. They seem like big family-holiday people.

Who puts raisins in stuffing?? That should be a criminal offense.

If I were Barbara, I would be so happy to hear Javier gushing about my daughter. I’d feel a lot better about her living across the country from me if I knew he was looking out for her.

July 28, 2020

ER 6.17, Viable Options: Would Luka Consider You Worthy of a Kidney?

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Maybe he stabbed the guy to see if his blood was green?

Summary: Romano has decided to get back in the “trenches” with the “little people,” so he’s working in the ER for the day. He immediately has something chaotic to deal with when two men crash through the ER doors, trying to beat each other up after an incident of road rage. Neither is badly injured, at least until one of them, Terry Waters, grabs a pen from Romano’s pocket and jams it in the other guy’s cheek. Romano is more worried about the state of his pen than he is about the guy’s face.

Mark accompanies David to an appointment, mostly to make sure he keeps using his oxygen tank. David is still resistant to having his cancer treated and is considering moving out of Mark’s apartment if he won’t stop pressing for treatment. Luka examines a patient who’s at County to get a kidney transplant he’s been waiting for a long time. He’s grateful for the kidney but not happy about much else. The words “cranky old man” come to mind.

Chen stitches up Waters as his daughter, Jo, learns what happened. Waters accidentally knocks over a cup of water and gets agitated about it. Outside the room, Jo tells Chen that this kind of aggression isn’t typical for Waters. In the week she’s been there to visit him, he’s been lashing out at people and losing his balance. Chen decides he needs some tests.

Cleo brings Benton to examine a man named Hal who may have a bowel obstruction. Luka’s patient is in the next bed, complaining about being hungry, since he’s not supposed to eat before his transplant. Benton determines that Hal doesn’t need surgery and writes a prescription for medication that will help relieve his symptoms. A woman named Mrs. Dwyer brings in a teen named Angie who has Sanfillipo disorder, a metabolic condition that affects the brain. Angie can’t do anything for herself, so Mrs. Dwyer is her full-time caregiver. She’s as familiar with her treatment as any doctor would be and clearly cares a lot about her.

Remember Eddie, the diabetic kid whose chart Carter falsified? Looks like his grandmother’s insulin hasn’t helped him, because he’s being brought in by ambulance. While rushing to get back to Eddie, Cleo quickly gives Hal his prescription and send him home. She doesn’t recognize him from his last visit and is shocked by how high his blood sugar is; he must have been sick for a while. She tells Yosh to page Carter so he can answer some questions about Eddie’s previous care.

Elizabeth returns to Chicago after flying to another state to get Luka’s patient’s kidney, but there’s a problem: The patient developed unstable angina and can’t have the transplant today. There’s another possible recipient on her way to the hospital. Cleo tells Carter that Eddie’s been admitted, but Carter doesn’t remember him, either. She accuses him of doctoring Eddie’s chart to hide his diabetes. She’s furious that Carter let him go without a treatment plan – he could have died.

Luka examines the second possible kidney recipient, Sonya, who’s also been waiting a long time for the surgery. She’s basically the opposite of a cranky old man. Mrs. Dwyer brings a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals to Angie’s room so she’ll be more comfortable. Weaver and Carol want to insert a central line so they can give Angie medications without having to insert IVs, since her veins are difficult to deal with. Mrs. Dwyer admits that she can’t approve the procedure. She’s Angie’s foster mother, not her legal guardian. She wants to adopt Angie, but her medical needs are too expensive. Her guardianship is through Social Services.

Carter asks Eddie’s father, Mr. Bernero, why he didn’t do more to make sure Eddie was healthy. Mr. B says the insurance has been worked out, but obviously his medical care hasn’t. Mr. B says Carter didn’t tell him how bad things could get. He insists Eddie’s been doing great, though Cleo said earlier that he’s been sick for a while. Carter can’t believe Mr. B is trying to pretend he doesn’t have any responsibility here.

Adele gets in touch with Angie’s guardian, who has no familiarity with her care or with medical issues in general. Since Angie’s condition isn’t life-threatening, he won’t approve the central line. Weaver asks if he’s ever even seen Angie. Of course not! Why would he do that? Even Weaver can’t get through to him, so no central line.

Luka discovers through Sonya’s pre-op exam that she’s eight weeks pregnant. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for almost two years. The drugs she’ll have to take after the transplant could cause a miscarriage, so she can either have the baby or the transplant, but not both. Sonya’s husband hasn’t arrived at the hospital yet, and she has to make a decision quickly, so she’ll have to choose on her own. Sonya opts for the baby.

David runs into Elizabeth after his appointment and she offers to go get something to eat with him. Mark is discussing Waters with Chen; both of them think he has a neurological issue. David confides in Elizabeth that he has a hard time discussing his condition with Mark. He knows Mark wishes he could have control over the situation. David doesn’t want to be a burden to Mark, but Elizabeth says he’ll want to take care of David no matter what. David is willing to go to a hospice in Chicago, which he thinks is a good compromise.

Mark and Chen tell Waters that they think he has Huntington’s, which not only causes mood changes and jerking movements, but also eventually leads to dementia. Oh, and there’s no cure. Have a great day, Mr. Waters! His father killed himself when Waters was a teenager, and Mark guesses that it’s because he also had Huntington’s. Waters realizes that he might have passed the disorder to his daughter.

Cleo goes over Eddie’s case with someone from his insurance company to verify the reason for his admission to the hospital. She glosses over the details of Eddie’s previous visit, not wanting to admit that she and Carter both knew Eddie had diabetes months ago but didn’t ensure that he would get treatment. Mark joins the conversation and tells the insurance rep that he’ll look into things. He guesses that Cleo’s hiding something, but she just tells him that Eddie is Carter’s patient.

Elizabeth tells Mark that a hospice center is going to be contacting him about David. Mark’s upset that the two of them discussed hospice behind his back. Elizabeth doesn’t think Mark will be able to handle the level of care David will need as his condition declines, even with nursing support while Mark is at work. He tells her not to interfere. Elizabeth asks if he’s doing what’s best for David or what’s best for himself.

Steve, the third potential transplant recipient, arrives to try his hand at getting the kidney. Chen gets Waters an appointment with a geneticist the same day he’ll need to appear in court for the road-rage incident. Chen points out that his anger is a symptom of Huntington’s, so the incident might not be his fault. Waters doesn’t think that’s a great excuse, though.

He hasn’t told Jo that she might have Huntington’s, since his father never told him and he’s glad not to have known. Chen says Jo has the right to know, but Waters disagrees, since she can’t do anything about it. Chen says that Jo might make different decisions about her life if she knew how she could end up – she might choose not to work or have children. Waters replies that she might not get married or have a life. Chen says she needs to know that she could pass Huntington’s to her own children. Waters wants Jo to stay happy for as long as possible.

Weaver makes arrangements for Mark to be able to override Angie’s guardian’s decision about the central line. Mark is reluctant but eventually approves it. When Weaver returns to Angie’s room, she finds Romano there. He confronts her for circumventing the system to try to improve the quality of life of a teen who’s never going to recover. Weaver argues that Angie’s condition could be life-threatening, and all she needs is a central line.

Romano accuses her of letting her sympathy for Mrs. Dwyer override the system. He overturns Mark’s approval of the central line and slams Weaver for being unprofessional. Weaver argues that she’s just supporting Mrs. Dwyer’s decision, which should be seen as the same as any other parent’s decision, since she’s Angie’s mother in every way but the legal one. Romano says Angie has no quality of life, so they shouldn’t waste their resources or money on her.

Hal is brought back to the ER after collapsing at home. He’s having heart difficulties, though he’s never had them before. Cleo, Carter, and Romano realize that he was given the wrong medication. Luka gets stunning news about Steve while Chen tells Mark that she wants to go against Waters’ wishes and let Jo know she could have Huntington’s. But since Jo isn’t Chen’s patient, she can’t tell her anything. Luka confronts Steve about his lab work, which shows that he used cocaine. Since that’s what destroyed his kidneys the first time, Luka won’t approve him to get a new one he’ll just destroy again.

Jo introduces Chen to her fiancé, Glen, who thinks Waters might be suffering from depression. He offered to pay for Jo and Glen’s wedding, and he might be feeling down about the expense. Chen just says that might be the case. She lets Waters go without revealing his secret to Jo. Carol catches Weaver inserting a central line in Angie and offers to help, but Weaver doesn’t want to get her involved. I wonder what Doug would say if he knew Weaver was going rogue just like him.

Romano gathers Carter, Cleo, and Benton to try to figure out what happened with Hal’s prescription. Benton thinks his handwriting is clear, but Carter says he can see where the pharmacist might have misread it. If it wasn’t clear, though, the pharmacist should have called to clarify. Romano pulls Abby in for an objective opinion, but she can’t read the writing, either.

Benton won’t admit that he might have done something wrong, and Cleo knows what he prescribed, so she won’t go against him. Romano gets her to admit that she didn’t read the label clearly when she gave Hal the medication. Carter tries to speak up but Romano tells him this has nothing to do with him. Then why is he there? Poor Abby asks if she can leave.

Romano criticizes the level of incompetence in the ER, but he’s in charge, so what does that say about him? Abby runs away before he can stop her. Romano tells Benton and Cleo they’re forbidden from writing prescriptions for the foreseeable future. Carter can write any they need. Carter smirks a little, because what’s a little potentially fatal error when it means Carter gets to exercise some superiority? Benton seems to be chalking this up to another Romano tantrum that will eventually pass, but Cleo’s upset.

After Benton dismisses Carter, he asks Cleo if she really handed over the medication without reading the label. She tells him his writing wasn’t legible, but Benton argues that he shouldn’t be writing prescriptions for her patients anyway. Yeah, buddy, she didn’t ask you to – you just did it. He reminds her that one of the first lessons of med school is double-checking labels. Yeah, thanks, Benton.

Luka has contacted UNOS, the national transplant-coordination organization, since there are no qualified recipients in the area. The next one is coming in 40 minutes, which will put them past the mark for the kidney’s viability. Elizabeth is upset that Luka called UNOS without consulting her. She thinks Steve should get the kidney. Their choices are putting a healthy kidney in a questionable person or giving it to no one. Luka would rather let it go to waste than let Steve ruin it. Elizabeth tells him she’ll wait 30 minutes for the next recipient. If she’s not there in time, Steve gets the kidney.

