March 10, 2013

BH90210 5.14, Injustice for All: Steve Can’t Take the Heat, is Forced to Stay Out of the Kitchen

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You can tell he's angsty because he has stubble

You can tell he’s angsty because he has stubble

Summary: Donna, Brandon, and David are at the hospital, where Kelly and Alison have been admitted to the burn unit. Meanwhile, Rush is trying to head off the legal trouble Steve will face for throwing a party that ended in injuries. Steve is clearly in shock, and is more worried about Kelly than himself. A lawyer tells Rush that Steve and Griffin can plead no contest and just face community service. Then the lawyer will just need to deal with any personal-injury suit Kelly or Alison might file.

Kelly has some burns to her neck and hand, but Jackie tells Brandon that Alison’s injuries are more severe and she’ll need skin grafts. Brandon thinks Kelly would be okay if he’d been at the party. Kelly doesn’t know that he was with Emily, or that Emily’s still in Beverly Hills. At the KEG house, the caterer asks Steve for his pay for the party. Steve’s concerned about all the equipment that was destroyed and doesn’t care about the caterer. Griffin assures Steve that his father will take care of all the damages.

Kelly is soon discharged from the hospital and decides to visit Alison before going home. Alison is basically mummified with bandages but is in good spirits. She’s just grateful to be alive. Kelly’s just grateful Alison was there to help her through the fire. Alison gives the credit to God. Speaking of God, it’s Hanukkah, and Brandon accompanies Andrea, Jesse, and Hannah to a party on campus. Kelly’s fine with him not being with her at the beach apartment because she’s tired of being babied.

Jackie refuses to let Kelly talk to Steve’s lawyer, but Kelly doesn’t want to press charges against Steve. She wants to settle and move on. Jackie tells her there’s a modeling agency that still wants to represent her when she heals. Kelly says her modeling days are over. She’s having an existential crisis and doesn’t have the same gratitude toward God that Alison does. Back at the party, there’s exposition that Jessie is about to start working for an advocacy program that provides lawyers to people who can’t afford them.

Brandon goes to Emily’s hotel and admits that he’s feeling guilty. But for some reason, he doesn’t want her to leave town for La Jolla yet. Emily doesn’t think Brandon should feel bad for not telling Kelly the whole truth about her while she was in the hospital. Donna and Ray help decorate his family’s pumpkin patch for Christmas, though Ray’s in a bad mood. Jesse has a client whose kids were taken away because they were neglected by a bad babysitter; Jesse and Andrea disagree about something or other that isn’t important at all.

Valerie offers to testify on Steve’s behalf so he can demonstrate that he didn’t purposely cause any harm at the party. Basically, she’ll say whatever he needs her to say. Steve isn’t appreciative. He tells Brandon that he knows the party was his responsibility, so he’ll have to face the consequences of the fire. Ray’s still grumpy at the pumpkin patch because he hates the commercialism of Christmas. He snaps at Donna for telling a woman they had low prices, since it led her to try to bargain. Ray’s uncle tells her she’d understand his attitude if she met Ray’s mother.

Brandon tries to take Kelly to an appointment Jackie set up for her with a plastic surgeon, but she refuses to go. He casually tells her that Emily’s still in town, assuring her that he spent some time with her but there’s nothing to worry about. Kelly gets defensive over him telling her not to worry and asks him to leave. Then she calls Dylan at rehab and he makes her feel better. They’re interrupted when Brandon visits Dylan and asks for advice on helping Kelly. He doesn’t think she trusts him enough to show him all her burns. Brandon then mentions Emily, insisting that there’s nothing going on between them. Dylan questions that.

Ray: still cranky. Donna finally calls him on it and he confides that his mom always starts drinking around Christmas and shows up to make a scene. He poured out all her alcohol, so he knows she’ll be spiraling soon. Ray’s father left on Christmas 20 years ago after pushing LuAnn down the stairs and causing her to miscarry. Donna reveals that she was born the exact same day. Steve and Jesse run into each other at the courthouse; Steve thinks his case will go well because Rush has worked everything out. Kelly was cooperative and is part of the reason Steve will be able to get away with just community service.

Emily’s about to leave for La Jolla, and though Brandon doesn’t want to ask her to stay, he does admit that he still loves her. There’s kissing, and he wishes it were okay for them to “get carried away.” Back at the courthouse, Steve and Griffin plead no contest and receive 100 hours of community service, $1,000 fines, and two years of probation. The kicker comes when the judge informs them that they’re not allowed to host or organize any kind of party for profit for two years.

Steve blames Rush for not being able to negotiate that part away. He’s also mad that Griffin got everything he wanted because his father paid for the lawyer. Rush says that since they stole the key to the party house from Griffin’s father’s real-estate office, they deserve whatever they get. Steve is surprised to hear that they didn’t have permission. The only reason he gave Griffin a cut of the proceeds was because he supplied the location. Rush isn’t at all sympathetic that Steve’s planned career has gone down the tubes.

Steve waits for Griffin in his room at the KEG house and orders him to move out. If Griffin doesn’t, Steve will reveal that he stole the key to the house. He can even get Muntz to testify that Griffin overloaded the fuse box. Griffin isn’t the last bit worried – he even knows a court clerk who can alter their community-service sheets so they don’t have to complete the hours. Steve repeats that Griffin needs to move out, threatening him with physical violence this time. Emily visits Kelly to assure her that Brandon really wants to be with her. He told her before the fire that he loves Kelly. Emily asks Kelly not to tell Brandon she came by.

Andrea and Jesse have a Hanukkah party, which Steve stops by to deliver a gift. Andrea urges him to talk to Jesse about his legal problems. Jesse thinks Griffin’s father would have paid Steve off to accept the terms of the agreement even with the condition that he couldn’t host parties. Then he tells Steve about his other client, who took his kids out of foster care and took them back to Mexico. Steve blames the system, but Jesse notes that it works well for rich, white people. In fact, if Steve weren’t rich and white, he’d probably be in jail.

Brandon brings Kelly flowers, and she tells him things between them are okay again. Steve meets with the caterer at the Peach Pit to give him the money he owes and apologize for being mean the other day. The caterer is pleased to find a bonus with his pay. Nat drives Dylan home from rehab (that was fast), and Valerie and Cindy surprise him with a cake. The bigger surprise is that someone found Erica’s note in the airport bathroom and has sent it to Dylan.

Thoughts: Donna’s knit belly shirt really screams “Christmas spirit.”

This is why Dylan and Kelly should get back together! Brandon makes her cry! Dylan makes her feel better!

Emily, if you’re going to wear a pantsuit, you must tuck in your shirt. Also, why are you wearing a pantsuit?

Steve, your career is not over. You’re still in college, and will be until your probation’s over. You’re lucky Alison isn’t suing your pants off. Chill out.

Jennie Garth got to spend this whole episode in bathrobes. Comfy!

’90s music alert: “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree.

Steve, considering your recent brush with the law, you might not want to hand out envelopes of cash in public. It might be misconstrued.

March 5, 2013

BH90210 5.13, Up in Flames: Night of the Dancing Flame

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Yeah, I'm sure I won't have nightmares tonight

Yeah, I’m sure I won’t have nightmares tonight

Summary: Brandon and Kelly have gathered a bunch of pinecones so Cindy can use them in the fireplace. Then there’s a whole conversation about pinecones. What have I done to deserve this? Cindy congratulates Kelly on her Seventeen cover, which Brandon wasn’t supposed to tell her about. Kelly answers the Walshes’ phone (um, why?) and hears that it’s an international call. She thinks Brenda’s calling, but it’s my nemesis, Emily. She and her horrible hair will be in L.A. the next night on a layover, and she wants to see Brandon.

Steve and Griffin are planning a holiday rave at some mansion and want to advertise it at the Peach Pit. Steve offers to give Nat some of the proceeds, but Nat says he can throw any parties he wants independently. Valerie offers to help with the planning and promoting, and though Steve resists, he eventually allows her to help. Clare and David have the promotion angle covered, as they’re going to post a notice on “some electronic bulletin board.” David does so but accidentally posts in the wrong forum. Donna suggests that Ray perform at the rave.

Kelly and Brandon arrive, and Kelly announces to the others that Brandon isn’t coming to the rave because of Emily. (David calls her “that firestarter girl.”) Kelly isn’t happy about Ms. Valentine’s return and wants to know what happened between her and Brandon in San Francisco. Brandon admits that he “fell for her,” but assures Kelly that he wants to be with her now and has no lingering feelings for Emily.

Steve, Valerie, and Griffin check out the party house with only 24 hours to get everything ready. A fuse keeps blowing, and it leads to Steve and Griffin blowing their own fuses at each other. Valerie makes a list of everything that needs to be accomplished and splits it three ways. Steve wonders why she’s being so helpful. He thinks she wants a cut of the cover charge, but she says she wants a second chance with him.

