July 27, 2021

ER 9.3, Insurrection: No, Really, Hospital Security Is a Joke

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Is this why this guy was on “Oz”?

Summary: It’s another crazy day in the ER, made all the more fun by a homeless man who’s singing “how you doin’?” to people to the tune of “Rock Me Amadeus.” That would get old really fast. Weaver blames Susan for the backup in seeing patients, but Susan says she’s doing the best she can, and Weaver’s welcome to see if she can do better. The only thing they agree on is that Harkins needs to take How You Doin’ Guy outside. Weaver says she’ll see if another hospital can take some of their overflow patients.

Things are so busy that Abby has to call her brother, Eric, to cancel their lunch plans. She tells him to page her and they’ll reschedule for dinner. Meanwhile, Carter is trying to deal with a patient who insists Carter is trying to kill him. Security is taking their sweet time coming to help. Apparently they’ve been spending most of their time ticketing staff members’ cars. As Susan and Carter discuss how to get the stickers off, then how to get blood out of suede, Carter’s patient wrecks his exam room. The doctors just ignore him. How You Doin’ Guy comes up and asks Susan how she’s doin’. “Groovy,” she replies.

Elsewhere, Pratt tries to impress Chen by showing her an x-ray from a patient who got a vibrator stuck inside him – a vibrator that’s still vibrating. Chen isn’t moved. She once had a patient who got a bowling pin stuck inside him. A patient named Mr. Mullen complains to Pratt that he’s in a lot of pain from a slipped disc and needs a painkiller shot. Like Chen, Pratt isn’t moved. Mullen comes in all the time asking for Demerol, so Pratt is sure he’s just a drug-seeker.

The head of security, I guess, comes to the ER to basically tell Susan and Weaver to stop calling. They’re understaffed and have had a bunch of turnover. Plus, the guys who stay only get $10 an hour. That sounds like a you problem, security guy. You’re not providing the service you’re supposed to provide. Fix it. Carter tells Pratt to get rid of Mullen as he and Harkins take on a new patient, a young prostitute who won’t give her name (it’s Tina. I don’t play this nameless game). A john ran her over with his car.

Susan, Abby, and Gallant tend to a man named Phillip who fell out of bed in his long-term-care home and hurt his hip. This is pretty impressive since he has end-stage Huntington’s and isn’t really mobile. Susan tells Abby that Luka’s been asking for her; she was supposed to come assist him 45 minutes ago. Abby’s day is so busy that she’s an hour and 45 minutes behind on her tasks. Susan comments that this will just make Luka more upset than he already was. Abby’s clueless about the fact that he’s unhappy that she’s dating Carter.

Carter asks Abby to get Tina a detox bed. She’s only 12, but on top of being a prostitute, she’s also addicted to cocaine. Carter suggests that he, Abby, and Eric all go out for dinner that night. Pratt observes while Harkins tries to remove the vibrator from the guy who decided to see how far he could insert it. Poor Harkins.

Abby finally joins Luka, who’s gone ahead with whatever she was supposed to help him with. His patient tried to vacuum out her period. You can…do that? Well, you shouldn’t – it could lead to very serious complications. The patient sees this as a blow against the patriarchy. I’m surprised she agreed to be treated by a male doctor. Abby and Luka keep their conversation with each other short and professional.

Stella is back, and Gallant deals with her again while a nurse named Kathy gets annoyed with Luka. It’s pretty clear that they slept together and she’s not happy with the way things ended. Abby asks Luka if he’s okay, but I don’t think he wants to tell her how he feels about her moving on with a guy he doesn’t really like.

Carter tells Tina that she has an abscess thanks to an STD. Tina finally tells him her name, and he advises her to stop smoking crack if she wants to live past 12. He offers to get her a detox bed, but Tina knows that won’t fix her whole life. Carter thinks she should start with the first step. He also threatens to keep all the money she came in with until she agrees to treatment. Okay, that can’t be legal. Tina says Carter doesn’t know what life is like for her, but he says it’s not too late for her to turn things around and have a normal life.

Carter ignores a man trying to get his attention so he can tell Gallant to get rid of Stella again. She needs to stop coming to the ER like Gallant is her personal doctor. Carter finally pays attention to the man, who he realizes is Eric. In the waiting room, Mullen is getting agitated, since he’s been waiting four hours to be seen. He’s especially mad when Abby ditches him to greet Eric. Carter tells Mullen that Pratt is just concerned that he’s building up a tolerance to Demerol.

Eric asks if the ER is like this every day. Mullen says that, yes, he’s in pain every day, and yes, every time he comes in, the doctors don’t want to help him. He thinks that if he came in wearing a suit and tie, he’d get treated sooner. Pratt gives him a prescription and tells him to leave, but Mullen doesn’t want his offer of Vicodin. He yells that the doctors must think they’re heroes, but they’re not doing anything or helping anyone. He kicks over a row of seats, knocking some poor injured man to the ground. Carter tells Mullen to get out.

Abby takes Eric to the lounge, where they discuss Maggie, who’s doing well. She got a dog with a vitamin deficiency that requires a special diet. Maggie cooks him bacon and eggs every morning. Eric’s hopeful that this time, Maggie will stay stable. He apologizes for not showing up for her last crisis, but Abby forgives him. As she gets summoned back to work, she tries to make dinner plans with Eric, but he doesn’t have much time in Chicago. He’s been reassigned and has to report to his new Air Force base in the morning.

Abby interrupts the conversation to find and deliver a baggie of fingertips to Chen. (Two neighbors tried to trim their hedges by holding a lawn mower in the air.) Unfortunately, the tips are all mixed together in the same bag. As a guy who’s probably Tina’s pimp arrives and demands her clothes, Eric tells Abby that he’s now going to be stationed in Nebraska, which will mean he’s closer to both Abby and Maggie. With all the craziness Abby is dealing with during this whole conversation, answering questions from staff and patients, she tells Eric her job is similar to his as an air-traffic controller. He offers to wait for her somewhere else so she can get back to work.

Phillip’s mother, Mrs. Burke, has arrived, feeling horrible that the home she placed him in didn’t give him high-quality care. Chen and Pratt sort fingertips while Abby searches for Eric. She questions Pratt’s decision to give one guy an extra thumb. Carter joins them, and Chen says they’re playing a match game. “Pratt’s having a little trouble fingering it out,” Abby quips. She’s so proud of herself!

Carter thinks Tina’s been admitted to detox, but Abby hasn’t gotten her a bed yet. Frank tells them that she left with some guy. Abby apologizes for not realizing that the guy with Tina shouldn’t have been there. Thanks to security’s shortcomings, people can just wander around the ER and do whatever they want. Suddenly, Frank realizes that something’s going on nearby, and he quietly draws Carter’s attention to it.

Mullen has returned and grabbed Chen. He’s holding a gun to her head to try to force Pratt to give him a shot of Demerol. Pratt calmly tells everyone in the exam area to stay still. He sends Abby to the drug lock-up to get Demerol. As she gets it, she whispers to a clueless Harkins to call the police. Mullen complains again that no one at the hospital cares, but Pratt says they do now. Yeah, and it only took a gun held to a doctor’s head to do the job.

Mullen boasts that he’s the one in charge now. Usually the doctors get to decide who’s in pain and who isn’t, but today, he gets to make the decisions. Carter looks on helplessly as Mullen points his gun at Abby, asking to see the label on the bottle she’s brought back. Eric comes in, worried about his sister, and Abby tells him to stay back. Carter tries to get Mullen to put down the gun, but he refuses.

As Abby injects Mullen, he asks Pratt why he wanted to be a doctor. Pratt admits that it was partly for the money; the rest is complicated. Mullen can’t believe he really wanted to help people. Or maybe all the doctors there did, but then they realized there are too many people to help. Mullen lets Chen go, creepily kisses Abby on the temple, thanks her, and heads out. He turns back, pointing his gun at Pratt, and yells at him to remember it for next time. Then he just walks out of the ER.

…But he doesn’t get far, because Abby gave him a ton of Demerol and knocked him out. Weaver tells Gallant to get him a bed (with restraints) and call psych. We’ll see if they get there faster than security. Carter thinks Abby should take a break, but she says she’s fine. He asks Weaver about the metal detectors that were once supposed to be set up in the ER. She tells him there’s a security plan in the works.

Eric checks on Abby, wondering how she can keep working in a place like this. Maybe she does this because she’s self-destructive. Abby insists that she’s happier than she’s been in a long time. He asks about her previous plan to go to med school, but she doesn’t have time to chat. (Besides, going to med school doesn’t guarantee her safety, especially if she ends up working at County again.) She tells him she won’t have time for dinner and wishes him a safe trip.

In the lounge, Carter is fighting with Weaver about how money shouldn’t be an excuse for lax security. Metal detectors were supposed to be installed two years ago, so she can’t blame recent budget cuts for the fact that they’re not there. Weaver notes that metal detectors have to be manned, which means hiring people, which means more money.

Carter demands more security stat. Weaver tells him to just focus on clearing the board, but Carter yells that he can’t do that. They’re so busy that he barely had two minutes to spend with a 12-year-old prostitute/crack addict. Her pimp was able to just walk in and leave with her. Weaver tries again to make excuses, but Carter shouts that she needs to fix this. After he storms off, Weaver weakly tells the rest of the staff to just treat their patients.

Pratt praises Carter for at least trying to do something. Carter digs out the Yellow Pages and starts looking for a security company so he can order metal detectors. Meanwhile, Susan fills Elizabeth in on what happened. I’m sure Elizabeth wishes she’d stayed in England. Phillip is declining, and he’ll need to be placed on a ventilator so he can breathe. Mrs. Burke knows that once he’s intubated, he’ll never come off the machine.

Carter orders metal detectors, then tells Gallant again to get rid of Stella. Weaver hangs up the phone and chastises him for ordering six detectors instead of letting the procurement department handle things. This isn’t Carter’s job, and he doesn’t want it. He argues that they shouldn’t have to risk their lives to work there. Weaver gets that, but they have to be responsible about how they handle big purchases. Carter says the irresponsible thing was letting this go on for so long.

Weaver tells him that she’s been working on this for months while Carter just saw patients. He can’t get involved now. Carter announces that he’s going to the ambulance bay to wait for the detectors arrive. After a few moments, Abby goes to join him. Frank follows next, along with some nurses. Weaver tries to reason with Luka, who says they have patients to care for, but he thinks Carter’s right. He joins the walk-out, asking Carter if he has a plan. Carter smiles a little and says no. Yeah, you’re adorable and this is a hilarious situation.

Pratt goes to get a snack from a vending machine in a quiet hallway and finds Chen there, trying to calm herself. He offers to buy her M&Ms and makes small talk with her, for once trying to do more than just flirt with her. He’s sorry that Chen got dragged into a dangerous situation. Pratt didn’t want to give drugs to an addict, but he would never do anything to put Chen’s life at risk. She’s his future love slave. Ew. He was doing well until then.

Pratt says he gets a little punchy when he’s scared, but Chen thinks she has more reason to be scared, since she almost “had a cap busted in [her] head.” Pratt laughs at her, as he should. He tries to hug her, and though she resists, she eventually lets him comfort her. When she feels better, she asks for her M&Ms. Then they notice through the window that people are standing in the ambulance bay and wonder if there’s been an evacuation.

Abby thinks Carter should address the people who have walked out with them. When Pratt and Chen join them and ask what’s going on, Abby tells them to “talk to Norma Rae.” Carter says they’re not working until they have more secure conditions. Weaver comes outside and announces that anyone who’s not on a scheduled break is in violation of their work contract and in danger of being fired. Carter notes that the contract promises to provide them with a safe working environment. Weaver replies that they’re already taking steps to make sure what happened today doesn’t happen again.

Luka reminds Weaver that she always says they’re working on something, but the staff never sees any changes. Weaver doesn’t think this is the best way to try to solve the problem. An ambulance arrives and Gallant starts to bring the patient into the ER, but Carter yells at him not to. Weaver points out that Gallant is a student; he can’t be fired, but he can be failed. Carter stares Gallant down, daring him to cross the picket line. Gallant backs down and joins the walk-out.

Susan is still working, and she tells Mrs. Burke it’ll be a while until they can get Phillip a bed. Mrs. Burke tells her that he was an opera singer before he got sick. She prayed that he wouldn’t develop Huntington’s, and she thought her prayers had been answered, since he got to age 29 without developing any symptoms. But the disease took everything from him, including his voice.

Susan goes outside, but just to ask Abby for more lab work for Phillip. She acknowledges the walk-out but wants to keep treating patients. Carter thinks the walk-out will force people to pay attention, which will allow them to get back to their patients. As an opera song plays, Mrs. Burke watches Phillip sleep. Carter argues with Susan about how they should handle the sucky healthcare system. He can’t put up with it anymore.

Mrs. Burke looks at Phillip’s monitors as Carter reminds Susan that a staff member was murdered on duty and no one did anything about security. (I would argue that the problem goes all the way back to Mark’s assault.) Carter just wants to protect everyone who comes into the hospital. It’s way too easy to get a knife or gun through the doors. Mrs. Burke turns off Phillip’s ventilator and gives him a little embrace.

Carter and Susan keep arguing about the best way to deal with the situation. Carter says they have to make a move today; otherwise, there’s no point in trying. Susan says she’s more focused on today’s patients than tomorrow’s. She heads back inside, and Abby gets up to follow her. She turns toward Carter first, and he nods, as if she needs his permission to do her job. Susan returns to Phillip’s trauma room and realizes that Mrs. Burke has turned off the ventilator. Susan turns it back on without saying a word. Phillip has coded, and when Abby comes in, both women pretend it happened naturally.

The strikers have probably been outside for hours, since it’s night now. Carter still has no plans or any idea what’s going to happen. Weaver pulls him aside to tell him that the metal detectors will be arriving soon, and they’re working on hiring a new security firm. They’ll also be putting some security measures in the waiting room.

Carter thanks her for her work, but the only thanks she wants is a clear board. She warns that Carter will probably have to face a disciplinary board. Also, since they need money for the new measures, they’ll have to either fire three senior nurses or cancel lab and x-ray services after 10 p.m. Carter gets to make the decision, since he forced the move. He chooses to fire the nurses, and Weaver takes it a step further by telling him to choose who has to go. Carter doesn’t share these details with the strikers, just letting them know a deal has been reached.

Chen wants to go back to work, which is pretty amazing. She sends Pratt home, since his shift ended hours ago. Romano appears just long enough to yell at Carter for playing Spartacus and leaving the ER short-handed. Carter laughs because a guy who had his arm reattached made a joke using the word “hand.” Yeah, you definitely want to laugh at Romano. That’s always a good move. Romano’s annoyed that he had to take over scut work, and he doesn’t want Carter to pull a stunt like this again.

Harkins apologizes to Carter for not joining the walk-out – Weaver cornered her and gave her a speech about what it means to be a doctor. Carter tells her she’ll have to figure that out herself. Leon arrives, saying he’s looking for a doctor, and Carter sends him to the waiting room. Gallant is still dealing with Stella, by the way. Leon comes back to the admit desk, again asking for a doctor, so Frank calls for security. Yeah, because the guys who didn’t show up when there was a hostage situation are definitely going to handle Leon, who’s doing nothing wrong.

Gallant tries to talk to Leon, who’s getting more agitated. A couple of security guards who decided to finally do their job today grab Leon and wrestle him to the floor as he asks for someone named G. Gallant eventually gets Leon to say that he’s looking for Pratt. Carter’s shift was supposed to be over hours ago, but he’s going to honor Weaver’s wishes and stay until he clears the board. Harkins has become his pet student, so I think she’s staying as well. “So you’ve decided to die here,” Susan quips to Carter. Not a great joke for a guy who did almost literally die on the job a couple years earlier.

