May 16, 2020

Felicity 1.19, Docuventary: Lessons Learned

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I’m sorry, Sean, but no one’s going to want to watch your movie

Summary: Sean is filming Ben, trying to get him to talk about his experiences in college. Ben doesn’t know what to say and tries to leave. Sean agrees to let him skip paying rent next month if he gets back on camera. Ben gives in but still isn’t sure why Sean is filming. Sean says he’s just making a documentary about people in college. Ben says he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Sean argues that a guy who recently sold his documentary about a steel mill didn’t know what he was doing, either, and he made a ton of money. He promises this will be a professional movie. If only his camera would work.

Time for a tape for Sally! Felicity didn’t send one last week because she had too much homework. She knew the week would be crazy because the cafeteria served lasagna on Monday, and she has a theory that her workload is directly related to whatever’s served on Mondays. Pasta means lots of work. Felicity tells Sally that Noel decided not to move out of the dorm, but they still haven’t talked about things. She misses him. Fortunately, she has all her homework, especially in McGrath’s class, to keep her busy.

Felicity and Elena discuss whether McGrath hates Felicity. Felicity thinks he hates everyone except Elena – she’s the only student he calls by her first name. Elena tells her to stop taking everything personally. Guy celebrates getting tickets to Late Night With Conan O’Brien. He didn’t think he would ever get them. He asks the girls if they know what two tickets means. “You’re going to be rejected by a whole series of girls,” Elena predicts. “Exactly!” Guy says happily.

Sean films the outside of Felicity’s dorm, then does an interview with Julie. She talks about how you start out the year thinking you’ll never make friends, and then you make tons of them. Noel comes in to inform her of a dorm meeting that night, then quips that Julie has finally given in and become a porn star. Sean explains that he’s doing a documentary where students vent about college. Noel suggests that he call it a docuventary.

Sean invites him to make a graphic for the film, which he’s sure he’ll be able to sell. Noel agrees. He asks where Felicity is, and Julie says she went out with Elena before their McGrath seminar. After Noel leaves, Sean comments that he’s nice. Julie says he is, “generally.” Sean gets her to talk on camera about how kissing one of your friends or dealing with a friend’s ex makes things complicated.

Next Sean talks to Richard, who loves being away from home and only having one roommate. He’s the fourth of seven kids, so college is a nice break for him. Lynn tells Sean about how college has no boundaries or limitations. You can study anything, including brain surgery or cosmetology. My guess is that Lynn isn’t studying either of those things.

Ben learns that his parents didn’t pay his complete tuition fee, and his father told the school to talk to him. Ben knows his father is trying to teach him a lesson, though he’s not sure what it is. He needs to pay $3,200 to stay in school. Hmm, I wonder how Ben, who has recently entered the world of sports betting, will be able to afford that?

Felicity and Elena come back to the dorm to find Noel waiting to talk to Felicity. They head to Epstein Bar and talk about how Felicity was right that Noel shouldn’t run away from their problems. What happened between them was horrible and they both made bad decisions and hurt each other, but they may be able to try again. Felicity wonders what was wrong with them that made them want to be with other people. Whatever happens with them, they need to try to be friends again, then possibly pursue a relationship after that. Sean pops in and starts filming, but Felicity and Noel send him away.

The conversation with Noel makes Felicity miss McGrath’s seminar, in which he assigns a big project. Everyone gets paired up, but Felicity isn’t there to get a partner. She asks McGrath if she can work with Elena, who was placed with two other people. McGrath reminds her that he warned her weeks ago that she had to be committed to the class. Felicity asks if that means she’s punished by doing twice as much work as everyone else. Yep, sounds like it!

Sean interviews Elena about how she came to college planning to hide a lot of things about herself. When she realized that everyone else was just as scared as she was, she loosened up. Guy tells Sean that he didn’t really have a social group in high school, and though he still doesn’t have much of a group in college, he still likes it better. It’s hard to find good pizza in Buffalo. Lynn docuvents that people probably see him as a cliché and stereotype him. But he’s smart – he knows all about Ayn Rand and the bell curve. He has friends in France.

