July 14, 2012

Dawson’s Creek 5.17, Highway to Hell: Cheer Up, Charlie

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A few years ago, it would have been a lot of girls’ dreams to be stuck in a backseat with Chad Michael Murray

Summary: Charlie tracks Joey down at her dorm to ask her to sing with his band again. They’re opening for another group upstate, and they’ll pay her $500. Joey tries to turn him down, but Charlie begs her and gets her to change her mind. Audrey and Pacey make out on her bed, but she’s distracted by the possibility of Joey walking in and catching them. She’s also tired of them not having a private place to do their thing. She orders him to get an apartment.

Joey arrives as Pacey leaves, and Audrey tells her that Charlie called yet again to bug her about the gig (which she turned down). Joey notes that the performance is that night, and she doesn’t have a ride upstate. Audrey tells her she’ll help her get ready. Dawson wraps a present for Lily’s first birthday, which Jen is nervous about. Grams comes in, pleased to see that they’re both dressed. Dawson admits that he feels “old and boring” since they weren’t doing anything. Jen thinks he doesn’t want to have sex with her right now.

Joey gives Dawson her present for Lily, telling him she’s going to the gig instead of Capeside. Inside the house, Jen shocks Jack by announcing that she’s thinking of breaking up with Dawson. The three of them and Grams head to Capeside, where Gail has organized a big party for Lily. Dawson is immediately uncomfortable when he meets Nathan, a friend of Gail’s. Audrey begs Pacey to drive her and Joey upstate, though Pacey hates Charlie and doesn’t want to be involved with him. Charlie overslept and missed the band’s ride, so he tags along as well.

On the road, Pacey and Charlie pick fights with each other, and Charlie teases that Joey’s already picturing herself as a big rock star. Jack questions Jen about wanting to dump Dawson, and she explains that her conversation with Steve opened her eyes. She doesn’t want to be the girl who wishes her life were different. Nathan tries to make conversation with Dawson, who makes it clear that he’s not interested. He’s also disturbed by how comfortable Nathan is with Lily.

Pacey gets annoyed with Charlie’s insults about his driving and pulls over to kick him out of the car. The two start to get physical, so Audrey pulls Pacey away to get physical in a different way. Joey blasts Charlie for being a jerk while Pacey was doing something nice for him. Charlie somehow jumps to the idea that Joey might have a crush on him.

In Capeside, Jen tells Dawson that he should prepare himself for the possibility that Gail and Nathan are dating. She says that sometimes people need to act on their impulses. They argue and Dawson senses that something’s off with Jen. She tells him she just needs a little break, so she and Jack are going to go off somewhere.

The road-trippers arrive at the venue for the band’s gig, a biker bar called the Drunk and the Dead. There’s no time for the band to practice, but Charlie doesn’t think the audience will care much about their musicality. Pacey wonders why Charlie was so adamant that Joey come there. Audrey takes Joey to the back to get ready, and Joey admits that she cares more about the gig than she let on. She’s nervous about winning over the audience.

As Joey takes the stage to mixed greetings (negative and sexual), Dawson finally talks to Gail about Nathan. She tells him that life sometimes comes down to choosing between moving on and fitting into the shell of the person you used to be. Gail thinks Dawson’s mad that she didn’t tell him she was dating again. He just tells her that it was nice meeting Nathan. He opens the present Joey got for Lily, an album of her sketches of the Leerys.

The band’s gig starts off weak but improves when Joey and Charlie duet on “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Suddenly the audience loves them. Afterward, Pacey complains about Charlie’s popularity, and Audrey finally tells him to cut it out already. Pacey says Charlie’s “that guy,” and he didn’t enjoy watching him and Audrey make out during the movie. Audrey finds his lack of self-assurance and sudden violent impulses cute.

Everyone wants to stay in a hotel for the night except Joey, who expresses her distaste by moping by the pool. Charlie asks about her past relationship with Pacey and how weird it is for her to see him dating Audrey. Joey notes that Charlie also dated a friend of hers. He wants to have a serious conversation for once, asking why Joey doesn’t want to make a new friend: “All the rest of your friends are sleeping together.” (Heh.)

Charlie starts talking about sex, telling Joey he’s only slept with two girls, Jen and someone from high school. Joey asks about the girl he was seeing while he was sleeping with Jen. He gives her a key to their room, then tells her she was great on stage. She credits him for helping with her. Charlie says he was glad to “be close to something that amazing.”

On his way to his room, Charlie runs into Pacey, who calls a truce. Charlie notes that Joey and Audrey are both high-maintenance, but Pacey was able to “wrangle” both of them. Pacey corrects that “high-maintenance” really means “high-quality.” He appreciates what Charlie did for Joey tonight, which is why he’s easing up. However, if Charlie ever hurts Joey, Pacey will kill him. He tells Joey the same, though he’s sure she can handle herself.

Pacey returns to his and Audrey’s room with what she thinks are condoms, but what are actually cupcakes to celebrate their first private evening together. He puts a candle in a cupcake and lights it so she can make a wish.

Dawson finds Jen and Jack on the steps of Capeside High, where Jen tells him that when she first met him, she thought he was the right one for her. She still thinks he’s great, but they’re not right for each other. She thinks he can see it, too. Dawson agrees that their relationship was right at the time, but now things have changed. Meanwhile, Joey goes to her and Charlie’s room and gets into bed with him.

Thoughts: Yeah, if your band heads to a gig without you, you might have a problem.

Joey, don’t ever wear a white T-shirt on stage. You never know what the lighting will allow people to see.

I can’t believe someone remembered that Joey was an artist for, like, five minutes.

Stop letting Kate Holmes sing. Please.

What did we learn this week? Bikers like ’80s music.

We also learned why you shouldn’t live with someone you’ve just started dating. Things at Grams’ house are going to be awkward…

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  1. Stephanie said,

    I am currently also rewatching Dawson’s creek this past couple weeks. I just finished this episode as well! Can’t wait for the rest of your posts. It has been great reading this as I was watching all the episodes!

    Keep them coming!

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