Abby, Chen, and Susan decide to go out and have some fun. Well, really, the other two are going to force Abby to go out with them. Abby again looks at Carter like she needs him to approve of her plans. Susan calls her out on it this time. She gets Phillip’s doctor on the phone and lets him know that Phillip was treated in the ER but died. She’s going to bypass the coroner and have the body released to the mortuary. Looks like Mrs. Burke’s secret is safe with Susan.

Gallant takes Leon home, learning along the way that Leon moved in with Pratt and his mother when he was nine. Leon isn’t sure what happened to his family, and he doesn’t care – Pratt is his family. Pratt is annoyed that Leon went out by himself and got lost. He barely thanks Gallant for making sure Leon got home safely.

How You Doin’ Guy is back in the ER. Can’t security tackle him, too? The metal detectors arrive, and Frank lets Carter sign for them. How You Doin’ Guy is the first to walk through one. At a club, Abby and Susan talk about how Susan’s having trouble finding a nice guy to date. She got stood up for tonight, but Abby thinks the guy would have turned out to be boring anyway. A waitress brings Susan a drink and asks if Abby wants one, but Abby says no. Chen, meanwhile, is crowd-surfing. It’s a strange way to deal with the trauma of the day, but it makes her happy.

Thoughts: Mrs. Burke is played by Shirley Knight. Eric is played by Tom Everett Scott.

Abby calling Carter “Norma Rae” is both accurate and an inside joke, since Norma Rae was played by Sally Field.

This is the first time I can see Pratt’s leadership potential. I’m sure Carter wanted to swoop in and deal with Mullen, but I think he was right to mostly let Pratt handle things. Otherwise, Mullen might have felt outnumbered and done something really stupid.

I also appreciate Carter taking a stand, but this wasn’t the way to do it. This just punished the patients. Forcing Gallant to strike was also inappropriate. And it would have been nice if Carter had shown more concern for Chen, his longtime friend, after she had a gun put to her head. He made it about the principle of the matter rather than the fact that people he knew and cared about were traumatized.

July 24, 2021

Felicity 4.19, The Power of the Ex: The Ripple Effect

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Sydney’s latest SD-6 mission looks a lot different than usual

Summary: Dear Sally, Felicity is stuck in the past and no longer wants to be. She tells Sally that things with Noel started out great, in that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. After Meghan walks in on them going at it on the floor, they decide to go out and do stuff so they don’t keep encountering people they know. But in the process, they…run into someone they know: Hanna. She and Noel haven’t seen each other in a couple years, but they seem friendly enough. She even wants to hire him to make her a website so she can attract more piano students. As they’re saying goodbye, Hanna hugs Felicity. Weird!

Later, at the loft, Felicity tells Noel that they shouldn’t hang out there anymore. She and Sean just had a really awkward conversation. Noel’s on the phone with Hanna, who’s gotten him another website client. She’s also really eager to work with him on her own site. Noel thinks Felicity doesn’t want them to work together. Felicity’s just a little annoyed that Hanna has resurfaced after all this time. This was totally not supposed to be part of this time-travel thing!

She tells him to go ahead and do Hanna’s site, but later, she complains to Meghan. Hanna wasn’t here the first time around; why is she here now? Meghan reminds her how the time-space continuum works: If you change one thing, you change everything. Somehow, Felicity choosing Noel brought Hanna back into their lives. Meghan notes that Felicity’s eating cereal and watching soaps, which is completely different from how she usually is. It’s the ripple effect – small decisions aren’t so small anymore.

Felicity realizes this is her fault. They went to a street fair because they were avoiding Ben; in the past, they didn’t do that. “Next time, be a more responsible time traveler,” Meghan says. She asks if Felicity’s ever going to class. Felicity doesn’t see the point, since she already graduated. Meghan tells her that if her future diploma didn’t time travel with her, it doesn’t exist anymore. Felicity asks if this means Meghan believes that she really traveled through time. Meghan says no – she’s weird, but not that weird.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier tells Ben he wants to audition for Man of La Mancha. He asked Felicity to help him get ready, but she’s busy hanging out with Noel, so he’s turned to Ben instead. He just needs Ben to listen to his monologue. He does it right there in the restaurant. Ben just says it’s good as he goes to help a customer. Aw, Javier needs more attention.

At the loft, Sean tells Noel that his relationship with Felicity has made him want to call Julie. They email each other, and Sean has had her number for a while, but he’s never used it. His feelings for her have never gone away. Sean thinks Julie has feelings for her, too, since she always says she wishes she had someone like him in her life. Noel doesn’t ask what this means about his feelings for Meghan.

Javier goes to the dorm apartment, where Elena’s packing up Tracy’s things. Since Ben wasn’t helpful, Javier wants Elena to give him feedback. She’s happy to help. She tells Javier he needs to put together a dance, since the lead has to be a triple threat. I don’t remember much dancing in Man of La Mancha. We did it in high school but I mostly remember being bored during rehearsals. Javier calls Elena his Sancho Panza, after Don Quixote’s faithful sidekick. Elena says she’s no one’s sidekick. Yeah, to be a sidekick, you have to have screentime.

Felicity calls her dad to tell him she’s pre-med now. He quickly agrees to pay her tuition again. That’s one problem taken care of, but being pre-med brings up another: Felicity now has to take organic chemistry with Ben (and Hodges). Also, the ripple effect seems to have erased Trevor. Felicity tells Sally that she knows it was right to break up with Ben, but they were together a long time. Maybe it’s like chemistry: Certain elements are attracted to each other no matter the conditions.

Noel goes to Hanna’s place, where, despite the ripple effect, things are pretty much the same. She has a demo CD, which features the fugue he helped her with. She can’t believe Noel and Felicity are still together. (She means that in a good way.) Noel says they just got back together recently. Hanna’s single after an engagement that didn’t work out. She tells Noel that seeing him is “just like home.” They admit that they think about each other a lot. But that makes Noel a little uneasy, so he tells her he has to be somewhere.

Felicity wasn’t able to move to another organic chemistry class, so she’s stuck with Ben for the semester. Noel isn’t listening, since he’s thinking about how he believes Hanna wants to get back together. Felicity gets annoyed when he tells her that Hanna said she’s been thinking about him. Hanna does the same thing every time she pops up; “it’s like a flashback inside a flashback.” Noel leaves out the part where he told Hanna he thinks about her, too.

He says he told Felicity this because he doesn’t want to keep things from her. He’s not going to do Hanna’s website. Felicity hopes he means it when he says he’s going to avoid her; she’s come too far just for Noel to decide he wants to be with Hanna instead. Yeah, how dare he do something he wants to do instead of what Felicity wants him to do! Does he think he has free will or something?

At the loft, Meghan is confused about why all the furniture is missing. Oh, right, Sean was going to get kicked out. They fight over why he didn’t tell her he owed $50,000 (actually, it’s $55,412). Ah, just like old times. Felicity got an A on her first organic chemistry quiz, earning praise from Hodges. Ben failed it, and he tells Felicity he’s going to drop pre-med.

As Noel plays Hanna’s CD, which she dropped off for him, Sean tells him he’s having some money trouble. He claims it’s under control. He also called Julie, who’s going to come visit. Sean wants to use this time to explore his options, rather than get tied down. (Remember, no Elena/Tracy wedding means no Sean/Meghan wedding, so they’re still just dating.) Noel confides that Hanna wants to get back together with him. Things with Felicity are great, but she’s acting kind of weird. Suddenly both guys seem to have two options for girlfriends. Sean suggests that they’re more attractive than they thought they were.

Javier shows Elena his dance number, and it’s definitely not right for Man of La Mancha. She tells him he has “some kind of dance dyslexia” and is never going to get the lead. They fight over whether she’s being mean or just honest. Maybe both! Felicity goes to the loft, where she tries to talk Noel into sticking with pre-med. She’s positive he can get an A in Hodges’ class, though she can’t tell him why she knows he can. She offers to help him study, if he wants.

Noel’s still listening to Hanna’s CD and has decided to work on her site after all. He downplays it, saying he just had a couple of ideas and needs the practice. He admits that he’s confused. Felicity immediately thinks he’s going back to Hanna. Noel says things were great over the summer, and everything clicked with them, but since that night on the roof, things have been different. Weird, really. Felicity seems to be acting like she’s in a race. It’s freaking him out. She promises she’ll stop, but just the way she says that freaks him out. Felicity says she’ll slow down, then. That doesn’t help.

Felicity tells Meghan about all this, so Meghan suggests that Felicity just go to Hanna’s place and beat her up. Felicity knows that would be a disaster; Hanna’s in awesome shape. (Fighting bad guys every day on Alias will do that to you.) Meghan thinks Felicity should at least tell Hanna to back off of Noel. Felicity doesn’t think that’ll work, either. Then she insults Hanna for putting her own picture on her CD cover.

Because Felicity never makes good decisions anymore, she signs up to take piano lessons with Hanna. Hanna’s smart enough to know that’s not why she’s really there. Felicity says she’s been through a lot to be with Noel, and she wants to give this time around a chance. But Hanna’s return to Noel’s life is confusing, and Felicity doesn’t know how much time she has. Hanna thinks that means she’s dying. She says she doesn’t want to get between Felicity and Noel, so she won’t interfere.

Elena comes to Dean & DeLuca to apologize to Javier. She got a letter from Tracy and took out her anger on Javier. But Javier thinks she was right about his lack of talent, so he’s going to give up. Elena points out that Javier will have to learn to take criticism from a lot of people if he really wants to be an actor. He can’t give up – Don Quixote wouldn’t. Javier asks her to stick around the restaurant while he goes to his audition.

Meghan surprises Sean by refurnishing the loft with her father’s money. Sean tells her he can’t accept her kind gesture. Meghan asks for a good reason why not, and since he can’t provide one (at least not without ticking her off), she won’t budge. She goes home to get ready for a date, and Felicity tells her that she worked things out with Hanna. But Noel has heard about their conversation from Hanna, who still thinks Felicity’s dying. Felicity says she’s not, though Noel thinks that would make sense.

Hanna told Noel that Felicity said not to see him anymore. Felicity replies that Hanna was okay with that. She and Noel have only had a week together, and suddenly they have to deal with Hanna again. Noel notes that they’ve only been together a week because she was in love with Ben the week before that, and for even longer until now. Noel has waited forever for things to come around. Felicity needs to wait just like he did. She thinks this means he wants to be with Hanna. Noel admits that he’s not sure.

We come back around to Felicity making a tape for Sally. Before she can get into the details, Ben comes by to take her up on her offer to study together. Over at the loft, Sean gives Meghan a check for all the furniture. As in the last timeline, or whatever, Noel got money from his marriage settlement with Natalie and gave it to Sean. Meghan doesn’t get why Sean will accept money from Noel but not her.

Sean admits that he called Julie. Things with Meghan aren’t great, and it’s neither of their faults, but Julie understands him. Sean doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but he thinks this is the time to find out. He didn’t want to hurt Meghan. Meghan warns that he’s the one who’s going to get hurt. Actually, I would worry about Meghan using witchcraft to make Julie hurt, but that’s just me.

Felicity and Ben study together in the lab, talking about different kinds of bonds. It’s all a metaphor, you see. Ben asks if Felicity’s okay, since she seemed a little down when he went by the apartment. She tells him he doesn’t want to hear about her problems, since they’d end up talking all night. Ben’s okay with that. They give each other a long, meaningful look.

Noel’s at Hanna’s, going over his website ideas. He tells her he and Felicity had a big fight over the whole Felicity/Hanna conversation, and he asked for time to figure things out. Hanna wonders what he needs to figure out. Noel clarifies that he needs to decide what he wants. Well, WHO he wants. Back at the lab, Ben and Felicity go back to studying bonds, though Felicity says they can move on if he’s ready. He says he’s not, then kisses her. At Hanna’s, there’s also kissing.

Felicity realizes she’s making a mistake – she came back for Noel. Ben, of course, doesn’t want to hear that name, and he leaves the lab. At Hanna’s, the exes have taken things to the bed, but before any clothes come off, Noel stops. He tells Hanna he needs to give things with Felicity a chance. Hanna’s disappointed. Later, Noel calls Felicity and they both confess that they had bad nights. They could only thing about each other. It turns out he’s right outside her door.

Thoughts: I can’t believe Jennifer Garner had time to come back for this episode. I guess when J.J. Abrams tells you he wants you to do something, you do it.

If Meghan doesn’t believe the time-travel story, shouldn’t she be worried about Felicity’s mental health, especially since Meghan’s a psych major?

I’m kind of surprised Felicity didn’t tell Hanna she’s dying, actually.

July 20, 2021

ER 9.2, Dead Again: Back to Life

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Doesn’t she look thrilled to be back at County?

Summary: Carter and Abby have proceeded to the part of their relationship where they’re spending the night together. She seems to be back on the right path, since she’s thinking about going to an AA meeting before her shift. Carter thinks she should consider shower sex instead. At County, Chen notices some lipstick on his neck and laughs at him. Maybe Carter needs another shower.

The ER is so full that the staff has had to start a second patient board. On top of seeing a bunch of patients, Carter now needs to take charge of a new batch of med students. Susan thinks they look very sweet, which I’m sure will get beaten out of them pretty quickly. Carter asks Frank to tell the group to wait while he sees patients, starting with a trauma coming in. As he and Abby head out to meet an ambulance, they critique the performance of a drug-seeking patient who’s faking a seizure. (Tip: If you’re having a seizure, you can’t talk.)

Luka is already in the ambulance bay, sending away paramedics who are trying to bring patients to County. The ER is full, but other hospitals are, too. Luka, stop gazing at Abby and do your job. Actually, no: Weaver, stop hanging out with Romano while he’s in physical therapy and come help out in the ER. She’s taken over some of Romano’s responsibilities, as he expected, but he thinks he’ll be back to work in a couple of weeks. He even thinks he’ll be able to operate again in a matter of months.

As Weaver leaves, Elizabeth shows up. Romano pretends not to be thrilled to see her. She asks about his recovery, and he asks how she’s doing after losing her husband. Before they can really talk, Elizabeth gets paged to the ER. Shirley catches her on her way out and tells her she was lucky to be in London during the “pox scare.” She asks Elizabeth if it’s nice to be back. Elizabeth says she’ll answer that after her first shift back in the ER.

She gets in a crowded elevator, where the muzak overhead is “Piano Man”. After a few moments, she’s delivered to the ER, which is loud and chaotic and…well, normal. She gets right back into the rhythm of things, preparing to tend to a 16-year-old girl who was in a motorcycle accident. When Elizabeth was in London, Whitehead criticized everything she did, but in Chicago, the nurses just do what she says. Abby comments that it’s like she never left.

Carter and Chen join Elizabeth to try to treat the patient, who’s in bad shape, but Elizabeth quickly determines that she can’t be saved. Her first patient back is already dead. Susan grabs her for a new case, a guy named Milo who took a bunch of nitroglycerin and thinks he’s now a human time bomb and could explode at any moment. Gallant wants him to be cleared medically before he’s send to psychiatry. Susan complains that Gallant, who’s on a psych rotation, hasn’t admitted any patients to psych all day.

Susan tells Elizabeth that every bed has been full every day recently. A couple of hospitals in the area have closed, leaving too many patients for too few ERs. Also, Weaver’s been dealing with Romano’s responsibilities, which leaves the ER down a doctor. The ER staff isn’t that upset about that, though, since it keeps her too busy to bug them.

Paramedics bring in a woman named Alma who was shot during a gang fight. She’s asking for someone named Ricky. Carter tells Pratt to deal with the med students, which is just…such a bad idea. Pratt just tells the students they don’t want to work there. Carter and Elizabeth tend to Alma, who announces that she can’t feel her legs.

