July 5, 2014

Party of Five 4.24, Fools Rush Out: Make It Work

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There's a lot of smiling in this episode. It's so unnatural

There’s a lot of smiling in this episode. It’s so unnatural

Summary: We pick up where the last episode left off, with Charlie learning that Daphne’s pregnant. He wants to talk about it right there, but she’s still working at a child’s birthday party. At Annie’s apartment, Bailey asks her if she wants to be married to Jay or to him. This is his way of proposing. Annie’s confused, since five minutes ago, he wasn’t sure about them living together. This “crisis” has made him realize that he doesn’t want to lose her.

Julia talks to Claudia from L.A. and learns that she got in…somewhere. Both of them are excited. Julia tells Griffin that she was accepted at Stanford. Unlike before, he’s supportive and tells her she has to go back to school. Claudia freaks out about Jamie’s prom, telling Charlie she doesn’t want to have to deal with any surprises. Charlie agrees and tries to talk to her about sex. Claudia promises that nothing’s going to happen tonight.

At the airport, Griffin and Julia notice a vending machine that sells wedding rings. He figures it must be for couples who can’t stand to leave each other. While he’s distracted by chips, Julia buys one. Charlie tells Kirsten about Daphne’s pregnancy, trying to figure out what he wants. Kirsten’s upset since she can’t have children, and Charlie’s managed to casually impregnate a woman he barely knows. “You really need to find someone else to lean on,” she says. FINALLY!

Jay tracks down Bailey to yell at him for proposing to Annie, since that just makes the whole situation more difficult. He thinks it’s suspicious that Bailey chose now to decide he wants to be with Annie. He himself has recently realized how badly he wants her back, and he doesn’t think Bailey loves Annie as much as he does. If he doesn’t, he’ll be taking Jay’s wife and daughter away from him.

While Julia and Griffin fly home, Charlie looks through Owen’s baby things with a smile. Bailey goes to see Annie and discovers that she and Natalie are packing up their apartment. Annie’s chosen Jay. Bailey realizes that she was never going to accept his proposal. Annie tells him she’s been considering her options nonstop for days, so she didn’t make the decision lightly.

In the same vein, Daphne has been thinking about her situation, and she tells Charlie she can’t figure out how to make having a baby work. Charlie’s willing to work with her, but Daphne knows their futures are both uncertain, so they can’t make that kind of commitment. “This is not a picture of a good mom,” she says tearfully. She thinks she’ll be okay with having an abortion, and she needs Charlie to help her pay for it.

Julia goes over her course options for the fall, trying to work them around Griffin’s schedule so they’ll be able to spend time together. Griffin doesn’t want her to have to compromise anymore. He thinks they should separate. Julia insists that they can make their marriage work; after all, they were happy on vacation.

Griffin reminds her that they were pretending to be people they’re not. Now they’re back to reality, which means trying too hard not to hurt each other. That’s not what marriage should be about. Griffin spent the time in L.A. wondering what he could do to make Julia stay happy. All he can think of is letting her go. They spend one last night together, not wanting to let go.

Charlie tells Bailey about the baby as Claudia gets ready for Jamie’s prom. Bailey demands back all the hours Charlie lectured him about condoms. (Ha!) Charlie says that Daphne’s going to have an abortion, and then they’ll move on like nothing happened. Bailey can tell that that’s not what he really wants. Charlie admits that after his year fighting cancer, he wonders if a baby is his new beginning.

Griffin drives Julia to a meeting at Stanford, where she pretends that her year off after high school was super-duper awesome. Also pretending things are awesome: Bailey, who says goodbye to Annie and Natalie. He finally complains that Annie never gave him a chance – not a chance to be with her, but a chance to get used to not being with her. She made her decision quickly, and now he’s being thrown into a new life.