Sean interviews Chloe, who compares working in a library to working in a graveyard, “except everyone who’s buried can still talk to you.” Sean comes in front of the camera to kiss her, promising to cut that out of the final film. Sean asks Ben how coming to college has affected his family. Ben confides that his parents have split up. From what we’ve heard about his father, that’s a good thing. Ben certainly feels that way.

Noel tells Sean that he became an RA to help people (and also because he needed money). His own RA his freshman year was a jerk who ignored every guy and slept with every girl. Sean notes that Noel slept with Felicity. When Noel says he didn’t, Sean asks why not. Noel puts an end to the interview, but off-camera he tells Sean the details of the Noel/Felicity/Hanna/Eli mess. He wishes he hadn’t questioned his relationship with Felicity. Sean wishes he’d kept filming, because the docuventary should be about Noel and Felicity.

He asks if the problem is that Noel can’t forgive her. Noel says he can’t stop picturing Felicity with Eli. He thought about going to see a counselor or seeing a hypnotist for help. Sean is in favor of a hypnotist, since one helped his uncle stop smoking. He’s sure that one can get Noel past his feelings about Felicity being with Eli.

Lynn goes by Dean & DeLuca and talks up Ben to a customer. He invites Ben to go bowling, but Ben has to close up at work. He hands over some of his paycheck and asks Lynn to place a bet on him. Lynn says his bookie won’t take such a small bet. Ben tells him to double it and he’ll pay the rest of the money later. He agrees to go bowling when Lynn says he’ll pay.

Sean tries to interview Felicity, but she doesn’t want to participate in the docuventary. Sean decides to make her an “unknowing co-star.” He interviews Guy again, this time about how he hasn’t yet had any luck with the ladies but predicts that he will in the future. Sean asks Julie about Hanna; she thinks Hanna was just lonely. Elena talks about her friendship with Felicity and how sympathetic she is to Felicity’s struggles.

Felicity goes to Noel’s room for the first time in a long time. She reminds him of her pasta theory, which has again been proven correct – there was linguini on Monday, and now Felicity has all this work to do for McGrath’s seminar. It requires graphs and charts and other stuff Noel is really good at. He agrees to let her use Photoshop on his computer. He stays in the room to read, but he just winds up watching her. He admits that he’s been trying to pretend that nothing happened between Felicity and Eli. He can’t start over and just be friends again.

Sean catches Felicity leaving and tries to get her to talk to him, but she tells him to go away. Sean’s sure she’ll change her mind tomorrow. Or she’ll break your camera. One of the two. He interviews Daryl, who says that if he were Noel, he could never forgive Felicity. Yes, Noel went off with Hanna first, but they didn’t sleep together. Sean asks Ben how it feels to be replaced by Eli. Things went from Noel vs. Ben to Noel vs. Eli. Ben insists he’s not jealous.

Guy offers Noel a ticket to see Conan with him. He admits that he asked a dozen girls, who all rejected him, but Noel is the first guy he’s asked. Noel says he’s on his way to see a hypnotist and will tell Guy the full story when they go to Conan’s show together. Guy says they need to wear something cool in case they get on TV.

Felicity presents McGrath with her project idea, the theory that love is a genetic condition. Maybe we’re all preprogrammed to connected with someone who’s programmed in a compatible way. Felicity’s interested in why some couples stay together and some break up. She tries again to ask if she can work with Elena, but McGrath shuts her down. He knows she thinks he’s being unfair by making her learn her lesson about missing class, but he’s within his rights to present that lesson.