Haleh enlists Gallant to help her with a patient, even though he’s supposed to be dealing with psych cases right now. Also, the help Haleh needs is moving a gurney holding what Gallant IDs as a dead body. “You ought to go to med school,” she comments dryly. Milo throws himself against a wall and wonders why he’s not exploding. Meanwhile, Carter discovers that Alma is pregnant.

Ricky has arrived, and he’s not happy to be in the hospital. Luka determines that he’s not badly injured. He’s unhappy with the fact that Ricky and his gang buddies just shoot each other all day, and Alma got caught in the crossfire. When Ricky learns that she was shot in the neck, he tries to leave so he can kill the people who shot her. Luka says he already did.

Abby asks Elizabeth to come check out Ricky after she’s sent Alma to surgery. In the hallway, a patient I expect has some mental issues calls Elizabeth names and says she doesn’t pity her. Elizabeth just ignores her. Welcome back to America, Elizabeth! I bet people never called you a whore in London.

Pratt is annoyed that he’s still at work even though his shift ended two hours ago. Zadro is also hanging around, since he can’t leave until his patient gets a bed, and there are none available. Weaver arrives but has more Romano tasks to take care of before she can help with all the patients. She notes that Stella (who briefly appeared in the last episode) hasn’t been admitted to psych yet, even though Weaver called them hours ago. You mean psych isn’t doing their job? What?? Weaver thinks Stella is a hypochondriac, though Gallant isn’t sure.

Carter again asks Pratt to deal with the med students, who are getting impatient. One of them, Erin Harkins, asks Carter (who’s on the phone) when they’ll get some attention. Well, he can’t pay attention to you while he’s on the phone, so chill for a minute. Weaver chastises Carter for ignoring the students, then volunteers to give them a tour. She expects Carter to take over after that, but with a mass trauma coming in, I don’t think that will happen.

The first trauma victim is a man named Frank Chambers who was injured when a wrecking ball crane collapsed and sent a passenger walkway crashing down on him. Next is a guy named Ken whose flower kiosk was damaged. He’s a little dramatic, as he whimpers that he sees a light. Pratt tells him he just has an ankle injury; he’s not dying. The med students observe all this, probably realizing they shouldn’t be so eager to jump into this.

Elizabeth runs into Haleh and compliments her on her weight loss (Yvette Freeman lost a ton of weight over the summer break). She joins Weaver and Carter to treat Chambers. Chambers’ secretary, Tammy, is very concerned about him. Weaver asks Luka to examine her, since she might have a head injury. Meanwhile, Pratt, Chen, Susan, and Haleh take care of Ken and his horribly dislocated ankle. Pratt fixes it without pain medication, which gets him yelled at by Susan. Pratt doesn’t see the big deal, since Ken was going to lose his foot if Pratt didn’t do his job. Plus, Ken’s grateful, so no harm, no foul, I guess.

Weaver and Elizabeth disagree about their priorities in Chambers’ case, but since Weaver isn’t chief of staff, Elizabeth decides not to listen to her concerns. A bold move for her first day back. Luka tends to Tammy, who says she spends more time with her boss than his wife does. I’m pretty sure she’s in love with him. This doesn’t go anywhere, though, so it’s kind of pointless.

Luka then helps Abby with Ricky, who’s now in police custody. He’s been in a bunch of gang fights and isn’t worried that he’s seriously hurt. He calls Abby a name and Luka tells him to shut up. He also tells Ricky that Alma might be paralyzed. Ricky no longer feels the need to go kill the guys responsible. As they leave, Abby tells Luka that Alma is also pregnant, apparently with Ricky’s baby. Neither of them really wants to tell him. (I don’t think either of them SHOULD tell him; what happened to confidentiality?)

Gallant goes to see Stella, who claims to have a bunch of symptoms. He thinks she might have depression. He goes to talk to Weaver, who gets distracted when Elizabeth tells her that Chambers has an aortic dissection (as Elizabeth suspected) and needs surgery. Weaver would like to talk to her about the power struggle they had during Chambers’ trauma. Gallant will have to wait.

Weaver and Elizabeth wind up talking in an exam room where Sasha the motorcycle teen’s body is being kept until her family can be located. They try to ignore her as Weaver says that Elizabeth might be taking on too much too soon. She’s not showing that she can work with others well or demonstrate professional respect. You know, the things Weaver is so good at.

Elizabeth argues that she detected an injury that needed immediate attention, so she wanted it taken care of before Chambers was checked for anything else. She thinks Weaver’s the one with the attitude problem. She wants everyone to bow down to her and do her bidding. Suddenly Weaver starts crying and excuses herself.

Gallant relays some information he’s learned from his psych rotation: There’s a fetish where adults want to be taken care of like they’re babies. There’s one in the ER right now, and Susan wants to send him to psych, but Gallant says the guy’s fetish is actually not the problem. He has a diaper rash. Susan can’t wait until Gallant comes back to the ER after his psych rotation and she can make him do scut work.

Ken is so happy with Pratt’s care that he’s sent over a bunch of flowers to thank him. Frank wishes Ken ran a hot dog stand instead. Pratt thinks everyone should be praising him because he’s saved more patients than anyone else today. Chen asks Carter if the rumor is true that Weaver (whom she calls “your boss”) was crying earlier. Maybe she’s going through a bad breakup? Chen says that Weaver has been pretty moody lately. “Lately?” Carter mumbles.

Harkins brings his attention to a man who’s stumbling into the ER. Mr. Royston started having chest pain, so his elementary-school-aged sons, Pete and Derek, brought him in. Harkins then asks Frank if the med students can wait in the doctors’ lounge. Since they’re not doctors, no, they can’t. Carter, Pratt, and Abby tend to Royston, hoping they can stop his heart attack.

Luka discharges Ricky, whose next step is jail. Luka tells him that Alma’s pregnant, but Ricky doesn’t care, and he’s not sure why Luka does. Kayson makes a rare appearance and immediately dislikes Pratt. Hey, Kayson, I thought I told you to crash on a deserted island and get eaten by a polar bear. Get on that, man.

Malik tells Susan that a bunch of people with alcohol poisoning are coming in. She expects teenagers, but they’re actually adults. The only person on the boat who was sober enough to dock it was a ten-year-old. Susan wishes she’d gone into a much less stressful specialty, like dermatology. Sasha’s father arrives, so now Susan has to ask Elizabeth to tell him that his daughter died. Susan offers to do it herself, but Elizabeth doesn’t see any reason not to do her job.

Derek wanders back to the trauma room where the doctors are trying to save his father. He arrives just as Kayson declares Royston dead. Royston’s wife hasn’t arrived yet, so Kayson thinks the staff should wait to tell the boys that their father didn’t make it. Carter doesn’t see the point, since one of the kids just heard the news himself.

Kayson and Carter both leave, and Abby starts the tasks nurses usually do after a patient died. Pratt realizes that Royston still has a heart rhythm that can be shocked. Over Abby’s objections, Pratt revives Royston. Meanwhile, Carter tells the kids that their father was too sick to save. Derek feels guilty for asking Royston to play with them when he said he was tired. Carter assures him that Royston had a heart problem no one knew about, so there was no reason to think anything was wrong. In fact, the kids gave him a great chance at survival by getting him to the hospital.

Pete is in a little bit of denial about his dad being dead. Carter gently confirms that he is, then assures Pete that it’s okay to be sad – that shows how much he loved his father. He offers to let the boys see their father’s body. But when he takes them back to the trauma room, they see that Pratt has revived Royston.

Elizabeth breaks the news to Sasha’s father that she didn’t survive the motorcycle accident. She remains pretty robotic as he cries, devastated. Susan watches as Elizabeth just leaves him in the hallway to mourn alone. Kayson yells at Carter about Pratt’s actions, though Carter thinks he was justified in trying to save Royston after Kayson pronounced him dead. Pratt thought he was acting in his patient’s best interest. Kayson says there’s no way Royston will have any meaningful life after this, so Pratt did more harm than good. Carter notes that his and Pratt’s names are on the chart, not Kayson’s, so they’ll take full responsibility.

After Kayson leaves, Carter makes it clear that he doesn’t actually think Pratt made a good decision. He needed to respect Kayson’s judgment when he pronounced Royston dead. Carter didn’t defend Pratt because he likes him or approves of his approach to medicine. He just did it because Pratt is his responsibility. He should have gotten Carter instead of shocking Royston himself. Instead, Pratt ignored authority and did what he wanted, not what was best for his patient. Pratt objects to that; Royston has a family, and they deserved to have him around if it was possible to save him. Carter says that Pratt just wanted to see if he could save Royston.

If I had any power in the ER, I wouldn’t let Pratt stay on this case, let alone have any more interaction with Royston’s family, but somehow Pratt is allowed to talk to Pete and Derek. He warns that there’s a chance their father might not wake up. They don’t quite get the details here; they just know that their father is still alive, thanks to Pratt. As Carter and Abby discuss what they want to do that night, Mrs. Royston arrives. She catches on pretty fast that her husband’s condition probably won’t improve. Carter gently asks her if she wants to sign a DNR. She asks if that’s the right thing to do, and he says it is.

Gallant has successfully treated the woman who was yelling at Elizabeth earlier – she just needed to take her medication. Weaver asks him why Stella’s still in the ER. Gallant is waiting for her labs to come back; he thinks her problem is physical, not mental. He’s right, as the lab work says she has thyroid problems. Weaver tells Gallant that while he’s on his psych rotation, he can’t do the same things he would do in the ER. That said, she’s proud of him for making the correct diagnosis.

Derek runs to get Abby, since Royston’s monitors are going off. She realizes that Mrs. Royston signed a DNR, so they aren’t allowed to try to save him again. Pratt is also there, and Derek is upset that he saved Royston last time but is now just going to let him die. He runs off, crying. Pratt just stands there with the patient he thought he could save while the man’s family has to watch him die.

Chen checks in with Elizabeth at the end of her shift, asking how she’s doing. Elizabeth says she’s fine. Frank gives her an update on Alma’s status: She’s now a quadriplegic. Elizabeth takes a moment in the lounge to let herself be sad. As she goes to get something from a cabinet, she spots a picture of the staff, including Mark. Pratt comes in and she sees that he’s now using Mark’s locker.

Later, Abby finds Carter asleep in the lounge. She heads off alone, even though, as Luka notes, they came in together. Pratt goes home and discovers that he won’t be able to just relax and have some quiet after a long day. There are people in his apartment, and he wants one of them to go away. After he’s kicked everyone out, he tells the one person remaining, Leon, that the other guys are using him. Leon doesn’t seem to care. (More about him later.)

Carter wakes up after the shift change and learns from Randi that Harkins is still waiting around like a good little teacher’s pet. She’s been there for 16 hours and refuses to leave without her tour of the ER. Carter obliges her instead of telling her to go home, because this is the last moment of peace she will have for a very, very long time.

Thoughts: The kids playing Pete and Derek are heartbreakingly good at acting sad.

Imagine if Pratt’s supervisor were Benton instead of Carter. Just take a minute to think about how satisfying it would be to watch Benton put Pratt in his place.

Harkins, here’s a good lesson for your first day: Don’t bug a doctor while he’s on the phone.

If I were talking to Weaver and she started crying, I would think she’d been abducted by aliens and replaced with a double.

July 17, 2021

Felicity 4.18, Time Will Tell: The Do-Over

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When your drunk friend starts messing with witchcraft, it’s time to cut her off

Summary: Remember when Felicity used to send Sally tapes all the time, talking about stuff that happened to her? She’s doing that again, but she warns that Sally might find what she has to say unbelievable. For starters, she’s back in the dorm apartment. Also, Elena’s dead. Nooooooo! She was in a car accident six months ago, which I think is right after we last saw Felicity. I need a hug.

We go back in time to Elena’s funeral. Afterward, Noel tells Felicity that he feels like they should do something because at any moment, something important could disappear. Felicity admits to Sally that instead of holding on to the people she loves, she pulled away. While studying together, Ben suggests that he and Felicity go do something more fun. Felicity wants to keep working, so Ben leaves without her.

Felicity tells Sally that around this time, Ben started hanging out with a classmate named Claire. Felicity studied with them for a while, but eventually started spending more time by herself. The day she got an invitation to Noel’s wedding – way to bury the lede, Felicity – she caught them kissing. And that was the end of Felicity and Ben.

Felicity calls Meghan, who tells her to come back to New York. Felicity doesn’t want to go to Noel’s wedding, since she’s a mess, but Meghan talks her into coming anyway. At the loft, Sean has made a party favor for the wedding, a shirt with him, Noel, and Noel’s bride on it. It’s Zoe! I didn’t see that working out. Javier asks Felicity where Ben is, and Meghan lies that he’s not coming because he has exams. Why would Ben want to go to Noel’s wedding anyway?

Noel comes by and admits to Felicity how nervous he is to get married. Felicity thinks he and Zoe are perfect together. Also, it’s normal to be nervous – Elena was really nervous before her wedding. Yeah, and it didn’t happen. Not a great example there, Felicity. Noel tells her he misses talking to her. He reminds her of when he took her to the airport right after graduation, and she asked if he ever thinks about the two of them. He said no, but of course he was lying. He even thought he might marry Felicity. But he’s not hitting on her! Definitely not! He totally loves Zoe! It’s just that things don’t always work out the way you thought they would.

Felicity tells Sally that this is when she started thinking she might have made a mistake. Maybe she should have been with Noel all along. Anyway, here’s where it gets weird, she says. Meghan has decided to put a hex on Ben using a spell from a book written by a guy named Korsakoff. After confirming that Felicity will never, ever get back together with him, even after he inevitably comes to New York to grovel, Meghan does a spell that will cause Ben to trip.

The old gang gets together for dinner the night before the wedding. Richard gives a toast that’s less about Noel and more about how Richard is still single. He thought Noel would stay single forever, always pining for Felicity. Felicity tells Sally that she started feeling a little jealous, wishing she was the one marrying Noel. When it’s Felicity’s turn to give a toast, she awkwardly stumbles through some words about how the bride and groom are lucky to have each other.

As Meghan expected, Ben shows up wanting to talk to Felicity. P.S. He has a bump on his forehead because he tripped. Success! Sean encourages Ben and Felicity to get married, since it’s awesome. After dinner, Noel and Zoe split up for the night, and Felicity offers to walk home with Noel. That effectively drives Ben away, at least for now. Richard was hoping to take Noel to a strip club, but Noel would rather hang out with his ex.

When they get to the loft, Ben is there waiting. Noel gives them some space, saying he’s going to go up to the roof and think about how tomorrow, he won’t be single anymore. Yes, he should definitely do that in the place where he once slept with Felicity. Great idea, Noel. Ben apologizes to Felicity, saying his kiss with Claire didn’t mean anything. Oh, well, then it’s okay! He tells her that he and Claire agreed not to see each other anymore. Felicity catches on to his wording, guessing that this had been an ongoing thing before she caught them. He admits that he cheated for a month. Meghan, make him trip again!

Speaking of Meghan, she and Felicity get drunk together and trash-talk Ben. Felicity wishes she could go back to the night she slept with Noel, because that’s when she really blew it. Meghan asks what she would do differently. Felicity admits that she would have chosen Noel over Ben. But it’s all hindsight, so there’s nothing she can do.

…Or is there? Meghan has a book of magic spells, and she thinks she can send Felicity back in time. Felicity’s like, “Whatever, I’m going to go pass out.” But when she wakes up…she’s on the roof with Noel. Her hair, which has been straight for a while, is now curly again, like it was back when she and Noel slept together. Felicity thinks she blacked out and came up to the roof to be with Noel. She scampers off, worrying about Zoe. Noel has no idea who that is.

