June 12, 2021

Felicity 4.13, Kiss and Tell: Everything Will Be Fine

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Summary: Mr. Covington has recovered from his transplant and is out of the hospital, having dinner with Ben at Epstein Bar. He has a bunch of time off from his job, so he and Mrs. C. are just going to relax together. Mr. C. saw Lauren recently and found out she’s pregnant. Ben pretends that’s brand-new information. Mr. C. doesn’t know who the baby’s father is, but Lauren said he doesn’t want to be involved. Mr. C. thinks that guy’s a loser. And that’s coming from a guy who practically abandoned his own kid!

After dinner, Ben goes to the dorm apartment and asks Felicity to go for a walk. He wants her opinion on the whole Lauren/baby situation. She says she’s overwhelmed. Ben tells her Mr. C. knows about the baby but not that Ben is the father. Ben still thinks things are going to turn out fine. Felicity keeps saying she knows that, but it doesn’t sound like she believes it.

Felicity lies awake that night while Ben sleeps, and she goes to the loft’s living room, where Noel is making a late-night snack. She confides that she feels like everything’s changing. He’s sure that her life plans will work out, just like his are after she told him so many times last year that they would. He suggests that she look at classes that might provide her with a new course in life. Felicity shows an interest in architecture, so Noel offers to connect her with a grad-student friend of his, Adam, who’s looking for help with a model for a contest. Felicity likes the idea of taking on a new project right now.

In the morning, Meghan tells Sean she wants to go out that night. Sean is too busy working on his latest idea, shoe covers to go over your sneakers to make them look like dress shoes. Meghan thinks people would prefer to just buy new shoes. They start fighting. Shocking! Ben and Trevor meet with the counselor who gave Noel his job (I guess he came back after Noel left), hoping he can tell them if they’re on the right track with their med-school applications. He tells them to do some volunteer work. There’s an opening with Big Brothers, so the guys will try that.

Noel and Zoe run into each other at work, and the awkwardness is palpable. Noel addresses it head-on, saying he doesn’t think things need to be weird between them. They can just be professional. Zoe’s happy to hear that, since her father’s going out of town for a couple of weeks and has left her in charge of the account Noel is working on. Noel’s like, “Yes, professionalism, let’s go! Also, come to a party my friends are throwing.”

Felicity meets Adam, who’s more interested in advice on his personal life than her help with his model. His girlfriend used to help him, but it looks like she wants to date someone else now. I think Felicity’s going to have to hear about this a lot. That means we are, too. Can I preemptively opt out of this storyline? I could recap something else instead.

Ben and Mr. C. are getting ready to go to some game together; afterward, Mr. C. wants to visit Lauren and give her some pregnancy-related books. Since the baby’s father isn’t going to be involved, Mr. C. wants to step up. Ben decides this is the time to tell Mr. C. that he’s the baby’s father. He tries to make Lauren look like the bad guy here, since she waited four months to tell him about the baby. Mr. C. is sympathetic, since Ben is so young and has plans of going to med school and becoming a doctor. He acknowledges that this is a complicated situation.

Felicity was supposed to go to the loft, but she’s working on Adam’s model at the dorm apartment. She didn’t get much direction from Adam, since he’s so focused on his love life. Ben tells her that he filled Mr. C. in on the baby, and Mr. C. just listened like a normal dad. Ben thinks Felicity’s upset and invites her to talk, but she wants to keep working on the model.

The next day, Sean and Noel join a staff meeting Zoe’s leading. Noel presents an idea about a mail-order catalog, but Zoe immediately shoots it down, and not very nicely. After the meeting, Sean asks Noel if he and Zoe are sleeping together. Apparently the tension between them put that idea in his head. Sean would prefer a peaceful work environment since his home environment is definitely not peaceful. He complains that Meghan hates all his ideas.

The two have stopped at a coffee cart, and the woman running it hears about the shoe covers and comes up with a name, Shoe Jackets. Don’t quit your day job, coffee cart chick. Sean’s happy, though, and invites her to the same party Noel invited Zoe to (it’s at the dorm apartment). The coffee cart chick, Clancy, accepts. As they leave, Noel reminds Sean that he’s married, but Sean says he’s trying to set up Sean with Clancy.

Meghan may have excelled as Margo in All About Eve, but her attempt at playing Juliet isn’t going as well. Her scene partner, Rocco, isn’t exactly a Broadway-caliber actor, but he looks like a good kisser. Javier is stunned to see him just go for it, especially since he leaves Meghan speechless. After class, Rocco invites Meghan to come see his band that night. She invites him to come to the party first. Javier reminds Meghan that she’s married, but Meghan likes the idea of hanging out with someone who doesn’t go to bed at 9:00.

Felicity meets with Adam again, and he’s still obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and the end of his relationship. She commiserates with him, and he finally snaps into work mode. Unfortunately, Felicity will have to keep working on the model that night. Mr. C. goes by the loft, where Ben is getting ready to start his Big Brother volunteering. Mr. C. is upset on Ben’s behalf that he’s in a tough situation with Lauren, but he thinks Ben is making the wrong decision. Ben really doesn’t want advice about parenting from the man who was never really a father to him. Mr. C. says he’s trying to be a parent now, but Ben says it’s too late.