Romano checks up on Angie, actually listening when Mrs. Dwyer talks to him about Angie’s condition and how much Mrs. Dwyer loves her. Is that…a glimmer of sympathy? From Robert Romano? No, I must be imagining things. He confronts Weaver for inserting the central line against his orders, then suspends her and sends her home. Weaver thinks it’s ridiculous but she doesn’t fight him. She probably thinks it was worth it.

As Carter and Mark get ready to leave for the day, Carter mentions that he’s moved in with his grandparents. Mark asks about a hypothetical patient fitting Eddie’s description, wondering what Carter would do to find out what’s wrong with him. Carter pretends that he forgot to order a test back when Eddie was first seen. Mark is totally on to him, but since Carter won’t admit to the deception, there’s nothing Mark can do.

The fourth potential transplant recipient doesn’t make it to County within Elizabeth’s window, so Steve is the lucky winner of the kidney. Benton goes to Cleo’s place to try to make up with her without actually apologizing. He just tells her he doesn’t blame her for the error. Oh, isn’t that nice? He doesn’t hold her responsible for a mistake they both made! How sweet! Cleo calls him out for his weak apology, which in no way expressed any regret, but obviously it’s not a big deal to her, since she wants to get naked with him.

At home, Mark tells David that he checked out the hospice center David wants to go to, but there are no spots available. David will just have to keep living with Mark. Luka wants to have a cookout in Carol’s backyard, even though it’s cold out. It seems like they’ve been spending a lot of time together, since he knows about the girls’ personalities. Carol teases that if Luka can’t successfully grill his steaks, she has a steak and kidney pie in the freezer. She tells him the nurses thought Luka would have to take the kidney home with him. She thinks Luka scared Steve into rehab. The cookout ends abruptly when it starts snowing, even though it’s April.

Thoughts: Waters is played by Walter Skinner himself, Mitch Pileggi.

Remember Carol’s clinic, which treated uninsured patients? Why didn’t Cleo and Carter send Eddie there originally?

I’m surprised Romano approved when Lucy fought to get Valerie a heart – a much riskier situation than Angie’s – but fights Weaver over a simple central line.

Cleo, do you really want to be with someone who can’t admit when he might have made a mistake?

July 25, 2020

Felicity 2.7, Getting Lucky: The Second First Time

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If you didn’t know better, you’d think this was a happy family, right?

Summary: We haven’t started with Felicity making a tape for Sally in a little while, but here we are. She tells Sally she met someone mysterious and is calling him Lucky. Things have been going great with David, and on the way back from his place one morning, she sees Lucky – a scruffy, sad-looking stray dog. She takes him to Elena and Noel’s apartment, but Elena is hesitant to let them in, since they could bring diseases with them. Really, she’s more worried about Felicity bringing in disease, since she was recently sick. Felicity says it was the flu, not mono.

She notes that Lucky seems to like the apartment, but Elena preemptively refuses to adopt the dog. She changes the subject, wanting to know if Felicity (who spent the night at David’s) got some. She didn’t, so Elena thinks it’ll happen after her and David’s next date. Noel comes home and is thrilled to have the dog there. His neighbor had a dog just like Lucky when Noel was a kid, and even though Noel was allergic, he loved being with the dog. He thinks he might have grown out of his allergies. Elena agrees to let Lucky stay for a few days if it’s okay with Noel, but Noel hasn’t outgrown his allergies after all, so that’s a no.

Felicity and Elena take Lucky to a vet and continue their discussion about David. Felicity wonders why Elena’s so interested in her sex life. Elena says it’s because she doesn’t have one of her own. She sees David as Felicity’s second chance at a first time, this time with someone she actually knows. Felicity’s ready to have another date with David and then “score,” but first she’ll have to find a place for Lucky to stay.

Fortunately, Javier is willing to take in the dog, but first Lucky will have to meet Mami. That’s Javier’s cat, who looks just like you would imagine a cat owned by Javier to look – fluffy and well-treated and beautiful. Javier thinks Mami is insulted by just the idea of having a dog move into her territory, so that’s another no.

Next stop: the loft. Sean quickly says yes to the dog, having had great experiences with his own childhood dog. Lucky immediately makes a mess of Sean’s Smoothaise-making station, so he changes his mind. Back at Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Ben that Mami is still upset with him. He knows because he’s “psychical” with animals, like Dr. Dolittle. Then he confuses Dr. Dolittle with My Fair Lady, which makes sense, because Eliza’s last name was Doolittle. Anyway! Maggie comes in and tells Ben she’s still interested in a relationship. Yeah, that’s not the issue. The issue is that you’re married, Maggie.

At the loft, Julie walks around in just her bra, looking for a shirt Lucky stole. It’s ruined, so Julie can’t wear it on a date with a guy named Seven. Yes, Seven. She tells Sean, “I’m going to have sex, Jack.” They try to remember the movie that’s from. As Julie leaves, Sean looks at her longingly. You’re not gonna have sex, Jack.

Felicity tells Sally that time started running out to find a place for Lucky to stay, but then the obvious solution arises: David. He makes the inevitable “getting lucky” joke. He and Felicity have dinner and watch a movie, then end up in bed together. Lucky watches them. Well, that’s not awkward. Just as they’re about to grab a condom and go to the next step, Felicity decides she can’t have sex with a dog watching them. David puts him in the bathroom, but Lucky isn’t happy with that, and his whimpering kind of kills the mood. Felicity decides to take him out for a walk.

Thanks to Lucky, Felicity doesn’t get lucky, which she claims is okay with her. She tells Sally that they all slept well that night. The next day, Elena tells Felicity that a dog shouldn’t have been an obstacle to having sex. She thinks Felicity just used Lucky as an excuse and doesn’t actually want to sleep with David. Felicity denies having issues with sex, but Elena points out that she never slept with Ben or Noel. Felicity says she just wasn’t ready.

At the loft, Julie wakes up Sean to tell him she remembered the movie the quote was from: 48 Hrs. Ben comes home and tells Sean that Maggie’s married. He doesn’t want to break up a marriage, but she must be unhappy if she’s having an affair, so maybe it’s not that bad of an idea. Sean’s distracted, obviously thinking about Julie, and asks for a rain check on the conversation.

Felicity sneaks Lucky into her dorm, because…I guess she thinks Meghan will be okay with this? She asks Meghan to watch the dog while she has another date with David. Meghan surprises her by agreeing. It works out well for her, since she needs a favor – she needs to borrow Felicity’s computer to do “homework.” No, I don’t want to know what she’s really doing.

Maggie tracks Ben down to tell him she wants to have an affair with him. Hon, I think you’ve already done that. She promises to keep her marriage out of their relationship (or whatever it is). She offers him a key to a room at the Dakota, because if you’re not going to go high-class, why cheat at all? It’s up to Ben whether he wants to meet her there and continue being a homewrecker.

Felicity returns to her room after buying some dog food and learns that Meghan has no idea where Lucky is. Felicity finds him in another room, drinking beer out of a Frisbee. Thanks, idiot college guys who wanted to get a dog drunk! Ben spends a long time thinking about things, then goes to the Dakota and gets it on with Maggie. Well, at least someone’s having sex in this episode. He compliments the butterfly tattoo on her lower back, and she tells him she’ll show him her other tattoos.

Felicity decides that being unable to find someone to watch Lucky is an omen that she and David aren’t supposed to have sex. Elena thinks she’s avoiding it, so she agrees to keep Lucky for the night. While Felicity and David start getting naked, Lucky tears apart Noel and Elena’s couch. Elena tells Noel that Felicity’s studying at the library. Then Lucky starts peeing on stuff.

At David’s, the condom comes out again, but Felicity gets a page from Elena and puts on the brakes, figuring something’s wrong with Lucky. She calls the apartment, and Noel tells her that Lucky bit him, so Felicity needs to come get him. He quickly realizes that Felicity’s with David, not at the library, and tells her to stay put. Felicity ignores him and insists on going to get the dog.

The next day, after Felicity has taken Lucky back to David’s, Elena asks Noel to help Felicity work through her “sex issues.” Of course, Felicity doesn’t want to talk to her ex about her new love life. She says Elena’s making a bigger deal out of things than she should. Noel guesses that Felicity and David haven’t had sex. Noel and Ruby have, though, which means the person Felicity has advised is now getting more action than her RA is.

Noel says he admires that Felicity takes sex so seriously. She wants it to mean something, which it should. Felicity says that’s causing problems now. Noel admits that he’s glad they never slept together. He likes Ruby a lot, and the sex is good, but now he knows what it’s like to be with her, so the mystery’s gone. With Felicity, that mystery never went away. David calls and summons Felicity to come get Lucky, who seems to be sick.

Ben has spent the night with Maggie and starts looking through her address book while she’s taking a business call. He sees a photo of her with her husband and gets hit with the reality of what it means to sleep with a married woman. Felicity and Elena take Lucky back to the vet and talk about David again. Elena takes responsibility for causing problems by making Felicity self-conscious. Felicity learns that Lucky has distemper, a brain infection, which means his days are numbered.

Felicity takes Lucky back to David’s, where he’s gotten a big cage for the dog in hopes of keeping him contained but happy so the humans can have sex. When Felicity isn’t excited about that, David asks if he’s doing something wrong. It seems clear to him that Felicity doesn’t want to sleep with him. She asks if he wants her to put Lucky back out on the street. David says he’s bent over backwards to make things work, and Felicity hasn’t done the same. She tells him he’s right, and she doesn’t want to be there.

Felicity and Lucky wind up back at Noel and Elena’s place, and since the dog seems to be in pain, Felicity has decided to have him put down. Noel offers to go with her. At the vet’s, Felicity laments that Lucky may have gone his whole life without anyone to love him. David arrives, having been told what was going on by Elena, so Noel leaves to give him and Felicity some time alone. When the vet comes to put Lucky to sleep, Felicity just tells him over and over that he’s a good boy.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier is sad about Lucky’s fate. Ben tries to comfort him, though he seems to find it a little amusing that Javier’s crying over a dog he only met once. A guy comes in wanting to order a cake recommended to him by his wife…Maggie. It’s for their anniversary. Mr. Sherwood wants it decorated with a butterfly. You know, just like Maggie’s tattoo. Aieeeeeee!