Felicity tells Sally that she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming or going crazy. She’s still not sure. She goes downstairs to the loft just as Ben arrives with a pizza. He apologizes for their fight about the printer, blaming his mood on Hodges. Felicity thinks he’s messing with her. Noel comes in and acts casual, just like he did when this all happened for real. Felicity runs off to track down Meghan.

At the dorm apartment, she tells Meghan that the spell she did worked. Meghan is very confused and has no idea what Felicity’s talking about when she says Meghan sent her back in time. She’s also kind of excited that Felicity has gone crazy. Speaking of excited, that’s how Felicity feels when she sees a very-much-alive Elena. She tells Meghan that Elena’s supposed to be dead. Meghan quips that she’s engaged, which is pretty similar. She also predicts that Ben will kill Noel when he finds out Noel slept with Felicity.

Felicity wants to get out ahead of everything, and Meghan asks if she wants to be with Noel. Felicity says she thinks she does. Meghan’s thrilled because this means senior year will be awesome. Felicity tries to sleep, but she’s worried about where or when she might wake up, as she tells Sally. All she knows is that she has a chance to do everything again – and this time, she’ll do it all right.

The next morning, Noel comes over and worries that Ben will see the huge hickey he left on Felicity’s neck. Felicity is calm about it, saying she’ll just tell Ben the truth. She knows what will happen if she doesn’t, and it’s bad, so it’s better for her to be honest. Noel doesn’t like this idea, but Felicity says it’s the best out of all of their options. Since she seems so sure, Noel agrees to let her do what she wants.

Felicity goes to the loft, but Ben isn’t there. Sean is on his way to get the fortune cookies for Elena and Tracy’s wedding. Felicity comments that it might actually happen this time. Sean is confused. As Felicity leaves Ben a note, she hears the message from Janet and remembers that whole mess. She crumples up her note and leaves.

Felicity meets up with Ben at Epstein Bar and blurts out right away that she slept with Noel. She felt guilty before, but not anymore. She needed someone who was there for her. Felicity brings up Claire and Janet, telling Ben she no longer believes that nothing happened between him and Janet. When she clarifies that she slept with Noel just last night, not over the summer, Ben asks if she wants to be with him now. Felicity says she does. He needs to trust that this is for the best, especially since he broke her heart.

As Ben leaves, Felicity tells Sally that she knew this was the right thing, but she started to doubt herself. She just had to remind herself that eventually Claire would be in the picture. She goes back to the loft and tells Noel that she was honest with Ben. She thinks she and Noel should get back together. Noel thinks she’s having some sort of weird breakdown because she’s stressed about her future. Felicity says her future is fine; she’s going to ditch art and go back to pre-med. She knows what she wants.

Noel says that’s great, but he’s still trying to figure things out. Felicity says he will. Right now, they need to take this opportunity to get back together. Yeah, she spent the summer talking about Ben non-stop, but now she’s over him. Felicity knows she’s always chosen Ben over Noel, but that was a mistake. It feels right to be with Noel now. Noel is, of course, not going to say no to being with her, so he’s up for it. They agree to get coffee together before Elena and Tracy’s rehearsal dinner.

Felicity goes to a shift at Dean & DeLuca, where Ben tells her he doesn’t want to break up. Maybe they can get past whatever he did that makes her think he broke her heart. She says they can’t. She tells Sally that whether or not this is the real world, the feelings feel real, and this hurts.

Pavone agrees that of course this breakup hurts. Hey, it’s Pavone! Yay! Felicity says she thought it would be easier, given what she knows will happen. She’s sure that Ben isn’t the right one for her. Pavone doubts that Noel is the right one. Felicity reminds her that she urged Felicity to open the drawer and uncover Noel and all that, which Pavone doesn’t remember, since it hasn’t happened yet. Felicity says she wants to make good decisions, but Pavone tells her that’s not what’s most important right now. She needs to think about what she wants. Felicity announces that she wants to be with Noel, but she would prefer if that didn’t hurt Ben so much.

On their coffee date, Felicity suggests that she and Noel go away together some weekend. He tells her it’s not a good idea. Well, really, their whole attempt at another relationship is a bad idea. He was hoping she would come to him some day and ask to get back together, but it doesn’t feel right. He’s having trouble getting his life on track. Felicity assures him again that he will, but Noel doesn’t have that same confidence. They need to stay friends right now.

They head to the rehearsal dinner at the loft, but…there’s no rehearsal dinner. Elena and Tracy had a huge fight about Noel and Felicity’s fling, and Elena called off the wedding. Welp, that’s one way of not having to try to get Donald Faison in the episode. Ben is super-drunk, so Felicity goes to check on him, because I’m sure she’s exactly who he wants to see right now. He tells her he’s upset about missing his first pre-med exam, not because Felicity cheated. Felicity promises that if he keeps working hard, he’ll achieve his goals.

She then pulls Meghan into the bathroom and insists that they find a way to send Felicity back to the future. She’s screwed up too much stuff, and will continue screwing things up (for example, Sean and Meghan won’t get married). Meghan obviously doesn’t remember doing a time-travel spell, but she says she’ll find one to send Felicity back.

The Internet isn’t helpful, and Felicity realizes that if the book is from the future, it might not have been written yet. Since Meghan has never even heard of Korsakoff, she’s probably right. Felicity realizes that she could be stuck in the past forever. Well, you should probably start making better decisions, then. Meghan suggests that she go see a psychiatrist. Felicity pretends she’s getting sick and is just acting weird.

This is where Felicity starts making her tape for Sally. Noel finds her and says he thinks it’s nice that she makes the tapes. She tells him she’s made a big mess of things. Noel admits that he turned her down for a relationship because he’s terrified of losing her as a friend. Felicity promises that that will never happened. He kisses her, and I guess that’s back on. I’m sure everything will work out great!

Thoughts: Oh, come on. Was killing off Elena really necessary?

I don’t get couples who break up and get back together multiple times, especially when cheating is involved. Try being single! You might like it!

I’m sorry, it’s hilarious that Felicity went back in time, torpedoed her life, and tried to go all in for Noel…and he said “no, thanks.”

July 13, 2021

ER 9.1, Chaos Theory: A Pox on Our Hospital

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Not a lot of great photo options for this episode. It was this or… you know

Summary: Like I said last time, if you still have pandemic anxiety, you might want to sit this one out.

We kick off season 9 in the Congo Republic. No, it’s not time for all the African episodes yet. First we have to watch some random guy tranquilize a chimp. He takes the chimp to a makeshift clinic, where at least one patient is being treated for the same illness as the Turner kids. Everyone is speaking French, so I don’t know what’s going on. Someone at the clinic biopsies a patient and delivers the sample to someone on a boat.

Eventually the sample ends up in Hamburg, Germany. More dialogue in a language I don’t speak. An analysis of the sample is sent to Atlanta, where a doctor in Infectious Disease Control takes it to a couple of scientists. She reports that the sample is from an illness that’s shown up in both monkeys and children in the Congo. It matches the sample they got from the Turners in Chicago.

Finally, we’re back at County, where Abby and Carter are stuck in a room together. He’s bored and wonders if they can ask for a TV. He works on his shadow-puppet skills while Abby watches Luka, Susan, Malik, and Lutz through the window. When the group looks at Abby and Carter, Abby guesses they don’t have good news. Indeed, Susan tells them over the phone that the whole hospital needs to be evacuated, except for the people in quarantine.

This episode is very international, as next we visit the U.K. Elizabeth has moved back there after Mark’s death and is working with a team of surgeons (all men, by the way). Her boss, Dr. Whitehead, is a jerk. He doesn’t like how her vocabulary has changed since her time in the U.S. Elizabeth may be, for the first time in her life, missing Romano.

In Chicago, the staff lucky enough to not be quarantined is helping send patients to other hospitals. Kristen is anxious for news about Colin, but Weaver doesn’t have time to help her find him, so she passes Kristen off to Lily. Susan delivers a patient named Stella (we’ll see her again) to Zadro, then checks in with Weaver, who tells her the evacuation is going smoothly. Susan thinks everyone handled things really well in the midst of a disaster. Weaver tells her she did better than just “really well.”

In the ER, Gallant is giving vaccines to the angry patients who spent the last episode making everyone’s lives miserable. One guy objects to getting pricked a bunch of times with a smallpox vaccine when they’re not even sure they’re dealing with smallpox. Yeah, but now you’ll never have to worry about getting smallpox. A small price to pay. Susan tells him this is the closest thing they have to protection against the virus. If he doesn’t want the shots, she can get an Army sergeant to come in and change his mind.

While Abby gives Carter a vaccine, he watches as Lutz examines Adam. Adam gets to go upstairs to his own isolation room while Abby and Carter are stuck in a trauma room. Since the virus is still so unknown, there’s no way to know how long they’ll have to stay in quarantine. For now, they should plan on two weeks. There will be a public health nurse on duty around the clock. As the Turners leave the ER, Mr. Turner tells Carter he’s sorry about all this. Not your fault, my man.

Stan is coughing a lot in his, Chen, and Pratt’s isolation room, and Chen is annoyed, since she’s trying to sleep. Way to have compassion, Chen. Stan reveals that he’s coughing up blood, so the doctors try to figure out what’s wrong with him. Chen thinks it could be TB, so she starts to call someone to ask for a test. Pratt doesn’t want to start another round of exposure anxiety, so he suggests that they run some tests themselves before they say anything. Yeah, they’re not supposed to leave the room, but Pratt says they’re not contagious unless they have rashes.

Colin is still in the ER, since he can’t be transported to another hospital via ambulance. Susan tells Luka that a helicopter is coming to fly him to his next destination. Colin protests, since he hates flying, but they ignore him. He begs to stay at County, saying he has a bad feeling about this. Upstairs, Romano helps take another patient, Mr. Hersch, up to the roof for his own helicopter transport. He pauses to take a phone call from a hospital whining about taking the four patients County is sending over. He barely makes the elevator going up to the roof.

Colin is the first patient to the roof, but Romano tells Luka and Susan that the helicopter that’s just arriving is for Mr. Hersch. Susan says another helicopter will come right after this one, so it doesn’t really matter. Colin doesn’t want to go anyway, so Romano proceeds with taking Mr. Hersch out. Susan and Luka argue that Colin has injuries that make him a higher priority than Mr. Hersch. Romano waves away a news helicopter as he continues moving Mr. Hersch toward the medical transport. Something falls off the gurney and Romano leans over to pick it up.

When he stands up, the helicopter’s tail rotor cuts off his arm.

As soon as Luka and Susan see Romano on the ground, they rush over to help him. His vision starts to distort as he watches the two of them and the nurse who was with him try to stop his bleeding. Two flight medics join them and report that they can’t shut off the helicopter’s blades while people are under it, so the doctors will have to deal with heavy wind on top of everything else. They have to clamp an artery, despite Romano’s protests, to keep him from bleeding to death. There’s a nice, graphic shot of the severed arm that will haunt my dreams forever.

Downstairs, Chen and Pratt do some good, old-fashioned lab testing to discover that Stan has pneumonia, not TB. Pratt figures it’s okay to take off his mask and gown so they can go get something to eat. Chen thinks he’s an idiot. Back on the roof, Susan, Luka, the flight medics, and the nurse struggle to monitor three patients at a time. The helicopter pilot isn’t sure he can fly safely (the rotor could be damaged), so they can’t transport anyone yet. They make quick decisions about treatments.

Abby and Carter are blissfully unaware that anything is wrong outside. They’re lying in side-by-side gurneys, talking about how ridiculous the phrase “monkey pox” sounds. Abby scratches her back, making Carter wonder if she’s developed the rash that indicates she has the pox. She asks if he thinks this was a biological weapon. Carter says viruses mutate, and it doesn’t really matter anyway. He examines her back but doesn’t find a rash. He kisses her neck, and the camera politely moves away to give them some privacy.

The three patients on the roof have to go back inside, but there’s only room for two on the elevator at a time. Colin and Romano are sent first, and Susan stays back on the roof with Mr. Hersch, who’s pretty stable. He talks to Susan about his son, whom he hopes has been called so he doesn’t worry about his father. Mrs. Hersch wanted their son, Alan, to be a doctor, and now Mr. Hersch wishes the same. Susan asks what Alan does instead, but Mr. Hersch passes out before he can answer.

Chen and Pratt wander the halls of the nearly empty hospital as he asks if this sort of thing happens all the time. She teases that things have only gotten chaotic since he got there. He brings up the concept of yin and yang, only he calls it “ying” and yang, and thinks it means that when something good happens, something bad also has to happen. Chen says she’s not sure what the good thing is supposed to be. I think Pratt believes the good thing is them being stuck there together.

She chastises him for not wearing his mask, but Pratt notes that the hospital is abandoned, so there’s no one there to infect. Just then, they hear other people. Luka and the nurse have arrived in the ER with Romano, so it’s good that there are two other doctors there to help them. Luka sends Pratt to the blood bank and tells Chen to get lots of ice.

Up on the roof, Susan has to try to stabilize Mr. Hersch by herself. She doesn’t have the supplies she needs, so she goes inside, leaving a medical bag in the doorway to prop it open. As she gets what needs, she calls out for help, but no one hears her. She runs back up to the roof and shocks Mr. Hersch, but his heart doesn’t stabilize. The elevator finally returns and the doors open. Susan looks toward them, hoping someone is there to help.

Pratt can’t get into the locked blood bank, so he uses an IV stand to break a window. Meanwhile, Weaver tries to get Lutz to let surgeons into the hospital to try to reattach Romano’s arm. Gallant reports that local hospitals have refused to accept any more patients from County, and the next closest hospital available is in Indiana.

The helicopter pilot brings Colin outside, and Weaver lets Kristen know he’s there. Colin, however, doesn’t want to see her. She’s not his fiancée after all. She’s a psycho stalker who caused his accident in the first place. Plot twist! Also, I guess Marge’s epilepsy was a red herring. Anyway, Weaver asks the pilot how Romano is. The pilot simply replies, “Bad.”

Pratt brings a bunch of blood bags back to the ER, where Romano is declining. Susan has gotten Mr. Hersch into the elevator, and she’s been giving in CPR for so long that she’s had to give herself oxygen. When the elevator doors open, she calls out for help again, but still gets no response. She pulls the emergency alarm on the elevator so she can run off and get more machinery. She’s tiring out as she keeps trying to save Mr. Hersch.

Anspaugh arrives at the hospital with a surgical team for Romano. Susan has finally been able to contact help, having used the phone on the elevator. Gallant relays a message to Weaver about her situation. The surgical team goes to Romano’s trauma room, where Lutz tells everyone to put on masks. I think they’ve all forgotten about the virus at this point. Romano regains consciousness in time to hear that there’s a possibility his arm can be reattached. “Unnngh, I’m at County,” he moans. Meanwhile, Gallant races up to the floor where Susan has stopped the elevator, but he’s too late – Susan couldn’t save Mr. Hersch.

We skip forward in time to day 7 of quarantine. They five unlucky quarantinies are still stuck in the hospital, but they’re now hanging out together. Chen helps Abby put some blond highlights in her hair while Carter and Pratt play soccer in a hallway. They’re playing a version of Would You Rather? to determine whether they’d rather lose an arm or leg, or be deaf or blind. Pratt stumps Carter by asking if he’d rather lose both arms or his penis. Pratt says some dumb, gross stuff, then accidentally kicks the ball through a window. The guys run away like Stan is a cranky neighbor who might yell at them. When Abby arrives, he compliments her hair.

