July 6, 2013

BH90210 6.5, Lover’s Leap: Solve All Your Psychological Problems in Two Days

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This seems like a great idea

This seems like a great idea

Summary: Valerie’s having a black-and-white dream about running down a long hallway to a locked door. She screams, “Daddy!” and wakes up, in turn waking up Brandon and Steve. Dylan picks up Toni for class, bringing Bruno some donuts. Toni invites him in to give him a tour of the freaking gigantic house. (The dining room is the size of my apartment.) She wants Dylan and his friends to come to dinner the next night. In the study, Dylan spots a picture of Marchette and Jack together but pretends not to know who Jack is. Toni doesn’t know who he is either.

At the Peach Pit, Kelly, Donna, and Clare talk about Toni’s dinner invitation. Clare’s tutoring has paid off for Steve, and he’s very grateful. The gang discusses David and how depressed he’s been since his mother’s suicide attempt. David and Mel visit Sheila in the hospital, but she won’t talk to them. Mel presses David to keep going to class and maintain a normal routine. Sheila’s doctor tells them that she thinks Sheila should have electroconvulsive therapy since her medications aren’t working. David objects, but Mel’s considering it as an option.

On campus, Dylan tells Brandon about the picture he found in Marchette’s study. Brandon promises that he’s the only person who knows about Jack and Marchette’s connection. He heads off to meet with Susan, inviting her to the dinner party, but she refuses. She also doesn’t want to have a relationship as long as they’re working together. So either she can fire him and they can date, or they can keep things platonic and keep working together. She does admit to being attracted to him, but not enough to choose him over letting him write for the paper.

Kelly and Donna go to David’s dorm room to check on him, telling him the same thing Mel did about how he needs to get on with his life. He doesn’t listen to them any more than he listened to his father. Brandon goes to Susan’s room to tell her he’s quitting the paper so they can date. She’s totally fine with that, especially since it means she gets a free meal at Toni’s. She also announces that Brandon has called her bluff, so he doesn’t have to quit.

Valerie writes Cindy an email, and Brandon and Steve notice that she’s acting down. She asks Brandon if he remembers her father, then says she doesn’t have any good memories of him. She reveals that she was the person who found him the night he killed himself. Val’s emotional but feels like she needs to talk about it in order to get past it. Sheila’s suicide attempt has put her back into the depression she felt after her father’s death. Brandon urges her to talk to her mother, but Valerie says that her mother blames her for her father’s suicide. Her behavior led to a lot of fighting.

Kelly, Colin, Donna, Ray, and Clare go to a movie on campus (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, inappropriately enough), then hang out on the quad. They run into David, but he doesn’t want to join them. Valerie has her running dream again, but this time she gets into the locked room and finds her father bleeding on the floor. She wakes up crying and Brandon comforts her.

The next day, Toni gets ready for the party, which her father (who’s out of town) doesn’t know she’s hosting. Bruno warns her not to get too involved with Dylan. Marchette calls, I guess just to remind us that he and Toni have a good relationship. Bruno continues warning Toni, who tells him not to say anything to Marchette about them. Dylan stops by to make out with his girlfriend while Bruno watches disapprovingly.

At the Peach Pit, there’s a mouse. For some reason, people are still willing to eat there. Clare and Steve have another tutoring session tinged with flirting, so it’s only a matter of time before they hook up. They plan to go to the dinner party together. Then Clare thinks Steve’s playing footsy with her, but it’s the mouse. I start crying because it’s so dumb.

Mel tells David that he needs to get on board with the ECT and convince Sheila to do it. David laments that his mother won’t even look at him. Mel orders him to make an effort. Everyone else gets dressed up and goes to Toni’s party. Susan’s totally jealous of Kelly, and Clare probably should be, too, since Steve’s checking her out. Bruno catches Dylan snooping around in Marchette’s study, so Dylan tells him that Jack is his father. Bruno tells him that he and Marchette already know who he is, but Toni doesn’t. He warns Dylan to treat Toni well because she’s like a daughter to him.

Valerie checks on David, revealing to him that she’s had her own experiences with a suicidal parent. She invites him on a field trip, taking him to an overpass, where he warns her that she could fall and land in traffic. Val notes that things could fall apart at any moment. If David wants to jump, he should go ahead. David balks, and Valerie tells him that she comes here sometimes as a “gut check.” He tells her he doesn’t want to die.

After the dinner party, everyone goes to the Peach Pit, for some reason. Brandon tells Dylan he needs to tell Toni who he is, since she’s already in love with him. Nat and Willie can’t catch the mouse, so Donna steps in, calling it like a dog and picking it up. And that’s Donna’s plotline for the episode. Steve takes Clare home and they kiss, so I guess that’s that.

Valerie takes David to the hospital to see Sheila again. He’s grateful that she came to see him and got him out of his room. Sheila still won’t talk to or even look at David, but he tells her he wants her to live. He tells her all the things she has to look forward to, like him getting married and having kids. He thinks she needs to try the ECT. Sheila finally looks at him, asking if he’ll be there when she has the procedure.

Colin and Kelly are at his studio, blah blah, they’re happy. Valerie gets an email back from Cindy giving her encouragement. She’s in much better spirits now and isn’t worried about nightmares. That night she has the running dream a third time, but this time she opens the door to find David on the other side, telling her she doesn’t have to be afraid.

Thoughts: Susan’s early good will with me has already disappeared. Brandon isn’t worth it, Susan.

Sorry you’re not allowed to have a storyline, Nat.

All the dresses the girls wear to dinner party are surprisingly nice.

They should have just had an episode of David and Valerie because everything else was stupid and/or pointless. We didn’t even get to see the dinner party!

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