Brandon has Emily flashbacks in the middle of the night, but tells Kelly he can’t sleep because of the Santa Ana winds. The winds give Kelly flashbacks, too, but hers are of Dylan. Steve hires a Latino caterer for the party and shows his dorky/slightly racist side. Donna says Steve can borrow Ray’s truck if he’ll let Ray play in one of the “mood” (AKA makeout) rooms. Kelly visits Dylan at rehab, holding his hand while they take a walk, which I’m sure she would be okay with Brandon doing with Emily. Dylan isn’t thrilled that Kelly’s with Brandon, but he’s glad she’s happy.

Andrea leaves Hannah with the Walshes so she and Jesse can go out, and takes the opportunity to interrogate Brandon about seeing Emily. He admits that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since she called. But he loves Kelly and doesn’t think anything major will happen during Emily’s four-hour layover. The rave kicks off but isn’t well-attended, at least yet. Muntz complains about the lack of available women. Just then a bunch of them show up, having read David’s Internet notice. Muntz is happy because he doesn’t realize they’re all lesbians.

Thanks to the faulty fuses, the lights and music go out. Meanwhile, Brandon meets up with Emily, who reveals that she’s thinking of transferring to a school in La Jolla. Brandon wants to take her to the rave, but Emily doesn’t want to be seen as a partier like she used to be. He tells her she’s earned some redemption. Emily blurts out that she loves him, and Brandon awkwardly ignores her. Back at the house, Valerie takes Steve upstairs. Donna and Kelly are already there, listening to Ray perform. Griffin’s upset that he’s there.

The lights go out again, so the partygoers helpfully chant, “Power! Power!” until Griffin turns it back on. The caterer warns Griffin that the fuse box is overloaded, but Griffin’s an idiot and won’t listen. Brandon takes Emily to the Peach Pit, where she admits that she’s not in Beverly Hills on a layover – she can stay as long as she wants. Brandon tells her he’s dating Kelly, news Emily doesn’t appreciate hearing. He points out that she never called or wrote after she went to France, so he couldn’t be expected to wait for her.

Muntz thinks the girl he’s been checking out all night is finally going to ask him to dance. Nope, she wants to dance with Clare. The girl she was dancing with before isn’t pleased. Steve notes that he and Valerie are the only opposite-sex couple on the dance floor. Val thinks that if a bunch of gay men had come to the party instead of lesbians, people wouldn’t be nearly as cool with it. Muntz alerts them to some hooligans in a room upstairs, so Valerie and Steve shoo them away and take over the room for their own brand of hooliganism.

Brandon and Emily drive around, talking about their time together in San Francisco. He admits that he would have moved there if she’d asked him to. Kelly’s annoyed that Brandon hasn’t shown up at the rave yet, but Clare tells her she shouldn’t worry about him “straying.” Kelly decides to go home, but first she goes upstairs to use the bathroom. She chats with Muntz’s lesbian crush, Alison, and the two of them go back downstairs to look for another bathroom. Alison’s dance partner thinks they’re looking for privacy.

Kelly and Alison end up in a soundproof screening room, where Kelly stays while Alison continues the bathroom hunt. In the kitchen, the fuse box starts to short out. This time Muntz checks on it and discovers that the room is on fire. There’s a mass exodus as the flames spread. Ray sends Donna out with a bunch of other people while he checks the other rooms to make sure no one else is trapped. He ends up finding Steve and Valerie. In the screening room, Alison and Kelly smell smoke.

Donna asks Steve to go back in to find Ray, who’s also made it out but still wants to rescue others. Firefighters arrive, and Griffin tells Muntz he’s going to talk to them about the legal and monetary aspects of the situation, but instead, he bails. Kelly and Alison have barricaded themselves in the bathroom to wait for help; Kelly’s panicking but Alison is able to stay calm. Meanwhile, Brandon takes Emily to her hotel and they start to say goodbye, but both admit they don’t want to. They make out instead.

Alison’s girlfriend, Dana, informs the gang that Kelly didn’t leave the party like Clare thinks – she was last seen with Alison. Inside, the lights go out, leaving Kelly and Alison in the dark when the fire starts eating through the door. They recite the Lord’s Prayer together. The firefighters finally make it to them, but the fire is moving toward the girls much faster. Their cheers of happiness turn into screams.

Thoughts: Why do they keep bringing Emily back?? Is it just to torture me? Because it’s working.

Also, another rave in an Emily episode? Stop trying to recapture the magic, people. If there are no eggs, it’s not going to happy.

How ironic that I watched this episode in the middle of the SVH arson trilogy.

’90s music alert: Bizarre’s “I’m Gonna Get You.”

Griffin wears a suit and tie to the rave. Loosen up, Griffin. David also wears a suit (no tie, but there’s a vest). Undorkify, David.

Steve: “You’re not wearing any underwear.” Valerie: “You’re kidding!” Heh.

August 28, 2012

BH90210 4.13, Emily: Jesse’s Girl

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Just to clarify, this isn’t Jesse’s girl

Summary: Brandon’s still at Emily’s place in San Francisco, on what appears to be the day after Thanksgiving. They talk about flowers and her time in the hospital and dim sum, and I want those two minutes of my life back. At the Peach Pit, Donna tells Andrea and Brenda that she’s about to go through Hell Week for her sorority. Brenda thinks Kelly’s late meeting them because she’s still mad about what happened with Dylan the night before. Kelly actually hasn’t talked to him.

After Brenda invites the others to the workshop she’ll be starring in, Andrea tells the others she ran into Jesse at Dan’s parents’ house. Donna senses that there’s some attraction between them. Andrea wants to dump Dan but isn’t sure how to do it. Brenda notes that Andrea’s getting a lot of action for someone who barely dated in high school. (I know, right?)

Steve’s already undergoing Hell Week torture at KEG house, though so far the pledges just have to do a lot of pushups. Next they have to memorize information about the frat brothers. One brother will be assigned to each pledge to make his life hell. Meanwhile, Kelly, Donna, and the other Alpha pledges are paraded around campus in robes and shower caps. Leslie encourages Kelly to go kiss Dylan, which she really doesn’t want to do. Donna notes that Leslie could have made her kiss Sears. Kelly completes the task with much more than a single kiss.

Andrea’s in the middle of breaking up with Dan when she checks her messages and hears one from Jesse. Dan makes a slur about Jesse’s last name, then tells Andrea not to accuse him of racism. She tells him she’s not in love with him, so they’re over. He doesn’t take it well. Brandon regales Emily with tales of the girls he’s dated since they broke up. She notes that he likes “wounded birds.” He admits that he came to San Francisco because he was trying to put distance between himself and Lucinda. Then they decide to announce that they love each other.

Brenda goes to the first rehearsal for the play, The Mask of Melancholy. It’s unintentionally hilarious. Also, it includes the direction, “And that’s when you take off your clothes.” She balks, but the director uses some artsy language to change her mind. The KEG pledges have to march to the student union, where Sears makes Steve do more pushups and sing the alphabet. As Steve leaves, he asks Kelly and Donna if he can borrow a dress. Cut to Steve in drag. It’s awesome. He tells the girls he won’t let Sears get the best of him.

Brandon and Emily do touristy things in San Francisco. Then she educates him about the sea lions in the bay. Brandon’s so hot for her that he’d consider transferring to Berkeley to be near her. Steve’s ordered to dress back up in drag the next day and pass out photos of himself in the student union. He also has to steal a baseball signed by Jackie Robinson from Professor Randall’s office. A brother named Keith offers him the office key to parallel the infamous legacy key from West Beverly.

Jesse and Andrea hang out in a park, and he wonders why she would go out with a guy like him. She notes that she’s dated white, black, and Republican guys, so dating a Latino isn’t that much of a stretch. Andrea learns that he’s not just a bartender – he’s also a law student at UCLA and did his undergrad at Yale. It’s true love, y’all.

Back at Emily’s place, Brandon and Emily start to engage in another makeout session, but fortunately are interrupted by Rosie. Emily tells her not to tell Brandon about her upcoming move, but as soon as Emily’s out of the room, Rosie spills: Emily’s leaving in three days for the Cousteau Institute in France.

Rosie comes back over in the morning and asks Brandon if he talked to Emily. She’s worried that Emily will miss out on a great opportunity for some guy. Brandon denies that he’s keeping her from going to France. Rosie says that if he really loves Emily, he’ll make her go. Steve does his drag task as his friends make fun of him, because what else are friends good for? Sears thinks he’s a wimp, telling Keith he doesn’t think Steve has the guts to steal Randall’s baseball.