It’s quiet now at David’s apartment, where Felicity admits that she was using Lucky as an excuse not to sleep with David. She’s only had sex one time, with someone she barely knew, so she’s been nervous about sleeping with someone she cares about. In a way, it’s her first time. David says he cares about Felicity, too, and he doesn’t know where things are going to end up, but he likes how they are now. If Felicity isn’t ready, they shouldn’t rush things. Without all the pressure on them, Felicity can enjoy herself with David, just making out. Except now she thinks she’s ready for sex with him. Well, that didn’t take long!

Felicity tells Sally that Lucky had a profound effect on both her and her relationship with David. She’s back at Noel and Elena’s the next morning, and Noel asks how things went the night before. He asks if the mystery’s gone. Felicity wonders why he’s so amused by the idea of her sleeping with David. Noel says that now he and Felicity have something that she doesn’t have with David.

Thoughts: Freaking A, who just picks up a stray dog off the street without a place to keep him or any idea of what to do with him? This is what animal shelters are for, Felicity!

This is the second episode in a row where Julie has barely gotten any screentime. What’s going on there?

Don’t put a dog in a TV show if you’re just going to kill him off! J.J. Abrams is a sadist.

Elena, after Lucky pees on the little model home Noel has: “Did you want that house to have a pool?” I love her. Elena is too good for this show.

July 21, 2020

ER 6.16, Under Control: Fatal Mistakes and Other Life-or-Death Decisions

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Get it, Chen

Summary: Mark and David are repairing a slide projector before Mark has to go to work. He tells David that he set up an appointment for him with an oncologist. David doesn’t want to see any doctors, since he was told back in San Diego that his cancer is untreatable. Over at Elizabeth’s, Isabelle is packing to go back to England. Elizabeth finds one of David’s socks, making her wonder if he only wore one home. Isabelle says she’s enjoyed being single all these years, and she’d like to know what would make Elizabeth happy in her own life.

Carter is back at work for the first time since he was stabbed. He’s on crutches for another week or so, which means he won’t be very fast on trauma cases. Also, I’m sure he’s mentally fine returning to the place where he almost died, and where his co-worker DID die. But it’s not like anyone from psych will be able to help him anyway, since they’re incompetent. Anyway, Mark is the highest-ranking doctor in the ER, which is swamped since it’s Saturday and clinics are closed. Dave still has time to flirt with Chen, though.

Chuny brings an ICU nurse named Frank to the ER after he passed out while working. Haleh tells Mark that patients keep leaving without being seen, since the wait time is so long. Mark goes back to his old trick from “A Shift in the Night,” grabbing a cart and a couple of helpers to do “power rounds.” He goes through the exam rooms to catch up on cases and make fast decisions about treatments.

A man named Adam is brought in after trying to kill himself with a Benadryl overdose. Carol has to take a call from her new nanny, who seems less competent at childcare than psych does at seeing patients. Abby examines a man named Kim who has colon cancer that has probably spread. She offers him some morphine to keep him comfortable while they wait for his lab work to come back.

Chen wants Frank to stay on a heart monitor for a while, though he insists he’s fine. Chen gets momentarily distracted by his bare chest. Frank says he passed out because he ran 12 miles before work; it’s not a big deal. Dave watches, amused, as Chen strikes up a conversation with Frank. I’m surprised Dave isn’t jealous that the woman he keeps flirting with is attracted to someone else. Mark complains to Elizabeth that David’s driving him crazy about repairing the projector and not discussing treatment options. He doesn’t tell her that David was diagnosed with cancer.

Patients keep coming in, and the ER is running out of beds, but Mark won’t take Elizabeth’s suggestion to close to critical cases. Adam is having seizures, and Carter struggles to intubate him without causing himself pain. He determines that Adam will need dialysis. Mark and Elizabeth prepare to work together on a patient who was shot, but Mark quickly realizes that he can’t be saved. They talk Abby through a procedure that will keep him eligible to donate his organs. Abby struggles with it, and Mark wants to let her keep trying, but Elizabeth steps in to take over.

A nephrologist disagrees with Carter’s assessment that Adam needs dialysis, even though Carter has read about a patient in this exact situation who was saved with dialysis. The other doctor refuses to put the patient at risk for complications. After he leaves, Carter decides he knows enough to do what’s needed himself – he can write the orders. Carol agrees to get a nephrology nurse she knows to go along with the plan. Seems like Carol misses going rogue with Doug.

Mark and Abby join Chen to work on a patient who soon needs more care than just having his heart shocked – the defibrillation causes him to catch on fire. Frank comes to help out. Mark knows him and calls him Rambo, his nickname from Desert Storm. Chen is absolutely mentally undressing him right now. Carter tells Mark how he’s treating Adam, skipping over the part where he’s ignoring the nephrologist’s instructions. Mark checks on Robert, the possible organ donor (I think that’s his name. It’s what I’m going with, anyway), but the police haven’t been able to find his family to get their consent. Mark thinks Elizabeth is being unrealistic about keeping him alive.

Carol deals with her nanny again, then goes back to Carter. Dori (the nurse who’s played by a Real Housewife) has a question about the patient’s care, and when she says she’ll have to clarify the instructions with the nephrologist, Carol comes clean about going behind his back. Dori refuses to participate, even when Carter offers to take full responsibility. Mark comes in, overhearing part of the conversation, and pulls Carter out of the room to berate him. If Carter wants to bend the rules, he needs to tell Mark so Mark can be the bad guy.

A woman named Pilar brings in her baby, Estrella, who’s been having seizures. Mark tends to her, asking Chuny to remove the mother from the trauma room. Chen checks in on Frank, then helps Abby with a procedure Mark was supposed to walk her through on Kim. It seems to go fine, but then Kim complains of pain. Frank, who’s in the next bed over, suggests that Abby get a chest x-ray.

Mark tries to save Estrella while giving Carter orders for Adam’s treatment. Frank looks at his own test results at the front desk, determining that he doesn’t have any serious medical problems. Chen sends him back to bed, and Frank jokes that she just wants to keep him around. Dave complains to Randi about him, and Randi mocks him for eating cereal out of an emesis basin. Carol figures out (but doesn’t tell him) that the milk he stole from the lounge fridge for his cereal is her breast milk.

Mark hasn’t been able to revive Estrella, but he steps away while Chuny keeps working so he can deal with Robert’s case. Elizabeth still wants to keep him alive until his family can be found. Benton tells Kim that Abby accidentally perforated his colon. If he has surgery to repair the damage, it’ll take him a couple of months to recover – months Kim doesn’t have. Without the surgery, Kim will probably develop an infection he wouldn’t recover from.

Estrella is still unstable, and her lab work doesn’t give Mark any information about what’s wrong with her. They’ve been working on her so long with no change that Mark decides there’s nothing else they can do. Kim tells Benton he doesn’t want surgery, which means his only treatment option is antibiotics. Abby thinks there should be a better fix for her mistake, but Benton reminds her that she has to respect her patient’s wishes. She argues that Kim is going to die because she screwed up. Benton reminds her that, with end-stage cancer, Kim is going to die either way.

Chuny tries to explain to Pilar that Estrella is dead, but Pilar insists that there’s more Mark can do for her. Mark gently talks her out of her denial. Things start to pick up in the ER again, so Frank jumps in to help out. Abby tells Mark about Kim, though Mark’s already heard the details from Benton. Abby says that Chen supervised her, but Mark points out that she didn’t give Chen a full history; if she had, Chen would have told her to place her needle in a different spot. Kim now has a fever, and Abby thinks he’s septic. She wants to sit with him, since he doesn’t have a family, but the ER’s too busy for that.

Dave brings a patient to Mark for help getting a Gila monster off his hand. Malik declines to help if it means he has to get near the lizard. Mark and Dave get the lizard to detach its teeth from the patient’s hand without hurting the reptile. Mark then goes back to Elizabeth, where she’s trying to stabilize Robert. Mark tells her to declare him dead already; there’s no point in using up time and resources to save him. Elizabeth stabilizes Robert and doesn’t agree to Mark’s orders.

Carol tells Mark that Estrella tested positive for amphetamines. They ask Pilar if someone might have given the baby drugs. Pilar admits that she sometimes takes drugs to stay awake, since she works two jobs, but she never brings them home. Carol realizes that Pilar passed the drugs to Estrella through her breast milk. Pilar is devastated that her actions accidentally killed her child.

Elizabeth tries to get in touch with Isabelle, since they were supposed to meet for coffee before Isabelle left. Yosh gives her a message Isabelle left earlier – she took an earlier flight and is already on her way home. Frank helps run the board, proving to be more helpful than some of the staff members who usually work in the ER, Dave. David comes in with shortness of breath that he thinks is just from a cold. Mark examines him and determines that he has fluid in his lungs. When Elizabeth joins them, David asks her to be his doctor instead of Mark.

The guy who was formerly attached to the Gila monster is now crashing from the lizard’s venom. Super Frank is there to help save the day. He smells smoke, which Lily guesses is from her patient’s stupidity at thinking you can smoke in a hospital. Haleh pulls Mark away to deal with another patient as Randi tells him that there’s a psych patient threatening to jump from a window on the third floor. Mark just tells her to clear a trauma room. Things get more and more hectic, with people coming to Mark while he’s trying to deal with traumas. Maybe the ER needs more doctors?

David tells Elizabeth about his cancer and his decision not to receive any treatments. He doesn’t want to spend the last few weeks or months of his life sick and hooked up to machines. Frank lets Abby know that Kim died; for some reason, no one bothered to tell her. Finally, the ER gets another doctor when Weaver arrives for the night shift. But then they also get another patient when Frank passes out again.

Carter tries to help Mark and Weaver as they tend to the psych patient who jumped out the window. Carol’s nanny calls yet again, unable to take care of crying babies, so Carol steps away from the trauma to sing “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” to Kate. Mark questions her choice of lullaby, but Carol says it works. Mark spots Elizabeth chatting with David through the window, then goes back to trying to save his patient.

By the time Luka comes in for the night shift, things in the ER are calm. The incompetent nanny brings in Carol’s twins, who are also calm now. Chen has Frank admitted for treatment for Addison’s disease, a hormonal disorder. Chen tells Dave she may go visit him later. (Spoiler: She’ll be doing a lot more than visiting him.) Elizabeth finally declares Robert dead, regretting that his organs will go to waste. She asks Mark why he didn’t tell her about David’s cancer. She respects his decision not to seek treatment, no matter whose father he is. She tells Mark to just be there for him, but Mark wants to do more.