Sean tags along and films as Noel visits the hypnotist, who was under the impression that Noel is trying to recover from an addiction. (Thanks, Sean.) Noel explains that he just wants the image of Felicity and Eli together gone from his head. The hypnotist thinks he can help. He hypnotizes Noel to feel peaceful when the image comes to him. Then he tells Sean that Noel has so much anger that he’s only seeing the symptom, not the problem. Sean asks if he can make Noel think water is lemon juice. The hypnotist can and does.

Sean finally gets Felicity to sit down with him for an interview. He tells her the docuventary is about college relationships. Felicity doesn’t think she can offer him anything valuable. He asks her the biggest lesson she’s learned. Meghan comes in but doesn’t want to participate. Felicity tells Sean that the biggest lesson she’s learned is that relationships are hard. You do the best you can, but then something comes out of nowhere and destroys everything. Sometimes you’re wrong about the person you thought you would be with for a long time.

Ben listens to the game he bet on at Epstein Bar, ignoring Julie. His team loses, and Julie knows he placed a bet, but he won’t tell her how much money it was for. He leaves the table, so Sean sits down with Julie to ask her about Noel and Felicity. She’s distracted with watching Ben at the bar with Lynn, begging for a loan – he bet all the money he had. Lynn won’t give him more for another bet, and he won’t give Ben his bookie’s number so Ben can try to work out a deal. Ben says he’ll find another bookie to help him out. When Lynn tells him he’s worried, Ben shoves him and things get violent.

Meghan eventually agrees to be interviewed, though she won’t cooperate with Sean’s questions. Elena admits to him that if she were Felicity, she might have slept with Eli, too. Meghan tells Sean that living with Felicity is “like living with a TV that’s only playing Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters.” Richard liked Noel better when he was dating Felicity, “back in the old days.” He got away with a lot more back then.

Meghan tells Sean that no one cares less about Noel and Felicity than she does. Also, Noel needs to get over Felicity’s hook-up with Eli. Richard tells Sean about how the girl he liked at summer camp chose another guy. Remember the Minnow? Meghan says that if Noel asks her again if she’s seen Felicity, she’ll kill him. For the rest of his life, the answer is the same: Meghan hasn’t seen her.

Noel is sure that he can survive without Felicity; after all, he lived without her for 19 years. Sean tells him he needs a happy ending. Noel asks if Sean wants him to change his life so he can make a better ending. “Would you mind?” Sean asks. He tells Noel that he and Felicity mean more to each other than Noel thinks. They need to talk to each other and fight for the relationship (and also let Sean film them).

Noel says the relationship is over. Even if they forgave each other, Felicity never felt the same way about Noel as he did about her. Sean shows him the part of his interview with Felicity where she says that she thought she’d be with Noel for a long time. She adds that the cliché about not appreciating what you have until it’s gone is true. Felicity realizes now that it’s all over that she loves Noel.

That night, Noel skips the show with Guy after realizing that this is his only chance in life to live down the hall from Felicity. (Don’t worry, Guy met someone and invited her to the show.) If Noel and Felicity can’t work things out, that means he underestimated what they are. He tells her loves her and is sorry it took this chaos for him to admit it.

Richard tells Sean that he hopes Noel and Felicity get back together. If they don’t, he won’t be able to install the surround-sound system he wants. Julie also hopes they get back together. Guy thinks they’re a good couple and seem to really like each other. Daryl says that if Noel forgives Felicity, he’s either more of a man than Daryl is, or much less.

Sean interviews Felicity and Noel together, trying to get his happy ending. They tell him they’re going to see where things go. He urges them to kiss, wanting something steamy, but they refuse. Meghan tells Sean that if they get back together, she’ll throw up on her carpet and let Sean tape it. So…maybe not a happy ending for the docuventary after all.

Thoughts: There’s not a lot of venting in the docuventary. Everyone seems to like college too much for that.

Aw, Guy. I think you’re cool. I would hang out with you.

I wish Meghan had done an interview about her college experience. I’d love to know what she thinks of it. Also why she chose that school, what she wants to study, what she wants to do with her life, and what’s in the box.

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