Brandon tells Emily he knows about the Cousteau Institute, and she has to go to France. Emily isn’t sure she’s up to it. Also, she loves him and doesn’t want to leave him. Clearly the girl still has some mental issues to deal with. Brenda tries to talk Kelly out of coming to the play, then tells her about the nudity. She attempts to justify it as art, taking chances, etc. Fortunately, her parents won’t be there. Dylan lets her know that there are posters advertising the play all over the student union.

Brandon Emily choices I love you blah blah go to France already.

Jim and Cindy dine at the Peach Pat, chatting with Nat about Emily. Dylan shows up and mentions the play, which the Walshes didn’t know was debuting that night. Kelly, David, Andrea, and Donna join them there, though it looks like Kelly’s the only one who knows about the nudity. Brandon helps Emily pack as Jim and Cindy suffer through Brenda’s awful play, unaware that it’s about to get even awfuller. Kelly tips everyone off, but Brenda has put on multiple layers of clothes and changed the end of the play. The director’s mad but admits that she was great.

Steve lets himself into Randall’s office and grabs the baseball, but he’s caught by a security guard. Emily and Brandon say their goodbyes, and she tells him he doesn’t have to stay faithful to her while she’s gone. He just has to be faithful to himself. They waste more of my time, and then she finally leaves and he heads back to Beverly Hills.

Thoughts: And that’s why you don’t sleep with your English TA – you may end up breaking up with him, and you’ll still have to see him.

Dan went from creep to racist in two episodes. Impressive.

Next time, read the script before you commit, Brenda.

Why does Emily spend this episode dressed as a school marm?

August 25, 2012

BH90210 4.12, Radar Love: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her. Oh, There She Is

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Of all the cable cars in all the cities…

Summary: The morning after Brandon ran away like a little boy, Brenda shares the news with Cindy and Jim. Cindy’s worried but Jim knows he’ll be back for Thanksgiving. Brandon drives down a highway somewhere, then pulls into a gas station to fill his tank. He spots a woman with blond hair, wearing a beret, and thinks she’s Emily Valentine. She’s not.

The KEG and Alpha houses are working together to serve dinner for runaways and pregnant girls at a place called Downey House. Kelly, Donna, Steve, and Sears are all involved. Apparently Sears spent last Thanksgiving hitting on various girls. Steve lets an insult slip, but Sears and the other brothers tell him to shut up since he’s still a pledge.

Donna promises to protect Kelly from Sears before she heads to Houston to see her parents. Kelly laments spending Thanksgiving with just Jackie and Erin. Donna spots Kelly and encourages her to patch things up with Dylan. After all, he cared enough to smash a pie in Sears’ face. Kelly notes that he did that for himself. (No, Kelly, he did it for me.) Donna suggests that Kelly invite Dylan over for Thanksgiving. Kelly does, but he has plans to go to Baja.

Dan and Andrea play chess and discuss Thanksgiving; he’s invited her to spend it with his family but she hasn’t accepted yet. She’s nervous, which he says is because she’s neurotic. (This guy’s a winner.) Brandon winds up at a campsite, where a man named Curtis invites him to join his family for dinner because everyone loves Brandon so much that they just have to spend time with him. Through exposition, we learn that he’s going to Marin County to look up Emily.

At Downey House, Donna tries to keep Sears away from Kelly. Sears quickly turns his attention to a runaway named Denise. He cranks up the charm, and the poor girl has no reason to think she shouldn’t trust him. Brandon tells Curtis about his past with Emily, which is a nice way for us to kill a couple minutes.

Dylan goes to the Walshes’ to get a check from Jim and ends up eating dinner and chatting with Brenda (she’s been cast in a campus play). She invites him to come over for Thanksgiving, noting that he always says he’s fine but always ends up coming over anyway. Cindy approves of the invitation and tells Brenda there’s room for more guests, especially since Brandon’s still gone.

In the morning, Brandon heads to the Valentines’ house in Marin. Well, to their former house – they moved to Greece. Andrea helps Donna and Kelly get ready for the Downey House dinner, telling them she’s worried that dinner with Dan’s family is something of a test. She also revealed that she slept with Dan. Brenda calls Kelly to tell her that Cindy’s already invited Jackie over for Thanksgiving. Kelly knows David is in for a bad holiday with Mel, so she asks to bring him, too.

Brandon finally calls home, telling Cindy he’s in San Francisco and will be home for Thanksgiving dinner. He gets on a cable car, and in a huge whatever moment, he runs into Emily. She now looks completely different, with shoulder-length brown hair. KEG and Alpha serve dinner for the girls, and Sears flirts more with Denise. Kelly spots the two of them leaving together and gets worried. She and Donna send Steve to check things out, noting that Denise is only 15.

As Steve tells KEG’s president, Mike, what’s going on, Sears and Denise go outside for more charm and flirting. Steve interrupts to tell Sears that Mike wants him to go back to the house to get something. It works, so now Kelly and Donna are happy. Brandon goes home with Emily, who has the nicest place I’ve ever seen an 18-year-old live. They discuss her previous mental issues, then quickly move on to making out.

Emily’s neighbor Rosie interrupts and invites Brandon to stay for Thanksgiving. Emily also offers him use of the shower and possibly a bed for the night. When Brandon goes to get his things from his car, Rosie reminds Emily that she’s moving in a week. Emily isn’t sure what to do since she’s still madly in love with Brandon. Meanwhile, Sears returns from his errand unhappy that he was sent away.

Brandon calls Cindy again to tell her his Thanksgiving plans have changed. Cindy doesn’t seem to think it’s strange that he’ll be spending the holiday with a girl they last saw damaging property. Brenda tells her and Jim that Brandon keeps a picture of Emily in a drawer. The Walshes who aren’t Cindy think Emily has changed, but Cindy’s worried that she’ll break Brandon’s heart again.

The next day is Thanksgiving. Jackie and David make awkward small talk at the Walshes’ while Erin remains adorable. Kelly’s surprised and annoyed when Dylan shows up, since he was supposed to be in Baja. Steve and Sears are at the KEG house, and Sears has decided to make Steve’s pledge process horrible. Steve admits to being part of the stunt the night before, reminding Sears that Denise was 15. He doesn’t regret what he and the girls did.

Andrea meets Dan’s parents but is more interested in their catered affair’s bartender: Jesse. They even remember each other’s names from their brief first meeting. Andrea impresses Jesse with some Spanish but almost ruins the mood but admitting that she’s dating Dan. Jesse doesn’t seem to care. Neither does Andrea, who gives him her last name and address.

Kelly’s anger at Dylan makes dinner at the Walshes’ tense. He finally pulls her out of the room and they have a loud fight everyone else can hear. Kelly’s mad about Dylan ditching her for the Walshes, and he’s mad about her ditching him for Sears. They do agree that he should have told her he was spending the holiday with the Walshes.

Emily burned her, Brandon, and Rosie’s turkey, so the three of them decide to get pizza. Rosie urges Emily to tell Brandon she’s leaving, but Emily wants to wait another day. Then there’s more making out, and I feel bad for Rosie since she has to be in the same room with the two of them.

Thoughts: Ugggggg, Emily. What did I do to deserve this?

Denise is played by A.J. Langer, who’s probably best known as Rayanne from My So-Called Life. Did you know her husband is a lord and the future Earl of Devon? She’s a frigging countess!

The only reason this episode is called “Radar Love” is because they keep playing it through the episode. It’s annoying.

If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco.

“Did they have a forwarding address?” What, are you going to drive to Greece, Brandon? Actually, do it. I want to see you try.

Jesse’s a cutie. I don’t blame Andrea for having a crush on him. I do, however, blame her for staying with the annoying, condescending, boring Dan when she could be with someone much more interesting and fun.
If nothing else, this episode made me want to go back to San Francisco

November 24, 2011

BH90210 2.18, A Walsh Family Christmas: Merry Christmas, Saint Nick

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This is what happens when you wind up on Santa's naughty list

Summary: Steve is in New Mexico after a 16-hour bus ride. Back in Beverly Hills, Brenda has gotten a job at a boutique, making her the first of Kelly’s friends to have a real job. Kelly and Donna are worried about Steve, who’s been gone for four days and hasn’t gotten in touch with anyone back home. Kelly admits to missing him; he always buys her something nice at Christmas even after their breakup. Brenda invites them over to decorate their Christmas tree, which the Walshes always get two days before Christmas.

Brandon and Jim go get a tree but don’t have many good ones to choose from. Cindy’s annoyed to be stuck in 90-degree weather while it’s snowing back in Minnesota. Jim and Brandon come home with a dead tree, leading Cindy to wish they’d gone to visit her mother. Brandon tries to salvage the tree with green spray paint. Brenda’s pleased with the money she’s making at her new job, since she’ll be able to buy some nice presents for her family.

