May 2, 2020

Felicity 1.17, Assassins: Just Shoot Me

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Elena, you’re awesome. We’ll talk about your outfit later

Summary: Felicity wakes up in her bed, unsure if her memories of the previous night are real, or if everything was a dream. Her voiceover to Sally isn’t specific, but she and Eli definitely did something. Noel comes by and apologizes for the whole Hanna situation. He promises that it’s all over with her. The whole time he was with her, he was thinking of Felicity. They didn’t sleep together. Felicity can’t handle this right now, so she comes up with an excuse to leave.

Julie meets Felicity in the library and asks how things worked out with Noel. Felicity says he’s done with Hanna, but now things are complicated. Sean joins them and starts to tell them about his new project, which requires some sort of research, but Julie makes him leave. Felicity goes as well.

An RA named Daryl brings Noel a box and reminds him that he’s in charge of doing something on his floor that Noel doesn’t want to do. Noel calls a floor meeting to address security issues caused by people not knowing each other well enough and just letting anyone into the building. The solution is a bonding game called Assassins. Elena’s thrilled, having played it at her boarding school.

Noel explains that they’re all now hitmen (okay, Elena, hit people) and will receive guns. Lewis the weirdo asks to be a conscientious objector, since he’s a pacifist. Richard calls him a wuss. Noel clarifies that the guns contain suction darts. Each assassin will receive the name of someone in the dorm and be expected to “kill” that person, then take the name of that person’s target. Noel doesn’t care if people play or not. Elena’s determined to win since she came in second the last time she played.

Noel approaches Felicity and promises to do anything she wants him to so she’ll forgive him. He’s also made her a mix tape. Richard interrupts to complain that his gun’s broken. Then get another one, genius. How does this guy get through the day? Elena can’t believe Noel is even talking to Felicity, after all the Hanna stuff.

Over at the loft, Julie is now interested in what Sean’s up to, since he’s reading about Mayans and Incas. The project isn’t business-related, though – he has a crush on someone who works in the library, so he’s been going there a bunch. Ben and Lynn come home, debating whether to go see a band at 1 a.m., just hours before they have swim practice. Ben decides to give it a shot. Sean asks Julie to talk to his crush for him.

Felicity listens to Noel’s tape, but Elena tells her not to let it sway her. He shouldn’t get away with everything he did to her. Felicity feels horrible that he feels horrible, but Elena doesn’t care. She tells Felicity to focus on Assassins right now – Richard is her target. There’s a knock at the door, and Elena, suddenly paranoid, grabs her dart gun in case it’s a trick. The knocker is supposedly a delivery guy, but Elena’s skeptical.

Meghan comes in the other door (Elena almost shoots her) and announces that the delivery was real; someone sent Felicity flowers. Felicity decides she needs to go talk to Noel. Elena stays behind and asks Meghan who her target is. Meghan hasn’t even opened her envelope yet, and when she opens it and sees that Elena is her target, she reveals that she doesn’t know who Elena is. Elena pretends she doesn’t, either.

In Noel’s room, he apologizes again, but Felicity stops him and says she has to tell him something. She can’t keep listening to his apologies and accepting his tapes and flowers. Noel’s confused, since he didn’t send her flowers. Guess what – they’re from Eli! Felicity comes clean, admitting that she and Eli were together last night, and she slept with him. Noel walks out without a word.

Noel tries to concentrate in class, but obviously, that’s impossible right now. He leaves, citing “complete emotional turmoil.” Felicity finds Eli in the art studio and tells him that last night probably shouldn’t have happened. He gets that she’s in a rough spot in her relationship, but he thinks she slept with him to feel better. He’s not hurt – people do that all the time. He’d like to be Felicity’s backup if things don’t work out with Noel.

Felicity makes a tape to Sally, stuck on what Eli said about people doing what she did all the time. She left the studio to try to leave behind everything that happened, but she knows that’s not possible. She can never change the fact that her first time having sex was with someone she didn’t know.

Julie and Sean are waiting for his crush in the library when someone shoots Julie with a dart. Julie claims the library is out of bounds. Sean’s crush comes in and he gets nervous about talking to someone so gorgeous. He decides to give her a letter he wrote her. Julie reads it and says he can’t give it to her. She volunteers to talk to her and at least learn her name. Sean second-guesses their plan, but Julie thinks it’s good. She learns that the crush’s name is Chloe and urges Sean to ask her out. He wants to implement stage 2 instead, whatever it is.

Elena’s target is the guy I named Brian, and she’s staking out his door, waiting for him to come out so she can ambush him. It almost works, but he closes the door before the dart can hit him. He chastises Elena for her methods, but she’s not going to give up. Oh, wait, his name is Guy! I thought IMDb called him Guy because he’s, like, just a guy. Anyway, Felicity wrote Noel a note, but Elena thinks she should let him keep suffering. Guy calls through his door for Elena, wondering if she’s still there. Well, she’s not going to tell you if she is, buddy.

Lynn goes by Dean & DeLuca to invite him out to something that night. Ben struggled to get to swim practice that morning after their late night out, but Lynn thinks he can handle another one. Noel gets Felicity’s note when he comes home, but he doesn’t want to read it. Richard comes by to clarify the rules of Assassins, then reveals that he has Noel’s name. He fumbles his gun while pulling it out, then gets off a line he must have practiced a bunch, talking about the hunted becoming the hunter. Noel invites him to shoot.

