April 7, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.2, The Lost Weekend: More Like the Lost Hour of My Life I Can Never Get Back

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And then the plane crashes! I wish

Summary: It’s Sunday, and Dawson’s still at Joey’s college, but preparing to fly back to California. Joey realizes it’s the last day to drop a class she wants to get out of. Dawson checks his messages and gets the one she left him from the party, basically saying she’s done with him. She tells him she was drunk and doesn’t even remember what she said.

Dawson’s angry that she didn’t say anything about the message. Joey tells him she was mad that they haven’t resolved anything, though Dawson thought they did. Audrey interrupts and Joey tells her she was going to show Dawson around campus but can’t since she has to go drop her writing class. Audrey suggests that Dawson join a campus tour.

Elsewhere in Boston, Jen is freaking out because she didn’t give Charlie her phone number. She also feels bad about herself for throwing herself at him, as she sees it. Jack tries to calm her down by noting that she hasn’t slept with anyone since he’s known her; he’s even kissed more guys than Jen has. “This is the saddest competition ever,” she says. He tells her that in college, no one’s keeping track. They find themselves outside the campus radio station, where Charlie happens to be working.

Professor Wilder wants Joey to stay in his class, noting that most people are desperate to get in. He doesn’t usually take freshmen anyway. He guesses correctly that Joey didn’t rewrite her story about Dawson. She says something’s changed since Friday, and the class is too much work. Professor Wilder can’t really find a reason not to let her drop the class, so he does.

Audrey takes Dawson to the starting point of the campus tour, and of course they talk about Joey. Audrey reveals that she’s a tour guide, and she’ll be showing Dawson around. Jen invites herself to join Charlie’s show, objecting to a listener’s song request and talking to Charlie about music and regrets. She wonders if, hypothetically, someone might regret not getting a girl’s number. Charlie admits that he thought she was with Jack, so Jen assures him that Jack isn’t in the picture like that.

In the marina, Pacey listens to the same station and flirts with a girl named Melanie, who he’s apparently been dating. As she leaves, Doug arrives to ask his brother what he plans to do with his life. He’s been back in the States for a little under a month and has no permanent job. Doug gives Pacey a chef’s card, encouraging him to meet the guy. Pacey doesn’t want to but will if it means Doug will leave him alone.

Back at Worthington, Joey sees that the line to drop classes is about a mile long. Audrey asks Dawson about USC, wondering what he thinks of L.A. (she’s from there and hates it). It turns out they both know (and hate) a girl from Audrey’s high school. Dawson is less than enthusiastic about USC, and Audrey notes that he ditched it to fly across the country to see Joey. He kind of wishes his high school friends weren’t so awesome so he wouldn’t miss them so much.

Pacey drops by the chef’s restaurant and meets Danny Brecher, who immediately hires him as a dishwasher. Pacey objects that he only came by as a favor to Doug. Danny keeps offering, but says that if Pacey doesn’t think he needs to the job, he should just leave. Jen goes with Charlie to his room to settle a bet over whether or not he owns a Dolly Parton album. He wants to subvert her expectations, blah blah blah, he just wants in her pants. She makes it easier on him by making out with him.

Joey calls Dawson and learns that he’s been spending the day with Audrey. The two of them catch up to Joey, and while Audrey holds Joey’s place in line, she pulls Dawson aside and he tells Joey he likes Audrey. Joey says Audrey’s just flirting with him. She encourages him to hang out with Jen and Jack instead. Dawson wants to talk about their relationship instead. Joey points out that her message said the same thing he did in June about the two of them going their separate ways. He wonders if she’s really ready for that.

Joey finally gets to the front of the line, but the registrar shows her that Professor Wilder signed her drop slip “Oscar Wilde.” Melanie meets Pacey at the restaurant, and they exposition that she’s in law school but spent the summer on her uncle’s boat, which is how she and Pacey met. Melanie offers to pay for lunch since Pacey doesn’t have a job. She also teases that he’s a slacker, which he doesn’t find that funny.

Jen wakes up in Charlie’s bed, so that’s how they spent their Sunday. She freaks out and rushes off for dinner at Grams’. Charlie tells her it’s not that big a deal – they like each other and had sex, that’s all. He’d also like to spend more time with her. Jen decides they’ll spend more time together right now.