The gang comes over to decorate the tree and Jim suggests to Cindy that they start a new tradition by inviting the kids over for Christmas Eve. She’s on board, telling the kids to bring their families along, but they all have plans already. Brandon tells his parents about Steve’s quest for his birth mother as Steve goes to the hospital where he thinks he was born. He tries to get a copy of his birth certificate, but it can’t be released to him without a parent’s permission since he’s not 18. He’s allowed to look at it and gets his mother’s address.

Brandon asks Nat to give a free meal to a seemingly homeless man at the Peach Pit. Nat reveals that he always serves free meals on Christmas, and Brandon tells him he’ll come help serve. He shows off the Santa suit he wears every year. The man takes an interest in it. Steve goes to the address he got, but the houses that used to be there are now a strip mall. Andrea tells Brandon that her family doesn’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, so he invites her over. She tells him she has plans with her grandmother.

Nat realizes his Santa suit is missing – the man from earlier has taken it and is handing out candy canes around town. He winds up near Brenda’s boutique, which bugs her boss, Deidre. Brenda asks her to be nice, but Deidre calls the man crazy and makes him leave. Steve makes a bunch of calls, looking for someone who knows his mother, but doesn’t have any luck. Dylan visits Brenda at work before leaving to see his father; he complains about consumerism, then gives her half of one of those heart pendants that fit together.

Steve finally makes a breakthrough, contacting a man who’s suspicious about his questions about Karen Brown. Kelly helps Jackie cook, but neither is very good at it. Jackie considers cooking more often anyway, since she and Mel are getting more serious. Their relationship is the first healthy one she’s ever been in. Mel shows up and tells Jackie he and David can’t come to dinner – David’s mother, who Mel is in the process of divorcing, wants them at home for Christmas. (Aren’t they Jewish?) Jackie’s upset that she got so invested in something that isn’t going to last.

Steve goes to the diner he made his call to and meets the man he spoke with, who doesn’t want to talk to him. He’s Karen’s father. Steve introduces himself to his grandfather, who finally agrees to talk. Kelly tells Brenda about the Jackie/Mel situation and looks for an extra present to make her mother feel better. She’s worried that Jackie will get depressed and start drinking again if it’s just them on Christmas Eve. Brenda invites her to the Walshes’ celebration. Santa returns to the boutique and Deidre kicks him out again. (Someone’s getting coal in her stocking.)

Brandon goes to visit Emily at the facility where she’s been staying. She’s supposed to be released soon but she’s nervous about going back to school. He’s brought her his favorite shirt and a card signed by all his friends. David goes to the Taylors’ house to bring Kelly a present, but she’s mad about how Mel treated Jackie. David’s not happy either, since he’s caught in the middle. He still wants his parents to get back together, but he doesn’t want Jackie and Kelly to be unhappy. They agree that they’re still friends.

Steve’s grandfather, Al, tells him Karen was still in high school when she got pregnant. She wanted her baby to have a family who could take care of him. After Steve was adopted, Karen went to college and got married. Al says that Karen never discussed Steve with her family. Steve asks for her phone number, but Al tells him the adoption was meant to be final. Also, Karen’s dead. (Maybe you should’ve led with that, Grandpa.)

Brandon and Jim discuss their Christmas plans, hoping they don’t make Cindy feel more homesick. Samantha shows up to see if any of the Walshes have heard from Steve. She’s so worried about his lack of contact that she’s called the police to file a missing-persons report. She feels bad about trying to stop him from looking for Karen. Cindy’s sure that Steve will call on Christmas. Samantha thinks she spoiled him as a child and it’s backfired. Cindy insists that she stay for dinner so she won’t have to be at home alone.

Al takes Steve to Karen’s grave. Steve admits that he thought meeting his birth mother would make everything different. He notes that he never had a grandfather and asks Al to be his. Al agrees, promising to stay in touch. As Brenda leaves the boutique for the night, she spots two cops interrogating Santa. She gets them to back off, then invites Santa to the Walshes’ for Christmas Eve. Jim isn’t too thrilled to have a stranger in the house, not like Cindy doesn’t invite random people to spend the night all the time. Kelly and Jackie show up next.

Steve tries to charter a plane from a guy who’s supposed to be heading off to play Santa. Steve’s so desperate to get home that he gives the guy a bunch of money. The pilot can’t refuse the gift and happily shouts out reindeer names on takeoff. Andrea shows up at the Walshes’ after all and is starstruck to meet Samantha (and apparently Steve’s talked about her to his mother).

Dylan goes to see Jack (who’s magically been transformed into a completely different person) and complains about all the Christmases his father has missed. He thought about getting him back by making him know what it’s like to be lonely on Christmas, but he knew it would be too painful. Jack tells his son that he’s started meditating and often thinks about how strong Dylan is. He tells Dylan he’s already making things better. Dylan wants to share the food he brought for Jack, but Jack encourages him to go see Brenda and make himself happy.

Santa hands out presents at the Walshes’, and they’re definitely pricey. Jim and Cindy worry that he stole them. David and Mel arrive, and David eavesdrops as his father apologizes to Jackie. He thought his ex was in trouble and he owed it to her to be there for her, but now he knows they really need to be apart. He never actually went to her place; he drove around until he realized that Jackie’s who he wants to be with. Kelly joins David, who recaps the situation for her as Donna arrives, having cancelled her ski trip due to lack of snow.

David and Donna smooch under the mistletoe as Samantha decides to go home. Suddenly Cindy calls Jim upstairs to tell him her engagement ring is missing. She starts to call the police on Santa, blasting her and Jim for being too trusting. Jim hangs up and gives her her present – he got her ring reset. Cindy decides to spend the rest of the evening naïve. Samantha comes home to find Steve there waiting for her. He tells her about his mother and how wonderful she is, but he’s talking about Samantha, not Karen.

Donna sits on Santa’s lap and complains that she doesn’t like Christmas because it’s also her birthday, but no one ever remembers. The gang sings her “Happy Birthday.” Dylan shows up as Andrea asks Santa for presents. Everyone wonders who Santa really is; he tells them he wanted to find out if anyone still has Christmas spirit. His elves grew up and had their own families, but Mrs. Claus would still make wonderful dinners. She died last year, and Santa didn’t want to celebrate Christmas anymore. This year, he decided to look for it anyway. Brenda made him believe in the spirit of Christmas again.

Nat shows up with some carolers, who all get invited in for drinks. He meets Santa and tells Brandon that he found his Santa suit. Everyone sings as Jim plays his keyboard, and Cindy looks out the window to see snow (Brandon’s spraying it in the yard). Samantha returns, this time with Steve, who Kelly is very happy to see. Then there’s more singing and only the slightest hint of cheesiness.

Thoughts: Watching a Christmas episode on Thanksgiving was really weird.

At first I thought this episode was only going to feature Steve. Then I saw Christine Elise was a guest star and I got even more worried.

Donna wears the shortest jumper I’ve ever seen during the tree-decorating scene. She looks like a little kid who outgrew her outfit.

Brandon and Andrea are just friends, huh? I don’t kiss my friends on the lips.

There’s a funny moment where Samantha’s walking through the Walshes’ kitchen, sees Santa, is a little surprised, and says, “Oh, hi,” like, “Oh, of course you’re here.”

November 17, 2011

BH90210 2.16, My Desperate Valentine: Drive Me Crazy

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I don't like Christmas directions before December either

Summary: Emily tries to make nice with Brandon at his locker, but mistakes someone else for him. It turns out he changed lockers to avoid her because of the events of U4EA. He admits to Andrea that he’s not an “in-your-face type of guy.” (Um, I disagree.) David makes an announcement reminding everyone about a float-decorating competition. Kelly isn’t excited about it, but Andrea thinks they have a chance of winning. Brandon continues to try to avoid Emily, but it doesn’t work since they’re both working on the paper.

Someone keeps writing to the newspaper complaining about the rich kids at West Beverly and sort of threatening to slash some tires. Emily confronts Brandon about moving his locker, and he says he wanted one closer to the newspaper office. He leaves and she follows him, asking him to hang out that night. Brandon blows her off, making it clear that he’ll blow off any suggestions she makes to spend time together. At the Walshes’, Brenda and Dylan make out, but she thinks they need to find something new to do – something cultural.

Someone who I’m sure is totally not Emily keeps calling Brandon but not saying anything. Steve invites him to hang out at the Peach Pit. Hilariously, Nat won’t bring Brandon hot sauce because he knows where it is. Steve encourages Brandon to be firm with Emily and make her see that they’re over. Speak of the devil, she shows up and Steve leaves her and Brandon alone. She thinks it’s kismet that she was thinking about him and ran into him. Brandon tells her they’re really, really done. Emily turns apologetic and begs for a second chance, but he won’t be more than friends.