Abby goes to the morgue to practice inserting central lines and is saddened to see that the body she’ll be practicing on is Kim’s. She struggles to do the procedure, but she asks the pathologist for help and keeps going. Weaver asks Carter if he’s still experiencing a lot of pain, since he seemed to be having a hard time getting around in the trauma room. She can tell he’s not doing as well physically or emotionally as he’s letting on, but Carter makes it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

On their way out of the hospital, Mark notices that David’s shoelace is untied. David can’t bend over after a procedure Elizabeth did on him, so Mark kneels to tie it himself, reversing their roles as father and son. Benton and Cleo play pool together and make out, I guess to show us that their relationship is progressing, because there’s really no other point to this scene.

Carter is now back on good terms with Millicent and has stopped by the family mansion after work. He tells her he’s back at work and confides that he wasn’t sure he would make it through the day. He was scared that he couldn’t handle it. Millicent’s proud that he got through it and now respects him for pursuing a career in medicine. They used to have chats all the time when he was in high school, and now it seems they’re getting back to that.

David was able to repair the projector, so he and Mark look at some slides at home. Little Mark had very blond hair. He wanted to grow a watermelon tree, so he would sneak watermelon seeds into his mother’s flower garden. David stops on a picture of Mark and David together and wonders why Ruth took it. Mark says she must have liked what she saw.

Thoughts: Frank is played by Morris Chestnut. He would have made a great regular character.

This is another one of those episodes designed to show us that one of the doctors is really good at his job but can’t do anything to help a family member. Dear show: We get it.

If you’re going to call for help every time the baby you’re looking after won’t stop crying, nannying isn’t for you. Carol should put the girls in the hospital’s daycare.

July 18, 2020

Felicity 2.6, The Love Bug: Mono, Deception, and Other Contagions

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Oh, yeah, they’re totally over

Summary: Felicity is leading a dorm meeting about the stresses of midterms. Meghan is also there, playing with a voodoo doll. Carl asks what happens if they get sick during exams. “Just don’t,” Meghan advises. Too late, it looks like. Meghan tries to lead a rebellion, asking who agrees that they have too many meetings. Carl asks what mono feels like, since he thinks he has it. A girl tells him all the symptoms, but Felicity thinks Carl is overreacting. If he had mono, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand up. Carl nods, then passes out. “Meeting over,” Meghan declares.

Time for a tape for Sally! Felicity wants to know why David hasn’t kissed her yet. Is he being cautious because he’s still hurting from his last breakup? He drops her off at her dorm after a date and asks her to get lunch the next day. They say good night, but there’s no kiss.

The next day, Elena asks for an update on the relationship while she, Felicity, and Julie are studying together at Noel and Elena’s place. Felicity says she’s confused. Noel and Ruby come in and reveal that a guy in the park invited Ruby to audition for a movie (though he wouldn’t give details about the film). Julie and Elena think she should go for it. Elena pushes Felicity to talk about David, so she whispers to keep Noel from hearing in the kitchen. Noel realizes they’re having some “girl talk” and he’s being excluded.

Ben drops by Maggie’s catering space while she’s on the phone, speaking Japanese to someone. She reveals that she lived in Tokyo for a couple of years. She doesn’t want her employees to know they’re dating, probably because he’s so much younger. It might help if he didn’t bring his backpack with him when he came to visit. Backpacks don’t usually = appropriate boyfriend for an adult.

Felicity brings David to her room after their lunch date, and they find Meghan in bed, feeling horrible. She thinks she has mono. David tells Felicity she can’t stay there while Meghan has a contagious illness. He invites her to stay with him. Dude, you won’t even kiss her! Noel comes by and announces that Ruby called the possible killer/movie guy about the audition. David again invites Felicity to stay at his place, and this time she accepts.

Javier – hey, it’s Javier! Yay, Javier! – clarifies the Felicity/David situation at Dean & DeLuca. He invites Felicity to stay with him and Samuel instead of spending the night at David’s. He thinks David’s just trying to get Felicity into bed. Speak of the devil, David calls, and while Felicity’s talking to him, Javier tries to guess what the conversation is about. He writes a guess down, but it’s in Spanish, so Felicity can’t read it. She tells him David’s apartment is being fumigated, so she can’t stay there. Felicity declines Javier’s invitation to crash at his place, saying she’ll figure something out.

That something is making a bed on a couch in the dorm’s common room. But then Noel brings Ruby home, and the two of them make out right outside the elevator, just a few yards away from Felicity. After Ruby heads to her room, Noel asks Felicity if she knows about their history. He doesn’t want to bring it up yet, since the relationship’s so new. Felicity mentions that Ruby told her what a good kisser Noel is. He asks Felicity not to mention their past to her. Then he invites her to stay with him and Elena. She says no, but that means she has to hear people having sex through the wall.

Felicity meets up with Elena at Dean & DeLuca the next day, exhausted from her horrible night in the lounge. Elena thinks David lied about his apartment being fumigated because he chickened out of having a sleepover. David arrives and meets Elena (who’s polite to him) and Javier (who isn’t). The two of them spy on the couple as they talk. David asks Felicity to dinner, and she asks him if his place is really being fumigated. He tells her that after dinner, he’ll take her over there and prove it to her.

Noel runs lines with Ruby at his apartment. She’s okay, he’s bad. She finds the role embarrassing, but Noel points out that the money she gets from the job could pay for college and grad school. Apparently the person playing the guy she’ll be working with is a big secret, and Ruby had to sign non-disclosures. She won’t break the rules even for Noel.

Felicity covers her mouth with a tissue so she can go into her room and get some things. Ruby comes by with some questions about sex and protection, since she and Noel are headed in the direction of needing that. Felicity is spending the night at Noel and Elena’s, making Ruby realize that Felicity and Noel are really good friends. Meghan sneezes when Felicity’s mouth isn’t covered, making Felicity and Ruby scamper.

Elena takes a break from her patented study method to help Felicity get ready for her date with David. When Noel comes home, Felicity and Elena slam him for not telling Ruby about his relationship with Felicity yet. Noel says he’ll tell her that night. He admires some photos David took and loaned to Felicity, then asks what’s going on with them. Felicity says they’re just in the beginning stages. Elena tells him that Ruby asked Felicity about birth control, in case he didn’t know where things are with her.

Ruby arrives, stressed that her audition has been moved up to 10:00 the next morning. She’s worried now that it seems so real. Elena criticizes her and Noel for going out instead of studying. David arrives next, and Ruby suggests that the two couples go to Epstein Bar for a double date. Felicity and Noel act all breezy, like this wouldn’t be awkward at all. Elena tells them all to just leave already so she can study.

Maggie and Ben get together for what she calls a proper goodbye – she knows their relationship isn’t going to last, so they might as well end things now. They have sex right on a counter in her catering space. Ooh, that has to be a health violation. Things are going well for the two couples at Epstein Bar, who are working on getting Ruby to tell them who the star of the movie is. Left alone, Felicity and Noel approve of each other’s new love interests. He plucks an eyelash off of her cheek and she makes a wish before blowing it away. Ruby and David see them gazing at each other and get uncomfortable.

Ben invites Maggie to get coffee after their romp on the table, but she insists that they have to be over. He knows she likes him, but she says she just likes the sex. If they run into each other after this, they’ll be polite, but they need to keep the fling secret. Back at the bar, Noel and Ruby are making out, and she seems a little tipsy. Felicity tells David how much she liked his pictures, especially one of a little girl. He tells her the girl reminds him of Felicity because of her grace and purity. Wow, romantic.

Noel and Ruby keep making out (you’re in public, guys), but it stops when she moans his name and he moans…Felicity’s. Ruby realizes that they must have been together, and it didn’t end well. Noel promises that it’s completely over, but Ruby isn’t sure, since no one told her they dated. She’s embarrassed about talking to Felicity about Noel. Then she’s embarrassed again when Noel says he knows she talked to Felicity about him.

Ruby goes to get her jacket, telling Felicity that Noel told her about them. David’s confused. When he realizes that Felicity and Noel once dated, he thinks Noel is the guy Felicity just broke up with. Felicity says that was someone else, which makes things worse. David decides he’s not ready to trust someone again after his own recent breakup.

Noel and Felicity are left together at the bar, stunned by how quickly both their relationships just fell apart. Noel says that even though he still thinks about Felicity all the time, he really wanted things with Ruby to work out. Felicity tells him she wanted things with David to work out, too.

She wakes up coughing the next morning and tells Noel she thinks she has mono. Enjoy that little parting gift, David. Elena uses a plate to cover her mouth and immediately kicks Felicity out. Well, at least Felicity can go back to her own room now. Carl’s there, having slept with Meghan using the logic that they both had mono, so why not? Wow, okay.

Ruby comes to Noel and Elena’s to tell Noel that she likes him but thought he was leading her on last night. After eating some Ben & Jerry’s, she decided it doesn’t matter. She likes him enough to be with him without knowing all the details of his relationship with Felicity. She just wants him to be honest from now on. Yeah, I don’t think honesty is the issue here.

Ben mopes in the rain, then goes to Maggie’s catering space to present an idea: Spend the weekend out of town so they can be together without anyone knowing. But then! The phone rings, and someone tells Maggie it’s her husband calling! Ben slept with an older, married woman! Ahhhhhh!

Noel and Ruby go at it in his room, and I guess she’s not worried about him saying Felicity’s name during sex. She reveals that she used her energy from the chaos the night before in her audition, and she got the part. However, she has to leave for three weeks. Noel asks who her leading man is. Ruby reveals that it’s Tom Cruise. Now Noel’s worried about his girlfriend spending three weeks kissing Tom Cruise.

Felicity appears to be delirious, as she wants to leave her sick bed and go somewhere. “Too tired…to insult you,” Meghan replies. Felicity goes to David’s (wearing a mask, so that’s good) to tell him she wanted to see where things went with them. David decides to risk mono by kissing her. Oh, you freaking idiot.

Thoughts: I would absolutely stay at Javier and Samuel’s. I need to see what Javier’s home life is like.

