June 11, 2012

BH90210 3.26, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window: Blah Blah Blah Ginger

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Hey, Burt, are those…evening shades? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha…ha ha. Ahem. Sorry

Summary: West Beverly’s senior ditch day will take place at an amusement park, but those who aren’t allowed to sign up have to attend a mandatory study hall. One of those students is Steve. Though if I were him, I’d rather not go to the amusement park, since Gil is a chaperone. Everyone talks up a roller coaster called the Viper to Andrea, who’s never been to the park. Dylan is also not going since he’s retaking the SAT the next day and wants to use ditch day to study. He and Steve spend, like, five minutes snarking at each other.

Steve complains to Brandon at the Peach Pit, but Brandon takes Dylan’s side. He also guesses that Steve’s really upset because Dylan’s with Kelly. A woman named Ginger comes in looking for Nat, who she thought had arranged to host breakfast for Burt Reynolds’ fan club. He agrees and Brandon offers to help out before he goes to Six Flags. Then Nat sneezes, so of course it’s not surprising when he calls Brandon early the next morning to say he’s sick and can’t get to the Peach Pit.

Everyone’s still all excited about the Viper, including Steve, who’s ditched detention for ditch day. He tries to get Kelly to drive to the amusement park with him instead of taking the bus, but she doesn’t want to. He tells her she was a lot more fun when he was her boyfriend. Dylan studies at the Peach Pit, where Steve joins him and Brandon, reporting that there was a substitute at detention, so he didn’t have a problem getting away.

Apparently the fan club never showed up, so Brandon isn’t doing anything. However, he can’t leave because his co-workers were in a fender bender and will be late to relieve him. Dylan complains to Brandon about Steve, who Brandon thinks is jealous. Steve starts to leave as Ginger arrives with the fan club, which is much bigger than she told Nat and Brandon. Dylan and Steve agree to help Brandon make breakfast for everyone.

The others arrive at the amusement park, where Andrea is clearly too nervous to ride a roller coaster. Back at the Peach Pit, Brandon finds Ginger crying in the bathroom; she just learned that the theater that was supposed to hold screenings for the fan club has never heard of Parnell, the owner of the tour company Ginger works for. She also can’t get in touch with Parnell. Oh, and she owes $300+ for breakfast, but she doesn’t have any money, since Parnell was supposed to be there to pay.

Brandon encourages Ginger to tell the fan club the truth, but it doesn’t turn out well. They refuse to leave until Parnell arrives and gives them what they came for: a meet-and-greet with Burt Reynolds. Steve offers them a meeting with Samantha instead. They do not accept the trade. Andrea finally admits that she’s never been on a roller coaster, so Donna, Kelly, and Brenda offer to stay with her while David goes on the rides.

Steve tells Ginger that Samantha met Burt once, so his offer wasn’t completely stupid. Dylan tells him to shut up. The two of them take it outside and yell at each other. Meanwhile, in the background, Ginger climbs out a window, steals Brandon’s car, and flees. Brandon goes inside to call the police while Steve and Dylan take off after Ginger in Steve’s car. They manage to stop her, but Ginger tells them that Brandon loaned her his car. Then she says she was going to Parnell to get money to pay the bill at the Peach Pit. They agree to go with her to get the money.

The girls get food at the park, but Kelly can’t find her wallet. It turns up at the lost and found, empty. Parnell’s office turns out to be a construction site, so Steve gets to work trying to get in touch with Burt Reynolds. David wants Kelly to stop worrying about being robbed and have fun at the park. She actually agrees and goes off with him and Brenda while Donna sits on a bench with Andrea. (Fun!)

Ginger admits to Dylan that her real name is Tina; she “got in a little trouble” back home in the Midwest and came out to L.A. to “start over.” Steve manages to track Burt Reynolds down at a studio where he’s filming a commercial. Donna tells Andrea how awesome the Viper is, and somehow the conversation turns to sex. Donna confides that she and David haven’t had sex yet. Andrea tells her that she’s also a virgin, though she and Brandon almost hooked up.

Steve is unsurprisingly unable to talk his way onto the commercial set, but he, Dylan, and Ginger get themselves cast as extras. They’re playing bacteria in a giant mouth. It’s also a lost cause, since Burt has already finished his scene. They wind up having fun, but as they’re leaving, the police arrive since no one ever told Brandon that Ginger wasn’t really a criminal. They call Brandon from the police station, where Ginger panics because her “trouble” back home included some criminal activity. Fortunately, Brandon clears everyone and they’re released.

Steve wants to keep trying to find Burt Reynolds, but he has to put in an appearance in detention so he doesn’t get expelled. Ginger turns on the flirty eyes to get him to change his mind. The new plan involves Dylan taking Steve’s place in detention. At the park, someone tries to steal Donna’s purse, but her training from that self-defense class she took with Brenda and Cindy comes in handy and she fights him off.

Steve’s final attempt to reach Burt Reynolds fails, so Ginger suggests that they go to Vegas for the weekend instead of coming clean to the fan club. He points out that they don’t have any money. Ginger reveals that she has $2,500 on her. She continues that her real name is Adrian and she’s from Salt Lake City. Steve makes her go back to the Peach Pit to apologize to everyone. As she’s about to give back everyone’s money, Burt Reynolds walks in. Now everyone’s happy.

Thanks to Donna, Kelly got all her stuff back, so now all the students at the park are happy, too. Andrea decides she needs to ride a roller coaster before they leave, so she does. Later, the friends (and Ginger) all reunite at the Peach Pit and share the day’s adventures. Ginger slips out just as a man comes in and tells Brandon that a woman named Marla stole $5,000 from him. He’s Parnell, and he does have a tour company. The guys go looking for Ginger/Tina/Adrian/Marla, but she’s gone out the window again. Oh, my sides! They ache!

Thoughts: Jason Priestley directed this episode. That’s probably why it’s so dumb.

I like the episode title – too bad it makes no sense. Ginger doesn’t come in through the window, she leaves through it.

I actually didn’t know that Six Flags and Magic Mountain were the same place until I saw this episode. So I learned something!

Hey, Andrea, I don’t like roller coasters either, but that’s why I don’t go to amusement parks. Why would you go if you’re just going to sit around and do nothing all day? At least ride the carousel.

What drugs were the writers on when they came up with Steve and Dylan’s plot? I mean, bacteria in a mouthwash commercial?

I love that the seemingly dumb storyline about the self-defense class came back into play. Also, Donna is awesome.

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