August 15, 2020

Felicity 2.10, Great Expectations: Turbulence

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Alcohol and swimming: always a winning combination

Summary: Felicity’s on her way back to New York after Christmas break, and her father is coming along. She explains to Sally that he was invited to teach a procedure at the college’s hospital. On the plane, she tells Edward she enjoyed being home over break. Her parents got her a telescope, and Edward suggests that she take an astronomy class. Felicity’s excited about her schedule this semester and doesn’t seem that interested in astronomy. Both of them think the next two weeks, and the rest of the semester, will be great. Then they hit turbulence. It’s a metaphor!

Two days later, Felicity’s at work and Edward has stopped in to see her. She tells Sally he’s been visiting her a lot. Ben comes in next and comments that Javier changed their schedules, so he and Felicity will be working together for the first time in a while. She sees that he’s in a good mood, but he says there isn’t really a reason. He just feels like he’s starting over this semester. He’s also excited for swim season to start.

Later, Ben goes shopping with Sean, who’s decided to finally abandon Smoothaise. Ben says Sean may have been wrong when he cautioned Ben not to get together with Felicity. Things have been worse since they split up. Sean reminds Ben that his last relationship (or whatever you want to call that situation with Maggie) ended badly, which he would have warned Ben about if Ben had asked his opinion. Ben says he tried to ask but Sean was too busy drooling over Julie. Sean plays dumb about that. Ben says he won’t take advice from someone who won’t act on his own crush.

Felicity tells Sally that she was in a performance of The Wizard of Oz in the fifth grade. She wanted to play Dorothy, but she was cast as a flying monkey instead. She’s bringing this up because she wasn’t picked for a class she wanted to be in this semester. The professor tells her that her work is good; there just weren’t enough spots for all the applicants. She should put her name on the waiting list in case a spot becomes open. Edward shows up to say hi and offers to make some calls to get Felicity into the class. She turns him down.

Noel is a TA this semester, and Ruby’s in his class. Well, that’s not going to end well. She tells him he did great in the first class (he didn’t) and reminds him that she doesn’t want any special treatment (she probably does). She gives him some pointers to improve his teaching skills. He’s not receptive to her suggestions, when really, he should take all the help he can get.

Felicity puts her telescope together, telling Julie and Elena that Edward thinks she’s already wanted one. She keeps saying that she can handle him being around for a few weeks. It makes her feel like a little kid to have him there all the time; he’s always asking her where she’s going and when she’ll be back. Elena is sewing a stuffed frog, by the way. Meghan comes home and comments that Felicity’s going to use the telescope to stalk someone. Felicity tells her friends that not getting into the class she wanted has thrown off her whole semester. She hates having a plan that doesn’t work out.

Edward has big news for Felicity at dinner that night: The hospital has asked him to stay on until June. If he stays, Barbara will come join him in New York. He’d like to accept, but he wants to know how Felicity feels about it first. Felicity tries to avoid giving her opinion, then finally says that if Edward wants to stay, he should. So much for Felicity’s super-awesome semester.

Early the next morning, Felicity gets a call letting her know that Edward did, in fact, try to get her into the class she wanted. Fortunately, the dean’s office calls Felicity to double-check before making any arrangements. Ben is eager to find out his swim schedule for the semester, but instead, he gets bad news: The swim program has been cut. Other schools in the area don’t have room for anyone from the school to join them. So Ben’s super-awesome semester has also gone down the tubes.

Julie still has a chance for awesomeness, since Erik has brought her a contract to make a demo tape. Her childhood dream is about to come true. Erik wants to celebrate with dinner that night, and though Julie doesn’t seem interested, she accepts. Looks like Sean was right about Erik being interested in Julie for more than just her musical talent. Noel does a little better leading his next class, as Ruby gives him silent pointers like pointing to her eyes to remind him to look at the students. He calls on her to answer a question, but she doesn’t know the answer.

Julie tries out Felicity’s telescope and thinks she sees a giant eyeball. That’s because she put the lens on backward, so she’s seeing her own eye. Stay in school, Julie. Felicity says it doesn’t matter, since she’s never going to use the telescope. Just then, Edward comes by and invites Felicity, Julie, and Elena to lunch. He tells Felicity she doesn’t have to keep the telescope if she doesn’t want it. She lies that she loves it.

The four have a silent, awkward lunch at Epstein Bar. Edward asks Elena about her pre-med classes (since Felicity dropped pre-med and Edward can’t talk to her about it). Felicity tells him to ask Julie about her demo. She mentions that she’s not majoring in music, or at least not yet. Edward’s surprised that none of them have declared a major yet, since they need to by the end of the semester.

After lunch, Edward remarks to Felicity that they’ll be able to hang out like this more often, since he’ll be in New York for months. She confronts him for trying to get her into the class she wanted. He thinks it was a nice gesture, since he wasn’t that excited about her taking art classes in the first place. Felicity says she feels claustrophobic with him so close by. It’s like she’s living at home again. Maybe she’s not as okay with him staying in New York as she said she was.