It doesn’t seem like the school has done anything to curb the mono outbreak, so…enjoy 2020, guys.

I bet Julie wrote a sad song after being left out of all the action this week. Though at least she wasn’t at risk for catching mono.

July 14, 2020

ER 6.15, Be Patient: This Is the Episode They Should Have Called “All in the Family”

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How dare Abby challenge Weaver and be right?

Summary: Mark and Elizabeth are walking to work, discussing an ice-fishing trip David’s on. Seeing Dave somehow reminds Elizabeth that she left something at her apartment (she spent the night at Mark’s), so she heads off to get it. Mark warns Dave to lock up his bike better, advice Dave doesn’t appreciate. He asks if Mark is also going to chastise him for not wearing a helmet. “I’d never want to get between you and your personal path to brain death,” Mark replies. Meow!

Luka wraps up a night shift and leaves as Andrew the clerk arrives for the day shift. Abby gets a call from someone she’s been trying to reach about payments. He’s not cooperative. Abby explains to Carol that her soon-to-be-ex-husband invested her student-loan money, but it backfired. Good thing she’s divorcing him. Isabelle is surprised to see Elizabeth back at her apartment…where she’s not alone. David’s there, pretending he just came over for breakfast. He definitely did not.

Elizabeth waits impatiently while Isabelle says goodbye to David, then tells her mother that getting into a relationship with him is a bad idea. After all, Ruth died just a few months ago. Elizabeth asks if they used protection, so Isabelle asks if she really wants to get into details. She tells Elizabeth to stop caring so much what other people think; she did that as a kid, too. Elizabeth asks if the nanny told her that. Isabelle thinks she always expects relationships to go badly. Elizabeth points out that their relationship hasn’t exactly gone well.

Back at County, Dave bugs Chen, who’s come in on her time off to do chart reviews for Carter and Lucy’s patients. Abby calls Luka, who’s driving home, to give him test results for one of his patients. A girl named Laura runs into the street to retrieve a ball and Luka has to brake quickly to avoid hitting her. The driver next to him doesn’t have the same reflexes and slams into Laura. Luka locks eyes with the guy, who reverses and drives off as Luka rushes to help Laura.

Abby examines a patient named Ron who has some bleeding after hemorrhoid surgery the week before. He’s supposed to fly to Denver that afternoon for his girlfriend’s birthday, so he hopes he can get treated quickly and easily. Abby apologetically tells him to cancel his plans for dancing. As Laura’s sister goes to get their mother, Luka examines Laura, determining that her leg is broken, as well as possibly a rib. He wants to splint her leg and do a closer examination.

Carol chats with two teen girls, Terri and Andrea, who have some questions about STDs. Syphilis is making its way around their school, and they suspect they have it. Luka thinks Laura might be bleeding internally, and her mother doesn’t want to wait for an ambulance to arrive. Luka spots a plumber down the street and asks to turn his van into a makeshift ambulance. Elizabeth tells Mark about their parents’ hook-up, which Mark finds amusing. They’re both adults; it’s fine. He promises to talk to David, who’s coming in for an appointment that afternoon.

Laura passes out on the way to the hospital, and Luka realizes her lung has collapsed. He uses a syringe to try to fix it, but the van goes over a bump, causing the syringe to nick an artery in Laura’s chest. Laura’s poor mom has to try to help Luka stop the bleeding. Luka calls ahead to make sure there’s a trauma room ready when they get to County. Benton, Mark, and Cleo take over her care, wondering why Luka didn’t wait for an ambulance. One arrived just a couple minutes after they left the scene.

Weaver gives Andrea a pelvic exam and tells her to stick around for test results. Terri’s exam was fine, but Weaver detects something potentially bad on Andrea’s exam. Abby tells Ron his blood loss isn’t dangerous, but she’s not comfortable letting him get on a plane just yet, so she wants to do a scan that detects further bleeding. Ron asks her advice on what to get his girlfriend for her birthday. Abby tells him that her best birthday gift from her husband was a surprise picnic. Yeah, but they’re getting divorced, so…

Weaver comes to check on Abby’s work and questions her decision to do the scan to detect more bleeding. She pulls Abby out of the room and tells her there’s no need for an expensive test when Ron isn’t showing any symptoms of further bleeding. Abby says he just doesn’t seem well. Weaver urges her to discharge him without the scan, but after she leaves, Abby continues with what she was doing.

Benton stabilizes Laura in the trauma room, but as Cleo’s taking Luka out to give Laura’s mother an update, alarms start going off. There’s something wrong with her internally, so the doctors rush her to surgery. Luka asks to stay with Laura, but Benton tells him she’s not his patient anymore. Cleo suggests that Luka go home and get some sleep, as if he’ll be able to sleep after all this.

Carol tells Andrea that they found some abnormal cells that could indicate cervical cancer. Thanks, HPV! Andrea refuses to tell her parents, reminding Carol that this was all supposed to be confidential. Carol warns that if she doesn’t get treated, she could get really sick. They also need to tell the guy she slept with. Andrea admits that there have been multiple guys. She goes to parties where everyone sleeps with each other.

Luka follows Benton to the surgical wing, asking to be kept on Laura’s case. Dude, you’re not a surgeon. You can’t do anything right now. Go sit down. Chen visits Carter to update him on some of his patients. He asks how Lucy’s memorial service was, since he wasn’t able to go. She tells him it was weird. Carter claims he’s doing okay; his grandmother has even reached out to him again. He thinks he’ll be back to work soon. As Chen leaves, she notices that he’s in pain but trying to hide it.

David arrives for his appointment, and Mark pretends he still thinks David was off ice fishing. David knows he knows the truth and comments that Elizabeth definitely wasn’t as amused as Mark is. He says they’ll spend the night in a hotel so Elizabeth can have her apartment to herself. Mark is surprised that David expects the relationship with Isabelle to keep going. David says she makes him happy. It’s only for a couple more weeks anyway, before Isabelle goes back to England.

Carol fills Weaver in on Andrea and Terri’s activities, hoping she can talk Andrea into telling her parents. Weaver can’t force Carol to break confidentiality, but this is a matter of public health now. All the girls who attend the sex parties need to get examined. Carol will have to contact the girls’ school. Unfortunately, Andrea and Terri have already left.

A woman comes to the ER and introduces herself to an uninterested Dave as Barbara Knight. She’s looking for Mark and Weaver, but Dave doesn’t know where they are and couldn’t care less. If Dave would pay attention, he would recognize Barbara’s last name and realize that she’s Lucy’s mother. She’s there to get Lucy’s things from her locker. Dave takes her to the lounge and manages to be respectful while Barbara gathers her dead daughter’s belongings.

Isabelle comes to the hospital to tell Elizabeth she’ll be staying in a hotel the rest of her time in Chicago (the Ritz – ooh la la). She’s annoyed by how “insufferable” Elizabeth is being over the David situation and their own cool relationship. She notes that Elizabeth doesn’t hold anything against her father for working when she was a child. Mothers always get slammed when they choose to work. If Elizabeth ever gets married and has a child, will she give up her own job? Elizabeth says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get married or have a child. (Spoiler: She will do both, and no, she won’t give up her job.)

Weaver finds out that Abby did Ron’s scan against her advice. Abby wanted to follow her instincts that something’s wrong, but Weaver tells her that med students can’t make decisions like that. As Luka heads out to get something to eat at Doc Magoo’s, wanting to stay close for news about Laura, he spots a guy getting some stitches in the hallway and recognizes him as Laura’s hit-and-run driver. He tells Abby to call the police. The guy tries to run, but Luka stops him and confronts him for the hit-and-run. The guy says he just panicked because he’s had a couple of DUIs. Okay, well, enjoy jail, guy!

Carol goes to Andrea and Terri’s school as Abby discharges Ron. She tells him he was right to come in, and he’d be right to come back. Like, for example, in 15 or 20 minutes, if he’s feeling sick or feverish. If he came back in, he might be seen by someone other than Abby who could give him a more thorough examination. Ron asks if she’s saying he’s not okay. Abby tells him she’s just saying that this has been a bad flu season.

Carter does some physical therapy, working on walking up and down a hallway in the surgical wing. He’s determined to get back to normal as soon as possible. Barbara comes by to see him, and Carter realizes who she is much faster than Dave did. Carol finds Terri and Andrea, who are upset that she wants to break their confidentiality. Andrea doesn’t want anyone to find out she’s sick. The girls refuse to talk to Carol.

David visits Elizabeth in the surgical wing and tries to smooth things over with her. He jokes that it would be a lot easier if children didn’t grow up to be adults who feel the need to express their own opinions. He wants to arrange another double date and try to work things out with everyone. Elizabeth seems to really like David, so she doesn’t resist. Ron does come back to County, but not the way Abby had hoped – he’s brought in with heavy bleeding. Chen takes over his care, telling Weaver it’s a good thing he came back.

Barbara talks to Carter about Lucy, sensing that he’s uncomfortable with the conversation. She tells him that Lucy talked about him a lot and really respected him. Carter downplays how closely they worked together. Barbara says Lucy loved her work, and Carter says she was better at it than he gave her credit for. Barbara asks what went through Carter’s head when he was stabbed – what did it feel like? He can tell that Barbara wants to know if Lucy suffered, so he lies that he didn’t feel any pain.

Mark goes looking for test results for a patient, then asks a tech if he did David’s CT scan to find out how his emphysema is. Mark takes a look at the films himself and is stunned by what he sees. He tries to keep his mind on the conversation when Elizabeth tells him David’s organizing a double date to a surprise location.

Weaver tells Carol that she’s done the right things with Andrea and Terri, then lets Abby know that Ron came back and is now in the OR. Pretty lucky that he came back, right? Weaver admits that Abby was right about him being sicker than he presented. Abby says it’s good that he felt “flu-ish.” Weaver remarks that that’s the exact term he used. Weaver, stop being passive-aggressive. Abby just saved a guy’s life after you told her to turn him loose. She probably saved you from a lawsuit.

Benton tells Laura’s mother (and Luka, who’s waiting with her) that Laura’s done with surgery and doing okay. Laura’s mother is grateful to both of them. Luka apologizes to Benton for trying to demand to stay on the case, but Benton gets his concern and doesn’t have any hard feelings. He thinks Luka saved Laura’s life. (Heh. Luka and Laura. Soap fans share a chuckle.) Luka points out that they had to open Laura’s chest in the trauma room because Luka injured her. Benton says they would have had to do that anyway. If Luka had waited for the ambulance, Laura might have died. He should be proud of himself for making a gutsy call.