Claudia and Jamie head to prom, but the school is locked up. They have the wrong date. Womp womp! Julia and Griffin agree to stay in touch, because that worked out so well for Charlie and Kirsten. Claudia and Jamie have a fight through their limo driver, who finally tells them to just dance on the baseball field. Well, at least someone in this family is happy!

Sarah finds Bailey at the restaurant, where he’s trying to avoid going home since Annie won’t be there. He laments that he’s back where he was a year ago. Sarah disagrees: A year ago, he was on probation and had no job. Now he has the restaurant, where he gets to take care of people like he’s always wanted.

Charlie has told Daphne he wants to keep the baby, even though she’s ready to go through with the abortion. He tells her that it’s not about who she is right now, it’s about the person she’s willing to become. If they can commit to having the baby, they’ll make it work together. Daphne’s afraid of taking on more than she can handle. Charlie suggests that she wait until the baby’s born to decide what she wants. Either they’ll raise the baby together or Charlie will be a single parent. They don’t have to know right now how everything will work out.

As Bailey and Sarah repaint Annie’s apartment for the next tenants, he talks about how ready he was to fight to try to keep Annie. He doesn’t know why Sarah’s willing to stick by him after everything they’ve been through. She tells him nothing’s changed – she’s always loved him. Bailey seems to finally be starting to understand what she means by that.

Charlie tells Kirsten that Daphne’s agreed to have the baby, because that’s totally what she wants to hear. She promises she’s trying to be happy for him. He wants his best friend around while he goes through parenthood, and he wants Kirsten to love the baby. Kirsten apparently wants that, too. Julia discovers that Claudia applied to the boarding school Andover, and has now been accepted. Claudia forgot she’d applied, but now she’s thinking of going. Julia warns that being away from Jamie might make them realize they want different things.

Daphne comes over so she and Charlie can tell Julia and Claudia about the baby. She’s sick, so the girls quickly figure out what’s going on. Daphne assures them that even though the baby wasn’t planned, Charlie wants to be a father. They’re happy for him. Now that Bailey gets how Sarah feels about him, there’s all sorts of sexual tension in their apartment. After a minute of looking at each other longingly, they kiss.

Julia helps Griffin move out, wondering what they’ll tell people about their relationship. She gives him the ring she bought as an indication that someday they might work things out. Meanwhile…well, let’s just say Sarah’s no longer a virgin. She jokes that she’s underwhelmed by the experience she spent years waiting for. He’s impressed that she didn’t come across as inexperienced as she is. Charlie and Daphne have an ultrasound and get the first glimpse of their baby. In a rare moment for Charlie, he’s incredibly happy.

Thoughts: Four seasons down, two to go!

I love how everyone in the family experiences life-changing events at the same time.

I can’t believe two people want Annie. She’s so annoying! But whatever, she’s gone and I never have to think about her again.

Someone needs to tell Julia that she doesn’t always have to stay friends with her exes. Actually, someone should tell Charlie that, too.

’90s music alert: the Cranberries’ “Dreaming My Dreams.”

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  1. M. said,

    I found this blog 5 years late. I’ve been watching the show on Netflix lately (I’m watching it for the first time) and I was desperate to discuss it with someone! so I’m leaving a comment anyway.
    First of all, I hate, hate, hate Julia and Griffin’s marriage! Even binging through the season, it felt like forever before it ended. Julia’s such a frustrating character, even among all these characters who think they know everything all the time. But Julia’s arch through the series (so far) has been this fall from a teenager with so much potential to someone who keeps choosing to be just average.
    And what’s with this show and the way it portrays women? Every main female character in the show just puts aside her dreams, her potentials, and self-respect: Kirsten’s PhD is lost in the most ridiculous way, Claudia (who was supposed to be this child prodigy) becomes the stereotypical teenager who only has boys, clothing, and makeup on her mind, Julia wants nothing but to play perfect little submissive wife to Griffin, and even goal-oriented, smart, super-achiever Sarah’s life becomes oriented around Bailey. I mean, it looks like feminism was banned from tv or something back then!

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