Brandon walks Emily to her motorcycle and they see that her tire has been slashed. She guesses it’s the work of the person who keeps writing letters to the paper. She’s really upset (seemingly), so Brandon comforts her. He also takes her home and lets her spend the night in Brenda’s room (her parents are out of town). Brenda has little to no sympathy. Brandon asks her not to tell anyone that Emily drugged him; he doesn’t want her to become an outcast because she’s not really a bad person.

In the middle of the night, Emily crawls into Brandon’s bed and starts making out with him. He tries to kick her out, telling her that even if they slept together, he would still break up with her in the morning. He adds that he has to be in love to have sex with someone. Emily reminds him that she loves him before leaving. In the morning, Cindy assures Emily’s parents that she’s okay; apparently they got home early, according to Emily.

The gang gets together to build a float at the Walshes’, and David tapes the process because some groups have been accused of having professionals build their floats. Emily shows up wearing Brandon’s favorite shirt, but Brandon doesn’t say anything. Emily tells Andrea that she spent the night and didn’t have anything to wear. She all but says that they slept together. Brandon complains to Dylan that Emily won’t leave him alone or take a hint. He’s not willing to be brutal to her. Dylan guesses that Brandon’s afraid of what will happen to Emily if he dumps her, but he’s more worried about Brandon.

Emily accuses Brandon of avoiding her, and he counters by mentioning the shirt. He asks if she’s trying to be funny or trying to drive him crazy. (Oh, Brandon, don’t say that word to her.) Brenda and Dylan head off to hear a performance by a string quartet, which they find romantic. So romantic that they need to get a room. At school, Emily apologizes to Brandon for her weird behavior, saying she’s ready to deal with what happens between them. The letter writer sends in another missive, this one threatening a fire. Brandon thinks it’s time to go to the police.

Jim gets one of Brandon’s hang-up calls and sees that there are 16 messages on the answering machine. They’re all from Emily. Jim answers another hang-up call and says Emily’s name, though Cindy says they can’t know for sure she’s the caller. She reminds Brenda, who’s on Jim’s side, that breakups are hard. Brenda’s concerned that Emily will go all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Brandon solves the problem by taking the phone off the hook, but Brenda knows that won’t stick. She points out that he doesn’t know much about Emily, so he doesn’t know what she’s capable of.

Emily gets Brandon’s shirt and has it delivered along with a cake. Brenda wonders if the cake has U4EA in it. Emily brings an old typewriter to school, telling Andrea she’s donating it to the paper. She means it to be a parting gift as she’s quitting the paper. Andrea invites her to be in the photo they’ll have taken when they finish their float, since she helped build it. Brenda tells Kelly and Donna about her and Dylan’s latest cultural outing, then complains about Emily. Kelly doesn’t think she’s too crazy since she acted the same way with a guy in middle school.

The gang finishes their float, and Emily arrives for the picture. Brandon complains to Andrea, but she says she couldn’t leave her out. As David sets the timer for the photo, Emily tries to give Brandon a hickey and he finally snaps. He confronts her for everything she’s done, saying he tried to be nice but she couldn’t take a hint. Emily says she loves him, reminding him that she chose him over all the guys in Beverly Hills who hit on her. She wanted her first time to be with him. When she first came to town, everyone thought she was a slut, and Brandon has made her feel like one.

Steve goes to the Walshes’ for dinner and discusses the Emily situation with Jim and Cindy. Cindy feels bad for Emily because she’s young and overwhelmed by emotions, so she can’t be expected to act rationally. Emily keeps calling and hanging up, so Steve answers the phone pretending to be a pizza place. Cindy thinks they should call her parents. Andrea shows up with another letter and announces that all of the threats were written on Emily’s typewriter. She thinks Emily wanted her to figure out she was making the threats.

Emily calls again but Jim takes the phone off the hook. While Brenda and Dylan go to a violin concert, Andrea tells Brandon and Steve that she thinks Emily has a borderline personality disorder. (Apparently Andrea has done her research on this, or possibly just watched Fatal Attraction a few dozen times.) Jim asks Brandon for Emily’s address so he and Cindy can go speak to her parents. Emily brings a can of gasoline to the gang’s float, which she throws paint on and dismantles. She pours gas on everything and pulls out a lighter.

Dylan brings Brenda home and they see Emily at the float with the empty gas can and her lighter. Emily slams Brenda for turning everyone in the gang against her. Brenda tells her that she betrayed Brandon’s trust, and it’ll take time for her to fix that. She promises that eventually Brandon will forgive her, but for that to happen, Emily has to give him space. Emily apologizes and hands over the lighter.

Inside, Emily apologizes to Brandon for her behavior and for slipping him the U4EA. (Jim and Cindy are really excited to hear that.) Cindy asks if anything like this has ever happened to her before. Emily blames the move to Beverly Hills, which put a lot of pressure on her. She admits that she needs help. Later that night, after Brandon takes Emily home, he tells Brenda that according to Mrs. Valentine, Emily’s been seeing a psychiatrist on and off for years. He asks what she told Emily to make her calm down. Brenda says that she promised Emily she would always have two friends in Beverly Hills.

Thoughts: Really, Brandon? You’re not mad that Emily drugged you? You can’t be THAT nice.

The Walshes could turn a nice profit if they charged everyone who spent the night at their house.

I realize the girl isn’t playing with a full deck, but how does Emily figure Brandon makes her feel like a slut? She’s the one who told Andrea they slept together.

How did no one hear or see Emily destroying the float at the Walshes’? There were five people in the house.

November 12, 2011

BH90210 2.15, U4EA: “I’d Like to Exchange an Egg”

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Hee, I love shirtless Brandon standing on the car in the background

Summary: Emily has given Brandon the high school equivalent of a drawer in her dresser: a shelf in her locker. Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are out of ideas for what to do over the weekend. Brandon is, too, but Emily has plans and invites the others along. She knows about a really cool underground club that changes locations every week. You go to an address, hand over an egg, and get the location of the club. Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are up for trying it out.

Andrea’s harder to convince. Steve is jealous that he doesn’t already know about the club. Andrea wonders why there’s so much secrecy, and Emily tells her it’s because cops like to bust up places like the club. She asks if Andrea’s scared, and Andrea says she’ll come along and write about it for the school paper. Brenda tries to figure out what she’ll tell her mother about her plans for the evening. Kelly plans to tell her mom the truth.

At home, Brandon suggests that he and Brenda tell their parents they’re studying. She notes that it’s Friday and they’re not dressed for studying. He comes up with other ideas and she makes him get the details down. Over at the Taylors’, Kelly tells Jackie exactly where she’s going. Jackie saw a news story about underground clubs, which are illegal and in bad neighborhoods. She tells Kelly she can’t go. Kelly thinks she should get a pass because she told the truth. She also laments the time when Jackie was too drunk to care what she did.

The twins tell Jim and Cindy they’re going out; the elder Walshes don’t pay attention, just making sure they’ll be together. Jackie goes to see Mel, thinking she’s leaving Kelly to study on a Friday night. Of course, Kelly’s just going to sneak out. Brandon and Brenda go to the Peach Pit to meet up with their friends, and Brenda admits that she’s nervous. She feels like everyone’s going to the club because Emily told them to. Brandon guesses that Brenda doesn’t like his girlfriend. Everyone meets up (minus Steve and Andrea), and Kelly complains about Donna bringing David along.

The gang heads to a convenience store, where Emily hands over an egg and $10. In exchange, she gets a map. Donna, Kelly, and David take the opportunity to buy some other stuff, including a bottle of whiskey that David jokingly asks for. The gang heads to the club, where Dylan warns Brenda that there will be drugs inside and assures her that he’ll be okay. Kelly continues to be mean to David, who starts drinking his little bottle of whiskey. Brenda admits to Dylan that something about Emily rubs her the wrong way. (You and me both, girl.)

Steve and Andrea show up at the Peach Pit, having been held up by her talkative grandmother (and her cooking). Emily has left them an egg and a map, which Andrea accidentally spills coffee on. Brandon tells Emily he’ll do anything she wants other than dance. He points out a guy who’s not dancing and notes that he’s pretty popular. Emily informs him that the guy is selling a drug called U4EA. Kelly complains about being single with a bunch of couples, so Brenda tries to get her interested in some guys in the club. The only one Kelly likes is the drug dealer.