Paramedics bring Andrea in after a suspected suicide attempt. Weaver and Carol take over her care from Dave, who’s not happy to have Carol making decisions, since he’s a big, brainy resident and she’s a lowly nurse. Benton visits Carter to talk about anything other than Lucy or Carter’s treatment. Benton has stepped things up with Cleo, and Carter knows all the steps he usually takes with girlfriends, so he knows exactly what they’ll be doing tonight. He admits to Benton that he lied to Barbara about Lucy not suffering when she was stabbed.

Carol asks Terri what Andrea might have taken, and Terri says it could be Diazepam, a medication used for muscle spasms. Dave is trying to approach the trauma calmly while Carol wants to get out in front of any potential problems. Andrea stabilizes but seems confused, possibly not remembering that she overdosed.

Elizabeth, David, and Isabelle go bowling together (Mark’s running late), and Isabelle tells Elizabeth she skipped a meeting that afternoon to sit by the lake. She wanted to think about the conversation she and Elizabeth had earlier. She acknowledges that she wasn’t a great mother when Elizabeth was younger, and she hopes Elizabeth can forgive her. Elizabeth reminds her that she never wanted forgiveness. She adds that David thinks children shouldn’t express their opinions. Isabelle jokes that he’s right.

Carol checks on Andrea, promising that she only told the school about the HPV so other girls could get tested; she hasn’t told Andrea or Terri’s parents. If something happened to one of Andrea’s parents, wouldn’t she want to know? Mark arrives at the bowling alley and watches as David acts like everything’s normal.

Benton takes Cleo to a jazz club (just as Carter expected), telling her about his relationship with Carter and Carter’s past as a surgical intern. When they get to the club, Cleo suggests that they go somewhere quiet, so they can talk. Benton jokes that she’s going to disappoint Carter by taking him out of his normal routine.

At home after the double date, Mark tells David he saw his scans. He has lung cancer that’s spread to his liver. David has known since before he came to Chicago. One of his colleagues in the Navy had cancer, and every time David saw him, it was all he could think about. David doesn’t want his illness to define him. He admits that he’s scared.

Thoughts: Syphilis and hemorrhoids are hard to spell. From no on, only one hard-to-spell medical condition per episode, please.

Imagine hiring a plumber who shows up late because he drove a girl to the hospital and helped save her life. I don’t think I would believe that story.

And that’s why you don’t look at your relatives’ medical records without their permission, Mark.

Cleo may have been useful in the previous episode, but really, nothing she does during her time in the series justifies creating her character. It’s just a bone they threw Eriq LaSalle so Benton could have a Black girlfriend.

July 11, 2020

Felicity 2.5, Crash: The French-Speaking Mistake

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The only interest anyone ever shows in bandicoots

Summary: Noel, Felicity, and Elena are having dinner together (by candlelight, for some reason). Elena asks about the other two’s love lives; Noel’s still hanging out with Ruby, but Felicity is single. Elena calls them out for giving each other looks. She announces that Ruby told Felicity she likes Noel, and Noel is obviously worried about who Felicity will date next. Then she tells them she’s going to study, so the two of them can be awkward alone. Felicity and Noel try to laugh off Elena’s comments, saying she’s just sexually frustrated.

The next day, I guess, Elena discovers that Noel has bought a PlayStation. Isn’t he there on scholarship? Where did he get the money for this? Elena never played video games as a kid, but she did have a little doctor’s kit that brings back good memories. Noel talks about playing Atari as a kid, then Nintendo. Elena blames his love of video games on his lack of sex. Noel tries to sell her on the graphics of the game he’s playing, Crash Bandicoot, but she has to study.

Felicity makes a tape for Sally about how Noel doesn’t need to worry about the next guy she’s going to date because she’s not seeing anyone. She loves it – there’s no pressure or expectations or trouble. She goes to her class with Professor Sherman, who compliments her latest drawing. Also, she has a favor to ask: She wants Felicity to go out with her son. He’s a grad student with lots of good qualities but somehow can’t get a date without his mother’s help.

Felicity tells Elena all this later at Epstein Bar, adding that she told Professor Sherman she has a boyfriend. She thinks the A Professor Sherman gave her is connected to her request for the date. Elena says her aunt keeps trying to fix her up with guys. Julie joins them, making it seem like she and Felicity are on okay terms again, but when Elena leaves, they get awkward. Julie asks if Felicity’s going to go on the date, but Felicity doesn’t think she’s in the right place to start dating. Julie tells her to only date B-list people. They’re basically just for practice.

At Dean & DeLuca, the awkwardness continues between Felicity and Ben. Maggie comes in and Felicity watches her and Ben closely as they have a friendly interaction. She buys a muffin, then offers to feed Ben some homemade muffins at her place later. Is that…is that a metaphor? No, wait, I don’t want to know. Back in her dorm, Felicity decides that maybe she should start dating after all. She tells Sally that if Ben and Noel are doing it, maybe she should get out there, too.

Noel’s been playing Crash Bandicoot a lot, which means classes are an afterthought. Ruby calls and he tries to carry on a conversation with her while still playing the game. He finally pauses the game to give her his full attention, and Elena decides to see what it’s like. Noel yells at her, still trying to make Ruby think everything’s totally normal. Meanwhile, Felicity tells Professor Sherman that she’s changed her mind and will go out with her son, David, after all. Professor Sherman tells her to wear something light and put on some lipstick.

Later, Felicity tries to counsel Carl, that annoying guy on her floor. He thinks he has food poisoning, even though everyone eats the same food in the cafeteria and no one else is sick. Meghan tells him to get his rich parents to buy him a fridge so he can keeps his own food in his room. Felicity wonders if Meghan even listens to the advice she gives people. Meghan relays a message from David to meet him somewhere unspecified at either 8 or 8:30. Thanks, Meghan! She thinks Felicity’s pathetic for agreeing to a set-up date. Also, she thinks David’s gay.

Noel and Elena race each other to the PlayStation when they get home (Elena wins). He realizes she’s been practicing when he’s not around. He decides that they should work together to get through the game; it’ll be a good bonding experience. Felicity tells Sally that she’s going on her first post-Ben date, and she’s both excited and nervous. She’s never been fixed up like this before. She wonders if David might be the perfect person for her. He’s…probably not. He doesn’t seem to be that excited about the date.

Ben goes to Maggie’s catering space (office? It’s not really an office. Whatever), where she tells him about starting her catering company out of her apartment, then moving up to a big operation. She’s all out of the homemade muffins she offered him, but she has apple tarts. (Not a metaphor.) They’re just about to start making out when she gets a call about an order being changed. Maggie has to call the evening off, but Ben agrees to go out to dinner some other time.

Felicity and David have trouble finding anything to talk about, mostly because he’s a man of few words. He asks their waitress in French if she can bring them enough wine to make him disappear. Felicity, who we know studied French (Sally was her French tutor), understands him and excuses herself to use the restroom. She calls Elena from a pay phone, but Elena’s too caught up in Crash Bandicoot to answer the phone. Felicity calls Julie next, and Julie tells her to just leave. Felicity does so, telling David in French that she’s never been on such a bad date.

The next night, Noel and Elena are still playing. They’ve been stuck on the same level for four hours, but she’s sure they’re close to finishing. If they get desperate, they can call her cousin, who has contacts in the video game world. Felicity comes by to ask Elena why she didn’t answer the phone. They’re supposed to go out somewhere, but Elena wants to keep playing. Felicity tells them their obsession is worse than a heroin addiction.

She heads to her dorm, where Meghan asks if Carl’s been around. He bought a fridge, as she suggested, but it’s not working. Meghan gloats about being right that Felicity and David’s date wouldn’t go well. But then David shows up and asks for a redo on the date. She blasts him for being self-absorbed and horrible conversationalist. No way will she go out with him again. David says that was the first date he’s been on in a long time. His last girlfriend blindsided him by announcing that she was getting married to his best friend. Yikes. He admits that he was a jerk last night.

Ben and Maggie go out, then head to the loft, where Sean tries to get Maggie to agree to a partnership. She humors him by listening to his pitch about Smoothaise, the name he’s settled on for his new condiment. She’s not a fan. After Sean leaves, Ben and Maggie finally get to their previously interrupted kissing session. And he must really like her, to kiss her after she ate Smoothaise. She asks how old he is. Obviously the answer doesn’t matter to Maggie, because she spends the night. In the morning, however, she tells Ben she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to see each other. Ben says he doesn’t care about their age difference. Maggie clearly does.

Meghan takes Carl’s fridge away from him (to be repaired, supposedly) so she and Felicity can keep their food separate. So was this whole thing just a scam so Meghan could get a free fridge? Who knows? David brings Felicity flowers at Dean & DeLuca, saying he’s treating her the way he would want to be treated if he were in her shoes. He knows his bad experience with his ex doesn’t excuse his behavior. Felicity tells him about the conversation she had with Julie about dating B-listers – basically, she never intended for things to be perfect. David admits that he never listened to Felicity on the date, and he wishes he had. He’d like a second chance.

Elena and Noel have gotten desperate, so she calls her cousin, who gives her the number of a guy who can help them finish the game. Noel refuses to ask for help. They’ll finish it themselves or die trying. Ben has heard about Felicity and David’s fix-up, and he asks how the date went. She tells him it went badly but they’re going to give it a second shot. Ben tells her he’s in a complicated spot with someone. Felicity guesses it’s Maggie and says he hopes things work out. Ben hopes the same for her and David.

Back at the loft, Sean is working on Smoothaise, but Ben won’t agree to taste-test it. Sean tells him his mother called, but he’s teasing, since it was really Maggie. He thinks Maggie is out of Ben’s league. Felicity and David’s second date goes much better than their first – they talk about some of his experiences as a photographer, and how their parents have high expectations of them. They both feel like they’re disappointments.

Desperate again, Elena calls her cousin’s contact, Gary, who tells her and Noel how to get through the final boss level of the game. Gary’s tips don’t work, and he tells Elena that Noel doesn’t seem to be very good at the game. Noel takes the phone from Elena and yells at Gary that his advice is bad and he must be a loser for not having anything better to do with his time. After a pause, Noel reports to Elena that Gary is crying. “That’s because he’s seven,” Elena replies.

