December 27, 2013

BH90210 7.4, Disappearing Act: Hey, Kids! Let’s Learn About AIDS!

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What was Brandon's first clue that this was a bad idea?

What was Brandon’s first clue that this was a bad idea?

Summary: Kelly has arranged for Magical, Lesson-Teaching AIDS Patient Jimmy to perform a magic show, which the gang will be attending. Steve’s a jerk about spending time with someone who has AIDS. He also thinks the show will be depressing since it’s by a guy who’s dying. At the Peach Pit, Nat’s pretty cheery for a guy who has a newborn at home. Mel and David are there for breakfast, and also for father to give son a lecture about how important college is. David’s focused on his video career despite not having a contract. What Mel doesn’t know is that David isn’t going back to college for his last year.

Brandon works with Mark at the CU TV station, where they’re looking for a new anchor. Mark thinks they should base their hire off of more than just looks. What a concept! Valerie and Kenny discuss After Dark renovations; they appear to be dating, but they’re not very lovey-dovey. He’s concerned about an upcoming custody decision between him and his wife. Valerie promises that there are no strings attached in their relationship. Brandon and Mark view audition tapes, contemplating delaying their start date if they can’t find anyone. A girl named Tracy wants to try out despite having no experience. Brandon’s willing to give her a chance.

Kelly hangs out with Jimmy, still trying to make nice with Hal, the jerky hospice resident. She and Jimmy talk about photos, which she doesn’t carry around with her because she sees the people she cares about all the time. He thinks she should hold on to mementos to preserve her memories. While they’re cooking dinner together, Jimmy cuts himself and Kelly accidentally comes in contact with his blood. He assures her that the chances of her getting AIDS from his cut are extremely small, but she’s still shaken.

While, Tracy auditions for the TV station, David tries to get his foot back in the door as a video producer. This involves drinking and pretending to be his own agent. Brandon thinks Tracy did well with the audition, but Mark isn’t convinced. One of the cameramen is just happy with her nice legs. Someone cues the wrong tape, inserting footage of a monkey in a story about students going back to school, but Tracy improvises smoothly. Now Mark’s impressed. At the beach apartment, Kelly goes Lady Macbeth on her hands while spouting HIV stats at Donna. When Jimmy calls, suggesting that Kelly get tested by his doctor, she makes excuses for not going over to see him.

Valerie wants to go to dinner with Kenny, but he has to go to his son’s school for parents’ night. Val tries to get him to promise her (again) that he’s really going to leave his wife for her. He reminds her that she said she wouldn’t come between him and his family. She counters that he can’t use them to come between their relationship. Mel goes by the beach apartment to get something Erin left there, and chats with Donna about David and their falling-out. Donna decides to reveal that David lied about going back to college. He wants to focus on his career instead.

At the Walshes’ house, Steve teases Brandon about hiring a hot news anchor. Valerie gets flowers from Kenny, which is a totally predictable thing a married man would do for his mistress. Kelly stays up late looking at pictures and stressing over the blood incident. She tells Donna and Clare what happened, and they repeat what Jimmy said about the slim chance of her contracting AIDS. Donna suggests that Kelly talk to Dr. Martin for more reassurance. Kelly wonders why everyone’s telling her to see a doctor if she’s not in any danger. The next day, she goes to get tested, but the nurse notices that she has a rash that’s a symptom of AIDS. No, not really – it’s just a dream.

Kelly does go to get tested for real, running into Jimmy in the waiting room. He tries to offer her support, since he’s been tested multiple times, but she wants to be alone. Jimmy recognizes that she’s scared and says he wishes he’d been scared, too. When he and his partner were first tested, they were both negative, so they had unprotected sex. Unfortunately, it turned out that his partner wasn’t monogamous. Jimmy tells Kelly that it’s okay if she wants to distance herself from him, assuring her again that she probably isn’t infected.

Mark’s pleased with how well Brandon is taking to working on the news. Unfortunately, Tracy isn’t as prepared: She’s too nervous for her first broadcast. Kelly sees a doctor who tells her that she hasn’t actually been exposed to AIDS. Then he gives us a PSA. He’s more concerned about the fact that Kelly’s never been tested before, despite having multiple sexual partners and having dated an IV drug user. (She claims that Colin always used a condom, but I doubt that. Also, if she used needles herself, she has that to worry about. Okay, end PSA.)

Now Kenny wants to go to dinner with Valerie, and she’s dumb enough to think he’s sweet again. David shows Mel around his new place, dodging his father’s attempts to talk about college. Mel finally comes out and says that if David isn’t in school, he’s not getting any money. Brandon and Mark take Tracy out for a drink to relax her for her broadcast. Too bad she can’t hold her liquor. She admits that this is the first time she’s ever had a drink. The guys drag her back to the studio, but it’s not looking good.

Kelly continues freaking out about being infected, pointing out that she’s slept with a lot of guys whose HIV statuses she doesn’t know. She notes that Donna’s lucky to be a virgin. David continues the job search, still with no luck. Brandon and Mark put Tracy on camera, which is a horrible idea, but she somehow manages to pull it together and nail the broadcast. Kelly hears back from the doctor, and unsurprisingly, she’s negative for HIV. Now she can relax enough to enjoy Jimmy’s magic show (and maybe flirt with Mark).

David’s mad at Donna for telling Mel that he dropped out, and isn’t happy with her for questioning how much he’s drinking either. She tells him she only did what she thought was right. He easily forgives her, then tells her he’ll go back to school, even though he doesn’t want to. Jimmy’s show begins, and he calls on Steve as an audience participant. Commence close-up magic. After his first trick, Jimmy starts coughing, so Kelly rushes up to give him some water. It turns out to be part of a trick (sorry, GOB – illusion).

While Valerie meets Kenny in a hotel room, Kelly shows Jimmy high school pictures of the gang. She tells him that while she was waiting for her test results, she was mainly afraid of being left alone. She feels horrible for ditching Jimmy and promises not to do it again. He tells her that he’s packed up his own pictures because he only has a few days left. Tonight’s show was his swan song. Jimmy’s ready to let go of his memories, while Kelly now wants to hold on to all of hers. She takes a picture of the two of them together so she can keep her memory of Jimmy.

Thoughts: Wow, Jill Novick (Tracy) looks a lot like Lauren Graham.

Kelly’s sure been favoring overalls lately. And she’s paler than Jimmy. (Not to knock her for being pale. I’m super-freaking pale. I just think the makeup people should do something about making the guy who’s dying look paler than someone who isn’t.)

Brandon starts calling Tracy “Trace” right away. I hate that. Don’t give someone a nickname five minutes after you’ve met.

Mark and David’s house has a cabana? Why?

Drunk Tracy is my new favorite character.

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