Andrea and Steve bicker on their way to the convenience store, lost because she’s unable to read Emily’s map. When they find what they think is the right store, the woman working there doesn’t understand why they want to exchange an egg. Emily buys some U4EA, proving that she doesn’t know Brandon very well if she thinks he’s going to take it. By this point, David’s drunk off of half a bottle of whiskey and tells Brandon that Donna likes him (David, not Brandon). Over at the bar, Emily gets drinks and puts U4EA in them.

The drug kicks in and Emily tells Brandon what she did. He’s not happy and she’s not remorseful. Steve and Andrea are still lost, and she’s complaining about Emily. David now thinks Donna doesn’t like him, saying that Brenda does. Brenda’s more concerned about the fact that she and Brandon only have 45 minutes left before their curfew. She and Kelly see Brandon dancing with Emily and note that someone finally got Brandon to loosen up. Emily tells Brandon that the first rush from U4EA is the best, and he notes that she told him she’d never done it before.

Steve wants to try the egg exchange again, but Andrea’s ready to give up. He thinks she just doesn’t want to have to see Brandon and Emily together. He tells her to stop apologizing for who she is and “get in the game.” Andrea spots someone going into a store with an egg, so they’ve found the right place. Brenda and Kelly come across some drug paraphernalia and decide it’s time to finally get the heck out. Dylan won’t leave without Brandon, so he sends the girls outside with Donna and David while he looks for him.

Brandon and Emily are already outside, making out on Brandon’s car. David throws up a bunch (thanks for the sound effects, guys) as Kelly freaks out about not getting back before her mother. She heads off with Donna and David while Dylan and Brenda stay behind to deal with Brandon and Emily, who Dylan quickly guesses are on something. Brenda takes Brandon’s keys, but he doesn’t want to leave. Dylan gives Brandon some money for a cab, telling Brenda they can’t do anything right now because Brandon doesn’t care.

Kelly complains more about Donna bringing David to the club as she rushes to beat Jackie home. She fails. Steve and Andrea finally reach the club…just as the police do. They find Brandon and Emily (still on the car), and Emily realizes the club is being busted. Steve is at least smart enough to make her get rid of the rest of the U4EA.

Brandon stumbles into the house early the next morning to find Brenda waiting up for him. She chastises him for violating their parents’ trust. At first she doesn’t believe that he didn’t take the drugs voluntarily. Brandon tells her about what it’s like to be on drugs, and how nothing makes sense now. Brenda says that her biggest fear was that he’d changed. He assures her that he’s still his “same old boring self.”

Brandon has to work in an hour, and his car is still at the club, so he has Brenda call Dylan to take him to pick it up. The car is basically still there, but it’s been stripped and defaced. Brandon laments that Emily gave him the U4EA because she thought it would bring them closer together, but it actually tore them apart. Dylan asks what he plans to tell Jim about his car. Brandon decides he’ll have to tell the truth. He does so, leaving out the part about Emily being the one who drugged him.

Speak of the devil, Emily shows up and rats Brenda out for leaving Brandon at the club. She follows him up to his bedroom and tries to make out with him. He blasts her for drugging him, saying he can never trust her again. He adds that all she got from him was a chemical reaction. Emily offers to pay for the car damages, but Brandon tells her they’re done. She asks why she isn’t allowed to make a mistake. He reminds her that he said he didn’t want to do drugs. Emily says he said he’d never had such intense feelings for a girl. Brandon replies that he must have been on drugs.

Andrea visits Brandon at the Peach Pit and he apologizes for the way he acted the night before. He asks what he’s supposed to do now that he knows Emily isn’t who he thought she was. For no apparent reason, Andrea does the drug PSA “this is your brain on drugs” thing.

Thoughts: Wow. Emily is just…wow. Drugging your boyfriend? Psycho. PSYCHO. And the fact that she felt no remorse leads me to believe she’s a psychopath.

The lesson of this episode isn’t so much that drugs are bad, but that your girlfriend is insane.

Is there a painting of Brenda in Kelly’s bedroom? Freaky.

Dear Kelly, I love you, but you’re really annoying in this episode. Shut up about David already.

From now on, eggs are just going to make me laugh.

November 5, 2011

BH90210 2.14, The Next 50 Years: Out With a Bang

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RIP, guy who never got to do anything

Summary: As West Beverly’s choir sings, David films a time-capsule-unearthing ceremony at West Beverly, getting footage of all of his sort-of friends. Andrea invites Brandon to see Citizen Kane that weekend, but he has plans with Emily. David films some of the gang for the video yearbook; they talk about what they would have done back in the 1940s. Scott bugs David about something they filmed earlier in the day, but he wants to hang out with the cool kids.

Scott’s mother pulls David aside to remind him about Scott’s birthday that weekend. She wants to throw Scott a surprise party, but David is supposed to MC at a dance. She chastises him for trying to back out when he’s Scott’s oldest friend. She also enlists him to invite people to the party, but he’s not very successful. Scott invites David to dinner on his birthday, but David tells him he’s busy. He does give him a birthday present by allowing him to help with his radio show.

David tries to invite Brenda, Dylan, Steve, Kelly, and Donna to Scott’s party. Kelly notes that they don’t even know Scott. Donna sort of agrees to stop by, but Kelly wants to know who else will be there. The others won’t give in. Donna asks David why he agreed to help with a birthday party the same weekend as a big game. David says Mrs. Scanlon guilted him into it. He feels bad because he hasn’t been talking to Scott much. He’s sure the party will be horrible. Donna promises to try to help him fix things.

No one shows up for Scott’s party other than his family and David. Some kid helps Mr. Scanlon foreshadow things by talking about guns and how they’re weapons, not toys. Everyone hides, thinking David’s coming, but it’s actually Brenda, Kelly, Donna, and Steve. Steve freaks out because balloons are popping and he’s jumpy. Brandon and Emily arrive a few minutes later and realize the surprise hasn’t happened yet, since the house is still dark. They try to leave, but Scott shows up and they have to pretend they were just in the neighborhood.

Scott’s thrilled to learn that all the cool kids came to his party. Mrs. Scanlon chastises David for inviting people who ruined the surprise and didn’t bring presents. He complains to Donna that Mrs. Scanlon is clueless – he made the party happen, since no one wouldn’t have shown up without the two of them getting them there. Scott, of course, overhears this.

The party’s really boring, since no one wants to be there. Mrs. Scanlon tries to get everyone to limbo, which is the last straw for Steve. David makes everyone line up so he can give Scott his present: dance lessons. This means David also dances, which is really a present for all of us. This loosens everyone up, and also gives Emily and Brandon cover while they sneak off alone. Mrs. Scanlon interrupts by announcing that it’s time for cake. Then she finds Emily and Brandon making out in one of her kids’ rooms.

Brandon and Emily get kicked out, and Steve decides it’s time for all of them to leave. They make plans to go to the Peach Pit together. Scott’s obviously sad to be left out, especially when Donna invites David along (but not him). David is nice enough to stay at the party. Scott goes to his father’s office to a lighter for the candles, then snoops around and finds a gun in the desk. Mr. Scanlon finds matches and sends David to get Scott. When David walks in, Scott twirls the gun. David yells for him to put it down, but Scott drops it and it goes off.

The choir sings again, this time at a school memorial service for Scott. Brenda can’t believe she was just at his house two days earlier. Dylan admits to not knowing who Scott is, despite having seen him with David and having a class with him. Kelly thinks she’s getting the flu, and Steve notes that she’s doing better than Scott. Scott’s fifth-grade girlfriend is really shaken and looking for David, who isn’t in school.

Andrea and Brandon discuss the special insert they’re doing in Scott’s memory. Brandon thinks her idea to do a rant about gun control is a bad one. He also wants to cover the funeral, but Emily says he shouldn’t since he got kicked out of Scott’s party. Andrea says she’ll do it, but Brandon wants to. She snarks that he should take Emily along to really shove it in Mrs. Scanlon’s face.

Donna goes to the funeral, telling David that Kelly’s not coming because she’s not feeling well. He confides that he doesn’t feel comfortable being asked to speak at the service since he barely spent time with Scott this year. He dreamed of sneaking onto campus with the gang in the 1940s to bury the time capsule, only they were burying a coffin, and he was inside. When he woke up, he was relieved that Scott was dead instead of him. Mrs. Scanlon greets Donna and Brandon, telling her that David was Scott’s best friend. She wants him to sit with the family.

At the Walshes’, Brandon tells Dylan that he’s had his own experiences when he could have died: when he was five and almost drowned, when he totaled his car, and when he almost fell off the mountain. He says someone up there must like him. Dylan asks if that means “someone up there didn’t like Scott.”