On their way home from their successful date, Felicity and David hold hands. He tells her he’d be honored to be her B-list person. I think you mean rebound, dude. Felicity goes to Noel and Elena’s to make sure they’re okay after their four-day game bender. Elena’s out, but Noel invites Felicity in to hang out. He’s wrapping a present he bought Ruby. Felicity decides not to tell him that she was just on a date. She tells Sally that it didn’t seem important – it would be weird to talk about a B-list person with an A-list guy.

Thoughts: Dating your professor’s kid is almost as bad an idea as dating your professor. If things work out, your classmates will think you’re getting special treatment. If they don’t. you risk being flunked by your ex’s mom.

Felicity should have fixed David up with Julie, who claims to like being fixed up.

I don’t know how old Maggie’s supposed to be, but for the record, Scott Speedman is six years younger than Teri Polo.

It’s bad enough that Gary got yelled at by a stranger, but even worse, he’s a seven-year-old named Gary.

July 7, 2020

Netflix’s BSC 1.10, Hello, Camp Moosehead!, Part 2: “You Try and Make the World Better Your Way and I’ll Do Mine”

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Our seven girls, together for the first time

A scuffle in some leaves has left Stacey and Laine with horrible poison ivy rashes, which get them confined together in the infirmary. Just like in The Parent Trap, the seclusion and forced time together leads them to make up. Laine thinks Stacey should have told her about her diabetes, but Stacey has learned a lesson about friendships and knows she can trust her new BSC friends not to turn on her. So that’s one problem solved.

Unfortunately, Stacey has to drop out of the musical, leaving Mary Anne with no leading lady. She’s the only one who knows the part, so shy Mary Anne will have to overcome stage fright if the show is to go on. This also means kissing Logan in front of a bunch of people. Mary Anne isn’t sure she’ll get that far, though – there are so many problems with rehearsals that she’s not sure they’ll make it to opening night. Logan gives her a nice pep talk, telling her he likes her leadership methods. He wishes he could lead like her.

Dawn’s social activism is another hurdle for Mary Anne. She organizes a lie-in to protest the unfair pay system and Claudia’s status as a “political prisoner.” Then she calls for a camp-wide strike – no activities until everyone can participate. The campers are happy to comply, but the cast of the musical wants to strike, too, so Mary Anne has no actors. “Sorry, Mary Anne. I’m a union guy,” Nicky tells her.

Mary Anne confronts Dawn over her activism, upset that it’s preventing Mary Anne from finally accomplishing something all on her own. Dawn feels bad but reminds Mary Anne that there’s something bigger at stake here. They’re both trying to be the best versions of themselves. They can both try to improve the world in their own ways while supporting each other.

The strike gains a lot of support, even from some counselors, but they back down when Meany threatens to make everyone spend the last three weeks of camp in their cabins. She decides to send Dawn and Claudia home, so the other BSC girls offer to leave, too. All for one and one for all! Mary Anne is even willing to give up the play. Logan notes that if she does, they won’t get to kiss. She kisses him right there. so I guess her shyness is a thing of the past.

Meany praises Dawn and Claudia for learning about themselves, which is part of what coming to camp is about, but she again blames liability for her decision to send them home. Kristy, who spent the whole episode searching for a missing Karen (along with Mallory and Jessi), points out that no one noticed when Karen left camp, which means Meany needs more staff. The BSC girls are allowed to become CITs after all, and they make Mallory and Jessi junior CITs. They also invite them to be junior members of the BSC when everyone gets home.

The girls get to hold the free art class and put on three performances of the musical. Meany sees the true benefits of the changes when a girl wants to present her four-pronged plan to ensure riding helmets don’t spread lice. Meany points her toward the new CITs and tells the girl to go into as much detail as possible.

The details:

  • Kristy, Mallory, and Jessi figure out that Karen ran away to try to break the hermit’s curse on the theater. Karen admits that she’s lonely at camp and thought breaking the curse would help her make friends. She’s also sad that David Michael said she was only his stepsister. Mallory and Jessi are great about letting her know that they’re her friends, and Kristy says she wants to spend the rest of her time at camp with her sister. What really sells Karen on going back to camp is learning that Vanessa wants her role in the musical.
  • Mallory knows a lot about the wilderness, though she says, “I identify as more of a horse girl.”

The differences/changes:

  • Honestly, Dawn starting a camp revolution is more fun than the girls organizing a dance or getting lost in the woods like in the book.

Season 2, please!

Netflix’s BSC 1.9, Hello, Camp Moosehead!, Part 1: How Did You Expect Someone Nicknamed Meany to Act?

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Kristy doesn’t stay this excited for long

This episode and the next are loosely based on Baby-sitters’ Summer Vacation, though there aren’t many similarities. The girls are campers here, despite Kristy’s efforts to get the camp leader, Meany (same name as in the book; here’s a nickname for Philomena), to let them be CITs. She won’t let kids under 16 be CITs, and I imagine the girls’ parents want them to be campers anyway, since that’s what their parents paid for.

Anyway, the girls are split up among three cabins. Kristy and Stacey are together, Claudia and Dawn are together (and a little unsure about that, since they haven’t bonded yet), and Mary Anne’s on her own. Fortunately, she quickly connects with another girl in her cabin over their love of New York and Broadway. They even convince Meany to let them put on a camp play. It’s some made-up musical called Paris Magic. The Vulture recapper said it sounds like a mash-up of Outlander and Les Mis, which is spot on.

Mary Anne’s leadership skills come out and her shyness goes away as she finds something she’s both good at and passionate about. Karen tells her there’s a camp legend about a hermit who cursed the theater, but Mary Anne tries to ignore her. She casts Stacey and Logan as the musical’s leads, and gives roles to some Stoneybrook kids, including Karen, David Michael, and various Pikes. Plus, she recognizes the dance talent of one Ms. Jessi Ramsey, who finally makes an appearance in the series. She gets one line. Oh, well.

Dawn is allowed to do the camp’s morning announcements, which she spices up by slipping in references to climate change and socioeconomic struggles. Claudia’s just excited about art projects…until she and Dawn discover that campers have to pay extra to participate in some activities. Of course they get that it’s expensive to run the camp, but $50 to tie-dye a sweatshirt? Come on.

The two start a secret art class in the woods, making art out of things found in nature. They get shut down because it’s a liability for them to be in the woods unsupervised. Claudia won’t back down, so Meany sends her to her cabin, basically grounding her. Dawn vows to start a rebellion like she’s Katniss avenging Rue’s death in The Hunger Games.

Stacey’s time at camp is pretty normal…until she meets Mary Anne’s co-showrunner. The New York-residing Broadway-lover, whose father produces plays, is none other than Laine Cummings, Stacey’s ex-BFF. They avoid each other until Stacey snaps during a play rehearsal and confronts Laine for forwarding the video of Stacey going into insulin shock. Laine says she didn’t, but we know she didn’t stand up for Stacey when everyone at school started picking on her, so that’s not much of a defense.

As for Kristy, she doesn’t do a whole lot here; she’s just desperate to be in charge of something. I’m surprised she didn’t try to elbow her way into helping out with the musical.

The details:

  • Kristy thinks of the trip to camp as a bonding experience and a “corporate retreat.” She probably wishes she could write it off on her taxes.
  • The girl playing Karen is so good, and the character is hilarious. If I didn’t already want another season, she alone would be a reason to want one.
  • The girl playing Laine reminds me so much of Kacey Rohl, especially when she played Marina on The Magicians. Maybe it’s the ponytail.
  • The kids in the musical are off-book after, like, one rehearsal. Uh-huh.

The differences/changes:

  • Meany is younger than in the book and doesn’t seem to enjoy her job.
  • The camp is co-ed, and no one wants to organize a dance.
  • Book Laine would never go to this kind of camp. This Laine says she usually goes to theater camp but couldn’t get a spot this year.

ER 6.14, All in the Family: This Place Is Killing Me

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Pour one out

Summary: Weaver arrives at County for a night shift in the middle of a slow spell. The Valentine’s Day party is still going on, and the music is still loud, though at least it’s more Valentine-y now (“More Today Than Yesterday”). Luka and some nurses are discussing Malik’s no-polish manicure, which he says women love. Weaver asks them to turn down the music, then tells the staff they can party for five more minutes before getting back to work.

In the lounge, Abby’s on the phone with someone, trying to work out some kind of payment. (Come back for the exciting explanation in a future episode.) Carol gets ready to go home, still feeling stung by the loss of Robbie and Julia’s parents. Weaver comments that it must be nice that she has her girls to go home to. Randi needs a doctor for a patient who’s supposed to be Carter’s, so Weaver tells her to find him. Pablo comes in with a foot injury, and Weaver’s pleased to see that he’s alive, since he hasn’t been around for more than a year. Haleh thinks he was deported, then snuck back into the country.

Dr. Deraad has finally managed to get himself to the ER, though it’s way too late for him to be able to help anyone and also people have been horribly injured because of his negligence and I can’t look at him anymore. Weaver’s unfamiliar with the whole Paul situation and can’t tell Deraad where to find him. She goes to treat an injured man dressed as Cupid, then runs into Chen, who needs help dealing with the toxicology department. Weaver stops outside Paul’s exam room and sees blood on the floor. When she opens the door, she’s horrified by what she sees inside.

Mark, Elizabeth, and their parents are still at the restaurant; Mark and Elizabeth have loosened up enough to sing “Piano Man” together. Alex Kingston is a talented woman but…not musically. Elizabeth’s pager goes off in the middle of the song, so she mercifully stops singing. Mark keeps going alone, getting as far as “Bill, this place is killing me” before his pager goes off as well.

Back at County, things have gone from slow to chaotic as the staff starts tending to Carter and Lucy. They’ve put together that Paul must have attacked them, but they have no idea where is or if he’s still in the hospital. Lucy has multiple stab wounds and has lost a lot of blood; Weaver’s shaky when she tries to take care of her. She’s upset that Carter and Lucy were bleeding to death while the staff was having a party, completely oblivious.

