September 29, 2013

BH90210 6.23, Leap of Faith: Drive It Like You Stole It

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On the plus side, Colin got to be on TV

On the plus side, Colin got to be on TV

Summary: Kelly’s still in rehab, and is in a therapy session, discussing Colin. She has issues with men! I am shocked! She’s making peace with the person her father is, but she still finds herself drawn to Colin. At the Peach Pit, Steve exposits something about a savings bond and wanting to buy a motorcycle. Valerie stops in and reminds David how much he misses her. Clare thinks Steve should mention to David that Valerie and Colin seem to be getting something started.

Brandon and Susan are off to visit her parents; she tells him not to say anything about their recent skiing mishap. After all, they’ve already lost one daughter. Because this episode is all about visits with family members, Joe’s brother Hank is in town. Joe’s most likely going to be approved for the experimental operation Donna found out about. Hank doesn’t want him to have it, and he really doesn’t want Donna involved in the decision.

Susan and Brandon make it to San Diego, and things are exactly as you would expect during the first meeting between a boyfriend and his girlfriend’s parents. In rehab, Kelly loans Tara and her awful haircut a sweater. David visits, and Kelly tells him that after hearing about Tara’s problems, she feels a lot better about her own life. David shares the news that he went with Steve to buy a Harley (Clare doesn’t know about it yet). Kelly wants to know how Colin’s doing, but David hasn’t been in touch with him. He admits that Val has, though, and they’re dating. Kelly doesn’t like this news.

Brandon and the Keatses have paella for dinner – it was Susan’s sister’s favorite dish. Mrs. Keats wants to know how serious the couple is. Mr. Keats and Susan warn that she’s a Shakespeare scholar and might quiz him. Mrs. Keats is really just curious about their sleeping arrangements. Susan lies that they’re not having sex. In Beverly Hills, Colin assures Valerie that he’s in for a relationship, in case anyone cares.

In rehab, Kelly cares. She tells Tara that the news about Colin and Valerie makes her want to kill Val. Joe’s starting to doubt his decision to have the operation, thanks to Hank and his family. Hank was also a football player and had knee surgery that was supposed to allow him to keep playing, but it didn’t work. Donna accuses Joe of being afraid that he’ll become better than his brother. She thinks that’s how Hank wants it.

Mr. and Mrs. Keats have kept their late daughter’s room the same as when she lived there, and Susan finds it depressing. Mr. Keats tells her it’s her mother’s decision, and she shouldn’t say anything. Brandon wonders if Susan’s parents think she’s a virgin, but she says she told them about her abortion. He wishes she’d warned him in advance that she was going to lie about their sex life. They’re supposed to sleep in separate rooms, but they make plans to meet up later.

Steve takes Clare for a ride on his new bike, but it doesn’t take too long for her to get her fill. He wishes he’d known before he got the motorcycle that she wouldn’t be a fan. Brandon sneaks upstairs to see Susan, but the family’s Great Dane blocks his way. Brandon quotes Shakespeare to get him to relax. Colin and Valerie make relationshippy plans and put me to sleep. Then Colin gets a visit from Danny Five, who ruins Colin’s attempt at sobriety with a special Leap Day deal. In exchange, he wants a ride.

In San Diego, Mrs. Keats goes to wake up Susan and finds Brandon in her bed. And that’s why you always knock. (End J. Walter Weatherman voice.) Things get really awkward, and Mrs. Keats slams Susan for disrespecting her rules. Susan wants to know why her sister was allowed to sleep with a guy in the house. She adds that her sister’s room is practically a shrine, and her parents expect her to live up to their other daughter when they’re not the same person. Mrs. Keats admits to Brandon that she’s right. She needs to make sure she doesn’t lose another daughter.

Donna and Clare visit Kelly and hang out with her and Tara. They meet Greg, a doctor at the rehab center, and it looks like all the girls think he’s hot. (To be fair, he is.) Tara’s just happy to have some friends. Hank asks Donna to meet him so they can fight some more over whether or not Joe should have the operation. Donna repeats her speculation from earlier that Hank wants Joe to stop playing football so he can’t surpass Hank.

Steve and his horrible motorcycle-riding clothes meet Clare at the Peach Pit with her very own personalized helmet. It seems like he’s going to dump her if she doesn’t ride with him, but that can’t be right, can it? David criticizes Valerie for pouncing on Colin as soon as he was single. He warns that Colin will do the same thing to her that he did to Kelly. Steve, Clare, motorcycle, bleh. Brandon and Susan head home, bleh. Hank’s also on his way home, but before he leaves, he tells Joe that the family is going to stop trying to talk him out of having the operation.

Colin drives Danny to get some drugs, but the deal is interrupted by cops. Since Colin has drugs on him, he drives off. A police chase ensues. At the Peach Pit and the Walshes’ house, the gang watches the chase on TV, with no idea who the driver is. Steve finally recognizes Colin’s van. Kelly recognizes it, too, just as the cops surround Colin and end the chase. Tara thinks the van was stolen, and that was the reason for the chase. But as soon as Colin gets out and gets arrested, everyone sees it’s him.

Thoughts: I love how people keep mentioning it’s Leap Day, like that has anything to do with anything.

Mrs. Keats is played by Kathleen Noone – Ellie on Party of Five.

The Keatses’ Great Dane is named Hamlet. Heh. Get it?

Colin makes me want to use drugs.

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