Weaver visits Romano, who’s undergone reattachment surgery and is being treated in some hospital that isn’t County. He’s experiencing some complications, but his surgeon is hesitant to take him in for more surgery. The surgeon asks if Romano has any family to contact, but Weaver doesn’t know. He asks Weaver for her opinion on Romano’s treatment – what would he want? Weaver says he’s aggressive and would be adamant that they save his arm. But she also wants the surgeon to wait until Romano is more lucid so he can make the decision himself.

Day 9 of quarantine: Abby and Carter are sleeping together, and he wonders if the others know. Abby says that Chen does, but Pratt is clueless. (She knows Chen knows because that’s who Abby asked for condoms. Also, Carter was kind of loud.) They’re monitoring themselves for pustules and rashes, but so far, no one has developed anything to worry about.

One of the benefits of being back in the U.K. is that Elizabeth gets to spend time with her father. She tells him that when she was in the U.S., she got homesick for London. Now that she’s back there, she gets homesick for Chicago. Charles has heard that Elizabeth had a run-in with a cardiologist who wasn’t cooperating (the two Cordays work at the same hospital). He tells her she may have to adjust her approach to her colleagues. Elizabeth says her approach is always to do what’s best for her patients. Charles delivers her to her mother so they can have lunch together.

The quarantinies are having trouble finding ways to pass the time. Pratt managed to get a friend to bring them some pizza, which is the highlight of the day. Carter shares the news that Adam’s fever broke, so the group toasts to his health. They figure they’re all home free as long as no one develops a rash in the next 48 hours.

Stan starts talking about the Black Death, which spread in 1347 and killed 25 million people. Cheery! Turns out Stan used to be a philosophy professor. Abby asked what happened to send his life on a different path. “Things,” he replies. The doctors note that they can get him into rehab and he can get his life back together, but Stan doesn’t think anything will help. He killed his daughter while drunk driving, and rehab won’t bring her back.

Everyone splits up to go enjoy their pizza alone, except Abby and Carter. They talk about the elephant in the room, Stan’s alcoholism, and Carter says that he wants to help Abby. She thinks he wants to fix her so she’s good enough to live up to his standards for a girlfriend. He just says he wants things to work. Abby tells him she’s not broken, so there’s no need to fix her.

Whitehead update: Still a jerk. He comments that Elizabeth isn’t wearing mourning clothes, and wears pants like an American woman doctor. She replies that his tie makes him look like a “boorish, virulent ponce,” or maybe that’s just who he is no matter what he wears. Whitehead says she seems out of place on two continents. An admin lets Elizabeth know that her house in Chicago has just sold, officially cutting her ties to the U.S.

Day 13: Romano still has his arm, but that doesn’t exactly put him in a good mood. Weaver has been coming by to check in every day. He guesses she’s going to make a move to take his job as chief of staff, but she doesn’t address that. She tells him he was lucky – his people worked together to save him in his own hospital. Romano isn’t ready to see the bright side, like the fact that he’s still alive. In the U.K., Whitehead sends Charles to help Elizabeth with an operation. When he takes over, she gets annoyed and walks out.

Day 14: County is anticlimatically back open for business, and the ER is about to open. The quarantinies have been cleared and are allowed to leave. Susan and Weaver are there for the first shift, which Susan grumbles about starting at 6 a.m. Hey, you just got a two-week vacation. Weaver notes that she’s actually been there since midnight. As Pratt starts to leave, Weaver tells him that Gallant called in sick, so Pratt needs to cover for him. Pratt starts to protest, but she says she was kidding. Ha! Abby gets her back by asking for overtime pay for her two weeks at the hospital.

Carter asks Lutz if the virus was natural or engineered. Lutz says it doesn’t matter – everyone did their jobs and protected the community. Carter guesses that they’ll never know details about the virus. He catches up with Susan, who reveals that she spent her vacation in Barbados. Hey, Weaver just went there. Why is that a popular destination all of a sudden? At 6 a.m., Weaver waits for the chaos to begin. Outside, Abby sees off the Turners, including Adam, who’s doing a lot better. Carter admits that even after two weeks stuck at the hospital, he doesn’t want to go home. He invites Abby to go get breakfast with him.

Charles finds Elizabeth on the roof of their hospital, which isn’t as popular a place for contemplation as County’s roof is. He thinks she’s having a hard time letting go of her life in America. But Elizabeth had trouble adjusting to new circumstances as a child, too, and has always been a little rebellious. She admits to her father that she doesn’t know what to do. But when she makes a decision, she moves quickly: She packs up her life in London and takes Ella to Heathrow so they can go home to Chicago.

Carter and Abby head to the beach, talking about chaos theory, AKA the butterfly effect. For example, the virus mutated in the Congo, and the result was Romano losing his arm. A small event on one side of the world, like a butterfly flapping its wings, can have big consequences on the other side, like a tornado. Everything is unpredictable. Abby wonders if she’s the butterfly or the tornado. Carter says she’s “chaos in general,” but he’s also chaos to her.

There’s risk to everything; why not stack the odds in their favor? They’ve been drawn to each other for two years. There will probably be chaos in their future, and Carter would like to know where it’ll take him. Abby, who’s complained of being hot, ignores him and takes off her clothes so she can jump in the water. Oh, we can just run away when Carter talks? I didn’t know that was an option. Thanks, Abby! Carter says she’s definitely the tornado. And that’s pretty much all the foreshadowing we need for their next chapter.

Thoughts: I usually have a strong stomach when it comes to TV and movies, but this episode… man. This episode. You would not believe how much I was dreading it.

The sequences with Susan trying to save Mr. Hersch are so good. They’re as tense as an action movie. And once again, she demonstrates how well-suited she is as an ER doctor. She keeps her cool and focuses on her task.

I know I talk about my love for Gallant a lot, but… he’s just so awesome! He can’t really do much in this episode medicine-wise, but he helps with communication and organization. He clearly wants to be useful however he can. His military background really helps here.

I’m surprised the four staff members quarantined together don’t become closer later on. I mean, Abby develops a better friendship with Susan than with Chen. You’d think they would have all bonded more. Or maybe they got so sick of each other after two weeks that they never wanted to see each other again.

July 10, 2021

Felicity 4.17, The Graduate: If It’s Meant to Be, It’ll Be

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Not the first person to question all her decisions during graduation; won’t be the last

Summary: Noel and Felicity are in the back of a cab, and he wants to know if she’s okay. She voices over that this isn’t the way things were supposed to end. At home, she tells Ben (who appears to have fully recovered from the car accident) that Carnes failed her on the paper she copied, but Felicity passed the class and will be allowed to graduate. Ben is also graduating, though he was supposed to take a fifth year, so I don’t know what happened there.

Felicity notes that their safety net is disappearing and they’re going to have to find a new way to make sure they stay together. Ben thinks he has something that will help: They can get married. Ever since the accident, he’s been thinking about how much he wants to marry Felicity. She apparently hadn’t thought about that, since she seems surprised. Ben gives her an official proposal (no ring, though). She’s not sure what to say, but she really means yes.

Sometime later, the two are woken up by a phone call from Lauren’s sister. Lauren is in Philadelphia and has gone into labor. So I guess a lot of time has passed since the last episode. Ben says he’ll take the train to her, and he doesn’t need Felicity to come with him. He promises to be back in time for graduation. He clarifies that they’re engaged before he leaves to become a father.

At Webb Graphics, Dominic tells Noel and Sean that they lost a client, thanks to the rough economy. Without that client, Dominic can’t afford to keep the guys on the company’s payroll. He makes sure they know that their work has been excellent, and this is just because of money. The guys pack up their things and leave, talking about their options. They want to keep working together. Sean makes Noel promise to stay positive.

Felicity’s parents are in town, wondering where Ben is. Felicity doesn’t tell them that he went to Philadelphia for the birth of the baby he conceived with a one-night stand. Instead, she tells them that she wants to spend the summer in California, then come back to New York in the fall to be with Ben. Edward thinks she’s just following him around again. She needs to figure out what she wants to do ASAP.

Barbara is much gentler, saying that Felicity has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do with her life. Edward is annoyed that he spent four years worrying about his daughter’s future, and now she’s still not picking a path and working toward it. Felicity tells him she gets it – she’s not living the life he wanted for her, and he thinks she’s throwing her life away to be with Ben. She announces that they’re engaged, so Ben is part of her life and will be forever. Edward needs to get used to that.

At the loft that evening, Felicity hesitantly tells Noel that she and Ben are engaged. He tries to be happy for them. She laments that her parents aren’t supportive, and he reminds her that they haven’t been, historically, so of course this time isn’t different. But she’s in love with Ben, so who cares? Noel asks if this is what she really wants to do.

Ben returns from Philadelphia but doesn’t really want to talk about THE BIRTH OF HIS FIRST CHILD (Andrew, after his deadbeat father). Noel congratulates him on his engagement and the baby. Later, in bed, Felicity asks for more information on the birth. Ben isn’t sure when he’ll see his son again; Lauren will call him once they get settled in Arizona. He says it was harder to leave the baby than he thought it would be. Felicity guesses that he wants to move to Arizona.

The next day, I guess, Noel brings Felicity a graduation present at the dorm apartment. It’s a book about New York architecture. She tells him that Ben asked her to move to Arizona with him, so he can be close to Andrew. This makes total sense to her, but what Edward said about her following Ben around for four years is stuck in her head. Does she want to follow him again? Noel knows his advice is corny, but he gives it anyway: If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. That said, he thinks she should stay in New York, since all her friends are there. Yeah, but her fiancé won’t be!

Noel is having trouble finding work, but Sean hasn’t – Meghan’s father offered him a job doing elevator inspections. He thinks Noel should take a job he heard about that only has room for him. They should consider ending their partnership if it means they can make money. They’ll still be a team; they’ll just be focused on survival for now. Once they’re better off, they can reunite the team. Sean reminds Noel that they’re staying positive.

Richard runs into Edward on the way to take Ben some flowers to celebrate his child’s birth. He doesn’t know that Edward doesn’t know about the baby. (He also doesn’t know that Edward isn’t related to the baby. Maybe stay in college another year or two, Richard.) He mentions the move to Arizona, something else Edward was unaware of. Richard realizes a little late that he’s said way too much.

Edward winds up with the flowers, which he delivers to Ben, along with a question about what the heck is going on in Ben’s life. He doesn’t think Felicity gets what she’s committing to. She and Ben are too young and unstable to get married. Ben points out that Edward and Barbara were their age when they got married, but Edward reminds him that they’re not together anymore.

Ben has a child in Arizona, so how can he and his fiancée have a life in New York? As a father, Ben will become protective and want to hurt anyone who hurts his child. In other words, Edward wants to punch Ben. He confronts Felicity with one word: “Arizona.” He knows Felicity doesn’t care what he thinks, but she should know that this move is a huge mistake.

Felicity’s upset that Ben told Edward they were moving to Arizona, as if the problem here is who told him. She blurts out that she can’t just move. She has a job and friends there. She’s been following Ben for four years, so it’s turn to follow her. Ben says she can stay in New York if she wants, but he has more important things to think about. He needs to move to Arizona.

The next day, Felicity is getting ready for graduation when Edward brings her flowers to apologize. He feels like the past four years have gone by fast, while she feels like her high school graduation was a long time ago. Edward remembers how she would come see him at work when she was a kid. He realizes he keeps trying to protect her instead of letting her live her life. Felicity promises that she’ll be okay. Edward decides he needs to get better at letting go.

The graduation ceremony is basically an afterthought in the episode, but we get to see Felicity cross the stage and turn her tassel. Despite their fight, Ben is happy. We skip everyone else and go straight to everyone tossing their caps, then people chatting after the ceremony. Felicity gets Ben alone and tells him she wants to follow him like she did four years ago, but she can’t. He apologizes for asking, which is dumb. He had the right to ask. She tells him to go to Arizona. Maybe they were only meant to be together during college. Ben repeats Noel’s corny advice: If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

At a graduation party at Epstein Bar, Noel tells Sean that he got a job. It’s a completely new firm with no clients: Blumberg Crane Associates. He already rented them an office. Sean’s happy with the idea. Noel next approaches Felicity and asks if she’s decided what to do yet. She tells him she’s not going to Arizona, and she and Ben are breaking up. She’s also not going to live in New York. She doesn’t know where she’ll go, but it won’t be there.

Ben and Felicity go off to finish packing the stuff he’s been keeping in her apartment, and possibly say goodbye to each other for the last time. But first, sex! (Use protection, guys.) In the morning, he wakes her up to tell her he has to go. They don’t really say goodbye, instead just saying they love each other.

Later, Felicity goes to the loft, where Meghan is clearly unhappy that Felicity is leaving New York. Felicity promises to call as soon as she lands in California. At the dorm apartment, Javier shows Felicity an Employee of the Month plaque that he’s going to hang at Dean & DeLuca permanently. He asks for a group hug with Felicity and Elena.

Felicity looks around the nearly empty apartment, then goes to a closet and writes “Felicity Porter ’02” on a wall. Noel comes by and offers to take her to the airport. This is how they end up in a cab together, with him asking if she’s okay. As they wait for her flight, she asks if he ever wonders what would have happened if the two of them… (had stayed together or gotten back together, I guess). He says he doesn’t. Liar! When it’s time for Felicity to board her flight, she gets more emotional than she did saying goodbye to anyone else, including Ben.

On the plane, we return to Felicity’s voiceover from the beginning of the episode. It’s from a tape she’s making for Ben. It’s been six months since graduation, and she’s still in California. Noel and Sean are working together and are happy. Meghan is working toward becoming a psychiatrist, and Felicity thinks she’ll be great at it. And Elena? Who cares about Elena?

Felicity says that, ironically, sometimes the thing you’re fighting is yourself. After everything, she’s decided she wants to be a doctor. She’s doing it for herself, not her parents – she wants to make a difference. So maybe she and Ben will both end up doctors. She asks Ben to write her a letter or send her a tape back when he has the chance.

But there’s no need for that. While Felicity’s looking at some fliers on her new school’s campus, Ben shows up. He’s signing up for classes there and has convinced Lauren to move to Palo Alto. So maybe Ben and Felicity were meant to be after all. But there are still five episodes left before the series ends, so who knows what will happen next?

Thoughts: Scott Foley (Noel) directed this episode.

So Ben attended the baby’s birth, named him after his father, and then just turned around and went back to New York after, what, a couple of hours with him? Come on.

Again: Long-distance dating is a thing, people. Try it.

This was supposed to be the series finale, but the show that took Felicity‘s times lot after that tanked, so the network asked for five more episodes of Felicity. J.J. Abrams and Mat Reeves took the opportunity to do something… weird. Stay tuned.

July 6, 2021

ER 8.22, Lockdown: The Hot Zone

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Carter to the rescue, once again

Summary: If you still have pandemic anxiety, you might want to skip this one.

It’s quieter than usual in the ER, even with some nurses out taking a training course. Weaver calls in and Abby, Susan, and Pratt discuss how she chipped a tooth while on vacation in Barbados (the implication being that she’ll be late to work because she has a dentist appointment). Abby asks for some extra help from Pratt and Gallant with tasks the nurses normally do. Guess which guy is willing to help and which isn’t. Go ahead, guess. Carter forces the issue by giving them assignments.

Paramedics bring in two lawyers who burned their feet walking on hot coals at a business retreat. They blame each other for the incident. Carter smells smoke and realizes that the male lawyer’s clothes are on fire. He and Abby quickly put out the flames, though when Abby deploys a fire extinguisher, she sprays Carter more than she does the fire. They’re just getting the wackiness out of the way early, since the rest of the episode is pretty bleak.

