April 25, 2020

Felicity 1.16, The Fugue: Unfinished Pieces

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Hello, I am here to use the phone and also ruin your relationship

Summary: Now that Javier has gone back to Spain, there’s a new manager at Dean & DeLuca, Abby. She wants to do employee evaluations, and she’s administering them like they’re final exams. Felicity tells her that Javier already evaluated them. Abby doesn’t consider those acceptable, since they’re mostly just descriptions of how Javier felt about each of them.

Suddenly Hannah pops in, asking to use the phone. Despite breaking up with Noel, she came to New York to attend the conservatory after all. She’s happy to hear that Noel’s doing well. Maybe not so happy to hear that he and Felicity are together, but she had to have known that would happen sooner or later, right?

At the dorm, Felicity goes straight to Noel’s room, but he’s already on the phone with Hannah. He invites her to go out with them and their friends, which Felicity is a little nervous about. She’s not sure if she should have a problem with her boyfriend’s ex spending time with them. Noel decides it’s not weird, just surprising.

Felicity goes to lunch with Elena, who spots Eli and says he’s cute. He comes over to chat, thrilling Elena, but he just wants to talk to Felicity. He put some sketches she left in the art studio in a drawer and invites her to come by and get them. Julie plays guitar and sings on Ben and Sean’s kitchen counter, like, come on. Ben brings home a bunch of guys from the swim team, including Lynn, who starts playing Julie’s guitar. Sean offers them his weird cereal while Julie leaves.

Felicity, Noel, Julie, and Hannah go to Epstein Bar, where Lynn is a waiter. Ben plays darts with his swim buddies instead of sitting with his girlfriend and friends. Felicity spies on Noel and Hannah as they chat alone, and Julie wonders if she’s worried about Hannah. She and the guy she was interested in before didn’t work out. Plus, Felicity is sure that she knew Felicity worked at Dean & DeLuca, so it can’t be a coincidence that she showed up there. Julie thinks Felicity’s being a typical girlfriend, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hannah has to leave, so Noel walks her out to get a cab. She tells him she’s working on a fugue, a piece where phrases are repeated and you bring in multiple melodies. She asks him to listen to what she’s done so far and give some feedback, like he used to. As she gets in the cab, she kisses him. So no, Felicity has nothing to worry about at all!

The next day, Noel hangs out at Dean & DeLuca and half-listens while Felicity talks about McGrath. Abby pulls her away to tell her to stop socializing while she’s on the clock. When Felicity returns to complain to Noel, he blurts out that Hannah kissed him. She asks why he didn’t tell her last night. Noel says it didn’t mean anything, and he didn’t kiss her back.

Felicity thinks he might be telling her now because he feels conflicted and wants to get past that. She asks how long the kiss was. Noel demonstrates, trying to downplay it. He insists that he’s not going to see her again. Their last communication will be when he sends back her tape.

Julie gets passive-aggressive about all the time Ben’s spending with his new friends, saying over and over that it’s fine. He’s sure they like her. Sean says they don’t. Apparently Lynn mentioned an open-mic night at the bar, and when Julie said she was interested, he ignored her. Plus, Ben previously thought Lynn was a jerk, but now he likes him.

Ben says Lynn probably didn’t think she was serious about open-mic night; Julie’s just overreacting. Sean says she isn’t. He’s annoyed that there are three of them staying there, and he’s the only one paying. Ben and Julie talk about the previous night, which made her feel uncomfortable because she was the girlfriend tagging along with him while he hung out with his friends. Ben encourages her to do the open-mic night, promising to be there.

Noel puts Hannah’s tape in an envelope, and that’s when I learn that I’ve been spelling her name wrong. It’s Hanna, not Hannah. Grr. Instead of mailing the tape back, he takes it to her apartment. Dude, come on. He gives her the tape and says he can’t help her. Hanna realizes she screwed things up by kissing him; now everything’s serious. It was the most natural-feeling thing she’s done in months, but she knows she shouldn’t have done it. It just felt right because they’ve talked about living in New York together, and this is how she imagined things would be.

Hanna reveals that she decided to come to New York by flipping a coin. She tried dating that guy she was interested in, but he wasn’t as great as she’d thought. She realized she didn’t know what she was doing, and she’d been accepted at the conservatory in New York, and when the coin came up heads, she came. Noel says they can’t act like things are the same as they used to be. He was thrown when he learned that Hanna was in New York all this time instead of Chicago.

