October 5, 2014

BH90210 8.11, Deadline: Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

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The guy on the right looks like my neighbor. Eh, you guys don't care

The guy on the right looks like my neighbor. Eh, you guys don’t care

Summary: David goes to the beach apartment, where Donna and her cleavage don’t want to talk about the time she spent/kisses she shared with Noah. David doesn’t either – he wants to thank her for paying his debt to Sands. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and is upset that he didn’t tell her about the loan shark in the first place. At the Walshes’ house, Brandon and Kelly surprise Erica with the news that Iris has transferred custody of her to Dylan. Then the day gets ruined when Brandon gets arrested.

Carly goes by the Beverly Beat to see Steve, who’s angsting over the whole Jody situation. He’s mad that he doesn’t get any say in Jody’s decision. His day gets worse when he learns about Brandon’s arrest. Kelly’s allowed to see her jailbird boyfriend while they wait for Rush to work with a lawyer to pay Brandon’s bail. Kelly urges him to reveal Erica’s name; otherwise he could go to jail for five years. Brandon insists that he’s doing the right thing, and thinks a judge and jury would agree.

David and Valerie try to brainstorm who might have paid off Sands for him. Val suggests that he just ask Sands. David thinks that’s a ridiculous idea, so Val volunteers to ask him. Donna goes to the boat to take pictures in advance of a photo shoot, which is totally not just an excuse to see Noah. She informs him that she and David broke up because she felt that they were moving too fast. Noah tells her that they shouldn’t feel guilty about their kiss. Now they can figure out what to do next.

At the police station, Kelly and Steve talk about how other people are making decisions that also affect them. Rush gives them the good news that Brandon was released on bail. Brandon and Steve immediately want to head back to the Beverly Beat and work on a new article, this one about how Brandon’s a martyr for First Amendment rights. Kelly has to point out that Brandon’s not completely off the hook.

The After Dark is doing well, though David isn’t confident that things are going to keep improving. As he serves Goldfish crackers (…really, David?), a fire starts in his office. Everyone leaves and David puts out the fire with minimal damage. But since he was living in his office, he’s now homeless. Valerie pays Sands a visit and learns that Noah paid David’s debts. She’s confused since she didn’t know Noah was rich.

Brandon and his lawyer meet with the ADA, though it’s a waste of her time since he still won’t give her Erica’s name. The ADA wonders how many teens will have to suffer before Brandon will change his mind. Brandon tells her that Riggs already beats his prostitutes – what does she think he’ll do if one of them testifies against him? David confides his money problems to Carly, then tells Noah that he and Donna are still together.

Kelly takes Erica to a clinic her foundation runs; there’s only one doctor serving a large number of underprivileged families. Steve summons Jody to the Beverly Beat to offer her $1,000 a month in child support if he’s the baby’s father. She says thanks but no thanks, pointing out that he’ll have legal responsibilities if the baby’s his. She wishes he would stop seeing the child as a burden. When Rush comes to visit, Steve asks how he handled it when he got Steve’s birth mother pregnant. Rush handled it about as well as Steve’s handling it.

Donna checks on David at the After Dark, offering him anything he might need in the wake of the fire. He guesses that she heard about the fire from Noah. She invites him to stay at the beach apartment until he can find a new place. David isn’t appreciative of the offer, telling her that she doesn’t need to concern herself with his living arrangements anymore. Valerie confronts Noah for not telling her he has money, threatening to tell David that Noah paid his debts. Noah doesn’t want the truth to get out; he wants to be liked for himself.

Kelly goes back to the clinic alone and meets Dr. Monahan. She thinks he could use some administrative help. He tells her he really needs someone who can help comfort the patients. Back at the Beverly Beat, Rush has figured out that Steve may have gotten someone pregnant. He doesn’t think there’s any question about what Steve should do. Steve complains that his life is over, but Rush disagrees – after all, he got a woman pregnant but wound up with Steve.

Noah goes to the beach apartment to ask Donna to dinner. But first, he wants to come clean about his family and how rich he is. She’s upset that he lied but seems to understand that he wanted to distance himself from his family’s name. David’s landlord checks out the damage in David’s office, yelling at him and Nat for being horrible tenants. At the Walshes’, Valerie confronts Brandon for not telling her that Noah was rich. Kelly bugs Brandon again about giving up Erica’s name. Erica overhears and offers to let them use her to catch Riggs in the act of doing something else.

Steve tells Carly that if the baby’s his, he’s going to take responsibility and be a father. She assures him that she still wants to date him. Noah takes Donna home after their successful first date, and this time no one feels guilty when they kiss. David, however, doesn’t feel great about seeing it – he’s there for the night, having decided to take her up on her offer to stay there temporarily.

Erica goes to see Riggs while Brandon and Kelly wait with cops to catch him in a sting operation. Erica sends Riggs to sell drugs to a “friend” who’s actually an undercover cop. The police easily arrest him for possession and dealing, also pretending to arrest Erica as an accessory. So now Riggs goes to jail and won’t realize that Erica was working against him. Meanwhile, Carly’s with Steve when he learns that, despite Jody’s certainty, he’s not the baby’s father.

Valerie informs David that not only is Noah making out with Donna, but he’s super-rich and paid David’s debts. Steve meets with Jody to blast her for lying to him about being the baby’s father. She wanted it to be Steve so her baby could have a good dad. As Brandon and Kelly send Erica off to Dylan, Kelly wonders if Brandon really would have gone to jail for the teen. He doesn’t really answer. David wants to talk to Noah about the debt, but Noah has bigger news: He got David an extension on his lease. David hands over his keys and tells Noah to run the club for him.

Thoughts: I’m surprised Aaron Spelling let Tori go on TV showing that much cleavage. It’s more than Tiffani Thiessen’s!

Who serves Goldfish at a bar?

Oh, Valerie, you’re not mad that Noah didn’t tell you he’s rich. You’re mad that he hasn’t bought you anything.

I love that Steve says Rush bolted when he found out Steve’s mother was pregnant, like, who does Steve think raised him?

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  1. Deja said,

    Valerie is such a piece of work. She’s basically saying, “If you told me you were rich, I wouldn’t of had to see that other rich guy behind your back! That was your fault!” Any time they give her character any growth, they undo it immediately. She’s nothing but a busy body at this point.

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