At school, David acts like everything’s normal. Steve, for some reason, wants the details about Scott’s death. On the plus side, now all of David’s sort-of friends want to talk to him. On the minus side, he’s sick of everyone asking him how he is, and he takes it out on Donna. Andrea works on her anti-gun story with Brandon, who’s too busy staring at Emily to be of much help. That night, he admits to Emily that he feels guilty since he’s not mourning Scott. She tells him they need to make the most of their lives. Apparently she’s talking about sex.

David’s dad drives him to school, glad to see that David’s feeling all right. Mrs. Scanlon tracks David down and asks him to come by the house to get some things Scott would want him to have. Everyone at school is again really nice to David, and a teacher tries to get someone else to do his video project about the time capsule so he can take it easy. David again takes out his frustrations on Donna. Andrea’s still grossed out by Brandon and Emily’s PDAs. She’s also upset that Brandon hasn’t finished his interview with David for their insert. He thinks she’s mad that she didn’t go to the movies with him. She’s really just jealous of Emily.

At the Scanlons’, David goes through a box of Scott’s things with his mother, trying not to accept anything from her. “Why are you acting like we’re still best friends?” he asks. Mrs. Scanlon says that people as close as the two of them are friends forever. She just wants to keep her son’s memory alive. Mrs. Scanlon continues that they’re grieving in their own ways, and David shouldn’t be mad at Scott for what happened. He’s not – Scott accidentally shot himself and it has nothing to do with David. She’s upset by this.

Donna finds David editing the time-capsule video and gets yelled at again. This time she tells him she’s not a doormat. She notes that whenever David talks to her, it’s about Kelly. Donna continues that she helped with Scott’s party, went to the funeral so David wouldn’t be alone, and talked to him when no one else would. David apologizes but says he wants to move on. After Donna leaves, David comes across footage of himself and Scott in which they seem like their friendship is fine. Brandon tells Andrea that he feels bad about how she feels about his relationship with Emily. He asks what he can do, and she tells him to just be his friend. Oh, and his editor.

Brandon meets up with David for his interview, but David’s short with him, saying he doesn’t want what he says to offend anyone. He asks why the paper is doing a tribute to Scott, since no one cared about him. David accidentally turns on the microphone as he rants about Scott being a jerk for the way he died. No one cared about him, including David. Brandon notes that everyone’s looking at them, but David doesn’t care, since everyone’s been looking at him recently. He doesn’t care about his new best friends because his old best friend is gone. It doesn’t matter what you say about someone who’s gone – it just matters how you treat people while they’re alive.

Andrea tells David that what he said took a lot of courage. Kelly and Dylan encourage him to tell the truth when people ask how he is. David’s sorry that it’s too late to say goodbye, but Donna doesn’t agree. David takes a copy of the video to Mrs. Scanlon, promising to back another time to see Scott’s siblings. She gives him something he told her he wanted, saying Scott would be happy that David wanted to have it.

The gang sneaks onto campus to bury their own time capsule in Scott’s memory. Andrea includes a copy of the insert, predicting that the floppy disk it’s on will be obsolete in the future. (Good call, Andrea.) David buries what he got from Mrs. Scanlon: Scott’s cowboy hat. Then the gang lights sparklers.

Thoughts: West Beverly’s choir is really good. Yeah, yeah, they were probably professional singers, but still.

I want a picture of David in a tiny green cowboy hat to frame and put on my wall.

Don’t worry, Steve – I don’t like balloons either.

Who leaves a party before the cake? Idiots.

Am I crazy (always a possibility) or does Dylan call Emily “Anna” when he’s talking to Brandon?

October 29, 2011

BH90210 2.13, Halloween: Tricks, No Treats

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You wish your Halloween costumes were this great

Summary: Andrea is decorating little pumpkins for a kids’ party at the local youth center. David’s been hired by some teenagers to make Halloween tapes for a party at a mansion. Scott plans to participate in an egg fight, telling David he loves danger. David reminds him that the cops will be patrolling. He plans to go to the mansion party because half the girls in town will be there. Emily learns that Brandon isn’t a Halloween fan and isn’t going to the big party. She’s not going either, since she hasn’t been invited. Brandon implies that he’ll go if she does, but neither gives in.

Brenda and Donna discuss their Halloween plans; Brenda reveals that every year, Brandon dresses as Dracula and tries to scare the trick-or-treaters. Apparently it doesn’t work. Kelly tells Donna that their Halloween dates ditched them, so now they’re stuck dressing as Lucy and Ethel without their Ricky and Fred. Brenda can’t get Dylan to agree on a costume, but Kelly doesn’t think it’s a big deal since they have such a good relationship. The girls decide to go to a costume shop with Steve and Dylan to find something new.

Steve decides on a Zorro costume, which Brenda teases him about. She tries to convince Dylan to go as Robin Hood. Kelly wants a burlesque-type costume; she figures since she doesn’t have a date, she should go all-out. Donna finds something perfect but wants to keep it a surprise. Dylan decides on Bonnie and Clyde, and Brenda seems to be on board. That night, we learn that Cindy is That Mom, the one who hands out raisins. Bonnie and Clyde get together, looking pretty awesome.

At the mansion party, Donna realizes that her mermaid costume wasn’t the best choice, since she can’t walk in it. Kelly shows up looking incredibly sexy, and not unlike Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. She tells Brenda she’s a good witch. Brenda notes that guys will stare at her all night, but Kelly says she wants to make a good impression. She makes it clear that she doesn’t care what Brenda thinks, and she just wants to have fun. Steve also comments on Kelly’s costume, but she cares even less what he thinks.

David arrives (not in costume) and asks Kelly to dance, but she turns him down. He also gets turned down by a girl dressed like Cleopatra. He and Steve commiserate over feeling like they’re too old for Halloween, and missing the egg fights everyone had in junior high. David leaves the party and runs into Scott, who’s waiting for his egg-fight combatants. David tells him the guys were at the party. A police car drives by and the guys jump into the bushes.

Brandon gives scaring trick-or-treaters another shot, embarrassing himself in front of Emily, who’s taking her twin niece and nephew around. Emily meets the Walshes, who lets one of the kids use the bathroom. Brandon tries to convince Emily that twins are awesome. Back at the party, Kelly tells off a guy who wants to take her for a drive, which makes Brenda feel better about her. They scope out potential hook-ups for Kelly, who spots a handsome cowboy and decides to get to know him.

Emily invites Brandon to go trick-or-treating with her and the kids. Kelly chats with the cowboy as Brandon tells Emily that kids come from all over to trick-or-treat in Beverly Hills because the people there do it up right. Brandon misses seeing leaves on the ground on Halloween. Emily, who’s from New England, feels the same way. They’re so caught up in their conversation that they lose the kids. The police arrive and tell Brandon and Emily to search the area while they…I don’t know, go get coffee?

Kelly dances with the cowboy as Steve asks Donna why she keeps dressing weird, like she did at the prom. He tells her she can be herself every once in a while. She doesn’t think anyone would want to see that, but Steve assures her that he and most other guys would. David decides to stay in the bushes with Scott, who still thinks the egg fight is on. Brandon and Emily go to the Walshes’, where the kids have turned up. Apparently the teens told them that if they got lost, they should go back to the last place they remembered.

By 11, the egg fight still hasn’t happened. David tells Scott that times have changed and kids don’t have fun the way they used to. They decide to egg a car, “for old time’s sake.” Scott almost eggs Brandon’s car, but David stops him. Emily complains that no one in Beverly Hills has any fun; there hasn’t even been an egg fight. As they drive off, Scott and David throw eggs at the car. Donna realizes another problem with her mermaid costume: She can’t use the bathroom. She has to get Brenda to help her out of it.

The cowboy puts up a red flag by being controlling, then takes Kelly up to a bedroom. He asks if she’s looking for a boyfriend, and she says she’s just having fun for Halloween. The cowboy asks if she likes to play make-believe, then locks them in the room. Kelly tells him she’s not going to sleep with him, though he notes she seems dressed for it. He apologizes, saying he even scared himself. Kelly agrees to forget that anything happened. The cowboy says he respects her, then asks for a make-up kiss. She says no, so he throws her on the bed and tries to rape her.

Brenda and Donna wander in and accidentally interrupt. Kelly tells them what the cowboy did, as he tries to convince them that she misunderstood the situation. Brenda yells for Dylan as the cowboy says that Kelly wanted it. Steve arrives with Dylan and gets furious with the cowboy, saying he loves Kelly. Dylan and Steve throw the cowboy out as he tries to get them on his side, saying they know how girls are.

Kelly chastises herself for dressing sexily, and though Brenda says that she tried to warn her about her costume, she said no, so the cowboy was at fault. Kelly says she said no too late, and it might as well have been yes. She was leading him on. Donna replies that the cowboy should have taken a cold shower if that was the case. Dylan says that no matter how sexy a girl is, the guy always has a choice to not make a girl do something she doesn’t want to do. Kelly says she didn’t make the choice very easy. Dylan reminds her that she did, since she said no. Donna wonders what might have happened if she and Brenda hadn’t arrived when they did.

