February 19, 2010

SVH #30, Jealous Lies: Everybody Lies

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The Pink Ladies called. They want...actually, they said to keep the jacket.

Summary: Jean West wants to join Pi Beta Alpha (and considering she’s practically perfect in every way, it’s a surprise she isn’t already a member), but her best friend Sandra Bacon doesn’t want her to join because it’s the only thing she has that gets her out of Jean’s shadow. She nominates Jean because she’s expected to, then tries to sabotage the pledge process so Jean won’t be able to join. What a wonderful best friend. She suggests that Jean have to invite Tom McKay to a party, knowing that Tom doesn’t like Jean, but Jean wins Tom over and the invitation works out. So then Sandra tells Tom that Jean was using him for her pledge process, making him stand her up for the party, which is supposed to get Jean booted from PBA consideration.

Again, it doesn’t work, since the PBA girls and Jean agree to get revenge by having Jean pretend to believe that Tom was sick (his reason for standing her up), ask him to a dance, and humiliate him in front of the whole school. (That’s always how it works in YA books and TV shows.) But then Jean falls in love with Tom and decides that she’d rather be with him than join PBA, so she doesn’t go through with the humiliation. She also finds out what a wonderful friend Sandra has been, and that friendship implodes about as quickly as you’d expect. But it all works out since Sandra apologizes, Jean forgives her, Tom reciprocates Jean’s feelings, and the PBA girls decide that Sandra and Jean have both earned their spots in the sorority. And I can’t believe I just typed that whole boring summary out.

In the B plot, Steven decides to quit college and work on a cruise ship. His family and Cara hate the idea, but the twins suggest using reverse psychology to get him to stay – everyone will pretend to support him until he…I don’t know, I lost my train of thought. I’ve already expended enough energy on that plot. Needless to say, it works and Steven stays put.

At the very end of the book, Jeffrey French turns up, having just moved to Sweet Valley from Oregon, and we’re promised “the hottest matchmaking duel ever” in the next book. Are matchmaking duels usually hot? Because I think even if it’s as cold as ice (which it probably will be), it’ll still be the hottest matchmaking duel ever.

Thoughts: Sandra lies to Jean, Jean lies to Tom, Tom lies to Jean, everyone lies to Steven…. These people are all horrible.

I don’t get the trend of books about people we don’t care about falling in love. Who freaking cares? Not that I care about any of the characters in the series, but still. Shouldn’t the twins not be supporting characters in their own series?

Ned tells a joke: “One guy says, ‘My daughter went around the world this summer.’ And the other guy says, ‘Oh, really? Where’s she going next summer?'” Oh, wait, jokes are supposed to be funny. Never mind, he didn’t tell a joke.

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  1. CNJ said,

    Sandra is a creep.

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