Luka heads up tending to Carter, who’s not doing as badly as Lucy. Abby notes that she was just talking to him. Connie shows a couple of cops the scene of the crime, and Deraad tells them the attacker was Paul, though he doesn’t know anything helpful about the patient. Benton races to the ER at an Olympic-qualifying speed, having heard that Carter was injured, and takes over his care. Weaver and Dave determine that Lucy needs surgical attention, so Haleh brings Benton over to her trauma room.

Abby goes to a supply cart in the hallway, looking for an infuser kit for Carter. Instead, she finds the knife Paul stashed there after the attacks. Connie recognizes it as the cake knife that disappeared from the lounge. Abby tries to gather herself so she can keep looking for the kit. A cop asks her if Carter’s awake and if he’s going to survive. Abby doesn’t have any answers for him.

She goes back to Carter’s trauma room, where he wakes up confused. Chen tries to reassure him, getting protective when a cop tries to question him. Carter sees Lucy in the next room, but Abby can only tell him she’s alive, not how badly she’s hurt. Chen pulls Benton back to Carter’s room, telling him that Carter has an injury to his kidney.

Mark and Elizabeth arrive at County, leaving their parents in the car. Benton stays with Carter as he’s taken up to surgery. Weaver asks Luka questions about Paul, but Luka isn’t sure what happened. Mark and Elizabeth join them with Lucy, who’s still unstable, and Elizabeth determines that they need to open her chest. When Weaver advocated for a sternal saw in the ER, she never could have expected she’d be using one on Lucy. Everyone’s uneasy watching someone they know get sawed open. Together, Weaver, Elizabeth, Mark, Luka, and Dave manage to get Lucy’s heart rate stabilized.

As soon as Lucy’s in the elevator on her way to the OR, the ER is quiet again. Luka and Mark think they were able to help Lucy enough to keep her alive. Weaver leaves the hospital, brushing off people who need to talk to her, and goes outside for some fresh air. She throws up in a garbage can, then goes back inside to her responsibilities.

Anspaugh gets word of the attacks and tells Benton he’s scrubbing in on Carter’s surgery. Carter knows his injuries are bad, but Benton stays calm and promises to take good care of him. “I’m glad it’s you,” Carter says. Benton heads for the scrub room as Lucy is brought up to be operated on by Romano and Elizabeth. Anspaugh, Benton, and Elizabeth scrub in together, all silent as they think about the stakes of what they’re about to do.

Down in the OR, Luka asks Amira why the nurses thought they needed a six-inch butcher knife to cut a cake. Amira argues that she’s not the one who brought it; she couldn’t even find it. She doesn’t know how Paul was able to get his hands on it. Weaver tells her to get Carter and Lucy’s emergency-contact info but not make any calls herself. She asks Mark what he knew about Paul, which isn’t much. Mark says Carter was supervising Lucy, and Weaver wonders who was supervising Carter. She’s upset that Mark left early and didn’t pass the case off to Luka.

Mark says he reviewed the patient board with Luka before he left, but Luka says he didn’t know that Paul was psychotic. Mark replies he didn’t know, either – no one presented the case to him. Luka says he was managing the whole board and didn’t know that Paul had gone from stable to possible dangerous. Weaver points out that he was having a party, not doing his job. Mark tells her that they both thought Carter and Lucy had everything covered.

Chuny interrupts to announce that Paul’s pregnant wife, Samantha, has arrived. Lucy left her a message letting her know that Paul was in the hospital. Luka takes her off to tell her what’s going on. As Cleo returns from an errand, having missed the entire chaotic situation, Mark enlists her to help him with a patient being brought in by helicopter.

Samantha doesn’t believe Luka’s claims that Paul stabbed two people and ran away. She denies that he could ever hurt anyone. Luka tells her that Paul may have schizophrenia. Benton and Anspaugh operate on Carter, and Benton’s usual calm, methodical demeanor is out the window. Anspaugh keeps his cool, stopping Benton from doing anything drastic like removing Carter’s injured kidney. Next door, Elizabeth and Romano are tense as they operate on Lucy, who’s still losing blood.

The patient brought in by helicopter is a man who was injured when a heavy stream of oil hit him while he was fixing a pipe. (Apparently that’s a bad thing to have happen.) David comes looking for Mark, wanting to know how long he and Isabelle will have to wait before Mark and Elizabeth can take them home. Of course, Mark doesn’t know.

Luka and Samantha talk to a detective who asks Samantha where Paul might have gone. She’s still in denial that he’s dangerous – if he was, why didn’t the doctors take more precautions? Luka tells her they don’t have any answers, but no matter what’s going on, Paul needs help. Samantha suggests that he might have gone to the roof of their apartment building, since he likes to go there to be alone.

Lucy’s operation is calmer now, and her surgeons are lamenting how horrible it is that Paul attacked her. Carter’s condition is much better, and Benton and Anspaugh have managed to save his kidney. Anspaugh notes that he could live with just one, but Anspaugh didn’t want to remove an organ. Alarms start going off and they realize there’s a problem with Carter’s lumbar artery. He’s suddenly at risk for paralysis.

David and Isabelle sit in the waiting area, wondering if this is a normal day at work for their kids. Abby and Chen receive a patient brought in by paramedics after being hit by a car. Chen recognizes him as Paul and tells Abby to get Weaver. Paul’s altered again, making paranoid rants and complaining that “they” wouldn’t stop sticking him. Weaver tries to head up his care, but she gets overwhelmed and asks Mark to switch patients with her. He sends Cleo up to the OR with their oil guy (I don’t know his name; I’ll call him Exxon) to wait for a surgeon to become available.

Elizabeth and Romano are done operating on Lucy and somewhat pleased with her condition, figuring it’s the best they could hope for. Romano’s called away for a phone call, so Elizabeth goes in alone when she learns that Lucy’s waking up. Thanks to a stab wound to her neck and a subsequent thoracotomy, Lucy can’t speak, but she’s able to whisper a thank you to Elizabeth for saving her.

Benton and Anspaugh are finishing up with Carter, so Shirley asks Anspaugh to operate on Exxon. Benton tells her to get Elizabeth instead, ordering Shirley to have Cleo stay with Exxon until Elizabeth can get to him. Just as Elizabeth is about to go to the OR with Exxon, Lucy suffers what she’s able to self-diagnose as a pulmonary embolism. Elizabeth and Romano debate whether or not to thin her blood, since that could cause post-surgical complications.

Mark tells Samantha that Paul is doing okay and is now talking to a psychiatrist. Mark wants her to wait before she sees her husband. Lucy’s incision is bleeding a little, but Elizabeth tells her that’s normal because of the medication she was given. She does have a pulmonary embolism, but they’ll be able to fix it. Elizabeth can tell that Lucy’s scared, and she promises to get her through this.

Chen and Dave go over to Doc Magoo’s, done with their shifts but not wanting to go home before they know if Carter and Lucy will be okay. Abby and Luka are already there for the same reason. Back at County, Lucy wants to stay awake while Elizabeth takes care of her embolism. Romano assures her that they’ll save her – after all, they put a lot of time and money into her training, so her death would be a big waste. He offers to talk her through the procedure so she knows what’s going on.

Lucy’s alarms go off again, so Romano opens her up in a procedure room, knowing she doesn’t have time to get to the OR. This delays Elizabeth from operating on Exxon, so Anspaugh tells Benton to go take care of him. Benton quickly determines that Exxon’s stable enough to wait a little longer, so he tells Cleo to stay with Exxon while he goes back to Carter.

As Elizabeth and Romano take care of the clots Lucy’s forming, Exxon starts to go downhill. Cleo can’t keep waiting for a surgeon; she thinks Exxon tore an artery, and the only way she knows how to fix it is by opening his chest. Lucy’s also doing worse, and Elizabeth and Romano have to shock her heart. Benton finally returns to Cleo and Exxon, blasting her for opening the patient instead of continuing to wait for a surgeon.

Romano and Elizabeth continue trying to stabilize Lucy, but Romano determines that they can’t do any more for her. He has Elizabeth stop shocking her, and they wait quietly while Lucy’s heart stops. Upset, Romano throws the equipment tray across the room, then decides they need to try to save Lucy again. This time it’s Elizabeth who says they can’t do it. R.I.P Lucy Knight.

Paul is calmer now, so Deraad lets Samantha come see him. Paul remembers bits of the events of the day, like the blue cake. He says he had to do what he did because the doctors were trying to take his internal organs. Samantha finally accepts that something’s not right with her husband. Paul begs to go home, only concerned with feeding his dog.

Mark leaves Paul’s room and goes to the front desk, where Weaver’s face tells him all he needs to know about Lucy’s fate. Benton finishes up with Exxon, then asks Cleo about Carter, who’s now in recovery. He tells her she was right to make the decisions she did about Exxon; he regrets putting her in such a tough position. She tells him that there was a complication with Lucy.

Haleh and Lydia have joined the group at Doc Magoo’s, and they’re reminiscing about a prank Carter pulled on Lucy. He told her to do a pelvic exam on a well-known patient named Vanessa, leaving out the part where Vanessa’s a drag queen. Chuny interrupts the fun by coming over with news about Lucy. Back at County, Benton examines Carter to make sure he has full function in his legs. Carter thanks him, then asks how Lucy is. Benton ignores him to continue the examination, which is all Carter needs to know.

Elizabeth finally makes it home early in the morning, looking like she’ll never stop picturing the things she saw today. Paul’s room is still blocked off as a crime scene, marked with both police tape and Valentine’s Day decorations. Carol is back on shift, and she points out to Mark that they’re down a resident and a med student. They ask Abby to work another shift. Mark takes a moment to himself, then goes off to take care of a patient. Weaver finds Romano stitching Lucy’s chest closed on the surgical floor and helps him finish up with her body.

Thoughts: Samantha is played by Liza Weil.

I absolutely hate TV and movie scenes where people throw up, but I give a pass to the scene where Weaver does because I think her reaction to the trauma is realistic. She’s portrayed as cold and uncaring a lot of the time, but here we get to see that even she can’t turn off all her emotions when a colleague is involved. The same goes for Romano when he gets angry after Lucy flatlines. He hates almost everyone, but he was proud of the way she fought for Valerie, and he’s genuinely sad that he couldn’t save her.

Imagine being Carol and leaving work for the night thinking everything’s normal, then coming in the next morning and being told that one of your co-workers was murdered. How does everyone on this show not have some form of PTSD?

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