Joey confronts Professor Wilder about his trick, which cost her most of her day. He tells her he finds her promising, not least because she knows the difference between it’s and its. Joey’s still angry, and Professor Wilder says she needs to roll with the punches, since college is less structured than high school. He thinks she only likes to do things that she’s good at. Joey reveals that she’s upset about his time-waster because the boy in her story’s in town and she didn’t get to spend time with him. Professor Wilder tells her to write down her feelings and then he’ll let her go.

Audrey takes Dawson to the roof of a building where people go to either kill themselves or make out. She jokingly asks him to make out, but she knows it would tick Joey off. Audrey loves the way Worthington’s campus looks; USC could never look like this. She tries to confirm that Dawson’s going back to his internship. He admits that he was fired, which she notes is one less thing tying him to California.

Professor Wilder reads Joey’s work and tells her she seems to have figured out her biggest failing: overthinking things. She tells him she just knows her limits, and she doesn’t want to screw up the new life she’s made for herself. This is the first time she’s ever been on her own. If she’s afraid of getting bad grades, it’s because people have made a lot of sacrifices to get Joey where she is. Professor Wilder thinks she has a lot of interesting stories to tell. He also gives her an A-. Joey throws out her drop slip.

Pacey returns to the restaurant, telling Danny he’s sure his job isn’t that difficult. Danny lets him know that his wife’s parents live in Capeside, and when he visits, he often gets drunk and makes a ruckus, which is how he met Doug. Pacey thinks he can work in the kitchen rather than washing ditches. Danny tells him if he shows up on time and works well, he can have any job there, including Danny’s.

Outside, Pacey runs into a smoking waitress named Karen Torres who admits that she doesn’t like working there, though the people are nice. Pacey thinks Danny’s cool. Karen says everyone in the kitchen has an ego. They watch the sun set, and Pacey says he spent the summer watching this from a yacht, but now he’s working in a kitchen. Karen says that where you are doesn’t matter, it’s who you’re with. She gives Pacey her cigarettes and tells him not to give them back.

Joey meets up with Audrey, who tells her Dawson got tired of her playing him and left. Audrey says she spent the day defending Joey, but Dawson doesn’t want her back. Joey runs off to the airport to say goodbye, and fortunately, there’s no last-minute running-through-the-airport scene. Joey tells Dawson that she’s happy to have Grams, Jen, and Jack nearby, like a safety net. She’s able to separate what matters from what doesn’t.

Dawson gets up to board his plane, asking Joey what does matter. She says he does. She was upset that morning because she spent the weekend thinking he got her message and came to see her anyway, that he understood her. Dawson doesn’t understand her – she was so upset that he canceled their visit that she left him that message. Joey admits that things are confusing, but at the end of the day, she wanted to see him.

Dawson notes that he’s been there for two days, but this is the first time they’ve really talked. They’re both afraid of moving on and growing up. He has to leave, though, because otherwise he’ll never find out what will happen. If they don’t move on, they’ll become strangers to each other. Joey doesn’t want that, so Dawson stays behind for more talking.

Thoughts: Melanie is played by Jennifer Morrison (Emma on Once Upon a Time, Cameron on House, Zoey on How I Met Your Mother). I am…not a Jennifer Morrison fan.

If Joey thinks her relationship with Dawson is confusing, she should try to figure out what day it is. It’s supposedly Sunday, though I think at one point Charlie says it’s Monday. And Jen mentions dinner at Grams’, which they established in the previous episode was a Sunday thing. Either way, Dawson got to Worthington on Saturday morning, so he’s either had one full day or two full days to spend with Joey, but she never showed him around campus. So what did they do that whole time? And if it’s Sunday, why does Professor Wilder have a class? HOW DIFFICULT IS IT TO ESTABLISH CONTINUITY FOR ONE EPISODE?

Ug, does Audrey have a crush on Dawson? What’s the appeal?

So who paid for Dawson’s flight to Boston? Mitch and Gail, I’m guessing. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to pay again when they find out he purposely missed his flight back to L.A.

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