February 21, 2010

BSC #31, Dawn’s Wicked Stepsister: They’re Both Awful

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It's just like "The Simple Life" - Dawn looks like Paris Hilton and Mary Anne looks like a farmer

Summary: Picking up right where Mary Anne and the Great Romance left off, Dawn and her mom adjust to Mary Anne and Richard moving into the house. It doesn’t go well. I guess Richard and Sharon didn’t bother to discuss things like the Schafers’ vegetarianism or Richard and Sharon’s differences in cleaning philosophies before they decided to get married. Dawn and Mary Anne suffer the most from the move, as they’ve chosen to share a room, a decision that quickly proves to be a bad one.

While Dawn thinks Mary Anne is “wicked” (and, to be fair, she’s a big brat at some points), Dawn isn’t much nicer. With some input from Jeff, Dawn decides to get Mary Anne out of her room by making her think she’s hearing a ghost in the house’s secret passage so she’ll move out on her own and no one’s feelings will be hurt. Because it’s much better to scare the crap out of your stepsister than to have an honest conversation with her about how you feel. Whatever, things are fine in the end. But you couldn’t pay me to live with any of those people.

The B plot is kind of fun, if completely unrealistic. All the Pikes are sick or injured, so the BSC girls have to take care of them. Mallory’s 11-year-old-ness really comes out here; she can whine with the best of ’em.

Thoughts: Richard and Sharon let Dawn and Mary Anne spend the night alone in the Spiers’ house the night after the wedding. Isn’t 13 young for that? Also, no way Richard would go for that.

I felt bad for Mary Anne for having to move from the only house she’d ever lived in, but when she used that to guilt Dawn into giving her a sitting job, that went away. And whatever traces were left went away when she called Dawn fat. Shut up, Mary Anne.

Myriah Perkins wants to write a letter to the president (Bush Sr. at the time) to tell him she lost a tooth. Myriah is awesome.

Why does Richard keep making bacon for Sharon when he knows she won’t eat it? Wouldn’t he object to wasting food?

Don’t Dawn and Sharon know that if you have an Oriental rug, it’s the only place your cat will ever get sick? And a follow-up question: why do Dawn and Sharon have an Oriental rug?

Mallory admits to having chicken pox scars in “unmentionable places.” And now I will never think of her the same way again.


  1. Jen said,

    Just stumbled across your blog! Awesome! I love a good snarky bsc or svh recap.

  2. beckyboo said,

    But what happened to the cliffhanger from the previous book? WHO CAUGHT THE BOUQUET???

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