Felicity goes to the art studio, where she hasn’t been for a few weeks. Eli’s there and gives her the sketches he gathered. She asks about the painting he was working on, which turns out to be of his grandfather. He shows her the finished piece and tells her about the subject. He tells her she’s a good artist and would love to talk to her about her work sometime. Felicity says she’s really busy, so that will have to wait. Eli encourages her to keep making art.

Noel listens to classical music and looks at some old photos in his room. Felicity comes by to tell him that Julie’s doing the open-mic night. He turns off the music and admits that he was listening to Hanna’s tape. He promises that nothing happened when he met up with her. Felicity promises that she didn’t think anything had happened.

Noel tells her he’s thinking things over because the situation is confusing him. He doesn’t want Felicity to make him feel guilty about going to see Hanna. Now Felicity’s confused, because she didn’t mean to make him feel confused. She asks if Noel is trying o figure out if he still loves Hanna. Noel says that of course he still loves her; they dated for years. Felicity tries to clarify if he loves her loves her or just cares about her. Noel pauses, then firmly says no, he doesn’t still love her.

At Dean & DeLuca, Felicity tells Ben (who I don’t think works there anymore) that she’s working through some issues with Noel. Ben is sure that things will work out. He doubts that Noel would choose anyone over her. Lynn hosts open-mic night at Epstein Bar, which features a beat poet who is definitely living in the wrong decade. Lynn tries to connect with Julie, who isn’t in the mood. Ben hasn’t shown up yet. Julie’s too nervous to tune her guitar correctly, so Lynn does it for her. He has perfect pitch, the fourth thing he does better than anyone else. Now Julie likes him. Well, that was easy!

Elena tries to intercept Felicity when she gets back to the dorm, not wanting her to see Noel leaving his room with Hanna. It doesn’t work. Felicity pulls Noel away to ask why they’re hanging out. Noel says she asked for help with her piece. Felicity’s mad that he’s making excuses – clearly he wants to spend time with Hanna. Noel points out that your feelings for someone don’t go away automatically when you start having feelings for someone else.

Felicity thinks he feels like his relationship with Hanna was deeper than their relationship is because they haven’t slept together. She’s suddenly grateful that they haven’t, because she wouldn’t want to give so much of herself to someone who doesn’t know how he really feels about her. Noel admits that he thought things were over between him and Hanna. Now, he’s not sure.

Felicity asks if he’s breaking up with her. Noel doesn’t want to ask her to wait while he figures out what he wants, but he does anyway. Felicity thinks he’s already done that – if she hadn’t come back when she did, he and Hanna would have left together. She watches the two of them go, then goes to her room to cry.

Lynn introduces Julie, who starts playing just before Felicity arrives at the bar. Ben comes in and Felicity looks on as he watches Julie, who seems to be singing to him. Later that night, Felicity starts to make a tape for Sally but gets interrupted by a visit from Eli. He invites her to the studio to look at some of his sketches. The sketches are of her, and for some reason, she doesn’t run screaming from the studio. Eli asks Felicity to sit for her while he draws her.

Hanna plays her fugue for Noel (and it certainly looks like Jennifer Garner is actually playing), stuck for how to end it. He reminds her of a piece she worked on last year, which he helped her with by telling her to stick with what she’d been doing instead of trying something new. She likes that idea.

Felicity feels silly sitting for Eli; she’s sketched models before, but she never thought about how self-conscious it must make them. She once drew a woman who was so still, Felicity worried she’d died. The two of them are now alone in the studio. As Hanna keeps playing and Noel keeps watching her, Eli poses Felicity and heightens the sexual tension.

She leaves to call Noel, who of course isn’t in his room. He touches Hanna’s hair and kisses the top of her head, which makes her stop playing. They start making out. As Eli helps Felicity get more comfortable, Hanna and Noel take it to the bed. Eli kisses Felicity, and then their clothes start coming off. Noel stops things at the last minute, telling Hanna they can’t do this. She invites him to stay without doing anything, but he knows he shouldn’t be there. Meanwhile, Felicity makes it clear to Eli that she doesn’t want to stop.

Thoughts: Abby is played by Alexandra Wentworth.

I like Sean as commentator/Greek chorus.

One of my college classmates claimed he chose our school through a coin clip. I don’t know if he was serious, but his life turned out pretty great, so I guess I shouldn’t knock that method of decision-making.

Elena is being criminally underused here. I hope she has other friends to hang out with.

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