Ben goes to meet his little brother, but the second he sees the kid, he realizes he can’t mentor a child. He turns around and leaves. Noel asks Zoe why she was so hard on him during the staff meeting, especially since they agreed to be professional. If she’s uncomfortable with the way things stand between them, they can talk about it, but she can’t just shoot down his ideas without listening to them. Zoe thinks the problem is on his end, and that Noel is having trouble working below her. He points out that without him, the company wouldn’t have this account. He urges her to actually review his and Sean’s ideas.

Felicity and Adam stay up until 4:00 in the morning working on the model. He thinks she’s trying to escape something. She just says her life is intense right now. She had fun doing the model, and Adam says she’s good at this. She should consider architecture as her future. He wants to take her to dinner as a thank-you, but Felicity has the party at the apartment. She invites Adam to come. He tells her that no matter what’s going on in her life, everything will be fine.

Everyone else on the show is at the dorm apartment for the party. Trevor is thrilled with his little brother and asks Ben what he did with his. Ben lies that they just hung out. Elena pops into the episode, then pops back out. Clancy hasn’t shown up yet, but Zoe’s there. Ben tells Felicity he has to leave – Mr. C. just called from a bar, about to take a drink.

Sean introduces himself to Rocco, clearly jealous of the attention Meghan’s giving him. When Clancy arrives, Sean says he’s ready to party all night. Rocco tells Meghan he’s totally into the idea of being with someone in an open marriage. As retaliation against Sean, Meghan introduces herself to Clancy as Sean’s husband, then announces that Rocco kissed her in class. The spouses end up fighting in the kitchen, then split up to spend time with their new friends.

Adam arrives at the party and tells Felicity he submitted the model. He doesn’t think it has a chance, since the other entries were so good. She tells him she’ll be fine. Zoe and Noel find a quiet place to talk, and she tells him his catalog is actually good. She apologizes for not being professional. She got flustered because he chose a seat next to another female co-worker instead of her. Noel says he was just too nervous to sit next to Zoe. They kiss, so I guess that whole “we’ll keep everything professional” thing is out the window.

Felicity and Adam chat in her bedroom about how his relationship is definitely over and she’s still struggling with stuff she won’t tell him about. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him, telling him she has a boyfriend. Poor Adam is embarrassed enough to leave. Ben rushes to the bar Mr. C. called him from and slams him for not calling his sponsor instead of his child. Mr. C. really just wanted to talk more about how Ben is making a big mistake with Lauren. Ben can’t believe Mr. C. lied about wanting to drink so he could manipulate Ben into talking to him.

Mr. C. tries to apologize, but Ben says his apologies mean nothing. If Mr. C. wants to drink, he can, but if he does, Ben will never forgive him. Mr. C. says he doesn’t want to drink. He knows he’s a bad father, but he also knows that Ben will always regret it if he doesn’t do the right thing for his own child. He’s too good a person to just walk away.

When Ben gets back to the dorm apartment, the party’s over and everyone’s in bed. He again asks Felicity for her thoughts on what’s happening. He feels like she’s avoiding having a discussion about the situation. She admits that’s true – she doesn’t know what to say. She keeps thinking about how he promised that the baby wouldn’t change anything for them, but she can’t make herself believe that. Like Mr. C., she doesn’t think Ben will be able to live with himself if he abandons his child.

Over at the loft, Meghan and Sean are giving each other the silent treatment, which, I have to say, is a nice change from fighting. They both admit that they didn’t hook up with their new friends. Meghan says she just wants to have fun sometimes. Sean says he just wants Meghan to like one of his ideas. She admits that the shoes she wore to the party were uncomfortable, so maybe Sean could help her with that. He suggests shoe covers. Just don’t call them Shoe Jackets.

The next door, Felicity and Noel run into each other at Epstein Bar. Adam called Noel after the party, feeling terrible about what happened with Felicity. Noel invites Felicity to talk, but she says she has a lot on her mind that she’s trying to work through. Zoe joins him, and Noel introduces her as a co-worker. Yeah, a co-worker he’s meeting for a meal after a make-out session. Totally professional!

Ben asks Mr. C. to come to the loft, where he admits that Mr. C. is right about Ben making a mistake. Mr. C. offers to help however he can. Later, Ben goes to meet his little brother, Oscar. He’s brought some toys to see what Oscar likes, and when Oscar says he wants to play basketball, they make an instant connection. Oscar, you’re about to learn all you could ever want to know about brooding.

Thoughts: Writers, stop sidelining the more interesting characters on your show just so you can do more angsty stuff with your main three.

I’m not sure how much time is supposed to have passed between “A Perfect Match” and now, but I doubt it’s enough for Mr. C. to have made such a big recovery. I also doubt his doctor would be okay with him going out so much and being around big crowds full of germs when his immune system is compromised.

I think the better plot would have been Ben bonding with Oscar and from there realizing he couldn’t abandon his child. The way it played out, he just resisted a bunch until Mr. C. and Felicity told him to stop, and then he changed his mind.

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