Edward thinks things will get better when he moves from his hotel to the Plaza, which will put a little more distance between them. Felicity notes that she has her own life in New York. When Barbara arrives, she’ll want to hang out all the time, too. That’s when Edward drops a bomb: Not only is Barbara not moving to New York, but he and Edward are separating.

Felicity can’t believe that she didn’t pick up on anything when she was home for break. Edward says they’ve been discussing it for a while, and the opportunity to come to New York helped them make the decision. Felicity thinks he chose a job over his wife, but Edward says the separation was Barbara’s idea. He didn’t accept the job until he was sure Barbara wanted to separate. He admits that he doesn’t know why Barbara wanted to split up.

Felicity talks to her mom on the phone, pretending she doesn’t know anything about her parents’ problems, since they weren’t going to tell her until Barbara arrives next week. She tells Sally that Barbara was working so hard to sound normal that Felicity didn’t feel right telling her the truth. A week ago, everything made sense, and now it’s come loose, as if it was never tied down tightly enough in the first place.

Edward goes by Dean & DeLuca that night to see how Felicity’s doing after receiving the big news. He invites her to get coffee and talk after her shift, but she says she has to study. Right after Edward leaves, Ben suggests that he and Felicity close up early and go do something. They both had bad days, so they need some cheering up.

Julie’s having some writer’s block, but Erik thinks she’ll get past it quickly. They’re chatting in her room after having dinner together, and he wants to kiss, but she puts the brakes on right away. She want to have a music career, but she’s not willing to sleep with Erik to get it. Erik assures her that that’s not the situation. He can wait until she’s interested in him to make another move.

Noel and Ruby are supposed to see a movie, but she wants to skip it so she can study. She’d rather not be singled out and humiliated by her TA again. Noel points out that the answer to his question was in the assigned reading. Ruby argues that it was only the second week of classes. So I guess they don’t have to do work yet? Noel says it was intimidating being in front of the class. She tells him she did do the reading, but she got nervous when he put her on the spot. She must not be as smart as Felicity. Wha–? How did this get to be about Felicity?

Ben and Felicity use a fake ID to buy some beer from a suspicious cashier. Ben keeps things nonchalant by having a conversation with Felicity about a movie they supposedly saw. Once they have the beer, they break into the school’s pool. Julie comes home from her date with Erik, and Sean decides it’s a good time for a big talk. Before he can express his feelings, he notices her signed contract. He clarifies that no sex is involved. Julie gets defensive, saying Erik thinks she’s talented. Sean realizes this isn’t a good time to tell her he’s totally in love with her.

Felicity takes off her pants so she can jump in the pool in just her shirt. She tells Ben not to look at her, though he notes that they’ve slept in the same bed, so there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. She does a handstand and he pushes her over playfully. Ben feels weird about getting through the semester without swimming. Felicity tells him they’ll have to keep sneaking into the pool. Ben asks how things are going with her dad, but she doesn’t want to talk about her family right now.

After some more swimming, the two sit on the diving board with their empty bottles. That’s where they are when a security guard busts them for underage drinking and breaking and entering. Ben wants to take full responsibility, but Felicity notes that she chose to go with him. He’s surprised she did.

When Felicity gets back to her room, Meghan’s on the phone with Edward, having the kind of conversation he definitely wishes he could have with Felicity. She also likes the telescope. Felicity asks if Meghan has ever seen a different side to her parents and seen them as regular people instead of just parents. Meghan says she did that when she was five. As always, thanks for your help, Meghan. Felicity admits that she got in trouble for breaking and entering and could be facing expulsion. Meghan says maybe her life will finally get interesting.

At the loft, Sean tells Ben he was right before. Ben tells him about his eventful night and how much fun he had. He thinks his fling with Maggie was a bad reaction to following Sean’s advice not to be with Felicity. Sean clarifies that he meant Ben was right about Sean’s feelings for Julie, not about how he shouldn’t take Sean’s advice. Sean wants to tell Julie how he feels.

The next day (I guess?), Julie goes to a studio to record her demo. The sound…tech…guy (whatever) asks her how long she and Erik have been dating. Julie says they’re not together, which surprises the guy, since Erik has a reputation for hooking up with cute singers. Hmm, maybe Sean was right after all. Noel brings Ruby one of Elena’s stuffed frogs as a peace offering and they make up.

Felicity meets Edward at Epstein Bar and tells him she’s going to pretend not to know about the separation until Barbara tells her. She apologizes for their previous conversation. He still thinks she was studying the night before, and she doesn’t tell him about where she really was. He assures her that they’ll get through this. Felicity tells Sally that she didn’t want to tell Edward she might be in trouble because he’s in trouble, too.

Thoughts: I’m surprised that Edward never points out that Felicity now has an opening in her schedule and can take an astronomy class.

Ben pronounces Javier “Ha-vee-AY,” like it’s French. No, sweetie. (Fortunately, Felicity corrects him.)

How much money does a swim program really cost? It’s not like there’s equipment to buy. Other than pool maintenance, there can’t be a lot to pay for.

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