Richard urges Noel to open up to him, guessing he’s going through something with Felicity, and that another guy is involved. Richard once dated a girl from summer camp who was interested in another guy, so Richard looked into him. He was a Minnow, one of the weakest swimmers at camp. Noel likes the idea of finding out more about the guy your girlfriend is interested in. Richard warns that it’s a bad idea.

Noel ignores him and asks Felicity how she and Eli met. She tells him about their mutual love of art but resists sharing anything else. Noel hopes they were at least drunk when they slept together. He reminds Felicity that she wouldn’t sleep with him because she wasn’t ready. Felicity points out that she thought he was breaking up with her when he left to go to Hanna’s. He angrily asks if sleeping with Eli was revenge. He throws her Magic 8 Ball across the room, because he is very mentally stable right now. Felicity emotionally says that she made a horrible mistake and would do anything to take back the last two days.

Guy begs Elena to let him leave his room so he can use the bathroom. She allows him a five-minute break, but just when he thinks he’s safe, she shoots him. Guy complains to Noel that Elena cheats. “So does everyone,” Noel sighs. Felicity has just told Julie her whole relationship fiasco, and Julie says she can relate, having slept with someone she wished she hadn’t. Felicity says Eli was kind about the whole thing; he wasn’t the part of this that’s so horrible. The horrible part is just that it happened.

Felicity hates that everything was so great with Noel just a little while ago, and now it’s all fallen apart. She has no idea what she was thinking and wishes she hadn’t gone to the art studio. Richard comes up and confronts her for hurting Noel. Felicity is able to kill two birds with one stone by shooting him – she takes out her frustrations on him and eliminates him from the game at the same time. However, this means that her new target is Noel.

Noel goes to the art studio and spies on Eli a little. He finds some sketches Eli did of Felicity (though they don’t look like her), and when asked, Eli says she’s “just some girl.” Sean is ready for stage 2, which involves giving Chloe a day planner. Basically, he wants to give her a gift as an incentive for going out with him. Has Sean ever dated before? Is he from this planet?

Noel drinks at Epstein Bar, and Lynn calls him out on copying movies by wanting to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He gets one more drink and then he has to go home and see his girlfriend. Back at the dorm, Meghan, Daryl, and Lewis end up in a three-way stand-off. Daryl thinks one of the other two has him as a target, but it’s actually Elena, who uses their stand-off as a distraction to take him out.

Felicity is listening to Noel’s tape when he comes by, drunk, and says everything that happened was his fault. Felicity won’t let him take all the responsibility. They hug, then start kissing, and Noel says he thinks they can move past what happened. Felicity thinks they should talk about it more and figure out why it happened. Noel would rather just act like everything’s fine and have sex. Felicity has to push him off to get him to stop kissing her. Noel realizes he shouldn’t be there.

The next day, the two of them avoid each other in the cafeteria. Meghan cuts in line in front of Felicity and snags the last Jell-o, which Felicity was about to take. Meghan says something snide about Noel, so Felicity calls her a “selfish, offensive freak show.” Elena comes up, pulls her gun on Meghan, and orders her to give Felicity the Jell-o. Guess who Elena’s target is? She shoots Meghan, which means Elena’s new target is…herself. Meghan remarks that she thought having sex would have loosened Felicity up, but she’s worse than ever.

Julie tries to make plans with Ben for the next week, hoping to get in before Lynn, but failing. Ben assures her that he knows her birthday is coming up and he won’t forget it. He invites her to the bar after class, promising he won’t stay out late again. Julie declines. At the library, Sean introduces himself to Chloe and tries to strike up a conversation about archeology before just going for it and asking her out. She’s not really listening and thinks he’s asking her to look up a book. When Sean clarifies what he wants, she tells him she’d like to go out, but she doesn’t know what her schedule is. She lost her day planner.

Ben hangs out with Lynn at the bar while Sean and Chloe go out. Felicity and Elena run into Noel, and Elena gets them to confirm that they have each other as targets. She thinks they should shoot each other as some form of therapy. They won’t, so Elena says they’re disqualified. I guess she wins, then.

Felicity and Noel go to her room and lament how things have turned out. He waited for her to get over her feelings for Ben, and it was worth it, but when he told her he was confused about his feelings for Hanna, Felicity ran off and slept with someone else. Felicity says it sounds almost like Noel was testing her. She never thought she would act the way she did.

Noel acknowledges that he did something wrong, but when he had the chance to sleep with Hanna, he didn’t. He can’t forgive Felicity for not making the same decision. Felicity reminds him that he left with Hanna, so she’s not sure she can forgive him, either. So that’s the end of Noel and Felicity.

Thoughts: My college had a game similar to Assassins, but I think it ended before I got there. There was something about having to take a plastic spoon from your target (maybe that was where their target’s name was written). There was a rule about the target having to be fully clothed when you did your hit, so people wouldn’t be ambushed in the shower. On at least one occasion, a person who was caught while wearing a towel just dropped it so the assassin couldn’t carry out the hit.

Ben really needs a plot. Elena has a better storyline in this episode. Richard and Meghan have more to do than he does.

A mix tape! So ’90s.

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  1. Deja said,

    Noel wants to be morally superior over everything. He def had the intent to seek intimacy w/ Hannah (he didn’t even want to tell Felicity where he was going) and pushed Felicity off. He was the one making selfish decisions whereas Felicity was seeking comfort.

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