After dropping off the kids, Brandon takes Emily to the Peach Pit and she thanks him for helping her with the kids. He notes that she wouldn’t have lost the kids if he hadn’t been there. Emily admits that she took the kids to his house on purpose. She asks if he wants to go to the party, saying they can go as other people going as them. Then they make out. Kelly thanks Steve for helping her out, and he tells her he meant what he said. Brandon and Emily show up, but the rest of the gang is ready to go to the Peach Pit. Dylan jokes that he wants to go by the bank first.

Thoughts: I love that this episode came up in the rotation right before Halloween. It was a complete coincidence.

Donna’s baseball shirt is really cute and I want it.

Brenda and Donna should have gone back to their flapper outfits from “Anaconda.” Those were awesome.

I’m not proud of this, but Dylan as Clyde is totally hot.

I love how on TV, everyone has expensive-looking Halloween costumes, including the teenagers.

Niece or nephew, about their ghost costumes, made by Emily: “She cut holes in a sheet!” Brandon: “Wow. Wasn’t that creative of her?” Hee hee hee.

If this had been the Buffy Halloween episode where everyone turned into their costumes, the guy dressed as Edward Scissorhands would have a huge advantage.

October 18, 2011

BH90210 2.11, Leading from the Heart: Yes, Brandon, It IS All About You

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Uh, watch where you put your hand, cuz

Summary: Brandon and Emily chat, having not seen each other for a while, and Brandon mentions that Brenda’s about to retake her driver’s test. Her problem is parallel parking, and she’s even had a nightmare about it. Brandon and Dylan take her to the DMV for her test, which goes fine until the parallel-parking portion. The instructor gives Brenda some advice and she nails it. At home, Brenda tells her parents about the exam, and Cindy suggests having a party to celebrate. Brenda wants to share Brandon’s car, but he’s not in favor and tells her to get a job.

Brenda and Brandon’s cousin Bobby calls and tells Cindy he’s coming to visit. He’s also thinking of transferring to UCLA. Brenda and Brandon are happy about the news, but Jim’s concerned. Brenda tells Kelly about Bobby’s visit and tries to convince her that they’re not each other’s types. On the way home, Brenda admits to Brandon that she feels like they abandoned Bobby when they moved to California. It’s weird for her to grow up with someone and then suddenly not have him in her life anymore.

When the twins get home, Bobby’s there, and he’s in a wheelchair. They’re obviously comfortable with it, and Bobby’s obviously comfortable with his condition. Brandon tells Bobby that he’s interested in Emily, but they haven’t spent much time together since their one date. He wants to talk about the accident that put Bobby in a wheelchair, but Bobby avoids the subject. Jim and Cindy discuss having Bobby live with them. Cindy feels bad for Bobby but admits that she also feels a sense of relief that Brandon’s not the one who was paralyzed, and it could have been.

Bobby makes breakfast for the family the next morning, which puts Brandon in such a good mood that he offers to let Brenda drive his Mustang. Brenda would rather be chauffeured. At school, David asks Donna out, but she’s going to Brenda’s for dinner. She does tell him that she wishes she could go out with him, and she seems sincere. Kelly reminds Brenda about her celebration dinner, which Donna wants to bring David to. Brenda tells Kelly that Bobby’s in a wheelchair, adding that she and Donna better not act weird around him. Bobby dated a friend of Brenda’s who dumped him right after the accident.

Andrea asks Brandon for a ride to dinner, and he tells her to ask Brenda. Andrea decides she’ll take the bus. (Does Brenda know Andrea doesn’t live in Beverly Hills?) Emily comes in looking for a place on the paper, and though Brandon suggests that she do sports, Andrea wants her writing about the PTA. Kelly meets Bobby at the Walshes’ and they seem to hit it off. Brandon asks Brenda why she hasn’t driven yet, but she wants him to leave her alone.

The kids play charades and Bobby and Kelly flirt with each other. He even asks her to sit on his lap, which is weird considering they’ve only known each other for ten minutes. Later, Brandon and Bobby reminisce about summers together growing up. The twins decide to go to bed, leaving Bobby and Kelly alone. They talk about his condition, which Kelly thinks he’s handling well. Bobby invites her to go horseback-riding, assuring her that he’s able to. They start to kiss, but Kelly chickens out and leaves.

Brenda wakes Brandon up the next morning and admits that she’s uncomfortable with Kelly and Bobby’s flirtation. She’s afraid that Bobby will get hurt again. Brandon asks if she’s saying Kelly can’t really like Bobby because he’s in a wheelchair. Bobby makes a riding date with Kelly, telling Brandon he wants him, Brenda, and Dylan to come along. Brandon tells Bobby to move slowly with Kelly, and Bobby accuses him of thinking the same thing Brandon thought Brenda thought. (Got that?)

Bobby, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan go riding, with Bobby moving faster than anyone. Brandon is semi-hilariously bad at it. Bobby tells Kelly that the horse is his version of a seeing-eye dog. She invites him to a party that night that everyone’s going to. Too bad they have to go up a big flight of stairs to get to the action. Brandon, Dylan, and Steve carry Bobby up, which clearly makes Bobby uncomfortable. He’s also uncomfortable when he hears that Tal, the guy throwing the party, used to date Kelly.

Someone spills a drink on Bobby, and someone else asks what happened to him. He also has trouble navigating the house. Adding insult to injury, Tal hits on Kelly and asks her to dance. Oh, and there’s no beer. Bobby finally decides it’s all too much and he wants to leave. He tells Kelly she’s great and gives her the chance to let him down. Bobby thinks that sooner or later, the novelty of dating him will wear off and Kelly will realize she wants to date a guy who can dance.

Steve mocks Kelly, even though she didn’t do anything. Brenda also thinks Kelly said something to make Bobby want to leave. She reminds Kelly that she warned her not to lead Bobby on. Kelly shoots back that Brenda doesn’t have the right to interfere in Bobby’s social life just because he’s in a wheelchair. She likes being with him and didn’t mean to hurt him. The Walshes go home, and Bobby tells Brandon that most of the time he makes himself believe everything’s normal, but sometimes he gets to see how people view him.

Brandon asks if Kelly said or did anything to make Bobby uncomfortable. Bobby says he’s just thinking about the reality of moving to Beverly Hills. Brandon notes that it’s not like Bobby to dump a girl before she can get too close to him. Bobby shoots back that Brandon has no idea what it’s like to live his life. At least once a day, he wonders what he did to deserve being paralyzed. Brandon says that he idolized Bobby when he was a kid. He wants to talk about the accident, which happened when the two were skiing. Brandon dared Bobby to take a risky jump, though Bobby insists it was his own idea.

Brandon tells Bobby to let him apologize already, asking why Bobby tries to keep protecting him. Bobby admits that he’s trying to protect himself since he lost so many friends after the accident. Brandon doesn’t want him to keep pretending that everything’s perfect. Bobby doesn’t want to have limitations, and tonight has made him think he’s fooling himself. Before going to bed, Brandon tells Bobby he loves him, because teenage boys tell their male cousins that all the time.

The next morning, Bobby is making breakfast again when Kelly comes by. She tells him he was unfair at the party, though he knows from experience that they wouldn’t have lasted. Kelly insists that she wants to be friends and asks why he keeps putting expectations on her. She tells him to lighten up. Bobby thinks Kelly looked to the future and tried to decide if she could see herself with someone in a wheelchair. She tells him she hadn’t made up her mind, and last night she wasn’t even thinking about it. She was just going with her heart.

Brenda and Brandon come in, claiming that they weren’t listening at the door. Jim and Cindy arrive as well, and Jim says that Bobby’s welcome to stay if he’s going to make breakfast every morning. Bobby says he’ll live in a dorm or an apartment if he goes to UCLA; his plan was to live on his own. The four kids decide to accompany Brenda on her first drive. Kelly gives Bobby her phone number. Brenda manages to not kill anyone behind the wheel.

Thoughts: Tal (Tal? What the–?) is played by Gabriel Macht (Suits, The Spirit). He has ridiculously long blond hair in this episode. Seriously, seriously ridiculous.

The stereotypical Asian music that plays when the Asian driving instructor gives brenda advice makes me cringe.

A tip, Bobby: Don’t tell your cousin she’s gorgeous in that tone of voice.

If Bobby’s 21 and Brenda’s 16, and he was 18 at the time of his accident, but he was dating a friend of Brenda’s, that would make that friend 13. EW. And 21 and 16 isn’t much better. What’s with this guy?

Nice vest, Steve. Does it come in fashionable?

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