Stan is back, wanting a place to rest since he’s sick. Chen has no sympathy; she has the flu and can’t just crawl into bed and rest. Pratt makes a sexual-harassment-y comment about how he’d like to see her in bed. Stan asks the doctors to remember their “hippo oath” to be nice to people. Chen makes Pratt deal with him.

Abby and Carter tend to the lawyers, disagreeing over whether or not they should be able to take baths or showers while their feet heal. Malik speaks for the audience when he tells Abby and Carter to kiss and make up. Thank you, Malik. An accident brings in a bus full of senior citizens, along with their driver, Marge, and the driver of the car they collided with, Colin. Carter lets Pratt take the lead with Colin but tells him to get Susan to help him. The seniors all seem to have minor injuries, but now there’s a lot for the doctors to deal with.

A man in the waiting area tells Abby that he and his sick kids have been waiting for a long time and would really like to get treated. Abby has to brush him off to deal with emergencies. Luka tends to Marge while Susan joins Pratt to treat Colin. They make a paramedic stick around and help since the nurses aren’t back from their training course yet. Susan asks Abby to take Pratt’s place with Colin, since she knows what she’s doing and he doesn’t.

Carter and Gallant try to wrangle all the seniors so they can all be assessed. One of the seniors is Chinese and takes an interest in Chen, doing that motherly thing where you feel someone’s forehead to see if they’re sick. Another patient complains about foreigners (shut up, dude) and says Marge was mad while driving; she started twitching. Carter lets Pratt and Luka know that Marge may have had a seizure.

Gallant has finally gotten around to the sick kids in the waiting area, the Turners, and he thinks Carter should take their case. As soon as Carter sees them, he gets concerned. The kids have had little white spots all over their faces for three days. Carter tries to stay calm as he tells Gallant to put masks on the kids. He goes to the lounge to find the hospital’s collection of posters about different illnesses. The one he finds makes him even more concerned.

He tells Gallant to get Susan, then rushes the kids, Adam and Bree, to an exam room. He quietly tells Susan that he thinks they have smallpox. Susan is sure it’s something else, like chicken pox with a weird presentation. After all, no one’s seen a case of smallpox in the U.S. since the ’40s. Carter says that if that’s what it is, they’ll have to go into lockdown.

Susan calls the health department and is ordered to lock down the ER. The rest of the staff on duty has been informed of the possible danger, and they’re all calmly discussing the situation so none of the patients gets worried. Chen realizes that she saw the kids a few days ago but sent them home because she thought they just had the flu. The same flu she now thinks she has.

Carter tells Chen that she needs to be quarantined. Susan’s the highest-ranking doctor on duty, so she hands out assignments: Chen will quarantine, Jerry will look at activity logs to see who was around the Tuesday the kids were there, and Luka will determine which patients are really critical and need to stay in the ER. Susan tells everyone to stay calm and act like this is a routine thing. Luka notes that maintenance guys are locking the ER doors, so she’ll need to come up with something to explain that to the patients.

Carter’s upset that the Turners were in the waiting area for 45 minutes without anyone seeing them. Abby reminds him that they were dealing with a big trauma and are down three nurses. She wants to help him treat the kids, even if that means risking exposure. Meanwhile, the lawyers and seniors are getting antsy and want to know why they’re not allowed to leave. Susan uses the PA system to tell everyone they have a possible public health concern. Until they know more, no one can enter or leave the ER. No one’s happy with that.

Mrs. Turner tells Abby and Carter that her husband works for the State Department and the family just returned to the States after living in Central Africa. The parents aren’t sick, but Carter guesses that they’re incubating the virus, so they need to be isolated for 10 to 14 days. They also need to tell the doctors everyone they’ve been in contact with since Mr. Turner got back. Since their kids are in school, that’s…a lot of people they might have spread the virus to. Abby tries to keep the Turners calm by saying these are just precautions; nothing’s been confirmed yet. She tells Carter to remember to stay calm so the parents don’t freak out.

Gallant checks on Chen, who’s not so much worried about having smallpox as she is about having to sit out a possibly major case. Stan claims he was at the hospital on Tuesday, so he joins Chen in quarantine. She still thinks she just has the flu. Stan starts singing “Fever,” which really doesn’t help. Gallant lets Susan know that none of the seniors has major injuries, so at least that trauma has been dealt with. But now the police are outside to maintain order.

Luka wants to take Marge to get a head CT, but Susan reminds him that no one’s supposed to leave the ER. Marge doesn’t seem altered, so Susan thinks she can wait. David Torres arrives from the public health department and tells Susan he’ll take over the situation. The CDC is on their way from Atlanta. Torres’ first instruction is for the hospital to turn off the air-conditioning, even though it’s 80 degrees outside. “Welcome to the hot zone,” he tells a protesting Susan.

Carter tries to assure the Turners that the kids are doing okay, but Mrs. Turner is too upset about the situation to listen. She wishes they hadn’t moved to Africa. She thinks they were the targets of a bioweapon. Stop watching Fox News, Mrs. Turner. While his parents are bickering, Adam tries to get their attention – something’s wrong with Bree. She’s not getting enough oxygen, so Carter decides to intubate her.

They don’t have a pediatric intubation tray in the room, so Abby starts to go get one, but she’ll have to go through a trauma room to get it. They determine that they need a decontamination room for everyone who leaves the Turners’ room. Carter tells Pratt they need to move Colin so they can put Bree in his trauma room. Pratt thinks they’re making too big a deal out of things – they don’t even know if they’re really dealing with smallpox.

Weaver arrives at the hospital with no idea that there’s a lockdown. Haleh and Lily join her outside, having left their training course, and the three try to find out what’s happening. No one bothered to shut down the ER to paramedics, so when Doris brings in a gunshot victim named Marta, she’s a little annoyed not to be able to drop off her patient. A cop at the door refuses to let them in, and also ignores a woman (I think her name is Kristen) who’s there to see her fiancé, who we later learn is Colin.

In the new decontaminatiom room, Abby asks Carter how long he thinks they’ll be stuck there. He says maybe a day or two. Everyone who thought we would just have two or three weeks of school shutdowns and social distancing laughs for five minutes straight so they don’t cry. Carter says they’ll probably have to spend the night together. He asks if Abby’s scared, and she questions whether he means scared of smallpox or of waking up next to him.

They return to Adam’s room, where he’s still stable, but Bree is declining in her new trauma room. Carter tells Abby to get Susan, but Pratt’s right outside, so Abby brings him in instead. Out in the ambulance bay, Weaver, Lily, Haleh, and Doris try to treat Marta with limited medical supplies. They’ve managed to get Romano on the phone to request more supplies, and he tosses something down to Doris. He reports that security is waiting by the hospital’s freight elevator so they can transport Marta to the OR without going through the ER.

The media has heard about the lockdown, and a reporter asks Weaver what’s going on. She still doesn’t know, and she’s too busy trying to save Marta to talk to them. They’re broadcasting live, so everyone in the ER watches as Weaver tries to ignore the reporter’s questions. Dude, she’s trying to save someone’s life. Your scoop isn’t important.

When the reporter asks what kind of disease can shut down a hospital, Susan begs Weaver to watch her words. She’s not the problem, though: The reporter knows that a smallpox response team has been contacted. The second he says “smallpox,” the patients in the ER freak out. Meanwhile, Carter, Abby, and Pratt can’t get Bree’s heart to restart. Her mother demands someone with more experience, but they tell her no one else is available. Next door, Mr. Turner sits with Adam, trying not to panic.

Luka, Susan, and Torres work on calming the now-angry ER patients, who don’t think they need to listen to the doctors telling them to stay put. The normally calm, level-headed Gallant erupts, telling the patients that the hospital is surrounded by police, so if they try to leave, they’ll be arrested. Malik grabs Susan and tells her Carter needs help, but it’s too late – Bree has been down for 40 minutes, and they can’t get her heart to restart. Bree’s dead, and the possible epidemic has its first casualty.

In the decontamination room, Carter chastises Pratt for fighting him when he said they needed to stop working on Bree. Pratt thinks they could have done more. Carter disagrees and tells Pratt he doesn’t know enough about the treatment he wanted to try; it wouldn’t have helped. Pratt notes that it’s Carter’s job to teach him. Yeah, maybe not in the middle of a situation like this, Pratt. He needs to keep quiet and follow Carter’s lead. “Then lead!” Pratt yells. Dude, he is! And he’s not even the person in charge!

Abby interrupts to announce that the CDC has told them to double-shroud Bree’s body so whatever she has can’t spread. Pratt offers to do it, but Carter wants him off the Turners’ case. He thinks Pratt’s sick, so he asks Abby to take his temperature, which is 101.4. Pratt’s annoyed that Carter always has to be right. Pratt, go quarantine with your crush.

As one of the lawyers surveys people in the waiting area to find out how long they’ve been there, someone catches Malik removing all the fans from the ER. Susan is on the phone, demanding food for the angry patients. The other lawyer takes down people’s names, threatening the ER with a class-action lawsuit alleging false imprisonment and emotional distress. Susan tells him the public health department has the right to lock the place down.

She gets distracted when she hears a familiar voice on the TV. It’s Jerry, who’s called into a live news broadcast to talk about the lockdown. He must have read up on smallpox, because he sounds like an expert on the subject. He assures the public that only people who have been in close contact with the infected are at risk. Susan pulls him off the phone and Malik gives Jerry a high five.

Carter and Abby let the Turners say goodbye to Bree before they double-shroud her body. Mrs. Turner is still upset with Mr. Turner, and he now blames himself for the kids’ illness. Torres is overseeing as two women take a biopsy from Adam; the sample will go to Atlanta for the CDC to analyze. Adam’s having more trouble breathing, and he’s worried that he might die like his sister. Carter assures him that she wasn’t scared, since she was asleep when she died. He promises that they won’t let Adam die, too.

Chen needs to use the bathroom, but no one’s responding to her call button. Stan offers her his portable urinal. Luka brushes off some annoyed patients as he goes to check on Marge. He asks how she was able to get a commercial driver’s license, since he’s discovered that she has epilepsy. She claims she hasn’t had a seizure in years. Luka thinks she’s getting her medication through back channels. She put all the seniors in danger, and Colin is still in critical condition. Just then, Colin starts declining, so Luka joins Susan and Gallant to work on him.

Carter has decided to intubate Adam, since he has lesions in his throat that are making it harder for him to breathe. He has trouble with the intubation, so Abby goes to get Luka to help him. Luka’s working on Colin, so he can’t help. Where’s Susan? Carter tells Abby to get Romano instead, since Adam needs a surgical procedure, but since Romano’s in the surgical wing, he can’t come to the ER. He tells Carter he’s on his own for now. Carter decides he had enough training in his brief time as a surgical intern to be able to do this.

The patients are demanding food, and Susan has left Jerry to deal with them. He’s not as good at this as he was on the news. Carter and Abby struggle with Adam’s procedure and have to ask Mr. Turner to squeeze the oxygen pump that will help Adam breathe. Okay, seriously, why isn’t Susan helping? Outside, a woman named Dr. Lutz arrives from the CDC and tells Weaver she’s taking over the ER.

Carter and Abby still can’t secure Adam’s airway, and Carter finds it too hard to work with a mask on his face. He asks Abby to take it off, fully exposing himself to the virus as he finally finishes the procedure successfully. Someone should really turn off the TV in the ER, since the news is showing pictures of smallpox victims from the past, and that’s not going to make anyone feel better. Jerry thinks has has “a pox,” but Susan tells him it’s just a cold sore. SUSAN. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING. While they’re doing absolutely nothing useful, the lawyers are breaking into a vending machine to feed the masses.

Chen has finally gotten up the nerve to pee in the quarantine room. She asks Stan and Pratt to talk to cover the noise. Pratt says they don’t have anything in common, but he probably said the same about Pablo and they ended up hitting it off. Stan doesn’t feel like singing, but when Pratt starts up “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” Stan joins in.

Carter tells Mrs. Turner that Adam is stable but is still at risk for organ failure. Abby’s in the decontamination room, reading up on smallpox. She tells Carter that if they were dealing with the hemorrhagic form, they’d be in a lot more trouble, since it’s 98% fatal. She asks if he thinks it would have made a difference if she’d sent the Turners back for treatment sooner. Carter says it probably wouldn’t have.

Susan sends Gallant to get Abby so they can set up a vaccine clinic. Chen tells Gallant to get some medication – Stan’s having seizures. Pratt thinks he’s in alcohol withdrawal. He and Chen are able to stabilize him, but the effort tires them out. Abby, Torres, and Lutz watch a video showing them how to administer smallpox vaccines, which involves lots of little pokes. I’m sure everyone’s going to love that. The patients demand the vaccines, but Lutz notes that they haven’t even confirmed that they’re dealing with smallpox yet.

Susan tries to calm the patients as they start getting aggressive, but they’re fed up with being detained without being told anything. One of them grabs a gurney, and he and some other guys run down a hallway with it to use it as a battering ram on the ER doors. Luka and Jerry are unable to stop them. (There’s a great shot in here of the lawyers tied up with police tape so they stop bugging people. Probably not legal, but a smart move.)

Carter hears the commotion and goes to check on things. Jerry has basically given up on everything and is hiding by the admit desk. A cop tells everyone outside that they need to go across the street – they want to increase the perimeter around the hospital. Weaver asks to talk to someone with more seniority. The cop tells her to go home and be glad she didn’t make it in to work today.

The gurney/battering ram has made it through one set of ER doors, and as the guys ramming it try to get through the next set, Carter steps in. He sends feedback through the PA system, which quiets everyone down. Then he announces that a girl has died from a mystery illness and her brother is still sick. The doctors don’t know what it is or how they got it, but they need to contain it. They’re not trying to deny anyone their civil rights – they’re trying to protect everyone. If the patients are…well, patient, everyone will get through this. And if not, there are armed cops outside to make them.

Lutz learns that Adam’s biopsy showed some sort of orthopox; it may not be smallpox, but it’s something. Everyone just needs to sit tight and wait for more information. Luka tries to look on the bright side by pointing out that they only have two critical patients; since they’ve closed to paramedics, no more will be coming. Okay, but if everyone else gets sick and starts dying, you’re in a lot of trouble.

Torres tells Carter and Abby that they’ve handled things great so far, but since they’ve been exposed, they’ll have to be quarantined with Pratt, Chen, and Stan. This is an outbreak with unknown origins, so they need to be extra-cautious. Abby and Carter can’t just get vaccines and go home. Torres promises that it won’t be much longer.

Carter’s hot and sweaty, so Abby makes him check his temperature, but it’s normal. She puts an ice pack on his neck, which, let’s be honest, is just a way for the writers to get them in close contact with each other. She hopes the worst of this is over and asks Carter to tell her they’ll be okay. Instead, he kisses her. I know that when I’ve been exposed to a deadly illness, I like to kiss people who might not have had my same level of exposure. Carter says everything will be fine. Okay, well, call me when you’re on month 16 of a pandemic.

Thoughts: You may recognize Heidi Swedberg (Mrs. Turner) as George’s doomed fiancée on Seinfeld.

I’m really impressed with all the staff and Torres’ ability to pretend to be calm in the face of a possible catastrophe. I’d be crying and rocking back and forth in a corner.

Say goodbye to season 8! Next up: Abby’s family saga continues, Luka gets really weird, the Africa stuff begins, and something with a helicopter.

July 3, 2021

Felicity 4.16, Ben Don’t Leave: There Are Always Consequences

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Someone has her priorities right

Summary: Javier warns Felicity that her “archest enemy” (Lauren) just walked into Dean & DeLuca. Lauren is there to give Ben a message via Felicity – her plans have changed, and she’s leaving for Arizona now. She’s annoyed that Ben hasn’t been around as much as he said he would be. She’s also annoyed that Felicity’s seemingly pretending to care about their problems. Lauren says that Ben and Felicity are both really selfish. Well, she would know about selfishness. Felicity and Javier agree that Lauren is a jerk, and Javier hopes she gets bad stretch marks.

