August 22, 2015

BH90210 9.25, Agony: Kelly’s Horrible Life Gets Worse

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Sorry, Matt

Sorry, Matt

Summary: Kelly goes to the hospital after her assault and speaks with a nurse and a police officer. Dylan goes to the beach apartment looking for her, worried since she never turned up to meet him. Gina refuses to relay any messages. Kelly is subjected to a lot of questions and given the phone number for RAINN’s crisis hotline. The nurse apparently confided that she was also raped in the past, and when Kelly asks, she admits that her assailant was never caught.

Noah is still hoping to move in with Donna, so I guess he didn’t hear her in the last episode when she said she didn’t want to live together. She tells him she feels like they’re moving too fast. Noah points out that they’ve been dating for a year and a half. If Donna doesn’t want to live together, they should break up. Kelly comes home, having been at the hospital all night, but doesn’t tell Donna what happened. The first thing she does is take a shower.

Gina has the chance to join some skating tour, and David would actually miss her if she left. Janet tells Steve about a friend of hers who just won an Obie for a play he wrote. A man putting together a photo anthology wants to use one of Steve’s pictures from the Beverly Beat. Kelly continues being distant with Donna, who’s clueless. Dylan, however, immediately notices that something is off about her. She tells him what kept her from meeting him the night before.

Matt takes on a new client, Joe, who was arrested for burglary. He has no idea that Joe is Kelly’s rapist. Dylan takes Kelly to his and David’s place, asking David to keep quiet about her presence. David asks if Dylan would be okay if he went out with Gina. After, all if Kelly’s there, Dylan must be moving on. Dylan tells him to do whatever he wants, but suggests that he hold off for a little while.

Instead, David meets Vanessa Marcil’s skating double Gina at a rink and asks her to dinner, pretending he just wants her to teach him about skating. Gina wants to go, though she’s not sure where Dylan fits in. David tells her that Dylan’s totally fine with it. In that case, Gina’s definitely on board.

Donna goes to Kelly for advice, confiding that she wants to sleep with Wayne. She’s used to only having sex with guys she’s in serious relationships with. She wants to know if casual sex is “wrong.” Kelly replies that there’s no such thing as casual sex. Then she announces that she’s having the locks changed because her purse was stolen. Dylan overhears and urges Kelly to tell people what happened.

Matt meets with Joe, who claims he didn’t rob anyone. He just traded crack for the stereo he’s accused of stealing. That’s totally okay, then, right? Dylan goes with Kelly to look at mugshots of sex offenders, since the police don’t have any leads yet. Steve takes pictures in a sewer, telling Janet about Jackson Pollack and muses and stuff. Janet, you don’t have to go everywhere with him, you know.

David and Gina stop by his place after dinner, and of course Dylan’s there, and of course it’s awkward. Gina spots Kelly and tells Dylan that the two of them deserve each other. Kelly asks Dylan to take her home. There, Donna’s on the phone with Wayne; they’re playing that game where you make a list of things to take on a trip. Is this supposed to be foreplay? Noah tries to call but Donna ignores him.

Kelly’s jumpy when she hears scratching at the door, but it’s just Matt trying to fit his key in the new lock. When he kisses her, she tells him she’s not in the mood for intimacy. Matt’s mad about the various things she’s said happened the night before; he thinks she was really with Dylan and doesn’t want him to know. Kelly asks him to leave.

In the morning, Matt confronts Dylan, who won’t confirm or deny whether he and Kelly were together. All he says is that he was tempted to use, so he called a friend. Matt warns him not to take advantage of her. At the boutique, a customer makes Kelly uncomfortable, so she tells him they’re closing. Then she calls RAINN’s hotline for comfort.

Matt takes Steve to the site of Joe’s alleged burglary, because I guess a random guy’s photos of a crime scene are admissible in court. Steve doesn’t really know anything about cameras, by the way. Matt wants to prove that the police didn’t have cause to follow Joe, and that they searched his apartment without a court order. Steve is smarter about surveillance than he is about photos, as he points out that there’s a security camera on the scene.

Donna and Wayne hang out, and though she’s a little nervous about having casual sex, she’s mostly ready for it. He tells her to get ready faster, since he’ll be leaving the country next week for a tournament. Then he asks her to come along. Now Donna’s not ready for casual sex after all. At the Peach Pit, Gina snipes at Dylan about Kelly. He tells her he’s doing Gina a favor by pushing her away: “I’m poison. People around me die.” After he leaves, she goes to the bathroom to purge.

Donna finds Kelly distressed at the beach apartment, and Kelly finally tells her about her assault. Her attacker threatened to kill her, and she feels like he did, in a way. The next day, Donna asks Wayne for some time to figure out what she wants to do. The tape from the security camera proves that the police followed Joe and accused him of stealing a stereo they never even saw. Matt’s able to get Joe released.

Noah wants to talk to Donna about living arrangements, but she wants to focus on Kelly right now. Despite his success getting Joe cleared, Matt knows he’s guilty. Joe will be putting in some time at Matt’s office to pay his bill. Dylan relays a message to Kelly that the police still haven’t found her rapist; her description isn’t consistent enough for them to find a suspect. Matt apologizes to them for accusing them of keeping secrets.

Steve shows his pictures to the guy putting together the anthology, but he’s not interested anymore. Janet tries to encourage Steve to stick to his newfound hobby, since Pollock wasn’t appreciated at first either. Steve admits that the photo that got the guy’s attention in the first place was a fluke – he dropped the camera and it went off by itself. Janet admires him for working so hard. She wants to keep one of the pictures he took of her, even though she doesn’t like being photographed.

Dylan goes to Gina’s tryout, but David asks him to leave. When Gina’s name is called for her turn, she doesn’t appear. David goes looking for her, and another competitor tells him that Gina threw up and fainted in the bathroom. Noah wants to see Donna, who tells him she’s not free but won’t explain why. Kelly’s upset that the odds of her rapist being found are getting smaller and smaller. At her request, Dylan brings her a gun to help her feel safer.

Thoughts: The girl at the rink who talks to David is played by Keiko Agena (Lane from Gilmore Girls).

’90s music alert: “Save Tonight” by Eagle Eye Cherry.

Jennie Garth is good in this episode, but I wish she’d find a way to telegraph anxiety other than running her hands through her hair.

Hi, Noah. Why are you on this show?

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