At home later, Felicity’s still complaining about Lauren, this time to Meghan. She still has the stolen book, and she’s going to take it to Professor Carnes and come clean about copying her paper. Meghan thinks she should just let it to, since the deed is done. The person who wrote the original paper will probably never find out. Felicity disagrees with Meghan’s ideas, so Meghan asks how she’ll feel if she confesses and gets expelled. Felicity thinks she might get pity and/or leniency for being honest.

At the loft, Sean praises Noel for having a late night out with Zoe. He misses the fun of the beginning of a relationship, especially the part where the couple has tons of sex. Noel is very clearly not having sex, which Sean says is a problem. There must be something wrong in the relationship. Noel says it’s too difficult to find a time for intimacy; it’s about logistics. “Logistics? It’s not a moon landing,” Sean replies.

Noel reminds him that there are a bunch of get-togethers and meetings with clients, so he and Zoe haven’t had time to be alone. Sean offers to cover for him so he and Zoe can get it on. They’ve been dating for a few weeks now, and this is the best part of the relationship. After this, it’s all downhill. (He whispers in case Meghan is listening in. Sad.)

Richard goes to the dorm apartment to ask Elena to go to a fundraiser with him. He has a crush on a woman who will be there, and he wants to make her jealous. Yeah, Elena doesn’t want to play that game. Richard says she should be flattered – he wouldn’t ask her to participate in this if she were ugly. He reminds her that they’re about to graduate, and he knows that when he gets out into the real world, where he’s not surrounded by eligible hotties, he’ll never find love. He needs to take advantage of this. Elena gives in, making it clear that this is a pity date.

Felicity goes to see Carnes, who’s in the middle of a rough divorce and is about to go meet with her lawyer. She assures Felicity that her grades are great and this investigation into her paper has nothing to do with her. She thinks someone on the editorial board is using it as an excuse to get back at Carnes for getting a grant he wanted. It’s all about politics. She asks Felicity to bring her sources to her tomorrow, rather than next week, so they can get this out of the way.

Felicity runs into Lauren outside the loft building, waiting for Ben. Lauren doesn’t want to make small talk. Upstairs, Ben tells Felicity that he’s going to help her move some boxes, and then they’ll be rid of her and they can go do something to distract Felicity from her problems. Zoe wants to hang out with Noel that night, but they have some client get-together. He suggests that they take Sean up on his offer to handle it. Zoe manages to resists Noel’s…sex appeal? Sure. She resists so they can be professional.

Ben is late getting back from helping Lauren, and Felicity’s worried. She’s right to be, as it turns out Ben and Lauren were in a car accident. When Felicity gets to the hospital, she learns that Ben is in surgery. Lauren, who’s fine (as is the baby), tells Felicity that she got blindsided by another car. Her doctor dismisses Felicity, who’s still able to hear their conversation – Lauren’s blood-alcohol level is over the legal limit.

Webb Graphics shells out the big bucks to wine and dine their clients at Epstein Bar. Sure. Sean has heard some gossip from co-worker Pauline and thinks Zoe is hesitant to sleep with Noel because she’s still hung up on her ex, Dwayne. Noel’s surprised, since they’ve been courting Dwayne as a client for weeks. Sean informs him that he’s been “courting the enemy.”

Richard and Elena go to the fundraiser, where he hopes his crush will be impressed with him for showing up with a Black woman. His crush is really PC, and this makes him look “culturally diverse.” He’s “a man of the people, like Bono.” Elena decks him. Hit him again! Let everyone take a turn! Make Richard a piñata!

Felicity calls Meghan from the hospital to update her on the Ben/Lauren situation. Meghan tries to assure her that Ben will be okay. Also, Meghan called Carnes and rescheduled their meeting about her sources for her paper. She offers to come be with Felicity, but Felicity thinks she should wait for news on Ben by herself.

Zoe flirts with Noel, who wants to know why she left some details out of their discussions about Dwayne. She clarifies that she and Dwayne aren’t exes. She met him when Noel introduced them last week. Looks like Sean’s intel was incorrect. When Sean asks Pauline to repeat what she told him, it becomes clear that a) Pauline isn’t 100% sober and b) she mistook Dwayne for someone else.

After dozing off in the waiting room, Felicity wakes up as Lauren leaves, having spoken to the police. She’s headed to the impound lot to get her car and all her stuff. Ben is still in surgery, and Felicity lays into Lauren for being selfish – she clearly doesn’t care what happens to him. Felicity says she feels sorry for Lauren’s baby, because of who his mother is.

While Felicity goes to see Ben after he’s out of surgery, Noel and Sean leave the party, talking about how Noel and Zoe definitely have a problem. They should be much more eager to sleep together. Sean asks if Zoe has ever said she’s not in the mood. If a woman ever says that, it means the problem is fundamental, i.e., something out of the guy’s control (like his odor, his height, is voice, or how he kisses). Or…maybe she’s not in the mood. Sean urges Noel to surprise Zoe with some flowers and show that he’s romantic and spontaneous.

Lauren returns to the hospital, where Ben is still unconscious. She admits to Felicity that she woke up this morning feeling like she couldn’t continue living the AA one-day-at-a-time life. She’s been trying to find someone to blame for everything that’s gone wrong in her life, but she knows she’s the one to blame. Felicity was right to say she’s selfish.

Richard goes to the dorm apartment to yell at Elena for ruining his plan. He wound up spinning what happened into another lie about how PC he is – he told the crush that he was assaulted by the police while chained to a tree for a protest. I don’t think Richard knows what “PC” means. Elena calls him racist, but Richard still thinks she should be flattered. Besides, she’s not “really Black.” She’s dating a white guy, she doesn’t have any Black friends, and she doesn’t like Spike Lee movies. Richard, begone.

Noel takes Sean’s advice and takes flowers, wine, and ice cream to Zoe’s apartment. Eating and chatting turns to kissing, but Zoe’s still hesitant to go any further. Noel says he doesn’t want to pressure her, but he’d like to return to the physicality they had together when they first started dating. She notes that they’ve really only been together for three weeks (not five – the first two don’t count). She doesn’t want to feel like they’re on a time table. She asks him to leave, saying she’s not in the mood. Ruh-roh!

As Sean calls to let Noel know that Ben is in the hospital, Lauren – who’s suddenly turned into a person with actual admirable qualities – brings Felicity some tea and encourages her to go home for the night. Felicity wants to stay, and she offers to let Lauren crash at the dorm apartment instead of finding a hotel for the night.

When they go over there, Felicity checks her messages and gets one from Carnes, who says she couldn’t reschedule the meeting about Felicity’s sources. Oh, come on! Her boyfriend’s in the hospital! Lauren remembers how Felicity sympathized with her for going through something rough; now Lauren can sympathize right back. Felicity says she wishes she’d done things differently. Lauren does, too. She thanks Felicity for her kindness.

Felicity spends the night at Ben’s side, and in the morning, he finally wakes up. Their friends show up wanting to see him, but Meghan and Elena can’t talk a nurse into letting them in before visiting hours start. Felicity’s touched to see them all in the waiting room. She tells them that Ben lost a lot of blood but is going to be fine. And now she has to go to her meeting and determine her academic fate.

Carnes is pleased to tell Felicity that Lipschitz, the guy who has a vendetta against her, is already backing down from investigating the paper. He can’t remember the name of the student whose thesis Felicity is being accused of copying. Felicity provides it, then gives Carnes the book and confesses to copying the paper. As punishment, she’ll fail the course, and Carnes will have to think about whether or not she can graduate.

Richard has decided that Elena was right, so he goes to the dorm apartment to apologize for being racist. Also, he wants her to look at the black eye she gave him. He laments not having enough friends to be able to afford to lose one. Since when are Richard and Elena really friends, though? It’s not like they hang out a bunch.

Anyway, Elena forgives him, and what he said made her think. Maybe she has a bunch of white friends so she can prove that she fits in. She doesn’t want people to see her as different. Richard, however, would love to be different. He feels special when he goes to Star Wars conventions, since his nerdiness makes him unique. They make him feel like he’s a part of something. Richard offers to go hang out with Black students with Elena; he’s “funky fresh” and can “hang with the brothers.” Richard, shush.

At work, Noel tells Zoe that he doesn’t think things are going to work out for them. She promises that she’s attracted to him, but he notes that she tries to pull away every time they get physically close. She tells him that she was taking medication for her depression, but she felt so good when they started dating that she stopped taking it. Now she realizes that was a bad idea. Zoe hasn’t been in the mood because she’s been depressed, not because of Noel. Now she’s back on her meds, so in a couple weeks, she’ll be ready to rock. Noel completely understands and promises not to rush her.

When Felicity gets home, she finds a note from Lauren thanking her again. She feels inspired by Felicity’s ability to face her problems. She’s going somewhere unknown to do…something, and she’ll call Ben when she gets settled. Should she be leaving the state when she’s probably facing criminal charges for driving drunk? Instead of being mad, Felicity just goes back to the hospital to be with Ben.

Thoughts: This baby deserves better parents than Ben and Lauren. Give him to Javier and Elena. They’ll raise him right.

Gotta love the irony of Richard using Elena to look PC when the show obviously only wrote her in so they wouldn’t have an all-white cast.

Sean finally had a good idea and it didn’t work out. That guy just can’t catch a break.

June 29, 2021

ER 8.21, On the Beach: I Will Try to Fix You

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If you need to grab some tissues, I won’t make fun of you

Summary: We last saw Mark passing the torch to Carter, and we know he died sometime after that, but what happened in the time between? Let’s find out! We go with Mark as he leaves County for the last time and endures a crowded El ride home. He watches a father with his young daughter in his lap. At home, he checks in on Rachel, who’s already asleep.

He himself can’t sleep, and Elizabeth finds him in the kitchen in the middle of the night. He’s making a list of things he always wanted to do (sail around the world, play third base for the Cubs and win the World Series, start a rock band). The only thing on the list he could reasonably do right now is have noisy sex in a public place. (Elizabeth is willing to participate.)

Mark gets a little down as the list runs to things he’d like to do with his daughters as they grow up. He says he hasn’t been a very good father. When Rachel needed him growing up, he was hundreds of miles away. The last item on his bucket list is “fix Rachel.” Well, she’s probably halfway to fixed after what happened with Ella, but I don’t think he can finish the job now.

The next day, Mark picks Rachel up after school, offering her a mint since she was totally smoking a cigarette and NOT holding it for a friend. Rachel, no one in the history of parents has ever believed that lie. He tells her they’re going somewhere, but he doesn’t know where. They end up in Hawaii, where Mark sky-dives while Rachel watches from the ground. A local guy asks her if her father’s having a midlife crisis. “Something like that,” she replies.

Mark is up early the next morning for a swim. Then he wakes Rachel up for what he calls a history lesson – a lesson about his history. In their rental Jeep, she complains about the music he’s playing, and he seems surprised that she doesn’t like Todd Rundgren. She’s probably never even heard of him, Mark. He points out places he used to see all the time growing up, like the Arizona memorial. He loved living in Hawaii.

They visit the Naval base where Mark lived as he talks about what he and his friends did. The Greenes lived there for three years, the longest time they ever stayed in one place. His first job was at the pool, as a junior janitor. He only made $1.25 an hour, but it was enough to buy records and weed. Rachel’s surprised that her father smoked pot as a teenager.

Next they go see the Missouri and Mark talks about being allowed to visit his father’s warship sometimes. David would introduce Mark to all the other sailors and show him the helm. He was about Rachel’s age. She wonders why Mark didn’t join the Navy. Mark admits that he was mad at David for never being around. They fought a lot, about everything – Mark’s clothes and friends and haircut (yes, he had hair). David resented Mark’s politics, and Mark hated David’s, so he would provoke him. Mark didn’t like the idea of devoting his life to patriotism and honor, like David did. He wishes he could take it all back.

Mark thinks David was hard on him because he was worried. He thought Mark was making bad choices. Mark was more into girls and Bruce Lee movies and surfing than the things David thought were important. Rachel’s surprised again by one of her father’s childhood interests. They go to the beach so he can give her a surfing lesson. She does pretty well for a first-timer.

That night, the reality of the situation hits Rachel and she gets emotional. She goes to talk to Mark, who’s asleep outside their hotel room. (Is that a lanai? I think it’s called a lanai.) She sneaks a pill from one of his prescriptions and a mini-bottle of booze. Oh, Rachel. She doesn’t realize that Mark has woken up and sees her take a drink.

The next day, the two head to a rental house. Rachel’s annoyed with her father and refuses to listen to his music choice, “Imagine.” She’s also annoyed with the new accommodations, specifically the lack of TV in her room or a swimming pool. He tells her they had to move to a new place because the hotel was getting too expensive – especially the mini-bar charges. Busted! Rachel asks what they’re supposed to do in this new place without all the fancy hotel amenities. I don’t know, Rachel – what is there to do in Hawaii, a place many people would love to visit? Forget what I said about her being halfway fixed.

Rachel gives Mark the silent treatment at dinner that night, but the next day, she’s a little more reasonable. Mark had teaching her to drive on his bucket list, even though she’s too young, so he takes her out in the Jeep. She struggles with the stick shift and wants to try an automatic instead, but Mark thinks it’s better to start with the harder method. He won’t let her quit just because it’s hard.

That afternoon, Rachel invites Mark to go to the beach with her, but he’s taking a nap. When he wakes up, he keeps his face turned from her so she doesn’t see the patch he has to wear over one eye, since it won’t stay closed. It looks like one of his arms isn’t working as well as the other, too. He meets her on the beach and asks what kind of music she’s listening to through her headphones. She says he wouldn’t like it.

Mark turns off her music and asks her when she started getting high. Rachel lies that she doesn’t use drugs, but Mark, who was stoned for most of the eighth grade, knows the signs. He asks if she knows what happened to three of his Vicodin. She suggests that he forgot he took them. GIRL. NO. Mark asks what else she’s using. Rachel gets huffy because her father doesn’t believe that she doesn’t use drugs, even though she once brought ecstasy into his house. Take her home, Mark. She doesn’t deserve a Hawaiian vacation.

Rachel runs away, but Mark chases after her and admits that he doesn’t know what to do with her. He doesn’t have time to work out everything that’s gone wrong with them. He feels horrible that Rachel had to grow up without her father, who then got remarried and had a new baby. She was also stuck with Jen as a mom, which…enough said. It makes sense that Rachel would want to get high. But when Mark’s gone, what will she do? Who will keep her from killing herself? Mark admits that he’s scared about what will happen to Rachel after he dies. He gets that it sucks for her – it sucks for him, too. Rachel still won’t talk to him.

Walking home after some more surfing, Mark suddenly collapses and starts seizing. This is what sparks Rachel to call Elizabeth, as we saw in “Brothers and Sisters.” Elizabeth brings Ella to Hawaii, where Mark and Rachel have moved into a big rental house with a beautiful view of the beach. He spotted a rental sign while driving around and decided to shell out the money for it, since…you know, he’s going to die anyway. Might as well live it up first.

Elizabeth tells Mark that Rachel was terrified when she witnessed his seizure. He hasn’t seen a doctor; he just started taking more of his anti-seizure medication. Elizabeth thinks he should have a CAT scan and a full workup. Mark doesn’t see the point. She tries to talk him into going back to Chicago, but Mark says he doesn’t want to go home. He knows his time is limited, and he wants to die somewhere beautiful.

Mark agrees to buy Rachel a surfboard she’s never going to use since there’s no ocean in Missouri. Elizabeth asks if Rachel, who has her headphones on and is ignoring them, has been distant the whole trip. Yes, Elizabeth, she’s been her normal self. When they go into a surf shop to get a board, it becomes clear that that’s not really the purpose of the visit. Rachel has a crush on a guy who works there, Kai, and just wanted an excuse to see him.

Back at home, Rachel listens in as Mark sings Ella to sleep with “Over the Rainbow.” He needs Rachel’s help to get up from his rocking chair. He tells Rachel she made him sing that song to her for years when she was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and The Little Mermaid. Rachel doesn’t remember that, or at least pretends not to. She doesn’t think it’s important anyway. Things from her childhood and Mark’s family are just boring and useless. She doesn’t care about them and doesn’t want to hear about them.

Rachel’s tantrum and slamming of the door on her way out of the house wake Ella, so Mark volunteers to put her back down for her nap. Meanwhile, Elizabeth follows Rachel to the beach and asks her how long she plans on acting like a brat. Mark isn’t perfect, but he’s trying to make things up to her. Rachel will have to grow up fast; she can’t act like a child anymore. If she keeps being a brat, she’ll miss the last little bit of time she has with her father. This is her last chance. If she blows it, she’ll hate herself for the rest of her life.

Mark takes a nap, and when he wakes up, he finds that the weakness in his limbs is getting worse. He’s barely able to stand up, and when he tries to take a step, he falls on the floor. He slams the ground and says a word that starts with S that isn’t usually allowed on network TV, which means the show either paid off Standards and Practices or paid a big FCC fine to let that get through. (It must be a lifetime allowance, because I watched this on Pop and they allow the word, too.)

Elizabeth helps Mark down to the beach, still bugging him about seeing a doctor. He still doesn’t see the point. Rachel’s off somewhere with Kai, and Mark is okay with it, since Kai’s a nice kid. Elizabeth is surprised he’s not worried about what the two might be doing together. Mark tells her he wants to write letters to Rachel and Ella. He tried to do it himself, but his handwriting has gotten bad because of his limb problems, so he needs Elizabeth’s help.

He’ll write letters the girls can open on special occasions, like graduations and wedding days. He wonders if it’ll be cruel to remind them of his death on what should be happy days, but Elizabeth is sure they’ll love the messages. She’s fighting back tears, but she wants to help him with the letters, no matter how hard they might be to write.

Rachel gets home after Mark’s asleep and addresses her father’s decline in health for the first time. Elizabeth tells her he doesn’t have much time left. Rachel goes up to Mark’s room, and he wakes up and tells her he was just dreaming about her. He remembers how she used to love balloons. When he bought them for her, she would let them go. He asks her to sit with him.

Mark says he was trying to figure out the things he should have told Rachel already – the things fathers should say to their daughters. He finally decided to tell her to be generous in everything. Her time, her love, her life. He asks her not to cry for him after he dies. Rachel says she won’t. Mark says again that she should always be generous. As he falls asleep, she tells him she remembers him singing “Over the Rainbow” to her. She puts her headphones on him and plays him Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s beautiful version of the song.

The next morning, Elizabeth is up early, playing on the beach with Ella. Mark is still listening to the song, imagining himself in the empty ER. Elizabeth watches Rachel and Kai in the water together. Mark imagines approaching them under a tree, then sees Elizabeth and Ella smiling together. When Elizabeth goes to check on him, he’s dead.

Mark’s family and friends hold his funeral back in Chicago. All his ER co-workers are in attendance, as well as some former colleagues like Benton, Cleo, and Swift. Jen’s there, too, but who cares about Jen? After the service, riding off in a limo, Rachel asks Elizabeth if she can visit Ella at Christmas and on summer break. Elizabeth tells her that of course she can. Rachel asks the driver to pull over at a house with balloons tied to a for-sale sign. She gets out of the limo, unties one of the balloons, and lets it go.

Thoughts: Ella is played (I think just in this episode) by Alex Kingston’s (Elizabeth) real daughter, Salome.

George Clooney declined to appear at the funeral because he didn’t want to distract from the point of the episode, which was Anthony Edwards’ farewell (the same reason he didn’t want his return in “Such Sweet Sorrow” to distract from Julianna Margulies’ goodbye episode). We’ll pretend Doug and Carol were there and we just didn’t see them.

Confession time: When I first watched this episode during the original run, I teared up a little at the end, when Rachel releases the balloon. When I’ve watched it since then, I’ve been fine. This time, for some reason, I started crying around when Mark asked Elizabeth to help him with the letters, and I didn’t stop until the end. So if you cried watching this episode, you’re not alone.

’00s music alert: “Crawling in the Dark” by Hoobastank

Goodbye, Anthony Edwards. You must have left a loooooot of money on the table by leaving.

June 26, 2021

Felicity 4.15, The Paper Chase: What Would Earl Do?

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Power fist! (Needs more enthusiasm)

Summary: Ben is showing Sean a copy of Lauren’s ultrasound photo, which makes him want Lauren to stay in New York even more than he already did. Sean encourages him to take her to court to prevent her from moving to Arizona. When Felicity arrives, Sean shows her the picture, identifying the anatomical part that means the baby’s a boy. Sean, of course, wants them to name the baby after him. You’ll have to take that up with Lauren, buddy.

Later, Felicity tries to get some work done in her room while Meghan types a really long paper really loudly on Felicity’s computer. (She doesn’t have her own? She couldn’t use Noel’s?) Felicity has a big paper due the next day, and she hasn’t even picked a topic yet. Oy, haven’t we all been there? Meghan gets why Felicity’s been distracted (Sean told her about the baby and the big move). Felicity denies that she’s worried about losing Ben to Lauren, but when she thinks about the way Ben looked at the ultrasound photo, she knows she might.

Meghan suggests that Felicity skip the paper, take an incomplete in the course, and retake it over the summer. But this is their senior year, so that would mean Felicity can’t graduate. Meghan’s second suggestion is that Felicity find a dissertation on art history in the library and pass it off as her own. Earl does it all the time and has never been caught. Yeah, Felicity should definitely try to be more like Earl. She knows she wouldn’t be able to cheat, so she’ll have to figure something out on her own.

Sean is having a great time at his and Noel’s new job, but Noel…not so much. He got a summons from Dominic and is sure he wants to talk about how Noel is dating Zoe. Sean tells him to come up with a four-point plan, FEPS. F = firm handshake. E = eye contact. P = power fist (AKA a fist of enthusiasm). S = solidarity squeeze. Sean says this is the secret to his success. Oh, I was wondering about that. Sean makes Noel practice his power fist before he goes in to see Dominic.

Javier has signed up for tennis lessons in an attempt to meet someone. He invites Rita to come with him and meet someone else, but she already has a new love interest, Michael. She’s sure that Javier will eventually find someone to love. She thinks Javier should meet Michael; Javier will really like him.

Noel makes the mistake of jumping in before Dominic can talk so he can reassure Dominic that he shouldn’t worry about Noel’s relationship with Zoe. That’s not what Dominic wanted to discuss, though. The client Sean thought he’d secured is going to another firm. Dominic isn’t impressed with Sean’s capabilities other than his ability to be enthusiastic. He just has one speed: maximum. Noel reminds Dominic that he and Sean are a team. Dominic tells Noel to be more of a supervisor and reign Sean in so they don’t lose more business. If this doesn’t get fixed, Sean is out.

At Dean & DeLuca, Javier asks Elena if she knows any single gay guys who might want to date him. She doesn’t. Rita arrives with Michael, who’s very nice and offers to play tennis with Javier sometime. Javier drags Elena to the back room, even though she doesn’t work there, so he can tell her that he knows Michael. Michael used to date a friend of Javier’s, Andy. Apparently Javier is unfamiliar with the concept of bisexuality (as is the rest of Hollywood), and he thinks Michael’s gay. Elena advises him to stay out of it.

Felicity’s having trouble accessing the Guggenheim’s website so she can get information for her paper. While Ben’s helping her, Lauren calls to invite him to a Lamaze class. He tells Felicity he’s trying to participate more so Lauren won’t want to move away. And also so he can be more present in his child’s life, and because he cares about Lauren’s well-being, right? Right, Ben? Felicity pretends she’s totally fine with Ben spending more time with Lauren.

She goes to the library and asks a worry named Jerry where the dissertation section is. She lies about her reason for being there, saying she wants to read a paper her late friend wrote. Hon, he doesn’t get paid enough to care. Felicity looks through a bunch of dissertations until she finds one to copy. She works through the night to retype all 30 pages, impressing Meghan, who spent three weeks on her paper. The professor, Carnes, practically has to pry it out of Felicity’s hands, though.

The next day, Ben tells Felicity that Lauren has already moved to Arizona. Her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend; Ben isn’t sure) has already moved there. Ben has decided to talk to a lawyer about making her move back to New York. Meghan comes home and tells Felicity that Carnes wants to see her. She’s already graded all the students’ 30-page papers and handed them back. Yeah, sure. Anyway, Meghan got a B+, which is a lot better than she expected.

On their way to a meeting, Noel tells Sean he wants to take the lead with their client. Sean agrees, saying he’ll just analyze Noel’s use of FEPS. Noel says he may skip that. Javier already has tennis elbow from his lessons, but he found a guy for Rita in his class. She reminds him that she’s already found Michael. Does Javier not like him? Javier says he does, but there’s something Rita should know. Remember how Javier’s gay? So is Michael.

Rita denies that he could be gay and accuses Javier of being jealous. Sure, she and Michael haven’t slept together yet, but that’s not necessarily because he prefers men. (Also, if he was in a relationship with a guy that was so committed that they went on a trip to Jamaica together, why would he suddenly start dating women if he wasn’t attracted to them? Logic, Javier, logic!) Rita thinks Javier likes Michael and can’t handle that he’s with Rita. She knows Michael is a great guy and would never hurt her.

Felicity’s guilt is getting to her, and she admits to Meghan that she copied her paper. She’s sure Carnes has busted her. Meghan says this happened to Earl once, so he went back to the library and got rid of the dissertation he copied. Felicity thinks she should confess instead. Meghan’s like, “Why would you do that when you can do something totally crazy instead?”

So Felicity goes back to the library, where she’s spotted by a guy who saw her there in the dissertation section the other night. She throws out the book the dissertation was in, but Jerry sees her and calls her out. She has to fish the book out of the trash, where it’s now covered in noodles. Jerry demands that she hand over the book or he’ll report her. Please report her anyway – to the psych department, so she can go back to sessions with Pavone.

Noel and Sean meet with their client, who makes suitcases. Sean’s enthusiasm is definitely misplaced with this client. Noel pulls him outside and tells him his style is hurting his career. He reveals what Dominic talked to him about and warns that he’s on the verge of being fired. Sean says Dominic doesn’t know anything about pitching to clients, so why should he listen? Uh, because he’s your boss, dude.

Noel tells Sean that he has a bunch of tools at his disposal during client meetings, so he needs to use different ones at different times. It’s just like construction – you wouldn’t use a sledgehammer for a delicate task when you have a ball-peen hammer to do that instead. Sean argues that the sledgehammer always works for him. Noel disagrees. Sean accuses Noel of trying to maneuver himself to take over the partnership. He’ll just get out of Noel’s way altogether.

Felicity hesitantly goes to see Carnes, who has no idea that Felicity didn’t write her paper. Carnes loved it and submitted it to the school’s journal for publication. Felicity doesn’t come clean. Okay, your career has now been ruined before it even begins. Felicity tells Meghan that she’s officially a cheater – she cheated on both Ben and the paper. Everyone’s going to read the paper and know. Meghan doubts that many people will read it. But since Felicity didn’t get rid of the original, she might be in some danger.

Meghan advises Felicity to go to Carnes and tell her she doesn’t want the paper to be published. FELICITY, STOP LISTENING TO MEGHAN! Felicity thinks Carnes will get suspicious. Meghan tells her to just deny everything if that happens. Ben overhears and asks what’s going on. Meghan just denies that anything’s happening. Felicity tells him her art history paper is being published. Ooh, now you’re a cheater AND a liar.

At the loft, Noel wants to talk to Sean about how unprofessional he was for walking out in the middle of a pitch. Sean’s mad at the way Noel handled things, but Noel says he was trying to protect Sean and his job. Sean says he doesn’t need that kind of protection. He’s quitting the partnership; he’s even already told Dominic. Noel likes Sean’s enthusiasm but wants him to tone it down a little. Sean guesses that Noel’s use of the word “overbearing” is what Dominic called him.

Javier goes to see Michael, who’s a dental hygienist, and doesn’t wait long before revealing that he’s not really there for a cleaning. He confronts Michael over dating Andy, but Michael doesn’t know who that is. He also denies using Rita as his beard. Javier warns that if Michael hurts Rita, Javier will hunt him down with a posse. Okay, not really. Michael sticks to his story.

Meghan tells Sean that she feels protective over Felicity in re: the whole paper situation. Sean isn’t really listening, since he has his own problems. He asks if he’s overbearing. Meghan says yes. She gets criticized for her personality, too, but she likes being brutally honest. Sean just needs to figure out when to turn his enthusiasm on or off. He tells Meghan he quit, and she chastises him for leaving his job after one bad day, especially since he loves the job.

In their next class with Carnes, Meghan asks Felicity if she told Carnes not to publish her paper. Felicity didn’t, and she doesn’t want Meghan to do it, either. She approaches Carnes, who reveals that the editorial board reviewed the paper and had some suspicious about whether it was really Felicity’s work. Carnes defended her and is sure things will get cleared up. Felicity chickens out of coming clean.

Meghan steals the book from the library herself, having promised to go on a date with Jerry to get him to look the other way. (She’s not actually going to go out with him.) But Felicity has to meet with the editorial board next week to go over the sources she used. Meghan offers to talk to them, since she blames herself for getting Felicity into this mess. Actually, she blames Ben; if he hadn’t gotten Lauren pregnant, Felicity would have been able to focus.

Felicity worries that she’ll get expelled for this. Yep, probably. Meghan says she’ll set the administration building on fire if that happens. She doesn’t think this is that big a deal – in a year, Felicity won’t remember this paper. She probably won’t even remember Meghan. Felicity thinks they’ll see each other all the time. Meghan’s surprised that she thinks they’ll remain friends after college.

Sean unquits his job and tells Noel he’ll change his style so they’re more alike. Noel doesn’t want that; he likes that they bring different things to the table. Sean admires Noel’s loyalty and asks Noel to keep him in check. Javier runs into Rita, who’s signed up for tennis lessons to meet someone. Turns out Michael’s gay after all. Then why was he dating her if he was out?? I don’t get it.

Ben catches Felicity looking at the ultrasound photo and trying to get used to the fact that her boyfriend is going to be the father of another woman’s child. He tells her he met with a lawyer, but she thinks he should just move to Arizona. Ben refuses to upend his life and promises he’s not going anywhere.

Felicity admits that she copied her paper and is on the verge of getting busted. Everything in their relationship has her so distracted that she couldn’t do her schoolwork. She might not graduate now. Ben is sure she will – as he’s said over and over, they’re going to get through this. Felicity isn’t as sure as he is.

Thoughts: Three of the guest stars in this episode have popped up in other recaps:

  • Carnes is played by Jane Lynch.
  • Michael B. Silver (Michael) is also Myers the psych resident on ER.
  • David Bowe (Jerry) played Garrett Slan on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Ben: “Lauren just gave me a copy of the ultrasound.” Felicity: “Of the baby?” No, of her toaster.

You’re telling me Carnes (and maybe her TA) read and graded every single 30-page paper from the class in one night? Not even close to possible.

Michael: “You’re not flossing, are you?” Javier: “YEEEE-EEES! Okay, no.” I love him.

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